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I -
J wteraCra.poDo.oc.
St. Pacl, Mismsota, Aug. o. op.
Dm Mac The rush of emigration .to
Ais region ha somewhat abated owin:j.
no douK, to the extreme hoi weather and
proverbial sictnes of this season of the
vp Although the uew-comera are nol
as numerous at this particular period as
some two montns since, yet me uin
aspect of this new and flourishing city is
quite a a itteiinjf as in early spring. In
f tct it i really astonishing to we the ft
mout of business done all orer Hits youth
ful Territory. and., the. wpiilify wish whi.'h
new towti spring into being" is unparal-1-U1
1 in the historv of our country, and
lheir 4 growth" ouff urpissed.in .Califor
'nlt.' "Tliero are already publishe't 'he
Territory fourteen weekly nf w.-pnpers, and
several others are 'in contemplation.- lit
6. Paul, the progressive inhiii.iiant boast
of fonr dairies, newly printed; abU t!.l!:ed
and liberally p!Uron'Zd..- iu
f(KMliDt 61 the A merlons, Mawi
iiitiut lie Id at Coionibiw o the 0th
Tlie Mass Stnto Convention of." Ameri
cans called for the purpose of giving- vent
to their feeling agaiust Ciusx and Mi
Bin, met at the City Hall in Columbus on
the Ml Below wu give acoudenscd re
port take? KonHJie vrny j
tige of that mslign foreign influence wbieli
threatens our institutions. - .
Retolotd. That the interest! of the peo
pie of Ohio require a radical change to the
polioy and orgauiied law of the Slate - re
garding our curreucy aria taxation sysicm.
and that wo will c-naeavor to outnm
cooperation of our citizens of all parties to
securo a reform.
Hesdccd. While we denounce the outra
TlarPesuoctntio 'Meeting: saUTHE LAST OF THE PIONEEflS. 1
" ' Perrf County. , . vv "WVmet the venerable Israel Donald-
' 'locmMiv'' Of last.weelt -civwi " ihe streev last WedMftdaj.
, -4.no m w - 9 . . jj w u t tome days to
Oloui!, dUcriptioa of thw "fvgdi in this vicinity, and though
Amtncan. JJemoMtrattoa, uom "tvi-hir., few monihsof ninety, reutna rue
a s T - w F . l AT . I. n -.4 Vn. hilla aVtil fln
Conwnnon was culled toorfler when: f , . ,. jeoanmuntooT Hational
M'nAVaM. of Cim innati,' moved th.rlfiavnrlmeB!. tK8 Dunishiient of all who
Jiub ft.EU.r, orutureiiina. oe oauea w tue
Mr. Kollr ton k tlm siiiiid snd"rna3
rery short peooh. He said he understbo4-L
the ol)J"l of the Cunwn:iou was to nora-
innto an honttt man fm Uuveruor of Ulno,
Ou motion, iJX. IvEAH-fltAJm.T
ted acomojiUfu to report permanent .Otn
roble of Hishland. Htt!heson of Mad-
Qtinnettof Knox and Hatcher of Bel
crive some extraets. It say:
"The unterrified Derooc raoy assemUoU
at this place on Saturday last to the tiutu-
berot ntivi'i
faottlues reraarUbly well walks about at
l!plcaiu-o. couvcrsos with animation, ana
-ir-o ' wi.Vnnt It is now near
Itf 400.' There were pel haps as aixtr-lout years s'ace he cmi.Ta.oa iro.n
lare a number of persons ta . VV"14e wacr-uu,.-. -. . ;-
lion present. William Alton, bo. Hon i.
r ...t.i ta r ,.,.; Dr. OUs and otu-
trimple hpoo them,' w wilVneTercoalece
f'tth an ultra' teotioaal jiarty'whioli for ,h
accoplishmeiit of.it end, proclaim' its
and mafrnYTojdnd inoperative.
Rttulvcd, Tliat snu-e the organiiation 01
our uovuinmeut, condidatn for Gorernor
iluut.iiMiB.aMlauiiid.aa 1 ho . represenUUve
t - i .
nwiToniieTrpaHy and "their "Trltind. that
w1i!lo lion.. Salmon lyl Chase, mny repre-
Mtni tlirt Abolitionist of Ohio, -ami. Hon.
and liborallv piiron'Z'Hi.-- m point ot no-
oraliiy towards the precs I doubt whether
. tho same numbor of tnhabitnnw in any ot
er portion of the whole country exel Urn
oUisens of St. Paul. The St. Paul papers.
..however, have been, chieflj 'inalruiuenul
in developing the ruKOurces of the Teriilo
rvv and without their aid it would not now
. occupy so ffreat a share of puhlio nttentiun,
-. -..Perhap in UQcity in the . foun ry has the
. !mwip:iper press had so no verful an iull-
. .". vwf for crood, and well doeilb'ircomt her
. s n citijwnsto tx'end H that encouragement it
. justly merits. ., The paper .published
hero are the Pioneer, Jfinttetalian, .T'mtM
" and Memocrut; the former establishment
. .ilia mmt ovtunsieo mm in tlmcilv. iIhiultIi
v.i -in p f injlutnce, perhap's, tliB. Ijnuttior.
. '""".Iwh riMjk' first. '. ,- -
t -'f i The seaaon. until nuito reconilyi ha
i been uooa-ually dryt- and. the crops ma UT'
' .J . ing in July ami iIil first of this month will
be meagm inc;onsequne thereof. With'
" in the past week wu Imvu li.id several very
s -fVliarJ nower, with any ouaiitity of thun.
nlor ami lightning, , the litter doing somu
s . .-. Carnage in this .place and Minneopolis by
' , striking . n store room in each place no
" -.r Vcry serious damage however. These
"i ..... limply tains will be of inuulculiible valuo
t t, , to the vegetable crvBlion, and tho abundant
J ' j'tel l of potatoos, cubbage, (to., will go fir
.-.' 5o,"fil up" tho "vaiium" otciisionod by
- '.Mhe fuilui of Uio wheat crop. i nuro wii
. . bu a largo yield of . coin in many portion
of the Turriioiy, and the. lata oats nop will
. ,, , .do most tX';elloi)tly. standing thiek on the
ground, tall and Wull headed, forty and
.... lit'y bushel of oats per pre is an onliuary
,;.; yiuld in this Territory wlien the season is
- , Livomhle, and as high, as six hundred
,. hushels of pot.nioes have been raided on one
.aero. These figure look Urge, yet they
aro based on fartt.
., The luoib-jr traffio constitutes a great
source of revenue and its scarcity or a
bundani'tt has creat influence on nearly
. - every depanmenl of oomrnercb and traJo,
This teason lumber, has been outraeuously
I ii'h, raninjj from 25 to 830per thousand,
owintf to its scarcjty. Sixty million feel
, of logs are lying ut the present time iu Rum
lliver, tumble to "reach tho mills In Conse
,' quance of the low stnge of tho wnte.r.
.The vuluo oflhese (ogiiisestimiueu, iu over
8830.000. , It is to bo hoped, however,
.. that the rocont rains will rniso the wuter
. . . .;. sufficiently to enable the lumbermen toge
their Ions to the mills.. This extreme scar
t'uv of lumber ha irreft'.lv reiarded the
'.-' . growth of the towns of the Territory, put
., .ting n q a id ii to all. building opmaliotm,
. , wliiith has ueeossaiily caused a great sent
. city of dwellinir houses, and the new eomr.
. .. er finds it uext lo itnpussihle toprovuroa
. s oof oiider whinh io ludie himse.li and fam-
'ily, Jlujits are enormously high "-twelve
aud fifteen dollars per month being nkod
for the merest apology for a bouo with
. "acaruely , room enough for n comforieble
: v big pun.
