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Thartay Kerning. April t,19M
Jtt Dti Sir, In my latt lettsr 1 com
menced 4 statement to you of the causes
which, in early life, caused my misgivings
nd distrust as to yours being a true
church, and as to its holding the true
ftith. I referred to some incidents con
nected with the claims of your priests to
miraculous power, with the doctrine of
Jurgatory, and with praying to the saints,
shall now proceed with a statement of
some more of those causes.
Thediclrine of Confession is one of the
primary doctrines of your church. It re
quires every good papist to eonfess his sins
to a priest at least once a year. If any
ains are concealed, none are forgiven.
This doctrine makes the bosom of the priest
the repository of all the sins of all the
winners of his parish, who make a con
science of Confession. And this it one of
thesouicesof the fearful power which
tout oriesti hare over tour peoule. And
with this doctrine of confession, is con
nected the power of the Father Confessor
to grant Absolution to the confessing pen
itent. - It is sometimes affirmed, and then
denied, to suit circumstances, that the
5 iriest claims such power. ButDr. dial
oner in his "Catholic Christian Instruct
td," Chap. 9th, assert this power, and
on what he deems scriptural authority.
And I never knew an individual who came
from Confession, with the privilege of par
taking of , the Communion, who did not
. . . t .
feet and peiieve mat nit sins were lurgiv
n him. And if they were not imnicdi
ately forgiven, they would be on the per
formance of the prescribed penances. You,
ir, will not say, that I either mistate or
misrepresent the doctrine.
Now for some of my early impressions
Don this subieot. . rather Al. hcM Ire
quently his confessions at our house. He
satin a dark room upstairs with one or
more candles on a table before him. Those
going to Confession followed each other
on their knees from the frontdoor, through
the hall, up the stairs, and to the door of
the room, w hen one cume out ot me con-fessing-room
another entered. My turn
cameI entered the room, from which
the light of day was excluded, and bowed
myself before the priest. He made over
me the sign of the cross, and after saying
something in Latin, he ordered me to com
menoo the detail of my sins, buch was
my friarht that my memory soon fiiilod
brisizincr up past delinquencies. lie would
nromrjl me. and ask. did you do this
tbine, or that thing? I would answor yes,
er no. And when I could say no more he
would wave his hand over me and again
titter some words in Latin, nnd dismiss
me. Through this process I often went,
and never without feeling that my sins
were forgiven. Sins that burdened mo
before, were now disregarded. The load
of ffuilt was cone. And 1 often felt, when
oromoted to sin, that 1 could commit i
with impunity, as I could soon oonfess it
and secure its pardon.' And this.jsir, is
the fearful and fntnl effeotof your doctrine
of Confession and Absolution upon mil
lions of minds
The quostlons however often onrae tip
Why does the priest go into a dark room
in the daytime! Why not speak to me in
English, and not in Latin? llow can he
forgive sin? What, if my sins, after all,
are not forgiven? And I always found
that I could play my prnnkt better after
confession than before, for I could go at
them with a lighter heart. Very early in
life my confidence in this doctrine of Con
fession was shaken; and at a later period I
ame to the conclusion that it was a priest
ly device to ensnare the conscience, and to
enslave men.
Another thing which made early a doep
impression on my mind was this. ' On my
first remembered journey to Dublin we
passftd by a plitoa,o:ille)d, unloss I mistake,
Hi. John's Well. It i, as you know, one
of the "Holy Wells," of Ireland. There
was a vast crowd of poor-looking nnd dis
eased people around it Boruo were pray
ing, subm shouting; many woro up in the
trees which surrounded it. All these- trocs
were laden, in all their branches, with
shreds of cloth of every possible variety
and colour. I inquired what all thi meant.
1 was told: "Tiiis is St. John's Well, and
these popple oome horo to got cured."
But what do those rags mean, hanging on
the trees? I was told, that the people who
were not immediately cured tied a piaco of
their garments on some limb of the trees,
to keep the good Saintof tho Well in mind
of their application. And judging from
the number of pieces tied on the treos, I
inferred that the number that went away
cured were very few. I had previously
read some , travels in Africa describing
some of the religious ritasof tho sable tons
of tbatoontinentjand the thought that those
performed around tit. John's Well were
just like thorn, occurred to me. I hnvo
' .oo doubt but that, the rites witnessed in
my youth are performed thero yet that
the rags of diseased persons are now
streaming from those trees to remind tho
; Saint of the requests of thoso who sua
. ponded them. There was always a priest
present to hear confessions, and to receive
the pennies of the poor pilgrims. And
iVi imnraanioil than mttrle iirmn mv miml
m. tit! it was a niece of n.Lr.uimri. Ami
, the riteeand ceremonies about this Well, ljme debauch, nnd laying, in all probabil
' . learn, are nothing in comparison with those ,ly-11,0 foundation for future panees and
performed at the Wells of Saint Patrick in more trough ablutions. JSo pon can
L the County Down. I will hore insert an I "!r U il confusion, oo description
. aocount of a festival at St. I'atrick'i Well
. si given by an eye- wilnesi.
"When or bovr the custom which I
, ihll describe originated, I know not, nor
.. is it necessary to inquire; but every mid.
' summer ere thousands of Roman Ctttho
; lies, many from distant parte of the count
' ry, resort to these celebrated boly wells to
cleanse their souls from sin, and clesr their
mortal bodies of diseases. The influx of
people of different ranks, for .'some nights
. before the one in whieh alone, during the
. whole year, these wells possess this pow
. : er (foron all other days and nights in the
year they rank not ahove comruon draw
'; wells), is prodigious: and their attendants,
, hordes of beggars, whose ragged garments,
, if once taken off, could not be put on a-
gain by the ingenuity of man, infest the
. 2 etreets and lanes, and choose their lodg
. . iags in the highways and hedges. Hav.
in? been previously informed of theap.
Pach ti this miraculous bight, and bavj
ing made ourselves acquainted with lb
locality of (lie wolU, early in tlie evening
we repaired to the pot: we lind been told
that w should see something quite new to
us. and we met with wlial" s.-arcely tvcb
credible on ocular evidence. The spot on
which this scene of superstitious folly was
exhibited, was admirably, adapted to
heighten every attendant circumBiancoof
it; the woniflrful wells, of which there are
four, being iiuatwd in a square or patch of
ground, surrouudea by steep roens, wnicn
reverberated every sound, and redoubled
all the confusion. The coop d ceil of the
squ ire on our approach presented a Boat,
in nissa of various coloured heads, and
our ears were . aslonisueu wnn coniusea
. m . i .
ind mingled sounds of rnirtu and sorrow,
of frantic, enthusiastic 'yx, and deep des
pnnding ravings. On descending into the
square we found ourselves immediately in
the midst of innumerable groups of the6e
fanatics, running in ail directions, con-
usedly, in appearance, but methodically,
as we auerwaras' lounu in renuiy; me
men and the women were barefooted, and
the heads of all were bound round with
iftiidkercl'.kfu. Some wore running in
circles, some ware kneeling in groups,
soma were singihgin wild .concert, some
were lumping about like mnni.ios at me
end of an old biiildiug, which, we were
told, was the rii
ins oi a clmpi-l erected,
with several
Ijscent buildings, in one
miraculous miu
summer s nigiil oy the
tutelary saint of
the wells, of whose talent
as a mason thev I
ive, it must be confessed,
no ver exalted opinion. When we had
somewhat recovered from tlie first enr
prise which the (tons) unaccountably
fantastic actions of the crowd had given
us, wo endeavoured to trace the progress
of some of these deluded votaries through
all the mazes of their raystio penance.
The first object of them all appeared to be
the ascent of the steepest and most rugged
nartof the rock, up which both men and
1 ...i. c , ii
women crawled their paintui way on incir
hands nnd bare
kness. 1 ho men's clothes
were all made sons to accommodate tlieir
knees with nil the sharpness of tho pointed
rock; and the poor women, many of them
vounjr and beautiful, took incredible pains
to prevent their petticoats from affording
any defence ngainRt its torturing asperi
ties'. Covered with dust and perspiration,
and blood, they at last reached the summit
of the lock, where, in a rude sort of chair
hewn out of tho stone sat nn old man,
probably ono of their priesthood, who
seemed to be the representative of St. Pat
rick, and the higli-pnest of this religious
frenzy. In his hat each of the penitents
deposited a half-penny, after which he
turned thctn round a certain number of
times, listened to the long' catalogue of
their offences, and dictated to them the
penance they were to undergo or perform.
