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Thursday Morning:, Api uTo,Ys35
A Few Facts for lionet Men.
The communication of Auditor Towson
In tho last 'u7 is truly a very remarka
document, and bears undoubted toetinio-
hy to tho correctness of our statements rel
ative to his violation of pledges made pri
or to his nomination and election by (he
American party. In the first part of hi
communication he makes use of the follow
ing language:
"As to my making promises, that in
"case I was elected I would make impor
tant disclosures of corruption in tho Audit
or'a office, tho facta are simply these: . I
stated to Mr. Slaughter that there had been
abuses that ought to be corrected that
some thing i had been done which I would
not have permitted had Ileen Auditor."
Here is an acknowledgment that ho was
cognizant to schemes of rascality that he
would not have permitted had he been Au
ditor at tho time; yet when we ask hira to
' make an exposition of this corruption he
hides himself behind the plea that "all the
books of the office are open to the inspec
tion of Mr. Slaughter or any one else who
desires to examine them." To this we
reply that wo were not so ignorant of our
right, as a citizen of the county, to exam
ine the books of the Auditor as to need this
morsel of information at the hands of Mr.
Towson. Mr. Towson has acknowledged
on more than one occasion.and to different
individuals, that there existed in tho Au
ditor's office corruution that oueht to bo
1 w
exposed, and having been Deputy in tho
office for noar if not quite twenty years, he
of course knows, to the very page, where
Ibes foul stain on the character of form
er officials arts, to be found. Tho people
who voted for him under the impression
that in case of his election he was to point
out these peculations will Dot be satisfied
with the bit of information abovegiven.
In his anxioty to avoid tl e true issue he
has entirely overlooked the main fact set
forth in the Gazette relative to tho stealings
of the county officials whtle refitting the pub
lic buildings. Now if Mr Towson was
really" honest in his boasted knowledge of
the .corruption of (he publio. 'officers while
supervising the expenditures on the county
buildings why does he not now point out
tho instance wherein theso corrupt offi
cials stole the county funds, and thus satis
fy the:publio that his charges wore correct
and not made for elettioneering purposes'!
Why ask men who are not acquainted
with these things to examine the books
and maka their own discoveries?
Mr. Towson is well aware that it would
ba utterly impossible for any .one not ac
quainted with the books and business of
his office to ferret out stealings of the class
above mentioned, as they were doubtless
incorporated into other .-. bills and in lhi
way pushed through - the Board of Com
missioners, rendering discovery almost im
possible to any one not cognizant to the
facts at the time of their occurrence, and
as an eye witness to this corrupt scheme of
public plunder on the part of those he has
been serving, it is tho duty of Mr. Towson
as a faithful public officer, as well ns to
carry out the behests of thoso who elevated
hii to power, to make apcedv and faith
fui exposition of the manner and time this
gross imposition and official direliction of
duty was consummated, and by whom it was
done. It was in bad taste ns well as bad
faith for Mr. Towson to hold out tho im
pression prior to his electiou that these
public stealings had been goingon, to Lie
certain knowledge, and thon after his elec
tion dodjje the responsibility of making
them public by tha nonsensical and hypo
critical declarations that "they were too
well covered up'' or, that "the books were
open for the public to examine," dic.'drc.
If Mr. Towson thinks the people of the
county will bo satisfied with this course of
conduct he greatly underrates public hon
esty and intelligence.
It will thus be seen that Mr. Towson's
attempted reply to our denunciation of the
course he has pursued, proves a signal
failure. ' He acknowledges having made
promises to tho editor of this paper prior
to his election, and when we call upon
him through the medium of the Gazette to
make good those promises, he refuses to do
so, and tries to enlist public sympathy in
his favor by a vile, gross and unwarranted
interpretation of our motives. Tho very
fact of Mr. Towson's refusing any reply to
tho basis of our article, riz: "that he had
declared prior to his election that the public
officer had stolen Jrom the county while in
gaged in repairing the public buildings," is
undoubtedly admitted evidence of the truth
of our article and the rectitudo of our in.
tentions. We are not tho only one to whom
Mr. Towson made this and similar state
ments, and whon necessary to bring in the
testimony of private citizens, we can do it.
Now why is it that Mr. Towson refuses to
point out these villains who have been fit
ting up their own and the private dwelling
houses of their friends at the expense of the
tax-payers of the county? This is certain
ly no more than his duty as a, faithful pub
lic officer and good citizen. Is it because
you pledged secrecy to one of these public
leeches jn order to secure the influence of
this villainous wretch at the Domooratic
nominating election last fall that you re
fuse to make these disclosures? Perhaps
this will explain how you came to have a
eertain man "under your little finger," as
you significantly expressed It to certain in
dividual.'- . .,
- But to show still further, if possible, the
little confidence that can be placed In this
man of "loud professions," it is but neees
ary to return to bit articlo and make, tie I tiling c.n te Mid on thi subject as well a ! fcur tfr w receired it not with
following quOUt.oo to make the thing olhers When Mr. Towson y we were Ending w. had leeo to th, pou office
complete, wr. aowsoq say:
I might Still have retained tho confi-
UKU .... uir.u-.u a iiniveu
smuggling into me pocket of U editor
fee. for county printing without Inquiry a,
to what 4m would do it fur,"
have ay patronage to -,
stovt in th ihape of printing or any othtr
labor that has to b paid for fromlht tare
qj tin people l ifiall give it uhere tt uill be
doit th best and cheapest." ..
