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Cjje Lancaster (8ette.
Ttiuraday Ittorn.iif;, May 94, 188S
City Improvements.
At no lima within our recollection Lava
a had mora substantial avidtinc that our
citizens are waking up to a proper ppirit
public enterpriza than at present. Messrs.
Geo. Ring, Jno. Snyder, Joseph Orccn,
Nelson Smith, and Levingston seem to ba
the principal spirits in the south part of the
Mr- Snyder and Mr. Ring are engaged
in extending the manufacturing interests
of the city in a way that cannot fail to re
ceive the hearty approval of amy true
lorer of her interests, and we trust will
meet the hearty co-operation of our men
of capital. It will require more than an
effort on the part of a few individuals to
place us in the first rank of inland cities
every man among us who feels himself
able to lend any aid should not hesitate for
a moment to assist in this most laudable
and praise worthy object.
We hare not time at this particular mo
mnnt to speak of this subject and theso
men as their merits deserve, but shall en.
deavor to do so at some more convienient
period. Meanwhile keep your eye on thorn
and extend all the encouragement in your
JtSrDelano's Independent Horse-rnke,
manufactured by P. T. Gallup, of this
city, is a most ingenious and useful inven
tion, and should bo in the hands of every
farmer in the county. The great advan
tage of this rake over all others consists in
its being so constructed as to adapt itself to
rough and rocky ground equally with a
smooth surface. It is said that a boy four
teen years of age can manage it with per
fect ease. The patient being pretty gpn.
orally known totho Agriculturalcommnni
ty, we deem any farther remarks and ex
planations unnecessary.
Mr. Gallup has recently eslahlished
himself in this city, and intends manufac
turing a large variety of Agricultural Im
plements. Ho is the very man wo have
long stool in need of, and we trust he wil
meet with every encouragement from the
firming community. See his advertise
ment of Reaping and Mowing machine in
another column.
Tub Capture ot Baker. It is slated in
tlio New York papers that the whole ex
pense of going after and arresting Baker,
the murderer of Poole, was born by Geo.
Lw. He furnished the ship, and defray
od the ensh expenses of the voyage out nnd
in, amounting to some 1,530 dollars. The
city authorities on being applied to, would
go no farther than the outlay of 250 dol
lars, to which sum the discretion in such
oases of the Mayor was limited. But for
the public spiiit of Mr. Law the murderer
would have gone free, as it was evident
his escape had been winked at by a
portion of the police, with whom Ba
ker had been formerly associated in the
j2T A Locomotive and tender on the
Lake Shore Road, made sad havoc among
the sheep of Mr. E. foreman. The sheep
were pasturing in the "big tield"-tliiougli
which the railway passes; and being an
immense flock, numbers were upon the
track. . The engine coming nlongat a high
speed, and closely followed by another en
gine, could not slacken its speed, hut pass
ed over nnd killed between fifty nnd sixty
of the animals. The sheep were valuable
ones, very choieo wooled; and their whole
sale destruction is a loss not easily repair
TIi c County Fair.
We would call particular attention to
the Agricultural advertisement in another
column. It is highly necessary that a full
Attendance of the Committee should be had
on the occasion, as business of the greatest
importance connected with the county
Fair will be brought up for discussion.'
Every farmer in the county should take a
deep and lasting interest in every thing
relating to Agricultural interests they
are the most directly benefitted by these
public exhibitions, and we trust they will
not bo backward in manifesting their wil
lingncss to make the coming Fair all it
should be.
Huoiies ih Jersey Cm. Archbishop
Hughes, according to the Jersey City Tele
graph, is the owner of 851,000 worth of
property in that place. It would bring
$70,000, under the hammer at any time
It is highly probable that at the next ses
aion of the New Jersey Legislature, in
view of these facts, and the recent manifes
tations ofdiscontent among the Catholics
of Newark, some steps will be taken, as in
the Buffalo Church case, to give the con
trol of Church property in New Jersey to
' their laity and trustees.
JCSTWe devote our columns this week
almost exclusively to correspondents, con
sequently we have little room for editorial.
Both communications in to-days paper are
written by old-line Democrats, who have
been close watchers of the manceverings
of the Red Lodge Clique, and what they
say can ba relied upon as inoontrovertable
facts. We trust the reador wili pay par
ticular attention to these articles, as they
speak of matters of great public interest.
The new Court of Claims at Washing
ton being complete by the appointment of
Mr. Scarborough of Va., in the place of
Judge JLumpkin.the appointment of a clerk
is now in order. The Washington papers
ay there are hundreds of applicants.
There, will b a nice time in the selection.
Slavery In the JTIetbodlti Cburch.
The followog preamble tod resolutions
passed tlx Naw-Yofk Conference of the
Methodist Episoopal Cburch at its session
in Sing Sing with great unanimity:
Whereas, Tb oirenmstanoes in whiub
we. are placed as ministers of the Motliod-
diit Episcopal Cburch, ore such ts una
voidably to loroa Hie subject of Slavery
upon our attention, as we are constantly
reminded of this great evil by ear Book of
Discipline! those who uphold this ay-stum
seem to be aiming not only at the mainten
ance of past and present position, but its
indefinite extension and diffusion; and, as
in endeavoring to accomplish their purpos
es they have frequently come in conflict
Willi our rights as American citizens, but
with our religious and censcientious con
victions as Christians; therefore,
Resolved, That Slavery is to be regard
ed not only as a political and social but as
a moral evil, although where the relation of
slaveholder is involuntary and made neces
sary by ciroumstanues, it ceases to be a
Retained, That in our opinion the sys
tem of American Slavery as existing in
the United States, is accompanied with pe
culiar aggravations, and we should unceas
ingly aim at its extirpation by all cotntitu
tional and leg-il means.
Resolved, That the disposition constant
ly shown by those in the interest of Slavery
to extenu ana perpetuate the institution,
occasions our most profound regret, and
requires to bo met on our part" with the
moitdecidod, though consistent and Christ
ian opposition.
