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Tlsiirlar Mornlug.Bluy 19, 15
,.. TutltU, Schleich and Graber.
' J' Their Cwnslstener. .
V Tlifttour friends may hve an opportu
nity to read tlia urgometils of tlie diton
ono hundred and forty dolltri be lad p:
riotuly pronoueed fraudulent! Tb peti
tion readi at followr
To tha Ctmatfoalvaero of Falrlelu Co. O.
Understand .rig that your Honorable body
ill be aDblicd to for additional pay .'on
oottlritot fur print'laz Asscason' blanks for
t . i - . m t
the year 1862. ana believing that the la- j nionr-y to purcLae the eotabliolimenl.
Dorer IS wormy utauireauu auuwing "UaietU. . ,
that the contract price of one cent per Wlx.n the editor of the Gaiette was
quire -was no compensation- for the labor I writing the above paragraph lie knew very
performed, we believe it would be just and 'yn that he was slating what he knew to
right to pAy an additional amount sufficient! be fab. -Tba Eagle pever done printing
to make it equal to the usual price had for 'for 37 or 50 cents per quire therefore
i-. . tii . . . ..
sucu worn, ana uiat, in Booomgyou wouia
" XT' We find on the order Book ao a
mouut of nearly three hundred dollars the
editor of the Eagle baa taken Iron, tbe conn
Remember. That when (lie Ohio Eaele
and Telpgraph were united that the coun-t'T Treasury of which no account can be
. ' I . ) , . J rd Divan . m nan fi nrl ni lit 1 1 am fit a. ru,. i
iy pruning was riwu irom o i j ami ov " -v
cents pr quire to one dollar per quire, j lying 'or what purposes this large BDxmnt
thus throwing into ine Hands 01 Its Owners "penuetj. u.T..iiiiBm..ii8 wauaro
t. i n i
.Laneuatrr Jtlarbeta. JOI1 tHHLLlTO CO.
Oarr Ornci, May 17, 1855. Our ' !to. l. It Foarth street, C.aeiaaatl.O.
quotations this morning are as follows: T ipf.CTPCllt t. J" ''J " ''lit" !TJ" '"
It.-., a rm n,. n m I .1 Hi cra generally. tbt sue ere bw l"iI aa
wiice.., ,wvi a ivur, v,4 V I ulii:it .iitn4,ih4WttiBlHloniiVMOi
Corn. 5; Bye, 9'J; Oats, 40cts; Cer-
nearly if not quile auoagh of the. people'. "J lr eXHmit.ations U, , d tbe bills j r7 34-00; I ota- K5m, rBTJCH. OCT . AWMICAB
of the Ohio taoM in jusiincauon m
Ua which they have entailed on the tax-
.: .itnn nf ihi r.ountv. weeive be-
Uw a fw extracts from their two last is
ue. These extracts are pre-eminently
...hftracterisuo'of the men whopenned them.
and give th publio a fair index to their
true characters, both morally and , pohti
lvIIv. " We have neither time, space nor
; inclinatlou to go farther back into their
"editorial career than their two.iasi iSu8,
although their whole series is replete with
..... . Ut-.l.
factinilitt of tlie roiiowmg, w..
' commend to the careful perusal of no in
' tttllitrent sublic: ' '..:
.K intelligent community can be de
ceived by such a mercenary adventurer as
. rpAm siuiiirtitr.' No , honorablo man of
common sense, who has the slightest re
gard for his own reputation, wilL face this
' r .nrt anv he has confidence in
the integrity, sincerity, or veracity of the
editor of the Gazette'- j -r
"Ho is a culprit and scoundrell ,
"He is a swindler and a liarl" .
-He is a out throat and midnight as-
..aas8in!,,l.. .' :, ,. -
"He Is the mouthing, scribbling syco
phant of a most hellish and damning par
ty!" ' ' ' r' "' '
"He is a contemptibly meanpuppyl'
L Such, kind reader, are the arguments
produced by the editors of the Ohio Eagle
in justification of their tin as proved by
. documentary evidence.. We have not dealt
in denunciation and abuse farther than an
exposition of their political scheming and
corruption fastens upon them and we
have never failed to produce written testi
mony of the truthfulness of our charges.
If we choser we have no doubt our vocab
ulary of denunciation would be sufficiently
, severe to meet them on their own grounds.
notwithstanding we have never been a prac
titioner in this ; their . favorite and only
school of logic. "Forbearance,", howev
' er may "cease to be a virtue," and if we do
commence we have that to tell which will
-botb bite and sting. As' for their small
charges aga'in3t't( we pass them by with
'. merited contempt. Ten thousand such
editors cannot put us on the defensive.
They; say they have no idea of "putting
themselveton our level," They are right
Dlaced upoh'our ' level, their poor -heads
would grow dizzy and they would stopple
down head-long." They sre welcome,
. as we have before said, to their vocation
of denunciation and abuse--we, expect
nothing but such - disgusting calumny as
we have above quoted from ' he Eagle,
ia1. ijti Vr1 v nrnvfis that its editors' souls
would better become the bodies of Bil
lingegate fishermen than tlie conductors of
public journal. ; Judging from the ex
' tracts above quoted the intellect of these
, mon is pre-eminently fitted to be associated
' with the dignity of their characters. ' God
forbid that we should be compelled to bat-
v tie these men with their own weapons, for
it would be a disgraos to our profession
and revolting to every feeling of ourna-
a 1 It U not the first time, however, ' these
men-i have heralded forth their snathe
i mas and slanderous epithets it is not their
, jr attempt to fasten their own infamy on
the character of , other men, as we shall
hereafter prove. And if we are to judge
i ; the f uture by the past we have no doubt
, the day will yet come when these. trien will
; sneakingiy lick the dust at our feet as they
' bav6 at. the feel of .other subjects of , their
scandal. , As proof let us refer to a few
'". facts. . ' On the 27th day of October, 1863
we received a communication from John
' L. Tuthillin reference to what he termed
' one hundred and forty dullar ' swindle,
whioh contained the following language
against the - Auditor? Mr. Ellis and the
Commissioners. The article of. Mr.-Tut
' unit, rads as follows: . . .. . '
','AuDrroa JerrKiKs-r-7i official ytorrvp'
V tion and '.Dishonesty proved. li is - with
,: , ' feelings otrtgret, though with a deep sense
f duty, that I am under the necessity of
, exposing the corruption and dishonesty ol
a man in whom the people nave reposna
oonhdeuea. The editor of the iiagie (Mr
; Ellis lis too much . implicated 'with Mr
' Jeffries for his assertions to have muc
v;. , weight In the matter. ; It must be curried
' to a higher and more just tribunal. There
i -' ,i the "still small voice of the people, who
: ;; s In the end must tattle this matter. ; Lilly
v . and Jeffries should both be driven from
" the offices' they have dishonored, an
would have been the Commissioners
would have done their duty as honest men!
