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JtSrNow that tlx long wUbed for ob
Wel wh at but CMMnplwbed, the p
prt w)iw naitad. and th biJ for print
ing th AsMWor't Blank at IS'eenU per
miHm nda b the Tretrapri,
slant? ebBRd to OJIE DOIXAK liprwented to ibe LeeUUUire agaioat (lie
a-UTTCJTt fZnrlm ' l ... . ...... .Ct, Oil
H""" .,, ip.g oi in iiaio section oi oenaior an
Tiro iW wtlfuHT "Hered- art con- J. Price bill, prohibiting the accum-H
Uined in the aba, nt, 4.11a. we cnang
ed the bide of the Telegraph from any
nm to ene dollar per qnire, and 2nd. (hat
eat iNr aW bid for Auettor't Blank t jpryaut wm required to itgn these petitions,
trrtmg other Aiiwf printing, nlil m few ,naSnch as Mr. Price' bill waaao attack
dayt ago when we made the unlucky bid
for oar neitrbbor which bat made him to
. At r .1.
Tb C4ikoMo Ia.stre.ctor
. cioa or cHracH ad btati ApmrriDHl
A aewepaper published in Philadelphia
wiib the eadoraemeot and approbation
of Liibcp Kewaaa over the cditoria,
head, copiea into the iaene of April, 7th
but., the following from the "Sunday Dia-
-Oa Sunday last, in the virion Catho
lic churche of the city, a moat extraordi
nary measure waa resorted to by the
ctvrgr. Notices Were given .from the
alien that petition were prepared to be
tiou of real estate in the hands of Bishop
as sole corporations. The congregations
vere informed that every muw person
desperate. Ohio Eaglt,
.. By thia the editor of the Eaglt would
lave their readers believe that the print
ing was not raised from 25 and 65 cents
to 75 cents and a dollar per quire. They
dislinetly declare that they did not "change
ths bids of the Telegraph from any sum
to one dollar per quire." We now reiterate
r charge that you did and gentlemen
tore Is the proof., On the 7th day of De
cember, .853, the editor of the Telegraph
mad the following bid for the county
printing; '
To the Honorable Commissioners of Fair
Bold County.
In compliance with your request I male
the following proposal for printing all the
blanks lor the use of Ibe comity
For Assessor's blank per quire of paper 35
. All other blanks " 65
Respectfully submitted.
Publisher Lancaster Telegraph.
. lVeccmber 7, 1853. ;
About four months aflor the above bid
was handed the County Commissioners,
the Telegraph partially changed hands
nd was merged into the Eaglt, Mr. Oru
ber remaining in the firm. Now that
there was no necessity for competition,
the printing that Oruber agreed to rJo for
25 and 50 cent per quire was instantly
changed to Seventy-fire cents and ONE
DOLLAR per quire, and the above bid
in conneotioa with the bill of printing ir
another column is evidence of the truth
o( what we say. The proof here adduced
. is documentary, and can't be denied..
But farther. The Eagle men nay they
"never made a bid for Assessors' blanks or
any other kind of printing, until a few days
ago when they bid for Assessor's' blank
at IS cents per quire." The editors of the
Eagle endeavor in the above quotation to
create the impression that they never made
bat this one bid for Assessor' blank.--
They distinctly declare that this is the only
bid they ever msde for county priming.
But their "duplicity" and falsehood hns
been discovered, and the records prove the
little confidence that can be placed in any
thing these men say.' It is only necessary
ror us io reier me reader to wo loiiuwing
dooument which we find recorded on the
Commissioners Journal to set these men in
their true light:
No. 10. Agreement with Tuthill,
Schleioh at Gruber with the County Cum
Lacastir, March 20, 1855.
lo (As County Comminionert:
We propose to do all the ceunty print
ing which the law makes it the duly of
your Board to have done, such as blanks,
ke for the Probate Judge and Clerk of
the Court, and all other printing plainly
mad the duty of the Commissioner to
have done, and we hereby agree to do said
Erinting for much less than tins heretofore
sen paid by the County for the same kind
of work.
Not knowing what kind of printing may
be requirod to be done, we cannot submit
a scale of prices, but our charge shall be
muuhle, than those formerly paid, a we
can possibly afford to make them, and we
further agree that they shall be subject to
the revision of the Commissioners when
w present our bills for payment.
Tomtit., Scdlhcii A Grubir. .
Thus it will be seen that we have proven
by teatimony that cannot be doubted, that
the editors of the Eaglt did raise the price
, of printing from 25 and 55 cent to 75 and
ene dollar per quire. We prove also by
documentary evidence, that they did make
more than ont bin for printing. It is really
astonishing to lee these men make such
reckless statement when the proof of their
fallacy is on record. But perhaps they
had an idea we would never get in posses
sion of these faoU, inssmuah as the last bid
' waa made in the absence of Commissioner
Peters, and waa never brought to his
knowledge until w called bi attention to
Will the peopU of the county please sonn
the facts, facts taken from the reoord.nnd
inform as who is guilty of the iT No
better evidence of the utter depravity of
- these men could be asked, and if the edi
tors of the Eaglt bar one spark of candor
in their souls they must acknowledge that
4by bsr been caught in their own trap,
" and that every position tbey have taken ha
provtd ru'.nous to their reputation a trutli
loving and truth-tilling men.
We would also direct attention to the
outlandUbly loose and reckless manner in
which the above contract or bid ia drawn
up giving, as it does.perfcct lictnte to the
' editor of the Eaglt to charge four price
, for every particle of work done for the
county. If the people submit to any such
- transaction tbey are greater serfs than we
suppose them to be.
WUon. Isaac S. Alum's name ha
been mentioned ia connection with the of
fice of Lieutenant florernor. He formerly
ri?d in MausfielJ, and is now President
of lLa F'armer'e Colfc'ga.Jp Hamilton coun
upon. the holy principle of religion. In
all lh churches, so for as we have aacer
tained, 'he duty of each communicant, to
aiiMi the petition waa insisted upon; and
by some clergymen violent denunciations
were thundered at all who would dare to
refuse. Under the extraordinary influ
ence thus resorted (o, aud in fear of "the
ecclesiastical cenaure : wiiicli were men
anged, the laity crowded the vestry rooms
after the aervico to do as they were com
rounded. ... , -i
Tho "Instructor" does not deny the fact
of notice being given from tho altar as
alWed by the Dispatch, lut it ia certain
that the coloring is too high The "In
truc tor" says: (The italics introduced bo
ing ours.)-; ' - .
"The assertions are utterly untrue with
th exception, 'I hat notices were given
from the altars, that petitiona were prepa
ed to be presented to the Legislature
O m. a.
