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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, August 23, 1855, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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Vwly lvrUr ba.Uic.prlrUgo of reBewliig
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TjliH Onrilo. inrt.oxooiiUnir on qitro will
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lUbterlltan will bck(d 9.no(
1 - 1 . (FtaiM the CoittlorcUI Aurora.
IV hat tbe IlrceietSny.
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7 tli&y 'liiSf QHrifr '(jjld Oiji fro.pi,
't'. An ff W'iy Sf. iji -:' ; s !.:'.
-jAnit the ev k(ip iioddlnir Hioir gttaiy hoftdi
TV ours brijrhtor liuc. juii ilie towers look up . . ,
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4I h wild-btrifa nn(!iiri ptiy.
. I'm aurti a awuet rdry Iht? Iipeczwa toll,''' " ? " ' ' .
Ouar mllior--.wlf 40 they VI'
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"fl J-4 iimraorajii))iioU ruljtt), .." V
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''.tut! iinw from crov.and bll..-f ;v .r ':...'-..
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. Tin' rlvuliH.leh In lbojti!rlilio brigblfv
Krw.i fr:n tb'.'ir ley .iain,
taav Itit l(Uj1ilvo,
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AH"rti.ia.nrl Moartrti'ir In i;:tnlunM suci'l,'
. bdtwttful.'fw Mlm! ' '.
Tlu kliiinre bl'i-S fur the iimmivr l!y '
. rlL'lilnm n aivt 'rludd'. ' '
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' CltS.-d in bvaat) tmMime, - - ' ' -'
. 'jriingihJr a k'nloii'dr Jlutnr' b'i.'ti'..- ,v
. Kli j .Wttjtrotb w otliat thno.,. . , , :
. i- . ' - . ':- r ': - ';. -: t
.. Audraui.laL.lurii to lb Tnco-of tba poof : ..-'."
PnrTlsIons nf happier hoiiM,. '
J'.tunio Vftiwjfiutt ajiii'S 'with tbagloj-igiui trulii ,.'. .
,..-Of auuxhlno, bh'iUnnil 'flowers. v . .'v. -
'-And many fesl fhv thoiri;:' vartnlh' " ' : '
' f.T.tit tli;jhnUlr)'' ireniwl t'i,;'. . '.v ;
il!atn;aaceiidtn tile HanO tUot enO i , A .
."I'he warm, wrfl Snrfyiwr hiy. " ' " " " ' '
, "llifs Islba bsautlfitl V'i(ry,jny thill,. " n i
j-', .3'hd ahl?peris broU!ll, ; "
' Ami inii'..tlj tljt lotlie gliwliigVonl, ' . ' ','
.;Witti Jay virid.taptttrii aWtfUlT ,i .
JjIlMAffiAp crucible:
A .Thrillljis T,1t.6 ittaK ni tow tlfe
Tlios 6f6ur'reatlufs tvlid' liax'o ever
. een actetl.br bve'r'r'ead,Jtie lUtlflf1
moJurn drHtpH of Sir Elward Lyttoit Bui-,
wor, "'fho Ljdy of Jjypiisi', needs look no
fiptlior;' tlinn .tlitj folovjni,' sketoh 'igtS- a
fcBndtioiir''-'?'"-r '.'.',. ' 1 . ' .
-t wHS born in pno of those; tittle Im.mlyrs
ajtuitcii hi the. lieiifib'orliood bf' ilofltel
tnartia the SoaUi of France; $fj' fothff!
. itail nwJti many a fruulcas ofTort to raise -liimsblf
Hbove-" indijjehce. His last Tespu'ruc
it hta old rtga arose from the oxercise of a.
tulnt vfrhich. lit; bud' acquired in' Jiis ybiilli,
tliut of'..'beltonr'RrtitiUn.'-; Tlifs toor- was 1
Jlib liu.niblu',.. profession which JL desired to
foMow'i- 'Bcirijf endowed -by-' nature' with
quitk arid with lively jfacultia of both mind
and bojy;-1 soon grew skillful in iiytrnde,
nd havinj an ambiltoui spirit, - set off for
JTvyplas to prosogiile "my" cHlling. .there. . I
w us so far suceessfiiUhat I became a ret
favorite with clumbui niRuls, who were my'
chief employers; and whommy'godd looks
" ail youUi interested in my favor.
Ouo evening, however, as I wasretrtrn
Jng home after, my day'a found, ! was jic-.
costed by ;four -well-dressed young meri,
who! threw out a few pleasantries on my
.profossiorr, whorI answered In a' style of
good ljumored raillery that seemed to sur
prise an 1 please" them"' IJ saw them look
aignifioaatly at ne ' another, and heard
JheiB say-"this is our man." " The - words
alarmeti toe, but my .fears .wore speedily
'dissipated,'; - ".'. , r.
. rvftouperoH.t'.. aaid oner"'.'ybo shati sup
with us. We have Rseheme ' wlfcU "may
,.d' yougood.--If you do-not agree to it we
shall not hard you Chut only, ask yo.it to
keep our seorft. Do uot be afraid but
win? with , ,';- V
V Seeing ; all of them to: oe - genilemea In
lappearanee, I did hot hslate to aedep the
-offer; they - conducted me through a num
; bet , of byoss streets; and At Ias ehleifed :
handsome house, in an apartment of whioh
we found , siaE other ybung triert, wlio $p
!peared tqr have.beeii jwaiting: jmpatiently
for-my conductors.--' A" few explanatory'
words passed reBpeoting me and soon af-,
terwarda we sat down ' to ruppet. Being
i young, - thoughtless ftnd light-hearted:' I
"gave way to the enjoyment . of ;thi tours,
and vented, a succession - of pleasantries,
which seemed highly to please my chanca
oompanions. But Uie.v 1I "grew ilioiiglit-
.u. .hu ".iciii no J",!, . "V ... """iv u 01
. 1 t. - . V
. " flu) ten Persons wliom vou spe
vousairf 1m', ''Uie air diijtuns of Lyons.
