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Sjjc Lancaster ajcttc.
THnrsdny Itlarniug Muy 41, IH&S
for tho Lnncnster Guette.
Munj-penny's interest, m a rirjl of Medial
wore to be nipped effectually ,t least i.i lliis
What further Lave the people of the
county gained by this gome? The presses j disastrous to the" democratic pir
wt re united for the express purpose of pre- while tho masse.' 8 know but lit:
For & lumin Gazette.
It is veil known that the result of the
election in this counlv last fall vas most
rty, nnd
le of He
venting any dcrelopments which tliev : imrcodute causes wbK-n proaucott such a
(Hit ( qie')( wed Hiijjht bo made public, 'result, ther are well understood bv those
i A- ,e?ine lime. throMfh the column of the I nha nro arnu lin'.t'd with the secret doings
l 1? lTf-. fttn And rrtnm in I rA 1 t v i l. .t t . r 1 .1
mi. kjuuh. .r. iticgiapn, a p:iper wmcn mev learea a . ot a set oi poum-ai cut-in loai.. in iiiicuj
yonr paper for the thoughts and ideas here j pipt.r wll)lich was f.,st gaining in the af-1 of Lancaster, aidod by a few office seekers
ee forth, end deem tlicro worthy of a place ttH.tjo,lg ef ,he lo xwt disadvan-' ia the different townships throughout the
tiicaein. yon ar m nuei iy .'" in wl.icli had t? .teed the county rrint-1 conntv nnd more i.imilmrv known as me
h-e not been in mo nao.ioi wn..s n.r t n fi r prioe and was endangering
I lnjve not been
THwspip-rs. and make no prcteDMons as to' )l)s croft ot political gawhleri, ttii Jen of
etyie; out yet, i oeiirtt- a ' Red Lwlge Uiiquerr. The pnutin can
self, so that others can understand what 1 1 nowno fbe dono ml 23 cens pcr
Ihcan. and I shall therefore use plain Ian- j ,..,; as proposed by Giubtr before the
gn igennd I here address tnyftlf to those un.on but U put up to tlie I I prices, the
m-n. wT.o think plainly, . and speak ; plainly. ! .,,. ,orsc ,ad llt-n asMimcd .mother col
amd ak them for a candid perusal of my ;or nd tW t.nun,r WM ,Q bc compi.Hf.d t0
article. In tho out start pirniit me to say. , 1k u.e of p(Ucl.ftse of llle EaIt)
that! am down on ouicc seekers ami aem- iai T.u,rrnl, i.. .lo V.,- r.( hi,.
S . . .S . . " ' ft - "f " J " J
propose io. j ,j
ayrneuos, nnd to this sul ject I
a IJres a few considerations. And in the
ffrst place let me inquire what advantage
the community derives from aiding, sup
porting and upholding such a set of men?
An honest office seeker and an honest dem
awvrtie, are nboulas conM tent terms as is
that of an honest thief. What amount of
integrity and mornl worth is to be found in
such a set l men: tluvclhcy tnoe im
portant requisites to recommend them lo
favorable notice; or to si rve as a guarantee
that in their bands places uf public trust
and importance can with satcty be con- j
fided? If the whole pack in this county,
in the Slate of Ohio, were congregated to
gether in one body, would it be possible lo
find two or even one riyhteont man among
fhem to save such an asombled mass from
infamy, shame, and eternal disgrace?
The character, conduct, nnd intrigues of
these men, are very happily and appropri
nlely shown in an article I enmo across in
nv reading not lonx since from which 1
make the following extract, which is wor
thy tho careful reading and thought of ev
ery good citizen. "Had not office seeking
Income a kind of professional business,
based upon impudence, and tho rank and
file monopolized by many who are void of
true patriotism men in leading strings
slaves of party leaders aud reckless dema
gogues some sympathy should bc extend
ed to the disappointed thousand, who
sttcll the multitude nt the seat of Govern
ment. It would bo clmritablo to svmpa-
thizi: with those who nre ignorant of the
jioliti(rnl piacbinery of party politics mill
have been led thero by the promise of some
member for whom they voted a promise
probably made lo scorcg of others (or the
purpose of obtaining their votes. Oflioo
seeking nnd offico promising, nre among
canker worms that nro preying on our
body politic, and are causing serious mis
chief. Tho aspiring candidate, who thinks
more of self than the glory nnd good of
Jus country obtains many votes, by select
ing a number of pliant, plausible men in
Ins district, and promising each a 6lico
from the wheat loaf, should he be elected.
If hp succeeds; they are encouraged lo
mnke a journey to head quarters when
they go, only to bo disappointed, often
spend the last dollar they can raise, and
leavo their families to suffer for bread
scenes of distress arising from such reck
less promises, are of common occurrence,
the nutbors of which, cannot be too se
verely censured.
"Utiico suehin has become a came, in
which tho applicants are the nack. dema
gogues tho players nuJ Government, "''a1,
the tlenr sovereign peoplu thh tahlo plared
itpon. Tha secret of true wisdom consists
in keeping out of tho pack, living in sweet
communion with your family, friends, and
with the author of all good. When virtue
nnd genuino patriotism predominate, ofllcn
will seek good competent men, who should
answer tho call, as a nnttur of du'y, not of
pleasure or profit. If corruption, in
trigu", and duplicity nro the order of (he
day, it is useless for goo 1 men lo enter tho
arena of applicants they will ba jostled
nut have their names traduced, and their
feelings mortillml." Now render, what
do you think of I In; extract? In it not true,
every word of it? Does not every man's
knowledge mid observation provii to him,
(hat every lino nn I every syilabln is slem,
weighty, truth, nnd truth loo, of such a
chaiitclei', n to deini.nd it careful consid
eration nt tho band of every sober, up
i igbt, honest citiz'Mi, who desires lo see
the prosperity of the community, the pass.
ngouf puio and just. laws.intcgiity ife moral
worth, (heretofore overlooked in candi
dates nnd oflicn bidders, particularly timomi
memoer of vie wyiMtnure, qualities un
known and unheard of nmong demagogues)
essential elements in the diameter of every
man lo entitle him to hold an office. I low
fitly nnd how truthfully may be applied to
Fairlield County, the following language of
the above extract. "Ofllco seeking has
bcomc artiHc.in which the npplicnn's are
tho pttck,dcmtiyyuei the player, and gov
ernment, (, the dear sovereign people
the la file played upon." And what havu the
people gained by the play and the tax
payer of tho county realized from the ro
Millof tho gimc, lut nio ask? Let recent
development answer a hundred mid for
ty dollar swindle tho union of presses for
dishonest nnd dishonorable political pur
poses, lo sustain n miKTiible Red Lodge
Clique, nnd put down honest men, in
town and country, who conl I not be pic-
railert upon (o become their tools, or had
graph in the way of big price for
j:. a am uvn II VII ruv.ll
eality, and all those who arc concerned i"
such low, mean, dishonorable and con
temptible business. Such men arc dema
gogues of the worst character, nnd should
bc shunned, despised and defeated. If the
people do not do it, thev are not true lo
ihenmdves, and fall far short of that which
their duty require,.
