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"JT1-. J' "-?5aMMMTMMMM"MMMM""!T7T77r t.. .-.i i. . . . ToFrtJARrawAitE STOKE. I ' ' c ' I .
1 j .-:
TiiivI:ty ttorttitis. May IT,
1 How to IX:iiso Cori..V ' "7
.. EoiToaOujoFABUfiB.riAs the time lias
now arrived for gUnting coro, perhaps a
1W" hints id regard to sttftl uu planting
ui.tv. m b unacceptable to the readers of
the .'Farmer, Tlie future- crop depends
k Yvij much, upon lbs titalitj of the seed,
and thu maimer, or way il i planted. .
. WTJ" HpW TO DROP YOUR 8EE1V . ; V.. ' .
fc M-fny li?bt "crops 6f corn ire grown.
jwhioli might have been bugo," if proprr
'eftre ' hurt been-takert in planting die seed.
JSveo if, tl ground b well prepured.jt is in
' ty aTu fo, expect a large crop, if the too com-
.mon practice is resorted to of Lurrying the
'seed into the irrourid at a venture; that is,
ri who dropa tborn, tatea a handful of
com from - the dish, and lots out at each
bill from one toeiuht or ten kernels, walk-
'irnraa fast as be can; and he who carries
'the hoe strikes at ever hill hit or miss, and
-walks as fast. If the first . planting fails
jjartijtlly; there - will be ft partial failure of
'the crop, a no after planting can repair
.i. !:,..' -"" ... --- -'
"J! ; ISEtlCTtOIf . OF. SEED
The best time to select the eed is in the
. fall, at- the time of harvesting.',-. Piuk- the
I birceat and fitirest ears, well ripened, with
": ' Ions or deep kernels fur seed and put them
ma- secure place to dry Shell the corn
, .from the cob, some two weeks Delore) want
. d for plantinr;afier mixii)s the seed thor
. oughly, count out one or two hundred kr
' nela from the niass, and put theua . into
edrth' prepnred in -some . suitable vesBel
set it in a warm place, and , moiBlen the
seed dailr until all have sprouted that will
rrw;" count again; if any fail to sprout
i you know: wliat to oepeno op, ana what
percentage to allow for bud seed.' Iffif
' teen or twenty kernels put of on hundred
fail? do not plaut such seed if you can pro
j'cura better, ..,,' .
4 The ground and .the seed . being" now
j. ready i lt the next object be, to gi-ow as
- many plmits on the acre, as will produce
the greatest number of bushels of corn, de--termining
the distance, of the hills from
Z.caoh other and the number of ,' spaces in
i the- hill ' accordingly.. I have sucoeeded
' best by haying the space between the rows
gunning north anl south about foui feet,
a' And the tpace between the rows east nnd
west two and a half to three feet, with four
ittalks -in the bill. - Planted in this way
JiHlhe ; ground can be , wovked , betweon the
I'rows each way, with the cultivator and
w'tlie pIow,.which cannot bo done with dril
. led rows. , , , , ,-; ' V '' '
i! la planting, drop not less than five, nor
iiuora than six kernels Tn'the bill, if the
- seed be good, and cover from one to two
inohes with mellow dirt, and press M e foot
on - each bill In passing, if the ground be
drVi"" !.,,,-.,.. ..; ri:,.:
' I II E O 1 O It T. T O ft G ,
8kafT,fJrt TaUmt'f Bm
..M . .. w4cjrr1 fjitll, ' -
Tf AS iimoenif a Unf anJ bejotlhl awort-
" ,r.unrllh undiolcSielecUou of C.'. Cntti
f f mtru orf rminfi. All ofwhtth hm Den (elect-
d wiUiKreaiciiro nnd with ipeoiul rcCoronoe to ttie
wmita ud Ikiits of Lhttjcoutnuult;.
Ilia Utnt exporUnveu in liiiA -txrunrta of biulnow, I a
lire irarauiee that itiit itook fmtirwj the choicest and
beet varhnT.auO liia purtitaae biwb.fn ra.-,e npou nch
terms Hwthe caiiMllatlhi) LOV EST POSSIBLE PKI
BK.. . ,- . - - ,
.Tlia t.nMic are repectfull;- requested to eall aaxl t
amine bit avortucut. Ho has ou hand a general a
aortmxtf. t T fUMMERl WIAS, . . T
And la at nil times prepared to accommodote hla "old
rriMuia. (Sllh.-r with u excellent article or Rfady made
tlothlnit.orlo NA.iLrACTUK TU UMllB, ooi OI
the best malarial and bv noil ai-oropHMii'd workmen,
anyiyU'orpirmen,froR l.1 ADB0VS. In the
beat aun iijosl msmnnanie muuoer. lie is twipuBui, iu
this respect, that he can gjTe iroueral MtlnNctlon. -
K is an rtmout enmracei a general .arioty oi
Lilian C'oala, ' Vestlnara, 8nnendera,
lrea do . s i Panluloona, Hoaiery,
Sack do l; Cravau, . I'ndarshlrta,
Carpet-bars, toiretber with all oiher articlea uaually
kept in a Centleinan'a Furnlshln? Store, and manufac
tured in the moat fkahlonable atylea.
N. flti Rtatin Street, .
CiUieni ollaieait9rponi from tt Country i8IfilJ oFTHIS yu LOCK AH9 MIXL SAW,
T5callliitnie attention of the pu bile to fhelr new ad
Tertisetnevt, would mirB the;onportuiilty of re-
... gcok;e u. smith,
north side maxs street, lancaster, ohio
ItlXK opinion of DorKolia wautlni clotblni ! re
I aneeuully oallc J to tha Immense assortment of tumiiiiriiieiruiaiik.io ihoiroid fneud. uud 11. o puMic
ManaTB.ya aBdCiiildrejt'a." U w.aUe.iiundoratood Kenorall for tl.mf very llbeml patroaiMte tu Line paet.
SWllni'i .cr.ajtaai. c . and would .not reapcclf.Hl aolu-it. a com.nuano. of
t,tu,k.nt. and that be baa llxed principles which me aame, as they arc d..irmln.-.l to spare no tITort to
Vr Ueal. The clerk, 4 tn.tructed to reprc-ut ,ke it bnth pleawut and pUuble k.any ami all per-
iri.w."S rr;n7eelinSaa
r"V,!T in k- ,.hrfn. refund- hn.ineiuaiid snaana of kefoina- up Inrce atoek. that
they cun oiler (croater Inducements to the puMic than
I arrei4iHici(rriaii. They are
well aware of the necessity of amil eatablishmonta
: makliiic up In blowlnjr and pufnnr what ihey lack iu uia
y other particular, thej wlfb therefnra to -a void any
thln)iroTtrtaLK)l)Uvaud are smisneu aiu'r ft-ct3ivniir lueir
It has bean niirehdsed of well-estahllshad bouses in
the Eastern title, aad aii(rr.(i, to be mads of
good material and in a durable manner-
ne respecinmy invttos nia Ola riisuiuier, ann mnon
to cull at his new establishment, where be will at all
times be ready to wail upon them with oonn ooooa it
th l.nw-airf aTaa. t e teal nis proraiaes, ne aa an
examination oi nit stock tu traae ana ui sj i nna qual
ity of his manufacture. T. TONG.
Lancaster, Jlay s, lbM.
uui LitrtTV, lnsa iv - r .
beexchanKu.or the mouuj will be cheerfully refund
ed. r A partial list arrived; -
, Frvclc and lreaa f 'oatta. ' .
BLACa, auca, aaowa, ouva. otiin a nciaaaRV
Sinzlo Kreitatted, Uualueaa leal".
oiroKsHiaa Kta, oxroan iici,otu, run.
nkaa poasaia, an.vaa aj, Ciasmawa
HOTTLan. au t, r"- aim ohit Twiin. "";,.
black nd lilue uuutn buum oats w s
Blue and Brown in.Txi ewTii raof OVERCOATS',
Btuck, Blue, Hrown es uitve uaonsniM Rorsoj ,
Blue, Black, Grey. Whitney and Drab d"!
- rdOl OIUVIl. -.IIIW K.in uui.g, ,
Black, Blua and Brown Cloth, Superior, -niB
Drab Einbrolderud Cloth Kaca and Walking COATS.
Cloaks. '
Black and Bine CLOTH tome Extra Fine.
.".-. . VeKtiugs. . ..
Plain Blnck SATIN, Figured SILK and SATIN;
. , SII.R.; Fancy SILK and SATIN; '.
Blaek CLOTH and Faucy CASS1MERE;
Mack and Pancy VELVET;
Fauoy Velvet and (silk BALL VEST6.
v . . Panlalooos. ... .
OPEN TO LANCASTER. -Two daily Trains (Han
dftv MCCtitltHfl:! ' -. ' . ' '
Trains leave Cincinnati at II A.M. nnd S 80 P. M.f ar
rlvinir at Uuc.sUir at 4 40 P. M. and 9 Si P. M.
Trains liiave Laui'.iutr ut 5 311 A.M. and II) 10 A. M.
nrrl.lmrnt Oliiciunatl at 11 '20 A.M. and 5 40 P. H. '
Trains win stop lor nussonfreraaaioiiow; ai aidird
Ste'i'.'s,irciuviUu..Wllllniuport, Fourt'ornera, New
Houand, A aliliii-lon. Kuttie-nake.waoina.t roasiioaa
wiiiminvtnn.niuro. Clarkaviue and Morrow. -
The downward trnins connect at Morrow with the
trnliison the l.lltle Miaina Road for Colnmboi.
i.inu.of 4tart-a will run between Lanenstor ana Lo
gan, nolsonvillo, Atnens, roineroy, rnmersei ana
auesvllie, cnnnccniig witn ine morning tram iroiu
aud evening train to Cincinnati. '
.......... . to
' Persons leaving ljinoastar In the morulng train ar
rive at Indianapolis me same evening.
Through ticKeia to uineiimnii i i i ; 90 u
ludianapolli ' : : : . I 7 SO
For other Information nd tickets, appl) at Ticket Of.
flce.coruerof Broadway avnd Front struota, and at the
LlttleMiaiui Depot, or to the Station Agent on thelliie.
' . J. M. L. f TAUGHTON,
Rnirtiieorand Superintendent.
JTr'The Company will not be rospnntlble for bag-
entire new slock, which is now arrlvlpgdailv.Uiaia look
through their aaiew.i i,(altairi wiu sausiy any
one that the Great Hardmur Ittor U the plac) to Slid
what they want and at low prices' Their stock will coo
slat In part wsfoUowa:v ; v. ,'.
