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De Lancaster 0tik
Thar Jay IfforalUB. Jnlj- 6,. 1833
.. , . notice.
IIyinj purchased of Thoi; S. Slaugli
tar.lhe. etuir GasoU Establishment, with
all unsatllod 'subscription nd advertising
not out oo tfie first of May last, a, goner
ill settlement becomes desirable,, previous
to Mr. Slaughter's & nal removal vest.
"Via hope ourpatrons will act according
iy. ,V; :' ' O. W. MacEtRor.
t. .V'.' PARTY OF Q1I10 ' ;
T. Tie unlimited freedom of Religion
disconnected with politics Hostility, to
Auelesiastical influences upon the affairs of
Government Equality of rights to nil
naturalised EmigranU who are thoroughly
Americunited, aud owe no temporal allo
gianre, by reason of their religion, higher
. Ahan that to. the Constitution. ,
- 2. No interference with the frights of
citiienship already acquired by Foreign.,
ers, and the protection of law to all who
iionostly einigrate from love of liberty; but
the exclusion of foreign paupers ami fel
ons, and a refusal lo extend ths right of suf
frage to all who come hereafter, until they
hall have resided 81 years In the United
States and complied Willi the Naturaliza
tion Laws. f ..' , "'
. 3. Opposition to all. political . organiza
tionscomposedcaiiyoifurine,,orf to foreign , Military Companiee, and to all
attempti to exclude the Bible from School
supported by the Oovtrntnent. -
-' 4. Slavery is local not national: we
oppose its extension in any ; of our terri
toriea, and. the increase of its political pow
er by tho admission into the Union of any
Slave State or otherwise; and wo domand
of the General Government an immediate
redress of the great wrongs which have
been inaicted ubon the cause ot I rceuom
and the American character by the repeal
m .1 . arr : H : 11... -
ui tut mi::iuuri vuihm uhiitj, ouu mv in
troduction ofSlavery into Kansas in viola
tion of law, by fxiroo of arms, nnd the de
stiictfon of the eloctive fisncliise.
5. In humble imitation of thewisdomof
Vasliington', we oppose all' intervention in
tho affairs of Foreign States ;jet on all prop
er occasions, we will not withhold onr
sympathy from any people aspiiingto be
fiee. ' .;" " '" " '.. '
6.- WVnupport Amtiuan Industry and
genius against the adverso policy ' f For
f sn nations unci fai'i'itics to internal and
extornal commuroe by lha Improvement of
jlivers ana Harbors and- the construction
of National Roads nniung the various scc;
tiorn of the Union. - ' '' .'
i ' "7.- Tu Union of these Statu should U
made perpetual by a faithful, allegiance to
the Vnntititwn. ,'.'-' ,' : .' ,J-
r 8. InSttte poliny we zealously advocate
Retrenchment and Reform a modification
of the present oppressive sytom af Taxa
tion and a libernl system of Public Schools.
Celebration of I lie Fourth. .
' YestorJ.-iy '. morning, at an .early hour
onr ciiizms ward aroused by the si mutt a
pou ringing of every bell in the ., city
which was followed by a, national snlu'.e at
minri.se by our Artillery boys. The morn
ing w delightful, and beforo eiy;ht o'clock
tlits 'wiioU city wis alive with jyou fitces,
alMo!tn.l,.for their different points of cete-
brYi'in.- -- At tho:Rtil 'It ml ' station we
.founl the largest crowj, : all '.Ofijur'to ob-
t ii:i an. early seat for the Grand Pits Nits, al
Bremen. The'oung Amencns,", also,
wjrc out in full reilia." boitrt I fof ' the
K title Hills.'; At half past eight unJr the
admirablearrnnfremcntsqf Messrs. Stoojh
. .-. - - '
ton snd Milliner, with ix cat loads of Lv
dioi an ) Gjitttamerj, lasses, an J la U,' we
tarlcd for B.urruiK Tlie wliolii Tina of
the roiJ wis grcetej by the inhabitants of
the beautiful valley through which the road
runs. We found on arriving some thoa
Siin l persons to wolaomo u vwheti all re
p UreJ to a beafttjful grove south of town-
At 11 o'clock we wore joined by a large
tt umber of our- friends from Washington,
Ciroksvillo &c. when the exercises .of the
d.ty commm ioJ. , .-AfttJr a . few prefatory
remirls,'1Cv)h McVBigh real the Doclara
tlon of Independeiioe.' C. D. Martin then
give ui briof an I ploq'tint oration, and
was followed by" Mr. Briggv of Washing
ton, who bacann quite the Lion of the day.
His address was much admired by all pres
ent i After the ceremonies all partook of
a rich repast prepared by the Ladies of the
day.' ' On the ground we had the pleasure
of meotiny Broi Nilcs of the Circleville
Watchman, Penrce - of the Washington
liegister, our gooj natnrcd friendT R issell,
of the Clinton Uepublioan, all of whom ap
peared fully' toenjoy themselves. 3 The
t iri .,1 kl. i.' i r..u
UAitB9, wuu vraas kiioiii, wci Q uuv III lull
numbers; those from Fayette rivaling our
own in beauty, grace and hilariljr.w All re
fumed to town by 3 o'clock highly pleased',
nur it asiinigiun loins remaining wiiu us
about an hour and "a half. The VYourig
Americas" returnflil, late jn the afternoon
highly pleased, with songs tp greet n's.'''
They report a good time, and wo are sorry
we cannot ssy as much for our Bremen
cdlobration, not one drop -of liquor on bo
. . .1 . -k t. ' . . . m . .... ia .
grounds, i .Aicogemor tm lourtu win . pe
long remembered.
. tST Blackwood for ?une."is.'C received,
fromLsonard Scott Si Ci.,,tho enterprit
ing publishers. , This is a, valuable, and
interesting number, as the following"- table
of contents will indicate: "The Rev, Chas.
Kingsley ;-"'Alnnd, the Baltic "in 1 Uii"
"Zaidee, a Romance, ' part., Yth;" J'Onoe
Upon a Time' I.VNotes oa Canada and the
Northwestern States of America;' '.'Span
ish Intolerance and Insolvency;" "The
Palmerston Administration;' Tha Story
of the Campaign, written in a Tent in the
Crimea, "pari 7th.'' " : ' J ' -
Every article 7is of special interest, and
will be read with" pleasure and profit.
Blackwood caa be bad for 83 per year, or
the four British Quarterlieg and Blackwood
for 910. Address Leonard ScottW'df ' CoU(
79'FqrtoVstfcct, ?r. y.-;. "";:" v
Highly interesting Xtwt from the Crimea--'
J'he Reported Capture of the Mamtlon
by the French Confirmed Operations of
the Ami e leets in the Sea of Azof -Ds
iline in Dreadstufs Cotton Dull-Tke
Money Market aeier The British
Funds Steady. T '
Nayr York, June 28 The steamer Bal
tic, with advices from London and Liver
pool to Saturday the 16th inst., Lns arrived
at this port. The intelligence which she
brings from the Crimea is jniportant and
interesting. ; . . . , . -
CoXMKRtiAL ktbllioencb. rLivcrpool
Markets. Millignn it Evans report, the
Cotton Market dull, jvith a gieat falling off
in the speculative demand, but prices not
lower,, and the market closed steady at the
Suotalions of the previous week. The sales
Hrin the week were only 37,000 bales,
of whieb speculators took 17,000 bales" and
exporters 9.000 do. The atock of all
kinds was (49,000 bales, of which 361,
000 bales were American.- . r
The weather throughout tho British isles
was more favorable, and the prospects of
the growing crops more Auspicious; conse
quent upon whiuli Breadstuff had gener
ally and considerably declined. Wheal
was 4d $3 bushel lower; Flour 2 p bbl,
and Corn H qr. lower; the market clos
ing dull and heavy, with only a limited de
mand. ..... . V:. ..
