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... ..iy 'Iorninc May 3, 184
- For tbe Lancaster Gazette. .
lir. Esrrou: I should have frit sr-
TJ..'... - i . .r,i . .... . .
prUedat hiring fint denial by the d- , y " K"e "-.make correct caioumt.on ot uie .mourn
ltort of the OUio Ende. tf Tour cbarsre i"111 of onr "searches in tie Auditor of- these items cocld havk bur fcbsisheb
Nov. 12
Oct. 20
thai Out. Medill was (be purchaser of
that pre, from ils former proprietor,
(Mr. Ellis,) had I not known a much of
the character of the present proprietors as
I do. But. knowing the men and knowing
the object for which the presses were unit
ed and knowing also the trickery and
treachery resorted to in order to effect th
purchase. Iam better prepared to hear j 0f stealings
Mien) uoaeriaaie io no menisoives ana meir
' task master out of the transaction, than
those who are less acquainted with the
men and their sneaking underhanded man
ner of doing things in order to tmstain and
' uphold corrupt, rotten and politically pu
tred clique of demagogues about Lancas
ter, who owe their escape from the prison
walls more to their shrewd manner of sap
ping the county treasury, than they do to
any mural or political honesty they are in
possession of.
It is true, sir, that Gov. Medill entered
into a OTiiVn contract with P. M. Ellis
for the purchase of the Ohio Eagle. It
' true, sir, that the willing serfs of Medill aid-
. ed him in effecting the purchase of that
; press by engaging in a regular system of:
wire pulling such an no honorable men
would have engaged in. It is trurvir.that
after Mr. Ellis became acquainted wiih
the tricks resorted to in order to force him
' iato a sale that he became dissatisfied and
threatened an exposure of the individuals
who engaged in it. '
It is true, sir, that Gov. Medill bcramn
. alarmed thereat and lent his influence to se
cure the appointment of Mr. Ellis to a place
under the general government, in order to
appease him, notwithstanding he was then
acting as private Secretary to the Governor.
It is true, sir. that F:iirticld County wax
fleeced oat of several hundred dollurs by
not letting the "Lancaster Tth'grfiph" do
the printing at 35 cents per quire, which
was defeated by the union of those two
presses and 75 cents charged according to
the admission of the present editors.
It i true, sir, that the purchase and un
ion of those two presses were designed to
further the interests of a Clique, and not
of. tho . democrat!) party, further tlmn
1 would subserve the interest of the Clique.
It is tiue, sir,' that fooling their power to
crush men politically nf;er they had got
' control ot the presses, they refused to un
dorse some of the nominees last fall, until
" they were threatened with the establish
ment of another press. It is true, sirhat
the present editors of the Eigle sowed tho
eeods of dissension in l.e party last full, by
asserting that some of I lie candidates Intel
got their nomination dishonorably. It is
true, sir, that tbey had a scheme on foot to
remove that same nominee during his of
ficial term of office siinnly because be had
succeeded in getting a nomination over a
distinguished member of the Clique. It
is true, sir, that Gov. Medill tins been mid
now is sustaining by appointment, some i f
tuts wuQif vurrupi. uiuu ill urn nunc, Mini'iy
because he expects to be able to use Ihcra
It is true, sir, that these men hava bean
Wjitus anti-Wiuos, Frbbhoilkrs nnti
Freksoukhs, Democrats (in name) anti
Pkuocrats alternately, as occasion re
quired to accomplish their ends from time
to tirae.and further their political interests.
At one time denouncing men for scratch
' ing the name of nominees, at another de
daring publicly, they hnd done so them
selves ar.d also declaring their intention to
take the itump against such as did rot suit
them at one time sustaining men in vot
ing for the re-charter of banks, at another
.teaching hard money principles, nt ono
time exoiting the minds of the public a
: . gainst abolitionists, hi another sustaining
representatives in voting for ouo for U.
, 8. Senator.
It is true, sir, that for years there has
been a regular system piucticed by the
Clique of attacking men a democracy and
endeavoring to break them down, political
ly, who would not lend their instrumentality
in covering up the dishonesty of tho Clique
and engage with them in farming out the
fttnecs to some of its members for years a
head. It is true, sir, that the great anxie
ty to get tho Lancaster Telegraph out of
the way arose from a fear that it would ex
pose the dishonesty of tho clique. It is
true, air, that the influenco given Gov
Modill by the whole democracy of this
county has been used on numerous ocea
ions to break down individual members
fice. The first column contains the a-LT, w4 h,Ve taken the pains to lay the re
mounts charged and received by Johs L.jsultof our labors before the extensive firm
Tctmll, editor of the Ohio Eagle, for sta-Lf Moore, "Wil.tack, Kays& Co., whole
tionery furnished the public offices. sale and retail dealers in ststionery, Cin-
The second column shows what these samokiinnati, Ohio, who, after comparing the
price of the E'igle man with their own bill
of prices, present the following table, show
ing a difference iu favor c-f the editor of the
Eagle of the snug lililo sura of tubes iiun
jm't Rttifi. TnuAm't. SimIi'v
items coii d rays been firsisued for.
And the third column exhibits the amount
we nave taken a correct
copy of all the bills on file in the Auditor's
office for stationery furnished the county
by the editor of the E tgle, and in order to'
Oct. 25 9 quire Record book for Recorders office, 18 00 .
Sept. C quire Court Record for County Court, 9 00
Nov. 18 6 quire Docket Sheriff's office, 7 50
1840. - .
Dec. 1. 7 quire appearance Docket, Auditor's office, 5,30
Dec. 29 8 quire expenditure book, do, 16.00
1830. .
