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American Lancaster gazette. [volume] (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, May 10, 1855, Image 4

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JxUarsday ?Ioruiuit May 10. .IS
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'f. Rest is K' qnitlm J J-
. . Tu busy caree.
. ' H , Rent' is th fitting j. IX .'
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Alkr its It!!.
. ZL ,-" CLOT U 1 S ti liM UH U) itt r 1
CitiieiuoriwcMterApasajirlrott-tMCouatry !gIflj OFTHX f AD LOCK AND KILL IAW.
GEORGE U. SMITli, " . . l ;r , . WHITkX" L.1TTA ...
NORTH SIDR MAIN STREET, LANCASTER, OHIO -wNrailing the aiicniiouofthc public to their new mi-
' riVIKatar-ntion of persona wunliug Jutting ts re- ;-J v.ni-.-a,i.l. uTd embrace tec opportunely wr re
1 I aiMaclfuliy culled to lliu, Immense, awltuifal luniiligthoirlliankstotlieiroid frieMiis and me public
IMuiiaa Boys' aiid Children'., Ue wisMiesiluiidewloo-l ! gi,et.ll for welrvar liberal palri-wag m lime past,
mm I4rmil$ J an etze an zoTtjimmto -rf " ,
i Dry L'ooda Ibr Spring Summer.
WiiiLl-aiU. A.Xi W WWsf-f
2t"oV M eat Fourth Street, Cstientnnl..
- OnVcaes usual, to ttu'tr customer; fS Uitt.
Ladle' Dr';Ori1 of ll kiti) of Prtrtw.st-nwU ' ruvrii ibciu. Tba vierkiatc tuamiticU u teiirvai.-iit make Ub-iUi iiU asaui aul i.r..itt:iiio o ubf ai..l ail por-
1 Hruthfullf nil article" lr Uivin, ana n, wi iiiiiuinf i" i"rrnw '"" -""r-""
; audwoultl mnM ri-'pcktfull sLii-U9 a routinnanre of
i 1
"" 'Tin loving fnu Mrviucf v
A The Highest and B. st " '' i
' iU -'Ti onward nnswrvinj, ' !
, , And tlial is truo tesU , r " ,
.. The Culture of Sweet 1'otiUuen.
i ; I iscontly .nolu.-ft frequent injuli u'S 011
the culture T iTic tweet jioLilo. !llu.vin
, lii 'some little experience; in ' this branch
f of horticultare, I flill 6tutc the: mo and
the results. '
Soubcs Of Sked. This I, always 'pro
cure from the city of New York, tu which.
it 'u. I suppose,1 in all casus, Lroulit from
further south. 1 ornetimes' iscn directly
v there for it, and at .other tinu'S procure it
" bore from grocers wli6 hnva recently pro
1 cured it for reUil here. PoWom raised
1 I here are always too' imperffctly maturH to
- be preserved; they perish vilh a dry 1 rot
even Wucd sioroa iu biiikii iunmiut'a 111 ury
'v. Band, nd lq ft cool unr airy place. t , . . j
.. So:i..r-I bavie cultivated them in aliglit
sand, a sandy loam, both of inoilorme fer
tility, and in a moist rich sand. . I prefer
the former, because'' it' seen res A slowoi
growth and results in tlie earlier formation
of tubers, and of courso in a ' more perfect
', maturity than cither of the others. . , '
V . ,Modk oir CKOWTii.-The ;ine and leaf
. Sumuwliat resoluble a benn trailing over the
? ground.- Perhaps it still more resembles
?' wild buct wheat, though its leaf is larger
and a yellower green. The vines ofien
L lUHKeeigni luei in . lengiu 111 a neu sitiiu
, 'moist
al MantlllHt; KiKbraMario ana i- H-kt,
HoJ.ti.&cI Llurns. MnMlna.and all (Hulaui
tlaiu frif HuniHikoaplnr &"li Kraal "
UUODS rtK MlJSt akj HoysjttfEAtt;
Rusinrss condui ltd oniht bne prire principle.
. trlea marked at ratri aa fitvorable In puirhnMni at
,nl(' aS1.1d.Ml bj myait engaged u tnpular
UUBla. ... -s e .-rn- . ' - '-
Pc.-wm vlailihii Cincinnati ara ropactfHr larltad
to rail aiwt oianitaa ttuoda and prka. Aprili-MH ,
ovk. JJiuileirf r.nuerv-tnrt tliu. . i
BI.ASK. BOOKRfiirConnt)
OIHmo. JiuUcoa' lilauka,
li'lKoU, Uoubla itnd Kindle
Kiilrj Ld;rrll, Xiu rli:il. llajr
Uiioks. &r.. 01c. Al. Hiwk
Ulndli.K of over' description
done lb a luual auiicior
ntvlA. ' .
All ontaw.h letter or otlior-
wlao. oromutlj attended to
' Ori!'-rf..rBindlM can ba loft at llio Oaxelte Ollloe.
or at thfl llinderv.on Main Strnf l.ln the room former
y nrrunled by Tol. P. Vau Trump, a a U OdlcM,
and ai'arlj opponlte l)r, Krvlder't residence.
UawHiibc 3iV . .J- ItVSSitlU.
Dunhaaa. narUosara uol aaiiaoed, Uia (Oirmeuu my i of Uiem. i eelitiKaatnitd wub theirx(rieur in tka
? 1 . ..rii..l 1 a. .1,,... anrt Manna aI L- oanU ti a. a Inrfnt a.t-k V tKaal
anotritakUshmrt inlketitfrririmitw. The) arv
wall aKure of Ihtt' ncco.Mity of nnall rtblUhent
is SS
, il.SH Jl'KT. KUCKIVF.U AT TUB. ,- -v'
-.,-. - M.Sf. r Uia follonlnr! ' 'v ' i' s !
5an'i Trenti(i. pruv Hwan'aMauual, tt4!&
Uiuclsler, tiuteuiber J, ISS4 t!S . iyw '
l eithai'ife.ar iho won;y ju ba clijerfullj rcfuud-
ed. A puntai Mst arnar t. , ; .- . .
At"-. . frock uod Jrena faata,' ..Tf
i.r , mt.ow, o, oiva. iti'iaT,
Siiugle Brt'uslea Uutiurw uaa, . ,
DtvoaauiRa. KKkjo.roBp ni.TKO, rwm, rt-iin.
C AHA. Mite IK)Ukli unai. . - - -
UUickaad ulaa uuiu nti eoa r i
... . . uvcr,.,tM. '" ' "
itlie and Brown wi.t. nor aoVk'oVRRrOATP
w.ut. HIim. Kruiaii ot OliVft tMiaiiakir b-eraoi ""1- .
ilt,iiO, ljlvlt. tirej, WliitiK-j and Umh dot.;
.. rilOl l luill. "nmu ""im .....
Black. Bluuimd Hroul.'lm..Supri"r.
Urb Euibroidep Cloih . Uud, alkiiij; COATS.
... . , j riimKii. - - ' ' ' , -
' .n.l nine n.OTH-aime txtra Finei
' - O" Ve.stiuga s ..
Plain Black SATIS. Kiirur.'d MII.K and SATIS;
" 'SILK: Faitcv KILK and KATIN; ' ;
lm-K CLOTH Jind Kam-v CA6tJlliKoi t- . -. ; ,,
Black Mrf Vawf VKIA'ET; ,
Fucy Velvet uud Sdk UAtL VKSTS.l- ''' 1
t ' .i,.f i .-t 'i ' rantnloons, ' ) 'S '?
r: Black and Fancy Coiorei DOJS.KIX; ,
.. . .. CASSIMEHE;
and Dovkakla . ' -' ' ' ;
f AM n' all tim JiroaMil lo furnlnh I.OOKISG
1 O iASKK In Maninr, wmnui or bos-jwooii
frame. Looking Gla Platea. Plrturaa Prantea. fit
Also, til It Praiu). Olaaan of all ! and atvlea,
PnrirttH Umam. PlrtiirA Praines. and CHoeral aa-
aortnii-iil nf Plctiirnrand Oil PalnlluK'r. at wholesale
iiud retail. nh loweat prlcna. J. C. GK.NT,
' No. W jt Fourth Street, Clntliiiiali,Ohlo
MarcliS, IMS U 1 " "' ' - '
raiHK ..ih.irll.fir mnWtfifHr Inform nlafrlenda and
1 public lii iroiieral, that lio lias much enlarged lib
iSTOCIC Or Isnovj-KIE!, .;;
u ii. ihM .-iIaiv. Ha has hint ouened and lias for nl
in Mm so. 1. ITIIlt. rri iiimn u''w iiuwiii
CS"'.iAIo. b.i Pick Unit V Ineiar, and
mall Mock i ary a m iuueunn
u ..wMa win on nolo low mroann orannrovau oonn
try produce at hit Old eland, corner of Kroad t l I
winding fttreeia, aim ncanj oppuauv nm ,
Hotel. . i. i nuin n
."I. H. Riitler. Ilneon, l.nro ana t orn oai wanwu
Unenalnr, Keplnnilieritl. IKi4 SO
II.AHK'H Comnientury on the Old and Now TeMa
jini-iil, fornala at the city book atoro. '.
Aprllil, IH51. ii.i:u.i.ir.u. Agent.
" TUB. Pnrtiiiiflnii'i Curpat nag of Hun, for aalo
nillK l,ampl.iKhter,foralentthe city bonk More
JL AprllJI I8H. B COSNELL. Agent.
TIARMEUH'nnd Emlgrant'iDook, for' tale at the
1" 'it
tfi ll.TMoNldlnitt for Picture Framei, fnrwie ul Ule
fell bo-k toru'
April l, IHS4. - - B. CONNKT.I,, Agent.
HCHITErTUIIH hv I.. 1). fioiild. A. Renlaniluan
0. P. Hniitli, for gale at the city bonk tore
:irll SI. IH54. B. CO.NSKU., Agei
istsoil,thou''h usuiilly four feot is as
r as is desirable. In rich soil and myist
weather thev frequently throw down roots
- at intervals along the vines, which produce.
tubers at tbeso points and so (ill the whole
. soil with tubers. Tins, however, is not
desirable, us these , scattering tubers are
' usually very impel fcctly ripened.' The
tubers almost always stand up lengthwise
in the soil, instead of.lylng horizontally, as
in the case of tho common potato.
