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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, September 06, 1855, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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6 FpiCK OU Dublin Bull.ll'nit J)otttliM ctar of
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io snt'ViiOwVku.is tlieiuflioVof til?
tl jirtonronllulinj v cwllonl lnorul-nkoVKilit
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.pwltlrottt fitllh, Wbrte 1f noeil l iiiTftiw(,'kfi
vyoi)Hg mM. reaUn'CqlWl t iiorar Juiaif
" lf -oure llMlliM'J'l lwlcioKlllori)f
" " tuiars Faltlt i.l(rljlo On."
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'' fhme'ta gruinryVnii'l 'noiulU W ev . :v
'1li4H)d iv m'' nl,illhirdl(l bring '
)t "Wat mart aftd -trow,BO J lutv.,;, r.'l-
. x Wild iKitlenl rt,',tn,t reli(irwor(i Wocm,a ,
, Jloiuo Jul lulship the tlnj fabric ipalUri, I
And dmlxid ItW thogronini. . ,
.;V"f.i ,v',ti, furiiid thiwtu wVouglit: ; ; -.. r 1
'.'C' ft ut oit down, ftrlli -from h pUe!ijlli";!r' -Vl
A4.wtthr mut j, enrth and (ffms.'s rilUgtit;
vj.W And bull Uom-'it uu. - . i ' ' - v.
C.W'' "But 5Crciii-'ail ,!(! itiwat, .- f.t i
Tlillii)ft th onHiniitf ouf, - ;
1 7,. )Vhe irlcked hmid of laiico wain uld wnit, 'i
a ! wroughtUcr tulu o'er, . t, f Av.
'Butsml fceTlicWilw kiti,''l -V
,;Ad lolM Oitalli and l.trt Blglit,lienf1i(rs'll4'.
1 todkadV alid lo! lliroft llrc iwnIto'iili'i.l 1
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i; firJuWil (rutri'lalioro,:0 iiicu,.iw-.-
Hnth tip fcoen amltlon hi 11$ early dawuf
jf Jtloud o'vrcmi lW; purpono j t"ft, yr jdaijt ,
THE U.I41-XOWW.;.irEfi'(.:
V, 'O'ie plcassinit: etning ' 'tho .-inrt.---f
Jane- in ihe year 1.7 ; a", man was ob.ici v'--el
entering the bonders of a- Woodj nttar tire
s'iUtl4wn ri'6r bis nppcaranct; yus .(Hat of
"pere abovfrthe oominon rank; t T.Iih
fnliiibitanfsof a country vlllago : would liave'
dignified bira with ti WW ot "SquiavV
ina "from.-hi ' taaa riere . priinouti pod -Jiim
protid) but thftsfe jhore'kCv'UBom6d lo oc
.etV Would inform you that there wfusome
jihin jf li ku a tnili tary air ubJut Jj Uiuiv -p-..
JJia .borso pmted, as if it had been hard
j)uaheJ for'iome.'miios; yoV from iho own
er'e frequont stop to cares he piUietitKiif
InvtVhe cJuU not be charged with 'th wniit
f .htirn5nit(b,a( aoorat-d to be aaluaiud by
iionjo great aoesshj'i Tho rider forsaUhig
.jL ffooi road foi" A p;Vtii Wding tho'ugfh the
vvoods, Indicated a'desir W. aoid fho gili '
,'of other trareler. .i :
Ha liaii aot left the house whwe Jia et)
'Quired the direetiouof the above mention
tioned path more than two houi-a, "bo fore
tlie'quiatuda of. tho plane was broken by
tho -noise of distant thunder He was so'm)
fter obliged to'disinouitt, traveling becoiri;
Jng dangerous, - ahd.larknes8 concealing
Surrounding objeola, except "when ihe'light
titng-fla" affordoti hm a momaiitary vipvf
"Ibf iiis situation. CA'peal louder and pffonj
-gei' .durati6n' than any; of ,tha' proecdin
ytyhioh now burst v6r his head, seemed 8
Jf it. would rend. the. wooJ's asunder,. aa
quiokly ibilowed by a, heavy fill of ratti
;itliat ponetrated Uio olotlica of (lie atranger
fe ho could obtain the. sliftlter .ofT JttTgi?
Vdk whlob stood at a little distance.- . .
Almost bxhaustod with the labors ofH
day, ho was about making su5lrdisposr,
lion of the sallle aud his overcoat as wo'd
enable him to pass the niiht1 with; what
comfort circumstances would admit," when
he spied lignglimipering Ihroujjh the
trees. Animated with hope 'of better lod
" g'ingj, he determined to proceed;
Tuft way, which was stoep, wasnttendt
i with more obstaolea the Tarth'er Tie al:
Vancedj'tht, soit being cpimposod' 'of clay;
which the rain bad rendered bo soft, tlutt
hia feot islippod; st Vary step, 7vPi. thS
Utmoji perseverance, iniif ainiuuuy
nallv overcome without any aboidenCand
he bad the pleasure of finding himself in
iront ot aeoent looking tarm-nouso. i ne
tratoh-dog began barking, which brought
tho owner to th door. - - . : : -i .
;'iWhd is Uiere?"., liC)' :'
"A friend who-has" lost his way, and in
jsearcb: of a place' of shelter," waa the aa-
'swer.'-; .' .'"."J'-. .
W'Come in, sir,' added the spealter,. "ana
whatever' thy house, will afford you, shall
bav with Welcome.'.- - '
"I must, provide for the. weary compan
ion of my journey,", remarked the otber.
7;;;Butthe artner undertook tha taskand
after eonduotiiJgf the new comer to room
where bis wife was seated,, b a led the horse
0 g well-stored barnt. and there provided
lor bira most bountifully., , ;.;?'.i'. ,. , ;
. ;! . On rejoining the traveler, be observed:
That's a noble lanimal t youra, sic"
"?-',Yes,wtrM the reply; 'and J m ot
xy that I was obliged to misuse bim . BOvas
lo make it necessary to give yp so 'touch
. lrnnhk with the care of mm;, but I nave to
HMii r i MMi 1 1 Til' mum.