Now this is all very beautiful and fasci-
naiingasfarasitgoes; but unfortunately
for Mr. Towson it is very much like tho
poor man's money, tt won't go far. It so
hnppeus, in this instance, that we have it
within our power to show up, beyond the
shadow of doubt the utter dishonesty aud
hypocricy of Mr. Towfon in giving utter
ance to this demagogical appeal to the sym
pathy of tax-payers. If Mr. Towson
honestly intended to conform his conduct
to this commendable rulo of economy, -we
would ask how it came that he purchased
paper and blank books to the amount of
morethan double tho cost paid for printing
the Assessors' blank without inquiring
where they could be had the cheapest f ... Why
did ifr. Towson not let this portion of the
county expenditure to tltt lowest bidder?
How doos it come that he actually paid
some fifty or seventy five cents more per
ream for paper than it could huve been fur.
nishedforf Ho w does it happen that this
patriotic, disinterts'.ed, economical, Audit
like to know what socret springs wero op
erating that could so far and so effectually
lead this "self-styled" honest Auditor from
the path of duty into a violution ofhisown
high sounding rules of economy? It is
not the amount p.-JJ for these items that
we complain of,for wq blieve they wore fur
nished cheap enough, notvtkhstandinglhey
could have been furnished chonper. But
it i the hypocrisy and inconsistency of his
pretended professions of economy and the
violation of what he would have tho peo
ple believe was the governing and invaria
ble rule by which his office is regulated.
It is his want of principle we condemn.
Is it honest for a man holding a public sta
tion to lay down rules of economy and use
partiality in their enforcement? Why is
it that Mr. Towson violated that rule in
tho purchase of the paper and blank books
for his office? . Mr. Towson no doubt sup
posed that by' impugning our motives in
denouncing him as a traitor to his promis
es, he would in this way screen himself
from public odium; but unfortunately his
tactics were not well considered, and have
only brought disgrace on their author.
The fact is, his whole article, from begin
ning to end, is a grand political cjap-trnp
designed to gull the people and divert pub
lio attention from the charges we urged a
gainsl him. What better evidence do the
people want of his inconsistency and hy
pocricy than tho facts we have mentioned
above? How does it come, inviewof all
these boasted "rules of economy," that
this papor, &c, amouuting to upwards of
fifty-seven dollars were purchased "with
out inquiry as to what others could furnish
them for?" Are such acts in accordance
with Mr. Towson's professions of economy?
Oh! Shamo where is thy blush? Oh! Tow
son whore is thy honor?
But it is not the first time the printing has
been "let to the lowest bidder." . It was
once let for the vciy low price of cne cent
per quire, but at the same timo there was
a secret understanding between tho parties
that one dollar should be paid! Wo trust
Commissioner Peters will recollect this
fact and govern himself accordingly.
Mr. Towson says that because he had
declared his intention to vote for Mcdill
that that portion of the American party
hankering nfter tho "flesh pots" accused
him of committing an unpardonable sin.
A pretty fellow, truly, to accuse men of
hankering after "fiosh-pots" A man who
joined the American party purposly to get
office, and after having accomplished his
mercinary and nefarious ends turned trait
or to the most solemn' promises. The
whole amount of his explanation is, that
although he was not an American at heart,
and had no sympathy with the Americans,
and wa resolved never to vote with the
Atnericans, he united himself with that
party because they were the most numer
ous and because he hoped to make money
by theirpatronage. With these principles
governing hira no wonder he could not
conceive how it could be possible for us to
act from disinterested and unselfiuh mo
tives. Opposed to the Americans at heart,
and fully bent on opposing them at the
polls, he brought himself theoretically
and practically to tho . conclusion to join
tho American Party at all hazards, and
thus, if possible, to coin his hypocrisy in
to dollars andcenu! How an individual,
in the early years of manhood, when, as a
general rule, noblo and generous and dis
interested sentiments and not the cold cal
culations of hypocrisy and avarice bear
sway in the heart, can make such an a
vowal to the community and yet go forth
daily through the streets with unabashed
front, is to us a wonder and a mystery!
A beautiful specimen, truly, to talk about
"flesh-pots," his whole person reeking with
the delicious fumes of office. ,
The burthen of Mr. Towson's sonjf is
the publio printing, knowing, as he does,
that publio attention has, been for a long
time directed to that subject. He seems
to think that any interpretation his corrupt
brain may see proper to place on our mo
tive will be greedily swallowed by the
publio as wholesome truth. But we fear
he will yet find to hi sottow that "some
Unxiou to print tLo Assessor' blank, m
kll a wilfcl falsehood! Wr KivIR -
asked M. Towso. to oiv c the mist- i
;,KOor ,,.. w.dia. however.
tell ,,im ,bul , coulJ d() ' - .
the 2'yk and iikd oca owk pater. And 1
wc now'assert that we would have volik-
tarilt executed the Ase(ir' biHnL at
a price as low a' that ptd the Eagle. '
We want It, however, distinctly under
stood, that this' wholo matter of public
printing has been brought into the contro
versy by Mr. Towson aud the editor of
Eagle. In our denunciation of Mr.
Towson we said nothing about theprinting
and we now say, most emphatically,
that it had nothing to do in prompting us
to speak of Mr. Towson s we did. Mr.
Towson nud the editor of the Eagle have
seen proper to impugn our motives and
measure the causes of our action by their
own standard of principle. They charge
us with being prompted by feelings of vin
dictiveness against the former because he
gavo tho printing to the latter. If love of
spoils could have any thing to do in
prompting us to wage war against public
officers, how comes it that we allowed Mr.