' The genera features of the mnrket for
Provisions remained unchanged, in every
essential particular. A moderate demand
existed for Beef and Pork at the quotations
by . the lust steamer.-. Bacon sold to a fair
extent at steady rates. Lard was quiet,
but not lower. . . , ; '..V ,
4 London MiREET.-Baring Brothers' Lon
don. Circular reports Sugar lower, but the
market closing steady at thedocline. Welsh
Rails 7, on board in Wales, and the mar
ket steady. Scotch Pig 76s, on the Clyde.
The Bank of England had - reduced tho
rales of discount to 3l,owing'toan increas
ing supply of capital being forced on the
market outside. (Jonsols, - tor money,
closed at 911. , t., .v , ." '
GgKERAb Intkllijenck. The news by
this arrival from the scat of war, though
not of a startling nature, is, 'nevetheluss,
important and highly interesting. Sebas
topol 1ms no! been taken up To the latest
dates, but the allied forces were steadily
gaining on the Russians. ' " '
The-capture of the Mamelon by the
French, as was reported just beforo the A
sia sailed for Halifax, is fully confirmed by
this arrival. The. affair was at once des
perate, brilliant nnd , decisive; sixty-two
guns and five hundred prisoners were taken
by the French'. . The Allied fleet, in the
sea of Azof have-achieved further victor
ies." Z igdracy and other places had boen
bombarded and taken. ; ,
. The BaKio arrived at 1 o'clock this cior-
" - ' - ' . . :
' The details of the capture or Mamelon
and White towns by the French, hud been
telegraphed in full, and published in the
French and English pnpers. The contest
was most sanguinary; five thousand were
killed and wounded, in the, engagement.
This new position enables the French to
shell the Russian shipping in the harbor.
Simultaneous with the capture of these
works, the English stormed nnd took the
Riflemen's work",- iii - the - quarries,' and
lost tivo hundred in killed and wounded.
Since these engagements tho firing has
bcoit slack. ,. ." ... . i ' ' , ,
In the sen of -Azof the fl.'et his. been
active and successful, tho stores at Tagan
roy, M'iriiipol and Seliitsvhi, hnvo becu all
taken arid destroyed, and , at the latest ad
vices, an expedition was fitting out against
Perekop. it is 'reported that the Russians
have evacuated An.issH. There is no fur
ther news of importance fromTchornaya or
the. Balii--. .
' Gi'n. Lanvira, theyonngcr died of Chol
cri at nlnkhiva. ."
Br shameful occurrence in the Baltic
in which the Russians fired upon-' a boat
bearing a flag of ti uee, 21 sailors an 3 offi
cers wore killed , " ' .
, Private letters from. Kirtseh give fear
ful accounts of the sufferings of the . Rus
sian army, both from wounds and sick
ness. ' ' : . , ' - .
'" It Is stated that the Russians have suc
ceeded iti establishing communication with
Sebastopol, independent of the road from
PereWop, byonslructing a bridge of boats
across the Lovisht. ... , ....
The British , ship Shamrock, - ladened
with a cargo of copper, valued at " 200,
000, foundered at sea, and was lost. A
dispatch from Dantzic, dated June Hih,
says that the Vulture had arrived at that
port, with dispatches; she left tho fleet an
olkored off Cronstadt, nothing . of impor
tance had been done.' ' , ."":.
The Emperor of Austria arrived at Cra
cow on the 13th inst. ; -
Th Crimea correspondence of the Lon
don Press, is down to the 4th inst;
-x The weather was excessively hot in the
Crimea; and all accounts agree that there
was a vast amount of disease and despon
dency in the garrisoR of Sevastopol, arid
that the Russians were being swept off by
sickness at a fearful rate. ---
The Funds closed Saturday rathel- dull.
The discount houses in London gsve no
tice of a reduction of rates oh call loans.-,
.It was hoped that furthor advices from
the United States would stimulate the pre
vailing tendency, towards confidence in
manufactures. -- ... , - t -
Official dispotches'from Pelissier Recep
(ion of js-President Fillinore-Furthcr
i nctos from the Crimed.: ,: . ,
. From the Cleveland Morninc Emress.
of yesterday, for which we are indebted to
Mr. tttibone of the C, U. fe D. R. R.,
weobtaihed the following additional Euro
pean news, telegraphed to that paper from
New York, viz T . . - , ? '''-"'
. The steamer Argo arrived at Liverpool
on the 15th.- v . . ' '
Strazehan, & Co. Bankers of London,
and Hastford & Co-, of London, Navy a
gente", failed. ; The former for half a mil
lion of pounds sterling. ""'. . :.''., . '.v '.. .
Emolid.- Ex-President Fillmore is
quite asion," He has been presented to
theJQueen:',:1.;"". " .' .'.,..,
Parliament was engaged in discussing
the decimal curronoy question. . .
More re form 'meetings had been helJ.
Frabcb. It has been officially announc
ed that the Empress is encients.-' . 7 ",
.... The Duke.- Constantine . has: been ' ap
pointed Regent of Russia, in the event of
Alexander's decease,. ' - V - . '".
,Th Russians were about to bnild a, rail
road through the Isthmus of Perekop. '
' -Admiral Boxer ia ddad. -and has been
succJcdfld,bj:;Adaiial Frocnutatle.; .; ', '
ine viceroy ot Etrvnt is enrolling fl oan
r T.nnr?nn n.. v.,- i..(... ;. ... .in
il.. i t.. ii '
u viiv im n r in j wui oo re
duced to 100,000 men. .
fheCirlist insurreotioa in Spain was
aachceked. . . .
An important element of victory to the
Alliesis, that the French army, from its
new position, can reach the ships in the
harbor of Sevastopol. ' . ,
Furthor success has been achieved, in
the Sua of Azof, where the combined fleets
attacked and dustroyed the stores of Fa
ransoiran and MarinuDe. '.'
A boat expedition to be conveyed to
Biuiiiu-r waier, is lining outat 1'orUnioutli.
wi-im.-iion supposea to us I'erekop.
The Russians, is . reported. Lavs evacu
ated the whole of their Circassian possessions-
" 1 '
June 8th. The Enirlish fleat . eonaixtirxr
of sixteen line of battle ships, including
three Frenob, was anchored at Cronstadt,
formings line across from shore to shore, r
Admiral Dundua las gone in very close
with the suryeyinz steamer and afterwards
with a boat, but was not molested by the
ihU39inn9. .....