In the church in which we. had the
happiness to be present, the notice was
published without a word oi exDoriauon
or even explanation, anu y we me cut
redly informed a similar course was ful
lowed in other places. An tarneit iiivi
lation may havt bten given by one or two
although even this we do not know, but
that any undut influence was used by the
Rev. Clergy or others wo most positively
There id not one Catholio who bulongi
to the large congregation of at. John
Church who doe not rkvebe the piktt
who miirlit not be bkkkfitsd by observ
ing the amiable and polished manners of
that distinguished L'entieman, ana we
would tecommend the Editor of the Dis
a . IT 1 .
patch as well as tne vox roriu
smooth down, for awhile, t'1" asperity of
party feeling and the acrimony of religious
bigotry, and to go and take some lessons
from the J'astor oi bi. Johns.
Ir the language of the very Rev. gentle
man was forcibli, a it alwaya is, it was
- . i ,
causi. tie used no personal aouse, lie
only dkfekdeo a pRWciPUE and those
who censure nim lor speaking oi tins in
tended publio injustice, mights wellde
nounce the Baptiit for bis inserference
with the domestio happiness of Herod, or
ourilYine ouvior, lur uioiuiuihjj mo
conscience of the Pharisees "Woe
vou. Scribe and Pharisees, hypocrites
Tho Ruv. crentleman, we assure our ronders
used neither threat! nor denunciations, but
only irnited iarnestlt but temperately all
who wished, to sign the Remonstrance.
Tncr cams nr thousands, voluktarilt
SPECT to their pastor. T" Indeed, we our
selves saw hundreds couihq to enrol their
names after the Remonstrance bad been
forwardod to Harrisburg.
The Martha Washington Prison
We learn from the New York Times
that on the evening of the 4th inst., officer
Bruen arrived in New York with the two
Chspins, and Earle, who were remanded
into Bruen's custody by Judge Storer of
this city. ' . " ' '
During the April lerm of tho New York
Court of General Session, the following
t..luA men rra indicted bv the Grand
Jury, for obtaining money under false pre
tences, of the Atlantic Mutual, Loan and
Union Insurance Company, t-ach was in
dicted on two counts, and their trial will
commence on Uonday the 14th inst., in all
The following persona stand accused:
Lyman Cole, John M. Cummins, George
P. Stephen, Loremo Chnpin, Amasa
Chapin, Rufus Chapin, Benj. A. Earle,
James G. Nicholson,' Benj. W. Kimball,
Wm. H. Holland, Wm. Kissane, Adams
Kissane ia in Sing Sing prison, while
Adams Chapin, Nicholson, Holland and
Steohen are vet at large. Expert officers
are however, on their tracks, and they will
no doubt be arrested soon.
On the 27th day of October, 1853, we
received a communication from the present
editor of the Eaglt in reference to a con
tract entered into by the former editor of
that paper to print the Assessors' blanks
at on cent per quire, the county finding
the paper, but afterwards received one dU'
lar per quire! We have before stated that
thi opposition - by Tuthill & Schleich to
the paftnent of one dollar was to put down
Ellis and get possession of the Eaglt. In
peaking of the payment of this one hun.
lnf anil fnr( dnllar swindld the editor o
the Eagle made use of the following lan
guage: -1
"Thia account when it was settled and
corrected by tho county Commissioners,
was found to be only V1.4U showing inai
illy had certified to 9138,00 more than
had been done for his office. Such trtck-
try, corruption end fraud, we have never
before witnessed, they should both do
riven from the ofhcea they have dtshon
ored, and would have been if the Commis
sioners had done their duty."
Such, render, was the language used by
Tuthill Sc Schleich against the payment of
this claim five months lefnre they pur
clmied the Eagle. At that time, and when
they expected, by throwing odium on cer
tain men who stood in their way, to ac
omplish their own sol fish and corrupt po
litical ends, they could scarcely find Ian
guage strong enough to express their in
dignation at the payment of this tmndlet
But after having accomplished their object
namely to get possession of and con
trol the Eagle, and as they can no longer
use this swindle to advance their own in
tereitt, they turn around, and in the very
face of their former denunciations of this
swindle, advocate its payment before the
Board of Commissioners. In order to show
the hypocrisy and utter dwhonesty of these
men we copy below their petition, drawn
un. as it is. in Vie handwriting of Mr,
1 ' .
Tuthill, principal editor of the Eagle, urg
ing the t'ommieiionert to pay the ont hun
di ed and forty dollar twindle they had be'
fort denounced. Here is the evidence
their guilt:
To the Commissioners of Fairfield Co. O.
Understandingthat your Honorable body
will be anulied to for additional pay on
contract for printing Assessors' blanks for
the year 1852, and believing that the la
borer is worthy of his hire and knowing
that the contract puce of one cent per
ouiro was no compensation lor uie moor
performed, we believe it would be just an
right to pay an additional amount sufficien
to make it eciual to the usual price hnd for
such work, and that in so doing you would
be sustained by an honest and liberal pub
he. Tuthill, Schleich at urudkb.
Now remember that the "usual price
for printing Assessors' blanks was one dot
lar per quire, and when Mr. Tuthill die
up the above document ho kntie lie was ad
vocating the payment of theWi amount of 1
the one hundred and forty dollars he had
before pronounced fraudulent? And yet
ha had the audacity to stale that the peo
ple would sanction this scheme of public
plunder! Thu adding insult to injury.
Such, reader, is a partial history of thi
transaction exhibiting, as it does, the true
character as well as the frtit motives of
Tuthill St Schleich. While they werero
festing warm and undying friendship for
certuin men they were at the same time
engaged in laying a scheme to accomplish
their ruin 1 At one time denouncing this
claim as fraudulent and in in a few months
thereafter advocating its payment.' In or
der to accomplish their selfish ends they
secretly stabbed thoso for whom they pro-
.(fetitd great friendship! Yet the very aot
for which they donounccd others they af
terwards endorsed!
Let these fact go before the publio, and
jet an intelligent and honest people esti
mate the true character of these men of
loud professions and secret intrigue. The
publio can now see what little confidence
can bo placed in the assertions of the edit
ors of the Ohio Eagle.
Great Dank Robberr Five Hundred
Doilars Reward. ,
Detroit, May 7.
87,000 in five and tena of the Penin
sulnr Bank of this city has been stolen
from the bank. The note had not been
iikuod. They were countersigned by 8.