Kagny, on the eve of his retiring from of
fice, to secure a sufficient amount of blanks
to last tho American Clerk elect through
his official term,' without oke word of
commcvt? Think you, fif wc were gov-
ornod by selfishnos?, we would not have
denounced in unmeasnrod terms this ac
knowledged intention on the part of Mr-
Kagay to take tho printing from the Ga
zette office. Mr. Towson knows he has
placed a wrong construction on our mo
tives he feels that our denunciation of
his conduct was just and true, and the
wholo community knows it to bejusttnd
u ue, and we defy him to recover from the
effects of it to rub out, to wash out, to cut
out or to burn out tho mark it setupor him.
But as tho subject of printing, has been
dragged into the. controversy, therefore,
let the prinlingbe our theme. These gen
tlemen have unitedly bestowed on us their
anathemas for the sentiments we have a-
vowed and grossly misrepresented our mo
tives. They are welcome to theirvocation
of denunciation and abuse. We ask noth
ing but abuse from the priesthood whose
footed insconse rises weekly to partisan
blackguardism & FopUb idols. Butwhilc
wearn thnsquite willing to be abused we do
not intend to cocktenakce imposition.
The editors of the Pope's organ might by
the unreflecting be supposed to utter at
least their own opinions, however absurd
aud unfounded. P'or such has heretofore
been at least the profession and to some
extent the practice -of even bigoted parti
S'in papers. Not so of the Pope organs.
They are tho crcatuies, - tho instruments,
perhaps we might better say the imple
ments of a now system from which hones
ty and fair dealixq are excluded. The
editor of a Tope's paper, the politician of
the Pop party, renounces his riht to o
pinions aud coases to be a responsible mor
al agent. It is tho practice of theso men
to a dott and tefesd without deliberation
and debate, and when nomo very important
question arbc-s, to resort to some extraor
dinary trick to escape examination or dis
cussion. Wo are diitei niintd, however,
to foil them in their cunning. Their trick
ery, rascality ; and perfidy must be exam
ined in broad day light, let the conse
quence be what it may.
James W. Towson has made a great ado
about "letting the printing" to the lowest
is all right, economy in the financial affairs
of our county should at all times receive
public praise; but why is it that Mr. Tow
son was not governed by this same prin
ciple of economy in purchasing the pnper
and books necessary for his office? But
perhaps this can be explained "by and
The editors of the Eagle fay they had
an object is view when they put in their
bid of fifteen cents per quire. Perhnps
this will assist us in explaining Mr. Tow
son's sudden and singular freak of econo
my perhnps we may yet be able to find
"dad under the hay." Now there are two
items we wish the reader to keep sight of,
viz: "That Towson claims great honor
for letting the printing to the lowest bidder
and that the 2Z says it had an object
in view in putting in a bid."
If the reader will keep these two items
before him for a few. moments we will en
deavor to initiate him into tho manner in
which this wholo matter of letting the
printing to the lowest bidder was managed
and carried through.
We received a short time since a letter
from Mr. Towson requesting us to put in
a bid for printing Assessors' blanks. The
letter purported to have been written on
the preceding day and the bids were to be
opened on tho day following the dateof the
letter at 3 o'clock P. M. Now it is a re
markable fact tliat we didn't receive no
tice to put in a bid until about fifteen min
utes before the time appointed for the bids
to bo opened, and altogether too late for us
to make a calculation of the amount of
composition and press work it would nec
essarily take to do the job. But the most
remarkable feature in the whole transac
tion wa that Mr. Tuthill, the postmas
ter and competitor in thebidding, brought
the letter to us at this late hour and actual
ly told us it contents before we had time
to open it. The letter purported to have
been put in the (post office -tat evoniog
before, nearly, if not ouite forty-eight
several tiro. during the dy and reniDgj
nd early on the morning of the day it was
"-- -"by the I M.
Doe not all this look a little .uspiciow? '
. I. i
Doe U not strongly sm.ll of a preconwt.
eapiaaonu.c panel ma Auditor andjthem. Knowing that the uitur ci the
Pst m'tr to play off a bold gme of Fo-
htical swindling? The week iftr the mo
bad been received Mr. TuthilUame out Id
a grandiloquent statement that they had
beat the Gazette in bidding for the county
printing, and openly avowed thatfhfy had
THEIR BIO at nftiu craw. No doubt
of it gentlemen. But wa it necessary, ia
orccr to Accoarusa that OBJECT that
you should violati roca official oath
by keeping our letter.containing the prop
osition to put in bid, on your table for
fobtt-eioht uocas instead of putting it in
the Gazette box as you should have done
immediately after it being dropped in the
ofhe? The place for that letter was i
our box, and the P. M. canoffer no excuse
for leaving it lay on hi table for that
length of time. We can hardly place so
lyv an estimate on human character as to
suppose, fur a moment, that any one calling
himself man, could so far forget the bind
ing solemnity of au oath as to willingly use
hi official position to accomplish a politi
calcnd. Yet how shall we arrive at the
truth? These men are all in:ereted in
this apparently corrupt scheme of fraud
and while circumstances are strongly a.
guinst them we can hardly bring ourself to
believe they -would be guilty of any thing
quite so mean.
Yet this subject of county printing
docs not stop here. Would to Heaven it
did, fur it presents a scene of corruption
and intrigue enough to make one sicken at
the sight. We promised, however, in our
last issue, to give in due season a short
history of county printing, and a we are
now fairly initiated into the work we beg
the indulgence of the reader to the end of
ihvfirst chapter.