. . T ....... O . .. iiu v.. ikii. lTnv.lltifi
Having procured your soed tubers, bury
them in an ordinary hot-bed, about tho
' 20th of April, in Central New Yoi k. Place
V them length wise, and m arly end lo end, in
' rows across the bod, the rows about six
inches apart, covering them about thret
inches deep with soil. lit two or three
weeks, according to the' beat of the bed,
" eaoh tubei will throw up from five to thirty
" sprouts close o'the side of the parent. As
''Boon as these aro throe or four inohos high,
take' up the tuber Carefully and break llmru
ofTclosu tu .the parent, so us to save the
Hide roots. Tho tubers may the it y re
placed for the production of a second an
even a thiid crop of surouLa.' ' Some prefer
breakiiis them olf in tho riound,but 1 have
,w always found it suit) to lake the tubers qufto
out of the ground lor tins purpose." Tin
method of procuring plauts is" practised
even in the southern Mates, since other
wise too many shoots would be produce
With us this mode becomes further hulls
pcnsiblo as the only means of getting our
plants aullicienlly tarty
Mode or Cultukij is tub Field Plow
- your ground, and throw it into ridges five
or six feet apart. This is needful first
because your tuber, needing to spread side
ways, will form mora, readily than when
penetrating deep into tho 'soil; and o-
,v ondly, they will thus be less likely to form
roots along the vine.) - Set the plants on the
ridgo, about fifteen inches apart,' iliseriiug
them in the soil just as though they were
tomato or . ciibbngo pluiils. Should tho
weather bo hot, cot r the newly set pluiils
.with any large Joavas, us of pie-plant, balm
of Oiload, do. llou freqrmnlly until the
vines cover, tho soil, but without increasing
the bight of tho ridga. In wet ajid hot
weather, it might be useful slightly to lift
up the plants with a long, smooth polo, to
proven l them from rooting. : - ,
'I I bave not observed that the swoot pota
to is not liable to disease, otherwise than,
,; as a tropical plant.it fu.trscold und rainy
alternations of weather. , J
. , Diootso, YiKCr, Mopk of Prkpfhvino !
' 5ic Dig as sooiiasthe vinos are killed by
v the frost. Spread the tuber thinly on a
. ' dryr fool floor, where they may be 'pre-
i served for gradual use until mid-winter.
; I am not prepared to speak very posi
', ' tively of the yield, ' Undoubtedly it . will
usually boles than that of ordinary po-
' tatoea. .In the hot, moist season of 1051,
A bowerer, the yield was very lurge and the
whole cost of produoiioii not more than
' that of ordinary potatoes by tho bushel.
- ; QCAi.iTT.lIere, after all, is the failing
vpoint of this crop. lit a dry, warm season,
when grown in rathqr poor, samly noil,
ara often (uito eatable, and are very
hctseptAblu to those not accustomed to those
I .produced at the south, Often, however,
t they are quite watery, and stringy so
t. much as to be utterly uneatable to all who
; bave ever used a good article, tor this
. reason I would not advise their culture us
r - far north as Central New. York; ; riot at
. least until you strike the shores of the
. western lakes, whore tbo summer is from
' two to four wocks lonirer, and allows the
plant a proportiontlly longer ; period to
mature its tubers ,. 4 .
. I havs written the preceding directions,
hot to encourage their culture, but to aid
' those who are dutormined to try that oul
i. ture for themseWos. Some of my direc
l.; tions will seem quite unnecessary to th jse
familiar with their culture C. -A'. Qwd-
,ricA, In florticulluritl.
lb rlt book store.
April ill, 1K4.
. B.C0NNPI.L Agent
VI K Old Brewery and Naur Ulssion House, for aul
itl Ihe cliv book store.
' n! !. IH54. B. COKNEIX, Agent.
)-vouli',t Rfrsey and oxford aiwi ioj .
Black, Mine nml Fancy Colored SATIXKT; '
book store.
April SI, co4.
B. C0SSB1.L, Agent.
"ANC.V Articles In great varlat), for aale at Iheelly
litiok store. ....
April Ul,lrVM. , ... B. CONNKIX. Agent.
.' .:'..T A CARD. -t ..
rMPKKFKCT health haskent me from
L my ofllce part of liio lima for some
.months, I have gulnud my former
, r urmatiiiiK UuottBa.,,.'- i
SII.K, .MKB1S0. ALL WOOL, Rd.Gray and w bits
KI.ANNKli, and COI I O.l - PLAA .1 n.i unnnrip
r .. . : .. .. . it-L-i,.. aii i iws: f.ii'r.
I anip i an vn i ci". i.w ji,, .... -,
'I'nv SMIT. A tit iruanttiteed In all lnt:ince.i.
HAI.K HOSR Oakney- and Mimlnnd Wool. Marino,
White and Cray UiiiiDt' vv oo,i.iignsii auuuerwau,
l tllloll, nilo unu loiuic.i.
GLOVKS. Black, White and Cttlorod-llld"01ovt;-
Thraad Mik nnd neapuiiien i-iusn am
. ii. ...i, r.iAVi...l ftlltM'IKTR.
irriUIUUin wuw. un.nu ............... .
r.t,v,rie ul..b Pm.M fintin und Silk travels. I
STOCKS AND TIES, of nil descriptions Impassible
to enuuicraiB. ....
ltoya' and CbllderuM Clottiilig. '
Block1 and colored Cloth Frocks; - " 1
-... -. . Hacks;. - -.
Cas.lmero and Tweed Frocks und Backs; , . '
' HlucWsnd Colonid OvercoaU-J
Mottled, Gray and Brown Whitney Overcoats;
Black, Blue and Brown Cloth Jackets. j
VESTS Black Cloth, Black and Psucj Slk Vesta:
Twejd and Colored l.'nsalmere do..
PANTAJ.OONS Black and Fancy Colored Casslmore
and Poesklll! ' -c ,
1 Hatinel, Tweed and Cottonadej . .
Childroira Black and Colored Cloth Ruins '
it i . m, Jackets;
-ii w . ... 4. Catuwaya splendid.
FUHSIHHIKG GOOPS Morlno Klilrts,' Cotton and
Cotton Flannel Drawers;
M imltn Hhlrt,Linn llo.oms.Collars Wristbands;
; Cotton and Wool Hull Hose4 Cawlmer (ilues;
Suspenders, Handkerchiefs, Ties and
Lancaster, November 10, l(54. - .
nimanrr than pvrr Imloro Offered In
... ...... Jjitucaaler. - .
::i0 H N ETF I N G E R
UAS Intaly purchased from Pi Bope his Intorost In
the llunlwnre business, and In addition to bis al
r.s.ivtiirna stock, is now daily rat'SiviiiK, direct from
tho jifiiauierarsM and ri, a lurgn purchase of
new foods, which will inaWe his slock of Hardware one
oflhe most extensive to be Tumid 111 this niufket. tin
c.itiiu.r.ip tmri'iiasiiii' uml arranirements with Muni.
r,.tn .. which are eoiiul lo unv. will enable III ni to
..ir.irnll Inscrintioiiu' of llurdwure, at luxcr prirt aa
aMrrsM(rfma. The attention of FBMKR
nil tin. ii a is Invited lo the extraordinary induce
,nui.ni.ui held nut in ibeni in Ihe wuv of irrent bar.
giiln fully antlalli-il thnl If they roiisiilltheirowii In
tnreslthcy will bocerliiiu to cull and exuinluo Ilia pri
ces before purrhaslnsr elsnwliero. By close ntlontlon
to business, and by constantly keeping on hand a full
and complete iissortniuni nud tho best goods, ho hopes
In secure u large share oftho pulronugu oflhe Faruiurr
and Mechanics nrilio county
April 21), lHal.j .-.
making up In blowlupand puffing what they lack in naa
avothur narticulura. lltuvWMh therefnro, to avoid a)
Uiingofthat kind, and are MlisHed .nflar ree.-iclng their
entire new stock, wbich Is now arriving daily Oh at alouk
through their tr'enirt tttablitkuemt will satisfy an
one that lb Rraar jarWasara siars is Ihe place In tad
whaliauy waul and allow prices. Their stock v. ill coo,
aisllu partas follows: , . ' ' : . 1 'ti
IMttaburw Juatata ulU,plkr & Brads
CAKPKXTERS and Uullders will please take liotic
tliattha new Inn of WHITE r LATTA will aell
none but the heat Juniata Nolls. All Nails sold by us
wllibewurrnntod. We have now ou hand n ,
SMI Kegs Nails, Spikes and Brad. 1
; ICiU BoxesHxli) .lUaliand IbxUCily Glass, J ..;
sun Kegs Wm. Wood A Co'sPuie White Lead, -'"i
in Barrels Linsaed Oil, ' . . - . '
3 Barrels of Pull.
In aildition to tiie above we hare a very large stock of
fisibfiar Karxmars or evry diacnpnon. wwen win do
sold cheaper than everr .. v WHITJi LATTA.
Unca.tnrtAprll ss, IH54. - ,
' IH4NAKD STfT.li. .
OAfl nikn ponndsof ROLLED IRO
aJM r.lUPI1 40,(KJdo Hnmmcred Iron.
, , j:anipoutuiai;ast!teel, s loa inea wpjaroj .
S'lfl - do Knglish BlisterSteel, '
VOi do v Jtouble Shear . do ,.',
SIHI do ' Germau do
. .. ISIHI ' 6a, " Si.rlinr do
'WOO ' do "American Blister do'
In store and for aalo at low prices, by ,-
April 29, 1S54. JH'HtTl! at LATTA.
, ; FOB CIKPKSTr.llS, '
PI.AF. Irons, Chisels, and Gouires. Bench Planes.
Mouldinsr and Uaad.MaMh and Table. Hatch eUand
Hand Axes, Broad ot Chopping A ses. Drawing Knives
of all kinds, fiteol and Iron Squares, Ganges and Try
Squares all sixes, improved Boreing Machiues, Hand,
rannei, i ennent nipping, weo anu tnipaa oaw,
Cross Cut and Mill Saws, for sale by
April SS, 1C54. V nil B iwil l.i
I , .r.itU )wc
, ; c,-ut ,r. p Ct-f I'--
' r . - -. . . . . ' xi ,
.- J i " ' I...-.
sty . -
1 t;? "yJ44'.
& !.., IS 1 1 XT V.'V. H I MO
a.... ..rrl Kin. an lbs fare of the glob now
... L.. .i ..ui HVlKsblle.' The auwsa
sf ikvcrosiied nnwlael Kuruaasiaa - TT
i I ..... mT .... .IBiSKM SI... - - - .
. ... .... ,um i.i..r rusted in them 1C
i l. aid lodlr. and- to radi.ee
o graaw niixerr and uVgradsUun lua pwr "
tent, our sns-nrsa iviog pr "i - 7L
... .1 ...... . .Ml IllllU l ID .1 . . .' '
4ii,lnb.tcr rrtWf and to olfcr health and Bapsphira
the Mi; and kiwtj, tla, rich and toe poor.. Y .
strength and wilt not hereafter b ub'
sent from my room during business hours. 1 . . . i.