Resolved, That while representing so
large a body of Christians, and cons'antly
coming in contact with tho peculiar cir
cumstances and influences which are crea
ted by the progress of events, we consider
it proper to give expression to the forego
ing sentiments. We nevertheless unite in
the opinion that the Discipline of our
Church in its general rules, and in the
section on Slavery, maintains substantially
tho right ground in regard to this great
evil; that we are satisfied with it as it is,
and that no change in this respect is desir
able. Resolved, That in accordance with the
prece ling resolution wo deem it expedient
and therefore non-contmr in the resolutions
of the North Ohio, Erie and Wisconsin
Cms. C. Kkts, Ira Fkriiw,
Jas.W. M acomiibr, Cii as. S. Bhown,
J. KlN'DI.lilt, F. W. DlN'OKR,
Majority of Committee on Slavery.
There were some minority resolutions
of a very different tenor brought forward,
but they were promptly voted out of
iUiimcsolu Mutters.
News as late as the 20th of Anril has
been received from Minnesota. Immigra
tion is pouring into the Territory at a rap
id rate. ihe land othce nt Minneapolis is
thronged with individuals to prove their
claims. The St. Anthony Express snvs
that "twenty thousand acres, the cream of
the whole lerritory, have passed, or will
soon pass irom the custody ot Uncle Sam,
to tho tillers of the soil." " These lands are
in the county of Hennipen, and belong to a
reserve, which until now could hot bj ac
cessible. From eight to ten cass of claims
a day are decided by the Commissioners.
A salt lake has been discovered about
153 miles west from St. Cloud, bv W. H.
Ingersol, who was attached to tho Pacific
Rul road Survey. Mr. Ingersol says that
around the edges ot the lake the salt can
he cathered in baskets, and is of ns food
a quality ns ever he found in any other
part of the United; Slates. Mr. Ingersol
also says that near the lake there are large
beds ot coal ot the hrst quality.
1. 0. 0. F, Tho Grand Encampment
of this Order, which assembled in Colum
bus, on Thursday morning last, adjourned
at a late hour on Friday evening, having
completed all its business. We learn that
tho session was well attended, members
being present from various portions of tho
State. A constitution, based upon a Rep
resentative system, was adopted. The
next session will be held in the city of
Wheat Crop in Maryland. We have
conversed with gentlemen in tho farming
merest, irom rrinco ujorge s, Warlord
and somerset counties, who state that tho
prospects are highly favorable for an
abundant crop of wheat. From other
parts of the State we have heard of signs
equany cheering tor broad stults goner
The planting for tho potatoe crop all
over tho country, we observe by tho pa
pers, has been more extensive than, per-
napson any other occasion. Halt. rat.
The Personal Liberty Bill and the Hoc
ton Legislature.
Bostox, May 21. The Governor hav
ing vetoed tho personal liberty bill, the at
torney general published a communication
declaring the bill unconstitutional, but
notwithstanding the Senate missed the hill
notwithstanding the veto of the governor
anu me opinion oi the attorney general, by
a vole of 32 to 3, and the House by a vote
of three to one.
The legislature ndjourned this afternoon.
The vote of the House on the bill was 280
against 76.
The Cate of Col. Kinney.
Philadelphia, May 21. The Kinney
case, which had been postponed until to
day, came up in the United States Court
this morning on a writ of habeas corpus,
and after some conversation in reference
to a deduction of bail, the case was post
poned until the next term. There ii no
thing now to prevent the sailing of tho
Revolution on tho Rio Urnnde.
New Orleans, May 1 9. It is reported
here that a revolution has broken out on
the Mexican side of the Rio Granrfa. Onr-
vajal and others at the head of fifteen hun
dred soldiers have crossed the river from
the American side.
A Church Burned.
Boston. Mar 21 ...Thn TTnitm;i Ph
at Cambridgeport was destroyed by fire
esieraay. xne loss is partially covered
ly an insurance.
It is not true that the Lezislature of
Wisconsin has restored the death penalty
in that State. The bill for this purpose
passed one bouse, but it was lost fn the
other branch.
Tlie Iaaafxade-ee) atatl tna EtepeaO'
aMf tk Wttt. I
The rich agricultural prod uols of the !
Western States are the chief mesne ly!
wuicb seashore mercnaeu and capitalists j
become rich, From the profits of our i
trade the palaces in Fifth Avenue and ,
sjacon street sre built, and tue millionaires i
of New York and Boston are made. The 1
West ia the granary of the Union, from I
whence the people of tba Atlantic States '
are fed; and yet. In consequence oft falsa
system of trade, the West is held subject to '
the money and produce brokers of the big!
Eastern cities. They toil not. neither do
they spin; and yet the men of toil in the i
West, who till the earth, and produce the '
staples necessary for existence, arc made
subservieut to tin whims and caprices of
the non-producers. Why is it that the!
bulnnce of trade is generally against the I
West, that i.isteru Juxohange ranges from
a half to oco and a half per cent, premium,
when we are the producers of wealth, and J
they are only the traffickers therein. It is
because the West fails to avail itself of its
latent power.
Why should we notmake our own boots
and shoes in the West? Why should we
not make our own cotton and calicos, and
wollon goods? The raw materials for the
manufacture of ail these necessary articles
of clothing are cheaper hare than in the
East; our wool goes to Massachusetts and
New York, to be manufactured, and we
have to buy it back in the various forms of
merchandise; our hides go cast to be tan
nod, and we buy them back when made
into boots and shoes. Tho profits arising
from the manufacture of these and other
articles make eastern men wealthy, and to
pay tor them the products of our corn and
wheat fluid are used. When the poopleof
the West understand more fully their real
power and importance, they will bring a-
boot a change. I he West beinor the pro
ducing section of the country, ought to be
the most wealthy. Here it is that money
should be more abundant than in any oth
er part of the Union, but instead of that
wo have the least capital; Money to-day in
New York nnd Boston is worth but six
per cent. Horo it is hard to be got at less
than ten, with undoubted security.