Admiral Barnes of llie Encrlish sauadron
anchored in the Great Bell on the 13th ult.
Mr. Fillmore was presented fo Ouaon
Victoria by Hie Earl of Clarenden, at an
audience, and subsequently presented at a
drawing roortK Mr. Buchanan accompa
nied him.; Mr, Fillmore afterwards dined
with tho Queen.' . J , ' ' -.
SPAW.-The Government ascertains that
the Carlistinsurreotion is put down. There
are indications to the contrary. , , .' ,
Fcdthkr ur thi Baltic: The Arabia
arrived out at Cowcs on the 16th. i .
The following offioial dispatches from
Pelissiei- give accouut of the operations bo
fore Sevastopol. . , - .' - ' .
Juno 7.-At 6,30 P, M. our signals were
given, and soon afterward our flar-s float
ed over Mamelon port, arid over two rer
oouDlsm Varoning bay., .The artillery of
the enemy fell into our hands. We have
taken 400 prisoners. Our legions occupy
the conquered works on this side. ; Our
allies, with their equal resolution, carried
the works on thi quarry and established
themselves there.
All the troops showed the most admira
ble devotion and intrepidity. ...
June 10.r-The combat of June 7 th was
more advantageous for us, than at first an
nounced. It placed in our hands 602 pris
oners, of which number 20 were officers,
nnd 73 pieces of cannon.
June 11. We are congratulating our
selves on the new works. - We have been
able to fire with the Russian mortars oo
their ships, which have gone still further
over. .
Tho fortress of Anapa was abandoned by
its garrison June 6th, nnd it is now occu
pied by the Circassinns.- " ,-.
The boat was excessive in the esmp.
O.-n.- Pelisser was forming a depot on
the Tvhernaay.f o . '
. Account! from Varna . montion the ru
mor that preparations for an expedition a
gainst Perekop were being made,
Prince GortchakofT . telegraphs to St.
Petersburgh on the 8th. of June, thus:
After two days of heavy bombardment,
the French divisions attacked the Re
doubtn, No. 7, at C o'clock . last night nnd
occupiod the reboubts of. K-msohatka,
Si.donghengski and Bislion No. 1. Our
troops retook the Kimsehatka redoubt.'but
the rench poured in the fresh reserveand
took it once.raore. .-.We. finally, regained
mastery of the battery, the French hol
ding a lodgment wkero we hope to drive
them. ' '.' "" '' ' ' ;.'.
Our soldiura fought aikniinhly. In
proof of which I may state that the ene
my's loss exceeds ours. lie has lost 2.6J0
men, and we have taken 275 men and of
ficer prisoners, as well as two French c.-in-noii.,
- ... . . - -. ',.. - ; - .
The French Admirality makes public the
following: Capt. Lyons -of the Miranda,
and Capt. Sedages rep irt that naval, opera
tions against Fagnannogo Mahipoul. nnd
Ghink, which took place on the 3.1, 5 h,
and 6th of June, have perfectly -succeeded.
The public buildings, . among which are
government mngnzincS of provisions, have
oeoii DurneJ. . I uo operations were con
ducted with vigor nnd, rapidity. The al
lies having only ono man wounded, al
though opposed by 3,500 soldiers at Fanag
noga. ; ' ' ' . , . - '
An extensive-boat expedition is being
fitted out at Portsmouth for service in the
shallow, waters-in the sea of Azoff. . ,.
The Russians are about to build n Rail
road through the Isthmus of Perekop.
' Italy; The King of Sardinia i about
to proceed to London, to negotiate for the
hand of the English Princess Royal. An
attempt to assassinate . Cardinal Antonelli
failed the assassin was arrested.
New Y ork, June 28.--The Paris cor
respondent of the Commercial Advertiser
says the case against Horaoe Greely bad
not. been finally settled to allow time for
obtaining evidence from New York. ;1"-
Operations "t in thh Sea of Azof.
The dispatches of the allied commanders,
detailing the operations in the Sea of Azoff
are published, but contain hotliinir materi
al not hitherto made known. ' .'.'
Admiral Braat sends a dispatch to "A his
government, in which he relates tliat ex
plosive machines were sunk by the Rus
sians in the Straits, but were not fired. ", '
Redschid Pasha s dispatch contains noth
ing additional. ' : ". . '''
Other dispatches aro to band,, from the
officers commanding ther various - ships
that took part in the actions; nnd in a .let
ter from Admiral Lyons, the following im
portant passage occurrs: . . .; ;
Sir George Brown confidently expects
that by tho 7th, instant Yenikale will be in
such a state of defence as fully to justify
his leaving it in charge of Ottoman troops
how there, under command of Iladji .Res
chid Pacha, and that the British and French
forces will be at liberty to proceed to the
attack of Anapa and Soudjak Kaleh, in or
der to drive the enemy outof his last holds
on the eoast of Circsssia, ' . -.. . .
Telegrnphip accounts state that the Rus
sians have already abandoned Anapa, and
are supposed to have crossed the Kouban.
This requires conOrmation. - i . -. :
E.atas( Irani 'the PIIb.
'- StLoot, June 28. We 'have advices
from NWMexico, to May 30tli:-i . j
On the 29th of April. Col Fontleroy
attacked a camp of Utah '. Indians twenty
miles north of tke French pass, and killed
forty of them, took . twenty-four of ihem
prisoners and captured tho camp of equip
page, together with horses, sheep, and
provisions.' : On the day after he attacked
a eaiop of twenty-five Utahs and killed and
wounded si "and took the rest .prisoners;
aniong-the latter is the chief.;1, ; .',
I Thi Vivi tm t.i
t. it j . ' ' '
" ' a' Wnerally admitud. even bv
, tlifl JJomoratiu TisOora Uumul.., (..
j ...... . , , -( wln
(thecausof the defe:rt of the American iar-
t. :- -!... . . ' -
7 m irgmia, w owing to the rita voce
manner of vo:iag. On thi subject the
Baltimore American lias the following cx-
cellent article:
I he " excess
ssive joy or the Democracy
riumph in Virginia has made
imonfy frank in aekoowledrinz
over thir trium
them uncommon
lh causes that lea lo thmr victory, and
prominent among thene they have placed
the viva voca system of Vo.inj. whiuli t
one of the peculiar features of Virginia.
Mr. Wise himself has acknowledged that to
its existence ho was indebted as one of the
causes of his victory. The acknowledge
ment, it appear to us, has in it the essence
of a reproach to the peoplo of Vinriuia.
which if coming from the other side
would hare been met with the most indig
nant remonstrances. Il is an admission
that at least some of the voters of the S ale
had changed their sentiments but not their
votes, because tbey could not do the latter
without an exposure which they had not ',
the moral courago to meet that, however j
willing they might have been to recant
former political opinions, thev feared the
open exhibition of a desertion of their par- j
iy, um rcproacn oi UK-ir iriends, and the
personal enmitv that mifriit be enrri.nHpr.
cd against them.. Whether a victory which
confessedly embodied such an clement of
success is credible to the people of the
State, we leive others to decide as their
taste may dictate, but the viva vote is a
voslage of aristocratical bondnge, and
unworthy a Slate so professedly democrat
ic as Virginia admits of no doubt. It is
tho manacle with which the Drivileired
classes of Engla.id control and direct the
shadow or suffrage that is allowed to the
poor man there. Bv it he votes directly
under the eye of his landlord or employer,
who holds over ' him the consequence of
disobedionce in loss of favor, Bnd the pen
allies' which the arbitrary distinctions of
society will enable him lo inflict. To a
lesser degree, we have no doubt the system
subject to abuse in Virginia, and that Mr.
