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- - i
. 9
. - - ' - ,
1 1 at first annoaneed. It placed in oar band
Thursday IflorHiHp Jnly 5,
fiAme;L.o ax d white tower.
In ordor to form correct notion of the
operation of the allies on the 7th of June,
ni'sinst lite Russian works it Sebasiopol, it
is desirable to refer to the description of
these worts, livery one is aware that the
ground before Sebastopol is iaterseeled by
ravines descending to the sea, tlies ravines
hcing divided from each other by ridges,
Upon which both the Russian works and the
princip-tl batteries of the bfseiginj armies
are c rooted. The ravine farthest to the
northeast, and on the extreme right of the
. allied position,, in front of what i now call
ed the liikcrman'attat k, is that descending
to the careening harbor.
It was at one time intended by the Allies
to laid possession of the whole of the north
ridsra dowd to the cardr-nincr harbor, but
the Russians orossod the. ravines with great
dotertarrm'ion,'' and established two works
on the slope of it one at 600 Yards.' and
the other at 400 yards from ibe. second
pir'allill. " Those redoubts have- probable
ere this fl!uij into' the hands of the Allies,
Tw Pellis-.ler'a despatch of Juue 9ih savs,
V the enemy have completely . abandoned
the rylu shore of the careening bay. This
is an important position, .commanding the
." ship h pjrt, and almo-st .intercepting the
entrance of the town. The next ridge Is
that on wliioli the UalakofT tower stands,
and opposite to it, at a distance of about a
'mile and a half, the Viuloria redoubt has
been prected by the Allies. Tho Victoria
' ntttck carried on by the French, is direct
ed from this point against the tower- and
; adjoining works. Descending nearer to
tha tower, "and about 6ve hundred yards
in front of it, is the Alimeloo, which is do
sol ibed as pommandinsr the tower itself. .
, Jho Malalcoif tower, itself, being one of
the fuw works in masonry on the land sidd
.f O L. ... i .
oi ouoaJdopo,, wa Jong since rodueod to
rums, but it is now enclosed by a very high
, scrai-aircular parapet of earth, - pierced
witb twelve embrasurps and surrounded by
. ,t:,i r- .i . .
unuii. . x ron? uie tower to tne Uareening
bay there runs a long line of parapet, bro
' kei at half way by a battery of sixteen guns
ri two faces, and thus flanking the curtain
, botweeu this point and the tower. Another
battery of twelve guns on tho hill above
, Careeninir bay is uonnei!trl with this wnrn-
; by a further parapet, which extends to the
sen. We apprehend- that tho works taken
on the 7th. of June are outside this line '
Tho Rodan is saparated from the Malakoff
towdr by what i termed the middlo ravine,
. and elands, upon the ridgo between the
Wororuoff ravma and this middle ravine.
On this ridgj also Hands the allied Crown
battery, fronting the apex of the Redan,
whioh was further defended by an ahattis,
an I a strong party of riflemen lodgnd in a
" stonu-quirry in front of- the work, and
whmh was carried by the British" on the
7th of Juno. Sehaetopol, it is to be re-
mem bp red, is not a fortress, but a town
defended by a chain of fort and field for
ti filiations. " , ' , " , '
' From the description it will bo noticed
that ihe'severnl atuuiks of the besieging
'armies are advnmdnff nari neiMuon narallul
linos, and that the reoent operations of the
allia,Hltl)ough diminct.assistedeach other,
and are essential to the success of the com-1
mon enterprise, - the plan of the allies be
itig to clono the Rumian. Una of fortiftua
lions wrihin another lino, which shall grad-
' twlly advance until tho besieged are driven
into the sea. J -. , .
:. Wo now proceed to give the official ac
counts of those operations: .--'.-
Hon. Polissin's Grat despatches are quite
. dramatic. , . ., ..
Juno C II P. M At half past six our
v. signals Tor assault wer given, and one hour
', afterwards our entries floated over tha Ma-
; xn ulou Vert and over tho two redoubts, of
Uarm-ntrig pay. The artillery of the eno
; my fill into our hauJs. Wo have taken
4 )0 pruoiifrs.. Our legions oooupiod the
eonquurod, works. On their side, our al-
lies, with thoir ufiml resolution, -carried
tho works in the quarries, and established
, themselves ihero. All the troopg showed
the most admirable devotion and intrepidi
ly. ' .' " . i ' ' . ' , ;. ' ,. - '' '.
J'ine 7.-Last evening We took posses
sion of Kix y-two guns in the captured re
doubt. Thirteen officers were made pris
ionnrs. Our loss, which has not bcenac
-curatfly aioartaiiJod, is ttonsidernbli, ' as
.might have been expeeted -from o great a
rOblllt. . . ; : '.' "i ' . ',' '
June 8,-10 P. M To-day,' with our
allies, we opoued fire agntnst the external
works, and to morrow, pliase (rod, we will
Ulie llverul ''(.-,: ( ." .''
Junii 0, Tho situation is the same as
yeMterday, All demonstrations of the ene
my atrVmet the captured works have been
fruitless. " They have abandoned the ao
'called battery of th 2J of Msy; they have
alv) completely abandoned to us the right
shore of Caroing bay. Tha vessels in
port have sought refuge in . Artillery bay,
where our large mortal a can reaoh them.
V are watching them attentively,
Lrd Raglan's dispatch ws have already
received via of. Halifax, as follows: - i
. . Br-voHa Skvastopov, June 7. The for
sui table fire yesterday was kept up to-day
wi;h th greatest spirit, and soon after 6
o'clock tins e-ening ihe French attaoked
and carr.-id Uie VVhiteWorkan the Mame
Idii. The whole operation was most bril.
liant.' Great gallantry was displayed on
u siu!i.. vauauies not yet Known.
The next dispatch was the following
' Juno 8 The success of last night was
very complete, and the gallanrtr and stea
diness of the troops cannot be too highly
spoken of. . The French succeeded in se
curing tiie worUs the Mam -Ion,, and those
vn its right, eallod the Ouvrnges Blancs,
tad in those they took sixty-two guns, in
fading eight oohorns and ' four hundred
prisoners. Nothing could be more brilliant
-tha the advanc-e of our allies. We have
lost 400 men in killed and wounded. '
. ' JUiUr aricountsstatos that the Biliish loss
. was, 11 effiuers killed, namely Colonel
fcliearman, yors uayiey and Dickson,
Captains Mullr, Fostor, Corbott, Wrav:
LieutenanU Lturenoe, Stone, Maohell.Low
rey. Qne hundred and fifty private men
hilldJ, 610 wounded, and 15 missing. It
is singular that Lord Raglan omits to men
tioti how the British Were engaged, or if
they were n?igeii at an. Hun. felisswr s
lpatih informs us that his English allies
-Carried tne nne works in the quarry,
': 'Pih'siier's .l.itpst 'deiipatclies are ' '
' 'W Jawe 10 J 1,30 P. M.-i.The eombat, of
lh? 7fh r.iT frore hivni)tnrrcm itiithnn
. . ! '.".)'.
5v,2 piisoners, of bom TO are officers,
aud 73 pieces ol cannon.
June II 11 1. SI. we are consoling
ourselves in the new works. W have been
able to fire with lhe Russian mortars ob
their ships, which have gone still farther
up. We are preparing new batteries.