Wc ara all in- 'irood' 'cfr'turatailcs." hrtii'
make d very handsome living lyoiir occoJ
pauon.' ; vv are nil attughed to ooeTanoU)'
tratiil.' formed a happy .Society. till love
8tepp?d 111 to disturU u. In the street of
bt. Dominic, thero lives a picti'lre 'mir
chant, amaa. of -respectable .atation. but
Otherwise an ordinary persouagCc ., )ie has,
houver, a dauhtera 'trreat'tra .possessed
of ew-fy ' ateomplisliinent,' And cntlonvd
Willi every grac. tat- wltone amiable jBal
ities are .shaded by one duft ct-pridc; h
supporlabJe pi jde. A au rxample of lie
w.iy lii hi.;v this filing Jiaa Jvd uer:(o
treaf o Ui;rs,'l. will owu that niv.selfjiiiitl
my addrt Sses'to hot, and was tippioved hi
her father, 'as one by blrtn hnd vircumfiiaft
ces. much her upio-r.' But what was the
answtr whiufi. the ipsoknl girl gave to my
suit? -Do you 'think, air, that a young
woman like. roc', was born for nothing bet-,
terthati to be the 'wife bf an engmver?"""
" 'Hei great pride'a'nd charms have" been
equally felt by usll('bhtinued lliesjidsk
or, ,wc r. hold that she lias cnat u sjir tptji
on us and our prpfysfipn. We, therefore,
have resolved to show this' "disda.iiiful girl
that she iift not indeed "been ". born lb tl!e
honorof 4ping the' wiTe of an engraver.-
Now, . will you, .(addressing me,) venture
j4e:onie ,tho .husband o(a charming wo
man, who, to attain perfection, waiits only
fu r'pride ' Blortified'and her Vaiiitv pun'-
-''Yea;,.".-I-nnsweieJj sparred on by tie
exL-iement of the moment;, ' comprehend
what you would have, me,to do, and l will
fnlCfl it'in such a maiiiier' tliat you wi!)
hare no reason V 'blush" for VbuV pupil.' ' " '
.. The threfl months wl-it h '-followed this
strange si-ene, v. re wlitilly oceujiii d with
prt-jjaraiion lor .'$!:,. pan i wa1o perl'vtra.
I'reseivliig the sii ic.'est ( prihle jsecrecy,
the coiifedcra'cs did tJieir best .to. transform
ma from a phiiii Ix-llows Woiuli r inlo n fine
gcitf lomaiK. Hithing, . haii-'d reesers, A i-.,
btotight my person to a fitting dogreeif r-'
tim inont.'At lule evry.'day6ne. -ur the oilier
of theiiengniveis'tk-vo i'd l.imst-lf 'try tie
task of tem-hing nie music; dmwing nsid
trther nerompJtUhh!ents,Lfind natnrc lind fftr
nishfd me with 'ft dispositibri-'' lo a"udy, and'
a- niemory.so .-ifeicB.ive; ihat1 my friends
wl'rvns'onishod at tho-progics.of their ili
oipliinv ..-; ';',.! A'-'- ; ; .'....,
'J'lioitghtlcss of nil else, I f;lt the deepest
delight hi aeiiuitiirg I hew' now rudilmiits
f eiiui juioii. ;,.ui.the (ime came whoii.I
wis, to he mude-sensihlo fur. the "first time,
of the truu uaiurcof trie tlisk.l had entered
Upon.i,: The couftlerates at length thought
tut? pcrft-et; sud in thd i'lulfm'ter ofthe ridi
lariiuis of. Jlqujieron. proprietor of the
liirgv esltites.in D.uipKjny, 1 was.'; instiilh-d
in the iir.st.hoU;l in Lyons. lt.wns.'Ujider
tJiis li:le. t presi uied myself to .th piclute
dealer tin. &l, Dpminia street.'- .'I . niado a
few pureliasusiJ'rom him, and' seemetl anx
ious to purchase more". - AfU r a ..little in-tei-vourse
pf thio kind,... ho sent-, nio: word
one morning that he had just received -a
superb collection of engravings from Rome,
HCd hogged me to call and see them - J did
so.-snd was received, not by 4,inv -bul by
Aurora.i ! This was the first sight I had
gut ;of that - lcfvely girl,: and for. the Crsl
limo-'iu -my life, my young and palpitating
heart felt the power-of beauty . v t
'A-tiew'w,oi'kl unfyhled itself; before my
eyes; I soot) forgot tny borrowed part; oho
Sentiment absorbed my ouU one.iidea eh:
chained my jaeulties. .ThMair Aurora per-.
cvived her triumph, seemed lo listen with
eomplucency lo tho incoherent: expressions
of passion which escaped. my lips; , That
interview axed mV. destiny forever'. The
intoxicaiign: of enjoyirg her presence hur
ried me on,, blind to everythingiehie,: For
several months I saw: lier cveryrdar: and
enjoyed a state of happiness only dampened
iy the self-aeeusing torments : of Solitary
Hours, and of-thd -necessity I w-as under of '
regularlyt rocelingmy employers; aslib fur- j
ulslied, me with money, jewels, and every
tiling I could require. At length Aurora's
father gave a- little fete in the country, of
which 1 wa3 evidently v. the boro. A nvo
ment.occurrod in which; thoughtless of all
but my lbve, I threw myself a suitor at her
feet. ' She beard me with- modest dignity,
whilea tear of joy, which dimmed for a mor
meat her. fine eyes, con vinced me that pride
wasinot the only emotion ; which Bgitated
her hearl-'-yes, I discovered that I was be
loved. . . - j.'i .'-v..v !
