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Cjje ifiwatstev (Svelte.
Thursday Moa ning; Autr. V, 135
"Princlpelsof t!io American lriy ol Ohio.
1. Tho iiiillmll.d Frndcm tf RtUfit dlicnnnectod
with politics Humility to ticcluuuiiKHl Imlueucr
upon lliaalf.iirs of Oovoniinjiit baualily ofriiriiUlo
all u iluruliud I'tinlxMiiH ho am tktrtufklii Jimtri
ciiii"i, and wjo-JTij no nmporiiil allvitflHiuai, by reason
oflti.iir religion, liilur IUuii ti"t to Uu diminution.
3. No liiWrfjreuuo with tho rights or ullzcnsliip al
ready acaiirad by Faroigii.iM, a:il tlii protection r.f
law t nil wbo ri;wi j.lly oniiifrata (rum luo of liberty;
hut tho o-eolti.taii of forji'iti iti-jr ami fallnna, aid
n rrj'iuul tt tr. 4ixi lA r ' .( f'agt tt til mtht etmt
htrtiflir until they 1U.1II liava raaldad 11 yours In the
I'. Ktatos and compiled with tha .N'uuralizuiioti Lawn.
3. Oppoiitlon In all political orranliatioiis composed
tlztasioil) tf Ftrtiputrt, alt" tt Fjrtii'n .Mililirf
f jriaii,, a 1 r nil a'.i' " 'I'U&t lit D iiefrtm
JSr.ot!t supptrtti by tit Gaeernnttit.
4. Nlnvjrv i local nut oiiaC ' oppoip lis t-teii-donln
u'nv ofitia lurrttoriut, and the Incnvii.! ollis
political pawor by tho a.ltuistion Into thu Union of
wiy SUvo Stita or oilnmrlij, and wj daman. I of tin
S:iaral Govorn.utinl and limn nil if rodroj of tha
groat wronjra which, havo boon Infliotd upon tho
oiiuto of Fraeilom and the Am.'ricsn clmraclar by tho
raiianl of tha Mis-inurl CoimironiWo, and l!tt introdiio-
tio'a of Slavery Into K:lintis in violation ofliw,by forco
ofiirmt.iiiid ihodjtruciionoftiia oUctlvf rrnncliUa. I
5. ln!iumilalmii itUuoft!i3 wudom of Waililnt-
ton,Wi'oi;9'tlttHlntjrjiil!onioiliJau:iiroi l-.jrj.Kii
Klulej; y.'t on oil prnjior o-waiiorn, wo will not Willi-
hold ourympathj from any pooploajpirlnffto bo froj.
0. w support Amorienn lnd int.-y nJ c jnim aiaimt
tlu a 1omj policy of Iranian uatiou and lacilitim to
lnt irn:il and exlornxl comm Jii o l.y Ilia inij.TjVDmciit
of Itlrora and Herbert and III) conttructlon "f Na
tional Itoi li unitlnir th.i varloujcti!)nof tliaUnlon.
7. 'I'ho Cf u'iia tfthut Suits tbonll bt vtade ftepUnal
y a r.iitkfjl atlnflavt! to tks Cimstitvtian.
8. In m-iu pnlT wo xtal )'ily advocate !frf eh-
atit an t Rtftm i modillcallon of tb pro'ant op
iiroAlro synlam of lucallou and a tlbtiral ayntom or
i'ubllo Schooli.
SALMON P. CHASE, of Hamilton.
THOMAS II. FORD, of Richland.
FRANCIS M. WRIGHT, of Champaign.
Fort snenETAar of state,
WILLIAM II. UIU30N, of Seneca.
(for t he Fall Tfrm.
JACOB BlilNKERlIOFF. of Richlaml.
CIIAS. C. CONVERS, of Muskingum.
ALEX. 0. CONOVER, of Miami.
Rr.PUBLtOAjt M.V33 MtLrtaj os Mon
day Last. With many of our fvllow-cit-izwiis
wo visited the groat Sl.iss Meeting
of the Ropubiie.-tns on Monday last, upon
tho Public S.fun'. Hon. S. P. Chase,
Hon. T. II. Fo:tr and Hon. A. P. Stone
delighted thousands with their thrilling
eloqunnco and s'.iirtliug Lets. We believe
all wore pleased and nono regreted the
tint'? spent in li.1t01r.11g to there gen'dtm ?n.
Li another column we give at length tho
speech of the Ik.n. S. P. Chase. V ant
of spaee (.'omptds us to lay over thcspecrh.es
of Hon. T. II. Ford and Hon. A. P. Stone;
they Wiirc I'loq'wnt and e'l'eclivo and 11
bou.ided tyiih stanling facts such as every
j'.rvivm should know and ponder upon.
Wj shall give them at length next week.
if ZrR .'Solutions of tho Republican M iss
Ili'tolatJ, Thai, the re-establishment of
jirimi.ivj R pub!iiauisni as taught by
V uliington and his comp t' riots, is and
shall bu our aim and object as members of
the great Republican organisation; to idled
' 'Wi'i'V, That the pui ilicalion of the
ballot box by arresting foreign influence,
vorrecttng the facilities by which foreign
ers become voters, at) 1 requiring our olii
cial servants, both m ik'irsaud a Iministrni
ors of the law to be true Americans, is the
llfsoloed. That we desire to blot out lhal
'curse of politic tl free lorn parly spiril,
.., 11 , 1 .... .. 1...... 1 ..r 1 1..
1111.111 hii.i. J 1 iii'.ii ... ....,, .yi t.i. 1. 11
ers in the common cause of civil and re
ligious liberty, but will oppose every Hfort
on tho part of political demagogues t unite
church an 1 slate, mid will unit" in guard
ing our civil institutions against tho aggres
sions of all religious see's, whose creeds ei
ther directly or indirectly come in collision
with our R'puMiean institutions.
Jtosoloeil, That we are opposed to slave
ry extension, but equally opposed to iuter
ino lling with it where it now Constitu
tionally exists.
Jtendlved, further, That the course pur
Rued by the Cincinnati Times, in endeav
oring to sow discord in the American
ranks, justly calls for our. condemnation
and should ho discountenanced by cveiy
true Republican.
Resulted, 'That we regard the nominees
of the 13th of July Convention ns correct
representatives of tho sentiments embodied
iu these resolutions.
: Signed, , W. S. BEATY,
'..... M. D. BROCK,
. American E.tECtTTrvs Cocscil. By
private despatches we learn that the Ex
ecutivo Council of tho American Party of
Ohio have determined not to make any
nomination for the coming campaign.
The notion of tho Committco is represent
ed us being most harmonious and we are
advised will bo published in full.
ify Denny, of the Lebnnon Star, giv
cth his opinion of Medill :
Tho Ohio Statesman, and all tho littlo
tadpole Locofoco papers that wiggle their
tails in its dirty pool,- arc appealing, with
tears in their eyes, to tho old Clay Whigs
to 'help them out of tha slough of despond.'