Signed r.&lUiu!.rw
Pram Ik Landos TlmM, Jaut 14-
SxvasToroL kd tbs Cbimea. It seeins
impossible that Sevastopol ean hold out
much longer. i he omciai despaicnes irom
Kertch sUto that recently large eonveys of
grain and flour have been regnlarly des
patched thence to Sevastopol. Our reader
cannot have forgotten the graphic descrip
tion sriven in a reoent letter of our special
eorrespondenn the earns above Sevasto-
pol, of the array of wairona ana piles ot
sacks, apparently containing grain or Hour,
which he eould see through Ins glass on
the heights to the north of the harbor.
These were, there ean be no dount, the
Kertch convoys," and this courses whence
Sevastopol would appear to have ben ex
clusively provisioned of late, is now cut on.
We are not disposed lo build on uie unau-
thenticated rumors which have been flying
about Sevasupo of dispatches captured at
Kertch, which contains most lamentable
accounts of the ravaifps of disease among
the garrison nt Sevaiopot. But "there are
two passages in the eooimunu-ation of our
special correspondent, which We publish
to-day, that are. prctrnant with meaning,
...... '. n ! lL. I
A ne ivuxsians nave oeen ourying nit
unusual number of dead on the north side
the last few days.' ' These burial places on
. . - . . - 4 . i .
that side of the harbor are exposed to. our
view, and with a good class not only the
recent graves an he distinguished, but also
the parties i work e xoavating or perform
ing the last rites of sepulture.".
' lWtara Cornsposdear of Hi Laimuter CrueU.
t. I!, Miaaeaotn, Jnae 20, '46.
Da Mac: The migratory tide ,scU
strongly up the Mississippi, and the Ter
ritory of Minnesota is receiving- an acces
sioaof population this seasonrwhicb almost
juMifier the prediction that Ibis year will
double the number of- Its- inhabitants.
Its hardy and enterprising frontiersmen re
joice in the rapidly growing population of
this beautiful region, and witn generous
heart are constantly extending tne handot
Welcome- - to strangers!, strangers! stran
gers! It is really astonishing to see how
one" ; boat load of '. emigrants Teavo for the
back country and mak way for anoth
er. Upon every bill-top and in every val
ley is written Progress!'; .'The numerous
bus steamers constantly- uiiioauing meir
treasure at the foot of this beautiful city,
with crowded streets ssVbusy mortals, indi
cate . ProgNtssl. Pfie"'hundreds .of fine
oujiuing eprmging up s . vj iimgio,- (imi
cato Progress!. The' magnificent farms in
high tate of oultivation, stretching over
bill auJjjua as far as the-'flyf can resell,
are, utidoTibXed evidence of Psjjjressl The
beantiful, costly, and tastefully constructed
privato residences that adorn jl opimaud
ing bluffs iu tho rear of this lovi-ly city.are
inuiuaiive oi me enu-rprise, . wemui u
refinement other ciuzens, and-aHJ an at
ltracitaarss toHhe soonery uu surpassed
even; in the sunny clime of Italy. -. . .
- i.very day,, and every hour convinces
the good pt-ople of 8f Paul tlint theirs is a
'.'chosen spot,", where perfect equality pre
vail and labor is richly iswarded. They
feeh and justly too, .-that they occupy one
of the . healthiest and most fertile portions
oi mis greai.eonntry,' ana wiiu meirunueu
exertions are rapidly making this "West-
Apprebendini; that my lettor of the 9th
has miscarried, I will repeat the history of
Mr. .B irtlett, the njwiy elected President
of the American organisation, asobtained
from at) authontte source.- - -J
. He w is born and raised, in Kentucky
where ba now resides, is . forty -eight years
m I . I . f 1 -
oi age, a lawyer oy proiession, ana now
Clerk in the. Chnnoery Court of Kentoh
County. In religious faith be is a Bap
tist, is a rigid member of the eommunion
and occupies in that cliuroh the Presiden
ny of the Board of Trustees of ' the ' only
theological institution ever established ,by
it in the Great West. lie owns slaves, is
reputed a very ' indulgent master, has the
respect aid eonfiJonce of his acquatntan-
oes, and has filled the ofRue of President of
the State Amorican organisation from the
oomraencement, to the entire satisfaction
of the Ordert. lis is not a brilliant man,
but is regarded genorally as a ery solid
and decisive one, and possesses ' a very
good knowledge of pirliamentary laws
and usages. ' Although not a Maine law
man from principle, yet, be was never
known to uie ardent spirits as a beverage,
and is, perhapt, the most Strictly temper
ate man in the West. ' '
Originally a Jakoson Demoorat, be alfll
oontinues to construi the national constitu
tion in accordance with the dictd of that
lohool of politics, and being national and
conservative only in his doctrines, will
never, by any personal or official opinion,
or act, invade it, or any of its require
ments or onaytmonts. J.
In his hands the Union destinies of the
order are in secure keeping, and uitdor his
direction no fanatical or treasonable pur
poses or plans will meet with, any favor
whatevor, I have seen Mr. and from
him personally I have obtained (he nation'
al views 'and sentiments above expressed.
-(Jorrespondtmt oftht iw lor tier
aid. ,. '. . .;. ... .; l.- .v'.r.v '..
BaptismI About half past 6 o'clock, yes
terday morning, a party of Mormons, num
bering probably about fifty, under the di
rection of Elder H. Greenholy, crossed the
river, by Cpt. Air's ferry, for the purposo
of administering baptism to soma eight or
ten oonveits. Thev proceeded up the nv-
or bank to the foot of East Row,' where the
converts, composed of both males and fe
males, were prepared for baptism. This
preparation was indecent to say the least.
Both men and women wore required to
strip to their linen, in tho midst of the
crowd and upon (he river bank t
The Elder led an old man aged about
fifiy years, by the nnme of Alexander Wil-
liama, who resided near the . corner of
Western Row and. Front Street, into tha
water, and baptised him according to the
ceremonies of the faith, - After this - the
old man, who was a (rood swimmer, struck
out into the water, for the purpose it is
said, of taking a swim. It is supposed that
Ills drawers. slipped down over . 1 Is reel,
which destroying his motion, caused him
to sink. - His son, also named Alexander,
aged about t wenty -three . years, and who
was stripped for baptism, seeing his father
sinking, plunged in after bira- He could
not swim at all, and getting into deep wa-
ter, immediately sank and drowned .before
Ins father. Timei. .. -
j A Puuat no) Pictor.-Tke Editor of
the 3 neca Alvriir . draws this flat-
teiing port i sit of the 'iat of the earth'
advanoa paying. subscribers. Look al
the likeness, delinquents, and if you would
enjoy similar blessings and be exempt from
all the ills that flesh is heir to, call and pay
the printer: . ; . , , ; . i -
"There is a mm up in the oountry who
always pays for his p iper in aJvance. He
has never had a sick day in hi life; nev
er had any oornsnr toothache his pota
toes nevor rot the weevil never eat his
wheat the frost never kills his corn or
beans; his babies never ery at night, and
ins wiie never soolds. The pigs never
break into the garden his wife never bits
himovorlhe head with the broom his
horses, never run away and smash things
his crops never fail his sons are al wavs
good boys his daughters are all hand
some he always sleeps sound o'niirhts
never has the nightmare snd even should
he die suddenly, with all his sins -on his
head unreponted of, he would not be con
fronted io the other world with a printers
account dark as Erebus blackening his
sight like the ancient hand writing on the
wall... Ueaueri have you paid in ad
vanee?" . . .- . ......
