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Tliiiraday Morning July 12, 1833
;' .'. .NOTICE. ....
Haying purchased of Tboa. S. Slaujjli-
tar tbe entire Gazette Establishment, with
unsiyttlod subscription and Advertising about half an hour after. Wq lirtve hoard
ieem lavr the man who took, duliborato
aim and ihot him. W underitarjd h ia
identified, and w hope tliii ia the case. -
X'lieball ponatrated tic right glioulder, and
passed through. tha itinjja. He full, but
soon raised kimael f up and staggered to the
corner of Hughes & Beebe'a shop, a few
fuel from where be was shot. Ha was then
taken to Coot's Drug Store, where ho was
examined by the doctors. It was soon e i
deiit that the Wound was fat.il, and he tliud
not out on the first of May - last, a gener
al settlement becomes desirable., previous
to Mr. Slaughter'" final removal west,
iJyii bopo ourpatron will art according
ly. 1 ...-'." . 0. W. MacElbov.
' -JtTlIercafier our Bremen subscribers
rill find their papers at the atore of S.
, Beery, Esq., in that thriving little city.
'. Our young friend T. Ewwo Bebby will
etas our agent for the receipt of subscri
bers and their cash. .. V w
Principles ofihe -American
. -party of ohio.
?.. The unlimited Freedom of Religion
disconnected with politics Hostility to
Ecclesiastical influence, upon the affairs of
Government Equality of rights to - all
naturalised Emigrant who are thoroughly
AmericunheJ, and owe ho tempoiial allu1
giance, by reason of their religion, higher
than that to the Constitution.
. No interference with. ' the rights of
' citizenship already acquired, by Foreign
ers, and the protection of law to all who
honestly emigrate from love of liberty; but
"the exclusion of foreign paupers and fel
ons, and a refusal to extend the rigid of suf
frage to all mho come hereafter until they
nhall have resided 21 years iii the United
States and complied with the - Naturaliza-
tiun Laws. - , , - - .
" 3. Onnositiou to nil political orjzaniza-
tionscomposcd exclusively of Foreigners, and
to f oreign JUUuary tomjjmnn, ui "
attempts to exclude the Bible from ' Schools
Miivoorted by the Government.
4. Slavery is local not nulional:ne
oppose its extension in any of our terri-.
: tories, nnd the increase of its political pow
er by the admission into the Union of any
' SUvc State or otherwise; and wo demaud
of the Gmieritl Government an immediate
i redress of the great wrongs which have
' feecn inflicted ubon the cause of Freedom
and the American character by tho repeal
of the Missouri Compromise, s and the in
troduction of Slavery into Kansas in viola
tion of law, by force of arm, and the" de
staction of tho elective franchise.
5. In humble' .imitation of thewisdomof
Washington, we oppose all intervention in
'the affairs of Foreign Suitcs;yet.on all prop
er occasions, wo will not - withhold our
Sympathy from any people aspiring to be
dee. ' .'-''.' . "" -':
G. We support Amcican -Industry and
genius, against the adverse, policy" .of For '
-eisrn nations and f;n'i!Uies to internal and
"external commerce by. the improvement of
Rivers nnd Harbors and -the construction
of National Roids uniting the various sec
tion of the Union.
" 7. -Thc Union of these Slates should he
made perpetual hy a faithful allegiunce to
the Conntitution, . : -
' 8. 1 n St ite policy" wo zealously ad vooate
'Retrenchment and Reform iv modification
of the present oppressive system nf Taxa
tion and a liberal svstem of Public Schools.
(fVJcialion of Use 4th ut CoIum
" bus. .
.. c :
Aa ,lmerlo:in Shot Down In Cold liloodl
From tho Columbus papers, we glean
the particulars ef a most wanton and cruel
murder committed on High Street, in that
city, 011 tho evening of tl e 4ih, by the
, "German Turners," an association of For-
.eignors, who, by their boast, "fear neither
God, Man or Devil." :'; .''.'. Y'.. . .
" The name of the unfortunato young rami
was Hksiiy Fosieh. . " ;
Tho f;icts, as given in the State Journal,
ii Jt substantiated by the tostiniony before
the Coroner's Jury, are these :
-. ,-,Tho firemen of the South Ward, the
German .Light Infantry company, and a
company of Turners had been. celebrating
the Fourth, in the south part of tho city.
1 At about half past six p. 'in.', with two fino
.bands of muiio, they marched in proces-
Is'rort through Front street to TWn.-
,'Thoy then, passed up Town to. High, and
' down High towards tho south end of the
city,. Tho Turners wore in the roar of lh
prooessi n. As thojear of this compan)'
,, came up-Town street,- a. boy, apparently
' about 15. years old," was: seen liavjng a
quarrel with one of the" Turners. Ha
threw a stone, and hit tho one with wljom
lie appsarod to have the dispute. Oneof the
: ftompany near hli)t stepped out and threw
a stono at the boy, who then' followed up
' . street to the rear of the U. S Hotel, wTien
he pioked up another stone and npp?eare
to bo about W throw it, when Mr. Simon-
ton, the landlord of the United States. seiz
cd him and took the stone- from- his hands."
At this time John While, who wns'stnnd.
ing in a door opposite, knowing "the boy,
and tearing mat ue mignt gcunio uuncui
ty, passed over the street, took him from
". Mr.-Simonton", 'and forcibly carried hinv
across tho street. '.When noarly on the
7 south siile," he was attacked by 4he Turn
era, and stones were liurled at him and tlio
boy. By some signal, or cry, the portion
. :' of tho Turners who had passed around the
- corner, and on to High street, baited, and
: tho most of tbem broke ranks, and ruslied
" back to Town street. . .. Tbey ' seized the
v atones, of which there was an abundance
' on that street, and oommonood throwing
f them towards the U- S. Hotel and the per
Eons who happened to be on the pavement
" near it. 'Four windows of the hotel were'
broken, a portion of . Iheon .in' the second
.' story, whicU were filled with ladies who
had been called to them by the fine, musio
and procession,' Exasperated at this at
tack, a, few"person8 who' appeared 4obo.
." near, seized 'stones to repel tbem, when the
Turners rushed up Town to High, in a
confused mass. , The people on the pave
ment, seeing stones flying rather too thick,
and too near to be comfortable, fled in all
. directions to places of safety. - - - - ;
After the Turners reached High street
they drew their revolvers, and commenced
firing upon those around theraV ' Several
shots in rapid succession followed, while
the stones continued to fly through the air.
Foster, the unfortunato young man who
was shot, was on the east side of High.
There are different reports as to bis acts.
It is positively asserted by some that be
' had bis pocket book out to pay some one
a sum of money; while others awert that
- he bad thrown stones." 8everal of our cit-
Later front Earvpe.
AIIKIYAI. OF, THE AMERICA. lcies FrJy night.
11th, 5 o'clock A. M.
