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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, September 06, 1855, Image 2

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- J
v-' .-. ." city op t scabies.
' Thnrsittsx fflamiMif. Sept. , IM
' v, -To aad tbli,MUo.
A great deaf ha been Mid and Written
, " fcy tposidon orators and writor about the
7T osrtbaBdbligatiousof what they are plea
sed., to term the darktqnter party lp
- AoC heyBSve very little elite to talk or
' ' - -write abcHkt nor-o-Jay. From the holy
., barror depicted upo tbuir i'o couiiW
nanoo whsa speaking of these things, one':
-could be led to imagine thai tfiey nevor in
v duiged io saob. things thomielves. This, '
v bowever; would bo very far from the truth '
-nothing could b more so. If haa been
.. . for year the constant practice of le so-
ealtad Democratic ptrty, (o administer obli-
. gatiom to. lhir e-tn ii J for office, pub
. licly'iu conventions, before thoy wore
nominated, pledging them, in advwnee, to
aupp-trt cvjrv rum an A every nmsitie,
which might ba rocoiittmo led by tl)B con
, Tentioa,i whether thy Were nominated or
not. or whetUer the miasores nviben-
pMVol pf.their Crortsc-Kjnou or ttbt.' ,-'-
. When- Kam Njihingi.;ri first began to
. i !l,3t'"' ' tm.s'.oniary in idu
wtara ci.tos lo foroo all thoio who bug1"it of-
- :p piu jrum-tho Djrnojrnry to go bofora a
' if laagisijtfe aa Uko a olerriii twA ll.rtt they
- '.eM notin nnytn tn.ier cin:igc(od with the
. ?Aaoricbir'0 rjerr 5? : r'. ,'.;.'t '
-v T; Kvc9- t!oi present tiua7 "the pra;tit;c
' v.prVaiUaio'Wtcntcif ujIminUfu! ;,!,.
Wia:ion;tQt4eaoU rotor at primary eW
Vtioiis; whore eucnl election an, Jiel.l.' The
. following is a-copy of end recently aiinitit
isUeredto every person who offered to vote,
. . - -., ' pfiwiry vUrion hel J iu Sandusky
" city: .. ," - -;- - '
. -V--.J ',Va Pdge. yoir lienor ih muii him).
a ueuiocnu, 10 support by your vote the
ucket-thi day nominate 1 by tht- Dv-mow
. v ' acjr of Sand tack y oty ': .
li (llus i1' 'fnk' iu'bV iiwJjJnifici'iv,
wn eom ird with orni of ivlauli w in
,:'ton1 toapaat.:. It in A Well known f.ct tl.a'
the m-uii body of tho 6 c.ilJuJ Djoioumi'w
Prtof Qlii. r).it been incorporaicd Jnto a
: Nrot iofiety clloJ 5, .VicZ,, '. At k-al
this seora orJer ejntrob the founriU of
..0 'tho prty; It fa cowponej utiiefly of Calh
.'J'vhai, 1i(jtior-gullr an I odi w hol lers
There are. tliree drta'ree in the Oidur, V
'Mholl-njt weary our rea laii by tfivinj a
V full Muose of Uiair sot-rets but will simply,
givHj tliu b.nioii of lh Third D.'grw.
anl challeiiia tho opposi ion ,to'prtlucK
HjVytTiinjln Know NothinjUin, ornnythiiijr
' c-Woffxuopt jHSuiuHm,) which cnnnia it, .
' i,0in-"iON.--You, anUaoh of vou.
. Jtf yunrown 1re0 will nnl accorl, in" th
, -rt-yns-Wnw 'of Almijrfity (hi nJ those bre-
,."?'. wjlh your linnda joined, tojolher,.
f01"' emit, in tokmi of the oncncn of
; . p u rp.we w h ich bi ;i U y oa bye t hur do (1
.fcoihnly sw,ar (or alHrin. if you piiifor it,)
V that j(0! will neror desurt thi Order ,or
V Dutray any of its' aooreti, or ,h,"ex
, ,, ,cwPtl" 'ho19 whom you know to be im-m-
TwriU aftet a trial of llmm j ihat at Third
. Uogro mon are nppointed to ijnurd tht
'.. 7"W diction.' to nflft Unit nnr It .,vi.
