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rUtrsU.? Morning Ju!j 19. "
i conflict of much applause. A committee of three
Ob 19 Ucpaollxuis Courewiloa.
CoLUMBre. JoIt 13. 1865.
At half-Dast ten o'clock ins
IV. . .1.... : ni,:, ,r-.,f ih-m mn mpm1c. whirl. iWutotw in d..strov irenUt-nieii Wn Appo;nia 10 wu upon wr. ;
lV " ' that harmony which ouc,hl lo prevail in (u.d. and squeal liis.allendaui loaidrt
W- tin smc- i tlie Conveution. , -
Wr. Mcnrainej. iie-in w...... - r ,v n,,;i,
Bat two ces ol oreat principles, llieleloie, ( vh "'"vh u. .
me. uttvi-ii iuii, ui n niMH'muu
Hon. Jacob
were cauv arntn.feu. iuo j..... .v. ...... ... -- --, . - c.
w inr w j.; s x m v
Tliis was receiv-
.rededentrals. made a repor
... I . rl,m unrl ihov i Ipmijunl Tlmt W llw. Ipm eseli tfti 1 VeS ' CO.
COllitSIO I "rl uti....-.....n,..,. . . " V I I. .!,..,.. ,.. ,.,ul 1 Il.n I
cailv arranged. The couvenuou ot li.e people ol Uie S ate. wlo are eiiiis.eu jse., i..n. v - ,,
I in the cause of freedom, deem U expedient Dif ' .U..J,.. p
N. W. Goodhue - - Si
J. R. Marion -20
W. B. KaircliiM - 12
No uhoiee. Convention then pro-
co-Jed (o bxlloi the second raie with the
luilowiiitr reuli:
ncrDted the reDort
The chnirman of the committee on Per
manent Officers reported tho folllowing for
permanent officers:
PretMenl-Hon. JOHN SHERMAN1.
Vice Preidfnt$l District. Dr. J. H.
Ptilie. 2 A Muore. 3 S. B. Brown
and other citiiens aseembled at the Town
8iret Methoiisl Oliurch. in great torvfi.
On motion of Mr. Gi Mins. Hon. Ben-
i t of R .lmont. wax enlled to '.
IK. ns.'ir. nsthuteroporarvPiesiJent. hn G. II. King. 7 J. H. Dnul.vy
.,..!, iliir and called tlia meetinz to IWm. Iwrenee. 9 0. H
W. B. Allison, of Ahlanl. und J. S.
Htrrtck, of Portnge, wia appointed a
'temoowry Seorelariea.
Oa m'J'.in, air. Huer. or w;in.u--i;i.
to withdraw from the canvass for the
bernato ial canJidary the names of the
Hon. Salmon P. Chase and the Hon. Jacob
Mr. Gid.linsf repliod : He thought tho
proDOM iun an ex raordinrv one. It bad
4 J. B. Willim. 50. Wlii. e no precedent. Mr, Smith thought the
imnlnred the divine blo.-iii! upon the pro-
uceedings of iVie Couveniion,
0 Oil moLion. a committee of. ono from
eaoh Con reionil di-riol was appointed
M oowmitteoon Ure.maennai. ine aci
V Ives then ollooted themielves into Sep
Vite bodies, and agreed upon their sver
alinraSeM "f he oommiueo.
li.ut following person wero appointed
iialhiembyr of this committee, one from
eiA dif.rict, in the order nsmed below,
f i Jue:i"in w'uh the fir.l district.
(fc amille on Cftle'Untiul--i. R. Skin
ncrtlt. B. HiyvDr. Oliver. 'Q. S. Kvl.,
S.B.Suo. J. II. Roihrook, R.)hetl M-j-Bratu.
C. S. Hmilion, Dxv. Miller. L. N.
RihiJhon, A. J. Van Who, UiihIi Sliip.
John S iermmi. Smith Orr, Jm-ob U.ick-iiH
do i fur Sr.. M'dvin CUtke, Olms. HrtWf
Jolin H in i. Oims. W. Palmer, Milton
8n Jiff. Gsa. K. Jenkins. '
On mo'.ion, the coiivnn'ion proceeded to
spnoint a commiueeol'21 to lepoit perm-
nant cffi.icr.i of tho I'onven'ion. Tlio (A
lowing peMon wore appoinied, one from
each distrii't ae above:
Commitlei on Perm tneM OJl r$ John
K. Oreen. El. Huwool, M. B. Walkor.
E. B. Taylor, John Paul. Ar.ih. Li-ii,
Amos Mv:Iiiy. Slierm iu Finch, R G. Phi
nin,''o:i, J.ihn MN-il Jr.. Jma Tiylor,
J. C, Toropson, S. T. Worneaier, N. S.
Town send. C. Wii-vick, Iiriel Green, W.
Steol E. N.- Sill Lester Taylor, John
Hucthins, J. D. Giutell.
On mo.ion, a committee of one from
e.vh Conj'esMon il Di.tri't w.-w Selected to
report resolutions to this Convention.
Tho followiiij gun K'ni-'n were appoint
ed: . Cj'in 'Uct on Res ilutiwt J. M. Gitoh
ell, Win. yhmiler, D W. Id line's, Jnsiin
Himiitou, W. A. Hunter, Diivid Faaii,
A. II, Djnlevy, B-nj. S union, C. K. Wat
Dr. Oby. It C Culver. 12Llms
Florence. 13F. D- Parrish. 14 Gen.
Spink. 15 J u le Robinson. 16 Dav.
Oharoein. 17 C H. Atbriht. . 18
S. H. Thomp.vm. 19 W. B il twin. 23
T. J. McLean. 218. A. Bring
ham The coinroittc also reported the rules of
ordei for the goverunient or tlie conven
The report then, after fowe disous-
Mon, lopted
Hon. John "hibmax. of Mansfield, be
ing then conducted to the platWm, wins
warmly reeeiveTI tie proteeacy to au-
lress the Convention in a snort, but glow
ing nnd piiioitio speech. To-day, thou
sands of eves are anxiously turned to Ohio.
Let us unite upon tlie ticKet to do ncre
nominated and gobofora the people itpon
iheveat issuo tendered us and tho people
of tho Norlth by the slaveholders of the
The Vice Presidents then took their
sea's upon the frtand.
Judo Spftlding, from the committee on
F-M1iiMon!, then submitted for adoption
the following rcsolu'ions:
Remved, Iliattl.e people, Who consti-
lu'e tlio supreme power m tlie U. otates,
should irnard with ienl tia care the rights
of the several States, as independent trov
ernmonts. No encroachment upon thoir
Me rinlaiive or judicial prerogatives should
be nermi'ted 'ni any quarter,
jifiul'-ed, That the people of tho Siate
of Ohio, mindful of the blcsnings conferred
upon them by tho Orubancb of Feebdou,
wiiose anniversary our Convention Ibis
day commemorates, have csmhlished for
iheir poll ical jjuidntico the following car
dinal rules :
t. We will rosUt the -prrad of slavery
under wliH'.evor shade or color it miy be
aitemp'e I.
