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i !
CI;c Xaii c a 5 tYf 05 ;i c 1 1 c.
Ttanrday ttoi n in . July f !. t ,
Ch!iuj m 'Devil" tut ol t hi'.iCli.
V ro indebted to our friend, I. M.
Ell of Marie!;., Ohio, for the following
graphic sketch. We are assured that the
facts transpired substantially as narra
ted: ... A methoditit clergyman who has been
laboring in this vicinity, was not long since
preaching to his p"-ople people on the
miraculous power of the Apos les over the
- demoniac spirits of their d;iy. As he whs
pursuing bis theme, the aulieuce were
suddenly startled by a voice from one in
the congregation demanding, in a half-
Suerulous half-authoritative tone: -Why
on't preachers do su:h things uow-u-.
days?' In an instant, every eye in the
house was turned upon the in livid uil who
had the effrontery thus to invatlu the sa
c redness of the sanctuary.
The speaker paused for a moment, ami
fixed his p -netraiing iinz full upon ilio face
of the questioner. Tbere was an iiuei vnl
of intense silence, broken at last by the
speaker in resuming liis xiilj,ot. H Iial
not pro -ended far wi'li hi- rerun La; bel'me
he was aipMrt interrupt ly the same itu-1
periinen' intj'iiry; Aijiiiii li ji m--l fur i :
time, an 1 asim ve-uuied .stiiijtvi. - N it j
ooniem wim hj s-i ni riiiiii.o. our re lmri'.a
hle) ques'.iiinrr .limiti.lc tiin.v 'W!.y
don'l preachers lo sunlt dun,-.' uovv-a-days?'
anl culling hi lipw with u Mi'-er ul
self eomplacentiy, drew l.imsilf up pomp
ously in his sent.
Our reverend Irifn'l. (who by the way
is a young man of ifreai muscular power,)
calmly leftthe desk, and walked deliber
ately to the piw where the intetrogater sat,
and listening one IihiiI firmly upon the col
lar of his cobI, i he oilier on the waistband
of his 'unmentionables,' lifted him square
oulof the seat, and bore him down the aisle,
to the err ranee. Pausing for a luomifiit
there, he turned liiseyes ujvxl the Hiidienci
an I in a i-lear full voice, s.tiil, ai ihcv
cut out a devil in (he form ot a tlijliiei-,'
and suiting the action to the word, on:
wont the knight of the rn ish-tub, a la leap
frog fashion, into the street.
The. good pastor quietly returned to Lis
dk. and completed his discourse. Af.er
closing the services, as he was p issing ou1
of the church, the mi: lmsi distiller, will,
an officer of the liw, escorted oir clerical
friuni. to the ol8, of a m tgistrate, to ans
wer for an nssauli upon tho person of sn'nl
distiller. Afier hearing I he easo.lhe mag
istrate dismissed ihe clergyman, and after
roundingly repremanding the complainant,
fined him for molesting the services of the
Since that day, we believo, h" has nev
er for a moment doubted the power of Me
thodist preachers to cast out devils, at least
whhin the limits of the Ohio Conference.
Binykamplon Standard.
Bkautiiitl Sentiment We invite the
attention of our readers to tho following
beautiful extract, from "The 01 1 II nse be
the River Side," containing audi rheerin ;
santiment and unfolding so bright a pic
tura of tho world to come, of our di pi alud
friends it may be said,
"Hop still lifts hor nullum Anger,
Pointing to their eternal hoiti,
Upu whose porUU vol Ihuy linger,
Looking back for of to come." .
"Go preach lo blocks and stones, ye
who believe that love is of clay I Go preach
to the dead, ye who deny the immortally
of the affections! Oo reason with trees, o
bills or images of wood, wiih your motion
less, icy souls ye who believe, because
there is no marrying yonder, there shall
not use the gentle words, "iny wile," we
may not clasp these sanctilied format in
our own arms! I toll yon, man, that im
mortality wouhl be a glorious cheat, it
with our clsy, died h!I our lirsi affections.
I (ell you ihaj, annihilation would be heav
en, if I believed that when tnv head at
longth rests on its oolliu pillow, and in y
lips sink to silence ami repose of death.
those loving eyes would never look into
mine againe, that pine -1 1 - j never be ii
round ray neck, that holy c.yos ii vei
bless me more."
KW Four lines more beainil'ul than these
are rarely wriitnn. Tho figure which ii
involves is exquisite:
A il -niu murmur in the soul ,
Tdls of the world lo be,
As travelers hear the billows roll
Before they reach thy sea."
Buffalo Express,
"Four worse lines than these are rarely
written. The figure which it involves is
A solemn murmur 'mongst the throng
Tells how impatiently
The boarders listen for the gong
To call thorn in to tea."
Zinesville Aurora.
"Four lines more truthful than these
rarely written. The figure which ii
involves is absolutely painful:
A solemn buzzing in your ear,
When you retire to bed,
Tells you that swilling higcr beer
Is dreadful for the benl."
Louisville Times.
The Largest Will in (he World.
The largest and most comprehensive
mill in the world is ihu IVilio, at Law
renoe, Massachusetts. Tim floor surface
of this immense structure is sixteen acres,
the largest mill in England is eleven and
a half acres. There are now in operation
43,000 cotton spindles and 10,000 worsted
spindles and those Are to be increased to
80,000 and 20,000 respeolivly. There
are 1200 looms in operation lo be increas
ed to 2.400. These, with 2,000 bands,
produce 300.000 pieces of cloth per an
num, one-half dehines. The weekly con
sumption of cotton is 20,000 lbs. say 1,
fiJO.OOOlbs. per annum, and 600.000 lbs.
wool. Once a month the two thousand
hands assemble at the cashier's office,
whore Mr. Clapp pays 850,000 to them
for wages, appropriating w each one the
exact amount she has earned.
Tho Taunton boy think heavpn beL'un,
A soon At bearrinj and ule-wiveit run!
Cjuga Chief.
An EnHliahman'i heaven would bo, in
A rosy check and a roast of bef.
Vox Populi.
Si.natorJohn B. Welter has taken up
hm residencn in 8acramento citr, nnd ho
f .nned a law pannarship with J. N. John
non, ot that platM.
Tis a curious f id as ever was kuown, ' "
in banian nature, both ofloli shown
Alike in cattle ami colts.-'..
Tit.il pt:-i , itc of a ccrtlin ijri.ed.
V.'ni u...ti:.j;c I., live and thrive on feed"
As poor tu paiijwr'i potl.tg I
Of all Hi J notable things on earth,
The queerest one Is pride of birth.
Among our "fierce Democracy;"
A. bridge across a hundred years.
Without a prop lo sate tt from iiht
Not even a eouple of rotten Peure .
A thing for laugliter, fluent, and Juera,
la Amerlcau aristocrei!
Dvpnnd upon It my inobUh friend.
Your family tbruad you cau'l usrentl
Without good reaon to npprtihcnd
You nviy SnJ it wjt.'d nt, lh f.irlher end.
By amne pleb'.'tan voculion!
Or, worsj th in th.it, your bKutid line
May end In a' loop ef itroiixc?! twinv
Thai pliguod o;uj worthy relation!
Becaiiss y in flourtih In worlilly alT.iirs, '
l)n'l b-t U.iiiu:lity aud pal on airi,
W t.i iu.vljnl pridi of sulion t
0:iH t)j prou.t, aud t iru up your nou
At p'.vrjr pjoplj ill pUiuir cl.aitet,
U .tl.i.irn forthd Kike of onr miiidit roposs,
T in; .V ; i;tY( A b ibll i t'l It c i nit aiel iro3!
And UG i: H. (u t, KI44I1, MtiSfltlftWit
Is a.bj :ct t., irr.iaio:..
I' o; ritj- divorce vase is no! yet dead.'
i .01 Huieti has sueceedeJ in opening
lii'ii. n:i:.ireil iiuaia-i l ories!, and (he
lire .1
ftl.l'V l
. n , i.ui i
luu - c ilniidio;, tor
i XjieCo'il i'l I he
I V.- is now
1L i I"IU of C'll'i-
111 I loll
lot ilia.
Happiness con-is in seeing somebody
more niisernhlc il an imrselvc If lhare
were only two people in Ihe woild, the
man who Ii veil on cold potatoes would con
sider hlirtselt an aristocrat, if he cuulil only
reverse matters an l go "potatoes and .alt,
like that other fellow.' Among the can
nibals he is considered a capitalist who can
raise a roast dog twice a yeur-
if V "Do you love me, Simof!?" l,D
lol'eyoii ask the sun if k loves the flow
ers a k a col l Ui.l n it sn I ives a w-iriu
brick. Love you .i.
IVV III'' "lll.lti o
shv.i l le m i , a n I t 1 1 i
ivo hi- hea I in wrii
i cisierii jinl.i. !'' Vm ,
p 1,1.:
'ni "Hi'
if- 11.
-i'' i;'
a four' ho.Miiii'' il i"iina.
A clergyman X.r. .ii
lady foi tighi-liiiMi v
miss., 'you WOUliI tin !
iy iihiii-iiiI
imiii-is : 'I'ii.,.
loose liatnls (o your
clergyman smiled.
Early marriages are 'apt to ehgen h-r
grey hairs, plenty of children,' round
shoulders, rheumatism and thin looking
wives. Young folks look out for ' these
and sundry other squalls.
A young thief, who was charged ' with
picking pockets demurred to the indict
ment, 'because ho had never picked pock
ets, but had always taken them just as they
An auctioneer exclaimed 'Why really,
ladies and gentlemen, Ism Diving these
thiiiifs away!' 'Are vou?' said an old ladv
present, 'well, I'll thank you for that silver
pitcher you have in your hand.'
During tho month of May, the Probate
Jiiil.ro of Hamilton count v crratited two
hundred and twenty-eight marriage licen
ses. Tho value of American cotton exported
in 1B54. amounted to 590,220; of
this !oi. 738, 391, worth was exported to
Great Brit tin with the exception of a small
quantity to Ireland.
Self conceit and ignorance are twin broth
ers; the empty head is usually the noisiest,
tor it depends on thai for in: king known us
At a recent meeting of the citizens of
Oswego. it was resolved "thai the Fourth
of July must go or. J .
When a man dies, people generally in
quire, what, property he has left .behind
him? The angels will ask what. iood
deeds he has sent before him?
A Paul Pry observed on the door of a
house the name of two physicians, and ie
marked (hat it put him in mind of a double
barreled gun: for if one missed, the other
was cure or kili.
A person who undertakes to raise him
self by scandi lmng others, might as well
sit down on a wheelbarrow, and try to
wheel himself.
