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iTrlnclpeli of t'ae Americas Part y or Ohio.
1. Tka Delimited frtWn .!, diseoBaeetod
Vrilb aoiiltrs Hostility to eeclesiaslleej ItlMMM
Pee aSalr of Gvrvretaael KquaUtv af tights le
mi iiiiriiiiN ifnuiu are (rM(f .
"""'.wl wjowe lempertal aliegleiiea, by rum
bftktlr rlrin,k(k:r than that la ike CoaaUuiHoB.
I. Ma InUrfar.ae-. wrlk Uiertgkltretl.eaeklB ml.
Pady acquired by Porelguort, ' the pTOlecllOB of
-w w nui ivutiur imifriH irons toi aa iioer.yi
bat Ike e (duties) efforelga paepar ami fellow, ami
foilMiituj Urt'u,sjft ell "
AerearueMu.il ikavahall ksv resided !H J part la ike
tl. Males and oom'plied wlik theNalurallxnlloa Laws.
a. Opposition In all pal .ileal organltatioNaoempneaii
evelaaieeJf 'l rlrl, ami ( Frtigm ACIHara
?eas.ta.eJ, aa f l a(. tttmpH t eu'a1 lit BUIirmm
tkaeait aapsarfts'i, fas fvelKraawar,
4. .HlaVitry la (era not aarieaal': Moppw It IV
tthsion in any of the territories, and Ikelnurcaseof ita
political power by tho adiulaslon into tb I'uion of
aayHlavo HUloor otherwleo, aai w duman of th
Ojaeral Government and immediate redroeaaf th
tcraat wrongs whlck baa bee a iuRioted eposr Hi
Vanae of Pree-lora and tba American ebarectJr by tit
t ip-ial of the Missouri Compromise, and tku Introduc
tion Of Rlav.tr latin It n..a lu vinlatiAM of lr I.t r..Ma
f arms, and tha destructive of the elective franchise.
$. la kumMu ItulUllnB of tbe wisdom of Washing
ton, wo oppose all iul.irr untlon la tlio affairs of Foreign
Htatsa; yat on nil proper occasions, w will not with
hold out sympathy from any poople aspiring ta bo fro.
S. W s -ipport American Industry and goniu arralnst
lb adverse policy of Foreign nation and facilities to
internal and external commerce by the Improvement
of Rtvur and Harbor and th eonstrarlion of Na
tional Ri:wi uniting Ik a various sections oflhe Union.
7. The (faia .frlm S'alrs auli we.7.rl
t a TiithfM mlltrimve fa tar Caat!ict lea..
. la Stile policy wr xvilo'tsly advocate ."".(rear
Via( eat" Reform a in.idinVlion of the present op-
I rcnlre sst.-in of Taxation and liberal lyncmof
'uhltc Schools. . ,
: - FOR GOVERNOR, . . ' .-
.SALMON P. CUASR. of 'Hamilton, v
,- roa. tuvTENAirr uovbrx,
T1101IA3 II. FORD, of Rwhluml. ' .
:." 9M AUDITOR OF STATU,''.' '
FRANCIS M. WRIGHT, of Champaign.
,;; JAMKS II. 11AKHR, of Ross.' i
"' ' 01- TRBA8CK1R OF 8TATB,
WILLIAM U. OLBSON. tof Sancca.
' -' ' (ftrtirr.nr-. , -
. (Fj tkt r-4-iKj,
CH AS. C. CONVERT, of Muskingum.
' . FOR ATfORSSr OKXKRAt., ' ?
. ALEX. G. CONOVER, of Miami. .
Thursday Morning Auir. , 1 81. J
e, w. tc . hail niADt .
It gives us gri-nt jil?Hsure lo announce
tli opnipg of tlus road to New Lexing
ton. Ileieufu'r tlic Noon Trains ill run
throughcarrying the castorn mail, nrrif
ing'at Lexington nt 1 2-4 J mid returning
leaves Lexington at 1 -35. Tho rntif? line
from. Lexington' will bo ftnis1ied.imd.in fun
ning ordor in from 43 to 50 days aiid will
In f niaimd to the Tim nel, three miles east
of Lexington, inJ two weeks at ' farthest,
when the company propose giving a grand
Pic-Nic lo its frlondx upon the line. This
Tunnul is .1 2 DO feet lung, cut tliiough sul
i l rock, and Ii:t's eosl' llie' .rjomjiany ' 850,
000. Il.in de8crihud a being a great cu
jio-ity.. 'X"'' . J '
? Tire Bridgo orcr.lhe Muskingum, now.
Iii '.he t-ourse of erection at a cost of ?10i,
000 will be finishud in CO day, when the
wlxik-fuia will l6 oompltfted, putting. tt in'
diret coiiiniunii-ation . with the Centriil
Oliiti Road, in vlii-h, our Company owns
8 1 00,000 of stock. - . . :
AVji un lerstaiiJ 'also'thht ' Government
propose giving these. Roads the carry ing of
I'm Great. VVtssU-rn M;iila.t such figures ns
wi'l m'tke jt fjuite a source of profit to 'our
C:iip.uiy. .,.-;' ' ; V; ,v '.".
All era lit is dua to' Mr. M-Slaughton
the efficient Superin'eiidiinr,. and the nu
merous attaches of the. Company for the
iitJefatirah1e manner lir wliicli 1 lie Rmd k
buing pusdod. forward to completion. .
. vThe 'Citizens' of Now , Lexington give a
grand Piis-Nic jtnd Free JJinner to-day, in
honor of the completion of the lt al to tliat
place. : . , -r. ' : ; , '' '' .. ,,.' ...
II w HioKiim' fi aim I nut ton Tnk-ci,'
; The Jlirdln County R'puMicanuv no
ticing the lato "mass meeting" at Cwln'm
bus, Bays:;"" .'""!"' "' ''-.-'. '
In thisJ vicinity tho "Sag Nichts" exhih-
-ilAft tinni-A nnviolv uhmit'tliA Piilivpnlinn AV
its proceedings than hnybody else. ;For
instance, the handbills were received and
distributed by somi) of. the leading mem
bers of that orgatiization, AVe guess they
hive found out, before Oils (hat their ef
forts to secure a' delegation from Hardin
.t: t '
' We do not believe that tho 'new candi
date will receive ton votes in the .county.
In fact we artj certain '. of it. Salmon 1'.
Chase will command tho united vote of tli
Hepubliean and Ameri:an parties. . That
can be depended upon, ;. , .
Tho Urbana Citizen says r
.. Gov. Trimble', we ' understand, has ac
cepted tiie iiomiiiatiou, nun . weis .jiigiuy
.... i ... .- , t i ' .
ii:iiiuruu t&ii .tuts uiiiiiiui9iiuia iiuiivri vvu-
ferred upon hiral Ho is a clever old gen
.tlemari, and worthy a better fate than to be
'slaughtered in apolitical eontest, merely to
"gratify the whims and vaprices of -a" few
-sore-headed politicians, who place a higher
estimate upon men than they do upon pr'ut
rifle. , ', ,' , '".'-' ;':
- -The Oleritafijfj ' Ouiette say?:: "it i; not
apprehended that tho moVcmont willa-
mount to much, or that it will seriously
endanger the success of any portion'uf the
- ticket nominated on the 13th ult.
Y ' 'VT The Asljlnbnlii -Sentinel heads its Notice
of the mfietiug with" ''Another Mouse
-.TJorru'V; -v , . , ':': ".' ,
, Wayne county appears? to have had two
. representatire at Columbus on the Othinst.