Pittsburg Juniata Xull,SplkeaBrod
rIARPENTERS and Builders will nlease lata notice
1 that the nrw Arm of WHITE it- I. ATT A will tell
none biitthobest Juniata Nails. All Naila sold by us
willneworraiiiei. vt nnve n"r on nana, .
- SSOKega Nails, Splkesand Brnds, ' , '
B5fi Boxes 0x10, 10x12 and 10x14 City Glass.
WtfKegs Wm. Wood 61 Co'a Pure White Lead, ::j
10 Barrels Linseed Oil,
; 8 Barrels of Pttlty. - .
In addition to the above we havo a very lnrce stock of
Bvil&Ug ttaMvewt of evry discription. w hich w ilt be
aold choaperthan ever. WHITE dt LATTA.
Lancaster, April 2!. law.- -
-. SSfc:.;''ii ,. .j.-' -"i 1 11 1 ' ' 1 "'''w
t; w' tcvv- -'I
After tbo corn la ripe, but of tlje way of
insects add birds, pass' between every two
rows and carefully pulLl out ulL over, four
, good stalks in eaou lnll. " 'i -h
. VULD PER 'ACRE. ' ''""
' I have harvested one hundred and twen
ty bushels shelled Corn from the acre plant
ed in this way; if the soil be rich, the ears
will be large;1f Jiot, they will tie small.
An acre will contain abont two thousand
seven hundred bills planted four fcut'rtparl
each way, the same ncr will contain three
thousand six hundred , bills - planted four
m tfee.M threo. From 100 to 120 ear of
corn will sheila bushel, say 120 to the
bushel. :" 1 . ' . '
Now if an acre averages but one oar of
corn to the hill planted four feet npArt each
way, the yield will be S2L bushels; if two
.. ears to the hill,' 45'buHb!iH; tl three cars to
' the bill 07J bushels and if four ears to the
bill, 00 bushel to tho acre. - ' . ' ''
The Same acre planted with Hit) li'ills,
three foot one way, nDd four the other, with
one ear ofoorn'to the hill would yield 30
bushels shelled oorn to the acre; and with
two ears of corn to the bill, tho yield would
bo 60 bushels; and with three ears to the
hill, 90 bushels; nwf with four ears of corn
tocaohbill, 120 budinls of Mhelled cfjrn.
If the ears of corn are lonrj and largo, it
will ovor run ibis estimate; if small it will
fall short of itt ' '
r."i:t.'I this caloulittion we may see at a
glance the irnrmrtiineo of regular planting
tt indof having every hill full. Auiucola.
t sv pHl D, ' Oranvillo, Ohio. ' ; "l ...
, , s-. " r t i-i . .
"'" Ti-TBEMRS. Men aro sloica in their
early yonrs, epicuriiuis-in their latter;
' 'sociul in youth selfioh, "in 61d. n''o. In
.eary life they belive nil meii to be honest
, , till they know them to bo knaves; in lute
j"' life they believe all to be kimves till they
"know them to be honest,.. Tlius.sonie how
''or other, men pass in the course of livjng
.t.- from one exireme to the other; and from
bavinir thought too well of humtin nature
.'-a .a ..i i- -. i i ...,111 ..r
at nrst, tiling at mat, peroj","tut- in vi
intiruexcaediiiir iSUlnvaiue. unless the same be ro
turned to tho Conductor or Agent,nud freight paid at
the ruluofupaaaugo for every SJOOin value above that
amount. aprll 2, ISM. ;
Ohio Engta and Hocking Sentinel copy. Insert In
plnce ol old advertisement. '
JEFF R I E 8 W O O D &. CO.,
' l ' , (successors To) ' v
DKAl Kaa in
I . ,- ..,- -AT H (1 ,
New M'arehonse, Junction of Rail Itond
- '; and UocUlng Valley Canal.:-
m'TK aro nrnuared in handle Goods of all doscrip-
lions at the lowoat possible rates and with the
litmust duanatcll. (atari: Ouada raretf Jeffri$, Wardlr
rja.. .aarnacsr. laio.l All uuotia cousiKnuu u.
shall receive prompt attention, di if for transhipment
will be rorwaraea tue quicaest ana ny ,no euuapv.t
tmtslble mode. Rjr strict attention to business we
lope to receive and merit the nutmnsge of (lie publle.
February M,lo3.. JKFifUilss, wouu at uu,
t'AUXIEUS LOI to your lTEUK9T.
lVauted Inuu.d lately, fiO,ooo bush. Corn,
. , , ao.ooo st Wheat,
Far -'c ais will f i kighttl maris pries Is ta.
T 1 A V IK G estahlished ourselves In the produce bu
II alnesa, Fanners can at all times Bull ua all kinds
ol Drain for the aasli at murket pricea. . Another oh
lct.wa unu welah vou autiru load atone druuithi and
unluad-with half the tlineofnny other WharcUousuiu
Lauoaater. Aa our plan Is entirely new, to an we
vitelnvestlirallon. - JEFFRIES, W0UU dt CO
. Lanoaatar, Ferbruarj 94, IMS 43
Blank and Fauey Colored KOESK1N;
and Buckskin do; .
"Devonshire Kersey and Oxford Mixed do; .
Black, Blue and Fancy Colored FATINKT;
Fin nttiiinu t.ooil-,. ; .
un a: MFB1SO. ALL WOOL. Rcd.Orny and White
FLAnNKL, alio uuriiifl ri.A.r.u
TfiiM stllTPL A fit irtiarauteed in all institutes.
HALF HOSE Oakney and Shetland Wool, Merino,
While and Gray Lambs' wool, augnsn aua uonuuu,
CMInn WhLlM Slid Colorftd. ' '
GLOVES. Black, White and Colored Kid Glovea;
Thread Silk and Ncapomun riu.u uoi
CRAVATS Black Fancy Satin and Silk Cravats.
STOCKS AND TIES, of all descriptions impossible
to enumerate.
Boys' and Childern's Clothing.
Black and colored Cloth Frocks;
" sacks;
' Casslmere and Tweed Frocks and Sacks)
Black and Colored Overcoats; .
Mottled, Gray and Brown WhllnoyOvercoiiti;
Blnek, Blue and Brown Cloth Jackets. -.
VESTS Black Cloth, Black and Fancy Silk Vesta:
.Twa .4 .nrf r.nlni-Ad ffui-iiinere 'dO.
PANTALOONS Black and Faucy Colored Cai.iuioro
no noA.klni
fiatiiit. T.Aml .nd Cotlonadet
' Children's Black and Colored Clolb Sulla;
i " " " Jnckets;
- u " "- Cataways splendid.
FURNISHING GOODS Morlno bUirla, Cotton and
, Cotton Flannel Drawers;
: Muslin Hhlns.Llnon Bnoma,CollarsWrlsthands;
- , Cotton and Wool Half Hose; Casslmere Gloves; .
Suspenders. Handkerchiefs, Ties and
Lancaster, Sovemner to, jc;h.
ue&pcr than ever before Offered In
"TAS lately purchasod from P. Bopehia- Interest In
I I the Hardware business, nnd In addltiou to his ul-JSnTi.-1.,.,
.tnck. i. now dallv roceivina?. direct from
lhjifanijseturraiidn!irr, Inrfr" purchase of
new goods, which will make Ms stock oi naruwaro one
Arih. mn.t avtanaive to be found In this market. Ills
facilities for piirrhaainsi and arrangements with Manu
facturers, which are equal to any, will enable him to
.11 .t,rli.tioii!r of Hardwam. at (sr nrier$ Ikan
nvoDi.r fo4imoi(. The attention of Farmers
and MaciiAMt siB Invitod to tha extraordinary Induce'
m.,,1. now holdout to them In the way of srreat bnr
iralns fully satialled that If they consult thuir own In
toreatthoy will beoortuln to cull and oxunilne Ills prl
ees before purchasing elsewhere. By close attention
tnhn.lnu...aiid bv conituiitlr kenning on hand a full
and eomplela assortmenUnd the best goods, he hopes
toaecuro a large snare oime pairuuugu ui iu, ruif
and Morhiinli-softhe oounty.
April SU, 1HS4.
., IlkOi AMD STFF-I,.
ft ft A fl A pounds of ROLLKI I ROS,
JM ".Hf'P SO.ikio do Hammered Iin, y
pounas Unl Meet. lt-;inni nqusro,
SM) i-do,- Etiglish BllslerSteal, -. . '.
40 do Double Sheur do
.1 '.SO dos J German . i-. do r '
1500 do Spring. do
' - 1WK) do - Amnrieas Blister do .-.-.
Inslnreand forsaleatlow prima, by
April SO. lfS4. -. WHITE & LATTA.'
.'.' " r-5 1'OK CaBPENTEHS... ;
"W-kLJIKR Irons. Chisels, and Gouires. Bench Planes.
I Mnuldinirand B"'l. Match niid Taldc. Hatehelsand
Hand Axes, Broad or Chopping Axes, Drawing Knlvos
or all kUnls, hteet and iron squares. inaee ana i rj-
Squares all sizes. Improved B-irelne Machines, Hand,
fannel.Tenncnt Kipping. veo ana. compass nawa,
Cross Cut and Mill Saws, for sale by ,. .
April 'itl.lHJl. . vniir.nLai ii.
4Do. French Willow Wagona,
8 do Common do do.
2 do GigTopCabs - .
- v ' - 8 do Siittaro nnd Ronnd Cloths Basketa,
10 do Market Bwkets, opou and cov'd .
; ' " - Willow Cradlea,&e. - . ."; ,
j Rocking Horsoaand Wheel Barrows,; i
' ' Put Cloths I'lns and Grass Matt, by
AprllgQ.lHM. , .. WHlTKvr.ATTA.'
Anvlla, Vice and Ulatkatnit li'allcllowa
A Anvils, weighing rrnm ICO to 005 pounds each
Oil IS Solid Boxed Viees, - '..., ,
l" pairs niA-..iiiiwi n uniin.s,
- :. ' Sledges. Hammers, Borax, oVc. for sale by
Aprll 31), ISSI; ' WHITE & LATTA.
Peacock's .'Improved Sled Plow,
Warnnted in all rcapect eqititl nnd in
.' some Superior to any other now in use.
rrVHS factory has born In operation during the last
I 33 vuurs. but for the last few years tliuir atten
tion has bean given particularly to the Improvement
or the Hteul ftintu-iioar" riuw. Any amount 01 .ueu-
ais. Dlulninaa are., nail bo shown, but we rolv more on
tun- reports 01 larmera irom uiuen-nv parts 01 mr
country, where they have been In competition with
oilier popular Plows, than we do on their being Judg.
an nv .iirn, iir aveu K .niriii trial utir.
