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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, June 21, 1855, Image 4

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Id IvA dti KUlHJlilu (UWiltti
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MlOAfe IO iMinncunw t
cuWdlf read without framing la ale mind extern
miruunliiu to It at b. goes along:
Tli Good ' I
I Id Time, bw "ui
Th. food old Po' rymea,
The aood old Foitr chime.
HoigL-bo! lb Cood Old Tlmet
The Good Old Timet went forth In walk,
Cold-eeaded nil and gold-laced frock.
Footman, knee-breeehes,turned p shoe,
And tairt that soap nor water knew;
Balfh-ho! tha Good Old Tluiot.
The Good Old Times goes out to rlda,
la oosch audi! x with ancient pride,
So toll-fate known In lownorablro,
But eoschet foundered ln'lh mini;
Hai(h-ho! tha Good Old Times.
Tha Good Old Times dined on! at ton,
Returned half drunk on good old wlua;
Mo carted gat-light U to pay
Across lb gutter Timet be lay!
Helgh-bol the Cood Old Tliuo.
When Good Old Timet tut newt would hear,
He ined to watt but half a year,
Or ritit ale-aoaso, tmoky den,
"Pk'uo pay the Prluler" oiiknown then)
Heigh-hol the Good Old Timet.
When Goad Old Timet equipped for war,
. He wore a wig and powdored heir,
Tha rain a-Hcld came up in butto,
Aud streaked the hero', face with pnttet
Jlelgh-hol tho Good Old Timet.
When Good Old Time would dunce a act,
Caranto or gay Minuet,
He tquared hit toet and bowed full low,
Aud tolemnly act forth to go;
Helgh-bol the Good Old Timet.
When Good Old Timet lay down to die,
He culled a Priett aud beared a tigh.
Confound the tint that in him burued,
Aud toward the wall Old Timet he turned;
Heigh bo! the Good Old Timet.
Cueuiuks Preserved. Tako fino large
cherries, not very ripe; take oil the stems,
nd take out the sipues; save whatever
juice runs from them; take an equal weight
of white sugar; make the syrup of a tea
cup of water for eauh pound; set it over
the lire until it is dissolved, and boiling
hot; then put in the juice and cherries;
boil them gently until clear throughout;
take them from the syrup with a skimmer,
and spread them on tint dishes to cool; let
the syrup boil until it is riuh and quite
thick; set 'it to cool and settle; take the
fruit into jars or pots, and pour the syrup
carefully over; let them remain open until
the next day; then cover as directed.
Sweet cherries are improved by the addi
tion of a pint of red currant-juice", and half
. a pound ot rugar to it, tot four or uvo
pounds of cherries.
- '
Cubbakts Preserved. Take ripo cur
rants, free from stems; weigh them, and
take the same weight of sugar; put a tea
cup of sugar to eaob pound of it; boil the
syrup until it it hot and clear; then turn it
aver the fruit; let it remain one night; then
set it over the tire, and boil gently, until
they are cooked and doer; take them into
the jars or pots with a skimmer; boil the
syrup until riuh and thick; tlmn pour it
. over the fruit. Currant may be preserv
ed with ten pounds of fi u:t to seven of su
gar. Tuke the stems from seven pounds
of the currants, and crush and press I he
juice from the remaining three pounds;put
them into the hot syrup, and boil until thick
and rich; put it in poUorjuia, aud the next
' day socure as directed.
To Drtr Cherries. Having stoned the
ilesirad quantity of .good cherries, put a
' a pound and a quarter of Que sugar to
every pound, beat and sift it over the cher
ries, and let them stand over night. Take
them out of the augai, and to every pound
, of sugar put two spoonfuls of water, boil
and skim it well, and then put In the oher
rics; boil the sugar over them, and next
morning strain them, and to every pound
of syrup put half a pound more sugar;
boil it till it is a little thicker, then put in
the cherries, and let them boil gently.
mi.. . j .. .. .1 .T .
xne next any strain mom, put inrm in a
stove, and turn them every day till they are
currants, and gooseberries, for pies, are
not apt to be sweet enough, without the
sugar is scalded in before tliey are baked,
as the juice of the currants is apt to run
out while .they are baking, and leave the
fruit dry. Slew them on a moderate fire,
with a tea-cup of water to a couple of
quarts 01 currants; as soon as :ney begin to
DrcaK, aua me sugar, ana let it sea I a in a
few minutes. When baked with stewintr.
put to each layer-of fruit a thick laycrof
sugar, mere should be as much as a
duarter of a pound of sugar to one pint
of currants, or more if you wish it.
Boiled Greek Peas. Put the peas in
to just water enough to cover them imme
diately after they are shelled; lot them
boil about twenty mlnutos, or until done.
When thf pods are fresh and green, it will
improve the dish to boil them also, fifteen
or twenty minutes, in na little water as will
cover them, having washod them previous
ly:) turn off the iuice, and add it to llio
peas. Salt should be put in after tho pias
".done, instead of salting the water.
"Thicken them with a little flour, beat in
milk: add butter and pepper.
Rhubarb Jam. .(Mmehuttr Rtxipt)
, Boil gently together for three hours an e
qual weight of fine sugar and rhubarb
stalks, with the juice and grated rind of a
lemon to each pound of the fruit. When
the true flavor of the rhubarb Is much lik
ed, the lemon-peel should be omitted. A
Tery good jam may be mado with six
ounces less of sugar to the pouud, by boil
ing the rhubarb gently for an hour before
it is added.
: To Dbt Cherrt)E8. Take the stems and
stones from rttie cherriaa! inraut thm nn
flat dishes, and dry them in the hot sun or
warm oven; pour whatever juice may have
run from them, a little at a time; over them;
tir.them about, that they may dry evenly.
When they are perfectly dry, line boxee or
jare with white paper, and pack them close
in layers; strew a little brown sugar, and
fold the paper over, and keep them fn a
dry place; or put them io muslin bags.and
bang them in an airy place.
.To hep Red GoosKBERnuss.-l PicV
Oooaeberries when fully ripe, and foreaeh
quart take a quarter oft pound of sugar and
. a gill of water, boil together until quite a
yrup; then nut in tha fruit mnA
to boil gently for fifteen minutes; then pui
j, - v t u Jr"' wnen '50ia cover litem
tir;- them for making (mU or pies.
I A Nw Stat. The Legislature of I
Iw .:..!.. : , ... '
ichigau, t il last session, passed an act
rroviuin jr lor me lormauon 01 mo new
iaia.aor Terri'.ory of Superior. This new
u-rritory embraces all ihut vast extent of
teiri.oryon the souih shore of L'tke Stipe-
rior. nnJ north of Lit. Miciiijriin and Wis-
Uousill, which now composes R part or
w I r. i
'l.ich now
ju cnigan. i. is entirety sepnra.ca irom
no rmtural tounioiion wih
the rest of the
State. It is the scat of the great mineral
wealth of tl.t nation. Its mines of copper
and iron are unsurpassed by any in llio
worlJ. It has been the desire of th(? in
luibitants to sever their political connec
tion with Michigan,. as their interests were
diverse, and they were so far diatant from
the capi al and the business portion of the
8:ate. Michigan has hen-tolore refused to
grunt their reqttrst, but it seems a sober
unconJ thought has brought an assent.
Two years ago, Wiaconsin passed an act,
graniing il v nor.liern part of its territory
ui me ptoposeU Male ot Superior. The
proposed northern boundatT of Wisconsin,
anu ou:Lern line ot buperior, exiends
irom tne MisiisKippi lit the mouth of the
v.iii)j)t w nvt r, up tins last named river
uniil 11 stnkes the United Stales correc
tion lino between towns 3J and 31, and
then ftillowing ihat lino cast to Green Bay,
which it interscois near u-.e mouth ot
Bruit river of Gieen Bay. This would
throw nil ihe country on the St. Croix into
the prnposeil new btaie a fine ngricultur
ni region winch would bud its acaount
in being connected poli.ically wiih Superi
TImr terriioiy from Wisconsin and from
Michigan will lorm thefuiuro State of Su
perior. It will exlend from the western
point of Lake Superior, embracing all the
south shore thereof, to tho St. Mary's riv
er, and the northern portions of Lakes 11 u
ion hud Michigan. The "Saul" will be on
I a eastern border, and the great mines of
copper and iron will be on its northern
line. Its western boundary will be the
most intereKling. wealthy and important
portions ot the l num. llie Slates of Mich
igan and Wisconsin being agreed to this
arrangement, Congress, by virtue of the
power vested in it by the third section of
tne 4ilt article of the Constitution, has au
thority to erect it into a territory, or to ad
mit, ai once, as a stute.
The Sao Nichta. This secret poliii
cal band of midnight consprators, compos
ed chiefly of Penitentiary Gaurtts. bann
ers on about the Slate and county offices
anu foreigners in the rost-ofnno, has been
smoked out of tho dpnby the old 'line Lo
cofocos, and has been compelled to call n
public meeting, in the columns of the
The jealousy of the old liners was first
ex:ited at the astounding discovery that
the Sag Nichts had, unexpectedly to them,
been actively engaged in securing the
county nominations, and especially in re
taininir the present incumbent in tho
Sheriff e office. A tremendous uproar has
been raised among the Loofoco party in
general, to quiet which Sag Nichts have
been compelled to call their meeting . pub
licly. The Piesidont of this interesting asso
ciation is a Clerk in the Stale Treasurer's
office, who, for months past, lms been sit
ting at the same dusk, cheek by jowl, with
au associate who boasts publicly that ho
was a Know Nothing.