. How does it come, sirs, that you did not al
' once report o me peopiq iuis jraua am.
, , corruption,, and have the unworthy and di
: " honest oceupahts of these offices turned
'; ' butt If your cowardly and pucillaaimoue
; ' Jjearts prompted you to screen ito eorrup
; tion, and hide from the puono gaze th
Z . fraud, resign :. tht position you art i
' nowise worthy and competent to fill."
- Such, reader, is the manner and styl
; in which the present editor of the Eagle,
,Jobn L..Tuthill, denounced the Auditor,
Mr. Ellis and the Commiasionera for
' iransastion which he has since endorsedand
K" highly 'recommended, and as extracts from
i , this mail's writings are becoming "par
, ticularly interesting"' to the publio we take
.' great pleasure in laying before our readers
'v.f; his eloquent - and urgent appeal,' to the
v Commissioners he formerly so bitterly do
' ' nounced, In behalf of the.'paymentef .the
be sustained by an honest and liberal pub
lic. TothilIm Scrliich St Orcdkr.
When Mr. Tuthill first came to us, and
In his first communication in reference to
this matter, he stated that it was "with
feelings of regret" that he was "under the
necessity of exposing the corruption and
dishonesty of a man in whom the people
had reposed confidence." Bui a change
has come over the spirit of his dream, and
the man he once denounced as a scoundrel
he now takes to his bosom and places his
name on his "pet" of a Sag Nicht ticket,
and to make his friendship doubly mani
fest lie petitions the Commissioner to en
dorse a transaction he had but a short
time before felt it bis "painful duty to ex
pose," and in making bis exposition two
of these same Commissioners came in for a
very lartre share of his denunciation. He
first denounced the Commissioners as in
competent and dishonest, and declared that
this outrageous swindle of one hundred
and forty dollars "must be carried to a
higher and more just trilunal the still
small voice of the people!" After which
he not only (form thisswindle but actu
ally petitions the Commissioners to endorse
and dom it. and intimates that the "still
small voice of the people" will sanction it,
While Tuthill and Schleich were making
loud professions of friendship for Messrs
CollinB, Tschiip, Reese, Jeffries and Ellis,
they were busily and secretly employed in
furnishing the editor of this papor with
material calculated to brand them all as the
vilest imaginable scoundrels, w ho should
give back into the hands of the people the
offices they disgraced. They secretly hui led
their poisoned arrows of malice ' and re
venge and pierced these men with many
wounds in order to get possession of the
Ohio Eagle; but now that their treachery
and hypocrisy is being exposed they are
again mixing their worm-wood and gaul to
pour on the head of the editor of this pa
per in order to avert an outburst of popular
indignation at their . barefaced hypocrisy
and base ingratitude, as well as the assas
sin-like manner in which they disposed o
men for whom they professed great friend
hip. Of all the dark spots of human na
ture, we know of none belter calculated to
throw a freezing chill over the whole body,
and drive back the purple current on the
aching heart, than just such' mean and ,
damning hypocrisy and base ingratitude.
Such hypocrisy towards theso men,
by Tuthill and Schle.ch.who were at the
same time the willing recipients of . their
esteem and bounty, is enough to bring a
palsying horror over the soul end make the
human heart sicken at the contemplation o
such baseness. ' "
4ST" We paid for the Ohio Eagle estab.
shmeht three thousand dollars." Eagle,
' WE paid we paid and CBn it be pos
sible that Mr. Meihx is the editor as well
as the proprietor of the Eaght We were
not aware, until the above announcement,
that we were measuring Btrcrgth with the
Governor nf Ohio.''!! Or perhaps Messrs.
Tuthill, Schleich k Grubcr have, purchas
ed the concern from the Governor.'.' If so,
oentlemen, let ui know, for we want to
know who we'are fighting The whole con
cern is so "mixed up" that it is difficult to
tell who owns it, who publishes it, who
edits it or who stands responsible for its
editorials. Whenever we direct a broad
side at Tuthill, he screens himself behind
Schleich, and . when we "pounce" on
Schleich he hides behind Gruber, and
whon wo charge or. Gruber, he swears the
"whole thing is a fabrication"- and that
Tuthill fc Schleich are responsible for the
whole., of it as thoy raised his prices of
printing from 25 and 55 cents per quire
to 75 and 81 ,00 in order to "pay for the
concern" and that they must now siana
responsible and not get him into any more
of. their "develish scrapes!". And if they
will steal they must do thuiv own hidingl
However, week before last, they brought
reinforcements namely the two editors
of the Washington Register, and are now
making arrangements tosecure the services
of the w hole Red Lodge Clique. "Pitch
in," gentlemen.; one and all give us the
best you have in your shop, for we have still
left "a few more grape" which we shall from
time to lime pitch into your ranks.
could not raise it to one dollar a quire.
The whole amount of printing of blanks
for the county since we have had tharge of
the Eh trie.' iust one rear, amounts to the
awful sum of two hundred and thirty-one
dollars ana thirty-one cent and no more.
We paid for the Ohio Eatrlo establishment
three thousand dollars. How some people
are given to lying.- Ohio Eagle. "..'
The Eagle men are beginning to appre
ciate their true condition and are writhing
in such great agony of sou. as to be induc
ed to utter another falsehood; in order to
screen themselves from public odium.
When we say falsehood we mean exactly
what we say, and here is the evidence to
prove it. - Some three or four months be
fore the Eagle and Telegraph were united
Mr. Gruber, one of the firm, made the fol
lowing bid for county priuting:
To the Honorable Commissioners of Fair
field County
In compliance with four request I make
the following proposal for printing all the
blanks for tlie use of the county.
For Assessor's blanks per quire of paper 25
Al other blanks " , ." 66
, Respectfully Submitted, '
; - ; D. J. ORUBER,
v $ Publisher Lancaster Telegraph,
December 7, 1853. ;
The Commissioners, however, refused to
give the printing b the Telegraph for the
reason that a bid of one cent per quire had
been received from Mr. Ellis. Mr. Ellis
done the printing, and afterwards received
ono dollar per quire, which nmounted, for
the Assessors' blanks, to ono hundred and
forty dollars, and Mr. Tuthill afterwards
made capital out of this matter by calling
it a hundred and forty dollar swindle, he
wrote us a communication against this ras
cally transaction, in which occurs the fol
lowing language: . .".
"He (the Auditor) told Mr. Ellis to
make out his bill at 75 cents a quire, tho'
Here, reader, is the evidence, in Mr.