2. To this end v?a will labor assiduous
ly to render inoperaiiye and void, thai por
tion of the Kansas ami Nebraska bill which
abolishes fieedum in the' territory with-
son, . fliatn, A. iompton, J. w. An-irawn trom me inuuence oi siaveiy uy .uk
drews, F. D. Pariish. H. E. Peck. Geo.
W. Trill, 0. B. Tompkins, llu,'ll Forsyib,
T hos. Earl. R. P." Bp-ilding, J. R. Oid
din 's, Dr. Jh.s, Robertson. '
On motion of Ju Ige Spalding, the com
mittee on Organisation was Hii horized
'W report rules for the government of the
Mr. Gi lding moved that a committee of
five bo appointed to corre-poud w'uh other
' S'.ates upon the poli ical topics of the
d.iy. Tne motion was a lop ud.
"air. De frets of Fiqua, moved that all
ro'Jola.ioai in relation to platforms bo refer
ed wfltaut debate to the commiiteii on Rl-s-olutStn
Thi wi amended so ns to refer to all
resolutions offered to the Couveniion before
that nomraitlert make their report to the
meeting. As aineuded it was then pass-
: J. . '
The morning business boinj disposed of,
n mo ion, Hon. L. D. Campbell w "H-
1 upon to adilrrss the Convention. Mr.
, Campbell took the stand, snd spoke at some
Itn-'Ui. He nail: The honor of being
called upon lo address such a Convention
:i sui:h an occasion, was not small or un
appreciated. This day is illustrious in the
S.i-uu of our history. It is seeon I only
to that one when ihe dri lara'ion was pro
claimed to the won. I that all men were
born free and eiiual. He referred lo the ear
ly bis:ory of this slave atiestion under our
Ntt innal Government. The sentiments of
Jetf-T-ou and theeaily Fathers were referred
to. But now, how changed. Look at the
pxi.io:i of (Jhorgii, and Sou h Carolla.i
to d ty aking steps to es en l this institu
tion in o tei riiorius whioli by solemn com
pw; w is declaiel to b-j dedicated to freo
dom. by tho fine of the revolver an 1 the
bowie knife, He felt no desire to disturb
slavery when it existed by S ate law, bu'
btyon I that w.i could not and on'ht not, to
go. The spirit if not Ihu express terms of
tho C i.istiiutioti contemplated the diminu
tion and final eradica ion of slavery. How
has it beoit in prae i' u? We know it has
b'.-eu extending and increasing. Disre
garding all agreements nnd compromises,
however solemnly made, tho South has
broken over tho b in tern, and has ex ended
lavcry over nw and vast Hums of our
common country.
Will the North tamely submit to these
.things? Cm it wuhout dishonor? The
poli.ical power of Slavery is at this lime
more lb in that of iaen of the free States
of th-' North, lie referred lo the aoiion
of tito Slave power, whioli vetoed the bill
to improve rivers and harbors, an I at the
same 'Jtn paid ten millions of dollars to
purchase the Mesill.i Valley. We must put
iu sn 1 to these tilings. We mut stop
theso encroachments upon our equal
lie tlid not desire to make war upon the
Mouth, but he fell it very important lo go
into it w ir of ex t. min i ion upon the dougk
fuctt of tho North. There is the field of
our labor. Here we can be felt.
It U sai I by our iipp men's that they are
about to wi.uess a gi-an I buit up here to
day. IIi thought thev were d'ind to
be disappointed. These outsiders remind
d him of wreckers who uaihered round
to pick up the clioic packages that may
drifi ashore fioro the wreck of some noblu
Tense!. They must be disappointed.
There must be no failure here to-day.
Theie is no diffeiencc atiout p-inciple. It
will bo nbarnin- nnd lasting shame to the
nam'iof Ohio, if we for a moment perYnit
any di&rvaco about men lo divide us.
better far that one thousand m"n sink Into
oblivion and their name be lieard of no
mora In time, than that Ohio fail to take
ber proud iand to-day at the head of tlie
grand and mighty army of freedom.
II r. Campbell wa r-p.itedly cheered
during the (Jeliveiy of liU speech. It had
a happy effect upon the vast assembly.
The Convention then adjourned to meet
sgain at 1 o'clock r. W.
Ths Conven iun assembled in Ihd same
place at half past I p.m.
, Cn mo'.ion committee of ibres was
appointed to telegrf.jb i9 tlx Stats ConvMt.
Missouri Compromiso of 1820: and we
will oppose, by every lawful and Consti
tutional means, the existence of slavery in
the National territory, ami the further in
crease of slave territory, or slnvo States, iu
this Republican Confeden i-y.
3. litvlvfd, I lint tho recent acts oi vi
olence and civil war in Kansas, incited by
the late acting Vice President of the United
S ates, and Uciily encouraged by thoEx
exu tve, demand the emphatlo condemna
tion of every citizen.
4. lie tii 08(1, ilmt a proper retrencn-
mcnt in all pnU o expenditures, a tho
roughly economical adiuinietiaiion of our
Sia:e government, a just and equal basis of
taxation, aatl Bingie uismcis ior mo emu
ion of members of the Legislature, are ro
foims calL-d for by a wio State polioy,
and jutllv demanded by the people.
miitee, i-onsis ing of tivo, bo appointed by
il.is Convention, and that said committee,
in nddhton to its ur-ual duties, be au horia-
ed lo eoriesp.md wiih committees of oihei
ata.es, lor the purpose Ol agreeing upon a
line Hiid place lor holding a aailonai von
vein ion ol ihe It publican pany, for the
iioiiiln.t.ion of President and Vice Presi
dent. Ju Ige Spalding remarked that these rcs
olu ions wne adopted tviih singular una
nimi.y, bin one person in any way object
ing lo any of them.
lion. L. D. Campbell warmly supported
the resolutions, ami uuetod they would be
adopted with unanimity.
Mr. OMdingt said he was the one who
was re Jeited lo as not concuning. He
ditl not oppose what had been read, but he
thought they should have gone farther.
Ho was for saying more about ihe position
of the President and his followers. Bui
perhaps these resolutions are as much as
tho occasion di-niiiiids. They are much
better than they might have been. He
hoped that they would bo adopted with
The resolutions were then put to the
Convention, and one loud "oye ' respond
ed from all parts of Ihe House. Not one
"Ho was beai d in the vast assemblage.
After a nearly congratulation upon ihe
unanimity with which the phufonu was a
greed upon, the Convention passed a reso
lution to proceed te the nomination of the
several candidates to be submitted to the
people of Ohio.
