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Tfftiuradnjr TOoralag Itlar 1. 1
opiaioa of neo who prcMnl account
containing error of mora than on kum-
drtd dollars And ret this U not til for
Below we compile few more facte of
3d teres t brought to light since our Iastre
port. Aa it would require a great many
more figure tlia&wehave in our office to
specify the amount of each "item we
must satisfy ourselves with giving the "sum
totals," remarking, however, tlat if any of
our readers desire to see the figures as tak
en from tho Record, they ean be eccom
modated by calling at this office.' ; Tbe to
tal amount drawn by the editor of the Ea
$lt out of the County Treasury for Sta
tionery ia .
The amount of bills on file,'.
Tboj Hew Slate of laetrler. 1 JTT)i WasbingtoB correspondent of
The JLfinnssotianTlt Bt. Paul's, has a ' th tUrUr nd 1"ir" "ys that it i.
In and .tniit articl. on th. fiB,. f' rumored that Mr. Oorrosn has beea re-
anothcr bill presented to the Board of Com- t Northwest It eives us the fir. m0ci trota lhe office f Governor of M in-
V lliuAtimAmAII aril, JiimJI . " J ,l.. IT.. T..I "l Tl 1
,UI,,IUI"" "1 "- intimation we have received that the Leiy- now"' "u 9V"H
. . . I i . . . r . . i . i i t i . i.
islalure of Michigan has passed as , act j"' lw,MW!'7 "r -
providing for tbe formation of tbe new pPnUsJ to fill the vacsney. The Oov
State or Territory of Superior If our eminent las been tfnfortunate la the se-
1 BJ . a a.m.
readers will take their stand before the tocUoB 01 w 01 lne,r omceis.
map of tbe United States, thev will see a A k mnll, t,,e P-P'f New llex-
vast extent of territory on the south shore Ikoburned in eOigy llwir Territorial Got-
Making the amount not accounted for foot
up the snug little sum of ;; .
How and : for ; what purposes tliis last a
mount was taken from tbe Treasury , the
Records do not show, and we call upon the
editor of the Eagle to explain if he can.
- We have adopted in all our calculations
tbe highest retail price for which Mr. Tut
hill's Stationery could have been sold, and
- in footing up the amount be has overcharg
ed the county, we find that it reaches the
enormous sum of
?88 4.V
This amount added to the ,
$869 55;
not accounted for, swells the amount to
$1,657 95,
which has gone into Mr. Tuihill's pockets
as payment for services done the Red
Lodge Clique, and through the instru
mentality of partisan favoritism. Thus it
Will bo seen how firmly . these men have
been united for the past twenty years by
the "cohesive power of public plunder."
Is it any wouder they are making such
desperate efforts to retain possession of the
county Treasury, men who have been for
so long a period pensioners on the bounty
of the l.onest tax-payers?
Knowing, as the editor of the Fugle did,
that we were engaged in ferreting out the
amouut of his stealings, lie, in Lis. last is
ue, in . order to weaken the force of our
facts, charges us with having made but a
bill against the City Council in which was
' an error otjlve dollars! ... But we showed
in our last issue that even thai was a false
hood. Truly has it been said that "drown
ing men catch at straws." But to show how
effectually Iheir own weapons cau be turn
ed against them, we copy the following
bill presented to the Board of Commission
ers by the editors of the Eagle and the a
' mount allowed. The first column denotes
the amount charged by the Eagle and the
second the amouut allowed:
Am'l charged.,
: $5G.G2 1-2.
And yet according to their own bidding
for printing blanks namely fifteen cents
per quire these bills should have still
been reduced ,. .....
Making a difference, in two bills, of over
one hundred dollars! And yet tliese men
declaim against an imaginary account con
talningan error of only five dollars! ' Per
haps, however, they were anticipating an
exposition of their own guilt, and in order
to paliateit asmuch as possible, made their
false charge against us. But it is not the
first time thieves have cried out 'aitop
thief!'' Its an old trick and well under
stood by the people.' .. A ',
In our researches we accidently came a
cross a contract between the Commission.
era. and IV C. Whitman, leasing the large
two story frame building adjoining the pub
lie offices to this latter gentleman for a pe
riod of ten years for the insignificant sura
of 845 a tear. We venture the assertion
that this building could have been leased
the same number of years for at least 9 i 50
per annum; but we suppose this was an
other act of favoritism in order to give
two men, high in power, namely Judge
H. C. Whitman and Gov. Medill, their
offices at the expense of the tax-payers of
the county. Gov, Medill occupies the
lower floor and II. C Whitman the np
pcr.at acost toonch of only $22,50 per an
num. making these men, in the short peri
od of ten years, pensioners on the County
Treasury in the sum of.
There are many poor and hard-working
mechanics in this city who would cheer
fully and willingly give $100 per annum
for this same building, and even then con
aider U an act of charity on the part of the
Commissioners for putting it down even to
that figure. But the working classes are
not the ones to meet with such favor they
must work hard at manual labor from ear
ly morn till night, pay a high rent and ex-
horbitant taxes, while uovcrnors ana
Judges revel at their expense. A greater
outrage was never perpetrated on the work
ing classes, and we trust they will indig
nantly frown dowu this system of dema
goguo' favoritism. If the county feels
itself able to assist any one, let worthy men
at least receive her benefits.
Letthe blinduess of party spirit be re.
moved, that the people may be able to see
to what degradation tho county Govern
ment has sunk under the reign of dema
goguery, and that.seeing all this, they may
restore the good old . era, when honesty,
capacity and faithfulness were held to be
the tests of official qualification, and when
the Government was held to be designed
to subserve the interests of the people and
not merely the interests of the leaders of
the Red Lodge Clique.
1 1 quires
, paper
10 quires
Total .
' Fee. bill :
6 quirea
6 "
1 40 quires
4 " '
3 " .
0 .
Total " v
, Practice
quire .,
' Total :'V
Notice .
i' 4J quire r;K
4 .
. 2,75
Am'l allul.
' 3,00
6,50 .
' 6,00
, 1,00
.9303,00 9252,1
Thus it will be seen that out of a bill of
mx. , $303 ; &
'' presented to the Commissioners, but
-was allowed them making a difference in
one Ml of only : . ; - ; - .