... Hiih 4ciitsand hitrli puces for livin? are
,, . - whnt Uiq poorvniiaraul must expect loett
counter and ewicume. The mornunt he
. l:n,ls in the Territoi V vot waee for nil
.. kinds of labor tio propor ionauly higl
. .. . s and w'ii health, energy and industry most
.. f anv voiiuir . man in must any kind ul'occu
. pulion cannot fail to thrive. Huudredi of
. tiorsuns who came heio a few years ml'o
'.....j without a dollar are now independently
Wealthy. The opportunities to make uiou
ey, however, me not so great as then, and
' ' h little cnpiui is requirud to do much of a
'. bu-iiiess. Lstil rannot. bo hud now. as
then for a dollar and ft tjuarter -'per acre
that will sell Ih (hit course of .three or four
ytats forone hundri'd dollars per acre.
y;t still there are great inducement oiler-t-d.
to the speculator in public, lands. nd
, '. with the ai l of n few hundred dollars and
a I'litile tti'it" wealth is sure lo follow will
diivc ed vxenious,
- The absorbing political topic, at tliO pre
cntiime.isiheelectionofa Delegate to Con
gresi. Threo regularly nominated candi
( date arts in the field, vis: Mciisri. Hicn,
Oliistkd and Mahuhall. The two forn
. er bilonging to the emocratie winjjof
the political element and the latter th lie
... . puh!i an inndi.Iute. There rcem lo be
ureal confusion in ths Dentocrntio funks','
and a most bitter warfare is Roinj on b
t , twen ilio Rice and Olhstid men. The
uominaiion of Olvstco was the result of
-. split in ths Convention nomiuatinz Mr.
Ricb. The Rici Convention failed to bi-ing
out a platform of prin ipU-s, and although
the uimsteaii lonventiou ostensibly plant-
1 Uftelf on the Baltimore Platform and eu
dorses the Administration, yt it is secret'
ly el ilmrl that Mr. Olmstiu is in favor of
. , . the Kepuul of the Rspeal. This is doubt
. " ' lesj a trick resorted to in order to draw off
- that portion of the Democralio vote favor,
'.v bleto Mr. MAnstuLtonaccountofhisop-
tosiiion to the Nebrak outrage. It is to
u r e hoped that Mr. Olmsted will withdraw
. from the contest, in this event the mctwss
of the Ryuhlican ii,-ket would W certain
at brenent, U is doubtful. The cWtion
, comes off on the Second Tuesdav of Octo-
., ber. There is no doubt a Verv krve dis
i . . . .
erswerannounceo a-r..--- - - - rr X- - --- -r .t- in Ht. is,now
casion; when ihe people V'' ? 1 ".W.tod.
4&il.i luv, . .
-j.- . -. - . 1 r
waiiont. IraitsaoUnfi-ftPI. .'inie ,usi
nss, the meetyig ftiljourncd.lilr hAlfim
2 o vloi'k llua ftriwn. thsTa
At half pas ff P .rvtM.;v-WT.JtQ
wns.nii!incaIli(,tooriUf.; ,
Thii rnmnntipnoB Pm manenl XJr!rfiniZa
lion. ftiroqh-..M"r. v B-afdi ;HmlltojiJ
mrlt. it r. nnrt. which WM aduTTtod.n.T ' l
...PreitJetU-r-Jon UAyjUOMcQi
mont. '.. I.u,-s .!. h sJ,i-,t.( .vlf
i , Thewuwero ?l rii! Psdiit.otwbord
none toh iho wnih a udjows:"" - f '
Vict pmd,tei3t&8.'BnH
RolMrt VI . E4.lv, Mt.KH)lr.B'l
Mariln-. John WJ BfiW. T.tfAMoorer 1
C- War... Ar WrtrthiiirenfUmnvl i'etit
J.' ATi-lmHT ; W, MeBxth,1? Albert
Dunning, J. II. jHmsv J imea iMnmeit, D
Humphr. ys, Kli M. PKiifiidon.'J.H. Jones
DrA.b ill tra rsny, Jotrn uonweu.. .
Serftiiririi.-Z. It 5 BHtUy; - O'tiood
Muzzy, J. O. Jlearoi'pnild M. Brist-r;-'J
''I -"''.' '!'
' On taking tho ' Chair, : Mr. Davenport
mado: a -speech. IIo said he presumed
thoy would be- sneered at as .tioitffAice,
and feio'w,lui hf felt that the pres
ent Was an important crisis, and that if the
purposes of the Rcjlubliflan ; Convention
were .carried" out they would end'' in Hie
Hissoluiion of the Union. Ha desfred to
do what hd could to avert suoh calami
IVra. Wediir tlie" BelfrasU " Peraocrats or
tho 8tate, 6othof therd aiiV tie farthest
wer announced a fpeakers on the no-
lir. -Kmit I O uklCKt' K Va
found that none of the dmingiimi.eu yeu
tleroent expt Dr. OKI were-preu.
At the meeting of the Republican on
Fairfield County held in the Town Hall of
the 6.U iustaut the following Gentlemen
were appointed the
KfrueucAif CoMstrtTtu.
ry 241787! ton bio, a fcchooluoast-r ftqd
liiventmwia an almost uubrokoa wilder-
f or tcai-.hiiig a smau acnooiaw-
.:,!, I. wut,;n niA took uo his reav
A a. hi trt in ihu .tbeu county Qf
One Bhl..ich (Sly) ot " l,"J"i rnv iith Mas-
first brought forward. U the
v, H.. ,twnt some two b
...tiuk n" i ua sitrns.
L,ir nf tlm rrnr and- in reading
oatba administered. . H" not
hours in
veiv well
v... ,t - - ... . .. - - ,
posted in the matters which he euempiea
r rrm,r..Thoit-h not a member of the
oder. rJd never having taken the
nV inti sni.h mHtters. wo- icct-vuuB"-"-
a .n T.vil.i nJ aaoihur. ou a am ey-
ing cltpition, thcr were surprisoa auu
h'XMlti by laiiftti, And being unarmed,
of coures had to ru:u .All escaped bui
D-n tUaon, who wae Dohlud,' Uippod hi
foot on a ioot; fell, in J before be could re
cover, was eaptnved and Jiurricd to tho
Norih. x-JItf-suffiMed' all-the norror iuei-
er SAiirai) Jicsson.
PleatatU Wiluam Ewino.
Ifocking-r-CosHliOt j
)KkMan&-J xena Baker., '
i Amanda-r-'Dt. PeiiiUs. - s . .
X CUmvr$eiQ.: F, UAMiqs. . ;
Violet Jacob icximiiroVx-'5
- JCancasUr Johk Stalumith.
' Bloom Vn. BAiLir.
3Tariion-OmtK Abbott.
Emhcreek Isaac Lariuek.
-At allpoints at which thle dlstinguisTied
American appear, he wins golden opin
ions, we are glad tanuounco-4jat ho , will
again visit our county.
Sheriff's Sale;
T ' 0t, fmirJUU Cnntf, .
Abrsbais EcnvU i .
vs. IarsrttUoa,FlraU Com.FIwI
KverMltsl. )
PUHKUANT lo ths nmoiind of order of !
from the Court of Common PUu of Ftlriolil
couuly and tarns iliroclod, 1 will dlor at public wl
at ihs Court Hum In Lsnssalor, ou Strdi KMA
drnffjlufiutjl. 0. 185, bulwMII lh.bour.of 10 o'
eloL'k A.M. aud 4 o'clock P.M..Iba following doKjrlb-
ed lU'til KMkIu. to-wlt: TUoKuthalf of tho Knrlb-
nal uuarlur or Horllon no. si, iowiuhlp no. 14 nun
ltnuK. No l lubjuet lo Ilia dower of Caikarlns Bat
tor vaburatiforHl0iied lobar by mats and boanda.
Mppralaaa siajs acravre,
Turiil Odo Ihlrd lu hand t and Iho balance til oua
aSdlwo yuara,wlU Inluroal from the day of aelo.
J WILLliN rO I ibn, ftBQriu.
' By O. M. I.. WI8KMAN, Daputy. ,
, HiSTca ic CtaenelTt, Atl'ya. July 1 3wllpfT
mt t r .
,t - SberilPa Bale.
& r Stmt fOki; FtirltU Cmtt, it.
t'BMUASTlo the rommaud of an order for la
fronilbe Court nf Common i'loua of aald count
aud to me dlrerted, I will oiler at pabtlc aalo at tbo.
Court HoiiBi' in Lancanlor, nri HeurSaa MMl.allv
jlWt, 83i, batwoen tbo hour, of 10 o'clock A. at.',
nil it 4 o'clock P. M. the following deaerlbed Keal Ka-tate.to-wlti
Lot So. 5, of tbo 14th Square f tbo Iowa'
o naoimore, rmrncuicouuiy, uuio. . 1? ' .
To b j nolil ai tbo proverty of James W. Paul, at His
ult of J. W. Mutnlx and other.
Tarmaofaulo Cash. WM. POTTER, Sheriff.