Uev. Edward Smith desired to submit
a resolution. Objections wero mado by
several gentlemen. Amotion to reconsid
er the vole upon coina on with the nomin
ations was made. 1 his was followed by a
motion to lay il.e motion on tho table, and
upon this n vote by counties was taken,
and resuhed as follows :'
Avos 157
Noes - - - 210
So the Convention refused lo lay tho mo
tion on the table, and suspended the rules
to allow Mr. Smith to road his resolution.
Mr. Smith mid, he had been in this war
ever since ihe first flint was picked and the
first powder burnt. He was one of the
oldest noMiers in this war, and ha intended
lo remain to the end. This is tho roost im
portant occasion that Ohio ha seen tor
many years. We are now ready for the
harvest. Lust year we did well. Last
year we had a sort of partnership. It
should have been a party. New elements
are now introduced, and they must be met.
To conciliate those difficulties he had con
sented to be a delegate to this Convention
Since last year tho Know-Nothing element
has cprung up. Two names have been
prominent before the people of Ohio. H
had a profound respect fur both Mr. Chase
snd Mr. Briukerholt. 1 hev are both mem
bers of the old liberty guard. He could
vole for either, and lie has said and done
nothing Against either of them. After
some oilier remarks in relation to the con
flict, between the friends of Mr. Chase and
Mr. Brinkerhoff,. lie submitted the follow
in resolutions:
"WnKittAS. The result of the contest in
Ohio between the friends of Freedom snd
Slavery is of vastly mire consequence to
me people we represent, to tlie country and
to posterity tlsn the fate of tnn ! and,
Know-Nothings would defeat Mr. Chase
Tin is not so. they will support tne tick
et here nominated. Mr. G. then offered
as a substitute the following:
hnoloiJ. That all the members of this
Convention pledge themselves that, irrc
opeeiiveof all parties and political associa
tions, we will contribute our moral and po
li.ical influence to sustain the principles
sud nominees of this Convention.
On motion, ilia Conven'ion laid tho res
olu'ion and substitute on the table.
The Convention then passed a resolution
to proceed to ballot for Governor. It was
amended, by requiring all the candidates
to abide by "the .result of tlia action of the
Convention. -
Judge Spalding nominated Salmon P.
Chase, of Hamilton.
Gen. Young, of Mjarai, nominated Judge
Swan, of Franklin.
Judge Paiterson nominated Judge Brin
kerhotf. ,
Hiram Oris wold and Bnmuel F. Cary
were also nominated. In each case the
necessary pledges were given.
The name of Brinkei hot!" was withdrawn.
Tho Convention then proceeded to bal
lot for a candidate for Governor. The
counties were duly called, and the result
was as follows:
Salmon P. Chaso 225
J. R. Swan 12
Hiram Gi is wold 42
Salmon P. Chase, having received a
majority of all the votes, was duly declar
ed the nominee of the Convention for Gov
ernor. Tho announcement was received with
hearty applause by the audience.
A committee w.14 then appointed to wait
upon Mr. Chase, inlorm bun ot his nomin
ation, and request his produce in the Con
The Convention then proceeded to bal
lot for Liut. Governor. The following
rranitmm tre.i-A nominated: franklin T
Backus, of Ciiyahoir a; 0. N. Olds, of Pick
away: HiramGriswold, of Cuyahoga; Wra.
Lawrence, ot Loz-in; ihos. 11. rord, ot
Richland, aud Samuel Siokely, of Jeffer
The following was the result of the first
ForJ . -145
Backus -62
Olds . 64
Lawrence - 52
Griswold , 47
Sokely - .6
No choice.
Mr. Chase bavins' arrived, was iniroJu
ced lo tho Convention by the President,
and spoke as follows :
Mr. PrutJuHDi Oomlouj jo of tits Couveutlon:
1 know full wjII that it is because of no
merit or worth of mine that you have hon
ored mo with the nomination which lias
been announced to me by your committee,
and it is this knowledge which exceeding
ly enhances my sense of the honor confer
red, and of tho responsibilities which it im
posts Uhio nas many citizens uuuer ut-
ted for the position in which you would
place roe, an I bettor qitalifie I to bear aloft
thi standard ot freedom dunii me ap
proaching political contest. Conceding,
owever, ns I oo roosi cneeriuuy, to out
ers superior abilities and better judgments,
I yield to n ono m sincere devo.ioa to the
great principles whioli you have this day
0;i nvinr public q'tetfon, now direct
ly in issue", I have had occasion heretofore
to express my opinions in various forms.
Thoso opinions remain of record snd un
On the preat issuosnow oeioie tne poo-
plo, my opinions are expressed in the plat
form you have this any adoptcu.
The independence and sovereignty of
the State, in her legislation and judiciary,
must bo asserted and muntaino l,
Tho spread of Slavery, under nil cir-
oumstanoes. an 1 at all times, mast be in
flexibly resisted.
, Slavery in tlie Turritoiios must bo pro
hibited by law.
On this point there is tho most pressing
noud of union and resolution. Kanzas
must be saved from slavery by tho voters
of ihe free States.
I was my fortune to bearsomo humble
part in the memorable struggle which is
sued in the repeal of the Missouri prohibi
tion. Upon that occasion, though among
ihe most determined opponentsof the Com
promise of 18o-, I declared in my place
that 1 was ready lo stand shoulder to shoul
der with the supporter of those Compro
mises now justly incensed by that violation
of plighted faith, for the lvdress of thai
last and greatest wrong.
In this sn!rit I am prepared to act to
day. Side by side with all men who are
willing to unite with me tor inn deieneo oi
Freedom, I am ready to contend to tho last
for the rescue of tho Territories from Sla
very. '
1 would do no iniustieo to tho Slave
States. All rights guaranteed to them by
the Constitution should bo fullv and cheer
fully conceded. Whatever can bo t-onii-tutionally
done by the National Legisla'ure
to promote their progress and improve
meut, should oe unnesuauniMy sua un
grudgingly done.
We should insist only that, outsuie oi
Slave Slates, wo shall not bo responsible
for the maintenance of slavery; and that
the just and constitutional influence of ihe
General Government shall bj exerted on
the side of Liberty.
The question of Slavery in the States
may then be safely left to the States them
selves. The Humanity, the Justice, the
Wisdom of the people will, 1 trust, so dis
pose of it, that in the not fat distant future
a day will come when the Sun, in nil his
course over our broad land, from the At
lantic to tbe Pacific wave, ahull not bebold a
The Convention then proceeded to vote
the second time for Lieut. Governor. The
following was the resell. Messrs. Law
rence and Siokely were withdrawn:
Ford .... 23
Backus - 65
- Olds - . . 43
Griswol 1 35
Mr. Ford was then deelared tbe nominee
of this Convention for Lieut. Governor.
This announcement ws? roceirod with ;
Court for the ort j term.
ed with immense applause.
The Convention then proceeded to vote
for s candidate for the Supreme Court for
the short term. The following nomina
tions were then made: Geo. Colling, John
L. Green,, Benj. S. Cowan, R. S. Harte.
C. C. Convers, Wooisey weiles, U. I.
Fishback, S. Finch.