1 Who they were may bo learnud from the
' following extract from tlio.Woostcr Rtpub
'licati;, . .'.'
' f.nl Kninn and npicrhbor Marohnnrl
- were all tho delegates Wayne county had
'at the late Know Nothinz Convention' in
; -polumbu. We understand that they did
'sot vote, but lent a full band in cheering
j and helping on the .enthusiasm, of 'the oc
' enssion. Indeed tbey went iuto the meas-
UTS WIU neari hiiu iinima, uu rru uciiumj
since their return they bolt the nomination
and will hot support iU It U true they
clintr to the Slave Democracy and the Sssr
Nichts, but equally trne they attended the
9th of Auzust, Convention, Uther coun
ties, we understand, were represented in
the tame manner by Baft INicUts. -
!r The'piWicon says QovnfnmhU'lMj
' 'et' JO',000 votes, tut it thinkilivwiir "pot
'getbalf that many,
That laaooa e the Caaaplia,
The Issaes presontsd to the peopU of
Ohio, in the present caavass. are simple
and easily appreciated. They are right in
themselves, and commend themselves to
the favorable opinion of tbv voters of the
Si.i'.-, 'w...'..L ' . .'. .. ...".''
" Opposition to Jhe extension of Slavery;
No more Slave States:
u No interference with Slavery where it
now exists;"'.- r
, Making Freedom national and Slavery
tectionol; :
. A reversion of oar present iuiijnitom
and burdensome Tax-Law;
. Ridnution of our Publie Expenditures;
v A rigid accounUbility of Public Officers;
' And Retrenchment and Reform, irenor.
aIly, both-in our State and Nslionu Ad-
niiiiisirsuons. .
We have DO ODDOsition to tiiess nrnnna.
od measures by the Pro Slavery and Ad-
niiuibirniion rarues. Tiiey vainly strivo
to go out of the record and bring in new
issues; but let them be told by the Repub-
icHiisoniie-siau!, wnen they undertake to
evade the leiriumate suliKt-t r,r rl'r.n..;,in
in this campaign, that they cannot deceive
the people. Hold them to the platform,
and when they talk about negro . suffrage,
negro juries,. and other false issues, tell
them that they are waslinz their timo in il-
ligitii)VtC efforts,' plttyiug the demagogue
as usual, and too cowar Jly to mako a fair
itnii uonorniiie light.
If they areoppasod to the resolutions of
the 1 3i.li of July CunvenUtm, let iIm-ib give
the reasons for the faith that is in litem.
We do not allow them to make issues or
us. , W e hold theia up a supTvoi ters of
the present . Pro-Slavery Administration,
its measures nod its principlfs. Wechargo
thfin with being friend of the present
State Qoveriunont, , with all jts extrava
gance, corruption and niismanagoinent.-
We demand that the General Government
shall lend its aid to extend Freedom and
not Slavery; wa demand . that the State
Government shall be purified, thrt obnoxi
ous laws repealed and the burdens of the
utxpayer8 lightened.
We know that two-thirds of the neoDle
of Ohio are with us on these tiuestiQns.And
are determined that no effort, however,
strong, shall load us lo the discussion of
false or inimatvi iul issues! Zanet. Cour.
The Oars Lett Him, or lie Left tlie Can.
Some of the impru lent friends of Gov.
Medill at St. Clairsvillo and Woodsfiuld.
very foolishly," and without his knowledge.
made an arrangement with the friends of
Mr. Chase for a political discussion be
tween those two gentlemen, to come off on
the 17th and IQth inst.
Great was the consternation of Medill.on
reaching here from the Northwest, to hear
of this arrangement. . He would sooner
have stuck his trig in the fire than to have
listened for a moment to such a proposition.
Ho knew that his talents didn't lie in the
debuting line.' He had committed a speech
by hard labor, siding np nt nights, and he
thought that, was enough for the campaign
He ha I charged Mr. Chase with bt in a
disuiiionjst, and. he knew if lie entered into
tho contest that he woulJ be compelled to
eat his words'.
The Secretary of State, the State Audi
tor, and the S:a'.e Treasurer Waited "upon
him at ItisnffiVe in a holy, on Wednesday.
and insisted that as he was iho standard
bearer of the pirtyi he was in honor bound
to moot Mr. Chase in dincu-wion. In vaiu
the old fellow plead his incapacity; ' they
insisted he should jo. '..' - "
The Senretitry. with teari in his eyes,
besought him. The Auditor shook his fist
wratlifullv; and tho Treasurer stamped his
foot threateningly ,nd swore that he should
never have another quarter's isalnry in ad
vance again, if lie did not CU the pppoint
meut. " .-. . ! . .
" His Kxeellenev, wi'.h this.foarfiil altern
ative presented to- him. nl last reluctantly
consented to go, and the Secretary, Audi
tor, and Trersurer, for fenr that ho would
back out, accompanied him to the depot.
The whistle J)n( sounded' for the cars to
leave as they approached tho platform; the
conductor was in waiting for hisi Excellen
cy, when the poor'old fellow's courage a
gnin oozed out, nnd he posiiively refused
tostennbonrd. !'AU right!" shouted the
conductor,' away went the cars, and the
pusillanimous standard bearer of Locolooo
ism in Ohio fizzled out, fearful of meeting
with a go n tie m nn whom he had slandered,
in open, manly discussion. '; '; - '-','.' -
V. S. The Governor was at the Jiel-
videre last evening, seeking consolation for
his great disappointment. We hope he
will, not become discouraged. Ohio Slate
Journvl, lGlh. - . ' '
'Almort thou persuades! me to be a Chris
; tiaa,"a'''. ' .
- 'Ths -Home Companion published nt
Findlay, says Gov. Medill, nt the close of
his speech at. that place, announced him
self n member of the Methodist Church !"-
We are glad to learn that-the Govern-
a' . . . "i t m. A
or s groat inclination to piety, nas at lasi
overcome bis political pretensions, - and
that ho has liecome.a member qx the Meth
odist Church. ' i
' Not many years sinoo, while on an elec
tioneering tour through Perry county, the
Goyornor wore a 2 m 6 f breast-pin to con
vince all the faithful that lie had not for
gotten his allegiance lo tho "See hIiumti"
As art accession to the Protestant religion,
his conversion is received with great joy
here. Vet.lrio one "at jiorae has seen the
evidences' oC Mi .faith'.': ' " . . "
JfThe -(7(?.8ya.','thatAtchin-Hn is
a. Know Nothing" nnd that "the evidence
that he joined the Know Nolhinu'sin Wash-
inrfton Citr. for tlio' 'avowed purpose of
making use of its means to carry Slavery
into Kansas is in existence and can bo pro.
tluccd."-.'- . ..: : r ... ,
We nro somewhat f-keptical on this point
brethren, so trotout your evidence. ? ;.
" Hon. Richard W. Thompson, of Torre
Haute, nnd formerly a Whig member of
Congress, has joined tho Locoloco party.
He has been ou live anxious scat for a good
While. ''; ' -' : '. ;
j y From Dostuit
B66T0X, Auzust 20. There was a meet
ing of the merchant of this city at Fan -euil
Hall this morning, to take appropriate
notice of the death of Hon. Abbott Law-
erenee, who died on Saturday morning.