, I was - an imposter, Jbut Heaven is my
witness, ; I deceived her -not without re
morse. In her. presence I remembered
I. nothing but herself-' but in the slillnesa of
solitude; sophistry and passion disappear-,
ed1eaviog dreadful perspective .before
me. . When I associated tlje idea of Auro-1
ra with the miserable late which was soon
to? fall upon her, when-If figured to myself,
her delicate, hands" employed iu- preparing
the coarsest nourishment, I shrank back
with horror, or started up covered with
ptld erspiratiorn c:; Brit self-IoVd1. would
come lo- mjraiil and ! ttoiight if. the'tuly
loved me; 'the might. -yet : be happy;-' ,; I
would devote "my life; 1 swore", 'to tbe'task
of stre-wirtg" flowers' nTong-' hersfh." " B'utl
n my nopes; an my rears eannoi pa tola.
Sumcelt to sar,' that het'Tather believed
me when1 1 rep rts rite d imy estate as being
,u c.mji,,uj, n uiduiuv pruviam. - X WUU1U
notafloTT a farthing '-o,f Aurora's iortioTT to
re sewea otnerwrse than on nerself. 'Bo
there was one baseness bf which I was not
guilty. ' ''' Z'- s; rt- f 1
1 'We were Married? - Atthe altar ' shj.
ering ran, through my veins, general
: : - :.eancr;h
tn-pi Julian wijed my. whole irme nd I
i ' ly "-''M"y nave sunt 10 enrtli in
a flood of tears had not some ouo tome to
hiy rest tle; The siny 'troWd around irris;
took the Inst ry of expiring virtue foe ei
cess of sphslbiliiyv , ' '
A fortnight f:tr the. marriage, as jmd
been arranged by my employers, at whose
nferey . 1 was, we started lo Moutlehiart,
my iiufbrtunaio bride believing' we Were
going to a far diJl'erent places- Several of
the , engravers were tlx mstlves our attend
ants, . disguised and acting as courtiers to
our maginficant equipage. The awful mo
ment of exposure arrived, and whed ft did
eome, it proved more -''terrible than ever I
had"antiuipated.i The engravers caused
the carriage to be drawn tip before a mean
and roiseraJblti cottage, nt the door of which
sat, my humble and venerable fathert' Now
came the awful disclosure. The poor, de
ceived', and surprised Aurora was handed
outv Tho engravers amo - up, ; pulled oS,
their disguises, nud lie whom Aurora, so
pointedly, refused, t xclsimed to her:
'No, madam, 'fib, you liaVe not been
born c-rlirOiijiht up for an cni'iaver: uch :
i lot woukl have done too much ') bnor to
your. A bellows-member is w orthy of you,
and such is he. whom you ha-vemade your
liusbnhdl' - '.' "
robr Anrorii' rcaicely heard ''"what had
been said.' Tho- truth Imd 'flashed upon
hernnd i-he sauk back in a swoon. r Recol
lect. that i had now ucquired a considera
ble sluuo -of sensibility. ami delicacy from
my late life.' At that cruel moment I tiem.
bied alike, at the thonght of lo-ing. the wo
man 1 ndnrcd. niid of-seeing - her restored
to life. 1 lavished on her the roost lender '
ones, yet almost wislatig ihat.. tlcse tares
might. .be unavailing, the recovered at
length 'her 'senses,'' but 'the .monuiit her
frenzied eye mt mine, "MoiisicH" she c'x
chiime'd, aiid aynin- Lecsinu lnscnsiLle. r I
prvli'ed by lu-r condition to-riii;uve her
iroin the ight bt' those who. h;id gathertd
artiiind, t to place ht-r on an hnmhle sli.-iw
Vouch. '".Here l u-niniiiid l-oul'e l.ir lill
she opened hit "eyci" riiine shrunk fti-m
their glances. ' Tlie - lirst use ' shu. made f
j-pduch wnsto in:errujit the biokcn aecenis
0t lit r love which IVllfiom my lip-,iind.to
,tfg to be left a'lbnvfor'a'time. The niece'
of tho " urate .of 'the psiii.h," however, who
clinhficd lo be liy.-'rt-maiiitd betide her. Tor
she was hut eighteen, and '-termed glad of
her attentions., u - ..-..;. ,'
j.Ilow shiill I dobcriVct the horrible night
which f passed? ' It". was hot bn my, own
account that I suffered or feared.' She n
lone" wa's'in my thotiglris. I dreaded Vttwre
all, for my love w;rs still predominHirt, .to
see that heart , alicnatod yose tenderness
was uecessary to my txistynce, to read
coolness in that, eye birwhose. look' riiv.