M. Holmea, State Treasurer; numbered
from 1001 to 1300 inclusive. They were
dated April 1st.-
Five hundred dollars reward is offered
for the restoration of the money and pros
eoution of the criminal. ,
Part-Paid PostA.-The following ex
tract from the new postage regulations of
Mr. P. M. Grand, may be of interest to
omeofour readers:
"Letters part-paid should bo despatched
charged with the additional postage due at
tne pre-paid rate, according to diatance.es
tablished by said act.fof March 3d, 1 055,
except where the omission to pay the cor
rect amount i known to have been inten
tional,when they should be treated aswholly
' New York, May 7.
Collector Red Geld has received infor
mation that a large number of paupers
sailed from Antwerp on the loth ult., fo
tbis port in the ship Leopold,
Immense swarms of locusts have made
their appearance in parts of Georgia,
Tbey destroy all vegetable life that comes
in inir way. they appioach from a west
em direction.
Notice to Stockholders.
The Stockholders of the C. W, Si Z. R.
R. wishing to attend the annual election of
Directors, to be held at Circlevllle, on
Thursday the 17th inst., can obtain free
passes from John R. Mumauqh, Esq., of
Lancaster, at any lime previous to the day
of the election. J. M. L. Stauqhton,
Some two Sabbaths ago a shirt and pant
aloons, belonging to some unknown per- j
son, were found in the wood two and a
half miles from this city socteted under a
pile of brush. They were stained with
blood and gave other evidences of fou
play- . ,
The following is an extract from the
journal of the House of Delegates of Vir
ginia, of November 15, 1778:
"On the 15lh of November, 1778, James
Ramsey petitions to the Yieginia Legisla
ture alleging himself discoverer and in
ventor of machince and engines to propel
boata by steam, and praying for the repeal
of the law in favor of John Fitch." -
. BaJlooa Aiseuslon Great FeaU
Baltimore, May 7. By mail we have
New Orleans papers, a lato a due.
Mom. Godard left New Orleans last Sun
day week in a balloon, and passed over a
distance of three hundred and ten miles in
six hours. He landed some passengers be
took with him at Fort Gibson, Mis., and
then resumed bis voyage.
A letter to the St. Louia Republican
state that two (hock of an earthquake
were felt in that city at about half past ten
o'clock on the flight of the 30th. 1 The in
terval between the shocks was about five
minutes, the duration was five seconds,
and the vibratory motion was sensibly
Five Days Later Iran Eurap.
Halifax, May 8. The steamer Asia,
Uh advice from Liverpool to the 28th
ult, arrived at thi port last night. The
steamer Hermann tailed from Southamp
ton for Aew York on the 25th ult.
Uesxral IaTELUoxnca. Br thia arri
val w have advices from the army be
fore Sevastopol to the 19th ult., but, con
trary to the general expectation, no im
portant result bad taken place, thougn die
five hundred gun of the allies continued
to play incessautly upon the town and for
tresses. ' ' .
Since the breaking up of the Vienna Con
ference, several supplementary meetings
of the four parties bad been held, but with
out any definite result. .
. The plenipotentiaries assembled on the
?3d ult., and signed the protocol of thelast
Conference. Subsequently another meet-
itiflr was held, at the request of Prince
(Jortschakon. t which he made lurtiier
repositions for Russia, but which were
nadmis8able,and rejected by France, Eng
land and Turkey.
The effort of the Uontercnce having
thus totally failed, it was generally admit
ted that nothing could be hoped for but a
long and sanguinary war, and all were
looking to the result of the struggle at Se
vastopol with intense anxiety.
liefore lrd John Kusseii ten v lenna,
he had a private interview of two hours
with Count Uuol.
The departure of tho French Minister
from Vienna had been postponed for a few
days, for the purpose of discussing mat
ters with the Austrian Uabinet.
The London Times speaks of the policy
of the new Czar as even more audacioui
than that of his father, and it waa so re
garded throughout Europe. The Allies
had the exclusive control of the telegraph
line, and nothing definite was known in
regard to the real condition of matters at
Sevastopol, but the genertl impression
was, that matters were in tavor ot the Al
lies. The Russians, however, continued
to fight with great bravery, and returned
the fire of the Allies with effect.
A despatch received at Brussels, reports
the suspension of the bombsrdment, but
the trutli was doubted. The dispatches
from the Crimea are in the following order:
April 14th. The bombardment contin
ues night and day, from five hundred and
ten guns and mortars; each gun firing one
hundred and twenty rounds each twenty
four hours. The Manelon tower has been
silenced, and some of the round tower guns
dismantled, but the Ridean and Garden
batteries keep up a heavy fire. There is
no immediate prospect of an assault.
April 15. During the night, a most
sanguinary battle raged between tie
French and Russians, in which the former
destroyed the rifle ambuscade, in front of
tho Miilakoff tower.
April 16th. Tho bombardment contin
ues with unabated fury. The Russians le
pair the breaches made during the day
with surprising facility. The loss of life
is heavy.
April 1 7th. The fire of the Frenoh bat
teries maintains its superiority, and they
have sprung a mine before the flagstnff
battery, ata distanco from it of fifty metres,
thereby opening a new parallel, whioh has
been successfully joined to the other.
The Fter.ch loss from the 12tb (o tho
14th was 300 killed.
April 18th. Last night tho Russians
made a strong sorti, but were promptly re
Russian Account. Prince Gortscha-
koff telegraphs to St. Petersburg!! as fol
April 17th. The Allies fire is growing
loss violent, aud our own batteries reply
April 18th. Last night we made asuo
ccssl'ul sortie, and destroyed the enemy s
most advanced works. The losses of the
garrison within the last few days have
been inconsiderable.
A dispatch from St. Petersburgh says
that Gorlschakoff telegraphs under date of
the 22d April, as follows:
"After twelve days bombardment the
fire of the Allies has become weak.causing
but little damage."
The magnetio telegraph wps completed
from London to the Crimea, with the ex
ception of a few miles between Bucharest
and Rutschuck, but the British Govern
ment retain the exclusive use of it.
The Russian Dukes, Michael and Nich
olas, were again on the way to the Crimea.
Menohikotf is not dead.
The St. Petersburgh Journal contains
the imperial rescript expressing tho Em
poror's satisfaction, and hoping Menohi
koff s health will soon be restored, and be
stowing upon him and his descendants a
palace at St. Petersburgh.
Mehomet Ali, the Sultan's brother-in-law,
had been arrested and sent to Sinope,
charged with being troublesome.
All the ports on the Baltio will be block
aded after the 19lh April.
Commercial Istellioeucb. The de
mand for cotton at Liverpool, was active,
with a large speculative inquiry. The
sales during the week reached 102,000
bales, of which speculators took 31,000
bales, and exportera 10,000 do. . Dennis
touu say all the better grades advanced
Ial6als8(l. I be stock oi an Kinun in
Liverpool was 600,000 bale, 396,000
bale were American. The market closed
with an active demand, .