Wm." Slurges;. Esq., presided, and
speeches were made by "Hon.' Robert C
Winthrop, Edward EvareU,. S. . Thomas
Steveson, and othevt.-" It was voted to
close all the stores in the city, as a tribute
of respect on tbe.day of- tbe funralt-. i
War) froa at Veleram Wkla-
Who that has been a reader of the Whig
papers for tli last twenty esrs has not.
pending any important election, beard a
wora or warninysni enconragement from
mo venerable Cul. Jorw JoUnsok. of Pi-
qua? la the olJen time before the iurcri
lion of. railroad, he used to mount Lis
hoisc and cross tho Alleghany Mountains
to attend the National Whig Conventions
for the nomination ot President, nod on
his return' he made hit report to the peo
ple through the papers, tellinjrthem what
had been done and advising with them as
to the future.. Tho opinions of Col. John.
son wore considered as among the most
reliable indices of the state of cublic onim
ion, and wore taktn by Lis Whig friends
as sale euides I Dilutes! da'v.
v r -. . ..
The Dayton JournaL'oI Monday, con
tains a note from the Cilonel, giving bis o.
pinion as to tho course Whizs should tmr-
sue in the present condition of parlies and
politics. . We are gratified Jo know jha1
we agree with the Colonel, and foe! re
newed con8 lense in the correctness of our
position. Our friends of the Darton Jour
nal do not support'Mr. Ci).tse for Gover
nor; hence the nolo from the yeneralde old
Whig, which we suhjoin: 0. S. Jour.
Messrs Comlt: I agree with yoa ful-'
ly tbnt the true issue to b tri-d by' the
freemen of Ohio on the second Tudsy of
October next, is the reform of 'the State
government. Tlio slavery question is still
kept in the foreground w'hwi the people
wi ll n unnnimitv unnrccedent.-d onr tinr
ago, have disposed of it by, sending twenty
one stood ana true men to the Congress of
ine ynuoa ;atesto attend to that matter.
This Oil ''lit tO BUfRco for iho nrnaont an,l '
let us take care of matters which vitally
eonnern us at home But I do not a m.
with ydu in opposing the election of "Mr.
vuasu,- me nominnuon ot mat gentleman
Was a VC1T fair one. and miil..,n
t J ... . .iiivi uu i J
formi ty to tho usages of the Whig Repub
lican party in wnio. as one of tho old
Whig journals of tho State, I doubt your'
rijfht, looking to llwj condition of the'pre
vailinz Dai'tief. and the momen'mia isv..,,.
to be tried, to oppose that nomination; you
aio too ou in me party conflicts of the
times not to know that t-U
the Rnpuhlican ticket. I have oxerciscd
mo ngui oi sunrage sixty years, and in all
th it lonz neriod it has SclJom ftlnn
3 -- li SVS
t vote n general ticket without havin"
flirt n.nill .f a n rv. . nn.. I '. I.. I '.1 T I " I
...v t.i.ii.v ifwjiiu ituilllifi;9 tllHt k Uld HOI
approve of; so it has, doubtless, been with
many others I never scratched a - ticlfoi.
The Whig party cannot now succeed of it-1
self; and wiihout the aid of others those in
power muMagan triumph, and the public
evils so universally complained of be entail
ed upon the conimonwal.b. , So far as the
reform of public affairs Is concerned, Mr
Chase will answer our Durmw n
any olher man. Many of the evils under
which the fa ate labors, in all charily, mar ;
be trrred to honest iiior:inrn lifon 1
sent to Columbns tolalfy unfit, by educ.v
linn ...1 1 !..,.;. " r.... .1.. .(,' '. , ..
...... huvii, . inn ituiics ot legislation.!
Tho present culilic ilisirH.v
best taleuls men of yeaisand cxpeiience I
hb men. of propv.-ty the 'tax piyers, Sc
those who have the la'ro-est -Rlnkp irt tlio
CiinimonweaKb. Such aro the mn tl.nt
are wanted Ft Columbus next winter.
- . - - i our friend, - .-
- ' . .- . Jous Johnson.
Dayton; Aug 0. 1855,
Whn are IHsunionltitsl
The Republican party is the firm and
faithful friend of the Union of these StHteF.
They have expressed no other sentiment,
I bey hnrbor no other thought, and the day
in which thdy do may they perish from the
earth, nnd their ninw becomo a hiss and a
scorn among all pnopte. But there are men
who do desirt the dissolution of the Union,
for they have put it upon record. There aro
men who support this Administration.and
whom the Administration supports in turn
with nil its power and patronage. Read
the following, which is from a rojent cor
respondent of the New York Tribune, tho
truth of which is fully vouched for: . . .
J"S ringfellcw, Atehinson and General
Whitfield were on their way to Washing
ton, through Illinois, st the meeting of the
last Congress, and on stopping nt a hotel,
Stringfellow wrote upon the register, op
posite tho name of each, "In favor of the
dissolution of the Union." Wl ether At
ehinson was aware of this or not I do not
know, but there he and Stringfellow stand
upon record, with the wicked nnd disgrace
ful lino affixed. Quern Dent vult, ptrdere,
priut dementate." ..' -
There is tho burning record of their ev
erlasting slmme! Stringfellow, the right
bowor knave of tho Vice President, of the
Unitod States, knows every thought of his
etj-workor in infamy, and would not have
put him upon the record had he not known
them to be Alchiiison's true sentimcnts.'-r
Stiingfcllow boldly declares that he is in
favor of dissolving the Unipn. ..'Yet Pierce
sustains. Stringfellow," bows meekly to. the
dictation of Stringfellow', and thus, in len
ding the right arm of his power (o the sup
port of adisuniotiist, the Executive him
self becomes n distinionist! Who then.
reader, are disuuionists"? .
Rxaif-TER on Montr Letters ro Stent-
rrr.-i hompson s JJaux Aott Jienorter
vejy (.ropcrly Fiiys: - . - , '' '
"We have felt satisfied from the first
that the special regulations of the P.' O.
Department for the registry of money lot
tors, amonnts to nothing,, so far as tho so
ciirity ofli'llers is concerned. . '
The law requires that letters which havo
been registered shall be done up separate
ly, and scarrf with wax', and tied with a
string.- Other letter are not sealed with
wax, henre this is enough to enable .the
clerks to identify the letters without open
ing the packngc. Postmasters are prohib
ited marking the letters, and required to
mark the paclcaqet What silliness!. , , .
Again, the Department assumes no more
responsibility now than before, and all that
is gained by tho payment of the five cents
is a vast amount of trouble to the post of
fice, an inoreased liability to denradations.
and no insurance. If the - Department
would at a lair per centage, insure the
package, the anangetnent. would be ser
viceable Th pTfscqt ylao ia.-worjje.Unrin
Froaa PhiiaalelBkia.
rMiLAPKtrnia, Aug. tt) The U." 8.
District Court, Judge Kane creailin?.
conimi-need its A iio! term thi morning,
j The esse of Col. Kiuor-y was called,
wlcn no afli lavit was rtraJ fiom his bail,
Geo. G. Presbury, in relation to the non
appearance of Col. Jv, at this term of
Court. .
The document sets forth that the dopoo
on l confidently believes (bat the said lien
ry L. Kinney will return to the United
Stales, and be prepared for trial on this in
dictment", before the close of the cxt ses
sion of the Court) that it is not in the pow
er of.this d'-ponent or any one else to pre
ptre the defense of said Henrr L Kinney,
in his nbscem-e, and that his shipwreck
nt Turk's Inland, combined wi'.h the em
barrassing impediments which delated Ids
departure. has no doubt rendered it'impoa
cible for the said Henry L. Kinney to fulfil
his purposo of being in attendance at this
session of this honorable Court,
The sffi Javit was received, and Mr.