Tcthill's own words, that he knew that
the Telegraph had agreed to do the coun
ty printing, at 25 otnts per quire before
the two papers were unitod, : and he also
bnew that Mr. Gruber bad said "ho could
make money at that pfice." Now, sir,
taking v'ocr own statements and acknowl
edgments as testimony, we ask you wheth
er it was not DOWN RIGHT STEALING for J'OU
to raise the price of printing Assessors'
blanks from twentv-five cents per quire
to SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS per quire,
cents? Dare you now say, in the face of
this testimony, sir, that' you did not pay
for your office, with money that properly
belonged to the tax-payers of the county?
If you kn ew that 25 and 55 cents waslhe
Telegraph's price for doing this work be
fore you united the papers, why did you
raise It to SEVKNTY-rivE cents and ONE
DOLLAR?, You know that the papers
were united purposly to swindle the coun
ty treasury, and the people know it too.
They want no. better evidence than the fact
that the Telegraph's price was doubled
just aS soon as the papers changed hands-
containing tht items for which this a
mount was drawn we have failed to do so.
and now call upon Mr. Tuthill to make a
satisfactory explanation. Gutetle.
Nothintr easier. Simply in this Wise: '
Frequently bills against several offices
would be presented at the same lira, and
tlie whole be paid in one order. If the
Uazette man will take the trouble to look
up these bills and add them together he
will find the amount correspond Ing to the
Come, sir, this won't do. Wt told yon
where you could find these amounts on
the order book, and asked you to furnish
as the bills on file showing for what pur
poses this amount was drawn and give us
the items, and as you have made so much
"fuss" about "itemised accounts" you can
have no objection to producing .the proof.
Wa say, most emphatically, that you can
not account fob these items Ui at there
are no bills on file that can give any clue
to them. And we further charge that the
transaction bears upon its face evident signs
of fraud. We called upon you to make a
satisfactory explanation.' This you have
not done, nor cannot do. Unless you cao
clear this up not only the above amounts
but others still larger will stand againstyou
as evidence of your rascality
toes, 1,50, flax seed. eal.OO; Hot
ter, J215c; Eggs, 8 cenU. Salt, 2.50
Beans, 2,00; Soaps, 6ic: Coffee,
J3al5c; Tea, 50cal00; Mo!aM-, 40
a37c; Vinegar, 10a25c; Tobacco, 1Ch25c;
Hay. Il.00al2.00. Tallo
Whisky, 39c.
; The Prof. ,
Mr. Tuthill denies having presented
postage accounts against the .Auditor, the
Clerk and ourself, all of which bad been
paid. We now re-iterate our former state
ment, and if Mr. Tuthill wants proof of
what we said, let him ask Mr. Holt, who
was present at the time and Mr. Radc
baugh the Clerk. Mr. Tuthill came into
the office with a bundle of postage bills in
his hand, and . stated that he bad a bill a-
trainsi us for postage. We dented it and
told him we had a receipt showing that it
was paid. He then spoke to the Auditor
in the same way, who also denied the bill.
Now Mr. Tuthill had no other business in
the Auditor' office, and after remaining a
few moments left the room. He has since
said that he was only in 'ifun ;" but that
don't alter the correctness of our statement.
At the time we were not 1 aware of his
"mirthful propensities," and made our
statement in good faith. .We are free to
admit 'hat it was awry funny transaction.
Agricultural .Meet lug.
The reader will not fail to read the call
for a meeting of the Fairfield County Ag
ricultural Executivr Committee. As it is
the determination of the present officers to
make the coming Fair surpass all its pre
deeessors, we trust a full attendance will
be had on the day specified in the adver
tisement. . So flattering is the prospect so heavy
and thick, with its deep dark green, stands
the wheat so fully covered are the fruit
trees with odorous blossoms and tho rich
grass stands up so proudly that the veriest
croaker in the land is forced to keep his
mouth shut, and the - whole community
with one accord exclaim everything is
propitious for a magnificent display at our
next county Fair. " Every farraci Sn the
county should make it an object to have
his farm represented at our next Annual
A srriuultural Exhibition.
Cattle irfarlieL. .
Kew Yore, May' 9. 1855.
receipts of the weee.
Beeves. 2,054. Vesls, 1.113. Sheep
and Lambs, 5,249. Swine, 3.425. Milch
Cows, 229. Total number of animals 12
0C9. Total the previorn week, 13,663.
Price or Beef To Day. Bef is sold
at so much a pound, generally by estimat
ed weight for tbe meat in the quarters.
Jrirst quality of good fair market U:ef,
15c. Second rate, 144c. Ordinary, 13tc.
Some vert extra good, bc.
Prices of Veal . Calves. The rate at
which such Calve a are (it to eat fell for
all the year is from 4 to 7o per lb., live
A class called 'kittens that is, Calves
from one to six days old sells fiom 1,25
to3a84each. '
Another class, called "grsrs Calves,"
generally sold at four to six months old,
brings 3 to C7.
A good fat Veal often brings 20a830."
Mill Cows. The price of Cowsdi-ptnds
as much upon fancy as the price of Horses.
Ordinary cows, 3oa338; good fur cows,
40a945; extra quality, w'uh caif, 50a375.
Sheep and Lamm. Common Sheep, 5,
50f8; extra Sheep, 10a12; Lambs, 5ri47.
Swine. Ohio corn-fid Hogs, small size,
for market retailing, 5JhCc, live weight;
still-fed Hogs, SJaCc; Hogs for packing,
5JaCc, ' live weight; large Hogs, coru-fed,
dead weight, 7a7 Je, for the very bett- 1
cc?ix i&ub tensor C29
ImporVMliilroct front Muiafkctnrar la Sarap, d
pur-tMt ai uetluB Yur, which ihUmii
lof per on. : u,(at,j nuar-tiuvrtpnc
ThortiurSIf Mwnxl ,rro low fwtln wldU; Urj
fnii:i. H'.UI Kper. Stmo mn tmt
ftruiirn nmy aopstd upon Siwiuif Ut bt ! ol
raotlainour lln t ftirmms low Mlkr? MDbi pnf
whiixl iatb Lwtara elite. HmkSsS, IcsU-JtMS
SUtental ! UCa4Jtlaa of Fatlrdvl
Conatr terlaff fmillata.
TUESDAY, MAT 1,1815.
.".?. MB '1 Bill DIMO10IC4
MflurM DDOll!
l.u fromoibor Risks
Ptfrfibat Profrty f
ipeadll Ittbt t
Cult 1 : i
CiplulstMk 1 i
Survlttg YobA 3 :
Wim tootlwr IMI (
lmteW m,itl I
lia Dotiiora !
I 77.. 04
S I I I l.l it m
1 : 1 t 4ltH
: : 1 ! w 00
-1 t t : 10 v IS
1 11 1 mxetjn
: : 1 :' tii.wii uu
I I 11 SI
., t 1 l.ftwfl ST
tilt l
s i 1 109 . 1M
JOHX C. LEAVER. Pr-udsit.