Filling Teeth recelvos my sprctiil attention. T give
enrtlSed guarantees for all my gold tilings to he affec
tive during the lives of the parties, lam able after
near'.ti years attention lo me leetn to give every per
snn the most positive assurance thul thy cun save
every Tooth by tlinuly and frequent ntlontlon.
...lm.,u i....t i.i..i .... ftm ti urir
urrn r. r.wing s lines , tin mr n in. u.ci inn
TtTPof those who have the TOOTH-AC II K and
will not have Ihem extracted, I have a remedy thai
seldom falls tu give rulluf. Also, Tenth Powders,
Brushes. etc. . n, olvii,
Lancaster, December S, 183411.
"''::' SAJIl'RL IIEEIV...
W 01! LB respectfully announce to the citizens ul
laincaater it vU lulty , lliul llu hiiscninmcnaed the
llrouit, l.iKltt stunk A i'rackcr Haklnit
llicuimectluu with his former baking, Ais now prepared
to nus tail atiihkh , .
with every thing In Ihe ahovn Hue. Having In his em
ploy the best of bakers, he feels eonthlc nl that he can
please all who may favor him with a cull.
Tr-pCull at Ins Store on Main Street, and also at his
8ake-llouse, corner of Columbus ot Mulberry stroela.
Lancaster, July IS, 1S&4, . . .
Tie and well Nelected lot orJroeerie
nAVF. Just been received by Ihe subscriber, at his
old sumd, where he will be happy lo meet kit
customers und the public generally,
Grocurles will be sold by ma as cheap and of as good
quality as can be found lu atiy aliullur establishment In
the city.
I have lust received a choice lot of Cranborlus, latin-
ons, Figs, Prims, und nlso a general variety of Nuts,
such as Alnvnuds, Brar.ll Nuts, Coco Nuts, Ac. Also, a
splendid lot of Old Western Roserve Cheese.
1 ncnui:ii t ivvriiTM .
Lancaster Feb. T, IRIs-40
, A Boa. French Willov Wagons,
a S do Common do
S do Oig Too Cabs
S do Square and Round Cloths Baskets,
1(1 do Market Baskets, open tud cov'd .
1 Willow Cradles. Ac.
D.U.LI... Mnt....nH tt'bn.1 R,rmwL
Pat CloUis Pius and Grass Mutts, by '
April OT. 1W4. WHITE dt LATTA .
AnvlIa.Vlccaand lltarksmitk'aBellowa
OA Anvils, wciirhlng from 100 to 82S pounds each
OU aWolici Boxed Vices,.
It; pairs lllliCKsmiin's oenows.
Sledges. Hummers, Borax, "fee. for sale by
April 39, 1C-S4; WHITE A LATTA.
Farming Impleincnls,
C( Po. Cast Hteol Pol'd Hoes, . ' i ,
&) 40 do S. 3 and 4 Tine Steel Forks
50 do Grassand Gruln Scythes,
' 0 do Wollord'aGruin Cradles,
, 30 do Si the Snathes. . . '
All do Hiiy and Grain Rakes,
4 do Bramble Scythes, Ate., cheap by
AprllS9,lt44. WHITE & LATTA.
XTaTTE have now on hand, and which by our arrange
niunts with Ihe inaniifucturora, we can offer ai
luuir Din oi prices wiin inegui auueu. t
150 Sets Bent Fellows, .
' ion i spokea, :
195 " Hubs,
' 7.1 " Bent hont Shaft!
lull Buggy Bows.
April39,1804. ' WHITE & LATTA
;, pb. jobs mi,.r.ig 1
hi v
wef -.a. . r w . a v.
nuirrrv issid r.'irrluatn Itlakcrai
fITSTII.i. Hud, nt the JVeat llurilwurt Store, opposite
W the Tallmailpi llomt. Olio oflhe largest ami liesl
selected mock uf 1 riiniiilugs over opened In Hue mar
kut Consisting tn parlor
. i HKI Pieces En I d nuckand I anvass, . .
15 t " Fancy colored do.
: 1 fib 14 nil Wool and union Duinuska i
50 Hides piileul and Knam'ld Leiither.
Urnss and Silver Plated Bands, Top Prop,
' Stump Joints, Luces, Spring. Axels, ete.
Lancaster. April 30, H54 JOHN EFF1NGKK.
JOHN F.FFlN'GER would tuvltnthe ultentlon of Cor
atsrersaarl Jlnuf Buililrrt lo his Inrge stock of
House building mnierlnls. They will And constantly
on baud, the best Jtiulntu Nails, Snlkesnnd Brnds;
'1'lie most uppnived Door Locks and Latches;
Window Glass nud Sttsli or all sires; -Cenckliii
mid Wood's Pure While Lend and Oil; '
Door mid Blind H Is, Shop Hinges, Bolts, etc.
Those about building will be certain to save money
by examiiilnu' my prices before pari'liaslng olsowtiore
April vn. i";i-i.
HR undersigned will self a parlor all his Innd,
(being about vtsl acres) to ttiitoin lowusuip, one
West or Carroll, tiiu Kiirins as tu quality, con.
dltlon and con venleiice. eairt be su rpassed . V
Upon litem are 1 superior Springs, S llwel-VOj
llnr Houses. Orchards of i holee fruit, eio. Jl.
Those wishing to purchase call ami see, as I am do
termlnedlnsell. SAMUEL COF.M AN.
llei-cniber 14. 1M4 SS
-' . k ' UFSIOVA1..
. ' zinkT bis h,
'VTTOIILD respectfully Inform their ciisloine
w W the rltlsens generally, tliut they have ai atnvsn
their Etlnbllshinent to tint North sldu of Main St reel, lo
the room foruiorly oectipled by tho 'sra'frsia Com'
Miiea arers, wiiero inuy are prupareu to ittrutsii
t'rciali Ilrrud, HuakN, Caktta A Crackers
We have employed Ihe very best workmen In our
linn of business, and will lull at wholcaulu and roiult
at the oatssf oners .
We are doturmlned lo give gene nil stitlsfnctlnii. All
orders from the country for Bread, Cakes, Soda, Hut'
ler, W nt"r and Boston Crackers, will be promptly
miou. liiveiisacmu a
Lancaster. March 41. 1M4. ZlNK A ItlSH.
N. B. We also keep on hand a general assortment of
rJIMIl.T HOL,i..S, Which Will be solll III me
lowest rules. . xmn.acnir.it
rlillE subscriber oners lo Ihe public this spring, a
, X chnlco collection of t'tuit and Oranineu
XfRFLui Treea, Hlarttba, Ac.
'W'Sl-ii.. Ih klxda li.nl,,.
JMKiPear, Cherry, Plum, Standard Jk
r. Dwarf, Peach, Apricot,
wsaosi GiHiseherrv and Currants. Aic.
The ornamental kinds are Evergreen and Deciduous.
These Trans were mostly procured at Eastern Nurse
ries, and have heroine etsff rreMsa here.
Psrsousare requested to call only on .Afsa'favs.A'ta1.
asss'aaseaif lHsv of each work. No catalogues call
bo furnished. For further particulars see bills,
Spring Grove Nurseries, ouu mile West of Carroll,
rairnciu county, uiiio." . - --.,.h jtiarca i, lea--
i J ;
"f -
WANTKPImmedliitelyiSl bushels of CORN In
Ihe ear. for which rash will be paid on delivery
at me iiicasier I'opol of tue r.w.etK. renn noun
morrow, onto, Jan. 4, IMS S3tf
tfMr. Mllnar freight Agent will receive- and pa
f..r the foru, .
mti k n
I cn
Ohio, ami
HKniiderslgnnd has been appointed Agent for the
. . m',i nnn, r , wni'An ."nil mvaihiiii.
I Will Insure Hulldlnirs. Mercbas dl. II otisn.
hold Furniture. and oilier tmraonal properly, aa-aiert
fuss Jtrs, All lossus Will bu enlllltibv and tiriiimitlv
aiyasiito anil pain. r. VA.l 1
Laiiraater, February R, leij Jmo
Every day well spent, lessons tho task
that God has sent us. r . .1' . ..
;Our greatest'glory isnot in never full
ing, but in rising every time w fall,. ' "
v, . . ' . '., , , ,
jjravs .actions -are ine- suosiance t
life, and gootl sayings' tlie1, ornament of
it.-. .''TTf.a- :?' .
Modejfy is'a fiandsomo drsh-cover that
u makes at fancy thur must be.; something
very good beneath it ; ; ' "5,. ,' v "
Itlfir.haiilv'is Tool.
SI'lTKDtnnll tnnlesnnd oflhe most approved make
Htllchcr'a Caslhtecl, Firmer anil Sackot's Gouges,
rpeur anq JIICKSOll s t.ll.inilil npring nievi outrs, '
IPitcher's Double nud Single I'luiio lroua,
Ohio Tool Company Planes, j , .... r ,
Musous and Plasters Tmals,
Cooper's Drawing knifes, etc.. for "lo cbeaphy
April .', IM4. ' JOHN KFFINGKH.
i - WASII1XGT0N CITY. . 1 ,
tH aitvnrnl Vstira ri-ittitiislii-i Willi ttitvnriil nntinri.
1 uit litis nl' Ltiti (r iimrul (4fiVtiriiiiittnt. muLinuuB hii
la HoillltV liHIIll AlFIMICT In Wiinhliftnu i'itv. Blltl
vjKwuultl full tlm utU'iiti'in of Old Noltior
Xasyr'iiMiMlMtir to tli vtry low turnm upon
WNB9ttliU'h ho nroi iiri'ii wnrrmiln uiulor tint iittw
HiiiHity Land iuw of t'ontrrtn. Mta HrrniiiromoiiU
wiiu ttio uojturiiutniu, nuti ritiitiiuriiy will, tiitt iniiiiHtrt
ineiitnl fttKMt ciiitim. will enniuu luiu 14 brucuro wur
runti Willi tho loiiNt iiii.talblu Ui'luy.
in itihiiiiiiti 10 ma HXiiurlitiuio. 110 iiotisoBSoti mitrn
vjtluiihlo roconl uml ilouu nuiiititr uvlduncu uitiiurtuiii'
i off In tliw HiiniiTuiit uIiuhs ofelnlma. .
Trr'Army OilU'nm, 80. ilk r,i, 'lnuintnra, Ntivnl Of
lli'iirs, Siuii)('n.MrhitiH, mitt Nuvy Clurka. (r their
Hroiiitr wuhur or minor children) wlOrturvtU in tho
Kevohittoiutry Wur. War nl IHu, rloritlu. or unv of
tin I ml tun VVftrs, for n parlor of not 1cm tlnini.rti
rf'.tfUtMru now oiiIiiUmI Ut ltihl Wur runt for tfiti uero.
lioo wlmhrtvo itlronily rcrulvt'd Iholr 40 or Hi hp ro
wurrniitouro now i'irtitlci to tin additional quantity
tiial to KiOacruti.)