Presbury was granted time (until the first
day of February next) lo produce the de
fendant or pay the amount of the bni).
Democratic Convention.
astoji. Pa., Auz. 20. Tho D "Hid-
cratio Convention of Northampton county
w nciu tier; io-uaj, ana was largely at
tended. In referenco to Gov. Reedyr. H-
clared that he has discharged his duty in
Kansas nob!y and manfully, and that their
.onfid'jnoc in him is . undiminished. The
resolutions any nothing of the national ad
ministration. Tlr proceed irtf-s wore itur-
ked by coiisiderabloenthtjaiasm.and Broad-
head sndJress was he artily applauded.
Prom Wash tairtoii.
WAsmsatox, Auz. 19. Owinrr to the
slim attendance at the meeting lust even
iiiZ, to form a Republican Association, no
officers were elected.
The names of members have "not ret
been made public. : '
. Washi.'oto.-. August 20 The whole
number of application for . Bounty , Lsnd
Warrants received nt the Pension Office
up to to-day, is 2JC.400. The number
examined, 4 1,000. Warrants issued, 20.-
All the heads of the Executive Depart
ments are now here. .
. It is said that over 81000 have been
subscribed nt the Navy Yard in this ci v,
for the relief of the sulfureis from tho fev
er in V irginia.
WasfiiSgtox, Anzust 20. About one
thousnnd dollars have been already raised
hero for ihc relief of the sufferers br fever
XT I M.. . - y
iii vugm-a, j ins morning ore Sisters of
Charity started for Norfolk, to act in the
capacity of ntirsea. ...
Relief for Norfolk an fortmontli.
Philadelphia, Anz. 20. Tho Relief
Committee of this cit v forwitroYd 81 flfto
to-lay, to Norfolk nud Portsmouth.
The amount transmitted by the Commit
tee thus f ir, is $3,6 JO.
Raltimorr, Auzust 20. The collection
in this ciiy for the benefit of the sufferers
in the infected cities, amounts to over $9
0C0. '
Intelligence via Petershurzh. from Nor
folk and Portsmouth, on Sundav. repre
sent no decrease in the viruh ni e'of iho fe
ver. Twenty new eases Were renorled in
Portsmou.h, on Saturday.
Tire in New York
New YoBK.'Auz. 19. The store at 20.'
515'J BrondwMv.tH'cupred by several deaf
ers, in dry goods, was oo liro this afier
noon. , . '
The firemen succeeded iiYcoiifininjj 'the
uamus to me ottiuiing in which tin-y tunr.
iuated. Tho damagu is estimated at a
bout 0,000, most of which is covered bv
insurance. ..'-,'
Kenlm-by Klection.
Fraskfort, Auj. 20. 09i ial returns
from nineiy-eighl counties in litis State,
give Morehead (K. N.) a majority of 6.-
The five remaininzcouniies erave Pierce
about 300 majority. It is now reported
that they give Clarke fDemocratl 2.000
majority, which is considered nu improb
able increase. ' '
Doatrnctif e Fire at Lewintowu, Me.
Portland, M., Auz. 20. A fire oc
curred this morninz at Lewistown, Me..
which destroyed the whole of the business
portion of the town, including the Auburn
Bank building, with all the books and doc
uments belonging to it. --
Scarcely any merchandise was saved.
The loss is Upwards of $100,000, and is
but partially covered by insurance..
Fircmrfe's. ltiot.
Baltimore, Auzust 19. A serious af-.
fray occurred last night between the New
Market and Mount Vernon Fire Compan
ies. '. . . . . ,
Fire-arms were freely used during . tbe
not. Three men were shot, two of whom
are not expected to recover.
Fire nt Ulica.
Utica. N. Y.. Auar. 20 The Kirtlnnd
Cotton Mills, near this citv were destroyed
by fire yesterday. The loss is stated to be
nhnllt, AnO flOO. . Th milk woi-fl nu-narl
by E. S. Brayton, and were insured for
820,000. . . -',
Yellow Fever. Increasing tn N. Orleans.
New Ohlbaxs, Aug. 20. The fever is
rapidly increasing inthiscity. The deaths
lor last week were 517, includiug 304 by
yellow fever. - - ' - -
ftnllE subscriber will aellon tti13'4 iuf efOctotmr,
X next, on th preuiiau. the Farm uf Si)0 Acrtia,
itunteri 4 miles Ent of Laneanlur, on the old Stale
ro.ul.anfl lately koownaa the "'FeterMnoliliu Farm."
Alao, at tlia amuo lUno and place will bo aotd ou
Vuluablo Cattle and IMilcb Catva,
One Brw Clock, tlonac hold anil Illtcben Puraiture
F irmliiR Utcnaila. dec. too tortious to mention.
7'rrau Sate On Farm tine-UiIrd h In haoi.
one-third In oue, and ouc-thlrd In two yenra witb lo
to roil on thedi-ft-rrv-d pa menu from tho day of aale.
accured hy mortgage on Ibe prjroiaea
On nenonal nroperty, ail aunia ttndor SI faah in
baud, and all turn over that amount S aaouths credit
upon note, wiiu approved n-comy.
'- F.tfculorof Folot Macklia, Utceaaed.
'Anjast 13, lfiJi-SwlS
jrrSnmaraitpaperarleuaeop; till day of tat and
opdbilltto Excoutor
' ' NOTICE. :
THE luhicrlher hiving rloatd np hla btialneaa la
tli aiercnanlllettn. anieatlyaod ataeerely ro
aua.tall noraonftktiowini:themaelvoaindhted tohlin
to oall wlfbout delay. 6i.TTI.li UF, PAY.ilP. tin tbtr
aoiaaana ret rocaiin lor tunir accoontt. All tianna
not paid br th Mik of novsiober nail will be left lo
the hand of mi ticanl for colUMtos wivboal any ra
epect loparon,or an; furlllar ti frtn. -
MilUrapon, aufual S3 J
ft- C. MILLER.
Eatate of John EVareola.
!f the md dat of Anraai, 1PSS. th Probata Conrt
ot ralrneio couuiy, udio, o.ciaro ma avaiateoi
1 Kaaraola. daa'd.aa Dronania inaolvani. and as
pointed th uudorriipod aa Commlaalonar lo recalre.
aailia ana aojustaii ciainia'aicaiu.i aaia aiHW. crour
toiware iherafnra kerabT aotllad and raoulmd to or
entUwtrcraimiagaioatthe Eatattatheundrlrnad,
at th oflto of O. filoloman. Kao.ln the Cllv of Las-
raolcr, for atlnwano wrthln U month from thttima
o meouonafl or tneywnmot na eniuiea to pay-
SMOi- , - U&UKOJ9- nvan ucm;o, vom.
, .lacatt,iuatf, IWl-Swiet ' - .
L, tMC.ioirt .ll.altarik.
Gazettb Orrrca. Atiic2. in.'j;-nn.
quolhtiuaa lhr moruif.garr folw:
Wl.ent 1,25. Flour. 7,O.Q per trrel;
Corn. tO; Rye, 6t); Os. 2 Jet-; Cltner.
aed b.b ); Timothy seed, tM.Wi Po-a.
toea, 25 cents. Hax aeed. eOci; But
ter. 1215-.-; Ezra. 648 eents,Salt,,26
Beaoi, - 1 60; Soaps, 6(3e; Coffee,
Ixal6c; Tea, iWI00;Molasses, 4'Ja45;
Sugar, 8 t9e, White Fjsb. 13 dollar per
barrel; Pickerel 10,00 to 12.00; Uwe 80.