After that how many of our patron will
come in and 'sit for their picture!". -
; "Mr Farexo asd PrtcHnt." This ex
pression is found ia an old song, running:
i - .... .
q as ioiiows
em Wilderness ', to "bloom and blossom
like the rose,'.' Tbe oitv is situated on a
high bluff, at the base of which the river
sweeps ia a graeeful cuno, at two points
the bluffs receding from the snore, ana
forming the uppor'snd lower landings. It
is mainlv built on a broad . plateau, the
roar gradually rising and forming beautifur
i . ' . . , ii' j : t.
elevations lor puono ana pnrnio ie.-iucui;c
many of the latter of winch are aireauy
up tnd others in a . forward state . nt pro
grass, combining all the modern improve
ments. The population is about six thou
sand. - Several first class School Houses
havo been erected, one of which has been
endowed with a fund sufficient to make it
quite a eolloge. - The city contains wven
or eiirht Churches, -The Capitol, erected
somo three years ago, at a cost of 45,000,
is eliiriblv located. of modern finish, thougli
not as fine as might havo been erected fur
tho aame money. Jt,xtraYas:anco, nowev
er, generally follow the expenditure of pub
lio funds, and the building is, perhaps, as
good as could bo expected under the i-ir-
. ,, i . . . .. ... j:.
Glimaiances inougn a pnvHio lnaiviuuai
could have erected a palace in comparison
with the same funds. Tho purpose, how
ever, for which it is now devoted will be
but temporary, for as the territory fills up
a more central locality will necessarily have
to be selected lor the seal ol uoverumeni
out and divide tho territory as you may.
When it is remombernd that only seven
years ago the site of St. Paul was an Indi
an village and the ' Territory - contained
scarcely 6,000 inhabitants that the oily
now enumerates six thousand and the
whole population of the Territory ovo
fifty thousand, we are at once struoh with
wonder and amazement at the contempla
tion 6f the rapidity of its growth.- The
"Red Man" still roams the prairies of Min
nesota, anil to-day I counted over thirty-
native sons of the forest in tho streets ot
St. Paul, attired in full Indian costume
the men with guns on their thouldeis and
the squaws ' carrying heavy burthens - on
their backs. - A few of the men wore noth
inn but a "breech ulotli," and wnlked tho
streets with all the noble uignny and
hnUghty bearing of an Osceoloor locum
sche '.They are peaceably disposed to
wards the whites, yet the numerous tribes
in the Territory nrt constantly at war with
eaoh other, and . hundreds are annually
i.:n. j i- 4i. i.i i .1.: : .i.. n... ;,
KillvU in llieir uiuouy Bairiiiinijci. aiiiibii
ia that this noble race is lust degenerating
and becoming extinct, .
Ko city in the Union will compnre witn
St. Paul in point of enterprise. New build-'
ings oro constantly going up, and from
si'irfy to on huu'lred dollari ptr foot front
on the principal businoss streets is the sel
ling price for lots, and constant, sales are
making nt these figures. . Desirable lands
in the vicinity-of tho city am hold at 100,
160 and 92UU per nure.- A large larni ly
ing within two miles of the city recently
sold for $175 per acre! ..Improved farms,
somo distance in the country, range from
5 to $20 per acre, depending upon locality
though I have no doubt some of the
lands now selling at these last figures.will,
in the course of a year or two sell for more
than double. At first, these prices striitQ
us as ruinously high, and apprehensions
areatonoo created that a tori ible revul
sion must speedily follow,-: But when we
consider that St. ram is lust aoout tne ge
ographical conter of North America, a
ti. ill -4 : i
view oi rispoMiion win uuce. cuiniutu
us that it ia the Commercial key to nil the
vast regions beyond it to tha - North and
West. It is at the head of uninterrupted
steam navigation 9070 miles from the
mouth of the- Mississippi river,7 and every
boat from bolow is crowded ' with hardy
immigrants to thW magnificent land of for
est and prairie, hill aud valley, 'river, lake
and Water fall.:
The country between St Paul and St.
Anthony, a distance of eight mile, is roll
ing prairie; interspersed with groves and
oak openings benutiful and fertile as mnn
eould. wish, tha farms and farm improve
ments already jndiuate an old settlement,
though but four years ago they were In
dian nunting grounds. St. Anthony con
tains a population of. three thousand, and
is truly "a town of magnificent distances,
clustered around and about the Falls of St.
Anthony, whioh are . divided by 'islands
into their distinct cataracts, and these are
obstructed by huge masses of rock, lash
ing the water ,' into a thousand fantastic
shaps. ' Here the water is deep and un-
broken--thero it rushes madly down an
Inclined ledge anon It is white crested And
spouts up in' showers of Bnray atid, below
you noddies, whirls and leaps along1 its
compressed ued, lurious anq loamtng, rao-
anil marinis.- " "; - f ' -
"Mr tAi so rsi,a7 lrl to Mr
f Ilk oeh, wkM ortl ikasrt
' m bni ikM S( far n v '
ing and roaring
' Across the" river from St.", Anthony is
Minneopolis, an apparently flourishing
place, but failing to cross over. I am unable
(ogive you a description of the place from
personal observation. In my next I will
be better qualified to speak of the country,
its soil, climate, ore.'; but finding that I
have already protracted this leUer far be-
irond my original intention, 1 must abrupt
, for theBresen bid you adieu!. '
! ; -0.:
WMtern Corrtplar !( LsnriuUr OawlU.l
- St. Pant, JUlBuesotat Jane i
DsAa MACti-Tlie few days which have
elapsed fince my last letter have enabled
me to forni,from actual observation, 'a more
extended and comprehensive, view of this
beautiful Territory and its resources.
Since then J. nave traveled over tne larger
portion of its cultivated regions contiguous
with . this city and bordering on the ad
joining counties,' and lay before you my
notes ot ooservation up to lue preseni wru-
ing. " ' . ; ;. '
J"he Territory comprises an area of ICOy
Q00 square ' miles, the greater portion of
which is ; ad mi rablr diversified by wood
land, and prairie, : beautifully watered by
innumerable lakes, varying in extent from
the most diminutive, to Jakes many' miles
irt v circumference. t There is scarcely a
farm of any considerable siie in the Terrf--
lorv but what bordors on one of these
lakos of pure, eool and sweet spring water,
fertilizing and beautifying its surtace.
Tbesclakea are in variably surrounded by
fise blnffs, covered wiih a growth of tim
ber, and affording building spot fit for po
et, painter or philosopher. Here the far
mer ean "sit under his own vine and fig
tree," and look at a landscape beautiful be
yond comparison, Hera the sportsman
can nit beneath the shade of his own man
sion and shoot Innumerable quantities of
wild duck and deer, at any moment repast
on fine fresh fish, or tnke a pleasure excur
sion on his own lovely lake. These Jakes,
most generally, have a bcautilul gravel
bottom, which can easily be scon through
the 'crystal like water..' Without ..'them,
Minnesota would 1m a barren, desert waste
with them, she is beautiful and attrac
tive, and it is difficult to conceive of moire
lovely spots, " for private-residences, limn
on the banks of theso quiet lakes half hid
den among the trees snd bnshes; -
Ihe climate is wonderfully conducive to
the improvement of the physical constitu
tion, and as healthfulness is "the one great
object" among persons selecting 'homes
in tne west, Minnesota, in this particular,
is pre-eminently desirable. The' winter,
generally supposed long and tedious, I am
reliably informed, is the most' charming
season of the year. Snows, hot deep, but
sufficient tor good sleighing, and no rain
o sleet. The weather clear ' and bracing,
but seldom intensely cold, and then the
system seems toned up to it, so that with
the mercury below soro; out-door employ
ments are not uncomfortable. Irom all
that I can learn respecting the climate,
am led to believe that there is an nnusul
amount of magnetism in the' Upper Missis
sippi atmosphere, which adds to vitality,
strengthens and reinvinatcf. ' Former res
idents of Hie Southern and Middle States
express themselves pleased with the change'.