fjv , , 'holia btothroii nnl KoreWurs are nl
-.i" ' j-'1 to T alt kiuarJi.-ym' will,
iw!"" on duly, take your stand tlifre,
yolir brethren associated' with vou,
'Wi'WELL, ond prepared for the
t Vwot4t il triHy a awkl, Unit you
w;n(liaji moro tlwn an idlo upootator,
thb first and ' avuoii-I diyroes whvn our
friend are denied, jusilca by tho Judges of
. clootlons, in which they aro Well inHtruct
- cd, is tlm rutoin? thtrhjht eye tl'i'jhtly with
th:KtHilf- The iudioalion for oDmniunii
itiJt hoatilities, in tho dearity lie throat ad
-My, nnl teitnufi ih mnutU with tht rhiht
hand. ' "You also promise and awuur (or
ntfirm)hat you will Hot jjive th.se' signs
.. it iiiiuut y sunn sea enough of our Iricna
..' v,nl hmi to rpiidiir an attack upon tho ona-
" ."To, this jou pjedjjo your lives, your
'proporty and your sacred honors, So help
' jrou nol and koep you itcufanj. '
..I jxiiat- mis, -we want to lioar no more
i uoh prating about Oalhaml Ohliaations.
. . jo m-e irrou oi an auuh hypocrilios.1 cant. I
Ihiqi Uuuntij Telegmpk.
Suoh, Americans, aro tho o'atlia aiimin.
'Jfaro4-Jb'Uis)'cliwf leader of the 8tg
'ioht'jptng in Oliio',' from the Oovoruor
dew.n toJho.UosJ Supervisor. Anierl
.tns,iVpublican,' what oan yon think of
rton e-M-nipt cnotfh (o gather tojethor in
uuJuiftit con.:luvii tUii honesty unsusjieatjng
roemeu of our I ni l, and thui tmur thorn
. support any ticket oirarod them by lhs
' CHrtui &ria hMrt thoiHt-1v;--aniI for
".what ? Nothing but to retain the" power
ilteirown hands, an J keep it out of the
' bfinJ of thu pjople who alono should be
', 'tlie sovereign power. - . , ', v.
' t Freemen of Fairfiold, look aronnj yon !
'Vflw 4rt!i principal men engagud in this
,'d.imning blight upon the Amerionn cauw
tit hom4, wm, like En, would tell their
,fcirthrighlfor mess of potaguf ' We will
t)wet: The editor of therOhlq Ksglo-
0 1'"lJ.'nir 'bgl Oovirftment ofHce, ihe
other a determine! trots- It .presonta
6v W'Oin gross, at all tncrli$ of the
withe' and do-.u-e' of .the people; next,
Ihm flliorllT, all of whom are bogging
u VroHlcfftgain; bJOn dincard
. ed by the honest dumocraey of tlie county
: Vie .ex. Ch.rk of the Court of Common
-"i'teaa, 'tho ot-Judgeof the Trobnto Court.
' tW 'Wmi 'or County Surveyor
; "( wliaj'a pity j( was "that he did not gt to
.use hi ; instruments !) the Canal CoIUutor.
and olhars, upon all of whom the people
r v piitcod their ofcn teal of eondemna
' tiottt'Sluclii AuVtii ioansi are the meiWho
JwonlJijir have you prostiiufc your, free
Hlfrngtfj to Uwir own mercenary pnrpoics,
,-Can you, will fou do It t ; The response
. frort the bosom of every true American is
- la this oampaign. lt seem that Mr.Chase
' i ot ouly to be accountable for hi own
opinions, but or .opinion he doe not en.j
: trli'ui and for-tW opinion of other. ' If
rt'"';-1r lld imorous falmhoods'
yyd s'lloatby his'insmtos, h should join at
once tho Locofoco party. That. Js. the
'KwA oC nten wliloh the loader b thftt par.
' 'V JesiVe-r-with Crodulit lannrrli . in hn.