I did MO rnnm tlsn mv Hat v. ti".''.
a mil te-en urt 1 neijTji a tno re ri
ia henU?Mref ttfiorefre'iira
I I I m- ml... ,
t ".V3l ,T,'S t -'H -r; v-M.fvW.
from oorcisinjr a well-known brfneVpledC,T" C. . i;V :.n : r '
-1 . - ... . .. .."'v jwbiii. miitc ui omancc.nnn
.h .mfrv...4 vvm!w .H'W.T tou.Tti'i.in Ji1tii?: lielcT So of LiS b( dv
d.ltfeir !dVttUcu.?jihvWHgHtt' W Uie. saiubi
mi - - . ' . .1 n
iue luviiHuon was ncoopioa 111 iiielo-
'P:Sthe5 raA3a
iiwiu s ten, ana n-urod to an iioioiiiinir a
. . . .
a ggotl gem .;iMi.m..n.(1 4iut u of K
-u tri. t .. . . . r "i r.r--. w;
,i i.:.. ic ..ii .i ."
. . r iiu anuirs.iiuw. . timniien tmr viioi
for hey.)ijfia;do0sAiuxtl j dl. so? 'mII
lone eonu'vimt." ' ' ''"',
-'rfft i ' V ai,' -ft '
. '..w.-.v.f, ' imIcia, nifiy 06 ytTit-o upon hh nfificilv an- 1
iriTniiii m run uvj.T" i .
if. i ', j , . Ji ., i vr.f j"!'Vi' i'- 1 ness 01 un, oiia. lie poKQ.uicessnri( v of
l? H liVH'3, "liAJ. , ,-liHH, nik-WTncli y? Llif 'to' 'hi if u
if Ji WHoulr,tliBHr HuMiOod mn Hnlk: lri. ,. ., i, . i, L i .
nioiaioMiu ooiHfrt ihh- rive a betterlus t'p vj, Ai; Y V-H v "''- ,
...... r.t. ...i t's;t i it- 1 to nis l)J, lie lay mirouili ed
.: a:trvt-mk jm-i - --t ' !i vHvtild6ii;-
ntTLii '41.;.. .t,rti..iU'j.r' .
llioit gue--!', wluy
pi f J! 1 1 ie 1 i i o t i ft ;
lioerlv.. i tirani-HHr riouttai
y ftfif, fdt .the iWM Mil w i!btfeLlJ
iliV beloved eon; tnjvertheless not my
"but- lljine bo dgrio,VAmeh.'v:,, .a-o'iic' j
.-Tho nexi morniiiglhb fifiverlur decjinod)
ilia pressing inviUttion to breakfast whblii
Itosl defclrtritigtlmt ifwas' TecRiwry tor
hi iff totcQssJhc: fiver -'Irtiinediatdyi' atflfe
simo time' offer Ib sriwrl of- ltsr t parse tiait'
com tunsrtHol. lop v unv lie unu mucivvu
W T K " r A 7 :
tynUiqt pannlp
your ft'oublo, ,l u : JUSt 'haLI should inform
jou ,01, prjiotn 9X hOTW IWi V Wy.
.. . - . ' J 'IV Itf n fMl'.IIL P1IJUVI ni; Ull lllVnTUUT
" 1 , I . u.H" I " . i I .ii H-..iil.in li I. l .
wojuaytenbll-dno. hlferifc'on.
vicror M .patr. Which 3lcn"eit k?iVitXv
thdir ntymjiXoMmiU 7nmw4-lM tbhAMm utterly
aim iioeriv.. i wrmii-tiHr fjontioiiaot h v-wvi
obl.gatdousnd teo atwmimniDy qnes, 'belief did n6i toriale J im till' within
m$-7TumibTK few minutes of his death. When, llere
obamKomcMnJormal.oU' M!WC0ttd-... too-Tar' T.om . i l,o KUold'hWrtMhat1fe M MbVyeVnk he
enmp. On mylrarerl ws urp, i.ed Iby UAQM(inSha)t Ure'ebur)!, irt thatlleTi
V7f?rtV'X J''y ho should need tl.em.He uid, u.d;for:
knowledge of i lie road and -the fleetnesa of , n..n, i,.i. . :ii,!
rrvn - ,."1 ..-a, t' ..- Mk" b-- kt.
T ' 1 ' " V ;v , -T" J '"f T theteford ordained tlial.Chiistian
the nn'ilalmii la mtrtake of soma. rufiCSli-- . .'. 4
r. KnAi-nfnl I xiiitia I i4e 1
...;.r. ..r. .-' ': -. -..- r. t..- . . ,1..: i..
wit.ii yvimiie. iisbisiuiw; u, piuceu .iHu.iitunu
oft .rafjof.tirrthe.r that was :iying.)
On hia rntum,torithft -house
1 i- .,.l
that while he Was engaged in maliiiig Drp.
patntion Jor tonyeying, lue TivisiJsit;rii!s
the -river," Ttisillustrioua visitor hadipdrs'tia'!
ded bis wtfe"nd acifepj "4 Iqkin.ot1 renierh-.
brn'neor which the family ere- proud of ' jtx
hibltfrtg to tliliday ij'.v ''.T.?
The above is one of tljeiflzirrtlfftconn
tored by this great prtriot, for the purpose
by our endeavors to prn
serve tbem in their purity; and-keeping in
ICUIOIUOItlllUO. ilia , DOUlUtt. -rWUBllU uipv
blessing flow,, we may be enabled to ren
der our name worthy of - being' enrolled
with Ibat of the father bflii conntry.' ;
:i. ': " 1 "' 1 . . 1 'I -iii ...