Richardson, Spenoe & Co. say. the
weather being unfavorable, all kinds of
breadstuffs had considerably advanced.
Corn had avanced 3d,witb a buoyant mar
ket, and quote Yellow at 47s. Flour ad
vances xs, wiiu au cue bjjd.hh.d
ruand. The outside quotation for Ohio
was 45s, and Western Canal, 42s. An
active demandexistedforWheat;and prices
had advanced 6da8d per bushel. The
market for all kind closing Saturday,
buoyant. '
The tame Circular quoto Beef dull, but
prices unchanged, and holdera firm.
Pork dull, but not lower. Bacon advanced
la perewt duriug the week, and Lard 2s,
with a buoyant matkot closing at 46a
AOs for Lard. Tallow had also further
advanced, and sales of . Northern were
made at 68s.
There was no change in Iron. Scotch
Pig is quoted at 60a6 la. i -' - . .
At London, the money market waa eas
ier. Consols further declined, closing at
884a88. American Stocka were steady
at previou quotations.
quoted at 81
78a80. -
Joaaph JUIaa lavestigatiaf Committee
Boston, May 8. the last committee ap
pointed by the Legislature to investigate
expedition to Roxbury, and tho alleged
delinquencies of Mr. Joseph Hiss, baa con
cluded ila labor, aud presented a lengthy
report to tho House to day. The report
aaya the r omitted finds nothing censura
ble in the manner i.i which the nunnery
Committee conducted itself at Roxbury and
Worcester, but is very severe upon Mr.
Hiss for hi eondunt with Mrs. raiierson
at Lowell, and recommend that he be ex
pelled from the House. The report was
nvav noous
ivwt sacaiTia a
Opposite HkaslTer Hotel, l.aoeanter, Okie
Harder and Lfachia in Kansas. .
Sr. Louis, May 7. Advices from
Fort Leavenworth tutv that Malcomb Clark
was murdered by a lawyer named Mc
Crea; after McCrea had committed the
deed he jumped into the river and tried to
escape, but he was followed and captured,
and brought back to the Guard house, and
hand-bills were circulated calling upon the
citizens to assemble and revenge Malcomb
Clark' blood. It was rumored McCrea
had been Lynched, and his house burnt,
The difficulty which led to the murder
arose out of the election trouble..
Fire Engine for Sale. ,
We are authorized to state that the Fire
Engine, Phoenix, belonging to this city is
offered for sale. It is in excellent order
and would bo an invaluable article to some
of our neighboring towns not possessed of
one. For particulars inquire of Messrs.
Baughman, Shoff, Si Penrwj.
OREY MOON Mid otbtr ComalltlM fron P
JourtMjr to ('trul AMra.hjr Bayard Taylor
Aulobiotrmlti of Aetreta, by Mr. MoaalA
Kaaaat and liabiartii. br llule
Mini-. Mvmarir.arFarV.su Lands, by Mn. Slow
Tha Bolur Land, by Tlinmpiun
Kapoltoadt hu Arint.Th Camp Flratof !polon.
A In lot of Annuult far 16U. and a Saa lot ot tmall
Gift Booaiof all kind. - '
Ctliolk HrtiT.r Book. Knlteoiul Praver Boom, aaa
ll or Family uimea ana rocicti muits at
a larra
Searvol Book. and Slallonwrral Ykolaaal A.RrUli
Pocket Walton, Port Monica, aa Pen Knivea, for
aula at Iha Book Mora,
Oat. M, 1864 5
- -
Hkerim sale.'
Tkt Staff a 0i., airiad Caaala. ...
BY virtu of aaaaeauUoa.agalna Propony. ,
Ui. Court HauM In Lanra.tor on !... Tu 7i
dy Jumt A. D. Wii.b.lw..n tb bauraof ia ...
aad o'.W. P. M . tha follow U.
liu.no lu tha county of
clock A. U
rrtbed ral-eMtet
P.I,S..d.nd but. .rOhio. l7KMlVrs5"VaS
pntraaddHlaatoliiuwa ot Laucaawr. Taluad at
ll,7UO) a.ut... k.ndrad doll.,.! toTlol a m!
proTsuionla. T b aold a tb crautrt. .f u.T.
8aBdroa.aM.lrM ot
aiHom.a Ptiaaclsr. ' .,,.r
via. riMi&K. Khrl.
T RESPECTFULLY Informnth cltl
VfvftttV'Ji) '0I" of Fairfield connly Ibat k haa
iCff f recently pat up anew Crrln Shop,
immidimttlt i lit .r rrlirr '
Judf want In favor ot
aaUcaab. i
LanoaW, Ohio, May , IM6-wSp(j ' "'""''
On the 8ih inst., by the Rev, S. M.
Wilson, Mr. Samckl K." Williams of Lan
caster, to Miss. Rebecca Mvers of Lithop
olis, both of Fairfield county Ohio.
aaY Baii'Tt. Uon'l uae Chalk, Lily Whlto, or any
of tbe io culled coainetki, to conceal a hided or tal
low complexion.
If you would hare Die roaea brought hack to yonr
i-liM.b. . ctH.r. honlthv and iransimreiit akiu. and life
and riror titfuiod llironKh the system, art a bottle of
Cnrter'a8p.nih Mixture, and lute II accordina- lo
directiona. It doea uot taste quite a woll at your
waet-ineula; but, If ufterafew tloaea you do not flud
your hoiillli anil beauty rermutc. your aiup cinsiic aim
rliroroua, and the whole system refreshed and Invigo
rated like a .Spring morniiir. then your caae la hope
Icsa, and all the valuable certllicutus wa poaaets, (To
for naught. It la the (trenteat pnrlSer of tho blood
known; ia perfectly harnileaa, and at Iha aania time
powerfully efncuclou.
.Seeudvertlaeineiit May 3, IMS-lw59 '
"S7IR0M Ihe the pnMure of Ihe aubacrl
I' her, one mile W osl of Lancaster , on
Saturday nighl last, a Inrge
nr nerhnna some would rail him a light
R.own. with a Ininr slim tall, with tl.c bnlr worn ahurt
near the root one lore aud one hind foot whilo, ua I
think. Any person socurlng anld horae.or giving me
information where he can be found, shall be liberally
rewarded, aa ho Is a favorite funiii) norae.
Frrfwra rr. Ctmtrt JiUti. taanirrr Otta, where
ha will coaatanily keep on hand and manufacture to
ardor every TaruM or r, ui ie tn hie llu.