We learn that Johnny Breslin, tho Treas
urer, has not ret recovered from a fit of
laughter that seized him at seeing these
two strange animals in the StateMenagcrin
feeding lovingly together out of the pub
lic'crib. It uui a funny exhibition.
We append as a curio.tity the first pub
lic call, as wu find it in tho columns of the
Stute Journal.
Sao Nioiit. The I, O. F. E. It. meet
in their Hall in IIetksukimku's Bloc k, on
trout street, between State and Town, ev
ery Wednesday at 8 o'clock P. M.
jttnc 5 President.
Slaveiit in Richmond, Va. A few
years sinco when on a visit to Richmond,
stopping at the Exchange Hotel, I visited
a distinguished engineer from one of the
Northern States who was engaged in buil
ding a vessel for the revenue service On
being asked how ho liked residing in Vir
ginia he replied: "I do not like it for this
reason, owing to thi institution of ouwry,"
adding: "1 brought my wife here lo re
side with mo at the hotel, where f tie soon
became attached to a lovely lit lie colored
boy, who proved lo be a slavoof tho land
lord, his moihnr being a chambermaid in
the house. The father of this child was
said to be a gentleman boarder then resid
ing in the hotel.
"After a few weeks this child was miss-
od by (he inmate. of the house, and the
fact disclosed that he l:nd been sold by his
master to be taken South as a family ser
vant. This," he remarked, "so shocked
the feelings of my wife that she declared
she would not reside in a community whore
such evil practices were tolerated, and she
soon aftor left for the North, while I am
obliged to remain here separated from my
family and the associations of those 1 most
Raddibiies. Raddishcs should always
be freshly gathered. Let them lie in cold
wnior one hour before servins , then cut off
all their leaves and almost all their stock;
serve them in glasses half filled with wnlor,
or on a plate.
Siialotsor Greek Onions are sometimes
served and eaten in the tamo way.
Currant Jkllt without CooitiNo.-Press
the juice from the Currants, and strain it;
to every pint put a pound of fine sugar;
mix them together until the sugar is dis
solved, then put it in jars, seal them, and
expose them to a hot sun for two or three
Preservation- Aoaikt Moths.-A smnll
piece, of paper or linen moistened with
pins of turpontine, and put into a ward
robe or bureau for a single day, two or
three time year, is a sufficient preserva
tive against moths.
irThe fast is drsclosed.tha fut lira snn.
oealed in doubt. And yet human nature
is heedless of the past, and fearful of the
future regarding not the science and ex-
perience that past ages bave unveiled.
"It is a Tery solemn thing to get mar
ried," said aunt Bethany. "Yes, but It's
great deal more solemn not to be." said
herneice. . .. v . ..
Socrates, seeing a colding wife, wh'o
had hanged herself on an olive-tree, ex
claimed: -..,,. , ." : ; . .
"Oh that all tree would boar uch fruit.'
citiaeai of Lancaster persons from tbe Country
rilHK irntioD of peramit wanting clotlilnc la re
1. apecifully called to tuo tintuenao naaortuieiit of
Mena, Hoys'. nnd ChiUlren'i. He wiaheiltandurstood
ikt.1 aM.J..r.ll.iii.....r..iJ. im A i .
iuie, ami that he boa Used principle! whleh
tumrn thaw. Tl, rliirka lira 1 nipt -Lm1 tn renreat-ut
J,,,, .n .clVaaord bf the,;; and if, after th.
IWCACIiauiOtUim. mutlJj wit, vuMivauwt iviuhu-
eu. A paiiiai UMarrivuu:
frock aud Drcaa C'oata.
aLacc, aica, aton a, oi.ira, rkaaar a asLnaaar.
Siole Breasted Baalneaa Coata.
aavoaamaa aaaaar, eiroaa Miisn, cLorn, rt.ain.
naaa, ne&a imimkin, aiLvaa orat. caaaiMaaa aau
tomii. atra, rascr and bray twiiik also,
Black aud blue U1AM11 KUOUT aACn at r BWM.
Blue and Brown k itiki rro-rn raof OVERCOATS;
lllack. Blue, brown c Olire u.'ronahire Keraryun;
Blue, Blark, Grey. Whitney und UruU dn:
' " film Cloth, some Kxtra Long, do;
Black, Blue and Hrowu Clolli, Superior, do;
Urab Emhrolderud Cloth Sat aud Walking COATS.
Black arrl (line CLOTH tome Extra Fine.
PUIn Black SATIX, Figured KILK andRATI.N;
" HILK; Kani') MLK and 8ATIN;
Black CLOTH uud P.uuv CASS1MEHK;
5U.-k and Fancy VELVET;
Fancy Velri-taud Silk BALL VESTS.
Bliu-kaud Fancy Colnrud DOURK1X; '
" ami Biu-ktkiu - do;
Uoroiiiliire Kr.i!y and 0for.l MWi-il do; -Hlai-k.
Bl ioan.1 Fancy C ilora.l SATINET;
Fin litsning tiooilM.
SILK, MKRIXO; ALL WOOL, Red.Grnr and White
TON fill ITS. A ill miarunteed In ell instnnrea.
HALP liO.-K Oukni'Y unit Mietl:uid Wool, Morino,
White uud Gray Liinibs' Wool, English aim German
Cotton. Wliil.i and Colored.
GLOVES Black. White uud Colored Kid Gioveaj
Throud Filk nud Neapolitan Pluth do:
CRAVATS Black Puncy 8:itln uml Silk Cravats.
hTOCKR AND TIES, uf nil dojcriptlonai-tmpoajiblo
to enuincruto.
Hoy, and Childcrii's nothing.
Black and colored Cloth Frorka;
" Sncka;
Cu islmere and Tweed Frocks and Racks;
ULirk and Colored Overcoats;
Mottled. Grnyiiinl Brown Whitney Or jrcoatt;
Illiick. Blue nnd Bioirn Cloth Juckets.
VESTS Black Cloth, Blnrktiml Fancy Silk Vests:
Twejd nnd Colored Ciisslmcre do.
PANTALOONS black and Fancj Colored Casslmere
and Uootkin:
Sntlnot, Tweed nnd Cotlnnade;
Children'! Black and Colored Cloth Sulla;
" " " " " Juckets;
" " Cntiiwnya aplendld.
FURNISHING GOODS Mriuo Shirts, Cotton and
Cotton Flannel Drawers;
Muslin Shirta, Linen Boiocns.CnllnrsoiWrlsthands;
Cotton and Wool Half Hose; Cus.imuro Gloves;
Susienil.jrs. lliindkerchlers. Ties nml
Lancaster, November 10, IS54.
Cheaper than ever before Offered in
f TAR Int -lv
I the H iniv
ronuv l.-irire sin
AH InMv jiuirliaspd from P. Hopohli hitordst In
wuro uiunie-trt, anu in aunmon io 1110 i-
aiiriro fltni-k, 1 n"W daily receiving, tilrerl Irmn
tho Manufacturer A mornrj, a Inrire pimlinse of
tiuw pood ., whirl, will muko li stock ol Hunlwuroone
of tli mont extuitxlve to te foHinl hi this ninrkot. His
fnctl.tionfor purcliaiin nurl nrr-ajftiiHMit with Maim
foctiirarft, which nro equal to any, will onahlo him to
offer nil t1etwriirtioi.fr, of Hard waro, at lower price than
ny othtr ttUbtiskmani. The ottuutinii of Farmrri
and MKciiAMira la Invited to oxlraordinury I ml nee -niftittsnow
held out to them In the way of pruat bur
(fftini -full) natlitrluU thnt if thoy consult iholr-oM ii in
torent thev will bo rert:iiti to ruilt and exnmlno liU nri-
cus before purchuitinfr oUuwhortt. Ilr clone nttontlon
to builiinu.and by eumtaiHlv keunii)r on baud a full
and complnto unnnrlinciil and the beM fortd. ho hopes
lo iruro a larjr shnrr of the patronage of the Karraerr
and Merhmib'Aoflhe couuty.
April SO. 14. '
Ittiirffy nnd Cnrriaac ITIakrrj
L nnd, at tne Jrew iiaMwn store, niipnnuo
the Tntlmatls flout, one of llie Unreal untl host
solocted i
ecteilcioek of Trlininiiic.1 over ononod lo thin mar
ket. ConsUtlnff In part of
loO IMot-es Kmi'iiPd Duck nnd Cannm,
1 .5 Fancy colored do.
.V) " all WooVand union Jmuaska
50 II Id i' pnteut and KiwinMd Lttuthor,
Rra.M and StWir Plated H.tnd Top Prop,
Stump Joints, Lucks, Kprlntr. Axel, etn.
Lnncaslor. April 20, 14 JOHN tiPFlNGUn.
iioh si; niiM)rJiH ii,ro r.