Vinezftr. 1826 cents: Tohneco eSn3i-fa-
' "w 1 siiow iv,per br. v in
ky. Wool 20t33c. .
Cattle Jfliirkel.
" NawToax.Aog.lt,.
Craiftar aarr-vanra r u?vm
These are sold by the head at a price
aiutii lu me vniae per poana 01 tne os:ima-
ld Weight jf hepf in tlia nuarUn Th
hide and tallow or "flfih-qusrter" it not
counted in this market, as it is in bos-
t-n. -
TaF PlUcx To DT & Q will areraua
oTer 10c.
First quality lOJtlle.
Medium C 10c. , '
Poorest 7a 8
But few sales over lie. some under 0..
Swim -Western Ho's, corn fed Illi-
noi. Up re. first O'talitv 7(371 I ir
weight; 99L,S. rlad woiglit; 0!ii-i corn
fed, first qualiiy, Cj7c: live wfiyl.t 9
9Jc. dead weialitV amall sii d. CCl.
live ri rl- RrtlQlc- ,larl --l,l.,. w,...
sllll-ftd, 7c. live weight; SDjJc. dcud
TrxtDAT. Angus. 21, P. M.
milir.Vjo domial only tn Flour to-dny,
and prices were lower. The sales to-day
included C84 bbU, in lots, at 6.93; 16j
do atG.fl ; 2X) do a'.C,85, and 2 JO do at
0,75. Rjcoir. J during tie last tw.-nty-fonr
houra, 2j74 barrew. Of 0:ain, 40
busbels white wheats , 11 at 1,3 J, saJ4X)
do red a' 1,25.
Wrbiky, 33 a 331. Sjg.tr, 7 a 71c,
Molasss, 33. Coffe, 1 1 J a 1 1 j ;.
New Yobx, Aug. 21:
Flour U firm with an upward tenden
cy, 11.000 bblstold at full raics. Wheat
is unssttleJ. sales of 21.000 builieh
Coru is in fair request, and firm, with
sales of 35,000 bushels. Tobacco firm
and uachaiizeJ. Porkcontinuis stealy
-2,000 bbls soil at 20,00 31 fjr New
Mess. Bueffirm, sales of 2j0 bbls.
Lird firm, with sales of 65) bbls at pre
vious rates. WhUky steady. 3X1 bbla
sold at 41 Jc. - Groceries are in good re
quest and firm. Iron is firm, witb sales
ot 2 JO tons.
Vla.LIAtI niLITlKf Ag-CBt.
THE Company hare reeentlT chancvd tba location
of their OtiU- ai a bo re. J( jmei.rra leave Lan-rn.lcTilklU-
iierTraiiaa ov.rC. W. a, C. Kail Haul.
affording Ilia btai facilltioa far the prompt, .nfj and
cheup cunveyiirre of parcel and freirht W all pntnu
u.ai aiii " cat, atso ir ine eouecuou ,rf aoiea, Liraru,
ATOui.lt. and fnr making purcLaaaa or lUaea.tullon
ofCoinml.aiona generally.
ixrtal con raia for the carriage nt large aasUtic
of freight wilt ka in a do.
WlLUAM MILKER, Laval AgcrU. .
Lnnraalar, aayust S3, leli 18
witaou! extra cha'ci"
f.inulue TWO tXHl
For One Pay only Af.
turnoot, 01 Evnliiw.
J. M. NIXON, Uirettor of tbr
Combined Exkibilion.
Will Exhibit at
DER mil. KiS.
In thi Exhibition wilt be
found the two greatutt Limit
Curiosltiea inth Animal king
dom; rif: A I.I VINO til
NOCEKON, bcaiitca a full Ml
luctiou of other Wild Brnsta,
all in tho most perfaal kcultfa
aud condiUon.
Conaiata of the following o
knowledgcd UUnt:
Crnwa Jos Mycai.
The fearldss. graceful and bril
liant American Artists, In hi-r
mtituhlar scenes of Equitation.
Messrs. T. King. LoKue, W
Armatronr, H. P. Madigan.
Maater Madigan, Thompson and
Prof Nixon with his talented
Pupil In mil their achieve
ments upon horseback and in
The following rare and beau
tiful Animnl are among the
collodion belonging lo thi
Exhibition: -
A liratilian Tiger, or Pooth
Amarleau Jaguar, iwo African
Leopard, two North American
Bears, a pair of English Peer,
a boautlful markrd Zi'bra, a
Peruvian Lima, a White Cam
el, a Kangaroo, boside a aa
rlcly of !!, Monkey Tribe. Pnr
rots. Pulicana, 8wan, Birds of
Paradise, etc., etc.
Admission tn tho Combined
Exhibitions 2J cants.
Chililrao under Sjisara at age
half price.
Doc. reopen at Sand 7 clock.
Performance to commence at
halfpaM Sand quarter to 6.
TTT'Tlie El'ilpmisnl and gen
eral out St of both Ihe Mr-naga-!
rle and Ctrcns Troupes, hve
beou got np till firuarm iu a
slyl ntelog.ince ana a prn.ii
re all belonging to the Srai
class nf their professing, o
both texne. and era knowo and
distinguished as Iho .-
. MS X All TMOdPE"
of the t'nlled Statre.
BAND, accompanies tlie Unl
tud Exlilbitlon, and will play
daring lha perforoianee a va
riety of new and faabtooablr
n7Tba Compsolet will en
ter tows lo
Grand 'Procesalan!
iMnt ra o'clock A.M.. and after
pasting lb rough tbe ' principal -streets,
proceed to their I x
In aitrlltlnn to the above rroat foaturea ID tho Cir
cle and Menagarl. will ba performed sack vnlng
thelrorgaous Pantoinlne anUllad -
whlck will be nroduoo l taa atria of inagnluconea aa-
turpaased by any tra'otlog E xhibltlon, lbs Manager
baring aparvd no palna or axpauaa in making this the
i nlns Dltra" of narfonnanosa lo th Circle. Tkla
pleee will be prasantad with all tka tplmdor pf tka
trena, aa performed at th principal Tbaatra tn tha
Citia of New York and Philadelphia. whra Hhada
uceasarui run or npwara or lasaig nt. a sooaooi)
to be an to no apprwaiatei
August IS, ie4Si& i, fl. LE05ARJ), Agont.
" st-riTt A v T r. .
gjTRATHl fhno lie Test Jhocw Of t" Bcr1br ok
trtha Golumknsacd Jalfereorn roHd, 4H mil nortk
of-Uncawtar, A BAY Yrlln MTUD COLT; no wklta
ajarlrs on klm, salt short. A Itbaral reward wHL 0
rirea to anyone ratutjilaajlkxtnm. .....
August i, teu-si . . . aiI-,', f 1?