---.- ' BrT.. M. L. WIEMAIt,Uciatj. -Lancaatsr,
July 19, IMJ OwlIpfSJ
from impersonating buVpolitiell Wcajj-thut pry into weft nnner. i- k .oj eavage life, and,,
aaH3nkireiXTxiW.lR ay S?n& while.-If.ng tied bo-
..e c,., i.- wl.an ttWhnnirhtl Mr. Siih iiich: and we volunteer our ser u,.-i, , o.i u , . . o .
Ho a lmitted that the repeal of the
Missouri Compromise Wati wiuiii;, and nn
outrage upon the North, -but the tenden-
oie of the R?pnblicnn - movemeht' were
dangerous, and this should quicken their
fforts for themnintenanceof the Union
Mr. Noiton of Cihidiihuti movM that'
comniiitce on Keoolutloni he annointeil.
Atfived to, an J the ' chmr then Hi'poinicd
us snid coniniittco, E. 1 Nortoii, Win. A
Adnms and others. r- - V;. t.;;
When the motion for ft comnnitee was
made, Hon. Wm.' Stsiihery of Liikmg
said he hoped the motion would not pre
vail. 11b trnstetl this uonven ion uia not
come here to adopt a platform, hut ' mere
ly to nominate a candidate for Uovernor
Alter me coniraiiiue reureu' nuu, iu
Stitnbery was culled upon for a 1 Speech
lie took the stand anl spoke at some
loiiLrth. Wu were Hot in ft position to tnke
full notes, and wo will hot pretend to give
his words. ' Wo therefor, adopt the- ro
porf, w find it rn the Oineinnurtr1 Cow
merciallot this moruing. . . E .2 - ;
Hon. Willlaw'Btnnbery. .of Iieking;wa
enlledon for n Dpm'ch. IIei-; w:i opjiosed
to tiinkiinr PhrtfoimnJ Thtf CoriStitution
of the United Hiiitds! wn l'lnlfoihr enotigh
for him. H'l biooeoJrfl tt m:iko ft liff pro-
hvcfv "speech: Wifvcrvi'int wil fin evil
itt nil, was wnVly -ml e il" to tins lionth, be
ing nn u.iimiiigtitcd benetltlo iho'Nbrthi-
The South owned thn minion or trnive
whiL-h were really ni work 'for "the "'.'North,
mill furnished u inai Ket lor nor-'inni uiaeto-
ring. IfaeemrHl to' M 'ptifi htlm in ' the
North now-ft-d'irs to ha'ti' llifi Sotitli, hnt
that kind of piltwtlsiit dUTno't1 !Ufl hlnr.
Wo wero tinder ebligiltionsMo the Soutlvi
and the South find great VMsflil;' (r) . com-
plain of u. Ueeause W4 kepi up ,f 'pel jiotu
al agitation", making our SJonthainj binith
run d wad the horror bf West India eniun'
tdpaiion. 1 '" '"' V'-Jj "ri, i : "
!! was hot fu thf li!ibit", of atitcndliig'
meeting, and was opposed to tuniptipsak
ing, and hoped that the ' noin'ihex-ti of the"
Convention Would nof be N.-auyht' the-
dmjraceul poniiioii 6 .tipptaring btfurt Me
propit on the tl imp'.- lie had comii up tirt
lliHt 6ecason "to do wiiiit hdcttulu - "to ,'snvu
the 8tntvfrom the ' impi'iidln' dis'irr
the aluciloh of an Aholitiohis't to the Guf
ernatorial chair of OliiA.v Chitso UiJtli
ciiro trt bn povefnor fof the Iiondr"of 'thai
position. ' ' He Wanted to L Treidenl-r
that Was the point,1' If. the "Abolitionists
could rule the NHiiotifiF Qoveinhient.I'they
would take measures ' Hint' 'woni.i ' compel
flic South td accede from the nihn.-'r.ntt'l
then the Abolitionist Irexident IwiiW arm
Ihe tlavet tt'M f7. S. ihMikttt Kf! If I f
I'he whitetnnJ blaokstwild iior Jiveto-
at'theron an eutufliiy;"" Illhe ndjive
wtnJ fresiiiOTwoitm etit me inroatsoi suet
Whiles, n llioir own tnroais ncr nui vu,.'
( Ci ic of .d ) -lHf was' opposed tdHihe
x. , A i .:!.! n., rt.' ti .
repi'MI oi tno pussourr- vomproroise,. out
thought that the hdmissionof Kahsa lis"
Mure ain'o would pot ' te uraeieni se
fr th diMSoIurton'ofthfi tJiiifYn.' IlJ"'fid
not wish any pArtt' Ij bo icsponsiblo for hi
whim Mr. H-nnnerv' iook u s seal 'a, r.
Nortbft'of Cini-ifiiiUl, from tho'; i ommitt'ee
on Ri'olu:ion'. Submitted tlm followintrf
WiiiHEAst We bflieA e'fttat' kli " period
hn arrived when all wliOcherlnh lheJer-
manenoe and inteeritf of tho Union of eur
common country and Itftva rvgnrd for the
HitrwHt of the ih(u of Ohio; o Ions'' aud
so ileplv iniurud.1 should .(liiineilv -end
.... ..
solemnly anirouuoe their wislitr fthd opiu
ions, therefore -1 iVi';-' , 4
JlttoletJ, ThKt.with reverontwli nccorrl
wcMfc'epi ibe ailmonlion of tho Father'o
tliu Conutrv; to beware of Metranal parties
mid utterly repu tiat,. n nnworthy'' the
cor.Uiin-e oi the ptpie of Vlnon. me par
ty inaugurated in our State, tin Jir the-att'-'
npn-esor Hie Utmveutnm of tho' 13tU 01
Laoe our.State UrTjiee when a-1honght
disunion was abhorred a ft. i time, man
o"f luftr'hftWe'ee truly of manly. intel-
. a . . . ar 1
lect, is.oui tU0ic4orgeTcrior o wmo.
and ww thetefuro nomiMte him ncunui-
',V.I f.-,rlli,,ltriLfl., ','.j. . ' . v .- - .
That noriion of Ui "mas) meeting pt
LObiuV.wntehiurrounded the stand, cheer
ed very lustily when Gov.rriuibUi nam
wa nunouncea- .i5om4 eninusjasiio,. mm;
vidoal- railed l.upon the band to play : the
v3Lir SpatigWd C.tntr.J-'-. Jhy gnther
ed nrr their inalrumentit, and .oboyed'the
.call iu'exeellelite style. ': a " "- i '
; -ir..Tiimble took tho stand and thanked
tho ronvcntiiin for the honor tney- tisa
iohfrvred nmiii -his brother and said
ilmb although the venerable ex-Oov. knew
nothing of ihls movement, he would pledg
liBeci ntftno ot the nomination.
Mr. Wm. Staubcrrv said he had known
Oav. Tiimblu for many year, and believed
Ihdi to be an honest man, ana cnutciy
worthv their suDDort
. . . . i.
-Jittues R. StanDi-rv oi xewaiB, meu toou
tlm stand, and sDo'ce at soma length. He
i s r
xpected tho prooeeUings ot litis conveu
tioir would ue roisrepreseoiea. out nu
could not acquiesce in the aot of the Con
ven t ion of the 13in Jul v. ue men pucneu
nto that Convention, and spent some time
n abuslns? Mr. Chase ftnd 'Tom Spoonor."
He was very bitter against the latter gen
tleman, who, he said, baa oetrayeu mo a-
mer'n-nn party into tho hands of llio Uepub-
ioans of Hie State. Sir. Binnoory weni
n 'stroncly for saving the Uiiijn.' end
ihoiight the only way . lo avert tho immi
nent danger, wan to iJfleal tho XvepuDiieall
party of this Suite. ' The way to vi'idiontu
tie north tor the otrage oj tno repeal oi me
Misstmrl Compromiso was to exterminate
the 'race of doughface that had gone with
tlic riouth in this measure
Mr. E. P.' Norton next took tho stand
and ' spoke at length. - He nlsd Ml a deep
eoticern for the" safety of the Union, and
nursned about the same line )! argument
of Mr: Sliinberv.
lrad Kelly then spoke briefly; Wo could
not d'miiiiuflv hear hi remarks, but infer
that hi speech was tin appeal to old Whigs
to rl Around irimhie. .