TOilN EFFINGKK would Invllethp n11ontlon of Car-
9 pent en and IfouMt Ftuiltt&r tri hla tnrpci slock of
Mouse hiiildiHK niatoriiiln. They will nnd ctnixlaiitl'
on hand, tho host Juninta NuiU, SnikuAnnd Urads;
The mont iinproTod Door Lnrk ami Latches;
Window GiiiM nnd Hash of nil sIzum;
roucklln and Wood's Pure White Lend and Oil;
Door and Htluil II la, Khop HIiik'S, Uolta, te.
Those about Iniildlufr III le certain tos.iva money
hy exiitutnlntr my prices before purchasing elsowliore
April W. 154. ,
ITIOt-lllllllC'M Tools)
SITITUD to nil trades nnd of the most approved mnke
liutchor'a VaisX Htoel, Firmer and Hncker(tongr?a,
penan jneKioira i usi itim pprinp inteei haws,
Hutchor'a Double and HIiiKle Plunu Irons,
Ohio Tool Company Plane.,
Mnsoiunnd PlnstersTrowls,
Cotpr Druwlng knives, etc., for snle cbenp by
April S0t ltf.W. JOHN KPFIN0F.U.
flour, Huron, I ili, Sal t,Tnr, Cordutrp,
Twlnc-t, Glaaaware, tilone cVM'ooila
en Wares, 'robancaa, Mnuffa, Vim
gura, 1) 6 Mulls, f'ruita, o.
Iloua A;c, Ac.
OSK ilnnr wnsl of Kxrliniipe Bunk of Murtln A Co.
Alain atri'ut Ijini-nstur, Ohio, Invites tin at Inn
linn of tlm ilii-i liiiiMit or Cuirllolil niKlndJoliilnir rniin
lloa.tn hlsnunnsivi slui-k nn tiainl. Hois proiarol
tnsulirrnin tlm chilil'a ount to lliu iroiiil.ni.iii.'. i,,,.
thiiiisniiililnllars, and lot it ho umlurstuiiU tliutho don't
Ivt any hmiso nndtir soil him.
f. H. Iluvina takon Hie shop soulli of tha Market.
iiiinsn, ami aturkoii it with ovury vurlulv of Grorrrlrs,
I'rovliloiis Ac, nil of wlili-h will bosnl'd til tho siimn
prices, u thoso ul his Main atruut shop. Ma would
tu) tn tho I'arnmrs Ihnl in duo sousnu hu will bo pre
pared tn supply thorn Willi all kinds of hike fish.
Hrlnirmi your Huron or moony, or one Joart crvillt
to thnso that H-lsli tu open an iii'cniiiil.
Iincastur, Murili US, lUi .lni-10.
W OULHtiike this oprmrtiinllytn return tlinlrtlmiiks
In Ihulr niiiiieroiis Irlonds for tho very llln-rnl
mnsstirn tlion
tustaln ttia
rd.iinil ln
I"" IH'IDMIIIini .louiiul 111 Ilium, mill
iiom Hint nn pains ahull he sparotl to
the lliitlorinir ropiitiitlou ulruiuly atliiln
lll order ti moot Ilia B-rnnllv tnr.,n..i.l
demand al there Ksinlillshmenl for Boms and KUoes,
they hare in nildllhtii tntliulr own inanufiirturlnir.Jiiat r
colviul from Hie Knst a vory I urge and fushloualilu stuck,
consisting: In purl u follows:
aieu s ruin i int. iviii nml ennrso lloott,
Oentt pat. fair (Jnltors anil Tins,
Uiisklns nml Monroes,
All kliidsof Ladles ami Misaoii Boots, Shoes, Slipper,
and Gaiters.
Also, an assortment of tho best quullly of Children',
nun-. Hi,,, pinui onoes,
In addition to the above wa are poiiat:itittvinniifM.
tiirlnr lnrtroly, for sale nml nlso to order, all kinds of
nooisnnn rnoos,wiiu-n w nave no lii-attam-r Insnvliiir,
will romiiara tn prlea auil ujunllty with any stock In Uia
VVe.terii counlrj. mUy lii,JHi4
fa JV Jtart, triairsa ( TollmtAr
nil Shrffer'i llottl.
AS Jiul opened a lanro nnd heamlftil aaaort
uient of HKAUV MA1)K r.l.OTH I Nn. i,..
getherwllh aachoit-e telurlloii or Ceta, Cntti
mtriimmJ VtHinr. Allorahlrh n. ..!...
ad with ureal care and with apodal reference to the
wniiianmt lusts of Ihltcouimmiltv.
Hit lona experience In tills branch of hmlnx.. 1.
liiro trarantee that hla slock onihracna the choicest ami
Deal variety, and his purchase has boon ms.-.a nnnn ,i,.h
terint that ho can toll al Ilia LOWEST fOMKUlLE lKl
The pulillo are respertfully rennestcd toall and ex
amine hit assortment. Ho hat on hand a ninml
And la at all timet pnipamd to accommodate hla old
friends, either with an vell.ii .,il.l. ni u....i., 1.
Clothlnn.orto MAN1IFACTUHB TU ORDER, am of
maioriui ami i't niosi acc'llnnitslieil workmun,
any style or rarmenu, FOR MEN ANU HOYS, in the
bust aud most fatlilouuble inaiiuur. he Isonntldant, in
this rospect, that he can (tve fenernl satisfaction.
nis asaoninent aiuvmvaa a ireuentl vartoty of -Lilian
C'oaW, Vcatliiics, duspoiidora,
Drest do Paiitaloont, Hosiery,
Hack do Craviti it....'i.i.
Oartiet-hnaa. torether wiih all Aitn. ..ii.tn. ...... uu
kept in a Oentlenisn't Punilshlnr Btoro, ond innnutao
tuied in the most faaliionalile styles.
hasboen nnrchdaod of walli.iMi.ii.K. t. ........ i.
the Eastern cities, and mill ts avrastn', to be made of
,ntr,n, anu inauuraoie maimer.
He reipertmily Invite, hit old customers ami others
to cal at lilt new establishment, where ha will at all
timet be ready to wait upon thorn with oona oooaa at
ma l.owarr avrae. To test hi, promises, ha aaka an
anminatlon of hi. stock la trade aud taa tivlo ami oual.
lty or his manufacture. 'T. TON Q
Lanejuter, MayJ, 1854.
tha rollowlniti
Swait't Trettlea. price J; Swtn', Manual, tl.SJ.
Unoatur,AoTmhaf , 1954h5u ' '
No. Cfi Main Street,
ISealllnethenileniiouofthepubllcto their new ad
verlUeineut. would embrace the ourliiaily uf re
lurniiiKtheirlliankatolheirolil fr.onila uud llio public
general!' furtheirrory liberal pottiuaK inniuie pu.t.
and would ino.-it rospectfiilly tolicite a coutluuaiiro of
tho same, at they aru detenniHed to iure no etlorto
moke It both nljuaant and nrnStahlu to any and all lx-r-
aoliawlshlliGTlopunhuse fianlwure of any deaeription
of them. Fueling tatl-liml with :lielre-prlonc in the
business and meant of keeping up a large stork, that
they can oner greater linlucenienta lo ma puMIc than
(Aer fur! a tkttitpmr riVi,I. Tboy are
well aware of the necessity of amall estubllsliHieiits
making up in blowing ami pulling wnat mey lark in ma
ny other particulars, they wish tlionforu to avoid any
thing of Ihutkiiid.and are satisileil aflr receiving llieii
entironew stook. which Is now arriving dallr.that a lool
through their xii- will aalisfy any
one that the Oiwi HarJrire start is the place to 0ml
what they waul and at low prices. Their atoi k will con
alat i n part at follows:
PittebargATnnlata Sila,Vplkee dc Itrads J
CARPENTERS and Builders will please take notice
that the new Srm of WHITE LATTA will tel'
none but tho best juninta N&ils. All Nails sold by u
will ho warranted. We hare now nn band,
Vl) Kegj Nails. Spikesand Brads.
Sill Roxea BxlO, 1012 and 10it4 Cltv Glass.
UPOKegs Wm. Wood & Cot Pure White Lead,
10 Barrel Linseed Oil,
3 Barrels of Putty.
In nddition to tho above we h.-ive a very Inure stock ot
Building Harttieurt of evry diaertption." which will bi
aold .-hearer than ever. WHITE LATTA.
Iiiicoater, April SC. IH54.
Qfifl AfiAr",nn'lof ROLLED IRON,
31m "." r oo.imode Hammered Iron,
1'iUCpoundsCastSteel. -' to3 Imh square,
S-V) do Knrlish BlistorBtwel,
.4S do Double Shear do
WO do German do
1.1IHI do . Spring dn
101)0 do American Blister do
Tn store nml for site at low prices, hv
April 93. iSU. WHITE AJTTA-
aLANE Irons. Cliiiels. and Gnmres. Bei-.ch Planes
I Mouldlngand Bead. Mutch ainlTahle, Hiitehitsiiiici
nana Jlxea, Hrnad Cbnpping Axes. Drawing Rnlvei
im ait ainus, Rieui aua iron ollnes. lioagna ann ir
Squares nil aUes, limirovcd ftnreinc Machines. I!nnri
rnnnouTenneiit Kipping, Web ond Conipoaa Saws.
i. rnss cut nun rain saws, lor suie ny
April WHITE Or LA I rA.
willow wagoxs amhaski:t.s.
