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Ce Lancaster (iajtlte.
Thursday BIornlNB, July 10,
Having purchased of Thoi. S. Slaugh
ter the entire G.iiotto Establishment, with
all unsettled subscription and advertising
not out on the first of May last, a gener
al settlement becomes desirable, previous
to Mr. Slaughter's final removal vest.
We hope ourpatrona will act according'
Ij. O. W. MacElrov.
XSTlIereafior our Bremen subscribers
ill find their pnpers rit the store of S.
&Eiir, Esq., in that thriving little city.
Our young friend T. Ewiko Bcert will
act as our agent for the receipt of subscri
bers and their cash. -
- 1. The unlimited Freedom of Religion
disconnected with politics Hostility to
woolesiasticnl influences upon the nflnirs of
Government Equality of rights to all
naturalized Emigrants who are thoroughly
Americanized, and owe no tcmporinl alle
giance, by reason of their religion, higher
. than that to the Constitution.
, 2. No interference with the rights of
citixenship already acquired by Foreign
ers, and the protection of law to nil who
honesily emigrate from love of liberty; but
the exclusion of foreign paupers and fel
ons, and a refusal to extend tht right of -
' f rage to all who eoms hereafter until they
ahall have resided 2 1 years in the United
States and complied wUh the Naturaliza
tion Laws.
3. Opposition to all political organiza-1
tions composed exclusively of Foreigner!, and
to ruretgn Military Companies, una to all
attempts to exclude tht Bible from Schools
, supported by the Government.
4. Slavery ts local not national: wc
oppose its extension in any of our terri
toriea, and the increase of its political pow
er by the admisHion into the Union ot any
Slave State or otherwise; and wo demand
of the General Government an immediate
redress of the great wrongs which have
been inflicted ubor. the causa of Freedom
and tho American character by the repeal
of tho Missouri Compromise, and the in
troduction of Slavery into Kansas in viola
tion of law, by force of arms, and the, do
stuotion of the elective franchise.
6. In humble imitation of thowisdomof
Washington, wc oppose all intervention in
tho affairs of Foreign States;yot on all prop
er occasions, wo will not withhold our
sympathy from any pcoplii aspiring to be
; 6. We support Ameioan Industry and
genius against the advorso policy of For
uizn nations and facilities to internal and
external commerce by tho improvement of
Ilivcrs and Harbors and the construction
. of National Road un'uing the various sec
tions of tho Union. ,
7. The U.iion of these States should he
made perpetual hy a faithful allegiance to
the Count! I u lion.
0. InStV.e policy we zealously advocate
Retrenchment and Reform a modification
f the prosent opprossivo system af Taxa
tion and a liberal t-ystem of Public Schools.
Itcpubtitvin Convention.
W lay before our readers to-day the
full proceedings of the Republican Con
vention hel l nt Columbus on last Friday.
They will be peiused with interest by all
clisscs of our readers.
The American Party looked with great
Anxiety to this Convention for a ticket
worthy the support of all freemen opposed
to the Kansns-NubrasLa swindle of the
Pierce Dynasty.
. The Convention was one of the largest
We have ever attended and quite harmoni
ous in its actions.
Mr. Chase, the nominee for Gorcrnor,
although not our choice, received a very
handsomo majority upon the first ballot
and surprised many of us outsiders with
tho great number of warm friends brought
to ; his support. As a statesman,- Mr.
Chase stands deservedly high in the esti
mation of the people of Ohio and would
fill the Gubernatorial chair with tho dignity
and honor becoming tho Chief' Magistrate
of the third State iu the Union.
The other candidates arc Americans and
as such are acceptablq to tho American
Party standing as they do deservedly high
in its ranks.
Should tho entire ticket meet with the
approbation of the American Party it wil'
bo elected by a sweeping majority.
Let every friend of the Republican and
American movement in Ohio put his
shoulder to the wheel and there will be no
such ' word as fail. We commend to our
friends the perusal of Mr. Chase's speech
upon accepting the nomination.
; A DAKQsnors Coustkrfkit. A large
number of counterfeit Ten dollar bills on
the Iron Bank pf Iron ton was put in circu
lation in this city on (Saturday last, and
many who considered themselves good
Judges of money were badly bitten. The
notes are exceedingly Wf 11 done, tho --engraving
is excellent, but the paper is poor,
of very light color, and the bills are near
ly one-eight of an inch wider than the gon
dii e notes. Quite a number of them were
thrown out in the banksof this city on Sat
urday and to-day. These bills appear to
have been put in circulation simultaneous
ly in Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, and
we have no doubt that tho State ia flooded
-with them. ..People who take the papers
should look out. Journal.
Albany, July 11. Considerable excite
ment has been created by the arrest of W.
Landon, proprietor of the City Hotel, for
violating the liquor law.
His case was before the Court yesterday
and postponed to Tuesday for fiinal bear
ing. Williams, tho Complainant, was as
saulted as he was leaving the court room,
' covered with charcoal dust, and otherwise
ml-treated, by a large nnmber of rum
mies, who were ia attendance at the trial.
. The onrrKge has oaused a deep feeling of
indignation among oil disinterested per
sons. r-
The CBtl -Beipoe fthe Frees
Thfl Qaeatioa Settled.
from Ike Chwrlaaatl Sawn.
TIOXS. We give tbU morning a full report of the
proceedings of the Convention, held at
Columbu yesterday. Its deliberations rp.
pear to havs been characterized by an
excellent spirit, and from its harmonious
action we augur favorably as lo iu recep
tion by the people. -
Salmos P. Chase was nominated for
Governor on tho first ballot by a majority !
oi iu. . iius rusuit, inougu oy no tuanns
unexpected, is one that we h,ped would be
averted. There are few of our publiu men
who have so many bitter prejudices to coil
tenJ with. In this ciiy and county his
nomination w ill m .-et wiih the opposition
of a good many men who have been coun
ted among the supporters of the Republi
can ticket; but he will also rally around it
many who probably could not have bren
induced to vote for" any o.herof the can
didate named for Governor. It is not
snfo, in these d y of political confution.lo
speak with too much confilenoo of the
strength of acanJid.ite, buifiom tho most
careful estimate Wo have been able to make
we are a.rongly inclined to think that Mr.
Chase has as ujucii sirengih out of Hamil
ton county as any one whose name was be
fore theConvenUou. Wearriveat thi.opin
ion from a study of the proceedings of the
County meetings, widen hava been held
in the past few Weeks, and of the tone of
tho Kcpuljliean news-papers in the Stato.
pi. i nomas tl, ford, of Richland
eouniy, is Hie cuniin.ata fur Lieutenant-
Uovernor. Cant. F. no doubt owes
his nomination to tho gallant sncecli ho
made in the Philadelphia Cunveimion. He
IS a man of talent, and Wu think will ml;
a good presiding officer, thouL'h we do not '
t . .w. . O i
know that lie has bad any legislalivj ex
Jacob Crinkorhoir, of Richland, was
nominated the candidate fur the Suureuie
oun lor ine lull term, an J Uliarlcs O.
Convers.of Muskingum, for the fraction
of a term. Thusu are good nominaiions.
Mr. Briukei-holTs name has rcendy be
come very familiar to our ears; nnd Mr.
Convers, from tho legislative positions he
has occupied, is equally well known.
F. M Wright, of Champaign county, is
the nominee for iStato Auliior. Havin"
made himself an excellent reputation, wa
understand, in the positions he has occu
pied, we accept his nomination as a guar
antee that should lie be elected he will
show himself qualified to fill the office
to the general satisfaction.
J. II. Raker, of Rosscourtty, is the nom
inee for Scielary of Stato. Ho is very
competent to perform the duties of the of
fice, and we hops will ba elected.
W. II. Gibson, of Seneca, is the candi
date for State Treasurer. He i.s endowed
with excellent abilities, and was very pop
ular as a Whig. He was run on the Whig
State ticket throe years ago, for Attorney
General. He and the present Democratic
incumbest of and enndidato for the Treas
ury Department re.i(le in the same town.
I'D Kimball, of Medina, is the candi
date for Attorney General, Our acquain
tance with him is slight, but it has left a
favornbV impression Until last year, wc-'
believe, lie has al ways ac:od with thcDtm-1
oernlic pr.rty.