;; Joseph H. Oeiger then niado one of hi
Characteristic speeches,- - -
: - A Banning Norton ihcn 4ook tho slnn J
Ho nloried in beintr a member of tho A
meneairparty. ' Hu dchired tha. he would
sunoort no man for office ihftt oriposod th
sentiment of this party. ' Ho was in favor
of the Cleveland platlorrrt from beginuini
in nA.y As 10 Chase ftnd Medill, they du
itot'represent his seuiiments, and hu would
. .. ,t . -i i ..i. r..n..
iiul'votu' for litem. lie uould uiieertuny
votefor Mr; Trimble, for he believed him
to bo rh'ht on those titiesiion. H hopoi
(ho small beirintilnir of Iruo " Ameriuaii
would resolve to persevere in the work they
hftd eortimeneed. -: lie ndvised the permit
neiit1 organization of tho Beniimeul repre
svtlt'cd by this meeting hs n party in the
Stale. Ho hepud" the members of it would
't'df forth, and phJclaiut it sentiment to the
people, and ho wa sure It would grow
from this Staall betrinnine to a formidable
l" Oti'i motion of Mr. Norton of Cincinnati,
thekhidi'- appointed the following as the
American' eentrttl comrhitlea: 1 '
A. II." Norton of Frnnkliti Co.f B. F.
Martin, tlo .J.' O.-Reanfty, t!o., Buehnell
White; Cuyahoga co.; O. R. Morton, Erie
eo.',' Ditnl. " HnniphrvVi" Licking co., J. A.
Trimble,' Highmird eo.'.l D.-. J. Fallin, do.,
M. D. H itehe, Bjlmoni co., A. 0. Burt,
lliimiltoii co..7as;. HhII. do., T. C Ware,
do.", J.:T: Frai ker, Miiskmgum co., 17. un
Trump, Fairfield eo.s' O.-T. t ishback, Ulcr
fnorit Coli Johti DaVehport, Belmont eo.
,rTlia Htnta Central 'Committee was In
stVucted to prepare' nit nddres to thef peo-
i, . . ........ .i ..... i
pie erOhio. et'tuog 'lonn ine oojects auu
pUt poses 6f this new party movement.
, JVVhile Govt Reodet', was stopping at
Washington,. ihe Uiwell Courier ftays, one
of ibe sucvile of .the President approached
ilia Governor, and desired litui to resign.
rnmniL iiiri lull il would ue a if rem reiiei to
tint ftdmrpistratjo'n. if hp wwuld tjv so;.,fts
Gov. II. was very, unpopular, with many
rru-fubors of tho Democratio ' party. Gov,
R.!t inodeitly ( luntta that .ue,.nouiu uo
m suu i ilnnir. tiftt was ready to aeceive me
cruilloi ine at nnv lime,... ."it Mr.t'ieroe uc
virus id restore bat mony in tho Democratic
iuks." t'euwrked.lho uovernor. vienua
I., il,., .vn..rinii.iit of resi!7niiiLV and see
VJ ...rn''r,,V'-, - .ii
what, the eaect. wm ue.. - . ;
Il I ' ""
f At We EpfCTi:D--J. Soott ' Hahrwok
xr r '.lur.i ff-iim' Hamilton oountr. whose
man.o,i i.'pii used by i the. handful of
m;le.onthUi: who tJropos holding ft Con
ventioh Irf Columbn on the m, in .conn
A.iton with ' the- Governorship, perenopl
iwiftrti-llnc 'belnff? their candidal; for
i,.t ;.-,fni'This Is what we expected of
k: Vrlihri.it doubt, hi example will
be followed by every man who doe not
wish tefsacritie himelf,te' uit a fcT di
intent -'eld fooie. - J ve-t- ' '-v
l: ' ' ar 1Tb Ac.ifrra The' Stutetman an-
1V11. k7Wll,b.W.l, " - .... .
vice to all curious persons, and will gne
. ..... :.. ,!.... mittrorafif wlienev-
lusiiucnuus in mov -r
we have leisure to devole to uch trifling
amusement. Mr. SchU-ich U "no ovator
.... n-......';. .'..wl advise him to Quit
.v--.,..m.'i,o mir thereby save himelt
lllO V,ituui. ... f . .
mub mortifi.atioa when he geieoiaer, uu.i
b rn6r sense. ''. . , ,.' ' , ,, ,
Kowaon'lMrLocomotivoialk so, Mr-1
Sciilel.-b i the "talked editor" of the a-
j 'andn uear w.ran scerfciiti i the
greatest Know rioiiung in mo w'j
and .besides 'liU'great ' nffiibtion' to. the
Prattttant Religion and the JIt!umU in
nni-tJcuIar" ha caued. him; to reuounco
"Know Nofliingii"m" o often that the
thin" might become stall to his hearers if
vou expose him thus. Wo expect him to
goto i'ei ry Co. .again, so please
spoil hi beautiftiUtory.'
Thn . naxt SOCCCh . WM that of.
Old: ;
"'"He Hevolod the ErstlioU!' 6f.hi 9p"ech
to the Know Nothings; and declared them
t, (,a ilia meanest and one of the most .In
testable soeielie oil ihe faeeof the eartir."-
-Iti generally eoneeudud , that the Di'
never loved the Know Nothings sinco Gal
Lam am p eted to Con 'ress la-si inn
hile he was acting us Secret Mail Agent
The result of the election did not sot wen
non his Secret' Arronev: but leaf hipi
further; . . " - . ,
lis triad to explain his vote upou that
measure, but it was evidently nn embar
rassing subject, nnd he soon dropped it.
Ho declared Hint he was a rroe oouer, an
enemy to the extension of Slavery."
The Dr's conversion is certain1) ngrontr
one. than that, of Gov. Medill; ho "is
only a lit lc Freesoil not enough to hurt
any body." Surely the old Miners should
send these two Apostles 01 r roeieoius.ni up
to the HeseiVe. .ihey migiifc uo suino
good in that quarter. . ' ' ' ' .
In conclusion the Locomotive saya. i
"All who eamoto the meetiilL' ill doubt
m to ihe. position of the Democracy, On
the leading qnositon now before the peo
olu wentswav wttisfi.-il sutifiud thai the
r . ... . . .i
parly I pro-t-Mvery to ine core, nnn int-ir
ft,r iitiivorihv' ot longer' Ktirnort. AV
sincerily, boliovu ! lliiu if w.j' could have
suoh a spe.'cli from such a mail one a week
from this time until" the vleciiotl,-Chase
would'(i.etit.Medill. 2J0'J.:votes Jn Perry
couiiiy,'.,;;!' . . : ,' " " v
y sincerely V.opc they nwy yiMt.Peiiy
often if 'such result will follow,,. ; ' '.
,,.t, twrv Indians. C3Ca oi uotn
mi Ami Ai tl of the i;nr!. he nianAtjed to re
lease himself wiChotr. a aneniog
aul cscipod V a emuH piauc near ey ,
and concealed himself in hs graei, as it
waa.ju'Jt "daybreak whert ho found him
aelffr?. The lnJiatla almisi 4mrnedi-
r ely flisrorered ' their 13,an:rwr-u wua
veils cemnjehec-1 the- pursuit on the baek
track.' Uonat leon renisuieu vm;""
the gniss nn?i! thef all i fra; e.s'?"1.
anl then stinet in . ainerenv iuivuuu.i,
A t1,( OI-. riVt-r. lie erwir. sev
,;nraTitA rlttv auJ niifht -ia the
wt-u ,,..v... ... , .
woods, bat fiimllv, jus! as nopu naa auuu.
abandoned I'im.'bo heard tho swsot, niu-
.!,. nf i ,.honiv.:i M1M. WhlCft hC 803:1 OlS-
.M..a.l in tv. that-of a 'settler at, 1'oft
w,.t-; r nn now Chi o'uintiti. Ha was
curried to tho hu'S and kiucily miii.stered
t , in il he weovcre l his wa.T.ed strength,
.,,.1 r,vmt liiit wiSundsani bruises healed,
'.r,m, ii roLui iied to hi foimav residence
trrea.lv to the surprise aui jov of n.-
i,rnil f.-ianda. W Vfoflals 'U 1 the last
eTirvivor of i'lii. Coiiveutiou of 1 33, which
framed the good old Gonti.u:ion, eo re-
pk'te wiih" cotiiffloa sense, nonesy, auu
pure vepublieauism,' compared wiih the
." f .1 i .1.- ,1... u,o(itniinina
misettioto intiiij wmi: ii mo ucuiusjj"
have, forced unon 'tho people in i'.B s'.ead,
and is emphatically the last nfthe juoUecr
:h6?c atom, tine, noble raon, who laid
ll.o fouudaiiou of our prosperity, Who
smvpd amid (lanier aud privation, sttcb
nn th n'ou'est Wit now ahuddora to
ihea'r of, the seeds of all thai tho present,
n ... MM. a I.