4 Don. French Willow Wagons,
6 do t'oiuinon do do.
J do GlaTopCnbs
It do Square and Round Cloths hVisketa,
- 10 dn Market Busk-eta, open and cov'd
Willow Cradles. Ac
Rockine Horteaaud Wheel Barrows,
Pal Cloths Pint and ftras .Miilts, by
April 50,1834. WHITE LATTA.
An Vila, Vices and III.K'ksinilli'anrlloivi.
Oil Anvils. welehlnt-from ICOtoSSSponiidaearh
t)U IS Solid Boxed Vlins.
iv pairs ui.-icKsmttn's uetiows,
Sledfros. Hammers, Borax, A-c. for sale hy
April 3a, 1M4: . WHITE A LATTA.
I'unnlUT iraplcincnta.
Dor. Cast Stool Pol'd Hoes.
&J20 do 2, 3 ami 4 Tine Steel l'orka
S do ftrasaand Grain Fcylhes,
o do Wnnord'aKruiii Cradles,
30 do SiAthe Suathos.
SO do Huynnd Ornln Riikes,
4 do Bramble hcythes, Ac. chenphv
April 29, 1854. V I11TK A LATTA.
fi:lloi:s, si'okks ami urns.
WE havo now on hand, am! which by our arnintre
ments willi the niattiifiicturers, wo can offer n
lUuir bill of prices v illi frienht addod.
l.'ill.Sott Bout Fellows,
llio " StHikoa,
1V5 " Hubs,
78 Honl heat RhafU
100 " Buggy Bowt.
April 29, 1M4. WHITE A LATTA
Tlii-I'latB, Copper, Wire, Ac.
nf BnxosICiind IYTIii Pluto.
Kquareand Hid 1'luto do
'1'in'd Cnpptir
Nlieet mid Bur Zinc,
Sheet Iron and Wire,
Copperaiid Iron lllvits, lv
Aprll39 Ii54. WHITE A LATTA.
To Carriage nnd Ruirgy M.-tkera.
CJl'HINGSand Axels, Krnssand Silver Bunds, Stiimi
Joints ami Ton Prnns.Kminrd Prills. Duck and din-
vtisa, Enanil'd and Patent liatlierlll doscripllons Hon.1
Lininirs, Moss nnd Miileable Iron, etc. A erenl vnrlot;
of other iroode In Ihat line, to bo had cheap m the una
llarilitarc Storttif WHITE A LA'ITA.
Lincaator, April 59, 1S5-1.
wnoursu.a and nrmi. ncAi.aa ra
MaiWulretl , arary epponite Iht Taltiumlgt 7ansc.
A tiAIN Ink
J 1'U.itomer:
Hie 1 it rarest sin
ikosploiiatirn in callliitr the attention of lili
rs and country merchants ireiiernllv. t
rarest slock of Cniincir. Tin aud Sheet-1 run uiniiii
ructurej ever liroii-lil to this innrket. Ho takostrreir
pntiisto keen couslnnlly on hand a lnrcrc variety o
every thing thai can possibly bo wanted in his lluc.'uni
nailers himself that from Ins long experience in tho
Tin mill Shnol-Iron H i-itics,
he will ba able toprlve full satisfaction to nil who mai
fnvnr him Willi Ihulr work, tfavinsru irncilciil knmvl
ediruof llio builnosi, his s'l:ictlons itro mudj wild i.
view to durability, style and chonpness.
nin'tiifai'tnrcit to Onlcr.
He iilsn koops in his employ soiiid or tha best work
men Hint can bj secured, nud iiluiiy:! having on hand
lite very nesi iniiterinl, ta entu ion in niantifiii lure to
ordoraimhlniraud everr thinir duiiriibln In his linn
In ns (rood style and on as fair tonus us can' any whore
no nan.
All kind or Stoves, Ac.
Novor In the htstiry of Uincaslor was there an estab
lishment Hint kont on h-ilnl a larirer mid more coin idol i-
assortment of stoves, of nil kind, nml varieties, lie I.
also propurod with a Inrc number of Firti Ocarrs, am'
forilie itceoiiiiiindHtlon of hisciislomors keeps on hand
aiarira qunniiiy or nn jrir, inuiiuiai itijcii express
ly Willi a view to ptitliu iit Gr:iti-s. Ac.
In Una, any and everything needed In hlsllnernh hi
aortired hy KWini? him a call, ami at prices as reason
able at can bo obtained in any other establishment ii
tho Stnlo. Inasmuch as his present stock is irreulh
superiorlohtsformerlii nuantHy, qualily, variety uud
choainess, ha foods cnnllilent Unit porsoiis civluir him
itcnll will iro awnv liiirhlv del lighted nnd iimiilv snllsHoil
Vk. He also keeps niii.tauriv on ham)
1 laasti t '--f Stock of Steel Plan s,
j oi i inciniintiiiiul I Ircleville mini
twffi mil naliatiaa ufaciure.
Lanrattor, March 8, If jj- 44
;uv i it i ni
STORE! noiiv a. ciEiirLriv,
Oat Cr af c.f ! Hotting Fulltii float, Stulk H
Main 5rcf, Lancaster, Ohio
RUSPKCTFULLY snllclts the nltniitlnn of his friend
aud customers, and all that may want Groeorios
and who will be so kind as toirlre lilm n call, both from
the city and country, to my superior and complete stock
or Groceries, Jint received, embracing In part tho fol
lowing urticlest
java nun iini i ur-fi'.Ki v on up;, ll sou.
f fi- m Hlnck and lnimrliil 1 HAS; Now Orleans Suuur
SiE '-oaf, Orush'eil nnd Pulrorlied; Hlco, Golden
ai-Mit Hvruu. P. II. Kvrun. S. II. Molasses. N. Orleniii.
do., Orntiffes, Iteinoua, Kalsliins., Pies, Pruln. Alinomls.
Keciins, rlirti,l'ornniiltniiil llruall Nlll,l)rled Iteef,
Pried I'oiiKtiet and Clm-luuiiti Cured Iliiius, ICmrllsli
Hairy f!hneso and W. R. ('roam do.,; Kptce, Cinnamon,
f'lovnt, NutuiKXi, Mnco, Alaplcc, Pepper nnd Glniror.
Snl Soda, Cr. Tartar, Knlieriilvs, Stnrcli, Saltpeter, Ext.
Irfigwood, Indliro, Madder, Alum, tc.,etr.
Soup, Candles, Tuba, lluckots, Brooma, Wash Bords,
iiasaeia, etc., etc.
A huu lot of Chewlns; Tobacco, also Smoking do. and
Clears; Wines nnd Walker's Rurton Palo Alo, a renor
1 stock of Notlone,Toyt, and a runl many other articles,
May 1, IH34. 11. A. GKBKLKIN.
OEI8Y a rilEIDFIt,
ri I I West o
lanaaaw here they I
(4. "prlug si
A V1NG removed their Sloru 3 doors
of the Hockiun Vulley Hank,
aro now rocoivjnc ineir
Stock of Iloota AShoca,
which cnnnntiie excelled In price, beauty of style nnd
workmanship. We are alto maiiufactnrina; Boolaand
Shonato order on the shortest notice. Give us a call
and you will siitlsfX' yourselves thntoiirsulosmnn, Mr.
Crook, who hat telnrted our tlnck East with Rroat
rare, will (rive undoubted satisfaction to Ladles and
Genllemen who will favor him with a call.
Laurattur,aprll UU.ldiS 50
No. 19, East Fonrth Street, Cinciunnti, O.
RESPECTFULLY Inform Ihulr cualouwrt and pur-chasaweuariilb-
that lliey are now opening an
exloualvtraaet coniplcT assortment of
Imported direct from Manufactiirera In Europo, and
pun haaed at auction In New York, which cnnbloa us
to offer our goods litis season at about Kastorn Impor
ters and Mauufurturera prices .
ThnrnnKhly seasoned, from S to 84 foat In width; a largo
took always on hand.
Families, Hotel Keepert, Steamboat owners and
strainers may depend upon flmllng the best class of
goodalnonrllnoalprlceeailow at they can be pur
ehaaed In the Eastern cltlet. March M, lHiS-3n40
f TASremored hit office to terra's ctracr. East of
1,1 the Court Haute, opposite tha Ohio Kaale OOlce.
Lancote.t, October ,
Taa noat powerful King on the fact of tha glob now
Ngna aupreme in tha American ItapoblrO. Tha powar
f tha crowned haadi of K a rope aLak into InsigQinoaao
When eonipand to that of oar American Klnf .