Then they descend the rock by another
path, but in the same manner and posture,
equally careful to be cut by the flints, and
to suitor as much as po.i!lc: tins was, per
hap, more painful travelling than the As
cent had been tho suffering knees were
rubbed another way every step thrent.
eneda tumble; and if any thing could
have been lively thero, the ridiculous at
titudes of those descenders would linve
made us bo. When they pained the foot
of the hill they (most of them) bestowed
a small donation or charity on some mis
erabl groups of supplicants who were sta
tioned there. One boggnr, a cripple, sat
on the ground, At one moment addressing
the crowd behind him, nnd swearing that
all the Protestants ought to be burnt out of
the country, and, in the same breath, beg
ging the penitents to give him one half
penny for Uio love of 'urate blessed Juttui.'
vi. - .w.,1 ......
I III? imillicuin uun iviui lieu tu um usu ui
their foot, and commenced a running sort
of Irish jiggish walk round several cairns
or heaps of stones erected at diuVrunt spa
ces: this lasted for some time. Suddenly
they would prostrate themselves before tho
cnirn and ejaculate some hasty prayers, as
suddenly they would rise and resume
their mill-horse circumrotntion. Their
eves were tixed;thiir looks spoke anxiety,
almost despair; nnd the operation of their
('acuities seemed totally suspended. They
then proceeded tooneend of the old chap
el, nnd seemed to bolicve that there was a
virtue,, unknown to us heretics, in one par
tkvlar stone of the building, which every
one was careful to touch with tho right
li'ind; thoso who wero tnll did it easily;
those who were less, loft no mode of jump
ing unpractised to accomplish it. But the
most remarkable, nnd doubtless the most
efficient of the ceremonies, was reserved
for tho last; and surely nothing wts ever
devised by man winch more forcibly
cvincod how low our nature can descend.
Around the largest of the wells, which
was in a building very much, to common
eyes, like a stable, all those who had per
formed their pennnces were assembled,
soma dressing, some undressing, many
start naked. A certain number of them
wore admitted at a time into this holy well,
and there men and women of every age
bathed promiscuously without any cover
ing. They undressed before bathing, and
performed the whole business of the toilet
afterwards in tho open air, in the midst of
the crowd, without appearing sensible of
tho observations of lookers-on, perfectly
regardless of decency, perfectly dead to nil
natural sensations. This was a atrango
sight, but so nearly resembling the feast of
lunatics, that even the voluptuary would
i have beheld it without any emotions but
those of dejection. Ihe penance having
terminated in this marvellous ablution, the
penitents then adjourned cither to booths
and tents to drink, or join their friends.
Tho air then rang with musical monoton
ous t-itiirinir. whieh became louder with
every clung of whisky, finishing in frolie
uu'' o , "J""1 'ueB ' n'80 '8
oruer which lined tins hallowed square
this theatre of fannticism, this temple of
superstition, 01 wlnclt the rites rival all
that we are told of in the East. The minor
parts of the spectacle were filled up with
credulous mothers, half drowning their
poor children to cure their sore eyes; with
cripples who eihibited every thing that
has yet been discovered in deformity, ex
pecting ta be washed straight, and to walk
away nimble ana oomt-iy
"The experience of yearshad not shaken
their faith: and thouch nobody was cured,
nobody went away doubtlntr. Shouting
and howling and swearing and carousing;
filled up every pause, and 'threw o'er this
spot of earth the air of hell. I was never
more shocked and struck with horror; and
perceiving many of them intoxicated with
religious fervor and all-potent whisky, and
warming into violence before midnight, at
! l. .1 . i- . r. i
which lime the distraetiau was at its oli
max, I left this scene of human degrada
tion in a state of mind not easily to be des
cribed. Tue whole road from the wells to
the neighboring town was crowded with
such supplicants as preferred mortal linlt-
pence to holy penance, ll.o .country
round was illuminated with watch-fires;
the demons of discord and fear were a
broad in the air; the pursuits of the world,
end the occupations of the peaceful, ap
peared put a stop to by the performance
of ceremonies, disgraceful when applied
to propitiate an all-compassionate Divinity,
whom these religionists were determined
and taught to considurjeolous rather than
merciful. I wish it were in my power
without insincerity, to pay a compliment
to the Irish Catholic clergy. On this oc
casion they were the mad preists of these
bacchanalian orsnes; the lomenters oflury;
the setters-on to strife; the mischievous
ministers of the debnsementof their people,
lending their aid to plunge their credulous
congregations in ceremonious horrors."
ISow, sfr, can you, as a man of high in
telligence, ngard these thing in any other
light than as the merest impostures to de
lude the ignorant? And what epithet suf
ficiently expressive of- abhorrence can we
apply to the priesthood who thus impose
upon a credulous people;
1 well remember yet another ot these
mposturcs. When a boy I often heard
that on the morning of Easter Sunday, the
sun might bo reen dancing in the heavens
and in the chapels, to express itsjoy on the
anniversary oi the resurrection of Christ.
Ana 1 often wished to be whore X could
witness the phenomenon. It took place in
a certain chnpel, and in the presence of
many pious and admiring beholders. An
unbeliever in priestly miracles was pres
ent, who traced up the dancing of the sun
beams through tho chapel to nn individunl
managing concealed mirrors, so ns to pro
duce tho wonderful effect! Of this I heard;
and although it seemed incredible, yet it
made an impression on my mind. Ihe
probability of the imposture cannot be
doubted by thoso who know that the earth
which eovers the grave of Father Sheely
(who was convicted of treason, nnd hung
in-the County of Tipperary), when boiled
in milk, cures a variety of diseases.
The Bible, with all its notes and glosses,
ns published by the authority of your own
church, is denied by you to be a complete
ruloof faith. On this question I will not
now enter, only so far as to say that this
denial holds a very intimate connexion
with its virtual withholding from the peo
ple. If not a complote rule, it may load
astray; nnd as it is capable of opposite in
terpretations, in some ot us passages, the
souls of the people must not be endanger
ed by its general circulation. It is better
to know nothing of the Bible, than in some
particulars to misinterpret itl Your infal
lible church teaches both ways on a vari
ety of subjects, and among the rest, on the
circulation of the Bible. It allows it in
Protestant countries, with some stringent
regulations; it virtually forbids it in purely
Pupal countries, llow many Bibles could
your Reverence procure in, Spain, Portu
gal, Naples, or Italy? How many Span
iards or Italians hare ever read a Bible
through? How ninny of tho Irish peas
antry that can - read and write have ever
read ten chapters of it? INow, sir, for years
together 1 sat daily at table with a Catho
lic priest.who was n member of the family,
and the curate of the parish; nnd 1 never
saw a Bible used in the fumily. I never
heard at table, or in the morning, or in the
evening, n religious service. The num
bers of the Douny Bible published by sub
scription in Folio, were taken in the fam
ily, but never reaJ. And notoniy so, but
1 never hennl a sermon preached in a Cath
olic chapel in Ireland; norawordof ex
planation on asinglo Uhristinn topic, doc
trine, or duty. And beforo I was sixteen
years of ngo I never read a chapter in the
word of God, whilst in other respects my
education ' was not neglected. I often
asked the meaning of this thing and the
other; but there was no explanation. Nor
can one out of one thousand, in Papal
countries, give a single renson for one of
your peculiar doctrines or duties. And
since in tho maturity of my judgment I
have exnmincd this matter, I have greatly
commended your wisdom in withholding
the Bible from the people; if I wero a bish
op or a priest of your church I would do
the same. I heard a man who lived near
the Canada line, in Vermont, during tho
last war with Great Britain, tell the follow
lowing stoiy. "There was," said he,
"much emngglinsr going on. Whenever
wo met a traveller with a pack of any kind,
we ordered it to bo senrched. Honest men
always said, 'search and welcome.' But
whenever n man lefuscd, or made any fuss
about it, we always suspected that there
were contraband goods in the pack; nnd
wo wore never mistanon. iou have
brought cnntrnbnnd goods into the house
of God, and tho Bible tells tho people so.