Oct. 2.1 8J quire Sheriffs' Docket Index, & - 5,25
Oct. 1st 1 Rettra csd nanor for Auditor. S.SO
April 18 5 quire appearance Record, 8,00
uoj. . -
4 quire paper Clerk's office, . 1,00
8 quires Record Judgments, ; 16,00
8 quire ad. sectum index, '.18,00
8 quire License Record, 13,00
7 quire medium index, Surveyor's office. 15.00
April 1st 1 ream cap, 4.00
April 25 8 quira court journal, 16,00
Juno 22 8 quire cost book, Auditor's office, 5.00
July 15 8 quire Uemi journal, " 12,00
Aujr. 17 6 2qr bar books. Clerk's office, COO
ct. 23 3i quire medium court docket. Clerk's oCice, 7,00
Oct. 23 1 ream No. 1 paper, - 4,00
May 29 9 quire Record book, 20,25
June 15 8 quire jail register, - 6,00
Mar. 25 0 quire medium Docket, Sheriff, 8,00
May 5 600 quills, 8,75
May 25 1 ream paper, . ' 4,00
April 13 30 Assessors Duplicates, Clerk's office, ' 5,00
April 12 8 quire Lien Record, Recorders' oflicc, 16,00
May 7 900 quills, Auditor sothce, . 14,87
Feby.24 8 quire court Journal, Clerk's office, 16,00
1 061.
Sapt. 26 8 quire partition Record, Clerk's office, 16,00
oept. 20 li quire court journal, " 16,00
iiov. o quire partition necoru, " lo.uu
iNov. 4 9 quire iestumentary Record, " 18,00
1862. '
July C 7 annual Reports, Auditor's office, 6,00
7 annual order books, Auditor s omce, 6,00
1852. July 2d 1 1 0 qr Mortgage book for Recorder, 20,00
July 2J 1 10 qr Record of Deeds, " 20,00
April 17 5 ream blue cap paper, " 16,25
Dec. 18 3 qr mod record of rail road bonds, Aud, 6,00
Feb. 25 10 qr record book, Clerk's office, 20,00
Apiil 6 1 ream cap, - do 4,00
April 13 6 qr medium journal for Distritcourt, 12,00
April 28 1 ream paper, Sheriff's office, .- 4,00
Deo. 27 10 qr administrator record, it cover, 16,75
Due. 27 4 qr court Docket A: cover, 8,75
Doc. 26 9 qr Rocord book, No. 16, .18,00
Township Duplicate, 20 qr. Aud. office.12,00
1 ream tine blue paper, Clerk's office 4,00
10 qr Record for Pet. for Partition, 20,00
8 qr ruled paper med for docket, 10,00
8 roams letter paper, for Aud. office, 30,00
8 qr executiou Docket, Clerk's oflico, 16,00
3 reams flat cap piper, " 10,00
6 qr demi court Docket " 9,00
10 qr court journal fc cover, " 2'J,00
10 qrcxecuiion docket cover " 20, 0)
10 qr ruled dup. Auditor's office, 20.00
15 Treasurer's Duplicate, " 12,00
3 reams flat cap, Treasurer's office, 10,50
Aug. 14 8 qr ad. sectum index cover, Sup. court, 16,60
Aug. H u qr execulion iJockel cover. " 16,50
Uinding 10 Assessor s blanks, Aud.otlicc, 12,00
1 10 qr superroyal record of Surveys, 27,50
10 qr Partition Rocord, 20.00
5 reams flut CHp, Treasurer office, 7,00
Binding 16 vol. Assessor's roturs.Aud. of, 12,00
Feb. 12
April 12
April 12
May 29
May 20
July 20
July 29
Sep. 12
Sep. 18
Oct. 17
July 3
June 28
Nov. 16
Juue "6 9 qr record Book,
To one 12 quire demi doo&t for Sheriffs office 13 50
To one 0 quire docket Clerk's office
To one 6 quire Indictment record
24 To one 9 quire Record for Recorder
Feby. 29 To ono 7 quire cash book Sheriffs office
li quire t'lijmutuo, JiuuimrN iiiuee
" 7 quire cnsli book Sheriffs office
" 9 quire Duplicate Auditors office
April 10
July 18
Jan. 8
July 10
it ii
i it
of the nartv both bv himself individually
and through his willing tools, the members
oi me enque, at one time denouncing mon
for having been whigs, at another time
uniting and fraternizing themselves in
eommon brotherhood with whigs under
the beautiful and significant cognomen of
Such, Mr. Editor, is the chnractcr of tho
pure, the honest, the disinterested, the
self sacrificing, and people-loving mem
bers of tho RED LODGE CLIQUE in
Lancaster. Okb Who Knows.
Nov. 2
Nov. 4
Sept. 28
ii ii
Feby. 4
Jan. 10
April 16
May 25
April 17
Foby 20
March 2
March 27
July 12
Oct. 84
II l
March 25 " "
"And while Mr. Slaughter is explain
ing this will ho also bo good enough to ex
plain a small bill of 845 against the City
Council? We weto told by a member of
the Council that he handed in that hill
without its being itimizod thats commit
tee had it in their hands 5 or 6 weeks when
it was reported back not ilimiied but $5
' deducted therefrom." Ohio Eagle.