' taau huiu in
Groerrie, Qaeewre, flat, Cap,
mown, mm nnx, w.ti. run oaja,
WOULD rMpf'ltr,'T't M fT
to urn Urge sad well tmniutd woek of
whlfk hTbBB miteut with er, iil will b!!
I lb luweM auk iM-leo. U, i, lKM-yi ;
JJ!n lm?1.9iA door SmI of Cljr- Hotel,
, Lnulr, Hiy 3, lrii i
WOOL The .indications of a speedy
revival in manufacturing arc not very flat
tering, the eitravagant hi'h price of food
coupled with a general debilitation in trade
intimidates manafiictnrers from operating
beyond their immediate orders; the assort
ment of Domestic fleece is still very low,
prices are firm; sales of 15,000 lb at35a44o.
for medium to one; l ulled is scarce atoju.
forSnpf-rCne, 36a37c. for Extra, and SCo.
for No. 1. Foreign is dull; sales of 50 bules
Washed Cordova at 23ic. C months. ,.
we quote: '.-,
American Sax. FlJb
Do. Pull Blood Merino
Do.'i and i Merino ..
Do. Native and qr. do -Sup.
Pulled Country
Do. 1, 1'ulled Uouniry
Extra do -Peruvian
Washed -'
ValparaUo, Unwashed
So. Am., Cum. Washed
So. Am. Enlre Rios
South Am. Unwashed
South Ain. Cordova
East India, Wanned 6&28
African, Unwashed !)(i51S
African, Washed 1C3G
Smyrna, Unwtt&hed . 1 3 1 4
Smvrna, Wa.ed 2326
Mexican, Unwashed , . - 1214
4 J 44
- 2C.2S
1 23(S3a
e 9
in Trouble. i
: The editor of the Eagle, Mr. Tuthill, is
terribly exorcised over our exposition of
the manner in which be bas beeu plunder
ing the county. - Books that he charged
$2,00 per quire for when the farmer was
working under the burning heats of a noon
day sun for the small pittance of 37 and
50 cents per day and receiving but 40 eta.,
per bushel for his wheat, can now be furn
ished at at one dollar and twenty five cents
per quire, when wheat is ' selling for two
dollar per bushel. . It is. something very
strange that Mr. TuthiU'a prices for sta
tionery never fluctuated for sixteen years
wbile every thing else was constantly
rising and falling. . We have not room this
week to notice this gentleman's defense as
we would like to, and as.we win po. i
We are not through with him yet mean
wbile be can devote himself to explaining
tntr important matters.";, ; ' .,
. Remember, That the letter asking us to
put in bids to print the' Assessor's, blanks
was not handed us until it was too late for
us to do so. Gazette. ' . '
' We ciin prove Unit Mr. Slaughter had
his letter handed him some time before the
.'E'lgltv received the ono addressed to it,
and ul li'rtsUwo hours before the time for
opening tlie bids.- If it was too late to put
in u bid why did you propose to enter into
a written contrAet with the Eugle not to put
in a bill. hagle. !
'We have now got these gentlemen ex
aotly where we vt'aut ,' them. Mr, Tuthill
hero decliirca that' wb received oar letter
asking us to put in bids before he ueckiv
Ed theirs. J.t .this is so, we ask you, sir,
how come you to get in possession of its
Gazette . Office? , What pre-sentiment
took possession of your mind that Mo letter
must be immediately hnnded its address?
And why did you defer bringing it to us
until within a few moments of tho timenp
pointed for the bids to be opened, and al
together too late .for us to make out a bid?
We told, 'you sir, that it.was altogether
too late for us to put in a bid, and refused
to do it. We knew that you already had
your bid made out and in tht ' hands of the
Auditor, and when we dared you to en
ter into a bontract not to' put is a bid at
the reason that your bid was already in,
acted upon and oh file in the Auditor's
Office. And these facts, sir, are tbe ev
idence we have that the whole thing was a
swindling operation in order to cheat us
out of the privilege of putting in a bid.
Yee'. eir, when we declared to you that it
was a high handed outrage and dared you
tp 'give ds ' written evidence that " you
would not put in s bid, you refused to do
it, and simply, sir, because you bad al
ready rvt in toor bid! You knew that
by so doing there would be documentary
evidence of your guilll . " ' ' ; .
The Cholera in Kansas. On the 3d
inst. tho cholera,' in its most deadly form,
broke- out ill Westport and caused thirteen
deaths in twenty-four hours. The persons
attacked died within three hours after the
disease came upon them. It is also stated
that in Kansas city the effects are equally
fated, and the people were leaving both
cities, and taking refuge in the country.
Up to the last accounts there had been no
abatement of the disease.
" V HAITI Mt, Ko. 11 ily SI
' ENCAMPJlliSr, So. 2. - - - June S ..
" COUNCIL, So. 4. J i we 1ft " .
Fl.rarj , IbM, C. S TEISJIAS, Recorder.
an- rfilK Executive Committee of the Fnirfluld
1j J C'HiBty AK'"ll'rul Swiely li requested to
i.tif jet t the COURT HOUSE, in Lanc.vler, uu
.S.l i I'iiUAY the !Mtb iii.t. A full nUeudiinco f Ilia
Cominlttaa la hllily ilolruhli). ' .
T. 8. Suceirrnt, Scc'y. D. SIFFOBD, PcflJet,L
Ler.fiinor, May li, S2
TUrT ipMil on Mln Street, mrly op-
3 poaiic Helrr. Knult Co' Dry boot
.fiUt: uneiliny of .
all ofohitb will b vAA low mt vbalMii
i.J retail. Men hanu nl the uel.he are
reui ttrul!r aolirited to call and eiutn
mv in.-h.lt tAfMll airMl ael!rtd.
V.'luJww GiHe aliooelall alJ'.fram 7 to a to 30
Laocutar.aprll li, 1853 4
I lor Uacoa, t tii9rSaIC,Tar CnrT
X wiapitOUmArct Ainae Sc. U'otl !
eu t.'areft, Xjccs9 Snf f Ci
lions Jcc.f Scjcm
OHdoor we ofExrhaoi Bank ofMtrVlo A Co.
Main iXrvvX ioctr, Ohi, iuvitratttv klten.
tlonofthatticit.;tfef F airfield aniaiJoiii.uf coiiu
liea.to faiatobt ssl'toiL uu kabi. Iftf it prepared
toiellfr.jtn tht ciu:1d' e-nt t.i lUm v-entWrnstt' ln
thfuut tldofUr. d itrbf aiitltffvwottiaViAtkteJoit't
Lln) huiu utideneit hiu.