The Telegraph was to bo bought up,
they feared that it would be the nucleus
i around which would concentrate the roor-
'Bed Lodye Clique." Many honest and
the price. Tin indeed was a borse of a
verv different color from the one preented
by Llr. Tutbill in the following . hngurigo
when ba was operating lo get control of tho
CHiio Eacl:; hear him: "This account
when it was settled nnd corrected, by thej
coun'y Commissioners. was found to lieoiiiy
31.40 showing Ibat Lilly bad certified to
3138,60 more than hsd been done for hi
office. Such trickery, corruption and fraud,
. - :i rri
we have never betore wuncsseu. i nej-
bould both be driven from the offices
they have disbonorcd, nod would have
been if the Commissioners had done their
al power, v.rtue, and patriotism of the
pcoplo of the County; and that press be
come the levor bv which the rotten carcass
es of these lied Lodge Cliquers would be
eh-vated to lhe public gnwe from tho little
iji-rat aspirant whose brain originated nnd
whose money bought and descending
down throu''h the entire clique to the small
est air vmr, or Iriabbcri that drank (heir
whisky and did their dirty work.'
Such a set of desperate political gam
blers as is concentrated together in thi
count v. and has been for years, can no
where else be found the like of them is
not to be beard of undet the shining sun,
they are nn nnomily in moral science.
Witness their prelcniioiis of friendship to
Jeffries, to Lilly, to the County Commis
sioners, and Kagay, and yet, stabbing
ilium in the back nnd in the dark. denounc
ing Hill Jeffries and Frank Lilly as incom
petent and dishonest officers, whaling the
Commissioners for notrcmovingthem from
oflico, and then turn right round tuV-r they
had accomplished their purposes nnd pe
tition those siunc Commissioners to pay
the money which thoy charged Lilly nnd
Jeffries had stolen out of the County treas
ury, and about which they had denounced
tho Commissioners. Are such men hon
est men? Are such men any thing else
than demagogues? And yet in the face of
all these thin", these men have tho linrili
hood to go about the streets with as bold n
front, hold their heads as high up, and have
the impudence and presumption to thrust
themselves upon every man they meet, as
though thoy were tallest specimens of low
ering moral manhood that threw their pro
tecling shnilows over tho community.
Shall not the united voice of the comniun
ity bo henrd in one long, deep tone of de
nunciation of such men, nnd their vilo un
scrupulous conduct? Wo shall sec.
subs'antial democrats have been aware of duty."
the existeuce of this organization for years, While Mr. Tutbill was thus operating
.nirl Ikiy lm.l a narlial knowledge of its thrmmh th Gazette. Mr. Schlcich was
daik and damning deeds of fraud and pec- sent to purchase tho "Telegraph" nnd pre
ulations on the county Treasury, and nt vent competition to their further opera
diffciont times have made efforts to purge tions in that quarter, and also secure a con-
the party and expose the corruptions ol tract with tho Commissioners lor tnc coun-
r J . I... .1 T 1.1.. . 1 ll.ot -..irl
tnose engageu in li, on. so morougn nas ly priming, at prices eijui" y
been the organization and so formidable in Mr. Ellis by Mr. Jeffries which Mr. Tut
numbers, headed by Governor, Judges, hill was at the same time proncucing the
Senators and often by couidy officials, that $140 swindle. '
they havo heretofore set at dfieance every Schleicb, faithful in tbe disebftrgo of his
effort at exposure and made a sure victim part of the work contracted for th "Tele
of those individuals who dared to stem the graph," (which by the way with all the
torrent of their maledictions in attempting material was thown aside as useless lum-
. . . r . f-. i r. i i . . . . , v i . : . . 1 .
an exposure. ivioVeigii, onaw, Hanoi:., b?r alter me union,; una cuuibouuh
Weaver, Ewings, Foster, Beaty. Veach, following significant language: "We shall
Decker, Faust, Bensdum, Ciuruely, ha- strive to be the organ of th people, nnd
gay, and a host of other democrats who shall strike fearlessly regardless of wheth
aro two honest and independent to allow or our assaults hurt open and manly cne
themselvcs to bo used to further their hell- mies or make pretended it place and lime
ish designs, have each been made in turn serving democrats cringe. We shall ig
the especial objects of attack bv the infern- nore all cliques and factions (henr!) nnd
al Banditti, not only poli;ically but in lhe pm our lortuncs lo no mans skihs ( neari
Heavy Los.
At tbe recent burning of the William
Knox, ninety miles below Louisville, it
was the sad misfortune of Thomas Little
miD, Eaq., cf this county, lo lose fifteen
bundled dollars in ffolil, which be had
placed in charge of his sister, who was go
ing to Iowa, to pay for a tract of land he
had purchased. Mr. Litilefield is well
known as one of the very" best citizens of
the county, and tho whole community
deeply sympathises with him in bu misfor
tune. . This loss will fall very heavily upon
him. i: y- .
s 4 A m
Ukvc Hau-TVfUnti'iuM('liklk, Lily WMta, of uny'
ofllK io i-itUc i-osuielli'Mo concoiil (art'J ortul
low cowploxion.
If ou mild Imetlie rtwn bronchi back to jmir
rhs.'k. a t'lnr. henlth and irfllinn.irtii I skill. Hlul lifo
and iliior Infused lliro'ufli tho itni, ecl hulllo of
I Hiiur't Biianun Jiixturu, nu hiko ii proramr io
dif.-riiiin. 11 iloi not l.s-l ilti bj well ns your
iruet-iDoaU; but, iffwrafi' doaiu do not Slid
mnr haMlh ami it.ia.iiiv rofivnijr, voiir aiepeiaiic aim
Vlgorouii, and th w hoi n i) sto m rjfronhed and IuviRO
ruled liken Kprlug mornlnir, thou our cane la hopt-
loss, and nil tho valilnnie ctoiinrauia wo possess, po
for naught. It la the (trealosl puriller of tho blood
known; iaperf.'rtly hannleaa, and ut Iho auine lime
nowitrfullv elBonciotia.
1 . ..... . .i -t .. - lOtf , EA
-oi'j aa jruasiuirui wnj a, irjj-iwgj
!i V. AY M 11 O li S
Jrrr awairin i.t
OppogiteShirlTer's Hotel, Lancaster, Ohio,
HONEY MOON and other Comalltles from Punrh
Auloblocraphy of an Aotreaa, by Mra. Mowath
journey tot euirai Ainca. ny naara layior
Kauaaa and hahiaaka, by Hale
Sunny Memorleaof Poreiftn tandey Mrs. Stowa
The lletter Land.byThonipaoii
NapoluoniV hia A riny.Thti C-amp Ftroa of Napoleon.
A line lot of Annunla for and a flue lot of aiuall
Gift Uonkanfnllkilida.
Callinllr fraritr Kfliihi.Rnl.cnnsI PmTSr Rnoka.and
a larite lot oi Family liibloa aud foikot illbloa at
renucea nrtrea. v
- Hchool HuokaMd Slatioitfryat WhoUaale Retail.