Tho error in tho above bill was mudo
by the City Council, aud tho Councilman
who informed you is partially responsibl
for it. If the editors of tho Each) want th.
proof of what wo say we refer them to April 4
Councilmen Voino and Drksbach. If
tho Eagle desires any further informatiou
on tho subject of City printing wo invite
Messrs. Tuthill, Schleiuh, Gruber and al)
th balance of the Red Lodge Clique, to go
'., , lo the City Records and examine our bills,
and then come to the Gazette office and ex
amine our files of the Daily and Weekly
, And we can convince them that we charged
tho City less for advertising than the
, Eagle's advertised rates. This, gentle,
mea, is fair and honorable proposition-
' Accept it if you dare. The Eagle men
are Uiut challenged lo the combat, ami we
V want them to firo their "biggest" gun
and let there be "war to the knife and the
i'u ifc to the Lilt."
ii ii
ii ii.
i a
ii ii
ii ii '
i ii
ii ii
ii i
ii ii
i H
i ii
. ii
i it
ii ii
ii ii
Oct. 23 " '
ii ii H ii
July "
March 10 " "
Doc. 13 " "
May 13 " "
April 10 " "
Sept. 4 " "
June 20 "
i. ii ii
8 quire testamentary Record
7 quire Court Journal
8 quire Judgment Record
8 quira Partition Record
(require Testnmontary Record
8 quiro Partition Record
8 quire Court Journal
9 quire Judgment Record
4 quire Court Docket
6 quire Court record for District Court
jj quiro County Duplicate
6 reams blue enp paper
9 quiro Med. Court Journnl
4 quire Med. Court Docket
6 quire Court Journal
10 quire Mad. Record Book Clk's oflico
8 quire App., Docket
8 quiro Indictment Record
Binding 14 Assessors Blanks
8 quiro App., Docket
10 quire Chancery Record
9 quiro Lion and Judgment Record
8 roams of lottor paper
10 quire book ad., sec, Index
9 quire Med. Record book
11 quire County Duplicate
10 quiro Inventory Record
10 quiro Testamentary Record
8 quire Duplicate Auditor
8 quire Execution Docket
13 50
6 75
' 5 62
4 60
2 25
1 87
3.94 1,31
10 00
3 50
trated on the honest tax -payers of the
county .They know that an investigation
into their acts woul J exhibits list of vil
lainy unparalleled in the snnala of politi
cal crime. To show how completely tho
public Treasury has been under the control
of the editor of the Eagle, it is only nec
essary for us to state that we found hills
filed in the Auditor's office where Mr. Tut
hill had presented accounts against the
Prosecuting Attorney, Sheriff and Re
RECT, would receive an order from the
County Auditor on the Treasurer and
draw Tnx amoust8. Ana wnen mc laet
is taken into consideration that this scheme
of public plunder was during the corrupt
administration of AsaSpurgeon thecerU in-
ty of frauds existing in these accounts
will be demonstrated beyond the shadow
of a doubt. But there is another feature
to be found on record that is still more
glaring, if possiple, than this, and exhib
its a stratagem in political rascality that
would have done honor to a Swart wout or
Price, and unless the editor of the Eagle
can satisfactorily explain the "transaction"
it will of itself be weight enough to sink
him to the lowest depths of political cor
ruption and dogredalion. We find on the
order Book an amount of nearly three
in kd red dollars the editor of the Eagl
has taken from the county Treasury of
expensed. Notwithstanding we have made
three examinations to find the bills con
taining the items for which this amount
was drawn we have failed to do so, nnd
now call upon Mr. Tuthill to make a satis
factory explanation. These facts go to
explain, to a very great extent, the reason
why Asa Spurgcon so frequently nnd em
phatically declared that the money he took
from tho county Treaury was principally
devoted to the interests of tho Red Lodge
Clique and appropriated to the liangorson.
No wonder these men shiver and shake
whenever an investigation into their con
duct is suggested, for if such developments
of rascality can bo brought to light by has
tily running over the accounts of one mem
ber of the clique, what, we would ask,
would bo the result of a thorough investi
gation into the depraved acts of tho whole?
And yot thoso are tho fuels in relation to
items of public plunder which James W.
Towson declares are "so well covered up
as to defy detection," notwithstanding ho
was officiating in the Auditor's office at the
For the Lauruttr Ciett
LiTuoroLis, April 30th, 1855.
Mr, Editor. 1 have been a member of
the Democratic party ever since I have
been a voter. ' Indeed, I was born under
democratic influences, and reared and edu
cated a democrat. My prejudices have
consequently been with the party to which
I belonged, nnd so strong have they been
at times, with myself, as I have no doubt
lias Deen the case with others, mat tney
usurped the place of judgment and better
lniormation, lo look over ana screen uie
party and its leaders, from sensure and
eondemnnlion, which very frequently they
deserved, and particularly the latter. 'On
the other hand, how quick it seizes hold of
the very appearance of evil in the oppo
site pany, lo magnify it ten fold, and heap
up the severest reproach where uuteven a
slight mistake or scan-civ a fault could
he discovered. Thisslaie of feeling exists
to mo're or less extent with three fourths
of the -members of both the whig and dem
ocratic parties. It is nil wrong us it blinds
the judi'mentand jrives encouragement to
the leaders of both parlies io be guilty of
recklessness and rascality upon the faith of
the prolection and sympathy of men, party
prejudice and party drill, to help them
through with such party delinquences as
may occur from time to time. 1 have long
desired to nee a reform party governed by
higher and purer principles thnn those
which control the whig Hnd democratic
parties. Suoh a pnr'y I believe hns now
germinated out of the decay of the other
two, in the union of the American people
upon the broad basis f "An American
Party." Such a union has oiiginated from
political and moral causes, which have
been operating for years with a power and
an influence upon the hearts and judgment
of the men of all parties and which have
consummated an end most glorious for
tho nation and its future prosperity. I he
American Partt i an innate sentiment
of the American People; and hence tho
trength, energy and progress of tho re
form which is sweeping over the country
Such views nnd such sentiments I now
hear very frequently among my friends
nd neighbors ot both political parties.