The hypocrites 1 The friends of Henry
Clay will never give "aid and comfort" to
such a man as Medill, .who, all tho days of
his life, was ono of his bitter revilers and
tradueers who, with other Locofocos, ac
cused hira with "bargain, intrigue and
management" of '"forming a corrupt co
alition with Adams" who never gave
liim a vote nor supported a measure of his
but who, like a pack of wolves, were al
ways howling at his heels, slandering his
character and misrepresenting his policy.
Whether the Clay Whigs all support Mr.
Chaso or not, it is as certain that they
would as soon have cock-roaches in their
broth, ipecac in their tea, and arsenio on
their bread, as to support such an incorri
gible old sinner as William Medill.
The Milwaukee Sentinel states that the
farmers in that region are now very busy
gathering an abundant havest, in good
nondition. Its aoconiits from every sec
tion are very favorable. .. In. two weeks
new wheat.wuT come in rapidly. Prices
within a week havadeolined lOc.i 'nd
y pects I ?t!i) UtthCT dee!r).
Clrrai'nr from Mr. Rpoonrr.
Thomas Spooner, of Cincinnati, Prebi
dent of tho Order of Know Nothings in
Oliio, litis nldressed a circular to the fra
ternity, in which he earnestly exhorts tbcra
to support Mr. Ciuss. lie attaches a f ir
more comprehensive meaning to thu term
oi Americanism, man many oi i,u ore-
r k ft .1 ,
thrcti. He holds that it is not limited to
opposition to foreigner., but that it is the ! runee of sucli things; nor can w.j Cud
embodiment of liberty in its wiliest and ,sP:"'a wL;:' t0SH.v w,lal w' wou1'1 wih
nir,.,l f.m Ti. t: ,.p.i :.lto KHy UP"" u!.jVf,-t. A temb!j re-
111 VO vllllUhX" IUIIIH 4LIU IIUl 4IM 1 U Li. )
view will ra;et Willi the warmest approba
tion amon; the pe'p!a of Oliio, ornl it id to
ho hoped tint the contracted tin.! proscrlp
live iJoaa once cherished by the Order will
never ho revived.
Among the; rensons urged by Mr. Spoon
rr for supporting Mr. Clmse, are the follow
ing, whi.di must carry weight with them:
Whilo il is n Wfll established fnct. that
i.Q r ,.,t rif tlui flnLr in fllii,i ,m
10 ' , UU''",0' 1110 '". are
ni jjosv?u to linv llHOVni0iMIIH4 Willi 1110 PC-
iJ,;,;f.,,,J ,,e C,,V. C,.,.
CUH.ir IIHtitUil.jjM ot lt)(l fal.tvo belles. It IS
ieq'.ially certain th'U thev nro tlecidodlv anil
.. . . -
narnesily opposed to nil extension of Shivo
Territory. The Kansas nud Nebrasiin out
rages have so inien.ilied this foeliirr ihnt
it tvero idle to attempt to disguise the fact
that at this time it is the predominant ques
tion of t!i8.,Norl!i oVcr-riding'nl! others.
. Mr. Chsso having rjianfiilly Stood up in
the Senate duiins; tin who! term of his
election iu opposition' to the encroachments
of the Slave power nnd especially distin
guishing liim-idf by liii detormiiied resis
tanco to the KfinsAn and Nebraska bill;
seemed especially C!'d as the (person
through whom a signiS.isnl rebuke should
bo administered to the perpetrators of that
great iniquity, and in this is to be found
ilia Kcci'ot ol the nomination of ?Jr. Chao,
by a Convention composed of .1 'decidod
majority hoi ling oppu.iita viaws on most
Hi a
Statesman's liitIovsc'iu?t of
"Gen Cass asked after our newlv elected
! Senator we toll him that he would he
on in 11 few days that hp would find him
to be a very clever fellow, of fin abilities,
and right on most of the great questions,
but a little streaked when the subject of
Slavery was touched, but a staunch
EVER.'' Does any man want to ".now who ued
that language iuthe winter of 1 0-13 "3?
Well it is the declaration of Sam Medart,
then, as now, thrj editior of tho Omo
Stateska:?. Read it again. Mr. CnA'-E,
he declares, is "a staunch friend of the Un
ion, now and forever." 'fids was true
then, and is none the loss tine now. All
Iho-jrs Nebraska pro Slavery, Locofo.to ed
itors iii Oliio who insist thst Mr. Chase is
a disunionist, will please consider them,
stives confronted by Medap.t, and to! !,
cveiy time thev utter ibis lnivniac, tha:
they are a set of raetl.'.?s liars. If the
Siutt-mtuai is dirpofo.l to add anything to
this standing indorsement of Mr. Chase
when he it attacked, pcihaps that gen'lc
man will be obiig-d to him. The contro
versy is between themselves, and We cnie
very little how they (is i.'. up. SMe
'fur; Removal ok Gov. Rekdeu. The
Etstoii Arytx, published at Boeder's for
mer home, stales that his removal Tuts elic
ited llie strongest expressions of indigna
tion there. But the Arynt, besides speak
its own -sentiments, cicaily and fierrtly
ells some unpleasant truths respecting the
President. We quote:
'Immediately after tho first election held
in Kanzas, one nf er another of the Mis
souri invalids called upon the President
and filed their coinpl iinis against the Gov
ernor, charging liim with neglect of his
olliciiil du ies, illegal spccnl liions in lands,
Ate. We state upon authority that cannot
bo disputed that President- Pieice nt that
time, told a friend, "I am satisfied thai
Gov. R'eder possesses liinines.t, honesty
and capacity, and a man who has these
three qualities, don't often get wrong."
We happen to know, too, that, our Chief
Magistrate gave Gov. Reeder repeated per
sonal assurances that "lie approved of his
course, and would have acted precisely ns
he did in the same position."
Clay Win is. It is a littlo amusing
just now to see how ardently the Sag
Nicht papers of tho Siato love and laud
the "proud, noble hand of Clav Whigs"
and appeal to them to go Gov. Medill in
stead of "Chaso and niggcrology." Hear
what the Logan Onulte says on this sub
ject: "It is a little rcmai kable that men should
appeal to the prejudices of Clay Whites n
gainst Mr. Chase, when iho gieat issue be
tween the parties relate to a measure con
summated by Clay, with which his fame
is intimately 'identified, which Chase
sought to maintain inviolate, and which
his supporters now seek to restore. We
are a Ciay Whig and it is became wo are n
Clay Whig, that we would sustain Chase
in his glorious opposition to llie repeal of
that eompromiso which was one of the
chief monuments to Clay's memory. Of
all other men. Clay Whigs should, in this
crisis, ba the friends of Mr. Chase.