; .Wt'tt DrppiiD-iToAST.'i.Tbe foflowirjg
toast was given at JJiddleford, Julytb:
"The Clergy-all hpnpr Jo. the clergymaA
who follows his jlo,r instead jof bia.'eyr
HA.a. HKARlTbe Pieree party iTiave
earrieitAlabaitia tttid Texas, 'j, , Wbeir did
ibey ever loose them?- We expect - they
will next carry Soath CarolirU,iwBr'e,tbore
is ee nauob "Kationaltsm."
of transmitting tei posJernythe treasMre"1"''
We now enjoyt Lettis at'kncrwIedgenli'atPly'CW"
benefits-received, bv our 'endeavors to nrB-lund nil ranks each '
tj tl in
act'oot; 0 lit Tyranny
BJ'X f;,-,:, V.r r. ' t.i'r...tJ
. f -11 J ' V A OlTTIIIlll fl, 4 I1711J Vllfl FLO1
tnoM With to!ofW
dmaiy men; erorrUi n "ofxiut' it -wns
8lr"geVcctric. From ,r-
.. . -o ,- . ---
1 1 liiftypitk bd fl'rtri iirds!'r'Ifcoiild'hbt
9H ihese tldventuris tei ' propoe TieVe a
Z . . . . . . . mt - .
tr,t,'n1bu rr.ri"1'
i ,i.t..S4rv.5v t ih ;
f.:i- v.;.. ti.i - - r i .n - ,
'Ltr - .ved. m, lu, cr.-V m,tlslBj f..i;
,.r i. .i. .. .i.. . j... i i .. . .
v !' '" fluriH: njrnif'ia (lie
,.l,f' -9MU? grea!4is( inikik.ltj,'Sii)!ttjn
i. i.r.i : . . w .
tl'ft'W from
m, it utilimyr, tones f veq ihnnof
liktr'lioie :hicii,"rnig'lit tiaV
.lvu.Lsj.udjl.is. Ii itlo . jeniuijijng .-
aCsoibed in the- endeavor, l translate into
sounds audible Jo. liumitn.cars the heavenly
melodies .with whiclv,his soul seemed ftlled
iintotht) oWrflow. Jiodid, iiot ceascpliy ing
lilt en ti rely co'iiqttcreil. by "fatigue, and
fjjrtfedby physichrtiinbilfty to desist,' when
he fcU baeaipdn.lifs pillow in a'swoon'.
,TJi reo Jays afrwurdrf.a the tlock strnelf
$$,jH4l$ eychinjrf , ,ilftyji27il,('18'i9,
he ffeiitlv'sniik info the lonr last sleen.
J"K rterhfsMh'a-piiest'chiredth'ai
ndL; the truth. A.Ave have aeen,
rt ,,, .yf :n. i.--r..i;
ly. Relieved that he. should . recover: and
uTy that this.intenlion 5couhl not4ie
a. ACCOM mg to the cailiolio doc-.
he had thus died in sin, and the el'er-
t i.jir ri..i,. ah:... t..;
flioi Who -issued U, were doU"-io
f Appeal had therefore tibe
ecelesiustical.rouf and.U m,ight
' "u jKn'3 ytjiore niry k'iuo occilOR au-
de'od3etiikin-f 'hy k"t nti'he1 friends'
,pf the- ACcoftsed; resokett . ihat nhetf would
Lcnibnlrajit,,, ? -y?'ii rMsr'
ben they JiaI done soh.ey.MtUrew ej
pen the doors of the hall in which it was
ut-'pusneu lo lliu puono,. WHO, J10CK0U in
crowds 1o gaia "''f6r'ft last tirrie' upon' tfie
irinua aena. "- r rora an
multitudes of all elasses
rieing with the, other aa
9. EfiJI'Wpay.hitQthajjpfgj
Honor. ha; jiiistije, clergy were exceedipg'
ly idispleiised.i They fell outraged at Seeing
the'oorpis of tbiman.i wnoHhtfy declared
had died in impenitence; end Whose ashes
bad bees anathematised by the bburcb, tEe
object of so tniltsh Wverence and w many
honors; - they therefore - demanded of the
civil govamment that it should be sent out
of the oity; and it-Was eccordihgTy remov
ed, under military escort,- to the lazaretto
of Villefranohe;. '..'
-Tbi Jaaafetto U 6Hua.te3, 'npon tte eirj
snore ar tbe distance, ot about league,
from. ,'Nice., ILorowne the . eummit ot
rocky eminenoe, Which forms one" 6f the
in rn 1
r infill ioiipu bv I1
btten' titlei'dil bp'r-(lvlhif' TtWCwIin;
. twi'-.niu,Hwi'UciwmiiiCT,i.. trie BliILT
most rem'ntkalil fealiKC of tlie litde w;'
inttita of Tillofrnnch,'Jnti "Avhr -narrow
compass Issrnre stems to lute stiiven lo!
CTOwdhe-Rrwtesl'- posaibl "sinmlwr of
beauties', f Ilyrytlilnj irthM'U cntranein
t nttumtetiMiai 'i UnrJ-and Cf rtt )Ast
one arttliatf tb-'tcl(irt llicre are
maeterpiUcJ; rtotn .iv. .'A rvier r spot
Hie imsginafioii could hoi pktiire. -'If Ialv
nwy becalled -the ardeir of 4be world,
Vill'sf.anuhe may be'cnlled the garden of
ItJtlv.-'-''s-"i,l'' ' i ! -1 : i
-But the tetxoMsw-Am nothing in
comiiion with tlie eeenery wnk-h sarronnd
od it.'i It tea gloomy building;- and Hie
corpse of ragnnihi warfpla'ct'd in it gloomi.