ICaroptsan Kinga amploy tha powar vaatad io them to
Inonaaa tha rlchaa of tha rich and lordly, and to reduoa
to greater Bilsarr and dgTmdation tha poor and depen
dent. Our Amaricao King goes forth with equal willing
waa to the tordlr taanalon and humbla cabin, ready alike
to adutlnUtar raUf and to offer health and happpineaa
to tha lofty and levly, tho rich and tho poor.
la tha Tirtra Wohdir or thi Wo eld, and tha greatest
bletHmg aver offsred to afflicted humanity; to tha iufferiof
mllliona, tha Doctor can amy, relief ia at your command.
You have enly to naa thia magioai remedy. All thoeo
who i ill iuffer, and will not accept tha proffered baim,
Aeierre not the pity of their familtea.
Thia wonderful medicine), during tho brief period ainoa
Ita IntrodaeUon, haa carried happineaa to tho hearta of
thoanaodi, and made life a charm to many who heretofore,
regarded It only aa a painful and mleerable exlateuce.
To the wlnda with all linhnanta, Kmbrocatiooa, Pal
Killeri. and Fain Extractor, and let mllliona of glad
tongues proclaim the merits of tho great " Amerfcan
King ef I'ain," a preparation compoeed solely of vegeta
bles and roots, produced by Anierica'a own rich and
bountaoiu soil.
We would ask the LADfak who are always oom patent
judges of what Is and what h not a valuable family medi
cine, to do un a vpectal favor by giving the King of Pain
single trial, and if sattftfacwory, exert their Tulluence
In ita behalf, recommend it, speak well and often of It,
and see that It is UMd by their afflicted neighbors. Tho
Indies are always charitable, and when they induce their
Buffering friends to use this really valuable medicine,
they will be doing an act of benevolence that thoy can
well be proud of. Thia Is a powerful and truly magical
remedy for all external diseases, sores, swellings, burns,
fcoM and for many internal einictiors, It is a certain cure,
yet It is perfectly harmless, and incapable of producing
the least injurious effects In the most delicate easel or
the weakest constitution.
It is entirely useless to follow the old and worn-oat
system of publishing to the public thousands of eertifl
eates of wonders performed by thtf medicine. It coats
but twenty-five cents to try It ; and Dr. UuU stakes his
well-earued reputation on the King of Pain, doing ail and
more than he claims for It.
We would ask, have you the Rheum a Ham or Goal .'
these are not pleasant companions, and wa know that
you would like to drive thtua away as soon as possible,
then use
Would you be cured almost Immediately, of Dowel
Oouipl&iut, Dysentery, Hummer Complaint, Cholera Mor
bus, Cramp Colic, Head Ache, Tooth, or any other ache
or pain, the remedy Is simple and the cure certain.
Would yoo have your Sores, Swellinga, Cots, Durns,
Scald. DruUwr, or any other wounds healed, we repeat
It, use the
Would yon be owed of Scald Head, Stiff Joints, Sore
Throat, Neuralgia, Bora Uraoflt, Lumbago, Tetter or King
Wtrro, SalpKueum, lits of Poisonous Insects, Chapped
Hands, and all other tiores, either dry or running, wo
jay agttin and again, YOUk Rtasbr Is Dr. John Bull's
Would you be cured of King's Fivll, Cancer, Tumorn,
Kruptlons, or any diwiwe of the Skin caused by Impure
blood, then use Dr. John Bull's SursaparillA internally,
aud the King of Palu exiernally, nothing can be more
certain than a speedy and effectual euro.
This medicine, when used according to directions, will
vara, without foil :
or King's Kvll,
Cancers, Eruptions
- of the 8kin, Krynipelas,
Tumors, Chronic Sore Byes,
Ringworm or Tetters, Scald Head,
Rheumatism, Pains In tbs Dones or
Joints, Old Sores and Ulcers, Swelling of
the 0 lan tlx, Svnhllts, Dyspepsia, Salt Itheum.
Diseases of the Kidneys, Dixeases arising from tho
use of Mercury, Loss of Appetite, Pain in the Side and
Shoulders, General lability, Lumbago, Coughs, Col -Is,
Dropsy, Jaundice,CoatveDess, Bronchitis, Weakness of the
Chest, Sure Throat, Pulmonary Affections, and all other
Diseases tending to produce Consumption. Lifer Com
plaints, Female Irregularities and Com plaints, Low
Spirits, Sick and Nervous Headache, Night
Sweats, Kxpoftiires, or Imprudence In Ufa,
Chronic Constitutional Diseases, and as a
Spring and Summer Drink, and General
Tonic fur the System, and a gentle
and pleasant purgative, it Is
superior to Dine Lick
and Congress Water,
Sal's, or Seidllli
Tt Is a remarkable facs, that among the hundreds of
eminent physicians who have examined the recipe by
which Pull's Sarsaparilla is prepared, not one has con
demned It, but all approved Jr.. aud commend it in the
hlghext terms. Many physicians express themselves
strongly In the belief that it Is decidedly the best prepa
ration of Sarsaparllla that has ever been placed before the
public. Although there are many physicians who IVel a
reluctance to havrng their names appended to the recom
mendation of any particular remedy, notwithstanding
they may approve of It In the highest degree, there are
others who frankly yield their support Tn favor of a
remedy which they know Is capable of doing so much
good In an afflicted community. As an evidence, read the
(olio wing from old aud respectable phyalciana, of high
taudiug In the community la which they llrei
It Testimony like the following renders rapcrfltiout
all eommente on the affloacy of Hull's Harsaparilla. From
Dr. Ia I. Yandall, Professor of Chemistry in the Louisrille
Medical (Jollrire : I hare looked orer the list of injrredlenta
composing John Hull's Compound Kltractof fcmiaparlllt,
and hart uo hesitation in taylng that they form a safe
eom pound, and one that promises well In chronio diseases,
to which It it applicable. h. H. XANDKhli, M. 1).
loulsTllle, June 0, 184S.
What Dr. 1'ylea, physician by appointment to the Lou
lif'tlt Marine Hospital, tuya of hull's ttwsaparllla :
I.ooisvitxa, March 20, 18-18.
I haro examined the prescription for the preparation of
John Hull's Haraaparllla.and 1 UiliBTt the combination to
be an excellent une, and well calculated to produce an
alteratlre impression on the system. 1 hare used it both
In publio and private practice, aud thiuk it the beat
at tic It ef Sarsapariliu now In use.
M. PYI.K3, M. D.,
Resident Physician Louisrille Murine Uospital
Better Testimony than wm ere r Offered In fvr of
any Iledtclne.
Ber. E. IT. Sebon, Ber. E. Sterenson.
I.ouistiu.1, May 20th, 1810.
We hare used John null's 8ursaparilla, aud hare known
It to be used, with entire satisfaction ; and we have no
hesitation in atutlng our belief, that It la a tan, and
valuable medloal compound, and calculated to produce
much good aud relieve much suffering; and therefore
would cheerfully aud most earuettly recommend it to the
attUuted. Jfi. W. 8KH0N,
(Signed) K. Si'KVaiNSOS.
We earnestly Invite all persona wno are fafferlng with
any of " the lilt that flesh is heir to," lo call on Dr. John
Ltull'a agent, and get a eopy of llitll't Family Jourual
oaATia; and for the take of humanity we hope that a
llnglt Individual will not he found unwilling to give ltull'a
Bartaparilla a trial, after readiug, and recollecting, at the
tame time, that It is Impossible for the Doctor to publish
the tenth part of the number of oertiheatet of astounding
aunt pefonned by hit Bartaparilla. The amount of
testimony voluntarily showered on Dr. Bull's Sarsaparllla,
from wall known and distinguished Individuate, both la
publio and private lite, hat been perfectly overwhelming,
(Tjr Da. JUliN HULL d Principal OSIee, weat aide film
tet, first door beloa Main, Louuviue, Kx. e
Forsnlehy ' G. KAl'PFMAN A PO.
IjincaUir,Jiilv;o,lP5. E. L. S LOCUM di CO.
fllllK undersigned rospm-lfully advertises the pub
.1. tic Ihat he lust on hand for sale, on reasonable torina
fur cash, aceiapleit aasortmeotof
Fresh nud Well Selected iHeitieine,
Comprising cvorveraiO acd chcmiral, derived from tho
trgilab)tMitrilM4 Animal Kingdoms, und used la
Allopathic. Iltrmconatkic. Helrrtic eao1 Holamir iirui'lio.
Tlieaasortiiioiituintirncetiill llio JllkaloiUt,Rttiaidt,
His slock ot Nurjjlcul Iiislruiuonu la of tlie best quullly
A 1' ull Stock tf Fmnilv flrm-nrlra.
French and Ainorlrnn rortniory In frrcnt ynricl;-.
nn.i i-iMiiinoii nctrnra, s nowina-nnn Muokllig
andliniortcd,fiiritiodlclnnliiso;atron(r Cidor v'ini-gnr,
window Glnsa nnd Glasa Wnro. iniriMhep wiih .nn,.
, uMiiivvi ihi,i (uia iv ni v tiiea. iiriiii.iio. Aji. alien
popular ptiloiit incdivliKis, and an cndloat voriely of
.n. .....ii i. rim ill nil nil nnu use I II I.
rhysicliius prosrriilloiisputnp with groat caro hy a
vuM.yu.viuuuu expurienccu aispoiiscr.