Hence it is forbidden. Light is tho sure
death of darkness. The circulation of tho
Bible will be the death of popery.
With great respect, yours,
MoGavin's Protestant, p. 403.
An Ordinance
Amending an Ordinance passed Juna 8, 1C54, and en'
litied an uraiiiaure to amutiii an iirdiuaiice, nxmg
tne wiutn oi tne tfiae aaaa or i-avemonia m me
I'ltv of ijiucniler. passed the Mh of April, 1KI4.
C?l';:- Me it ordained ht the dry Council ofthe Citn
iC) of Laneaeler, I hat the Orst hectlun or an urdi
niince. liassnd Nih Juno. IK4. entitled nn Ordinance to
amend an Ordiuan co fixing the width of the Klde
Walks or Pavements In the City of Laucnster, passed
the I'JIh day of April, 1M4, he so amended as to read.
mat mo i-irst neciinu oi an imuneiice eutiiieu nn ur
dlnaiire. fixing the width of Ihe Hide-Walks or Pave
ments In the towu of Lancaster, passed the I'.'th day of
inru, itsM,nn so amended as to reun, innt tue wiuin
f tho Hide-Walks or tmvuments shall herenner be as
followa In the following Ktrccta. parts ofMreeta and
Alley, to-wlt: On Main, between llroad and Second,
andon Uroad Htreel, between finmh Alley and III
Circle In Carnenter'a adillllon. Ilfiocn feel: on Main
mini nroau Mrent r.astwaro, ami from ascoihi street
westward, twelve feet; on Vt heellriff. Hecond. Fourth
Union, Mill and Gennun Streets, ten feel; on Mulber,
rv, Cuestnut, ront, Columbus. Walnut, Jackson,
Perry, Lawrence, Croghan, Winding, Porter, Water
and King btreets, nine roct; on liroad Alley, five feel;
and oi Uroad Street rmin nonlh Alley, Norlliward
twelvo feet, including the four feet given by the own
rs of the property on aald pari of tho street to tha city
pir street purposes,
till'. 8. Be it further ordained v the aaraerifv afore
tnid. That the First Section of tlie Ordinance passed
Hih Jnuo, 1H54, and entitled an Ordinance to amend
an Ordinance Axing the wldihofihe Mile-Walks or
Pavtnienls In the City of Lancaster. Passed the 12th
day of April, 1K14, be and the same is hereby rupenlod.
tnsiti.as r. nu.r.rr r.K. rresioeni.
Attest O. 8. Williams, City Clerk. aprll So,
nflA Acres of first rato un Land and bottom men
nfit dew, a large Improvement, apple and peach
orcuamni toe oesfc grnueu iruu,many oicgani springs.
a newvu log earn anu nouse, a large quantity oi newiui
Umber and saw-Iocs. The land lobe sold in lota o
together, situated ou a good road, hi, miles from Lain
easier, anu ons mile irum rratrsNaw Mill.
Vor terms apply to - t il AKLKS Ul BULK,
Madison Township, Fairfield county, Ohio, or to
Ijind Agent, Lanoaslsr, Ohio.
September 7, IBM Wtt
Notice or Dissolutions
TVTOTICB la hareby glran that th M-partnershlp
I heretofore existing under the nrin nam oa Llf
TLB 4e H ATLACK has ba tbl day dissolved by mu
tual consent. Th books and aovouuta lvft In th
Band or John A. uturur settlement.
Sttraatjir, ftSf. .OH JtalkkSJi,
Antiquarian Keecaicls.
Rcader.we have turned antiquarian, nnd
are now engaged in overhauling the rub
bish in the Public Buildings. We have al
ready made some rich developments, whii ll i
we intend laying before the publio in due
season. -1 he lied Lodge Clique have been
terribly exorcised evor since the appear
ance of our List issue they begin to see
the hand writing on the wall. They have
avowed their intention to overhaul our
printing for the city. We hope they will
not fail so to dor as it will save us an im
mense deal of trouble. Ever since pur
last issue the whole cliqe have been in ses
sion, devising means toenrb the madness
of destruction, and according to their own
accounts, the Eagle of this week will be
rich, racy and spicy. We hope the read
ers of the Gazettt may all see a copy, ns
we very much desire the whole reading
nublio to keep an eve on both sides. The
fight will be decidedly interesting. We
have our coat off, sleeves rolled up to the
lbow, our faithful old goose quill in hand,
ready, willing and eager for the fight.
They have talked long and loud about
secret dens, not dreaming, in their imag.
ined security, that any one could discov
er theirs; but we have tracked them to its
very threshold, opened its doors nnd been
surrounded by its blackend walls, and find
it to be a musty, dirty, filthy place, and as
it needs renovation we have volunteered
our services to give it a good scrubbing.
And now gentlemen, we give you fair
warning to load your gun with your best
shot, for just ns sure as the sun gives light,
wo have ours well charged and primed
with dry powder. Wo gave you a sample
of our fire last week, and when you return
it, we will then be ready to give you "a
few more of the same sort."
ter'i Kpunish Mixturtf RtamU pre-emliiDul ftbuvo all
olbor. !U lingular!) ufUcAcioiisAclinii on tlieblooil;
tin eirengllitiiiiiiKtusl vivifying qunlillea IU tonic ac
tion on Uio Liver; iutendeiu-y lodrivo all humors to
the surface, tuereny cluanninjr. tho systeia according
to Ktuuru'town tiruscrlution; Hi harmless, amlutthu
same, limo extraordinary rood effects, and the number
of cures lestlrted to by many of the most respectable
citizens of Kictuiiond, Va., and elsewhere, must be
conclusive vtdencr that there Is no humbug about It.
The trial of a single bottls will satisfy the niostskeji
tlcal of its benclits.
8ee advertisement la anothar column.
.4rll5, 1855 swNo. 4tf.
In tliis city, on the S3il April, lCo5,by
Rev. J. M. Jameson, Mr, LeviM. D.Sher
ick and Ming Clara Leohner, rUughtor
of Judgo Jesse JLeohuorof this city.
U II 51 K ti.
n A VING removed theirRtore3 doors
W est of the Hocking Valley Bauk,
whore they are now receiving their
Spring Slock of Uoota A: liocn.
which cuunot be excelled In price, beauty of stylo and
woruniansiitit. we are also manufacturing unois ami
Shoes to order on the shortest notice. Give us a cull
and you will satisfy yourselves llmt our salesman, Mr.
Crook, who bas selected our stock fcnst with great
care, will give undoubted satisfaction to Ladios and
Oeulliimcn who will favor nun with call.
Lancaster, april SIMMS 51)
IARJiistreeoiveilfrom Philadelphia and NowYork,
ono of the hAROF.ST STOCK OF HATS AJfl)
tjAftt mat una ever eomu to tnia city, or tue ft1
i.atbst iMfsovno STVi.as, embracing overy J
varletv of shapes, sorts and air.es consist
Ing of the lata Spring RUlo MOLE-SKIN
HAT, unsurpassed in Ohio for durability and fineness.
AUo, Young IHnn'e Hall of nil kind;
Rummer Hats, consisting of PANAMA;
I'odal and China Straw;
Braid LEGHOtflVund MANILA;
fit) in Leaf; Kossuth Hals, both Fur and Wool;
Flue Otter and White Beaver, for Rummer;
Tho lutest Snrifia- Ntle CusMmcre Hats:
All sorts il Hoys A rhlldri n-' Pnnnr Ilata,
All of which will be sold nn the most reasonable
rms. lower than ever before.
N. B, Country Merchants will do wall hy calling and
xamtiting my slock before purchasing elsewhere.
utucnstar, april liu, ir.ij ju u. I'lr.lJiilM..