P. $. HavSnff taken 1he riiif innth of th Mrtlt
tionte. ami tiHrkiH with Tf7 Ttinrf ttroert.
ProTiatiof. Sce.t t1 of wUicIt tlil bnMiti t lh wm
price, u UiviM itt bi M.rltr trel )np H woiftd
tf to tbe Fartnwe UMfndne tBaaou h will bo pre
pared to itippty Lhem witbdilt kind of lake flih.
Bfiuf on j ojirBcoo or otoTiej", tr out yoar crdit
to tfauve thvl with to prn uu ecconnt.
LobMUr,Aliarcti3. Jr55 3m46.
At Keber A. Knta'a Old Fund, Mriu StreI.Unrvter.
RKWPkCl Fl'LLVioUtlt the atlentloli vf all that
ntit wai.t Groeriei.to1lielrnew and bryaatock
onliKitd.ainbnirttMrtDtert the followlritr anklee?
JAVA and KIO COFFtli, Vnni.r Hy eon. Imperial,
Blac- and (iMiitovden bAK; Sew Orleana eOCAK,
eruflhcl, louf and p;ilerizd; Golden Syrap, Sapir
Ifnuae fcyrnp, Kw OrWana MotaaaFat Kle. Orana;ea,
limoiie, !!-, jtni9in, Atmonna. Bibcrta, Kurarcnr.
ed HA MrJ: Dried Hfaf; lioloicoa Kauare:rtieceCloTe,
pice.., .Soapa; 1K StejSa; Candle, Tab, Uurketa,
v. asn isoaras, nrooms, ore.
AI.d. a line lit ofCHKWISf TOBACrO, Snoklnf
lonaer. roreisrit ana ilumBatic L.iitra,SuUofai. ate.
' We Tel aajurcd Unit all who may favor aa wilk a
call iu ut t away di4iitifltjd with our lrlcM. cTeii
if IheV vlu.tila nnt he induced In buv.
- t-.-tT P. P. la a rw dura wa wilt haw LA ICE
PlfH of all kindi.
!f. U. COU.NTKY FKOliUCK taken 1b eliarp for
brucenea. rtKXV V JlllA-tK.
. Laucbler, Alrll3,1833 48" . .
Ontlant'ttTt January ISM, urwjtra If
SM t i iM Lf.lt ot bi.ll, t i-ai UW
rlHB M of tklt Citt.J It ft Star twiraet
I Coaapaay wltieh wa jiMila4 .a M.IuvMte4 at -
OtdaoaharKk, NW lerk, wilk tl" awak mt
j : i.v.-.,'-',
Tka AaaaU 1 Cwu.vu Daalt f lb fclWa)
U( IMaawt
tat. Caik m baa4 mat la Uaaaajtaafna,
(a- t7 aa, . ttJST kl
M. Ro rwal mum wad by tk Comfauy '
34. Hvmm at. a m orlf f a twat aau w ,i
h.f rl llaa.ol ak-k amoaiH atur -.
. ttua )lvu.vu t t pa ravanf
orUdoaU lha fttr kicliU ,,,
aaaa t aturca(4 -
tim. Bill rtall ad MMeaaM 4 .
Ilk, oaa furalter, (! fwrnntoed) ' li
Stk. loaarwet d , aa.J, aaUaaataal !t
"k. Oalaudia praluo ' "J J7
Slk.BalnclAcaituiBdaaafaruUaira 11
Tk oaaky awaa u bk rtkM andlluM -Mo
Uiaaega.ijaata4 aad dww .
Loaaa aaljaatad aad aot du I JSS BS)
Loaaa la au,a aaluaf further jrroof
aUaialad m
Loaaa reatjted ky tka Caailay la a4 .
Thar ar o atkar alaliM afalmt Ik I CBl)ai. Bi
aeplafaw iaallliaaiavraHii. .t
Th;raaUatuaUkeaHiaByniiaUt306S( tk
CoBBaay kaea ao rata i racard to tka ajuoual la la
luaor.d Is any sa City, Tow or Vdlaf, ur la rwf4
to tkamouutallowd la Irt luaared la any aa aioek.
Ik ml keluc aotutlaaur xd.Bg laM) Haul (
loa In any oua Sra. .
Tka Cbartar la tk mm M aartlS4 akd Ha IS.
rh otftca of Ik Aadllvr ol Ohla at th lat report of
Ikia CotDuaay. M. . FoOIB, Saaratary. ,
BTaTa ar Hi I aa, , m,
Oa Una Uday af January. Henry C. Poet.
Secretary of the it tar lumrana otay appar ba
fora aaa, aad kelnf duly aw aim. did deroa and ay tk
k la aacfc Sacreiary, and tkat the foreyulrig autoaiekl
utMenoad fcy kia t) ma aeordlu( to lua boat a( kl
kaawiaOfa ana oul- . ti bi i a, justice mrene
tr.Ti o9i loi(,nt. ..awrenca eouoij.ee.
1, Geara-a S. Winaloar, Clark af tha t'oouly aferae
aald, tka atSear kaalnff eharge ky tb laaa of aald Stat
of tka raeordaof dd and mort(r of aatd rauaty ,
da karaby aartify that lb SUr Juaumue eoiauany ur
0(daaebunrkoldarjd Uawaaref tk aa ajoruy;.
aa a lor the aaaaa auaaa oi nmj a rp'." l
foraar aartlSeata, aadar data af AaaetS, If M, aad
Med la ua oaea af tka Aautlor af tba Stata of Ohio,
ok Blncoriarad real tiUtl hi aald eaaaty, tka HM
paaaaad af aot lea Uiaa one aanorea ueaaana i
Ur ao lHaatad of lb eatuaa aUl.d 10 mf aald fonaf ,
cert! Heal to-wlt: doubla lUMa BtorlMrd ahd
eurad.andlfcattbaaaaMaralB bo way etatfaed er Ik
Banker aey tka raaord of tht olOc ppar.
la wltnaaa wbaraot, 1 kar kareta net mf
b. a. " haad aad affiled Ik Saal of aald avwty,
Uu Stk day of Jaaaary, IC3S.
. k. ISSfcOW, Clark
r ' omMlBav.J ' ' "
(r IttSlaf Ayr Afy, MaVt.f
i STaTk a 0i, Acarra a St.t- Ornck,
. CobUMBva. February t?3, leak.
Wan, Tba Star latum. ea Coaipaby Waatad at
Ogdaaaburgb, la UK State of Jiew tork, baa Slad lal
tbia otttc a twain tatmit of lUeokdltlon, a regale
d by tka Brat aectlo f tba -Act to rulata lb
Afenaieaof luearanc Conpaoiea aot Incorporated ky
tbSutaofOklo,'MUMcd May I.1SS4: -
Aaa Wbim Said Company baa rumlabd tha kk
derlgnd. aaiiafaetory at Ideuaa thai It 1 poMad vt
at leaataac busdrad Ibaaaaltd dotlara of actual aaplul
lueeetod I Mockaofat leant par aalua, or 1b boudaor
aiort;a(aaruBlnrimbared reel eatat worth dveki
lb awuaot fc.rwhuh th aama laaiortfarad.