' r
ston or eoiliT oecoraiiuua oun-i
erto nnprecedenled. - I
The Riders and Gymnastrt U
Artisli, a full description ol IR
whom will ha found In the bills. W
J iG fH A iNSURA KCrailPAflY:
1 BTATfXI -KrT fttf Tut pvi-.mrt-iaj
- w. , - wwiiui j ivra
Of TS l!sbaA5CX COMFAKT. l,tf 1, tf
SaraaaiaMtky la UiM.SUaatiaaUaa
I Uai
aaa, aadlar
1 .aaiaiaaaaaf Aflt IJ7.1JJ SI
! Ral Eatata alunalMf.i
hs.?m ca
I fs at'nac iMkda.S 7 r
- U
,wa. unu.a,yi,iM ! at"
" " 7vXSa a
- ft eoa. Ztal af TV-
rii tescese
S - Jf. CapataM ate. Im m
. .1 '"? t'lj do. lti.Suvi)
S-U) CttyofJU-aaM. S.iu
fliMada tht Cos aeafd by Monaawa tw
ti.lla ,Mlr.H,t ..mpU
karat Hartford aad
!". ""i1 'nt Coaipmay CtlJct
hm da. M.rdJrHAFrJrulaaa
!! UadibrrtaU.aarrfanad
rniid saw ie
Jot o. oo,tnaV Warewalrrda lo tad w
CtnaLtwat Kiaard Hmm la
So do. Cpaa. outer Caaa(iay
It) dl Stanard lot. to.
l.tx tk
sUilinairUfald la
wm n',. ... ..MM....! w I
J-Ado. r-tican,a auk.Hartfard 8C tt
faide. kvcawf,r da 17.US U
wuo. raria.aaJiaavdO' aa
Lai d. Conn, rttrr da ao
ItU do. HtKfMi a an
ilftue. nrt da a
ts.au. tw
.7io Ui
, aa n.nrord Ca a
vara Mt
aMI oo bit;
da aa tt.tauw
ft d Vmmn
) d Braid rr
idudi Faoj.le
luv 4'i U.mure
do XT Krtuwi
o do M VoX tt
do do a xa Mt
do - an XMJ jw
aa at ii.-
ISudottai.ituf Aamrica 4
. dd do .I.AmaiirB d
1, .1 a R-paijit -aa
.! lj t.ialnHb da
l'Sdo , r.Hii.trCal
1M da I', Autar Trail Coda
l v a
S.um Vi
TIM aatennf tflllbU.UM lis trt ay Ot
t j k m k s or oikar cre-l ;tura-aof
Lojwd .llaat-bt and d ur .,..
L'aiM adjaatsd f.,4 But due tSl T
Uvau.aiiiaatd and It aa.neaaa. Ipaitlrg
furt'ltr proof orooutrnad, 104 jji f(
All vUtir lUlunagaitat ua Caataaar are iall. fjr
lrti.lina. ere.
Ageoutwiraeied totike no rl aaeoadl&f
Tun amo.nl iuaarad la ear eliy, t-a pr Tillage, r..
W. dJVandUdt apon tba M.ireetr, naUrfal and
tofcHratllon of bciMing, th wtdtkof airerti, tLa
f jpply of artr and aSiiaoc of um Bm dcrta9t,t,
and oibrrelrenma'eace.
Th auio ml line red in oiackt orballdtng atrorjrisa,
the lnti.i.oa u to limit tU iwl aj, 00 Sr U
Inatbaa ilu.fAO.
Tk Aet of liirpnralioaU th tarn ai etej In JjIt.
Ui4. 1HOMA A. ALkXAiiDEa, Secretary.
ST ATX Of COS5ECTICCT, Hartfrrd Coti.Kh.1
HARIPjR.Jau SOl.lrSi. I
Prwr.. T. ...-....1 T .
"r . a. Aunmit, oerre-
tarrof tne Am laeraaaca t'oar.ar.and ma-!e.jib
Wat the fo.-.a-olftt' autemei.l by buu euVcr'.Uad, 1
,-vw.,p v ui, sx ahowi-Higo ano njcr.
110.1 k 1 mLit, Justice of tbe Pete. .
S. . T KC.Iir,
3wU AgNi-.fjrPelrleldCJUoij.
Fltt HAI.E.
T wrLI. fllstprlrMisale my B va townihip Psnn,
itnt 1 iH,l Nuik of Uaeaatar, eautilnUut
f about Six Uuadrra Acrai, a
lioiit r Aerea W FlftST CLA Uacklngntk
l:ti.ro,aiid Ilia naldea fair bill and np. AaBV
laud, well uukarwd. and watered 07 aaar faliiug
About SEVESTT-THREE Acroi of the ntlatnlad
ne la th K .at of lk llucUmr Valley Canal, and u
basilj aoparal.-ly If dnlr.d; but ike uremlara are
cannoned by irood prleat Canal bridya.akd toretk-
" . nuk 0u 01 aeat atoak ftfiu la Cca-
tral Ohio.
The whale of tba ttnnm Lead about SC acre. r
ui. Km are -.nuar cettiration. Tie ntire prmlne
araetieloiad withaobtuatiai new fane and the Houe.
Rim Hn.,l. .t-. j '
J'oH.-jnon niU bojtiT.nia u m for pnti'.nr aat a
Pall Crop,
11 can oj arneral If detlr-d. lo raUln th lirr-r
Iriof the purchaa money for a term of year atT
rorruii iniormation or to the prle. termi f nay
iiil.dtc. apply to Wui. Bjrtlelt, Eq. oa th pr'mt-
r. d. cins.,orth HkacrltrsratLarieeiitar.
Jjly 19, 18SS-lllf
Office of the Falrf led Coats ty Ag;rlcnl
tnral SsaciatT.
rptlE Annnal Pair of said Societx wiUVe held at tht
Boctctv s groutds near Lanraaiar. on the 4tta.
ttb nnd ftia txy of OctotM-r, en solar.
Pall Prjffliatn Liu aiiLk.nnhli.kMli. . A.
Tbe price of mjmtterjiilp liredoaad lo FJlj Cou'ts
whlck admin a bole family.
Hde an be pme-trud at the olSce of tba Proaidar.t
or SerriAary. and alio at any of the Horn l Irnras
ler. By urderof tka ExjeuUe Commute.
Angast M.18M. U. S1PFJKD, Praaldent.
A FARY I"f PLBASA5T T0W5SHIP. eontiln.
X. "t ft acres. e of them itnprored and nnder eal
I llv.tton, on wl.lth Is a good Orchard. Tba Litr.d l of
excellent quality .ana sunatedit, a good neighborhood.
Terms one-half down, Ihe balance in four annual pay.
meats with interest, kor further information enquirer
ofthe sibKrlb-ron ih- prjiniao. s. J. UCKNlNi;.
AuyusllS. lajJ-lOtf
- ' 1.. c. nun 11,
Wori.il raseetfuIlT Inform He
rltiieiisof Lancaster aud rlcinl
ty. that be aasopened a Shop In Alar-
,11.. Hw- v,...L.l. m '. J .
Z,j2f "?,r!l hinds of Watches, Clocks and
TzJrT? Jowalrywliknealnessand dispatch.
r am warm warraiiua to perform well.
Lancajtcr,Juoe U, 1H3S Cif
f ,TI7"E rnosl hare fund be th Brtt af
XI fl ww August. Andw wlik all aureus- VJP
I'liiurs wkos account kar not b ca M
I settled for tho laataix monUia to call and I
close thorn before that date
LancaaUr, July 10, liii.
Oealrabla City Property for Sale.
fa, mH AT desirable property locld on Wh"!-
1 isg Stret. comer or Broad A Her. being ICS
treat on Wheeling by KM feet on Broad Alley.
d3nc4 contains S rooms, kitchen, Oatbouass. dec.,
with all th i conrenienraa of a family residence alio
a nw and conr?nienl Carpcnter'a Shop. Smoke House.
Stabl). die Tanas raasanable. For further particu
lars enq-il.-s of LITTLE dc CRESBACHS..