V'r'Kt'iriilitr pfrrnai)nnlontf, who nronnre cn-oriii(.
forwunl .limn to my inliireiw, I'or- lattititftomeiit huru
win no iiiiirtinv fieim wnn. , ,
VI A VOVH'V OK CLA1MK linvliijr boon crMot y
t;oi)irrect",horor wltleh. nil (tkivati i.aimh noi pro
vld(il for by luw. arc to bo prcmilitt'il for udJuJit'itioii,
Mr. Evnn.wHI nml'Tlnku tho innnincioiitoftti) ciuwu
UtirufH thHifoiirt tVi to be aifrotin unou.
irT"rKIC- r-OH PHOniltlNO LAN It W AHrtAMTH: (Vftfttt
rfsrard fw iie) On orlirliml urmlifotlon., only iJ; for
liit'rouan l.
HtvrRi? I- linn. L. r. wa.'lo, Comti.lM.onor of
Pciilon-: John Wllnon. Coiniiili"inior of Onerul
l.Rii.l OHUm': Johtt M. Cluvtoii. U. N.Hoimttt; S.A.Dout?
Iih-.U.H.v John Hell, U. H.; J. M. Maon, V. H.; Gun.
I,f wit Cnm. U. H.I Hmm HoiiMon, V. 8.1 T. J. HtiAk, I'.
8.1 W. Ii, Suwuru, huu to Uto niunilmrtoTtlio tuirty
third Coiirea. . lMhnb W. Ic05-r57 ,
Tln-IMutr, f'opner, Wire & j
KnuariiuiHl 100 Plata do
ThiM Topper ...
-' '"Hhottinntl BarZlnr,' ' ,v ' : "
: Shoi'l Iron nl Wire, ... ,
' " Conporand Imu liiit.ly ' v
Anr.hi.1 UU. ; WUtTE & LATTA. .
To urriuff hiiJ UuffV Iflakr.
S(RINUSijnl Ax.'la. RniKsiiiKl Silver HuimIn, Btunip
Joint- itnd Ton PropiKimnrd Drills, Uiu k Hitd Can
vii.M, EiiMinIM ami Pattnt lather.till Uum-ripUoiis Hna1
UniiiKi Mots and MaloitbUi Iron. etc. A tcreni variety
ofotlivririiodnluthutUiitijlo be Imd ht'np Hi thw Grtat
Hardmars Star of W'illTK & LATTA.
Lniuaster, April 29, 1R54.
f,,naeii nt.rar v 1 1 f 'f I t 1 i w a as sr
ISvirs s. S'.ss, I in ss aoinr.i-ii.vn mss,
jtfafnstrfStgasaWyejinesilslas TallmaHft Half.
I A (IAIN takes nleasiire In calline the attuullon of his
customers and country merchuiita generally. In
lara-est stock of Coiiiier.Tln and hbeai'lrnn inanu-
faeturea ever brought to this market. Ho lakea great
nalns to keen constantly on hand a largo variety of
every thing thitt can jaissibiy bo wanted in ins line, ana
natters himself Unit rroiii ins lung experience in tue
Tin ami Nlteet-Irnti Ililsliteaa,
he will be able toil ve full .satisfaction to all who may
furor Mm with their work. Having a practical knowl
edge of the business, his selections lire made with a
viuw lodurublllty,slyleand clieapnoas.i , -t
Mtl'iiilui'tiirnl to tinier.
He also keeps In his employ some of the beet work
men that can ue secured, und always having on hand
the very best material. Is enabled to manufacture to
order aiiytiiiiigunii every tiling uesinioie in ins lino,
lu aa good style auduu us fair luriua ascau anywhere
be iiuu, '
AM kinds of Stoves, Ac.
Nevur In Iho history of Lunc.tisler was there an estati
Itahmeiitthut kept on hmid a larger and more complete
assortment of stoves, of nil kimis and varieties, lie is
also prepared with a large mHtiner of ytre Oral, und
forlhe accommodation of his easterners keeps on hand
a Inrge quantity of f ir. nr.. maiiiiriit'tuaed express.
tv wnn a view to liiilliur un urtues, ore.
In flint, anv and everything needed In hisllnc can he
secured by giving him a call, and at prices oa reason.
able as can h obtained in nny other establishment in
the State. Inasmuch as his present stock is greully
Is Ihe Ts,Ntfi tVusasn or Woain. and. tie, gaiest
bknwiog ever oHarsd to aSLehrd kuniauity ;' tlie sulfiiriof
aiulana, Uis uucuir ean say. reuni - ""
v h.. wil. to mai-tbis aiaricai Veunnly." All tliase
aku still sulW, and will ac acc.pt the. roSrd bauu,
. .... ,. .1,. r latiil.iMi; 1-- u '
""T. .i... ti.. krkT arrlnd since
1.- I... l....inn K a. hAbUltMHSl W lllO hlSWOI T
thousands, and uiad Ufa a eliarui to many who hcresafore
psyardru It ociy aa a pamiui ana .iw-r.inc
To lbs wiaus wlih all Uululeliia, sapn,
Kltlrrs. and I'aia Kstraators, and hit nilllaaia of glad
eaiiKuea proclaliu ine tuirnte 01 sue gn r.-.
King isT r.jn."1ir.pratlon eosupoivd solely of vs(ta
kies ami i""a, prudaoad by. Aiujrica'a. win rlolt and
boUHteous soil. ' ' l. '
wouhl ask the Iata, wn. ara biwj. 'i
hldgi'S f lt is and what IS not avaluaUH, lauiliy anssi
alua, lu da tin saaeial favor by giving Ibe king of Palo
s aieitU trial, and If sad-facairy, axcrl their InSucnce
la lu behalf, n-eeaiuiead it, aeak well and often ef It,
and sc. lliat it Is usou oy llir amieieis ucikuu,,.
Ladles arv always cbarttaoic, ana wuen uiey nraut-i ,c
Hrring friends to use lliu reany vaiuaoia mmKiu-a
ill) will Im liuing an aet ot aelMivoiesiee uias tu.j
Mil ba pn'Ud ol. i nat at a powanui auu i.uiy w.,,
n-wiidi f.sr ali-aatenial dUssssaa, sorsai, swellings, barns,
.tc slid for many lui.rual afllictiors, H bi a oeriiilu euro,
tst k is oerfseily hanuhsw, aud iooapalil. of producing
th. least injurious .ffcu) in the most dolicate casus er
Slat aeakcsl eooslStutluu. - ' ' ' f
Ii Is entirely useless to follow Ihe old and worn-out
s.siem f publishing to Ihe public thousands of enl-
qales or wtaetsrs perioruicu 07 .um ui.. -
but tiity-aeuta to try it; aud Dr. bull status his
-rell-earncd reputation on the Elug of i'aiu duiug all aud
uire than Iw eiaiula fur It. . ' ' "
Its would ask. nave )OU uie itiiouiuaiisui u. wuu.
ibese are not pk-aaant couipaniona, aud we knew that
you would like w drive thuiu away aa soon aa possible.
IImu us.
. " BULL'S K1N0 Of PAIS." , . ' -'
tVould you lal cured almost iramedialely, wf Bowel
ilomulaiiit, Uiswitery. Summer Oocaplaiut, Uholm-a Moe
bus, Cramp Culic. Head Ache, Tooth, or any other ache
ir pain, Ute r.iuedy k simple and the cure certain. . v
IVouid you hare" your Sores, Swelliugs, Cuts, Burnt,
Scalds, MrubsK.ei auy ether wuuuda healed, w tapeat
II, us. lbs ; ,
n l.l cou be eurisl uf Sould Head, SiilT Joints, Sore
Thrust. Neuralgia. 4r HreSJU, l.uiubsgo. Teller or King
IViriil. Salt lln.uiu. Uit4ieof Pidsoilous lltweu. Chapped
Hands and all other Sores, either dry or running, we
y aipuu aud ag'tlu, xuua aaaavr is ur. .van ...
1 "KINO Of PAIS." . .,
' trn.,l.l eon be cured of Klne's Kfit. Csncer. humors.
Kriipliens. or any di-eass of the Skin ceased by Impure
nlooil, men use lr J01111 umi s osrwiiitciii ni-eru,,?
snd the King of Pain externally, nothing emu ha mon
eerialu than a speedy aud elfeetual ours. ,
This mrillrlne, when used according" to directions, will
t. fi:MtCQa-Cn.rrjCTi .vr.
- cjvmot - citt AXT-mtToa, .
. : ai.'v CoLuMWDlii otlsO.i i
taiBUTlOJi.jTha iiMprtsloe, take gees pleaae
a,u In annouiirlbg to ihe cititcr.t efthe t'liion. t'.nt Hi
conaequencD of the gTeat satisfaction manifested by
the licaat-noidera of thetr Aral great Dlslribptlun. and
Ihe many thousand aolicltatiunalroin all parts of ibo
country, in retaito. to whether they liiicud gelling
upauother oistriouiiou of Oifts lor the renplw, they
have.i.fler an liiiinonst' aullayj bccsieii.tllcrt ft oer
lo their 4hoaaanaaf. iatiui llatiifetluwilg .vjsliia
ble. magiiiScuut, and unprecedenlud HKIU.IAIvT
SCHEME, o bo dlatrlbiilcd Sflvil i tbu Jcu.wo
Beautiful Engravlnga of ih. Ct,rno. of Opio are dis
tributed among their Patrons. The nrice of thu En
graving Is but Ono Duller, and aaaiarJoiiuiniiue.it It
cannot be surpassed, ' i"J' '
Mead aitaullvel the full. wll.g Baa of bl'soliful saS
eostly Gifu, which will 1 siitisfi.ctorily distributed by
aouinailttee ftojt.svlrcuidsiire lraa cat b State wkarst
luoiargesi niiinnerni sitoa4rllers are iiioalliea :
. vl FABMlTHEsrXK4'ilNilVA llvfc
do IN OHIO . S.Ooe
ef 1 ithv'-i" -ti -slo I1 JstfCll.O Mil lC,bi
1 Foar-ttory Brb.k Uwolllngtnd Loi.Ui Co---'':
ltnubue. Ohio i.'tf .". ... . .n . JSJOO
,1 do ' do .do . , do" , S,5S
1.' ? I Beaoilfulsrllencli,XliblbWilor)out-
. Vflrnnn . . a son
I Two-Siorv Brk-li Bulldin'ir lit CliMIieotWl s'.