"r"K pat ring doua oa taorx notice, and tha moat
STorabie terms. Dec. 14, ISM St
Jamo ITlclIanaray
RAVING estnhllshed himself In the manufiicturlng
AiW,?,...r IfMf .. HttHnf Vollto
Bnnk. la prepared lo furnish the people oT tliil bounty
with .vary thing thai may lie needed In hla Una. He
keeps on hand every variety of COOKING and HEAT
ING STOVES for WOOD and COAL, eoutiatiugia part
of Hie Llop Air Tlirht, Western Hon. ,
Triumph. Buck, Presidents end Preference for Wood
and Black Diamond for Coal. - Also Plough, Plough
Shares, hogur Kellles di Hollow-war. All of Ihe above
articles will be aold at low aa caa be bought elsewhere.
He Invite cltiiena generally lo eall and examine hit
iauicju. u l kl i u tf
SliiPE. . irAnfiOKIt-aAllAffll.
K. B. tlrtuM-flpoutlngoi jobbiiijcdone uponihurl no
ttCH. uidfjonpor, nnnn, rewivrana irooutKonin mx
cfattnrfor any of the above article, J. Me, .
Lancaater, niuj i, i4 " " " , -
WUU 1.1) take th la opportunity lo rata rn their thanks
to their numerous friend for tbe very liberal
pasronasr. attresoioro r ,i.ii,icu w sneiii, ...
assure them that no pain ahall be eparod to
sustain tne nattering reputation aireaay .uuin
d, and In order l meet tho greatly increased
demand at there Establishment for Boots and Shoe,
they bava In addition lothelrown manufacturing Jual re
ceived from Ihe East a very large and faahionable stock,
consisting in part as follpwa:
Men' Fine Calf, Kip and cnarae Bool,
Genu pat. Calf Gailer and Tie. H. V '
" Buskins and Monroo. ,.
AH klndaof Ladio and ilisscs Boots, Shoe, Slippers
and Guitera,
Also, an assortment of the best quality of Children's
ftincy and plain nhoea.
In addition to the above we are constantly mnnufac
luring largely, for sale and also to order, all kinds of
Boots and Mi'oes, which we have no hesitancy in saying,
will compare in price aud quality with any stock in thu
Wosteru country. may Id, 1834
(1 Skerifl'. Kale.
m.nJP.fl'i.' fOUo,foirJi,U C.aafy. ot.
IJliKt-UAWr lolbe command of an order for salt.
. c"ofCo mon Pleas, ofaald coamy
of Fairfield. and ta as directed, I will offer at pusll
alaaltha CounHout InUucaaleron J.rVa til. 1st
olMttyA.lJ. lfii, hetw.ai,e,nnraof lOoVlock A.
M. and 4 o'clock P.M. it,, folio. Ing deacri bad real
f,0,i,"wU:,,M,'.,,,"b,'r ' Ko"" addltloB
to tb Tow. of Mlller.nort.ln FalrSeld nn.iv. Ohio.
Valued at 4M. Attached at the suit of Goorg W.
Taylor.tobe sold as tbe property of Jncob Ketner.
t rm oi ai eaaa. - - wat. POTTER, abrlf.
By C. M. L. WISEMAN, Deputy.
Hcraq at S.arrta, Atlyt. aprll it Sw4pf
Sheriff's Sale. ' T"
Tkt Klatt if. Oki. fmirttU rVu.
PURSUANT to the command of au order ofaal
from th. Court of Common Pl.aaln and for said
county, and tn aa directed, I wlllofferal public tele at
the Court House In Lancaster, on Sararday tar Igta itf
f Moo A. D. 18jS, bolwee. Ihe hour of 10 o'clock A.
.vi.andtoclock P. M. Ihe following described Real
EatuM,to-wlt: Sltnaleiu the eountv of Kulrncld nd
Stal. of Ohio, being Ihe East half of the Southeast
auarter af Section NiiS.in Township No. 13. of Rang
lo JBuof tha United Slj.tA . ui .,kri
llcothe, Ohio, containing seventy-four 6IM00aT.
LT, . 10 P" t 0 be anld aa tha proptrtr
orKllaalwth and Cuthariue Lv.lnger, al th aull of K.
M. Powlen, Term of aal cuah, 7 i ' ''
Mti A Bphuicb. Ally. W. tOTTER, Sherir
AprlH-w48pf3 By i.. L. W1SKM A W.IHputy
.. ' ' Sheriff'! Sale! " i:
vlt.'.ltZ'" 0ii' irfiW Cfr,.. 4 :-t
TJURSUAAT to the command of an order 'or
the sale of property from the Cowl of Common
fleas, tn and for said County.and to medirvclod.l will
offer at public tale at the Court House In In th Clly
of Lancaster, on Saard.y tit 1'3 day tf Mot. A. D.
, L a 1 ,u"ur oi tu o ciock a. Si. rnd 4 o'.
clock r . af. ofaald day, the following described K.ali
"""''i " w: oiiuata in county or ralrOeld and state
of Ohio, being In-Lol number aevonty-Sre In Carpen
ter's addlliou to Ihe town ofjancester, In aald county,
're front any and all claim or leln or nra and
very of the defendant herein. Valued at B400. , -
lo-be aold. the property of William J. Card, at tha
ull af H. G. Trout and Kainuel Jackson. Tsrni.raih.
Gko. W. MacEl.ot, Ally. WM. POTTER, Slierllf.
i . B' c- M-1 WISEMAW, Deputy. '
Aprils, lBM-aw46pfS3 .
Lancualer,May 10, 1H55 3wl
LANCASTER LODGE, No. 57 . - May 1, 1855.
" CHArTKK, an. II - - - - may a
" COUNCIL, No, 4. Jure 15 "
February SS, 1635. G. STEINM AN, Recorder.
Ail Ordinance
Amending an Ordinance pawed June 8, 1PS4. and en
tilled mi Ordinance to amend an Ordlnunce, fixing
the width of the Slde-Wulks or Pavements In the
City of Lancaster, passed the H'lh of April, H-34.
SEC. 1. Mr it irdututit ay Ihe City Gouticil tftkc C'tf
i.avulir, That the Bret Kectlon of au Ordi
nance. iased flu June. ie54,cinilled nn Ordinance to
amend an Ordinaii re Sxlng the wldih of the Kide
Walk, or Puvemeuta In the Clly of Lancaster, passed
the 12th dav of April. 1M4. ho so amended as lo reud.