As Waaaiaa, Said Cotnpaoy baa (lad la UtMaH
awriuan tuatraaiant, aodar It earporal aeal, alfae
try the r'reaideni and KwreUry tkeraof jioailcalitif aval
appfluUriK WILLIAM f. C RKKU, of lADcaaUr, It A
runt forth trxia'tinii af iba buelueee of Inauraaoa,
and full at aiirMred!y autbortill( him to arkaowl
edge aarelr ofproeaaefor and an babalfaf aald eompe-
ny, conaauunc it. at aarviee or proreee uraa em, me
aatd Agcul, aliall be taken and held to be at valid If
erred apon th eopauy,areurdlg toUelaweof tbl
.MiU.er of any other fciata.and waring allalalBjaf
ern.r b) (Vawtn of aiiilti aarrica.
Row, lataaroaa, lu punuaneeef the rt aaetloa af
the "act to regulau tba Agencleaof Insurance Cunivao
nle not Incorporateel by the rtute of Ohio," pd
May 1,-lrM. 1, eVit.u B. Moaea, Audiwr of aald,
atate. do herehy centiy, tout toe aaia a iu.me r
CtEKDitaathariicd aeaa Agent tor the ear cwia-
ny, latraaaael Ik buamaaa of inewrancet in a
btats, onlil U thirty-krat day or July, la th year
eaethoaeud eight hundred aud Sfty-Se, aofaraab
uy be legally empowered ao to do by ble leuarof ap
pointraenuird the Inatractloee which aiay be (Wan la
kiaa by tbeaald eoatpaoy- "
la viTBna vtaaaaor, Bare nerewnio aierioe
aty name, aad caoeed Ik aeal ef aay oatte
to b alrl led, tbl Selb day of February, la
. a. . tbe year or oar Lord one tfcoaaao4 algkt
d red eed Sfly -fire.
May , ie3 3wM '4I. D. MOBGAX.Aadlter
rXHHE indcraiirned ln been appointed iteceirrof
9 tho prcperiy uud elfecla of Um lav Srtn of K. L.
STocuin St Co. All persona indebted to said Oral luuai
inuke iruiuedlatu pfcymrnt.
I juii.1 k. Mb.vAuun.Keceirer.
Lanrarter, May vv lhM 38
t REPt! !! r,C ff COWS for saU at Ui
lrrln Vrm Hoiith rif Town.
ayl7,lR3. JllOMAS STURtitO.
Restoration. The Alexandria Va. Ga
tetts states tbat an old and respectable cit
izen of that place, a retired merchant, re
ceived a few days ago, in a letter from
Boston, without signature, and nothing to
show its source, a thousand dollar note of
the Globe Bank of Boston, with the remark
that the sender owed tbe money, and took
that opportunity of retnrning it to the per
son to whom it belonged. " . . .: .
Ui.taralleled Meanness. Tbe Cor
poration of Montreal invited Sir Edmund
Walker Head, Governor General, to visit
that city at the opening of tbe exhibition
preparatory to sending to the Paris Exh
bition. They engaged rooms for liim at
the Donnegana House, and refused to psy
the bills. Madame S. Julien, the landla
dy, has accordingly sued Sir Edmund for
tlie amount.
MV. Fabens who is inflicted with Col.
Kinney has been 'ilischaiged from his of
fice of United Slates Consul t Nicara-
Elections American Viclorie. The
American ticket was elected in Providence,
Rhode Island, on the 9th by a majority of
821. the whole seven aldermen, and 20
out of tha 28 councilmen were chosen.
In Mobile, Alabama, John A. Hitch
cock, the American candidate for Probate
Judge was chosen on the 7th over his
Anti-American competitor by eleven hun
dred majority. . ' :'
Kkntuckt. The Mount Sterling (Ky.)
Whig says that Judge Loring, tbe Ameri
can candidate for Governor, has withdrawn
from tho canvass in consequence of failing
health. The Hon. F. M. Bristow. of Todd
county, will piobably take his place on the
ticket. . ' i '
atiTlt is intended to bold a ''Grand Ba
ssar" in London this month, to promote
the movement now making 'to extend the
use of free lubor in cotton poods, witn
view to the discouragement of slavery in.
American Wnw, n ' .- , .
WILL offor friraale it publir anoUon. at the dor
of the Logan Hranch Hunk In Loguit. mi Salttr
a.r. lm 2tb. t ibltr tuw. Ltiin.
ailuutod on .Muiuery Street, .Nurlh of Il inlcr, in uid
Townof Logun.
'i'he fuvorahle location and hOBOty of Ihuae lets strike
them drairahie for choice ri-tdeucea. ..
Xertni of Kale One-third iu baud, one-third -in one
year, aud orie-lhird In two yeara with Interest
ror further tuiortnuuon, appty to i;. v. uttiror,
Logan, Ohio. . SAatUKL J. OFFICKK.
Muy 17, less sw - ' -
TSSUEl) under the aeal, eanctioa and anlhorityof
the Uniraraily of FKKti MKUICIAK aud Popular
ISIiViA'( jyree. Ii.'ho li Tullmtdgs JXaaaa
aa aaeer1 rearer.
TTASJnttoni.-d a larre aad beautiful aaaort-
i TId S O op t est O.
Of the SemUAanaal Stateaeat oTUe f
fairs ao1 coadiUoa of the Hom laaa
raace Compaay of tbe City of 2f ew York!
oa the (Oth alar of December, ISM.
Balaaeaof Awetaob Ha Jan
laetaBerexktMiortb4dalelTIS.7l .
aabjact to uadry loaaea tbea .. ..
anaojuated ana eeuroetea at -fVDJM
M.anorUoBef ektck ' . , ,r
baa beea bald.
Deduct eeeoud dlrldmd dUtr
ed.HU July, I nerceal n.ow as
Income. .
Arannnt of prmlnm oa
poiiclee leauea aunng
U, leal ail arentka r3-tM i
Laaaretura premium on -
caneeilea poiiKlea ana -re-iuaanuice
1.7V 74
SM.ST ft
Amoflnt oflMtretara .
ed and earned for alx .
aiontlta froaa Itat laly
to Srat January, r .
uiont of READY MAVH CLOTH11VG. to-
ther with m choice .eetim of CA, Cri-
mtrttr xd Vtiic. A il of vfaicfa hat been aclect
eJ wltli ffrettrar and wltH tpclai roforonc! to th
HreriAtU-ti lltwlOf tmHMII(TlUI!H'.