Tbe HcduM Fort AttuckcO.
rroi Ra4iM. COMMEKCIAL INTELLIGENCE, j itri.r. kt i h.i
RcaMko, Pa., Jul v The 6tat "T1" r"' ' -- '' IJ " '"r f i. t.i h.. froa.-
CouiKiil of Know Nol iio. whu.'h Uo j : . - litirt. vAUtiK bu,,of 0ii .t.. .k.,,.' lil' JT".
The Enslwk .teamer AitroWu arriv-! been in M;-ion th ,ttwa d. ,!-. '-rtf,tac...yi, .. ..f Jh ci.u.ij.jir., ,. w. H,4 auw.
1 . ' , r.,.. r I ' r ' . - , , U.1t4!lI.II. ., . upuailuu inv aIOUi,U, 1 UI OS
.,.u3..,a wv,..lam,owpm 10 J'urq.i nun mteniwi nlier eojorkin Il,e OJIIO. . letsSSJS. MonU.ir h J l Julr, A. I. 11.,
that one or two others were wouudud by
the discharges of the pistols. Mr. Osgood
had a narrow escape. As he passed round
the corner of Town to High, one of the
Turners firod at him, the ball struck him,
breakiosra- comb and a rule in his Docket.
and making a slight wound in tho fl jsIi.
Several persons were severely cut with the
stones', - It is wonJcrful, cousiderioi; the
number of pistols discliarged, that uo more
persons were killed. . - " "
During U10 oybuiug some twenty-four
arrests wer made among the Turners, who
wero lodged in tlio Columbus jail for exam
ination on a charge of murder. ; '
On Thurslay and Friday the Coroner's
inquest was held, tho offiuial reports of
which are given at length in tho Journal.
- From the evidence, it appears that each
of these foreign bullies had armed himself
with a revolver for the purpose of shooting
donra any American whoso conduct might
not please their foreign -tastes.. ''
The following will give our roadurs an
idea of tho case as it' was developed before
the Coroner's Jury: . ".
Joseph DkituicC, being duly 'sworn
says: That on 01 about half past six o'clock,
P, on the evening of the 4th, he Saw
the processioii passing up Town from Front
to High street. Witness was 011 the north
side-walk, heard a boy about about 14 or 1
15 years of age, call out,."ilieru goes the
black Dutch." Soon after, the witness
passed toward High street, some larger
boys pushed William Crawford, a boy a-:
buutlG or 17 years old, off the. si lu walk
when 0110 of the lurncrs SHid'.'Iliere is
the d n son of a b h,' and one of them
threw a stone at hira Tlie -Crawford boy
then throw a stone' and hit one of the
Turners: he attempted to throw the second
stone and Mr.' S'lmonton caught him, and
stopped him. ' . ' , ' ' ;
Mr. White then came ncro.ts 'tlio street
and took hold' of him, and said ho would
take him home, and started with him a
cro'ss the street. "As they arrived near tho
curb stone on the sou:h side of. Town street,
by Dr. Parson's building, one of the Turn
ers by the namo of li );U, as I think, with
some weighty substantia in a pocket hand-
kcrehicf, struck Mr. While, still lioKlin?
on to the Crawford boyr nnd White and tho
boy bath full to the. groua 1,. From that
moment stones began to be1 thrown from
bo,lli side, and. pistols were tired by, the
Turners to the number of fort)' or fifty,
as I should think. The Turners thuu
passed toward High street, and. continued
the firing of pistols and the throwing of
stones! I saw tho young man that was kill
ed, but a short time before he full, passing
with a quick step by-the Disljer building
southward. I heard the disolmige of sev
eral pistols in succession. I then saw ono
of the Turnsrs advance forward, -and take
deliberate aim at tlt. y ivini m in, an 1 fired
his' pistol, When he full.. - Whon he attempt;
to get up, sjm t body atruok- him with a
stone. The person who firoil at the de
ceased, was thirty feet distant. " The do
ceased ihen nrosa and st:iiu:ered over to
Brown's building.
I was ut that limo near thi corner of the
United S ates, the man who ilischaged the
pistol was nearer to me than the person
who was shot. - 1 saw him distinctly.
the mau'who is here present is tho one who
shot tho other as I think. I will not be
positive, ho looks like the man. .
On Friday, after having heard the evi
dence of some ten witnesses who. testified
substantially to the facts above set forth,
the Coroners' jury returned the following
verdict:- ' ; '
Verdict of tlu Jury if Inquest on the dead
body of Hknhv" Foster. .
We; the undersigned, jurors i'mpanneled
and -sworn 011 the 6th day of July,' iu the
year 1055, in the township of Montgome
ry, county of Franklin, Ohio, by William
Field, a Justice of tho Peace, and acting as
Coroiner for tho time being in said county,
to inquire and true presentment make in
what manner and by whom, the deceased,
whose body was fouud at the cjty of Co
lumbus, in said township nnd county, on
the 4th day of July, .1855, came: to his
' . After having heard the evidence and ex
amined the said body, we do find that de
ceased came to his death by the'offects of a
ball or slug willfully and maliciously dis
charged from a pistol in the hands of one
Gottluip Mayer, a member oi' a social com-,
pany in Columbus, known ns the Turners,
and to which death said company, as far as
tbey were on parade on " said 4th, . wcrtl
more or less, accessory.
Giyen under our hands and seals, at tho
place of said inquisition above men:ioned,-
tlus bill dV otJulv. A. U. llioo.
. Geo.AV. Mahs, . , Seal,
' Harbison Clausis, . Seal,
Jons Josks,' .' Seal,
i V Kbeskzbr McDonald, Seal,
1 Xl-THKn IltLLBBT, Seal,
Acgustus Platt, Seal.
: No'twithstanling all theso faots the States
man other Sag Nicht papers with a total
disregard for truth and honesty have joined
in the howl . of persecution because they are
foreigners. Had natives been guilty of
such utter disregard for life it would have
been trumpeted from one end of the Union
to the other, and the desperados hanged; as
it is we suppose the poor persecuted Oer
mans must escape, altjiongh we still have
some confidence in the justioe of the A1
merican peoplet :- Let us iiave no Hardin
county jury in these cases and if they
shall be found guilty by a disinterested
panel of citizens let that punishment be
meeted out to them which they : so richly
In another column will bo found the fu
neral ceremonies of young Foster. iThey
are highly impressive,' instructive and sol
emn, 'y ' '' , " -
Post Office Matters. - -.'.'
' Washihotoit, July 9.'
.' The postmaster General.has issued or
ders that the sweepings of all Post Offices
in the country shall be thoroughly exam
ined, in order to. avoid tho poasibflity of
loss of letters or other mail matter. '
.'.''.: AwlaC Slaughter, . .
Halifax, July 5. Tho steamer Ameri
ca arrived at Halifax yesterday afternoon,
with regular dates from ' England. The
news is scanty and important.
The French and English at'.ackod Redan
on the 1 8th ult., and were repulsed with
. t....l.,A Tl.n il.,tAilu li.li. wi.t
Large new. French loan is immediate.