Porkot Wallen. Port Mouttw, an.( Pen Knlvoa, for
aliithe Book Stort of . JOHN 8KAKLKS,
Ocl.SU, IW 25 ' -Oppoltft nirr'7(e-',
F. .'C. DIETZ .
REF.SPECTPULLV Infhrinathe eitl
. anus of Kalrllold county that he haa
roruntly put up anew Curriatre Shop,
immeiiiatelvin the rear a f H'kiteX- l.atta'a
llirdaart Slorr.Ccmtrt Jlllr, l.tncmlrr 04r, where
he will cnnslantlT keen on hand ami innmifarturA to
orderevery Tariely of vehicle in Ills line.
ii rnepnirnifr none on aliort nollie, nnd tho mmt
av'ofable toriui. Uoo. 14. 1SS4 S3
On Mat 10. IFS3, by the Hrr. Jamea T. Finch, Mr.
HKNRY MOWKKV of Hmkinir coiinly, and Mias
C A KOLl N K K 1 XON , of Horry count y, Ohio.
Slavert Combs it too Strono. The
Nortbcrn apologists for Slavery grows
restless. Tho aggressions of that "pecu
liar institutions" begin to awuken and dis
turb llioso who found excuses, in times
past,, for Tv-vis Annexation, the fugitive
SlnveLtw, and tho Nebraska swindle.
Even tho Albany Argus, the icady nnd rc-
liable ally of Slavery for thirty ycars.qucs-
lion the right of Missouri to control an
election in Kair.as. Its language nnd tone
is (juile deoidiid:
"Now this is not the kind of popular
soverci'riity lo which Democrat1 ol the
North, in standiim shoulder lo shoulder
with .Southern men in passing tho Nebras
ka Hill, consented. It dons nut meet our
approval. We repudiate it. And wu call
upon Southern men anil .Southern prcvics
to speak out and repiidialu it also. An
opportuniiy is now olfered to the South to
show thai, to maintain a national creej, it
is not necessary that tho sacrifices should
all bc on otio side. Northern statesmen
nnd presses have braved much of popular
condemnation in standing up boldly for
national doctrines, and for defending ilio
just rights of the South. It would have
been mil di easier lor thorn to havo floated
with the current than to havu stemmed it.
An opportunity is now afforded for tho ex
hibition of somewhat of the same courage
and justice by Southern men. We nt least
arc entitled to know.most explicitly, wheth
er we nre to be mot hy the same good faith
which wc have extended to our Southern
friends. Wo say to the South plainly and
honestly, that unless this is done, North
ern men who havo stood on common plat
form with the South, can stand tlicro no
longer. Northern feeling will not tolerate
Simmkii TnAvr.i.. Tho Philadelphia
Xmth American contains a sensible arti
cle upon the subject of Summertravcl. Tho
advice which it contains is ns well titled
for the meridinn of Cincinnati ns for that
of Philadelphia. Those who leavo our
city for Summer absence for the most part
private and business relations of life; while hoar!!) and will apply the lash regardless
the meanest and wy'scts of human deg- of consequences when the interests of the
rcdation have becnSniiicd in men whom peoplo demand it, ice."- At this language
"the small still vvtce of the people" had re- Mcdill pretended to take fright and enter
iectcd in thunder tones not to bo mistaken cd upon the stairo to play his part, and
Xi cpt by the miserable, seltish, timd-serv- represented to Kllis that a People's organ
ins; demnirooiH; who.to life is but a list of was about to be established, that the par-
aorded seltish abu.ie of the power nnd in-1 ty (that is the clique) would be ruined
fluenee confered upon him by the bumble I the treasury pop would forever be lost to
suffrage of the private citizen, but who all of them if he did not sell out the Eagle
shall yet be taught, so f;ir as this county is and unite tho two presses. Ellis not un
concerned, to exvlaim in the numuiii tan- dvrstanding an ino sciieme ni mo time oe
I'liarre of one of old. "the people yave and mmc alarmed and actually sold out the
Mr people hath taken uuvy aud blessed be Eagle to (JOV. MhDILL, which was nn
the name of the people , for it is fit lo say to mediately placed under tho control of
knus. thou art wu ked and to prim es yi are luthill. bchleich and Urubcr
ungodly, nnd this we shall do regardless Now, Mr. Editor, 1 nave no objections
of the liollow-hcai ti d sveophantic atten- to Mr. Modill purchasing ns many presses
tions disnlaved bv (jov. Mcdill ill the low- as be nloase to Duff himself into notoriety,
ncss of his nature, to some of our citizens provided he don't do it at tho expense of
. . ,-i i . .. f .i - 1. . .i-T ...i... . i. !. .1 r
a lew (lays since, wniio ncrc ior iiie pur- uie county, nor uo i caro wiim hinu oi asu-
posa of organizing a "bag Mrhla lodge ciations ho lorins, provided lie does not
yes truly we will laugh at bis calamity place at tho bead of bis organ, to abuse
andmock when his fear comoth, which if honest democrats, a man who by recent
I can judgo aright from his demeanor, is developments has been covered over with
ulready upon him. shamo nnd dishonesty, for I tell you if Mr.
Hut, Air. Editor, if you will bearwiih Tutbill does not give a better explanation
mo a short lime 1 will give a brief sketch of the drafts he has made on the county
of tho union of the Ohio Eagle nnd Lan- treasury, than ho has yet done, be is ndis
caster Telegraph in addition to what hns al- graced nnd dishonored man in the eyes of
ready been disclosed by yourcclf and cor- community.. As to his democracy, corn
respondents, for I think it important that rnont is unnecessary ; tho man who could
the people of tho county should understand stoop to run to an opposition press to nt-
"how U was dune." About live years tack honest democrats, to accomplish his
since, Messrs. King nnd Giuber establish- own selfish nnd mercenary designs, never
eu the Lancaster Telegraph. Nolwilh- had a democratic impulse bovond a seltish
stnndiiifjr thoso jrenllemen were known (o motive. That Mr. Tutbill is a man of that
be true and substantial democrnts.tlmy met character, I need only lo refer your read
with the combined opposition of the Clique ers to his polition as quoted above, for the
and every effort was made, just ns there is payment of nn amount out of the treasury
now beinrf made against the establishment which he had betore pronounced a "swin-
of Mr. Buaty's pross, to provent it, yet that Idle." A man who would sow tho seeds of
portion of tho party who desired a relorm dissension in the dcmorrrtic parly hy all-allied
around it and built up n patronage templing to fasten on others that which lie
i. i .i ... ..f L-.i. ii i ..... ii . r
nearly cnuai io inui oi uoui mo umii uuuu- was lllinscil cuiuv oi, is no lonuer noiuiy
ly presses at that liino. Knowing that the of tho confidence of any honest man, or
most cxhorbitant prices bad been charged rjood democrat. But Mr. Editor, I have
for county patronage by tho organ of the already prolonged my artielo beyond tho
Clique. Mr. urubor was induced to put in space which you may bo willing to irive it,
a hid for blanks nt 25 cents per quire. and I will only say in conclusion that "the
This truly was a stumper for the Cliquo small still voice of the people" have yet a
soniclhingniustbcdoiie,tliepiirty,(iCi'"lhat decision to make and they will bc sure lo
is tho Clique,) would bo ruined if the pass upon tho right subjects in their next
county nairoiiRKO should ue tnuen limn verdict. A Ukmockat.
the Eagle, which was completely under
the control of tho Cliquo and was secretly
Sheriff's Sale.
7" Oil, VtrJ,u Cal, ta.