genen'.io'.i ungratefully enjoy, iue.yoou
office, not for themselves, but to nerve tho
nuMic for the trooi of o hers, and honest
ly and faitl.f'.tlly did they discharge their
iruat; bat in these degenerate days men
seek oQi.'C in order "to s-rve themselves
,mH w-iw lieh at the Dublfe expetiHC. This
honored ol.l pa riot mrwetnnas nione, as it
r , ..... -il
Won', in tliO won t, cue soia nun nur nu
hi compeers, an l we trust "fiis ciow.ig
hours it ny bo calm anl peaceful as his
i-arthly carer has Decn nenoraoio auu
tweful.4w'.' Cititen.
l-Ve publish to-day at "length.' tba
pfoceetirngs bflhH" Arhei'tean Council," jkpd I
also ' the proceedins of the so called
American Convention at Cotumbu?, wliTeh
noraina ed x QoYy Trimble. " They will
be read . by every Amei wan nyrib,, interest,
The Ex-ov. is nota member of the AmBr-
i i lr-8erifr Bale.',
ttnlt ,f 0ii;" FairJiU ?.,
, i,. , -r. ... . l .....
ienn Orderi and upon thatgTeuadicannot
ClHiin iiie. yoica yi. na iiihu'uio. . r-,1
wrOn our outsidi WllV W found the
inteii'Stitig'sloi-y of. the- Tw'o Srims."
The remiMUceBees of our "otnitsf fNiiiai
TAJ.T" fully confirm its tti uiUfulncbs.j . ;
'. - FOIt tt;i'JEXTli.' "''i ;
'The extraordinary phase that is now be ;
ing taken by ihe yaiious pjilitical. parties of
the Slate requires that the Amei icau Ro
publicanxause should not be. lost, .sight of.
Tho' ptiucir.: ui Ariiwicans should be
PUKStJAiX u. tha uoumana f accord arder f
juilirfrou th Court of Common Hie It, and for
iii touiiljf.aim to na dlractod, l will amir at punlle
,ula, at ihacuurlliouia inLaiw3u.ler,uu Satunla; UieVSIb;
day of AiiKuat A. D. IrSS, between tha hoara of 10'
luk A. W. aud 4 'stock r. M..ttao followlna daacrl-
beJ realcslulo, to arlt: Tho east half of the aoutlieaat
fliiarlar r aoctto So, 1, la tuartuuip No. U.f Kanffv.
No. 10, iltualo In lb fouMlv of Kairlold andstatoof
omo, cDiiuimnff 74 HS-luO. Apprutaed at 18.00 per
acre. .To be aald aa Iho property or Ellnlwlb d Catb
Bilno Ly.lngar. ulllio anit of H. M. Holur. Terwaof
al oojh. - M'M. l'OTTKH, SUcrld
ByTC: l. at. VUauus, thftmti'
Martin 4, Rolilelch, Attaracya. -'- - -- c -,
July 19, Jti$5. .. r - , Jnll prfei.3,Ce
fl1i-d I
- Probate- Notice. .
OTICE l baruby. given that Alexander Minor,
runruaii in uununy u, nuunnau nnapper. naa
braarfOHDlaand Toawkaraiii tko. Probata Court .
of Fnlrllold County, Oblo, for In.poi'tlon and atll.
mum. aud that aald account IH b for heaiin oa In
llib day of September next, or aa toon thereafter a
may beCouvcnient. '
viMOib K. BH.A w.ProftatoJadjre.
tanas(dr,Atiguit 18, lb64-3wli
! ,. ;,w' Probate Notice. ';.
"JVOTICE la bcrcby ortven that James, Plckarinfr,
Guardian of Jacob Morion and iKartln Mortoa,ba
nlo.l bit aceounta and ou,her In Iho Pro tut lu Court
of FalrH il.t counly. Ohio, and that tho Mime aro for
tnlpecllon anil will besetlled on Ike lllli of Senlem
ber A. P.-lt?55, or tit aonn thcreufter at may bo. .
VI KG IL K. SHAW. Probate Judge.
; Aucuat w.ifsjr-awis' .,: . . , ' -
'-"'read by every' trite friend of his country. Court of Common Plea, Fairfield conutj'
st (Let every; true Americansee U.at 'Mlf
mncan papyri in ine possession pi ctory.
family. . . ... ": .: .: - - . -.
We will fui'liisU tho Gazetto until the
20th of October next for 25 cents. '
itarWe learn that CuL WitirAii Crook
died at hi residence in Berne township,
oh the I5'.u inst. Uo wns one of the piipii
cor.s of Fairfield.' 'coiinly , and "a soldier: of
the war of 1815, and. wae upwardj of ,81
year of age at the time'o his death. We
hope his pioneer friend or ' some on of
his old companions in arms will furntsn us
Willi an oDituary ponce. .
-.On the 9th inst.;' by the ltev. P. O. Bu
ndum, Mr. Joskph ' Stbickler nnd Miss
M.ino.i!tET Fitzer,' all of I'leasant ' Town
ship. ' ' f '' - r -On
the Oth liist., the ttw. J..M.
Jameson, at his vesidunce, Mr. Jobhca
WniTMERand Miss Lccinpa Keid; ' '
J.ciih it. Ovlur.
f Vlli Defundanl in tblaegae tttlltakehotideibat tha
i Plalutiirim flled aputliion In the Court of toia-
innn ri", prtiviuir nr a divorce on account of tbo
wilful ab.enc-e of said Defendant for nio.-a than Ihre
year", Salil polltlon w ill come on to be heard al tho
October Term of said Court.
-" . ' . MARY A.OYLKR.
Bv A1FHED WILWAMS, ber Attorney.
.tujiutO, ldii SwJlpfSJ .,. ., .,
rY vl,
13 tho i
Guardinu 8alf. 11 " "
Y virtue of an order of salo to md illreeted from
Court of Probate In and for tho County of
d atutBtulo of Oblo. I will oBer for aalo ot pub
tie Touduu, aa o'a(ard!r,Maoidacsp(aar, itai,
between tho hours of ID o'clock A. ,M.; and 4 o.'cloc k
P. M. of a.iid day, on the premises, ihe one undi
vided annul third part of tha following described
Real Kalole, that is to any -lying mid- being in Ik
county of Puirnuld uforesnid, iH-KlunUig t thn
i..nudary of ,(.,.;;.., .w, township twelro
. PATENT OFFICE;- ..-' -,
The V-.vbni.ui Trek. A k-tter had been
rec.'ived from-a corespondent in-Texas,
in whiiih be alludes to a vitiuisli ' tree
have cuLivad, aud say that .they are
itrnoniiit'of tho manner of obtaining the
varnish from it.-;. Bclieviuu; - tho viunisli
tie of which he spunks, to bo the iiwic a
the rhtts mnks'eru of Jiipai', wo five Uie
niolLoJ recoinmeirJoiai the PatculOiHiiO
. ' .. .,''. UliGUI.AU WEKTI.NGSl :
lij.NCASTBK LOPOB. No. 37 Aug.2t,l."3
EXCA.MI'MliST. So. .'--- Sf, '
. February i.'i, If iS. ,. . U. STEI.N.WAS, Recorder.
IMIlceoI the Falvfl'cd County A fjriciil.
. tttrul Society-. "'
ffM& Annual fair nf said Hocloty wilt bo hold at Iho
1 Hnelei'gr,iuniuucar i.uncaMjr on uio tss,
Kit. mA iitl, A ira off Or.aobfir. eusilinr. '
full HremiUHi bint will bu nublishrd In nfew dayi.
' ieniy svf in the contro of the Zuncsvlll
Tha price of membership Is reduced to I'.iliy V-eiit,
which tidmlu n whole (uniitv.
1 lla,lis can : nrnenrod al the olHec nf Iho President,
of errelnry, ami also ai any i.i me atn
Uir. By order of the Bxecntlre t nnimmee.