Nearly two years ogo, and while we
were engaged in ferreting out the corrup
tions of county officials, and at the time
the laic F. M. Ellis, Esq. owned the
Ohio Eagle, there was a scheme on foot
in the ranks of the Red Lodge Clique to
breakdown either the Telegraph or Eagle
or else unite the two. The present editors
of the Eagle, Tuthill Ss Schleich, were the
lesdiug spirits in this conspiracy, back
ed by Governor Medill, and were endeav
oring to get the Eagle under their control,
with the intention of uniting the two pa
pers and controlingiiot only the aotion of
their party but also tho entire Coun
ty Patronage The Telegraph had agreed
to do the printing of Assessors' blanks at
35 cents per quire and all other blanks at
55 cents per quire. The Eagle had been
charging from 1,00 to fcl,50per quire.
The leaders of the Red Lodge Clique saw-
that something must be done to unite the
pipei'3or else the public patruange would
have to be divided ia order to bnoo the
Telegraph to "keep mum," tacit niclt in
reference to the corruption of the party.
They knew thata uuionof the two pspcrs
could never take place as IoDg as Mr. Ellis
was the proprietor of the Eagle.cn account
of personal difficulties existing between
hira and tho proprietor of the Tt-lrgmph,
and they wore fearful, unless a inoity of
tho county patronage was given the Tele
graph that it would expose their coi-rup-j
'ion, appeal to the people, divide the party,
and with one fell swop upset all their
dearly cherished schemes of public plun
der and fraud. Now with this insight in
to the secret intrigues of the Red Lodge
Clique let us follow them up, step by
step, until we have exposed their perfidy
to the public gaze.
The first move towards bringing about
a settlement of all these family quarrels
and difficulties was to unite, purchase tho
Telegraph by subscription and then sell it
to any one who would take it out of the
county. Withthisviewthe clique offered to
purchase the office proided Mr. Beaty,
who was about starting a papor in Ath
ens, would take the material off their
hands. Mr. Beaty agreed to do so in case
they would Bell it as "old material." But
Jack asked a thousand dollars for the es
tablishment, about 8600 moio than Mr.
Beaty was willing to give for it, and ns
selfishness was the ruling passion in these
men this was entirely too great a "pecu
niary sacrifice" they abandoned the idea
of purchasing the Telegraph at that partic
ular juncture and turned their attention
towards devising some means to "depose"
Meanwhile we had been busily employ
ed ferreting out corruption in the Auditor's
office, and had already made many start
ling disclosures which were beginning to
attract public attention. We had already
exposed the corrupt scheme of the Auditor
in letting out the printing at a contract for
one cent fer quire and afterwards paid
ONE DOLLAR!, At these disclosures
the tax-payersbecame highly exasperated
at the want of principle in their county of
ficials. Tuthill St Schleich had been close
watchers of the political horizon, aud
were not backward in embracing a favor
able opportunity to accomplish their long
oherished objeot.' To do this they must
heeds have some ohanneT to (he public ear.
What wastobe done? The Telegraph
was tilent in roforenoe to county corrup
tion, the Eagle was implicated; but the
Gazette was battling manfully and nobly
on the side of right and justice and bid
fair to overthrow not only the Eagle and Tel
egraph, the former of which dared not and
the latter of which would not enter upon
the good work of reform, but alio thi en
tii Bed I.id Cli'ia Dynasty. Some
thing mutt b done, for the cat vm out of
the bug and the Ga.-tt after it with a
barptick.. Therefor it w to ut the
political plotter came for assistance uad. r
, , , . , . r, .
tb false gu.b of hontsty. Bul knew
Eagle and Mr. Jeff, ies were deeply dyed
'in poutitvcomintmn.ther nalurallv '-nouirh
uppoaedthat alUxposuieainthatquar-i'''
... it - T
icr wuuia hhii i.ivid hi aiwmi.aiiiug
their desire to break down the Engio and
finally fore Ellis into a sale. In order to
expedite the matter much asposnible,
now that the Gazette had already prqbed
the sore in the county building, Tuthill
nd Sohk-ich furnished u with items of
. , .!
corruption againsi dn -
were so active in their opposition to these
men and eaer to gH possession of the
Eagle that they had a l irge number of ex
tra Gazzttzs containing their charge a
gainsi these mn,struck off for their spec
ial benefit. By thin mean they succeed
ed in getting up strong feeling agr.inst
the Ohio Eagle- and . tunl.y reduc
ed it patronage to the urn ring point.
Now wa a good timo to act. After suc
ceeding in getting the di'cr of the Eale
appointed Private Bwretary to Governor
Medill, which wa not very hard to in,
notwithstanding lhe same mn had
charged him with dishonesty, duo of theni
purchased the Telegraph and came out
with a "hifalutiu" salutatory, though not
daring to do so under his owu signature,
stating thattheE-ighi was owned by ani'tu
who lived out of the couatv and had no in-
tersts in this commcnit , and appealed to
the Democracy to stand by the Telegraph.
The public printing was immediately ta.
ken to the Telegraph, and Ellis finding
himself completely in the power of his en
litical gamblers, and actually sold the of-
iii ju.v,v , 1
fi;:e to Uovernor ilediil, wno na placed
his time-serving slaves to preside over its
columns and do his bidding.
oW that the long wished for object was
ntlait aceompluhed, the two papers were
united, and the bid for printing the As
sessor's blanks at 35 ceuts per quire made
by the Telegraph, was instantly changed
reader, is a brief hiatory of the corrupt
manner in whiuh and for which the Eagle
and Telegraph were united, and the way
thebe wire-pullers made the tax pi yers pay
the fiddler for this grand political, thimble-rig-gig.