1 lie winters, from all accounts, arc pro
terable to tho same season- in Ulno, trom
the ' faet that the weather is regular nnd
dry, and not,-as in some section, one dnj-
sleet, another snow, another sunshine, a
nother tain, and soon through all tha win
ter months, ; .' " ; '
Agriculturally considered, the ad van
tnges of Minnesota are of the most impor
tant character. - f he adaptation of soil anil
climate to the successful, cultivation of all
the cereals and leguminous r lantshns been
most- thoroughly snd practically demon
strated within the past few years. ' Owing
to the proloetion it receives from the con
stant costing of snow In tho winter, " the
wheat ' crop is a sure ono, nnd the yield
Quito large, being In many instances, as I
am reliably informed, as much bs forty
bushels to tho acre. ' Oats arc very pro-
dilative-, and oftrt exceed fifty bushels per
acre, and superior in quality to any raised
in the States. ; Certain kinds of corn, bo
ing adopted to the soil and climate,' fully
mature in duo season and yield from seventy-live
to one-hundred and Iwenty-fivo
bushels per afTo-'-whlle other species al
most totally Tail, the new crop, not with
standing' tho season thus fur has hern re
markHbly dry, looks equally as well'ns the
same crop in those Stales where the season
has been unnually favorable, as In Ohio,
Indiana and Illinois.. I am convinced that
the soil of Minnesota will ' stand droutl
much better than either of the States above
mentioned, . notwithstanding thpy contnin
within their borders soil unsurpassed i
productiveness, yet tho peculiar character'
of this soil butter adapts it to dry weather.
Potatoes, turnips. eabbiige, pumpkins, mel
ons nnd alt kinds of vegetables grow to an
immense size, and mature very rapidly.
The common yield of potatoes is from four
to five hundred bushels per aero, which
grow to an extraordinary size and are of
superior flavor,- - V ''"'.' '
The soil is generally a black, sandy loam,
of great depth, and rich in all the requisites
for producing the: most luxuriant crops.
and from its loose, sandy nature, is easy of
cultivation, and will yield bountifully fori
long number of years without any artifi
cinl manuring. The face of the country is
much more diversibed with prairie and
woodland than either 'Indiana, Illinois or
Iowa, and is also more abundant in pure
water, lake and running streams.
I recently made a trio to the flourishintr
little city of Stillwater, situated on Lake
St. Croix, where the Uenotal lnd urm'e
Is lonated, aluo tho Territorial, l'eniten
tiary, a rude stone building surrounded by
a stone wall some sixteen or seventeen toot
high. The building is situated on a ra
vine and fronts tho Lake is in rather an
Out of-the-way place, and to the credit of
the moral of the Territory be it said," sel
dom contains any inmates. Tho roost
striking feature in tho enterprise of this
piano is its exlonsive trade in lumber. One
mill, erected nt a cost of , $53,000" or 75,
OOti, saws, withona "gang," fifty thous
and feet in twclvo hours, and the whole
number of saws, when in operation tarn
out oqe hundred thousand feet in the same
time. This mill is impelled by steam, has
two Engines, and three, boilors forty -four
feel in length, to. each, engine. Ibis is
the largest and most extensive establish
ment of the kind in the Territory, but, Is
speedily to be fyllowod by simtlar ones. ,
also noticed near Stillwater, some twonty
or thirty thrifty lookins rounir apple trots.
with apulos hanging on thorn as large as
a partndge egg, which will evidently grow
to creat size and mature in due season
These are the only apple trees! have seen
bearing in tho Territory,. thougb. several
fine and flourishing nurseries are located
at different points, which have been plant
ed within the past rear or two, none - of
the trees of which are sufficiently advan
ced to bear. I am convinced that no dif
ficulties, whatevor, will alter the successful
cultivation of all kinds of fruit in the Tern
tory.. . '" ,'1 . ' , ' '- ,
, .., , Truly. yours, , V T". 8. . S. ."
7On 'be out side will be found a
sweet little poem, inououTS, by Mrs. A.
D. Dbvexlino, of our city. Also a charm
ing story, "Ben Boll and Sweet Alice,"
with nnmeious other interesting items.
ConvUtioni unJor the Liquor Zai. At
the July Session of the Probate Court which
Terminated on Tuesday evening. James M.
Gorman of this city, was arraigned and
tried by a Jury "for selling intoxicating
iquors to be drank upon the premises
where sold" and found guiltyr'His JIoo-
or Jtioge ouaw scntencoa mm o pj
of $30 and costs and to ba imprisioncd In
tho Jail of the county 20 days. He was
accordingly Jsont up. ::' ''
Andrew W.Levingston, a grooery keep
er upon Broadway, near tho Riilway, was
arraigned "for kcrp'm? Grocery of pub
lie resort where intoxicating r liquors are
sold In yiolationr of Law," tried by a Jury,
found guilty and sentenced to pay a" fine
of $7S aiid costs, an 1 to be impvisonod 3o
days, j An jDrdr has also, been , issued to
shut rip and ab-He the Grocery as a nuf
saneo. - : ' -r".'," '.''" ' ''--'
YT" Weioarn that several other pit-ties have
been arrested uprm similar charges, and
will have a preliminary examination early
in the coming week.,- -. -''''
-1 r - . ... , . '- ''
; Cincinnati, WuitxciTos ; axp .Zasks.
viule Raii. Road, We understand frdm
lje energetio Saperintendeiit, Mr. S augh-
tpn, that the' comptny have now jn-ide ar
rangements by which they Will be furnished
with iron as fast bs tl)o work can progress.
We have been over tTie E wteri) end of the
work, and can safely siy that there is not a
better piece of new road in Ohio. Tue
Company still have some of their Inconie-
bouds for sale oij such terms as cannot but
prove one of tho Safest investments in the
West. ; '. .,. .- -r ; ' -
John R. Mumaugh, Esq., is the Agent
of the Company for the sale'of these bond3
in Lancaster.'"'' " . ' , , , ...I.
Vision Srliool ErxKminatlon. "
Wo are exceedingly sony,-that . our
dntles were .snob that we could not. .attend
the entire eximinatioti of these achoots.
We learn however that they passed off with
entire satisfaction to tho. visitors, teaiu-hers
and pupils, f, s' ., - r. . -.-.
The commeneement. vxt-roises in the
young ladies' department under the direct
ion if Misses Wilcox ' and. Hale ' were
truly interesting, aud we ard only sorry
that we could not get a programme of the
performances for publication.- -Many of
the young ladies exhibited a dramatic tal
ent unequalled by many high in tho pro
fession. " - i ,: - .
Teachers, ami pupils were all delighted
with the prospect of - a vacation, and w
wish them a nierrv and . joyous cessation
from their labors. ' " 1 ' "
"Will be sold on Monday morning, July
16, 1855, on the premises, 83 full Lots and
several parts of lots, known as divisions
14 and 15 in the plat of City Grave Yard.
These Lots are laid off for Family Grpunds,
are 11 feet wide by 70 feet in depth, with
wide avenues on two sides, they are cen
tral in location and are the most desirable
family lota- in the Vn$!b'sure. Persons-
wishing to secure lots should not fail to
attend, as these are the only unsold ground
u j: i It . . , -
By order of the City Council.' . j
iE. A.MCirARDS,'Marshai. ;
, Lancaster, June 3 J.'.l 855T
Sherll's gale.