Alexander G Cinvcr, of Miami conn! v.
is the candidate for Member of tho Board
of Public Works.
lis h an excelljnt
nomination. Mr. Conovcr is a civil en
gineer of cxcellen! reputation, lie helped
to make the-an;il from Piqua io the Junc
tion, and having been employed upon ii
almost ever since, he has had nmpio op-
portiinuiec for thoioituhly mastoii.-i!' the
duties cf his office. Wi 'hhini and Mr.
Blickens lerfer in the Board, wc may bo
certain tho canal will not be uiinaviir'able
for a twelve months at a time.
The resoluiioiis-iidouted bv the Conven
tion will be found in 'another column.
'Pi... .:n l.. i,..,..i;i.. i i ,i
..... u .To,u.tu oy u,e
P?Pl,- . . . .
kj...... . . - i i . . it r .1 i .
iiicn is n nil; - ista-icii ot ine camiidaies.
T. i i m , , .
ii is h mu uchei one wiiicll ou-'lit to
be, nnd wiih the proper efforts, may be
S3T Complaints have reached us that
our pnper is not delivered at Clearcrcek
P.O. in Oaklnnd. We are unable to
state the cause. Our mailing clerk is
careful to deposit thorn in the P. 0. hero,
and we know they arc mailed. That they
do not roach their destination we are as
sured by our subscribers. We shall look
further into this matter and if wo lind who
is to blame we shall mako complaint in the
right quarter to correct the evil. Ohio
Clearcukkk, P. 0. July ICh, 1355.
Mr. Editor: Having had my attention
called to the above artii-Ie, I d'-em it jus
tice to myself and the patrons of the Eagle,
to state that the Eagle has not failed to
reach this Office but one Week, nim-e I had
charge of the Office. That time the week
previous to the great meeting at J. Sliall
enbnrgers, (I suppose almost every body
knows what week tliat was) know they
did not come to this Office.
The nxt week they came from Amanda
on Saturday morning, .though not wnp
ped in a dark pink wrapper us it usually
u au came, dui wrapped in a Loiter wrap
per sent from Allentown to Amanda.
Not pasted as usual, but tied with wrap
ping twill'. These gen lemen, Iknoa to be
the facta, although 1 have no special re
gard for tin? sheet nor tho principles set
forth in it, yet I understand the. solemnity
of my oblig ii ion as P. M. suflicicuil y, ( if-
there was no other consideration) to
discharge my duty to the best of my abil
ity, yet I cannot deliver papers until
they come to hand, though if post matter
to this Office was not detained, it would
not be in keeping " wiih some Offices,
(though it eoems P. M's. will differ in
somethings.) I hope and expect this
matter will be closly looked into and the
cause acorlained why -the-Eagle failed
one to reach Clearcreek, P. 0. tho cause
if any, I think will tie found to rest upou
a scouroo, that will not cause much evil.
Gso. F. Hamlin, P. M.
THINGS. Sprinotisld, Mass., July 11. A Con
vention of Know-Somethings assembled
here to-day. About ninety delegates were
present.. Resolutions were adopted, main
ly re-affirminor the orinciDles of the Dartv
as promulgated at the late National Con
vention at Cleveland. One of the resolu
tions adopted pledges the dbHt in favor
of Temperance, but without making any
reterence to tbe prohibitory law. The feel
ing was very strong for fusion, but it was
thought best not to call for one in the con
vection directly.
Arrival of the gleaner Pncifle.
Tht Allies In Good Spirits! Five thovs
(and men lost tn tht lots Battles Sevas
topol soon to bt stormed Smeaborg and
Mango Bombarded Emptntr Alexander
seriously ill Breadstuff s lover.
New Yoke. July 11. The Steamer
Pacific arrived at six o'clock this morn
ing, bringing advices from Liverpool to
the 20th ult, her regular day of sailing.
Commercial Ihtkluoekce D-n
jet Co s Circular quolea Cotton s dull for
first three days of the Week, wiih prices
uuiuroiy lower; out on iliurtdny, with
out apparent cnusc. the market became
buoyant, and ilosed with an active de
mand. Sah-s for the we.-k 43,000 bales,
including 17,000 on speculation, and 2,
0U0 for exponation.
Orleans fair li, middling C; Upland
fair 6 J. middling 6 j. -
Tlie commercial authorities of Liver
pool vary iu regard to' the market for
BreadstulR Maxa-elKs Circular reports
Flour and Whent a triflls lower, and a de
cline in certain grades of 3s 61. All a
gre that the market closed steadilv.
White Wheat is quoted at 12I2 8d;
Red lUs 8.l3lls. Western ChiikI Four
at 39j 6 la4Js 6d; Ohio at 43ia44s, nomi
nal. White Corn at 46a46i OJ; Mixed
45iCJa40. .
Provisions. Beef is dull, nnd no
chango in prices. Pork. dull. Bacon has
declined CJ to Is. Lard has advanced Is,
and is quoted at 6Jm Cd.
Tha London markets wero stead r, and
prices unchanged. Iron, buoyant Welsh
liar is quo'.O'J at 7s 8J: Rai Is at 7a 3tla7.
6 J Sco ch Pig at 73.
Sugar is dull, Coffee active; bullion La9
increased 100.000; freights quiot
The news consists almost wholly of de
tails brought by tho America, of the rc-
j cent repulse. The allies are not damaged
in their position, and the wltole state of
affairs is considered sufficiently saiisfaoto-T-
Riglan is dangerously ill, and asks tobe
I he total allied loss oa tho 18th, was
over 5.UU0.
The army, nevertheless; is in good spir
its, nnd preparing for another assault.
Correspondence is only to tho 14lh.
No further battles had occurred on land
or fieri.
Aus'ria continues to disband her ar
my. Tho English nnd French reciprocally
blame each other for tho disasters at Sevas
topol. Pellissicr's dispatches state that Sevas
lopol will soon be completely invested.
The Allies retain possession of tho Round
Tower, Cemeteries ami Munition.
Cholera had brokon out among the
French troops.
GortschakofPs dispatches state that the
Allies wero weakened, and that the Allied
troops whit-h crossed the Tchernaya had
Paiinarslon denies that Lord Rri rlon -
ked to be recalled
but is racovcrin.
. . r : .
H bas been sick,
A dispa'ch from tho Balii.?. difad the
2j',h, stales that Swacborg has bacn bom
barded, RtiJ all tho stores destroyed.
Hango also has been destroyed.
The Russians admit that 'the Cossack
boat showed n flag of truce, but sav that
! ;hey feared troAcht'r.
Great movements were taking place a
int.ng the allied squa Iron.
Tlio E-.st India mail arrived at Marseil
osj J-'iiJay.
Gcucrali Brown, Pi.'nn.jfeatlierairJ CoJ
ttytngton are siuk at Varna. .
A part of the Foreign L-jgion had nr-
i rived from hiiifland.
j The Lyndon Saturday Times states that
IiI.a lmn..r,ii. A t,.f.tn I..- ;n : ... l.. :i
the hmpenir Alexan.ltr is seriously ili.
-I... i.... ..r i,-.. i i . ,
..it lung ui i iiiiii nas mo oeen lor
Uomn . ,.. ,. I l,ia ic ,.iu,.
drawing lo a el.v..
w f .
j-i i.,.
opened depressed, but
Ji,llwu iii;iikcl
recovered; ylosin? buoyantly with larw
speculative siil.-s.
lircadstuffs are lower. Provisions qui
et. ' - .
Money easy; Cousols OIL Weather
Baltimore Flour sales of 230 brls.
Howard street, at 89,C7. Wheat, sales
of 2,000 bushels new red nt 2,20a2,27;
white 82.25a2.33. Corn dull; yellow
95a90c; white !, 02a 1,04.
Latest dispatches from the Crimea say
that Lord Panraoro has transmitted to the
papers the following intelligence, which
reached him yesterday, the 29ih.
The French and English are proceeding
with their approaches against tho ene
my's works, and are erecting now batter
ies to bo Brined with heavy guns. The
enemy continues to repair tlio damage
doiin during the last - attack. There is
very litile lire on their part. Wo retain
possession of the Russian round fort in the
Cemetery, fiom which they wero drawn
on the IB Ii, and the Mamelon at the gorge
of the valley, which divides the English
loftntta -k from the light of South Harbor.