But to follow the matter still farther,
md to show up still more clenr'y the in
iquity of thuse corrupt dtmagogues, it is
only necessary for us tu btate tliat afar
baring furnished us undoubted proof of
Auditor Juffries' rascality and after ac
complishing their project of uniting tho
pupers-tbey have the hardihood and temer
ity to take this same Jeffries to their cm
brsce, and notwithstanding fiey proved
h;m to have a charae'er as black as Sa
tan, devoid cf all moral and political hon
ety, they had tlio barefaced audacity in
the face of their own testimony to honor
him with a place on their Sag Nichi ticket
at tho Spring election. If these gentlt men
. t j. Ii T fn cnil.arl re wllt rrwittr r f ci
w t ir . t-
prove aj.r. juu l ies riiacamv, e tan tive
Reader, what do all these facta prove?
They prove the hypocrisy of Towson when
he stated that the patronage of hia office
should be givc-no the person doipg the
wo.k of hii office at the lowest figure, for
we have shotvu that he violated the very
letter and spirit cf this declaration in pur
chasing upwards of fifty-seven dollars'
worth of paper and blank books at a higher
figure than the same items could have
h-i.n fiimiKrirtrl for And trint lrn Without
i.;-.-.: f. w
r.y ... mnr,.
k,lm.. i..nv p.o.a nit,iu. iuw-
nnn wnt nfrniil In tmii'li nn tlia lift'tiit iif
, . , . , , .I 1 f.iur doors North of the American Hotel, and two
Our former ai tlUe, nimc-Iy: "that lie had donraEonth of J. H. Ruit A Co.'a Book Store, in the
, , . , , i i . .1 Bne tt Sitaoc Block, wbere he la better prepared
declared before his election that county in, furnish bncuome with ail kinda of
officials had to his certain knowled btclen HATS AND CAPS
, , .... than he nee ever ben before. HhJ altogether the
from the COUniy treasury While repairing lirgeilaiiJleiteelefdiuortraentofadiinbteline
... , .... rn, . of any enlabllabtnent In Central Ohio, and he la deter-
the public buildings. 1 hey prove that a !mintdto dupoieoftbem en Tory favorable tenna, for
preconcerted plan had boen entered into ID rA. S tt I J3
. . ., . ... , r , i, , , Fanona wlahlng to gel a HAT or CAP Juat to nlu
between the Auditor and JfOSt Waster to (n style, qualuv or price, cannot poaalbly do better
jr. t-ii- .i fl than by giving i.lro a call. J. h. ELLISELL.
defeat us in bidding for the prmtmg of , coiumbu, apriU,isss-iic50
Assessors' blanks. They jirove that iu
the very face of their own acknowledge
ment of the rascality of the former editor
of the Eagle that its present editors sanc
tioned his appointment as Private Secre
tary to the Governor and Consul to a for
eign port in order to advance their own
base personal interests. They prove that
in the very face of their own testimony of j
Jeffries'eorruption they oeased denouncing
him as soon a they found they could no
longer use his rascality to further their
own corrupt political ends, took him to
their embrace and placed bis name on their
Sag Nicht ticket. Tbey prove that the
Ohio Eagle was purchased by Governor
Medill and that its present editor are
placed there to do hi bidding and ad
vance his political interest. They prove
that the money of the honest tax-payer of
the county was used in purchasing the
Telegraph, for as soon asit chr.nged hands
the printing it had agreed to do for 35
cents per quire Was immediately raised to
such is the character of Jaras W. Towson'
and the editors of the Ohio Bczzard,
The fonl Bird that slowly circles o'er
The plane where rot Its ofai raiialore.
Bees aaught below except Ha loathsome tare.
And gorged and sated beth no other care.
Flans o'er lie TVaajaryeen Ha laay wing,
And sinks crri glut ltd thing.
The annals of treachery do not afford, a
crrossor instance of flagitious dishonor than
this. The people can now eee what 6ort of
mou seek to control the political destinies
of this county. 'They stand before the
world disgraced mensand noone, wno val
ues his own honor or who has any honor to
value.will hesitate to denounce such mean,
base, and cowardly treaehery and its guil
ty perpetrators.
f,4tiCMier TlMTlLei:
Caut ft Oritcz, April I3'Ji, IB5A. Our
iwrtation this morning ar a follow:
wheat, 1.80. Hour. 9,00 per bamJ.
tt"r?' . vy- . V'!' . .??' "'30c:
Uuckwheat, 4.VJ per 100 blU; Clover-
CS0. Timoil.y seed. 34.O0; Pota-
to. J. to. Max seed. cal.OO; fcut-
ter,12iiHc; Es, lOcenis, Salt. S.COk.2,-
75i Bean. 2,1!; .oaps, 6i9c: Coffre,
pA wf. M"l"?0 dW
Hay. O.OOa 10,00. Tallow 10J per brl.
Whisky, 30c
-------- . i
!cw Torn Itf.ni kef.
Niw York, April 17. Cotton i firm,
with ale of 2300 bale. Flour ia firm
with an upward tendency. Sales of 6000
t 10 26,10 60 for common and good
Ohio, and 10.75a K
i-j.a ior aomnern
Ww is unUo.. Corn U suffer, wi
Kale of 70,000 bushel at 1,03 for pre
enf, and 94 lor June ann July delivery.
Poik is buoyant at 16,31 for ol 1, and 17,
76 for newifes.. Ikef is imchang'-d.
Lurd is l.iiic.r. with sale of .- at lGJi
1 14, and brlat 9..101. Ohio WhiskT 33i
a36. With Sale Of 700 brl. Coffee in
dull. Suar and I.jJass art firm. Liu
seed Oil 99.