THERtnckhnldera of the Ctnrlnnnti, WIN
Islington and franc nvlllti stall llond
oiiipiiiiy, are liercny notineii that nu r.teciiuii
.ill l.o held t Ihe CITV OK CIKI'I.KVU.LE, on
Tliuradar (lie 17th day of ITIist, IMftfit
forlhi. puriiose of Electing a liOAltl) Of DIKKC-
ff.tJCJ .V .. . I - f.- .... . I D....-.I
i,'ni- air air vmbhiiik jnui. j,j r,i'r,iiinu uf ,,.
april 'in, 1C55-JW31 juli. iiAi)iiUAUoii,.eei y
Tothe TcarhfirsolFnulicId County
rllK undersigned would respcctrully propose that
a mooting of tho Teachers ot the county be held
nu tho Second gararrfiiv is.lfujf, at nua o'clock, H. M.,
st Hie North School Building, in tlie fit) of Lunrustvr,
to take inn preliminary steps towuroaiorminga coun
ty Association, aud ulso to mako arraiigeiuents for
holding a Teachers' luallluto someilmu within the
resent )ear. jori.i vv u,i,ia sih,
v i i.i,i.i n w n 1 1 nr. v,
aprll 56, IBM -51 CALLIt T. li.MKKSU.N.
OR -
AND all kinds of Gas Lamps for sale hy
apritSO, 1S5S W.M. OIAM,
zam:.svillr rail hoai,
OPEN TO LA NCASTEK. Two dally Train (Sun
day excepted;)
Trains leave Ctuelnnnll at t A.M. and 3 W P. M.; ar
riving nt Uurnslorat 4 40 P. M. and ) P. M,
Trains leave laincaater at 5 3U A.M. and 10 10 A. M.I
arriving ClualiMMtiat 11 tu A.M.suil5 40 P. M.
Trains will stop for passenger as follow; AtAmandn,
Dt. l..!UH.lln .VIIII...km. tf.....n.
lloilanu, Washington, KatlleanaKo,samnn,CroasKoad,
Willinliigtoti, sligo,clarksvllle aud Morrow.
The downward trnlua connect at Morrow with th
trainaon the Little Mlama Koad forColumbna.
Lines of atagea will run between Laucustor andLo
in, Nelsonville, Athens, Pomoroy, Soniersel and
F.auesvllle, ronnectliig with tho morning train from
ana evening tram 10 i;inciunaii.
Persons leaving lncasler In ths tnorniur train ar
rlv nt Indianafiolla Ihe samo evouiug.
inrougn ucaois to Cincinnati 1 1 t 1 13 70
Indianapolis 1:11 7 80
Vorolherlnformatlouand tickets, apply at Ticket Of.
fico.cornerof Broadway and Front streets, and at Ihe
Little Miami Depot, or to tho Station Agents on tho lino.
' Engineer and Superintendent.
TTPTlie Company will nol bo resnnnslble for bar-
gngeoicendlngtrinln value, nnloss the samo be re
turned to the (uduotoror Agent, and freight paid at
the ruteof a passage fiirevory (5UUIn value above that
aiwouiu. apru m, itsos.
Ohio F.agl and Hocking Sentinel cony. luasrt In
place of old advertisement.
Road Notice.
K0T1CK Is heroby given, that petition will be
presented to the Commissioners of Fairfield
nly, al their next regular session In Juno next,
praying lor an alteration or so mucn ortlM road lead
ing from Baltimore to Mlllerlort, as Ilea between th
South line of the Southeast Quarter of Suction So. i
and the Ohio Canal, said alteration to commenc
where th road strikes th Sculh lino ofthe Roulheaat
dnarler of Section No. J, running Kast on th Keetion
Una between Ihe lands owned by Cooperrlder aud
Grovee to the Obto Canal; thence North on lb Gravel
Bank of lb Ohio Canal to Intersect th road on tald
april 40, 18i5-sw51 MANY PETITIONERS.
Valnabi Fnrm f or 8&le.
atmt 'a FARM containing 1 Aorea, on th water
ilof Clnsrcreek.lc Madison township, known
j"isa me --vist rsrm," who an axceiioni watel
rWprlvlleM.wlllb to hi by th andorslgncd, al
p rival sal. For tarm apply to
wa0l.ts4i.as s imiv iiun ia
Mm tfrssc, awlf tffuilt las Tttlmtdf Hun.
GAIN takes pleasure In calling the attention of Ills
customers and couulrr merchauts generally, to
fiiolafgesl slock of Cooper, Tin and shoal-Iron luatin-
faclurus ever brought to this market. He takes gruat
pains to seep constantly oil rtauu a large variety oi
vary thing that can possibly be wanted In bis line.asd
flatters himself that from his long experience tu lb
Tin and Shoet-Iroa Buiine,
he will haahletoglv full aatlsfaetton to all who may
favor htm with their work. Having a practical knowl
edge or ton business, hia selections are inada wltn A .
View lo durability, style end cheapness.
illnnnracturs-d to Order. '
He si to keeps In hia emplov some of the best work
oieu Ihfttcantia secured, and always having on baud
tha very yV'sl material, Is enabled to manufacture to
order anything and every thing desirable Ia his line.
In as good at) la aud on aa fair terms as can anywhere
bt bad.
i All kind- of Rtovea, A-c, - . -Never
In the history of Lancaster was there an estab
lishment Hint kent on hand a larcerand more complete
assortment of stores, of all kinds and varieties. He is
also prepared wilh a large number of Firt Grain, and
for tlie accommodation of his customers keeps on hand
a large quantity of fin Brie, niauufaclujed exprcsa
ly with a view to miltim- no Grains, dru.
In rlne, any aud evervthiug needed in hlsllneean be
secured bv ffivlmr him a call, and at urices as reason
able ns can be obtained in any other establishment in
the State. Innsmuch as his'presiMit slock la greatly
superiortnhtsfortitHrln quantity, quality, variety aud
cheapness, be feels ronfMtint that nersons riving him
acau win go away nighty oehghtaa anaampiy sainneo.
J3 He also keeps coni,lautlv on ha'nd
alarro Stock ofKtrel Plewi,
of Cincinnati and Clrclevllle man-
Lancaster, March 8, If 53-44
7",0R several yeara connected with several Depart'
f meDta of the Gjueral fiovorniuent, continues his
. Houtitv Land Airencv in Wanhii-tnn 4'ilr. and
.pJjVwould tiU the attention of Old ftoldlera
irynnd their heirs, to the very low tjrma upon
iWiswhtch he procures warrants uudor the now
Bounty Laud ,aw of Conrresa. His arraneements
with the Departments, and fumilarity with Uie manage
ment or aucu cases, wm enauie ulm to procure war
ranis witn tue least possioio ueiay. -
In addition to bis esnerlenco. ho possesses mvoh
valuable record and documentary evidence appertain
ing to the umni'rous classes or claims.
JPr'Ariiiy Oltlcers, h'oldiers. Teamsters, Naval Of
ficers, Sonuicn. Marines, and Navy 4'lerks, (or their
titrvipitif viiovf or minor children) wLoservcd in tlie
Ruvolutioiinrv War. War of 1H1S, Florida, or any of
tlie Indian Wars, for a perior of not less than fourteen
duye, are now entitled to a tand Warrant for 1G0 acrea.
Those whohave alreadv received their 40 or 8U acre
warrants are now entitled to an additional quantity
(ominl to 100 acres.)
f:"pKogular correspondents who prepare cases and
forward them to my address, for luanagomont here
w i oe iioerauv neaii with.
il r" (JOUHT Or (j LA I MS having been created ny
t ongross, beroro which, all faivsTC claims, not pro.
vided for by law. nre to be presented for adjudication
Mr. Kvanswill undorlake the management ofan) casus
biifnre that court fees to be agreed upon.