The Paris eorropuii'lent of tho Times
speaks of a communication havin-' taken
placo between the French and Enirlish
Kovernments, arising out ol complniiitsby
Pelissiar, of want of combination or tin en
ergetic support np jn the part of his Eng
lish colleagues.
A blockade of the ports of tho White
S:;a was expected early in Juno.
The Grand Duke Nicholas has reviewed
the troops at Helsingfors nnd Abo, and
was expected nt Sweaborg.
Dantzio, Friday, June 29. Tho Vul
ture arrived with the mails. Tho fleet is
off Cronstadt. Forty-five infernal machi
nes have been discovered and destroy ed.
Onc of theso exploded on the poop of the
Exmouth. Admiral Seymour and Cap
tain Louis, who wero examining it at the
timo, wero. seriously injurod. Lieut.
Pierce was slightly injured.
Vienna. Thursday, 20th. Tho official
Weiner Zeitung nnnounccs the dismissal of
the reserves of tho third and fourth armies.
Authentic advices from Vienna stato
that there ia no foundation whatevor for
the statement published in several German
papers, that new proposals for pence have
reached that capital, from St. Petersburg.
The London Times of the 26th, save, that
the actual number of our own killed and
wounded in the recent attack on the Re
dan, was not the terrible amount first sup
posed, when it was stated that the loss to
our noble army was not less than 4000
that was interpreted to mean the British
loss alone, and it was inferred that if we
bad lost so many, the loss of tbe French
must have been 1 ,000 or more. It ap
pears that tbs total loss, kilted and wound-
ed, of the allied anny.did not exceed 4.000 ,!
of which 0'ir portion is ju,t is jo. Jfum-
b-r of non-commissioned offiiter nrl rn.n i
1, :m J I, J t mo . V -
killed, 144; wououed, 1,068; number of of-
ificers killed and wounded, V
3; L'jukii)" and
exact total of 12U5.
New Tobc. July 16. The s?camship
Arago arrivud off Sandy Hook at uoou,
from Havre, with dates to tho 4th fnst
Cotton is dull, and prices easier, hut not
..I 1 I . . .
wncr, muuu some grades sliow
a decline ol fd. Bales of last three days
19,000 bales, including 6,000 to specula
tors, and 2,000 for export.
Breadstuff sliglr.ly declined, but the
market closed firm; buyers demand a re
duction. Consols, 9 lfi91J.
Liverpool fiaiAOSTrm Richardson
& Co' Circular reports the Corn trade as
continuing very dull, whh a downward
tendency. Iu the abscence of demand.
carcely a transaction occurred. Indian
Corn nominally Is less, but no sales to fix
Lord Raglan is dead.
Gen. Simpson succeeds Lord Rag!an at
the Crimen.
No furdier . disturbances occurred in
London, the Sunday trading bill having
been withdrawn, and quiet consequently
restored. "
dt tits csios trsE. ,
The news of Lord Raglan's cleaiii was
received from General Simpson on ti.e
3Jth. Some days previously Lord P.ag
lan had been surlering from indisposition,
out until 4 r. m.on ihe Z3th. his disease
progressed to the satisfaction of his medi
cal attendant. Afterwards alarming symp
toms developed themselves, attended with
difficulty of breathing, which gradually
increased. At 6 o'clock P. M. ho was
unconscious. From this period he gradu
ally sunk until 26 minutes before V. at
which time he died.
It is stated that Major General Simpson
has succeeded Lord Raglan pro tern.
Admiral Seymour, who was wounded
on board the ship Plymouth, (query F.x
mouth?) by the bursting of an infernal
machene, is still suffering, and liitle hop.
iria amt,..'.tnn.l f -. : 1. : .. t .
...... i-iini milieu vi anting run uvejni.
Detailed accounts of tho attack on the
Malakoff and Redan towns, made by the
Allies on the ICth ult., have been receiv
ed nnd published in extenso. in the London
journals, Various correspondents ascribe
the repu'so and great loss which the
French and English sustained to want of
proper management, and to fatal nhs.-ence
of that military knowledge nnd judgmnnt
so requisiie on such hazardous nnd" diffi
cult undertaking'.
the Journal de St. Petersburg, publish
es a correspondence respecting the ou'iage
of H ann, which Russia' denies on the
?rouad that the flag of tru.:e was not up.
Russia accuses England of makincr impro
per ue of flags of truce.
Another ilemoii3 ration against SunJav
bills, took placa in Hyde Park on Sun lav.
Ju'y 1st, an I exceeded in numV;ri that
which took placo the week previous at
the lowest computation upwards of 100,
000 men, Women nnd children were pres
ent. The -proceedings were commenced
by nam attempting toftddtcsi the crowd,
which attempt was immediately put down
by the police. This give rise (o :in cx.ra
ordinay scene of confusion. Cont.tabli.-s
hats were knocked off, and several of the
ringleaders were arresied, hut not wklioa;
In the House of Common', July 2d,
Lord hobi-n Qrovesnor withdrew hia bill
against Sunday trading.
The extraordinary session of the French
Legislative Assembly was opened on the
2d, inst, by the Emporor. In his ppeech
ho said the Conferences lately held at Vi
enna, failed to secure a return of peace.
He came before them to make a new ap
peal to their patriotism, nnd justified ihe
conduct of the Allies in the Conferences,
and demonstrated their moderation. He
relied on the Legislative body to givo him
means to continue the war. He had for
merly resolved to place himself in the
midst of the army, but serious questions
abroad and important questions at home,
had forced him to abandon his intentions.
No extraordinary levy would be necessary.
L'it all, putting their confidence in God,
persevere and they would arrive nt a peace
worthy the alliance. The Paris correspon
dent of the News, slates that tho Fren-h
Government demanded a nsw loan of 750
millions of francs.
It proposes and impost of Is 10d on
produce, and in the revenue.''
In both Houses of Parliament," on the
evoning of 3d, a royal message recommen
ding the House to provide some material
token of recognition to Lord Raglan for
tho services he had rendered to his couu
try during this nnd previous wars, was
brought under consideration, and it was
Agreed" that an annuity of ono thousand
pounds per year should be granted to the
widow of his lato Lordship, and two thous
and pounds per year to the present posses
sor of the tide.
In the Housb of Lords, the Earl of Gal
loway blamed the Government for having
a'l"we 1 certain churgflR adduced against
Lird Riglan in Parliament and elsewhere
to pass uivinswerd.
Washington, July 11. The President
has issued a proclamation in relation to
the Reciprocity Treaty, establishing a
mong others, tlie following ports on the
frontier, through which bonded, merchan
dize may bo exported to Canada under
that treaiy: Toledo, Ohio, Chicago; 111 t -noise;
Milwaukie; Wisconsin; and Michil
mackinac, Michigan.
A joint Comi8Mon toarranir'. prelimina
ries for he settlement of the Fishery ques
tion with the British government, will en
ter upon its duties immediately.
W. L. Lee, Chief Justice and Chancel
lor of the Sandwich Islands, has arrived,
with full power to arrange a commercial
treaty with this Government.
Tho Court of Claims meet to-morrow.
Baltimore, July 11. New Orleans pa
pers of Tuesday and Weduosday have been
Galveston dates to the 28th report sev
eral Indian outrages. Nothing later from
the Rio Grande.
Merrick, Know Nothing candidate for
Chief Justice of the Superior Court of
Louisiana, w.ib elcrtod by 8,000 majority.
TB.4risea Avidia kepokt
i'r id:,j. j
T'i,.Vw.AitI'0KAYm,-L-Tr""!f""irt--!'iom,. 1
l" "' "'Ul Mill evaulr, lor tin J.ar et.d.
!i iUM u J
I imiwuKtu,,,,, hand June lat,
i3T oi e !
jo amount rjetiro from tin S.l:
luiumoo K'bool fuii'l ....OlS-VIt 4u S
Ji.lr.tl o Krt,-i,ou (i ..... ii 0
Ti.r Mr Mui uml W IT,
iiiHinr i BUJMKf ....