BYflrtueof an eieeullon, acalnat property, frorx
the Court of Common Pleal.ln a J foja'eoyj
l),andto mo directed, I will offer al public aale at
the Court llouae In Uncaalor on ra ... .,
i'ltfj.ntj. D. 1HM. between U houraof 10 o'
clock A. M. and o'clock P. M.the fullowloa; de
aorlbrd real-iotate to wit: altualo In the couutror
FairHcId and .Slate ofOblo. lu lot numberM In Car-pi-nter'a
addition lo the town of Lancaster, Talued at
(i.ii) wienteou nuudred dollar., for lot and lm
nrovemeuU. To bo aold aa the property of Martin.
Hill. at Iheaullof Geone Hudannn. u
judirmenl I u favor of Solomon fipander. ferma ot
auieeaan. -. Wm. POTTKK, Sheriff.
By C. M. L. W1SKMAN, Deputy.
Lancaeter, Ohioi May S, lr35 UwSpias
Attachment Notice.
A Tour Instance an attachment waa Ihia day laaued)
hT A.hlll-V llllllMri a JllaLli.a Ik kuaA .IVl
leftownalilp, Fairflcld county. Ohio, aralii.t lhe pro
perty and effocta of Abraham Fleck a non-resident off
said county. . JAMKS PICKERING.
Tstate of Daniel Baker.
i noo in
In Rock Island. Illinois, on Snlurdny the i:ih lnt-,
riis a K. VAN M K I Kit. daiiihtoriif the lata or,
Itonaai JIcNan-L, of Ihls city, in uie year oi ncr
Shei.sdeadt Oh God, lint a roarrul word! How
it nntwlneaall the tender Ilea dial have been chcr
iahtid from Infancy! How lh wnrin tears rii.1i to the
eye as one lilllo trifle aflrr nnolhor reminds us of her
whoso lately waa win.1, motlinr, dauKhHir, smcr,
friend! How many ticsnt onco so rudely aerered, Uow
mailt bonds so sndly broken.
Butafew months aa;n she was married, left herhome
In our inidat with cheerful apirila ami fond anticipa
tions of a bright future to 83ok Wentorn liome. Hut
whuro is she now? II jr body'iieath tho clod of the
Tulley.nntl bur spirit gone to "God who gave It." Wo
might havo hjttjr borim our sndnesa, had wo.boon a
roiinii lo jiiioiitln-lur d.'ath pillow, or ovn had wo
bson poriuittid a lutliiiKJringjt'i;snion "ie lineomeiila
of t!u bjlovjd dj:ul. B it Un All-wisJ One, iiihls iu
scrutabk' lliough over kind Providence, hud ordained
Itolherwlao. Alone with hor bcreuved hujhaii't.the
few Strang jrs, to wliotn her gentle spirit had endear
ed her, wrapped hor In her winding sheet and com
mitted her budy to tha narrow gnvo, there ti rest in
IK loiielinesa till the lust dread trump shall cull.liur In
meet us all luanotlier world, aud shall wo lint hope in
a brighter and a bettor one.
Hor heart waans warmm cvorboaUn liunmnbreasl
and her kind intorustln her numerous Inmnle friends
was so great as lobe lo nil who wero so happy lis to bo
rankod U that clan, Indued a relief from the usnnl
cnllous mock-frleud dilp and inlereslod synipntlit tiiut
all of ua who have lived long In this world's strifo
have known and fell loo oftun. To the husband, tho
Idowod niothorniid afreelloimto brother she left be
hind, hora Is a love that will not be easily supplied
They will sadly miss her kind smile, her frunk mid
honest expression, bur roady w ord nnd hand oi en-
Trulyd.'iilh lsa s.id monitor! Ills presoncc, as bo
goes about touching one afinr another w ith his Icy An
ger, making the voins to curdlu pnd the oyeslo cloo
forever, Is ever biller and mournful to sonio of our
rare! Henrt-slrlngsuro lroiiking,and eyes nre shed
ding biller tears, und tho voice of lamentalion is long
and loud! And liaj only halm for hoarts so wounded
ispreseribodby tho.MI-wlse, Iho potion mlnglod by
lhe All-Just, and the draught given by the All-kind
One. There Is bo more beautiful and cheering Idea
than Ihut those nhnare so suddenly taken away from
us hero, nre borne to brighter and higher duties In nn
olhor world; that our friends must go to God for "e
ktth af o!m And had this loved friend of ours
Iroadcd over fo thomlossa path to over so proud nn
eminence in this wayward world her fortune nnd her
iliisilnv now la a nrnudur and a mor i highly favored
one. And shall welu buih an hour compare Hie tri
umiihs of liino to the proud destinies of cternllj?
other times we may smile ut consolation from such
source, but In Iho hour of borenveinenl.it Is Iho on!
one from whli h wu enn draw a soothing nnd cheorfi.
consolation. And at such, smiling through these bit.
ter tears, lulus receive II.
Juiucsj IflcOTanamr
nAVIXO established himself In the manufacturing
niitfyi BuiliHor. tut Dour Writ aft kt lltcUnf
Bunk. Is prepared lo furnish the people of this county
with ovory thing that may be needed In bis line. He
keens on hand overv varletvof COOKING nnd HEAT
ING STOVER for WOO I) mid COAL, consisting lu part
of the Lion Air Tight, Western 0.uenn.
Triumph, Buck, Priiililents aud Preference for Wood
nnd Black Diamond for Conl. Also Ploughs, Plough
Shares, Sucar Kettles & Hollo w-wara. All of lhe above
articles will he sold ns low ns can be bought elsewhere.
He Invites ciltzons generally to call and exnunno his
N. B. Ilouse-spoiiting&tobbingdono upousbort no
tice. Old Copper, Brass, Pewtorand Iroutakon In ox
change for any of the above articles. 3 . Me.
Luneaislor, may 1, Jr'51
TOTICE Is hereby glvon that the aubseriber baas
neon uppointna anu quunned as Admlnl.traloroin
Estate Of D&nikl Hum. late of VnlrHMlri m..i
deceased. Dated at Lam-aster, thla Klh dav of M.v
! MILTON BAKKJt, Adm'tor.
May 34, 1835-43
'Jt rot' 1.1) take this opportunity to return tholr Ihnnks
their numerous frlumln for Hid very liberal
nutmiiuirtf liorotoforo extomled to tUoin.niid
J MMnrelhoni Una no pnhis sluill bo snared to
ttintaiii tho fl.iUcrinfr reputution nlrondy nttuln
tWed.nnd hi ordurto ineoLtha crontly incroHsud
domnml at tlioro listablishmoiit for Hoott and Shoos,
thoy liavo tn nddllloi.tottinirown manufitrlurliifrJiiHt re
ceived from the Kant a vory large and fuahionablostock,
consntnijr port as rmioM b:
mcii'A r ino t-ir, ivip anu rnarse uooia,
Gents put. Culf Gaiters mid Ties,
' Buskin nnd Monroei,
AU kindsof Ladles and Minstjs Hoots, Shoes, Slippers
nnd Gaiters,
A ino, nn assortment of th? bot ijuiillty of Children's
uticvutii. pin) ii Mioos,
In addition to lhe above we are constantly mnnurac-
lurinir larpely, for sle und also to order, till kinds of
liooUui.n Miooa, wliii-h " hitve no husitiuicy iiiHiiyihp,
will cr tn pare In price und quality with any stock in thtf
Western eouulry. may Iti, Id34
the o5lyk67 one hat store
Millurspoi t, May 2 1st, 1855.
the emirnge lo open their mouths a2istjbef0 ,0 lhfl l!oini;.ri,ii;I nm'tiie
til lft tllul.itnai.lt' ttntl imitirkhm 0 ... .. . .