You may bo assured the people are think-
nT and talking about these tilings, ine
more such thoughts and hiich talk go on
tho more the leaven will work. It fore
shadows a sad fate fordemagogucsand pol
iticians, and I hope will soon come and
teach such men that they must go and
seek a livelihood by some honcst,industrial
pursuit, thereby saving them a great many
ajiuo fits, and heart aches, and crocodile
tears on account of their deep concern for
the interests of tho dear peovlk. ihey
had bettor mind their own business for we
don't thank them to trouble themselves so
much about ours. , This is plain talk, but
t is the truth, and plain talk is the best af
ter all. 1 know politicians have great skill
n talking ono way nnd meaning another,
but this conies, 1 suppose, from their con
slant studv of dishonesty, nnd deceit and
duplicity from the time they enter upon
the track of politics. Permit me to say
was appointed and now holds the com
mission of Post Mabtkr under Franklin
STATES (of America). He don't hold
under tho Post Master General, what, no
not he. No, this Post Master holds direct
ly under the Great Sovereign people of
America and they are his immediate con
stituents, and whvt Because the people
elected Franklin Pierce mid Franklin
lko a v ad vi:iiri s vnux rs.
NhnritPi Hale.
B TA. T 0(., FmirftU C.., .
virtue r M XMotlon,t.lD properlr, from
lh Court otCmyniuu pi.... I. ,.' "
I), and to lii.dlro. tod. I will ,., puhlir ii,
l.e Cou rt HnUM In Lancaster ua lur.d.. Tt.'lU
iVi"l- ". M.lH.lw,. Ui hour, of It) o
ln..k I
Ikribfd rai.l-tiaiuiM i.. t. - ... ' " r .
'alrS. d aud hut. or Ohio, in um.tr In "ar
T"' '" l-lh oB or Lancer, T.llea"t
l,.Ou) aev.nlu.a hundred dollar., i... I... ....i , "!
Pierce appointed him Postmaster, there- iuiliili&tEU!";
FORB DE HOLDS UNDER THE PEOPLE 1 U , Slid iJ"?5"!'1 Iu '"ot '""on lp..,i:l,.r. T.rm. (
this is about n sensible a reply as the
Eaglu's to the Liberty township man's in
quiry. This however must be looked over
as the Ertirle msv hare been under the in
fluence of Laser Beer, and when a man
an't answer he must not be pressed too
hard. Bloom Township.
Am Explaiiatlou Wanted.
We find the following amounts drawn
by the editor of the E igle out of the coun
ty Treasury. Yet we are unable to find
ny bills specifying for what purpose8
iese items were drawn.- Any satisfRcto'
ry explanation that can le given in regarj
to these items by the editor of the Engle
will be most thankfully received at this of"
ce, as they very materially retard, in their
present shape, our. "antiquarian research
es;" we can neither get over thorn nor
around thorn. Look at them:
16 00 12 00 4 00
9,00 6.76 2,25
18,00 13,50 4,50
14,00 10,50 3,50
10.00 7,25 2.75
14.00 10,60 3,60
18,00 13,50 4,50
10.00 12.00 4,00
14,00 10,60 3,50
16,00 12,00 4,00
16,00 12,00 4.00
18,00 13.50 4.50
16.00 12.00 4,00
16,00 . 12,00 4,00
18,00 13,50 4,50
8.00 6,00 2,00
12.00 9,00 3,00
25,00 16,50 8,50
16,25 13,75 2.50
18,00 10.80 7.20
8,00 4.00 3,20
12,00 9.00 3.00
20.00 15.00 6.00
14.00 12,00 2.00
12,00 10,00 2,00
14.00 10.60 . 3,50
14,00 12,00 2,00
20,00 15,00 5,00
18,00 13,50 4,60
24,00 22,00 2.00
20,00 15,00 6,00
18,00 10,80 7,20
25,00 16,50 8,50
20.00 15,00 6,00
20,00 15,00 5,00
me these peculations wore committed
nnd consequently must have been cogni
zant to all these "transactions." Here wo
find in one instance some three hundred
and NiNKtr-Foun dollars peculated out of
the public funds. This, added to the items
notACCousTEr ron,will swell the nmount to
some eight hundred dollars, and vet this
not more than one half the amount we
have in our possession against the editor of
the Eaglo, which wo are prevented from
publishing this week for want of Eioi Rial
A significant fact, truly, that there are not
nomrh tisurcs in our establishment to
foot up" tho rascality of even one mem
r of the Rod Lodge Clique! What we
hall do when we come to make a ealcula-
in of tho rascality of the w hole we are at
loss to know, unless we send to the Foun
ery and procure a font of figures expressly
for tho purpose. We have already large
fouls of Bold Face Primer a id Nonpareil,
but if we find it necessary to add another
font to our assortment, wo shall endeavor
to procure one of Bold Face Rascality, to be
exclusively used in "footin!j up' the steal
tigs of the Clique!
We trust, render, we have now con
inced you that our oft repeated deelara
tions.that an extensive system of swindling
as been going on among tho leading dem
agogues of tho county, wero founded on
truth and are now proven, to your cntir
satisfaction by the documentary ovidenc
above riven. These facts cannot be denied
they are not merely charges of what
those men dosign doing but they nre un
doubted proof of what they have done, nnd
any on not perfectly satisfied with our
statements can go to the Auditor's office
and examine for themselves. We give tho
fact; as we find them on record, nnd not as
we "supposo" them to be they are facts
not Fancies but immutiblo realities.
Let the editor of tho Eagle explain them a
way if he can. They are bold charges and
strong charges, and will necessarily bring
jnto requisition the best tactics of an old
tactician to even offer a roasonable excuse
in thoir justification.