4 n
IS Wl 2 0
T tm'inrit rrT
FurSMUoo 18 t rrt 69 t
rTam nut
rot utw Umm Itv
Vt J'.dUr-. 4a IS 00
rt H-ud4c. dug Co.ii.iy.. Sui OU 9
rur Ktut CoiuuuU hck'Jol
Fli4.b!aB 0,401 34 5
li.r county 7 0
rtir noadtvtl,..,,, 00 l
t'r Ao illou Llcer... t i 9
reaut Ju,t:i vt iu .m .. S3 CI
rrf,m HI,riff Vd 0
tiom frbb.t Jadg Co re (t
T . ..
"""' an it imiui upnuu r.u.w ji b
Total Rtftsjpt
EruonM p!4 Hue Trtiur;r
""' Tn coiitii-4 eOVTT T8 0
rMllr' Liceut.-t is tiu U
8y tinoiiri paid on Cosn'.r OrJjr-T
i w i: e
rir,i Huwur g -gy (vj j
cUiJ d-, SM3 -4 4
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Cjuunioed witU , tood-sr, "io fl)or,.i t0 v
,... ANDREW pfiiERS. '
. Cs.-nuHMiMera rairt.-ld CaaMr.
PaWloed by ord.r or tLe E:n-J
Jaof 11, USi. AaOiwr of FjtrH..-H coat!-.
Exhibit of h.xi-i rf.tuies.
Ar;io-. Cr?:rr. F,Jr5il4jS;T.)
tr . . l-.!criit. Jut,. II. I?ii. "
" o Ui. or.l.-f orilieCvU!.'TCa.i,i.i:i,:,,,,f,.i,9r -
In lubuui, to tdj c.ti-.,., of t.id to-fctv.V.'fcmo.Ysf
wai.H i. inaj.atiuowa. to Hit: j
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Amount paid lor iuudok or P.p,..-.
lt-a is o
1.143 c, t
li4 v, o
(iTi. .i at
ForHcUool Fuudi. .,
Corntji.: ...
William L. J ttti, cViiiiir AudiiiVr'.""
. tli-Hurt
Pur li.0nui.ri- "..'...'!'.!
1 irora '.
W-tnetief .'.V.'.Y.'.'.Y.
Juatie.i , I','.'..'.',
Prouairt Juda WW
For iLqueat. ,
liirstti.ra or liiltrmarr '. '
Vltw.rt, Nurr.yora dt Cuali.ineaou road.
For hrlitget.
Fur Fual
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lirli.ger dr Trojt. clbtbiLv f-ir . Luuiitio'
JaclU dt Clart, HMuel a i fur 1 tl
G. defj. Hood, palr.l.i.r; utid ttlttlli.e .t
Court Hiijw uu.l Jail
Vmideioark. WllwuilLd AU-u, earcji.t it
WDrfcat Jnil
Forlut,r,l nu $3,hi Cuunty Bond .......
.Mrt.V..QjPl3rnu:lt:Lpr Oomf.,rlr Ja.l
Oulo EuU- Tor puijliahiur li-H
. A.&flfe.'t for li.ii.t to C l P.-i'siij part
StetU,.,i hmali lor Imn Cfcimads f.ir Jail
M. A. OaiipliortJ-fje. at an Attoruej ....
v.li. K. i ,0.8 an AtirtnifT
John tirr.art f.jr crabli.o; OfTroi
J jiiii liiutie.r for tiiteuaii!i r ' Jail
Fir ibcrl.tli,i. nUnaiUr O .ittn,...
V, L. J.tlrleaf.jr Barvic..-s b o,-dr Ci?'u'.
J 'btl Otfbildin fur Boole Cai.forAinJ.ia.'a
03C3 end Ij.lloi Ook for nx-e P Ji'dr'.
JOiil Rnd,nuli for iiajreuoc Corue;lc
it lilroii-l bondt i
Jolin Karfaart fora?rtci uJjLtt-jr
Hosicli.ir V.li.y Banl! forlct- rji: vaRaU
Tod Bonda
Lanealer U.itiU. f ir uJoiljiiinjlana 1S5
E.Hngijr. Wain nnd LjIU, for fiardtr.
fir Olfeo. ,
F irTaxn rjf,ii,ted
J. SV. Holt for work at oilicoof I'. Judga.
Por .Q'.a?e
V. K. Shu f ,r ajrr'.ce, scrionl LcamV
CI,rk Cjart Comuivi, r-liras
: 1 5-5
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115 Ui 0
.61 II
Si-! 64 0
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iJ c 1
4 CO 0 !
3 s II !
vo (I
li Ml U
13 w;o
ca c
Vt 50 u
K 00 0
8 n o
s yj o
1 40 0
e 4 c
13 iJ V
CJ r fc
3'I -.Ki oG S
EXm.f a DECEMBEi: 1. ISJt.
A 'lis
'iio.ita paid for Te rfju.tJ
1S6 18 3
e 35 o
i.j.i'uiniorr:.ci i.rurUiark'. Jillcj
ana f-r)t,.,ts vui Cjm.rie, coaru.
Oi-p-pj Huod. OUusud liiu:u-lOii irt
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'I Elt!i:(.:tr. -.-e oa iJoio.,3r-i li.o.rt
b. v.kl.ick F.K-aiu Lun.iy mis.......
II. A. Cdixirluin. Cjndlsa l,r Trff'i, Omco.
For Kre cht on, A liauling Sdijoi Ban
.M..ntu Katci.)- Cljrlc', (rM .-
Tb.oi Iteuaauio. U.inijl Collins $'j4,'o'io-
ul I !ii'ii) $7H Fo) tut County CtLi'm
E.Binri;r. wiiifjiind Litta f.,r Hard worn
lor Jail r.iid Court Uo-is-i
P. B.ii:tdiii3 l. imbrr end Cot.l for Ja.l
and Oiiri H.ijj.. ,..
J.ilinT. B.-atj f.ird.ifandlna- Divli
Iinwt'iu FchljaUf.irdjieu.i.uc SplQ.llir
Tlinmoi Sliuiinou lor bricltirorlt at Jrftl
Proimta J.tilire ,
Ullln.ni .Uiti-bell Fc a. Coronar . ...
Ptbool Fund,
Proijcuiliig; Atlonit-?-
C. II M.irliu tlal f'rotcciltllig AllnrnT
For nlaUoitpry
John fcarhart'liasi'liii; 0(Hcclo.a
ForTini'ier unoj by Stjpdrviaors
For P.utatc
John Gebiilalii jjook C,u for P. Jwigs
Clotkiiiir rr Piiaonsra
Pi-liool E nmiiieri
A. clfort. in full. o.:Hii-f,)r :nal.'L;; In-
dec to L'oiiiuy Kecorda
IIuII.Iiiik Brliiic-ja :
Juit:t .i ...
Snpi-orl of Paupjra
Juror ,
Will. essea
SS.1 0
3 -X 0
4 ?S t
8 !I7 b
3 J3 I'
1C3 W 1
Id fci 0
33 CO 9
18 7 0
10 IW 0
4 -w
2 oe 5
j d
vi 0
e: im j
s hH o ;
3 u'. tl
tl i b
1 TS li I
ri ?s o
jfl bit U
.'" i tn
114 11 0
M vi V
K3 S i t)
f!" 43 5
U- C-.i I'
r.i sg o
ui go o
. t?.H3 C4 4
Amount ps'.d II. Coll'.m Ft-ej m Cny f.'om'r Ai eo 0
i':.iiiei i.Hi-u':i'i r jcaaBcoi.iMii:uiasioi'-r 54 Ui tl
Tho na llttv-a. f ifi . Co Co:nniiioi.i;r 4 eu 0
Ii.tcr 'nl on DiiiitiWHt Ki.il Jlnud bond, 6'3 i.ii 0
Fur Clollitt p for iiri-iiin'-r li 13 n
Fir Keronl Ho ill, and SUIioniTy 61 id 0
Fthool J .xaratiiO-, , 51 i.-t, 0
G. ?or;;.j i.H nilll f r axpiin.,.! of fa.iip.v4 Sj 1 1 u
C. Ki.dolb f.ir cwivity-g miti's lo Conrrs 5 5l t
H. Knytn-.n-l n l'liy,iilaii In Ln.icv rata 3 no 0
U. Ji i.lo.iiti lor Co I'.n dro. r.vr Panj'r.... II Su 0
F.tr Po.t iir.i nnd Tetvvrni lillig f5 Hi l
For Urlds 'S 4J3 il u
K. A. Kiiti.irdsfiirpnrs-.ihit? latnranct.... liJ 65 (J
F-r llepiiraiiinl ruru.urdluf Jail, Oiiices
. i
-0. be
-al 11
nnd t our! Il-ri53 -
William Potior for TVU-Rmi lilc
Rih nil Fundi ,
Tnthill.'Fi'lilulcli &-Grubur, for Frli.tlnjr
lllnnlc. n.