Eancastsr, July J, 153 J
A. C. B AEL0WMi)7
Q.FFICF. in Tallmadge Rlock, Mala Etreet.Uneat
'tor.Ohto. Biapaexra.
rof. C. n. Wifliama. M. D. J CIe,.,..4
H. P. Gatchell. M. I. I Clewalaad.
A. O. Uleir. M. D..Colnmkns.
H. Pnlle.M.D., ClaolBiisti aptil 11
1 WILL at all tlmos prepare tba proper assignments
J. and pay the highdst price In cash for an; number of
Bnitirty Ijtafa Warranl.
Persons for whom T itrepsred applications will da'
well by calling on m bforlhey aell -I v where.
l-ancasn:, juiy -.t)-jwis ois'J. OAAUtnWii.
n. COSNF.LI., j
- " Pie following:
Swan's Twiies prior an; demi'i ManusI, tl,S5. ..
Lanraatjr. Sorenilior S3, 1S5!
Gazette Uuittlig-Public Square, Lud-
tiister, Ohio.' .
" I.. 0. "uA V t S
RESPFCTFCLLT celle attantlOB to hisxoUont
assortment nf ffa-nsar. Ceia-, IftifS. Trn.li.
Carsstaagt .4-c. His stock of Harness eompriaoa Silver.
Ilrnn aod mark Mnuntfid BussT eo.i Carrlsiro Harnuai:
alto. Wagon snd Plow do. all of wkieh cannot ha sur
passed In tne my. eiuir-r in tiara, worsioausnipor tow
prices. Hhn alto a trim ininganop, where
Bnigy and CarnntTO TrirniniPBs ....
Ill be don on abort notloe la superior ttyts.
Lspcator.JuD8, 165Tya
Irisaolntina of Partaemhlp.
"kTOTtCB it hereby giren, fcat tie fiartoprsiipbora
lli tofore existing or.der the name nd style of BEkD
& BITGHMAN. wa on the Sth day of July, Jls.olred
hr mnlnal eonacnt. Tbe hook and aceomitt am In
the kandt of KOBERT REEO atthe nld Stand far nt-
Uumenl, cobckt rrpei'.
July 1, IMS 3wis jons BArou.a.sj.
Lockvlllc JrlHla.
THE tnbscrlbar ha purchaaod th above nroperty.
"? " J?" 1" .'VIi.'r.n.lT
d I. la good ordar to do work In ar -sy- Be JJ
also r-rpparoo to oay wneas aa T"."Zj "
aame for enstome. If deslrwd. R bat ' fP',,?4f "
xparleneed miller, and will render sow-ral astlsia-
liOB ' ' "' ' ' ''a .. T. . V," 1. a.
WpCiTTUv-r nun Z-i. ,
Joining 1VI1 Tl'v law.aU . b, scoomma-
SasarlTk. proprietor ran atailtlmaa be found at
hlVmlil I" Voelrvllla. ar on his farm. IX mil, aoatb-M'lloaarlU.-MllmU.
,. -APru lagr3a-t' - , .- - y
... sr..,., .f Sns.nsh
m-rOTf CX la tlroby "glvatr that anbaerHier kaaJ
!wJ . . kk.llll.. litMlnblnnipAa
the Ttatet. lVtnfJj
flia 5runv vniTFa 'j-- --" - asrta--
fSHl! pia Sf v, csrporatt ts ST ft 1TSC-I
P" ' "rr, ISoaaaa
VA tU A S L T P 0 i: t r. T 7
THaadrlrBd wiu ell at puM.r aala, iH "
anaiaKaa.n. isaa.ty a.' iujmeA Caun.es
tdadif Tiraaar, !?!
atlJfaa iajiat VptftnMri S:
Taa Mlaalof prearir.to-iiktj
Haav1riatawriilatoppsiriaa fotl Sataaata -' 1
i,aiiaalr. Tba Peat IrottUiti.a..
- ' ALSO, A - ..-
TLliaaak n.T r...il.. ..w..
W caa trat saa milafnald aarjipMlMliinea, ...
Aiao, a Lsr( arajrit Statlll., . .
KJiWd kick. aaaraoM, a avabnaraaj boy, rj
. aalattd lorkariMMa . . r
t T"Tro.d PiU,T. irt Trwitaa, daa '
Idnd Haorafartj I Wo tii.i,aOr- '
two THORotctrsarD cow ' '
. OaaTkanuah Hred Tmrliar B0LU ' " -J.
tin tl.raa-roartli Urnd bona talit 1 MiSsn Cl
A.,lllolof Hot.; Saa,Tndr.ir't Salkaii
Xaatatra Irantop riaa Hncalaat " , . -
i r?"" 'yL'Jff '"V -W'ta'WaareaJ v '
aSaddlptaad SrMlaa.ttva-eone Waaroix
I Ptaaa a-laaa asd atkar Fanatng tTtatuilat ''
Oaaaakold and Xitenwn fimtiu..
Trr-aiof Bal. Ardlt af S aiDBih will bPflfia
aa all auax orar Sr dollar, apoa ua aaatntloa of
aata wttk pp-ord aarart:. p.; iii. la any r tk
aj-nm c nt jn o'clock a. (a.
rtafMt FCMPsif ptjithn'X
1. 1 OCX XT. aftsraa arpanaaae of tniift.
yaa-ala to eaaaufaetiiraof Pampa, ana s tho
ruaa-hlneeetifatioa lute tba' r durakllliy, Vaela tLS'
aanlba auuow recoaiaMrid hi . ,
itfperior jfauer Wa-4 Pan's
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I win promptly attend la r order glrea rer r
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and darabl Pap will rHeaaa aall. aa I fli eouS
deettaatl eaa render anUr aatlafMtloa. Jiona are u
(Tenala eteept tkoea naaaofiaHaraa bj tka ndx -"
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fiftEADi BREAD'J iU,EA0f .
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- to rrB.Jisji rAatiLic-s
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ploy ti, boat or bakers, b feat ror,dest that ke eajr
pUaae aU who tnrf faaor blra wilk acaJ.
T7X""" " Kiara on Mala ktroet, and alao it hfcy
g. w-R.orr r.f Col umbo dt Mulbarry ttrawu.
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HAS ftt rjcrlred and. la apmlfig tnr Sal Is tld
et'.y af Lacater. oa alala fctraet, at If. wall
knaws stti.d tn Dr. Skawk' Kow. onoo-nte Georca
M.juBma'aUnif Store, alarge. n ami aplepdld aa"
aortautt of Ui moat faabiooablo
wklct, will be sold at grant bargalna, al f am datarasta
exl to aell at tba laoat Sgur fur aaeh. Wa moat ra- "
ipettfully aoiaita reeuak' kara af paibtle patroaw .
ae, aa I expect t ratiiue In t'ii f.Inte for yeSr. ui
jui'ply 'hetrtlieualn Ui r I cheat cunning.' All who
wui. iv purcaaeeaiirtamp lam aeuaaa win oo wen it -r-e
klm acaU, aal snail be aiiabtad with tbat,-k of
Goodaaa kaad to gratify tka taata of tbe moat flld '
looadandy ami metruaol down Is 'he knt fitraa-
or. I euall ke enabled to conduct Ore kwaittaae la tka
ktermaa, prenek andlinplrah laogupga. .
Moeaawir, a una 11. icm- are?
'Elareatta fkii-.-,
Tka Elivetith A bo aal Vulame of tbta asefal DBbTl- .
aslion couiman.es 01. tba Lib day of keLWnibai iiaaa.