3 Blank bk's med., size Recorders office 6,00 4,50 1,50
C Cash books 14 quire Treasurers office 0,00
4 quire med.,blank b'k Surveyors office 8,00
8 quiro Record Recorders office 16,00
6 quire Court Journal Clerk's office 12,00
8 quiro Record of Petitions . 16,00
that I have been a render of the Eagle and
Gazette for a long time, but more partieu
u ly of the (jH'.otto lor about a year past
The haido has tieen very hitter in lis de
nunciations of secret political organizations.
before the election and particularly since
I was not a little surprised in reading an
article not Ion j since iiuvour paper writ
ten by some democrat from Libert' town
ship, whose views so exactly correspond
with my own, to hnd how similarly men
are thinking and expressing themselves in
all parts ot the county.
Permit me to quote his language in ono
part of lus communication, as 1 cannot ex
press myself bettor. "When . we were
"warned in the Ohio Eagle, hist fall, of the
'danger of secret polities! organizations,
'had little thought that so soon, that same
'sheet would lend i;s 'influence to encoui1
"age such societies by exulting over Sao
"rticirr victories and boasting about tl
"rapid spread of tho order." Such a thing
I had as little thought of myself as any ono
else. JJul alter reading in the ntoresaii
communication tho following: "I did not
"suppose, when I was assured through the
"columns of the i!.ii"lu some weeks since
"tlinl thero was no such oudeh in L.vncas
"of the Know Nothings, that these same
"editors were the leaders and getters u
"of a combination composed chiefly of dis
"honest truckling, lime serving Uemti'
"gogues, a few German and Irish Catiio
"lics, and in short the lag ends and dregs
"of society, save the few honest men that
"have been decoyed in under the false
"pretence of its being a reorganization an
"closer union ot the democratic party.
am prepared to bulievo almost anything,
That they were a corrupt set of political
demagogues, generally known by the name
of the lied Lodge Clique I knew; and just
hero I will mention mi instance of their
rascality. , Some years ago when Daniel
Crutnly, of our township, was a candidate
for Treasurer, Lilly was declared elected
by a majority of a few voles, over Ci'Uliily,
although the' latter had been in fact nom-
aale tia.li
Bv O. M
Lancaitor, Ohio, Ma; S, C4i iinSnltl
W. Pill I KH KU.iir
I WISEMAN. Ditmito
r., ... ' - ' '
1844, June 22
1843, Jan. 4
1840, Nov. 10
1839, June 26
1 839, March 30
1840, Sept. 2
1840, Feb. 24
1841, March 1
839,25 .
43,45 t
29, 12.fr
Sherin ' Sale. '
Tht S.'art mf Okim. WaiftalJ St..-,..
PURhOAM' loth, command of u order for ula.
. '""Pi11 t,u" Common PIum, of ..Id counlv
oi va rtuld.and to ma dlrmted, I will onVrat pul.lli
r i" 2 CourtHou,tf,'lUiira.tronSlrrfoyAl!H
'iT'.. rii " hour, or lOn'clork A.
M.ulid 4 oYlova P. M. tho following dewrihed real
.slaw, to-wlt: Lol nninbor Hirer In tli. Noitli addition
,7, ""'""porl.lnfralrnVId rnuiitv, Olil.,.
Valued at 5o. Attached at iho ...It of Ge.nr. W.
Taylor, to be Mild at the property of Jamb Reiner
Tarui.ofaale aa.li. vm. POTTER. fuerllT
II- a. c u WISEMAN. Dooutv.
HrxTBR & Rumrn, Alty. aprtl lSSw4!).rs
Sberid's Snle.
Th Stat af nhiu. Vm;u
PURSUANT lo the cmuuiuud of an order of iala
from lliu Court of Common PI,... I,, .n.i r...
county, and to ma directed, 1 will offer al pulillr aula at
the Court Hou.e In Lautastdr.ou aaiardav rr 19l dm,
f MA. D. 1HM, bela een the hour, of 10 o'clock a.
'J- . . . , "". following doscrilu-d Kual
kUte,to-wii: Situate In the vouiity of Fairfield and
State of Olilo. beine the Kiwi Imlfof the Bouttaeani
Quarter of Sacllon .No3.lii Town.hip No. 13, orHenre
No l,of the Untied Slate LRndjlssned to i.leal Chll
llcmuo, Ohio, containing aeventy-foiirse-Hlu acrea.
Valued at tin per acre. To bo .old a the properly
of hlUaheih ,,,d Caihnriiio Ly.inger, at the tult of K.
M- rowler. Toriuaofula raali.
"""" Atty W. POTTER, Sheriff
April S 5r48pf3ByC. M, L. WIS KM AS.Depuly
'.; $239,02
Let the editor of the Eagle explain for
what purposes the counlv paid him these
amounts if he can. No woder this gen
tleman so reluctantly relinquishes his holJ
on the county Treasury, a man who ha
ad unlimited control of ils wealth. ' At
ono time drawing money for Stalionery
furnished the Clerk, Prosecuting Attorney
and Sheriff without axt oiider vkom
these Officers, and at other times draw-
ng nearly tukek hundred collars for
purposes no account can be given. A
fit character, truly, to advocate the pay
ment of a hundred and forty dollar swin
dle! But perhaps Mr. Towson can give
somo information in regard to the where
abouts of the proof of tho correctness of
the above items, as ho may have, come n
cross it in his search "for that bill for oils
and paints!"
On Tuesday evening la-4, by the same,
at the residence of Mr. J. Blaize, Mr. John
Lacdebacgii to Miss. Eliza Titlkii, both
of this city.
May prosperity cvor brighten the patli-
of our friecd John and his accomplished
dy. May he ever be found pointing
out the path to prosperity, honor and use,
fulness, and have tho satisfaction of know
ug in all the vicissitudes of life that Irer
abors of lovo are appreciated by an iifTuc- J
tionate husband.
On the 1st inst., by the Rar,. Mr. Lang-
ey, John (1. Buemlis, Esq, Treasurer of
Ma e, and Miss Annie lior.i.AN-n, (laughter
ofChas. Borland, Esq., of. this city.