. Boonv Joiiifsos. The last
the booby, until rccuiiify, he'was in;iktii; u!
speevli to our uitisaii's. Hying to prove 111:11
be',, was n '.hettfr aiiii-slavviy .'nian thnii
Sa rTH,the then FreSyi eandilate for (J-it'.,
arid to proue it, ho . was ptfUdliii.'a littK'
pamphlet contanintr a.spedeh mitde.by him
in Keptuckey in buhalf of soiuc Vgw
who had leen abduoted. from Ohio! llns
was in I860, and . now Ije cannot vote for
Mr. Cua bocnuso he I an Aboliiioni.it,
bfacavs! Out on such a booby: Tui.
ahead Sentinel, i . .
"The 'Cincinnati Quzctte staHi-h:
metit hn neon moved t mo noi'inai
corner of 4th und Vino Stroet,ono.ii'iiiire
above the Burnot House, Post Office &.!.
A new , build in tr, nr ranged cxprcMy Tor a
i'' a '.a...' V,u..,. n-..n.i..;..l ...,,l il.v.
I'in'incr uiu:u. n,ia ucuu iiu- imvu, ,,., ....
a.,rtiii ot H.iiuidiiv moriiintr wns issiieil
lom'ltsiieWhoma. Il appear in new tyilfi
and when ' the new doublii cylinder, H.e'
uress'ft'nd miicliinerT gft properly ntijiiea,
AneiH,li.l. ,.r: ... J. KlFKOItl), PrortdciiU ..
1 V. ;-- 1 STRAY 'COLT. ; ' v
STHAVISU from the' rosldotic of th subscriber ou
Ihe Ciiluinbnaniid Jelleraoai mud, 4 i mile, uorlh
of Laiicau-T, A BAY Yearling STT'll COI.T; no while
murksun him. loll lorl.' A llbjrsl rowurd will be
tfiven 10 iv one Teiariuuii nun inv.
August is, taas awu
JOHN S. Vot'SO.-
11a Kivvn Dy ir,unuerg. . .. . "
J'i'J'he-very host Japan Vartiish is ptepar
e.l f urn thii tide, which grow, in great
'abnudaiide m maiiv par; ot.tnat cou itry.
. I ' .1 ! i:i.. !... ..u 1 . 1 ....'...I ... ,vn,,u ail'inA.
Wi liC'iru Ul'ntrJ l llnt'iviwj cuunu-va in
On aceo'.itit ot the giratadvaiKaye Uenv
ed from it. This varnishr wbioh ooses
t,tit of the tree on beiny; wouiided, is pru-
em-od fririn 'S.enw.that are ; three years
-old, ii 1 ii TW-'i'cd in ome proper vc-
ad.'- A'j firs', i'. ot a lllitiHli color,, anu
of the coiiiis'enca -of cream, but growe
thicker tiad bliek 0:1 bjiirr exposed to tho
. - 1 . a. n.iroiiriit iiiitiiii tan. H-".- p.
HIVi It W 80 trft!.spaiCnt WllOU lalJ Jmnr. Tgrmoue-halfilown,ihbU.rinfAurHuiiulpii
and' unmixed upon poxes.-or furniture'w
li:t everv vein oi ine wooa may ,oe seen, i , ujust aa, itas
For the most part a ua;k ground is, ktid I
uuJornnuh it.
like a minor, tui. 1 f.r this, purpose rc-.; ' ill. -n iyiK'e "V'M1":? "-.Ad"i,Jr,-,lTr,,trT.?
x I'vvun roil s.vi.i:.
ing f acres. GO or mum linproren ami unuur cui
ioi. on wbtek laa tt-oml Orihard. Tho Uliidis of
excellent qiiallly.nd ..ilualed Insirood neighborhood
.IMf .
I'state of SusonnnH Ni fl".
u Alaysvllle 1 urlil.ike Ko : Iherce Knrll, 1 1-
Kroes, bust i e'j eliuins to a post near tho Kusl side of
said tnail; thence West 11 ti'2 chains lo Ihe lietllou
iuei inenco aorin on me nei'iiun Due IS cj cbuius t
iho Southwest corner of J.-S. Hamilton's lot: theno
hasl 9 ,1 cliuins to a post near Ihe West side of sold
turnpike road; thence Norlh IK1 cbuius to a point iu
the centre-of atd Itonds ther.ce Hast II) ii ihtiiiis tun
Aluuelil the line of James A'urth'a,lumli 11, cum, s.mib
3 53 chains to a alone; thence East u (17 th:.ii, tu n
sioue; inence moiiiii 0 31 tliail.sloHHono; thenieWest
11 6? ehuinslo a stone; thence Houth 6 33 ubains to a
stone iu tho section line; thenVVosi ID iX cbalu lo U
piaco 01 Damnum, eoiiiuniinK rnrlyniiie (1l srics
more or K'si. i lie ubme lends ill be enld bv ie aa
IHe Kuurdluu of George W. Mi.oro and CnUianae
sioore. who are nunora.anu each entitled iw oar iual
undividud sixth partofsntd laarta.
Tcrt.t of oWc-tOae-third ant In dsnd.one third f
one year tout Uio rusiduo la two yours., wiih. lulere.l
from the day of sulcse? urcd ny miorlfrnp;e on Uie prelum
tee. Until one andlrlded third Knrarwft si S3;,'
.. ' .. ... CAHPfcH T. BrTMtlt,
Guurdiiinof CalliKriuc nrd (jcoiire V . JHooie, niincra.
r.riN(-sroMB A 11 w, Allnrncy. (or Pelitiuner.
August , lCiiS-3l4prS3 '
'. r;'- - r -Hr ' .
Cuarttinn Sale.
BV virtue of unorder l ante to mnillrcrt,l,jjiciil
by the Prolmtv (Juurt "I Fulrlleld euuuly. I wHI
at public vendue, on I lie. premises, on Xniurttuf
fAc-i.V'-diAye vfuj-irst. 133, buiween tho hours of IU
A. M. und 4 o'eloik 1'. M. uf said du tho followliii;
described Kcul tv.late. to-wlt; rleincnnu-foilrth of Ihe
tw o undivided Ullh parts of the Southwest Quarter of
Section nuuilwr twenty-four, Township number
twoltrvl2),ltuliKcnuniberlwonly (StU except lliirlj
llireo (33) acres sold otTof Uie Weal tide of said Uuar
lerK.icttuu. Also Ihoene-fourlh of the two undivided
lll'lh imrtsdf Ihe followiiia: duserlbed tract or parcel of
.land, being i'urly (111) acres of Ibe Koiiiiieaat Quarter
i',f said Section, purlliulnrly detrribed as rnllows:
coiniueui'liin nt tlm Lottthwast cornet- of said Snuilr-
east U'tnrlcr Section; tlieuue Kust 14 II, cbuius lo a.
Atone; tneiu-n ri,rlii S3 74 eimius t n'slnue; ihuncw
Vu.,t lUchains tir nslone; thence jiurtU 10 44 chsins.
Iou-hWh:u on llio half section line; thence Wuss
3 ;s chains to the Norlhwo.t corner of said Quarter
He, lion; tlieucu Mputii 4U 3? rluilus to the place of be
iflntili.p. tiaid lands all In Fuirlluld eouuly,Ohio,ai.d
in t'leurereek township. v. ',-,''
Term' sa(s One-lblrd oath in hand, and the ri'sl
dite lu two euual amiant payment with luleresl secur
ed bji inortKuo. first tract npnraic.'d at tSr.-Uvcaud
tract appraised fct Sled.
. .. . Giiariii tn of J,,hn Mcliilyre, Minor
' PTiNrtt'-oMa i Htuw. Altoruevs.
JulySd,W43 3'epl4,3 . ' I ''. i-"; '
WUK'h catiav It to lenec ! -rw-roTlt'E is hereby clven that the1 subscriber hns
Aosustlti, lttjj IwU."
.' ... .
it will present n greatly improved pvar
n..p' The Oiitotte is no if tlitfahWt au."