A dob iting so-sint.y away down East is
di-cussin'jf the following question: 'If a
m m builds a corn crib, does thai give him
a riglr to ci ill cornY
An old bachelor, who edits a paper
somewhere in tbe wes'em eountiy, put
'Melancholy Accidents' as a head for mar
riages in his paper, v
A sloop lately sailed from Liverpool to
Australia wi h a cargo of two hundred and
sixty-three unmarried females .
jtrAsnhh) divine thus illustrated his
irg'ini' n :
Ur- drcn, on.- day ile ole woman's kitch
en ladle got lir.ik'-. an' I was setii into de
wood- to c'ti i ti '-e lo 111 ike a new leaf of it.
So I 'i'ok l" ex- .hi Id shoul ler, and 1
wan h i lii'o he ,h'i In of the i'mval.
All ii it in' wis as lir tu ii'u! as a lady go"
ing 'ii de wed .in s'. Uc leaves glistened
on (nu until" ire, iV" new (lun ter ilul-
lais in the nii-.Miiaty Imx. do suit shone
brilliant, an I u i'iiie loo!,ed gay as a lu-k
rabbi iii4pn .i'V gtrleu, an I de little
bell round du old slie p's neck tinkled
sofly in the ilis.an. e.
1 spied a tree siiii ihlc for tlie purpose,
and I raised de axe to cm into de trunk.
It was a beoutiful tree! De branches reach
to de four corners of 'ho earth, and raise
up high to the air above, Dat tree was
full of promise, my friends; jest liko a
great many of you.
Den I cut into de trunk, and make du
chips rly, like do mighty scales dropping
from Paul's eyes. Two, three cut I gave
the tree, and alas, it war holler at tho butt!
Dal tree was much like yon, mv friends
full of promise outside, but huilur in de
MAI.IflKANT Kl't l Al'll S-'miip y
a tiiilur hI,jhiI in a li.it. l in I,,
hfa rli'u.'ir)ur in tliL'tnoniinj;. Im
vit'H fine '
li:iun; im
lI'l ii well
of iviiicr
st u (Tod hed-huL' pinned lo it ii"c
1 . 1 . . .. 1 -
in 111s mceping Hpnrini.'iii, wiih tti.i tvlluw
ing morct'HU, to be digt-stvd hy tht j . ojile
of the house:
Oh! thou that troubles! my bed,
I now transfix thy guilty head,
For thou bant forfaited all right,
Ahl you silly little d I, '
You thought all night in blood to rovel,
To lacerate my side, and arm,
And yet yourself esoape from harm:
But the ghost of murdered sleep doth cry
For Yengeauca; therefore, you must dia.
, --CLOTIllNti t-.MltJfcU'M. - ' j
! Citiaens of lincssta 4 pcuocs from tio Country
j - (iWWJr: II .N'llTlf. j
1 NoliTH siuk ma:X si t:i:i:r. ;.anc.astei:,oiiio
' r Slir. utl'.Mtieii ol ii piii. waiiltuir ,loltii,iC
I. eoi lluln c ill. i l" l-f 'i"iii.'i' svirl-iK-i l "f
Men.,, ii in' i.'n.l I 'inldi'eil'a. lie iyiMK-tll mnlerMooil
Itlul arm nil ttze ure cumtuHtl li,--!!"
tuHisnmenl . Ulet tlcit ii" lHi liuil .riH,-lpi Inch
I govern iliem. Th,- clerk are instructed to rcprvs-'iil
truthfully ell articles wlt l,T liiein. and if. niter tao
turchitse. partiOHiire ul auliilie.l. llie rnriiint limy
e oxcUaiiff.,or tlie moiiey will be clieurfull) ruruiul
ed. a purtial list arrived:
frock mill Dress Coats,
aura, atea, aanus, ouvc. cum o mi-lbibp-v.
Kindle KrvuHted Utisinem fo.tta.
ocroasmat aeni:v. oxroao hutd, i lotii. rti,
r ahji, oaxa imikkis, liLva uhY. iMisi.aa au
MOTTLen. bi.i k, US' anil oY T alio. l ,
Ul.icli mid Uluo CI.TH .SHOUT SACS i tfHOCKS.
Overcoats - -UIii
ihii.I Bmarn n uin i i.ots rn- K liVK ItrOATSj
in irk. nine, lima n & lliv D-rnn-titie Ueoey il"; I
Blue, Blin k, dry. VI Witney mill Krnl, d"i
. . ' pilet f'liilli. smne Rlrn l.onr, d ;
niark. llliie mid lima 11 Clutii, Superinr, 'In:
Urub Eiubroidefud Cleili .stici and Walking COATS.
" :" Clouks. ,
Black anil Rlue CLOTH some Ex'ra Fine.
. . UK.VL L.NG1.1MI 1'Il.oT CLpTH; -'"
- . Vesting
Hl.iln Ulsck SATIX. Kirnr(l HII.K and SATIS;
j Sii.K; Kencv Sil.K and'SATIN;
Hl:u-k CI.OTII mid F.iiicv t'ASSI.MliKK;
'. WacW tmrf HnneyVKI.VEl';
Kancy Velvet and .Silk BALI, VESTS, ' "
, Pantaloons. - . '
liluck and Kancf Colored IJOl'ISKINt
. - c .aa4 Buvitakia do;
l 'v.iii ihice K.' and Oxford Mtfd lie;
lll.uk. tll ijiiinl fam-.v Coloro.l SATINKTl '
fitliNnil and A.MKIilOAN CTTONAUE.
' Kill ll!Htilll litMllts. -
SlIJv, MliftlSO, ALU WOOL, Bed. Cray unit Wlilt.'
!' I.A.I Mil,, and (MIT. r'LANNtil. f.iKH
SililiTS and Uit.WVKKS. AM. LINEN' ami COT
TON' SUITS. A. Ill xuuraiit'Md iu :ill iuaiaiieea.
IIM.V IIOSK Orkney anil sl jllalol Vt'uul. Merino.
Wliite and Cm? Liub' Waul, Engliali mid Oerniun,
('niton, Wliit.i and Colored.
CLOVE.. HI ickWtilte and rolorcd Kid Gloves
Til read lltk and Ni-niioiilan I'lin!! do:
" TnibBil.k GLOVliSnnd pA li N i l ETri. . '
CK A VAT'S Black Fancy Salin and Silk Cravatn.
STOCKS AN D I IES, of 'ull deacriiliolis iilipoaailile
-- toe ii nine rale.
Hov.' end Cliilileni's lotlihig.
Black and colored Clotb FriH-ks; . - ..
" " ' Raclts '
Ca4liner and Tweed Frnrli :tnd S'ackst
liljck niel Colored overcoat;
Mottled. Crav mid Krnivn Wintnv Overcoats;
rll i'li. (Hue a'inl U.-.)a.ii I lolli JackH.
VESTS llliick CloU. Ulac.k ..lot I'ai.ijMlk VcnUJ
Two 'il and Colored ( ;istiii.Tn do.
I'AN I'AI.'i INS black mid hu) Coloicd Cmaiinere
and U.,.:.,kint ...
S.il'iiu't. 'l'liH'il and f'nlll'ail ".
- t'lnl'trein Mlack mid Color (Toll! Snll: -
. - -.' liatiiway. il.'llitid.
,. I' i-.N ts(I, Mj (i ..')HS-- .'! 'rain Hurls, I'olUin mill
Cmvii. I-'! iiiivl I 'j-.. -v 'r.t
' '.! ie,.i t-. l.iti -ii It m.Cntljr-, AV H'riil!iand;
C.irl ei ii;'1 '.V"S H !l tl'n.", l aii'llllero Gloved; .
'iu el ? .. Il.n .r ...m - 'U. Tie and
SI I. H.I ' ' IT IN .i.id cVINlitiA.M CMBltELUAS.
- r. in i-t '. N vv.'iu!,..r Hi. 1S5I.
than pver hvforc OfJert'd
f.11 ii iisior. 4 v
J AS ! .1 lv iiiri'lia.ed from P. flojie Ills inlvret In
" B tlie Ilnr.iware hni.liie.i.. and In addition lo Ilia al
read) larire ftock, s now ilally receiving, dlroi l from
Hie .ilnnuftltfiirtrti and Importers, a llire pnrchai.6 of
new goo.U, wliicli will inak i- liU it ick of llurd ivare one
ofllie iimikI extensive to r. f.Mtt.,1 lu tlila market, lllj
fttcllilleiifor iun:liaiiig anil arrangement wiili iVnnu-
raciiirerA. tviiii u are eiiuti 10 any, win utit'.oiu nun ui
offer all dencrliitionir of Hiirdware. al lover prirrt tlian
a othtr etlitblinhinunt . The attention of Kvatrna
and Mki-iianici. i invit.d lo ihe extrnordiuar)' iudiico
inoiitMiow hold out to tli .'in in lite way of irr-'at bar
yiilnw-fnlly .ntl!.f)cd that if 111 cnu.uilt tlielrown in-
tereat inev win he certain to call aim examine nit nri-
uea before iilri'liii..:iir .'1.1 'wiiere. Hy clone attention
to liHinesn, and by con danllj ko'iliiffon hand a full
and eillldi'le inciortiiienlalitl Hie he.il froodit, tie liopei
to secure a le.i'fre inure ri me i:uriiiuiu Ol tlie rarmor
and MechatilcHiidhe county.
April nu. iral.
II 11 airy nnd rurrlncc linker
il.L llnd.nt tlie AVw Hitrilwttrn Store, oniinalt
tlie Tnllmalye tfoHAr. one of tilt lanrct and benl
selected stock of Trimmlni over opened in this mar
ket, t otiAiHtinirin part ot
lull t'iccuit L1111111I d Duck and i.iiiiviih.i, '
15 - " Fancy colored .In.
511 " ott Wool and 'iiiion Dninaeka
. 50 Hidea natiiit and linaiu'ld Leather.
BraM and Silver IMaled liiilid .. Top Prop,
Stiinni Joints, Lac'i, Sprlnir. A xeln. ete.
Lancaster. April ill, I.-.5I JOHN KFKlXGi:K.
iioi sR oi'iLDF.nn Dt'i'irr,
TOHN EFFINGER would lnvileth ntiontihn otUor
jie.aters and Haute Ituitilera tn Ills larro i,rn:k ol
lliinsa hiiildini; niuieriiil... They will llnd i nuiianll)
on hand, tin bBt Juniata Nails. Solkesnnd llr-'i.U;
The 1no.1t aiiproved lioor l-oeN and latches;
Window GI.11.S and Su.h of all sii.;
Ooiieklln and Wood's Pure White l,a,l and nil;
Door and llllnd II I. r-'lmp llliifs. liolls. ete.