, ,1 Brick Collage, aud Luiln Cvlumbua .. 310
-' ! ' tlo . do- ; -''do ;" S.fluO
, i Frame So rdo, ., -i j ilp,f ( .tJlS,JU
1 Handsome Country' Residence lii tg$, '
ii v. a-twrr V"m "nto,.. u'ltU )i;-t.,,irMMi
LV i SplcndiiS building lots In fcoiumbut, af
10 So tie (to tlr5C0 Ji.lMI
4 do (lo Clereland tuCUHl
1 Grand Action Piano CChlckertng's) Iite
, 1 Gold Watch, act w ith Uiamomls? 4 t,t l.bbO
a voiu v atcnes, ai amii euro. c' i a.uou
10 Bosewood I'ianos.t- ShOj ' J Sfc " ,1,0110
1U . do do at 4tKI ,'4,WI0
10 . do (to at. 'JbS Vi f,i,000
50 Gold Watch'es, af Jiitl r"-'"'f t.
ll. - sirs tf; Aal ' To &P I 5S X".-"7e
100 . 4t , t iLa. at i; 411 53- A i-Vw V '.4,
3U0 Bilvor do at SHI e,0vu '
Rial .I,, .1,, ui ,
l0t) LadterGld Breaa't Piiii.al 14 !xl' ,etn 4',ucu
Mini 00 nrociia f aawia.sit fa, ... ,. , J. 5,(100
500 do Silk UVess Patterns, at (n" "III t,l-u
cum flthiA P.. -i 1 s , . . . .
KHKMJ Gold Pens, with hllver Cases, at M 3 on una
SlKSlO Cold lUms,tliOeoc).-. '.,. J, ,) 30,000
jtsM . au at jaieacn r: 1S,0S4
Everv nitrchasorof the anlendid lanre l.lthnri,nM
.. ,i.......:.i.i.i. ..i..... r ..ri.'. ..r,i.i, nuia,. I Kngravuigi w ill rBColv. a C'ertiflcnte of Memberahtn
that he era bought nnwarda of SO bottlea, which he has entitling thcni to a chance la the shove list ef ,lue-
givp awey to Ihe aftlicted. Mr. Luck aays he hat never "" y ulll eople. -1 he fcngravlnge
known slid tall wneniaaon aswciruinfiQairecuon.. 1. I '. , . ' " i-."'r;v.v,ey: -w.a'lij
t-ua oaasT rcBtriBa or thb blood.
vn-r 0 PAHTICI.F. Of MF.RCVRr Ut IT. "
A N INPAI.LIKLE EEaEfJV for scrofula. King's
a ell rlAi,malisui.o1istinala ealaneaua eruollooa.
uiuulxa or uustules an llie-fae blotches, bolls, chronic
sore eyes, nog worm or tetter, scald-head, enlargement
aud pain of the buses aud joluls.. stubborn ulcers, sy
philitic disorders, luitibago spinal complaints, and all
diseanea wl.liig from .11 injudicious use of mercury
imprudence in lire. or nupuriiy 01 ine oioou.
ilM. .-.inal.le medicine, which has become celebrat.
ed for ties number of extraordinary etiree effected
tarodgh iwagoncy, has luducetl tliu proprietors at tne
urgent request 01 incir irienos, luuiiviiiwiiia pumic,
which they do with the utmost confidence In Its virtues
and wouderf ul curative pmportlea. Thafollowhigcer
tlUcMtos, selected from a large number, are, however,
stronger tustimouy that the mere word of the proprie
tors; and are ull from gentlemen well known in their
localities, and of tli highest respectability, nianey of
Uiem uow rtwidiug in Hie eity of Klchmond, Vlrgiuia. -F.
Bovden, Ev),",,e Excjionge Hotel, Richmond,
known every where.' says ho kaa tena the) medicine
called i-xrtV eesaisn aixTras administered In overa
hundred rases, In nearly all the dlsoasea tor which Bit
recommended, with the most astonishingly good reaulls.
He says it lathe most extraordinary medlciuo he has
uveraoen. . . .
"Aorg a Fkvak frot care-4 ttareby certlfy.that
for three years I had Ague and Fever of the moat vio
lent desr.rintion. 1 had scternl Physlclsns, took rinan-
Litleaof ftnlulaa, mercury, and 1 believe all without
anY nermanesit relief.- At last 1 tried carter's tmanish
mlxturo two oomes 01 wnicn euoriuaiiy raroii mo,
and lam nappy in say I have had neltherchillaorfever
since 1 1 consider it ihe best toiiic In Ihe world, and the
onlv medicine that has reached my ease. J. LOKGDEN.
Bbavbb Daa.nearKlcnmnnd, Virginia. . 1.,.
C. B. Luck, Esq., now in the city of Klchmond, and
for many year in the Poet Office, haa such confidence
the city hotel.
ncssed In a number or instances me enecis or carvers
Spanish mixture which Were mosltruly surprising. ' He
says in a case of consumption, dopondeut on the liver,
the good errectn were wonnonui inoeea. .
Samuel M. ilrlliker, 01 ine mo nrm 01 junnaer or nop
rls, Klchmond, was cured of liver complaint of eight
years standing, by tbo use of two bottles of carter'!
siinnisii iniAtiirc.
jrsor cars aj sfcraaia. 1 no Aiiitors 01 tnv ivies
jure, wltuoui tail : t ,
. ' or King's Kffl,
Cancers, Kruptlons .
' ' of tlie Skin, Erysipelas, '
. Tumors, Clironlc Sore Byes, ,
1" aingworm or Tetters, Scald Head,
nilaumallsm. Palos In the Bones or
Johns. Old Sores and Ulcere. Swelling of t ' .
lb. Olands, Svphllls, Dyspepsia, Salt Khsutn, ,
Ws-asesorth. fcidnet. Dlr-sasesarlsliigfroiii lh '"
aaeofM.rcurv, lauof Appatlu. Pain in the Side and
Bkiui lii.rs. (Iwiiaral llehllitv. Lu111b1.ro, CoiikIis. Col.ls,
Dropsy, Jaundlee.Cosilveness, tlronellit.is,Weaktiessof th.
(.11 aa L 1 noresnm-M, runi.-.i." j .- ....... .... ... ......
illsaasss tending loprodiicetionsuiiiption.LlrerCoiii- ,
pl.hils.omalalrrei!nlarlll-andt!omplaiilM,Uw " '
Spirits, Sick and N.rvnua lleadaeha, Mht .
. Sweats. Kxpoaures, or linprudanee In Life,' -
. . Chronic Constitutional Oi-euaea. and as a
' Spring and Summer Drink, and fl.11.rai ' ' ',
Tonio for tlie System, and a gentle .
' ' aud pleasant puruatlve.' Hit ' ' "
1 superior to Blue I4uk .. . , . ,
- '..'' and 1 'ongreet tVater, ' '
. eai'a. or sei.iuta
' - Powders.
snperlortolilsfornierlii oiinntlly, quality, variety and
cheapness, he fouls eonflili'iit Hint persons giving hltu
aoull will go away highly delighted and amply satisfied,
tie a so Keens consiaiitivon nniu
n Inrcro Slock of Sitottl Plewi.
jv. .01 Dinciniiiiuanacircieviiieiuan
Lancaeter, .March 8, 1S5S-44 1 j
UAH removed Ins residence and office to the brick
Biilldliigfiirmnrly nea-npleil by John Stallsmlth,
F.q.. south side of Mala) Street, 3 doors west of Dr.
Krolder't residence. ., , ' Outobor Bl.lPot!!.
,' HillIOVAL.
'"" . MAifjtiN, tai.sV A co.
At tlin Old Stnnil uflteiniiiuiid & Alartin,
TI AVE. lust reeelved a Inrge and elegant assortment
B B ol rih. w uuiidn, comiirlsliig a variety uutur-
pusaeil, and which tiiey win sell at gniatbarsaiut. 1
.1 ueir sioca cuusisia 01.
Olotha, Cashtmerna, Cnaainets, Jeans, tie.
, Vusllngs, of.ull tho dirTeretil sly'les; ' -
' And fur ihe Ladles French Miirliiiie.,Ttiulbet Cloths;
Alpaeiisand De Lai lies of ull kinds; .,
' Calicoes, iiliighatus, Flannels, and every nrllelo In
Ibe wuy (if ilros Goods to be found 111 the. cities; ''
Shawls, orevory variety ornuo. slue, una material;
Dress and lloiiiietTrlmuilngs, buautlfulaasorlinent;
Boiimils Silk. Velvet and Straw which the l.uJies
ull declare lo bo tho most beautiful and fustilonahlu.
In addilliiu to thetr slock of Cloths. oVc, tucy nave,
nnd will constantly keep on hand n lurgennd excellent
slock of BEADY MADE CLOTHING; got up with
tasle aun superior workinnnshlp.
Boots mid Slioes;Haisand t'ups.iit prices wanderfuly
luw.' Uueonswarn and lilasswure; .
Ooll'oe, Sugar, Tea, Tobncco, Spice, Ac,
' " v always nn hand. ' j j. i
jTVTl.o' hcv fjrni tender their thanks for the en-coursa-lnsr
manner lu which thev have, heon receivod.
as well by the public generally as by the old patrons nf
ine stand, and neg leave 10 asstiro aii.inni iiaeinistaiis
allnnllon to their wants and a determination In keep
1111 with the times will torute a continuation and en
largement of their business, they will not fall lo attnln
that end. Country produce taken In exchange for goods
Lancaster, Ohio, January 4,153 31 ' ,
8tasemeu uuJ all who have a gootl Horse,
J KXNKTT OAKltK IT respectfully reminds
I I yoa inut ue la sun uaiumeriug away on
lir.MtV Aa r.llKI.EI!V,
OasiOeor aat 0 ! IhtH'f Valhf Bank, Stalk Ii
Mat .vfei.(, Lancaster Onto. '
111 KSPECTFCLI.V solicits the attention ofhla friend.
I . and ciistonient. and ull thnl may waul Groceries
and who will ho so kind as to give him a call, hi, tit from
the city and country, to my superior and complete atork
01 urocorios, just rccuivcu, omurucuig iu pnrt tue lot
lnwltiu artlelesl
JAVA and RIO COFFEE: Vonng, Hyson.
rf5?! Black nnd Imperial TEAS; Sew Orleans Sugar,
W 'rt Loaf. Crush'ed nud Pulverised: llice. Golden
"-Vr-at isSyriiii. S. II. Syrup. S. 11. Molasses, M. Orleans
do., Orunges, Lemons, Knlaiiiiis,, Figs, Pruin, Almonds.
Peeons. Kllberls.Ciico Nulsand Brar.il Ntits.llriod Reef,
Dried Tongues and Ciliriiiiiiili Cured Hams, Euglish
lialry runeeaennil w. n.l reamuo.,i npice, s. uinamon,
Cloves, jNiitmogs, Mnce. Alsplco, Pepper and Ginger,
Sal Soda, Cr. Tartar, Suln-rutas, Starch, Snttpotor, Ext.