; $50,89!!
Now if the editors of the Eagle really
considered it dishonest to present an ac
' oount which contained an error of 85,
which we deny baring done, what is their
Potutovs. :.
The indications everywhere afford, a
prospect of a tumble in the price of pota
toes. They are now selling on slnpboard
at Boston for 75 cents a bushel, though
the hucksters about the streets are tiying
to get 91,25. They are coming in great
quantities from Novia Scotia, since the
Reciprocity treaty went into operation. In
Detroit they have come in from the coun
try and from Canada in large quantities,
And prices have declined there to 75 cents
a bushel. In this city the price of pota
toes is still kept up, but as they come
down elsewhere a like result must follow
here. There is no doubt that the extreme
rates now prevailing aret more the effect
of speculation Miun of real scarcity of the
of Lake Superior, and north of Lake Mich-
gan and Wisconsin, which now composes
a part of Michigan. It is entirely sepa
rated from it by Late Huron and Michi
gan, and baa no toatttral connection ' with
the rest of that State". It la the seat of the
great mineral wealth of tho nation. Its
mines of copper and iron are unsurpassed
by any in tbe world.' It has been the do
sire of the inhabitants to sever their polit
ical connection with Michigan, as their in
terests were diverse, and they were so far
distant from Ue capital and business por
tion of the State. . Michigan has hereto
fore refused to grant their request, but it
seems sober second thought has brought
an assent..
Two years ago Wisconsin passed an act
granting the northern part of its territory
to the proposed State of Superior. . The
proposed northern boundary of Wisconsin,
and southern line of Superior, extends
from the Mississippi at the mouth of the
Chippewa river; up this last named river
until it strikes the United States Correction
Line between towns 30 and 31, and then
following thatline east to Green Bay, which
it intersects near the mouth of the Brule
river of Green Bay. This would throw all
the country on the St. Croix into the pro
posed new State a fine agricultural re
gion, which would find ita account in be
ing connected politically with Superior.
The lerritory from Wisconsin and from
Michigan will form the future State of Su
perior. It will extend from the western
point of Lake Superior, embracing all the
south shore thereof, to the St: Mary's riv
er, and the northern portions of Lake Hu
ron and Michigan, . The "Saul" will be
on its eastern border, and the great mines
of copper and iron will be on its northern
line. Its western boundary will be the St. 1
Croix river. It is destined to be one of
the most interesting, weakhy, and impor
tant portions of the Union.
The States of Michigan and Wisconsin
being agreed to this arrangement, Con
gress, by virtue of the power vested in it
by th 3d section of the 4th article of the
Constitution, has authority to erect it into
territory or to admit it, at once, as a
State. There may perhaps be some ob
jection on the part of the slaveholding in
terest to this arrangement; but we trust
better counsels will prevail. Where move
meutsof this kiud are made obviously for
political ends, we should not feel disposed
to extend to them our countenance. But
this claim has great merits, per se, and
should be treated fairly, We trust there
is liereafiei to be a North, not for the pur
pose of aggression, or injustice, but for the
purpose of doing exact justice, without re
gard to sectional lines. -
The Mitmettotian, after closing the de
tails of this proposition, soars off into (he
realms of fancy, and apostrophises thus el
oquently: "Then hail! all hail, to the coming new
State of Superior; and hail the State of
Dacotah, which, west of the Big Sioux
and of the Red Rivur of the North, and
with its center in the glorious valley of the
River Jacques, shall bound Minnesota on
the West; and hail to another sovereign
community still beyond in the fertile val
leys of the Black feet, (the bitsekah,) B
nnJst the spurs of tho Rocky Mountains.
; And onward, westward (till be thy
march, great Star of Empire! Let State
rank upon btate, until from the Atlantic to
the Pacific, there shall be one unbroken
line of enlightened empires, where the
school house and the church spire are the
land-marks of progress, where freo indus
try meots respect and reward and all the
comforts of life abound; where legislation
is pure and unbought, and all men are se
cured in the proper enjoyment of 'life, lib-
rig and the pursuit of happiness.
ernor, air. uerriweainer, and tne last
mnils brought to Washington a petition,
signed by the people of New Mexico, de
manding his removal. , -
' A State Fair t be Held.
We learn direct from Columbus, .that
the Bute Board of Agriculture, which has
just been in nession, have resolved to hold
a State Fair the coming fall, as usual. The
Railroads have guaranteed the same facil-
ties as heretofore. It will be held at Co
lumbus on the 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st
of September next, on the beautiful ground
of M. L. Sullivar.t, Esq., being the same
that was occupied in 1852. Columbus
has alreadv subscribed 93,000, and thus
the matter is at last definitely settled. 1
Hon. Wk. II. Gibson, of Senaca county,
has been named with much commenda
tion, as a candidate for Treasurer of State.
Mr. Gibson is well known as an able law
yer and a fine financier. ' He was on the
State ticket two years ago aa a candidate
for Attorney General of State. He would
give great strength to the ticket, and make
as good a State Treasurer as the people 01
Ohio can obtain.
JtSTln a late speech at Winchester Mr.
Wise said that he had spoken 180 hours in
this campaign, and he was confident be
would be elected by at least 12,000 ma
jority. The opposition papers are just as
confident that he will be beaten from 20.
000 to 40,000 majority. SomeboJy is des
tiued to be disappointed.
. Laaratler ntsrlsria.
Gaxetti Orwcx, May 10. 1865. Our
quotations this morning are as follows:
wheat, 2,00. Hour, 9,60 per barrel;
Grn. 66; Rve, 90; Oats, 40 els; Clover-
eed 6,60; Timothy seed, 3a4,00; Pota
toes, 1,60, Max seed. cal.OO; gut
ter. 12al6c Ez-rs, 6 cents. Salt, 2.60
Beans, t,W; ttoeps. At&ec: unee,
13al6c; Tea, 60val00; Uolassrs, 40
a37c; Vinegar, 18a26c; Tobaeco, 18a25c;
Hay. 11,00a! 2,00. Tallow 10 per brl.
Whisky, 39c.
New York Hrliei.