The happy couple will please accept our
best bow" and tho compliments of the
On the 19th ult., hy the Rev. J. Wag-
r-nhals, Mr. Jamej II. Wolfoud to Miss.
Maky Jane Fritter, of Greenfield town
ship. - .
.On the 29th, by tho same, Mr. Eltas
K. Giiche to Miss. Marv A. Alt, of Lib
erty township. ,
On the 26th of April, nt Shaffer's Ho
tel in this city, by Rev. J. R. Sackett,
Mr. William Links to Mis;!. Barbara
Henshaw, both of Fairfield county.
On the 26th of April, by Rev. T. Finch,
Mr. Josiiua Linton to "'Miss. Ruiiama
Janipek, both of Monday-creek, Hocking
On tho 14th January, 1855, by Oren
Abbott, Esq., Mr. Solomon Hkuces, of
Hocking county, and Miss Nancv Delono
of i airtleld County.
On the 14th of April,! 855, by the same,
Mr. Robert Dei.onu and Miss Maiiv I t
TERSON, all of this county.
Sheriff's Sale.
Tkt Stall afnkia. rM,M I.
1 PURSUANT to Die command of an' nr'dor for
the aule ofnronertv frixn n... r..n ..r
Pleas, Inand forauid roiiniy.nud to uiedirected.l will
oHorutpublieanle at the Court Uou.o In In tlio Cltv
'.'I.r""'"t,)r' ou '' li' rfav tf Mai. A. J.
1Hj5, between the hour, of 10 o'clock' A. M. and 4 o'.
clock p .Al. of sold day, the following dem-hhad U..I
fcsinte, to alt: Kituato In county of Fairfield and State
orohlo, being ln-Lot number oventy-llu iu Carpen
lor . addition to the town of Unrulier, in iwld county,
free fr.,in any and- all claim, or lein. of each and
every oftlio defend.iiit. herein. -Vfli,,.t .jno
f. iV" 11 lbo pn'p'ly of William J. Card, at Ilia
ul 2: - ', roulaud Samuel Jnck.ou. Torincah.
Oio.W. MauElrot, Any. WM. POTTER, Sheriff.
. . By 0. M. L. WlbEMA.t, Uepuly.
April 5, lSS5-5wpf$3 . .
Probate Notice. -
lVTOTICE l hereby given, to all pornon. Intcr
ii ,,uu' '"tat the nccnutiU and vouchers of S'lim y
.uW" , Elotri. of the estate of i:li)uibem pIh..
niter, i c.v.),..v.. i HI..I i..,i.- !... t.
n.f..!!."''lVi,l """'''y. Ohio, for Inspoction nud sulllo
uiont.nnd that lliu same will bvfor himr'uig on tlie'.'Uth
Iuy ol .May, A. 1). lKio.or u soon thereiirter as may
VIKiill, t KHW.Probale Judge.
Lmicunlor.Mnv 3, ltj5 oi
Attncliment Notice.
4T my Instance an atlnchuiout iru this dav issued
by A sherry Doherty a Justice of the Waco of
lot township, KuirlK-ld county, Ohio sgninst tlie
property and eUucu ol X. C. Mason a non-rcsi.lciit of
said county. Al. K. EWlMi.
May 3, JeVjJ Siwi.
Jacob '. AVcitvpr's I'stnte,
NOTICK la hereby given that lli undorsiiriied hsa
been appointed and qiiulitlud as Adniiuistra
toroflha estutc of Jacob Weaver, lute of Pleasant
township. Fairfield county, Ohio, deceased. All those
hniti claims npiinst said estate, will present Iheiu.for
allowing as the Inw requires and all who are Indebted
will pluuse come forward and mnke Inimediuie puy
uienl. All AM WEAVER. Administrator.
Muy 3d, A. I). IMi 4S1.
I'Mnte of Peter Itutzcr.
"W.TOT1CE Is lierebv clven. Ihnt I li.vn D.I. il.v
111 duly appointed aud qunlitled admiulstrolor of lha
ot retor nuir.er. deceased, lute of Faim.ld
county. Ohio. Persons knowing tliemselveslndeliiod
to said Estate will make immediate pavmunt, and llioso
having claims against said Iistut. wi'll present them
duly nuthontintled for settlement wHhlii one voar.
prilli.W, 44J D..VHS1, cnu.wi.ay,";di.
Probate Stitico,
TOTICE it hereby given to all persors Interested,
J'g tnullhe accounts and vouchris of tlic hslalcs of
Mallhew Tooliey itl.il Josi-J Ii Prichd. Ili.ve been till d
ill the Probate Court of Faiilleld ( (.Ul.lv, C;n. fur
inspection aud seiileiuent, and liintthe ssine cill be
hoard on the IHlli day of .May nest, or as tuon there
after us may be. VIllfilL K. KM AV, Probate JudO
v.v i , a, jr.j j 4i
TVTOTtCE is hereby given, that the und
I been appointed and itiulillud us adr
'.lie Kstate ol Jit on U'uvil, deceased.
derslgned has
illuinislriitor of
i 1,1. ..t
Held county, Ohio. -All those having claims against
suid Kstute will present them Tor allowance; and Iho.e
Indebted will olease come Mrwiird and m.L,. i,.,.
dillte pR) monl. Wil. li,WI..aih..'lur.
apjil lu,ie55 4w30
AttMchment Notice.
"VTOTIf'K Is hereby given. Hint at mv instance a writ
VI or ntturhnient u us issued bv Ijuiiinl l.vie. l,i.tl,
or Hie Ponce of Walnut township, Fairfield counn.
Ohio, on the Dill day of April. 1K5, against the proper
ty aud eliects of Houry L. Fanning. , .