HUlonir einoriife in lh! braarfi ofbfli1nu. It
ur ?arai:tee thai hif ftork mbrmcs th Choi re ( and
best Tari (;. and Ui porrhiue ban b0n nm:i apon urh
term lUiUtto on soil Mthe MWitST FOsoiaLK tHl
BKS. - . ,
Tb Piilillt? nyVctr't?iy rcqniitcl to fait n1 z
amine his aiortmta. Ho Ujuod hand m fanerml at
ortmentoi . ' u .
El'ilMfiR WEAR, . .r i
Anil i at all time prepared o acconm.o1at4 fit
friemu, either with tiu uxnvllrtit arlirle of Btatlj made
riotliii.iE.orlo MAXHFACTUHK TO ORDKR, out of
th-j bel maturial and by most acrnintllahert workmoo,
any 5I5I0 of arninta, FOK MKS AND BOYS, In the
bpeiifti.il moit fushionable munner. Ho la confident, tln
this roipect, that he enn yore general aatUlact.oo.
fit ftrUiient embraces a (teneral Tariety of
Lirtvn Cnawt, , Vcrtinp ISnnpcndeis,
iJrv do PanUlooni, Haiery,
S.tck do -nTiiit, UndvrfhirtSa
Can't-M,t'f, toftther with all otlwr article uswallT
kept in a GoilMaaua Fumtthiuff KwiS and manuUe
turad iit Ui moat fewhionabaO tylf;
Ttbaubcfln pnrrhdaed of weI.-rtaMished houses In
the Kawtttrn cUfea. and ipi71 c mwrrmnted to be made of
Knou lodire. Chartered by the Htnto of Ptrniitylrattia, e-cmd material and in du ruble maone-r,
April 'W, 1K.3, with a tupil.tl of $l()0.)on mulniy for t!ie Ho raipoctftelly tavites hit old ennomori and others
lturnoaeof arrcstinc tlie erila of hri K.utb siOh
THU.MS, uUo for siipptyiii tlw community with relia-1
ble re nw dies wboruvura competent physic. ai caniiot
or will not he vinln)ed, have purt band from br.
JOHN H. ROWA.NH. hie cult? brutes! KnWHnd
Xonlc HIijtttirt knuwu for twenty-five year, as
the only sure and safe cure fur FiSVhK and A(t'K,
dec, and bis htetiiuable ntmedy for HOWfcL CUM
rM'l 8, Kowaiids's compound Syrup of Biacltberry
Root, which tiijrbly apruvd and popniar Hftme.ic
to(teihir with the University 'a Keinedy for coinpluints
of the Lungs. The lTlii voraitj Kuu.ed) for liM'p
si a or linliKejlion. The Untversily'a l.emerly for Ci
tive Howcls. At so the University Almanac may be
bad ut Ihu Branch Dispensnry or Mtore nf
Lancaster, May 17. Iti55 3m2 .W. Z. 11KEIDER. '
I WILL sell Lot No. 75 In Carpenter's Addition to
the City of Lancaster, being the Lot directly oppo
site tothe residence of William M. Ktiitcad, ki).
This Lot is large aiidelifrihly locale. I, hoing one of
the corner Lota in tho Oi-iftinal Carpenter Plat and
situated on the SouthwHSt corner of VV iudiu; and Per
ry Streets, near the 0 W. A Z. K. R. Deiol. . Terms
easy aud title warrunted. Knrpilre of
Martin's Row, two doors fcoulh of Poit Othce.
Lancaster. May 17, Idj 3
fXHE nnder1(fned will nell, at pnhllo anHion 00
I iSafarrfaj, tht 10 kdaf f Jtw$ A D. 1H51, ut their
Ware Honse, In the city of Lawrastor, Ohio, between
the hours nf in o'clock. A. M., and 4 o'clock, P. M. of
aid dT, the following' property: 9 Reapinir mashines
whioh were consigned to us, by Mers. Hall e Par
sons, more than one year pa-t, aald projwrty to be
sold. to pay chargoe and expense".
Lancaiterfay 1(1, 1 -
ISgle P
HE unitcrslKDed, havlne; recently Btted npmomi
In Marttn'a row. Immediately under tho Ohio
sle Prlutlnr OtUee, and one door north of the l'oat
Orllt'e, moat respectfully Invite publir attention to
thelrextanMva and wellaeleeted atock of Caiteeriea
arier, coneistlnjr of candles of their own matiufncture,
which they will sell at whnloaal and retail prlroiv
l.rmana, Oranjrea. Ki.Hilaon. llatoa,
Firat tluality Catatwbia VI Hie anil Ale,
Tobacco. igara, Vc.( dec, coiiataatl kept
on hand.
We are ilao llUirt op la BneatylefaraLarilea1 Fnm
mer Saloon, the rooma formerly ocenpiod hy lir.Kuto.
where the refreshmenta of the season will foe in readl-
liessat all hours. IIE.Ul dt LAOAUAUGH
pril 18, ieS5N o. 4 t-f.
Geo. W. MacElroy.- ;
Attorney and Coonkellor , at Law and
: Notarr Public, . "
0 f FICE Connoll'i Ro w, 1 4 oars (ontb of lie Fort
Lnenr, Ohio, Xrra 1 , . :. '.
to call ht hia near eftablisameut, wnere ae will at all
timea be ready to wait upon thorn with aoea aeon at
thb uiwmt a. Tea. To lest hi, promtaee, he aska an
exatutnntion of his stock in trade and toe style and qual
ity ofhu manufacture. ' T-lvw.
Lauruater, My5, 154. - - v .
OPEN TO T.ASC,STER. Two dally TraJua(Sun
dar excepted;) - '
Train's leave Ciucrrtaatl at A.M. and 50 P. ar
rlvliur at jaauriinteral 4 eu P. M. and 9 So P. M.
Trains rWe.Laiir.-itor at S 3U A.M. and to 10 A.M.;
arr.vii enl Cincinnati at 11 lie A.M. and i 40 P. M.
Ttaiuswltl sUiplorpassenpersaamiiow: xiAananaa,
Stop's, Circiev-.ile, "William-port, FoitrCoraera, Kew
WillmiiiRton.Sllco,ClarltsTille and Morrow.
Thoduwnwardlmins connect at Morrow with tha
truiuann the Utile Miaiua Kod for (cilatnDaa.
Liues of slaves trill ran between Lancaster and 1.0
raji. Kelsniivillo Athens, Pnrnemv. fiomeraet and
Zanefvillo. connectinfr with the tnomlnf train from
and areniu IraiB to Cincinnati.
.... TO J
fersoni leaeinic Lancaster In th moraine, train ar
rive at lmltan.poliuio aame eeeiili.;.