Mr. Ford, of Richland, was then mtro?
duced. He said be was taken by surprise
by this nomination. He had expected noih
in', and no one was requested to announce
his name. Ho was therefore totally unpre
pared with a speech. But be promised
that the people of all sections of the Stale
should bear from him before the close of
tho campaign. He had lately been placed
in a position where he had seen the arro
gance of the slave power, and be was un
der contract to spend a barrel of sweat in
the work of rollin? up a tremendous ma
jority in Ohio for Freedom and the right.
. . .i i... j i
Mr. 1R!BXhB0FF was loen iturouuceu
and made s shori and stirring speech. He
said that be oonld safely appeal, not only
to members ot tnat uonvenuon, oui 10 ev
ery man in Ohio, to bear bim witness that
ho had not, in any way, directly or nidi
rectly, sought any nomination for any place
on the S ate ticket, from this or any other
Convention. He had been restrained fiom
doing so by a variely of considerations not
necessary to mention, anil, wnicn. aiio
irether. had rendered bim measurably in
different to of"ial station. But, said lie.
be assured, srenilemen. there is one thing
to whioh I am not indifferent; and that is.
the favorable opinion of good men. And,
in so tar as I am at liberty to take your nom
ination as an indication of the confidence
of my fulliiw-citizens, or as an indication,
in any degree, ot their approbation oi that
course of political action lo which, in limes
past, my convictions ol duty have impelled
me, I should bo insensible indeed if, for it.
I were not and, believe mo, gentlemen, 1
am most heartily grateful. And the nom
ination with which you have honored me
is the more gratifying to my feelings from
ihe fact which I now siatp, in all the sin
cerity of which I am capable, that, had it
been predetermined by your constituency,
first, that my bumble name was to have a
place on tho Smto ticket; and second, that
. . , i". . - i:
ihut place was to w. leu to my own indi
vidual preference, I should havo been de
terred fiom choosing the very place which
your partiality has assigned mo, by only
one consideration and that is, en unaf
fected ditrust of my own abilities
Mr. B. further said, that possible a word
from him miirhl be expected in reference
to that platform of principles embodied in
the resolutions they had adop'ed; and be
would therefore say although he felt
that, to those at all acquainted with tho in
cidents of his humblo history, it would be
a work of supererogation for him to say,
that they had his cordial approval. No
more slave territory! (said be) no more
lave Slates! and freedom lo the existing
territories of ihe Lnu-.n, through the posi
tive prohibition of slavery in H tm l-y act
of Congress! Those are mv principles.
To them I have long ago paid the sincere
and hardly questionable homage of a vol
untary poli i.al muityrdoni. For years
past they have been tho guiding stars of
mj publio conduct; and, whilo life lasts
and reason remain to me, such they will
continue; and ( owe no allegiance, nnd ac
knowledge no feal.y. lo anything whatso
ever, which does, or shall, contravene
These principles present the p,-e lomiiri-
Btkcr :
Rice. :
Bascom :
Van Vorhes
Goodhue ;
Cole :
No choice. Messrs,
Van Vorhes and Rice
: 143
: 83
: 41
: 23
: 8
: : 4
Bascom, Goodhue,
were withdrswn,
XJr-Our young friend Btrrcn, in Mar.
tins' Row, below tho Post office is driving
a thriving business repairing watches,
clocks, jewelry. fco. Mr. B. is a young
gentleman of fine acquirements in bis bu-
siness end deserves lo Pe pairouisou.
Give bim a call.
lnPsrtiUos.Falrfleld Cora.Plct
when saveral counties changed their votes,
and the Convention nominated J. H. Ba
ser of Ross as their candidate for Secreta
ry of State. ...
; Mr., Baker responded in a short speech,
in which he piomised to see and speak to
tne people during tne campaign.
The Convention then Droceeded to VOtO
for Treasurer of State, the following was
tbe result:
W. H. Gibson : 149
A. P. Stone ! : 90
James A. Briggs : -51
Wm. Hatton : : 33
, D. W. Rhodes : 10
W. P. Yountr : t 10,
A. L. Bicwer : 8
No C! oieo. The Convention procei
to the second ballot, with the following re
sult ' f
Gibson : : , 207
Stone : : - : 157
Rhodes . ; : 5
Wra. H. Gibson, of wca county, was
thereupon dci hired tho nominee of the
Convention as their candidate for Treasur
er of S a e.
The Convention then proceeded to vote
for candidates for Attorney General. The
following is the result of the first ballot:
F. I). Kimball : 2J0 '
R. M. Corwino i : H2
- Wm. Windom ! 24
Scattering ! 10
F. D. Kimble, of Medina county, hav-
ing received a majority oi voies, s ue
dared the nominee of the Convention for
Attorney General. Tho nomination was
unanimously confirmed.
The Convention then proceeded to vote
for Member of tho Boaid of Public
Works, with the followiug result:
A. G. Conover I . 90'
Benj. EguUston : : 64
Jos. ('aide : : 66
Eiihu Fallis t ' 55
A. L. Frasicr t : 3D
Geo. B. Wii-ht : : C8
JC"The numerous friends of Dr. W. II.
Kmo, Surgeon Dentist will he pleased to
learn that he has returned and again taken
up bis residence in this city, ,His rupu
tation as a skillful operator is unsurpassed.
See bis card in another column. '
7Thanks to the Hon. S P Cuasx for
valuable Congressional documents.
In this city, on Friday the 13th inst., by
tho Rov. John M. Lowrie, Mr. James E.
Newton, of Cuyahoga county, to Miss.
Elizabeth Mcok, of Fairfield county.
On the 14th inst., by the Rev. J. McEl
roy, Mr. James S. Johnston of Born town
idis, and Miss. Susaj(JMcCleart, daugh
ter Mr. Joseph McCleary of Hocking
township. i-
At Woodland, Va., on ntf,, li inst., Mr.
.unit .ttAitiii, iuoit,iinm
to Miss. SceAtf Hunter.
Sheriff's.. Dale.
... . Tk;s'fOki,rtrJitUCnntt,tt.
ni'i.u.ui ...twin 1
1l'U.M.Nr to Ihe fnmnind of an orinr of Vile
from Ilia Court of Common PWu of F.lrU.U
count; nun l,t m tlirncle.l, I will fr at public mIv
at tho Court lioui In lueaMtr, on Safnnfc Ikt 2S
41 V Affl A. D 1H55, bttlwuD thhonrof IS o--cl.tck
A. M. and 4 o'olock P.M., lb fotlowtur deorlb
ad Raul Kuta. to-wlt: Tha Kast hair of the North
won tfimrtttr of Socllon No. si, To vnalilp No. U auuV
Kmign No 1, auhloitl to thadowar of r.o,.rin H.I.
lor aa heretofore awlamad bo her bj melaiaud bounda.
ji ljru,.ru at auo per aerv.