Wise has by no means overrated its influ
ence in keeping the State true to her an
cient political dogmas. The true liberty
of suffrage imppratively requires that the
ballot should be secret, and the federal
Constitution and the States generally have
recognized that truth by maintaining it as
the republican mode of vote. The voter
should be permitted toexercise his right of
suffrage unimpeded by any influence that
can in the slightest manner hamperhis per:
feet freedom of action, and that ean only,
be secured by permitting him, if he so
chooses, to make his vote a secret known
only to himself and his Creator. -
o.lmcricaa D-m:rai.i
W. S. Beatt Esq., issued yesterday the
first number of his new paper, tho "Amer
ican Democrat" is a neat and well arrang
ed paper intended webefieve toad voeatc the
doctrines andprinciples of the American
Democracy. We mnke a few extracts
from his Salutatory.
"In these days of political huxtering,
when tho halls of our National and S'.ate
Legislature are not free from the taint of
bribery and corruption, I deem it important
particularly in this locality, that pressess
should be established and sustained that
can neither be approached or purchased by
truckling politicians.
U is hardly nei-e'Siry lo say that the
AuwrL-an Democrat will be devoted lo the
best interests of the community in . which
it circulates.. Your interests are ours ind
whatever willcontiibute to your wellbeincr
we shall advocate not only ns a matter of
July, but also of interest We shall nev
er quit our ojin, to stand a foreign soil.
He further adds:
I sliall never cngnge in any system of in
tolerance nnd bigotry upon account of re
ligion or birth, yet I ahull feel it a privi
edge as well as a duty to speak of tho bear
ing Catholic church inflnenco is capable
of exercising upon our republican, institu
tions, particularly in the hands of dem.t
goguoa. '.
' Our columns shall never bo tainted with
old Fogyism or lag behind the spirits of the
age, but shall be found ready at all times
to defend that liberal spirit which has ev
er characterized the American peoplo."
Mr. Bealy has made a neat commence
ment, and wo wish bin abundant success.
JT3rIlear what the Sag Nicht organs
say: , ,J'..'."v v ':
'Or with their Heads! We are grat
ified to learn from Washington that thirty
clerks in the departments, who have affili
ated with Americanism, have received no
tice of dismissal on the 1st of July. That
is: right; no member of that infamous or
ganization should expect or be allowed to
hold office under a -Democratic Adminis
tration. The departments at Washington
have been full of them, and it is high timo
they were weeded out." Sag Xicht Orr
. The infamous Tories, in llioir eagerness
for the spoils of office, are speaking' out
the true sentiments of their hearts. Any
thing American don't suit them. If it
would ensure .them fat offices, these harp
ies would.no doubt, exult even 'should
British bayonols rule id our beloved coun-
. ' "Futore Price of Land warrants.
Thompson'! Reporter says:--Those who
intend to speculate in Land Warrants be
gin to grow anxious about' the price at va
rious future dates hence we have many
inquiries on the subject. ' ' i j - -.
To the best of our foresight and be
lief, we shall buy them at the following
prices:.. . ... - .... -
. ,-.'. . .. - .. ..'-. Per Acre.
From now to July, ' , ' - .'91,00
August and September, ', " ' 8590
October and November, 70 80
When winter sets in, thoy vvilt fall to the
vicinity of 60. cents per rcre. In the
Summer aud Autumn of 1866, should the
Money Market be easy, they will again ad-j
vance to say, 65(3)70 cents per aore, but in
the following Winter the market will again
be overstocked and they will fall even be
low. 60 nents, Those who .wish to pur
chase Warrants at the lowest point, should
have an eye on January, February, and
March, 1857. .
P. S. There is an active demand for
Land Warrants; and we have advanced the
price, we are now ouyintf at
01 63 for 160 Acre Warrant.
. 821 for 80 . " ., , . ,; ,
, Hfor 10 " - -' 1 :
CtrtclU mtttlf if Mrt
All Klte Brmurlioi a4 OMD.uk.
Slat Hlnrt H.nb.
IK'PI U fUtt Mai
W Pr Hut.
All Kad. ftflvi-nt hk,. M.
I hi. ui. VIII llli: tv I
MISKOL'UI. . lliu..,.iu.....
BulttM,b law
l'nl.Mrilra4 la fwrnnvi of Will, or fx lepo.il
"" -'''notlnali.,, t,.. thaa lo. wiM 1.5 tlaaa.
ul II,,. Hlal -.pw), W.M.ra uotar, him .
rual Vn f..rrolnMiiolal,..irt.
w ri.iiii,gai 1 y, f c pr.mlam. ,
Ktrbanir "I . . "
Pullo.li.a rale, mt Iol...u .ii.4 .. a..
r"rtuijf aaui. roriolmaiu eerii
j loamnuun f one tunr 7
If Orpoi.id-lnOi,trol)'.lr aiaIe i.fir.i,.
a .,. M ju ibiu,mi.i..i. ..a 11.. 1! .. -
aualiaiU whiiuHa (toiaanUa. "
VmciHtrr Markeis.
Gazbtt Ofnoe. Jnlr . I8o5. Oar
quiHktions thi morning are as fullows:.
wheat. 1,63. Flour, 9,00 per barrel;
Corn, CO; Bye. 00: Oats. 35ct: Clover-
seed 6,50: Tiui'rthv sped. ."54 on- P,.r.
toes, CO, Flax 'seed. t-al.OO; But
ter, 12al6c; Ejl's, C eents. Salt. 2.37
Beans, 2.00; Soaps, 6gCc: Co.'f.'e,
ISAalOc; Tea, SXalOO: Molasse-s. 40
Su-jar, 7l-i3c. Whits Fish 12D..1!
barrel; Pi.-kerel 10.00 lo 12.CO: Ri.aCUO
Vinegar, I8a25 cent.; Tobacco. 2.0a3it;
Hay. 7.00aO,00. Tallow 10 per brl.
W hisky. 37.;. Wool 20k33c." .
Cinrinniti nrkct. .
Ciscrx-fATi, July 3 Flour There was
a moderate demand for Flour to-dny, with
sales of 329 brl in lots at S3.5'); 100 do.
at 88.25; and 63 brls Rye at 97.43. ' R-,.
ceived during the last 24.li hours, 258
brls flour.
Provisions Nothing transpired to-dar
. r .i... .....
in mij ariicm. itinrKCl iiuiei urr. urra.
Whiskey The market is Stead V tO-dsv
a itti a demand nbnut equal to tlu supplv
Silcs of 733 brls from river, ,-anal and rail -
Wav at 31 1c, and from Wagons at 31 5i-.
pilf.BM A irwi j;. , o ti
nieese a snieot lUUboXisat Be. The .
demand is equal to the surpiv. -
urouories i ne aeminu lor rjiigar is
moderate, and prices continue vcrv firm!
n . oni i -.- ; .
a 6 J7c for common and prime. Cof-
tee is stcnay. tut tlie sales an- few and un
important. Holders ask 3Co for molasses,
but we hear of no sales at over 35
Butter The market dull at 11 to 13c.