A large assortment of the di Hare 11 1 slausconsliintly
on hand, which can be auen alour wureiiouse or uy en
qulry Htonr Bonk Store 4.1 Main It., Wbllu's Block.
Kvery riowsoiuDy ns is warranieu.
Rnnr nml Tarrlasre Itlakrr
ILL And, at the A"a uriTaoirs S'or, opposite
tho Tallma'lee Houtt, one of the largest and best
ected stock of Trimmings ever opened 111 wis mar
ut. Consisting In parlor - -
: 1(10 Pieces fcnumru niickana i;nnvuss, ,
15 Fancy colored do.
!M " all Wool and union Dainuska
!M1 Hides patent and Ennm'ld Leallmr,
Brass and Silver Plated Rnnds, Top Props, .
1 Stumn Joints, Ijices, Spring, Axels, ete.
Uuca.ter,Aprlliu,ltttt J0H.N El'l'UNGER
nllN KFFINGfiR would Invllethe intention of Car
mtntirmnd Uoutt Buililrrt to his largo stock of
House bulldlna.'imilerinla. They will find constantly
011 hnnd,the bust Jtiulnta Nulls, Snlkus and Brads;
1 ne innn auprovou wiio 11,-., nuu imiwiiobi -Window
Glass and Sash of all sixes;
Concklin and Wood's Pure White Lend and Oil; t
Door and Blind B ts, Shop Hinges, Holts, ele.
Those about building will ha curtain to save inotioy
by oxnmlniiig my prices before purchasing elsewhere
April VO, 1M4. - ,- - - -' -
TTAVING removed thelrStoroJ doors
II West of the Hocking Valley Hank
where they era now receiving thuir
Mprlnar Mtock of Hoot A: Shock,
hleh enniiot bo excelled In price, bt'nnty of slylo nnd
workmanship. We are also manufacturing Boola and
Hhnesto order on the shortest notice. Give us a en II
and you will satisfy yoiirsolvestbatnnrsuleamnn, Air.
l-rnog, wno lias suierieo our ainca r.nn. wuu a-rcai
carr, will give undoubtud sallsfitrtloii to Ladiua and
liunllenien wno win mvor aim whu a cuii.
Uueaater,aprll !il, lf3S so . ,
, . HEMOVAL. ,
Z I N K & B I S H,
01II.il rospertftilly Infortn tliflr cnslomors,
thu I'ltisons ronerullv. that they have usni
thuir EstaMlsliuitiut to the North side of Main Ktroel.lo
Hem ED Fob tub Cramp. Those wjio
i,.. rnay be suhject in, the night time to that
' -excfucmtinjj pain called oromji, may be
'"Mouro fttjainal iU atutcVs by lying any
""kind of a bandage very tightly around tlio
... leg,- immedUluly above the knee; or it
' mny be temedied bv breathing forcibly;
. . and taking long respirations, thua exciting
""the action of the lunga. by means of which
-. the whole ayatern -will be aniinaied, and
"peihapa iolesa than a minute the. diaorder
' Will oe aoaiou, anu me pain enucmniiy re
I.','n)0V0d. - "'if , ,: - , ' ' :.-y '. - .
!Di8APiH)iTikEiiTA--Mon are very aeltlom
t disappointed except when their desires
" "are immoderate, or when they auffer their
"t .passions to overpower, their reanon, and
- dwull upon delightful acenea of future hon
' ,Gre, power,' or .richca, till, the v mistake
-1 probabiliticii for certaintiea or wildwishea
tV for rational expouUtions. If such men,
'when they awake" fromf these voluntary
i jdreums, find the plnaaing phantom vanish
,,.away,..whftt can they blame but their, own
';follyi ,5'- .- .',
1J,.Forbxabaiicb1 It ! not ao great a! mat
ter to live lovingly with' pfoodna'nred, with
""" bomble and Weak person-, but he that ean
do so with the immoral, with the wilful and
the ignorant, with the peer ish and the
" Tf rvisrse. he Gn'y,batn trua ebarityral.
wtv rpmcniberinof the aolitl, truo peac of
O nwts r."!iT In being' compiled
. with; in ufieilng and forbearing rather
.-than in conMWsOB,. and victoty. . -. ...
the room formerly occupied by tho Philulitikia Com
! sitrt, where tnuy aru pruparett to nirnisn
1'reali Unail, Uitaki, Cake Ac Cruckera
Wa have annloved Hie very beat workman III ou
llneof business, and will sell ul wholesale ami retail
at tha lassr nr. ...
- Wa are duturmlned to give go no nil satisfaction. All
ardor, from the country for Bread.. Cakes, hoda. Rut'
tar, Water and Boston Uraclora, will ue promptly
fllled. (rive us a ran.
Ijiiica.lrtr. W.ri'hYl. 1SS4. ZmK ft lllfln
N. H. Wa .Ian keen on hand a renenil assortment of
FAMILY UKUVHKiKH, WUlCIl will no soiu ii mi
lowest rates. .i.mi. mon
raHKsuhscrlhnr offers to the nubile this spring.
I rlmico collection of I'rult aii()Omumeu
fJP??4) tat Treat) 8hrnlaie.
,5JtAmong tha kinds are Apple,
SiPear, Cherry, Plum, Standard
,. f"" and Dwarf, Peach, Apricot,
JL noo.Aherrv and Currants, oxe.
Theoruninental kinds nro Evergreen and Deciduous,
These Trees were mostly procured at Enstorii iturte
. rt. miI 1,. v. itnAikina M.ir ..i.iaiisasa nore. .
firm in a re ruuiiusiod to call only on .Moadaea.Wsd-
atolavs ami Fridaii at each week. No catalogues ean
bo furnished. - For further particulars see bills.
MA m U El. ttirflisn
' anrlirgOrova Nnraariea, one mile Wast of Carroll
Fairlleld county, Ohio. March 1, IBM 41
fllllH subscriber respaelfiilly Inform hla friends and
X. public in goneral, tnul ne naa mucn einargeu 111
ai to the variety. He has lust opened and has for sal
i"rT "a. n" 1 niSM'Krr. ortne nest qnaniy.
C!t"J3Also. best I'lckllnsr Vinewnr, and
asmau stork 01 Dry t.ooua to sun customers
an uiwnien win ne aniti low rorensnnrapproven conn
try prndnea at hla Old stand, corner of Broad 1 1 1
Winding Streets, and nearly oppoalle the Lrondwsr
itoiei. - - 1. tiiunt-rt
' N. B. Butter, Raton, Lard and Corn Meal wauled
Lancaster, Sepiemliertfl, 1H4 80
DB. JOHN POLL. ' , - ,
T. aaoat pewsrrnl Kmg on ths fees 'Of tbs rfobel Dew
gns aupreiV. In the am.rtcan JjJ(""
T?, . a 1 m r iim sink into Inslrnlfloanea
Wbeweotn pared to that oT out Amsrlean King.
auropaaV Kings employ tha power vested l itm
trorsuiuM nehas af .h. rich and iordly, Jtnd tj duea
to greater misery ana aegraaau . r. - - 1 -dsnt.
Oor Amsrlean King goes .forth ,"a,'
ness to the lordly mansion and numb cabin, ready alike
to admlnlaler telief and te offer health and bppplnM
to tha lofty and lowly, the non ana m
I, ths TaatB Woirexm or tax Woaib, and the greatest
blessing rvar eff.rsd to affliete biunaolly; to tha aufferinf
Billions, tha Doctor ean My, relief la at Jjur oommsmL
Yea have anly to una this magical remedy. All thoaa
J. . ... a. - - . Ska WkvAVTsiW-SWSl rtfl I 111 -
who still suitor, ana win nos ssi. . .
deserve not ths pity of their families. . .
This wonderful mediclna, during tha brief period rtnea
IU introduction, has carried bapplnesa to lie hearts of
thouaanaa.andmaaemeaonarin w iuuj -.. .
,.JTB . . nAinful and miserable smlsteaoe. -
J r 11, r ttirne V I' 11 ' B . II
o tha winds with all ""T"?'. 7 .hid lent description. .1 had sovoral Phvaidai.s, took quan-
Kliwrs, ana ram - " . "v UUi,0f Ouinine,
Kloi ef Pain." a preparation composed solely of vegeta
blea and roota, produced by Amarica'a own rich and
COIiUM bus; OHIO. ' 1 '
TRIMDTION. Tha proprietors take groat plua'
ure la announcing to lb elUaensoftlie Union, that In
eonac ntiunce of the great anlisfaction nianirestt-d by
the ticket-holders of their r.t great Dlslrlbution. and
tha many thousand solicitations from all partsiof that
country, In relatiou to whether thay lntiud getting
up another Distribution of Girts for tha people, th.y
have, alter an liuuensa outlay, been enabled fa otter
to their thousands of patrona the following valua
ble, mognifieonl, and unprecedented , BHILUANT
SCHEME, to be distributed at toon as the CC6,tilO
Beautiful Engravings of the-Gai-iTor. of Onio are die
tributad ainoug Uiair Palruna. The price, of the En
graving is but One Dollar, aud aa a parlor ornament It
cannot be aurpaaaed.
-Read attentively uia following list -of beautiful and
costly Gilts, which will be satisfactorily distributed by
a committee ofton,eelecied one from each Mnta where
the largest ntimberof subscribers are obinined:' 'ft
l do in onio e.ooe
i 1 do! .1 . do - . -. .., .. . ,.. , ' ttO
1 Four-story Brick Dwollliig and Lot, In Ci ' '
1 lumbas.. Ohio -.i . . y
1 do , do - do ' do ': 'v e,&u
' -1 BoauMfulroalUenaeU the towofi?ouut ,. :
Vernon B,h00
- I Two-Story Brick Bulldlna; In CblUlooUie . 3,5W)
. 1 Brick Cottage and Lot in Columbus 3.C0U
"'I'" dej ... J6i - rt- tJo..fVy.-rMM
1 Frame do do , do . ' 2riC0
1 Hnndsome Conntry Resldohce la $cgo,I .
. ,, - Perry county, Ohio- , -. 1 500
4 Splendid building lota In Columbus, at c- :
10 do '' 'do 'J do' A1.5G0 15,MjO
J 4 ' do " . dok Cleveland , '. ,0ti0
1 Grand Action Piano (Chlckuring's) ' '" 1,810
1 Gold Watuh, set with Diamonds 1,HC0
a itiiiu v atcnes, at vou eaen
' -10 Rosewood Pianos, at (500 .,
IU , do do , at 41)0 '
'' 10 . '-.do ... do . at JUOi,
I 50 Gold Watchos, at 150
0 ,n do-f. at. 100 , ,J
100 do t 75
100 do . at - 40 ''
300-Silver do at go
5tiw do . ' do - at .'-15 r.