Tlioiw about biilldlnir will Ir.'C'rtalu losave uionej
by axatnlnliiif iny pricos before pitrrliai,liiir ol.teivliei-e '
Aprll'iU. IH-,-1.
illecliiiiitciw Tool-,
SUITE!) to all tnidui. and nl'lhe uiosl upproveil ninlie
Bulchor'ft Oai-lHto 'l, Finner it r. rl Siu-itei'i. (iou'M.
ftpear and Jackson's fast mid Spring Staei .Saua,
B'ltilier's Dniibleiinil Mnirlu I'liuie Irons,
Ohio Tool t.'oniptiny Plane.,
Masons and Pla.t 'rsTrowls,
foopur's DraniiiE knives, elc. for "lo clieapln
April 211, 1P54. JUHNKFFINGfc.lt.'
I- lour, Kiii'iiii, t Hli,( ili, Tiv, 1 rila:c,
Th nil's. ;l;iss n if, Music A ' ood.
rn Witr.'K, 'l'ol)iii ('o, sunlit, I 1.
gursij iy Mufl, I'ruilN, o.
lioim ,Vt'M Ar.
NK door wed of Ee hauire Hank of Martin A- f"u.
.Main Htriicl Lull. li.l.T. (lllio. invites Hie alien.
tinn nfthe Hie ciliiteiis ol Fairtielil and adjoining eon li
lies, lo lim.Ui'inivi' stock un hand. He Is pr.iiared
lo sell froai tlie child's .'.'lit lo Hie trenlleinan's leu
Ihousal .1 dollars, mid l"l il lie iiiiduralood Ihathedou'i
let any liniis'i under snll him.
P. S, lli.vii.hr taken the shop aotith of Hie .Market
house, and slocked II a il!i every variety of Grocer!,' i,
Pri. visions Ac, ull ot e hich will Ile sold al the same
rii'us, as tliose at his Main slreel shop. Hu would
itny lo the Farmers Ihal in (lu season ha will he pre
pared lo supply them illi all kinds of lake tlsli.
Hrluu 011 your liaroii or money, nr nno years credit
to'llmse lltat wish to open mi nccouiil.
J.alK'ailer, March Si!, l".M--3mi'b.
WoHI.iakelhlsn.poiliinlty lo return their thanks
to llioir nuni.Toas I'rl.unls for the very liberal
patronage U Ti-loiore extenile.l lo them, and
assuru them Ihal no palua shall be siiared to
siislniu l Ii 0 llatteriii)! repulatlou already atlaiu
e.l. tllld III order to meet the rreallr Increiitcil
demand at ih-.re Ksiiitilidiiuei,! for Boon and Shoes,
they have in addition lnlhelroa n nianiinicfirli ir.jusl re
ceived from the Ka.,i a very larca and rashlonul'tesLH'k,
coiislslii.! In pari as follows:
Men's Fine Calf. Kip and rnaro Hoots,
' G"lits put. l ull liuilers and Tie),
" llusklu and Aronrrtes,
All klndsor badles und Mlsiet Boots. Shoes, Slippers
and Itnllers,
Also, an assortment of tin but quality of Children'!
fancy and plain .'ilioes, .
lu addition to the nboi e wo arc roiistantlvmaniifiie-
lurinir larn.'ly, for sale and also to order, nil kinds of
nooisau.i Mines, w hich we hat e no hesitancy Iniaxinit.
will roniire in price and ipiallly with any stuck IlltU;
VVtfslaru coiiulr). . m.iy 111, lflil
II K O II o 11
I' T O !V ,
fa Srr' .Vt Blvrk, crturrn Ihi Tallmmlge llouee
HBO T.r-, fmri,
n AS lust opened a largo nud hciiuilfiil assort
menl of ItKADY MA UK CLOTHING, to-
JLl '
gellier w ith as choice s.'lactloii of Cl -th: Canal
meretaad heating, Allofwhich has bsuu miIhi'1,
ed with great care and with special roforeiictt to lite
wants and lasts of tills community.
Ills long experience In this branch of Im, loess. Is a
sure gnranteo Ihul his slock eiubrac.es the jhulcesl ami
best variety, and his inin-hase has been ms..o upon such
terms that he can soli at Die LUWKST 1'0S1ULK i'ltl
The public are respectfully reiiiiested to call anil e
mino iiisiissoititieut.
He has 011 hand a
geuerut oa-.
sorliiiout of
Ali.1 Is at all times prnnared to aceouimodato 1.1s old
friends, either Willi an excellent article of Heady made
Clolhlng.orlo M ANH FACTF UK 1 1) OKHlilt, oat of
the nest material and bv inosl acoiuiilished workmen,
any stylo of garments, FOK Al KX AN IIIHIVS, In the
hst and most fashionable manner, ile iseonlldent, In
this respect. Hint hu can give general satisfaction.
His assort incut embriicus a general varlelyof f
Linen fouls, Vestlngs, Suspenders,
1'ii 's .1.. . - Fniitalniins, Hosiery.
""'i d.v Cruvuts, Underskirts,
1 arpet lnifs. ii'irelher with all other articles usually
s .pt in a (rciiili-nian's Fitrnlshlug Storo, and maiiufitc'
t..r ..I tn the nuv.t lashloiiiible slytea.
Il hits been purchdsed ofwell-eatablishod houses In
Ui., l-'iisieni rules, and will be warrant etl to be made of
g"".i loaieiial nud In a durable manner.
He respectfully Invites his old customers and others
lo cull nt his new establishment, w here ho will ut all
times he ready lo wait upon them Willi quod annns ar
tin iur itTii, 'latest his promises, he asks an
examluailan.iriiis stock In trade andtnc sMoand onaU
Hy oflUsTaaaiifartiiris. T. ToNfi.
ljrie&rva,ay ,iw.
thft folio wlntrt
BwMt't Trutrei, price t3; Kwun'n Hanuol. $1,53.
; . ie, "tlaviai Mrei'lt - . - .'
j ' V HITK fctTTt
Nc.,lliuiftleatlJiilii,Afllie il'lU'to llieir n ad-
rtttiuei.l. unuld rtiii--: lite ujMru-uu) f rv-
I .t f 1. 1 1 l l.i i : I . ! R i l. j I 1 ! r i 1 . I T ' 0 ' '" I'lMUM
Ci'in'rult lor lnvir vcrj hu.-rhl ui uhHKw in Unit puM,
itiul ttulJ tuoii reti i (lull; a.-atiie i-oniinuiinff !
Ihf snme. iMiiit) ure ddTtnui t spara no ollort to
ulnWr H 1mIi fU'.T-tuntmifl prnrtt. .- t idily ntiti all jer
tn. w i-liihjr W iurviuua liHDiHarv !" any tU'MTiiitinu
of them. 'ceU;.iUiK'i will. UioireKjrHtif in (lie
hniTtWnU uienn f k.'tpinr np l.irrf t'k, iltitt
tht'V own irr irri'Mtur .iuluc 'iti"iiii lo iti pul-lif iliuu
iiijtktrp up in bltuvtnjf uud pitt'i r t lint ilu-x Im k in iua
n fthor partU-uJars iloy wii-i, irwrit'orv s RToitl any
thtnfftt'ltMUkiM.4fMlrnwiliitMlnrtr rorclviMf Ihrir
v- til ire now stuck . wli it'll. 14 unw n'ri inif i;iil ,i(ihI a Imik
Uirotirrh llioir ejjnir tkijkmrt ill ;ttwt'v nnr
what flity wuni Hftfl n iw rico. 1 uuir yuuM wlii.lon
Slt In part os filton-s: . y
IiffKbnrjr.liiV3lalu nil-SpHir A- ltr1
ClARrF.TrWr?un'T Bii!M Ttwill u!en l:;k notii -ylliattlMf
nn Arm ff WH1TK A- 1.TTA will v-v
liotu lft lite lo-4 Jtititnl:t AH iV'tili ol4 bj 11
nill 'k w:trrt1,t-'l. A 0 btvo unvfr on haiul,
Nails, Spii$siiitcl HnnU.
2.it HoxeiMUU, llKIVaiiiMOtM C'itT OI:iW - '
tm K'ifM"m. "Voo.1 A- f.'i Pine "VVt ito auk .
10 H.trrvl l,hiMi Ji, -. - ' i - '
3 ll.trrel iof F'iitty.
In niltliiinti Ut ilift Im)V0 w$ lnvt n rrn- Inrffo fork
Uuitdintf I?arltear of tf rv 4l4t'Httiinv whlfh will
sol.lHi.tpcrtliapAvt.r.' ' W IIITE A (,ATTA . "
I.:iiH'itl.T. April lr-54. t -:
OAA AHA MnunU.lKOl.l.KU 1 K US, T
Jf '.UflUWNfi H.inuiifr.'d Iron,,. .
J.'W'IMtiiDditmttrt. t tottinhniip(r ';
30 do , tfmrtt-li lllUir.StJMiL . , .
. " 4 - ft.vtlil Shear " Ia
iMO'. ilr Ciwrmmi ; rtt'i- ' . v
I.V'O to ' Ppritiir rlo
11M1Q A nmrloflrt Blister tin - '
t In Htiiro1 iiinl fursak" allow irl 0, bv , ;
.Aprll2t).1,.M. " WIUTfi I.ATTA
rtm c nvrvixr.riHf '
PT.M. lon.rh-i'.K nw 'G p m'h h P).u
MosjMinipoiitl Kiitil. Mulch amlT.iMM. H iI. Iitu;
M.-ttiil Axe. Uio;nl &r Chopping Avcs. Druwlitff Kitti
of all kiml, M.itl ntnl Iron Siiinirc4), G-ihir :uul Tt
Siiitartsnll Improved RoMrnr Alm-Uiii; Jf;tt.'
I'uiuil. Tonuiil Itippin, "Vcl nnl C'itipjs S:t
Croi Cut iiihI Mill Saws, for - v " "
. Aprili.0.1W. .: WIIirKALVITA
4 Oor. Froiu'li U iUow VVytiHj,
-JU flo f'nmnioii" do " Iilo.
tf d Gitr'lopt'.i'J' ' i ' - ' ' ' a
rl do Pqunrn :ind Komi'i flottn- HihIjcU,-
' lit do Murk'-! Ilasift'tt. 0:1011 ainl cVd
Willow f'rHdlnn. &c. " "
lloi kiiiir Hi-5HTjl Wlu'l Harrows,
' - Pill riolho PlimjiUtl Oritt M:it liy
4 pril 2fl. IKH -V H I TK & I-ATT A.
J rk AnvU. w iiltinc frwiq Hl tu ..'." i-iMiiiUi ouch
U 5Solid liox.l Vh-OH.