Tl tt Oki,, rmrJitU Cmf r, . '
PV RNV A NTlo Urn Mnmand mfmn ordot of ait rrota
th Court r ronnMn PlnuoT FalrSald ,.
Ohio, ami to ir.-l.xi, I iH ol.i uliuablltMUat
tho Court HmtM In LanoaaMr, on SmtmrdMW ika 4tk 4w
1 M -. . . . 1-11 w... .
A. M. ttti 4 n'clork P. M., tlie followlijr nronertT,
l-wlt: The North hair r the Nortbwort Quarter erBM
lion nor. v, i owuMtip no. I J, of Kanco No. W, altnala
Miia county rairsem. Appntiat-d at $4 hi mcr.
To bo aolif jia tha pronortv of Klmm T,i. a
Greon and Jaraaa M. VnU, at 11m nit of Coraellua
Slomuod. Termaofaals caih.
WM. POTTER, Rhartft-.
By C. M. h. W18EM AN, Depot;.
Min it Sruiica, AH'ya. June 88 wH.l3
Desirable City Property (or Sale.
!) rflHATdealrable property located on Whosl-
; : u. uffwrjumomar oi nrtiaa ahov. Doing low
Jil.fool on Wheallns br ise feet on Broad Allov.
Keiionnoe contama s room; HU h.-n, Uuthounea, Ate,
with alt tho convenlencet or a fiitnilv revdenro aUo
a new snd eonrrnlonl Carpenlerli chop, Sinukc Nihik,
ntitoie, 010. iertua.rcMiiAnie. ror.rurtner panK-U'-
inrj vaqiuro ot . 1 taiit,Dtl vitJl.lvtlN
EancaM.r, JulyS, 185J 9 w- (
.;; -'' noKd Notice.
APctlllonwin b) preaentod to the' Board ofCem
mlaalonera of Hiilrflld county at their ntt aeaftloui
prayinir that ao much of the comity rond ijadinn from
tho Rock Mill te Hi Intoraectlon with the tancaiitur and
Rnyaltoo road ontlie Uuaby far in, u lloa Dulwon Uie
following polntam Bloom township In said conntv, be
Tacatod. to.wlt-. Fmm tho nioirtb of Jaeob Bollon-
baitffh's lane to the Zion Church roadand praying tbuf
a new cotnty road he laid out and eHtabll&hcd bclwcen
the rnllowiiiK poiuta, bcsriimlnf at tho mouth ot Jacob
tinii.'noaugn-a lanoi tuepco runninr nouin aiour tuo
rtoctlonlinei between the landu of a.-tid Jacob nalteii.
bauch. r'aranol C'riit. Honor Was-ncr. Aino Welilt
and Lrrl Williamson to anld Tjnncuitor and Koynltrm.
road. al the co.itr ofth landoraia Welsh andwlv
UaniAfm ins;ild BUtont tow-pship nnd thre termtnalo.
! V"
' J ; Sheriff's Kale. ,
Ttr Srttff Oki: FmirUld CmuMtm.m: '
TnRSDANTIothe command of an rdar or aale
I froni Um Court nfConaton Pleaa In aad for aaid
Connlr of Pnlrflold and to me directed. 1 will Altar .l
public aale at the Court hooae In lauicaator, on Sr-
J(imilr,.l j.lr jf. . law, between the hour
of 10 o'clock A. M. atid 4 o'clock P. M.j the fnllcwlnr
riescnoca cai cswie, 10-wiv: mtuitte In uteronnly of
FartSeld and Slate of Ohio, trains; Lot-No. S, and tha
Kilt half of IaI No. 4. In the aiib-dtflnina ,..l 1..
f. W. Hirraller, Soathenua McCabe. Kwel JcSVtea and
Charlea Borland, of lhal part of Lot No. S, la the Bank
Rub-division, adjoin I nr. Ibe Eastern adriHlon to Lan
caster, which Ilea In the triangle formed by the turn-
pite.aiM-nmii atreot ana the ctlenalon of wheoUtur
atreet. Lot No. S, appraised at S150. West half Lot
No. 4 optimised nt 930, Te be sold as the property of
Nathan Nieley ond Elsey Kialry but wife, at the suit of.
A. McVeigh. , Terma ot sale ctuh. Ordered by PI'S.
vtlbLIAM rOTTKR.BhoriB;
; ' . Br C.M.L.WIHElAa, Deputy.
Ijrhcaater, June 91 1 IMS HwTpf3 . ". ,' -
fiheriJTs Sale.
Ta S'afe OAie, Fairf.li Taaafy, .
.Probate Notice.,
TIlT OTICEla horcbt trtren to all perjona Interested
that Wartd Hllyard, Administrator of Thomas llil
yord nnd Hnlomon a!mup;lur, Kxoetitor of John Hetnig
hare filed their account and vouchors In the Probnte
Court of Fairffeld couutj, Ohio, for Inapoelion andaot
tlnmenl, and tha( the anina will ba for ocarina; on the
30lh day of Jnly, IMS, or aoon tberenf tcr as mav bo.
Julys 3w- viKtiiLB. HAW, t-roDiteJuugo.
Juno St) 38
STRAYKn frotn pustnre 'Bold
of the mthseribor, short time
since, a 11 LACK. MILCH COW.larre
horns, ail or seven years old. Any
one rotiiniina; jd Cow to tne In Lan
caster will lie liberally rownrtlod.
Craetie Duiltitpg Publlo Srjnnre, Lan-
CBbler, Ohio, -
''y-'- r---t, o. da Vis T"::r
-TJ KSPECTFUI.l.t rails iittentlon -Iri his etcolleul
J V nssortment of nrnaaj. Ceiara,' fVkip 7'nmA-r,
CarnttBttffs,Seti. His stock of Harness comprises Hilvor,
Rraiaand Black Mounted Biifr-yaDd Cnrrinfro Harneeait
also, wflfronanu rtow no an 01 wnicn raunnioe aur-
passod In tho cny, oitherin slock, worKnianntp or low
prices, , Uo baa also a trtuiiniUR shop, where x. - '
Bugat,- and Carriage Trimming, .
will bo done on short notlco In superior 'stylo, x '
LanciuUr, Juno St, ltss ly , ,.. . . .
PURSUANT to the command or an order for aale
front the Court of Common Pleaa of FairScId
county, and to" me directed, I will offer at public snlo
ntthe Court House in Lancaster. oa ttluritp tki gpift
daytfjtli A, D. 1853, botween the huunt of 10 o'clock
A; M. and'4 o'elock P. M. the fallowina; described
Real Estate to-wlt: Minnie In the County of Fair Held
and l-lowot ohioi belns; tho equal and undlTlrird hair
of li No.S.Equarc No. 4, Kant addition to the Town
of Baltimore' also, a WaterPriviltire which it used
toruu a Woolen Factory on said Lol Na. 8. Aire,
Lots No. 8 and Sin the central addition to Ibe Town ff
Holtiinoro.exroptinitssrcel oft the Poulh tide or Lot
Nn.fl. Also, one eiuul and undivided half of ail tha
Macliliiery belonglnc to the Facinry which la erected
on said Lot N0.8. The andivldud half of Lot No, 8.
square a. ssaai nerAiiiion.nnnrnrsea at sUi. WMUnri
vllent at S.VO. Lot No. 8 In oe-itral ailillilnuaon i., V
S Incentrai addition atSliO Tho undivided halfolpll
we nacuineryon, tno factory i.ot nn.n at 879. -
-toon sow as tnq property or reorre H- Houtortnd -Ruana
hia Wife, at Ibe tnlt of Edward Calkins: - - 1
uunTaao ucoiistt. Att'ya. WM. POTTER.Sherlff.