PTFate roa raoct-Ri.t n Linn Wasrsnts: ttithont
regard to oize) On original applications, ouly for
inrrense SI,
KtriRtarra. Hon. L. P. Waldo. Commissioner n
Ponnlons: John Wilson, Commissioner of Gcuerul
Land Otllce; John M. Clavton,U. N. Senate: R.A.Doug,
lac, U.S.: John Itell.U. H.; J. M. Mason, U. F.; Gen
Lewis Cass, U. R.; Ham Houston, It. R.; T. J. Rusk, V
S.j W. II. Reward, and to the members of the thirty
third Congress. March 2V, KiS S7
At the Old Stnnd ofHoinmund & Mnrtin
HAVF lust received a large and elegant assorlmcti
of NEW GOODS, comprising a variety unsur
pnaieti, and whicn nicy win sun at greaioargams.
i netrsiocK consists 01
c'lothN, Ciissimores, Caasineta, Jeans. Ac
Vestings, of.oll the ilifferent styles;
And for thoLndies French Merlnnes,Thalbet Cloths;
Alpacus and Oo Lollies of nil kinds;
Calicnos, (liiigliauis. Flannels, and evory arlirle li
the wnv of Dress Goods to be found in the cities; ,
shawls, nfevery variety of hue, size, and material
Dress and Bonnet Trimmings, heautifuliissortincut;
Hnnnot Silk, Velvet and Straw which tho Ladle
all declare to bo the most beautiful and fashionable.
In nditltlnu to their stock of Cloths, Ac. they have
and will constantly keep on hsttd a largo and excel Ion t
stock of ltKADV MADE CLOTHING, g"l up with
tneilo and superior workmanship.
Boots and Shoos; Hats and Cni.nt prices wonderfnly
low. Ctuuuiiiwaro aud Glassware;
t'oflue, kugsr, Tea, Tobncco, Spicec, Ac,
nlwnys on hand.
TrTTlie new Arm tender their thanks for 111 en-
conraglng luanuer in which they bnve been received.
as well liy tne ptintic generally usoyinenin pairous 01
the stnnd, and beg leave to assure till. I hat if a constant
al lei. lion to their wonts and a determination to keep
up Willi thellmea will secure a continuation and en
largement of their business, ttluy will not fail t attain
that end. Country produce taken in exchange forgoods
Lancaster, Ohio, January 4, 1F55 33
Dry Coeds fr Spring & Summer.
No. Tl tVot Pouilti Street, Cincinnati.
Offers as usual, to their customer; and others.
Ladies' Dress Goods, of nil kinds of Fabrics, Shawls
and Msiitillus; Embroideries and Laces; Hdkfs.,
Hosiery. ore; Linens. Musllns,andall kindsof
' plalu fabrics; Housekeeping Goods, groat
varloty. Also
Business condui ltd on Hie one price principle,
Prices marked at rates ns fuvorahlo to purchasers aa
can be afforded by any bouse engaged lu a regular
nasi ness.
Persons visiting Cincinnati arn rospoctfiilly Invited
10 cull and oiamliio Goods aud prices. April s so
nook Ilinderrs Lnncnater, Ohio.
"ff'JLANK BOOKSforConnty
H OKlcos. Justices' Blanks
Duckets, Double and Single
Entry Ledirors. Journals. Uai
Books. Ac. dzc. Also, Book
Binding of evory description
done In a most satisfactory
All ordors.by letter or other
wise, liroiimtly attended to,
Orders for Binding can be left nt Iha Gaietlo OiHre,
or at thu Blndory.nn Main Street, In the room former
ly occupied ny t 01, r. van 1 rump, ns a i.aw umce,
and noarly opposite Dr. Kreider'a residence.
tieceiiiber 14, 1M4 as J. nursncLu.
the following:
Swan's Treaties, prlro :l; Swan's Manuel, 11,85,
Lancaster, November 83, 1R54 'J 9
TAMst nil tunes prepared to furnish LOOKI1SG
GLASSES lit Mahogany, Walnut or Bosuwood
Krames. LonKlna1 irlass nates, r cturos Frames, c.
Also, Gilt Frame, Glasses of all sites and styles,
Portrait Frames. Picture Frames, aud a general aa-
sortmont of Pictures and OH Paintings, nt whnlosalo
and retail, at the lowest prices. J. c. lr,M,
No, II West Fourth Streot, Cincinnati, Ohio
March 8, ld53 M
THE subscriber respectfully Inform his friends and
public In general, that lio haa much enlarged hi
ai to the variety. He has Just opened and hnsfnr salo
vVaiw.No. t. Mnrkertfl ofthe best quality.
CS2sS9 Also, best Pick liny Vlnegnr, and
a small Mtock of Dry Oood to suit customers
nil of which will ho sold low for cash or approved coun
try produce at hia Old aland, eornor of llroad it I
W inding Streets, and nearly opposite the 1 roadway
Motel. i. ilium. it
N. B. Butter. Bacon, Lard and Corn Moal wauled
Laucastor, SoptoniberSI, 185490
"S"17"E would particularly Invite the attention nf our
1 l.aily renders, who Intoud visiting Cincinnati
this n'prlng or Summer, lo tho axtonslv stock of Mr.
J. A. HEN DKK80N, late
'tn. hihu. it i c u s
t .yti Consisting of
OLtcnonnet. Ribbon f'laven and
TrlmmtnKa ofthe latest Paris cs New York styles.
Her stock Is by far the LAKGKKT In the city, and la
kept constantly rull by DAILY AHHIVALB from the
Kast, of the JvVwesf Pattern Honnett, F.ngliek Stratoe,
Swiee, Tuscan, and Satin Braide. Blond and French La
ces, toguther with the most choice Rohhbt, Cai and
TaiaisiNa Kiaansis.and Kaaacti AaTiriciAa Flowik
Imported; all of which she will sell S5 per runt, lower
than any other establishment In Cincinnati. Her store Is
no. sua riKTii ptkkbi, netweon Kim ca num.
Clnclnuatl, March S9, 1855 ly7
arrokKiT ana rocsssLLon at law, jesnca or
rasca ass aaaaaAL land aoaaT, .
I.ancaatrrs OhlOt
WILL give attention to the purchasing andselllci
of Keal F.state, also, lo tie procuring of
ions nnd Bounty Lands.
OFF1CK In the Brick Block, nearly oppoalta
Hooking Valley Bank. may lo IMS
To tbe tbe Creditor of Jatnea C. Her
nolda, dereasaed.
theTthday of prll, 1855, th Probata Court
nj rairnoia county, unto, ueciareo. tn Asiaie oi
James G Keynolds.deceased.tobe probably Insolvent.
Credllors ar therefor required to present their elal ma
against th Estate to th undersigned for allownno
within mouths from th time above mentioned, or
ther wilt not b ntltled to payment. .
4jrn,ssaW-4Ntl. !(.. By UU,
Sherlfl'a Rale.
T Safss 0'. Fnlrf'H C.uafy, .
BT Tlrtue of an execution against property front the
Court of Common Pious in aud for aald conn-
ol bairnolo, anu ko mv uireri, will nuurai public
la. i tl,A farm uf riauiuel Kesler. near Carroll, nu
JJouJat I.U 3uis tfJrril, A. i. 1C41, between the
hours lu o'ctocK a. in. ano o uoca p. in. tue roUow -lug
described chstlei:property: One Sorrel Mar sup-
poeeu to oo nve yours oiu, .m wutw i.qii iwo yeara
old.audSevonieoii head of Young Cuttte. Taken aa
the property of Thomas U. Harris at the suit of James
nooper. lerm oi sai. casn, .
HuKTaa&Dmonaa rr Attys. Win. POTTER, Sheriff.
Lancaster, aprll 1, 1835-w5upfS - ;
Slierifl Male. ,
' The State of Ohio, FtirUti Counti. n.
URhUANT tothe command of an order for aale,
from the Court of Common Pleas, of said county
Fairrlelil.aiid to me directed, I will olforat nubile
sale at tlie Court House lu Lancaster ouSniiirifai the ID'S
1Mo,A. U. lr5o, between Hie hours of ltl o'clock A.
M. and 4 o'clock f. M. tne roiiowlug described real
esW4c,to-wil: l ot number three In the Noun addition
to Ihe Town of Mlllersport, In FulrhVId county, Ohio,
Valued al t5ll. Attached at the suit of Gm.rge W.
Ta) lor, to be sold as the property of Jacob Ketuur.
Terms or sale cash. WM. POTTKK, Sheriff.
My C. M. L. WISK.M A N, Itepiitv.