1Kb, -aLiaJiilFlC AMkkUi.AK'' la aa iLLLaV '
TKAiEU FkitloLiiCALrdaToted eklatry toUtoprea. ',
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eouic aud skjnSYeai Arts, lMUiatrlal Laaufacivraa. 4
agriawiiura, raiewta. invei.Moiia. x.bgiisrii still- ,
a ork auu all interests which t,i hgUof FkVACTiCAb
ClaM.k is fe.lcut.i.'fl to anvaixe. -
Reporta of Uitu kv-li's P 41 k.NTS granled areata
so puoliasHtd esery wak.'ir.cludii.g OspkiaL Cerias
ot Jl in PATtNX tLAlJS.S, t.eu.er wiikucwaajkaT -luformutioB
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1 ke Coirratarraa to the kcit.rr- anaxttaa a ' -
amos,g m woat ajliNkNT rcianUSe aud prarOeal
aieu 01 tne times, ine ceiiom! uepMrtmeru la oat-reiaaliyaakwiuUtdgi-d
tu bv roductat wifk UaaaW .
AsiLiTf. aud to be diatinguiahed, aii. i.ot only for lb
exrvllur.ee and lrutiifuii,asof ita disctiaeioaV. kin for (
ku fearleaaueas antk wblc horror lstuit)atad.iid falsa- -tbconra
are exploded.
Wb4uUs,li.r-i.tt,rt, Engineer. Cirarnials, Sfana
fasaurara. v!rt-u.liurisaj.d ttnu.wnam iu-.,
rasa o' in irrs, will rii.it thu Kcixtm. aaitini to t
of great value Is tbctr rasnrtianrlii.gs. ha esran-.'
se!sals:gtro!ioiewillai.ve thesa aopaaoa er shu.
1 .as annually, besides aaording thorn a coutlaoal
soarc of kuowladgw, too nvenio tHHck la tie
ruLil tiecuhiarr esUujatv.
1 ha StixHT.nc Attj-a fspnMltbed oores weak
every autnner eonsaina alghl large quarto psH.fortn
InguiiBualtyseouiplet asrd spivad.d voluiae, illmv' .
Irated wilhaeven.1 Hundred Original EkeTrarlfigg. -
'. Spectmaa Copies ai-m fthATtS. . ,
aaas. ili.f lu fcobscriuiioiia. P a year, or t"l
for tlx moBtos. Fir ceplva fur u moatb., $4; fur-a
year, 3. ... ,
For farther Clnb ratsssed forttsUment fifth foap-''
teia Urge Cask Prises, ottered by Ike Bisbiiakwa, a -kclei.tide
Soutbern, Weatsra cad Canada money, at Port '
Office Stampe.takeB atpsrforwbscrtptioi., - ..
Letters would b direclud tuosl paid j to ,
HU.NJI at CO..
Aafostlt U 128 Fulton Strvlw York. .
MSwtr CAHtAd2 6eo
F. C. UlETi ,
jar-v. c-r T REEPECTFVLLTiofereituWetU'.
vS-gjlV sen of f'alrlleld count; I bat be had
tSirfi--ncoull put ap aaaw Carriaga CkOM.
- .,, W . I'Mmffiarev , a server af mfkitth l-mltm
Brmrt eWr. Caarrt Rav. Laaraarav O.i.. what '
ka will constantly keep on hand sad manufacture -order
evorr variety of rvhlcit li. his lit..
rrrtepairtngaooa k't amir a. and the "a
avorsble vartns. . loa. M. TFM JS ..
!r.SIrtAlI.R CITY ttT FR Al.r.'
TWILL tell Lot So. l Carfietler'a Artdltfon tot.
the City ef Lancaster, keii.g the Lrtl Hr.cU, of po
sltetothc r-fl.la-o of William SI. fciitetH . hrq.
Tkta Lot Is large and eligibly IitCfch-tl, balt g ai.a of
the corner Lota In the oriel i.al Carpenter PHt sr d
sltustedon UieSonthwestcomrrcf t r:dirgi.d Par
ry Street, near the C. W. & Z. H. R. Drpot. Term,
easy and title wairanted. Enquire of
Vsrlln's Row. two door .Sou Ik ef Pott OBcti
Lar.catar, May 17, rSSt f
isnxt 1st IS Y e-
M it.f.f -t.-iTTi. Kixr, : v -
T AS rslomed to tie eiry, whore he expects lo ra
ff J raata pa rmanently in the practlre of his profession.
Gratafui for past favors, be hopes by attention to bust-'
1 lust to merit Ihe patronage or hit old frlendt and tne.
paMicgenenllv. Office. Main HtreH. two doors East
of theOhioEagl. Lancaster, July ID, lew 5 mil
- L A W NOT I C C. - V;':
Atre-fea. xt 1 tiii ntnt ' ' "
aTTORPrr- s twrsi.to it ; rancasTrt,- aSf
V-arriLLpriietieo to 41 Courts or Falrflal as)l ad
Joining coanties, .. , . "
of IT. H RunWr.Eao. '. may t, TSM. .
ISOis4 SoSlfeV -"
PeUiton win M pratsnted to the -Board of Com
nitu onart of Fairfield county at th almost aeIAst
praylna-thxt so mncb ofthe eoai.ty ro.d leading from
the Rock Mnitonsintarsoetlortwi tka Uneestet end
Royaltoo road ontlreButby fsrm,at llaa brtaa the,
following po'n'j in Bloom township In "aid u2-
vacated, to-wlt:-From the mo'ith rjf.lmb "Wlai
ksngh'S lanstothe Z.c Ckorck okl, and praying that
a aow countv rond be laid outand establ1ttid 'tw'
mofollovrtnc.polD, beginning sfti. mouth of
. . . South alone tbe
Dauoauaosrn a um. - . R , . ,
Secttoollrmebetwao.ntha isnds of said Jarpk Bfi
baugb, Samuel bnn, nonry n - . ,,rz
aS-Uvi Williamson o
rrd, at tba corner 01 tea raa; ' . ; -TT-M
rUnnoa tontd Bloom townahlr v4 .ttWnSS jlSa '
Comer of M.t- Co oroba. reW
Tn .,nil 1A do all kind Of Rtnk ing bnttrie. UltJ
tTJnSTgVod ?oi! Bays all Uncttrrent Monoy st
a.rhf ?riT Bnys sad wlls OtU and rv Deal
rn Wh.-naVoVall kind. Make. eoUeet on. at ang
a. Pa"loraOB aJlir,is.. And ella -1
r.v.w-v a awn tv A If If NTS. " ''.
PUI'IMI .... .. --. -
' . 1. ...if viHm wold ataf
ef wnictl tnn.uoii acres are -
.?i'toa vaW arnt,gl.
UuMiajteT,0jagaaa. tojj-- . ,
v. A4itfi'l -OPlVfLEY.'. '
. vjnmwfc. r ' -
ara tSPICTFTjavlnmria. tli rt tiattarnttr
lt and vlainlty. th-lk. kti r 4,.
tfoSar, avr.W' .vTilt
OT'fiES-i af
e 'pJ'Hne inamsnnvr warvr.nfrd lb plaase.
Of saeaa..'" i";"-' .
irisa.hk.wi! .
Gentle rc
wtM te vaa " Vsi. iM
(.arria ftunu oo v-iaj r.",i
WtHavl"gprnord aronmfnr tka pun
accoromorlil lailoa and
"7V .lr-:-..M.immriwfr,ktayria, ,
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