Wo havo been looking, and uo now look.
to tho East for the means to build our rail
roads and make our improvements. Our
railroad presidents and company financiers
spend half their time in New York, danc-
ng attendance to Wull street brokers and
capitalists tho men whom the Wost feeds,
the men whom the West has mado rich.
They never produuo anything they never
contributed to the material wealth of the
country; and yet they have been made rich,
and affect patronizing airs towards West
ern men, who ask to borrow money to car
ry on some great public improvement,
which, when finished, is sure to add to the
already bloated wealth of the seaboard
cities. There is hardly a day that there
is not a dozen presidents of Western rail
roads to be seen lobbying around the brok
er's offices in Wall street, trying to induce
those gentlement to advance money on
Western bonds, stocks, and other securi
ties. The money-lenders presume upon
this vast demand. They make their own
terms, and think they are conferring a great
favor if they purchase good seven per cent
bonds at half or two-thirds their par value.
And then the degradingcharacterof this
service how galling to a man of inde
pendent Western mind to be dancing at
tendance for weeks together at the heels
of the jobbers in stocks, and brokers in
money! Put off from day to day with "call
again to-morrow, I am too busy to hear
your case to-day, I have an engagement
up town," &c. And the Western man,
perhaps who has been a Ju Jgo.a Governor,
a mombor of Congress, has to tie up his
maps, bundle up his papers, tr.ke up his
hat, make his bow, and clear the room of
his presence He goes to his rmm in his
hotel, for which he pays his three dollars
a day, and hopes the money king will giro
him a favorable hearing on the morrow.
The morrow comes, and a liko indignity is
offered. At length, after having spent
several hundred dollars in hotel nnd travel
ing expenses, hope dies withiug him, and
he comes back a sadder if not a wiser man
than he was when he went away. Or if
he has accomplished any thing," if ho has
sold his bonds or stocks, it has been at
such ruinous rates that the prospect of a
dividend to the original projectors or hold
ers of the stock, the mea who have mort
gaged their farms, and oxponded a large
part of their hard earnings to help along
the enterprise, is poor indeed. All tho
earnings of the road nre swallowed up in
wear and toar expenses, and in paying tho
interest on the bonds to enrich still more
the dwellers of the Fifth Avenue.
Wo hold that this whole thing is wrong,
is demoralizing and slavish. It is under
mining the spirit of independence of west
ern men, and making tli6m mere serfs and
beggars to an oligarchy of money-lenders
in the Atlantil cities an olighrchy that
depend upon western labor and western
products for their very existence. We
feed and we clothe them, and if our busi
ness men, our enterprising men, and our
men of mind and character, would but take
hold of the natural resources of tho West,
and manufacture as well as produce from
the earth make their own clothing.as well
as raise their own food be subject to no
city and no class, but independent of all,
they would nnd their resources qundrnpl
ed, and their means to make and finish
their railroads ample, without having re'
course to the monicd brokers of the sea'
board. When will wostern men learn their
power, and shake off this poisoned shirt of
Nessus which is eating into the marrow of
people. Ctn. Uazelte.
Plans or Atchison fe Co. Georce
S. Park, late of the Parkville Luminary,
publishes a long letter in tho St. Louis
Democrat. He says that Atchison and
Stringfellow have organized a secret asso
ciation, the members of which are sworn
to turn out and fight when called upon, nnd
to share all damages accruing to any
moraber, even at the price of disunion
when a man is proscribed. They shall
act secretly to destroy the character of all
Northern men. All men dissenting from
their doctrines are to be expelled from
Western Missouri, and held in constant ter
ror. All Benton and Whic presses are to
be destroyed. The destruction of the hotel
in Kansas and the Lawrence presses is de
creed. Cannon are to be taken to demol
ish them at a distance. They would not.
stop till every Freesoiler is driven out of
Missouri and Kanzas. Governor Price
and President Pioroe have been telegraph
ed for protection, but no answer was civ-
en. Threats previously made are tracea
ble to Atohison. As to the destrnction of
the Xumtnaryestablishment, Mr, Park
promises farther developments.
One YTtek JLit-r from Europe.
Nxw Yost. M.y 18 M.
The steamer Biitic, with advices from
Liverpool sod London to Saturday the i'Ji
last., and from the Crimea to Friday even
ing the 4th init., arrived at this port at
half-pan 6 o'clock this Tnin. The
ubw u- out irorn ii.a seal oi War, thouu u
not of decisive character, is highly inter-
... -
Advices from the Crimea were received
by telegraph up to Friday evening, the
4th inst.. nnd dispatches were being re
ceived daily by I he Government by this
means, but only a small portion of the news
there received was permitted to be made
public, the Government retaiuiu" the ex
clusive use of the lines.
works, together with a larjre number of
guns and mortars. The encounters had
been frequent aud mostly sanguinary. A
large number of the Kusaiani had been
taken prisoners. Notwithstanding these
advantages, the effects proJuced by the
bombardment wero not of such a charac
tor as to justify an assault, and the bom
bardment of the allies not having pro
dueed the anticipated results, had slacken
ed off very decidedly, for the purpose, it
is stated, of not exhausting the ammuni
tion. There can be no doubt, whatever,
that the situation of the allies was gener
ally regarded ns critical in the extreme.
Immense Russian forces are reported
concentrating in the vicinity of Sevastopol,
amounting it is admitted, to one hundred
thousand men.
A most determined attempt had been
mado to assassinate Louis Napoleon, by an
Italian, while he was out riding. Ho tired
two pistols at him, and his escape is rep
resented as exceedingly natrow. The only
object of the assassin is said to bo private
personal revenge.