.. .... ,... , ,,n,.e(l WU, uu.y (.elect to visit rt' chielly
t .InX Hint no hon.t m m coitl, li.ve boikrd wateiinif P1hcpm. Would it not
liemcdtf (nndVt Hilt-nee pri-valo and i... i..L i. . ..j
th.iniy throw her lilu.l. .n-, wiping mnn-b,,Mm0 afquni.ilcJ with the local beauties
lla over Iho yoor ., tho rivtn when it of onr BuL, nnd thin become familiar
ail (toveriiur Modill, th head of the
Cliiittc, an ! tho purchaser of the Ohio Ea
gle for the purpose of tho union.
It is A well known fact that Qov. Medill
went to Washington, to procure tho late
Mr. Ellis, a foreirrn connulnliip, and se
cured hira that, to But-no Ayros. At the
tinm thesis things were goinjj on. the -tret
object was u n k no w n to El I i s h i i n sel f, as
nlsf) to ihu public; hut that object has now
been brought to light, and Ellis learned too
lv.e thu personal coiiseqiiunucs to himself
after tho Eagto was out of his hands, and
that secret object accomplished tho union
of the presses. When Ellin went to Wanli
ington to outer upon his appointment, then
it was that ho hud his eyes operiod, and be
came undeceived as to the apparent disin
terested friendship toward him, whiuh lie
had experienced, and it is a well known
file I to some of Mr. Ellis' personal fiivnds,
tare, that he camo home from Washington
discouraged and disheartened ; and com
plained in the roost bitter terms that lie had
been basely deceived and overreached by
tho mnn in whose professions and preten
sions of friendidiip be had reposed the most
implict confidence. But what of all this
Mi was tn po got out of thu ; war, and
with people from whom we draw in a great
part our real business? Thero nro many
pleasant pl.tccs in Ohio, Kentucky and,
Indiana, where tho Summer weeks would
pass nwuy pleasantly, and at lhe same time
important acquaintances might be formed
among the morchnnts of tbo interior,
which would result in brinrjing to our city
new customers, and in adding greatly to
our material weallli. vtn. Uutettc.
Tho citizens of tho Queen city who wish
a pleasnnt country retreat during tho hot
weather need only got astride tho iron
horse that leads to Laticaator, and they will
here find nil tho heart could wish. We
havo tho most magnificent scenery, tho
most accomodating landlords, tho most
hoepitablo people, tho "sweetest" and
"coolest" water, as well as one of tho most
healthy localities in the State.
By a treaty ratified by the Senate in
March last, tho Wyandot Indians, whose
Territory lies iu Kansas, are recognized as
citizens of the United States to nil intents
aud purposes. .
aiding them in llieir system of fraud upon
the lax-payers of lhe county. Accordingly
ihu Commissioners wero approached and
advis'od not lo receive tho hid of the Tele
graph hut lo give iL to tho Eagle itlall haz
ards and old Fairlicltl (-hutiM dance up to
Iho I into of 00 pur quire instead ol' 2o
cents, i-'ci; TuiliiU's petition ua hereinaf
ter quoted.
In tho meantime Ellis was induced by
the Clique to pul iu a bid at ono cent per
quire, which he did a', tho lime with no ex
pectation perhaps of ever receiving more,
but the sequel will show the secret intrigue
and vilo treachery that was lurking in
lhe bosoms of n portion of iho Cliquo even
against n man whom they hud long used
as an instrument in accomplishing their
hellish deeds of intriguo and darkness and
who was hastened to an untimely and pre
mature grave, heart-broken by tho accom
plishment of their designs, in wrenching
Iron, his hinds tho hard earnings of his
daily toil. There is scarco a heart so hard
ened so lost to manly sympathy, as not
to shudder at tho remembrance of tho deep
loned bitter complaints of F. M. Ellis in
his declining days bufoio ho left I.nncasier
against those vilo wretches who betrayed
him. I remember yet with sadness tho warm
tear that fell upon his cheek and the bit
ter tones of complaint ho uttcrod against
his betrayers when ho rchersed to mo tho
sad tale of his downfall and tho schemes
resorted to in deDiivinjr him of his only
means of support for a wife and helpless
a ( Sl I -. . .1 . 1 .
ctiiltl. liut Mr. Mils was not ino ouiy in
dividual who wai to bo made tho subject
of attack bv tho consuirins.and according
ly, the work was commoneea anu a general
onslaught was to bo matie on every promt
nent democrat in the county who had sup
ported Dr. Olds when ho was a candidate
for Congress is this District, and who was
not known to ho in tho interests of the
Clitiue. Tuthill opened Ilio firo through
the columns of the Unzotto bv an attack on
Mr. Jeffries and the Commissioners by pro
nouncinir a transaction "a swindle," which
bs soon as he accomplished his designs he
advocated the payment of by the lollow
in? petition drawn up in his own hand
To (bo Commissioners of Fiilrtle'td Co. O
Understanding that your Honorable body
will bo applied to tor additional pay on
contract for printing Assessors' blanks for
tho year 1062, nnd believing Hint the la
borur is worthy of his hire and knowing
that tho contract price of ono cent per
quiro iras no compensation for the labor
performed, wo believe it would be just and
right to pay an additional amount sutllcicni
Ut make it equal to the usitul price had for
such work, and that in so doing you would
be sustained by an honest nnd liberal pub
lic. Tuthill, Schleich Sc Qrddkk.
This petition it will be remembered was
drawn up after Gov. Medill had purchased
the "Eaylt" and placed it under the con
trot of these men, and as they were to re
ceive tbe proceeds of county printing-they
Were of course interested in keeping tip
Probate Notice.
SOTtCKtshorcbyglrontoall parsons lulornttcd,
that Ilia account ami vouchors of tho Estate of
ih Hiillinan, deceased, bare bern Sled In the Pro
buta Court of Fairflold Countr. Ohin. h hi. Aiimln.
Istratora fur insHictioii and aottleiuent, and that aald
account will roino on to be heard on lhe lllh day of
June next, or as toon tboreafter as may be.
inuu, r.. r-tiA w, i-robaie Juore.
Lancaster, May 17, 1855 Jwg
Probate Notice.
KOTICE is hereby glron to all persona Interested r
that Michael Myers. Kxecutor.of Francis Myers,
lasod.haa fllud his nrconutand Tuuchera iu the
Probate Court of Fairflold County, Ohio, for inspect-
""""'i oHiumnm, anu mat taut account, will be ror
lieariniron tho 4th day of June. A. II. 1855, or as aoou
Umreiiftnras may bo. VIHOI1. K. SHAW,
way m, 1353 3W i Probate Judge,.
Probate. Notice.
jOTICE ta horiihy (flren, to all persona Inter
J.tJ ested, thul Hie accounts and vouchers of Kancy
blinwalter, Gxocutrtx, of tho estate of Elizabeth bhn.