est apartment? Covered with an old'aii,
it. Was doposMed in dailf otnr,?iike a
Fieetf iwrcltandiHO austieeted of'fanabil-
iiy to Aommunicstcnoniff dreSded iufeetiou.-;
Ixt ufz on U.43 it jies- there 'still and
cfuieft it i. niKr.linary torWlhat
see ihu before It is Ihat if a man whtise
skill won fr Jiim'the cnthuaiastSe .plaudits
of 1tfieVttl!i!tf:lf: ati.V'awbk'e'fliii wrinder
of tTiO'vlffifc! viliwd ' worrd-f-a. mail who
rcijcu as mueii atliniraiton aruongst men
as nnv hero, frouof his hundred victvrk-e!
lie iff id for tlje multitude, :il.'sWr) his
Hide liim,'ok''t6'nqrmnr jn IjT ear the fnint-
et eclio of the strains he omlTt Onccthl'
dcjiylit of Europe and .the. admireoTpf all
men, he Is become ait ' object' of fear, a
thing of terror. 'i'lie"peHsnnt crosses.liira
self Wlieir he'sees fi'oin'-nf.';r (lie building
within whose walls Is nis aIumlfe the h
ermi.n trembles and rehttis that. s l.e
piissed'it; he MY before him a p ile frounla
nanco a'nteh nxed upotf him a look ot pit
eous supplication, and heard'tlio air filled
wfth' harmonious sounds; ' whieh"shtiped
'flfemsdlveViri'o 'tbV 'accents hi a Wild cry
Tlte name a mnn l'ilio'rt Vith'vvill'spnie
timps lnlldi'iii'-'c him" throli'gli" lfftC ' raga
liitii filt the offoels orhU eveh after death-.-
ri'ngKdo'H pagan; p:tgSn!ui.4 liille'ragn'n.
tlow cotild it man soenjied oca true Uliris
tfant , iS(,"nt Tal arrriied "llie wip'ufai t,!; till
if eahv'toi 11 co'mlusioV tji'ai the prlesfe
hout'se wSs the right otip'.; ; '''" - 'i 1
v ;'Wheri 'tlie'ehdse WAS bfongliti 'Kt-fir6.ffie J
fnlfumiisrUway firguei! on'boih mJos wHp
eloqiH-ni -a1. ' The piieRtx did 'nil the
enuldcTyaljL' ijpp.carQihei-wjjie but Tag-.
Hinni ,vas iiiumoioiiii.il- iiii" eu tu. iintu
oecii ur, niijUung a goou ,tiiiiioui:. , au
vWRi Vafti. howeVff. '"Tlad thty ' iii'hvbd
him a Khiht.'the bitdwp5 would'still havedo-
ri led him bumy. i-Appoat .)nusl tlieielore
be made to ome, bight r auLhor.ity. . :,;- ;
Tlii cnrnsii liorn lln duhiv witfi eliMll-
plary natienee. It waited. uncpmiilaiiiiiig
lr in us'rrfde nhartnfeirt "in 'the lazaretto.
'jieemlngiyf ffcterntriUa,' y, passiVp' rc'siat-
anco, o vnniinrsii rue iiomiic ruMiitiii-v ui
,tfie'clergf;'bat;a ft'
ni ft' was perfectly idlc.the
d of 'Wvlnu If'eriinlovment.
idea was fornicil or fnvm'r
i JeVproposed to purchase it rov'exhlbi'
ti'orr ih " Engf;t'nlJ.,i n',c, J)ric6 ' offered, was
oilnri ' xw.' tt .
Kvcrytli.rn'g''onnccfcd1 wtlV' ij'aganlid,
either Iflive or deadf was' tints exceptional.
eh'tireh "Torbiddeti ;thcm; : perrhissrori'was
rfirtcle'io tlie arcli hi s(i op
to the archbishop; but he only'cou-J
firiiied "ther originanadginenl. "From mm; t
LllLMluiy, ill i in t ii i ii.. n uy,at ,,.,,
rt; . to. "7.A:.'.'iil..t5 .t-.-i,.a .j,.i;",l
ne,"' lii his 1iim,.'nppcal was' mafld toJ
Hie rope, .jui luiiauiy, ,mu hihui jjiyitu
itself more' tolinaht' fhart. tho rftlSr.' .-' Tba
'sttpreme poilllffrever'scd the-two previous
fliie'isioris.'nird fe'feJreu'th miit'ter for final
-fi-. '. .''i'.'i i 1 ;i:'si'i e 11'.."- . --1.1.! '.t. Li .
tiecisipn to a council oi iniee arcnuiaiiops;
but,' till tttiis,-linrtlf'' judgment could" bif ob
Wined, hetboVlzcir iii q piviyiisi ph al pTtiy
int; of fhe' edrplo'1n Clit;istiati deme'try!",'
" This'aaihoi'izatTo'n' r'criehed.'Kicc'bli the
20th '6f-Aisruit' 1843-tne' ttuarantine of
tlie mastro having thus lasted more , than
three Year's.5; A'n "'hdur hZtn-tt taidnfirlit.