5tw Yohk. May 7 P. M. Cotton is
slifier, but not quoab!y higher. Sale of
8.000 bales at J Oo for Orleans Middling.
Flour is 6 to 12o better, with a good de
mand; the sale comprise 10,000 brlsal
910,12aI0,31 tor common to goot Ubio,
and I0,62al 1,37 for Southern. Wheat is
firm, with sales of Southern White at 2,55
and V lute Hichtran si Z,o3. Lorn is un
changed and firm, with sales of 23,000
bushels mixed Westers at 1,15. Pork is
HXKcUaar taooi.
hShafmUJfm tlk, IXmm Tmaf Mtmmt
am4 S-'f Uittt,
"f 1 1 1 mi keadv mads cutrnisa, to-
111 falWwilh u fc9tc olartioa W CMI, CuW
JjL mwh ffUmft. AH of whir kM.Mflet-
WftPU um4 UmU 94 Uta community.
Ilia Ung tiwrtrne IB UiU bruth vTbailMw, U s
wo imnM Hut til Mok Mtm tS ;kulaMl wU
MMt v.rtvty, M4 ki HRtut BM Ihnhi mcr d K.11, tort
toriM UsllM iwmU aiia. LOWfcST ruarilJnUt tUi
Tlx mMIc f wpBrtfaUr nqmt4 to !1 bq4
lil kMoruswu. U.kMiMau4s rXMnl
ICVHtl Will,
AaS 1 at ill tmi fnptrmA lMmniadU kls U
frieBX,lliir wllb an I)M artlrU af itoadi aiarfa
11 bawl auUflal aaol kr naat aMiBliikae workaaii,
any nl afariaan. FOat MKX ASBBOTS, la Ua
MMtaa ataal laaatnaawa auanar. Ha laaoaaaaat, la
Vat, raapact. thai ha aa ! aaaaral aaitafaaUaa.
HU aaaortasaat a Brataa a Raaanl nntf a
Uaaa Caata, VaMlnfa, Suapaaaata,
Draaa f VaMalaaoa. Hoalarr.
tMk da Cnnu, Daaarahlrbk
; ' or T-.ia
0a taa am day f Jnwj 1S3J, M raanlrA If
tkast l Iks l isUtwaj i Qkia, i AUy Uu
saaaj af ! Compaar h Un Star Inaaraaaa)
Cuaia kWh iaua4 la ls4, W.a at
OaJratlHtrfh, kw tark, wiia Cai'itot a una. af
mMiMjcu, alb a. kaia1 aa.
Tka Aaaata wt UM Cva.jMU.jr aaaatal af kaa (altov
laa; ikaaMt
in. Cart a kaa4 aad Is Iraataikataa,
14. !laaal aalata awaa kf laa Don Bar
M. Uv4 aiS itarlrcf aa va faal aauw,b
lf AM Man. o ahich inl lavro
thaa fl0u.ua) U I apoa araaant
mn aatiaia laa ibbi to iuu im
aarwf a4 .
Ivalila aaj atari taaB
Carpat-bara, ar wlik n aihar artlelaa anall
upi n a uaiHinn . r iiaiwuf aaara. BBU
tuiad la Ua (Mat faafcloaaUa laa.
Hbaabaaa purchdaul araall-aaUMUhaal haaaaa In
tka Caatar cftlaa. wA mil Waiaoaana, to ha au4a af
foot saBtarial aad In a daraWa n. aai.tr.
Ha raapaetfally tnaltaa hia I4 castsaian and athara
to call at bla saw aatabllakmain, whtra ha ail) at all
tlmaa ba raadr to wait npoa thaa with aaoa aaaaa .
til laaan tuia. T taat kit prottlaaa, ha uka a
4th. Billa raaaivi
Sih, OSIaa fn.)Utra, (oltiaa laiaiakaD)
aia. iiarBaiaBa.Wwia, ratuataaa
tlk. Outataanliaa araailaaaa
Sih. BaUata la Aal ku.a, aa bf aakaawB
lie o
' 43
lAal AS
, . .., 1 ' , , .,.n 1 1 '"latu.ii.ifhUaUwk ialrtaa a4laTle ana quai-' loaa many
in good demand. With Sales of 1,400 brls liaafklaiuanafanura. T. TOXG. Tk. d.i
at 16,60 for old Mesa. Beef and Lard are
unchanged, and prices firm. Ban is
higher, with sales of Sides at 8s84e and
Hams at 9 a 10c. Ohio Whisky is held
at 40i:, but without sales. Sales of 2,000
brls Orleans Molasses at 29a31c. Linseed
Oil 8?Jc, and firm.
Money is unchanged. Stocks are rath
er better. Erie, 49; Cleveland and Toledo,
78; and Reading. 86. .
rriHB i
I Aalai
Wan Ha
HE uaderalre will at II, at puljlle autUoa on
araaa, iaa iw.iarv jtm. M.u. ir. sxtuair
iouaa, in tka city of Laiicattar. Ohio, batwaan
th hour, of 10 o'clock. A. M., and 4 o'clo. k. P. M. of
aid day. the following prapartjr : S Reaplpa; mafhlnaa.
which wara cuola;aad to aa, b; Meaara. Ball a Pat
aoii4. aaara than ana ya.ir patt, aald propart) to ha
aold, t o par charroa and azpenMa.
Lancaataf.May 1C, IfJS 1
THE andaralgned, haln rerontl; (ttril op roooa
in Marttn'a row, Immdibtcl) under tba Ohio
Uacaatar, Si) S, 10M.
Q.PEX TO LA ItC ASTER-Two datl) Train (Sob
' day axcfid;
raii.a laa CIlcIsmU at A.hf. and S W I. M4 ar
rWlaf at Uacaatar a 4 40 P. M. and t Si P. M.
Traina laaaa La a caatar at i So A.M. and 10 IS A. II.:
srrWIaa; at Cincinnati at 11 SO A- M. and A 4S P. M.