In the English Parliament Roebuck
moved a censure,' . v.- -
In tell 'lire nee received . bv ' private but
fragmentary, advices, say that the English j
lost no fewer than four thousand meu, iu- j
eluding Genl. Campbell and seventy offi
cers., - '
Lord Raglan's dispatch and tho news
papers' corespondent- are at hand, descri
bing the gal)unt capture ' of the' Mamelon
and tho -quarries. The main fact, have
been 'already stated with general correct
ness. ' . .
The allias have ma le an unsuccessful at
tempt to storm Subsstopol. The most sin
ister rnmor prevailed in regard to the
transaction. By some accounts the Eug
lish loss is set down at 4,'JOO men, but
the report is believed tobe much exagger
ated. .'"'";.
The follhwinsr account is the only offi
cial notification of the event; "Lord Pan
mure regrets to have to announeo that he
has received information that the English
troops attacked the Redan, and tho French
the Mahikon towers, at day-light on the
morninjrof lha 18:h, without the success
....c5-...- , , r...
wlncli lias intnerio aitenaeu our enoris.
Bjthtbo French and ourselves have suffer
ed. -
Several advices from Pclissier to the
French Government are to the ba me effect.
Privnte accounts published In the London
Staudurd, say that tho loss of British ofB
cers in killed and wounded amounts to
no less than seventy. Among the killed
and wouivled are General Sir J. Campbell,
Colonel Yea, and Colonel Sliadforth. The
greatest portion of the loss was experi
eueed in a ravine, where a powerful and
unsuspoctod battery was -opened upon the
troops.. The- allies lost by the Russians
springing a mine, and during the con
clusion . they re captured the Mumoh.ni
tower. - - '- . -
' A dispatch from Bucharest, via Vienna
confirms the story that an expedition bus
been undertaken against Perekop.
" The Russian account of the successes of
the allies in the sea of AzofT is published,
(iji'tsohnkoff confirms the successes claim
ed by tho allies, but says that tho oppera
lions against the sea of Azoff were expect
ed. Tho, stores of grain dustroyed were
private property, and not intenJod for the
use of the Russian nrray . The correspond
ence relates the horrible atrocities perputra
ted by the French and Turks at Kertscli.
A dispatch from Varna, dated June 17th,
which was retarded 011 the way, says that
the Russians had made an unsuccessful at
tonipt on Kt;rs, and reported that they had
re-laken Anapn. :
The Austrian Commander has pro
claimed martial law in Moldavia, but the
Moldavian authorities have refused to pro
mulgate the order, unless, authorized by
Sultan Constantino. - '
Vuljr, son of the reigning Prince, was
killed "in a duel ut Jassy, by the Austrian
Miior S'.alborir. Tho affair has caused
considerable utilisation in" the principali
ties of the U.iliic. '
. Tlio reocnt attnek on thu English boats
crew nt H ing under a flag of truce,
unuses nva.;h exc'r.emeiit iu Englaud. Thi
unoreiuJieed sunposiiUn is, that the lluss
iaussuDiioscd the- b.iat was Inking sound
ings, as recently was done nt Xertsch.
The Russian account in tile Invalid Russ
savs, "Six were killed and lha remain
der are prisoners. "
Ai'$Titn. -
The Russian influence is very active
even iu tho sraallost Gorman towns. The
Journal of St. Potersburtr publishes the
semi-ofhcial discussions on t.ount Wale
waski. from the French circular of May
23d. The Journal also seRii-oihoially says
that peaco is possible if France and Eng
land are willing;; in as much as the fourth
point is morally although not formally set
tled, and the other noiuts namely: tne nav
icration of the Danube, and tho evacuation
of the Principalities are also settled, leav
nir only thev lenna third point to Doarrang
ed. The Austrian army being disbanded,
tho reduction is great and rapid. ; : ,
Tho steamer Hermann carried out intel
ligence of tho presentation to Parliament
of the report of Roebuck's Committee.
The report merely admits that ue suner
ings of the army'havo been aggravated by
incompetency at homo, Siuce then there
has been considerable excitement created
by Mr.. Roebuck in consequence of hi re
port being over ruled by other members!
of the committeef they having given notice
of a vote of censure on the Government, so
worded iv toembrnoe the grievanees, of all
sections of the opposition. . The debate on
administrative reform, after repeated ad
journments, ended in ths unanimous pass
ing of Sir Bulwer Litton's resolutions, that
the House of Commons recommend to the
earliest attention of Ministers the necessity
of a careful revision of the various official
establishments. , - ; v
Mr. Buuhannn teceiyed the degree -of
Canon Law from the University of Oxford,
as also did Chief Justice Robinson, of
Canada, : Sir -Charles Lyoll and Alfrod
Tennyson..' - - - -.
The admiralty awarded 16,000 stor
ling,' to the 6alvprs of ship James Ches
ton. .' .., -. , . .- .
' ' '-.;" FRANCE. ' '
- The Senate and Legislature are convok
ed for July 2d, to negotiate a new loan of
a liundred and fifty millions of dollars.
Louis Napoleon has been ill for two days,
but hasroeovcrod. The French funds fell
two per cent on announcement of bis illness.-"
. - :- : 1 -. -.'.
" . ' ' SPAIS.' ' '
The disturbances at Sandago have boon
suppressed. ,ve nave no rename suue
ment respeoing the Carlcst insurrection.
Rassia is suspeoted . of being the instigator.-
- ' - '- ''j''' '
Mr: Dodge had his first, interview with
the Minister of Foreign Affairs; and friend
ly remarks were exchanged. --'-
, The Danish Diet is dissolved. '
1 De Luoe forbids enlistment for foreign
service under jSenalty of eight jears im
prisonment. " " ' '.'.
the I Gih Jane,
There lnu been a
Eupatoria since tho 12.b of June.
KmlioiiHl I'lif,.rrr. -,l....i.t u, Pt.I! . AM fiutfl Braiirbm tnd Old Ba.di,
' " ""mjwii yterfa, nti'A n rJJt UUC'I, Calling K
9fti6 btftn th bourt of Xvu o'clock 1. If. ftbJ four
MB iiu 1 U r t j... .
' i i-rfi. Ait a . b.Ch.rtbWi4Ur by -Uihe rMu u. buLry, uu Us
11 : r 11 .t . 1 r w . ... 1 . -------
tones or the bowgers. The general loMuesiion of adoptinz the Smional l'lAt-i'Vtm-cw Aiii.itS
lnUkingM.mclonandqu.rrie.. U 4,000 Irm, whereupoathe Free Silrs and a .KJ.f' JocW cJT;
men.. - ., . . , Abolitioni.U withdiew from the .Council, ".on v itliSZi.9ti' 7't
Wheat is declining at Marsilles. Govtrnor Johnston head the ceedM, i'" nk' B.,a. S du ! iw .1
arth bouudtr) lis T uiU Korlhutt Uurtr o?