peat-c' depended. 'But could it" bo' other
wise? ' Had I not basely, vilely, darkened
all I he pi orpects of her li'fe;- - and over
whelmed her with iniokrahle shame and
anguish? ..That' night ws a punishment
which would have almost'" wiped but ' my
lesser shr:' 'Frequently, it may be believed,
I"cht to- know- how-- Aurora wits. - Sha
was calm,, they told me; and, indeed, to
my surprise, she entered, in the. morning
tlie room where I was. She was pale, but
collected. "1 fell before' her on the ground
but spoke riot. ' ' '" ' ' '
"Vwu have deeeived me,' said she. ; 'It
is on your future conduct. that my forgive
ness must depend. Do not take advantage
of tho power you, have . usurped.' The
niece of the curate has offered me an asy
lum. "There I -will remain until this mat
ter can be thought of calmly., ,
t . Alasl these were sooUii.ng hut deceitful
wordsl .Within a day or two after this e-'
Vent, the interval of which I spent in fbi rn-'r
1rtg Wild liope for the future, I received at
once two letters. The first wa from the
engravers, -tlie cause of' my cxalmtion and
fall., , They wrote to me that my "acquain
tance had begot in them a friendship for
mej '.that they hud each" originally sub
scribed a certain sum' for the execution bf
their plot; that they would supply mo with
money and everything necessary , for my.,
entering into some kindof business, and
insuring the creditable support of myself I
and.-4u!, a-!'- The other , letter Was frorn .
Aurora, ,,'bome. remains or pity, alio, said,
which I ,feel (or. you,' -notwithstanding
yo'ur'cohdu'ot,' induce, me' to inform" vou
that I mw in Lyons. It is my ihtentioti to.
enter a convent, which w ill rid trie 'of your
presence but you will" do welL to hold
yourself in readiness to appear before every
trihunal" in France, till 1 bWe fonnd pnt
.which !will: .do , ine : jusliqo and break the
chain, in. which you haye, bound your vib-
tim.'r..;, .... .--.
.I borried to the curate's, but conld learn
nothing of Aurora's retreat, slihoogh 1 be
come assured that the curate arid Ins niece,
'despising his condition,' had--been the nr-
n I r. 1 ..1 . . f ' , U A A.M''TA .V' - L . ,1 I ..' 1 .
u,au-iccj a w 1 djj A.'uin iau
!".'" I then hastened to Lyons, where -tho
affair had now created a sensation.' and saw
only he engravers, who, notwithstanding
the base plot which they bad tixrwaK me
euirtuju. neio.mcn oi nev.-nnzeperous wis -
pbsifions"." 4 As they liad" driven m6 ''but o
my former mcahaoflivelihoodt I conceived
riiyself at liberty to accept j " sum1 which
Uiey offered me toenter. into trade witln
They advised, nie Jio to dispose, ,of jt;at
pn.ee, and without Ir-ouble to. mer atigmifnt-
edfitgreally...,i v -... --;-:'T -'
". MeanwbUe the : ather.;vi.f Arirort - had
made every preparation for annulling the
rftarriaao. ' This could hot be done but bv
publioly detailing the. treachery whiob had
been practiced.' 'Never', perh'nnae 'a
eorirl house 'more crOwjerf Jhaf CfM, of
Lyons, on 4he day of 'which theise waa
heard.? Aurora herself appeared, and rty
horning; aug. 23, 180 5
inwveoiii prn' not losueak ot
i . i ... . ii . . . .
to a corner like a guilty thing.
would at once have gained the suit, : hail
not one man anseB to speak j for. me. It
was one of the engravers, the oue who had
been refused, as mentioned, by Aurora.
He made a brief pleading or me, he prais
ed my character., he showed and confessed
how I had been tompted anil how I fell.
Ailus't he ConduJed by addressing Auro
ra:.'. ... ;, - .
. "Tea, madam,' said beV'Iava may de
clare, that you are kot )iis wife, but y.u
have teen the wife of his bosom. Tbe
contrai l may bo annulled, and no stain may
rest epon you. But the stain may be cast
upon another, pan roB, w;l j0u, throw
the blot bf illegitimacy upon one even more
.innocent than yourself?""
the appeal was understood, and it was
not in vain. The trembling Aurora ex
claimed: ',' ,
'No! riol' and the tears fell fast" as she
. Themarrmircjwas not annulled. ut
ivhilr. il.a Amtr.,..t ft,:..'i. t i. i .L..j
With my ofn name, believed . by tiiem to
he tho h.mily cameof ihe Maiqui, de Rou-
peon.) was Jeekred a U. U w s ato de-
lermiied that Aurora should remain unmo
leated by tho adventurer who- g.ad so far
deceived her, and every le-ral nrecau'ioii
was taken that I shouU ynZ
over her or her effairs ' .,,
A fter the v, t I did not remain long
in Lyons, where I had - heard tny nsme
branded eve, V where with infamy. Master,
. ., -.. . - . : '
by the means I haverchted.-of a consider
able sum, I went to Paris, where J assum
ed, a foreign name.- I entered into huti-
a.nd more to drown- renjemhrance,
nn nrdv
rh,r wi t. i; fw h.v
I ke circrms'an'i
ft.......:! i-
lion's Were those" th::t attraWed me most, K
ar.ll fi . II til.' ttk 'ni.t nt. n . ...1 v
b!e way. I hrc nne the head of a flourish-
hg commereia, house; and ere five years
passed nv h.d amassed considerable
WfBlth. ' At times, howevor I hi. rt-mr.m.
In nee of mr wife th.ew me in'o fitsofan -
guish and de-pnir.- "I dared not think, nev-j
euhelef. of a ti-mpting logo near. trt.T it
ciinncea mat i nan u in mv power maten
I -I.I ... t I . .....
-ally fo serve a hunker in Lyons, who pres
sed me much to pay him a visit. After
niueh'- uneasiness Hnd anxiety, I resolved!
to accept the invitation. Once more I en- '
SctvA Lyons'ard on this occasion with an
Aninnai.il lli.l n... l..u....n...,t il.n....t. .
to accept the invitation.' Once more I en-!