..tt... iur wj v, y ' -; .
if'ka are he Northern DtsOBiOBistsf I
Tlie chariro h fn-ely made- by its ene
mies that tbelicpublican party of the rorlh
is fostsrinf a slate of public feeling which
must inevitably result in the d'lMUieiuber-
raent of the Union; that many of its lead
ing men are disposed lo disregard the U
nion and its Bdvantages. .
We do not believe that such a feeling
exi(a to auy great extent, and if it does,
it i not 46 bo charged to the Republican
parly, v It M true that that party bad its or-
iin in, nuu is now susiuineu uy, mo rxn
lence of a .fueling which. -its. enemies are
itleased to cull teelwnul. but which .Is in the
highoat decree national.'. Its object i to
wiihstand die assaults and avert tho wrongs
hvhich huve been and are now being com
mitted upon, the Union, by the most reck'
les and unscrupulous of factiouUt," It U
tho conservative party of the couulryrtlie
combin ition of tiue-heartetf men, who, iu
view of the disregard of right and justice
manUusUnl by the ry.ttioniu Administration
in the. abrogation of a -compact upon which
rattled the peace and saletyof the country,
have forsaken their ol I p trty asocia lions,
buried the. remembrance of their diffmen
cett,.aiid arj united to assert the suprema
cy of the po.'ple over a despotism which
Would aactitico the country to scuro its
own power, ' or favor the nycophnats who
pretend, to bu. w uppirterrT it is for tins
excrt.ise of rihylit (ho great body of cit:
irens cpoipoving ine iwipuoiioitu pnriy are
denounced us liuuiouists nud traitor
but by tho.se aluce . who cling the National
Admiuiftti'Mlion.afld try loshieldUfioia the
just i-etribtition, Wliiuh must be visited up:
on ii lor its nnominaoiu con upiionv. ..
" It is" a iuffii'lelit-llefelico ' against any
4i.ih mitevoletit ch:r that 'the Rcpubli
oan pirlv ' composed as it is of the hon
est, well-informed, truo-heartcd inen;of
ijvery class, without ummcUon of party
mon whoso iJeas of Kli:icnl justice arc too
clear to allow them to be mided by mere
atiuuhmeDt to-r party, and whose sense of
uuiy i moj iinpcrii vu io auovr mem iu act
contrary to their own convictions. ' '
- But upon whnl ground is it - pretended
that the charge of disntfection can bemitde
to lie agninsl the Republiifiin purly? Uns
a single word ever up pea red in its platform
which woulJ indicate, that the Union I
lightly eetotntftd by -those of whose prin-
ciplo. it U the expression?. Has the ac
tion- of -, anr. man nrrainsl - llie -Unioii
ever boon sanctioned by the. party; If
.X'. .
not, is there any oihor evidence of na
trod to the Union ou the part of the llepub
licans, than the slanderous assertions of its
enumioH? Far from it. r , t, ' -
liutit onnnot be deniei that a sad day
in the country's histery has come; when
from one extremity of the nation to the
other, patriot hearta are trembling at the
frequent use of the word ditunion, which it
onco wa.4 treason to utter, savo in detesta
tion; J The'onrs of -the people. nro becom
ing too familiar with the thought of . the
troasonnblo word; nnd under the influence
of this fniiiiliiirily with danger,- that rnirit
of .forbearance ,aml. .'concession-'.which
should actuate fllov-i(izuus, aa will as
christians, i too often disregarded.
.. To whoso influence is this truth to bo
nttrihutcd?. I it not to thu selfish injuslico
of apirauts- after power to the faithless
ness of tho Chief Executive of tho (fntion,
who would condescend to a mosihuniilia-.
ling rivalry in submission to the arroganco
of tho Slave Tower to the reckless dis
honesty of RcpresWtnlire in tho National
ContrrrsH. who Would sell themselves thftir
constituent, tlm chu of Froodora, nud
the Country, for a few pnltry appotnt-
montsT .;. - v.-
And i it not mora than all attributable
to jtho veimlity of the puhlio journals,
which for n morsel of patronage hnvo pros
tituted themselves- to the unholy defence of-
wickmlness tii bigh plnoita, nnd are now
buy kindling incend'mrv lire in every por
tion of the country, ami arraying .tho citi
eus of ono seotint ngaiusi those of anoth
er? Thia, thit is tho unkindest cut of
all,' for tho ixioplo, left to their ow n pa
triutio impulses, would sit in. judgement
upon the. fiiilhless act of their ollieial rop
resvubtlives, and avenge tho country of her
bitter wrong; hut if misled ,by the falsa
representations of the pros, -many - may
fall into error, anil even give ocenxion for
evil-minded mon to charge them with
wrong of whioh the compla:naut them
solves nro really the guilty author,--.