Lord John Russell had returned to Lo:i
non from Vienna, and the French Minister
Drouynde 1'Huya, to Paris.
Tho British budget parsed both Houses
of Parliament.
The King of Prussia is ill of fever.
Lord Haglan in an official dispatch ad
mits that tho bombardment of the Allies
ha 1 not produced the expected result.
The number of tho Allies killed and
wounded is not largo.
The impression in England was becom
ing quite general that the siege would bo
abandoned for the present, and that the
whole of the defenses of Kemnisch and
Kalaklava would be left to tho defense of a
few corps, while tho main portion of the
Allies would try and penetrate into the
interior and attempt to cutoff the supplies
from Sevastopol, nnd then completely in
vest the city. Numerous reinforcements
of the Allies were continually arriving.
The French reserve of eighty thousand
were near Constantinople, and were ex
pecting to bo sent to Balakluva.
The Russian official accounts of the
progress of the siege are to the 24th.
They say the damage sustained had not
been repaired with promptness and facili
ty, while tho skirmishos were generally
successful. The loss sustained by the gar
rison from the 1 1 tit totho 15:h April were
seven subalterns and four huudred and
fifty six men killed; and six superior, thirty-four
subaltern officers, and eighteen
hundred and ninety-nine men wounded.
On the night of the 17th. the English
captured the first Russian Rifle pit, nfier n
desperate encounter, in which Col. Gra
ham Egerton, the field officer in command,
was killed.
On the 2 Jth, an attack was made on the
second Russian rifle pit, and it was almost
immediately abandoned.
Accordingto the statement of two Polish
deserters, one hundred thousand Russian
forces were in the vicinity of Sevastopol,
sixty thousand of whom had arrived from
the forts of the nor:h side of tho harbor,
and had taken part in tho cannonade, car
rying tho balls clear into the enemies lines.
The telegraph linos from London to the
Crimea were 'completed, except a small
portion over tho Danube, and dispatches
were being received every four hours by
the Government, but few of them made
public, though questions in regard to the
nature of the advicos were being daily ask
ed in Parliament, but the Ministers declar
ed that due discretion should bo used in
regard to the publication of the news.
Lord John Russell had again taken his sent
in the house, when he stated the substance
of the negotiations and intimated that the
protocols should be submitted to Parlia
ment. On the night of tho first of May a sharp
engagement occurred, the front and left of
tho Russian rifle pits were attacked and
taken, with eight light mortars and two
hundred prisoners. The affair is repre-
sentated as a most brilliant one for tho
On Wednesday night, the 2d inst., the
French under Gen. Pelisscor attacked the
advanced works of the quarantine bastion,
and carried them at the point of the bay
onet, taking twelve mortars, and estab
lishing themselves in tho position. The
following Thursday night the Russians
made a sortie to regain tho position, nnd
after a sanguinary encounter were driven
Lord Stradford de Radoriff returned to
Constantinople on the 2d inst.
Mehemet Ali has been recalled from ex
ile. The British Baltic fleet had loft Keil.nnd
the French fleet was about to sail from
An insurrection in Ukarino, in Russia,
had broken out, and twenty landed pro
prietors with their wives and families, had
been destroyed.
Late advices from St. Pctersburgh.say
all articles of food were up to famine
Tho monthly report of tho British board
of trade, including five days less than the
corresponding period last year, shows a
falling off of about one million sterling,
the greatest falling off is in metals, owing
to the diminished demand for iron from the
United States.
Sir John Burgoyne, before the Robuek
Committee, gave important testimony, in
relation to the war in the Crimea.
Strong feeling was being manifested
throughout England, against the Ministry,
and indignation meetings were being held,
in regard to the manner in which the war
had been conducted.
From all parts of Lower Canada, trreat
complaint is mado of tbe drought; A con'
siderablo anoouut of grain has been aown,
but the dryness retards everj species of
Ttfslcf The Ceteiind Uveld mt:
Buffalo h yet blockaded by the k-e. Oa
Thursday it was closely jwcktd for tea
miles or more, and in the Like "Coating
Islands" were scattered bereand there for
twenty miles. Tbr i, aJ ice-liouw
feeling about the lower end of the Lake
and furs Lave not yet been tnrftdot puk
ed for summer. The eteamer
World.on Thursday, was four hours work -
rno liaml nr., iA..rl flu. ..... .1.
one Land overboard. Our neighbors
down the Lake are in search of the -oldt
inhabitant' to learn if the like was ever
A SrxoAT Law Dscksos The bsr-
.Ursof Boston were recently, by order of
ii. ,.;, ,.i v . , , ,
i thtf Crl! V fltltlmi-ltlM nrA,.iilJ f.. t-..AN.
decided that a shop, in the meauingj
i "f tl,e Wa P'a:? for traffic and the
sale of goods, an J that a barber-ehop was
no o(Tnse.
ecomplainacts were d -
The Cleveland Herald says, Sec. Guth
rie is disseminating Democratic doctrines
on the Lake shore by choppine off the
hy a lis of certain light house keepers, and
appointing- other faithful nnrtv mm In il.ir
place. Thelight-housc near Msckinac and
, p m Z ... .
red to new hnnds.
The title to tho landa m. vl.i.-l, tl.
city of Lawrence in Kanr.as Territory islo-
cated, has been muVpute amon the set
tiers. This dispute has finally been sctlled
by an amicable arrangement, and nil oar -
.. r i mi . .
ties are now satisfied. Tlnsn nui!e iin-
. . . , , . 1
The Springfield RrpnhHc a.lvoeaVs the
nomination of John Sax'on, who has been i
editor of tho Ohio Repository for furtv I
years, for Secretary of State. The Repub-
tic savs, if ediors are to be nominated for
office', take then the oldest editor in tjle
Buffalo Harbor is again closed by ice.