. . .. farming impleiueH te.
' CC Dor. Cast Steel Pol'd Hoee. -'
ClIjO do 3,3and4Tlne Steal Forks.
50 do Gross nnd Grain Seytliesi -
, . -. 0 do Wollord's Grain Cradles, ;
30 do Re? the Snathes. . ' " -
. - i -' 50 do liny and Grain Rakes, ' : " t
4 do Bramble Scythea, ttt.. eUeapbjr' ' I
AprlU0,IB54. ., , . WHITE &. LATTA.
WE have now on mind, and which by oitr arrange
ments with the manufacturers, we ean otfor al
thuir bill of priinswith frieght added. -.
l.-Hiots iioni reitows, . ....
100 Snokes, - . .-. .. . y- ,.' , . . .
125- " Hubs, ' 5- -
, , 75 " . . Kent boat Rhafta
"'100 1 Buggy Bows. ' ' 1 ' "
Aprils?, IBM. .- .. . . ... .WHITE At. LATTA ' .
, TlnFlae, Cojroer-, Wire, Acc. y
t f Bones 10 and lYTIn Plate.
' Oar Htiiare and 100 Plata .- do .' ' ' . ';
Tin'd Copper. . .
Sheet nnd Bar Zinc," -''" .it- s f- :; v- - '
Sheet Iron ami Wiro, . , ;
:. Copper und Iron Hlvlta.'by -- ' , r,
Aprils ld54. WHITE & LATTA.
To Cnrrlngo nnil llnvmy niHkorn,
SPRINGSnnd Axels.Brax.ind Silver Bauds, Stnmji
Joints and Ton Props, Knam'il Drills.Duck and ('ait'
vass. Eiiinnl'd uoo Palonl i,OMtlior,all duscrioliotis Hoiul
I.luWs. Moss and Mnlenble Iron, ote. A great variety
of oilier goods lu thut lino, to bo Uud cheap at tho (treiu
jiarnware e'ere oi t in k. v n.i , ,
: Laiicaator, Aprll S9, 1S54. v . ' ., ..-
lite lnri
Iffochunlc'H Tools,
SUITED loall trades and of tho most approved mnke
Butcher's Cust Steel, Firmer aud Backet's Gouges,
npenr anu jacsson s i.n.t unu npruiK nmvi puma,
Butcher's Double and Single Pluuu Irons, , , '
Ohio Tool Company Pianos, i ! .
Masons and PlastorsTrnwls, - ' :"
Cooper's Drawing knlvos, etc., for snto cheap by
aTexa Kunn Ti T ans,
IjOR several yoara connected wllh several Dopaft
' ineiils of the Gunerul Government, continues his
noonty iianu Agency in vani?ion i uy, ana
would cnll the situation of Olil No 1 til era
and their hairs, to the vury low tonus upon
yeiSrf'Tl which ho procures warranls undur tho new
Bounty Laud taw of Congress. His arrnniroments
with the Departments, aud fitinllnrlly with the maiinge-
mout or suen cases, will enable nun to proouro war
ranta wlUi the least nosslbio dulay, ;.
in aiiuilinn to nis experience, ue possesses mncn
vuiuunio reenni niui (loouinoiititr) eviuuueeunnertuiii'
lug to the numerous classes of claims. '-,
11 f.irniy umcers, hoiuiurs, loamsters, naval ur-
flcers, Seamen, Marines, and Navy Ciorka, (er (Aeir
sHratniag viiaws i armor ehiMrtn) wl,o served In tho
Kevoliitloniiry War, War of ISi'J, Florida, or any of
the Hunan wars, ror a parlor or not iras tnanourrrsa
taH'y are now entitled to a Land Warrant for 180 acres.
Those who have already received their 40 orStiaere
warrants are now entitled to All additional quantity
fuuniti to inoaorea.i
irr"Eegular correspondents who propnr rases nnd
forward them lo my addreaa, for management here
will bo liberally dtmll with.
ITTA COUHT OP CLAIMS havlngbeon created by
Cnnirets, before which, nil Pkivati Claims, not pro-
vliltul ror by law. are to bo nreseiituii tor noiiiuicnuon.
Mr. Evanswlll iiinlerlnko the infliiairement ofans casus
bufore that court reus lo bo agreed upon. .
TTrFaas ma r a not si no Lakd WAaasiiTa: (i'fof
regard e siz) On original applications, only ati; for
increase ai. v
KtraaaNi ts. Hon. I,, P. vvulilo, t oiniulssionor or
Pensions: John Wilson, Commissioner of Gunerul
Land oittcol John M. Claston.U. s. senate; M.A.J'oug
lue.lT.S.t John Bell. II. S.t J. M. Mason. U.S.; Gon
Lewis Case, V. H.; Sam Bonstnn, U. S.i T. J. Kusk, U.
S.I W. H. Seward, audio the momhers of tho thirty
third Congress. March lt8, 1 Hoi 47. - -
' ' ' JOJIX aVOItK, ' ' '
wiioii.tta nn aaTAiii bbvi.e ta '
COPPJCIl, TIN & Slir.i:T-lltvN WAltC,
Juajs(resr,nrariy opposite th Tallmailge House,
GAIN tukos pleasure in culling the attention of his
uslomors aim country uiorv-tiiitHs goneriiny. to
reest stoek of ('oi.pet.Tliuind Shoot-Iron manu
factures ever hinnirlil to this market. Ho lakes great
painatn keep constantly on hand a large variety of
every thing mat can nossiuiy oe wamou in ilia niio.uuu
natters ninisen mat irom ut mug o.vporicncu in me
Tin and 8henl-l.ron Uunineaa,. '
he will be able toglve full al!faetloii to all who may
favor hlni Willi weir work, nnvinga prariirat unowt
edgu of the business, his s 'loclloua are inuda with i
view loaiiraDimy, stjio sun cnoupness; .
. . - Nniiulai'tnrt'il lo: Urrter.. -,
He also keep. In his employ some of Ihn bsat work
an that can be aaourud. unu ulwnys havlnir on ham
the very best millerlul, Is enal. led lo manaritcturo to
order auvthlne-nnd every tbing'dosirahle la his lino
inas good style und on ius fair tornn us ean auj wherii
ne had. . .....
,. : All kini" of Stoves, Ac.
Never Intlio history of Iiancn.ster was there an estuh
llsliMiAiittlmt kont ou hand n lurin'rund mnrocoutnlote
assortment of atovos, of all kinds ami varieties. He Is
also prepared wllh a large numliernf Fir Urates, und
for Uie aotioniinodiitlon of his customers keens on itunil
a largo quantity of r Brick, lnatiufacluiod express
lv wllh a view to nuttlntr tin Grates. e
In line, any and over) thing noeded In hlsUnacnn be
sucuroa ny giving nun a ran. anil ni prices n. roa.on
aldo us can be nhtalued lu any otlter establishment in
the Slate. Inasmuch as his present stock Is greatly
superior to his former In oiianlity, iiiaillv variety iiud
cheapness, h fools ennniiinit that persons giving him
a call will go awuy highly dnllghtod und amply auliltod
rie also Keeps eoii.taniir on niiiin
rtruL Mli,ilr nfjtUll.1 11
Vof criiclnttati and C'irciovliitMiiun-
iH'liafsli. :ia1tl ufnvturo. .., -A , c .
Lan easier, Mureh 8, 18,13 44 , . ..'".'
sull.ring frienda to use this really valuable meaKina,
thev will be doing an aet of benevolence that they can
"? be p"ud of This la . powerful and truly magical
nmsdv for all external diseases, sores, swellings burns,
fceT, and for many Internal affllotiora, It to a osrtalil cure,
yet it to perfeetly harmlaas, and Incapable or producing
the least Injurious effects in the moat delicate cases or
the weakest coasUtution. ' ' .'l,,'
It to entirely useless to follow the old and worn-out
system of publishing to the nubile thousands of eertia
eates of wonders performed by this medicine. It cost
bTJontTava cent, to try It ; and Dr. Ball jukes hie
weurned reputation on the King of Palo doing aU and
.1 I .l.lhis Va It
W. would ask, have yon the nhaumatlsm or Gout-.
these are not pleasant companion., auu "
you would Ua te dxir them away a soon as possible.
then use
Would you be cured almost Immediately, of Bowel
Coninlalnt, Dysentery, Summer Complaint, Cholera Mor
bus, Cramp Collo, Head Aolie, Tooth, or any other ache
or palu, the remedy to simple and tbs cur certain.
,vr i.i ..... hav. vntir Roree. Swellings. Oat. Burns,
Scalds, Bruises, or any other wounds healed, wa repeat
It, use tn i . . '
MAUtUAl. Itinu ua rai.i.
sv...ia .a. h. .ur.d of Scald Head. StltT Joint, Bor
Throat, Neurallila, Sore Breast, Lumbairo, Tetter or Ufng
Wirm Bait lllieuui, Bites of Poisonous Insects, Chapped
Hands, and all other Bores, eitner ury or rum... a,
jay again and again, lou auisvi is Dr. Johu Hull's
. - -. tt kino OF PAIN." ' ' ' ''..
WmM .mi ha enred of Kina's Bvil. CanesT, Tomora,
Eruptions, or any disease of tho Skin caused by impure
blood, then use Dr. Johu Bull's Sarsaparilla Internally,
and the King of Psln externally, nothing can be more
certain than a speedy and effeotual cure.
:--. DR. JOHN BULL'S . '
till medicine, when tued according to directions, will
sore, without fall t .-. . . .
. ; " or Klug's Erll, .'
Cancers, Eruption
;,' .- '. of the Skis, Erysipelas, .
Tumors, Chronio Bora Eyes,
" Ringworm or Tetters, Soald Head, ; , .