Pl-iilpt'i. llaintnora, Horax,($:f. for -nl lv
ApriWtt, 1h;,; WlHTb. I.ATTA. "
l u rill i 11 i( impleiiiruts. ...
Oft I'ni. Tint St"cl Pol'il Hoes,
rf 211 do 'J. 3 and 4 Tine Steel Forks
50 do firassand t, ratn m' tbes,
tlilo Wot inl'sGruili Cradles,
30 do Srytlie Fnutlles. : -
Ot) do Hay and Grain Hakes.
4 do liriimWeScvtlios.e..cli:i!ilie
AirUS!),Wj4. - :, WIUTK & LATTA.
ii:i,i.ni:s,si'(Kf:s AMitii Rs.
"U'ST'E have now on luitirl, and which by our arratifr
1 1 nieiil.i witli Hi.1 iiiiLiiufactururs, wo can ullef
their bill of prices w ith frieclil added.
1511 Sets Benl Fellowa,- . . .
1(1(1 " Snokea. , , .
1?. " ' llubs, '".'- .
'.5 "... Item hoatlSliaru' ' ''.i '
too " liugn Boms. -April
29,154. 1 WHITK it I.ATT.I
Tiii-l'lalPs oprr. Wire, c.
Ci lloxCs 1C ami IV Tin Plate. '
O" " i-'iuareniid lbU I'lale do ;
I in'.l ('..pp t . . -
Mieet anil Har Zine, .'
hiiccl Iron ai.il Wire, - -
CiMin'r.iiMl lion liivit-i.li)''
April J!) I til. WHITK ft I.ATTA.
, Tu ( ai riii'ii: iintl lliiiiy IiiKxra.
tfJI'ltlNi.;' '"'! A.v.'l.. I!i-a...saiid Silver Hands, Stun:
.TJoiM., 1. 1 1 lop l'r.i.s,Kntni'il Krill.s.Uuck i.uil ( .
rnss. Kiiniiit'il and Pat -nt i.eatlior.all desrri.tloi.s II, -a
l.inilis, Alo.a and .Mnlenlilo Iron, elc. A ureal vurii-l
i,f oilier coo.U iu I luil line, to be ioi.l cheap at. t!. iVi't..
Ilarilmnr, Utarenf W II I I K il l.A'f T. .
Lancasler, April '.Ml, IHM. ,. . .
... .
ronx .tvoiJM,
C'OPPKlt, TIN Ai Slli:iT-I(i X WAIU
. Alain trert,itrtrrtt oppnsife tte. Tnfhitt Jpr floit.ie. '
4 GAIN t.iUcwiiiliMimiro In ojiICul I1i iittutinn c.flit
V i-'imttimurs iiml cintnti) ni 'it Uuul y.-ti'Tiiilj . r
Min.'ti'C'Ml ,i.xk of 'i''' t, Tin nn. .-'h'ft Iron ui.nn.
riiflur - :vtiihru'rlit u, lhi market. Ilo yn-f
(lull:-!- ki-'h c-oiiianily on It nil u livr;" . vail lj o
ivcr thinir ih;it run m111t l w-jntil in his lin.'iii.
t. all r- r hiinull UtiU from liij biff jxj c ii or. itr in lliy
Tin mil Sho il-lnm It isiiir-t
liowiUIL';iM'.'tL'iv.' full itiAr;utl.iu tt. nil w hu il; t
fitvr him with th-lr vi-, Ihvlii ;i ttr.u-iif.il ku I
utyiMil' lliu h.Miiivi, lii a n-1 Jt-tiiujt ura mud) . n ith r
viu.v l tlnrnLdlily, .il,. Iy und t Uviiiiii.-.-ii.
Wil tii(t,i l-ir- (I to Or.lrr
H' :tn )t-r,t'i In hU cin;t1uy .tin fif ih l" t wirl
iiitMi I'mt fun ln s?iMirtul, und iilna.Vj it.iv itii; oit luii,
tin very h Mt mut Tin), ) ..I .. Miiiii ,)'.,. i iv.t I
.tnl'T iinyihint? .uid v fi-y tiling d --tin-l-K. jr, tm-ina.-(-"ld
t; lo pwi UU iia f4ir t :; iai uiian miuli-i
!e had.
All k;mU ofMtDvcs Ar.
.Niivur lit Ih" hi -lory of l.inc.nir wjh t!i .rv .iti c t
Uihtiu'ist thrit k'.it ii-..h:tnd ;i hiri r mwc fctupl M
iiM'it-tmrttrt uf tive., ttf nil ktr il tnnl vnri Mi.. Il
alio pri'piriut will) ii Urjru uit:it'tr ul h't c tt nit e.i , ui.i
for iIh lu't'oiinnitiliilicii of hi. rii.utiii.tr. k ffr on Inn.
aliirirti qmintltv of Fire WWc-V, in mi'f.i. Ui.i--d pxiu-,-'
ly with a view tt). puttir. (ir; ! -,, ,v.
In II n;. uny ttnd (ror xif n-fil-'. In hi lin. c:in h
44curod by wlvirnr liini n cull, and ttt pi id-ii nt re :i inn
iihK' im t'iin 1 ' obtiiinod in niiy ottn.-r tl i-idishtiK'nl 1i
thi Slain. Imitnnth us hM j.rt'vut tick U jrri-rtl
tHioi'iaftnhilonnur in niintii, qunlity. vnrttd:'
eh o;i in t"-. v fmdt con lid hi it I lint ihtmhiih irivinir hi r
i null will r.i uwnj highly dcll:rlii.-d ;nid mnly mti-Hfd,
.ji ai. 10 k..tijs foiiiiunlli mi hunt -
StO of i 'liiclNi.nIliiiul Cirt'lflviUctmiii
T.ntiintra March P, At
AT I il K .
11 k.ms x" Am .i:Kri,r,i:vV
Out Dooi1 Ka-tf of thr ilarlihf f'nlrif flanks' Seat k if
J In tut Strct Luitc-iMiir, Ohio
RLriX'na'M.Ys'dlcil.-thcnttcntltiaofhi frh-ml
. and pivtiniu'r, nnd nil lh:tt mny uanf (froi'iTi.--.
ind w hit viil be !n ktod us toh.t hi in ii'-uli, MU Iron
l lif cil 11 1 id count r , t my !..in'i jur ,in iout.'lul siovk
of liriH-irit(, jiift received, etnhr.trir.ff in l:ipr tho Til
lowing urtu'loi! . ,,
.l.W.V.nnd iUO C.Oh'VV.V.; Voniv, Uu
3i Hl;n koud linpe-iul Ti:.S; Sew Orlcaitsnirnr
f 1 l.o;d'. CriHt'cd mnl J'ul vcrl.od; Kii-i t')ldni
' S nit, h. M. Syrup. S. II. Iol:isjti. -N. Orlo..n
do., Oi-iinm1 , l.tmons. Hni.-i.jHi'.. rl-. Hruin. Almm.;l
IVciMts, I ill. TtC-H'd nt'iiid Hr.ud Nut.Uri"l Utul.
DHfd Tr.iriit9 tuitt' rtitrlnt.nti Cured limn-', Kie.'li d
luii t'lu'.tse iiiwl VV. It. Cream (It).,; ,Sn i,l-innii uumh
'lr.si, Nulnu'ifj, liicot AI-iice. IV-piH-r nud Uiitjrr,
Sal Sodn Cr. Twrlnr. HMluTiit - ft. Slnrrh, KntpPtir, E.
l.t'jtwtnid, Imlio, Mnd'lflr, Alinu, (te.ttitc.
.ip, tuixl Ich, 'I'liba, I.Htkelj., (':., ;iiw. Wii.h 'Uurds.
HjntkeiH. yti., rttf, . .
A line hi of Chewing Tithiu'cn, h!m Sinokin do. atu
Clfriirs; Wine". niid-Wnlknr's Htirlon l'nlt Ale, a pen"!
nl itttu-ii ot .N'otiouM, Tojb, and ? real mrniv otlnn- urilclptj
. Ma , , 11. A.VfcBliLKUN.,-
it i:tiovai
IK. O. i:. DAVIS,' 1
HAS reninvud Ins riMliltMicn nul otllee lu iv hr'u k
bullthnp I'irtnrlv ocvnpid by John MnllMiiith,
Kaq. , Mouth Hid.) of MhIu bUoet, a l.ors wosf iH, l)r.
Krelder'a itisideuco. Octtdn'r 10. 11 S3
. - KI3.11 o' A I4 . .
nu. n. JAY.MlT),, '
HAS removed hisotlice nnd residency to tlie lotne
formerly ncenpied by Mr.MmH, n few doors fcw-t
ol tho Knlo Hrlutinix OMico.wliero Im wkll bo found IH
all tl mo- iiuleH.aitliiont on profession 11 1 Uuiiiii-i.
ImnoiiHtor. upril f,', i.Vj5 GiuSl)
.; V. M -"VV.';.V''
jr:,isv v citi'iitric, . s'
sVfl - S VIMi ri'iupi'V.l tlinlr rllnru 3 il.iars
V ' 51 W.'siuniii. ll...kii.)r Vnll.-y llauk,
sWy4aa li.-ri- lli.'.t an. now r.-c..lvin tliuir
Siirinjr Sirt.-.u .ir Hoola A Shorn,
wills. I. vi.inixt liBi'xc.illmllti iri.-i", l.cnul) ofslykMiiiil
w.irkiiianslil. Woiin- ulsu iiiuiiiiriuljurlueli.iiitsiiiiil
MliiM.aJ.ior.li.roii th shorlrsl nMlt-o. litve us a call
anil .ill will satlsly yinirsulvi'S Hint our aaluainaii. ilr.
I'rni.k, who lins sil,'..i-i nnr stuck Knst with ureal'
car... will iflvc unUoul.ic.1 efftltlitvlloii t l.a.llcs nml
Ucnlli'iii.'ii l ill fav.ir liim with a call.
Litnrastor, nprll SO, 1 ,' Jo
riiMcsi puMi'sit pumpsihT
Oil. UOC'KF.V, uncraii ex.rince of fmrtor-n
. years In Un. manufacture of Pumps, ami a tho
riii;l iuvostlK'ttlon liilo Umlr durability, fouls conll
.lout bo can nuw rucouiinuiul his . - . .