Ohio and Mississippi Railroad. Ow
ing to tho course of tho lending paper in
St. Louis, encouraging thosu who have
claims against the company, to a lawless
and mobocratic spirit, the Trustee of the
Road has been compelled to stop the run
ning of trains. Mr. Bacon says: "Our
trains hnvo been stopped by armed mobs
our track has been torn up; cars have been
run from itho side to tho main track ; our
cars and locomotives thrown of the track;
the lives of hundreds of individuals jeopar
dized thereby; threats of the roost mali
cious kind made to our conductors and
employees; and letters constantly seat to
us, threatening destruction to our trains
and property, unless the demands of mobs
were yielded to without delay.'
Tho trains wore stopped first on the 27th,
and operations on the road will continue
to be suspended nntil some remedy can be
applied. '
Kiveb Satisfied. The Chattanooga
(Tenn.) Advertiser of Saturday last, says:
Every day for. several weeks we have, had
rain. The fears now entertained by' the
farmers are that thi odrn iiiitl 3 ii tvtfa
Fifteen or Twenty Killed.
f?raui lb Loulsvllla Journal.!
AYe dcply regret to hnvo to recird the!
.;ones of vi-leuce, bloodshed, and hou-.s
baniin r which occurred in oar
ti rdav. V cannot now express
. L'1 .1 1 t
yuijni)!lli v rtlinm tlwisii w'.io I. -.vi in.
ciied the foreign population of our city l
tho uculsof violvnca which Were thecoui
m mi cement of the riols it Ihe First and
Eighth War Is. We are confident that
theso ri'-ts were to', occft-ioiio 1 by any
thing thr.t h tppiiiie 1 at any of tha evral
voting plrtces. The tUctiou throujout the
J 1 - -
eity, as ur n we cm learn, had passed off
with unusual quiet, with the t Zceptioti of
a brutal outrage in the First ward, of
tvhiuli we shall pak pretent'v, and some
lighiingatthe Eighth ward pblk in which
ii ono was mucii hurt, llie riots were
occnsioiiid by indiscriminate and murder
ous assaults committed hy foreigners, chief
ly Irish, up 111 intensive citizens, peacea
bly attending 10 their own business, at
some distance from any of the voting pla
ces. All iho circumstances connected
with these assaults, strongly indicate that
they were premeditated and instigated by
other panics limn those by whom they
were actually coinmittod. We are lot
now prepared to say that they were the
consequences only of the incendiary ap
peals, for some lima past, publicly ma le
to our foreign population by soma of tho
leaders of tho Anti-American party, or
that they wers instigated by direct in
structions of men with fiendish hearts, who
control in a great measure the passions,
and aie.tV.e to dictate actioni to the Ger
mans and Irish who made these n'tnek".
All the fads will probably ba ascertained
judicially, and then the responsibility will
rest whero it properly belongs. The cir
cumstances as detailed to us, and the coi-
fessiup.sof some of the miserable wreic-hes
who were made the victims of their insane
folly and murderous violence, show that
these assaults upon unoffending and inno
cent na'.ivo-born citizens were pienu'dita
ttd, and that the blame attaches to others
who are as yet unuimed.
We h ive nt timi to give details. We
a3:ci't, however, and are sura that it wiil
be proved by respfcttiblj witnesses, tint
every act of bloodshed was begun by for
eigners. That in every instance whore
mortal violence ensue 1, tho beginning of
the riots' was an unprovoked slaughter by
foreigoriof peaceable Americans while qui
etly pn-ing in the street at a distance, from
the polls. Tliis infwitfied the populace,
and 11 prompt a id tenible resort to mob
violence by which ra my fj;cigri2is wcr
killi-d and much property destroyed wis
the consequence. l the , sl ward about
2 o'clock in tho p.j .'t uing, wl.ilo 'he ei-c-tion
was proceeding quietly at the polls,
Mr. Geo. Barge, a're-peclable and quiet
Americ'nn citixon, was brutally nssac! cd
by n party of Irishmen 0:1 Jackson S reet,
h 'tween Joll'eisiiu and Greene, without
having given any provocation, he was
knocked down and horribly beaten vtitli
sloiies and clulis. He iiuemp'ed to esc.tpe
from the fl-nds l.y whom ho was attacked,
and ran into the aihy .of an adjoining
huiKo, where lie was tollowcd by bis blood
thirsty assailants, an 1 cut, slabbed, and
bea'cn until ho was supposed to be dead,
when one of these inhuman brutes delibcr-
atelv npi liou Ins knife ami proceeded to
cut the throat of the murdered man.
When ihis act of violence was made known
a party of Americans started in pursuit' of
Hie mur .'civrs, who wen subsequently ar
rested and lodged in j-i.il by the M lyor and
City Marshal.
' In the afii'iiioon between three and
four o'clock, several Americans were lircd
upon and severely wounded while quivily
riding or walking by the German brewry
on Jt-iferKon street, near the B 'argrass
bridge. Among theo Were gentlemen
from Julfursuu county, and several n spec-table
ci.iz tns. One gentleman who was
lireil at was riding in a bug-jy with his
wife seated by his side. About the same
lime a perfect shower of shot and bullets
were rained upon every Ainuiican passer
by from the windows of some houses occu
pied by Germans upon Shelby street, in
tho neighborhood of Madison street.
As soon as these occurrences were made
known it was nscertitined that large bod
ies (f foreigners, armed with shot guns and
rifles, had assembled in the neighborhood
of the brewry and also on Shelby street.
An indiscriminate slaughter of American
citizens was apprehended. An immense
crowd of excited, maddened, infuriated A
mcricans assembled; they were fired at
from the windows of tho brewry nnd the
houses on Shelby s!rett, and in seeking lo
arrest these offenders several men wen
badly wounded, and the incensed and in
furiated mob burned tho brewry and sack
ed tho houses from which llie shots were
In the Cth ward, the most serious dis
turbances occurod about 6 o'clock in tho
afternoon. A Mr. Rhodes, in company
with two fiiends, all American citizens,
was quietly passing up Main street,' near
Chapel, when they wero set upon by a par
t) of ten Irishmen, who with horrible oaths
swore they would clean the streets of eve
ry American. Fifteen shots were fired
upon them. Rhodes was killed and both
his companions badly wounded, ono of
them seriously. 1 he Irishmen then ran
up Chapel street, and on being pursued
took refuge in a house at tho corner of
Chapel and Market streets, whence several
shots were fired by the inmates, by which
several American citizens wero wounded
and two killed, a Mr. Giaham and a Mr.
Ilohson. The firing from this houso con
tinued somo halfan hour. The Irish were
armed to the teeth with arms of every des
cription, while the Americans were almost
entirely unarmed, and were obliged to go
to their homes to procure arms 10 defend
themselves and their friends from tho mur
derous firo of the insane wretches who had
made this attack upon them. Between 6
and 7 o'clock, a sufficient number were as
sembled to capture tho murderer of youn
Graham; an attempt was mane to hang
him, but we learn that he is still living. .
The Washington correspondent of the
Courier & Enquirer states that tho Presi
dent and Secretary of the Interior, have
decided against the validity of Governor
Reader's proposed purchase of Kansas
lands, and the contracts have accordingly
been cancelled. .'.-'.