Ihnl Ihe First Section of an Ordinnnco enlllled an Or
dinance. Rxing Ihe width of the Kide-Walks or Pave
inenls In the town .if Laucnsler, pursed Ihe IStli day of
April, 1H34. he so amended as lo read. Hint Ihe width
of Ihe Slde-Wulksnr pavementa shall hereafter be aa
follows In the following Streets, purls of Streets and
Allev, to-wil: On Mulu. between Broad and Second,
audoiiHrnnd Street, between Son ill Alley and the
Circle In Cnrpenler'a addition, llliei n feel; on Main
from Broad Slroel Eastward, and from Second Rtreel
West wnril. twelve feet; on Wheeling, Second. Fourth
Union. Mill and German Streets, ten feel; on Mill liar,
rv. Chestnut, hront, Coluuihua. Walnut. Jackson,
P'errv, Ijiwronce, Croghun, Winding. Porter, Water
and king Streets, nine feet; on Urond Alloy, Ave feol;
and on Broad Street from Soillh Alley, Northward,
twelve feel, including the four feel given by the own
era of Ihe property ou said purl of the street lo the elty
ror streei purposes.
Sir. . Bt itfitrtktT trilaintd y Ikt authority tftrt
jairf. Thai tho First Section of the Ordinance puascd
8th June, IW4. and enlllled au Ordinance lo amend
an Ordinance Sxinir mo wimnortne ni'ic-vvaiKt or
Pavemnuls In Ihe Cily of Lancaster, passed in win
day of April, lr-34, be anil ihe same Ishorehy repealed.
t'llAtvl'CO nnr.rnsi n, rrsnuaii,, .
Attest G. S. Wniu us, Clly Clerk. aprll SS.
A. C. BASLOW, Mr D.7
VFP1CE lii Tallmadge lllock, Mala Street, Unco
fiter,Ohlo. Brtinct.
Prof. C. n. Williams. M. D. ciaMland.
H. P. Gatchell, M. D. Cleroiand.
A. O. Walr, M. D.. Columbus.
J. H. Pulle..M. D., Cllisliinati. . aprll W
Dry Goods for Spring & Summer.
No. 74 Wt-M Fourth Street, Cincinnati.
Offers aa usual, to their cuitoinorr and olliers.
Ladies' Drew .Goods, of all klndaof Fabrics, Shawls
and Mnutllins; einDrniiieriet nnn i.ace uiiKii.,
Hosiery, die.; Linens, Muslins, and ull klndaof
plain fabrics) Housekeeping Goods, great
variety. Also
goods ron Jin axd hoy' weahi
Bnsinrs.i cuntlnrtcd on the onr price principle,
Prlcei marked at rates at fuvorahle In purchasers aa
can be afforded by any house engaged In a regular
bust II OSS.
Persons visiting Cincinnati are respectfully Invllod
to eall and examine uoodsana prices. April a so
HAS Just received from Philadelphia and NewYork,
one of the LARGEST STOCK. OF UAT8 Afll
CAPS that ha ever come to this city, of Iho
r LATrsT inraovan stvi ia, embracing every
?.f variety of shapes, sorts and iaoiH-conlst-Ing
of tin Lite Spring Style MOI.K-SKIN
HAT, unsurpassed In Ohio for durability and fineness,
Also, Young men's lltaf all kludai
Summer HnU, consisting of PANAMA',
Pedal and China Straw;
- Uruid l.KGHOH'N and MANILA; . ' v
1'i.lni Loiif; Konauth Hats, both Fur and Wool;
Fine Oiler und White Houvar, for f uininorj
The latest hnrlne- Stvlo Cusailnere Halt; .
All HOi't l uyiV hilitn n' r'tiiicy lint",
All of which will be told ou tbe most reasonable
tonus, lower than over before.
N. B. Country Mercliuiits will do wellhy calling and
examining my stock bolf.ro pnrcuuaiugeitewuero.
Lancaster, april SO, llroj 50 n., FIELDING
ITfE would particularly In. ila the attention of our
Y V l-ndy rendera, who Intend visiting Cincinnati
this Spring or Hummer, to tho ttxteuslv slock of Mrs.
J. A. HbNUBKSON. late ,
t7 . MUK. RICH,
viSr consisting or
IioiiBCla. ItibbonK, Flowers nnd
Trimmings of lii luteal Purisdc New York styles.
Her slock ia by far th LA KG EST in Iho clly, und Is
kept constantly full by DAILY ARRIVALS from the
Knst, of tho A"sr. Pattern Bomnrte.Engtiik Straw,
Smite, Tutcatyand Satin Braid. Bland and French La-
tee, together with me niost unoice ooknbt, vtr ana
TniMMma Ria.nna.and FaaHcfi A.tificul Fi.ow.bs
Imported; all of which she will aen 8i ier com. lower
Ihun any nthere.tnbllshnicnt In Cincinnati. Herstnre I.
No. an FIFTH STKKKT. between Elm dt Plum.
Cincinnati, March 69, 1855 I j 47 , ,
Jfi IT.T Moulding for Picture Frames, for aalc at lb
a s;citv book slow ;
April SI, 1851. B. CONNELL, Agenl.
A RCHITECTURBbyt. D. Gould, A. Benjamin and
prllSl, l54
Probate Notice. , ..".
"IVTOTICE I hereby given to all persona Interested,
1 that Michael Myers. Executor.of Fraud Myera
deceased, hua filed his account and Touchers In Ih
Probate Court of Pairfljld Coantv, Ohio, for Inspect
ion and eeltlemeni, and that suid account, will be for
hearing on Ihe 4th day or June, A. U. 1S55, or at toon
lu.resnirsi may De. VIKUIL K. SHAW,
may io, toa-jw i . Probate Judre.,
Probate Notice,
Vf OTICK I hereby given, to all persons Inter
L m osted, thai the accounts and vouchers of Nancy
Showalier, Executrix, of the estate of JCIiubeth hi
"''"''i dec. .have been filed In the Probule Court
or Fairdeld county, Ohio, for inspection and seltle
nieiit,aud Ihut the same will be for hearing on Ihe i!th
day of May, A. D. lr55. or aa soon thereafter as may
VIKGIL . SlUW.Probate Judg.
Lancoator,May 3, lb55 52
Attachment Notice.
T my Instance an attachment wa this day issued
Asberry Uoberty Justice of the Peac of
A T to
A, b
Violet t
too nsbip, Fairfield county, Ohio against Iha
M. R. KW1NG.
property and eflecl ofN, C. Mutou a nou-retldent or
lam county.
May 3, IdiS Mw4, . ' : "
Jacob Wenvrr'n Estate
NOTICE I hereby given that the undersigned ha
been appointed and qualified a Adinluistra
lornfthe estate of Jacob weaver, li.t of Pleasant
township. Fairfield county. Ohio, dei tused. Ali Iho.e
having clalnisugaiiiat said estate, will preaeiitlbem.for
allowing at the law requiretund all who are Indebted
will please come forward and make iiunicdiale pny
ment. A UA M W tAVEK. AdiuiuUlrator.