Tho Westerly winds have driven all that
remains of last winter into the Eastern ex
tremity of the Lake. It can't endure
It is said that one hundred thousand
volumes of Bancroft's history of the United
Slates have already been issued and told.
The Presbyterian General Assembly of
the L mted States commences its annual
session in St. Louis the present week.
MnrahnPi Sole.
, It T ofr''"1 pnblle al on UieSI
g-('' -'kvi BL Inst., nl ihe Wliurrr 0 -oree t
TO3J,.ai-:i i,..r, ,he Canal Hu.it WATSON a
uiio ii.nmiiir Mora. I afcen in ctevullon a Ilia pro
perty of Cnual Boat Wt.li.on. to nnli.lt ur. ulion,
of . W. Taylor and J. M. Graham. Kale to ba bo
twvn the lioura of I and 4 o'elwk P. M.
HttyM, loii t. A. K1CHAK1IS, Marshal.
HAS Jmt received ami it now opening a general
aurtuieiil of 1H Y OOODN or evuit tartt-l;
uiuully found iu Dry Gooda lrade,coui,tlu;in part of
Culicoft, Priuta, I.ntrna, Giughnnia,
Brown and IJlca.lifJ Mualina: 5. OA ltiqiiar Sheeting,
HI nek and Fancy Urou Silt i)-lunoi; Baragea;
Alpai eas, plain nnd figured:
l.iueuaud Silk Hundkorrhiuhi and Cravat.;
limine!!, and Bonnet KH.bon: ciotuiund I'anlraorei;
Sutinelaund I'lannelt; Cueekn.Tiukiuga, and
Men' Summer Ware or ail kind",
tojr,Mhcr villi a vartetv ufmhor jjon.lj for U.lln and
ti-'iitlL-nien. All of aliii-li havo b..-. ur-l......l ..i
very low price. will be ld o..mlly loar for CASH i
His Klor.! will Imi found two door Wcjt of the Fnlr
"Md County SHvinin Institute aud o) pwnio h:vifer-
Hotel, Lanvuiter, Ohio. MMj 155 3
WK are daily r'roi. in;f 'ortitlint.'. of reeonimend
a'lon and letter speak ing in the uigbent Icrina
llitur entire s:itUfaclion in the operation ot the above
.U:u'hiii.ai the following extravti m ilUhow:
K .st Libkhtv. Ihi.ui comity. Ohio. Irt04. M.rs.
D.'Wiil es Co. GjnUeinen. I am now prepared to
a.y that the Keapinz anil .Mowlag Machine puri'lmsed I
01 you i rtgui. Aiinriuiiy proving 114 utility by nrt
cutting our w heat, then our gran, ihcn our'tiinoiliy
tf.'i'd ami to-ilay commenced our out-., ami ao far iu
utility and lieulnto.9 of work U eone jrnd our utmost
expectation has been fully realized, nnd it being a new
tiling In this neighborhood there have been many to
see it anil all without oxcepllnu admire its work, it is
probable von will sell insnv here next year.
Youni. Ill haste, CAIIL1SLR H. AUSTIN'.
Cross Cut, Lawrence Co., Fa.. June S3, 1H54. We.
the undurHijrnud.havini'seeti U.iWilt A Co.1. IN.rx.in
mid Mowing Machiiu'lManny'a Palenl) In operation ut
William Blanch.ird's m;doa and from what we have
seen of it wu think It will doalllhev renresent ii 1...I..
as we saw H mow as well as it can be done In tin other
S.Teral of the above hare pnrchased Machines since.
Messrs. DeWitt at (.'o. G'nts, We have tested
your muohlne (Manny's Patent) iu grass, also in grain,
and thus far we are wellsailsrted. We would rccom
nioudlttolbe patronngo of farmers generally.
Peiifiell.Jiino?0, 1S34. I.KWIS P. KTOKR.
Sold by T. P. GAI.T.OP, Lancaster. Ohio.
Ware Rooms, over J. S. Snyder's Steam Saw and
Plaining Mill. M ay . IMS S
Groceries, QueensYvnre, Hats, Cnps,
soxjiiTs, soots, snnas, wsi.t. rsrr. sjid aoancai:ia,
WOULD respectfully Invite tho attention of every
body lo their large and well assorted stock of
which have been selected with care, and will be sold
at Ihe lowest cash prices. ,Muy 3, IATm-oS
TUST opened on Main Street, nerly op
posite Rehcr, Kuli at Co s Dry fiood
Ftoro, consisting of
which will b sold low at wholesale
retail. Merchanta and the public are
respectfully solicited to call and examine
mi slock, II is fill I and selected.
Window Class almost all sizes from 7 to tun lo 30
Laucastor, aprll 13, IKS 40
ThrFlCE In Tallmariire Hlock, Mala Street, Unc-
a w ter, unio.
Prof. C. P. Willi
Ilams, M. I). ) ...
II. P. GaUliell, M. D
A. O. Blair. M. D.. Columbus.
1. H. Pulle.M. D., CinelnDatl. aprll 1!
or the
iij-j n
WILL offer for sale at public auction, at tha door
io ugan uraocu onus, in Logan, on saiuis
aituatod on Mulbery 6trael, Korlh of Huutor, is aald
Town of I.Oan.
Tlia favorable loeatloa and beaut, of these lota mate
them doairabla for eboira residences.
Terms of Sale One-third in hand, oaa-thlrd ta one
year, and ono thrrd in two years with Interest
For further Information, apple to C. V. Cnlver,
Nay 17, 18S5 8wJ
Geo. W. MacElrof.
Attorney and Counaellor ;at Law and
Notary Public
OFFICE ConaeU's Row, a doors sou ta of tha Peal
Lauerstar, Okie, March IS, US 45
ftnTaTrtSall of
Lancaster JUarJfcCta.
GAZxrrc Orncx, Uj 24. 185C Our
quotation this morning are as foUcws: -wheat.