He pits a 4 Enrrisa, Attya. april lit 5w49pf3
MierilPs Sale .- -
The Slate of Ohio, Fairtili Connlt.ee.
PURSUANT to tho command of an order of sale
from the Court of Common Pleas in ami for said
county, and to mo directed, 1 willofTernt public sale at
the Court House in Lancaster, on Satwdau the lOra ffay
of Mae A. . 1K5, between the hours of lOo'clock A.
M. and 4 ociock P. M. the following described Heal
Estate, to-wit: Situate in Ihe county of Futrlield and
State of Ohio, being Ihe Kast half of the Southeast
Quarter of .Section No 3. in Township Nn. 13, of Range
No 19, of the United States Ijimlsl-fied to sate at L'hil
llcothe, Ohio, containing aevenly-fourOU-liHI acres,
Valued at $18 per acre. To be sold as the property
of Klizabcth and Culharln Ly singer, at the suit ofR.
n. rowier. i ertns or sale cusn.
Marti & Scin.ri-B, Attvi W VOTTER. Rhoriff
April S 5w4pl3 ByC, M.L.WlSUMAN.Doputy
SlierifT'g Bale.
The State of Ohio, Fairteli Coantn.it.
TTjnR.SUANT to the coniiuuud of nn order for
I the sale orpmperty from the Court or Common
Fleas, in and fur said County, and to medlructed.l will
offer at public sale at the Court House lu In the City
of Lancaster, on Saturda) the li's day of Man. A. T.
ir-oo, netween ine nours ol iuo-'ciock a. ai. Bni 4 0t.
clock P. M.ofsuld day, the following described Keal
Estirte, to wit: Sltilalo in county of Fuirlleld and Stute
01 wmo, oeing in-Lot ntiinner soventy-nve In Carneii'
ivr B,oiuMiii 10 me 10 nil 01 JAiicnsier, 111 saut county,
frs from any and all claims or leiua of each aud
evory ofthe defendants herein. Valued at 4im.
To be sold as the property of William J. Card, at the
sou 01 n. u. 1 rout anu mbuuici jacason. J ermscash,
vio.W, MacElpov. Atty. WM. POTTEK.Sheritr.
By O. M. L. WISEMAN. Deputy.
Mteriff's "ale. .
The State of Ohio. Fulrteld Ceuntn. at.
PTJRSUATtothe command of an order for sale
from the Court of Common Pleas of said county
and tome directed. 1 will otfer at public salo at the
Court House In Lancaster, nn Saturday the'Sjth day of
Jiprxi jt. u. ira, notween tne nours 01 ju o'clock A.M.
and 4 o'clock P. M. the following described Keal Es
late. to-wlt: Situate in tlie cum!) of Fuirrteld and State
of Ohio, being the eniialund undivided ha f of Lot No
H In Square No. 4, In the Eastern addition to ihe town
or iiaiumnro. Also, lils no. p anuu in the contral ad
ditlniitnthntown of Baltimore, excepting 23 f0t off
the south stun or Lot ?io. e the last named. The undi
vided hulfof LotNo. 8 first abovo named, valued nt
lid; litrio.ein Uie contra) addition valued at ftf):
Lot No. 9 valued ut $175. Also, nt Ihe same time nnd
place, one equal aud undivided hnlf of all the Much)
nery belonging to tlie Factory winch Is erected on tut
No. P. Alsl, aCondenser and Power Loom and Snln-
nlng Machinery left In the old Factory situate ou Lot
iso.i in tne town or ifaiinnore. 1 erms or snle cash.
To be sold as the property of George Ff. Houser and
nuamaniswue at tne S'Mtoi r.uwuru iiikiiis.
By C. M. L. WISEMAN. Deputy.
Hckth it DsnankRTi, Att'ys March 2-3w4Gpt't4,50
SherifTs Sale, ,
The S'a'e of Ohio, tairleld Connto. ee.
TbTtRSUANT to tho command of nn order for snl
JL from the Court of Common Pleas of Fairfield
county, and to me dlrocted, I will ofurat public ssl
at the Court House in lincastor. on Saturdan the 2Ht
dan of April A. i. 1H55. between the hours of lOo'clock
A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M. tho following described
Kent Estate. to-wit: Iu-Lots numbers 48 and 47 in tho
town nfOakland in Kslrfleld conntv, Ohio.
Valued at, for Lot No. 46, J.r,. for Lot No. 47. il8S 50.
To bo sold as Ihe property of Thomas Cain. George
Cain, John Cntn, William Csin and Emanuol Ehupe at
toe suit 01 troorgo won. 1 erms 01 ssie ensn.
wii.liam run nn, shornr.
By C. M. L. WISEMAN, Deputy.
StiHcrrosiB A Shaw. Ally's March 2U 5w46pfii3
NlierifT'a Mnle.
T State of Ohio. Fairfield Covnto.ee.
TfeWrtKUANT to tho command of an nrdor for sal
I from the Court of Common Pleas In and for said
County of Fairfield and to me directed, I will offer at
publio sale at the Court house in Laucastor. on Satur
danthe'rthddn of April A. P. 1855, botwean the hours
of If) o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M., the following
loscrtneil Meal Kstnle. tn-wltt situate In the Conntv of
Fairlleld di State ofo., Ihe North l alfoflhe Northwest
(tuurter of Section number Township number
(IH)tliirtoen, Kange number (Hi) niucteon In said coun
ty, containing eighty acres more or less, valued at four
dollars per acre. To bo sold as the property of Eltas
Tutrow, Asa Green and James M. Pratt at tho suit 01'
Cornelius Steeurod. No. 4311 code.)
Terms of sale cash. WILLIAM POTTER, Sheriff.
By CM. L. WISEMAN, Deputy.
Marti & Scni.aicu, Atl'ys March 3j-Sw43pfS3
Ouaidmn Srtlf.
vlrtne of An onlorof ml to tne dlrcctod from
Court of rrohato In nun for the County of
F it 1 r lit-Id
IdundMjite of Ohio, 1 will offer foriMilo nt
nuliliu toikIiiu. Ok the ilHth day April Aa D. 1,
butn uen tho hour of 10 o'clock A. W. end 4 oVlock
P. M. of naiii sltiv. ou the prLMiilftes. thet two undi
vided equal third tmru of the foliowiuK descriiH'd
real .Hit, that Is to bu lying nnd being lu the
county of FnirllHltl rifnronld. bottimiinf nt the South
hounaiiryol tu'clton tn-tnty-six fb), lotvtifinip iwi'tvo
fl'2), rnntre twonly i2d) hi tho fontrti of Hit ZiiiionviUu
i .id Mity.-vilU '1 uriiiiike Roiid; tltunve Norlbilk de-
ffruen. bant 4 H9chnhm to n poot nartho enslaiuoof
mid road; llionce Wmt IttiO chulns to the section
Ihu't ttifitice INorth otitlio peettnii line ll)l3 Cliulnsto
Uio Houih went comorof J. H. HAmutona loti llionto
Kn8tl)7J rhalns to a pout near tho westsldoof a;ild
turnpike r.nd; tlmnoo Norths t-fi chalnnto n point til
tlu'coiitrt of sdid Kond; tlu'nco Knt 10 12 chfiinw to a
tone in the Mneof James NortlmMnnd; the nee Ho nth
3 53clinlns to n Atoms thenr Knsl 11 P7 clintrmton
ntons thence SoiUhfi5) chains to antone; thence West
11 87 chain ton Um; the nee Ho nth A 5.5 chulns to a
atone In the noction line: thence Went 19 chain, to the
plnce or hci:i lining contnliiirjc forty nine (4llj nctva
more or lo. The nhovu innd will he nold hy meat
the "jjruardinn of Gcorpo V, Mooro and Catharine
lUooros who arc nnnorn, ann earn enutioa to ouoeqimi
undivided third nart of nnid liindn.
Ttirma of ante one third cimh tn hand, ono third In
ono year and th residue tn two yonrs with in to rent
rroiu i no oay oi sie ajenru ny moriicntrs? on .dj i)rt-m
Irtm. KttcUouo undivided third apprninmt at $375 r
03j. tAfrfiK r. tu i (riinroinu ot
LAlllrtriliiQ jiniunri iiu
GF.OKGK W. MOOKK.(minort.)