M'jiii-y i can;-. ; S'-or'n r lower, and
dull. Virini H'ixi. 3flf; Missouri Six
,82; Kadin2, 83; Ena, 43. Cleve
Lind Biid Toledo, 72$.
Xexr Orlcnnt .TJniket.
liEw Obleaxs, April 15.
Flour i ve.-y dull, and nimoinl at 810
al2 WhMt has dsclined 2,00, and Oat
to 61, with a panic in the market. Mess
pork ii firm at 16,60. Side E.'ioQn bet
ter, with Sij'f.-s at 9434. Large sale of
bulk wnt, hog round, ar making at 7J.
WhUky 24. Prime Lard in bils, 3J. au J
in k"gs 1 1 J.
Cotton is easier, but not quotabiy luwrr.
Sugar hai advanced Jr, and is in good de
mand. Fully fair cells at 45c.
An Dia.uaucr,
To imeM an 0r"!:i4BCt entitled an Ordinance reaoeU
lig C!t- bupmrviaor, lakor on SlrcaU and ahtyt,
ar.d Uio lmiiroT'snier.t of tl.e n:e.
j Bail t4a Cat Ceila
O Tiut the erat wetion of the ord;
rcspettinc a City Snperrl.or, Ubor cn atreeu a
Br it filaintd bfiht Cut CkiIiI1i CU
aoft i'-
Uya. itd the Improvement of ;he acme, paaed Mae
A. lrj- ca ana i.:e t&mv ie Hereby eo amenaeo ae w
roedaa followa-thm tfiere abll te elected ontheee
eord Mordar of April lueaeb eeerby aaid City Coun
cil, one City KcperTieor, mho ahall glv oond In Ika
pecil lorn of Three Hundred bollata. with at leett
to freehold aerarUtea. to oe approred by the Cli)
Conned for the filr.fuld!Kkirf eof the dntlea herein
or hereafter lror-oaed opon ald officer, and thai the
term ol office of natd Euperrlaor atull expire on the
aecond Monday of 5oremlerof the aame year.
Sic. S. That the flrtt aeetioo of the ordinance re
apect.Ffra City Snpervltor. laror oo tba atreeta and
atleya. and the imprpTementnfthe aame, vaaaad Htj
?3th,l&3,b and the entne la hereby repealed,
Atteit O. 8. Wtt.i.iiia, City Clerk aptll
Latalj retorned from Earc;. wher ate mat :th
t;reit aucceia, eaalateil by
A ;nU3men of rue Mu-l-al ule-.Vi, and to bast
1 enur in the country, mil fcive a
Monday livening. April 12, 1S55,
sue trill t K',jtd bj
Reitrred Ftont Eestj eecarei at tba Court Kona. (1.
L'oara opun at7o'cloelu to commenc at 8.
. aututar, ajtril 19, 15
1)K. B. -KAYHCJiD,
-era-ic mrMii hi. and recidanca to Ue honae
H. formerly o?cnpled ty Mr. Be-jU, a fe dooraEart
ofjeE(rl''l!:uEeOffli.wherehewlll be foaod at
u umunni""" an pnwu a.
I )....-.... n.il 10. OH P.rril
A Teacher Wanted,
0 Ir.atrnct Ii eotored youth oflbeCtyof Lanaaa-
ter. Aunlicat ou mar oe male to
of Public Scboola.
Lencaaior, April 1, 12.
tttlm of Mmtct stalls.
V"OTICEliherehTglTn, that I will offer al psbi'.c
lli aui-tton.ln the Market Houae of the City of Lan
ct.ior, on SaiarJv t I2t dny of Mn. 1555. between
the hoara of b o'clock A. M. aud lu o'doeS A. M.. of
aatdday.the Sullsln anld Market Houieforrentdoring
tbe eniut.ift iciir, to be paid in eeth at the tine of the
aale:thoiein the .Northern Wrlslon to be )d at not
lew than I0, and thoia In the South DtrUlon at cot
lew than 7 per anunm.
aprll 19. EMA.M'EL A. EICHAHDS.Marahal.
jjj S3 PCEISiI21 fi,
rweHK Mtihacnber hu rammed to hla former atand.
F.Mate of Htury Ilitc.
ON'theSddav of March, A. D. 1855, tha Conrt of
Probate of the County of Fairfield and btate of
Ohio, declared the Esute of Hint Hm to ba proba
bly insolvent. Creditor are therefore required to
present their claims srr.lnst the Estate totbe under
signed for allowance within six monlbafrom thetlm
atorem-tnuoned, or lhay will not be entitled to pay
ment. Signed DANIEL 6WARIZ.
Adtn'.nlatratorof aald deceased. I
Snxcncoaa Saiw, Attorneys. MarohS 9w44
IB, Fat Fourth Street, ClnciDUutl, O.
It EFPECTFCLLY Inform their onstomersind pr
V chasers generally, that they are now opening as
extensive and complete aaaortmsnt of
21&?? '.315JBS
Imported direct ftom Manufacturers In Europe, and
P'jrthaeod at auction In Kew York, which enable a
to oiler our goods thla asaaoo at about Eatara Impor
ters and Macufacturara prices
Thoroughly seuoned.from to S4 feet In width; A large
atnejt aiwava on nana.
Families. Hotel Keener. Steamboat owners and
strangers may depend upon finding the beat daai of
goods in our line at pncea aa low aatney can oe pur
chased In the Eaatara cities. March S3, 1&5A-Jm46
HE partnership that exlated in the purchaae of
tihnfOiisdctttsrssnd Glaasware uow being
opaDfdtn this CHy, was thla day dissolved by tnutusil
conseht. Win. fatewart having purohaaed Doau'a In
terest tn the goods will open nd continue the bnaineas.