1,80. Flour, 9,60 per barrel;
Corn. 65; Rye. 93; Oau, 35ets; Gover
ned 5.C3; TootLj seed, 3a4.00; Pota
to.!, I, tO. Flux seed. cal.OO; 'But
ter. 1 Sal 6c; Ijj, 6 cents, Salt. 2.50
Been. 2.00; Soaps. 6c: Coffee.
' IS!: TeE, McalOO;
' .
jOolss, 40
Tobacco, 18a?5r;
10J per brl.
WhUky, 3Pc.
Neve VorU. lflnrkcf.
Sew Yom. My 81. Cotton Firm,
with snlvs of 4000 bales New Orleans Mid-
Idling at 10 cents.
'IT" , , ',,,?ber' WI, f
1 5253 barrels pood Ohio at 89,8710.10;
1 w
CornLnchangod. with salts of 45.000
'Blfc mixed at J Iaii4 cents
Pork A trifle lower, with sals of 1 100
Iwrr.1. fir. fit? IK ?r f,,. l,4 t... ...I
, 7.0817.75 fur mt.
Beef Unchanged.
Lard-Unchanged, with sales of COO bbls. I
tlams titavy at 9Js9J cents.
Whukey Ol io 30 cents.
Groceries Coffee Dull: Surer firm.
, with sales of New Orleans at 6n6 cents.
Lad Sides 1000 pizs Galena att6.25. i
I M,jn.c-V St,e"d-V- J,S'0t'k,, un-hged. The I
quotations for to-day are:
j iajirt,.a nvt.s
27a27- j
Miasoun Sure
tCumbciland Coul Co
p T..;i t I f
XeW rrk Central Rail R,,ad Co
1 Erie Rail Rjnd Co
' " .
Cinriiimiil Market,
t ,, , r-
I Cixciksaii, May 21. Flour-
-Dull at
OiitH Dull at 48 cents.
Whisker Sales at 33 rents.
Clover Sted Sales at $5,2.r;.1,5J.
Butter--Dull at IfifilS cents. !
Provisions-Buoyant, with sales of 1SJO '
-rreI l ork- '"'"sing at 81 C lot Mess.-- j
, 8'J0 11)1 Js Shoulders sold at 7c for :
! P;l'ed. anl COO pieces common Hams at 1
I 1ll .1 r 1 I I T.-l -II1
at 1 1 cents.
Oil---Linseed has advanced to ICoc.
Groceries Coffee dull at llal lc;Sugar
6(a7c; Molasses 3-fc.
Cattle Market
New York, May Ifi, 1C55.
Prick of Ef.kf To Day. Ihref is sold j
at so much a pound, generally hy es timet- j
ed weight for the meat in the quarters. I
First quality of good market Beef, 14 Ja j
Second rate. I.al4c.
Ordinary, . or very coarse cattle, 12a
Pricks of Vkal Calves. The rate at j
which such C lives as are lit to cat sell for '
all the year is from 4 to 7c per lb., live
weight. i
A class called 'kittens that is, Calves
from one to six days old sells from 1,25 !
to .1 a4 J e.iph. I
Alio. her class, called "gras3 Calves,"
sjenerallv sold at four to six months old.
' brings 3 to H 7.
j A good fat Veal often 'brinjrs 2DaS30.
j Mill Cows. The price of Cows depends
jas much upon fancy as the price of Horses.
Uruinary cows, 35a?.iu; good fair cows,
43aS45; extra quality, with calf, 53a3"5.
Siikep axu Lambs. Common Sheep, 5,
5'Ja$8;cx:ra Sheep, 10aSt2; Lambs, 5aS7.
Swi.vk. Ohio corn-fed Hogs, small size,
for market retailing, CJ-iCc, live weight;
jslill-fed Hogs, 5aCc; Hogs for packing.
ojabi', live weight; large llog, corn-fed,
dead weight, 7a7c, for the very best.
WOOL The tendency ol prices if anr
thing is upward, hut there is little doing "to
test the market, the offerings being very
light. Holders are very firm as the clip,
it is anticipated by many, will not be a
largo one, owing to the less atteniion paid
to it the past year. Pulled is inactive nnd
there is nothing doing in foreign. The an
nexed quotations exhibit no change. Wo
American Sax. Fl Ip U
Do. Full l;iMd Merino
Do. .1 nnd J Merino
Do. Native and qr. do
Sup. Pulled Country
8(S 9
Do. 1, 1 tilled Country
J r . 1
Xtra UO
Peruvian Washed
Valparaiso, Unwashed
So. Am., Com. Waahed
So. Am. Entre Rios
South Am. Unwashed
South Am. Cordova
East India, Washed
Afrirnn, Unwashed
African, Washed
Smyrna, Unwashed
Smyrna, Washed
Moxican, Unwashed
Wool Sale. -Mess: a. Sessions & Har
ris have furnished us with a statement of
wool sales in New York, by Small and
Henly, May 17th. 150,000 pounds of A
merican fleece was sold on that day. The
price of unwashed ranged from Hi cents
per pound, upwards. For washed, mostly
common and one-fourth blood, the price
was 304-cents per pound.
In this market the price at the opening
will range from 3 to & cents per pound
less than that of last year. Sessions and
IlanUhave already bought about 5000
pounds at from 18 to 30 cents per pound.
Forex'.r.t the prh e ranges higher. If tho
season proves good for crops, and money
becomes more plenty, the price of wo.il will
increase, probably beyontl thatof last year.
But this is mere guess work. O. S. four.
CHAPTEH, No. 11 May HI "
' ENCAMPMENT, No. S. - June S
" COUNCIL, Ko. 4 Jure IS "
Febrnsry S3, IMS. O. BTEINMAN, Recorder.
city comcTio.nir.