, .. . striking out article IJ.n,ni inserting a , fw f" io.rd mm .u,t.5i tuc cii inte Mie im a
If there be ou earth one nation or coun- declaration in favor of the Misoari Cm- iJVfuSSZSJi'CSil ".V.T.: ES SliirSr
try greater than another. who insUtu- nromiw.. It i i,t .tu, tliat G..v,.rnr l.ifihi su (ici.iT w.ti'"., .',! .ruiir.!? 1?.?.
lionk are ipread throughout tbe vast do
main, and which must draw 'heir life-blood
from the individual purity of iu citizens,
that nation is our own. . lluler. by divine
right, and nobles by hereditary succession.
may purhaps tolerate with impunity those
depraving indulgence, which U-nd to keep
the great mass abject; but in our country,
our own native land, where every mm,
however humble, bears to the omnipotent
ballot-box his full proportion of the sove
reignty, where at regular periods ministers
of authority went forth to rule, return to
be ruled, and lay down their dignities at
the feet of the monarch multitude, where
the President, replaced by Kings in other
countries, docs not, like them, govern the
people tyrannically, but is in bis turn rath
er governed by them, where, in short,
public sentiment is the absolute lever that
moves the political world, and the purity
of its citizens is the ro.k of its political
sulety. this is cur country, our own dear
native land "The home of the free, the
land of the brave;" ours transmitted by
our forefathers, tho Patriots of America
and American liberty; ours to preserve,
ours to transmit ss pure and unpolluted as
it was when we received it; and shall we
eoulinuo to go on increasing and united as
by the lies of brotherly love and affection,
or shall we hdd another to the list of Re
publics which have preceded us, and which
in time hid fair to become exalted ns it were
above earth, but which have fallen tho vic
tims of their own follies and dissensions.
No, we will notdisgrt.ee tlio honored
names of a Washington, an Adams, a Jef
ferson, and many others who fought both
publiclv and privately for .the freedom we
now enjoy, and whose names will always
bo remembered by every American as the
patriots of tho age, the greatest of the
world. ' Lot us beware the tide of foreign
emigration. Popery is on the alert, and
ero long, it is to be feared,- will strive to
obtain the power let us keep our institu
tions unpolluted, our oQices cleasod from
the defilement of Dogmatics and Catholics,
who have for their object the overthrow of
tins Union, and till them with our own
freemen, or, as Washington said, "Place
nono hut Americans upon guard," let us
fear for our own safety the Author of our
being, as did our forefathers, nnd we are
safe. -No foreign foo then dare approach
or oppress us, and while this People is true
to itself and to its country, it-s example will
exert a lasting influence, which shall be
remembered for ngs, and its strength, if
need be, will defend it. Yes, there is loo
much patriotism in the bosoms of Amcii-
cans, too much interest taken by us in the
welfare of this loved land of liberty, to uh
lorniantin theslirhtost dansrer.- We have
had great men, and still have men who
would be willing to die if it were uecessa-
for this our countrv, for the preeTva-
lion of the liberty wo now enjoy.
We have had men,
Witli moro lhaa martjl powuM caiiowej, - . .
lititr high lU.iy (oarR atnt-f vha erurl,
-TlielM was no common party rucu, ' . ,-Jr-itUri;
by intrigue tur place; '
LlkoObluJ GjJ, Uielr kilfrliif war
SHa !: r)4luu Mid imtloiu in li t jar;
S.t-'k iul for Itura d anarnto dxui,
Win n f .lj mjj) brolh jrj In til i ta:ut.
Hut ):irch tlia l.iuJ of llvluf mn.
WUirj limit V) dud llolr Ilka Bgilo: .
Suoh were the men that every Ameri
can should be proud of. Such were the
men ot the lWoIutioii nnd of latter days,
viz: , Washington,' Adams, Jufferson, Wob
ster, Clay, and many others, whose fame
is sounded in every land. J. K.
Arrival fYoiu California.
Kkw. York, July 9.
"., The Northern Light reached Berth at
8 o'clock this morning. Sho brings Cali
fornia dates of the lGtli ult., with 437 pts
sengers, nnd 8029,000 in gold. Among
the passengers are Col. Wheeler, Minis
ter to Nicaragua, who brings two impor
tant treaties. Walker landed at Pricta on !
the 27th June, with 375 men.- Ho is re
ported to have taken Rivos and then enter
ing San Juan del Lud. He carried . off
anns'and ammunition there collected with
out opposition. ""
The Golden Oato left San Fiancisco"oD
tho 16th with 81.QG3.000 freight.
The most important item is the confirm
ation of the claim of Messrs. Bolton' Ac Bar
row, by the U. S. Laud Commissioners,
embracing 13,650 acres of land lying near
ly within the corpoiation limits of San
rraneisco, estimated to bo worm ij4i,
000,000.,, ' ' ".,-.' :
Palmer, Cook it Co., are principal owur
ers of the claim. - i
Trouble with the Indians is. anticipated
in the neighborhood of Freemo river, ow
ing to an Indian having boen hung for
shooting a Mexican miner without provo
cation. . , . . --
Rich sold qnartz and a lead and a sil
ver mine have been discovered inTuoloame
county. ; . .
The burnfng of the "town of Auburn
causod an entire loss of 625,000. Sovonty
small framo houses and aix bricks, at San
Francisco, wore destroyed by fire on the
13th; loss 40,000. Settlers are hojding
frequent meetings to concert measures for
redressing grievances. .-
A sottlers'party was to be organized
throughout the State. ."' ;
The Know . Nothings, were defeated iu
Oregon.. Joi Lane, democrat, is elected
Delegate to Congress, by two thousand ma
jority. The. returns as to forming a State
Government are incomplete, but enough
are received to indicate that it had been de
termined Oregon should cease to be a ter
ritory," . . : - ; ' i
The Indians are reported to have killed
six white men, on Klamath Hoservation,
and six others iu Illinois Yalley. .
. The mines are yielding abundantly. .
, 1 855 bid fair to equal if not oxoeed the
produolion of any previous year.- '
The California Mint is coining at the
rate of 100,000 per day. ' ". '
. Markets Jobbing trade has been ac
tive. Considerable transaction, from first
nanus. Sugars, Gunny Bags and a few
other articles slightly improved
Flour Wheat l.&OQi.W; clear
Fork 21,25; Lard 16. ' "
uarumer uas sua rented governor rf.jiinaion r Old.Mllificaa I P t premluai.
a letter, iaviiing Pennsylvania to j'in tho j . E'iJJi'B1
rast. . 1 ne se'-eeilin dt-legtie am to nay
orgauizm a Statu Cornell on the PI11U-
delphia Platform. . Then is much excite
ment inconsequence of the Jeci'iun.
From Pbtladelphia. ..
PuiLADELrciA, Jjly 9:
Pwtiovliur raia of laforatt allocJ ab rfnA.;,..
Tor Siiio iu p nui. For lo I! ni',nlli,) f cnM
ItoSatAoUia . Um ;r 1 p
It Upoiu ml In Coin, eanilcatea na1e u able
1 un ,. J(-)iit matt tn quint, aud tka tappl; l uoir
4al la all wb-jR-aeruftlviuibdi,
Lanctsier fflarkci.