Traina will napforniaaanraraa follow: AtAnunda,
Stc-i'.'a. Ciraa.tla, WiUiaaaaport, Poar Crcara, Xaw
Hijacd, WaalitttKtaa. HaUlaanaka.aabtBa.CroaaBoad,
willialottoo.bllto.tuniwllia ad Morrow
Tba aoaa paay awaa aa bank a thaf araaljlax
toitai a-ijuaua aaa aua
loaaaa adjaavad aa4 aat da lSS OS
aaaaaaMtaaapaaaw watuna lurtMl Baaof,
taataa rauatad hi th Caaiaaaa aa la aaat.
panaa MS fS
Thara ara aa atkar dalm aaXaat tttls CagBfaaf aa
aaptalaw amall lumaafa&paia.
Tkayraauat aunt ukaa U any aaa rlak I eMCOt IM
Coinpauy baa ua ruia in ragard tv tba aaauiit ta ba
taaarad ia any aaa City, Taaa ar VU,aai in raajad
ta tba a woant allowed to ba Inaurad in any ana biinrk.
waroia ajlrnr aMtauani-a eMjaaaiDf avw uaat a
any uua ira.
Ciiartar L tha aaata aa waa aartHad Bb4 OlaJ lat
thaoAW af tka Aauimr l obM, at li laal raponaf
thia Ciuwt. U. ti. FOOTS, NacraUry.
aVtara er aar Yi(, St. bawranaa euuBty, aa.
Oa tbi 1Kb day uf January. lti, Hrorj U. PuoU,
Sairaurj U UiaStar Inaarabaa aawpany appaarad bar
fora bi, akd balbi duly aoru, did daH.aaihd aa) that
ha ia aucb acratary, and that tha feragvliif- vwu-aiaj.t
aubacriked Ata, 1 traa accord nc la tka boat afkla
ksoa ladra akd k.li.f. K. W at H a, Jaatica al Paac
bTanvr Vbw Vans, St. LawraM.aeaaty,aa.
I.baanjra a. WinOoar, Clark af tba Caality afef
aald, tax aSUvr kaau.f ciiarja by tba lawa a aald Suta
vf tka ffacarda af daad Bad aaartf ag aa of aald ecmal) ,
do haraby cartiry that tha Star Inaurabca twtapany of
Ogdenabararh Jildai.d la iMraar af tha aana Btortaaf
a aad (or tha aaaw aura a f aaancy aa euactaWd hi my
furmarcartiScata, aoder data af AngaatS. Ir-M, aiad
Slad la tha vdca af tha Auditor of Uia SUM af Ohio,
TLTi.r.i'J:7:lt ItuZ' ... flBBinubar.d real aetata ta aald ccauty. that It I
X?":??,.?' "V?,"? paaaea.d of not teaa Uai, on hundred thauaand dot-
haele Prinlinc Ofllce, and one door north of tha Poat
Omca. moat reapecifulty Invite naliltc attaotlon to
theiraxtaiiaive snd wellaelertad atock of Caarciaa
mrits. conatati:ir of eaadtea of their own manufacture.
wuicu may win tell at wnoiaaaie ana reiall nricea.
Lrnaa,, Oraacca, S i(a,Kaieoaie.lailra,
Ural Uitalitr Catawba Wiae aaat Ale,
Tokacca, Cigara, eVc., aVe. conatantly kept i turned to the Cooductoror Ajrnt. aad frelrht paid at
uie ruie oi a paaaage loraTcry ydwia TBiue aoore tiial
train oa tha little Mlaaa Road for Colambua.
Lioaa of ataaaa will run between La u caatar andLo
fran, Nelaonvilla, Athena. Pomaroy, Someraat and
ZaueeTllla. aoBBectlnr with tka rAomlng train froa
aad eaealnf train to CtoctnoaM.
Pataita leafing Laacaater Is tba morntcf train ar
rive at Indieaapoli the earne aveatng.
IkroufuUcliauu. Cincinnati : t : t i TO
" " Iadianapolie : : t : 7 So
For ethar information and lickeia, apply at Ticket Of
flee, corner of Broadway and Frontatraaut, and at tba
tattle Miami IMpot, ar to the siatUia Areuu on the Hue.
Kflritieerejid Sumrrintendent.
)L'rl he Company will not be raapooaible for baa;
PowDEtt MitL ExPLOsiosi.-The Haycock
powder mills near Doy lestown, Pennsylva
nia, exploded, and blew the building and
the appurtonences thereto belonging . sky
high, The chimney took fire and burnt
furiously, throwing out burning soot upon
liw' roof. -'At first the men thought they
would procure buckets of water and ' wet
the shingles so that they would not ignite,
but upon reflection, concluded that this
was a dangerous experiment and abandon
ed it. They made their escape as fast as
possible In a short time a spark fell
through the shingles, and upon a heap of
four tons of powder. The explosion was
instantaneous and terrible. Fortunately
all the workmen, by using their legs to
good purpose, escaped injury.
, Chisck Buo. The Lynohburg Virgin
ian of the 1st, says oompluints are being
made in 'Albemarle oouhty, that the chinch
bug is more abundant than ever, and fears
are entertained that it will destroy the
wheat and other orops, We also have
very gloomy accounts from the oounties
of Amherst, Nelson and Appomattox, of
tbe wheat eiop, "owing to tho great preva
lence of this destructive inseot,
The Improvement of tub Drsmojnbb.
The Keokuk Gate City says, the contracts
for the great works on the river Pesmoines
are to b let on the first of May, The locks
are to be 46 feet wide by 900 feet long.
Tho dams are to be from 700 to 800 feet
long and feet high. . ' There are 19 dams
between tho mouth and Fort Pesraoinas,
rhe distance being abmit 200 njilcj, ! ,.
A Good Hit. One of the chief charges
against tho Know Nothings or American
party, made by the opposition, is that
they meet in secret. Mr. Patton.the can
didate for Attorney General in Virginia,
says: :
: "The American pnrty choose to bold
their meetings in secret, as the Whigs and
Democrats have been and are in the habit
ol holding se:ret caucuses by night or day.
This party enter, it is said', into ' mutual
obligations as to their party action; no
matter what is their form, thev can't be
held more binding than the Democrats
claim to hold the implied obligations of
their party. A violation of them, by dis
obeying the behest of the party or quit
ting it, ia followed by the most vehement
denunciation, while the American party, as
I understand, allows every man to go out
L . I l- - . I I.