To-day, the 2d lust., there will be a cel
ebration Bt Fort Croghsn. The ftCaPfoi
fittfo it wW Be a flrto rfffWi-r
There can hi no doubt of the fast that the
AuK-iitan party havo carrie ,1 t Ken.ucky !
Willi a ruiti. f Iiu imijuri j fur il r;it!n 1,
ft... 1. .. . ..
ui 'iwi t.mn 1 j.'j'ji).
an 1 m iy prob-thly be as hih as 2 J.O'J'J.
i It is said that every Congressional District,
ci:y yes-i Sav9 on' elecwl tho Arneriean c.tndi
our ub.jate. The Legislature, aNo, will be strong-
ly American in both bMnehes. Kentui-iiy
has dou'j bar whole duty, and elecU-d a tiibt
rate Statu ticket, LegiaLturo, aod delegi
tion in Cngresi.
Tha fallowing returns irers rf-ceived In
this ci.y yesterday afteraoon: G.d! i;ta coun-
tr t-ivea S-.vonn tha Amuricni i-nn f .r
Congreso, 183 m.ijo.i.y. Bm.U rtTfe" AUm lI?:-Wtfrt,'
.a , . . , , I C'doniid S.-i'ie'arv.
ty gives a birgs ra .j .ry for the Arnciio in ritosc Tare Cp.Imk.
ticket. Curoll county, as far as heard I B.-i'.re S -bris.oDol itirn. U nothinTof Im-
f,0m, gives large gains the same w,iy
Gl.ei, COttn:y filXo, J,Jon(S ,.oun,
. . . . . . n ,'
' 3 American u.ajor,7. Bracken
GK. Grant 2 W.
From die Covington Jjurnnl Extra, we
obtain the fullowin ; infoi m-ttii n:
Loss and gain for the AniPiic iii Party,
compared wi.li the vote for Scott, when he
carried the State by3.2C3.
Am-r. Deni. Gain. Loss.
Fayette C25 C4
Hirrison lol) 15
Fiuiiklin ltfJ 71
Oldham 64 41
Henry 35 151)
Kenton 13 422
Campbell - 193 VZ
Boone 213 17
Son Cocstr .1 A majority for More-
head is reported in S.ott county,
m -jority nt Georgetown is over luO.
Lini majority in 1852 was 5?.
In Barren, Nelion, Clark ani Woo Lord
ns .ivy liiH.'orii'ts lor i;.e American U. tut.
la Misou couatv, in two district. Cox's
majority is l'JJ. In L uiiburg, 1 12. In
MaysJick, tin. In Sardi's, 80 majority.
i lemi:; Cocmt, August 7, 1 1 o'cl'k.
Poplar Plains Morubead, 142; Ciark,
. Cox,. 14-1; S.auton, 1 1.
Fl'ming-burgli Mon-head, 1C2; Clirk,
87. Cox, 17o; S'auton. 25.
Sherourne Morehetd, 62; Cl.irke, 23.
Cox, 47; 5. anion. 7.
Oldii.v. Coi-.-rrr. The following is the
full Vim of Oldham coautv in tile Louis
villa District, viz:
Majority fjr CUrke, (Deui.) 64
Majority for Preston, (Deal.) 3
Msjoiily for Pierea iu 1852 03
Gain for Americans 4'J
Henry cottiity, iti llie stma di ttiid.give
5) majority for Preston. Pierce's mujo
ii:y iu 1352 was 23 3. Amcr. gain, 1E9.
A Hamilton Cocstr Sao Nxoht Lead
r.v, Bttot'i.nT to J cdomext.- -If there was
ever a county that was cursed with a cor
rupt, thieving, and most lascitlly set of of-
neiats, tnaicuuiiiv is Hamilton. A' or t ears
the most outrageous finuds and tilumlcr
lags of ihe puolic treasury have bet-n prac
ticed by the leaders of the Miami tribe
who have controlled its public atl'uirs.
The expenditures had become enormous,
while the benefits were comparatively mea
gre. The lax payers became satisfied tbat
they wero lobbed by their graceless dem
agogues and scoundrels, and last fall tbey
commenced the woik of turning them out.
and putting honest men in their places.
'J'ie woik wiil continue till the hist of ihe
treasury eaters are driven fiom ihe public
crib, il we can judge from the tone of ihe
press of ; hat. city. We are very sure it
or, so o CO ltinue.
The Courts of Giireeiiiiiad havo just
closed the trial of John Pattop. one of the
County Ci'mniissioners, for stealings and
misdemeanors in olfiuc. The tesdmony
wtis clear that he gave a friend of his 8 7 lib
for building a bridge that actually cost the
builder less than 100, and that in con
sideration of the promises, the contractor
made a present of $100 to Patton. This
is but a specimen brick. The whole pile
is very similar. After a caieful examina
tion before a jury, on the indictment, nnd
after . Major General Senator Pugh had
used all his skill and influence in defend
ing him, the jury brought him in guilty,
and the Court has suspended him from of
fice, and has fined him $400, ihe highest
amount authorized by tiie statute.
This is but a single case. The exten
sive business of the county has given the
Commissioners a wide field for operations.
Tho court house contracts nro festering
with the grossest corruption. The work
was originally let nt fixed rates, which
would have kept the expense within 85 J0
000. But Commissioners Patton and Ti
manus, who managed tho affair, set aside
ihcse contracts, and re-let them to new con
tractors. The building has already cost
the county a million of dollars, and it will
take some hundreds of thousands to finish
if llow many thousands the officials
have plundered from this source we have
iHj means ol knowing. . Timanus has prov
ed a defaulter to lint tune of over thirty
thousand dollars. What a spectacle these
developements make lo the honest lax-payers
of that conn y! Tbey have been liter
ally robbed of their earnings for years by
a set of political bloodsuckers and villains,
who have rid len Ihem in lie name of De
mocracy. The revelations must produce a strong
effect upon the mind of the voters and tax
payers of Hamilton. This samo party,
with the Enqnirer nt its head, is again in
the field, asking tho people to continue
them in power. They deserve, and we
trust will receive Riich a rebuke as will be
felt by them, and be a warning to all such
political scoundrels for tho future.
;T5rThe Cincinnati Enquirer confident
ly predicts tho defeat of Mr. Chase. Last
year, on prcchely the same grounds, the
Enquirer predicted" tho defeat of Mr.
Swan and Mr Bliekensderfer. ' It had bet
ter establish a rrpu'ation for veracity, be
fore it makes statements; and for sound
judgement, before it makes predictions.
Alt. Giletid Sentinel. .'- ,
A Paris correspondent has examined a
machine in operation thore, owned by a
Celgian. which sets i 50,000 to 1 80.000
types each day, or as much copy as twonty
compositors would set in that lime. ;
Horace Greely's mother died at Wayne,
Eiie county, Pa., on the 27th ult. .She
was a long sufferer and an aged womtjn.
2!acchens Gr&ly, tt father tf HoWCj ts
iiifl tivTrfg.