Tt-.tiitll, Sohl.'icli Mini irriit.rfor Ad7. ecu
Sfhnt'l Fuud for Lh-'4ir.ircoui.ty
do do. HiK-kiiiR coamy
County Tny
. ... w. u ,
tl :
1 01 U
3 70
Pr'.iaH Jmlifo , us
F. U 'its for roiiTe; lite Lunatics to AmI ibi 19 f I 0
PriHHMitine; Attomev 5-;, ii o
Kiprj ch trit "U rrlivol Aparatus 1 Ej 0
T(ii ririilidjd 7 F3 4
liinctors of th i Infl -miuy 10 W 0
William l,.Ji?Brles Coiitttr Auditor T1'3 94 0
Tro lanrer f-f dipraclal.id BiEi papjr G HO 0
l'nrsiipport of out Paupers 1C1 37 V
Vlmej : Itn f5 0
For It tlrinsrypurojoi , 6'W 6f 0
For Hlj-tl..ns 47 15 0
Jnstlrm S3 a? C
rouMuM.is "b ni o
Clork t onrt Ci'mrrron Pljas 133 Ji 0
Via-, ou:. on Uo.tls 3150 0
Sboria 181 ro 0
For Fuel 64 67 0
Tro.kimrs. for ranking settlements of
kcQonl Funds 10 Ca 0
Jurors I'-J. S'J 0
Total . . . . . . ga.:3'l 90 3
Amount paid for Witness' Foe. '.
Jurors. Grand. Traeora and Tesmen....
School Fund tn Sncsr Grove:
do Rualivllle
do Laccaster
do Idthnpolls
do Tlaltlinoro
do Franklia County
1 53 0
SCrJ (19 0
614 24 7
S-IO t4 8
6. CM 59 S
469 17 5
3 9 54 It
171 34 3
813 13
Towiuuin ruuo to iincniuc.
bionm. .
SFfl F3 1
Walnut S S 1? 3
64? 53 7
SM 9- 1
Amanda .
. Graenllsld
, S?3 13 3
301 PH 7
, SiJ 03 8
873 "I 6
W 8? ?
lfH 88 7
S07 87 (
3.400 .11 t
Corporation Fund to Lancaster .
do . Baltimore -
do Mthnpolt.
IraproYetnonl Fund to Lancaster
Amount laid for Infirmary (Mtrpas:.
83 s rj
4.t 38 9
. .13 44
. 3wi 5
lwn IK!
(,mUi, . . .
V'r huit'titrr. Boo fei.l
i'-l-i.rfc Foniilara') r..c., f,.f OCj
U-sn r
hi i.'.n F . . '
rfii, r-utiLj .Irtiirfff J .
Ws.l.l. t.xp-a.v Tol.g.jpi, md .Mu'r
L tu4 bl..wr. vW) .
'UUfcf IkaivI fiiut fcceouui
9ml ......
Il final . . .
S04 1 S
1,1 , 0
I3 lit V
It Jv
n u
Jj .5 u j
ii.Ur,t on Kaiirou b ,iJ it pramiam ltt:j o
J'Am T. H-a,-;. d- ji.di,. Li ar.nn.
liirt:ui.d sebitlcb t n Lj n. CM'r
Xiiru and ShltlcD fur cou.Ui.r . .
Join H. KcbrvlareiCo. Ujk, f.,r Jail .
Jiaii li. Rrlirodvrsnd Co. f ,r KobbWa .
J. l. and C. it. Ma.Ua fcr Irgai u.cU
Scliol fijCarolMVra ....
CiiiUiftj rfir PrinL9ri ,
Hurtutii lrra .
TiaiUff aAd by bup7rvUon
Diulel Cililm. Fa at tit.!J t33l gr .
'ltA r.fillldd
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II iJ u
Wj 0
3 30 L
. liw
. e.TII 13 9
. Iflldl
SS4 40 3
. 1 i :9 S3 1
t V.) u; S
2.44 Ci S
3 3 0 I! I
t i ) rr i
l -i i el 4
. -l. tS T3 S
. 14 S
, i.:x 3? 3
Sr-.iSrtr 4y I
c .
iB3Ci!a .
Br.l .
tllooiu ,
Pi J.nr.t
Qurtar tsd;i!ja.??Tib''r
b-t'.':U da ll.-t-tnj, 1. c
T!.;rd da ii(:r;h 1, l-i3 ..
I'Biirili it ;u I da .. .
IC'13 M 4
s.a-j i
7u.4jX 4j
7 Tot; trs't arrnloJ o ooar-.j orlon P c Sr2 tti 3
j ttr.tnir,;a:y lfl. K54-3.1J
klw trr:
! D 5 f tf C 7
f ?irj
8. 1 I i C I
-c.r i- is;a
1 nwii'. I
CtraaeBctnj 2Ionday,
i rFBZ Nw tr.i tflniH Paclco: Halt, GLOEZ O.
ML Or;fi0.S.Ji.,i.--.7,!l, i.iMl5'.frl:nti
noay v.!. r.ih tk WOui.uH:i.Jurj:o of
jto, Cuni ari'l (Circa ai r.'yii. dc ..1 lu co..of)Uii,
i with ta rr.ica O'. tb C. w. Z. K .I! roti. a. folio :
I Lttif Iiuu'i MondiTj. .V'e.'.a ,uli ft F.-io tj
i Uictt Aii rotiO)j, TttiirjiJay a;l 6atroj.
j TO TttAVKtCiiS.
' Pl)r.M1 IST'r- r!f,pr.ft,ii In lh. I ft",'..',
!Trlu,U7Ui..W.AZ. Kallrtwl.wiU arrir. itAth!:.
j o.ii ii. .-!.. n, in t uke Ui Et. ej fJ'f Cojth,
'0 ririJrri.u- .i co-.n-i-t '. Ih,(..n r-,r (-...,.
nU. ai.d Sut- 1-JrColamOn !ii.gt;,eoi.ljr ii-.t toa
listt Uf itj t19 Cf.-f at Lucvlft. iiO.H w..v,. r.- I ;
- "Ul Bn1 It aj:!t, eh,pr. r.4 mot:
i,,tMz.i ra-.j. .i) ea-iTi t l-sc-i'.-r !jr t-u'r
ri'jur. ,iwr o: in t r-At.rli.T. r-.
J.ulViT ?aao jnt' .:h4'" '" ''0 !1!-:'jn' i 'bt'iXi-
"'lAriaof i"-. e't'T., , ,,f i :i. a. !...
"'Ulol I2r:.t :;'Jli.i Lnnr-.-..r. A:bil-. Ac lr.
Hr..iJr,n !or.) o:i ibj m j, ih?T ii,io d:,r -.'Zi
Wei'm-jl'.shn L1.-.-E b". r,Vj t.-.c'i-t t ui VUbj'u:.
jjii.tb conn t a: Iji M-tjr wiih ih tr.li i or. Cij
t-lu., UKlLatOI, Z:iLi5,Ti,. Ra-.lroad, 4 ,U'J1
BiJW r.xpiznts
0 I e, ps : toJ f :::le for th sr-5.-d lfJM
0 , V? v. i o- riT.g3rI0 !.! fro .1 EJJ-
rortf. Lojan.Stiiui.T llr.Cb -.oi.ceT. a ;bt, ::A tin-
C!r!l:.ll. r. il?r rr.ohlun1.i l -..