OKlie party wnen lie plunges, anu ins oon
'iitions nre at once al an end without de
nunciation, With the Democratic party it
does' not seem tqba so, for although no
pledge is registered, no man who acts with
them can dare to defy their behest or dis
sent from their, decrees, If he does, off
with hia head, So much for Buckingham,
The freedom of thought and opinion which
they allow at this day is happily illustrated
in an anecdote which is' told of one of Na
poleon's Marshals, . when Napoleon was a
candidate fur the first Consulship for life.
Il was to be determined by universal suff
rage. Marshal Augereau . addressed his
division in the following words: 'Soldiers,
there is an election to-day, to determine
whether Napoleon shall be consul for life.
It is to be a matter of the free choice of the
people; you . will march to the polls and
vote just as you think proper but if you
vote against Napoleon, I will shoot you as
soon as yon come back.' " . ' .
Tbe bounty land applications now num
ber ODehuodred and tbirtoea thsu.sand.and
ar still cdminy n. k ; . .
ati7"The Dubuque Observer states tl at
Cholera has made its appearnce upon the
Upper Mississippi, one boat having buried
seven passengers betwecu Keokuk and
Dubuque. There were seventeen cases;
so says the St. Louis Intelligencer on an
other boat in running from that city to
Thomas Bayly, of Maryland, who late
ly, attempted to commit suicide in N. T.
is believed to be deranged, and has been
sent to the Lunatic Asvlura. The state
ments that have heretofore appeared n re
littion to Bayly's losing 1 100,000 at faro
are said to be unfounded. The chief cause
of his lunacy arises from the refusal of a
young lady's hand in marriage, to whom
ho was fondly attached.
We learn from the Griffin (Geo.) Union
that the locusts have made their appear
ance In that region - within the last few
days. From the vast number with which
the forests are infested, there is reason to
fear something like one of the plagues that
was visited upon Egypt in olden limes.
They seem disposed to devour all vegeta
ble life that falls in their way.
It is stated that in Polk county, Ga.,
there is such a scarcity of provisions that
many of the families in the neighborhood
are almost starving. The same is the
case in Floyd county, where a public meet
ing has been called to adopt measures of
relief. Tho partial failures of grain crops
for a year or two, the increase of the prices
of provisions, and the stoppage of many
grist mills arc noted Among the causes of
this distress.
In New Hampshire, recently, a man
was indicted for selling liquor.but the jury
acquitted him becnuso the prosecuting wit
ness testified that he purchased and drank
the rum in order to have the seller prose
cuted. The jury, under te directions of
the Court, discredited bis testimony, and
did right.
D. C. Bloomer, and lady, have made
their future home nt Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Mr. Bloomer will open a law office, and at
tend to land agency business. His ' wife
still sports her short dresses. There are
several who follow that same fashion
just across the Missouri river, among the
Omahas. ' .
on hand.
We are alao Ailing up In fine itylefor a Ladlra Sum
mer Saloon, the rooiue formerly orcupicd by lir. Kiae,
wbrre the refrethmanta nf the aeaaon will be in rvadl-
neaal all hour,. HtNLY ot LA1IAUAI :CH.
pril 18, ISA 5o.4fl t-f.
ajre exceeding S6U in value, unleaa tha aama be re
amount. april SS, Wis.
j Ohio F.axlo and Hneklnc Sentinel copy. Ineertla
I place of old ad verUeenicot.
No. li, F.nt Foarth Street, Cincinnati, O.
RESPECTFULLY Inform tiielrcuatomereend pur-
chaeort ronerally, that they are now opsatuc an
externum and complete aaaortment of
2 1& "S s or 2 9
? aSSi CP J? L sr C2 3
Imports a direct from Manof.rturvirt to Eurof, and
turcbu'd al auction In Now York, which euiltt m
lo otf"r our good thin lasson al sboul fcrntlern Impor-
Itsrsand Muuuit lurr pnct)
Tbornughly aeaaoned .from 3 to 34 feet 'n width; a larra
atock alwaya on nano.
Familica. Holul Koenen. Steamboat owner Bad
atranarera may depend upon Sndiutr tlia beat claaa of
Koudaln our line at prlrea at low natriey ran be pur-
chaaed In tne rnulura citiaa. Marcs , iiua-jnieo
Statement af tbe eoaelitlan of Fairfield
County Saving Inatltnte,
Kotea and Bills Discounted
Eaalern Depoaita t
Hue from other Bank
Perannal Pru party :
Siiapeudld Debt : t
Ciuli I I It
.S74 04
H.I75 58
I 4.I6S 68
: sue oo
I 10.699 IS
: 38.633JS
tl3.Sl S3
CnpttntStnclr : :
Surplus Fund : :
Due toother Banks :
IHvideurta unpaid :
Due Depositor t
lu.iieu uu
11.C03 01
l.OSO 57
193 0
1CS.133 Si
139.9S1 C3
JOHN C. WEAVER, fresldai.l.
A. t. WOHTHIXGT05, Caabiar.
Groceries, Qneenkwarc, II ata, Caps,
WOULD respectrully invite the attention of every
body to their largo and well aaaorted atock. of
which have been selected Willi Care, and will be sold
at the lowost cili prices- May 3, 1M1-44
(eccccasona to)
DBtB ia
Kevr Warehouse, Jaactioa of Rail Road
aad Hocking Valier CaaaU
WE are prepared to handle Goods of all descrip
tions at tbe lowest possible rates and with tbe
ntuiust deiualch. (mmrk OfdemrtmJejrrit9, H'dtr
f.'e., i.eacafsr, oete.y All uooaa eoostffneo to aa
shall receive proioptatuntlon, dt if for tranahlpmanl
will be forwarded the qulckaat aud by tlie eheapeet
poaaible mode. By strict attention ta buaineaa we
hope to receive an J merit the rietronas-e of th- publla.
February 2S,lii. Jtrr Kits, WOOD 4t CO.
Wauted Immediately, M,000 basis. Cora,
" 80.030 Wheat,
ferwlfcl warf.7aay Itr ti'iaar eaartal price ra aaa.