Seven !. Loiter from Europe;
Ai:nivALOF t;is: as:a.
lUMfAX, August 1 The i'tam . d
1. 1 1. .-., . ,1 .. . i. . 1
iaaw rvituneii hit wmhi I ill'' hi IIULWl'.li. '
standing llie rain and thi.-k weaiber, with
Liyi-ijxjol Jnli:s to the 21t uU.
The a li'ices from Oif eat of War cm
bi.iTij no movumems of irjiportun-e.
1 no fcjyt impor'ant evniit in railutment
Iduring the w:!k, hfts been llie rt'j"oiin of
thu mo.io i le bv Mr. R-k-Iiu- k. for a
ensure of l!. (i vi-nna?,whiidi I'U'ttains
the PuhniTnion Ministry. The motion
was lvfe;t'.cd by a intjoiity of one bun
irel. Tiie Utest report from London nvn'ion
a r that Lord John But-! waa :j b
poriar,.-e, tjc.-pt formidable prcparaiions
for at. as .ult upon MtkoiT. and two or
thr.'e ru;i!l norths which w.t r tu!-ed.
T!l8 Ta,k, wn , s Jj:tli.4(HI Fr,,ui
r -
from B lidar to B l Al iva wh-r another
secret exp;.li.iua is prep 1 ring perhaps for
0 le -sat.
Tin; Turks are braW'ng Kirs, and the
Tnik s in Aia ure hard prts -vd.
Deuinaik refu-es to abol-..-.!! iha R.und
dtt 'S, an I ill" I'l'tieral wrrtlul the War i
I not cnci.uraitig to the allici. Ttiere have
been, however, -sum1) ehgot su 'cRises.
Tlifo Rorlies Weie raide upon the
French from M d.ikotl' tow-r on the ni;l-t
of the 15-ii, an 1 all rt-pul-u'd. Artotiu i
1 sortie wn mil-; ugtiint lb.- En'iihou ihe
F.a;n ill 'ht, wl.icli was also rouul'ed.
On tin; niedit ofih'; 1 2.h. a nor ie was
Trl-tde fi-ii.ll tlui batteries of CI i;-j-r. j n r Ft.r
J which was vigorously repulsed.
1 The Russian ships wt.j b'-ir.:n'' to suf
f-.-r from tho Fieuch l.a:ttrri-s at Qiuras
tine Bay
The report that Gor'achhkoiThitj refviv
I targe leinfcrcerjcDis, is fully co.tCiia
A El.ick Sea Expedition is bcln-j It;.!
out, lis destin itioti i unknown. It i. sip-po-trd
to be a'tiust Odessa, or for the ic-li-.d'of
ihe Tuiks who are hard tress-.. I in
Anatoli Asia. A dctaci.m -nt of ihe Itas
siau arr.iv hatl advi need up At Ku'ai. and
... .... .... ...i-.
more were nr-ssmi.' intra usn n.e iuiss
iL'ori ii.e i.iiiis,
wero hrinoin -!
.. f ',. - i
M U nion of tl.e
itiditon. lneUissisns
th"ir siege irutis, and the
Turkish force was considered very otitici!
s the P.ttssiitui hold t!io rjslsat E.Z.
voun". The reduction of lie Austiian forcer
still continues.
The British ships of war aro roeonoo'k
ering the approaches lo Abo.
A Rtiiau oS -ial jou' iisl, under date
of July 31, complains lhat six English
boa's under a Gag of truceentered the har
bor of Kiuma Hil l piunJcred the shipping,
until tbey were driven oil' by a thurp. tie
from the share.
The Austrian Government has address
ed a ciicnbir to iho German Dit strong1)
lavoiing p'.'ace, and ibreatning to holJ iL"
Prineipaliiii-s wi.ili hos.iiities continue.
Siie atks moreover lhal the Germanic Con
federation maintain Us present atl'.tu le.
Tiie Di it replied, that circumstances do I
not call for liO 'h measures, and it does not
contemplate extending it obligation or
Tiie Pailiiimentary busine.53 l.as been
uninipoi tun!, except iho vote oil Rjeback's
It is reported that Sir Benjamin Hall
will be appuiuted Commissioner of Public
Works, and Sir John Shelley, Pieaident of
the Board of Health.
The advL'cj from France arc wholly un
The rupture between Rome and Sp tin
is co.nplcie. in consequence of llie Church
Hrop-r y bill, an 1 the P.tptl Chargo has
demaiidi'd bis passport.
Tiie Black Warrior dispute had been
dctinately set, led, by an allowance of an
iiidemui v of one tmllioii of reals.
A Gjn'eral of the C trlist army had been
been shot al Garonne.
Several revolutionary skirmishes had ta
ken place at Burjnis.
Dsu Escaleute has been appointed Min
ister lo Washingt jn.
A treaty with the Dominican R-publie
has been sanctioned by the Cortes.
Tiio Allied Powers have rxpres-ed their
formal disapprobation of the insurrection
in Modena. Numerous arrests have beu
made in SpeZii t and elsewhere.
The Fiench gariUons in Rome have
been reinforced.
Mszzini publishes a letter in Geneva pa
pers, warning lha Italians against Boaa
partist intrigues.
Most of tho small German States are
preparing to disarm.
The resignation of tho Hanoverian Cab
inet is hourly expected.
Dissensions, it is said, still exist between
the Cztr and Constantino, tie. I it is repor
ted that llie Crown Prince of Piu-si t is a-
hout to proceed lo S
as medii tor.
Petersburg!! to act
A man was lecently arrested on the La
Porte and Chicago road for pulling up the
spikes, and deranging the rails so ns to
throw the train from the Irack. It was nt
a bridge, and if the scheme had succeeded
the destruction would have been terrible.
The perpetrators were Irishmen who had
qceii discharged for unfaithful conduct.
On Tuesday of lust wct-k, the Court
House in Taylor county, Virginia, was
struck by lightning while the Court was
in session, and ono person killed and ever
itl others injured. The msn killed w is
Rev. Ht-zekUh Dunham, n young man who
had recently beeu ordained over tho Bap
tist Church.
The ba-qu Therese, ' ftrrir?d at New
York on Friday, brought three cnsM of
bronze statuary , beintrthe statues of Jeff
erson and Patrick Henry, with has reliefs,
wrought for the Stale of Virginia, by Mr.
The New York Settlement in Esnas.
named Council City, has now about 1,5 iO
inhabitants, a saw-mill, post-office, sabbath-school,
hundreds of ai res in cropa, &
a general scene of prosperity and perfect
health. .
There m a rnrrior sflo.at hat a cashier of
a Wall street bank, who is also an officer
of the finance department, i defaulter to
a oonsiderabltt amount, varionsly estimated
at from S25 000 to 810&0U Particulars
TUEuruEuu wxcav bepiiut
'r is,.