M. ri. rvUKlIIKK,
OcUM, 1KJ4 JVe. 109, .Vain 7r.., (sutinr.
.'J0 roinriicd to tho city and eroctod larjre
....... ,..K , tu.T-n.iir oi inn onea House, ou the
r of Broad aad Pli.ul Slwji. o . .
of Iko Markot icasa, intends manufacturing npon a
lariniscalo nil ihe various articles
u or Lnblnet Kuniitiiro, Bed steads fc.T H"'"
fTland Chnirs. hlch ho will koopC J
l Always on 1,mi,.1 lt.v.,,i.... with . f-.4tufc4
large assortment of Cincinnati manufacture. Hit long
VAr.-iivi,vv , vno nnsinoss win onanie mm to have
mannfnctiired nt home and Imported from abroad tha
very beat or work, and as ha 4utenda to employ none
ant tho most skillful workmen and use the best mate,
rials, he Battort himself that ha will glvo general ta.
tlsftictlon to all who may favor hiin with their custom.
The public arc Invited to call and examine the as
sortment. Tha eutrance to tha rooms Is apon Broad
Stroot. ... D. K. PisnKi..
N. Ri KCnnlrlniS it on A am lltm ahovSA.t .all.. . (
me neatest and moat work manlike manner. Ortrirea
Vcasnmaliln. I.. .... xr
' ' - - IMIIVIHVI, 1111 IV.
tub aRiAT rcairiKa or Till blood.
AH I.NFAI.Llli:,K KK.Mt.DY for svrofuln. King's
uvil, rhotim.itiiin, nbstinatr rutaneons eruptions,
I.iuiit3s or ituaiuius on tuo luce, biott-ues, bolls, chronic
or ee.i, rfnar won, or tUi'r.m'uJd-liead, iMiliirirttmciit
and p..rn of tho bouo nnd joint, stubborn nli-ors, ay-
puumc uiimcrs, iiiiiiungo spihui rniupinints, and all
dUeascs arising from uit liijtulirloua use of utorcifry,
iiiiiruuoui.'u in nil, or impurity oi -no uioou.
This vuluahlo inetttciHtr, wliilr Una rtcot.w colohrnt-
od for llie numlier of extraordinary euros etTocUid
i iirriiicu wnroun, nun iiniiiruii -ne iro one tors ai ine
iirp.-ni rcqucsi i iruir u it'inis, in onor it io ine nubile.
which tliey do with the titmo.U cnutldenco In it virtues
nd w o nd j Mill curative brnnorties. 1 ho follnwiniF eer-
li Hetties, aoWted from a larpe nrutilmr, aro, however,
tiron-rtfr uKiiinnnv inai mo inoro w oro 01 mo nrotirio-
tnrs; and uro till fnmi frontlwinen wotl known In tholr
loi'jlittea, and of tho hihost rcsnei'tubllitv, niuiioy of
in em now rcai'ims in mo cuy oi nirninonu, vinrinta.
P. Unynen. K.ii.,f tho K.xcliungo llotol. Rich hi ond.
known every whore, say ho has aecn the medicine
culled cahtkh1 arAMisn mixture administered In over a
hundred cjuwa.in ncnrlynll the ilinouaen for wblidi His
roc oni mended, with the iuuai aitoiitBhlniriYCood reiiiilLi.
ilusaydit is ine uiosl extraordumry medicine bo has
ever much. '
Anca and Fan Grant enrn 1 horehv certlfv.that
for threo ysnn 1 had Aariio and Fever of the inoitt win.
lent dt'HcriptitMU 1 had acventl I'hyMci.irifl, took quan
titioaof limine, mercury, aud 1 holier nil without
any !onnanunt rehm. At ln 1 tnou carter's snanisli
niivtltr- ItvA K.tllt fif wllloh AlTae.li,nllar
and 1 am h;tpp tn my I have had neither chills orfoer
since, i rnnstder Htue bent tonic In tho world, nnd the
only uoemriiip lluillia reached my enso. J. L0K(iiE5
tiKAVRK iiw, noar Kichmomi, viretnia.
C. B. Luck, Uaq.a now in Iho city if Richmond, and
lor many yuarn in ine rosi umw, has such confidence
ill IIim n.lmi.ilihiienfHr-flfV fif km at Bnu.. 1 .1.
thnl httora botiirht upwards of 50 ItottldJi, which ho has
irlvon away to tho al)lu-l"il. Mr. Luck atiyi ho has never
known It to fail whe-n tnken nceordinirto'dlrni'tloii.
Dr. Mina;o, a practUina; Phyiiclmi, and formerly of
uiu cut iioiri, in inn vmj "i iviriiiiKMin, nays ne nas wit'
yossen in u nuimwr ni insinucijM tne ctrects of cutter
ipauiMi mixtnrn which were mont trulv mirprislnir. Jle
vtyn tu a case or eoiHtunpimn, .loj.enriont on the llvor,
tnu cood omH'ts wero woiiuerrui imioed.
Kainuul M. Drlnkor, of the the Ann of Drinker A Mor
ris, Klchmniid, was cured of liver coiuntaiiit of eiffht
yoara nrnntiuifr, y iue uso or two bottles of cur tor
iiifinirih lnixluro.
Orrii( cure SrroftUa. Tho Editor of tho Hirh
in ond KnpnMiciin h:id n servant employed in thoir press
room, eun'd of violent scrofjila, cninllinod with rhoit
inutiin, which entircily eidithlod him from work. Two
bottles of citrttir'sHpnnish mixture made a perfect euro
uf him, tho Kditor. in a public notice, say they checr
fullv neotuiiHiHl it to all who uro afllicted with any dis
p.isi of the bloc d.
StAI t another r.ure of Scrofula. T hnri a valunMe boy
furnd of scrofula bv rnrlor spnulMi mixture. I cou
ddor It a vn I unhid medicine. JAMK8 M. TAYLOR,
Comluetor on the K. V. or P. U. K. Richmond, Va.
Salt Rheum of 20 Yenr$ itantHnp cured, Mr. John
TliotnpAnn, ronitlinc In the city of Hichmnnd, was cur
id by three butt I oh of carl.-V pnitlsh mixture, of salt
rht'uni, which he hud uRiiryM yoarsand whit hull the
i'hyslciiinof the city could not cure. Mr. Thompson
U a w-il known morchititt in tho city of Kichmoiid, Vn.t
ind hise'irc is most rcmtirhiiblo.
William A. Matthews of Kk-hmnntl, Vlrphiln, had a
wrvant cured of Syphilis, In lUo wo Ml form, by carter's.
Apnuisli nilxtiiri,e
Kichard r., W est or Iclchmontl, waseurod of scrofula,
nml what l'hystrlnns callod confirmed cuusuinption, by
three littles of cartcr'nspnuish ntlxtnre.
Kdwlii KurtOM. eommisfiioner of tho Kevenuo, says
lie hasnculhc irood effects of carter's njmish ml xt it re
in tt iitimberof syphilitic cased, undsnysit is a perfect
cure of thnt hyrriblu disease.
William G.'Unrwood of liichinoad, Virplnlu, cured of
old sores and ulcers, which disabled him from walking.
Took it fow bottles of carter's Kmn1sh mixture. and was
imtlt'l to w alk without u cruU h, in a short time per
'iinuentlv cured.
Principal Depots at M.Wnrd. Close & r.. No. PS Maid
tiu latino. New York. T. W.'Uyutt A suns. No. l3?,North
M at rent, IM.il.HMphht. Htnuict uud Hcors, No. K'5
Mi tin street, Hichmoiid, Virriiiia.
And forniiiil bv Knumnnn nml ro Lanenstor; R.Kalb,
Rushville; K. B. Walker, Wont liushville; Purler antl
Wcirstkiiu, Ly tliopolls. nnd Dealers in Medicine every
vhere. Doc. 17, lr34 ly
Dyspepsia. Jattmlffg Chronic or Jfereors Debility
Dineanr of the Kidney.
KlaUdisc:isL'sarlsiiitrfroiu n disordered Liver or
Stoumch; Kiirli as consumption. Inwiird piles, full
no of blood to the h ad, acidity nf the stomueh. iinti
tett, iKMirt-btiait, distrust for food, fullness or wcitrht In
'he stomnch. sour oructalions. shiklno or flutterinc nt
tht pit oi thtt Htouitich, swlmiuliifr of the head, hurried
ind tllUleuli breiilliinir. fluttering at the heart, chouking
or suffocation aiMisntions when In alylny posture, dim
ucssof vision, dotsor w?bi before the siht, fever und
lull puiii in the heiid.d'Micieucy of poridratton.yollow
nossof thushiu ami eyes, paiti hiUiesido, buck, cliost,
imbs, etc., sudden Itiiwiu's of hi'at. burning In tho flesh,
onstant intnirlnlntrsof ovil & jrrcat depression of spirits,
r. Hofinttd't olcbrlirt .ri'mnn Ilittrrh
t'repnretl hv T)r. C. Jneton, at the Ctermnn Medicine
Ht a re,. Ye. lUUJrr.k Street, Philadelphia.