TT AV1KG ettabllahed ourselves In tha prod oca bu
I I aiueaa. Farmer can at all time aall ua all kinds
of Grain for the caah at market price. Another ob
ject, wa ean aelajiyour entire load at one draught and
unload witb hair tne time of any other wnarebousem
Leucaeter. Aa oar plan Is entirely new. to ell we In
vite inveatirsuon. JEFFRIES, WOOD Of CO.
Lancaaicr. rerbrnsry xz, iwia -n
lara ao invealad af the -aiaaa ataiad la say said former
aertiftcaw wait: double Uiaauas iaorta;aa;ed aad aw-
cared, aaa taat the aama ara la aa way aaetf ne ar tar
raabarad a by the roaoroaof tills a Baa appaare. -
lu witbeas waareot, Bare Berate eat mj
v. a. band aad aaiad tie Seal af aald eaaaiy,
tkbiSta da af January. I?J.
O. S. IXMLOW, Clark.
tmataah.) ' '.
(Ta araaVaea (aaJlat day af , ISSt )
SraiB or Ottiu, AtD.Taa aa Svara's Oirtca,
Cotkasv. February 88, IfSS.
WnaBBae. The Star lueuxanoa Couiny located at
Oj-doaeburjb, ia the State ol ! s'erk, aaa Sled la
thia office a eanru statement of lacoaditiou, aa racjalr
ed by the Srst aectioa of the Art to reratata Ua
Agenciea of Inaaranca Coropanle not incorporated by
the Male of Ohio," paaaed ay 1, iei4:
Aaa Wata. Said Company baa furnished tba a
derat;ucd.aatiafactory avidance that U ia poaaeaaed of
at luaal unebuadred taouaand dollare of actual capital
invested ia slocks of al leaet par value, r In voudaer
morlsracea of uaincurubered real cauto worth eWubla
the aaiouM for which lha aaina ismorrarrd.
Aan t'nBBaaa. Said Cowipany ha died la thlsafScw
a a ritten Instrument, under its corporate seal, elgned
b tba President and Secretary thereof jtoaafnatlnf an4
appointing-WILUAM F. CKKKD, vf Lascsatar, iuA
(antforthe tranaaeuon of the bustueaa of lneuraaee,
and fully dt uiireaervctlly authorising hia toackaowl
edpar'traaipriceaaiori:a on bebaitoTsata compa
ny, cwnacntlLf tbataervlee of ptocees apoo him, the
aald Act ut, aiiall ba uken end bald lobe aa valid aalf
servod upou In company, according lo Uie leweoflble
State, or of any ether State, and waring all claim vf
error by reaaou of aucb aerate.
Now, TsBBBrcBB, In purauance of tha Irat aertloB of
the act to regulate tbe Agenda of luauraaca Compa
nies not incorporated by lb Suta sf Oble," parsed
May 1, leS4, 1, Wu-i.ua D. Koau.a, Auditor of aald
Stale, do hereby certify, that lb aald Vt lLLlAMF.
CttED ia authorized e an Agaat for the aald compa
ny, to transact tbe business of Insurance, la tbi
Slate, until tha thirty-Oral day of July, la U year
One thonaasd eight hundred and Sfly-Sve, o far aa ba
may be legally empowered eo to do by bla lurufap
fioiutmenJld tba instruction which may be given ta
im by the aald company.
la Wtiaaaa Wnutor, 1 have herawnto nberibd
my nam, aad cauaed tbe seal of my ufile
to bo adBxed, tbiaSStb day of February.
a. . tba year of our Lard ana thousand eight
orea aaa Bity-nv.
May t, 1BJ 3wM
. D. MOROAXriedltor
Peacock's Improyed Steel Plow,
Warantett ta all respects equal aad ia
some So. perior to an f other bow ia ae.
rUHlS factory baa b Jen In one ration daring tbe taat
I 33 year, but for th laal few year their atten
tion baa been Riven particularly lo tbe Improvement
or the steel Mold-uoarfl flow, any amount ol acti
nia, Diploma dec. ean be ahown,but w rely more on
tha report of farmer from different part of tbe
country, where ihey hare been In competition with
other popular Flow, than w do on their betog jvdg
ed by aightoreven a slight trial ata fair.
A tara-e aeaonmenlof the different slteseonstantly
on band, which can bo tees al our warehouaeorby en
quiry atour Book fitor 45 Main St., W bite's Block.
very now aoiu by as is warrantee..
Feb., 1855. JEFFRIES, WOOD a Co.
Of tka aemi-Aaaaal Btatrment af tbe af
fair aad coaditioa f tke Home Iao
ranee Compaar of the City af New York
oa the 30th day of December, ISM.
Balance of Aaaet on 3Utb Job
last aa per exhibit Mtbal ilawSTitXT 8S
Suldact to suudry loaaea than
auadjualed and eafimated at
4V.SU 94. portion vt which
baa been pain.
Deduct aecoad dividend declar
ed Ulh July, per cent dt.tvwW
i $tun m
Amownt ef praalam on
policiea Uaued during
tbe lat all month fVU.WO fcj
Laaareturu prewlsm oa (
cauceuea puuictee ana
ra-uiaur.ca I.7SV .s
Main Street, Snd door East of Cly's Hotel,
Lancaster, May S, 1855 5H
A certain western villnge passed an or
dinance forbidding taverns to soil liquor on
the Sabbath, to any person except travel
ers. The next Sunday every man in town
was seen walking around with a vslise in
one hand and two saddle bags in the oth
er. '
It is more than probable that the allies
will abandon the siege, and withdraw if
they can from the Crimea. English pa
pers do not hesitate to give their opinion,
that the siege will be raised and the allies
forced to retire ingloriously from the seat
of war. ,
The authorities of Pittsburgh are rigid
ly enforcing the ordinanoe relating to the
weight of the loaves of bread. No less
than five bakers suffered the penalty of the
law in single day.
It is rumored that Hon. Willis A. Gor
man Governor of Minnesota, has been re
moved for speculations in publio lands held
to be incompatible with his official station.
The acts of Legislature which Missou
rians have just elected in Kansas, will be
of no binding forco until ratified by Con
gress which will never be.