Logwood, Indigo, Madder, Alum. ete.,olc.
Soap, Candles, Tubs, lliickuta, Brooms, Wash Bunls,
Baskets, etc., cie.
A Sne lol of Chewing Tobacco, also Smoking do. and
Cigars; Wines and Walker's Burton Pale Ale, a gener
al stock of Notions, Toys, and groat many oihor articles.
May I. IH.-.4. H. A. GEJIBLEIS.
fflHF. tinilcralgnad offers for sale riuhty Arrra
J f Laiiu,locutad In Hocking Township, 3u
iniirs West of liiicaster. on the Turnpike, describee!
as follows: It being the West half of Hie Southwest
Liuarieruf Section Jio. 10, Township No, 14. In Range
Kisa, no. Illv. Iinprovenienu consist or l vvtiti-a
llili' DWELLING HOUSES and STABLE.goodtaVa
Dr. Mingo., a practising Physician, and formerly of P .JJIli.-;0"
tn toe city or KK-nnioiHl.saya ne aaswu- 1 ju "r"
mo Flrt StrvedQT i.ja
Persons wishing lo act aa Aeontsftir us will Vileasa
end a recommeiidatlnn slgAud by Hie "Poslmatler or
tome other influential and well kaawn persuu In Ike
To those persona who have been aatlagns Agents for
us In our former Distribution, thls-is not required. .
: aii oroore wita ine money euruisou, lye. of postage,
tvill meet with prompt attention. -
jt., r m erarr so frrvent syisMrrr, 'Sgeirra aa. erflrrrr
botllet of carter'a Spanish mixture made a perfect cure
or htin,the J-illtors, in a puoiio nonce, say nicy cnear
folly leooinmend It to all who ara allllctcd with any dif
ease of the bloc d.
. Sli'faaatasr tare mf Scr.fafa. l nad a raitianin boy
rurod of aerofula by curler's apaiusn mlxtnrn. 1 con
l.torll . valuable medicine. JAMES M. TAVLOK.
Conductor on the K. V. 01 f. k. k. Kicamnna, va.
Suit Jissara tr30 Fsars ilniit tired Mr. John
Tlinmnsnn. resldlna In the cliv of Richmond, was cur
ed by lliroe tioiiiea orrarier's saiusu mixuiru. 01 sau
rhuuiii. which he had nearly 0 years, and which all the
Phvslclnns of the cliv could notcure. Mr.. Thompson
is a' well known morcbnntln the city of Richmond, Vu.,
and his cure Is most remarkable. . ' .1
VVIUiniii A. Matthews of Kichinnna, Virginia, nad a
si-rranl cured of SvpUlli., lu the worst form, by carter'a
anntilah mivliiri,. .'
Illrhurd K. Wostof Richmond, wascnreil of scrofula.
and what Physicians called connrmedconsumplloB, by
throe bi.tlle. of carter's snanish mixture. ' ''
. Edwin Burton, commissioner of Ihe Rovenue, says
ho lias seen the good effects of cartor's spnnlah mixture
iiiauuinhernfsvphllltic cases, and says l Is a perfect
cure of that hyrrible disease,
may bill.
We prepay all our letters; clrculuis, ec, to our
agents end correspondents, and expect ikem to do the
tamewithus. ' ' '
JlPAgonta wonted In every town, whom we will
furnish with posters, ciretilurs. ached 11 leev ; instructions,
Ar on appllctitiou ut our oftlce.'or hv asuil post paid.
For further particulars sea descriptive Dills, Ac. or
enquire at olllee. No. 2. Walcutt's Block, Town Street,
uoiumbua, umo. 11 u ny r.LI, oc uu Hrnnrietors
JOHN H. SHA.FFEK,Ageut foriLsmcaator.
March 8, lHU 4-- w- . -- ' .
MAGASlrV t ritAItCAl!a.
a : J' V . t m 4 '
Famll-fGroceriea,(tuccnaware, Ae.,Aor. as
Tf.iKILX G. dAKHKISCHOS has become proprlMori,.
a." uy i
Durchase.of the Grueorv Store of H. B. Hliatarr
oc Co., lo which he Itaajiisl added a large und superliaj
variety of Famrf? Groceries, now arriving and to arrive
from Ciucliinuii,and other marts, lu making his pur-,
chose lie has had in view tho accommodation' of hits
friends and tliscriniutliiir public, for. all suusoiia. He.
commends lo theirBllentlon.-aiiiniis- other nrtlflAS. au
William G. Harwood of Richmond, Virginia, cured of prices that cannot fail to give satisfaction. . .
old sores and ulcers, which disabled him from walking. CONFECTION ABIES of ull kinds, for families and I
Took a few bottles of carter's Spanish mlxturo.und was I parlies. . . :.... i,
enabled lo walk wtUioutu crutch, In a short time per- Caadies1.' Tarrngonlit Almonds, English Walnuts and'
manonllv cured. . . ... .' - brazlliau ftiits, figs and dales. ... - 4j
irlr,iliil ll.-notaiil M. Ward.Closc & c. No, P3 Maid- Jelliet. and Gelatine for Ji-llies. Prunes. e. '
an Ijine, New York. T. W, Dyolt A sons. No. i.J,North I Of Fainils Groceries he will only menliou Phil, now-
lid street, flitledelpnia. nennoi ami ueora, i,o. j.o i uercu ami erusnca nt.' ita it, now (inoans . do., TC.AS,
Main at root, Klchmond, Virginia. . . . '.,.. K1 ana Juvn liurres, spices, aioiiisses, liopleii Byr-
And forsuld ny Kaiillmaiinnd Co., i,ancnsier; v.. nam. up rrrencn t hocoiato, JMusliroon Wulnuts, Tomato
Rushvllle; H. B. Walker, West Rnshvllle: Porter and Cauup, a splendid lotof F.nflitk JMarf flteett, aud
v eirstelli, tu,) inopous, aim i.euiora in moi,-,i,e r,i i utuer arucies to nuiuuroua lo pin oown nere.
Dyspi', Janairica, Caroaie or JVeroscs ffeHMt
iitKemjiem mi ill aiiiin.
N 11 all diseases arising from a disordered Uvor or
Stninarh; such as consilm illnn.inwnra piirs,iuii'
Ii Is a remi-rkabls faet, that among the hundreds of
.uiiiieiir. ph.stctaiia wno nave oxaiuiiieu in. recipe oy
which Hull's Santsparilla is prapanat, not one baa eon.
leiiiieal it. but all approved It. and eommeud it In tin)
llkflieat t.ruia. : Slaiiy poysHiiiMi. osproiaj lueai selves
.rniuitly In the belhtr that it Is decidedly th. best prepa
ration of itar-nparlila that has ever been placed before ihe
eoMlr. Although thee are many physicians wlio feel a
reluctance to having their names appeudsd lo the reonax
inelidiliioll of any piirtietllur rollledy, lintwlthslanililig
i.hv may approve M It ill toe uigiieac uegnai, inera ana
...i.'.m wi, fi-miklv lield their support in favor ef a
remedy which they know Is capable of doing to much
food III BU ainieiau CiauiUUUii J-. n.ai, nimiiciwi tu.
tolloallia trmu OIU Bun ra-pucMKii. iu., aiuiana, ut uibu
suuUiug lu Ule UOUlluuinty IU wnmu .uajr lies I
Testimony like tlie following renders superfluous
sli culiiuiallia oil th. etfteacy of Hull's Sarsapnrilla. f ruus
llr. I. P. Vaini.ll, Professor of Chemistry hi tliu IauI-vIIIs
M..IL..I I'ltllee-a : 1 have looked over the list of linxredieuls
eouipiwlng John Hull's Compound Sxtraclof bursaparllla,
and have uo lieaitatieu in saying that ihey ftiriu a safe
etuiiiaimid. and oua that promises wall in chronic ille.i.ees,
to wind, it is applicable. .UP. VAN DULL, M I).
Iiiiiavllla, June (1, tola.
What llr. I'ylea, physician by appolnlm.nl tn the Lou
lav'ila Malice Hospital; sa B uf liuit's Sarasparilia :
LoUISVILU, March 20, ISIS.
1 havaeaanitisKl ill. preaeriutluu for the prspumtloll of
Jellll liull a Sursnpurilla. and I liclieve the combination to
he an exeellolit one, and well calculated to produce an
sJiersitvu iuiuressliiu on the avsteui, 1 bnv. used h Iwih
ill piililie and prirale pnuolce. aud think it 111. bea'
rlicia uf Saras parll la avw in use. : ;
' - '; Kealdshl Phytdelan Iaautsvllki Marin, llusphul
Bfllrr Teotltuouy ttiau was r f er Offered lu fiivor of
my lucuittue. ; ,
' Uev. K. W. Srlion, liev. E. SUttmuti.
l.ouuvlu.1, May Will. IS19
IVohave usad John Pull's Srsaparilla,aod have kuowu
It lo bs uasd, with suiira satl-faciioo 1 and we Uuve no
haaltatiou lo stating our bollsf, tliat It Is a safe ami
valuable niadlcsi couipound, aud oalculated to producr
uiueh g'aid and relieve luuuti sulfcrliig; and theieloiv
would euearluliy aud must Mtruastly mcuuiuKiid it to tu.
aalaleA - K w. SKIlu.N, .
. t (Sitpaait) ,.- , E. SlalVEAao.1.
- Wa earneatly invite all persona wno are suffering with
any ut " the ills lliat Hesh is heir lu." 10 call on Or. Julie
bull's agent, and net a oupy of Hull's r'uiuily Journal
eaarla; and fur tlie sake of humanity, wa hope that .
siosl. individual will uot be feuud uiiultilua toglve Hull'.
Saraaparilla a TaUL, after reading, aud m'l.llcc. Iu. at the
lalu. tiuiu, that it ia impossible for th. Oocmr to pullllali
lb. leutli pari ut' die number of oarliucalesef asuatullills,
Cures peluruied by his Sarsap-irilla. Tlie auiouut ut
ueuuiony velaatai lly euowarvd oir Dr. Hull's Sarsapa. Iluv.
froui wall kuowu aud dlstiuKuisuad iii.livUiiaia, boll la
nubile aud private lite, hits beau perfectly overwhelming
j-ls. JUI1N HliLL'S I'riuolpal lillloe, wets ala tlltu
. w.1. Aral duor balow aiaiu. LuUlavu,t.s. Kr. ,
Forsaloby - - G. KAPFFMAN A CO.
Uneuster,JulyM,lo51. ' E. L. HLOCUM 61 CO.