Rheumatism. Pains in ths Hones or '
Joints, Old Sores and Dicers, Swelling of ,
the Glands, Syphilis, Dvspepsla. Salt Itheum,
Diseases of the Kidney. Diseases arising from the
use of Mercury, loss of A ppetlte. Pain in the Side and
n,.,l,l.r. n.neral Debility. Lumbago, OugiiarMolds,
Drowv.Jaundlce,Co3tlfeness, Bronchitis, Weakness of the
OlieSt, BOte Til rOW, rummuHj .(i.nmi, nnuMiub.iu.
DiHeases tending to produce Consumption, Liver Com-
. plslnts.remslo Irrogularltlesand Jomnlalnts,l.ow
Spirits, Siek and Nervous Hesdaohe, Nlirht
.'j 8weats. Exposures, or Imprudence In Life, .
Chronio Constitutional Diseases, and as a
; ' - . gprlng and Summer Drink, and General . ' -
Tonic for the System, and a geutle
. i ' ,-aiid pleasant purgative, ills ' . "
superior to Blue Liok . .
i--. , : . andt:ongTess Water, - ; -Sal's,
or feldlill
. ' ! ., ... Powder. ' . '. .". '
tut orat rciirika or nig pwod.
rnv a PHRTIP1.F. at MERCURY .V IT,
AN INFALLIBLE EKMEDY for acrofula, King'
evil, rheumatism, obstinate cutaneous eruptions,
pimples or pustules ou the thro, blotches, boils, chronli!
sore-eves, run worm or tetter, seuld-hond, eiilargeuient
and pain of tho bones and Joints, stubborn uloera.sy
phllitictUsoroVra, luntbngo aplnal complaints, and all
diseases arising from on Injiiilirioue uso of mercury,
imprudence iu lifts or iuipurity of the blood. :
This valuable medicine, which has buconle celobrnt
d for the nttnibor of f.Vtraordjiiary curoa effected
ihrniiirh its tnreuev, has Induced tho proprietors at the
urgent request of Iholr frienda, to.ogerlilQ the pahlic,
i a hit-h they do with the utmost confidence In Its virtuoa
i and wonderful cumllve properties. - The following cor
I lilicates, sclaeled from a largo number, aro, however,
i stronger testimony thai tho mere. Word oflha proprie
tors; and aro all from reutlenion well known In their
i iocnlltles,-and of tlio highe.t respectability, manoy of
them now residing In tli" i rty of Kiehnioud, Virginia.,
F. Bovdan, .)., oflha Exchange Hotol, Kltltniond.
' known every whero, anys he hns soon tlio mediclnej
! called r-ARTEtt1 swanish siiitTt'as ndmlulstoredlM over
huudrad ease, in nearly all tue disease ior wnicn ins
recomniended.with the most astonishingly good results.
Heauysit is tlio niot oxtruordiuury medicine he has
ever seen. . ' . ' '
Aoub Ann Favan Great cars I hereby ecrtify.that
r..- it, run vn.r. 1 bad Airue and fever or me most vtn-
- . inn-KtlVftp An . on ' t. ' ' A .1. i.
.1 nwl lirun.l I lomuMin, im. iinuu- I - . - ...... . , w.vri..
mercury, and I believe all without 1 "f . . an 1- at .r. V Ui;ri 7,500
mixture, IIVO DOllies Ol .nu ll run wan, ,nrou in., r - oi, ,7 - ,v.-v
and Iamhappytosay 1 have hnd neltherchills orfever ; " ffn8illJ1u'esa I'atterna,H20ijJ 4,lo,
I consider it ta" best tonic in tne woria.nnn the I e ' j, lo.two
imni rrui, wno diver t;ase, at vz vti,ooo
niMuul 1" . . 1 1 1.1 . . . L ' ' . '
;, .. ' JU.UtlU
' 12.(184
lid large Llthnrranblc
Certificate of Membership
3 in the above li.t of vain,.
given away to the afllioted. Mr. Jmckeirv bo has never ble and costly Gifts for the. People. -The Engravings
known itto full whentnken according In direction. , can be sMt by mall (without being damage.!,) to any
Or. MtnffC. a practising mysieian,-ana Tormeri or t'" m n.c country. , .- -
tVisi :
. . A, OIK)
... . . . k .... t u. .m aIwavs eomeetent - since
...7 " . "?vT. i. Sat im not avaluable family medl- -only medicine tbathas re-achod nivcose, 1. LPAUDKH. I
, .---------- f w , rjmvKR Dam, near Hiehmona, Virginia. 7""
elne, to do w nc ai tayot JI"'""!... -l o a i ...t. R.r. now In the cltv of Hlchmnnd. nd 1 JSIIB4 - do at 1,00 each .
. rtngl trial, and I tr a"itory ar. I,.' the Post Omce. ,Uch eonfldenee 1 Every pttrchaserof the splem
rJJXi U Tused iy tbelrVfflicted nslghbor. The i the as'tonishing efficacy of carter's Spanish mixture. Engraving. -will reeeive
and sa that tt 1 usee ay ineir aajwwu B v.,,-,?! ,i ,.r,l. of 50 hnlilo.. which b., h.. entitling them to a chnnn
the citv hotel, in the city of filch moud.aaya he has wit-
nessed'in a nnmbor of Insttincos llieeiroota of carter's
apanlsh mixtnre which wore most truly surprising. He
saystn a case of consumption, dnpennout on the liver,
tho good effects were wonderful Indoed.
Samuel M. Drlnkor, of the the Ann of Drinkerdr Mor
ris, Hlchmnnd, was curod of llvor coinplalnt ofeiglit
vonrs standing, by tlio uso of two bottles -of carter's
Spanish mixture. . - ,. , ' ',-
rm ..- Villl.u 1 ll.A TI..V.
trraT. cure or arroi mn. i nu ruiiors ui iuv i n u- i . ,y, . , -
tnondKoptiblicanhadaservantemployed iu their press trZtJ',i'r " '" -''. f .'
IT.1' i "f.i ..,n.i. liii.n.t ,.in. 'ransmittinc aionsy tow Kill please aaae ( sealed ia
JCf'I'Jrag Come rirat Uorytnl,jrR
Person wishing to acta Agents for us wtl please
send a roconitueudntlon signed by the Postmaster or
some other Influential and well known person In til
plnee wboro they reside;', ..'- ,. .
To those pontons who have been actingas Agent for
us In our foniior Distribution, this is not ren,itlred. ;
All orders with the money enclosed, free of poatnge.
"' ll.yv. n ... J.r.Hl.pb UllOI.l.Ull.
room, cured of violent scrofula, combined with rbeu.
matism, which entirely elsnblcd him from work. Two
botllos or carter's spanisu mixture inane a penijct cure
of him, the Editors, in a public notice, any they cheer- nent.,'rl,1py. "
fully nlcommond it loall who are nllllctoJ with any dis- Si '"ai ni P
ease, of Die bloc d.- - ' 'i'V '. v' '" tr... ,1
vt i. . wm.rkable fant, that among the hundreds of
eminent phv.lcWns who have examined the recipe by
which Hull's 9rAparilla ia prepared, not oue has eon
au...u.i n hut all aonroved it, and onoimeud H In the
hiclie't terms. Many physicians express themaelve
stnnigly in tit belief that it is decidedly the best prepa
ration of Oarsaparilla that has ever been placed before the
public. Altliounn mo.- "i ."""J F.vr.,.m ,,
reluotanea to liaviug their names appended to the moon
....l,ii, nt at.v mrttcular remedy, iiotwtlhstandlnfl
they may approve of It In the highest degree, there are
ethers who frankly yield their support in faror of a
remedy which they know Is capable of doing so niuclt
good In an atllicted community. As an evidence, read Uie
following from old and respectable physicians, of high
Maudlug in ths community in which, they live i
ID Testimony like the following renders superfluous
ail comment on the ernoaey of Hull's Baraeparille. from
tktpreienrr of tke Postmaster, and (Asaual anisr-
ed pa tke way kill, t - .
ve prepay all our Itinera, circulars, ote.. to Our
idouts, and expert them to do the
XAnnoia, mili. company. ;
f I'SIIK Btnckhnidere in the Carroll Mill Company are
I null dad to convene nt Carroll on 7'as'tiavrJk 15
due tf Mat as!, at 10 o'clock a. in. to elect FIVE of
their number to direct the affairs of the Company
for the larm specllled lu the act regulating muniirar
luring omunie. t, ;s v r.i. awMij,
'.I r. -.. ;l i ',, i ." : 1MNIKL BOVKK, '
- - : j. ' ' JjJ.MKS HOLMES.
; Carroll, aprll IB.l'Sa-wM Corporator.
Owlrt A"ei rflrl rate up Land and bottom me.
F dow.alarge Improvemeat, apple and peach
orchard of the beat arrafted frnlt.msny elegant springs.
a he wad log barn and hotiso. a large quantity of hewing
Umber and saw-logs. The land to be aold In lots or
logether.ettualed on a good road, gif miles from Lan
aa.ler, ami ane mile) from Pratt'sSaw Mill. . .
Fortnrmaapply to - CHAHI.K.S DIBBLE,
Madison Township, Fairfield county, onio. or to -ALFKEU
' land Agent, Lancaster, Ohio,
fsj-iamter 7,lt3t lttf
, MARTIN, (UtSY i CO. .
At the Old fUnnd ol Heinnmnd &. Mnrtin,
nA VE Just received large and elegant assortment
of.NKVV GOODS, romiirlsliig a variety littsur-
piissoti, ami wnicn ttiey win sun at groat uarguiu.
i neir stoca ooiieisia oi .
sJlotlta, Caaslmcrna, Cnsainrts, Jcniia, &o.
Vostltig, of.nll the dllforent styles; '
And Air tho Ladies French Merltines,ThnlbotClofh;
Alpacas and Do Laines of all kinds;
Calicoes. Glnvhams. Flannels, and everr nrllclo In
the way of Dreaa Goods to be found In tho eiliea;
Shawia, ol every variety oi nun, atae,anu material.
Dross and Hnnnol Trimmings, bonutifulaaaortmont;
H..nlKllk. Volvutand Straw which the Ladles
all declare to bo the most beautiful and fushlonable. -
In addition to their slock of Cloths, AO., utey nnve,
and will eon stan tly keep on hand a large and excel lent
stock of UEADY MADE CLOTHING, got up, With
tasto and superior workmanship.
Hoots and Shoes; Hats and Caps.nl prices wolidorfuly
low. Uueonswaro and Ulasswurol
Colfoe, Sugar, Tea, Tobacco, Spices, Ac,
always on hand.
irpTho hew Arm tender their thank for lh n
aii.ii. manner lu which thov have been reoelved.
as well by the public generally as by tho old patrona of
tne stauu, ana neg leave to asauro aii,iuai u avou....
attention to their wants and a determination tn koep
up with llic times will socuio a contluuullon and ou
lordponinut of ibolr bu.inosa. thev will not full to attain
that end. Country produce taken In exchange (or goods
Lauoaeler, or.io, januury 4, tew i i. , .