. Nuinrior I'mtcy Wood Tump. - . J
asbclnirsuriiassoii liy nono mantifactitroil in tlila ro.
irlou of country, flavins; boon tliormiirly tcsic.l hy
the ol.lflslcilli.'iis in this ami a.ljuiiiliitt coiinilna.tlit.y
linvo been iiiianlinously iriiiiiiiic.).t superior all
ottiera-aii.l fur aarnassii.ir tlin I'haln Pumt. tn rinn.-
billty. 1 will promptly attend to all orders given rcr
bully or a.'til by mall. Persona desiring an exrctlont
and durable Pump will please call, .as I feels confi
dent that t can rendor cutlro satisfaction. Nouo are
getinlae except thoso manufactured Irf the under
slirnesl, as he IsthasolApronletor. . ' '
UtUupolU. May 11, m-flnC1 P. 0. HOCKlty. .
' . . -IT .
nr ' ... - .
" DIt.'j0nS DULL. ,
" so'riiTiiiNo
Till moat powerful King on th of the glot oo"
rvitrtis aoprema Id tha American tlepublic. Tua powae
at tlia srowiwil beads ot Nuropaauik into iusiguloeaiu
wliea couipared ta that of our American King.
sSuiopeaa Kiuf aaipley tbe pnwerTastad in Ibera to
Inernuw the ricbea of tiia rich and lordly, and ta rwluc
to gnatwr niuerv aud denradntion tha aoor and dt-pen
dent. Oar Amaricaa Klug H-oes forth with aqual willing.
ocss to tit lordly mansion aud humble cabin, raady alika u
to aduiiiibiter raiisf aud ta olfer health and bappplnraa
to tbe lofty and ujwly, Um ru-u aua tu poor.
b the Tkctu VToiniia or Tut World, and the greataal
biaasiug art; oOerad so aittictad bumaiilly; ut the suffering
millions, tu lluctar can sny, relief i al your command.
You tare only to ore this tnaajica! remedy."- AU thoaa
who Itlll suiter, aud will not accept sua proffered bairn,
daeerve not the pity of tbair families. . .
l'har wnnderftli madieiaa, during tbe brief period sine
Ita uiirt'iiuctioa, lias carried bappiuess to tin bsarta of
thousands, and made life a charm to many who ueretofora
regarded it only as a painful aud mltarabla aaisieuca. .
To tbe wiuds with ail Uubnents, Kmbrocutiotia, Pain
Killers, aud fain Extractors, and let mlllionl of glad
tongues proclaim the merits of tlie great ' American
King of Pain," a preptratiou com posed solely of vegela
blea and roots, predated by America' own rich and
hAiinleous soil. f '- -
iVewouhl ask the I.ite, who are always competent ,
judges 01 wuai is auu wuai la not srsiusuw laiui.y aieui-
elite, to do u.s a special favor by giving the Kiug of I'aia
m, single trial, and If satisfactory, eurt their Inllewnce
la Its bebaif, rucoianieod it, aiaiak wall aud oftea of it,
and see that it Is used by tneir amietsu neigtioors. ine
lilies are alwayaciiaritable, and when they Induce tbair
eullering fricmls to use tbia raally valuable medicine,
they will be doing an act of buuevolsnce that tuey caa
well be proud of. This is a powerful and truly magical
remedy fur all external diseases, sores, swellings, burns,
&e., aud for many iuuirnal atttictiors, it is a certaia cure,
yet it is perfectly harmless, and incapable of producing
the least Injurious eftVcu la the most delicate case or
tbe weakest constitution. -
It is entirely useless to follow the old aud worn-out
eystaul of publishing to the pubiie thousands of certifl.
cuies of uoiiders purftirmed by this medicine. It eoata
but twenty -Ave ceuts to try It ; and Dr. Hull stakes his
welt-earusd reputation oo the liiug of Pain dolug all and
more than he claims for lb.
We would aik. have vou the llheumatism or Gout:
these are not pl.'aanfc companions, and we know that
ym would like to drive tueui away aa soou as possible,
then use
Would you be cured almost Immediately, ef Bowel
CompUlilt, lsentery, Huuimcr Complaint, Cholera Uor- -bus,
t:ratup Celic, Uead Ache, Tooth, or any other ache
or p.dii, the remedy U simple aud the cure certain.
Would you hare your Sores, Bwelltuga, Cuts, Burns,
ftcalds, Uruiser oi any othes wuuuda kaaied, we repeat
it, use the
Would you lie cored of Scald Head, Stilf Joints, Sore '
Throat, Neuralgia, bore llreasr, Lumbago, Tetter or lling '
Wirui, Salt Kliuuiil, liiles of Poisonous iuseols, Oliapped
Hands, and all ottiur ttorcs, cither dry or running, wo
juy ag.,iu aud ag:iiu, voua utuaux is l)r, John liuU'a
Would you he cured of King's Mvll. Cancsr, Tumora,
Kruptlnits, or any disease of the Skin caused by Impure
biood. then use ir. John Hull's Barsapariila internally,
and the King of Paiu externally, nothing can be more .
certain than a speedy and effectual cure.
Thti mndirlne, when used accorJlng to dlrecUons, will
ears, without fail ;
' PerofuU,
or Klug's KtII,
Cnr?r, Erupiioni
of tha Skin, Kryip;aji,
Tumors, Chrouio Sora Kyett,
RlnKwnrm or Totters, Scald Henri,
-r RhHUUiHtiitm, Ph1ii8 In th nonnn or "
.lolntii. Olil 3orrs and Uleern, SwHHnjf of -the
O lands Syphilis, DyfliisM, Salt Hhmim,
DlAefiwa of the KidnovH. I)ifuiuet,ariaingfrniii the
une of Mercury, losof Appetite, Pain In the8ileaod
Wiouldern, Oi-nenxl Debility, Lumbago, CoufHii, CohU, .
Drojwy, .lMiiidUe,(!ostlTeiieHS, llronclntii,Weakii0).iiof thf -OliPHt,
Sore Throul, rulmeuary AlTeotlonti. and all other
liKcnfuH toudiiifi tu produce Consumption, Mrer Com,
plaint it. Feinidu Irregnlarltleaiind (oninlaintji.lxtw
t(rirlt!", Sick mud Nervous Headache, Nlht
bwniits, Kjipotturtfl, or Iinprudtmcu In Life,
' Chronic lAtnntltutionftl Diynstw. and as a ' '
prtuK,uil SunitntT Driuk.and OeDeral
I'liiiw lor tho System, and a gentle
w and n'piumui puritatlro, it la
bupsrior to Ulue l.ictl
and rongrow Water,
.. 1 BaUi. or HetdlUi
Tt I" n n-mr.ik;il.e f.ft, that among the Iinndredti of
cniiiMmt phvah'iuiw who baro examined the mdpe by
widt h liuliH furs.iparilhi U pruimrid, uot one Inu oon-dt'inm-d
it, but ull iipprorud if. and commend It In tho
liitf,ie;it teruti. Jlitny phyiirians xpres tlicuisetrea
Itnuily In tho belief (hat it Ii decidedly the bent prupii
ration of S-irwipurilla that h;ia o?ur been placed btifuro tho
public. Alihuuh'b. there are inuny phyidcUnfl wtio f.-m" a
reluctance to bar in 3 thtir names appended to the reunm.
jiiuudaiKia of any p:irtittul;ir rom.nly, notwithRtiuidlnn
they 111:1 y approvo of it in the highest degree, there ara
otliera who fiankly ylehl thvlr nni-port lu fa?or of a
rituivdy wliii h tliey know l c;ip.thle of doing to n.uoU
Rood In un HtuletudconinmoWy. Ahuii evidence, rend tho
loilotvtiiK from old and refutable phvaiulaim. of hlgti
lanJiua lu the community iu whiuh they Ure:
O" Testimony like the fi'llmving renders suporfliious
all couimriits on the ettlcacy of Hull's .-irsaparilla. Kmiu
Ilr. I.. I' Vandell, I'mfessor of tJltainlstry In tlie Iiuisvilla
M.'dical Colli-cc : I liare looked over tho list of ingredients
coutpi.siug.lchu llilirsCouiHmud l'jxlr.tctof hursaparilla,
and have no limitation In suyiug Hi.it they form a sate
compound, ami one that promises well in rli renin diseases,
to nlik'li it is ai'pli.'al.le. L. I', VAMjDI.I,, M u.
IxiuidVille, Jime (1, 188. -
What lir. I'ylea, phyaician by appoliilmcnl to the Lou
IsvMie Marine lliupual, ai.ya of hull's Hi.rsiipurllla :
- . i ' - LoonviLU, March 20, 1848.
I haveexaiiiiucd the prem-i Ipuon fur lliu preianitj.,u of ,
'John Hull's manrtiparllia, nml 1 believo the cumliliiatiou lo
be an excellent cue, and Well caloilialed to produce an
alterative ittiprus.sln on the .vstem. 1 have iled it botli
In ptibilo and private pracili-e, aud Uiiulc it the best
eiticlu vt earsupimila now iu use.
M. PYI.IS.-), I V.,
Hc.Uent Physician Louisville Uariue lluspital
Dettcr Tcillmony Ihaii uns erer OITercd lu furor of
. ftuy Mcdltlue. .
Rev. E. W. Sfbou, Ui v. . Stevenson. .
. I.outsviLta, lay 20th, 1810.
We have used John null's Sursnpnrllla, and have kuown
It to be used, wiih entire satisfaction ; and wu ht.ve no
hesitaiiou ill ataling our leiiet, that it la a sate aud.
valuable medical compound, aud ciilettlatcd to produce
much good and relieve muuli KiiiTerinir ; and tlieietore
would cheerfully aud luiat eauiustly recoiainend It to the
alilicted. - K. W. KHI10N,
(Signed) K, 81iiVlt.SuN.
' We earnestly Invite aH persons woo are aufferlns with
any of " tl.s Ills that Hash le heir to," to call un Dr. Jobu
Hull's accent, and net a copy of hull's Family Jotirual
naATlsi and f.a tlie sake of humanity, we hope that a
single individual wUl uot be fouud uua illlu;; to 1 Ve Hull's
Ksrsaparilla a TaiAU after readititt, and recollecting, at the
same time, that it is iuiposciible lor the Doctor tn publish
the tenth part of the nuiilltm .il'certilicatesof astouudiug
cures peloi-mcd by liis barsaparllia. . The ailiutin. of
leMimotiy voluntarily siiuwei-ed ou Dr. Hull's Sursapaitlla.
from well known and dlstitiiiinhud itniivldtiats, both in
puhlio aud private lltu, baa bceu ierfvctly overwheuntug.
ir Da. John uui.i. s ri,noi.i onice, west si riuu
eet, ttis. dear beiow Main, UiUtsriLut, lir.
. .', ' , . .
liHiu'itstcr, July -jo, lrC,4.