RrtHRHrnMn A iSiitvW. AUv's.. for Petitioner.
AUo, at the mime tim? and place, I will olfr for
aale the other undivided third nart of mid prcmiKaa
theAjroiitof Moore. C. T. BlTTLER.
March29, If55-iw47pfti,(l0.
nnHE undersigned will offer for sale at pi
Ill offer for sale at pnldle nuc.
I Ikon, at the Court House door in tlie City of l.an
raster, on hulorrtisy , f h "ifth Any ff A irll,
lHi.s nt 1 o'clock P. M. Ihe well known proporty
situated ou the Ohio Canal, at tho Town nf l.orkrillo.
Fairlleld County, Uhio.knnwii and distinguished aa the
LOCKVIl-LE Hill, Li,
consisting of a
I.nrgo Crist Mill with loiir rnn of Dura,
two of which are for merchant work and two for cus
tom work, being separate uud distinct, propelled by
serierato water wueeis, i ne inaciuncry lor tno mer
chant work is all new, and embruces all ofthe modern
Improvomoulsiu milling. The same having boon re
cently relltted by the niidorsignod tit a great caponee,
for tlie iturtio.se of mailing It one of the first class mills,
aiidsusecplibie of doing as good work as any other
linn in tue Mute.
Thore la also a Maw mill on said premises, which
is all in good repair, uud cupabluofsuwiuga very large
amount or lumner.
TherelealsualarfroDlttllervon "aid prom
ises. with all the fixtures Diirtiiiniuirto the sasne.
There nre T II lit 14 DWELLING lloUKKH on aald
premises, comfortably Htted up, and suitable for oc
eiination. Also Stablea, Corn Crllis. Hoir Pens.Coon.
er Shop and all necessary Out-buildings, also Hay
Kcales mailv flttud un on said nremlses. .
There Is conuected with said promises about dev
en Acrea of Land, upon which Ihe aforesaid
Imnrovemonts are situated.
The above described premises, aro veay desirably
located In the midst of a beautiful aud fertile country,
where wheat and Corn arc grow n in abundance, and
certainly offergretor Inducement for the Capitalist
than any ntner properly oi ine same aino 111 tne ntair.
Th attention ol Ihe Cnpltlisl Islhercfore Invited to
the above valuable properly, as the undersigned Isiie
tormlned to sell the same at a great bargain and npoo
tlie moat liberal terms of credit. Title indisputable.
For further particulars In regard to tlie abovo pro
perty, apply to Mr. Ketch u in ou the promises, or to
Mr. tioorge Q, Uock.and the nnderslgi cd nt Lancaa-
castor.unio. vvu,bi,t r, luinasi,.
Lancastor, April a, iros ta
Partition Notice.
Jacob Weaver, Poter Weaver, Adam Weaver, Daniel
Weaver, Solomnn Weaver, Anne Weaver. Emily
Weaver, minor, Samuel H. Weavor, David Weaver,
George Gose and Folly, bis wife, George Fulti and
Catharine his wife, Sylvester K. Shepcrd and Christi
na hia wife, George Fopo and Francis his wilo, Jo
seph C. Torfliiiguraud harab bis wife, Benjamin 8,
Foeman and Margarot hia wife, Ramnel Civ and
Elitabelh his wife, Henry Mien and Maria M. hi
' wife and Mary Weaver, widow,
fwrlLl, lake notice liiatoa UieaSnd day of January,
If 1855, John Weaver and Leonard Weaver Bled
a Petition against them in the office of the Clerk of th
Court of Common Pleas of Falrflold County, Ohio,
praying pamnon or the cast bair or Heclion no. 5,
Township No. 15, and Kange No. If, In Fairfield coun
ty, sseept 44 acres off the South end thoreof belonging
to Kolomon rnanaier. conlallilnr UTS acres. Ann mat
at the MXtTerm ofsald Court, application. will be
aiado by said Petitioner for an order thai partition
msv be made of said nremlsns. .
Also, ln-Lot No. S, In Sqnare No. 18. tn th Towa f
ilalilmorc, rairncio conntv, Ulilo. ,
BKA8KK o BON, Att'y Petitioner.
MaMbtf, UM4w4. . ,
-J-J 1 9.
I'rubnte Notices
IVOTITR Is hereby given, to Ihe all parson lnlef
11 ested, that tha accounu Mud vuu,Oi..rB mt u,
Ules of jfdnin Wssoner, Kuth Ibrauis and Jacob Vo'
der; also the account or iam Hraudt, guardian tit
bearhart'sbelra, have been lllcd In thai Prolutle ( ourl
ol Kulrlleld county, Ohio, for Inspection and sallies
incut, n ml that thu asm will be for huarbug on tha sib
day of hli,A. 0. lcis, or aa soon thereurtar as ma
VI KG lb K. flUW.Probat Judge.
Lancastar, aprll lit, iesi48
Fxtate of Peter llouer. i
WaT0T1CE Is hereby given, that I have this day b
1 lj duly appointed and qualified administrator of th
Estute ot Peter Betaur, deceased, late of KalrDsld
county. Ohio. Persons knowing themselves indebtd
to aald Estate will make Immediate payment, and thosS
having claims against aald Kstule will preaent theoi
duly aulhenticaled for settlement within one year.
.SprlllS.lrjj 449s iMMta CBUMLUV, ;dsa.
Probate Notice.
"mTOTICF. Uhereby given to all persons Interested,
i that Abraham Lehman Gunrdiau of allllor'shelrsi
has filed bis accounts and vouchers In the Probata
Court of Foirtield county, Ohlo.forlnspectlon and sow
lletuent, and that the same will be for hearing on tbsl
iiitb day of April A. 11. lfSS.oraa soon thereafter a
maybe. VIKG1L L. fcHA W, Pro. Judg. ,
Aprils, 18J5-3W48.
Probate Notice.
TOTICR It hereby given to all persons Inlereated,
tlmi ll,u .M-niinl. Mil vrnii'liun nf iha SikIaIm. af
Matthew Toohey and Joseph Friend, hav beeu Sled
n the Probate Court of Fairfield County, Ohio, for
nspoction and settlement, and that lb earn will b
leard ou th 18tb day of May next, or na soon tberv
after us may be. V1KGIL K. SHAW, l'robato Jud
iancasler, aprll !!U, lPa awsi
Estate of Jacob Wearer.
TVTOTICK Is hereby given, that the undersigned bat
Wl l,.,.tl .linnlnluJ Attil ,i,,uliri.tH mm .ilmlnl.tnlA. mf
tlie Estate of Js'-oa WiAvaa, deceaaed, lale of Falr-
eld conntv. Ohio. All those having otaiina arnlnat
said Kstule will present them for allowance; and thoa
Indebted will please come forward and mak Imme
diate payment. WM. EWlKG.adm'tor.
apiil 10, 18i5 4w50
Attachment Notice. .
TTsJOTICE is hereby given, that at my instance a writ
I of attachment was issued bv Daniel Lvle. Juatlc
of the Peace of Walnut township, Fairfield counly,.
Ohio, on ths 9lh day of April, 1S55, agaiuat the proper-'
ly and effect of Henry L. Fanning.
april 10, 1B554W50 mark
TfiTOTlrE is hereby given, to all persons Interested,
that Elijah Beery. Adnilnistralorof William Fos
ter deceased, Eleanor Keller, Administratrix of Simon
r. iveuer, deceased aud Jamoa A3. Kice,, auuiinia
tratorof John Lysingerduceascd,
Also that David Duukle,gtiardian of Bochtcl's heirs, '
have Died their accouuta and vouchers, In the Probata
Court of Fuirlleld county, Ohio, for inspection nnd
settlement, nod tliat tha said accounts will b for
hearing ou the S,lh dav of April Instant.
vikuiii is. OiiA", rro. vuoge.
April 3th A. D. 165348.
To Abraham Hedges. Silas A. Hedge, 'William I.
nice, Keoecca loiiiiian widow or laurnan,
Sandford P. D11II11 and his wife Hsrhol, William II.