Wr u rao-.hare boon Hied In the Probate Court
or Pmrneld county, Ohio, for inspection and aettlo
luont.und that the same will be for uearlua; on thexDih.
--i mi may, ji. jr. irM, or aa aoon thereafter at may
b0; VIKGIL K. 8H.4W, Probate Judic.
Lancaster.May 3, 1655 M
Attachment Notice.
T my Instauco an attachment waa thla day Issued,
1. by Asberry llolierty a Justice of the Peace-of
Violet township, Fairfield county, Ohio against the
property and effects of S. C. Maaon a uou-resldent ol
said county. M. K. jsWlNCi.
May 3, la.'iJ 5Jrf.
HAS lut received from Philadelphia nnd NewYnrk,
Ci I a mm nils ever come to mis en; , oi me
i.stkst lurnovan sTTi-is, eiutirucliiK ovory
vuriotv of sllnpt's, sorls ruid sins consint
li.cof'tlie lute Hurinn; atylo MOI.K-SKI.N
HAT, unsurpussed in Ohio for durability and fineness.
Alo Young Ulcn'e Hat ol nil Hinds;
Pummcr Hals, conslsllnp; of PANAMA;
Podtil and I'hiiiH straw;
Braid I.KOHOK iiml MASILA;
Hnlin l.onf; Kossuth lints, both Fur and Wool;
Fiuo Otter and White Henver, for Siniiinor;
The Inlu.t Spring style Cnaalnirre Hats;
All soi I'.olHoya & liillrrn Kancy lints,
All of which w ill bo sold on the most reasonable
terms, lower than evorlicfore.
N. II. Country Morchnnts will do well by calling and
exnininihfr my stork before purchasing elsewhere.
iiancasior, nprii x'b, irjj jo ti. riii.iiitu.
WE would particularly invite the attention of onr
l.mly renders, who intend visiting Cincinnati
this Miriiie'nr Summer, to the extensive stock of Mra.
J. A. lllCNUKBSO.N.litte
flft IB It S . 11 1 C If ,
$H$L Consisting of
Sji-inoiinetsi, ICibboiisi, llowcrs und
TrimmingM ofllie Intesl Parisot New Yorkstvles.
Iter slock Is In far the I, A lt(!KST In Hie city, and is
kept constantly full by DAILY AKK1VAI.S from the
Kant, of Die A7av.ff I'ntttrn Bixnel, Kitgluh Straw.
Sviu. Tean,and Satin Braiit. Blond end French La
re, togetlier wltlitlio most choice Homnkt, C'sr and
TniMMiNii KinaoN's. mid Fresh ii Artificial Flowers
imported; all of which she will sell S5 per cent, lower
lluinany ollierestiililishtuciit in Ciuciiiitiili. llerliireis
No. 9IH Fl FT II STHF.KT. between Elm at Plum.
Cincinnati, Mnrch 30, 1(155 1)47
X1 1I.T MoiiMlngsfor Picture Frames, for snle at the
HJTcity book store-
Jacob Weaver's Estate.
NOTICE Is heraby glvon that the undersigned hasr
bfon appointed and nualllted as Administra
tor of thu estate of Jacob Weaver, late of Pleasant
township, Fulrfleld county, Ohio, deceaaed. All those
hat ing claims ngniiiKt said estute.wlll present Ihom, for
allowing us the iuw requires and all who are Indebted,
will please come forward and make Immediate pay
ment. ADAM WKAVKK. Administrator.
May 3d, A. D. 1855--4w5.
To the Iho Creditors of James C. Key
noldst dcccasjcd.
ONthe7lhilayorjpril,1855, the Probate Court of
Fairrleld county, Ohio, declared the Estate or
James C Kernolds.deceased.to be nrobablv Insolvent.
Creditors are therefore roqulred to present their claims,
ngnliist Hie Ustute to the undersigned for allowance
wlihiufl mouths from the time above mentioned, or
they will not be entitled to pavment.
UfM RKAN'DT, 1 .,,,..,.
OKOHGK M. ORjJY. ( Aaia ,or
Jtprll 13, 185540.140. of J. C. Reynolds, dee.
frillEsubscrlberhiu returned lo his former stand,
X four doors Norlh of the American Hotel, and two
doors South of J. H. Ku.av dc Co.'a Book Store, in the
Bisect Ac Nxviot Block, where ho ta belter prepared
to furnish his cuslomors w ith all kinds of
thon he has ever been before. He has altogether the
largest and brat selected assortment of goods in his Hue
of any establishment in Control Ohio, and he Is deter
mined to disposo of thorn on vory favorable terms, for
O- CA 8 II ! XI
Persons wishing to get a HAT or CAP Just lo anil
In style, quality or price, cannot Dossil. It do better
than by giving ill in a call. J. K. KUDISELL.
Columbus, aprll l'J, 1855 Iiuat)
A prim, 1M4.
B. CONXELL, Agent.
Tine Atthmiteu Assassination of Lor
l.s Naiulkon. Tho Cluvuland Herald has
received by telogrnpli, tho following ac
count of tho attempt upon the lifts of tlio
French Empeior:
The Kmpcror had a narrow escape from
asMitirinalion on the evening of tlio 20. h
tilt., while ou lis way to joinWm Empress
in their usual lido in the Cliiimp d'Ely
see. Tho Emperor was accompanied by
two ollioers of his household, and when
near tho Barriere do T.tole, ho was ap
proached by a well dressed mnn with an
action intimating a desire lo present a pe
tition. Ho had advanced to within five or
six paces of the Emperor, who hnd not
observed him: when ho was discovered
by a policeman, who, thinking it was his
intention to present some document to the
r.mperor, nuvanceu quiouy to inwrai nun
that such an act was prohibited. As the
policeman was proceeding towards the
nvin, a cart was rnpidly driven between
them, nnd in tho interval the individual
had drawn a pistol, and aiming point blank
nt tho Emporor, discharged Doth Dflrrois
without etteet. lie was seized ty mo
nolireraan. but not until ho hnd drawn an
other, and mado a second attempt lo shoot.
It is said one ball grazod tho hmpcror i
hat. The would bo assassin is an Italian,
named Pianozn.and was a volunteer in Gcr
ribaltli's army, llcwas in London while
tho Emperor was making his visit, and
wouh have mado ino aitempunerc 11 nenau
not been preveutod by a gicatconcourso of
Tho f.mperor proccotieu wuu ins riue,
nnd visited the Opera Comique in the
evening, lie hns ilocidod not to receive
any formal address of congratulation
thourh an exception has been made in re
card to British residents in Taris, who
9 . . .. s i i i-
held a meeting on mo zna, ana was inrguij,
attended. An nddress was adopted.
The corporation of London has also takon
similar action in tho matter.
The would-be assassin will bo tried nt
the Assizos about tho middle of May
1"1II0.M the the pasture of the subscrl
' her, one mile West of l.ainiister,oii
liuturilr.y night lust, a large
uniit nu house,
or purlin ps some would cull hint a light
Krone, with n long idlin lull. villi li e hair worn short
near Ilio mot one fore nnd ono hind foot w hite, us I
think. A115 person securing said hore, or giving mo
information where he cun be found, !mll be liberally
rewarded, us he Is a favorite Tamil) horse.
l.iiuruster,.May l, lP.M-wl P. VAN THUMP.
fBIHKunil.'rslgncd will sell n parlor all his lunil,
(being niiout '.Mill lien's) lu Hiooin inwnsnip.
mile We.stof Ourroll. l lu I'arins ns to quuliiy,
. dilion niiilconveiiieiice.' iin'lbe surpnsHeil.