That now arriving is in bad order does
not class as good. ' -'
Kew Vork HirHet.
New VonK, July 3. Thero have b.-cn
sales of 530 bales cotton at previous quo
ttliona. Flour has advanced J, wilh sales
of 7500 brls strait State at 88,50; good
Ohio 9. Wheat is a trifle lower. South
ern while 62,45. - Corn slightly aJvan
ced, sales 51000 bushels C5(g:D2. Pork
essinr, but not quotable lower; sIps 35'Jbrl
at S19,37. Thonnike't for Mess Beef
is un '.'handed Lird steady but sah-s lim
ited; sales 375 brls at $1 1. Whinkey firm
at 41. Groceiies steady but iuai-live. -
Kaatr Kotlilnj CanTrntlon.
Bostos, June 23. The Kuow Ko'.hing
S'.ate Coum-il meets to-day. A large
number of delugates are here.
A preliminary meeting was IipJ 1 last
night, which was attended by about one
hundred delegates.
Addresses were submitted to the meet
ing, which putc the part' o.n a platform
for the restoration of the Missouri Compro
mise. '.
Double Suicide.
Nfiw York, June 20. A. young man
named Augustine, aged about twenty-two
years, and recently engaged in business in
Iowa, and whose parents rcsida in . Brook
lyn, was found al his father's door yester
day, with a strange young woman, both
dead, having poisoned themselves bv ta
king Frussic aclJ
Some love Serape is
supposed to have been the cause
t Ttm;:ranct Conrcnllon.
Basjor, (Me.,) June 27. The S!te
Temperance Convention ndjourned this
evening. A strong feeling was mamrestcd
airainst tlie regular Llemocratio parlv, in
consequence of the anti-Maine law resolu
tions adopted by tlie recent Democratic
State Convention.
Neal Dow was sustained, and Merrill
recommended fur Governor." ,
From Bo'ton.
Bo3T0?f, Juno 27. The pnsspnrrers tak
en from the lirilisil briar imnttio, at
Holmes Hole, have been ordered here, and
are on. their wav to Boston in the revenue
cntter James Campbell ' '
.Abbott Lawrence is so sick that he rs not
expected to live.
- From Washing-tan.
'.' WaShinotos, Juno 28. -The President
has appointed George C ,Whitihg . Cheif
Cleric of the Interior Department, to act as
Commissioner in the Lind Office. Mr.
Wilson was removed solely for political re
asons. . .'.... ..
The President and his wife left yester
day afternoon for B;iliimore. lie will go
thenue lo Jersey shore, or some location in
tho country,- for the benefit of Win.
Pierce's health, which has been in a deli
cate slate for some lime. -
An Earthquake iu Dallimore. '
Baltimore, June 20.-A very severe
shock supposed to be that of an earthquake,
was experienced : here about one o'clock
this morning. Half, tho city was aroused,
and l.irge numbers rah into the streets. In
the eastern 'part of tic city several windows
were broken. The shock was felt in the
country, sevenetiiles from tho oily. ' . - .
OPES TOIIHEMt.w.-Twodallj Trains (Sun
day excepted;) . .'.
ire Trui lawea Cincinnati at S A.M.. arriving at
Lancaster at 1 1 ,30 A , M.and at Hremin at IS M.
Keturniug, tiMroa Bremen at9.1S P. M. and Loacaa
ter at 43 V. M., arriving at ClncinaH S.SV P.M.
Ssesad Trail laavos GincisuxU at 4 P. 41. arriving at
Lanrastar ats.so r il.. .
Returning; leaves Lancaster at 1.40 A. 31. arriving
At tncanuatial 11.18 A. XI. -
Tralna atop for paaacngers at all Intermediato points
and oonneel wltb trains on Little Miami Road for Co
lumbus. Daytou, Mil aberouga andCblllicothe. .
Lines of alaffoa will ran between Lancaster and Lo
gan, Nelaooville, Athens, Pomeroy, Somerset and
Zaneartlle.eonaeetlnr wltb the morning train front
and evening train le Claelnnatl. -
Forotberinformattoa and tickets, annlv at Tlokat nr.
Bee, corner of Broadway and Frontatreeta, and e the
UHie Miaou srepee, or to tae n tell on a genu on the Una.
. - Engineer and 8nperintendont.
7t7Th Company will not be responsible for bae
gaite etceedlng SSOte value, trnlaaa the aaaae be re
fumed to Ibe Conductor or Ageot.ana freight paid at
therateefapasigef,-rei,ery.WlTla abtve thai
aster. . i ;r; .c'0v:;;,w. r; vrzrs'i ?.,J'"" rr "t-. -. n..t.,:
IXOIASJ. ,. fMCA R..I I x.r" ! Ib.,l,..rs a4 mti ear. for FR v6 Y.4 'a7,' V ?'"." ? !
I ai-dl. all ,.It.-.i H.nk. . I r DIiiMm. lani far ... ........ ... ... . . : . . "
SUtaB..,, aiisl,.,.,v. hi, knlmahl. nmy f. owb coi: ' V iVla h.T
vil'omA r" A,LVH tnA,",,!, i'7'-HMh,.,..,.ll,,R,ur(,,,UlaU ; Tp".R..5..r.rW
J .. Par Itl.lSOiH. "a or ltiUirlloa. Th t nlr.UT'p Hnue.lT for Co.- .! eoraaaol Lnl 1 aa mark4 .. u.. ..1.1 ti
nmrniri. 1
Tiirvti.... it. u.i ...... .....
ble '"Ji ntirtftr arouieetct ,u;ictau nai,ot i
; - ; . .-. p-.-n lmm r. .
H. HKKHV. Braiaeii. PitrSelttCftanW.O.
H. OO.N JKLU, t ill Bo jk Swru. Lascaatar.
M.31, Hii-lil M. Z. KREIUER.
(avcrcfiaaa to)
ro.ttiEBLv. k wmm Ymuiu,
AT TUB . ... .
Sew Marefcottte. Janctina of Rail Jtaad
aad IioeaUai Vallcr Canal.
"f fR are pri.ard lo fcaaale Coodf of all tetflp
1 ttvn.attu loareal fioaalble rate, and wltb tlie
onoo.i deateb,(Mrt af4ttr,,f Jrm.
IV.. Lmiltr, Om.y All (ioori. eon.irnaA lo u
.ball racei.e Tiroini.tallimdoa. 4. if ror tr.n.hlmanl
will b. forrae4 live a. ok lint aad by ih ehaapeat
t" ' mwe. strict auvnuon lo Dvtlaea. t
jr. w receive and marll tie rtmaeir.. orrb- ooWic.
raWoary i"J,V-iS. , HPfRlh., WOOIl ft CO.
nnnER look k xaa, istehest.