on the alslrhe' CSunf de fssole"' bt-nrina
me neqeF'iry uoKiinnjius.,iiu huuuiiiuhiiicu
: ' tY.t. - . kxi J.iJ'' ...Vet iT?..' i-
uy two uoatmen BUi two. iuh.ii vcnn-io,
tiresofited himself af lhA thtaVettbknfiTtTe
marided that '(lie" body shobju" be delivered
urilolm'.l'1Iavln2, Vecoived It tils com
pKnions bo'ro It, hy rholight bf.tl.e totcliCK, J
f . i .t r ,ji t-nr1 ..'.4.1.-1.-I '"-.'- .t. - .t. 1
llUQUiesKiu wuiuii , iihu, uroujjtiy in cm
thither'. ' and' then begau to'roVin'tbo di
redtlon ot Cfenon.' - J
As hey passed the various ch?torn,sta;
tton upon the coast',' tfie'j; were, hailed by
the' olnccfs Un charge with, 'thg, cry 4
WDitt c&rr v you thbre?' 'Th' coVpfaof i
Fagantni ajura qui tonola ta bm" '(him
who .sang so. well waslha reply but U
was not auflib.ieiit.to 'sutiefy the o'tlio?ffi,wio
insisted upon fxamining ,the body with all
minuteness, inrningi't oyer aud over, lo as
sure themselves Ihat t.j was npj 'made to,
Jlide any.Coutjnbandgoodafij J! v.,;
, ,It was thus, that Paganini made his. last
yor'flffe to bis native city. Ile.mado it in the
dead of night, in a simple Jibing boat, o
small that . it requireo io. De rowea our, oy
men he, ' whoJiad filled Europe with bis
fame, who bsd. bequeathed fifty thousand
guineas to itia Bon nnd ; whose aahes yon
would deem. wprthil5t.trant?portei pniy up-,
on the deck of some huge Baan-of- war,buDg
with crape, orowdod with aadeaed' eoiin
teaaaceev and keeping' time, by the sullen
booming ef Hs guns to the mournful ao-
i vi , unit ttw luciv in iiui i-'iiw iv n.it;ii ih
Spurned by the christian priesthood,' ins
ftslies were tliiis covered by brie of the chil
dren of'tlie i svnatolriio.' 1 . Eiitraii'ee Into A
srnignt to cnrry i.tiemTrom nur to iair,., ior
xliTbjtTort;'biile'by ii'dq' wkirdantV,o rfn'rfa,
jiAcrejilldrert with" twtfTu'ndsT ""' "''
''TromtfiftliislioboY "ted "hPCCaf - was
CD1(..c2liiIt)s.--0E0RC;E TTASHlNaTON.
for ir mum
eent-s of s.iiib solenta faueral hinrehf -' '
And, ns thongb It wee'not ' ufflcieKt
that bis remains should be analhemanied
by the.Ctirisiiijrt rgy, refuse' Ifce HiMa
of Cliristian Fepuliure; cweted' fr exliibl- r
f!.,( l.i. Tj ..ir I - ,r-r . . '
,wu , n cw, nun cuiwrcu 10 jie iir iiioro ,
than Ibree years in a drl tomef of b2ir
hinsc,rthey )uust Bowon hi lat voyage
toward- the- tiiv'of his" birth, Wpme ob
ject's of ro-pwoo t petty officer -W-
tomsl AV as not hw ntstinv. In' overr hc-
!pef, exceijtiortal niid peculiar? " "
In one respect, howerer. it was Kke'that
spect, Jiowerer. it was like tr.at
of Blither "fiitisf. " .Whatfrer honoti
fiii- native city might -have lebdeiipd him
wfiilit' -'Jiving, dead, iVpsiJ no rppei t to
his" memory. ; lfe passed throcgh it wkb
but rrcPiving more notice than wouTJ hvq
been plven'to a-deadIdog'. And yet, he
had indi"it famous in-ibc- bistot y 1 of art
aiAl had beqneatlied to it Tiis swerd bf Aus;
tri-Iiie-i-hrs fnveTtte violin?' (be t-bmnsnfon
6f ill! l.i gloitesrof all Lis tfieitiphs". "- " , "
f It w in the Direhf-tif Parniatbal tlie
dead Voyageof nt last fount! (lie n-pose o
long denied to" 111 pt-rseebted aslieS.1. II.
KHil Luri(-il iir a littl.' tiBUcl arlrlrd on fiar
bose'tbi a A-illa whit-h had'bern pnn;iiM?edl ''
some r ars beioreny his sm. bo
ead'' Vest
!v na nmn
with the living as well at the d
may J long denied, but as surelv ns men
die! if comes at last! " ' I
i.iesasc ngaia neiore ine t, o.u.a, ana .to
obtain an order that the;body ;;tll .be . djs-j
I f ' t I I
1 'j
Diiaiiv liivtn. no ii uns unce more ih
z1 '- it k'"' -'-"- f t
up i:s old post in thel.izarcllp. IJov long
it will remain there nonecnu tell.
,f; M'.hftt Butde CiV JUdi l a aictliodiu.
-i When we Crat; saw the statement that
Gov. Mm)i!1 had -proclaimed, 'puUiidy. in
the northwest pirt of the Suite, that ku bad
a leaning toward1 lite Methodist -Church,
.wknuiv ho was jiftrr (omclhiiig nnd, to-
d.iJS'Wo nr."!ft!imbled to let the cat- eutofJluv
bug.:- it seema ih:tt,omewliero-iip in ttie
hoop, pole region there lirea.n faeioathig,
buxom, 'blank-eyed. young' wrdotv whose
charms bid mndo eoimiiler.-iblo- liavocrnpon
the lossilifetoua IioMrt nf Ins renertble f,x-
culluney; - .'J'he whhiw is as lively us a tit
ten; andas il , Wait ivni out: that Medill
was lo make a stump Speech in her neigh
borhood. she resolved loset her cnnalhim.
nnjrcly for'tliqfnn' pf.". bat ing it jsaid ilnt
slio liaii capture eucn.an oiu logy u icne-
ki.r. .. She, had lonr be-B . .leading ; sister
in the Methodist Chuioli, and she thought
t( 'would be an excellent thing to bring
Mtuh an old. sinner to. repentanee,,. fehe
hniu'd her imps accotdingly, and with. the
atU.ol a tew Akjcoioco Kienn-V u wa wis
long before .she )iad hcr vicrim in the front
i.oom.lLex'urtains drawn, find Jierself nlone,
tete a Ult with tlie Chief Magistrate of Ohio.