. i..iijr.i-. tun .1 HUl. UUI UWL'U, III1IU"II A3
........ -a.. I-t mi IVHIICI VIIC a.ui SIH-II
IhehnnLer, on bein-r' -questioned told me
that Aurora still lived in the convent .and
tepenuent upon the chanty
Tli . ..li-l t..,i t . i:....i
seizor Aurora auwd the ease, and pkaded ir . n " . r'"?u " l vl7 I"' t"WW'oj very lyciWe- li
the viciim'reanse will, ae much eloquDc, : &Zlimv?!, ""S mihn of "What eonstitutea ticht."'-
was ndmircd for her reserved propriety of P.Uiy nc i. i.io mam tendencies
conduct, and" for 1,er unremittintr attention f ,nl"j' 80 mi".iferst,-v ",."M
to her child, her boy; but he told me that t,Km' lh "tin' "orl,ipnnence is so
her father had just died, leaving her almost E: ?nj 1 ,e f of employment so
,?nnrwiw ..t.., ii,- aj.-;:. ?.i.-n... visible, that whoever nstnres after lenev
... l iiuvii, um'ii VIIU Vlinil . V VI lliDHi'Ut-?!-. .
i... hi iui i-Atiiru iu we inc iiiua, iiteiy
i'u, tnj icci-ivt-u mo waning, i r-queieu
him toas?embto the reditors of the father
or Aurora, and to pay his debts, giving him
funds to do so; I told him to muchaso
sbmepieces of furniture, which I knew to.
pieces of furniture, which I knew to
ritod bv Aurora ' " -
i. .'j. .1 l'i
oe pnacaoy Aurora- ' 1
Kv.rtr hnn nt ".law in T.i-nc -
hour of my slay in Lyons,
strengthened my desire to see my wlfe
nnd. at lpasr." fn fi.W m hn. tn mc arm.
nt... I' i .i . ... .
my leenngs necame at lenijin irresiatin a,
-.i'x .i'j i...
d' I revealed myself to the banker; be-
iohing him 6v find some war to take me
to the'eonvent his astonishment to- find,
me the poor, - mui-h-spokeh of bellows
mender, was beyond description;' Happi
ly aquainted with the abbes?,, he assured
me that it was easy for mo at least to ob
tain a sight of my wife : Ere. an hour had
passed away, my friend had taken me there.
I was introduced as a Parisian merehflht.
and beheld with ineffable emotion my wife
. i - .i . . i t.. .
i ly child asleep on her knee, in conversation
seaicu in, tiiv convent parior, wun a Joye-
with her venei able, friend. Aurora, not
twenty-three years of age, seemed 'lb me
more lovely that ever. .1 Ud purposely;
me jnot. though I perceived an involuntary
start when she firstsaw me.a, if my pre.'-
eftce reminded her of some once faniilliar
object.,. I could , not speak! mj friend
maintained all the conversation. , But the
bov awoke. . He saw atranrrers nresent.
an4 A&cnAnAnA Asm t,; :,Z..
Looking at myself and friend for a moment,
became forward to me... Oh! what were
my feelings when I found myself covered
with the sweet caresses, the innocent kisses
of my childl . An emotion which I. had no
mm riiu- nui'i uiuLiiai a aiicrj. r
power to subdue, and rising hastily,
i tlirew. myself, with my. child, ia mv arms.
.: at me ieet.ot my , paia ana. irembimz
wife. .
. j'aroral, Anrora!" leXclaimed in bro
ken .accents, "your child claims from you
a atie.rl Uhl pardon 1. pardon!
emotions. I took an oppor.uniiy, soon af- "S8 1 . r, m",n lOT ?wt lne lrue aS'
Urwards, of visiting one of the engravers.;"!'?. ,f i'H .n:1lur.t;' r.nn B".dree ,8Cope 1'
whosenrcelvanew meso chanl was I. " moUt' nnJ a11 nsP.uini; themea for-...i-i.:
2.. ' 1 .. J the heart. '
("xoe ciuiu ciaapeu ner anecs, ana seem- .v-v... ... coinrpission k-" --; , j
ed to plead with roe,- Aurora seemed ,nown that .lie can be satisfied with a very vof them showing something of inielhgence
ready to faint' 'Her lip quivered, and her little bonnet. It is undoubtedly h scBnda-. Mfj onivatioo, ; Quite a number of: spec
eye was fixed, as if in eOipory tfpori Yne; a bus observation, but a modern philosopher -tatora wasresent. and among others was
flow of tear, came to her relfef, and she an- has remarked, arid we give the aphorism . judge W '. Hie tap.- Well proportion-,
awered my appeal by throwing herself in- for what it is worth.that 'love is so essential edform waa surrounded by. a jroup of the
to mv arms, .-r "-' vw v - -.tothe-Tery life Of a woman that in eeli""'' tawnT sons of America. A atraneer in the
mi. . -1 '1.1 .1 I I L , ' .
" nv bnn -,ni .ha MA M.iAiitAff ah'
amain dan ma- hut temv . i.ihl aUada
too Dowerfullr. Aurora ia Tours." " " ; ",
... a . . . . . af ' - .1 '
Thi event cloBes tny history,
T f.... I a . . .