, OAZtnt OFficj!, Jny 12, 1355,-Our
v, ..v., .nance n.uu iui hi fcaMVoiMMiary
J IIm of a. id a. 4. i chaiua ad M hiifca to atuuaat
j th Suullxaalrori.ar of aaiU Lot 4. la tka ort
I bnnfilar; litiaorMatoD'alia, t; lbbc W wlU aatd
Maaou'a Jl .,i,ui.ilp,ry liuc V, l,.i.i.,a pott comer too
' t-.-l. talil l,t XoO au.l i; tlieura Weal ilb aalil liua
I Seaainaatid 71 liuialo apu. oornar ketwnn totaKoa.
t and V: ttieur0eo'iUl,ulJa- VVksi tia tatd lliiaatliati
and icllnkatoa atono at lUv Houihwa.1 cornar orlt
Nu. l! tkauc Kortl, S.thalm andfcl lifkatolheptna)
of tMytuiiltiir,'italnlh( t4 bl-li ft a, raa.
AIpartuftUa buailiaaat U-jartor and part nf rh
Xortliaaal Qoarwr wf fcallun No.va of Tuwnaatp Siit
IV saii( aw. rosiuyaa auu huuuodv aa luilQwai IV
XlieeXDOrtS Ul June IIIOWS a U-urcata Of ' . .- .1 i t (ttar,aamart-ooiiiu uiaioi lua toui.i) orjor'
ZTn e . i , . u-urcBM v' . OUOtatwnS till morning are as follows:, ! raturn.cnmriiiirt aalob ou ll. Huulhaaat eo-
QJJd.UU trom .1 me period last year. Wl.at 1 .I- Hour nt. V!rf?0 fkl nr.. I larof l,.Grltb'li.d; tlii, E.,t lucHalna lo
Decrease from first of JTanuar- as comna- l , ' ' ,,' - ' X J '' "1;'l I'U U..caSout!alS rLaina !o a poai; Uirnaa W.rt
wu.rv.aso irom Orst oiynnury m compa-j Cofn 0. ilv.eSJ; OaU, 35ets; Clover- iocmIk.io.po.i omh. w.,t boaW, n r uid
: arlli',."' ",Z a'ja'ht ot seed 5.60; Timothy seed, 3.4.00; Foto-ltitt??"1""""""
FLar aooil I rtn- f!t- I Alao.LouXo. 1 and S. conUinlnr M tm la Um
Imports thus fir amount to 93.756,695.
Decrease from List year, 81.C35.812.
An attempt wai made, ou Friday last,
to kidnap a girl about 14 year, old, living
near Downingtown, Chester county. She
was seized by two mn and carried some
twelve miles towards the Maryland line,
when, finding they had mistaken a sun
burnt girl for a mulatto, she wis set down
iu the road and allowed to depart.
Egg 8 cents. Salt, 2.37
toes, 6j76c
ter, 10(S12,
Beans, 2.00; Soap., 6G$6c: Coffee,
l?$il5c; Tea, 60 100; Molasses, 40;
Sugir, 7 J i8c. White Fish, 13 dollar, por
barrel; Pickerel 10.00 to 12,00; Rice 8.a9,
Vinegar, 1 8a25 cent; Tobacco, 25a35cts;
liny. 6,00(38,00.. Tallow, 10J per brl.
Whisky, 33.;. Wool 23n33e.
From New York. -
Viw Youk, July 9 M.
Fifty persons were arrested yesteidny,
for being druDk on the street'. As yet,
no arrests have been m-ido of liijuur deal
ers. .
, Cattle TIarUct,
1 Naw York, July 3.
' kECEirrs of thk week. ,
These are sol i bv the head at a price
Jeqaal to the value per pound of tbe estima
ted Weight of beef In fli (tuarter. ' Tlip
Mr. Perry, -Secretary of Lijition atM.iJi ...j ..allow or "rULh-oanrW i r,t
Madrid, leaves in thoBd.icoa Wednes- 'conuted in this market It in in Bus-! lbenc t,'t? aaioaandl0H l.nkt to a jwati idii
, , , , . ujuuitu iu una market, ii l in xus south 17 cbalm and 33 liLln to a poat; Ihox-a Xlaat
uny. : ton. -
Yesterday afternoon, the pluasure yauht t xnr pfeICE To Dat i ft will average
Grace upset off fort Hamilton.' Three of'ubout ll'Jo.
five person in her were drowned. Mr. yrii qualitv Hal lie. '- -
rerguonr a reporter lor me journal oi i
Commerce was among the lost.
nr M
aald .NurUieaal Uaartsr ol am. I action 5o. M. torn
niancinKMta alunc at tho A.rthwal evrner of aald
5ortbanat Quartor Mectlon; llranra Kant alona; tli.
3ortn boundarr llna thurur. i ctutn and fi7 Unka t
a pou at tite nortliaaal corbar of lot Xo. 1; Uiaac
iUst 4cliaitiaand 7tiuka to a poai' at liio itonbaaatcor"
ncroriot a.,. ttiauce South t aliainaand aulltika u
to a poat'uttUa aoatheaat toraor of lot o. it, tfaauca
W,t4 chaJunaad 73 llnka to a pval corarr batwaau
aald lota .to. 1 aad -, tbrnca Weal a rkalna .7 link
toapoatat Uia anathwaal t-rar of lut aa. 1; Iheaoa
aorta ocb.lM and M) links to lb beginning, tontla.
In; In all SI 2j-1jO aerca.
Alao. artoltUe nofilieaal O.nartar of Soetloo KO.rS,
To analut, no. 10. Ranze no. SO, Hafnea. knowa b) ba.
Inn lot a a. I. aa marked an tba nlatm Book m. t,aur
ray ao. Count .urrotor hocorda. bKlunlnff at
a .tone at tb nortWeat comer or aaid ftaarter Sa.
Hon; thenta iSaatalona; Aa sorlb boundary Una tbar.
of G ehaiua and 33 llnkto a ,C4U tbncaouthparal el
with the eat tionudnrv tina wf auid Unarur 17 chalna
aad33Unkatoa pwat; 'ibuuca V tx 4 ahaiaa aad 38
link to a po.t ou tbo Wet aotinbary Una thereof)
tbence nonb 17 cbjloaatui 33Iinka to tlia bviionlag,
containing H ihm.
A lao a part of aim ; Qnartar Swtlnn, bcjrlnnlaf at a
poatoa the a.buandary line of aald ftrui tbalnaaa
ok East of '.he ncr'.liweat corner of aald ttnarier;
- ITatsaLI Rcxw:ta.-HeK area feeralntpla ruini- j
dial for Terr preTalenl dlaoxdora, which t bar.- r.ii j
heiltatloaia Mtoainitndlnir aa kifalllWe: '
Por aoi elcknate--atnr at homo. !
Fordruokoaw drink roM water. ' ; -Poruailtb
Uko "Ajtfi Pllli."