Fountain and his wife Alhlnah, Gcorg Humwork .
and his wife Elizabeth, John K. Hei'ge and Jess
F. Hodges, heira of Joshua Hodges deceased; Jona
than Evolaud and Rachel hie wlfo, John Talbott and
Nancy his wife, James A. Lucas and Rebeec hi '
wife, Charles Paul and Alice hia wife, AiidK. Dish
es widow of 1 Dishes, Abraham Hedges,
William Hedges, Jesse Hedgoa. Roao Ann Hedgoa,
ano oiury neuges, ueirsoi isanc rieogesueceasea.
uu will take notice that on the twenty Ural day of
aiarcn a. u. iris, in undersigned riled pell
lithe Court of Common 1'leaa of Fairlleld coun
tflMI til
ty Ohio, where the same ia now pending, demanding
partition of the following premises situate In said
county; one nunureo ano one acres, part of the noma
East quarter of section five (5) Hanae nineteen (101.
Township fourteen (14), being the lands beoiioathed
to the said Jesse Hedges by hia fathor Joss Hedges, by
a will dated July 1st 1813, ad mtttod to Probata on the
second day of October A. D. 1815, and recorded in
nook vpageKiortheKBuords of Will for Fairfield
At Ihe next term ofsald Court, an application will b
made hy the undorslgped, for an order that partition
maybe made of said premises. MARY K. RICE.
ALrsinWitMAsia, Atty. MSbECCA KICK,
March 8S, 11-55 6wipf53
TOTICE Ishereby glvon to all parsons Interested!
that Ihe accounts aud vouchers of the eatatea of
suae Wilson, Kezln Grime. William Mliliran and
William M. Tdwnsend,
Also tho Guardian 'saccounts of Daniel Radebaugb,
Guanlian nf Murtlia A. Dudley, have been Sled In
Ihe Probata Court of Falrfleld county, Ohio, for In
spection and settlement, aud thai said accounts will
come, on lo be heard on the iiOtb day of April, 1855, or
a soon thereafter as may be.
VIKGIL E. SHAW, Pro. Judge.
March 20, 185547.
Estate of John Campbell.
m tills day beei
Fitt rile Id Count)-.
erebv given, that the undernlrned ha
been appoiutad by the Ptobate Court of
lily. Ohio. Administrator de asm' aa nf
the Kstate of John Campbell, deceased. All prsoi, ,
Interested will take notice and govern ihemaalves a-
oordingly. JOHN K. MUMAVGH, Adiu'las.
March iu, l5 lw4
Admmistrntor't Sa'e.
1VT0TICE Is hereby given, that th anderslgned a,
lw Adinliilstratords beat's non of Zephenlah Allen,
deceased, by virtue of an order of the Probate Court
of Fairfield county, will offer for salo at the court
bouse door on Saturday the 38th dan of April, IH55, al
111 o'clock, thofollowtiigdescrthed Hoal r.siato,situnta
in said county, to-wlt: Lot No. seven (7) in Cartor'a
llrstaddlliou to the town of Lancaster, being part of
Out-Iflt No. six (fi) Bank addition, East. Also part'
of In-lot nniubor six (6) lu Carter' addition to lb
town or irftncastur: neginningai tne nnrutweai comer
f ssld In-LotNo. 8, on Hank Alios: thence Eastaloi g
the llneof said Alley fifteen (15) feet; thence Houth
parallel wllh tho West boundary line of aald Lot to
Main Street; thonco West fifteen (15) feet to said ori
ginal West boundary line, being the riouthwesl corner
ofthe nforesaid Lot; thenc North along aald Western -
boundnrv line to the place or beginning, being also- -part
of Lot No. six (r) of the Bank addition, East of
Lancaster. Appraised at $5(0. Title clear.
TVrais of eale Onothlrd in hand, one-third In on-
yonr, the residue in two yoars with interesl on deferred:
payments. iikiskv iTiisirrtcn, sant'ior.
Aiarcny aws.7 ALrr,itJJ w iuliiaoko, Auorney
a Shaffer'. Jfe Bleeh. asfiess the Tollmodge Heueo
ana serner'o ttotei,
11 ASJust opened a large and boautlful assort'
f I iiienl of KF.ADY MADE CLOTHING, to
gether wllh as choice selection of Clothe, Caeei
mereeand Veetieeo. All of which has been select
ed with greatcare aud with spoclaf refereno lo th
wants and lasts ofthis community.
His long experience In this branch of business. Is a
sure garuntee thai his stock embraces the choicest and
best varietv, and his purchase has been mi;o upon such
terms that he can sell at Ihe LOWEST POSSIBLE PK1
The public aro respectfully requested to call and l
amine hlaassortment. He hss on hand a general AS
And Is at all times prepared to accommodate his old
friends, either with an excellent article of Ready mads
Clothing, or to MANUFACTURE TO ORDER, out of
tbe best material and bv most accomplished workmen,
any stylo of garments, r'OR MEN AND BOYS, In th
best and most roanioname manner, tie is connau. ,m
this respect, that he con giv general satisfaction. .
His assortment embraces a goneral variety or
Linen Coat, Vesting, Suspendor,
Dross do Pantaloons, Hosiery,
Pack do ' Cravats, Undershirts,
Carpnt-bngs, together with all other articles usual!
kept In a Gentleman's Furnishing Storo, and manufac
tured In the most fashionable atylea.
It bas been purchdsed of well-oslahllshed house la
the Kusteru cities, and eeill be warranted, to be made of
good mntorial and In aduralilo manner.
Ho respectfully Invites hia old customers and others
to coll at his new establishment, whore he will at alt
limes be ready to wait upon them with aooa aeons at
tks iowbst ritih. To test his promises, ha asks an
examination of his stock tn trada and lbs s'yle and qasl
Ity of his manufacture. T. TONO,
Lancaster, MayS, 154. .. , ;
Jamoa NfcMa.najnw'
nAVING estalillshcd himself In tha mannfaetnrin
Oieey'M Building, one Door ft eet of tho Hoching fallen
Bank, Is prepared to furnish the people of this county
with every thing that may be needed -In his tin. II
keeps on hand everv variety of COOKING and HEAT
ING STOVKH for WOOD and COAL, consisting la part
of tho Liou Air Tight, Western Queen.
Triumph, Buck, Presidents aud Preference forWod
and Black Diamond for Coal, Also Ploughs, Plough
Slisres, Sueur Kotllcs dt Hollow-war. All of iha above
articles will be sold aa low aa can be bought elsewhere.
He Invites citlions generally to call and examine hia
N. B. Ilonse-spoptlngc. Jobbing done noon short na
lice. Old Copper, Brass, Pewter and Iron taken In ex
change for any of tlie aliove articles, . J. Me.:
Lancastor, may t, 1H54 . . - - . " ,
WOULD take thlaopportunlty lo return Iheir thanks
to their numerous frlonda for the rent liberal
. patronage heretofore oxtended lo them, and
t ! assure them, that no palna ahall ba spared to
f Ml aualnin th nattering reputation already attain
' i.ed, and in order to meet the greatly Inoreased
demand at there Establishment for Boota and Shoe,
they hav In addition tothelr own maniifaolurlng,Jus4 re
ceived irom in e.Bs m .er ig. iu. iuuiuu.uiv stuca,
consisting in part aa followa: '
Men7 rlno can. ivipana eonrse awill, , ,
Geut pal. Calf Galtors and Ties, 1 '
n Buskins and Monroes,
All kinds nf Ladies and Missos Bools, Shot, Slipper
and Galtors,
AtM,aa assortment of the best quality of Chlldraa'a
fancy and plain Pho,
In addition to the above we ar constsntlymanufae
taring largely, for aala and also to order, sill kinds of
Boots and Shoos, which w have no hesitancy tn saying,
will compare In prlooand quality with any stock In Iha
Western country. may 111,1854
. Execntor Notice. . '
OTICB la hareby given that I have this day heaa
dulv appointed executor on th estsse of Wll-
,m Friend, senior, deoeesed. "
April3, l4i , JOKEPB WALMrWI, ta,

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