V..T...C. .I'.uA.N .V CO,
li. L. KLUCViM ot CO.
nl !: T 1 1 1 t :' A 1 f a K I f:T V sto il ii
fgllll- l.-rslsnol respectfully advertises Hie pnh-1
g. lictlial ho liu on hand foysaie, otvrduaoiiulilu leipis
,,n ,1.-0. .1 ....,( (rin assoi'imi-ni 01
I'V. aln.Mtl .Veil Selected Medicine-, "
Coinprl Inir even rr,; and eaemiral, (lorlve.t from the
yeactablc.Mivei til and Animal htinuiloitis. nml ust.d lit
'Jltoittthir. Utrmrnjiatliie, KrJeelic and Jlntonie practice.
. i. .,ss.M,.niMii eiiioracesuri nyjitnatotat,Ke4tuoid,
J)lealio(ir and .Igneous .'.rlriicts, .S c. -r. ,
tils-st nek lU'Miirjricnl I nstrti munis Is of the bcstiiualily.
- A K11I1 Sii.elt of I'linilly (Jrotf 1 let-,
I'rench and Ainericnn Perfumery In irront vnrlelv.
Hnniiia.tit.l ciiuiiitou ii c-i.ra. Chewlnir anil Snioklnx
lol-aeco; besl .piallty nf Wines, llrni.iTl.'s. e., native
ntnl iiiipori.'d.lor iiie.llclual use; strong Cider Vineunr,
t inilow (lliissanil (ilass Wine, lojccllier Willi till Hie
popular patent lueillclnes, nml an endless verlelv of
adih and rnih holh oriiniu.iHliil ami useful.
I'liysleiiins prcs. rlpiloiisiiil up with irreatqaro by a
competent and cxpcrieiicesl dispenser.
Oct. "(1, Xa. 1IK1, .Vaia Street, l.anraattr.
" V . V vi .
HAS Just received and la now opening a general
assi.rlinentof l,t UUOTIS ol overv vurlolv
usually found In Hry Goods trade.consisling In part o'f
Ciilicos. I'rinti. I.awna. (iiiik'hitniw,
Browiiand nieaclieil Muslins: .1. 0 A lOnnnrKhoetings
Hluck nnd Paitcy Dress Silks: Delauos; liarajrea;
Alpaccas. plniii and iliriireil:
l.lneiii.n.1 Sillt Han.lkerclilufsanrt Ornratst . ;
Bi.iiiietsan.l llounei lill.l.otr, clothe, mid Caslmerus;
bullnelaand Putnnols; Cheeks, 'HcklnKs, nnd
Meo's Summer Wnre of all kinds),' -'
tope liter wllb a vnrlelT of other (food! for Ladles nnd
i Gentlemen. All or which have beeu purchased at
I very low prices. will he aold equally low for CASH
I HI" Nloro will ho found twodoora West of tho Falr
I Jeld County Savin" Institute and optioslttt Shtetrer'a
Iloiel.Lnntaslor, ()hlo. Afar 4, IMS -S .
. (succussoas to).
Fti&WAttBl.NU.b Ct)MMUM0. JlLliCH AM S,
axil Main ' "
t Tiia
New M'nr. house, Jnnrtion of Rail Itttad
and Hocking Vnlley Cannl.
"TTK are i.renared lo handle Goods of all deacrtp
V tioua t.l the low.fl. iiosaible rates ami. villi Hie i
uiuiusi iiespalcli.(.ort o,.j core , Jeffrie, h aatia; -
Ca., .iir, Mi4 All Gooils conaigiteil lo " r
shall receive prompt iillenliou , ot it' for trunsliiliuielit
will he forwr.rded the (iiicke'st and. by the elieapest
posaibla mode. Uy strict' ait'intioit to hutiiietea we
nope to receivo ami merit the pntromurc of ih , public
Finnrnsi look tolouVi ri k r.x.
1 U iinli il iinuu I'.mUty, 50,i),'ll) busli. 't)trj,
; ' so.ntm ; " H'li.'itt,
Far tesfel see rill pat tke ki tr saartrrf' prici 1 east.'
W T A V1NG .latablislied ourselves In the prortiu-a bu
I I siuess. Farnieracau al all tunes, sell ua all kinds
.11 ur.nu lortiie emit ut murker prices. Another ole
'ject, wa am. w ei jjh your ai tiro loud alone si ruaifrht and
tinluad with half the lime of any other Whnrciifiusciu
Idiucastitr. As oar plan tsentiretv new. to nil we in-vit.'liti-
-sliir itiin. JliFFKIKrt, WOOD Sc CQ.
Laucuster, I'Vrbruarj ifS, It-JJ-Tia
' ' . WK AKi4,ALSO' AGEKTS FOB TUF. .. .
Peacuck's ,lmj)icv d Slcrt Plow,
4 Vara:ttf!U lu tl resin ct equal mid in
I " s m Sti'tcrinr t any other now in use. t
j 'jlHtPfiw lory hue been in npenttion iluriiis. the fuel
L 33 years, but for the last few years their utleiiT
1 'lion-hiis boon given fnrticilurly to tho Improvement
(....f lliu Kkiel ilold-liourd Fluw. Any amount nfided
nl, Diplomas Ac, can be shown, but we rely uiore ou
tiior-report of-farmer, from different pa'rts oflhe
. country, whereiliey have .been in A'oiuputiliun with
other iopular l'liuvs, than we do on their bcingjuUg-
e.i oy aitrntor even 11 snui trial at a fair.
A larire assortment ot'the, ditfereut sizeaconstunllv
on liali.l, which can be seen ill our warehouse nr. bv en
lUr. utn.ir B 10k smre 45 Main at., VVbito'a Block.
Every Flow sold by ua is warranted.
I'ob.SS, 1B3J. JKKI'KIUR, WOOD & ro'.,
M $IIUP at 1(11 HV VAItK-HOO.Tt
, Jamci Mci'Iaiimiij' ..'. ,
RAVING csttiblisht-d hlins.lf in Iho inaniifncttirliir
of '1 IN, COHl'KH anil l-iHIiKT-lKON WMXK in
Otc.sy'j Suililhiffone llitor !'..( a las Jlotlina yallty
uitni;. is pre inrcr. lo Inritisli lite p"nplo or tliU county
wllli every tliliijr llutumy be itceil-d In hl linn, lie
keeps on limi.l every variety nf I'DdlilNfi niM HEAT-
i.l. iMUViS for WIHIO aiul (;)Ai..uuaieliiiglii part
.,i tut. i,i. ,u Air iiiriu, , esiorn vtaoi.n.
Triumph. IStick, l-rosidcnts aud Hreforence for Wood
inil'Hlmk llliiiiioinl lor r .:.!. Also 1'lnimha, riuuirli
- snares. Mipir ivclnvs c. Hollow-ware. All ofiiiuaiHive
' urtirk-s will he sold as low aa cllli ho bunirltt ulsuwhcrc.
Ho iiititcs cltiiciis tienorully to rtill niul iivmiiitui his
stuck. .. JAMKR McMAIVA.Mv.
N. B. TTo'ise'SpontlnccV' jobhliia-diHie ujioii short uo-
lir... . .it c.ppisr. urass, rewteraiiu Iron taken Hi ox
i'Iihuic fur auy nf the. iibovo urticlo. . . J jdc.
l.tuifiisur, may 1, IP54 .
I Til VtUMlTV FA.TlILVriir.fri7jinJs.
SSSL'KD inidcr'Hio seitl. sniit'lion anil authority of
. Il.n llnivLraill rKUl.'..' U k II 1 11 TV K inn P,.t.iil,.r
KuoM lede. 1'harler Ml by Ihi Slate of Pcnnayl vama,
s.prn ir.i;t, wnii a capital ol 51(111,01111 iiiitiniy lor Hie
ptirpos.'.)! ilrrestliii; ,1110 evil ol.- rr l' l. llf u w iHtih.
Tlil'.MS, also l'.r suppl' inar tlie community w iih rclia
hit. rttincdiL.s wherever a competent physician cuimul
i.raitiuot he emploiud, have purcltaae.! from Ilr.
JtUIX l(. RUW.VSl). his eolobi'iiV.'d HotVHIld
a 0.110 .in 11 r. known mr twenty-tiro years a
theonly sore 1111.I safe uura fur FKVhli niul AClH,
c.-.'., nii.l his Inestimable ruiue.ly for HOW Kl, tlOM-
l lil. I'S, Howaiids's comiMnind Kvnin sf Hhicklierry
Ktn.l. wliicli 1 1 i ar U ly upprovi'd ami popular Koine. lies.
lojr -tner with tin. university's K"iu..',ij t.ir cnnplaintJi
nf Ui Lnniri. The lltilreraiiy Koine.ly fur litspcn
sia or ln.liri!.Uoii. Th I'ulv jisily's Ui'lii'iily for Cos
tive Bow:ls. A Iso tin, lliilversilj 'a Alniiiiiitc may bli
uad al ma itrancii in.spi.nstirv, or hinro nt -
S. HKKliY, llrouiL'ii, I'llrlljltlCiiunlv, O.
H. 0ONKKI.I. I'itv Hoi.it Store. I.niiriisler.
'.I..J3I, Irt.w13ni3 M. ii. liUHID liU.
Ifciiy boo!, sloro1'
April -.'1.
n. CONSIil.L, Agent.
(. P. Smilll, fur s.ilo at llie cil hook stnro
pril a l, 151, It. t'O.N.sr.l.l., Atfent.
Clf.AliK'fc ('..minci.tiiry on tlie (Mil milt New Testa,
riuuiil, f.irsi.loul the city book si., re.. .
April it, lf.il. 11. t'ON.NKI.L Agunl.
V ItS. P:irltliv:l(n,M t'arpot
,T3 "le 'U lunik Sloi'o.
April SI,
Ug of Fun, for sale -u
H. COSNI'.l.t. Aiftint ;
11 K 01.1 rtrewery nntl No,v Mission flutist, for sill
nl llie cilv l.in.k store.
'. -M. IP.14. 11. CONNKMnAitont.
iHl: Lnniti l.ttrhter, r..r sulu nt lite cllv lint.k store
Aprit.'l If.Vi; li I'DNXtl.l,. Arciii.
rs .MJVEiifi" nml Kuil-rruiit's l!t...k, for anle ul the
' eils l,.ii. store. .. ..
April i.1. lrfl-i. - U. l.'DNXKl.L, Ag-ml.
I 1 AX ft ArtiHesin a .out vurl ty. for si.l - nt ill? citj
April til. l.".Vl.
Ii. I'ONNKI.I.. Arihi.