Their power over llie ubove diseases is not excelled,
if etiuulled, by uny other rapuratioii in tho ITniieil
'tales, as the cures attest, lu many cases after skilful
physicians had failL-d.
Theiiu iiittursare wortliy tho attention of Invalids.
PnsstMsluirgreut virtue in tho ratillcation of diseases of
;ho Liver and lussur slaiids, exorcising tho most search
ing powers in weak iicsh and olteiilons' of the digestive
orgaus, they are, withal, safe, certain and pleasnnt.
Rratf and be tannin red, K. Kkssklmkhi, Jeweler,
W ouster, Ohio. December 2nd, said: ! embrace
this opportunity of informing you of the great heiiullt 1
have derived from tho use of" Dr. Uoill:iud'ti German
Hitters. I have iissd them for chills und fever anil dis-
rdttred Htomacl), and fonnd relief in every case. They
tre the best remedy for disordered stomach, 1 think, tn
P. Folky, niitimfi.dd. Ohio. Oclohor T, 1P."2, s.iid:
"With feelings of gratltMdw I take my pen to Inform you
nt'the Incnlculnhli benefit I bnvefl-'rived from trho use
of lltHilliiud's German Hitters. 1 have used them for
the Liver complaint, and take pleasure In recommend
ing Hum to the public as the safest and best remedy
now In iiso.'
The Kditor of the Woatr Demerra Mriy 0, 1R59,
said: "Holland German Hitters.- This invaluable me
dicine is dully performing cures oftho ntit remarkablo
character. We do liotspeak of Ibis medicine without
knowledge of Its oilirury, us we have tried 'It Hi ur
fiimtly, nnd (Ind it to he the only thing needed in liver
complaint or dypepiu.
Onii.it & Ci.ua kk Cnmliridgo, Ohio, Novemler 17,
IW1?, snid: "B those p Mtohs ho havo nsed jour I fmif
land's German fritters, they aro considered an Invalua
ble remedy furdyipepHlH.'
T Yon shoulil bear in mind thnt these Bitters are
KNTiHKi.Y vkoktiih.k, ther.diy posu'tsiug ndvuntag'ts
over most of the preparations recommended for simi
lar dixeny.cs.
Fur pale bv KatitTmnn A co.; K. Katbv RiiahvHIo; It.
R, Walker, West Hnshvitlo; Porter ec Welrsten, Lytho
polis,.uud IV ii I eis In medicine every where.
December 17, ly
nittOaM) SLOW nud HAS 1 C I M J
Mesxrfl. Clarke, Wright & Co.,
HAVK taken for n number of years, the Foundry
owned by .John Arney, Ksq., situate upin. Colum
bus and Rroad Streets, in the cittf of .anrnnter. where
they are determined to bo on hand with all such nrtt
cleo in their line, as the country requires,
M, -t. Mlll-rreiirlnc. Machine CASTINGS and
5"Jv l'UM'fiHN, of various patterns, war--rtf.waBeat
rr.iitiid a snpiirloriinlclOjliigotlior Willi
all minor articles in the Foundry line.
i:LAItKi:S Cornsltilk biiiI Strnw Critter,
An nrtlcli's superior to nil others oftho kind In the
country, and Alio to hii-h wo Invite the special atten
tion of tho Knrntor. This iiini'liine for ciittlnjr shock
corn for hlgli feeding or fnltciiliijr slock, will suvo from
3D to 4(1 per cent. Com Knddur, when rut. It nearly or
quite ciiial tu hay fur focdiiit; either catilo or horsos,
mukliiir an acre of well aavud corn f.ntdnr worth two
acres of the host Krown liny In Uhio. They are calcu
lated for either hand or horse powor. Wo are also
lireparlny to furnish to order
Af cCormick'nltenper noil Ornaa Cutter and
Mooru's bent Drill.
Farmers give list cull. Kvorj-body giro ns a call,
and liny our goods and wares, our ploughs and sharet,
aud we will try in turn to buy ycur corn, your wheat,
your Hour, your meal, your hay. your oats, vour nig
hank noma, or aught you mnydestro to spare, ofhmk 041
mils or other ware. Wa therefore havo the lilghost
hope, without designing any Joke, that you will (rive a
llhoral shuro of patronage to is who are' determined to
do tnislncaaoh Ine most lilioral terms.
reliruary 1U, mi. CLAKKK, WRIGHT dc CO.
ARE now receiving nt their old stand, na fine a stock
f of PAN'flY nnd STAHI.K DRY GOO US nt hat ever
been olTered In this market, consisting of evory article
In the Dry Goods line, together with a Fino Slock of
0e.1t ssa ooc, urocnrieo, ln.asars ana Qlait-
wart, all of which they are determined to sell as low
at any house lu FalrUeld county, entire cash stores not
Thoy bog lonra to tender Ihelr earnest thanks to the
clliiensorUancastersaKil vicinity, for tho vorr liberal
share of patronnge the have received sinca Ihej have
been In business, and hopo for a continuance of the
tame, assuring the public that no paint ahull be spared
on their part to give entire satisfaction. The usual ar
tlclca of country produce taken in exchange for Goods.
Lancatter, March ill. 1854...,.
nAB Just received hla SPRING and SUMMER
lily of HATS & CAPS at his old stand, oppotitttk
TaUmadrt loutt.Main Strttt, tanontttr, OAt'e. Ill
stock haa boon selected with eare and embrace
LAiM if VVhlu' '. Noiskin, nI frr
" and S China and Pedul Straw and Le ghora
Hattl Men. Bon and rhlldmn. pim 1 r r,nn tou in
S7 A.,",Mlln ana By't Fur and Wooi;lossuth Halt,
...u u.oiurous ranry nats, wnirri Will Do tola al
tha lowest prices. Inborn Halt washed and bleached
,.,.h ".h','',, t'llea. ITrUou'l forget the vc-
BTufSriAf0'?- pKCO.ND GHKAT GIFT 1)18
IKim.,IUr. T,e pr..,rlelnr lake .real l.li-at-urelu
announcing lo Uia clilsun.ur ih.. ii.Ti .1... i
rs,uaeiiaeiico of tho groat aali.faclluu manifested by
1110 ui aoi iioi.iort oitn.lr am great Dietrlbuitea, tad
the many thousand ollcttatlons from all pans of the
country. In relation to whether they inl. ed acllli a
........ ill. Irll. !.... .m,..... .a1""
...ivimnir ma people, may
ava, after an Immense outlay, beon enabled ro oBer
ilholr thousaudtof patrons the following valun-
l.?W.ee".l, ?,na,.,1l",,c",lc,,0' BKlLLIAhT
CIIEMh, to bo distributed as .onn 11,. tn,.i.
Bnautlful Engravliigsof tbe CsriToi. of Oaio are die
iribuled among tholr Patrons. The urica nr'ih., ,,.
graving it but One Dollar, and tt a jiarlor ornament It
cannot be atirpasaed.
Head attentively tha follolsgH, of HcinMfa) taoi
cosily Girts, which w ill beaaUsfactortly distributed bj
a com in it, uo i KiiiBvivriru one irom earn niale a bero)
thelarj-'cst number of subscribers nro ol.tnli.cil:
1 rsBJtisint'.STAIaOyiKDIASa 10,f(ra
I do IN OHIO .K'
1 do do 0,1'tt)
1 Kour-storv Brick Uwclliitf aud Lot, In f a-
luiubus, Ohio o.5f
1 do do do do 6, 5U .
1 Peaullfnl raatdenco In the town of Mount
Vemoa ffJSftlt
T Two-fitory Brick Bnliirriig In riillllcotUe S."
1 Brick Cottage and Lollu Culnmbnt n.ttu
1 . do' do 3.at
1 t-rnme do do do gtO.
1 Handsome Country Bulldenc In 8eo,
Herrj countr, Ohio . JJCOI
4 Splindld building lott In Columbct, at
,0 mS , w
0 do do do t.5MI 1.1 1 1 11
do ri.vi.u,,ii
6 to
1 Grand Action Piano (Cliirkering't)
1 Gold Watch, tet with Dianiouda
4 MO
4.1 Ml
e.w 10
4. CIO
unio m nicnes, at J.KKI each
HI Rosewood Pi u not, at 5Vtl
1" do do at 410 '
111 do do ' il u
5U Gold Watches, at $130
lfl do at lno
UK) do at 75 .
m do at 40
mil) Sliver dn at V0
0O do do at 15
JtiflO Udiee' Gold Breatt Pint, at 4
SliO do Brocha Shawls, at $25
.5I,' rt?s"k Wr-'Palterut, at20 '
SIWI0 Gold Pencils, el 3 '
liauxi Gobi Pent, with Silver Catct. at t3
StaiCO ColdRlnga,nt1.5(leal-h .
JHr4 do at 1.00 each
Every purchaser of the splendid large Lithographic
Knirrnvlng. will receive a Certificate of Membership
enlltliliirtlinm in a .i..uI.,l..i .. . - . '
hleand costly Gifts forlhe Poople. Tho Eotyavingi
can be sent by mall (without heintf damaged,) to any
part ofthe cotintrv. "
JQFlr Come rira Served. Q
Penont wishing to act at Agenla for ut will plette
sond a rfcominoudullnn tlpneil by the Pottmatler or
some other influential and well known person In tha
place w hore tliey reside.