Hai;lrd imrorrl intrl r, AO.OOO bosh. Cora,
' ': ' Wheat,
rcrviu, ,w.U,.f M iifkt mtrltl frit,
J 1 alni-..
f Grain for
eMaMiabeA MrarlTea In a produce ba
F.riavracau al all ll mo U u( all k:iiii
tho eaah at oinrlcel arle... AnnrKev i.H.
Jcci, aa tan w.lh tvareaiire luaA alone raurbt and
ai.ila4 with half thj titaeofaajr olaar Wharthuuatun
Uineaiier. A oarulaa Uemlrel. naa.. to all we in
ritilnrMtlrailn. JKPFKIKS, WOOD at CO.
LamaMer, Ferbruary K. ViS w
Peacock's Improved Slccl Plow,
.Varaotra m all iepcu eaaal and in
t.iraeSaperior to nay other how ia nse.
TliniS rartorr aat beca in op-wattoa iartnc the laal
jeara. out uit nit laat rear year tuelr alien-
nun iin. wet
en eiven tianlralirlr to iha lmn.n..m.nt
of Ih- Stel Mold-Boinl Plow. An ,ai,ii.l .IV..I.
;''"U'lma.;e.,eal,e.liow,bQt rely nore oa
leniry. where the im b.
jport, of farmer from different parts of Ibe
aeeo in eomnetHlvn with
wadonn Uiir belnsladv-
Alanra anninentorilie dlBe-ranl nizneonrtanl!;
"atiand, which can k leenatonr aarebon.a orby en
ou r m mr BrntsLn-iiv..... ivi.i,...i..:t
,hlarr.n t .1..1 i.l.l.t. I.I.
r-t 7 r,um OIJ otiwarrad.
Feb.W.liii. JEFfRJKS, WO Oil 4. Co.
James Tlcvfanainr'
HAVING enal.li.1ied klmnctf In the fnanoraMnrlnr
fliB'jrYWii(.rMi),ir,, HotUnt rtlUf
1. jreiarod lo f.imlUi tlie peopi of thl conntr
wKh ererr liilDf lUal mm be ne.tl In hit iD. He
keen. on hanil e.err .arii-tx of COOKIXO and IIEAT
ING 8TOVKS for WOOD and COAL, cm.iitlnt la part
of the Uno AlrTlfUt. Weer 4aen.
Triumph, buck. frraldenU and Ptdferanea f.n TVoofl
and Black Ulumon.1 fur Coal. Al.o Pinnrha. Plnnh
aharta. fci'r-ir Kettle. A llolloirrara. All of thaabor
ami iisa win do aou aa low can be bouirht eUewhere.
He InritM cltltent (anerally to eatl and e.amine hi.
.V. H. If oni-pontin ctjobblnf done upon tbort no
lle. u. I Copper. Rraai. Pewtarand ifui, taken lo ax
eiianref.ir anyoflha abore arUclea. ,Ve.
Lanca.ier, may I, Si
On Wkeelii-g Streit,
C-JTWfIS now oiTerlnff the puWIe ogrlja
5y5E. 1 i le and f arletj of CrriiT?C32
nn.l Euski-1 mnurT.aucd for baante. dorahiTTiTaiTB
chirnpaea an; Jiilnf ofthe kini averoffered Inibla
eeti in of Ohio. riaTtnr aecarad lha aerrlcaa of the
mi)il acetnnlihed workmen, be la able to eo rune to
with any similar ctahlishmcnt Weal of tlie moan-
taint. SI; material in all Ant qnalltj.nn d all work
wurrunteit tor noa year, r-eraona aeairora of par
ehaali.f will ,lct call aod examine bj lUick.betore
irpHe 1-alw prepared to Paiaf and Trim incwork
pcrtona a-1h Une, at aa reajaaable rates asanv Srm
inlh.Mty. WJ1. SHrtT.
lanca.ter. april M, Sii W
Dry Goods fur Spring & Snmmer.
So. TI West Fourth Street, Cincinnati.
OHers aa naual, to their cutloosn and others, -
Lsiliva Dre Gno la. of all kinds of Febriea. Shawl
and M. nulla"; tmbroideriea and Laoe.; Hdkfa.,
rliHlery.aVc; Linens. Musiins.and all kindaof
plain Cabrica; lloaaekeepina; Goods, f real
varirty. Also-
Business con Jurtcd on the one price principle.
! can be afiorded by any kouse engaged lo a regular
Persona flailing Cincinnati are rcspeclfullr inrlted
to call and eamlue Goods and prices. Aprils M
UTQCLD reapectfiilly announce to the citizens of
lauK&sler a i-iiiily,ihatbehascomnuoccd the
Bread, Ll;hlUnak ACrackcr Baking;
Id coiiuikUoh with hi. former bating. 4rl now prepared
wilh every thine In the shore line. MaTina; In hts evn
ploy Ihe beat of balcora. he feels confident that he ean
please all who mas favor kfm with a call.-
TT'r'f'wII at Lis Store on Main Street, and also at bis
BukeHnuae. corner of Columbus ok Mulberry street.
Lancaster. July Id, If54.
ri4H LTa-lorncd to Lancaster. and will be hap
M f I Ipy to receive pnpilaforinslructlon on the
PIANO PokTb and fiUITAK, at thair residence on
Bnad Stmt. Arf a.Vaia Srrser.fa rae kntt frmr
Ifnnpiid l7ea AT. ff'aaear. and hope their loesrex
perient'in teaching: mnaic. and the eRremlttlar atten
tion paid lo the Improvement of Iholr Pupils Willi nsur
s portion of public nalronnre -
MISS A.C. 1K BKKTHiLT will nrcetv elaat for
Kmbroldory and Canvass work. .
MIS3M. O. l)B BKKTHOLT has opined an ele
mentary School iii the HasoiBenl story of the Kplaro
pal Church. itjy 1, lt&j 1
fl. PRANK,
HAS JurA received and hcnpenlng for sale In the
city of Lancaster, on Main Stret-t, at the Well
known stanit Its Lr. Shawka Row. op)iositt Goorge
Kaiitftnanra Hrus:Sora. a latere, aav aud ailendid as
sortment of lite most fashionable -'. - -r .
which wtU bo 9otd at jrrMt banrtf n. ns l am di-tcnnir.
d lo sell at the lowiut flrur for ranh. He mort r
Bpeclfullr soliriU a re.rHiable Mlmnt rf publlr patron
tfe, nn TepH l ronthiue In Ibis pface for year, to
stiirpW 'lie cilistna io the richest cloth inc. All who
ih lo purchase clnthitiff 1 am attrt.?d will do vHl tr
jrive htm a call, 1 hitl b onablod with tho ttork nf
Goods oti hand torntifythe tato ofthe mot faMid
toudanly anil mff hnntc dnwn ttr tho hnnent farm
er. I shall be enabled lo roitduct Uie businew in tho
German. French and Kn-lnh Innrua-jc. w
Laoca9tr Juno SI, ItiaVw 3iu7
$. IS, Fast Foortk Street, CiBcitiaati, O.