Aurora much improved by ad-
' versity4, ai,d have iasid
Lyons. Sometimes we spend a few weeks
there, and on one occasion she invitd'me
logo dtWn With her to be present at a fes:
or wuiun sue naa ma le prepsrston. Who
Were our 'ni-t"
liie ten engravers, who .
were the cause of all that had passed! It ;
was indeed a day of pride to m". when If
litt.ir.t A .. .1.-1. .1' - . .i ; . t
..vi.u naivia iinn iiieni ior 11. e Imr.r.l
ness, Whieli, under the" airem v of n .,
ucrwcrung rrovitleiiro, they had been
the means of conferring upon her. '
A ToiinK ?I:ni' Cbaractcr.
. ; No young man who has a jut tvnse of
bisowu value, will rport with hi own char
acter. A watcful regtni t-j his uwu char
acter in early youih, will be of conceivable
value o him in all the remaining years of
his life. When tempted to. deviate from
strict propriety of deparimeut, he should
ek himseU'.cau I afford this? Can I enduro!
"r to look back itpon thi? ... ...
it is ot ama2in worth lo u youn man to
. ... vuwu- r,i.u.. M.i.l. I... ... t I ... .
1 aa t lunii I VWIIII IIUUSK Kir II Of Tl ft a a ' mil I I LiiA- ffj r T fTOTini Inn ir Tit a rH'hil I Ina
! r" pUr mud' flr u 'oundaiioo 0" J" tremendous force: "I
i f ? r,Ure PllUM- . m.ud, in order " em J the same old Bill Msrcy
i lf Usl e ployed in topi,:. used to ,ve ,n Southport. but tW
lhf W'"c? 'r? H"a lovely... nt 1 Promised the
'''ating. Thus the miud Ul.c totAnJ ? d
mil' "' ,j8 0Wn Powr l!;c -lcuons of K"jy nii ont for rt. Why,
A ,'U"' l'Jw n7, ' ?" 1' 1
) Iy know how durable and how. dismal I dido t exactly Ik - to ignore lira ac-
! ,s, P'od"ced ' in duletice Tu T', bot ftT "? life of
I f def ,e 'Uy only realized J.'0 ' f ?"hZT
! ''W fr,h,lfH ,WV" 1 ,e "?01"J 'Pitie. .i0 T ?h' Ui
1 which b i:!.nI.r.l Kill .ii ,,f ;.....:. familiar eotinlenr.tice. but Ihat I waa tint
----- ---"- .wvov iwniu
ation produceson thesoul, they would sJiun
i n-.-ra as the bite oi a set pent. The Dowir
of books lo t-xcite the iiiraginaiion, is a
fearful element of moral death wl.en.m-
! P,,TJ 10 "ie '' of vice
x ue uui.ivkion m an - umiaoie. feievatea
And ftltiwm.r lienrt ahvi. tn all iV.a l..-.o1itln
of ns ure aud all the sublimiiies of truth.
- !0'ln " tl,e . g" 'o the will
j ' W''-nc! ol haser passions, an 1 t
t ffw'tK?s t,int P0 Vt adhesion l,;
I rl cr is pui e, goo-i, aim grana, wbieh u
i "UHP.0U . Mm om l,lt' .,ur nfl;"re cf
iiiianuuo uiose scenes oi action nnd'im -
i . ... , , . , . .
i"nb'on. I w."n aenerSiea may he most
high destination may bo most efl'ectualy
1 . J ' 1
Theopporlunilics of exei tin t these far-
and trreat that if reallv is worth
u ws vmj iriiun iijt'it, nri? ko
. I "1 . I"
The heart which is trulv
- ryan?l"' J" y 7 . !
! l. a .. , .
n-e "kV . il,e Fnnses ot UoU
blent actions," and reaches forth - to those
,, . . . r , ,.
Akecdoti of tiie Iron Dckk. - I
108ri1 a story tho othe
r dav a story with
" Sre",n1'inie 10 1 Aoa
John Wilson l-roker(I need
1 ? ... lu lV Aou BOW .u,Hl
V . i. 1 .i . . nr.
.Inhn Wi sun I IroLrnrf I rii-nn not rrn nin
l 7, . . V- V: ' .. "V
ni'ii ins la not me. lrrcHL nnniei was, Willie
an aenve man ot me world, an energetic
talker, who generally conveyed theimprcs-
Gtnn llial ri hi.i,.Vfri nirmrlt oTrtil Itfm
'lf understood anything and that it
r1",8 "S!;lon tosel l!,e '?.rld nS,,t- IIe
se f understood anvth nrr and that t was
ed as he wrote in iVoics and small cap
itals. Sometimes he pnshed his oracle-
ship lather far, as upon the occasion in
At a dinner party, at which
the late Duke of Wellington was present,
Croker got into aii argument "with some
body about some details in (he battle of
V111erloo. . lie Was, as usual, very po'si-.
live and determined, and two or . three
times the Duke who wished to put hfm
righti tried lo come in, but Croker's' Ora
tory would brook no stop, anil, quite un
wnseioasiy. ol conrse, lift -lie.-keU offj
Duke Vh h".1 (!on',orJf S?s,?re of
io uc oil i-f l priwu iivy
, interrupt one. So .he .Duke wa. obe-
" Vi' T 1 !T I L
.Jf " p b Ween , ,
Croker and some other person, about per-
C1UW,U .'""
'r'- ...flwin viyarr waauus ii.tam.
vehement, and the Duke attain had
Ihinr, In sar. 1T w. at first ehrcked
but at last thought he had .'right to ; be uroP',f ' " '" "' " ' "''.1,.' '
beard on this matter." ' ''' .tf commission waa recently in ses-
"No, ho," Croker," he broke itl vigor- gion m Detroit, to s,ettl the affairs of the
ouslr;"I wilt speak. I mayn't know Tawn(l ciiiprewav.and Ottawa Indians. --
much about the battle of Waterloo; bnt I
.( know something about copper caps. . .