Dec, 17, 1854 ly
Not to forget, ulso, LiniHira.Braady for the si est and
convalescent, cigara5 years old. sinoukiiig and cliewins;
luitA'i.'utr, rowuer una rnoiior tnporlsnlan..'a
He will keen on hmul h vurliilmr fiiari. fa-at'ii
. ... . .
aad Japan otliln own nionlitacluretortuelniUe. - '
. not least. a luri;eanil full assortment of Qttteniwiren
Earthen ware; j rtrtes srars sua ttntrh- c?furaarr. at-
liens of blood to ma noa, acttniy ot tno stoinacn, na i- """ ' ' r " : .' V ,'., l.. '
sea, hcart-buan. disgust for food, fullness or weight In irTHe hopes to obtain a fair shuir of the public fhvor
the stomach, sour eructations, sinking or fluttering nt In lib) new undertiikiiig.and looks fur llu approbation
..... . , !.. ... .1.- ....- I 1. .. I lui nalma.analltt. ManS,'' H.-i(,a hAl.. .n . nll.il
llio pll ol tne stnmarii, awioiioina in mi uoou, iiuirau " ........ ..........
...i'.ina...ii i..a,,ihi.,. a,iiiHrli,iatilinhisrt. rhoaklnr I to reliiiiiulsli Ills former business as In tirious to .health.
nraiifrI.iinn sonsntions when In a Ivlnr posture, dim-1 he will muko a fair trial nf this, to sc. if it will not front
.... t -i,i,. ,ii.. hnforo the sio-ht. fever and his nurse, as well ii.liis health. "If the exiierliiiont. On
dull nuln iu lliu huud.doHciency of iiersplratlon, yellow, which ho wllldevoto hia undivided attention) does not
nesa nf the ahlti and eves, onln In the side, back, ohest.
limbs, etc.. sudden flushes of heal, burning In the flesh.
onsuint liungliilngsofevll at greut depression oisptrits,
l)r. iliitillrtiid's t elebriited (ierninti Hiltera
Prepared ty Dr. C. Jaekeen, ml tlie German Medicine
O70CS, JITO. 11U Jires oirwsi, i-siHBaiai(.i.iwi
m,lrnowor over the above diseases It not excelled.
if i, i, nail, ..I. bv unv other iirotiamllon in the United
Stutes.as the cures iittutl, In many cases aftor skilful
,.l.. alalia liurt rallHIl. ...
Tliese Hitters are worlhy the attention of Invsll.ls.--
Poasesslug great virtue in me raiinranon 01 nisenjws
ii,m r.u-iiraiwl lesser crlunds. exerclatne Iho most search
ing powers in wenknossand offeetkons of the digestive
OrgntlS. lllCy are, Wlinill, salt., carriaui biiu pi.aeia,i
succeed, he will b. able he trusts, tp serve the public In
some inner useiui cupucny.
maysiist, , - . rc.t.iA ,t, iAnnij,i.ii)n,
g" DE VOL Is propan-d to furnish all kinds nfSTEA M
1 -mr Vur-ivvc ...... .h,.M ,...ii... .l .e Sli....(....,l
-I . f,. 1. O. ......... ,1. WM Wlll.lllll.,1
and Pittsburg prlcua. , ; . . -,. ,
' Also, all kinds.or will Irearing. notstnig screws.
Regulating Screws.Juck bcrowu; Fullor'a b'uruwa and
Cldor Screws. 1 ' ' ' '
Mill Spindles of cast iron or wrought.. 1 -r r f.t
Biilnstind Drlvors, ore, Ae. ' '''
He will nlso furnish tho FARKEK WHEEL to suit
any head of wutor, and with either Iron or wood . shaft.
Also tue A tit I A sut wiifcfcl. nt up aa aoove ilia
patent on tne rarxor wneei nns oxpirevi auu conse-
R rail ana be tenement r. lKSSSi.cia, jnwnier. ,h.. ..... ... ,,. ....,.,.,.. , ......
Woostcr. Ohio, December 9ud, lttl, said: "1 embrace I .. , -.111111M7. . mka iikVoL'S THRASHING
MACHINES, and keeps a lot constantly on hand; war-
runted the best tn Ohio, r
All the above articles will bo made w ith esnetlnl car.
aud by the best workmen, and will bo warranted.
. All Kinds or repairing done ti)oii ine r,porict nonce.
Ho also keeps constantly on baud, ALL KINDS' OP
CASTINGS, usually kupt in u Foundry. Ho has com
pleted hts front shop, so that those who call cau cxam
inehiswork. '
The known quality ofthe work done at this estab
lishment fur many yeurspast,ls tliu host guarrnutee that
miii in, i,f I hi, no 1,1 in. flo InvilMa h v inn tun tlnn.
Lancaster, May 10, 1S54. . Q. HEVOL;
thlsopportunilv oflnformlngyoa of the groat benefit 1
huvu derived from the use of Dr. Hnnfiund't Gorman
Uiiinra . 1 imeo iiaod ihem forchlllsand fover and dif
or.i.,ril .iiiiniiiti. nnd found relief ill evorv cuse. They
are the best remedy for disordered aiomacn, t nuns, iu
existence. ' '
P Pi.i.ev. niooinne til. lllllo. uctoner 7, iros, sum
with rill,ii.iir,-!itliiiilo I tiikemv nen tn Inform you
of the Incalciiliible benefit I hnvu derived from ihe neo
of Hootland's Gnrnuin Bitters. I nave nsua tne in tor
ihe f.lvurcnmnliiliii. and lake nleasiire In recommend
ing them to Iho publio aa the safest and best remedy (n .llliret ,le aUbarrlber will' labor to de.lro tbo pat-
Tlie Kditiir of Ih. Wafer Democrat. May , Ifiid.
a,it,i- I'liiiSiiiid'aOermau B Iters. This invaluable me-
.In tin. la ilnilv iierformliigeurea oflhe most reinarknhlo
cltiirucliir. vve do noisieua 01 una int-uiciiiw aimiiui
a u.inuiiriili.irnf ita eitieaev. aa we have tried It in our
family, and find It to be tho ouly llilng needed in livor
complaint or dyspepsia.- j ' ' " .
Oiiicad: Ci.skkb, Coinbrlilgo. Ohio. Novembor 17,
IMS, said: "Bv those persons who have used your Hoor
liind's Gerniiiii Bitters, they arc considered an in valua
ble remedy fordyspepsla."
irr'You should bear in mind thai thoso Blttert are
bktibblv voxTai.B, thereby possessing advantages
over mosi of Uie propuratlons recommended foraiml-iBr-dlseiives.
' ' '' ' '
For sale by Kauffmnn A co.t B- Katb, Rnshvllle; K.
n. Walker, West Rushvlllo: Porter Wetrslen, Lytho-
polls, and Dealers iu medicine every waoro.
l...... lull 1 u I '
U.lUIUIf.l I I , I1MT .
il't SPBINlihanilvto tho Dwelling, a GOOuZL.
YOUNG ORCHARD of grnftcd Fruit, Fifty Acres
cleared underculllvatlon. Whole Eighty A area un
der good feuoe, Iho other Thirty Acres well timbered,
a nluo Sugar Orchard, two nuvor-fulllnt etreama of
water passing throngh the farm. 1 lie price oi tne anov.
laud ia S50 nuracre. two thousand dollars In hand, the
balance In two annual payments with Intercut. V
For furl her particulars apply to the subscriber living
on the premises. WILLIAM M. TAYLOU.
.. February 1, 1853 3d '
. Oaiiaro Oranra Seed and Plants.
THEniiderslguedhiirealarge amount of Osag. Or
a n go Seeds andPlunts of the bestqualliy,euriiatsed
by none In Iho couulry .which they wlU soil at the lowest
niE OLD SLOW ana EAS ' If 1(1 M B
f TASrewiavedhlsOwliW la tmllt'l tartar. East of
I median House, opnnslte'th. Ohio Eugl. Ofllce.
Lancaster, October 80, )KH !iJ , , .
; - Ma . KKtllUEH,. v - .. . . ,
i Mala atreet, I.ancnatcr, Ohio, - -..
A OKNT for Knox Mutual. and r'latainal MalUl
1. k'irntnd Uf lovuranc compaaltM, . -. ,
D.e. ruber IU III, . . ' . '.
itiH pit nt nri
At from 33 to 40 cent, per rod, with, a fair deduction
whore Ittrgc contracts ore made. . ,
At front "5 cents to 1 rod-the payments at fol
lows), wlieu tho hedge Is set, and the bulauce when
It wilt answer the purpose Af a good fence. -
POrwhnl cllstnlervstcd Jndgea will say It la worth; (a
computed Willi good renocS) wnen ll is comnieteu. ,
At $1 to il.55 tur rod,to be paid ror when compietea.
- JAMKS SUMPTER & CO., Dayton, Ohio
Jamb Si-nrrBB.Collego Corner, Hntler county. unto
JtstBt MrGnaw, Aloxatidersvlllo, Ohio. '
BaaJtatiN Less, Dnytnn, Ohio. . . -
Marl,ISt4. G. MARTIN, Agent, Carroll. Ohio.
a lis. aval on hsttitt l tr.tiii npinttlHsl httfaAa. .
AneKMriputfe of narty to) vvart. and muny rmra of
.hit III i a nndartliP tnttructlonofnii omliient Vutrrlna.'
ry Surcttonannabttta Utiu to ronHHwniW -uinltirUtko Hit
roost UlfflcttU owoa. -In HUOKG htiaUlioit.lf
ttivoou lo no lit. ir 4 . .. v.
Illy reputation .4 now i wMl known that.nor
io mm to vm i,ot rmm mon of tne
(Hleand lowna. Hta 8hf na Khop
lion-arv io nmtun utni no ooionuon
OrdMay will ?Tr occur. IJr.NSKlT OAURtTT.
LttiauMtr, Annual '.l,1t?5i-Unilft
OIIU rtiputntl
-ar-B-4R1oal reivelvad MsSPRlNO and BUMMER
II nlv nf II ATM Ai CAPS ut his old stand, anatile th
Tallmadra lleuet.Mwn ttrert. f.rr, ou. Hi
stock haa beon ai'lected wttn care ana embrace
KTf ry variety el naisa; t,apt, at
Including White Beaver. Molakln, No. It 1 J
and 4 Chios snd Pudul Straw and Leghorn
Hatsl Men. Hot. and Cblldrella Palm Leaf, from ltt( lo
S7,'.-lsh Mon and BoVs Fnraud Wool'.Kossuih Hats,
Boys and Chlldrena Fariey Huts, which will be told at
tne lowest prices, lang-nom nan wasneuano oieaeuee
at tne anorti-st itotic..' jir-liom lorgns nw pisce.
MaJ,eH. ' Al. KMALLEY.
ralBnndorsUn. I rcspoclfully advertise, tho pub
J. lie that hotiasonnand for salo,onrttsonublelurint
for cash. ttconpltte assnrtmenlof , r '
Fresh nnd Well Selected Metliolnet, : .