. For accidjDta keep oil of Jaeger.
To mate monef adrertlmln lb 3 Oajjlu. -Por
CongUi and Cold, -Uka Cherry Ptetoral
To be bappyaabiertbe fOr a naan&per.
Ta plsaa all mind your own, bsitaa.
To bar a a aood eoneeleitei "pay las print it."
halm and V)V Ilnki to a M't; thence north 17 ehaiua
Mid a link, to the place of bfjinninr, eontahiina: IS
acra. Aito part of tlie north weal Uuarier ofHett'.nn
SS. or Lot 44, Towaablp 18. Ranre fi. Refugoe Bo
xmnlct: at tbe northwest corner of enMFectloB! thauea
tut with ibe V. e.t ooundart line thereof 9 chatntand
7x link to a pnttattha northeast eomerof Lot 1,
(on the t -re traell as marked on the pi it; thence
tatS2S- links to the nortl.eart corner or lot o. S
toa mi; thence South j.a'allol with tha West boon,
dary line 9 chalmand Sn links to a post at the South
east corner of said Lot no. 2; taonce Wtsl !& links to
a pott at tbe fwuibeatt corner vf Lot no. 1; Uienca
Waal chains and 4"X link t to a noat at tho Soathwesl
eomerof said txitoo. 1 on tha Weal boondarr Una of
.iri fiMctl.in! th.nm north wtlh aald Section Una 9
" chains and SUliulu to tha beginning, containing In all
Entra good Cattle 1 2c nnd over.
Poorest 8 iiJUc.
But few sales over 10$ or under 9c.
PttiCT-s or Veal Calve3 The rate at
which such Ctlvt-s as are fit to eat sell for
jail tho year is from 4 to 7c per lb., live
Wel-'ht. .
A cUss called 'kitU-ns1 that is. Calves i ,. on. llllrJ A ln h.nd 0na third la
from ono tO six d.-IVS old Sells from 1,25 one year and balance ln two yeere with intereat. from
L.I.XCA.STr.R LODOE. Xo. J7 Jolr 04. isij.
" KNf'AMPUKNT. No. 9. - - Jalv 31 "
Pebroary 2. lisii. O. STEISMAX, Recorder.
e?a SEB.lSTP3irV.iKEX77.
faVT "v?
K1f TB mnl bara fandr br llit drst of
Vjm AiiKiiat. And we wish all our en
4. riuiiuM wUi.se nceoaiils have not b en 4 -I
sittli-d for the 1.1 six luonlbs U call and I
close them b-jfore that dat.
Lancaster, Jul id, lbtt.
Disaolutian of PurtnL-rnhiiv
1VTOTICE is hereby glron, thai the partnership her
i lofore eai.tiiiiandjrthe name and style oTICL'bD
at BAl'GU.MAJi.wason thesth dayoIJuly,diaolrd
by mutual consLMit. The bn..ka and accounts are In
i'jj hands ot UOUKF.T I'.KLD ut the olj Stnnd for sat
tlainenl. KOHF.liT KlibD.
July K, 1835 3n 10 JOHX J1AVGUM..?I.
TJY virtue of nnordar of aala to me directed from
lha Court of Coiutnon Pleaa of Hocking County.
Ohio. I will offer at public a:ila, at the dour of tha
Court House, In Iho town of Logan, In said county, on
, Saturday- the lat day al July, 18j5,
. - . The property known aath)
to 3 a81 each.
In Autumn a good many"grass Culves,"
onernlly sol 1 at Jour to six months old,
brings 3 to $8.
A -gooi fit Veal of:cn brings 20a830.
Mile Cows. The price of Cows depends
as nuu.-h npoii fancy ns the price of Horse.
(Jidinarv cows, 2ai53 J; good fair cows.
35tS40; extra quality, with calf, 45?oa,
and a few at G. '
Sijelp a.vd La3ibs. Common Sheep.2.-
SMjfi; extra Sheep, Ca8; Lambs, 52a5.
tr.i-rTS last arias at nil ton a.D ao.TS.
Beeves 1,100 -Veals
Stviae 2,961
Cows 9
yw-a ,.
6 JO .
. 14 --
day of aala; not to be cold for leas than two thirds tha
apiiraiaed ealne thereof.
J. B. JtrM4rOH.AJm'tora"i l(.bj,
. of Jubu CampbaU,daeaad,
JuneM,12JJ Jw7pf13 .
Attar If KiiXi't blil Miami, Mth St., Inline, Oii.
T ERKECT FULLY aollcllatha attentl.mof all M
XV a,ay want Grorerlealw bia uew and large Block
on baud, embracing in pari, the fullowlog articles:
Hteon. Imp. Black and OonpowderTBAS:
New Orleans. Crushed. Lonfand pulreritad Sugar
Galden and Siia-ir House Syrup. 5. O. M..taases;
P.lce. Oranyes, Lem-.ns, Figs, ttatalna, riiouru .
and Almond
Cinciiinuli JTJurkcl.
Cincinnati, Julv 10. Flour verr dull
ESTATE it 68aS..W. Wbiakey steady at 31a31J?.
Cheese 8c. Provisions firm. Coffee llal).
Sugar 6Ja7jc. MoUsscs 36. : . I
- Wool Market. 1
, WOOL The arrival or the new clip
of fltfece are rapidly - Increasing, and pri
ces are iouyant with ' a " better
inqniry. A coTisiderable stock may be
exDectt'd here bv Aurrust 1. Hie
Snrarfared HAMS; Dried Beer, Bolones Sauaaara,
Chaaaa ami Spleet;
F iaps. Dve: stall!. Cand'.ee, Tuba aid Buc.eU;
Waahboarda, broomv. a.e.; re.
ALbtl A Ana lotof Chewlus;T.baeco, Smokisf d
F'?rei?n and l) jmelic Liqoors. Nulioua, dte.
I (eel assured Uiotall wboasay far or me Hh a tall
will noiRoaway dl.i.U.Ood with my pneaa, erea If
thee ahoald notbelnduced tobuv.
In a few dars I will hare LA Kg FI8H of all klnda.
X. B. COC'STBT PRODUCE tafcea In eioh.nge rJ
Groetrlcs. Lancaster, June 14, 1645 04 f
2n$!!!J Ilisai'32(S;34c.forlow ouaM
i w uiui I oiuirmt s uiuuc iv aaaa aau aril au ut (Tail 1(11119 -. - a
Hoeltlnit Seatiuol, Ohio b'utJiiuau aad Zauaaville ! 33 iQc. for medium; and 42a45c. for
' Tbo abore baa long; been considered by far the most fine. Pulk'd IS not active; but owing to
valuable and profitable null property in the Hock t,e small supply here prices are firmer.
Valley hating ou thu same nlarirj uesr Merchant Mill. - , , .. K J r . 0 .
with four run of4S fjai Fr.-utli Curs, all In good order Limbd Ool IS plenty. With 8alC8 nt JOl'.