" at V Love is necessary to a woman's
heart as a fashionable bonnet. to her head.
Indeed,, we think (fttjier more aorfojr oth.
incr less than a larsre measure "of lota' will
1 nnnlnnl lit. vh.r... 1 hA ri.illt fablklntl ha
she is unhsntiT without a lover, and after
marriace if she ie so vnfortunaie as not to
love her husband, ahe ia pretty certain- to,
- - . a- r ' U i
I loye--someDody elfie'al'
1 ' ii Turn ; irrTimiii iT" Ji iTl iiT?fffr M-.'TrTTirrW . '
ibgiii miai- aaeeEi
man may be rich with a hundred dollsrs.
While unoiher in possession . of millions,
mny think himself pooriand. iu the riee-
essai leg of life are enjoyed by each, it ii
evi lent that the man who h the best sSt-
ofied with Lis possessions is the nc'ier."
To illutratc this idea, Mr. Jlarey relat-
. J -t .1 ' .
ed the following anecdote
"While I was Governor of the Stale ' of
ew ork." said he. "I Was called
one morning at my cffi-ie.
b a
speimen of a backwoodsman.
ho stalked
in and commenced conversation by inquir
ing "if this was Mr. Mircy?"
I replied that was my name.
'-Bill Marcy?"said.L." " '"
I nodded absent. " '"
' Ued to lire in Southport, did'nt ye?"
I answered in the afflrma'ive," and be
Znn 10 B l111 cuhons to know who my
vi-'10r ? "" "hat he was driving at.
. int wnat i toij .".cried the
.oacKwoorjsman, onnzing Ins Jiand down
. - "
"ble to call him by name.
"7 name is -jaca omitn,"- answerca
the haekwoodsmnn, "and we nscd to go to
hool toijeiher thirty years ago, in tbe
utile red school iiouse in old bonthport
Well, times has ehanged -since then and
yon have become a great man, and got
xiciii 1 suppose. -t. . - .. fr
I shock my Lead, and waa going to con
tradict that impression, . when, he broke
"0 yes you are; I know you are rich; no
t. " ,r''?l. -.i7i I,.?",,
. '""s iu in
Uuvei nor. i ou must have
money, and 1 am glad of
ltj glao to see you getting ulong so smart.
iiuu wa always a smart, but atcbooi,ud
ltaewyou would come U something.-". . :
onh, n Z Zu Thu iTiL
- r r -
not pay as well as he imagined. ' sup-
P0!ie' aiu 'ortune has cmilcd upon
you aineeyou lellbouthportv ' -,
. "Oh, yes,'.' said he, "I hain't got noth
ing to complain of. I must say, I've got
along right smart. ,. You see. shortly afir
you left Southport, our whole family mov.
ed up into Vermont, and , put right into
the woods, and I reckon our family cut
down more trees mid cleaved more laud
than any other in li e whole State." '-
' "And you have made a good thing out
of it. How much do you consider - your
self worth?"- I asked, feeling a li tile cur
ious to know what he considered a Cortane,
"'id as he seemed so well satisfied-with
' Well." he replied; 'I don't . know ex
nctly how much I am worth; hut I llnnk
... rr . j
wpre pnid, I should be worth three hund
"V ;
.reu ooiiars
clean cash! , : - ' -
And he was rich, for he was satisfied.
irB;,i- rnnti0
Anwk. Maffatint.
Dcauttrul HeBtiment.
The beautiful extract lwlow ia from
pen of Hon. Geo. S. Hilliard: ;
1 confess ihat' increasing years bring
with them an increasing respect for those
who do not succeed in life, as those words
are commonly ued ' Heaven is said to be
n place for those who hare not sueeeeded
upon earthj'and it is surely -true 'that cel
estial graces do not best thrive and- bloom
in the hot blare of worldly prosperity.
Ill success "sometimes" arises from a super
abundance of qualities in themselves, good
-from conscience- too ' sensitive, a taste
too fastidious, a self-forreifulness too - to-
..- j T -II
q f' w tbat
"the 'world knows nothing cf. it,P greatert
f f or
; exw.ienee.which-'die and make no
.airrn - ' there are
sien; there are martyrs mat miss me paim,
but not the stakes? they am heroes without
-. .i. 1 . , i ......... u ... i .... . . i. . .i .
'u, ,"u,- '"""I-""-
ThB Commission consisted . of fieo. .W.
'Manvrenny, U. S. Indian .Commmsiorier;
. "H. C. Gilbert. Indian . Aaent: and J..L.
chspman-SecreUry, Augustus Hamilton,
j. Godfrey and" Gorge Johnson inter-
- ptrter.'' During the session an:.a'antiMnj;
f,.ir.nt n,.nru.r(. . On all . sides of- the
-..1. .. . ..nrruH I Ii. Inrtiana. mMlV
, hack nart of the room. Mid. pointing to the
indire. f'That toll Indian, with gold pte
tacit looks intelligent, -1 tkovid tey, Af
1 m a, m m . lilt
I nr half eivilizti!
f - ...
J , Af hl Cuatate niches. ,
" w a'va vi imp-i vvoiq luucvwuwaniruuin. ly asHioz
TAKIMO a cnecK.'
One seldom bears a good yarn now-a
daye in these times of stirring events.when
the papers are, all fi-lled up with "wars, and,
ruinora-uf wars.'. But the following which
We do no: recollect to "have ever aeen lit ,.
print," related by an old joker f other -linyi
is not bad. Some Tears ago-there -cams to
thi tavaro at-r-wll fio i matter?: Wliert
that's cob jJy 'lousiness pleasant , sort
of a body, and called , for . refreshments.