May 3d, A. S. Ir!55-4w5i!.
P. Mntilh. for sale al Iho citv book store
' is. s.irinr.i.ij, Ageui.
flLARK'S Oomtnsiilary on the Old nnd New Testa-
menl, for tale atlh clly oook sioro.
U. CuN.N'ELI. Agent.
T f RS. Parllngton't Cant Bag of Fun, for tale ;
J.T I lh elty nook store.
Chtuta or Peter lleutr.
KOTIC'E la hereby given, thai I have Hill di.y been
duly appointed and qualified administrator of tha
ilu ot Peter Belter, deceased, lute of Fairfield
county. Ohio, Pereous knowing Iheinselveaindebted
loantd JSslale will makelmniedialepaymnt.aiid ihoae
having claims against taid Estate w ill present them
duly authoiiticnled for settlement within one y.nr.
jJprtlia.lfOj 44 UASIHI, CRUMLEY, ,dl.
April 31, 1854.
fIIE Old Brawery and New Mission Houto, for sal
I at th ciiy book More.
Book Biadery, l.imcinter, Ohio.
LANK. BOOKSforConnly
Olllcos, Justices- Hianka,
els. Double and Single
Entry Ledgera, Journal, Day
nooka, Ac, etc. Aian, noon
binding of every duacrlptlon
dons In a most satisfactory
All orders, by Idler orolhor-
alse. pronintly attended to.
Orders for Binding ran be left at Ihe Gaaette Olllce
or at tha Bindery, nn Main Slrecl, in the room former
ly occupied by Col. P. Van Trump, as a laiw Office.
anil nearly opposite nr. nreiaer' residence.
ueeeiiioer 14, 15498 J. vr.i,i.
the following!
Bwan'sTresttos, price 3: Swan' Manuel, $1,45.
Lancaater, Novoiuber ri, 185429
TAMat all tiroes prepared tn furnish LOOKING
GLASSES In Mahogany, Walnut or Rosewood
Frames. Looking Gl.sa Plat. Pirluret Frame, are.
Also, Gill Frame, Glasses of all sites and styles,
Portrall Frames, Picture Frame, and a general
orlmoiit of Pictures and Oil Paintings, al wholesale
and retail, at tne lowest prices. j.u.omm,
No. w.st Fourth Stre.t, Cincinnati, Ohio.
.March 8, 1855 44
Ohio Sixes aie
and Pennylania Fire at
ValMbl Farm Sal.
FARM otalnlncS1 Ar. th watert
of Clearcreek, it Madison townshlp.known
MWlat Prm," with an xeelleni waiei
, will b told by in anaeraigaaa, ai
lermt apply 10
:,II4 A. McVKir,K.ta-frnr.
.wM lh.
rlvau l. .For
A Ne ar and well Selected lot Of Grocerie
n AVE just been rarelved by the subscriber, at his
old Hand, when ha will b happy to snet hi
customer, and the public generally.
3me.r!.a will be aold bv rae aa cheap and of good
quality sean h found In any similar establishment!
the city. .
have lust reaalMd . ahnlee lot of Cranbertea, Lem
ena, Figs, Pruns, and also a general variety of Nule,
inch as Almonds, Hratll nuts, uoco nnia, etc. aito,
splendid lot of Old Wtrn Keaerre i;neowi.
Lancaster Feb. 7, l65e-4
FAnns ron bale.
raranaandnraianed will aell a nartnr all hi land
I (being about 800 acres) In Bloom Township, on
tulle west 01 uarron. i n rsrms aa u quality, con
Mdltlon and convenience, can't a surpaasea,
Upon ihern are 9 mporlnr Sprlnga.S Dwl
line House.. Orcharda of ehoic fruit, etc.
ThoMwishlngto parch eall nd , oa I am de
termined to sell. RAMI XL COFJIAN.
r.l 11. 1S54.
R. CONNELL, Agent.
HE Lamp I.lghler.for aale at the city honk etor
April Jl 1854. . B CONNELL. Agenl.
OMITttfil .nd Xnlmnti Rook, for l t the
cilv book store.
prl!21,ie54. B. CONNELL, Agent.
ANCY Articles In groat Trlly,for sale at the city
Look slore. . . . i
AprllSl, 1B4. B. CONNELL. Agnt.
. A CAItn. .
TMPERFECT health haskept me from
inv office nart of Ih limo for tome
months, I have gained my former
strength and will not hereafter be ah
sent from mf room duriii buetnesahotlre.
V I ing Teeth rocelveamy apecial aiteiiunn, 1 give
certified guarantees for all my gold filllnga tn he affec
tive during the lives of th parties. Iain able after
near SO yenrs attention to the reeui to give every per
son the most pnsillv assurance that Ihey can save
van- room ny llmeiv ana ireqoom aiienvion.
OFFICE Ewing't Brick, on the Hill. H. SCOTT.
VTPor Ihosn who have the TOOTH-ACHE and
III nothnve them extracted. I have a remedy that
teldom faila to give relief. Also, Toolh Powdera,
nriianea. ore. a, oivu,
Lancaster, llocamb.r 8, 1SJ4 31
WOULD respectfully announce to tha cltiiena of
Luncaater dr vicinity. Mint ha haa commenced the
Bread. Light Busk cV Cracker naklna;
In connection with blsfonner baking, 41s now prepared
with evert thing In the above line. Having in Mi em
ploy Ihe best of bakers, he feel confident that h can
nlease all who mav favor him wllk a call.
" rtsil stniininm nn msm nn..i, . n,.u
Bake-Houae, corner of Columbut dt Mulberry strosla.
Lancaster, July IB, le54. ,
THEnndorslgned hashocn appointed Agenl Tor th
Ohio, and will Insure Buildings, Mercbardlte, House
bo eqiiltnby and promptly
Probate Notice.
OTICE Is hereby given to all persons li lerrtlcd,
thaltlio accounla and vottchera of the fcstalea of '
Ithew Tnohev and Joserh Friend, hav been bled
In Iho Probate Court of Fulrfleld I oui.ty, (.l.lo. I, r
Inspuclion and tutlleiiiunt, and Ihal Ike si.ui will La
heard oa the leUh day of May next, or as soon there
after us may bo. VIKGIL E. SHAW, Probata Jul.
Lanraater,aprilS6, leii 3.51
Estate of Jacob Weaver.
IVTOTICK la hereby given, that the undersigned haa
14 beou appointed and qualified aa administrator of
the Estate of Jsr-on Wnrts, deceaaeal, late of Fair
field county, Ohio. All those having claims agalnat
suid Estate will proaenl them for allowance; and Dhow
iiMieuieu win pioato come lorwaro aim make Imme
diate na nient. WM. KV ING.adm'tor.
apjll lu, 1855 4w50 '- '
Attnchmeut Notice.