ISMP DU IIKHTIIDI.TS linvc rc-t'.lt-lK'.l
li. l.atic'is..r.nntl w 11 1 lie Imp-
to ree'ilve i-il nils for Inst met ion on Ihe
1 A .vi i' nt 1 i'. ui'l (i l l r.t n. 111 llt.-ir raj-.deiice .111
"4:vi.I S'rr' A"erf.'' of Miiiv Siree', in the. hnusrfvrmer
t't oTintif I ii 7 .loir a li'. Wi-ar.er. and hope IhoLr liiM-'ex
.-ne 1 ice iii I 'aching in us'..', and Hi , niir.'iuitliuc; nle il
licit paid loth.. !itiprovemcnt of Umlr Pupils will insure
;l porliou ol'pulilir pitlrouttir... . 1
.M ISS A. C . UK IIKltTll'llr will rcfulvo a etnas for
l-jitl.r.ibhTV tinil Canvass work: -
MIS M.G. Ill', llli'tTIIOI.r has ope.ioiljin Klo-
meiilary Mrli.,.,1 1 ti Hie Uusittneiil Mory of the llplsi o-
pal I'll'ir. h. . il.iy 1, IcTij 1
i;y.i.i srnv wis tiikive.
IM;. now reeuii lie nt tlu'lrold slati.l. ns flneastock
of KANf'Y and M'APl.H DRV GOODS as hasever
heeii oirer.'il In this iiiurkvt, coiislsiiinr of every article
h. Iho llry Goods line, lordlier with a Fine '&tpzk of
lloota nu4 SiHirH, Graeerre, Hueentuenfe nail (ltas
truer, ull of wl.h-h Hmv ar determined tu s-'ll as low
as utry hotist' in I'ulrllcld comity, entire cash stores not
excepted. ' ; 1 -
They l.-.'ir leave to tender their earnest thanks, lo Iho
.'Itlxen , of l.ttiu asters nn.t vicinity, for Un, very littoral
lwro ot pitiroimtto thoy liave r.'coived siitcu t'hej hoye
I, ecu iu liiisiiie.s.s, niul liiijie for a otitiiitiiinco of tho
same, asvurilt!; tlie pul.lic tlitit no pains shall he spared
'ill their part lo plvr. eniirs, satisfattion. 'I be usual ar
t'n-les nf enuiitn produce taken in ex. liuugo for Guo.l.s.
Lancasler, March il. IPS I.. '
UASJii'-l rcicUe.1 his HPI.MSH nml SlIMMHIt
ply or HATH iV PA PS nt Ills old stand, orptuiteth
TaUmailirr llonae. Main street, l.aMettater, Ohin. Hi
stocl; lias been selected a1 illi care ulul einbrnco
p! liver v ti. rletT tt It:, tsi - fn isc, irrr
ijW liirln.llt.il While Beaver. Mnlskln, o. 1
"v limit! Clilnaand fv.lal Straw nud l.eirliorn "'-'"';!
ItaU; Men, Ho... and Chll.lrerts Pnlm Leaf, from 1?i; to
:t7 l.j. Also Men and Hoy. Kuril ltd VoolK osstilh llntai
Hoys lltid f'ltlldrells Fatti y llitls. wliicli will I." sold ul
lltii lowest prices, l.euliorll llnls wasltetl and hlfaclio
at tlie shortest notice. TTy'Doirifoj'et the plneo, .
Wny. IKM.' M. SMAM.KY"
. - e. 1 . . .-
StaK('iiii:u it nd till lu luivo u good Horse,
A Tl KNNblT GAKKKITresiijclfiillytromliiila
v.. II you ipat ne is sun ntiiittnerniir awav on
'X.V' Ilr ami S'eart Itl the Cita of l.aiiraater, where lie
Ve' is alaays on hand to iMiilcrltiple.l horses, t-.
A n experience of uearly Ai) years, and many years of
ut si Mine iiaii.vri ne tusirttci ion oi nn e tin itout veterina
ry Kiirzeon.enal'liie him to coiilltlentlv undertake the
most .liinriilt cases, lu M10KING lie liulda himself
second is, none. . . , v ' . ...
liis reputation Is now so well known that hor
sure senlto him to l.c .shod from most or the
neighboring cUres and towns.- Ills Shoeing Shot)
accommodiitiouauruso amide that no dclentinii
or .Inline will ever occur. IIKNNKTT UARHKTT.
Luiteast..f,4uirust24, lfS-ylulG . . - - :- .
Rook ilinileiy, t uiirnter. Oltin.
' ' i ' - T1.ANK HOOKS for(onnly
It Olllces. Justices' lllnnks.
liockets, Doiiblo and bii.irle
Kntry Is'dfrers. Journsis, Day
Hooka, fcc esc Also, Hook
Hltidlnit of every dtucrlpllon
dono ill a moat eallsfactory
style. . . ...
All orders. hy let tor orothor-
wlao. Itrolnnlfv ..Itet.ile.l In". .
Orders for Rln.liuirmn be left ul llre'Guiclto Otttcej,
orntllto lllndery.oii Main Street, in tho room former
ly occupied by Col. P. .Van Trump, as a Law OIBeo,
ant. nearly opposite i.r. rvroiuer'a rosl.lelice.
llouember 14, IM 39 J. KUSSELl.'
IMPSRFKCThmilth has kept me from
my ofllcepart of the time for some
mouths, i have, gained my former
slrcuirtll nud will not hereafter ha ah.
aont from my rouni iltirin bitslnosshours.
PilliuirTocth rocoivoa my special attention, I give
cortltlo.l nuaratilees for all iny gold ailitigs to he affec
tive during the Uvea of the parties. I nth able utter
neariO yours attention to the Teotb to give every per
son tho most positive nssurance that thny can save
every Tooth by timely and frequent ntlontlon. .
I OFFICE Kwlnir's Brick, on the Hill. U. BCOTT.
'("r'For those who hitvo tho TOiiTH-iemi .J
will .not have them extruded, I hare n remedy that
n .... ,., , K,, rouui. Ateo, lootn row.tera,
Urushes.cVc. M. 6C0TT.
Lancaster, BocomberO, 1854 31. '..,..,.
Msla 8tnl. I ..-.1,.. nvl.. .
4TJ-P.NTfpr Knox Mutual and Fratarnal Mtm
XJsV Ure and Lile Insurance companioa. .,
sootnobcr 10 . - -
iTV v-rK
I, K"M? a
IKliiUlloN. Ibo proprietor, lake great picas'
ure In ainioilncllir to the cltlrelis oflhe I'lTion, I Lis I ID
cons, qaen. a of the great satisfaction manifested by
the lickel-holders of their Ural great Uislribbliuu. at "1
the many thousand aolicitatloua from all parts ol the
country, iu relation lo whether t,ey ii. i(-i,1 gclliig
upanullier lUolribullon ol tills for th l.enpla, tiy
have, alter an Immense outlay, been enabled fo oiler
to their thousands of patrons Ilia following valua
ble, innenlflccnl. and unprecedented lllilllliXT
KCltKWK. to l.e illelrlbiiuid as aotrn aa tba 3iaij.es
Heaiilifiil Engrnvlnirs of the Camtoi. of Ohio aredis-
ribttle.t aliiuug I
iiwir ration. lb iirlrii of tha til-
ra(r , but One Dollar, aud asa parlor ornament It
cuouol be urpsiisrd.
Head attentively tbe following list of bcal.lif ul rt.d
costly Glfla. which will be satisfactorily distributa-lt I I
n cu 111 iu. 1. "u . .vii.se lorieo one troni ca. h Male licri.
tb largest Miniberor subscribers aro nldunuerl:
. t. do -- IS OHIO a.uIlK
I do - - do 6,t.(v
.. . 1 Fonr-sUiry Brick Dwelling ui.U tot In Co-
lunikii. Oliln j.jtjl
.elo tlos .do ., ...s)ol. f S,5B
1 Reiiiililnl residence in the tov h of Motii.t
Vorm.ti , . . ; i,(f
1 Two-Hnry Brick Hnll.tli F In riillllcollic 5,5t
f. 1 lirlck Cellsge anil Lot In t olumbij - ' 3,(1.1)
1 110 no . do , .1.1 to
I From do t lo . ; ' vilo ' e si u
1 Handsome Country Residents ill Feco, '
Ferry county, Ohio- - - - 0 j jrj
4 Splendid building lole in Colmiibiie, al
J,r) ' -. .. j ... .i..r,n
1 lo ' ' do ilo l ',(n ix.Mii
6.(1 1)
I Grand Action Piano (riiUkering'al
' 1 Gil. I Will, b. acl will. Hum, ,l. ,
S Gold W'alches,al t.X U.'a. li
-1 Eoeewood Plnnoe, ul jr.co '" "
4- '. - lo. nt sNO j- ,
10 .do do . nt S(i0
SO Gold WoL-lies, nt fish - ' '':,
j JWI . ..s, Jo. . ai- jt.o . - . "t ...v ..
1110 ' ' An -"ut ' ;,-) '
(, iitv 40 . ,"v.,.i'
?00 Silver - .do. at . so
f.100 Ho-- do at ;' it : ' ! '' f
4,1 IU
. J.t.1 0
' "' 7110
: . 1U,I1U
. ' ' ?(0
.!".''. a)
. ,r, ,ta o
" 7,.'.Cil
'i f.-'1,119
IbliO La.Hes-OolU Breiiet Plna, ifl 4
' "V "riH-iia r-nnwia, nt .j5 - .j,
S"? "loriillt Dress Paltt-rlis, ul S0 :
' 5ti(3 Gold Peaells, al i .? ."...
tnciai Got.! Hens, with Kilvrr Cnaes.nl e
JniiHI GldRrhga,ati.,Mill(.h .., ' ?
lC(t'4 :tu lit 1 lUliiola . .
V 5,ll
' lll,(.'(t)
i 15.t'(.0
so,w t)
., Er,,rT purchaser of the splfu.lld lariro i,lih.,eraphlo
Knirrnvine. will P6CBT, certificate of jt),,,,.,,,,,.,
ontltl itsr the... Im ,1 l. H ... ... .
- - . - ,0 ,c iuuiu isi fti viillUl'
Mo and cosily Gifts for the People. The Knitravii ...
can Ih. son h, mail (without bcitig tlaiiiiiiro.l,) lo ai.v
Jiarl of IJie counirv. . , y. .w
' 1! - ir I'omo First Served jrrr "
Persona wlshlnpio act as Aironts for' t.a will pleaso
semi a rocouinieii.lntloii alined by the Postmaster or
si.tno other liilliictitial nnd welt known uoraoir in Iko
Iiliicowherolliey reside. ' '
To thmte persons lie hnro beep actliifrca Arentafor
11s ill our former Distribution, this le 11.1t rcoiiind
All orders Willi ll,e money enclosed, fr of 1 ostn'irc,
W Ml miM t wllh prompt alU'tiliiiii.- . . ' ,
lit oriler ta jirrrrnt minta'et. agcti and othera
trantmtttiHir moara lava Kill p'ente Hare it italed ra
llieprcatncraf tha I'tietmatter, aa. tka einei al earr
tdonthe if ay bill.