RESPEC'TPULLV Inform theircnutomeraanr par
chascrs roneralty, tbnt looy are now opening an
extensive and: complete assortment of '
Imported dlroct frotn Mannfacttirers In Europe, and
fiarrboaed at auction hi New York, whioh enables na
n oiler our goods this season at about Eastern Impor
ters and Manufacturers prices
Thoroughly aeaaoned.frem 3 to !4 feet in width; large
stock always nn hand. ...
Families, Hotel Ksspsrs, Steamboat owner and
strangers may depend upon finding the host eiasa of
goods In onr line al prteea as low aathev can ho pur
chased In the Eaatera cllieo. March S3, 16i-0ai4 '
i . , M. Z. KRElDERr - - ' '
Main street, Lancaster, Ohjt?, " "
AGKNT for Koosj Mutual and Fraternal Msjltsi
Flresnd Life In sura nesi eompanlae.
ee meter 10 'B?.... .,
f D FRESH MlLCBT CIVWB far sala-at fbe
" u imi rer k.'Nll f Tan
j v niVm u sirr fi-iar
flTE TAni,t; ' I Oi Vt.rairitKMhlclM ulf,umlni! I VJi .V l"4l,,i fMM.
IMU.ktXP ! 1 HtUH. ...l....u..Ll,lu...r, ... i " ""l'M M ITI .rt (UlenttllU, I U1 toB
I.'UISA55A. ,' R. R()WASi. ui aalrbraiad Mwaa'a ,i..k H. al. ..r ..u .. .-.. L..T. ". T.V .TT
.KMs y- 1&HSB sfCR&05."
. . '. -
I a la l
Mantuy the tit liny nf Jul), A. I. lSOS,
boiwof d i ana or ia o'rlli A. II. u.4 ...
nn Ime of aula kortkaaat huarlur uf
Krttta Xu. 2.',.J rhalnaand Ml lluka la a loi at U
Northwe-t rorner of l.o No. , aa niarkri apon Uia
asoicplat; theuce tl with aid Una V rbalna and 71
llnki tin poat -;tn Monhwrnrornar vf Lot Ka la
niarkisitoiiaaid aurfei; llieiire bnai altbaald Una S
rliainaand link t in a po at tke Nwitliweateorner
of Lot.Ni.:ia ioarke-ln aaid pUu thnee .! wtik
i.l liMcfcj tii.ktioaaioi.a at the bonni-ait earnar
of -.M Is Mn. 4; ilui.ce a..uin wuli the botrlidarf
Una of laid Jin. 4, ti ihjir aud rt Imki a a linen
th Snntlir.tt corner of aa'.d Lot t". 4. In Ilia North
tioonitarv line of Mnmif, imci; thofcet Wett wllb aata
Maaoa'a .SAaandarj line J-x iak.M a pnatconiar aa-!e-n
aaidlota oa.aud 4; taciica m aiitiiuid Una
Schaiiitaid 71 link! is apoi, c-.rnar bat worn Ion Una.
I and thci:reaobtlniil.; nl wltbM.d line 3 rbalna
and Kiliiikatoa atone at the foinn corner ot in
'n. I: ttinnce Itorta 9cbaln and SI llnki tutka place
of bliiiilne.erntj.lnlBy4 al-K airca.
Ai.riparlurUia nutu.jt U. nr. ir and pari nf U,
Notllicn9l Quarter nfSectlon .to.S of Toa-ii,hlp Xa
If. Lmize No. Vti, ff.-fujrce and bo'.nidvd aa foiloaa: K
arei markeu on lh plat of the Onimt) Survovcr'a
rlurti. eomrirencliie-al ainntf on tec lr-onthwei tor
nerof laaat jrtBu,'aUurU tbviin tnai Ibthalia to a
i ml; ili-oce e'outa IS rbalna to a pl; thcuw Wait
lbebaliia toapot on the Weat bouadury Una of aatd
QanereNitu,UicBTCN'ifili a ilk aaid UaeUckalurto
A hvi, Lota .ta. andf.e3.:l,ioloK V.V aerea (a tha
aild N'ortliirut Quarter ol aula Section No. M. torn
nieDCinaata alone at the .Nu.tLwoat cori'Cr vf aald
Nonhenat (taart -r Fecllon; thnnea kaal alona tha
Sortn bKiradar lint theraof. 1 ebaina and ST Ui.ka ta
a pent at the norihatt coruar of lot o. I; ihenro
Kaal Ichatnannd 3 ilbkalo apmi at Ibe R en be aal r.
ner allot an. S. th. Oce South V chalnaand tullnka in
to a pniiV.itue auuihaxii comer ot lot Ko.S; tkeaoa
VVei4 c!r.ioinl 71 link to n I.O.I corner letwa.-a
autd Iota .No. I and 9; ibrace Wetia ebalas S, llnka
t&a p-iatat the sr.utftwrft earner vf lot ao. 1: Lhenca
nortnvrnainaaoci so nnka loth bag innlnf , eootala
iiif In all 31 i-i-1 lift acra.
jliao. purtof the nonlieAat Uaarlar of SeUian aca.O,
Towaahipao. IC, Eanr - ao. SU, Kcfuicee, kaowa b ba
'.rt iA i. 1. a mark o.l vn the plat in Hook a". S.enr
r -y ao.tK.'U. County Knrveyor'a Bocorda. bclnulnat
a alone al tha aortLweat corner of aald Quarter 6t
lion; thetic taat alonr the north boundary ItirMkera
of ehaioa and Mlinkato apoau theaea aaotli naral al
wilh tlx wen honed a 17 line of aald Uaartor 1 chalna
and J3 linkato port; thane HTw S ehaia and 34
links to a poat an the Wetrt fconnbarjr line Ibaraof)
thence Bona 17 eha'.aj and U Unk Vi lb beflualr.a;,
eonialnir; 11 arret.
Alea a part of uu?0.narjr Section, bfffnarae at a
poatoa the y.bouatJar)' line of aald Vnarter S chalna at
ii linka Kail of llie north weat corner of aaid (tnartari
then, e Em.i 7 1 bnim hii'l linka to a poal; tbencar
South 17 chains and 33 linkato a poat; thence Weal
7 ebaiuand SOX linka to a port; thence aorlk 17ehair.
and 33 linkato the plana of buicinnir.e, onutalnink
nr-rea. Al-o part ofthe nonliaat Ctaartor of Keetlou
MJ. or U.t 44. Townahip 14. EaneeSO, Eefoiree B
ir.nuitrir at Ibe nor;hwi;ati-orrier 01 anid fle.;tloii; thecea
het wilh the Waat liwinoin line thereof t cbalnaand
47s linka to peat at the "nortbenat eornerof IaiH,
'id lire 9 acr-c tract) aa marked on the plol; thenaw
taat 5 links to the j-oitheaat comer of Let no. a
to 3 pi.ii: Utenee South pa-allot with th Weat bovB
lary line 9 cbiina and su links to a post at ibe South
east curner of aald Lot 11. i: theree WeatSJS linkato
a post st ibeKoutheaii eomer of Lot no. 1; thence
"aal tchalna a,,d 47x l.nkstoa postal the Southwest
corner nfuid Lnt no. 1 on tka West boundary Use of
aid Section; thener north with aald Soctln line 9
chalna and So lints 1.1 lb? bejinnint;, containing In nil
oce year and balance In tao years with Interest, froaa
day of sale; nitt.ibj sold forlessthan two thirds the
apprsised value thereof. .