Comprising everver'ao,snf, derived from the
K'rs(aos,Afiaeea(aaa'aaiMaJ Kingdoms, and used In
Jtllopalkic, liatmtOTat Kit, Ktlrrtiaand Bolanie prmlice.
The assortment embraces all the 4itafoio',AsiBa. sir.
Xffcotalie aaa' .f ya was A'rfracta, tc a;r.
His slock ol surgical instruments isoi ine oestquaiiiy.
' AEnllSlock of Family Groceries, '
French and American Perfumorv In great variety.
Havana and coiuuion Segurs, Chewing and Smoking
Tobacco; best quality of w ines, nraiioies. r..naiive
and imported, for medicinal aae; strong Cider Vinegar,
Window Glass and Glass Ware, together with all the
popular patent medicines, and hn endless variety of
aaVs and rass-liolh ornamental and itaefiil. .
- Physicians prescrltitloiisptilup with greatcar. by a
eoinpelentand exporlonreddlapenser.
- - .j, ...... m. o. ociiir.it,, ( -
Oct. 90, 1854 , , JVe. 10S,Afafa Strl,(sacailtf.
" --'.i ". ' . - .. pa' ' .-1 'f J .,.,..!' .'
- . D. K, ,risUEL.; , ....
nA V1NG rslumed to the city and erected . large
building lu the rear of the briols home, on the
corner af Brand and Ckeannt Streela. oasavaare SoitlA
ef the Market If.aso, Intend manufacturing upon a
aa, '. ia-wa,aeaiwiiii inai warmna .nil-ma
Cl of Cabluel Furniture, BodsKiailsS;
f2)and Chairs. Which he will keep? ,'"
' 'alwavs on hand. lneetner with a ' "'
lane assortment of Cincinnati manufaclura, . His long
exerience In th. business- will enable him lo have
manufactured at home and Imported from abroad Ihe
very beat of work, and as he Intends to employ none..
nut tne mora, ek Hirer workmen stm use tne vest mate
rials, he Sutlers himself that he will give geueral sa
tisfaction to all who may mvor mm wttn in err custom.
The public are Invited lo call and examine the ae
snctment, .The entrance lath, rooms Is upcri' Broad
Street. , .- , i . I). K. FISH EL, .
' N.N. Repairing dono on the shortest nolle, and in
the iieaiosl and most workmanlike wanner. .Charges
reasonable. .Lancaster, Say SO.
Messrs. Clarke, WrlshtA. Co., v ".
UAVE taken for a number of years, the Foundry
owned by John Arney, Esq., situate aa Cefaa
t... ur.mJ Kiratle. ia the rill af l.antaater, where
they ore determined lo be on hand with all such arti
cles III lltelr IIUU, aa III eouutry h'Sii ,
. .a- . MIH-Gearlng. Machine CASTING8 and
"VrtJal'LOUGHS, of various patterns, war
axisaaMea ranted a superior article, together wilb
all minor articles ut me counuri lima., v .. i ..
CLARKE'S Cornalnlk and Strnw Cotter,
An articles suiwSrior to all otnors of the kind tn the
counl-v, and one to which we Invite the special atten
tion of 'the Parmer.' This machine for catling shock
com for Ii 1 ar Ii feeding or rationing stock, will save from
30 to 40 per cent. Corn Fodder, when cut, It nearly or
quite equal to nay tor leaning eituor came or nursoa,
making an acre oi wen suvcu corn juuiier sunn iww
acres of the bust grown hay In Ohio. Thev are calcu
lated for either hand or hone powor, W. are alto
preparing to rurnisB to oruor . . ,. .
tttcCorniick'aRenpcriiud GrnB. Cutter and
' -i " Moore's Wheat wrtlis
Farmen rive as k call. . Everybody give at a .call.
and buy our goods and wares, our ploughs and shares,
and we will try in turn to buy y.ur corn, "Jour wheal,
your flour, your meat, your nay, your oats, your rag
bank notes, or aught you may desire to spare, of broken
pots or olhor ware. We therefore have tho highest
hnpe.wlihaiitdealgnlng any Joke, that yoa will give a
liberal shure of patronage to us who are determined lo
do business on th. most liberal turma, - "
February 10, IBM. CLARKE, WRIGHT A CO,
JGRUBB having returned to Lanenstcrund Intend.
, lorumuin permanently lu this city, and having re
ceived iiistrticijoiiafroui an experienced Dentist front
the city of New York, and obtained a kuowlodgeof th.
business, now respectfully tenders his professional ser
vices to citlsena of Lunciistor and the public generally.
He Is prepared to perform all operation, upon ho
Teeth, such as Extracting, Pinging, Fillliig.rugtilattng
tne i eel b, treating spungy or ueruusuu uuuu, uesiroy.
IngNervos, removing Turlur, etc.
ArtiflciulTeotlt Inserted on Gold Plate from on to
full set: nlso Artificial Crowns set on healthy roots
without pain, tn at to answer all the purposes of mas
tlcatlon. ...... v , I' y
Every operation In Dentistry essential to preserve
and beaut fv the Tooth, and give them a healthy ec-
lloii.Btid improve the breath, health otTaste, performed
on moderate lorins. ijnnesin tno ciiy or county, ;wjn
b waited on nl tlinlr respective pieces of residence. If
it be requested. No charge, made or' exaiulnaltpn or
consultation nl hhi ofllce. . . '
OFFICE On the Northoast corner or th. rublle
Square, one door from Main stroet.
Ijincnster.Septemher gs. 1854 81
tr.i i
tspniivoF.n dr. xnotiT,(
(""AVE removed their Clothing Estubl1shm.nl
II to the' Tallmailfe Block, fret door f.art af
White If Lalia'a Jlartltcare more, where they are open
ng a large nnd extensive assortinentof SPRING AND
SUMMER GOO 1)8, and are now inn iiu factoring every
variety of Sprinf and S'tmer IVcar, which thev will
toll as low as tho sumo quality of goods and wortl can
be nurchnsed at any ether establishment In the ally. -
Their clothing la iiiaiiitfiicturod under their own super"
vision, and la (tonsoqiieiiuy superior to tnar wnicn. it
binuglit from other pieces. They have also on band, .
beaviif at variety ej utorh,vaottereo, roattnga Jlto.
which they nreTircparod to maiiufnctue lo order. They
have In their employ the best of workmen and ara- at
all times prepared to make the best Alt lo th. latest
Btvlos. Alltkeir-warkvill hevarranled .
The public nr. rospectfully solicited to call and, ex
amlne thoirstocic, nnd while thankfnl for the lllioral
patronage they huro eujnyod, they assure their oh? cus
tomers and all others that they will labor to give gen
eral satisfaction both In the qtialltv and price of thelc
goods and work. ' : . STRINGER as TROUT.
i.oncaaiei .Apn.a, irioa . - tr
' RF. nn
A of FA
been offen
RISINO 4 LYONS, .- ., . , .
RP. now receiving al their old slnnd. as Sno a ttock
rFAd In tbla market, cnnsistlno? of everv article
In Iho Dry Good, line, together with a .Viae r.o
BOOie ana O.oea, irrKirm, mr... wmr - -.
vara, all on) which Ihey an delartnined to Mil as low
as any house In Fairtleld couuty, ouure cash Wore, not
excepted. . - ... ' . ' 'V
I neyneg losve w innuor inuirsnoiti,, ai.n.i hi iiio
rlituuis of latncaatera aud vicinity, for the vary liberal
share uf patronage they have received since they hav.
iesan iu business, and hope for a continuance of the
aaine, assuring the public that no pain, shall be .pured
r.ti (heir nan to vtva eiinrwsnusnsction.' in. usual ar
tirlet of country prnduco taken Ia .xchange for Goods.
, ... Mt.....h Ol IU-.
lauruii.ii ani. .i, .,"
Si..:: 1 -.jy..tr-i.a 1 I, ;114
THE undersigned would respectfully announce to
the cltlxent of Fairfield and- adjoining counties,
that he desires lo sell al private sale the Al Ion
I'sctorv situated In tlie town of llavanrsDars.
Fairfield county, Ohio. The mnchtnerv la principally
dous work equal loany la the country, nnd has a large
tun of custom." There ISTonnr-oted wlih the Faelnry
a good andeoo Yemeni Dwelling House, contain
ing Tour rooms, ana also four unciy siiuaten lots, i
l leoitt ouiiiliiigs are numerousena convenieni.
Persons dwdrous ofmaklna-a rood bargain In this
kind uf properly, would do well to come and examine
aid premises. JONATHAN K. WIEHSE, -
llavcnsjiort, Octuberl, VSil SS
, OKUHOE S. EATON, HI. ti.y j,
Pnvsicicua,0(;tiiisT, and OxTUoriDicik ScaaaaH.
HAVINGoeaftd permanently In Chllllchothe, offer,
his profi-sslonal services to all who are afflicted
with any of mo loiiowing aiseases-or aeiormtties:
Amaurosis, Opthulmia, or liillnniatlnn of the Ey.
Gramelnr Lids; Watery Ey.K Calaraolar jSpeckc and
Plems, effectually removed; Strabismus or Cross Eyes
enred In'a few aecondsf Pteilsi Club Foott Hair Lip;
together with every other operation oolongtBg to ine
operative Surgeon. '
tiFr-lt.'K waaoio-B nioca- rtesiuonco xity nous..
, TTpNo charges forexattlMalio T
Addros. Chilllcothe, Oht . Ml,1W4-lr
HE iinderalgncd having purchased th. Grist
id Flonrinir V ill horeloforo owned bv Gen.
Ill 1".. HmvoiiIiIs. deoe'aaed. would herebv Inform
the public thailt is his purpose to make.lhis Mill what
ItshoulU Dei a una rain iw iita.iici:iniiiouaii(Hi wi- in
neighborhood iu which ll is Located And having se
cured the servieoBof an experienced Miller, 1b prepar
ed, as he believe, tq do work, calculated to please
anil tlierofore solicits patrouago. r
Mayg.lS5. ... f, .; . .. . t, J. RADEBAGH.
THE subscriber has removed his establishment into
his New Rooms jV.rra BidtMain Street, aver Etna
AJ- Bieh, and has flttol them lip lu-a style nnsurpassed
In the Wosl. He hupesdhai the public will appreciate
his offnrta.to ploase and extend to him a liberal patron
age. Every thing hat bean done that conld be done to
ensure snccoss in every depsctntentortrte Art, and nt.
plelureacannat boanrpassed. V.f. GR1SWOLD.
. N. B.Perspn8wishlngtolearnth.aitwttlkav.t,res
facilities fordoing so here. , , .
.Hours from ttvcelock A. M. hritllS o'clock
Lanca,tur, November IS. iei 2S

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