Upon them nre S superior Sprlngs.3 llwol-
AjUl ling nouses, tirconros oi i noicu i,,i,..
1 ioe w ii nirio nurctinse can ami s"o
termlueil to sou.
December 14, lfUl 3J
A llf
a 0. P. Hmlih. for sale al the city hook store
pril SI, lr'54. II. CONNEI.L, Agent.
C1I.A UK'S Couinientnry on the Old and Now Testa
yineiit, fnrsnlu at lha city bok store.
April :i,lf54. H. CONNELL Agent.
VI ttie ctlv book store.
April SI, iK54. B. CONNELL Agent
rpilll'. Old Brewery nnd New Mission House, for sill
B at the citv book store.
i' ri! 21. le.VI. n. CONNELL, Agent.
r 1 1 1 K Lnmp Mghlor, for sale at the city book store
AprilM 1H5I.
i I am ilo-
WANTED Immediately 211110 bushels of CORN in
tho onr. for which cash will be paid on delivery
al the Lancaster Depot of tho 0. W. ft '.. Rail l!ond
Morrow, Ohio. Jan. 4, 1P55 35if
TTpMr. Mllner freight Agent will roccivo and pa
for tbe Corn.
M. .. KRMDEIt,
Mnin Street, I.iincnster, Ohio,
A Ol'.NT lor K 'Ot Mutusl and Halernal AlHtuI
ISl. V'iroand l.ifrl"surance companies.
comber 10 'loj.
NCLISH, Dairy and Granville Cbece for sale by
aprll 111, less . uia.h.
T.IRF.SIl arrival of Fish, Mackerel, While and onit
' Fisli for sale by tvm. umiti.
Lancaster, aprll 10, lc'55
D1JYK1 Pcnchrauuil Anplrn, Inst recelr
ed and forsalo by WILLIAM G1ANI.
Bologna Ran
Age nt.
at the
OI'OAII Cured Dryert llerf,
snges und Meef Tongues for snle by
Lolicusier, .tprii is, ioo. iini-.i
sTKIt A!MOKnd I.rmonsj, a One mi Just re
W reived and for sale by whole boxes anil rntnll by
Luucnslor, April IS, lriS5 lm4!l WM. lilANl.
ITAliIArV mcnroiiln,odnund Butter Crack
ers; Inrge fresh Hiilsins in quarter, half and whole
boxes: fresh rigs, rTeucn nnn ijeriuan mines, ai-
moncls. I'.ngllsli vt nlnnis. reiinniaut low pneesny
irfiucAsior, apru u, inja inisir . w. ui.e..
OFFKR, Trnsi, Ac A flne lot ef Rio and
. Java Coffee, Young Hyson and linperkl Teat New
loans Siiurar. crushed and iiulverined; do.; New Or-
lean Molasses: Star Candies nnd all kinds of Family
Groeerlesin every description hy
Lancaster, aprll fc , lew iin-w t iu. mn.ti.
,n AI)lK,-A largo anil superfine stock of u
j kinds of Candtes, wholesale and retail hy
Lancaster, aprll IS, 185S lm40 WM. 01 AM.
TTTA BMF.IIS' nnd Emigrant'! Book, for eulo
H ' city Iiook store.
April SI, lt51. II. Cl'..tr.l.l.,.tg5nu
ITsANCY Article! In great variety, for sale nt the city
I hook slore.
. ..... ..... i nnvvun l
April SI, lea,. O. t,vis,fc.i.n. nvm.
A c:aud.
TMPF.RFF.CT health haskept mo from
ft. my oltlce part of tho lime for some
moulhs, 1 have gained my former
strength nud will tiot hereafter bo ab
sent from my room during businoss hours.
Filling I uetti receives my special nucuiion, i bivo
rortiHed guarantees for all my gold Hlllngs to ho affec
tive during ttie lives of th parties, lain able after
near SO years attention to the Teeth to give evory per
son the most positive nssuronce Ihut they can save
everv i oom ny umeiv anu ireoueni niionuon.,
rii?ii.a l'.i .'nt..ir mi h.. inn it enrr.
lrpPor thoso who have tho TOOTH-AC II F. and
will nothnve Ihem extracted, I have a remedy that
seldom falls lo give relief. Also, Tonih Powders,
Brushes. cVc. H.SCOTT.
Lancaster, Decembers, IPS! 31
RAMrE lTII F. e n Y
WOULD respectfully annnnnco to tlio citizens ol
Idincnslor A vicinity, that he has commenced the
Ilrend, Light II unit A; t racker Unking
in connection with his former baking, dils now prepared
with everv thing In tho above line. Having In his em
ploy lhe beslol bakers, he feels confident that he can
please nil who may favor him with a call.
TfpCull at his Slore nn Main Slreet, and also at his
Bnko-lloiiso, corner of Columbui dc Mulberry streets.
Lancaster, July 18, 154.
UAS removed hia residence and oltlce to lhe brick
building formerly occupied hy John Ptullsmith,
F.sq..snnlh side of Main Street. S doors west of Dr.
Kreider's residence. October IS, 1854 S3
WAN rAtnnved hlsofuce to 1.nttny earner.
I the Court House, opposite the Ohio Kaglo Ortlre.
Lancaster, uetouor m, iraixa
Pbesknck of Mind. A thief entered
house in Sterling, Conn., on Saturday last.
while the fami v were at church, and was
discovered searching drawers, tfec., hy a
little lad of the family. Thcrogiie threat
ened the boy's lifo if he didn't tell where
the money was; but tho youngster shrewd
ly replied-'-Meotin is jost out, and father's
coming up tho road, he ll tell yer-e knows
better than I do." Tho thief, somo how
or other, was not inclined to wait.
John Carroll has been removed from the
rost-offico in Somerset, Tory county, and
Chas. Elder, a Roman Catholic has been
appointed in his place. Carroll is a Penn
sylvania Democrat, but was suspected of
, ! - v -. i . : rru rinfLllA
Doing a jMiow-nuuinig. au vuh
Postmaster General at W ash inton provides
for hi brethren. 0. S. Journal.
WOOIInnd Willow Wnrf,such as Bowls,
Tuba, n large lot of Work and Fancy Uaskeu,
I. A. n.l Ii,
l.ar,easter,'april IS, ltiiSlin4 VVM. GIANI.
AND all kinds of Gas Lamps for sale by
aprll SO, IMS WM. GIANI.
11.1. practice In the Courts of Fatrneld and td
Joining counllea. 1
mnv.hn rminH riiiHuv hnslnn.. hnnps si lha Afltst
of H. U Hunter, km. may 13, 1854.
He m
Book Biutleiy, Lnncnsitcr, Ohio.
ll Oulcoe. Justices' Blanks.
UockeU, Double and Single
F.ntry Ledgers, Journals, Ony
Hooks, die. sic. Also. Book
Binding of every description
done tn moil satlifiictory
All ordera.by letter or other
wise, nroinotly attended to
Ordorafor Blndinc can be left nt lhe Gaiette Offloe
or at the Blnderv.on Main Street, in the room former
ly oeeupled by Col. P. Van Tramp, aa a Law Offlce,
and nearly opposite Dr. Kieider'i residence.