And havlnp a complete alock of Ware la prepared to
Wholesale or Eeull tha aamc at aalow pHceaaa the
am good can te purohaaed ywher in tt Wea:.
is. Q, UOAr.
,,-"' . WM. STKWABT.
' lancaster, AprtU, 1ESJ 43.
To the the Crv1il"
Ov thTthdayof prll, IMS, th Probate Court of
Valrdeld eounly, Ohio, declared the Estate of
JsmeaC Refnolda.dooeaaed.tob ptobubty Insolvent.
Credltoraaro thorefore required to pe sent their claim
seilnat tho Estate to the undersigned lor aUoweue
within mouths from the time above menUoaed, or
they vrlll not be anil tied to pavmaut. -
Jfrll IS, 1835 40d0. . of J. C. Be. not da, de. .
La!CA'TER OrOE. 5s T - T t. ISI-.
CHAPTttt. $. n ? '
t0V"?t.Xo 4. Jml
Fbrmai7 2, ttii. C. STE15SA, Rrtrt'.-
I i.Mmn'. fO. Ill
C"U Prlo'vii Oic. t m iJi nonh ef Ui Fi
orf, nut rptfwl ti" publl tirtlo i
thlrMMl' "S
hick Itwj wlil Mil st B0l.
I lr.t Quality CXka ! mm
Ttarc, Clgart AV. e. MiwUMly kpt
on I'm. . ,
W r ilw (Hint up In n Mfl tnt taol w4
rrMtlno.lh room forroorl rospl"! bj Ir. B.ij
whrM Ih rrrrctbsMW nflhrtauon will b If. r4l
ae Mill Iwn r. HtSLV 4 LADADAtOU.
4pill 18. less No.49 t-f. - "
A. C. B ARLO Wt U .. .
r?Cl In Tltmir Plw. Sttla Suot,taet
Prof. C. Ii. Wll!lm. ii. 1). ) CUnu,
lor. 01.10.
i. a r HiMtr . M n..Cmnmba.
J. H. PttUe.M. D., Clclntli
THE Btocttholdera la the Carroll JIT'll Company era
nttd to eonrene at Carroll on r ' IK
eat efJizt,l 1(1 o'clock a. m. toelwa FIVI of
their nnniber to o.reet we erar w m v.
for the leroiplnsd to the act reM'"''"'""""'1
their nnnbir o lt-.1 ! (fain of ' th Comporf,
- PjJ.tltL BOYER,
. JMtS no'LUK.
' - . ; , )0RX aCHWjIRTI,
CaneU.ptIU.r-aS Oarporawra.
xkw rnn A noufc.
1 CUT uved on Main trart,BrlT o'
.1 t amm Rf.er,Kt Co'a Pry Gu4
Strife, aunalatii'l: of .
feiAwiKllOW CLASS.
i fiyZJ-JaU of whteh al'.l he aold low at ahotawla
y and reutU Mertha-jU aud the nukllo era
retpeclfulle aollctlad 10 oall and axaaUia
mr nock.lt la fall and aeleeted.
Window Cue airaotiall aiseefiom 7 to op to M
bt to. WUUa STEWART.
Laneaeter, aprlt 1J, lofij 49 .
To tho Townliii Aaseeeoi'a tlect.
4:s.To'a 0,ne. F. C. .irU S. ISM.
YOU arel.eraty uotiaed that the ooolu and paper
are nov r-tjy. At the la require yo ta
axtteretarf In Mar.llli dstlrabl that the work bd
aoamenced fortijelih. Tan are therefore reqoeeted
to prepare yourelvea a toin u pnatble. Heeieat
th Clerka Uieertlfj to year election Immediately
V... U.initflfillT Al'M.
April li, VZi
A meMlDof the etoefe-holdert of th FalrfinJ
' 1 cout.t Mflnir lattltute, vlll ba Seid at their
Ell11djHoiio Inlancaater, on Toaeday, the tratday
of Mui neit, tar the purpoaa of electing ruraetorafor
the antulnc year. A (enrel attndaoca la requeued.
April 12, Ubi- A. C. WOKTHIOTON. Caah'r.
ESOUSH, Dairy and GraBTUl Cfceaee for eel by
aprU IS, itii Wa, OlAHL
FISH! FISH!! f ISHlit FlSHlllt -
TPESH arrirat of Flat, Mackerel, Whrt and fart
risA ior a&.e oy w m. viaita.
ancaater, ayrll 13, If 33
DU rr.I Pcache anA A PPlea, Jnet recelr
ed Uid for auie by w'ilXlAX G1AM-
rCCAB Core Drrad Beef, Bologna a
O aagea ana leef I orp i for aula By
luncaiur, Ar.rU IS, liilm43
It M
rt BiXGEt and Lrmaat. a flne lot Jnat re-'
e.-irl and lor ai.le ry anole baxc, ana null oy
Itnsaator, April 13, IBiSimtt
f l.l I IA7f !Iacaron!a,So-laand BotiarCrack-
J e., Urgefrea fteialttr to quarter, naif na eaol
f".ih Pitt. French and German Prune. At-
tcanda. Engllab Wainau. Panntaat tow price by
Lt,tatt., aprll IS. liii"-imti) WJl. GIAIfl.
rtfrrrr, Teaa, Arc-A Da lot efFlo and
j Jara Cofiee. Youiir Kj?on and latnerlal Tea; Vav
OTieana Sutar. cruaLed and tiurVrrlaed; do.i Sew Or-
ieto :cltue3; Star Cacdi-iaand ail kind of Family
Groceri6tin eejre Llaacrifjtlon by
lancaattr.tfjUlT.liitS Ie.4 TTC GtAlft.