FO 6C o . A "'S '.U b r-rr:d on !. for
SdWIl'11' ac:r-.!y o m ,n3 and o-.i.r fat laii.., ei,;ruu.l
0 : u-c'iTt)r'.7rK! tt t rUrnd by o
I r. f-o:n Ctcelaaiiti
C V.'.alll b,P.-rl f-mm
I. I . rMfa-a whan net !l.to a tsa mt.rn rw.i...
036 13 e "1 tn1'" nnaj is ili j uzm, whs;. It diej Lot
S J 0 ' APr'9iihErit.or:oJT'lft. X70-i. Lir
c!tJ:: J. Roa?it." So n, lyzi:.i K,npaj i Rj:a
6 83 o il"-"""' De."V ro-. Atf!C:,.
I Jul." 13, lrii 311 G3rfJj: ft Co.. P.-crrt3W7j.
SI 50 0 i -
tjUM EOOT A.Vil Sii'JE VrOitE.
i 'V T? O
, 5 , f: t
tnt-.f.T'.s r-t-jryh'.j :v-al-.
T. .VSid
0Vt.Dl3tn!i ?;7--i
Xo U.i nTTra?roai frl?
pslrorihs-o h.retoforo
M.n-tnm iw to pins i,, ,p,rJ3 w
fD,ta. .nd in o-der tn rna,t th o-il ,. ,
dscinnd at h't L'teb!'u!iic.,i for B iota .rd b
hs ha 'n Hi'.dltiO'i io b: own rami' -r'-r 'tv
03itd froci ih-j tut a Trr lr.rz rd fash'.03oie,toc,t
cor i'l'.'rr !r. oart m fnii-VTi:
y.ur.-s Flr.e Cl. F.!p sad r -! Eicu,
Oi.-.t et. Ta!f Gitsn cr-d T:s.
C3t:ins srd ilooroii,
A.'.'.!rjdof Uui.a l&d jfUuf Uoou, Ehoss. S;i',e-
m d Cslton.
A'.!-), an iirtnjr.tof tisbestqaall-.T of CSillrur.'i
fr.i.c-t.d plain Jhoes,
Ia ai.daio". to ths abor, tj !s conr-n:!7 rn--)- 'ir.
t-rlMrls-rjiT.fo'iii'.jiid liso to ordjr.Vl Wndi of
BooUat.Sa.--.wiiirii hi hm c o :ni:tir.i-T fm-;ii
compare it: j.tleesJ qusatj with i..t Voi- ,'sit",
Wi,teri, cjant-r- JiW li). 1
A ii.itl 4 V1H litlli, l-Jl.LM
P3CP.HA73. Slats Cbamlit.
Mnuchoaetf .. tf ts IV.! tli'jr art
th beat of til PlL'S.n.rl .nii'jt
ed are the men uo certify thut
Eoct. litrei kao-aa. rl.
i.emcci ba..' b.el Justice Sa-
1 y prer-e C uin of ..,,. bin -its.
ilX E iitt Wuh:orii.Gr -f ......
.C"5lSat4V K- C- Plurt-tt. Lieut Gevem-
1 1 . i,w li w , aaajag or CT .1 :tir. ukdt:.-.
EJard Ere-eu. El-Sec. of f tit ol d cnv."- V. F.
Robert L. VTiu.h-ip, Et-SD'-'lte.- Hf'Ss ri-n.r.S.A
Abb-tt Liirrjnc !. MiL's'.er Plso'. t- G-f! a-ii;sn.
TJo&n 11. ritipt.-ic, cubolic H.!.io; of rlostn.
CO (.3 o monr!14 Kinases this Fill bai cursd r-ith cs'.3r.',h
10 Oo q ; It'? rnpid.ty.we mir wentioo CojtlTinasi.uaioui Co:o-
W"'"'"-, r"H.. nrtolro, n,it)
I W," fm - .9?4..ndSsi: ou. il jr -
Jd ln.clioa of tae Bvtj .. aQd p.;;. .rUmj tojr.fwtn.
FlimJi.neT. Lou of AppHiU.hll tlos.-ets .n-J ca-.au-
nuromi. or jvinjr a m an) ov p..-.iiii.8r ma
. i.lnAa x. ,,k . r..... ...V r i - . . .
wbich it would n-n r i'iipoo.j ii:y co j:i rjirlt
s Dsafiuu. P.rtial f:! .id-us. N s iruljia Si.-foj,
iT.tai'il ty. D jmmr?!n 'i.t, o' t-i? L-vsr end K d;i.-yi,
G-iut .1.1 o'h ir Knd.- :d ci:n?laint. a-:jtn f;o a a I j
itltj Ol'tlla oiy. or O'jltra'-tio.l? of Hi l-JT)Ct;or; of It
fuuctieu,. T!;jrarj tiios't P-irir.slT. il idicms jv -r
dlscor jred.Rrd vot will btt n?f i t? !; ttistn b tie?.c3
t.itnowlt. r"MP;r!3byDr J C. A VKK. i.oo:l,.'.!:ui.
sr.d ,o'd br'F. E-. k,'.cin. CIncirr.s-.t Kr.-ttxi.a Cz Co.
ad.V.2. KriM.-.Ls-a-njts.-; G. F. Hrniin. "Sl-r.d;
E. Kalb. KuiLvi.le, lad ti ait Orb's i tn .V?d,cit,s:
eshrr wbsre. Ju'.j lS.lf.U ijilu
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ClXCI.VMATi !. tV 1 L.'J I.WiiOS
Z VNK.SVU.I.i: ilAII, litlAl).
1 jTVFES TOIJ'K.li;S.-Troil.l!i TiaUs
Vir.-'ri-ai'a Icai-Jj finclriat! t C A. nr-!rlna- tt
Lriicatlarat 1 1.3J A. it. and a; lira n?u st 1 M.
lti(itrnli j2. 1 ;aTt 13. omea at .'.I, r" M. l-i-5 Lmcss
tffr.'tli 45 P- M.. ar.-ivtltsf at Ciii-.lt!a:i i-o P. ii.
Steon i 7"-a'. Liavw3 Ciaciai:ati at P. .u. g.-rivlr.; at
L',ucr at? .1.1 P 'A.
il8tnri.ii. K Ijnroj trrctstrr U 5.40 A. II. srririr.j
Blloiinnati atll.l-i A M.
Trains toDfo-ps;::r.i?rs rt s1! Inti-moisti -t.l-as
and conod-i with train oti l.titio Minna Koau far to -
I . !v...... ii:i .h.....i. .. .a.'.. :iii..i.
lumens. Peyton, Htl ibo-ot;?1! tr.d Chtllltoi'io.
i.mi 01 usees .ii r.ni n -'.veiin l anci'sler sna Lo-
Cn. .S-iisonviiio. Aia-v.i. f.vu:mv, Mun.'ria' in.l
uiieiYui,c'iii.TT.-i.-f,ia it.... 1'iiJ K.iitiiiaK lia.ri ir mi
an.l ar.isliic train to Cincinnati.
.1 Portber tnfjrtntitl-m (lid tickets. Rrptr a T:ct Of-
S ;fle.Wrnro( B .! and I'Di.t -..-. at. 1 tHe
? !UlU Miami Uepoi. otto the statiou Ar:i;! art 1' line.
a 1 J. M. L. srl Crt! 1 (.'?..
" cu.naran,l Sni.orintcaJ -i.t.
C : tr-7yra9romp.tnrT-ill'.''t ' respr.uslbl for b.-ip-
nje . rvei nil. ai' 111 . .1 . i.utes i:ie s:t:-e i1.
turned In the. C.iiidit.H.rnr .Vr-tiit. tiul fr'tteltt r?.'d tt:
tl,o r:ile of a pas-gte forvvety !Jaid 10 vahio r.hoee tbal
aDotiBt. Julys, If JI.
A n J.I s 11 35 5; -,T T.
O O " " S.
Kiier t jTitltV O: I S'a.it', AJ.1. Sf..Zascafr, Gni.