Toruia Oua-Ulird In band, amd the h ...
art1 two yean, with Intareal from the da; of mle.
niLUAH ruriLa, nbarlu.
By C. M. I.. WISEMAN. Penutv.
ShcrUPs Sate.
TU Staff mf 0.., JMrjitM C", .
PURSUANT to tho command of an order foa aal
from the Court of Common Ploaa of aald eoiixiT
and to me directed. 1 will offer at public aala at Ui
Court Home In Lancaster, on Stturiay ikttbth imf
tjr(, ipj, between Ihe boura of 10 o'clock A. M.
aud 4 o'clock P. M. the fellowlnr dearribed Haul K.
tate.tn-wlt: Lot No. S. or tho 14th Square of tho town
of Baltimore, Putrltoldcouutj, Ohio.
Amiraiseu at fjiau.
To oi told an tha nronertr of Jamea W. P.nl- atika
ault of J. W. M ilnltand othera.
TormaofuloCa.ih. WM. POTTER, Sheriff.
Bjr C. M. L. WISEMAN, Peuutj.
LanoaatKr, July 19, IDAS Swllpfea
ting and lit ing questions of our lime ami
country; and par'ius, organizations, states
men, and people, cannot ignore them if
they woulJ, and ought not to if tiny
Mr. B. concluded by saying, that in re
spect to thoir resolutions on the suhj"ol cf
a reform in tho financial policy of the
State, heconcurred no loss fully with thede-i-lared
objects of this Convention. Our
(said Mr. 13.) have liicreasud, ami
No choice. Tlie Convention then pro
ceeded to vole the second time, lliefol
lowing was tho result:
Conover ' i 1 99
C.il.lo : : : 60
Fallis : ; : 40
Eoiestou : : : 47
A. G. Conover, of Miami coun'y, hav
ing received a majoiity of all the votes,
was declared duly nominated as the candi
date for the Board of Public Works.
This cloM-tl the nominations.
Mr. Gibson was called to the stand, and
made a most stirring and doquentappeal.
He will be heard in every part of the State
during the canvass.
hlr. Kimball also addressed the Conven
tion briefly and eloquently. He thanked
tho Convention for tho honor conferred
upon him, and pledged whatevel'.of ability
ami energy be possessed to the advance
ment ol the cause.
Goti. Mason, of Clark county, moved
thai oil the candidate to-day nominated
ho unanimously confirmed bv tbe delegates
to ihe Convention. Ho prefaced H with
some eminently pttilotie remarks.
Hon. B. F. Leiter seconded the motion
in a brief and most, happy speech, lie
hi ped every thing liko discord ami differ
enres would he banished, and tlitiX all
would uniiu wiih enthusiasm (ogive the
ticket to-day nominated a cordial and hear
ty support.
lion. Benj. S:,in!oti Jpoko eloquently in
favor ol U.'ii. Mason's motion. In loim
ing a new organization, old prejudices must
be Kacritie.'d. We-must forget the past,
and unite in the n re.it work before us.
Mr. Spooner, of Cincinnati, made a stir
ring and eloquent speech. H endorsed
tl.e nominations heat lily, and should labor
IV -'
Tribute k,itespe-t
On receiving the ' ini&ILSenco of the
death of Dr. Jakes V, Fs.tnse, the Med
ical Faculty of Lancaster efinvwned at Df
Boeeatler s otnoe, nnd organized ny calling
D. Baersilerto the Uliair.dt appointing t)r
Wagenbals Secretary.
Dr. White made some feelinsr nnd ap
propriate remarks; whereupon a committee
of three was appointed to express the
sense of the meeting.
The Chairman nppointod Drs White,
Bi"low, and Shaw, said committee, who
reported the following preamble and re
Whereas, the unwelcome messenger,
Death, has appeared among us, Bnd select
ed as a victim our brother, James V
Fearse, thus reminding ns that we too are
mortal; and, whsreaa, it is proper to ex
press our sentiments and feelings on this
mournful occasion, tlterelorc,
Retulved, That iu the death of Dr,
Pearso our profession has lost a valuable
member, and one whohssendearcil himself
to a large circle of friends, by many excel
lent traits of character, and that wo bear
testimony of his groat moral worth.
Jiesoli-eJ, That in this sail bereavement,
wo deeply sympathize with the friends in
the irreparable loss.
Resolved, That a copy of the aboro be
transmitted to tho friends of tho deceased,
and also furnished tho papers of the city
for publication.
Sheriff's Sale.
mm. '
PU RSUANT to tbe command of a aecord order af
aala.frou the Court of Common Pleas In and for
aid eOlintY.and tA ma dlra,!. I artll nffnr .t mthti
aale.stthecourthousalnLaneiiatnr.on Saturday theSSih
-7 i nmua 7i. i. ik, oetweeiitne noun oi jo o'
clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M- Uie following dejcrl
oed real eiuao. to wit: The east hair of the outhaa.t
fltiartoc of auction So. 3, In townnhtp No. 13, of Kaiifra
5 a. ID, situate In the count? of Fairfield and State of
onto, containing .4 89-100. Appraltied at SIS. 00 per
acre. To ba aold an the nrnnortu of Kllzahulh A r.,t,.
aiina I.r.lurer. at the ault of H. M
aalo cash. WM. I'OTTBK, RherlOL
R n r. u wiumall ti
jMgr -"tit . t-cuiuicB, Aiiorncja.
rju'r is, ism.
Snlt prfeo830-
SheriH'e Sale.
Tit Stall tf Okie, FmiritU Cnnlt, it.
TURSUANT to the command of an ortlor of ralo front
I tho Court of Common Pleaaor PalrBold eonnti,
Ohio, and to roo dlrectod. I will offer etunlillraaio.t
the Court Houaaln Itancastor, on Saturdn tki Atkiti
ifJlujmtA, D. 185J, between thu hours of 10 o'clock
A. M. and 4 o'clock P. SI., lhefollowli.fr uropcrtT,
to-wli!Thi) North h.-tlfoftho Northwost Quarter of Ree-
wn no. in, I'ownahlp no. 13, or Kanjro No. M. aituato
In said countv of Pairdcld. Appruisod at (4 per acre.
To bo sold as tho property of Kllai Tutrow, Asa
Greon and James M. Pratt, at the ault or Cornelius
bteeurod. Terms of sate cash.
WM. POTTER, Shoriff.
By C. M. I.. WISEMAN, lloputy.
Mahtis ScHLtKH, Atfjs. June 88 Sw8pf3
Sherill's Sale.
Tht Stati of Ohio, Fairjleld Cnl, .
TJUHhU ANT to tho command of an o'rd jr of astn
JL from tho Court of Common Picas in und for said
County of Pulrlteld and lo me dircitod.I will oner at.
publiitHlu ut the Court house In Lancaslor, on Salur
daytf&thdai)f July ji. I). 1855. between the hours
of HI o'clock A. M. uud 4 o'clock P. M., tho followinr
described Hcnl Ksbitn, tn-wlt: Situate In the county of
PulrUchl ami State of Ohio, being Lot No. 3, and ilto
West hull' of Lot No. 4. in the sulwlivi.i..,. k.