Wo prxjpay all our letters, circulars, Ac, to pit
ngeiitsiiinUorreapoiiileiUs, und expect thuin lu do (ho
same Willi ns.
t" Airems wanted In ovrry town whom, we will
riiriiish w 1JI1 posters, I'irriilnrs.echcil 11 lua. inslruciloiis,
cVc. on appllciilinnnt our otllce. or l.v mnil post paid,
for further parlienl.irs see descriptive bills. Ac, or
eli(iiire ut otlicti. No. VValeoirs llloi k.Towii titrect
Coluiuhiis. Ohio. ItUIIN V I. CO.. Proprietor
, - JOHN II. fc'U.:i'FJSR,Aguiu for Lancaster.
Fn m 1 1 j rw.o ri en , ( 11 cc n s w a rv , etc . , Ac .
' 1W1.X G. ' rtAKHKNCHON has become proprietor,
J lit I'll ri llime. Ul tht fi rnrsni ti.nnt r 11 1, Vi.....-.
oi Co., i.i 1 wli.cli he hiujusl ail.l'e.l a Inrpo ai.d supe.liog
vuriety of ham,l,j Crarrrier, now arriving and u. nrrivo
from ('iiieiiiiiitti.aiidoihor marts.
is. 111 niaktlia; liis .llr
acc...iini.liiii,.. r.r i,i
.-nasi, no lias niul 111 view tho
iriumis niul discrl iiuitlu
ntlbll... trxr .III ....
coiiiiuiiinlst(.llieiraHeiilion,uuiiiiiir olhor MrtlcJes .it
iriresMuitraiiiiiitliilt.iKirvsiitl..rucli.ii, 1
pariicsr ' '"'""let anil
W.7 , Tarmsonla .liiioiuls, Ki'gl'iali Waln.its and
Brazilian hula. P igs and ilatos.
Jric,iiii.l fieliiiino for Jollies, Prunes, Ac.
. Ot I'ninils Groceries I,,, ,,-ill .,..1 -
doreilaml cruslie.l MltiA K, Now Orluans ilr,., TEAS.
u h ,( t",,.r:' Mbro.. Walnut,, Toiniilo
o 'ihe '.rV r.'"1"1 '"'"r " Chetae, a.,.1
outer aril, les'.o niiiueroiis lo put .loan hero.
........ iwrKeuaiso, i,iiiirs. itrnnily t..r tho sl.k ami
iliviilesceiil..Li.ji..s.r, vi-i.rs l.l. u..w..,L...
TOBAft'O. l-owilernii.lSliol for the MiMitesman.
Hi, U'Ul tr.,.. . 1 - t . . . .
..- .... ,. viinen f l-aimta, l-ll
aa ,! otitis own iniiiiiiturtiiro for the trii.le.
ot least, h,rL.,, ,! fun assortment of Uaetn.rarr,
l arlhrn vare. fienrb ntrreand .'; ..1
8.., It oa'lcn mart, Tata, llarl:tta, t;c. '
-"T llaltnpestn i.l.tiiln a fair ahairoriho pnhlic favor
in his now iiii.lortiikltiK,ninl looks for Ihe approl.aliuu
.in.l putioiiiiL'e of his friends. Havlnc been ...nu.ell..,l
orei ii.'.iisii Ms former husinoasas injuriotialo lleulih.
he will iinikeu t'.iirtri.il ,f .i,l i,,,.,.,i.ii u.n. .....
his.,rs.,w,.,is'lish, i "k'' -" . '..T'
whii h Im. wil devote his nil.livlited iittOi.il 1.1.1 .In,'.. '. ...
SIH-ei'.',. ,..a ill r,e ulllu I... tr.lls- l,.s,.r,'M ,1... n.t.lt ...
some nthiTiiaefiil capacity. "
Way if'34. v P'KI.JX G. HA I! Hl'.NflHON.
L-t?iC!.isTKU. JIAl:II.n tlli NUHV
i i l k r- v't l'''l'"'rl,, " fnrnh.ll nil kinds of STK.l M
T . F.NGI..;s. tu, on Ml, on ,.,,iI, a ,..i
Ul CilK'illlllllt
aim I-I...SE.U rtr price.
IIS'I, un
I kinds of Mill-Goiirlnp. Hiilsilnp Screws
Cider .''cr
: .-t rews, jncK M-rewe( Puilor'a ricrews aud
Mill .-'ii,.!l..., of cast Iron or wtougla.
Hnlcsai.il Urlrurs, rvc. e. ' ' - ''
ile will also furnish n,e P.UtKEH WIUiKI. to suit
'?) 'V!'"' ".,,."''!,''r- "1,n """'er Iron or wood shun.
AUotho ATKINr-ON WHKKI. Bt .,n .,. ti'
Vnt.Mit on the Parker Wheel has expired and conse
ipieiilli IlieycoiiUeliad nine), cheaper.. .
ti w iivl . ",uk" t'KVOI.'S THHASII1NG
.n A t IIIMiS.and ket'isu lol coiiaiantl y on hand; war
riil.le.l Ihe best In Ohio,
All the above unifies will he made wllh est e. hit care
.mil i.y the best workmen, und will he warranted.
All kinds of r.ipairinir done upon the Klmrteat notice.
'1:lPl'-',P,iiisliiiitlyon liiintl, A 1,1, KINDS OF
, . .,',, "" kl'l'' 11 Foundry. Ho hna com
jili'teil his front ,ip,o that those who call can exam
ine Ills work. - . .. .
The known itialily'ofllio work dono nt tills estab
lishment for liiaiiy yenrs;pnst.s t,P host euarrantee thai
infiilurcllies'ilisfriberwill labor to desire Hie pal
ronaireorihe publle. Ho invltesoxiimiiiiitlon.
Luticiist,.r, May 1(1, D-s-l. G. HEVOI
ItEjjflSTM.vT" "7!
TGRUnniiavlna; relumed In Lnnensternnd Intotnia
. , Ut routain uoriuuneiilly iu this city, nr.d haviiiK re
reived In Iriicliotisl'roiii nu experienced Dentist from
Hie idly- of New York, nnd obtained u knowledge of tho
business. now ri-apeclfully teiwlers blaprof. ssioiiiilHer
yicesto citl,iis or Lniicaater and the public amorally.
He Is prepare. I to perl.. no all opernliiHis upon tlie
ructh.sitch asp:xtractltir, Piuifing, Fillltif.r.'ulntlii
llu.7 eMih.ireaiiiipspuiiBy or decuusod Gums, dustroy
mir Nerves. es-it,s v 1 n tr Tartar, etp. -
AriillclalTuetli liiseried on Gold Plato from one to
full set: also Arilllclal Crowns set on hei.lthy roots
nilhoiit pain, so as to answer nil the purposes 'of Inus-
Kvery operation In lloutlslry essential-lo i.reserre
and tienntify the Teeth, and (.'Ire them a heallliy nr
tiou.atid luiprovotho brealh, health orTiiate.perforiiieil
on nio.lerule terms. La.riesin the city or county, wlll
be wnlled on nl their respective places of residence, if
It lie requesli'il. No luir'os niiiilo or ox-.i iii luut iiijj or
consiiltntinii at his olhce. : : . . -i .
OFF1CK On the Northeast corner of Iho, Pllbllo
Square, mia door from Main atreot. .
LaiH'aslur, Heplembnr 2H, 185421 . .
M-ltlX;!-!! A; THOfTT. . . .
AVK removed their Clothing Kstabllshmont
le the Tallmadifa Ulutk. Ural ,l., s.
If hire l.atta'a Hardware Store, where lliey are iipmi-
ng a largo and oxtotisivo assortment nf SPRING AND
SCT.MMKK GOtDS,aud are now inniiufncturiiig every
variety ol Sprint and Snmner Wear, w hich they will
sell us low as Ihe snnu. qunliiy of goods and word can
he purchased at any oilier establishment In the cllv.
Their clothing is man ufaclii red under their own super
vision, and is consequently superior to that which is
hjoughl from other places. TCy have also on hand, n
b emu if a I rarielaaf Clothe, Caatimere; htetingi. Sre.,
which thuy are prepared to HMiinfavtiie to order. They
liavo in tliuireniploy tlie best of workmen and ro at
all ttmos prepared lo make tho best His In the latest
styles. Jill ibeimork will he mummied.. . ..
The puhltcarc rcspeclftilly solicited to rail and ex
amine thelrslock, und while thankful fnrlhe liberal
patronage Ihev have enjoyed, they assure tliolrold cus
tomers and if 1 1 othors that they will labor ta give gen
eral autisfactlon both In tlie quality nnd prlco of (heir
gooiU and work. ' ,i SPBIN'GKR TROUT. '.
Lonci stot .A prilii, 1854.
c-. -,:':IN LANCASTER. ; ; " -J.
nARjnsI received from Philadelphia and NewYork,
-CJP Slltat has ever come to this city, oflhe Bf .
fft l.tkst iwcRovku arvr.aa, eiubracing every n (;
-fctJ variety of shape, aorts and aixes s'Otisfst-iLj
Slngoftlio Into Spring Hiyie AtOLK-SK.II.,,-.
HAT, iinsiiri'iisse.l In Ohio for durability und fineness,
Alato. Ya.ii.if Men' Hats) ef nil kinds. ''
fttintmer lints, consisting of PANAMA; , '.,.1
Pedal and China Mruw;
Braid I.KGHOR.N and MANILA; ' "
Palm Laf; Kassutli Hats, both Furnntl Wool;-)"
Fine Otter nnd Whito Heavor, for Summer;
The lalost Spring Style (Jaasiinero Hats; , ..
All sorts of ltiyiV t'liilili. n-.' l-'uncy Hati,
All of which will bo wild on the most reasonable
terma, lower than ever before. . .
N. B. Country Merchants will do wall by calling and '
examining my slock before purchasing elsewhere. -Lancaster,
a pril 6,,ltVjj St) ,- It. FIELDING.
- Fi C. DIETS'' '- t
v lens oi rairnuid county that he bsa
recently put np new Carriage ShePi' .
. atmrdleXaHiil rests. a Br .. i tlm a r
Hardware Stare, Centra Mien. I.ancatar oi.. avherl '
- ihe wliKonstantly keep on hand and manufacture '"
oroor every variety oi ventcte tn nia line. . .: .
TTTRopairlnirdone on sbcl nellco. aiul Ure j
tvdTable terms. Dee. f 4, Tf J'tSt

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