She hnd him seated coinfnrtably fa the .big
rocking chitir. and as be " swayed hirasvlf
baekwards and forwards', he lookedat the-
widow and he eizhed.' .. The vtiJciw looked
P.' S:-Sin.;C writing. W above" wereir7fl -t"1 i !! , voidaUe danger of . the tf issou-
liained iliat the po.thSmous udvenu.reYof -w1.. Wd U- W,:
Paganinihave been re-upied, '.'The Italian ylTZt future emis.u,S from e North be-
prdtl.ood will Wr suffer i.'lfciimW "Lt''' wiH benllewed; to ware, . imp crop vJUurt. 0 ft-
escape tlirm,' and, as the pope had onlv au- Z , ' ..l ' ,. ,L: 1 lift .h.llCff ?"' .'J---' J
.i' ' - i .. ,, - i i'i ' Sot another word was apoken; i faitllief Of ibe hlnrirv of fur I win. not
IhorizM aproviiional burial, they had b-eti , , . . . , ., , f. ' . . rl "j - "v . V 01 'S p.
enableu williin uieso irw weeks lo uruii ...
at Jiirn-nnd she sighed, and jthe simpered, lor'nefunse. Loafers5 and gentfemeif, old
as all the widows do up in theliobp polerel men And 4eardles8 boys," scaree old e
ii'oua. . j ' : ,k, - i , - 'j nou-jh o awear grammatically, drink whis-
We (Jon I intf DU tomaaepuoilC an mat as
- . . t . . i. ' , i, :':,i . !
transacted Vlwecn tliis-interestlnz couple f
on. this occasion, Vc only.; state-thai, our-
wortlir chtet mamstraw lias liaa no fUcli
tender amotions creep over lum for Ihe list :
half ccnturv. The widow was cruel, yet
sho wA".kintl. .'.. She luuirhed . at the old
fellow's comDhnieiits, bhe teased jiimnbout
leadinir such a miserable life asanojd bach-i
elor must live; sue . wante.nto Know ; wih
. . . . w. . : - , i . ,
mended his socks, and who sewed .on his
shixtibu'ttonsishe quizzedjiinxbout buy-
it)g ,a nine i-rm, ium :x., '."." -1-1'
soimjboily lor. ins , uniry, u ; wouia , oe saiiim. me couvcnug wj .iwnn, tuin i
uice;;and,'iii abort... she bot(i'ercd him al ; intentions; while 1 replied as best l.! could,
m'oatnntnr ilia .wit. . - ' J'tbM BtT COminU aO'lIUitSiMt.'.WlWf PrOri'ded
Tli Or,vi-r!ini. . who , nrjdua : himself on
bis influence with the fitir sex, , xi' found
that he was po.w,tre-Villi this fastiinaaug
wi4vw ..'like .ft poor boy, at ..Sj fjolic. to
use n; orioinal exurissiui'i. i he had jioih-.i
ine iQsay,.- But the widow saw she.fltf
'him,, and she plied Inm. without rjnejrey..
She berated Iiuu for Iwing an nmi-Amei i-em ot it . .coi?ruiiig-, uasu mm
eaiu.aod,a frienu ".ttx.'lUe. .JU'iorws; hinfid eyen-J.pr.offeced .tliem Ithatif. thy voitjd
that h? was aftcx fiirerga. votes by. slander-; make out in ray presence an impartial re
innliic nwn nnnntrrmnn. nntl HVOWid that.i DOit.foT.i.ie Stiiwtter Sortjreisrn, I --.would
for-her part,, she would nereVhave the bestrj
mautuntcvery lva. u
a.thnlcyerylivd, Uhe was nni. nn - A -
1 ?r
mericnn in feelmu.andA.. Methodist in re
litrion, no, not evebit he was a .GorpioT.j
Upon this hint'thfl; fiovernor. poke,IIe
f . t : i t .v ' l .v.:.. i .ii ii,;...
saia tie wouiu i me yny tmg auu.au kinoja
for her sake, if she wotil J only : smij upon
him; said that he ln:l nine - little frro J
near Lancaster, knd lie wanteJ a nice little
Methodist: widow,. like hersolti to take
char-te or die- dairy, and if.ahe, would only I
consent,to be bflneof his tone and flash oft
l,lsflslK llmt lie would come out; the next '
day; Tn aspeecb; and aVnoanoe-binitself
Methodist. " v-, k - ,
,'-Tbe Governor did So the nexlday io the
i.u so M .
prosenc? pf crowded sudienCe. xnuoli to
tl,A (tltnint, . nf his nolitieal friends, and in
wded audience, xnuou io
the evening, when lie returned to the wid
ernorjs inclined to fean-t more towards tne
mtJJIiUlJUUirvuwrwiwn, vtfi y .. ,
MethodUW church than neisw'u'
widowsaboat the boop pole region.-- O. 3.
ow'Ubouse, to oiaira.ms friead. when vou get away-
fication may be conceived, but not desonb-.. Pt-VJ 1 taidi -Sir. I expet'l to
,d,a. she 'cbmmunioated to hinvin sor, JP tTb.d tocome bsek ag.ir,.".
rowful intelligence, that .he would, .Dover-1 p ve, , owfl wrA itkU
ihihkefmarTvinjr a Governor wljo, wore ft ww. 1 cannon .
The Lulest "- Kniiean Outrage.
' WiSlemrat of . Hit Paitfce 8itlar.
.TTe gave Tss'vrdfl j (Ji fUn-y of tlie re-
SalnrdriVDubluheomnnio f ran, !
Mr Butler, giving the facte in the (ue
...nvnnDgnHi. ri. auu,rrovniwnee,pe,unii i.euaiieonie pacx
tAd by lle'ItufC ti) Organ, the " Squatter to Atchinson.". . They nid, "It yea eo&ei ?