, euhmamial pa pern mtbe est, ninl
rarVlad to 8C0 thii itdd'uioilal cVideliCC
of its popdrity.V . ' -
i - .. ' " ,-'. 'n - ' al ..'- -
offact eltdwn to me by n prominent pou:i-
clan, a resident, and one of the squatter
of the TerTHory.-I infer Hint tlr-Prohtvir-
rj party Is one-tonrtli le numerous man
it opponent. .' Tliow fact have not' yet
' .... .:n i. . f J, T j
been punluiiea, out soon win uc; rei.wn
Democrat.' ' 0 ; '- '
From the noic made about the matter ty
demagogue boXb atfhc North und South,
on would havo'e'onoluded thaf Kaiwas had
been in ovooably given over to Maverr. But
oorreoiidenc of llio. ot. louis uemo
orat, writing from the Terriory u " the
bove language,-, aud a it will be seen,
insist that a decided nwjoi ity of thr pren
entre.iidonts are in favor of making Kansas
a free State... . Albmy Argus;-'".
course is tieoueiiilv had to the hue sludge nc,i,ic0untt,oiio. ;- onaTUAS KBSLtii, Adm.
.... . . , . I , . . . , . l-.-.,..l-.J ...
wliie.h i3. trot iu the livuiih under a grind
a;.oti, or to gtuuuJ c! arcoiil; ooeaaionally
a Ted Kb'.ni)ee is mixed with the vm mah,
and aometimo trol i-lonf, irivulid very tine.
This-irxruiah-hardens very much; but
w ill notenduru anv blow, cmeking and
Hying itlmoBt like glass, tbo' it can sUind
boiling water without jiuy oainiige. . AVitn
thin the Japatiose vuvuish t over ihe jipst
uf their doora and most jirtinle of fiiriti
tiiru whicli are intido of wood. h furcx
eeedi the Ciiiiv.'SL' mil Siamese varnwb,
nn I the lwt k collected about the town of
Jiiiui'.." ' Ii a cleaved, trom tnipuriiau
Cornmbui and llocRlnsj Vnller Kll
v ttd Coiupijrs ,
riVIR 8tc,ckbl.lur. In suld t'uiinmny are lierrky po
I tilled lo meet al the Court lloiiso.'lii the City of
iZinasiiir' aa tkt Mrs" dan A" fit, 1M3, for the pur
pose of ailing upon measures oi grcai iiiiporma.-o
aid Company aud fur Um elecliou of Hoard of 111
reclers (,.r the same. - CIIAKLBS B0KL-.U,.
Aug'itl.i), WW, IU33-UW1 ... ' . ... 1-re.iacin. .
. .- -i ... j . .1 . ' .
. . Jlllcvcuth Year. '
bv wringiii.'" it. through very que papery ?u;
,1,..., ali.ni. loiivt,-,,. i i iwiit .,1 tin ml rail-; TIIK Ki'lKKTlKlu .lamiCAJ" is an ii.t.u
Ioli:lto JTotlce. :
OTIi'K la berob given lo all persons Interested'
llinithe uecoums und voucuora of llio Kstatoa of
ar,t l'-rasui-e. l:,il,erl Youur and William Davis.
nave l.oon Died In the I'robatb Court df Fatrlleld conn,
ly; Ohio, for inspection aud settlement, and lhal lk
same will be rur hoai-lns nu Ihe'JTlb day of August A .
II. 1433, or a seem ihereiiftar as mar he couveNh-M.
l lid, 1 1, k. MtA n , frul-nte Jujfc.
1nra"ter AutrdrlT, lf3 3wl3 ,
, , . , .. . .. . t ', ' TKAifcll rr.lttoeil.,11. uu-.-Hj iu ,uw iiu
d t'Jt. which li CXun'SSCU.tl'Oin UIO fruit lliuitfu,imi of lafernaUon relating to His various Me
EP fKUloOICAl dovoied clil-Jlty lo tha
" lliultfa
b'nnonia tomcnlosa, is added to it, atid be- .-uai,i
i.ig put into Wootlen vessels, cither alone ! ', aa .ii mtereiu
or mawd with naiive cii.uibar, or somo .""'er uIXSS
f - -1::.:. V?1 J ier ,lory PP'VU July Wt.the treat obieetot which is to sr-
, preui Airt,mi,ation ana all Its - L,,:,T11 .f : llnil .MinBt
.. Mitiu Street.. Limcater, lilo. ,
ALWAYS uoalad, wlllluj to work for the nlinbU
sla-panc.. proailwa t all Ua. , '"'''' I
t all who buy- amall bille. at prices belter tliail ,
they can do la Cincinnati, ana roui. ... .--. ., - .
.. . n.,..u ,Mtii. HMi.alves rooils
- to tile present Adm1
scheme of human slavery
Your f. How clruen, (J.v. .Midiul, ha
: Drooertv in 8t. Paul wortU sit 1,h tnn .
I " I . , 7 ' , ...... Ymv.
. OOU, which cost him, ome two year aco,
... about ' one thouAend dollar. 1 mention
,y thi fdnt as un ' evidence of the rapidity
wiiu-wiuim: real estate run up in tin city
' ';,. a-Your truly, .' T. S. B.
' .'Did )-om ever think, when you snwV very
' '""lit'.lo btby dressed up ii) its very lony; 8un-
p ty luibilimeuW,' thai It Was like sixpence
tied in th oorheT of a pocket handkerchief?
oilier. 4 nn,i, ......r-j
Jietulvfd, That In common with the vast
majority of the people of Ohio; we consid
er tno repeal of the JiIisoun vompromine
mgrant violation of a compact between
ine North and South, astanlinhed ty states
men and patriots end it restoration I de
tnnnded by the plainest dictate of honor
and polii'VY ..v"...i ';. fv '
Iteiotvtd, That w eannot consent to tlie
abandonmsnt of tlie principles ol ' Hie - A
merienn tutriv. and aliall continual to rnain
lain them aolong, a tholr remains a Yea
Dounces the acceptance by Got, Tinabhi of
tho domination ofhe "mas mceiuig.:V A
tbo JStatetman baa" from . tho . Ursl taaen a
devil interest in this movement, we up-
S. . .
pood .we-mny.'.reiy. on nn ukouvv.w.
lUl'OUgll Ha VOiuu,"w. -
annbved at iho designation of the vtmiV'-
Jat as ihe Qran of the sorehead, butt w
think ibis may be arranireuA P-
per cera necosary to tuenjuak uyw.-r
t sta'-Som men are demagogue py na
. No Joubt of -lUieigUbor..tlie perusal of
your last week papor would convince nc
greatest akeptic.
. i D.i.aid itottutr
V.."""' .Tl. r.i..,h., would aslonlsli
a iv. ano leis mm snow. .-. . - .
l whoiiAr,(oa d.E'1 Walte ht. 1 bav
aald call and aea
h. u. i h.va di.nemi
kel Hons ft JOHN II. JAC
td of wir Shop loath of rka Mar-
h.o.i, a woni.r yo"
haiiieaud ChoDsical Arts, Industrial Manuluclurea,
t..pi,,ltuMl. fulaliU. luvouil.ilis. cnzineeriiiir. niiu-
wuH'n me ,,s;usw-.,.v..v..
d to advance. ,
u....A. .r ll,.it.l Kt-,ift. fa I KS tb ffruiitaa nreal-
bhlt'k SubtUlllCei it i Sold all OVOr Jitptlll. ' so published every week. Including Ointiat, tonr.s
,, . -1 c ,i .j f ull the I 'Altai tLAliUM, loKeiner wiiuuew
The cxprcBned odof-lho eecfle serve for ' " ' iou UHIIII1MUsd 0t other auuiecis.- ,
fIM.u iwin iu aj.-kiil t )m nrtiinilu ! Tit I'nKTUluizTUiUi lu Ihu S)tCTH-IC AMKHICAN are
- "'-" " "w """'',r,m", tne most KM 1. Ms NT rclenlllle and practical
poWOIIOUS (IS the I'AlO Venenata, Or. Alitor- ull,t ,j uie times, 'i be Editorial Uuiwrliuent is uut-
La i poison tree, commonly called wap ; vjs
SUniltck. - If U. ffion. ' ! . ! aTallencod Iriithfulneaaof ludlscusilon,, but for
, - I the fearlessness wtlu wukb urror is compuieu anu raisa
.' ' -i r- 1 ' :' -I .,.,nrifm hre extiloded. - ' --1 ' :
' TV 1 VRliNTINfJ FROM MEXICIO : Movliaulca.litventora, Eufrlnecra. Chemists, Munu
IH UUtliailiW rritJM lUtVlvJ. Tftara,Arlcullurlsta, and rsoita nr kVear mo-
Advice have been received from . Mox-:' ri oa i win ud the snmno An.aicm to- im
ice to the 19th ult. : The- corimmdent ?' frr
of the New Orlean Beo wriust Tho nu.lir, bosidea mrordoie unna coutiunut
, . , . . , .. aoatee ol kuowlodee.lhe oxiierteuce f wJilcli la be-
newest pTOJWt 00 UIO tapiSl the foU'W- ?apetunlaryeirllinate.- - - . . '.-- ;. ,i
iiw Santa Anna laU-ly j assembled his i'he Hotawrsc AaaaHu ibttahtd woet;
S' -"n J . 3oj.uu,u in. eVorv number couuliiaelKla larire quarto poges.anrtn-
rilt:e uonncil,-onu Bll"um;ua io iticiu imrauuualiyarouipiei and sinenuio veiumc, iuu-
110 suverut uiHiureu iia;iiat sviihih, iuk...