Ibrouga tickets to Linviuuatl - t l. : i 3 70
. . ... . Iudiauamia : i It 7 80
"orothorlnforraatioii and tickets, apply at Ticket Of.
See, coruer of Ilroaslway and front stroeta, and at tba
LittleMiatut Depot, or to tlie Matien Agents on the Una,
i j. a. u m Atouiu.i,
- Eniriueeraufl Superintendent.
efpTharonipKnyill uot We responsible for bag
casnexceetlinetOioTalue, unleaa ttte same be re
turned to iheCouductoror Afrnt,Bl fraijtht paid at
theraieofapaaaruforrery t&UOlaTahte abore that
amount. . .. - . - v ' . , aprti o, waa.
Oho Eagloand Flnckin' Sratlnel Copy. Insert Is
plnca of old adetrtiaement.
U'tlll 0r A. li. '
HAvIForeniOTea tneireioroa noon
Wootaf tho Hockmr Valley' Dauk,
wker Ihey are bow rwtin Ibelr
fprlng Stock .IHwaWtSltaet,
which eannnt b. ereellad In price, beauty or style ahd
wnrlrmsn.hinv W rO (ISO OlSnU fACt Utl M t BttOU nd
Hhocato order on the shortest notice. Gle ua a call
and you will satisfy youraeWatbataralasmaii, Mr.
Crook, who has selected oar stock East with treat
rare, will :iT undoubted aatiafsaiiaa to Ladies and
Gentlemen who anil fTAr bin with a tall., I ;
Lancter,af rll SB,l5A-0 .
AwiowntofloasespalddurtKf tn "
Beat aix aaonlha 14S.IM W
Atnonnt paid for expenwt, la '
Cludlu(commissioua toaeeat. 41.4M tS)
Amount af tax bald during
the yeaf d.:i 7
Abb la.
Cmah, balance la Rank M.utt T
Bund and Mortcarea, (bain; '
. drat leia on Kent kelat 447 .BOO M -Loane
on- slock (payable on
rjeraana; jH.vn vw . .
Rent astai Ko 4 Wall ftraet - -
(tbaomca) HJM 1
Notes received for Premiara oa
Inland risk a ' 11.949 T
Otflce Furniture and personal
enact aa aw
lnteroal due and anpald to an-
nary Rrtt n.j'e h .
ReJanee In hand of arent and
In course ortrananilaatoufrom - -
areata W."" IT
Premiums due and uncollected
oa Policies iHaed at wOlea . 1.T9B 00 i i
Toui 74.Torr
- Liabililient. "
Amoantef losae Incurred aad proceaa
adjustment M.IM H
Amount of lots reported oa arMaa ao
action baa been taken ' D.OTO 40
Amount of claim, for loaaei reflet, by
tha company t.ouo aa
ilrned - f.4Mtt ft
CHARLRft J. MARTIK.Ttee President
He Tork. Feb. U3. A. F. W 1LLM AKTU. Bae'T.
8tt or Naw Yoaa.CUy of ew York.aa.
Charlea J. Mania, vice rrssiaent, aua ttnnvr r.
Wlllmarth, Secretary of tba Home luauraoce Compa
ny, bein(aeTenlly sworn, do depose and say tbat tba
forefoiu statement of the afalraand coudiUoa of aald
company 1 correct and Irue
tncaea - t-iiara.r.i j. asniis.Tinwssn,
Takn. subscribed and sworn to before mthh)l4th
day of February, A. 1). If J "Irued
L . .1. niuiiisn DUBfDEV,
1 Coiomlasloner in Kew York forth Slat ef Ohio,
- eaieiasu
(To expire on the list day of July, ISM
'' Ettb or Oaio, Adbito. oa (Tar' Ortra
oLcaana, April W, lf.
'Vfaxait. The Homo Insurance C'CTuienT. loeaterl
at Sew York City t the flat of Hew York, hze fled
In this office a aworn statement of its condition, aa re
quired by tie Aral section f thAet to regulate th
agencies er inanranco uompanie aot tnenrpotated
oy ine oiat oi unio," paaaei asay i.
Akb Art naaaaa, field com
. tea-.
any has fumlshsd fh tf
decsiyned, wtiafactorr BTldeoce that It 1 posaaaaad of
at least one nunoreo tDouaaua ootiara or actual cantui
iDTeated inatocks ef al least iar aaloe, ar la boaas ar
morujraceaofanineumberad real estate worth daahla
the amount for which tha aama temortjraaed:
il aa Wnaai.e, Said company has fledla this eflf a
a written Instrument, under It corporate aeal, ateaed
by the PreaidentaadSeereun thereof.romlnatiDk aad
appointing WILLIAM P. CREED, ef Uaaatar,Tl A-
geutiortha traaaactton or toe auai aeaa oi n re ineu raave,
and fully tk unreeerredly authoriiiD him ve ackaowl-
or ex en whii oi sara reap.
Bvoaseiilingtfcsl aaretce or proce. apoa him, tha
aaid agent, shall ba takea and held to ha a kalld aa If
ad go saref ea of proeeee I
aemd upou the company rficeordlng to thelawa hf thle
Stata. or ofany other fute. and walrlng all alaim of
error by reason or aacn aerrica.
Sow, Taiaaroaa, la pursuance of tha intt Mciloa of
thMact to reirulate the agencleaof lnanranea Coanpa
nia sot laenrpo rated by tbe Hut of Ohio,' pssssd
May 1, l'4. 1, Wittui P. Meaaan, Auditor of aald
sule, do hereby certify, that the aald WILLIAM P.
CUBED la authorised aaan agent for lb aald eomtuv
nr. to transact Iba business of Ore Ineurawe, In Ihl
"ute, anlll the Iblrty-Arst day of Julys rn lh yr
on thousand eight bundradajid (Ity-dT. a far aa ba
may be legal lyempowwred o to do by hisletterof an
rolnlreent,aad tae tnalraenoa which astyb grraa la
lm ht thsiain MmaasT.
Ia wrraxa Wntaxor, I tae (leretrrl in aabaerlhad
my name, and caused the aeal of my offlre to
be aMred, this Mia day of April, Is ihe year
t. a. of our Lord one tnoossno larni aunaraa SB.
' ' - Bfre-llTe. WILLIAM V
.. May, 16iS JwM '
: ' V REMOVAL. ... v
in. B. RAaiL'irii
HAS ramored Maofllca aad reatdaae th keaad
formerly occupied try Mr. fault, are dneraEat
orth Eagle Printing OHo,hre h will b found a
all time naleeaahaent on profeaaioaal huaiaeas.
Laneastfr, aprll 13, !Bi-iiU , .
( D. HOROAK.And.
1 1
I 1 f

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