REKPErTFr LIT unlicits the'attenliiin of nil who
may wnl Grue&riftstn h; r.?w and larire Ftocit
ou band, eniOrueiig in part, the follow ine articles:
java A'm 1110 cokfef;
Vounr Hyson, Imp. Rlsclc and r.nnnotvdrirTFAS;
New Orleans, Cruiibed. Loaf and pulrartisd Snzar;
Golden nnd Sucir lions? Syrti", N. O. Vnlaiea;
Kici, Oiamros, Lemnna, Fiis, fla'.sini. Filberts
and Almond:
Rinrarf tired RAMR; Dried Boif. Balocgs Ssoiagj,
Cheeie and riplces;
Snap,, Dye St'itTs, Candles, Tubs and Bucket!
Wnsbbonrris. Broom, dc. cVr.
ALSO A tine lot of Cb-rinTobcco, SmokkiJ do
FiroiRil and Di w.vltle Llrjnor. Notion,. d:c.
Ifoel assured tbtitall ln iay fnvnr me witb 1 cstl
will not po awny difiitlsrlc! with my prices, even If
they should nothe induced lenity.
In a few dura I will linen HKK FISH of e!l kinds.
N. B COUSTRY PRODOCri takor In erehtinjre fr
Groceries. Lancaster. J Jue 14, 1N5 Ctf
1TST opened on Jiatn Street, uer!" ftp
rB posits Relier, Knti da Co'l Dry Good
8tore. conaistlniT ol
ir r it n r r, t p r.r-
l?al! of wliicb will he sold low at wtnlerale
ttUU IVra.li MJitUailW WHW Ml, r,i.ll,SIH
rer.pt-o.fully snlUlled to call anil examUte
mr atnf.tt.il Is fall and sola ted.
TtlciiX.-tw Glaa, .hnoatall aixAarrotn 7 tn 0 ttn to 3S
'hj4.0. WILMalM BtBWARr.
I lu VV.tr. r-rl!n,l?3.S-.-(
I . t Xlll.
tl l tAS;Tki.
-i r?t:r. .
i nr? r.
1 8N:.s:rE?
'"" '".aunuo, v:-J H4I-M -la,Ji.
-! - If.' It. r F, Cu.,4 ttc .
. fod AllK-.lvj ., J, ' - .
,.-';"IA-A- .vjKiaf.i.unA
- li par AllSol..n(UUK, Sfcjid
w ..ru-.ir. aUWt- ,i n.,,1,, t?:.
Par SJiJtKCaKm.IV.,
ii. ij 'ir. ii ,t k jtm;;
I.r All E, .1...., 1..,. .J.
0 I Blk.
u I ?rti. a
Kr:irra.ii-Alla V : v. . V r
O !d. .i.li.g i i
9 t fi'imlar.
iii.r, g
R-ehanr . i
f .Main rat.
rlsj .rf Int.,,,, .Tl,,,,. ao dn,,
.tin If oi, T.-r 7 P
S toSmti.tiii
If D .poiiti a.i in Cot
'rn,l,. in ! in iti.r.
t-iHc;.s:er Jlatkeis
Ga2tts CrriiE, JwJy lo, I8i5.-0ur
quo'.atio ii this moruicg art tu i'.4!ow: .
Vl.e,.t. 1,U0; Flour, 6.5 (39,(Ji per Lrij
Cora. 6J: live. Oj: Oils. SA,i
seed 5,50; Timothy s-.,d, 34,W; Po:n
tots, .4'J cents. Fi;jc eif. 1,00; P.ut-
lO'oJSi;; u-'-j,-Si o-h,., 2.S7
ans, 2.0J; Ji:p.. C-SG.-: Co!i.r.
121.; Tea, t (gJOr.; Molasw, 4C:
Su'ar. 7J .Cc. Whiu, Fi.,!i. 13 r!.;i,rper
barn 1; Pi,-livrl 10;0t !2.0f;PXalJ.
Tmegar, 13 iXfi'.cecN; Tobacco, e5i.3d.-t.!
iay. 6,w (5,07-. 'ia.;ow 1C- per brl.
Wiuky, 33-:
Wool 2J.-.33c
Cntrlc .TT.T.r!tM.
vaf.'. ffs Tery Trihxn tfjnli y..
"nw Yo'ai, July S.
Rrcsrm or 1112 rrrxt.
ccaazxT partE? this Weks rtrjivr?:
These are Jol 1 by the h.-ad nt a pricj
eqaal to tho value per pojn J of the estima
ieJ weu'lit of beef in
te quarters. Tli4
hide and tallow
counted in this
or "C;Vn-qunr.er" Is not
in irLet.
u in Cos-
will avcrria
j toa.
f Pr'ce To D-.r "
j First qu-di'.T Hall-.
ti'ra k' I u-tt-J, 12;.
Iiii-flium ISalCic.
Poorest 9.iPc.
But few sa!.- over 12or under 1C:.
Prjczs of Vial Calves. T'ie rate r.t
wl,i.-ii su.ih C live a.; ar.- fit to eat sell for
ill the year ii from 4 to 7s per lb., live
A cl n calM 'Ki". ns' that i.?, Calves
frora one to ix days ol I sells from I, 5
to 3 n34 each.
Ia Au:u:na t qr,&l taany"r:s Calves,"
7-iieiai!v .sui I a: f jur to six month, ol '
J bring-; 3 to C3.
j A go i J f f. Veal of en brings 2"a33.
dliLE Cos. T. e pi ice of Cows oepi r.us
I as rau'i!. cpvn fta'-y us tj. ci-ice ufliorsi-K.
0 din.iry cows, 23i33,'; ynod f.iii cuws.
35 -X'.ra 'tnali v, wi.li calf. 45 iG-5'J.
loti., -x-.ra quail y, wrji can, lo ii ().
I SUCE? A.V3 LaE3. Conimon Shei-p.2.-
i 3J6; x-r !'P. C58; Lambs, S2fi.
Ci.irJtin ili Clarke!.
Ctscis-SATTI, July 17. Flour Hiid G.ain
In Flour, r.-e'-ip-.a and di-mund are e
boat tl. an i j.'i tes urs uoe'ianged.
Tii'-re were sumi- farther rc-tip s to-day
o:'n. w. T!.e al -s ctiij. ti.- d ISj'l.ilsfX
tra at 3 C'J. O.'G i.itn. 15J batdi ctw
Wheat s.jI 1 a; USS; M,-n! 6.0 do do P.yt;
?.t 8 Jc. H'-:t, j J-fttithe lust ft Lours
dj'J bi's Fiour:
Provisiari Ti;e rriTkefis qn'et, ' and
we lia.-d of no t-ares lo-der.
Administrator'. 9aJe ef heel Fttcj
PU HSU AM" to an order of sule to n.e from
I". Pr-aOate t otirt ot tM Lojii of F-l.H..i.l n.d
ttatofOLio, In .l.a ca,e, Wuer.-tr, "ma Adititi.l.TrtMr
ufj jiiu CeiiipUill, decease". 15 t'.-i.t.li n.o V. iltlam
W. Cauipbiil and otiier are de:a:.i;i.U, I uliiot,
.U 'LJity t it 8 jti uit) -.'I v i iy, A. 1. Ih8f,
batween lbs hoars cftiii o'clo--!: A. M. tnd fcttr o'-
tlOi k P. M. of surd 0.. .0". rr f ar S.-i. Sail to tl.e
uifli,t bidder b; p jttie T..i,(.i.e 1.1 r. v.iii;, f i, tlie
ureiu.Ks.tu foil., tn,: iML4i nd tji.,n. :t t: li. Lot
.So. 3d in tin !' of j-u hdrtuctoi,. Kairdrtuioi.l.1,
ijlttnt Also, prt ol to.? orLllei.it ia&itsr ol bitttox.
"i 0. 03, 'lonsa:p n. lo. Kul-J.; .-.o. it, ht lJrrof J.t
.Nii.43 rp. 6c iinij. hfortscloi'.ii.s.t eii f i.t ti. .2inrtli-e-.t
comer ul Bei.Juiutu .-aovgr-a ihi.u, at tti IvorttJ-
ttt lornerof IV-t .No. I l. marked .. ine pit vl tlie
f.'oijntv ,irTo: or' cert.ded ret an.: l:iaicd r..t:. loi tt
tue.V.irtli On..,iii.;ri line of iMitt ,ortliea.-t Vuhrtrr 'T
Secliou .Vo. S5. 3 cuati r ai.d y linKs lo . i.oj.t at th.