Jjli-1 ' lofc ltu tld o Jut,, lit U1J .or at.d
1 f'l.
ci t
amount r-jc.jivl froui lh Mut:
Co.uu.ou ftail l-unU ....$J(.ts 44 0
l:.tjr-u i,u atfUlOu IS S .3 !J 0
'Cut puum iUcI kS Hi
of '(.did by OOul.iy Vi M 0
Trcule a uUaasa 4 So W
To anoint race!4
19 8C7 as t
""inio lo Z7S eo J
Fo.-TaiM tlWI
P r f-n-) Licilsw In, u, 0
Fir H,Slr' 00 l
Por b in A 4ke. aim Caonty. . 2U1 ill
For H:..t CoiotooA KcUo.l
Fund, bt'anaa 5, SCI U 5
ForK'.jool Fuadfroui HocX-
tir'oJi.ly 7M0
For Koad coal SO i V
F.r Ail. tion 1.i.i,m t lb a
From Ju,fcjof tii Put .. 63 tj V
from CSjiifT. W tti tt
Frata i jSto Judga S . ni 0
554 M 5
7isir.jDc.t ioe'3tonth((n.il 1)1. u.t: lltf.ic 31 S
Tirtal Eao)pU (MS CIS I j 3
ii . t mm
'fnonnt bat St- Trt-aaaror
.'UjTk eolltiud n 0
J4liLqubttsor ;X3ni.. lo i
f-,dla.-- L ce .i.., ID o, 0
Aur.Milurl Puu!,t.Uo. 4. 60 'J
ic.au u o
Ot titio-i; n,;d on Cormtr Ort..r-
F.r. i (courier e.'.Ki Sii 9
Fiona 0 o 5.1 13 M 4
Third a S.'Jil S
Fojri'a do tbi" St) 1
n SSI (St
3y ain't ?MT'mT mils.-j 4 Sr U
Uy H'lH.ot of Tr-ajrr'a I.
On ;.i d :.;- iJiu tr, t
On ?5 StIM 3 l I par e..l it
Ob l.b7 58 Bali, wtut 4e nt
1ST It 7
umijotof t.t.-m IS Firi!l ji.m --t 1 1
ic.-.jfjiid i.2 M.) I, MS. il UU
d-l lo Alll!l, I'M .. JH54 4
do do X'ci!nb-rl,l''-l54 If 4 J
d , io Fra-irr I. IM l,bJ4 i 3
do do X..J 1, L-SJ tj 10 3
-tjtj e?c
Tj'.al Stpcnittaret i:-.ieM
OAu.ta In Tr4..ur) Juoa 1, 1CSS . T)T?
Kjipoctrallr nub-riittetj. "
2 J.'. Alio iriiiYtiUi.. T.-l1rsr Fairfield Co.
:.Xfi:t' Willi ttiarouc!ii5r' tnj fonrx to ba correct.
DANIKL iat llOi p,
JU3 T, ITiJ Co-ajiiuioora Flra.-Iu Co-tt.
FatIt-mi tj o:Jr of tie tlosr-J.
J. W. 'I0WS0N,
Js!to it, K33, Auditor of r.lrC.-lu cbjntj.
I I'.iiti.t vi .r;.i : d lu.rM.
Arat-.oc.'i Orricx, tJiti$-Xro-st,r,
. J.L;.2-ri.. Jl :u 11. '
Tb3 o.TlJ.-j'ms'l, tbiii! t,lil.-r, .i, T.r.t.t lo
-. iu u ':i.r o.d. ru: il? Cuai.ij i. j .niii., hin-
1 'U-ll.'., tj 1.1. C llZ J. Ot . ...1 V . I. .. . ..f
l:( j r. i,i,iri oi tn. . h. .., ,i. . ,rr .., ,1
- ...,ui.v.i. .u
i,J'aa-'-iA1'-''t J t.vji.-.'o .-Ei-rr.i:LE;:i. i;i
"t'lOJi.t mi or jjjiLjrt of I'.Ljr H in
F..r.-u.t. FtUj. yu'l.ti
CorV.-Oii,.. .
.:lliin b.j..r,i,cjut- i.'J.tir
ii'i-'jrl ,
Pj.- li it.iukrj r
' :tu.-sj !i
Pro oil.- Judira
For li.quiu'
ii.i-jUoroi iiiflrniarj
Vitrri, aumjo.a & Cimli.uirc on ro.da
Pr b-D0Btrj
For t. I.:gj4
F r Fel
bh)r!il .'.
Frlt.irrdt Trut. elb&um forabattal'e
Jacb U Cljrt,.-;ii.j.Kl-j for J II
G. or C. Hoo.1, pau-Xt'd ui'J gl..in if lI
Cturt Hu ise UbO Ju:l ,
Tandsuiark. W.l.onaad .'.li.-n.ci.rb..i.t.;f
wort al Juil
ForiiiUrit on J3A Co ii.it jiii.d
Mri.WYert-for qutitiiitCou.fort.fjrJi.il
Oilio EeiU forpjbtuhnii luwltS4
A. Si'.U.t tut li.bax tot tv K':in bi.rt
S'; hifii Kmitii for Iron Eod.tt-hdifor jatl
jj. A. UiJsUony fde man At'.orua; ....
V.l .'i; K. State raa mi At'cjrii-j
Jotia harbart fjr icrubbiu OSltoi
John tJ2'brry for wbitaulili.r 't Jntl
For':b-.crl.! iii toLnniraltar G .lelt?. ...
V. L. Jaisrisif.ir ar, icon t;. onlr C'.tu'a
Ji.bn GeojUli. fir Ltoolc CnforAi'dltor'i
03c ai.il onHotbotfOrofJit P.Judr-s.
Jo.l iindotdtitrb or lntorol oa lioat'.c
itj l-oal li, .is
J-it.n tij.iia.-t for tf rric--a raJaulior
15 1 H I
S B (i t,
Vtv, Jj b
4' 9 b
1 M C
1 . (i
1U tu b
4 I'j I
HI to o
H. lb t
1 11 (i
li! 64 D
1 9 r. tl
est! :j o
5 il t.
3-3 .4 b
8 S3 0
si :c e 1
le tv ii I
10 tt b
ac 1'4 v
Itu tb
H3 :S
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4i 40
1 2b U
S tb 0
15 tt b
19 CC'C
l.SrS CO C
U it.;.l..fc- V.tlsi Bc (orii.uttt ou Ka.l
toad Boii'ln
Liiicnjtsr Outer .' rtrjbliitiiLf lawn 154
b&ugar. WL;tajibJ LatU. tut il.irdwar
ror OJt-ji
For far-jj rfubdsd
J. W. Holtfor work at oaico of P. Judg.
For uoiit'?
V. E. haw f-irsrrritas ua School Exara'r
Cleri CosrtCtfmuiob Plas..
w wu
5d 4 tl
0 13 C
1 So 0
E tS b
le 55 e
ti b b
. 8'1 "-0 M S
A'-noui.t pt'.df.-r Txa rafauded
EK 1, 1554.