Th?"V.Uo a ',, doubl. Saw Mill. 35 by 1 fan. 'int itS oTmcr 9ulot
now (noparation. Alio.a Curding and Fulliuy Club-, state; no hales . tt e quote:
Li4um.Mii, wiiu two new uouii.., tvuruni.. Mocltiiiesaiid ! . ,,
Pichor cnrdin;latyear 84,000 I be. Woji, alt!, an in- American SaX.. Fl j lb
Tl, i eutii wi.rlc oftlie Grist illll araraw. r.d.nttl ia t
80.000 bushdls of grain per yi-ur, and the cuntry eup- Dit. i and 4 Merino
Iiuusa. iniicn morei.iriue maouractiiruOT riour mo r. . " ,
luslneaaanuuully Increa.ln;. There is any de.lrabl..- j I'O. AiltlVe and qr. UO .
auinnnl or water power fur any purpose BhaiiVcr. C... Pnllpfl P.iintrr
Tho,e Millslio im.njdialsly on tin Hocking Canal. ! ?PM ,rr, ,, J"""urJ
The Scioto and Hocking Valley Kail H d. now In Do. 1 , .1 ullcd Countl J1
coersti of conjirnctlun, will bo llnlshed this jsim te , pv,ca"flii
Ugan. a mile below; and the H.ielrlun Valley Rail i i . ,
Koad, from ColomlMis to. ParkerJburgh, will won be I Peruvian V. tilled
In course of construction. Immediately post thj Mills, tt ,.,,; T,.-aJ,a 1
There is a line if Tck'sraphettendlnt' tn l.om. the alpatalsO, HlWaslieil
Jourtshinirounty seat of Iloek-ina;. Au Iron Furnace j So. Am., Co Ul. Washed
lalooperatlon half a milefrojiitha Fall, and sireral . r T-
otli.-nlnlh.i vicinity. The whole fall of water Is IT fe.-t. i . Am. tlltre KlOS
Busides tha Mill. die., above described. inero are on : A ,,, TTntvnvlin.l
the premises avedwelllnc; boa-Mts. wlih from tbrea lo 1 ' .
six rooms each, two (rood Warehoes-js, Cooper Shtip. ; !30Uth Am.- CortiOVa
MiiDiing, ere. Appraiseu at airi.ouu. Fut Inrfu W iinlinri
T-araie . Halt Jne-tliird iii bind, one third li, one ! allQia, Vt asnou
year. and one third in two years, with Interest ou Ue- j African, L II washed
furred payments from day of sale. tie- w . i 1
. . 1 . .. . jous m PLovn. shri . African, Washed - .
Logan, July 13 Swio of JiocvingC.jaui) oi.io. . Smyrna. Unwashed
ferny rtia, Waslieti
PROP. HAYS, State Chemld,
MueaHChitaelts, says that thor are
the best of nil PILLS.alid arioet
ed are the men who certify thai
DocU Hayea knoaa. xix
Lemuel Nhaw. bief Justice Su
preme Court of Massachusetts.
Hmory Washburn. Cor. nf Maas.
W. C. 1'luukou, Ueoi. Govern-,
nrnr MaHsnchtlsclt..
Bdward Kveren, ex-see. of hinte aua.enaior v. !.
Koberl C. Winihrop, Kt-Speaker Honae Hsp.U.S.A
' Abbott Lawrence. Minister Hlenl. lo Great Brilluu.
tJohu B. Fiupalrick. Catholic Uishop of Boston.
Among tbe disoaaes Uila Pill has cured with aatonlsh
!. r uVhllty.we may mention Cosilrenesvllilious Coiu
nlalnts. Khoumatlsm. Uropsv, Heartburn. Headache
arlsiug from a foul Momnca, Sausoa,lndigaioa. Mor
bid Inaction of the Bowola. and pain arising therefrom.
Flatulency, Lossof Appetite, all L'leereus and eulan
eoua Diseases, which require an eracuant Medicine,
Scrofnlaor Klng-a Erll. TUcy also by piirlfyincr Ihe
blood ft stimulating lbs System, fur many Complalnta
which It would not bJ aniipowdtlioy could reach. such
as Deafnua,. Partial Blindnoa., eural?ia and Aervout
Irritability. Dcrangementa of tho Liver and Kidneys,
Gout and oth 'rkiudred complaints, arlslnjr from a low
late of the bodyor obstructions of Its fimctionaof its
functions. The t are Ihe best Porratlve Medicine ever
discovered, and you will but need to usMhera but once
to know It. Prepared by Itr. J. C. AYEK. Lowoll.Msas.
and sold by P. Eckstein. Cincinnati: kauffman dt Co.
and M. C. krclder,Unctjr, G. F. Hamlin, Oahlnnd;
K. Kalb. Ruahville, and by all Poalers In Medicine
evhry where. " July li,18ii-2mia
Mcxinait, Ln washed
12 13
E(3! 3
-. P13
. 1314
. a. r ran k -
f TAS Ju.l recolvtd anil ia openliu; for eale In the
I I cilv of Lancatc-r, on Main mrcul, nt the well
known stand ia lr. Hhawk'a liuw, opposito. George,
KauaJman's liru Store, a l ilt:", new aad splendid as
sortment of the most fashionable
hlch will bo sold at irrcat barraiua, as t am determin
ed lo sell at Ihe lowest rli;ure lor ch. Jlo most re
spectfully solicit a ruosoiiabi? sharo of pubtle patron
age, as I expect lo continue In lliie place for yuan, to
aupply 'het-itiaaua iu ihe ricue.l clothinK.' All who.
wish topurenase c-totoinar i ".i' "'
cive him a call, as 1 shall be enabled with lha stock ol
Goodson haiMl to grainy toe la.ie ui in. inuM insur
ious dandy ami niochahic dawn to ib honest farm
er. I shall be enabled to conduct tbe business iu lite
German, French and English language. -
Lauoastae, Juno 31, ic-am,
vif ttr.
OPE!f TOniiEMEW-Twodatly Tralna(Sun
day excepted!) - . .. . . ' .
a-irtt reaialeavea Cincinnati aHA.M., arriving at
Lancaster ej I l.W A. M.and at Bremen at 1 M.
Returning, loaves Bremen at 3.15 P- M. and Uncaa
lerat4P.M.,arrlvtoiratClncinall8.S0P.M. ,
Seeead Train leaves Cincinnati at 4 P.M. arriving at
Lancaster at 9.SS P M. - - - . , , '
KeturninK! loaves laincaater at S.40 A. JL arriving
atlnclnnallat U.ld A. M.
Tralnaatoptorpaaaengaraatall intermadlata points
and connect with tralua on Liltla Miami Road for Co
lumbus, Dayton, Hil aborough and Chllllootba.
Lines of etages will ruu between Lancaster and La
gan, Nolaonvillo, Athena, Pomeroy, Somerset and
2aneavillo,eonnectlue with tha morning train from
and evening train lo Cincinnati.
nnihrinrorniaUon and tickets, annlv at Ticket Or-
.. corner of Broadway and Front streets, and at tha
Little Miami Depot, or te the Station Agents on tho line,
Kna-lnaeraad Bnnerintendent.