To fimso porsont who have been artinget Agents for
ns In our former Distribution, thia It not required.
Al l nrdera with llie money rncloted, free of pottage,
will meet with prompt attention. 1 '
VTPInoritr to prtvtnt W, Of cult ond othrrt
travimtttinr monrg toot rill pterin tart it tealed in
theprrtener of tkt Pottmatler, and. lt amount taltr
ed ontkt way bill. . .
We prepay all onr letters,' circulars, 4c, to our
agenlsuud correspondents, and expect Iheni lo do the
sumo Willi us.
jrPAgentt wanted In every town, whom we will
furnish with pouter, clrenlnrs.irliedulea. Instructions,
Ac. 011 application nt our office, nrbv mall postpaid,
for further particulars see dosi-rlptlvo bills, Ac. or
enquire nt orhVe, No. 2, Walc-un's block, Town Strict.
Columbus. Ohio. IIIJIfNFI I, or CO., Proprietors
x, 1 " nHMl rFR' Ael" for Uncattar.
Mnrcli 8, laiS 14
T.tElLX O. rlARrtENCHON has become proprietor,
1' by piirehuse, of Uio Grocery Store of H. b. llunlcr
& Co., lo which ho basjiist added a largo and superfine
yorieiy of tamil Oraeeritt, now arriving nnd to arrive
rroin t,liii-tiiiiuti, nnd otiior iiiarta. In making his nur
( bnso be has had In view the accommodation of hit
friends and disrriiiialing public, for all seasons, lie
coinmenda to their alteulliiii.amoiig othor articles, at
prices Ihat cannot fail (o give tatlsfactlon. .
COSl'tt-liONAltlKBofall kinds, for itmllle. and
"'' Tnrrngonia Altnondt, KngllsU Waln-U and
Brazilian Nuis. Figs and dates.
JrfiM,imd Gclntlno for Jellies, Pnincs,A-e.
Of Faniils Groceries he will only mention Phil, pow
dcrndiiiid rriishcil SUGAR, Now Orleans do., TEAS,
Mo and Java COl'FF.K.Si.lcet, Molasset, Golden Svr
uN French Chocolate, klualiroon Walnuts, Tohii'iIo
f atsnp,nsilondid lotof f.uflitH. Mart Citete, and
other nrtlrloa to nuinoroualo put down here.
. Aotlnforgut.iilto, l.liiiors, Hrnnilv tne llie sick ami
m' wvV,'V'li'.' lp',r"5 "',l' "'""kl"Fnd chewing '
IOUAC0O, l'owdernnd Shot for the Sportsman.
Ho will keep 411 band a vnrtolv of Paiai, .ya-nitk
tod Japan of his own manufacture fiirlhc trade.
Rol least, a largo and full assortment of Oi,ras-'..rc.
f yr""' '' Kvrlitk Glut, mare, al
so, nwtaa tears, 7Va, Bark elt, See.
rrHelidestoobtiniiafalraiialrorihepublle favor
in his new uii.lertaklng.niid lookt for the approbation
and patronago of bis friends. 'Having been compelled
ore nqiiisli bis lormer business as liijurloii.io health,
hp will ninkon lair trial oftlil,toseo If It will not fmllt
hlap,iro,ns well na hlaliealili. If the experiment, (10
which he will ilovoie his midlvldod nlleiilloi,) does not
siiccced.lto will be able he trusts, to tone thJ public lu
someotlioriisofiilcapaiitv. 1
i..ifc.isii-;K itiaiiiu rniWnnr
f w- rv'X?-i'io1r0"lr''1 lu f" r"i,,,, "'I hinds ofSTE A M
ad&S ,l
Rclilftiin!! Hk'"'1" Ge!,rl"f' Hoisting Screws,
Cnb4 s!"?,,r Fuller'! Screwt nud
Al ill Spiiidios of cast Iron or wrought.
Biilesntnl llrirurs, die., Ac.
Ho will nlso furnish the PARKER WHEEL to suit
Also the ATK NSON WHEEL lit dp as above. Tho
patent on llio Purkor -Wheel has expired and conse
quently tliey con be had in 11 eh cheaper,
u .".; I!;0"""" to '"ke 1)E VOL'S THRASHING
M.U.H IM..S,iinil keeps a lot coiitlantlj- ou hand; war
runted the heat In Ohio,
A ill the ul.ovo articles will bo mode with espoclal oara
! ! b8'1 w"rK''""'' ''"'I will be warninlod.
All kinds of ropairing dona upon tho Shortesl notice.
''??.,,""k;''P-,tnnllj-n hand, ALL KIK1IS OP
CAS I I! GS, usually kept In a Foundry. Ho has coui
iloted hla front thop,to Ihat those who call can exam
ine hla work.
The known nimllty oftho work dona nt thia eslab
Islimuiit for ninny ears;pnst,is tho best gmirrantee thnt
in future, the subscriber will labor to desire tha pat
ronage of Iho pnbllc. Heitivitoicxamliiation. .
Lancaster, Muy 10, 1P54. O. UEVOL.
G HIT RR having rutitniod to Unraslerand tniemlt
. to rvinalli iioruianciitlv III Ibis rltv. nml i.n,.i...
iiriii-iiousiroin an cxponeuccd iientist from
the city of Now York, and obtained a knowlvilgeoftho
business, now respectfully lundors his prnresslonnl ser
vices lo citizens of lonriisier and the public goiierallr.
Ho la propurod In perform nil operations upon llio
Tooth. such bs Extracting, Pluglng, Filling, rcgnlntlng
the reelli.trentingspiiiigyor deceasod Gums, destroy,
lug Norma, romoring Tarlnr, etc.
ArtlrlrliilToolh iuserled 011 Gold Plate from one to
full set: nlso Arlillrial Crownt set na healthy roots
without pain, to us tu answer all llio purposes of mas.
tlcation. . ,
Every oporntlon In Dentistry essential to preaerro
nnd beautify tho Teeth, and give iliom a healthy ac
tloli.nn.l improve tho breath, health diTaite, performed
on moderate terms. Ladlesln the city or countv, 'will
bo wnllcd on al their spectlvo places of residence, If
II be requested. No charges made or oxamlnatlon or
con-iiltiilli.ii al lilsnhico.
OFFICE On tho Northeast eornor of tha Public
Siiiiaro, one door from Main street. ,
Lmu-nstor, September SS,1S54 21
spnitcru TROUT,
n-1 TAVE removed thuir Clothing Estnlillshinent
JUL I 1 to the Tallmadgt Block, first door Katt of
tfkiit if l.atta't llardvart Store, where thev aro opon
ng a lariro and extensive assortment of SPRING AND
SUMMER GOODS, and nre now manufacturing every
variety of Sari. aad Sammer Wtar, which they will
soli as low as tho same quality of goods and word can
he purchased at any other establishment In the city
Their clothing la manufactured under their own taper
vision, nnd it consequently superior to Ihat which It
bjonght from other placet. They havo also on hand, a
kiavtifnl randy Clotkt,Catiimtrii, reelings 'let.,
which tliey aro prepared to mannfartiie to order. They
have In thelremploy the beat of workmen and are at
all times prepared to make the best lltt In the latett
ttyloa. jtltkeirwork will htwarronted.. '
The public nro respectfully solicited to call and ex
amine their stork, and whllo thankful forlhe liberal
patronage they have enjoyed, they assure their old cus
tomers and all others that they will labor to give gen
eral tatlsfactlon both In the quality and price of their
good, nnd work. SPRINGER ot TROUT.
Loner slot .Aprils, 1F54
HAS Just received from Philadelphia and NowYork,
vjira mat uat evor come to thit city, or the Jkaf
i.Tr.TiMruviDiTTLis, embracing evory I J
variety of shapes, sorts and si ret consist- LJ
tits nf ll. 1 1. 1 fintnn 01.U U11T U LU M w -
HAT, unsurpassed In Ohio for durability and flneneu.
Also, Yonnj Jlniti Hataatf all kinds;
Summor Huts, consisting of PANAMA;
Pedal and China Straw;
Braid LEGHORN and MANILAj ' "
Palm Uaf; Kossuth Hatt.bolh Fur and. Wool:
Fine Otter and White lioaver, for SummoR
The latest Spring Style Castimere Hats;
All aorta 01 Uoya&ChildreBH' Fancy Ilata,
All of which will be sold on the most reasonable
tenna, lower than avorbefora.
N. B. Country Merchants will do Well by calling and
examining my ttock before purchasing elsewhere.
Lancaster, nprll SO, 1B55 50 R. FIELDING.
r. C. DIETZ .
R RESPECTFULLY Informs the eltl
zent of Falrfleld county thtt he haa
recently put np anew Carriage Mhop,
immediatISm thm v. a Mt nvkitm I.atia
Hardware 8(rr, Centrt Allen, Lancaster ok.o, when
he will constantly keep on hand and manuuuUlre
order every varloty of vehlrle In his line.
JLr Repairing done ou short n.llce, and Ihe n't)
avotahle ttrmi. Dmo, i4rlW4-t
... '

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