Itid 12 3
G. J.v. rori.rticl.-ifor'.ijrt ioji.j
cLd Yt itijle ::td Coii.l?id'4 Co.irtJ,
Geo--! livoj, GijjauttU Gluzittiittourt
6 33 0
11 ar.u j.
tj r.d Jjtl S tt C
tlt.ff::.-. J.-iil OO CorOl.ar1! il..ioi..t 1 tt I)
G. W. hiiuSt f jj):u L'ittcim;..'..... 4 i5 ll
II. A G -o.-rl-iu. Ciill.; for TrcCratc?. 8 Si7 b
For rrt-.i-hi on, d: ba-iline Scaxil Eouk 3 J3 ('
M.irtiu Ku?)- Clark Fv-et 163 !fj C
f'"'-; i'i t-i b
luot Koj4!ij, D.nlul ColliiiiSJI.Di.n-
al 1 jchCifit 3t8 raetai County CuiuVri
EJiu.-r. A htl-i .imt Litla Tor Ilardwaro
for Ju'A ani Court Ho io
P. Uii:-.Jj:a Lumber and CoJ for Jatl
8:iJ Court Hii'ti,
J iliu T. Hrasi i f.ir.l .feiijir.i; U..VU
.V MVi.ni Si 'iliichfurdstsiici oe Sjilndlar
Tlift!0.a SiiHin.oii lor brickwork at Jail
!'ntn.l Jud.tf
At . li no Mintiull l'cci m Coroner....
School Fund
Projouiii c Auorncv
? CO 9
0 C3 b
C. D VI i-l:u i;ijc.I Proiocullnj Attornjy ieo io u
For S'ctrionery 6" ed 0
Joliu .arlcirt'lci.iijjr omo? clfsn 8 eo b
F.irTnii'itfr usod by Mipervisori 2 6S 0
For lo,!iira 3 05 U
J.ilin C.-Ueluui Book Case for P. Jdr;e SI ist b
CI ottiii.r for Priioiiora I "S C
School J'xatninra 18 tu li
A. Ssifen.in full, batar.co foruialtibj Ii-
doc to fo oitv Kecordi 1"1 CJ C
Biiil.1ir.jc Bridget 1,E55 w U
Jo.t c- 5'i ia o
CiuJl.tblei 144 11 0
Viewers. &c 5.". btl U
Eupjiort of Puitpjri 143 5.i b
Ir -i.-runry Slu 43 i
1- t.vu .LJ Kf. CJ b
Juror S'4 M ti
V.'itaOMaj l'.tl id b
S5.1i tl P4 4
Amouct pcil Ii. ColliuiFoo m C'ty Com'r 40 ISJ 0
linial 1'M'tiojip KciiajCoCoiiiuiiiiioiidr 34 tu b
Ttluiilu Ht).',. i-'ouh ea Co Cotiimit-ioil9r 4 t!U 0
Ii.tir.-il ou liomoii'ic li.lil linad U.lu'Jl BIS ( U 0
I-'nr Cioiiiib tor prlsoiiera 1 13 (;
For Hoi-ord tlooknuoil Stationery C1 5ti 0
School 1.x en. re-.:.. ; S4 too
G i irira rl.S.uiiti f ir atp jus: of Pauper feo 14 0
C. Kud iljia for cour-ej 'jr noti'tto Cum'n 5 5' b
U. Ktiyin-.tD'l a PUrsiviaii iu Lunacy cui 3 to 0
II. rta.ioijiU lor Co iln .fee. for Pup..-r.... 0 50 0
F ir Ho.t..j.-9 and Vlexrapbaig..., S3 C5 (J
For Brl iif 4(3 iil b
Is. Ai Hiuhar.tforrHirsititifir liaivruota.... 115 b5 0
For Itppairsand Funttt m for Juil,Ouo-3
pud Court Ilousj....; 47 35 0
William Potior for Tdlgmphlc 1 15 0
r-ch .-l Fund 207 lid 5
l ululll. SchUlch dcGraber, for Pribtlu;
SUuit. cu T31 11 0
Tutliill, Scbl elch vii GrobarforAdT. act. lit? 31 C
School Fund for Liclinc eouuly i;s 81 0
d do Hockiue eoauty 1 01 b
Comity Tat 9 s.' S
PMI.I.U JO-iiT l Hi TP 0
F.Daiti 'or rouvoyluit Lonatici to A.vlicn JJ El U
I'rndocutinc Attornuy SU tb 0
Kttira.4.. ci irct on scbctol Ap&ratu 1 C5 0
Taituii refunded 7 S3 4
l'irjctor of th" Ir.drmary .' 10 50 0
Wiltia-.n L. JjrTrln Co.mty Auditor 3 &4 I)
TNuaurar for ilop-oclat ii Bault p.ipar 0 tu (I
F r fturriort of out Paupers 1C1 37 0
WmeM 119 f S 0
For Inlirmary purposjs SiS tt b
For bl Kti out 47 05 0
Jii.tlcai S" B b
I'o.uiabUt tfi Ofl 0
Clirk Co art C-mltrn Pha 133 73 0
Ytanara, etc. on Bonds 31500
Fbtritr 1S1 lib 0
For Fual M 87
Troai irora. fur making BSltiemanU of
Scb K.l Fund 11 00 C
Juror 1b4 4 0
S513S W 5
FOR THE arAHTtn EXmO JlST. l. 1F4S.
Amount paid for Wltiuiu' Fa 4 J 53 C
Jurora. Grand. T,-rti,- ai d TJiinna.... Vti f? 0
6chool Fund t Snear G ove:
do Ratbirlll.
do Lancft-tsr..
do LUti ipnli
da ntMmm.a
do Franklin County
TownJitP Vaai to Hocking
S14 98
S40 "4 8
6.50! SO S
462 17 5
9 54
171 S4 !
sen w 1
5 5 IS I
(14 43 1
S'4 tr i
?3 13 3
Biooio. .
Kirn ..
Amanda .
TTolat ' .
r s
r ee
194 87
0T t t
t 4f0 51 (I
M ' C
CWTJOratlon Fnsd to Lirrastar
do B-ilttmora
do 1,'ioopom
4J SS e
tmtonlti$ i. . .
Haup.-ra . .
r..i.,Lbln . . . . . .
For autionvry. Boot aa4 B adlar
Rvpalra. Pur&,tr aad an.al wr Oficaa
l'l" '
Jtlattion rata - . t , .
m,wun a:torty . .
Ju4iCt . . , . , . .
Fr:g.ii.Erpr:jt.T:g.-tpS Lcl FcntJa
lrn.tiM bi.ee. ;e . , . . '
Road Viwvra. no . . . .
Sj'.ttlug Scuu) (r oad atco3Lt , .