NOTICE la hereby given, that al my Inttt'nr a writ (
of aliarhmenl was issued by Daniel l.yle. a Juslli
ofthePuure of Walnut township, Fairfield counts,
Ohio, on the 9th day of April, lt-55, agaiirsl tlio proper
ty and efiocts of Houry L. Punning. ,1 , ..
aprll 19, 1855 w50 . mark . . k
Koad Notice." 'i
NOTICE it hereby given, that a pe lit Ion will be
presented lo the Commissioner, of Fairfield
County, at their next regular session In June next,
riruying for an alteration of to much of Ihe road lead
ngfrom Baltimore lo Mlllersporl.aa lies between Ihe
South line of the Southeast Quarter of Section No, 5
and the Ohio Canal, said alteration to commence
where Iho road strikes the Sculh line of Iho Southeast
Quarter of Section Nn. 5, running Eall onlh S.ction
line between the landa nwned by Coop.rrlder and
Grovel to Ihe Ohio Canal; thenco North on th Gravel
Bank of tha Ohio Canal lo lutenect the road ou raid
aprll 8f3, 1855 4w51 MANY PETITIONERS,
To the tho Creditors of James C. Kr
nolds, deceased.
ON theTthday of prll, 1855, the Probate Court of
Fairfield county, Ohio, declared Iha Estate of
Juntos C Royiiolda,doceased-lobe probably Insolvent.
Creditors aro Ihereforo required to present Iheirelatme
against Ihe Eatute to the undersigned for allowance
within month, from the time above mentloaad, or
they will not be entitled tnpnvment. ' . ..1,
jfprll IS, 1653 40d9. of J. C. Reynold, too.
-a s.
ai -a
ri'HE Stockholderi of tbo Cincinnati, tVllw
I minR-ton ana astsvius nail Head
Comuanr. are hereby notified that an Electtou
hold Furniture, and other personal property, ago, net
II louei will
February 8, 1855 3m4U
feu V lira. All lot0t w
adtutleii and paid.
, DR. .O. E. PAtlS,
HAS removed his rosldenre and office to the brie
hullilllfV formerlv occnnled bv John fitallamlth.
Esq. .south aldo of Mala Streat, 3 door west of Dr.
Krelder's residence. Ootobor 13,1854 S3 .
TTA 8 removed his office to ia'la's tamer. East of
I . th Court House, opposite Ih Ohio eagt ui
IncsteT, tcou.rw, icjt u ,
will be held at Ih CITY OF C1RC1.EVILLK. ou
Thursday the 17th dar of Illay, isr),
for the purpose of Electing BOARD OF DIHKC
TORS for the ensuing year. By order f tha Board,
. aprll SO, 1855-3w51 JOEL KAUEBAUpH, hecl'y
TolhcTeaehnrsol Fairfield County
f HE undersigned would rospcclfully propoaa that
J. mooting of the Teachers of Ibe souuly beheld
ou tli Seatni Sat nr it at in Mat, at on o'clock, P. M.,
allli North School Building, In the City of laocaster,
to luke the preliminary alcp towards forming a Coun
ty Association, and alto to make arrangement for
holding a Teacher' Institute sometime witnta in
preenlar. JOHN WILLIAMS,
, .. - vviiji.i.xm vrntitscs,
prtl2, IPSO -51 ., ... CALEB T. EMERSON.
aTToa cooasaLLoa t ui, juaaici or
raacs ana lixitsb itAna pa.T, .
Lancaster, Ohio. ' ' 1
WILL give attention to the purchasing anasolllri
of Heal Estate, aiao, to the procuring of .
alons and Bounty Lnnda. . ' . '
OFFICE latheancc Block, nearly opposite
Hooking Valley Bank. , ,, nay 10 1854 ,
music! Mirsicn
turned to Lanraster.and will be hap
f inv to receive pudiii lor instruction on in
ANO FOKTB and GUITAR, at their residence at
Mr. nakeU't, CeUmktt irstt,and hop Ihelr long eg'
ertence tn teocning mnaicano too uiiremuiing aiten
.Ion paid 10 the Improvement af Ihelr Poplll wllllniur
a portion or paonc paironage. ,
mtiS A.C. 1)B BERTHOLT will rooelT a clou for
EmhrMdery ana t.anvaswor.
, MIK8M. O. DE BKKTHOI.T has Opened an Ele
mentary School la the Baaomenl Story of Ih Epleoo
pal Church. 1 Nuvmrior ts 1854 SO
Notice of Dinaolntloa.
NOTICE 1 kevebf given that ih eo partnershlp
heretoforxtalln( under lhrta name of 11 r-
f LE MATLACK hoe been this day dissolved by mu
tual consent. The books and accounts are left lath
d, oi Hon . Uttl, v H.S n; ;
l aoraster, "en. jr, I5.. JOBW MATLAwX.
rilHE subscriber haa returned to hla former atand,
I four doors North of the American Hotel, and two
door South of J. H. RiLtv ek Co. 'I Book Store, In tha
Bistaa dt Sivaoi Block, where h li boiler propp
to furnlah hi customer with all kinds ot ' '
than he ho ever bean before. Ha hat altogether tha
largest and best selected asaortmenl of goods In hit lino,
of any establishment In Central Ohio, and h I datert
mined to diapos of tlieia on vary favorable Wrmayf or
v' ;. XT VA SHI -01 : ;" ' ;. ::','
" Persona wishing to get a HAT or CAP last lo suit.
In alyla, quality nr price, eaaaol possibly do better
than by giving him a call, J. B. RUDISKIX.
Columbu,prU19,1855 tmSO , . ;.
, On Wheeling Street,
8 sow offering iho pubtlt ar.aara.
style and variety CWage&.J-
Bunnies nnsurpaaied for hoaalv, darabjlitv and
cheapness by any thing of th kind ererogevedih thi
eection of Ohio. Having aeaarad lh tarvicea of tha
mostaccompnsnea workmes, o i rie 10, compels
with any almilov aatablishmant Wttl of th moan',
tain. My malaria) la alt rst qnalUy,ad all work
warranted for on yer. Paraoni dealron of pur
chasing will please tall od axainlae mj atock.befora
ICTHe la also prepared to Pat, and! Frias any work
r arsons wish QBs,t at resao) rate at any fire,
n tho elty. WM, SHViTT.
ltaior. aprll M, 1855-50 '
(..ni-aster, Jonc
Dmljr It. Hl-n
. Wm. 4 . . -
... --

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