1.1AD1ES. A lt-Raind wperfin atoek af a(f
j lgi ci k.&n3)ce. ahui&as.ajkno rewi. oj
neaatar, aprll IS, lttl lmtd
T"7C01aiid Willcw trr.aaoh uBowltr
f t Tuea, a arre lot of Work and Fancj fiaaket
V o.-ketanda, Crriara, 4o. for aale bT
tancajtar, aprll 12, It-la4 . WJI. OIAKI.
PE Hit T ie. MIlTiBH,.
At P.ehor & Kntt'a Old SUnd. Mais Street.LaseaaterV
REiPtCTFCiLY aallcit the attentM oT allUe
ma; want Grocer!, to thulr new and Urge atoek
Oil Imtid. emTuclglnpurf the followii articleet
JAVA and EIO COFFBE, Vonnit H sou, Impertel;
Black and Gurpowdor Tt AR; New Orieaca SbOAI
crtahei, ljf and pulvruod; Golden Bynip, anger
Eouaebyrip, Kew Orlane 2claaaa-, Kice, Orange.'
Lemons. F!ir9. Kaitlnt. Almocdt. flltrta. Surer car-
; ed HACi; lrled beef; Bolcgoa Saaaag.:cbeeaeClos,'
isi.'c i, Sospt-, Lye Stuffs; Candle, Tuba, Backet
J Wah Boarils, Brooms, Ac. . .
Alao, a due lot of CHEWING TOVACCfJ, ftmoktcf'
i Tobacco, Foreign and Ilomeatlc Ltqaore.5oUona. d.
I We feel assured that aU who may favor ua with a
I cell will not go away dlasatiefied with onr price vsj
rl&m. P. S. In a few day wa srtll hava Ulaf
TtTtfTSFI'SH of alt klrda
B COUJTBY FBODCCE taken In exchange fe
Orecerles. PEEEY a. I1ILLEE.
Lancaster. April 5, 1X55 18
faccocssoaa 10)
muni ut
FLcuft, Lime, 6 alt and froducy
at Tra
New Warthonse, Jonctlon of Rail fixMsuf
aud JUuclsin; Trttley Catuale-
YfTE are prepared ta handle GooJe of all deacrlp'
1 tiona at the lowest noaslbl rates and with th'
ntmust despatch, (intra fol' tarttf Jmgnt, Wtdt;
C., liuunr, OAie.) AH Goods consigned to as
sist! receive prompt atlentlon, drlffor tranahlpmac
wilt oe lorwaraea tn qulotesl ana by w cheap
rossible mode. By strict ausntlon to business wa1
op to recelveana snerltthe patronage of thepobll.'
February tKHSM. J?FEIES. WOOD 00.
M auted itnmediatelrs 60,000 biub. Corn
-"'. iO.000 Wheat,
rric tsaan'Ueay I ayuf asarlal rs'sj ittkt
HAVING tabllahed osraelva In th produce ty
siness. Farmers can at all time sell ua all kinds
ject, we can weigh vour entire load tane draught atidf
of Lrrmtn for tha caaJi . markAl tulrtf.e. Another
unload with hall tLe tlmeerany other w harehouee la
Laccaater. Aa our ulan lsentrely new, to alt we tn-'
v:teinvaUgatlon JEFFEIES, WOOD 4 00:
wncaster. ferbruary a, a
Peacock's ImpTored Steel Plovr,
Waraatea im all retpeets aqua! aad laf
some Superior to any other now ia ae
SH IS factory has been In operation during th teef
S3 years, but for the last few year their ttB'
hat been glvan parueulwly ta th Imprevament
of the Steel Mold-Board Plw. Any amount of Med
al. Diploma 4e., can be shown, hot wa rely mor oa
th report of farmers from different peru of the T
eountry, where they hsve been la competition with
other popular Plows, than we do on their belugjudg
ed by tight or even a alight trial at a fair.
A large assortment ef tha dineront al see constantly
on hand, which aan he ean atour warahoaa or by in
quiry atonr Book stor ij.af aln at., Whit' Block.
Every Plew sold by ns Is warranted. .
Feb.23,J95. JEFFRIES, WOOD Ca. -
A ViXS' furchjusd th entire a'ack of th Bav
n RkaV CIan, hVM r& meAe LarA mA.
Hons tt -nolo dt intend to ineraae tha atook ef becbr
Books & Etatlcnary.andfceen eoosuntly oa hand th
largestand be't assortritent ever Intheeoenly whickr
wtll b) sold (fr cash only)" cheaper lhaa ca ba
bought at any Book itor In Laseaatetor vUlulty
And whatw any istrue.
Tooorold Friends anl CuatcmeTa: and ta tha ilt
tena of Lancaster, Fairfield end adjoining towns endY
eountlecwereaneotfatlylnTlte to eall and eeamlna
for themselva. JEFFRIE, WOOPdr C.
AgenUfor th tha- Aara' Exraa co.. wain n.f.
Uncaster. Ohio.- - , Feb. t. 1BAS
n RESPECTFULLY lnrormateitt-
efPP-L'M t,M ' FalrSeld connly that he bar
istianiiaslviatJiarsave WktmtLattf
Bertvm JUrr: CtMTt JUtl. IssSslMr OW, haV
he will constantly keep on hand and manufactex to
order every varletv of vehicle In hi' Wn-- .
TrTRepalring done on sho-t notljo, and tha tent ,
aVoAbl. teinu. if. Id, 14 da

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