' " ; . .'"-.AT THB - ' '''- ' ''
ituivhy a. .EnKf.r.iN,
OttsDoor East ef tksllockinf Vail re Hank, Qeatk ii
. ; - Afuiaatrss(r.aacatsr, Oki'i .
RF.SPKCTFU1.lv solicits the attoiitlnnorhl friend,
and customers, and all that may want Groceries
uud who will bo to kind as to give him a call, both from
Die city and country, In my superior nnd complete slock,
of Groceries, Just rocukvud, embracing in purl the fol
lowing artleiest
JAVA il KI COFFEE', Young, Hysou,
ajjvi Black nnd Imperial TEA'S; Now Orleans Sugar,
WMi ff Loaf, Crush'od and Pulverised; Hlrtt, Goldan
liiWiitfSyrun, 8. H. Syrup, S. 11. Molasses, N. Orleans
do., Oranges, Lemons, Hn islam,, Figs, Pruln, Almonds,
Pocons, Mllert,i oco iMitsunu iirani txuis,i.riou m.ei.
Dried Tongues und Cincinnati Cured Hams, English
Dairy Choesoaiid W. H. Croiitn do.,; Spice, Cinnamon,
Cloven, Ntlttneos, Mace, Alsplce, Poppor and Ginger,
Sal Soda, Or. Tartar, Sulieralas, Starch, Saltpotor, Ext.
Logwood, Indigo, Madder, Alum, etcelr.
Soap, Candle, Tubs, Buckets, Brooms, Wash Bonis,
Baskets, oto., ote. - - .., '
A Hue lot of Cbowliig Tobacco, also Smoking do. and
Cigars; Wlnoaand Walker's Burlnn Palo Ale, a gener
al stock of Notions, Toys, add groat many other article.
May 1, 1854. ' . . ' ' H. A. GE1IELEIN.
LAND .."FOH SALE..- , , v
f IlllK un.lorslgnod offer for snlo Flsrlity Acre
I of I .a ll l, looatud In Hocking Township, 3i
tniiee West of Untiutsler, on tho Turutilko, desorlbcd
as follows: It being Die West hair of the Honthwesl
(iuartortif Soctlon No. 10, Township No. 14, In Knngo
Mas. No. 19. Improvement consist nf TWOja
1- ?:! l.u-i.-1 i i Aii-i ii i.i v ii-u i,..,l K'V X M.ti i.,,i &-A
EUli SPKlNGhatidvlolho Dwelling, a GOODir
lOUNG OKCHAKD of gruftod Fruit, Fifty Acre
cleared under cultivation. Whole Eighty Aeroa un
der wood r.ii.eo. the other Thirty Acrea well liutliorod.
a nice Sugar Orchard, two never-falling streama of
watorpasalnglhrongh the rarm. I no pneo oi tne nnove
land 1 (50 pur s. ro, two thousand dollars lu hand, Hi o
hulnnee in two annua I navmeuta with Interest.
f or nirtnor partlcuiara appty to vne auoscnoer u ing
i the premises. . WILLIAM, M. I AYLUU.
February I, IHA1 SO ' . t . . .
Stngcmen and all who have a good Ilorae,
Ii O O Ii II Vi IV V
ev TTj)EXNETT GARRETT respectfully remind
f- I you that he Is still hnintnerlng away on
Bread Street intke Ctiief Lancaster, where be
Xsr lealwava on hand to treat erlunlod horses. . '-
Anexperlonce of nearly 40 years, aud many years of
mat tune nndertne instruction or an eminent v einrina-
tir l. i V.n.1.11. Professorof Chemistry In ths Louisville
Medical College: 1 have looked over the list of Ingredients
.i..,nn.,..d. and one tnat pnmiuas wen in ouromn uiseH.es,
to whlell It ts appitoaoie. ti,c, taniaiti,a u.
-Louisville, June 6, 1H18. ''
What Dr, I'yles, physician by appointment to the Lou
ytle Mariue Uoapital, says of Bull's Sursaparllla :
' I.erjisvn.u, March SO, 184S. ;
1 have examined the prescription for the prenarntiun of
.lAi,n lttill'. HitrsAOarilla.and I believe tiie oombliia'iou to
be au excelteiit oue, and well oalouiated to pnatuce an
alterative Impression on the system. 1 have used it both
In publle and private practice, and thiuk It the best
ankle ot Darsaparilla now la u .
-. . , .' Besldent Physkiiaa Loulstlll Marlnu Hospital
Better Tcstliaoay than ws eter Offered la favor of
- , , .t..: . aoj MetUcliic. -. -. :;, ' ,.
Her. E. W. Sclioo, Ber. E. Ste.cnsoiu
Lodisvill. May 20th, 1819.
' Wo have used John Dnll's sarsaparilla, and have known
It to be used, with entire sntisfaotion j and we linve no
bealtattoti lu stating our belief, that It is a safe ami
valuable mvdical oomuound, and calculated to producu
much good and relieve much suffering; and ttieietnre.
would cheerfully aud most earueetly reeoinitien.l ir to the
addicted. , E W. BKHON, ,
(Slgued) ' K. STEVENSON.
We earnestly Invlta all persons wno are suffering with
any of " the ills that tleeh is heir to," to call ou Dr. John
bull's agent, and get a copy of Hull's Family Journal
oratis; and fur tba snko of humanity, wa hope that a
tlu lu individual will not be fouud unwilling to gin Bull's
Bai-saparilla a TRIAL, after reading, aud recoileciruK. at the
am time, that It Ia bnptwmhle for the Doctor to publish
tbs tenth part of tba number of certlticates of astounding
cure peluruied by bis oarsaparilla. The amount of
..ti,,,..,.v voluntarily showered on Dr. Bull's Sanauartlla.
- from well kuown and dnalnguikhed individuals, both lu
7tf another ears oj scroruia. t nan a vaiunoto poy
ured of scrofula by carter' Spanish mixture, lcon-
ilder It a valuable medicine. jANlt.NM.lAYL.OK,
Conductor on tue h. r. x r. it. n. uitninomi, vn.
!fi.;f Uhnusn of fill Years stunili-njr enred Mr. John
liomi-son. residing in the city of Richmond, -wna cur
ed by three botllna ofciirter.ntilsh nilxtitro, of salt
rilOUnt, WllieilJlC linn nearly ,,;in,,.-i n.tn.,... tn.
Physicians of the city could not cure. Mr. Thompson
Is a wull known nion-linntln the city of Richmond, Va.y
u,.,l i.i, rn 1. irtu.t r.iinitrk'.lllle. - -
William A. 'Matthews of Klclimond, Virginia, bad a
servant cured of Syphilis, ln.lhe, worst form, by curtur'
spaiuil niiAt.irw. -
ml w hat Phvsk-iulis culled I Ol.llriiied consumii
throe bottles (il CilHirr aspaulsh tnigiuro. .,.t.
Kdwln Button. cotnnilslotir nt tno itrvenne, .ays
he liMSHstuthe good "Reels of carter's ennmsu mixture
in u number of syphilitic casos, oiiuatiys it is a peneci
ure of that hyrnbiedisosiwi - . - : -i
u in;-,,,, r. Hiirunn.l of ;i!ihtnod. Virelnia, cured of
old sores und uloere,-whlch dlsahlod hlin from walking.
Took a few bottles or oiirtersApauisn mixture, nun wna
enabled to walk ivltbotita crutch). In- B-ahort tlino por-
uiiiiieul y cured. . ,
Principal liefiotsnr aru.L...n? oi v., .,.. .........
i Lane. .N'.v York. T. W. Dvotl or sons, No.W, North
Sd street, Plilln.lelphia. Boniiot und Beor, Ro. lijo
Malnstrcot, Klftlinomt. Virginia.
And for said bv Kanmnilll (mil CO., l.aneastor; r.. iain.
H,.hvilt: H. B. Walker. West Ktlslivllle; Porter and
Welritnln, LythOpoli. and Dealors In Medicine every
where. . ... ,v , Dec. IT, 1M4-Iy
Dijspepsia,, JavHce, Ckroei'r or JVsrcars Delility
A ND till illsovat'sarlslug from a disordered T.lver or
l Stotnuch; an cli nseonsuiniitinti.inward ,plles,fiill
cm. of blood to the head, acidity of the stomach, nan-"
sen. hcart-lniaii, disgust for food, fullness or weight in
the stomach, sonroriictiitioiis, sinking or fluttering lit
the pit of tlio stomach, swimming tif the head,' linrrled.
unu ninicim ptciuini'i:, unu".... ... ..." t.,:,...
orsiilfoeaftoil sensations when lit k Wing posture; dim
ness., f vision, ilotsor webs before tlio sight, fey-rand
dull pain In lliehwid,de".clncy of persplriitlnli.yollow
nessof the shin and eves, pain ill llr side, buck, chest,
limbs, etc., sodden (liislies of heat.hnrnlng In thd flesh.
oiidtaitliiniigUdugsuf eviloV.gj-oat doprosiionol spirits.
iJr. HoHllrtitd'isC.itlfbintfd rr'iiaii Ritlora
fretiarril sv Or. C. Jarkson, at the Cleripan Xc'licine
- Qltrn, JV. 1 Artk grrcf, I'KftadilpMa.- . I i
Their power over the above diseases I lint- excelled,
if eniiallod, bv any oilier prei-urutlon in Hi Cnlte.l
States, ns the cures attest, lu many casos after skilful
phvticiiins bad failed. , , ." . . '
these Hittorsiirnwnrthv the ntti'htlon or Inmlds;
Posacsslng great vlrlitu in'llio rnlilltation ordisensosol
tho Liver und lesser glands. exorcising Iho most sonrcli
imrudweTs. iu weiiknossfiiiil ellcctiiniS.tif the digestive
i. rgaus. thov am, witliul, safo, certain und ploasunt, i
, Read mi ke eotioinre (. F. KFst.tm, Juwolor;
Woosler. Olno. Dei . niher ?nl, IH5I, sul.l: "I embrace
ii. t.ni. n , iluo.lv of iiiforuitiit: vou of the great benatlt I
liavedorivod from the uso of Dr.- Ilnofluiid'a Gorninu
Liltterj. 1 haviMtsetl Iboin roretiitiauno love, unu tits
ordered stomach, and found rollefiu nvery rase, Tlty
are tl bestroinedy for disonlerod atoinacu, ! tuitl., ill
P. F.H.nv, tllnomfii ld. Ohio, Otoher 7, 1S52,' ettld:
"With feelings of gratitude 1 Dike my pen to ininrin yuu
..r.i.j t mbuiiuhif beui.llt 1 havo derived from thu use
1 nave usou iuo.ii mr
of scrofula, I' by piiri'liiiso.i.l'tiie Gn
tmption, by Co., tp w hich he'liaajusl
..f tl...l....,.. n.. Itinera.