The gross receipts Into the U. S. Treas
ury for the quarter ending April 1st, were
914,766,000. TheloUl expenditures were
15,572.000. . ,. . , -, ; '
; Judge Lampkin, of Georgia,, peremp
torily declines the Judgeship of tbe Gou,rt
of Claims in "rYjwblngton.
Sale of Market Mails.
TT0T1CK Is hereby given, that I will offer al p
l auction, in thu Market House of the City of
cuater. on Su.rrfu. tkt I2( daw tf Afav. 1835. between
the hours ofSoVlock A.M. aud 10 o'clock A. M., of
aid day .the Stalls In suid Market House for rentdurlng
the ensuing yoar. to be paid In cash at tha time of the
ale: those In the Northern Division to be sold at not
leas than till, nd those In the south Divwon at not
loss than S7 per annum.
8)ril IV, CHAMWCU A. n.Anv,
WTT CT nnnnait nn Ualn fit Ft ft nnrt flQ
poilte Reber, Kuti . Co1 Dry 6ood
8 tore conaifttiiif of
all of which will be sold low at wholesale
and retail. Merchant snd the public are
respectfully aollcited to call and examine
tnv atiwlr.lt la ful land aelected.
Window Glass almost all slr.es from T to ( up to 30
by 4(1. WILLI Jil blfcWAKl.
Lancaster, aprll 13, l5o IS
Flour, Bacon, Flna, Salt,Tar, Cardatre,
Twines, Glannwarn, Stoma dc Wed
en Wares, Tabaecoa, Snnf fa, Ci
gn.ru, Dye Stntfa, Frnlta, Ka.
tioian cVc, eVe.
ONE door west of Exchange Bank of Martin & Co.
Main street Lancaster, Ohio, Invites the atten
tion nrthe the cltiaeiia of Fairfield and adjoinliia; coun
ties, to hiseitensiv stock onhand. Ha la prepared
t uii from the ehlld'a cent to the remleman'a ten
thousand dollars, and let itbe understood that ho don't
tetany housu under sell him.
P. 8. Havlns; taken the ahop soulh of the Market
house, and stockod it with every variety of Groceries,
Provisions dec, an orwnicn win dosoiu bi me same
prices, as those at bis Muln street shop. He would
say to the Fanners that In due ssnson be will be pro
pared lo supply thorn wllhall kinds of!akoh. . i
Urine on your llucon or money, or one years credit
to those that wish to open an account.
Lancaster, March St, lesj-Smttt,
At Keber eV K"tn'a Old Stand. Main Strcet,Lancaster.
RESPECTFULLY solicit the atteutlon of all that
nay want Grocerio. to their new and large atock
on liand.onibrnrlnrlnparl the following artlclos:
JAVA and RIO COFFEE, Youns: Hyaou, Imperial,
Black and Gunpowder TEAS; Now Orleans SUGAR,
crushed, loaf and pulverUedi Golden Syrup, Sugar
House Syrup, Sam Orleans Molasses: Rice, Oranges,
Lemons, Figs, Kaisina, Almonds, alberta, Sugsr cur
ed HAMS; Dried Beef; Bologna Ssusage'.cheesoCloves,
spices. Soaps; Dye Stufta; Candle, Tubs, Bucket,
VV'aah Boards, Broom, drc.
Also. Sue lot of CHEWI3G TOBACCO, Smoking
Tobacco, Foreign and Domestic Liquor,Notlon. die.
Wa feel assured that all who may favor as with
call will not go away dtasatlsfled with our price aval
Iflhev should not ba Induced to buv.
wJaBa''"')w f. B. Ina fw days we will hv LAKE
mLriKH of all kinds.
!(. B. COUNTRY PRODUCE taken In ax-change for
Groceries. PEKKY flt M1LLKK,
U.caater. April S.1P5S-4S
HAVI.VG removed their Store 3 door
Woatoftbo Hocking Valley Bank,
wnere tney ar now receiving toeir
Snirlnr Stack of BootnaV Shoes
wbich cannot ba excelled in price, beauty of style and
workmanship. We are also manufacturing Boot and
Shoesto order on th shortest notice. Giv as a enll
and you will satisfy ynurselveatbatour aaleaman, Mr.
Crook, who ha aelected oar nock El with great
care, will giv undoubted satisfaction to Ladia and
Genueinen who will favor him witb a call.
Lancaater,pril , 1641 SO
Amount of interest accru
ed and earned far sis,
months from drst July
tpfirat January
SS.40S S
' DUbnrwmrBtB.
A mount of losaes paid d using la
past six months 141.93 ug
Amount paid for expanses. In
eluding comulaaioiia lo age ma 41.45S St
Amouut of taae paid durlna;
lb year 4.ST1 47
fM7.;4 IS
A Teaohsr Wantes,
TO Instruct th eolor4 yorjlb of lb cily f Lbdcu
tar. ApplloatlM may ba mada to
.. . J04JJI WIIXIAMS, flop's.
. of fubiic fcboolr.
ttartifcr', April J, W4li
nMt ss
Aasets. treses 1
Cash, balance In Bank K.IM 1H
Bond and Mortgage, (baltur
Srat lain on keel Eatatai 44T.S0S SO -Loan
on stock (uayabla aa
demand) 1U.M0 S
Real Estate Ko Street
(tba omc) S.Ut SI
Sole received for Prcmlapx on
Inland rlak U.t9 ST '
Offic Puruitur and procJ .
electa ' tDSOS
Interest dua and unpaid tuJsnt-. . ,
uary Drat 14J7S t
Banclii hand earit Bad
in course of Imaenjiesiua from
areata St.SP If "
Premium due and uneollectad
an Policies Maued at otwee 1.790 (0 - .
Tout T.J7e ST
Mnkilitiea. ' ,
Amount of loasoi Incurred aard process of
adiustmeut K.1M M
Amount of loss reported on which no
action ha beea laXoa li.0.9 49
Amount of eUliu fur loaaea r slat ad by .
lb compai.y ... t.CtM) M
Signed ' a;4.iT30 88
CHARLES ). MARTIM, Vie President
Kw York, Feb. le. A. P. VMi.LMAKTH,6ec-y. '
Srars or ft aw Yoaa, City of Sew York.sa.