' in.
aprll 19, lPXi 4w5u mark
Estate or Jacob Weaver.
To Abraham Hedges, Kilns A. Hedges, Wllllnni P.
Kico. Heliuccu liillmiin widow of . Talinian.
c'niidford V. lliilin and his wife Kachol, Vtlllisin lit
Fountain ami his wile Alhlnib, (ieorge HuntwysTk
und his wile l.linabeih, John K. Ileilgei iu.il Jena
F. Hedges, heirs of Joshua Hedges deceaseds Jona
than Kveluudand Rachel his wile, John Talbolt and
Kaiiej his wife, James A. l.ucns and Rebecca Ills
wifu, t'harlos Paul undAlircliis wife, Ann K. JH.h-
es widow of Hishes, Abraham- llcdces,
William Iledjres, Jesse Hedges. Rose Anil Hcil,c,
nod Marv Hedges, heirs of Ismic. Hedges deceased.
YOU will luke notice Hint on Uie twentv first dav of
March A. D. 1K5, the undersigned iiled a peti
tion In the Court of f ouiinnn Pleas of Fuirllcld coun
ty Ohio, where Uie sunie Is now pending, deinanilli g
pnrliiloiiof tho following premises situate iu said
coiiuiy; one hundred iiikI one acres, part ofihe couth
Kavl quarter of section five (5) l!ai ge nineteen (It.),
Township fourteen (14). boingtho lands bequenthed
lo tlie said Jesse Ilodgesby his fnllier Jesse Hedges.by
a will dated July 1st 113, admitted lo Probate on the
second day of October A. 1). 1HI.1. and recorded in
Hook t!pugo5Sof tholiecorda of Willi lor Faitll.ld
Al the noil term of said Court, on application will ha
Hindu by tho undersigned, foranordor Hist partition
muy be Ins. In of said premises. KABY K. RICK.
Ai.rBWn.i.i,Ms. Ally. RllliEtCA KICB,
JlarcIiSS, IMS 6w4(ipfS5,2S '
1NATEU BV AROIT FIt lKKN VOTliS, ami lllUS : less, and all Ilia valuable coililli.,los wo possess,
. . r .i if"' uaiighl. It Is the grealjsl purifier of iho bl.
Ciumly Was DKKKATED Ollt of the lionilllll- knowus isporfectly harmless, and at the Hino ll
tion because he was known to bo untnemi
End of Volume 2.
This number ends tho second year since
we undertook the supervision of the Gaz
ette, and in making the announcement we
cannot refrain from an expression of our
heartfelt thankfullncss for the many kind
nesses we have received at the hands of our
numerous patrons. We have endeavored
to act, in all our relations as public journal
ist, with an honest intention to do right
and advance the public interests. IIow
17,00 far we have suoceeded, the publio alone
40 must inrlo-e. Juilrre our future course
i a-- -7 0 .
when the future pomes. We make no
promises farther than we shall endeavor
to do our duty, and when we have a truth
to utter, we will speak it boldly, speak it
all. . '
It will thus be seen why it is that these
men so bitterly denounce us when we cal
public attention to the corruptions of the
1,519,42 1,127,02 394,20
Red Lodge Clique, nnd why it is Ihey have
commanded Auditor Towson to remain si
lent in regard to these foul frauds pcrjtc-
Wonder if that twelve dollar swindle
is really another bid for a printing office?
If it is, wonder how they will succeed?
And if they do succeed, wonder if they
will sign a petition urging tho County
Commissioner's to pay it?
ly lo the Clique anil could not he made a
tool of by them. The style ami tone of the
communication from Liberty pleases me.it
isjnstw hat the people think und talk and
in the langnagn of this communication I
would ask "Why has tho name of democ
racy been abandoned? Why tail that we
arc invited to join the Sag Nicht in order
to ellect a closer union ot the democratic
party? Why is it that the bitterst opposers
of democracy are now admitted into the
secret councils if this be a reorganization
of tho party? Why is it that wings are
plaoed on the Sag Nichts ticket headed
democratic, formed in a secret council and
democrats urged to vote for it, if this or
ganization is designed as a closer union of
the uomocrado party? W hy is it that
We waited anxiously and patiently for
the Eagle, to see what answer they would
make to these questions; but not a word do
they say, and I suppose for the very good
reason they have nothing to suy, aud
perhaps the less they say the better they
But tho way one of the Editors of the
Enp-le cots around the Liberty township
democrat's inquiry whother he docs" not
hold an onice under a Koinan Uauiolio in
Pierce's Cabinet is amusing. The Eaglo
says: "It is not true that either of tho
editors holds an office under a Roman Cath
olio in Pierce's Cabinet" and then proves
tho truth of the denial by saying -"But it
j is true that one of the editors of this paper
skrvr 11-aoTY Don't usoChulk. I.ily Whit, or any
of the so culled cosmetics, lo c Hicoul a luueu orsm
low couinlovlon. .
If you would have the rosus brought buck to your
cheek, a clear, healthy and irausiuirei t slilii, uud hie
and vigor Infused through the sjsteoi, got a botilo of
( nrlur'a Spanish iMUIuro, and luke it according to
directions. It does not Ulii quite its woll ns your
wuet-iueats; but, if after a few dose, you doiioliiml
vour hmitlh und beauty reviving, our slepeliMlic and
vigorous, nod llio whole sstoio refreshed und iuvigo
nlod like a Spring morning, then your case Is hope
noworfullv etlicucinus.
,Seeudvertiaoiueit Muy 3, IMS lw53
It ECU I, A It MEi.TINttS:
LANCASTER LODGE, No. 57 - - Mny 1, 1R5S.