G. W. Bcprstler, Sosthenus McCabe. Kwel Jeffries nnrt
t.bnrlns Uorland. of that pnrtof Lot No. S.ln the Bai.k
Suh-dli.on,nciJoliilii(r the Kaslcrii addition to Lsn
catcr. which lies In the trinnitle formed by the turn
piki'.rttiieonsl strnci nnd the extension of Wheeling
trcot. LotNo. S.ni-nralscd at also. Wut it.n i.m
o. 4 appraised at StW. To be aold aj ihe propertr of
.Nathan M.loy and Elscy Nlslcy hie wire, at the suit of
A. McVeigh. Terms of snlociish. Orderpil by Pi's.
By C. M. L. WISEMAN, Deputy.
lncartir, June 21, IMS awTpfga
HAS returned to tho city, whoro he expocta to ro
taatri porinauithtly In ttr- iirat ticc of hts jirofasslon.
Gult'l'ul lorpaat favors, htj hopes by uttciatoii to liusi
nts. to m-.'rtl the patronaro ol his old frieuila and tiie
public Riuoratly. Ollko, Main Street, two doors Kast
oft!)) OtiioKaU. LaucusUr, July 14, IHS3 3tull
, ... TSiTV Of.tro Is now In Iho Tull:iin.t(r)
4ift$M lYg. Uiultttic. tiiitranc? next tlouulo
(fTi-.-at! Sp,iDfr.;r & Trout's Clothing Store. I I
'tXi nil I'tiotU with Gold anil uive oon.lltntt).
of riinrruntco. 1 spond u trreut amount of lubor nud I
care on cadi iUliD-r. and all rtiiiilrliiir (If any should
ever bo n 'Coriir ) will b- doit lt we without charjr . j
1 ittv.) uiy entire iilttMition totUltoiteriion und c:'n vivo
nojj.tive HM'trai.co ihut ov.iry prfiuu tuiu sn.o all their
Teoih W old ugo by thncty aiul frqtioi.i ait tntlttn.
11. SCOTT.
Lancaster, July 19, liij -Jtrll
mori.Aii nir.r.i i.nss
L.t.NCASTHI? tODGF., .o. 57 . . - July ?J. 1555.
ESCtSII'-MEKT, No- i. July 31 '
February l&i- G. eTEtSMAf.", HecorJur.
liinHr I ant Warrants.
"IT AM tt'OW piying Onn rtoltar pot acre for Land
j Wurrauts. Those thatii-t'inil lo svll had belttirtlo
so notv, asttii prices wilt d..'fliue wh-.n more art tabu
ed. T. tt'.TAI.L.VMUGB.
At E-:fh.t.r.,Tt! Oflr.e, S. VV, Cor. of .tin in and
Col'.untttis htroet), Lancaster, Ohio.
July 19,1805.-81 if
To Parmais J
WE hcveon lir.n.1 one (tarrlapo and ono Top Tlng
py. for ?jl t cheui'. Tuose wi.tuug to purchase
yill Hull it In Hi ir udvantaflto to cull soon.
. July 19. MM 31 WIIlTIi Jk. CV JULIAN.
v ' ;i .i.... i...., ... .a rdiliirt-ntl v to secure their triumphant die
are lllCI-eao HL'i unl nirr unm deouuiu'. i ,i e
i .,,( , i lion, llo had opposed the nomination of
1110 Dill tell. Olta uiok1'!1"11" ul ' i.".1" tio - , , . i i ,i
hml sluvn ili.-il he was for union And bar
tied thai, without essential "7 'jUon. He was enthusiastically
cneereo ny uie auuicni-e.
From nomo liule aiteiiiion given to the sub
iect. I am satis
injury to any of the great interests of the
3, ate, they can be, and, iudced, they must
be materially diminished. And, said he,
I have pledged myself that I will unito
with any man, and all men, in holding the
incoming State administration, whatever
may be its political complexion, reaponsi-
blo lor tins result
Sheriffs Kale.
The Stall if Ohio, FalrJIM ClMlf, .
TJL HSU ANT to the ootninntid of in. order for salo
J. from tho Court of Common Pleas of Fairdeld
county, nnd to me directed, I will oiler ut puhlirtitlo
at tho Court Honso In l.nneasler.on Saturday the S6
day af July Jl. I. Woi, between the hours of 10 o'clock
A. M. and 4 o'clock I. M. the following describctr
heal h..lalo.lt)-wlt: Situnto In Uie Cocnly of Fitiillcl.t
cud SliitoofOhlp, hof.ig Iheciiuhl and utdivided Mi
nt Lot fio. 8, Square No. 4, Knt nlditlnn to tho To t
of Hiililmnr.-t also, a Water Privilege which la useil
to run a Woolen Factory on said Lot o. g. Al,o,
Lots No. 8 and 9 Iu the ccutrnl addition (o the Town nf
Rallimero. excepting 25 ft-et oft the Soi th side of let
8. Also, one enual and undivided half of all tlio
twicbinery b -longing to the Factory which is creitcil
on said Lot No. 8. Tlie undivided half of Lot No. e,
Miiare 4, Kastadditloii. appraised at Silt. Voter nrt
vllega at f.. Lot No. 8 in central adillilnnS(i.l ol So.
9 In cei.tral adilltlon at Still The undivided hall 'of all
..... ..,t i,,,(i. rj on uie rartory l.oi no. at ST.).
In b;t sold as th i property of Georg.) H. Itoiiscrsnd
rttiar.a Ins wife, initio suit ofUdwnrd Calkins.
UrNTMiw naerinsRTv. Att'ys. WM. P.vn iSR.Sborifr.
LaiitaaUi-, June SI, Ji5 ,S7pft4,5l)
IMate of William Ellis.""
JVOTK'E ts h)rohy given, that tho siibjcrib.r has
iH Itcii appointed ami qnatlii .d as Execmrlxof Iho
lait Will sud T'Mniniiiit of William Ellis, late o
Fail-field coi.uts . (ilil-i, deceased.
July l'MWilt ASS ELLIS, Ececulrix.
I'robnie Nntie.
.Vf)TICR is hereby given lo nil persons intercftcl,
11 lllal tlu nrcnniiia and vom lurs nf the K.latai of
.i.hn M.J. illusion, Martin Smlih and John Cracd.havo
hMti tiled Iu Ih-J Probata Court of Falrlleld ;t)untT,
Oliio.fei- liupnttion ami settlement, unit Ihut s.-.td iu -'jonv.vs
ill be for ueuring onth) (Ills day of August A.
P. r)j o.-aa soon tloreuftor as mnv b.
VIKOIL K. KII.tV-,P.oT)Ato Jti.Ig-..