, If. from -the present, agitation thoro
should auocood a chsin of circumstances
which should end in thu dissolution of the
Union, upon, the Agent named will th
onuso uf it dowiifall rest, and not upon
thu llipiibliuan party, which only leeks to
ilu fund Froodom tho life-giving principlo
of tho lU'publ'w from tho outrage sought
to bo inlliclod up n it by faotiomsta uf the
South, sustained, . abetted and served by
unprinc.iplod men at tho North. Jmkiuy
tallrjf Jiejiutiheun.,
. . Rend Out I
Tho Blave-Domocratid County Central
Committee of Stark county hnvo rend cer
tain men oid a tht party, a dreadful ealanv
ity, whioh they will probably not lurvive,
The Ball of Excommunication I in these
word: ' ; '
Viikkis, Curtliln office-holder in this
eounly, having bu elootnd by tho Do
. . J .T. ' T "m .a m
moornoy, to-wiu v. j. reamer, treas
urer;' W. F. Kvans, Prosecuting Attor
ney; INjter Chance, Ileoordor; and Le
andur Andurson;,Ulerk, have, since their
election, united themselves with tho so
called Know-Nolhing association, and
soma of whom aro now seeking a nomin
ation -from said dark-lantern Order,
Therefore,, .
Jit$olotd, That wo regard It a our duty
lo thus officially notify tho Dem-raey of
Htark bounty of tho bns IngraluUdo and
treachery of the above named officert.
1 litiolotd. That wo reoommend to the
Oeinocracy th propriety of exposing Ihe
trunorou conn not ol the abov urtmOd do
erters, on all proper occasion,- o as to
prevent thom from practicing hny farther
deception upon honest men. .:'. v.
. j'pt U the miserahlo, dish water cre
ation in th way of newspaper literature
that thi city ha been allfioted with, the
Uwcmnuti Hume Jvurucd takes lit lead.
Tho first column, like a dose of ipooaouan
ha, produces forling of disgust, aud each
additional one gag yot with tho noxious
dpso Cin.Euq. , 1; , , 1 ,
Wo believe that tho namo of tho Hon.
Maj. Oon. 0o. E. Puoii, Kiq ," Democrat
ic U.S. Senator, loot,, hns been, at the
head of this rama Ilom rnuf ns .one' of
its editor.. ,What'a.'up J..,, , ,.. ;J;
r f ' , .', K r, . ..
aWTTIio IwJianoi)o1i;ilflpuh!ican"My
"f1-4 eight-hundred. Know Nothing,
I Council lit that Btn.to, with a membership
of seyenty-lSvo thouMn'd Vwtturs. A , , ,; .1
The Lonlsvltlo ltlot. . .
If there wero Tio other reason why the
American desire to limit "the political
rights of the foreign immigrant and tendeu.
cie to armed collision between two mow
who differ in lane-tDiirc, religion, aud . us
ages, would justify the precaution-. -
J t seems an universal admission, that no
people, in Europe are fit for 'aelf-goera-ment;
yet by a sea yoyage of thirty days,
and a residence of a few months in the U-
nited States, the same people are elevated
to a political equality with the native pop
ulation. -
There has been mr of mcc in Louis
ville, Vl'eoplo f foreign birth and speech,
have fought with aud slain Americans. Is
oot this I'acUufijcitul lo shoW that . some
Icgisl'iiire measures shoulj bo taken to pre1
vtntsuch colliaions? Are pen who wish
peace and consult the honor of the country
to be denounced; because they deprecate
the admission of foreigner to equal rights,
wlreu there is such an obvious animosity
between the native and foreign population?