TTTTheCorflrmnTwIll not e reaponalhla for bag-
aMaaaoadlngS01aTalna, unless the aama oe ra
P.TL.Ai.ii..rtHii.uMiMiiLtiid frala-bt paid at
thaaalaof rxaaafortry i;6o!BV!oa. aBovja Uat
DteaM. - , - Ja'ra.ww-
GILT Monldinpa for Picture Frames, for ealo at lha
. '''f f0"".10"' . cw.,.t.. a,,.
A RCHrTECTURB V L. It. Oonia, At amjianasno
Ao. P. Smith, for aie at Ihe dtv book sjore .
I.rll SI, 1854. B.CONXELL, Agent.
sr-sr would particularly Invite tlie attention or oar
Lads readers, who rnUnd visiting CinehinaU
tha Sprlr.a 'or summer, to the exteusire stuck of Mra.
J. A. HEX UEK30S, late
STS 71 la 1 . ISICII, ....
tP-ff Cuiitlttlngof
5i'3Binnet Il.lboiss j lwM and
TriuauBluuauf the latest Parisdt New York styles.
, . . . . . i. i . i. . . i . i' . . l. . . : i . . .1 i
"er sicca la u. lar in. i . r. vj , . o mi v.... nuv .
keiilCMntaiittvfullby DAILY A Kill VALR from tha
East, of the AVareal Potior !, iafint sTIrewe,
Harfaa, 7acaa,asd Sofia BrmJt. Bluwd aai VrLa
cee. together with Ihe most choice Bommkt, Caf and
tinio Biaeoaa. and Far. a Asnrwi.L Fiownae
imparted: nil of which she will tell M per cent, lower
lhananr other esiabliabmcnt iu Cincinnati. Her store ia
Ko". U4 FIFTH MTREET. between Kim dt Plum.
Cincinnati, March S,lett 147
x Vi n o o ii s
rcrr aacctvea nr
OppositeSha-ffeiK Hotel, Lancaster, Ohio
ONEY MOON and other Comalitles from Punch
Aiiiohloa-ranhv of an AcJresa. bv Mra. Mowaln
ouruev to Central Africa, bv Bayard Tailor
Kar.sat and .ebiaaka, by Mule
Punnv Memorieaof Foreign Uoda,by Mr. Blow
The lietter Land. hvTbmuiaua -.
Napoleon A hla Armv.Tbs Camp Fires of Napoleon.
A fine lot of Annuule'for IBM, and a Sua lot of email
Gift Books of all Utlioa.
Caiholic PniTer Books. Epiacopal Prayer DnoVa.aa.1
a large lr.t of Family bibles and Pocket lltblea at
reduced pricra.
School Uioksand Sutlonervat Wholesale & Retail.
Pockel Wallets. Port Monies, ar-d Pea Knives, ff
sale attne B..ok store of JOHS SEAHI.ES,
Oct. 83, laJI C5 Offttitt a.frr'e Jfala.
oancaat Di.st.aits ia
Groceries, Qncen-War, II ate, Ca pa,
aomirra, aao-n. iimo, watt, fare a aoartaiao,
-ajTa-tOVLD respectfully Invlu the attontlon of every
W body to their large and well assorted stock sf
rhiclihava been selected with care, and will beaold
at the luweat cash prlcaa. May 3, leafr-M
Drv Gooda fr Spring & Summer,
Xo. 74 Went Fourth Sti-ect, Cinctnaats.
Ogers aa usual, to tl.-'ir customerc and otbaca.
Lailie.' Drcsa Oo.rd, of all kinds of Pabrlea, Sl-awle
and Manlillas Embroideries and Laces; Hdkf.,
- l.'jif ry.drc; Llnena, Muslius. and all slinlauf
plain fabric! Housekeeping Goods, groat
Torloiy. Also
Business condnrtfd on ibe one price principle.
r.... nk,il at rates as favorahla to pnrebasiera la
-can be afforded by ay taouaa engaged la regnlar
b"petii visiting Clnelnnatl are reapectfatly Inviled
to cat! and examine trooua su prieea. p.u i
aTlLAKICa Commentary on the Old and Sew Testa.
ment, for sale at use ctij ooo awru.
.April SI, -
B. COS.NELL Agent.
(or aala a
mr US. Partington's Carpet Bag of Pun
IT the city boot aiora. .
April SI, ItS. P. rO!5KI.L Agent
rflHKOId Brewery and Hew Mission Houae.for aat
f, at the city oook suire.
nl il. 1P54.
B. CONNBLL, Agent.
a-arsiiK l .n.n i.is-htar. for aala at Ibe city bonk atore
, AprU.lll5. .. - B COK.SELL. Ageat.
B. C035ELL, Agents
-w-s K-wFBR'.ndF.mirranfaBook, for aala at the
V elT hook atore.
April 4l, 184. . -
TASCT Artielealn great variety, for aala at the city
B. C0K7ELL. Agent.
,- .riBSE8 DE BKRTHOLTB oava re
LT I. tamed to Lancaater.and will be hap.
ny to receive oupiia wnnHuni.. v u
BllVAVHRTRIMUU SH. S MlWir iwiuoiw. uu
I. IV.'j - v4hmrMia.Sirat.ttkkutfnmMT-
T-L......JI, r.ta ar. If.aasr. and hope their long ai-
perieneetn teaching mnslcand tba-unratnlttiag al4n-
tlon paid to tha Improvement oi usaia r-upie wiu,wu
a portion of public palroa. , '
dlSS Af5. DB BERTHOLTawU awetvaaWaaafor
Embroldarr and Caavaaewnrti;. , -- -
MISSM. O. PR BKBTWOLf KM wpovfotlaB i KlJ-
ajarftarj 8tiJ0llB,tli!tejsaa wn -T-'
palChatca. . . a .. -t
On Wheeling Street, , .
TTat,Ts 1" oirerlng the public a
YLL77Z I atvreand variety ofCarrlarea
iiTBugglea unanrpaai
cheapness by any thin
eased for beauty, durability and1
in ui
cbeapneaa by any thing oi tne ainu T.rn.i..i "
section of Ohio. Having sec a red tbe services ol the
most accomplished workmen, he le able to compel
wllhatiy similar establishment West of the moun
tains, foe material is all n ret era alWy. aad ell war
warranted for ona year. Paraona deaUoua of por
chasing will pleuee call and axaialaamy atocg.boioro
raoaawian oone, f ivv, tiii'iT.
iniaoony. m
Lancaster, apni --5grr" - ,
"a7"6." b'ablow,
v rvt I P A T HI Tv
sTYf PIOE In Tallmadge Block, Mt BUi,UCM-
' 1 ?'f Blair, M.D..Colamba.
.. jH-'puaC., t?laoianaa. Mn
BaiTstreel.nd dodrEaat of Hj'a Eotal, .
Lis'uur, May J, 165- ; ' j

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