Lan'S 'l-r. July I?, 1KS-1 Strin.
Trobata Nntlso.
"ST0Tiri;ts hn-.ihy given to all persons (ntorosIM
Pi that David Hilynrd, Administrator of Thomas llll-Tti,-il
und Solpmou Spungler, Executor of John lfeiii'
hr.ve illt.d their atrotint. nnd vouchers In Iho Protatj
i txiriot I-ulrllein tviuuty, Ohio, for Intpectioi. amlsel
tl jin tia.hu l tint th i nun ) will b i for heurinir on th.)
iwth day or July. IK)5,orn soon thorf after ns may be.
jmy a ttiva tttuiLK. SUA w, Ci-obltO J Udjf.V
. r?
TE must havo funds by tb ' first of
In,,..! AltH .1 M'l.K nil An, n.t.
fetotii.irs wiiose nccoitnts havo not b ea
- I sollti-d fortlie last six months to cull and
close littiui b. furo that ct.it )
Lanoaster, July 10, lni3.
The motion ol Wen. Mas-on was then a
dop ed with entire unanimity
Hon. John A. Bingham was called to
tho stand, aud made an eloquent speech.
Having been on duty for nearly len hours
without a moment's cessation, wa were too
much exhausted to report it at length.
His remarks were listened to with great
intercut by the large assemblage.
Un motion, tlie first live names on tlie
Mr. B. spoke in an imprcssivo manner
and made au excellent impression.
mi. . c ii . .... ,1... ........1, f ,1...
i. lie lOllow mil vrai tiiu i eeviii. wi in . vlv , . , ...
for Judge of life Supremo Court, for the Cctral C onini.ttee of the Repub h can party
j, u 0 w- I ui..iti,ioil loot rear Wnnt anniiint. il the Re-
j p - - -rr -
pul'licatv Slate Central Committee for the
ensuing year.
(Tho following gentl-men therefore,
compose the committee: A. P. Stone, J.
II. Coulter, O. Follctt, J. V. Andrews, of
Columbus, and A. F. Perry of Cincinnati )
Mr. Leiter moved a vote of thanks to
tho officers of tlio Convention for Ihe solo,
diirnilied. and impartial manner in which
short term:
Convers -119
Fishback - CG
Cowen -6-
Finch 38
Welles - 36
Oreen -18
Collings 17
Ilarie - - . 16
No Choice. The Convention then
Dissolution of Partnership.
VJ"0T1CE is hereby given, that Iho partner.)bli horo
jlj tofore existing under th? name and t lo of KKKD
i& UAI'GHM.kN, wiui on tlie 5th day of Juiy, dissolved
by mutual consent. Tlia books nnd ueeouiits are In
Ihe bands of U0I1EKT KEiiDnl the old Stand for set
tlement. EOliKRT RKF.l),
July VI, 1531.-310 JOHN BAUGUMAN.
Desirable City Property for Sale.
$im f Will AT desirublo property locntod on Wheel-
t.t, h ing street, corner of oroad Alley, being 100
ill feet on Whooltnff by 190 feet on Broad Allev.
Residence conlalus 0 rooms, kitchen. Outhouses. Ac.
with all tho conveniences of a faintly residence also
a new nnd convenient Carpenter's Shop. Smoke House,
Stabb, Ace, Torma reasonable. For further particu
lars onqnire of LITTLE df DKUSQACHH.
Lancaster, July S, 1853 II
ceeded to vote ugnin for Supreme Court
Judge. Several names were wiihdrawu.
The following was the result of the second
Convers . - 5G9
Tlie other voles were not announced by
ihe Chair.
Judge C. C. Cokvers. of Muskingum,
then declared the nioruinee of the coven-
they had discharged the dutiea of their
postn, which wrs unanimously adopted.
After three hearty cheers for the ticket
and the cause, tho Convention, at half past
10 P M, adjourned iti dit.
ftoatl Notice.
Potltlon will bo presented to tho Hoard of Com
missioners of Pnirnold county al thoir noxt session,
praying that so much of tho county road leading from
the Rock Millioit. Intersection with the Lancaster and
Rovalton road on the Busby farm, as lies betwoeu tho
following points In Bloom township In aald county, bo
Tacatea, to-w.i: prom ine muuin oi jucoo oouen
Daugh's lane to the Zloa Church road, nnd praying that
a ne w county road bo laid out and established between
tho following points, beginning at the mouth of Jacob
Ballvnbmigh's lane: theuco running South along the
Section lines bela-oen tho Isnds of said Jacob Uallen
baugk, Samuel Crist, Henry Wagner Amos Welsh
aud Levi Williamson lo said lancastor and Royalton
road, at the corner of the lanttsofsaid Welsh andWil
ilamson In said Bloom township and there lerminnte.
Corner ol flliin nnd Co nrabus Streets.
3 nfenared to do all kinds of Hanking business. lll-
Boston. July 11. Late Halifax papers
speak in flattering terms of the prospect of
tlio fisherman. Immense Quantities of
tinn for candidate for J udge of the Supreme mn,,kl.ri iive been uken. A detachment
Court, for the short term. ! of roval artillery lias been ordered to the1. , .v loir tnA AAA sitms arn wanted; end when aold are
TIlO Conven'ion then proceeded to VOtO Crimea. The fore m lerrion Bt Mellvi la guaranteed In every respect, to locate land as well as
r,. s,i;,. f Q.,., ,;,), fnllowincr 11 , , h , . t ., .coin. Forms of aaslgning and locating, and any hifor-
for Auditor Ol State, Willi HIS lOIIOWing Islands revolted, nnd complain loudly of m,tion In relation to Warrant given willingly to any
counts good Notes. Buys all Vncurront Money at
highest prices, nnya ana sells uau ss sussr. ueuis
In Exchange. of nil kinds. M ties collections at any
place. Pays InteMst oa ail Itipomitu. A nd denls In
Frank M. Wright . - MO 1
E. B. Eckley -74
Simeon Nash . 70
HovH-eY.Betbe. -69
W. B. Thrall 9
J. W. Rilcv - - -4
Ron well Marsh 3 f
There being no choice, the Convention
proceeded to vote s second time
ts , ssr i. c -.t. .t
tlia rlsmtntinanrilmaa who cnlitad litem ' one that applies. IVptr hTahajh Bmnk Jfatt,
r : - id i mar r. w. i all.m aliuc.
a well as by eovernment. A strong torcc uncastor, Ohio, Juno 8if
hail been aeut to quell the mutiny
WILL sell at
ttnrlvai-) anla my nern townsnip rarm,
slliiata V miles Smith of Lnea.t)r, ooiilainlug
about sT II unit re 4 acres, and n- . .