i..... ....... nu stim ' '- r K'. '
Klnglo 8ubscrlpiloas,a jear, or 1
appeiinin to dntw up the- bai of a new nr. copie, ,or .,.x nsoum.,
01 irnniC hlW? ad, YY hat form of Govern- V"t further Club rules nnd fir sWtement of the fodr
o , , , , , ' jo rrL n -I teenlurgeCush Prliea, offered by the publishers, aea
nitiit shall bo adopted?. The Council ro-.-6ti.ntiu. American. ' . -
nliorl- lar. Thnti it ia time to irive n Con-. SokUi.rn, Wesura nnd Canada money, or Post
(...... .- , o M'l t Offlc. Stamps, tsken at par for suoscripuons.
Lvltera snouiu e. uirecivus tin,. ,oi., ,v . '..,
XUUiMS Ot lU.,
. ...... rnibnto Sotice , , ..
Tfkjorifl! IsliefclryRlrcn Iwalt pe-rsona (ftlofVilcd,
11 thai John A. Cdlins. ItxeLfr of Htrter Melti, dec,
lis rj Aom ior ui .i.ainanno Bieiz,-uec..-
do ' dor ' llavld ltees. deceased, and
funis P. Ashbrnuk'.ona of Uie Executors of Jacob II..
hereuce.iscd.have lileil thulrnccounts and vouchersla
the Vrnliate Coilrt of Pntrtlvld county, Ohio, for In
seelton and aJlttomuiil, and Hint said areotiats will
eouic-nn ror ucnriujr ou ine uuu uuy of August nani
or ns (s,on Ineroafter us nitre lHonvenlent. " 1
rfl'VawJ'.. '.vV.lt. Ml.lwl4'relinlo Judge.
nstnte olf TIlIInni Ellis;-"'.
OTH'B Is norcby klven, that the subscriber hs.
been aiilioli. led and qualllted as Eiecslrli of Ik
list -Will and Testament of William tills, lata e.
Fulrlleld eonnly, Ohio, deeeasrd.
July 111, 1HM 3'U -: ASM ELLIS, E.ieeutrlx. '
, Uoad Notice. y
TViTOTICE la hereby given, Ihnt a petition. wilt ba
y will be prcsuntcd To tlie Commisslnners of Pair
Sold county, at their rCirular session in Septonibw
u. ,vl, prai in for an allerat'nn uf so much -of th. road,
loud I nit front Huttiiuiiretn Mlllorsport as lies between
nioaouili Una orihe southeast uuartor of aectiou Ko.
S, aim llio Ohio Canal; anid alteration to commence
where the road strikes the south Hue-of the southeast,
quarter of section No. A, ruiiulii oast on Oicsecllou
,i,o between llio lands owned by Conperrlder anil
Orovcs to the Ohio nanal, thence ilnrlk en Ih ajravet
bank of tlia.OUiu Canal tu Intersect the Mad on said
Walnut township. AojusU, lfil. , iUS
Estiito. of Jamos A. Baker.
Oill.tJ- viuiii;ii, - uou w ins; aiiausnj mw
three quoons, viz: 1st, Is it time -to eon ited "s,""
slituie the uationJ-Sd, To whom doc it) frTTnaas.-s
man. 1 hone lha ouDllo Will lv hlio a renerous .up.
por - - islfUe, WSS-ewn '
ESPKCTPtlLI-Ylnforms ihe etllieasof Lancaster
l.audvlelnll.Uial''aa opened a new .C-rufeo.
;nrwrck ofj p'("j'';'Ar-ot
na m urvyursjsr - j -
Bakln lu his Hiie, "Bef7"L ,""r..5,7,i
.....r.tored aud sold alssotsad retail.
TTT-Of 8.0. a. ard To.acca, th. rery beat will al all
tlmesba round at tn. vnj v...e.--1 :
Uavlncutocurwl room for th. "J. '
b. Jrepared to accoaunod.ta Udtra ann Ochttcfnea
Vila UtCwtL andsaimner rcfrcahrnctita.
Irtlteastcrvo'T lew '-"
dilution to the Government Si, Hint
Gen. SanUi Anna is rested with tlie -
quifei.e power to 'draws biwid forAh. ort
gntiio law. 3d, That the form of Gov
ernment should bo a rcpi-esenuitivo Re
public; Subsequently, however, Santa
Antw changed his mind, and tho whole
Bcheme wit postponed, : '., :V. -
Mr..' Vidniy Hivns, who eucoeeds Al
niouto n Minister -to tho United -States,
though only 30 or 3fi yearaofao, is tho
father in-law of Santa anna having tonr
rind tho widow of Manuelito Toeto, -too-
that of the President' wifeo Ilia .api
poititmont ha provoked any rroantiiy of
158 Fdltoa Street, Mow York.
Augasl 181)
' '. V" X. C. BUTCH, ' ' '
WOUI.O rtspertrully Inform Ihe
-cltlionaaf Laaeasterand vieini-
tv. Lbalba hasoneucd a HhoD ill Mar
tin's Kow, where he Is prepared tori"-!
pair all kinds ervyalcnos, uiocia anu
Jewel rv with neaUiessand dlsnatab.
'TTiAUwork warranted lo perforin well. A' .-
. ianeaalar.Jun. U.18U tf - a'. . :
WAUt.giiAi.et .
ABremnTcd his ofAc to liiu'r
Ihe Court House, opposite the 01
I..mnitr, October w,l?a
i-asr.. Itast of
hlo riic omce.
TS.Y0TICE Is hereby fflvon that lha subscriber baa
L boon anrjoinled und oualiAaA aa Administrator
un ihe Kittle of Jamo, A. Baker, deceased, lata, of
Fairneld contilv, Ohio. : llama at utueaster, mis tsi,
duyuf AnKnsl.lfW... KILVKKIKH 8HTll,Adra.
.ana.lnHW-Jsu . '
t -D ES T 1ST BVt
HAS rcldrnoa to the ettr. whore he expect to ra-.
main Mrmaneally In th practice f his profession.
Grateful for pust favors, he hopes by attenUon lo busi
ness to merit Iho patronage of bis old friends and the
public a-euorHlly.- Ottko, Alain Htreet, two doors East
of Uio Ohio Eagle. . Lancaster, July IS, 18iJ 3mll
1 VaAV O Ii.8
Opposite Skasffer'a Hotel, Lancaster, Okie
ONKY MOON aud oilier Coinalltles from Pnaclt
nnv 1
a Is. tlarLapd, by Thompson
I I Autobiography of an Actress, by Mrs. Mowalh
--JiiortMiy to Oenlral Africa, by Bayard Taylor
. Kansas and Nobiaska, by Hale
Kiiuny MeinorlesofKurelitn Lands,by Mrs. Btowa
W..i.lM,nA hl.Armv.TliA l!.mn Flrt-S flf NSnOlCOn.
' A One lot or Annuulsfor 1BU, and n. lot of amall
OirtBaokrofullklnds. - v - .
Calholicfrayer Books, Episcopal Prayer Books, and
a larc-e lot bf Family Bible, and Pocket Bibles at
reduced prices, -School
hooksand Stationery at Wtaolesal.A Bwtall,
feckot Wullels.Port Monies, am! Pen Kiilvea, foi
sole all lie Book Store of JOHN SKAK1.KS ,
Ort.e,1M-J-' - Oaaesrts.faacr'.ilolsl,
AT! iTf77

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