Ovre ';Tt'e .'..uis i'Pempc'nit'' .l?J 10 At. hfnson. we wiU bang yo'
ir. u.,, bi iimi ne uvi noining to oo live mine i-onniiy, ana yote yw. una
wuh'tlie dltS ulty b;ween Taoa ao ' as J best, but hold your tongue." I said, "Jfoj
Ktux InTeoif ibV fity, (whe iwa.,1, ha 1 t'"'e;lI "&el
' , ,., . i ' r r- i . llfDien, I have done you bo wrong, -iliad
aocnaed f Ibe amgnUr ofTe.ee of indoc.ng right to -ome Were as you. n4
aaveiodro WK lierslfjentll.os wlate - fare good a light to speak my nj'nd $
bis troobl; " - r . t,. r ''-" 'job.. I .hail do my duly aa'l nnderataal .
t'-My testJrmee io' Ot fitranset ereot,- ft: imw rle roo'do the same. Ton. Jire
r)f ..lv...!...,! Illfl .l! J -
nboot twelve mrie from'A!thisrm.v On'w.htr. I m hut tine man aisnose ef e
the I6th of 3 August, I went to Atkinson
iwr jiurpoKp oi iBIilBSf vrm win
4l IT 1 1 . T ' 1J tl
itorof 'tlitiSqoai'ter Sovereign,) b Pot!,
nrnwu-rof Atehinson. - After transActin?
some bu-iins at- the Post Oalce, I ssid to? tlie r0pj (hat lowed me into the middle of
him, in; presi-nce-of-Arch Ellicrt, ifq.',t,i,e ,lr, -
l'shonki. sometim ice, have be-f
fr0m reguUr1 tub-criber leyonr' paper, 'r"n
t on'j' like the spirit of violence iliat'n,
' characteriz-s I.." He said, look npon' Jjtj.
?''!cter ' it. -1 He said, "1 kK npon Jfc,iJroj. vTbe way theyr aerred m
"ll freesoi&frs as rogue, and tliat ibey are1,,, ..pur kotUm' . "Cateo . in-
v. , .,, '- i.rri. , roiir-p., via . r .
ar..t1.ir MtA.af anir.T.ft.l 1,1, tli.tl 1 u
The fl.x, morniBg.Mr. Kellvcntered my
fXwed br i number of
wen; and presented me the foregoing- res-
and pitted on a (.lieetof white paper andt
ui. wii., u, vu, ,,v -1 , , v. i kv . r
dem-inik-O that I should tyH- tliem. 1'
commenced reeling the resolo'tons - aloud,
hating first gUneed my eye over them.-1 ,1
wanted lo give myself time lo frame a wise
and prudent answer. He .-fiererVv inler
ftit.ttit me, and demanded that f -thonld
t'yu."- 1 fflt that I 'wanted impartial
wl'.oessrs to what should transpire. , 1 rose
up, walked down stairs, and into the street
Here they 'stripped mev i and -'deraaaded,"
"will you sign?" I said "2.of" They
seized me and dragged me' te tlie- river,
'euisingme for ad -d nbolitionist.nnd soj
ing to me they were 'going to drown fiie:
Arriving at tlie bank. Mr. 'Kelly' went
throflijUHhe tery mteresiin?; eeremonrof
' pfioting tor face of blae.k piint-thus mftr-
tingupon it the letter IL--Just " how thBf
proved that it-will be better for the peo
ple of Kansas In make ksnsas a slave .State,
rather tbart a free state 1 am not inform
ed. : Ortain it is, however,' they at'taehed
great importam e W the operation. " Your
readers, Mr. Elitor, would have been infi
nitoly delighted at- the jokes, that Were
perpetrated at tbeexpenseOf my Ittcc.y '
-.This ceremony being ended, and tlie
company having now grown' to some thir
tv -or tort v personsfbovs included Vmy trial
beg.in-if that be called i trial; in which
tbercwa neither judge, witness, 1 jury,
law, order nor connsel tor the prosecution
- , t '...i. ... i. . . jt ..'i.r..
kv, ov cuew ioowoo, nu xriutu to tnae it
for grunted that" the Com waa organised
on the pripleof n free -fight; and so, ter-
ernii y - ana Kilmer, tncy pucnea in, eve-
ly one on bts-own nook.--- ror the space
ol nbontlwo hours tbeeamo a sort of far
net. atwhi.h were hurledall sorts of 'miH
silos, in the shape of.. urses, imprecations,
rfinmcnls..eireaties, accusations, and in-
, ' i- . a .i. :.. . i .t.
ierrgHuons, yciiiii) yn ie prun ipic turn
tne Jioiy lwman inquisition is rignt wiien
f she demands that the prisoner shall testi-
; "B"1""" r...
i.lK foTe iL beeamo apparent that a eontrover-
,.sj-would arise rulitiive to Slavery that I
-ainoor reasooa independent'! ? and ex.
, a,ueoU to this -qur4on;. that i never bad
any connection : iili.rany ; ctnicront se
, eic.y whatever, and llisi I never made any
ovmmuuieation to any piper, in liansas oi
make no report to other papers ef. tbia out-
j ragt.uponmy person,, i was. ott eru-
tomed ro.taroiHiiii'iir . wnU.;-slaves. t.J.-x
uluinedlo tliero-lliatl oonld noteonnten
ant e any intei fer-Jaca with s the relation! of
master and . tdave in .; Jisnsas , wmie -wiai
euestion remain an opn ouaslipni-tV-
- . Vi be vert neaa .una iront, oi ray oucnu
hath this txtenW.inomore.-r. v l ha?
spoken among my neighbors favorably to
making Kmsns a free State, anJ had
id the effioe of the Squatfer'Sovereis'n, l
am h Fr.'e SoiWrand intend to vntem.w ,
ft tof 6f ftl vh'.