It bout 480 Acros of FIRST CLASS Mucking jC"S
JL bottoia. and the residue fair hill and tin- tJ.
land, wall timbered, snd watered by never fulling
FA ., T ILL sell Lot No. 7S In Carpenter's Addition to
A n. IVl I the City of Lancaster, being the Lot directly oppo
s -s ,i,a residence of William M. Kinkead. Kso.
This lat is large and eligibly located, being one of
V.eL M Wt to-l.t nf niiamnnirrn bavins KoHn
'..I mti Aa..UrA 7li,lw nnm. About SEVESTY-THREB Acres or the Bottom lano
TCCeivd 213 VOleS WSSfJeclared llUly nom- n,ltotllo Bi0fth, Hocking VatlevCanal. an.lmay
inated SS tbe candidate of the Convention bnaold soparately Ifd -sired; but the premise sre
, . ... re.. . j eonnactod by good priTttte Canal bridge, and tttgeUi-
or Auuuur ui eisio. (r will make one or the Bast atocK nrma in ben-
The Convention then proceeded to vote ( ''..,. of ,. Bottom Land .boutro of
for Secretary Of StSte. Ihe following WSS, u, Lend acs "nlarcnltlvation. The entire premises I
th. entnar Lois III the orittuul Csrnenler Plat and
ailuuterinn IheKoutbwestcorneri.f Winding and Per
ry streets, near Ihe C. W. et Z. K. H. Depot. Terms
r.itc!tiirw ot
Martin's Row. two tloora South of Post Oltlee.
UncMter, May 17,I6Ss-J
the renlt:
J.H. B .ker 75
W. T. Bascom 63 .
L. L Rice - 70
. Oviatt Cols . ' .35
N. H. Van Vorhes 33
ll.H. Rirby . 30
sr et e'o ed w ti sobstantlal new fsoea tad the House,
Barn. Fancies, ore. ara good.
Possession will be given in lime for putting out
fall crop. ...
It sen ba arrsneod If desired, to retain Oa larger
part of tbe purchase money for term of year at?
per eent Interest.
For Ml Information or lo the price, terms ef pay.
mant.aVo. apnlt to Wsa. Bsrtlelt, stso. ea the prwml
tea, otto P. B. JSwtns.,Of U BrtberatLaticastai.
Jalyltf.tSM-ntf T. BW150.
WOULD respectfully announce to the eiUaena of
Incester dt vicinity, thai he baa coin menced Uie
Breads Light Rnak & Cracker Baking;
In toDnoetlon with blafonner baking, Als now prepared
with evert thing In the abore line. Harinar In his em
ploy the best of bakers, he feels confident that he can
please all who may favor hint with a call,
vr-pcall at kia Ktore on Main Street, and alto at hi
Baka-Hooae, corner of Columbus dt Malbervy streets.
lAnoaster. juy is, its.
Probate Notice.
NOTICE Is hereby given to all persons Interested,
that llaulol Rudolph, Gnnrdinn in Ltlnacv, of Pe
ter Rhtlolph, aud Hlr. in Moninger, Ex'r of Henry
Moitiugor, dec., have filed their necot.nts and vouch
ers In Iho Probale Court of Falrlleld county, Ohio, for
inspection ami settlement, nnu tliitl the same will bu
hearing AuKu.st 'Ji'th next, or as soon thereafter a
maybe. VI KGI L K. SHAW, l'robute Judge.
Lancaster, July le, 1835 3w)l.
Y virtue of an order of salo to mo dlroetod from
the Court of Common Pluna of Hocking Conntv.
do. 1 will offer at public salo. at tlie door of th
Court House, In the town nf Logan. In said county, on
Saturday the 21st duty of Jnlw, I843
The properly known as tho
containing 40 acres ror a moro particular description
nf which reference Is mado to an advertisement in Ilia
Hocking Heuliuel, Ohio hlulesinuu aud Zaucsvlllo
Ths above has long been eonsldorad by fur tbe most
Tsluablo and protllabla mill property In tlio Hocking
Valley having on the same a largo now Merchant Mill,
with four run ol'J foot French Burs, all in good order
and operation.
Tbero Is ntso a largt) douldo Snw Mill, 32 by 64 foot,
now Iu operation. Also, a Carding and Fulling listab
lishiuent, with two now double Carding Machinesnnd
Picker carding lust your 81,000 lb. Wool, with an In
creasing putroiuge.
Tbe custom work of the Crist Mill aroraa-os 60.000 to.
80.0MI bushels of grain pur year, nnd Ihe country sup
plies as much mure for ihe manufacture of Flour tbe
business annually Increasing. There Is any de.lrablo
amount of water power for any purpose whatover.-
1'lieio Millslio iinmjtliauly on the Hocking Canal.
Tbe Kclolo and Uocklng Valley Hail Road, now In
course of construction, will be Hnlshcd Ihls season to
Logan, amile below; aud tlie Hocking Valley Rail
Road, from Columbus to Parkonburgb, will soon bo
In eourso of eoustructlon. Immediately nasi tbe Mills.
There Is a line nf Telegraph extending to Logan, tho
flourishing county seat of Hocking. An Irun Furnace)
istnoperationhalfa rnlle from tlie Falls, and several
others In the vicinity. Ths whole fall of water Is 17 feet.
Besides the Mills, die., above described, there aro fto
th premises Ave dwelling house, with from throe to
tlx room each, two good Warehouses, Cooper Shop,
Btabling, dec. Appraised at lri.tOU. .
7i-s, Sas One-third inhand, ono-thlrd in onn
year. and on third in two years, with Intoretlon de
ferred payments from day of sale.
Logan, July 1!! SwlO - of HocklngCounty Ohio.
ITAS jnst received and Is opening for aala in the .
p I elly of Lancaatvr, an mum otreet, at tne wen
known stand In lr. Khawk's Row, -opposite Goorgo
KanlTinau's Drug Ktore, a large, new and splendid a-
orttnent of the tuoat fashionable
which will be sold at great bargains, as I am doterralL
ed to sell at the lowest flgure for cash. He most re
spectfully solicit a reasonable share of public patron
age, as l expect to coutinuo in mis piuc-u ior year., mi
supply haeltiiena III Iho richest clothing. All who
wish to purchase clothing Iain aatlsfled will do well la
give nim a can, a t anan oc snsniuu wtm m. nm .
Oooclson baud to gratify tho taste of the most fastid
ious dandy and mechanlo down to ihe honest farm
er. I shall be enabled to conduct the business in ins
Gorman, French and English language. .
Lancaster, June 81, 1855-3in7 .
lYIbW to I MDt-ionrvic.i'a i
WWTOTTI.D respoctfully Inform tlie
V V elllten of Lanoaater and vlclat
ly, tliathe haaopeneda Shop In Naf
kin 'a Row. where he la n re oared tore
Jn pair all kind of Watches. Cloak nj
-5" Jewelrvwltb neatnessand dlsuaKh. ,
TnAU work warranted to perform wall,
LajicasUir.June H, 16i Stf . ; ;t.- S'r' -'

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