December 1, 1.54-J3 1. KUSSELL.
Hast of
I.ancnsitrr, Ohio,
WILL give attention tn lhe punlinsing nndstiin
of Keal Estate, also, to tho procuring of
sions and Bounty Lands.
OFFIC F. llltne nrlCK OIOCK, nenriv oppnsuw
Hocking Valley Rank
turned to Lancnator.and will be hap
Inv to receive nunlls for Instruction oil the
iaNO fORTK and Gull An. at their rosiaence at
Jlfr. rajtcM's, Cefas Sirssl.and hope thelrlong ex
perience In teaching music, and the unremitting atten
tion paid tn the improvement of their Fupils willlnsure
apornon oi puuiic ii.oMiiu,-.
MISS A. C. 1K HF.KTHOLT will rocotve a elasa for
Einbrolderv and Canvass work.
MIHSM.O. DB BKHTHOLT has 'opened an Ele
mentary School in the Basement Ntory of the Episco
pal Church. November V, 1654 to
the following:
Swan's Treaties, prior 1; Kwuu's Manuel, (1,85.
Lancastor, Novomber IM, 185489
T AM at all timet prepared to furnish LOOKING
I GLANSKS In Mahogany, Walnut or Rosewood
Frames. Looking Glass Plates, Pictures Frames, dee.
Also. Gilt Frame, Glasses of all sites and styles,
Portrait Frames, Picture Frames, and a general as
sortment of Pictures aud Oil Painting!, at wholesale
end retail, at the lowest prices. J.C. GKHT,
No. 9 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Obift.
March 8, 1633-44 -
On Wheeling Strerf,
now offering tho public ir-.inrjt,
UXS- I alvle and varletv of I arrlus-e. (HlJfE.
and Haggles unsurpassed for beauty, durability and
cheapness by any tiling of tho kind ever offered in this
section of Ohio. Having secured Iho sorvfees of the
most accomplished workmen, lie Is able to cosupeto
villi any similar establishment wost of the moun
tains. My material is all first quality, nnd all work
warranted for one year. Persons deslrona of pur
chasing w ill plenso cull and examine my slock,before
nlirchnsliie elsewhere.
)l - ue isiiiso preparuu in rami nnn risi any wnrK
persons wish done, at aa reasonable rates nsany firm
In the city. WM. SHUTT.
Liincnster, aprll 20, WXt 50
A Nc'.f and well Selected lot or Crneerie
nAVF.Jusl been received by the subscriber, at his
old stand, where he will be happy to meet hi!
customers nnn ino puniic gonorany.
Groceries will be sold by me as chonp and or ns good
oiininy ns can oe touua in any atmiiur eituuiuument in
lllt eiiy.
have lust received a choice lot of Cranbenes, Lem
ons, Figs, Pruns, and also a genorul variety of Nuts,
such ns Almonds, Brazil Nuts. Coco Nuts, &c. Also, a
splendid lot of Old 'Western Reserve Cheese.
UBVllUE. J. " luum.
Lancaster Feb. 7, 185s 40
rilllF. subscriber has removed his establishment Into
I his Now Rooms JVerr A Side Maim Street, atr Zink
SrBiek. nnd hns filled them up in a style unsurpassed
in lhe West. He hopes that the public will appreclato
his efforts to please nnd extend to him a liberal patron
age. Kvery tiling has boon done that could bedonet
ensure success in every department ofthe art, and hla
pictiirescnnnot bo surpassed. V. M. G KISWOLP.
N. B. Persons wishing to learn the art will have grei
facilities for doing so here.
Hours rrom 9 o'clock A. M. nntll S o'clock r.M.
Liincnster, November 10. 1865 18
Flour, Bacon, 1 leh,Salt,Tar, Cordage,
Twlnca, Ulaibware, Stone dr. Wood
en Wuroa, Tobacco, Snuffs, Cl
ajarn. Bye Ntnffa, t'rntta, No
tlonsj Ace, dec.
ONE door wost of Exchango Bank of Martin dc Co.
Main street Lancaster, Oliln, invltei the alton
tlon of the thocllizona or Fnirlleld andadjoiulng coun
ties. to his extensive slock on hand. He is prepared
to sell from tho child's cent lo the gontleman'a ten
thousand dollars, and let it be understood that ho don't
lot any home under eell lilm.
P. ft. Having taken the shop south of the Market
house, and stocked It with every variety of Groceries,
Previsions &c., all of which will beenld at tho same
prices, as those nt his Main stroot shop. He would
say to the Farmers that In due season he will be pre
pared tn supply them with all kind! of lake fish.
Bring on your Bacon or money, or one year! credit
to those that wtsn in open an account.
1-ancaslor, March S3, 1855 3m46.
ISSUED under the seal, innctlon and authority of
the University of FREE MEDICINE and Popular
Knowledge. Chartered by lhe State ef Pennsylvania,
April 31). 1K)3, with a capital of $100,000 mainly for lb
purpose of arresting the evils of SPURIOUS NOS
TRUMS, also for supplying the community with relia
ble remedies wherever a competent Physician cannot
or w ill not bo employed, have purchased from Dr.
JOHN K. KOV, AM), his celebrated itswaua'S
Tonic mixture, known for twenty-live yean aa
the only euro and sufe cure for FEVKK and AGUE,
oie.fUnd lit! inestunaoie roiueuy ior ijuwci ivjin-
rl.lit I f, itownnos's componnu oyrup oi Disrsuorrj
Hnnt.-vhlcli hislilv approved and nooular Remedies.
together with tho University's Uumcdy for complaint!
of the Lungs. The University'! Remedy for Dyspep
sia or Indigestion. I he University's Remedy Tor ens
ttvo Bowels. Also the University's Almanac inny be
had at the Branch Dispensary, or Store of
Lancaster, May 17,t5 3iua M. Z. D-Kittocrt. .
1) E8 1 It A B L E C I T Y LOT FOR SALE.
T WILL sell Lot No. 73 In Carpenter'! Addition to
J. the City of Lancaster, being the Lot directly oppo
site to the residence of William M. Klnkead, Esq.
Thla Lut la ianre and llelblv looatad, being one of
the enrnor liois in the originTtaarnenter Plat and
.tiimtn.i nn the. Rmtih mi ne t of winding and Per
se rma
rv Streets, nenr the C. W. dt Z. R. R- Depot.
easy and title warranted. Enquire of
Martin's Row, two doora South of Post Offlce.
Lancaster, May 17,16538
f aflHE undersigned will lell, at public auction on
Saturday, the VUkdaf af Jane, JS.D. 1853, at their
w are nonse, in m. iwwf,uuiu,uw,o.
ii. hours of 10 o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock. P. M. of
said day, the following property: 3 Reaping mashlnea,
which were consigned lo us, by Messrs. Ball A Par
sons, more than one year past, sal a property to Da
sold, to pay cnarges anu expenses.
' y REBER, KUTZ dc CO.
Lancaster.May io, ua i
Main Street, Sod door Eist of Cly"! Hotel,
Lkncasler, May 3, 1835 35
i r a w

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