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1 1 If li
1: I 45 9
to' '.s e
J 01
tit t 0
K Sb V
10 44 V
14 4C 0
u. ( s
e i o
t U V
io i e
5-'a . . . - . . . s; M
l-SU F.,r?54 B 10 V
lUr,t Ki'lroad Moid, dr pramliiiB U.f t SM It
J.ihu I. H a.j,.d -I ii.iri.sr Urwi . igtl
N.irt:ai.d SahlfM-h Fra Lilly a. Com".- Iv tl
M .r.in ,.i,d feib.eicu 1 .t toil.-tt.i . - IHm
Jobii I', fct'.ri.d ! i o. LO,'i l.ti all ISC CO
"' t0""1 r'" "' flcbM-K , 7 10 0
J" ""i 0 u- U l i to lag I iJJli.a . S C 0
Fui'M.l Jl arj'.,i?r .... SI 6C t
Clottctif f ir H tH . , , ,' )tvt
P.iri.(in;r La-J'r.i.vf , , , t 4f 0
T'lDbTO -J o; Sip-,lt,or, . . 1 Si V
jihci ,onu,..rj4 Co'.btr Cots'ar
. v cn o
EC w i
Echool Fui.it. to V :ilrt
, e.t:-i ts t
. I KM I!
. S R l 4C 5
. i .cm : i
S i,3 n i
. .M'.9
. IS 0 II 6
8 i C7 1
1.8'S n 4
. vj- : 3
. ra is a
fr . t
a- t 45 i
tl K.aak
A tuiJiila
I'll ,
K itu.-a k
V iilmit
T0tat ...
rircr;itu .oti'-n.
First Cf-artpr andti.!. PMth le'j
J 0 fM 9
i r'3 U 4
' ;A. 4 1
Second do J-cj ic, f 1. d .
I olrd do ' M r:b 1, Uii ..
ra.-ia. aj .-J
T1;t :riDilaoocao t'r.ln i' K.3 t
i, W. TOW "S, Countv Ajditor.
tineas!-, Jjjv 10. luiJJ.lJ
or xrx.t isscif atce company, jjj i. iiis.
(rouirjd b) law of jl) 1,1-it.ol ilioku.l of uti.o.
''SHE hiiBJ or tie, f oryorlfoi. l ETXA INTC
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is, Act of Iniorporsttoa ! ta ra f! l.d In Juf
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1654. THOMAS A. A1.XA"LEH. Bacraiarr.
STATIi 0? CO.N.VECTtcrr. H..r.ford Coot f,
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P.-rjoritlr anocard Tpu A. At.YtM. fiorr-
fur? of ma Ii.traci Coor.Ki, ai.cl u.--Jo.'.h
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rart nf the purchase moi-a) for a teriu of year a: 7
per pel.t !.i:tr3.t.
Forfait icf-irmatirin or tu ttis? pr!c, terrr.s 'f pay
ment. &C. :i(T ly to 'n. Rn-tlelt. E0- on the prenll-
ses.ort.. P. B.'t.elr.?.,ortha ubicril.!ri;t Limca-tar,
Jjiiy 10, laSri inr T. EwiXft,
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Linoiit jr, Jul; lu, :. J5.
DetiraMe Cjtr rroperty for Sale. - .
.-iev 1 J1HAT 08ir!.l? prapunt lofltt-4 on Wh!
"t-; f! ImtPlri-t.-Offr of 15..1 All . l,li:(r KO
fatstoi, Whaliti? by 'man BYo..d AU-jt.-,
R4iIliC COnt.il-.J S rti3;iM. kitLllsn, Oultaoi. A.,
with all Ihj conr-jhttfii. j. or a r.cu Ir riiH -rc-i alio
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Strbij. arc. Taru.trdxtoi.ablj. Fo-furihr partcu
lart enqal a of l.tlTE dt DitiuDACliS.
liknoaUr, July 5, 1MJ
fl: rtot'ee.
A Pstltlaa will b pw-'ntsS lo th? Cord of root
.'4 ml ouartof F airfl o 'nt; att'.u.r n tt 3JS"on.
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tb Rock Mill toitr Intjrsoalon with thj I ar.pttr ar-l
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foli'onip.p point, in Hto e a tott.biii in said uo-ji-tv. ba
vacatsd. to wit: From tti" mo ifl of Jccib Botlan
b'i;!i'4 Inn j totln Z on ( birch roa.1. nd prayttr tbat
n uaiv co;inty ro.id be la.d out Rr.d MViblUh ..1 lioin-oo
th 3 rollowinV pointt. Iitrli.i.iiieratlba mo nti of Jacob
Bullmliaach's lati: tbincs runntrir Pjutb alo::(r tlr.
S?ctlni llnoei btic );n tb j llid 0' I'l.til Jam1 B.-:Mn-baich,
Puiuaal C.rl.l. Hinry Warner. Amo W olOl
und l.avl Williuojiion to .'. Larenit ir at.d Royaltno
roail.atthi co'ti i- of th I imi? a' ti'l Wjlih oridttll.
liamton tu i-id Bloom towi.jiilp r.thi rvtr.-n.ii.no.
July , lH53-4-9 MAXV I'ETl T10.VEKS.
r.xctiArVic i r r.'-; nK-i"t-.i..i,
Cornrr ol Mtlii l' I r n-nhii- sfr-rt't.
TS proparsd to do all kln.I of nr.n'tlnsb'ijlnin. DIs
counu rood "Voti. Hay lt ttiicnrrant Man iy nt
hlcbist prico. buv, snd salli Oo'-i tni 8'tnf. liaal
in E .cbinu of all tel. ids. M.A.m collict.or. nt any
plica. Py lnt3rist on all Dtpt'l'u. And dkltts
ii til . r V ' A H i A . -i. i'i
of whlctt 100.0CO acru sra wnti'l: nnd wh jti old r
truarafit iad lu avsy rdipsrl, to locati land wall a
coin. Forum of anil-nine and liculh.ir and any Infor
mation In ill .tion to Wrrtnit ir in w lltngly to . y
onslbit ap.ilUt. V ir H'tiJ't Bji, JVa'M -,sia-tifpar
T. W. TAUJiStGE. .
LiBoatr. OMa. Jatj IT). iei4rCtr
A. 0. BAH LOW, jr.D.,
OFFICE 1n Tallraadirs Block. Main FlreeUUticaat
tor, Ohio. at.e-rw tt.
Prof. C. T. WIHInniK. M. D. cioval-Ki!
H. P. Oatcl.Ml. M.J. C'"'-M'
A.O. Hii-lr, V. V.. Cnltliuhn.
j. H. Putta.M. 0.. daoluuMiV tprtlU
PF.RSOXShaTli!; claim acalnrt T S. rinnebtr-r,
ill praarnl th g t j."?;x
T. A I K . V- V !N ' T'
IW'tXat nil (Iras orioaro lh pro-.o ale-amart
ltd pjy tha R'ari-nt p-.C't.-i aa; for:.ysuinhorof
Biiatr : a-ti ifarr mtt.
Pj-aorsor who.a I n,.ifle''iel .-,-;ic:.lia4 irtU dt
wotl Kt ciltluf nn in lviProt'i-.;:i(iia-;'''-'ji
iiTcVjT-.1V, Jury vt-irr x trjv w t

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