THE uadaretgsed, bavin(r recently Itted op rooms
In Martin's row, immediately asdar the Ohio
cattle Printing Offlce, and one door north of tha Post
Olhaa. moat rasnaetfullT Invite public attention ta
tbolruxienslre and wall selected stock ef Cesctia- i
srus.conaUtlur of candies of ihetr owa manufacture, I
wnich may will sell at wholesale ana rauui pnoes.
Lsmens, OraBarea, la;a,Keilaona,Ia.ta,
Flrat Quail itr Oattawbti Wine ant Al)f
Tobacco, Clfara, etc., c, eonstantly kept
od hand.
Weara also stllngapln Ina style for a Ladies' Ram
mer Saloon, the rooms formerly occupied by Pr.Kina,
where tha refreshments of the season will on-tn readr
asssstallrronrs. BENLYdtLASsVBAOOH.
prll U. 18SNo. 4 t-f.
iQ PBESH JIUCH CB Wt foa sala-at tha
O Irvtn ruia South of Trt.
, May it,
,1855. ,TH0MAB STTBirEOK.
CTftRDAT Ch ttf-.k im
CsamltiM la hlcMt aMmtla.
9t TBX
Otttfuflrst 4Tf 7aaarllM, as raxjil Vf
uaAtioi uMMfisuavoiaoxuua, uin ut.
la 64
ftyEl Kama of this Coin put Is 0a gtar tranaasa
H Company wktek aa organ lau la le4,lKeta4 M
Of !Bsurh, 'aw sork, witk a, Capital Staaa eT
9vjumi,uu, warna waa pJi ap.
The a.HU of tlu Cosap awaxlat of Ik fttUvW
Ibf items!
1st. Cash on bsnd and la traMalaatoa,
(7 .S17 all
ii. So rest aauta oa4 t tba Cetn DaaT
W. ti-sl orttfsre on raal atu W,s
U.f Im ben, at wl,l a aaaoaLt aaora
taaa aiuu Ut la apoa ptoymnj
.Qiuwai sow .IB 4P vuuus
ifM tie
ve e
4th. Bills roc.ivsws "id atcaitircft
ftue Is moria. see
Stb, Ufica Furniture. (oSla unukcd)
CO. iLtarast 4u. atipaia. estlatataa
Tin. Outstanding praoiluaaa
etn. Buli.ca la. AasfLthaSkdaofarsskaasra
im st
9Jl S
Tarn lOwpsc; owes no bant oi othac aiaUltura
.so loaaajsajnuca ana an
Loteas adjastad and tot dua
Lous in tupoia walUi.f fartbar proof.
Loiks rs,td by tt.eCoDii.aej acts
see ee
Thara ate no othar clalins aentaat tbU Caa
pan) as
cent a fw ami I ILjina ell m I . u .
i na irrestasi sum isava u as.) aaa nan. ia a-JVM im
Coniny hava no rule Is regard lo the aaaoaat to to
inrurad la any on City, Town or Vlllga,ai tasagaa
to tba amonnt allow ad to ba Insured tn any oaa blacat
tba rale being aot to Insula vxuadibg alWXl llabla tss
loss lo anvoaa tra.
The Cii.ner la the aaaaa a i asttiaed aad flasl la
the office ni the Au.Klor ol Oklu at li t last rvrt of
, ' . . . . .
una companv. it. u vouisv, p.atreiarf.
Stti or .Visr 7oa, St. Lawrsnte county, as.
On this SthdaT of January. Itii. Rein G. Fvata.
Sacretar) cf the Star lMBrai.Maaiai.y as'aara4 ta-
fore me. and tK-irg duly sworn. J.d dto and sa) Ikes
he l suck SeereUry. and that tin (Orvlt.( atatraaaas
saftirr.bed by hln is true setording to tka teat ot kla
knowle.la-e and belief. E. WH11 i,Jutteaol Faaaa
ttv or VTfai,t. Lawrarea ooanty, as.
JFtieort S. Wliiii..w, Clark of ua t ounty tfira
aaid.the oifteer bsving chaiga by the laws of said itata
of the records of deads end oiortsgea of said aoMbly.
do hereby certify that tLt Star Insurant company tf
Ogdnsbarr)..lioldsind is owner of lueeaate asortgasr
es and fortl.e same s9Bte ol money as spaelSed la my
former certlfli-atr. under data of AuarostS. IbM. Slid
ttl;.i In the stave of the Auditor of tba blata of Ohio,
1 00 uiiibcomnered real aatata ta said reantv. that It la
f,"seeed of not less than one bandred thoaaahd dol
sri v. iuveitcd of the "aloea stated In any aald forasar
tertllli-ate to-wlt: double the aula niortgagad aid aa
cu red . and that the satna are in no way assigned or lar
euoiborad as by tbe records of tblsufflra appears.
lo wUneas wheroot. I haea hereto aat mj
l. a. hand and affixed the Seal of said aaaalfi
tins th day of Jsnssrr. ll-aJ.
6. S. Wl.NSLOW, Clark.
( Tt uftr4 ea lis Jl tta a Jutf, 18il )
&iAts or Onto, ai-aiTat or araaa'a Omcl,
CoLCaaos. Febniarj S6, ieJ.
Wmcssas, The Star Insurance Coaipai.y loaatatf at
Ogdei.st.urKk. In the Sute ul New York, baa lad ta
this office a sworn statement of tseondftloa, as rasjalr
ed by the Sr. I seiUoo of lbs "Act to regulata tba
Agencies of Insurance Coraiebles not Ifaorpo rated kf
tbe fctale of Ohio." passed May 1. ISMt
Aao WnsaKij. Said Couipaoy basfarnlshad tha aa
der4igned,saii4ras;tory evidence that it la paeeesaed f
ul least one huudred thousand dollars of actual aapltal
Invested iu stocks of at Isast par value, or la bonds or
aiortgagesof untneunivarcd real asuu worth daahts)
the amount for whlib the seme Istaortgsgad.