Charles J. Martin, Vice Preaideut, and Arthur P.
v'lllmarth, Kecrtstary f tb Howe laauraoce Compa
ny, beingaeverally aaoru, do depose aad aay that Uie
foregoing statement of the aauiraaod condition of aald
company i correct and true.
Sit-ucd CHARLES J. MARTIX, V. Prealdent.
ARTHUR P. YV 1L1.M A KTH, Secretary
Taken, subecrtbed and aworu to before me thia 94llt
day of February, A. 1. 1Soq Signed
Commissioner In Kaw York for tba State ofObto
(To expire os tbe list day of July, less
Siaic Onto, AcniToa or Ststb's Orrtrt,
;('LCHBca, April IS, IP&j.
V'hBBBaa, The Horn Infturanc Company, located
at New York City in the Stale of New York, ha lied
lu this otile sworn statement of Its condition, a re
quired by fie Srst section of to "Art lo regulate tba
agencies of Inaureuco Companie not Incorporated
by tbe Slate of Ohio." paaaed May 1, IMS:
Aaa W sebba, Saldeouipauy haafurntahed th nn
dersigned, satisfactory evidence that it la poteeaeed ot
(leFFEK, Tens, AVe A flne lot ef Rio and ! Invesud iustorka oral Icaat par value, or In bonds
j Java Coffee, Young Hvaon and Imperial Tea; New I mortgagee of unincumbered real esuta worth doubts
Orleans Sugar, crushed and pulverised; do.; New Or 1 tbe amount for which the aaoie ia mortgaged!
THE Stockholders la the Carroll Mill Company ere
ootiSed to convene at Carroll on raeeday r lit a
in ef Mil arzl.at 10 o'clock a.m. to elect FIVE of
their number to direct the affair of the Company,
for the term specified, lo the act regulating manufac-
turlnc companie. HENRY SCHWARTZ,
Carroll, april VZ?r4w Corporator,
FtXGLlSH, Dairy and Granville Cbeejae for sal by
j .prills, 1844 WM. GIAM.
THRESH arrival of Flab, Mackerel, Whit and Salt
B rtanioraaie oy
Leuicuter, april 19, 18S3
DRTCnPeachesand Apples, just receiv
ed and fur ale by W 1LL1AM GIAM.
CirGAHCnred Dryeel Beet, Bologna Su
sages and Beef Tonguos for sal by
Laucaater, Aprll 12, leSS lu49 . WM. GIASI.
Q.H ANGES and Lemons, sSnolot Just re
' ceived and for sale by whole boxes and retail by
ancstr, April 18, ISM lm4 WM. GIAM.
TTtl.IAK Tlacarwal. Soda and Butter Crack'
I era; large fresh Raisins In quarter, half and whole
boxos: fresh Figs, French and German Prunes, At
mouda.Engliab Walnuts, rVanula allow price by
Lancaster, april 14, 16S3 lm4tf WM. G1ANI.
loan Molasses; Star Candle and all kinds of Family
Groceries In erery description oy
Lucaater, april 1: , iKUim4S
aptAN VIES. A larg and tnperflns stock taf u
wy kind of Cndles, wholesslesnd retail bv
Lnoater, april IS, 18SS lm49 WM. GIANI.
WOO Dan a Willow Wars, such aa Bowls,
Tubs, larg lot of Work aud Fancy Bsakcta,
vv orxstanda, Carrlsga. die. for sale by
Unoater,pril 18, IHoS lm49 - WM. OIAM.
ARD all klnda of OasUmpcforsale be
sprllSt, less WMGUXI.
Geo. VV. MacElroy.
Attorney stad Coaobelloriat Lav
Notary Pablie,
OFFICE Connoll's Row, 1 doors aoath of tbrtet
ln,eitr, Ohio, March IS. 1BS5-4I
ITToaireT aw eoemiilu a saw, bawrasrvn, st
WtlXprsMes Istbs Osam of FlrSiJ na so
tnlnlna eoontlsai,
Ho DUT-beiajn'ldarlnt burtnofl V"V h etSc
rH.Htr-turwf,Uia. msyl, 1M.
A sb WuBBBa. Said company baa Sled in this cfllf
s written inatruuient. sudor lu corporate seal, signed
by th PresldsiitandHttcretary thereof,iiomlntiegiid
appointing WILLIAM P. CKEEU.of Lancaater.Tu A
geutfor the tranaa tion of tbe business of dre lneuraaee.
and fully at uiiroserTceiyauinonxiiig nim to acxaowt
dge service of process ror U on bblf of said compa-
nv.raiienlir.( that wnrlce of procea nnea blm. th
aaid arui.t, shall be taken nd neld to be aa valid a if
aorctvd uimu th"i"uiieiiy,vcordlng to the lawa of this
Stale, nrufan; ;ur Mate, and waiving; all (lain sf
error bt mason of aurh acrrlc. f
., TrtRsrois. lu pursuance of th (rt Bectlon of
the t in r'eul:.ta tho ugenciesof Insurance Comp
nies noi liiforpraled by tb Ruts of Ohio," paad
Mayl, IS14. 1. Wttitaai U. Mono, Auditor of aald
Stale. do hnby certify, that tha aaid WILLIAM P.
CREED laaiilliuriied as an agent for lb aald compa
ny, to iraniou-l th busineas of Are luanravc, in Inls
Slate, aulll th thlrty-lrat day af July, ia lb year
one thousand ight hundred and Sfty-lve, ao Sir as ko
may b legally empowerc so to no By aieieueroiap-
r ointment, aad lb Instnietion which may be gives lo
Ira bv tha aaid company.
In Wrraaaa Wsmtr, I bs berauoto subscribed
ley name, and ranted the seal of my efflce to
be arbxed. this PSih dsy of April, in the year
s. t. ofoor Lord one thousand eight hundred end
May J, Ls-w
HAa rmovd hhnaes snd realdenr to th tivaao
fonaarly oeeupled by Mr. Sbatt, B few door Las
Eagl Printing Otte,wbr ha will b CnsaA eb
all lima onlea n prMeiyJonsJ Ifmlscjer
U3i!tr, rrll 5?, iajS-Stnf)
i totu: c

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