; vb.s ? ... j.
i :-: . cfltv.' and' clerk- oi
they sneuia uo wua mt. ---- -. , -. .
ini ro,. CUft - ,g yM
me coumy comi t. ,
X by b Jk mUo) came to and
.-. . -
ereelt, I cannot leave." borne one remar
ked, "you can 6ell your Tshnitr Hhrougn an
nt." I said. ! will ireiibijr.si.'llmy
ofaim ttrongh an agent, nor in my ow
proprr person. ' lf.' the do not lake. .
life, I intend to live on iL" : They said ttf '
me again, "Well. atay on your claim;; btrt"
keep, jiwsy fronr , Atchinson.' . I eaicL
"Gmtlemen. if yoV do, hoV4ke JUT life '
f 5T onereu , snow joe iu- wry
. , ., .
An Wfti.-h fli Vniil. Iiantr tn.
fl.. -.j. ,nuther nrowwl; l'treH;'
ki To t,inv k.. T sk ",' oo . favor , of.
, They sent me down ttle JSf issonri river
a a raft, wiihont eitlicr oar vt rndaeK'th
,ti(nr nf it, Sm.nttrr Sovertim holding
fv wai"ir.arrnd a fLfl'jiw: i'til'
JLUIlfUJft- C1U XA Jl . V
Du ler's Aeeot for tle Underground
t?.: . -:i v.- Tl,- P
render wi;l dtrtail any further. I baye
heard of men before this, who were said to
"look u (lough . they came . 4tm on
toft." shall keep these colors., under
which I. have made my, first voyage,' as ft
memento of these evil days. . .
' "VVl Jle I was in the hands of these gen
tlemen, (iltey don't like to be called ruf-Tian-i)lhey
taunted me with the assurance
llut I could not make a fortune out ot yiis
affair the fast.., 1 deire neither,. Ihe
wca'ih nor, the notoriety that may be put .
chafed by och means, . , I desire to be per-, ,(
mitte.1 to remain .peaccably.ia fea
attend to my owi proper buineSr and to
enjoy those, lights wbiub are sacred to ev
ery American citizen: J. i to In Itt oon.
Verv respectfully.. I am. . , .
; : paedee buiur. . .. .
S:enmboat Polar Star,. Missouri r river,'
Aog.3.1.,; ."'...,; .r v.., -.:., - .-:
' Grantlinoo.itettt OtttvaraL
are furn'uhed lbs following eloquent
extract from the . speech of one of -the Sly
Expectant x candidates (6f Congress ' from
this district asdelivercd at country grocery
after reading his own acconnbtof the Lou
isvillu Iu'o!s. ,. It is certainly equal ii not
superior JU.. any-of Lis former efforts, and
we - respectfully suggest the pfiblication'of
the yrhole speech in ..the "Eagle next
week. It U so much in character with lbs
lone" of ihat paper for live last months .
'rVjnntryme.n; ' arottieT prepare . for ft
dfcndfol 'conflict.- Let every man, womaa
and - ehild; . erouse Arouse", every mad
bull, ox andcalt - Aronse,every dog, cat,'
I102 and SHant'liai chicken. . . Come up in
one rrrand phalanx: arm Totfrselfes with'
?. -"tl t -.J- 1.1.: 3
sworas, pisiois, uowie kiiivcs, gaum, uiuu
geons. revolvers, elubs, lines, rakes, chi
els, pitobforks, spadea, picks, shovels, mal
lets stone-hammers, .erowbara, -enrry
combsj.'brkkbais.gramrods, saws, cuttinjp
knives, brooms s'.icks, corn-cutters, aung
forks, mauls,' and tomahawks, and search
every dweflin-j; smoke-bouse, chnrch.corn
crib, school-house, bam, meetilbtfii'se,1
stable,., cutting-room, cowshed, siux-bole.
backhouse, hog-pen, ehicken-oop, , chim-"nev-corner,"
back alley, yoo'ie-pen, cidef
barrcV ahdbak'e oven in the land, and mur
der,' bite;-- kill, wtftlnY,' slay,' gouge, tewy
fil.ru. phcli. kick, beat,-and destroy every
proscriptjve, onth-bound, d d, abolition"
Kno w N'g.hinir in' tlie land.. Leave not one
irni'C oi mem oeiunu, not, uan-uoiu uu
spotted in which they can bide.
ye'.low rtiver inteiucence. ,
e--r.f . -, jjjiyci,' August. 23.
Io,Poi t!iniouth ,tha lttlhel, of dcn'thsxi
the Hiv'a! flospiTal up to Tuesday .boon
was'lOT Znew eases nave been repoVt
ed sinl e'lij aurday.-. i V- - -: : ''.,
..Tire dth foe , th wee. e,
day were- 1 1 &. . Dc. Maupw is recoverrug
Dr. Fuigier i i. dsftigeroif. conqitipa.
ftmr pl.ysh i.ins and ten nurses have arriv
ed from Cbrltoii.' Mayor Fish is eick.
but notwiih Aivr. rk.. . j -
I Seven deaths, occurreq ounng me taav
-t ' . - . . ,1 1 ll,u bhiIm Hor - rn
James Banders,' SecreWy of tlie Ho.'
rd Aswiation, u rtwir wuli the lever,
v-At Jiorfolte Pr. Hig;jii i ftill dariger-
ou,Mv ill.-. All ilie papers .have, been sue
pended. Fifteen deaaM orcttrrea .yestcr''
day. ..
V' Sc'iontier I.ost.
-J' S. r. :.v -CnicxW.- August' ttSr '
-The ecbcWr KnickerbkeiV CaptaSrr
Richards, V-apsifHlotJ sneooygan. ounoay
at noon.: ..TW'M JTL
ward',, and Cipi. R"r -".nilwf f
erew ere drowned. " Two reached- tfcft
sliore frly '. v .- ,r...
- Tlhe infclwrfxM-ter. is owned. In .Md
Wnkeeanr' Iras kound ihithe? Vnth ft
canto Of bftrk.-: : " '" .
The vese will prote totaj loss mk
we -
I i
i ;
3 ;
is --

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