" CHAPTER, ?o. II May 3 "
" COUNCIL, So. 4. June 15 "
February ft, 1855. , (i. STklNM AX, lieeorder.
An Ordinance
Amending an Ordinance usssud Juno H. 1H54. and en
titled an uroinunee to uiuena an oruiuauce, nxing
tho width of the Kido- Walks or Pavement. In the
Cltv of Lancaster, passed the Ulli of Auril, 1K14.
CJKC. 1. fisil trdnititi it the C' Carl u Iht Cly
1 . Lmnemstir. 1 nai tho llrst hectloti or an unii
nunca, passed 8lh Juue, 154, entitled nn Ordinance to
amend an Ordinal! co fixing the width of tlie n'ido-
Walka or Pavomentatn the City or Lancaster, passed
tha Pith day of April, 1H34. be so amended n. to rend,
that the First Section of an Ordinance entitled an Or
dinance, fixing tho wldlli of the Mdc-Walks or Pave-
luonta In the town oi i-ancaslor, passed the Via oay or
April, lc34, be so ameuuea as to reao, mui ine wiuin
of tho Side-Walks or pavemonta shall hereafter be as
follow In the following Street., pnrl. of Street, and
Alley, lo-wil: On Mutn, between Broad nnd Second,
and on Broad Street, between South Alloy and the
Circle In Carpentor's audition, nnecn feet; on Muni
from Broad Street Eastward, and from Second Street
Westward, twelve feet; on Wheeling, Second. Fourth.
Union., Mill and ueruian streets, leu root; on Aiuiuur,
rv. Chestnut, front, Columbus, walnut, Jackson,
Ierry, Iwrenco, Croghan, Winding, Porter, Water
and Ktne Streets, nine feet: on Rrond Alley, ftvo feel;
and on Broad Street front South Alley, Northward,
twelve fuel, Including tho four feet given by tlie own
ers of the property on said purl of the street to the city
ror street purposes.
Kac. tl. Bt ilnrtker trdainrd bl th .uYAeWfv efre
That the First Soctlnn of the Ordlnauca passed
Sin June, 1854, nnd entitled an Ordinance to amend
nn Ordinance fixing tho width of the Side-Walks or
Pavements Iu tho City of Lancaster, passed the 12 III
day of April. 1HH4, be and the same Is hereby repealed.
Attest G. S, WiLMaits, City Clerk, aprll 30.
Itond Notice.
7VTOTICE Is hereby given, that petition will ba
V presented to tlie Commissioners of Fairfield
County, nt ihelr next regular session In June-next,
praying furan alteration of so much of lha road lead
ing from Baltimore lo Millejapori, a. lies between the
.South lino of tin! Southeast Quarter of Section No. &
und the Ohio Cnnnl. said alteration to commence
whor. tho road strikes the South line oftlio Southeast
(luurlur of Section No. 5, running East on the Section
iino oeiween ine inno. owneu ny t.ooporrltier and
Grove, to the Ohio Canal; thence North on the Gravel
ititiiK oi uie onio canal to Intersect the roud on laid
To tho tho Credltori of Jntiir C. Key
nolils, deceased.
ONtliortliduyorprll,lHj5, the Prnbato Court of
Fairllold counlv, Ohio, declared the Eslnl of
JumosC Reynolds, deceased. lo bo probably Insolvent.
Creditors are llicrolore required to present their clainia
against the Estate to the undersigned for allowance
wiiiiin n months rom the time above mentluned, or
tlioy will uot bo entilled to pavineut. ;
GEORGE M. OHAY. Aam ,or" -Jfprll
IS, 1RJ5 40d40. of J. C. Reynolds, dec.
THE Stockholders nflho Clnclunnti, U ll.
mingtoH and '.uuravllle Hail Itoait
( empnnt , are hereby uotiSed that nn Election
will be held at me CITV Or CIRC LEV 1LLE. on
Thursday tbe nil) slur l niayt I85B
rorthe purpose of Electing a BOARD OF DIREC
TORS for theensulng year. Bv order of Iho Board,
april 20, 1855-3W61 JOEL UADKBAUGH, Sect'y
To the Teachers ol FairGrld County
riVIE undersigned would rospertfully propose that
jL a meeting of the Teachers or the couuty beheld
ou lha Ssread eorarifaji in Meff, al one o'clock, P. M.,
at the North School Build Ing, In the City of Lancaster,
to lake the preliminary steps towards forming a Coun
ty Association, mid ulso to make arrangements for
holding a Teachers' 1 lull Into sometime within the
present year. JOHN WILLIAMS,
aprll SO, 1855 -51 - CALEB T. EMERSON.
A C. B AEL0 W, M . - D
FPICE In Tallinndge Block, Main Street, Uneaa-
tor, Ohio. - asrssssns
. i. I'U I! ... . it ,
nil. W. v. " ... Si. I rlvat.M.I
M. P. uatehell, M. 1). J
A.O. Blair. M. D Columhns. . ' '
). H. rullo, M. l Clm iutiRll. aprll 12
THE subscriber has returned to his former stand,
four doors North of tho American Hotel, and two
doors South of J. H. Rn.iv & Co.'s Bonk Store, In tho
Bis.ii A Kwiiia Blouk, whore he is bettor prepared
tu furnish bit customers with all kinds of ,
than he ha. ever been befoxo. He has altogether the
lurgcslnud best selectod assortment of goods in bis line
of nuy establishment in Centrni Ohio, and he la deter
mined lo dispose of thorn on very favorable terra., for
' - rr cAs ii i jhi '
Persons wishing lo gel a HAT or CAPJusi In anil,
In stylo, quality or price, cannot pnsslblv do better
than by giving lilin a call. ; J. E. Kl'DlSF.LL. .
Loiuiuuiis, april iv, lto5 Hn50 , . ,
1' I

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