tt,,. l.lv.r cimi.ru ut. tiH.l tuxe measure ill rocoiiniiwin.-
poalng Joho Bull' Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla,. h,llt ihi,..,, to tho pttbllc a tUtf sarost and best remedy
have no hesitation lu saving that they form a ssfe B0-In nv." ",-' . , : -;. :
Tito Edilor of the Woverer lleinorrar, juuy o, jtvoj,
snid: "Hnnnnd'sGefitian Uitlcrs.-Thls invaluable me
dicine Is dull v iiorlociiiingcu'ositflbe most remarkable
character. Wt do not speak of this medicine without
aknnulcdgo of its 0l)lcul;,, wo tuive tried it In oor
futniiv, and Und 11 to be the only thing needed In liter
coini.Wint or dyspepsia. - - '-,.,,'; JKm.'iT
tloifinot IIiAHKE, 1-Kiil.'r...tc, '"!" ." '" -'
If-o-.1. said: "By those persona who have used your Hoof-
Innd's Govmnn Hitters, itiey uru constuorou an i. ......
blc remedy for.tyjMiop.MU,", -
TTvou should boar in minn inai ino.u nn.r.
aTtaat.T vnTAtM.K, thereliy possessing advanutgos
ovor most of thu prcparuuuna rocoinuionuuo tot
lur disoiisits. . " ' v 'V:.. wa
For snlo bv Kaiilfmnn Co.; r.. rvntn, nnsnviue, n,
B. Walker, W est Kushvillo; Portordi Welrten,Ljtho
polis, ami. Dealers In medicine everywhere. , ,:
vucouiourii, ioj, is ; . ..... : - ..
Messrs. Clnrkc, Wriirht A Co., '"
'AVE taken for a number of yonrs, the. rounury
owned by .lohn Arney, r.q., biuiuiit ;.oi
a and Jfroad Sheets, .A tits city j,oarnrer,. wiim
limy aro determined to he on hand w ith all uch artl
ctus In their line, as Uie country renuire.. - v.j,-. .
20AU wood; cooking and parlour stoves.
k -a.. . Mill -Gen rlni:. Machine CA.M Ir.us and
SftTiP" "l'l.oCGHS, nr various pittterns, war-V-A-
.. r.ii.i.,.1 asiiii"rlorartlcl,logoibor wllb
nil minor artlelos In the Futinilrj line. 4 '..,
ill AIIKIl'S Cornstalk and Straw potter,
An articles superior to all olliera oftho kind In tue
country; -and una to wnicn we invito tno special atten
tion oftho Farmer. Thts machine for .cutting shock
- - . - -- ,. , . t-nrn i.rnar i ii tn nr nr iuibthiix iiiw., . inwo. u..i
Vuhllc and pr .... ,ii e, us. p ihv owm,ng. , y (( fl )? ,ron) ,,,, who enU lierly or
nultc equal to hay for fuelling either cattlo or horse,
inuklng nu ncro of well sitvud com fodder worth two
nores of Oto best grown buy iu Ohio. They are oalcu-
lalod for either Hand nr norsu tiowor. n e -are aiao
preparing to furnish to ordor- -
JloCoruikk's Iteapttr and Grns Cnttor and
, . illooro'a V heat lrill.
TCnrmors o-lvo ns'a call. 1 Everybody give ns a call.
and buy oue goodsaud warea, our ploiigbaantl shsroa,
and we will IrV in tuni to buy your rem, your Whoul,
Comprising every crmfs aaJca.en'M, derived from Iho your flour, your meat, your buy, your oaU, your nig
yeSttaile,Mieeralnd Animal Kingdoms, and used In bank notes, or aught you may desire to spure.of hrokon
. ... .. ... . i 1 . . k .. h. - Uu i la.aii.M hit-fl the tits-nest
Jlllepatkte, laieplie,;rirrieaHHfaaicpTai'iice. pumur '" ---'
.t, flrst door below Main, Luuuvul. Ei.
Luncaater.Jul)" S0MS54. . K. L. SI.OCUM dt CO.
prVlKuutlersliintvl respectfully advertises tlio pub
I He thut ho has on hand for stile, on roasonubleluriu
for cash, incomplete nssurliuonloj
f resn anu tvciiseioctuu luuuti uiei,
Osago Ornngo Hood aotd IManta.
rnriHRiiii.loiiiliri.oil hnvna lanro amount of Osatre or-
- I anre Seeds andPlanU of the best nuallty.surpassed
by iiono In tlio country .which Hit) jr will sell ut tho lowest
markoipnre. "'.......,
At from 3 to 40 ccnu per rod, with a lair deduction
where large contracts nro ntndo. ,
At from 75 cents to (1 V rod- the payments as fol
lows when the hedgo I set, and the balance when
It will answer the purpose of a good fottce,
For what disinterested Judge will say It is worlh, (aa
compared with good fences) when it I comjilotod.
At II to HJ15 oer rod.tobe paid for when comrilotBd.
JAMES SUM PTE K CO., Dayton, Ohio.
J.stas SoasTsa, College Corner, Butler county. Ohio
Jasixs McGaew, Aloxnndorsvlllo, Ohio. , .,
-'BawjAMitt LvAa. Dnvton, Ohio "' 1
. Mar J.1854. 0. Jii-AKTIN, Agent, Carroll. Ohio.
Tho assortment umbrttces all the Alkalaids,Resiueids ,
Jlle.okolieand.1iiieoiii Hrtracts, ft. Sf, ' I
111 (tuck of Surgical instruments Is of tho boatquallty.
A Full Stock of Family Groceries,
Troneh and American Perfumery' In great variety.
Havana nnd common Segnrs, Chewing and Smoking
Tobacco; beat quality of Wine, Brandies. Ac, nnllv
We therefore havo the highest
hope, without designing any Joke, that you will give
liberal share of patronage to na whu are determined to
do business ou uie most titierni terms. .
February 1". 1B54.- .- liLAKtvn., waiuni ot s-y.
ry Surgeon, onnbles him to eonndontly aiiderlnketb
most dlfllcult case, lu BHOEO beholds himself
aeond to none. ' ; ' 1 . ' - .
Hla renutatloa la now to well knows that hor
ses are auntto him to be shod from most of th
nelEhborinr eitleaand towns. Ills Shooing Shop
oceomtuodnllohiaro to ample that no detention.
or delay will vr occur. BENNETT GARRETT.
lancau, AngnrtiM, )51-lSmltl
"""TAglust received bis SPRING and SUMMER
I I nl. nC HATS av TAPS at his old aland, ootiotite Ik
allmadre ,. Vaia Strser, Lajtraitrr, okio. HI
stock nas Been saiecteo wnn care anu- emuravv
It oi mttsior taani
Beaver. Molskln, No. I V I
Pedal Straw and Leirhorn - "
TfAtK Men. Bnv. and Phlldrens Palm Leaf. from KK to
3TX Also Men and Boy'a Fnrand Wool'Rossoth Hata,
Boytand unildrens Fancy Hats, wnicn win ne emu ai
the lowest prices. Leghorn Hata washed and bleacher
at tha shortest aotlca. jT'r'lloti't forget the place.
May5,lK4. . M. S MALLET.
stock nas neen sale
: pV.vsrf varletj
Inclndlng White B
t . tv M,...ivtnff nt itiair nt.i atnnn. as nne a sioca
popular patent medicluos, nnd au undlasa verluty of nf FANCY aud STAPLE DRY GOODS as ha over
. I boon o:
and Imported, for medicinal use; strong Cider Vinegar,
Window tilnssantt trlnss vv nro, togotnor wnn niimo
mddx and ends both nmaiuontnl and useful.
Phvslcluitsiirescrlntionsptiltili wim grcatcsre by a
conipcioiiiutio, experienceuaispensor.
,. . '. m, A. ni.r.ii'cn,
Oct.90,lSS4 .Vs. 100, Afai Street, Lancaster.
offered in this market, consisting of ovory article
m .largo scale nu uie various article . n , , uln
V- of Cabinet Furnlturti, Bedstmids t' "" ""'
Vjsraa.l Chairs. Which ho will koep Ci1 Y T!' """;'" . i
" lalwnyson hand, together with a -rjl '" " M
- ' D. K. FISHEL.
n A VING returned lo the city and erected a large
building In the rear of the brick; house, on uieF
eerasr of Broad and Cessna! Streets, one sonars. Soma
ef tke Market House, intends manufacturing upon a
largo scale nil tlio various article
large assortment of Cinotnuttlt manufacture. Hit long
experience in tlio business will enable him to have
manufactured at home and imported from abroad tho
very best of work, and as he Intends lo employ none
but Die roost skillful workmen and dae the best mate,
rinls, he flatten himself that he will give general aa
UsfBcllon to all who may favor him wllh their custom-'
The public are Invited to call aud examine the as
sortment. . The entrance to the room ia upon Broad
Street. D. K. FISHEL.
D. B. Repairing done nn the shortest notleo, and In
tne neatest ana most wontraanuan manner.
in tho Dry Goods lino, together wnn a iie- oroes aj
mart. .11 of whlrh they are duturmlned lo soil as low
as any houso iu Fairlleld county, entire cash stores not
eThoy bog Djisve lo tender their earnest thanks to the
clllxens of Lanoastere and vlolnlty, for the Tory1 liberal
share of pntronngo thoy have received since inoy navo
.... t l.n.lnu... and hone for, a continttance ot'the
same, assuring the pulillc that no pains shall be spared
give wuiro nn.i.av.iv.i. . 1.1
,!,. ,.H ft tO
ticloe of country' produce takon in exchange for Goods'.
Lancaster) aturenm. ina-i.- - - - ...
rwwiin undersigned would respectfully announce
I ti.n citizens of Fulrllold and adjoining counties.
that he desires to sell at private nlo the Woolen
Factory sltuatcn in tue town os naveiispor.