Laucastor, Juue 81,1803 Sw7pf(40 .
Sheriffs .Sale. V
. i T'. 8'" OAi, jr(rAd Ceanfy, .
J. se L. W oaver ) '''.''
" vt. . , I InParliilon.FalrflcldCom Plcts
Mnry Weaver, ft al.)
IJURKUANTlo the command of an order for sale
. from the t'onrt of Common Pleas of said ceiimy
aud tome dirocled, 1 will ottl-r nt public aale al the
Conrt HniiSL- in Lancaster, on Sa'ara'av(al4(A day
JulyA.D. lrij, belwuoii thehonraof It) o'clock A. M.
and 4 o'clock P. M. the fuliowlnir described Real ta
tnte. lo-w 1 1 : riltnate i 11 Ilia con my of Fal rlleld and Piute
01 uiiiu, iiDnj mi property or Jacob weaver, tie-
i-iii.i-u, moij 01 r-icaattm lewnsnip, to-wlt: Lol No, 1,-
uenrt; purl or c cllon Five, Towusliip Filleen, Ranfce
KieUiocn; bcirilinlnir al the NnrthnH.t ,nni ni ..i,i
Kacllon No. S; thence West on tha North boundary
oiaaui erection, 4t chains and V4 links to Hie half sec
tion comer stone on snld bnundnrr; thence fiouth on
tho hull sirtlon lino 57ihnhis and'oi links to stone
pn said half aeetinn lino, from which a (turn 14 lr. bet
indianieler bears north 3H dep. east J6 llnkadlstant
iiiuicnes ur aiamoler bears south Mik
Tuk Co-TifExTAL.:: We have reetived
the first unmoor of a new piper pliblmhcd
by J. W. MuBeiu, at Columbus, Ohio,
the editorial depirtuicnt being undt-'rlie
eharco of : A. Banning--Nprton, Eu.' It
isdeoi Judly Aiiiwii-au in tone and will lo
rood servine in the Ainmican cause. 'Iu
niechjiiiic.il exooutioo it takes tlie lead of
any pnpef iu tlioS;aU. Success Gonilu-
Corner ol Mula nnd Co. ambus Street..
18 propnrod to do all kinds of Rankin hualnrsx- llbt
connta eonrl Mm. Hnys all Uucurrent Money at
faifrhest prices. Huyarnd anils Gold n4 Stfarr. IKmls
in Ktcnungo of all Kinat. nnkes oniieciions at unj
plucjO Pays Interest on til Dtpvs iut. -And l.alsia
of whick inn.linn arrusnre wanted: and when' sold arc
rruurnntccd in evury rcsMict, to locato laud aa well aa
com.- rorins or asAiirtnnrf quo lm-niing. ami Hoy unur
inatimtin ruliiliun In. Warrsult p;ivn willlnnly to airy
ono that apiilioi. fir WjtaiA Bank Jfvtm
rdaraar. V T' w. TALLMADGE; '
L.iitcast3r, Ohio, Juna 38, 1MJ Slf (
"CIT Y7 0 X F E G T I () iVA R Y.
f-JlIlE nndirsls;ned, linvlnc; rsconlly fttted op rooms
I In Martin's row, immeillulely under Hie. Ohio
tuple Prlntlns; OHIce, and one door iinrlh or the Post
OtbVo, most respoctfully luvitn pultlie attention to
their extensive and well seleetnd stock of Cearcfta.?
artM. consisting or cnndles of Ih.'ir own manufacture,
which lliey will sull ut wholesale and re-lnll prlin-a.
I,-iioii, Ornwccs, H-x,ttainoi.iac.sj,
Flrnt Quality Calltwba U'mc nnit Alo,
Tobacco, Cigars, A.C. Ac, constunU; kept
on hand.
Wi are al lUtin'ff up in Ann st lcforalAdtea'.Mttm
Aier Saloon, the rfMitns formerl) tu-cnpled by ltr. Kind,
1 where the rcTrushmeutt nrtneeniuuwiii he 111 renrti
Inossxtallhniirs. 1IK.NLV at LAUAUAUUU.
-rJiKil 13. lP,-3No-40 t-f. ;-. v. y,
dnirs.aat 30 links distmil; thence Ka.it -halns and
71 links to s stone on the enstorn boundary line of sold
scetlmi, from which a Dinple Y4 IiicIks In diameter
bearaaonth 48dtirroa W cat 09 links distant, and
boach r34nch.ua Iu dinmctur bears north 49 docrara
west W links rilslanl; ihnnt-e North tm Snld Kertimi
lino SH Vilnius aud -.5 liuhs In the place ofbeiiiHiii c.
coiuulutno; PSAtiontl acres mnn or last, and apnraia
oil nl J7 porotro frrcof dbwer. .... .. . . r .
AUo, Lot No.9, and part of the same Section, berln
nlnral a stone on the east boundary of mid Kot tinn
So. 5, 10 chains and 68 llnka north of the anulhcart
corirorof snld suction, from which a beach SO Inrhua
in diameter boars north Sl,' deKrcea ton ; linka
dittnnt; thence North on said Sertlon line 18 tliall.a
and 8ft links to a slnns on aald section lino', from
a mnple04 mclie.. In dlamolor bears toiilh 14 v dcareea
weHMllnkedllnut; thence West 49 chains and 34
links to a stone on the half aoctlun line, whlrb Is 30
chains and ISO links Norlh of tho Quarter Hertlon cor
'"""."' boundary or aaid auction; thence
S -iO chains Afdlink. to apnstoii raid halraectinn lin...
Ilio north cit eorimf of llio lauds of .Solomon Snan
cr; Uicnco north r!)de.a;rensM!(chnhisniid 311 linka
In the place of be:liiniii. roiilalnli.a: Eight; -four
...... ....., , iviIt.uU iippraitua at W nor acre. Ire 0
or fiower.
Thoirrnwina; rni will bo reserved. The pnrcha
sera will ba t-ntilleil In put nut a full rrou ution but
groumlwntrhhusnotnowaemp onti,- . '
Also. Loi No. 5. ,,ara IS of il, twn of ajnUI
nioro, FnlrUeld eonnly, and appraised at 7, frea or
dower. , , .-.
, 7-m-, of rale One-third In hand and the residua
in 0110 aud two yaars, with Interest from day of sale.
. . . WILLIAM PorTKK 1-horlir.
''n c' -HyC.M.L. WISEMAN, Deputy.
Batsait 4s SorAtt-yt Juiuj T-5w3pf$ , ,
; "Til U.vrvk.t. -At 110 time we, bulit-vc,
wjthlii. tlid l(itory tyf. our- (.'otintry,- has tj:e
prospect of nn nhun lant yiolJ of all the
products of llie eai-lli bebti so good as at
tlie prtsont ' About one third of tho wheat
crop tins bceq vul down, and tlie'.Tarmer$
are all busy with, the; most delightful weath
er; - v ' ' "-v. '
Al.FKl-:i McVKJH- .- -. ?
x '. j Ianeutcr-'-Ohlor .' ' -
WILL vivo attention to lite pnrcnaatnaiandiolllri
of Henl Kttsto, also, a tho proi'tiiiug of .
alonsatid Itonnty Lands. ' ' - V''j '
' OFF1CK In tho HrlcR Block, nearly nppnalu
Hocklnn Vnlliry Bank. ma) 10 IKSf - .
tractfuIlT in
public hi geueriil, Hint he has much enlarged hla.