1 . R . 3J V M A C G H. A dna'lor tt swi aaw ,
of John Campbell, deeeeecd. V
Jane21,ISiJ Sw-pfsu
Attar iT.fr's Gin S utJ.MtiD tf..aasas!sr, OAm.
RESl'ECTFCLLY solicits the attention of all who
may want Groceries to his new and large Slock
on band, embracing in part, the fnllwwiac articles:
Yoanf Hvvmi, Imp. Blsek and Gunpowder TEAS;
5cw Orleans. Cruahed. Leaf and auivertied Hiaear
Golden and Suirar Hoose Pyrati. S. 0. Molasses;
Kice. O ran spa, Leoiens, Pigs, Kaiains, Filberts
and Alinond
KngarCnred HAMS; Dried B:ef. Baton;! Sausage,
Cheese and Spleen;
Hosp". L5 staSs, Canrl'.es, Tubs and Backets;
M'aahtNa.r1e. Brooms, ere., aVe.
ALSO A Ihie lot of Chewing Toheceo, Smeklng io
Foceiga and 0'iaitie Liquors, Kotiows. 4ce
I feel sssured thstsll a ho may favor aia with a call
will not go away diasittlfled with my prices, even If
thev should wot beinduced wbev.
In a few dnvs I will have LAB. 8 FISHef all kind.
S. B. COU.VTEY PRODUCE taken in exchange for
Groceries. Lanraater, June 14, lfciS W
WE would panieulvly invite tltecttanrlon of ear
1-edy renders, who inteiie) visttirig Cinelnnata
this itprias: or Summer, to lbs extsutve aWKkef lira.
J. A. HL'.NDERSON. Ir.ta
.m), him. mrBi
tYjl Comiatlngof
flonncte. Ribbons, Fletxrrrw anat
Trimmings ofthe Istest Panaer Saw Vork at) lea.
Her atock la bv far the LARGEST In tke tv, aud le
kept conatantty full or IMILV AKKlVjtU from the
EaJ. of the .Vcaresr Patttrn BnnM. Exfbik Streit,
Sriti. ft ream, end Sofia flretij. Bltti mi FrntkLu
ttt. tit3tUer aitlithe most choice Bnxa-r. Car anal
TaiaTMiao Risen.. and Faairti AannctaL Fi.evraae
Imported: all of which she will sell CJ per cent, lower
than an; olhf r rt.bl:ahincu't in Clncinuati. Rer store ie
So. Sue FIFTH HTfcfik'T. between Elm ck Plum.
jCIndnnaO, AIarch,W45 Iy47
1 ILT Jfculdinrs for Picture Promos, tot sale at the
a a c
reltv book store-
April SI, lti4. -
B. COS.TELL, Agent.
A RCIIITECTURE by L, D. Gould. A. Benjamin ens)
L0. P. Smith, for aula al the city book store
prim, l4. B. CONNELL, Agont.
V'ntit, for sal
April iil.lFil.
nimenurv on the Old ea4 Kew Teste
sale at tue eilj boot store.
a. tuiiiiu ganu
"BS. Partlncton's Cartel Bag of Fun, fur sale
IV si me ciiv mwK store.
April il, rs.
t. CONXKI.L Agent
rpllK OM Brewery and Nee Million Rouse, for aal
at i
I the city book store.
TilE lmp Mgbter.fbrsale nt theeltv hnrrt store
ApriiJl l4. - BC05.NELL.Agmt.
-KvARMEifS'and Emigrant's Boot, for sale at the
a.- city i
book store
April SI, 1S54.
B. COSSF.IX,Agjet.
TASCT Art'nrleain great variety, tor sale at tho eltj
SX uoos ai'.n
Apr119l. tM.
R. COXNEI.L. Agent.
X Ia YV K O Vjs
-car stccivtn .t'
Opjoalfe"h nri-s Ilofr-I, LancaMcr. Ohio
FOXEY MOOS and other Coniaritiea from Pniirlk
M I Aiilwbiograph) of aa Aetreae. by Mrs. .Mo eat
Jouraev loOntral Afriea.bv llavard Tavknr
ihaaaaa ami a;jtsaka. Hy Hiire ;
Sunnv Memories of Foreign Land, by Mrs. Plows
Tke bVUer Lnnd.nyThmr.pson
Kanoleou rk blsAraiT.i he Camp Fires of Kaptlenai.
A Sne I n of Annual for ISii. and a Sue lot of small
Gift Book a or all fcin.K
Calholic Prnver Boosts. K.iiiacopal Ptsa er aWka. anif
a larse lot ef Famllv Bloaes aad Putttt Blblea at
rednred r-rieee. ..... . . , -
cnool MooK.anirMnnnneryat whoieanreck rrerair.
Pochi;t Wslleta.Vort Monlea, and Pen Knives, for
sale otthe Bunk Store of JOHN SKAHI.RS.
Oct. SO, If t 1 Opffitt Shmftr-t Umltl.
. onus it. nisiaes m
J firoevrie, Unct-anware, Hale, Csps,
soum-ts, nnoTa. snitcs. watt, parcn menaaiaw,
"lTOUI.O rrspectfnlly Invite the atsnwtieB ofrverr
If bijdy to their lurgearul well aaaorred etova ft
which bsve been eolected with cam, and a III he sofa!
at the luweet cash prices. May 3, If-U-M
1 . lOP VI.
HAS Jiit-t ivcalrCil and Is w opening a gonerat
asenrtsnent nf DM T CrtaODS ofevnvy Tarlely
usually found in Dry Goods trade,consiatingln part of
Calico, Print. I.asrnt, Gingham, ;
Brown and Rlcarhtd .Muallna: J, 4 at Wnuar Kneeling
Black and Fancy MressSilka; Belenee; Uarages;
Alpacca. plain and figured;
I men and fiilk rfandkerclrleCi and Cravsraj
Bonnets anil Bonnet fliKhnr; Oothaand Csilrasresj
Satinetaend Flsanels; Cserks,Tlckiagi, and
. Men' hummer Wara f All fclarje,
tngetber wltb a vrletT ef nflor goods for Ladhss aa4
Gentlemen. All of whtoh have been purchased at
very low pHees.eV will ba anld equally low for CASH
His Ktnre will ha found two doors TV est ef Ih Falr
letd Coanly fiaviaet loatllote old opposite hi!Mr'
Hotel, Laneaater, Ohio. May 34, 16oi-4
AV at all times nrepered te furnlah LOOK iytV
GLAPSEK In Afahocanr. Walnut er Rmma
rama. funking Giaaa Plataa, Plat urea Freroi-a, Ac. .
Alao.GHt Frame, eiaasaa of ail air as ami ;viea,
Fortralt Frames, Pletnre Frames, sjvd egra-'ai as--sonmentef
Plctureeend Oil Patnilnrv. as wriMeaato
andretam ait He lewael reieea. . . J. O. Gf.f r, ,
j 5tch , 1HJ-44
-an. west rosrra Strfet.CUsUanatt.ClU.
auii'inii. , . .... . .a-3:y s, W5.

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