;Wll landlord. what have you got, rump
s.euk, eh? oyster ssuee, eh? bottle of sher
ry, jroods eh? Well, aeri J 'em up . " . f-.
Waiter said the traveler, coolly and chs
passionately wiping hi mouth with a nap
kin. 'Waiter. 1 am awkwardly situated...'
'Sir,' said the waiter , expevting. loTd
letter; - . . ...... .r .. , ..
. 'i cabobl pny you, , . .-. . .. '.
.'Sorry for that sir, I must 111 master.'
(Enter: Landlord.). '. . .-r :
. My good sir you see lh"i is rather awk.
wsid good diuiierl capita-U fsmooa winfcl
glorious grogl but no chf
The Landlord kicked blank. f . '' '
next time often coma thia road
done nothing to-day good bouse-r gfe
dual in tlie bill way.' . - - .
. - The fesdlord kfed blue... - -" . '
No difference lo yott, . course? pleas
ant house here plenty of business hap
py to take your -wder long .creditr good
hill. ' . ... -.
'There is my bill, air prompt payment
1 pay as I go.'. . r - . . - ' .
'Ah, but Imttst ro. withoat paying-
Let us see bill twelve shillings, Wt us. have
a pint of sherry together make it, up iwo
dollars that will square it, so you wont
be bothered to make c-bange whenI; pay.'
'bir, I say you are ewiuoier, sir, wm
hav my mony. : . ( - ' .
Sir, I tell you 1 will call and pay you
ill throe weeks from thi lime exactly for I
shall have to pass this toad again.' . ,
'Jsunc of that, sir; it won't do ,.witH me
pay me my money or I'll kick yoa out.'
The stranger remonstrated the land
lord kicked him out. - - .
. You will repent this.'-said the stranger;
and sure enough, the landlord did repent
it. Three weeis iffter that da?, punctual
to his word, tbe same stranger re-entered
tlie same tavern. The landlord looked
very foolish-the . atnlnger, .railed and
held out hi hand -'I've come to pay you
my bill as I promised-"....; ' ..
The landlord made a thousand apologies
for his former rudeness so many swin
dlers . about, one never, knows whom to
trust; hoped the gentleman would pardon
btm. . - - .-- , - . .. , ..
Never mind, landlord, but come; let's
have some dinner .- together let us be
friends. What have you goUeh? a coup
le of praierie chickens, eh? nice little, ham
of yourowncoricv? good green- from your
ow& garden? famous I bottle of sherry and
two bottles of port; waiter, this ia excel
lent;' . - - .- : . . .- ' ' '.'
Dinner passed over, the landlord bobed
and nobbed with the stranger.they passed
a pleasant afternoon. The UtitHonl rear
ed to attend to his avocation. .The stran
ger finished his bomforfef of brandy, and
watir. and addressej the waiters - -
. 'Waiter what is to pay A ,.--.
Two dollars ind.a quarter, including
the firmer account. : . ',
And half a dollar for yourself.' -. -
'Makes two dollars, and seventy-five
cents, sir, replied the waiter, rubbing hie
bands. , ' - "'--.
'Say three dollars, then. said the strang
er With x benevolent smile,' and (all ir?
your maste'i:' " r - . '.. .. ;
bitter landlord sm.-hnf arm loot in" hos
pitable.) 'Sorry vou are- going so soon,
sir.'- , :- -'- '. ' . - - -
The stranger merely said ith a iSercb
haik. I owed you twelve -.shillings three
weeks a o.and you ki'kejrae out of tloora -for
it.' . ' . . ' V - .
The landlord begiTi to apologise, ;r- - j.
No wcinls'sir, about it flow; I owed Toil.
twelve shillings, and you kicked 'me out of
the house for - it' ' I now ow you - thwo
donrtrs, nod (quie'ly tnrninir aside hi coat
ail.) you" mrlst pay yourself in ap check Oit
the same bank, I have tk money yet.'., i.
Further the dep.nent saet!, not. .. .
'.'"- i - '.
LrtisATiosThe SouthbridKe Pressj
gives n'ri a'ceorjnt of a 'evrtosa ease of legal
lnianon which hits arisen in-that toWn
A Mr Monroe,' whiler Teriinnc: the luifh
way, dug up apitebpirie sieoip.and bought
it from the owner, nr Allen, tor a meal ot
fishy Before h could taks posaession of
hia pure.hBse, however, three Fiencl men
appropriated it, and burned a portion of
me -pi oper - ... ui-
to aurrendcriha remsinderV Thy refus
ed. A law suit waa bronght. Five law
yers were' engngedi and the -defendanta
were sentenced to pay a fine of two dollar
and oosts. .. The dettndaats thereupon- ap
pealed, and the case now stands 'referred
to the crt of Common Pleas, to be bol-
den at Worcester, in September rwxt,'-"'
' Ramisothb Atia-btic Mr. Green, the
submarine diyer, has arrived i ton,nd
is receiving by exorese, a full equipment, of
spb-marine armor., which h fnlend. tonsa
in raisina Uia Atkntib. Mr. Green haa just
returned from the Sandwioh Islands, wher
he b8 had good success in finding treaa
urea, whU,h will enablo him to.underUke
the task of rasiug the steamer Atlantic with
his own means, Heia confiilenthe can sno
ceed with bis present apparatus, as La baa
been to tho depth! of 142 feet in aalt water,
Md remained , under bna hour andis quar

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