Section .Vo. SS. 3 cua:- ai.d y, hnKs lo .-,
1 -rtb.t cor,. ofj.it Ao. 9. n.-.. t-
: ,.M,pl..,s , .,. L::,t cito eu.d i,j.V, t l
' lit, (0 . p.)Jt tt Uc .Sj-.tui.etLio.-j.tfr or
:i-o ii on uie
Uhil ano-O I
Lot .1 o. 3
uh atio- iiLe i
j 'l i.i.s a-..a l.i-l' a tn a j.o-l i.t tiie 2. oitL y ei.t i on er
Ol I..H.S.I.4-S . Hal id 3 ,a.ll J,!aU tl.ee ho, I Wit O
1 s-;d lu.-.-ii s ii;.!c, io u stoi: i tne ,::i.n.4t eurn.r
; ul s-U L"t Ti .4; tt.-jree lis r.t: . )tL Hie hualcouraT y
; lii.e'if 2j e:t::ti... .Ld 1-3 In. Its lo . stm.eiit
tile Si. Jtn..-e,t .ori.er of tattl Lot 4. in tlie orlil
' t;iv.in.l; uii, ol Maron', Iff. l; t'iene eat :tli said
i -.las-.-ir;1 ..'.iio'j..'ta lir.r.i 'ii.lcttos (.ost trrM-rbe-;
1. 1 ';:: sal ii lotlNoi.3 w.il 4t luelice '-l'. mlii i.:fl lire
3 ctliill.d undVtiir.i.4tsu p.iji. c : ri.er lid! wiin iota,rs.
1 1 and tl; ineurecon'..ati.i; West t- tt,'; ::d iij.- c ibclr.s
; ioliiiLjttia io e i. tii- Soti!liivest vomer ol h.t
j N. 1; tn.-iiie T ! . ii 5 1 tit't.s ju.f. f.i I. i-tr to th? i lie
! of becrtnnlr.ir.coii!a!nii tr S4 ''l-lt C i. r,-.
Al-op-i-l'itltn Soa-.'it! ist (i.mrv-r urd pitrt of tit.
' Korlheast Huarter ol Setll.,n o.'.'6 cf Township ,o
j 1G rtal.-jre No. ijl, Kef.ir-e and bounded as f'llluMSt ?
I .tre.it, marked on Iha'plM ol tne Count) Surrej or's
retcrn, coiuiiieheiinrei .,10111 on tiie outliMt cor
learof isaiic Griflali-a lanti; thei:co E'.at li:chi.li.s toft
! pfttt; tbeneeSoutti IS rtiah.i to u poJt; tbnre West
t locl-uiiis t KfKist on tiro We, t bonnitay line Of t.ld
i ftu irtjrSeclliMi.tbemSortli wlfo ssid line H th-tiLstai
1 Ibe lii-plnii-r. -I
Alio, Lots So. 1 and S.eonValnlD-; ti eorfs !n trie
I nld Morllieast (quarter ol si:ld Section :o. CB. coin
I nu'ncti.ir nt a st'ine .t til. o-lllelt cori er of aa.1'1
Noniic .st tiuwrl-tr Neitioi.; Tliei.'.e l-.a,l .It.i tLe
! Xortn o.iand ,r lin trurjof.3 cba'ris and ST links t
! a po,t at t;.e i.tft:i:fh,t tori.er of i.d -No. 1;' ttience
! E.iat 4 ehiiin:ii.d 3 liitUito u J-on nt tin- nnrtlteast t or
1 iiv.rot loi Ho. C. ttience Soutli 9 iln i.sjh .1 in hubs l"
to a po.t .tilie l i.it'iei.at eOrua.- of 1..1 I.o.S; lhanc
1 vv...- j cti t
:iuo ,i iinai 10 n post corner net-Teen
: said k,ti
anti.iiiu nre n est a tuainj or 3i.:ii:s.
s-riti 'i? co-Tier of lot ko. 1: thear.
! lo - .,.. :;! n,
I nnrttiV-H.li.i.od Su itt-ka to I lie rj.;lniilm-,coKuln
I fw .(. uii i.j ,:ii-ilO arr.'".
Aluo.i.a.-tuf t:io itort'if--,' C-r.rte-of Sae'.io. c.f.J.-
i TowBidit no. IS. V.w..t j .".. Kefuic-e. trosi. u I.
1 u,l,M .!. i.s ,:virk.- l ..1, ire i.lt-.in i i.r.k ro.S.'iar-
tr. Ko. j-30. Coui.it S-arrrjofs KocoHe. befjii.nti.f.t
1 a st.ine ut too tiorllmerl criier of afcid ftt.,.rter r-ct-
I Uout tbv-nce lis u'm-. O e north housdan llnetltera-
! rR f,BiB and 35 I'l.'tj: r. poi: iltrr.resonik rr.ml el
it!) ii-! Wtft l.jtu.fin line of C.TTriet 1? cbit.r.
niiJ 33 lilies '.a n poz t 1 1 -i t : c We.t 6 ehn'tin n.1 T5
ItnV l ft rl au ('. Went hoiinbttrT hti' Uittrrrf;
looncu north IT chieibt auti 33 Uufcn to th btglniiiB
poM.i1i.il -ff !1 ;irca. '
Ali a y..r of ain parlor S-?cl2-.i. bepVTiirf !
35 liuk K'ist f-f the nnrthweat corner ni Mi'l C:i!wrttr;
tii.'iice Eat 7 C tint in n Ml 14 link t puMi l'ucr .
South ITehin antl 33IiukAtn a pot; tii-.ht! Vrt
? fhnins airt5i)V( tinVs ta roi; th -nf iitirth ,7 rtiairf
and linUfr to ttie pSioe of becii.r.!r.ff cmifUiinr 13
crft. .Alfcn prt o:tho north w o! Ct'iur'eir otHmi'Ari
aS.orLnl 44. TowiiuMp J6. RHrpfi, Kf.ii?p B
ffttiuln)T t tntf porthwes, corner o alri fpttint; Hnr
V.unt Hblhe Wt hnmirloo Uri tlxTPAfO clmlnnartf
4?wlir.t to a po. at tl northist irner of I-M 1,
(oD the 9 acre tracts o mirked on tbe jlat; thecr
East5iii link to tl-e 1 ortt?r.t rnrf.'T ol Lot 1 . J
tna nosi; thnr.aa South riA-ftllnl vitb tho V nt f-onn-dan
iino 0 c-tins ii.t liii ton fot at hs tctiifc
t?nt M.rnr f mic, Un no. t: thcice W 42,' Hr.t ntn
a post st tbe Eoi:th:iit cor: r of Lot tin. 1; f'Cn
WeHctni. ftt.tl A'vi 1'iiKHtp jifMi th PouriiH-t
cornor .f Mid Lot an. 1 on tho wat hiNnH.jf of
tail Stfcli'm; 'liiwt norih with itHtti ftri)i !tne 9
chalnn nr.ti 3'ilinlf to th b8;cu!ric nuU!ii!ig In lit
&H ero.-. '
Term sr. 3 one lliU'i eVi In b.iti-1 on tb!ri in
oneTir n-.ri i ilsii;Ci to tTn ycr.rs wUb Inicr!. fron.
dsr of miU; ' t b- ild for iesa than two thirda tii
J. K-MUMArGrj..-smn-.rjii
Jofcn Cm)jtII,dt?.
GIUDU4J EuJIii)' rt 2U&Ii etiVHV,
CTtstt ". f-hj5
1 O. TTa T I 8
.nu-rri.r.Tctl!s irtntBtiea o blserrC-.-t
S-S .o-t-oaut of ra-ita,. C.f.- rr '-. TVj,r.a,
RrUand aiik Mo-tntd 3z and Cj-n K r-..
-..r.r.d Ho do 1 o wblob Ckiiaotee aur-
.1 xirs.cr- .... --7 . .
1 ratsjid In -.ho cltr. altbjr lo stoe. vcr.kiw-..i.o H
nrieas.- Haaalsoa!rlnimloip,ire-
BnTtrv win! 'rritrrt ' j jottiinr; ,
will be dons on short ncare li tofrWr d(e1
lioncaster, June IK, 1SW-3T"

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