Pnlrflol.lcountv.'nto. 1 nu irincninerv ia- principal,
does work equal to any in the country, and lias a large
run of custom., There la connected with tho-.Factory
..n.l and aonSrt.ntr.nl llwelllns Hnnae. contain-
ifK lug fonr rooma and also four flncly situated lota.
Ii :-J-The out bulldlmrs arw name rons and convenient.
P..rtoni tleslroua of maklnw a rnfld hara-aln ia this
, and In k)ia f property, Would do well to come and examine
Cy" aald promises. JONATHAN K, NIESSE.
Uncaster, May SW. . juveosport, OcioherS, lc54-2
IFT'Acenta wanted in'cverV town, whom wo will
ftirnlsli wllh posters, I'lrenlors, schedules, Instruction,,
fcc ou application nt nni otllco, or bv mail postpaid.
For further particulars soo desorlptive bills, Ac, or
enqiilrontitllee, No.3,Wulcutt'a Block, Town Street,
Columbus. Ohio. HURNEIX dt CO., Proprietors
. JOHN H. SH.EF FEE, Agent for Lancuster.
March 8, 1H55 44 . 1 ;' , .' ' '. '
. . ,-. - i- "'' ';.'' '. .
!.;, ;; ,MA GAZIl , rAi-CAIS. ',.J.
Family Srocerleii, tlueen ware A;c,,A-.
lElLX G. dARUENCHON hnsnecome proprietor.
ine urocorj- more 01 11, n. tiunter
iiasiustaddtid a lura-oand allnarlliie
varielv of Fan, I a Groceries, now arriving aud to arrive
from Cinoliiii:rti,aud other marts. In tusking bia jiur
chase ho has had In view the accomtiiodulion - of hi
friends oii'l discrimating public, for; all seasons. He
coniiiiends to Iholr attention, among other articles, ut
prices Hint ciinnot full tn give satisfaction." '
CONFECTlONAKIESof all,k)iids,for funilllo and
parties.- ,-' .- .'..'- -. j tt-t"i -, - ;,' 1-..
Candies, Tarragonla Almonds, English Walnuts and
Brarilinn Nuls, Figs and dates;-' - l" ., . S .
., Jellies, and Gelutlne fur Jellies, Prnncn.&e. "
" Of Fomils Groceries ho will only mention Phil, now-
dored and crushed SUGAR, New Orleans do., TEAS,.
Klo uud Jdvn COFFEE, Spices, Molssses, Goldxn Syr
up, French Chocolate,-Mushroou Walnuts, Tomi'ilo
Catsup, it splendid lot of Englisk tlarp CAeeae-, - and
otlior arliclcato iiunierons to put down hero. .
, ot to forget, also. Liquors, Brandy for the sick gnd
cohvideseuut, cigars 5 ycara old, sinoakingalid chewing
TOBACCO, Powder and Shot for the Fportsluul.t '
Ho will koep, on hand a'yarloty.of Vaints, trq-nitk
and Japan of hie own manufacture for Hie trade. '
-Kotloiist, a largo pud full assortment of tfueenoiearf,
F.artkrniQare, Frenekvareand S.tiyliek Qluestcaret n
soj- ffAdea ware, 7'itfe.S Bneretsee.,r- i .
T"7'Ho hopes to obtain a fair shalrof the public favor
in his now undertaking, and' looks ,fqr tho approbation
ijud pal ronuge, of his friends. - Having been compelled
to renlntul.a lit former bitsiiicsaasliijitiiousto' -hvallli,
ho will mi, Ko n fair trial of his, to iho if It win not front
iiispnrao,ns well as hie heulin. tr the experinit'iiutui
wliich h will devote tils undivided attention cuvn not
succeed. he wlllbe able he trusts, tn servo tlie public in
some other useful capacity. '-'. -.'-:-Mny
51K54. ' - ' TEt.lX G.'BARBESCIJON.
Cascast v.n M iciii e foi.'N'jdk y
.ENGINES. upon sliort uolice. aud at Cincltiiiull
and Pitlsliurg prices, - t ..i . i -."(:...
Also, all llnds of Mill Gearing, Rolstlnj? Bcrews,
Rcgitltitrng Screws, Jack Scrowa; Fullof'a Screw aud
Clder.ScroWS.- . '.- "'Vj
Mill Spindle of cal Iron or wrouglrt '."-?')'
.' Bales and Drivers, dec. dtc.- ' . - -"" ''
Ho will also furnish the PARKEH WUEfcl'to ;suit
any hond nf water, und w ith either Iron or wood shaft.
Alsothe ATKINSON WHEEL M-up as above-. "The
potent oh the Parker 'Wheel has expired and, conse
quently they con he had much cheaper.' -'-.'
HeurstxtontlnuesljO tnnke- DEVOI.'S, THRASHING
MACHi.NES, and koep a lot constantly on hand; war
ranted the beat In Ohio. V rv-- '- . ',
A II the nbovo artli-lo will bo mado with ctpecial enro
and by the best workmen, and will be' warranted.
. All kinds of repairing done upontho Shortest notice.
Ho ulso keeps constantly on hand, ALL RINDS; OP
CASTINGS, usually kept In a Foundry. He has com
pletcdhlsfrnntslop,so tbuttbote wliooalL eon etaiu
iiic his work.
' The known oualliy of the work don ati thl rtlsb-
llihiiient for many yuar;pnst,is lite best gnkrrantee Ihnl
in rutiiro, thanl.scriberwlll labor to desire Ihs'pat
ronage of the public. He iuvUotexarolnalion. --Lanciutcr,MaylO,lP54.
'."''' 1)ENTISTIRY;.7''. ' ;-'.'
JGRVBR having returned Jo Lancaster and intend
, to remain permuneutly In this city, and having re
ceived Instructlonsfrotn an .ofcperlonced lMtntlst from
the city of Now York, and obtained a knowledge of tho
business, now rospectfully tenders his professional scr
vlci'slo citizens of Lancaster and the public generally.
Ho Is prepared to perform all opcrtitlon npon tho
eeth.such as Extracting, Pluglng, Ulling.rogulnllng
tel'eotli.troatlngspungy or defeased Gunia, destruy-
lugSorves, retntiving Tartar, etc .. ,
Arttnclai teetn inscnen onjniu r-iato irim one io
full soti also1 Artificial Crowns set on healthy root
ilhnttt pain, so as to answer on the purpose ornies-
.Ktton. , ' y.-i ," , ' - j . t - .... - . V
Every onortillon In Dentistry essential to preserve
an beautify the Teeth, and giro thorn a healthy ac-
in,anti improve tne orc.itn, neaitn iasie,penorinc(i
t moderate terms. Ladles In the city or county,;!!!
be wnlted on tit their rospocti ve places of residence, if
It bo requested.. No choices made or examination or
cotisnltnllon at his office. ,-.'
OFFICE On the northeast corner or tne ruono
qitnro, one door from Muln street. :.'. '' .'
bincaster, Soptember 2, 18o4 v- ' '
TAVE removed tholr Clothing. Establishment
to the TallmaJge Block, first doar Fast tf
Wkile tf latta'e liar dm art Sttrr, where thoy are npen-
ii; h largo nnd extensive assortment of oftuau Ann
SUMMhH GOODS, and are now mamifaelitrlng every
variety ot Spring and Summer ffsar. Which thoy will
soli aa low as the same quality of goods and -word can
be purchased at auy otnor establishment in tne city.
Tholr clothing ia manufactured uiidortbeir own super
vision, wno ts-consoquentiy superior iu tun -wutcu .
biniight from otlter places. They huv also on hond, a
ktavtiful variety of Clotks,Catsimeree, Vtstingt, ee..
which they are preparou to mauuiuciue womut.., inoj
have lu tlKdromploy the best of workmen and are at
all times prepared to make the best Dt lo tho .latest
stylo.-. ,f(MirsrM'H Warranted.. . t
j nu ptiotic are rospvcii....y ...... -,iu. i. .......uw.-
amine tholr stock, and while thankful forth liberal
pntionago they have enjoyed, thoy asauro their old cu.
tomora and all others that thoy will labor to glv gen
eral satisfaction both I u tho quality and price of their
. .... i. cbuiafi-ivD A. TunliT
gootia auu wi.ra, ' ft .a.wu..
Mijicastoi .Aprils, 4001 -
, CiKOKGE 8. EATO, HI. ., ;
PnTctclAK,OcoLirr, and OnTitoriBiCAL Stutoaog.
nAVINGaeefed enra(fy 1b Chllllchothe,offore
hla professional service to all who are afflicted
with any ot tue lonowtitg atsoasos or ueiitriniiies: .
Amaurosis, Oplhalmla, or Inflnmatlnn, of Hi Eye
Grametar Ll.lst Watery Eyes; Caturaoln, Spooks ami
Pleina.offoclually removed; Btrubiemua or. Cross Ey
cured lnnw seconds; Ptaslt .Clu Foots. Hair Llpi
together with every other operation belonging to tht
opemtivo fturgoon. . v . .
urtiitjt vvauate'i itioea-v nBsioenoe i.j
JTf'No charges for eitnniaatlo
AddresCliirilcotho,Ohi .;. '.' May S, ISM- rr
HEnnilrsJgnedhavlitpBrch.'aod the Grlat
and Floitrinir Mill heretofore owned by Gen.
JXJTO. Reynolds, deeeaaad, would bersby inform
thopubllotliatitlshisptirposeiomak wis will wliat
It Should Be, lrlai mill r m. www...uun oi tnw
neighborhood In which It ia located And having se
cured the services of n experienced Miller, is prepar
ed, as he believes, to uo worn catcuiateu to pteaae
and therefore solicits patronage.' ' - -'
MauUWa-j t.,s r , , ., . -. AiifcBari.
1 -1 "daguerreotypes.;"
PXl'IE subscriber haa removed bis establishment Into
I hla New Hooina A"or;tJfoia fre,nt- Eta.
Sc llisk. and hns fitted them op In a style unsurpassed
Inthe West. He hopes that tli puhlio w'll appreciate
hlaelTorts to please andextondto him a liberal patron
age, . -Ever thing haa been-done that eould he done to
ensure success in everyoepartment of the art. and hi
plrturescaanat besnrpaseed. "V. M. ORIS WOLD'.
V. H. Peraonswlfhlngtolearnth art wil havegref
faellllies fordoing so here. v : ' '
flours from 9 o'clock A. M. nnlil .1 o'clock P.M.
, Lancaster, November J8. 180 $8 '
1 A . HaWV
- t. r

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