:.:' STOCK OF" CKOCKRIEN4 :. ' '
at to the varletv.- l4 hns 'nst openod Snd4infor ante
- ,s So. 1. Ulnrlterrl of the best qualily.
iiriiiJ3Also. hestPtckllna; VlHBK r,nnA
a sninilStoch ol lry Onjoda 10 suit customers
nil of which wilt be sold low for cash or appro vedcoun
Irv produce nt ma mil aland, eorner or uronn 1 1
rjlUK snWriber retpaotfitlly inform his friends and
Celebration 1 at the Ruci ouse.iWs
learn thai tlie oelubj-.ition atthollock House
yesterday,; wns ralhdr a glowing'' afruir!
N. B. Butter, Bnoir, Lard nnd Cnrri Srluul wautcaM.
Lnncnstor. sepieiiiherot. 144-
. IU1NH.N NOTICE. - . ', :,!(
I hare dlspnaod of lite Caacllu a.it'ibllslimont to
Caoaoa W. Mac Kj.auv, Kq. . All tlioao. Indebted to
There werg ovor one thousand of tho elite"! Adrortiting and job Work ar. respectfully
, - '. ' aolif lied lo settle without, delay. In in nbsoncd nc-
Of Iloujtlllg and K-S counties present- .o,nrwait.bs sctllod .Ii"Mai. LavaamV, Ksq." ':
TlieapOOCheardinQOr,. feo. were of inoati Lancaster, May 3l, ISJfc , T. s. slaughtkk-'
., . ,., , ., ,, i -i. 1 . I P. S. My tuecossor it authorlitil lo-iooelplftir all
ejtcelle.it quality while the height- of good ,b.rrtt1r:na dll0 . , fl.i P m .dr.ucc
. Probate Notiee. 'F '
N(TICK.s horofivrivon to nil persons Inlere-l.-d,
r . C 1 ?,b,',lu" Hediroa, Atlniinistmtnrnrthe Kstalo
r .J?50."; ,,,,"",'n- '" h'd in the Probst..
Court of loirlitild coiHtty.Ohio. hit accounts and vouch,
era for inspections anil aittlstnnuH and Hint wild ac
count will lie for hearing m aw itih tiny of July eoiu
Ing, aruasoontherjan.iraa mat-Int.
VIHOILK, KHAW.ProbaloJudso.
Lancatter, Juno H, IDtsIwi; ,. : , , ,
Eafnto of Aitdrcnr J. Irwin. t
T OTWKls horeliy (jiveii that Hie auhsprlher hat hern'
B nnnnlnlednild nunlltlail Admhil.tr.Ln.
slate of Andrew J. Irwin, dncnn.eil. Iuier ffi.a.i.i
cemiiy.Ohlo. JOHN LAMMOrr.Adnt'lot. ,
JuneSl, lHM 3wT. - .
f o the Crcdilers of the Fstnte of Tho runs
rfUK siibscribtrslmve boon appointed 1, llle Court
X f Pmbiilo of tlie Counlj of Fairllrld In the Stale
f Ohio, Commissionera no the Kslule . of Thomas
HnriHalt.aereniicd-renreseiiMil Insnlvsnt. Th,n.,li,il
Wludlne b'lrocls, und nearly ttppoeltr Ilia Ijcandw i"1' sis inouthj fiom thu dnte of this notice hi allowed
Ilotol. . " 1 I. ClirHCII J wrrtiitora to nnnr 111 and pnivo their claims against
feeling and hitiniity prevnili'd.
' t-iTWe have on our table several ooui
inunieations that want of room eompuls us
to lay over this week. We have also scv
arnrahonymoiiv communications tp. which
wc can pay no atlontion. To correspond
ents and all wu ray wo must- hare your
names or your letters must go. under the
table;' :J
.'. it-irWe publish ihia week two letters
from T. S. Slaughter, Eq.; giving his ob
servations in the north nnd 'west; They
will bo tend with much interest by the old
patrons of the- Quitflt. ,, .Vi. V -
-Dr. Casper Tuiptt, forineily editor of
the Ohio E igle, and lute Post Master at
this plane, and now a resident of Bello
yille, Illinois, dioppad In unori this
morning. . lie is on a visit to lils friends in
this county. ,, . . . :. -.:; k :. -,
jt3T Bj private dispatch from Cincinna
ti we luarn that the celebration of the
fourth passed off quietly and without ao-
cident or, violence of any kind.' 7e are
glad to hear it, -i "
1.. c. ntiTcir,.; . :
-arsrrfHTl.f) rospeclfully Inform ihe
. cillxeiuaf Luiuatior and vlelul
, ly, that he has opened a Shop in Mar-
Un'tKow.whoreneia propnrcti in rr-
Jnirallkinds of Watches Clocks and
owelrvwlth nentnesaand iIIhouIiIi.
.TpAtl work warrnntod to perform wall. - .
Lancaster, Juno U, 18i3olf . ' . -
" . IIOTICE. ' , . -.;
IJKRSONS haVlna; rlaltnt a;aliit t. S.-Slnnnhter,
will present the samo to Hie nndenlencd for pay-
snld Ktt. The annacribora will nttend tothedutiea
01 ineir sniu uppoiutwonf at the fnllnwins; place and
tlinesnamoljr.nl I1i Law oaire of- Ktltickcnmh and
nhaw.ln thu city of Lnncnstor, Fulrfleld Cnunty.Ohto,
rijiiim, mo izinniiti intn aavsot ja
ly. nnd the Srst Monday of each mouth thereafter, nn
tillhocxplnttlnii ofKuid nit ntonlhs, al ton o'clock tn
1110 lorenonn 01 encn orsnid rtnvs. -
Lancaeter, Jnnell, 1SS54WS ': ' '-
t u '.'v t.fat,, pjotlcei ;:."'"':Tr"
TVT-fvriCR la Iterctiy elvento all persons Interested,'
t thai Gcorii) Kandoreon. Ouardian of Joaenh Kr.
orsolov hat tiled In tha Probate Court of Fairfield
County, Ohio, his aceonnt and Touchers for Inspection
nnd settlement, aud tliatthc aaid account will ba fot
nenrliiK op llie inih day or Jnlv next, or at soon thorw
aflarattniiy ne. VIHOIL K. SHAW. ProbatoJuda-o. .'
ljineasler, Juno 14, lrjiS 3w0. ,. .'-
. Laucastor, June 14, IVii. .
" ' v NKW ClllVi
' ' ttSTtht Ohio and Mississippi Rail Road
hat been v opened from St. Louis to Tfn
.... i ..
I f:TTT. 1
miAHitieUs . ,
On the lstiu.tt. j at the rcsldenco of Mr. Webb, by the
Rev. J. M.Jemeson, Mr. JOMUPH CAKXKK and Mux
LAVlNtA CALKNillNBofLaiH-aalor. ,
Kushereek township.