Aaa NVsiiiu. sa.d Coait-any has filed la Ulls ofilae
a written nstrumei.t. under Its aornorata saal. algaad
by the President and Secretary thereof.nosalnatins; aad
appointing WILLIAM r. CBEKO, of Lancaster, Us A
gent for tbe iransaeuon of tha bnataaaa of laaanaiaai
and fully cV nnreservedly aaihoriaing hiss teaakaawl
edge .service of yrocvssforaDd on behalf of said aoaipa
ny. ronsutinc thai service af process apoa aim. tha
said Agent, shall bo taken and held to ba as valid aalf
served upon ihe company, according Xo thelawseftala
stile, or of any other State, and waving all aisusa af
error by reason of such service,
.Noa.Tiuaaroac. Id pursuance or tbe first seetlaa af
tht- a. I lo regulate the Agencies of lnsuranee Cosapa
nus not incorporated by the Stale of Ohio,1 passed
Mav I, IPit. 1, Wui.it l. Moiosa, Anditor of aald
StaU', do hereby certify, that tha said WILLIAM f.
l.KtKO is authnris-id as an Agent for the aald compa
ny, to transact the business of Inauraaaa, la tale)
Muiu. until the thirty-first day of July, in tha yeaf
one thousaad eigbl hundred and Any -five, so far as ha
uiay he 1' gaily empowered so to do by his lallarof ap
pointment, aud tbe instracUooa which may ba glvaa ta)
mm by tne sain company.
la vv it seas waaaanr. I Bsve acraunio aanaartDaa.
my name, and caused tha seal of asf egdea
to be affiled, this SSth slay of February, la
s,. a. the year of oar Lord oaa thoaaaad eight
dred and flfty-flva.
May a. 18U-3wM WM. 0. MOEOAXadlUr
Xo. it, East Fourth Street, Claeiaaati, Os
RESPP.CTFl'LLT Inform their assto mars and pmf
chasers renerallv. that thev are bow Matac aa
ekienaive and complete assortment of
ItaporXad direct from Mauofftctvrtrt lo Barop. and
.urt Ltu-d.4Bacir05 in Njtr Tork, which nabLat
iu uff.'r our K'Hnl Ihi isuvo at shout EuUn lnpor
lar ani MaDuf'iurenprica
TUoroiiphly seasonedrom toM feat la width; alaif
stork al waj s on hand.
Families. Hotel Keipera. Steamboat ownsrs aadl
alranicers mav depend upon finding iba beat el aaa of
iruods in ourfine al arlro aa low aslher ran ba aar-
chaecd iu His Kasiera ciiiea. Varoh ti, IMt-lasad
Dry Goods Fur Spring & Summer.
So. I W est Ponrtli Street, CiaciaaatU
Oilers at usual, to their customer! and others.
Ijidlrs' Ures Goods, of all kinds of Fabrics. Shawls
and Mnutlilus; Eiubrol.leries and Laces; Hdkfs.f
llosi-ry.dir.; Liuens. M usiins. and all kladaot
plain fabrics; llousekeeiing Goods, great
variety. A l.so
Biisiufss raudu.lcd on the one price prineiplt.
Prices marked at rates as favorable lo nnrrhssers aa
can ba afforded by any konae engaged la a regular
Persons vlsltlns; Cincinnati are respectfully lavlled
to call and etamlne Goods and prices. April S-
(auccKsaoaj to)
naaica is
ew Varehouae, Jnnctioa of Rail Kottst
and Ilocklns ValleT Caaal.
T'VJ'K r prepared to handle Gooda of all desert a
f tiona al the lowest Nissibla rates and with tha
utinusl despalrh.(siar Oeea'f cars Jsriaa, Wtl(
Ce., Aaaeaerer, 0i.) All Goods consigned lo aa
shall rocc-ive prompt attention, as If for traaahlpawat
will he forwarded the quickest and by tha cheapest
nnssibla mode. Hy strlrl attention lo aaataaaa wa
nope to receive and merit lli. patronage oftkapahlltv
February K, If JJ. JEFFRIES, WOOD di CO.
W noted Irume dlittclr, oO.OOO kaak. Cora,
m 90.000 Wkeat,
firalisiei wiUfttlu Ugkstt ssarse pries a aas.
fT A VINO established ourselves la tha prostata! kj
1 1 siness. Farmers can at all tlmaa Mil oa all kladtt
of Grain for tbe cash at market prloea. Another aa
Jecl, we can welch your entire load atone draagat aad
unload with half tbe tlineof any other Waarahoaae la
Lancaster. Aa oar plan is entirely new, to all wa ba
vile Investigation. JKPFRIE8, WOOD CO.
Lancewter, Forbruarj S3, 1&5 tS
Peacork's ImproTcd Steel Plr,
Warantea in all rcapectt aajaal aad la
nme Superior to any other sow la aaa.
THIS factory has been In rrparalioa daring tha laea
33yoars, but for tha laat few yara their atsaa
lion has beau riven particularly to tha Intproaaaaa
of the Heel Mold-Board Plow. Any amooat af Mass,
als, Diplomas die., caa be shown, but wa rely snare aa
tha reports of farmers from different parte aaf tha
country, wharothsy have baa a In oompelltioo wlUi
other popular Plows, lb sa wa da aa taalr bating Jadj.
ad hy eight or even a slight trial at a fair.
A larva assortment ef Uo dISeraat etnas aoassaatl
aa hand, which can ba asan si our warahaasa or by en
qulry atonr Book Ktora 4 Mala St., White's llaek.
Every Plow sold by ns Is warranted.
, FsthflgW. JEfPBlEa, WOOPstOa.
mHE nadaralmad has baa arsAalaeed laoslMraf
I tha pro party aad e Insets of tba nan ana af E. U
floe am & Co. AU parsonaladeUad as said IratsiBet
maka lmaiadlata psynsct. . '
JOHH K. lHT3rAOH,a4rr.
Laacastar, Msy , lHHs a t

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