-...-'".'wj Probate Notice. . , " ' -;;
NOTICKiahebyitivsn that Wcnlllnir Khnh, kiJ
niinistrntornfiha Kstntoof Mary Ann Hliuh, do
eeused.haa tiled bis nccohnt and vnncbors for Inapee.
lion and autUunieiil In the Prolinto Court of FalrSeltt
count), Ohio, nnd lhal tlio said account will bo tot,
hoarhia-on thu lttth Hny f July next, or as soon there
uCieras may he. VlKOIL B. 8HA WJrobaleJudae. i
"Lancaster, Juno 14, 1r-33-36 ' - '-
TUMT opened on Mirfn Rlreet. tierly op
poslta Belter, Kiila de Co't Dry Good
More, consisting of .r,. . - ,
; . AND . ., ... V t
J nil of Which will be anld low at wlmlesate
aud retail. Merchanta and tho public are
respectfully solicited lo call and. examine
mv atock.il 1 full and siileclrd. -
Window Glaaa alwoataU slues from 1 in 9 lip Id- M
Lancasldr.nprll IS, 1NJ ia ' ' .
fTHB anbarrtber hna removed hla estaldlaKmenl Into
I htr.Now rtooms A'trik aid Main Jrrirt.irir Kin
4 flu A. and has tilled them up In a style nnaurpasscd
lathe Wast. He hopes that the pirbltawUl appreciate
hit eibrta to ploaae aud extend 10 turn annerui psirea
are. Kvery tiling hot been done that eonld be done to
ensure aneeoaalnvery dupartrnent nfbe art. and hit
plcturraeannot basurpaaaed..,. V.M.GHlKWOLtl.--N.
H.PcriMinswIsriliia to laarn tlie trl will haregrot
farltltlcj. fordtnt ao hora. . ' ' ''
Hours rroai (o'clock A.M. nntllSq'clork wjH....:
Lanrasttr, Norantbor l, 1H0.S JB ' .',
A5TKD Immediately 9000 bushale of COBS In
V V -the ear. tor walca. cash will be paid delivery
On the 3rd Insl., by tho aame, at hla residence, Mr. 1 ..".iT, L,Catler Uetiot of tha C. W. d X. Ball Boad ,
JOHN PULLKK and Mitt ALM1HA -HUSNU all of , " Wncaawr Apoi, ot in. 1,. AKp WATT8.
Estate of Lonis Vn Ilodcn. : , ,
"VTOTICK Is heroby given, mat 111 subscriber hat
ill been duly appoititod Kxoentrlx of tha laal Will
and Testament of Louia Von Hodon, deceased, late of
Fairfield comity, Ohio, and that all persons Indebted
Iq aald Estate aro reqnired to make prompt payment
to her. anil all persons having clnlmsngftlnat said Ka
tnltare required lo pre-sonl them duly autbenticated
for paiBienU, KLIZA VON ROUEN. Executrix. .
-of Loula Von Jtoden.
Messrs. Braaee ot flern of Lancaster, are aiy awrnts
snd ttirnes, who will transact ray businesses Kx
arntnraa above.. - HL1ZA VON KOUBN.
Csln?tl89-a- ?J - i'- - "
170TICIf -ht 'horebr arlren that Jesse Mlddlelnn
Administrator of Thomas Harmon- alao NtephoN
fl)land,enardlav of Mary W. lhmon,hnve Died their
account and. voucher in the Probuto Court of Fair
field County, Ohio, for Inspection and settlement, and)
that the tame wilt como- oafor bearlnic on tho 11th
dayof July, A. 1). IMS, or as soon thereaftera may
be. -.. V1BG1L F.. SUAW, Probato Judge.
WILL tell lax No. '5 la Carpenter's Addllloa to
:ily of Lancaster, belli tho Lot directly onnn-
thd residence of William M. Kinkead. Kso.
This 1.01 la larito and oligibly located, beina; one of
the corner-Lots In the orurinal Carpenter Plat and
tttnatea on the Southvrost corner of Windlna and Per
ry Htrects, near Ihe C. W. 01 1. R, K. Depot, Term
easy and litlu warrantod. Enqulro of
, . ,0 - -. " UBb J jcnsu.i or '
... Gf.ORG at W. MACKLHOY. ,.
Martin's Row. two doort South of Post Olllco.
1 Lancaster, Muy 17, 1855 S ... ... . ..- -. , -: -1
t m,i !. a uu9!itr
Tfr'Mr. atiiaar ireiguv gan win mom ou jw,
On th4th Inst., br the aame. at- tha rcsldone of Dr.
M. Z. Kraldar. Mr. KUMUNU C. RHKIUKK and Alia.' a. ' '.--
MARY A. GATES, bolhof Ihltclty. . r""" - rr. J
WowllUoryoonfrleda lonellfo of nnallowod ; CURNITURE WARtnOUlVlO.
aappinea;-may tnay rcmiiao aiiiua awootoi nsiruaiii
ay without any of It bltur trials. ; , . - - ,1
. That oak waeladeed doltelowa, sad ear devils unant
haaaly prayed that the may alwaya b remain be rod
ubountifully. ". . ' " ' ' '. '
On tbtsardof Jone.lrUS.in Uthopnllt.Palrfleld coun
ty, OI110, Mrs. CATHARINE DUN 8AUGU, formerly
the .wlfeof John bachar.agod J yrt. -
- We miss her. yes we atls hT.' v. - ,t
.Notoniruo can tell how much, , t .- , .
But God he thought it bda
To take her home to bo at rest. E.C.
Main atreot. Ond door East o( Cry Hotel,
I tonco-icf, Muy 3, If oi W
' .-) D. kJ fisiielt. ft-ii
nAVlNOrtnmado ta. -rlly and rertd alarjre
buUdlng In the rear of Ihe brtek honae, ea the
.r.mt Brtti and CketmU mn.tfr"rl
tki Jlmrktt !, Intend mtaiiiactUTlns apoa a
6 - of Cabinet Pnrnltiire, BedsteadtP"
Vinnd Chair. Which ha will keep I f
Ml.lmi on hand, toa-ethor with a V
larfr aaaortment M Cincinnati nrannfacturo. Hu Iowa;
oxperlenco In tho business will enable him to havo
manufactured at homo and Imparled front abroad tho
very beat of work, and a be Intends to employ none
but the most skillful workmen and use the best mate
rials, ho Setters hlmaalf that ba will s-lve general
tisfactlon to all who mav favor hint with thoir custom.
- The nubile ore Invited to call and Sxaaulne the at-
tnrtmeut. Tne oatraoao to tbe rooms la npnn Broad
t.... , . IVK. FISHF.L.
N: H. tepalrlnf doao fin the' shortest notice, and la
tho naatoat ana mow work enann ire mat
tensopablc. , . Laneasl
:---A CARD, '
IMPERFECT health haalcopt me from
my office part of tha time for Soma
niontha, I Kara gained my former
Mrenrth and will not hereafter ba abr
tent from my room during biitineahour. , 1
1 FllliagTAioth receives my special attention, I giro
eortiaed guarantee for all my gold DlllDgtto he atTee
tlve during Uie lives of the parlies. lam able after
near --II years attention V tha Teeth to give every per
son tha most positive assurance that they can T0
ery Tooth by tlmolv and frennent attention,
t OFP1CK swing- Brtek, on the Hill. H. SCOTTs :
ITTFor those who have tho TOOTH-ACHE and .
ertll onthave them oxlrocted, I bava a remedy that
seldom-fll to giro rellof. Also. Tooth Powdera,
Brashoa.&e. . '. , . , . H. SCOTT..
(kanaaatar,Jeombert, 185431 - '"; "
iioiUceopathist;" ". -
FF1C hi Tallmadga Block, Mala 8traot,Uaa
uir.nbln,. ....-. -.. j .'1 '
Prof. C, D. William, M. I. i cUvoland.-, X
-V H. P. fi.lckell U. D.i VtaaauA -i
manner. Chsrrvv ,- .'A, o. Blair, M. pflolnmbu,,, . ; ,4-:
rwasior, May 90. I " Jt. 11. Pulh), W.-Ti Cla.lnnali. f aptil t '
...v.J V-J' . : V't-j'ii-. . ,.'.-'' -"-''.' '

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