Certainly it is of less importance that al
iens should vote within '-five year- after
their ariival. than that Americans should
be hl.iin at the pTiwe of suffrage. "
Hut the anii-Ardericau party Ud by the
Washington Union, have denounced' the
American Order, and applied general epr
thet which tlioy do not dare spply exoept
in a general and . irresponsible 6onse,.or to
pooi men drawing wagos from the Pretii
duut and haying starving family in tho
perspective. "'. t; ... -; t
Thu effect of their blnndcrou and violent
imputalions upon the American Order, has
been to creato much exasperation ngainst
it on the part of all thosa. who break the
bread of tho Government or expect toy
thing from the ascendency of the parly to
which it belongs,, , It has had another evil
efTec?. , .. ; 'l ,-. ,' , v.t . 1 1
The foreign population, . - drawing . their
ideas from: the,. despotic, governments to
which they belong, thinking that if the
government protects them, they havo noth
ing to fear from the people; become, confi
dent, insolent and fancy the. whole country
belongs to .thorn. - Nay, more, sali6ed
thnt to.speak Dumb or worship tho I'opo
is passport to, wage and .honor, they
become the stipendiaries of the ; Gomn
ment, ready to vole for its favorite or fight
for them. as may be necessary.. .
. The league is now perfect. The alien i
paid.prcferred and honored by Ih govtrn
inenl; in return, he willvoto, fight, pr sot
firo the. Amcricau bouses, a may ifo deem
ed most advantageous totho interest which
employs him. . ... , v , ... , . ; wv .
As proof that this league 13 perfect, wo
find tho ' Washington Union and iho Jialti
more Uepublican, " both employee of , the
Government, expressing the opinionln ad
vance thnt the American party Is to blame
for tho Louisville rio'.s. They Into the
side ofa foreign population against' their
own people. There are twenty Americans
slum there is no expression of sympathy
for them or for their ilepoudout families.
"American blood hns been shed on Amer
ican soil." There appears no patriotic sp .
poal to vindicate their memorie nnd pun
ish their murderer.""; Thu balanco of sym
pathy is with the alien.
Oan It bd a source of surprise that Am
erican should be exasperated against for
eigners, when they are preferred, pamper
ed, and protected by the government! and
when thoso who honestly deem unrestrict
ed immigration an evil to bo corrected, are
dennunccd as prose rlpiive and wicked? " '
t. Wo would ndviso tho 'resident, in
homely but expressive phrasologv.to "cU
off hia dgs" loll his trrespomiblo and
obsequious loo, - who seek his'.fa-vor bf .
crying liosanna lo him, and anathema 4 to
hi opponents thnt they may do a nnscli u-
for which their miserahlo live would offei
no quivalent, aud bid thom stop! Amer
ican Orgnnjv--J-L! ' ?
The New York Tribune denouueing For-
- ' elRBers,'- - .
Tho N. Y. Tribune, whioh hn been fa
mous for its violent opposition to the'A
merienn party, in a late number comos out
against foreigners,' in ' this wise. What
does it menu? " ' " "
Is it not sickening, then, to hear tht
beastly bawling about the violation of their
rights,' ultored by men Who knew not the
valtioof rights und never enjoyed any, un
til they landed on American toil? Is it
not disgusting, to hear men cavil at law,
legally and democratically enacted, who in
France or Oermany, somo short time sinoo,
bowed with respectful humility before each
potty ofllcer of police, nnd submitted daily,
in quiet nud mueknoss, to each Commissa
rie or Caplnin of tho sqund ? . ' '
At the whim of any of these undorling
d reused in a little brief authority, they co'd
bo nrrostod and imprisoned. To such they
opened not only their pantries nnd cellars,
hut their private drawer and writing
desks, without a murmur of opposition.
Their most intimate correspondence could
bo eicd and inquired into their private
and family affairs becoming thus literally
investigated and divulged. Tho agent who
has tho power to do all this act not bv vir
tue of a law enacted by and in the name of
tho people, but through an order issued by
some superior officer. Such is tho Teal
condition of personal rishts on th Conti
nent; while tho Irish are perpetually assu
ring us, through tho press and speeches,
thnt the only right extended to them In
their own country is tho right to starve.' '
much i the true picture of what they
both submitted to in their fatherland but
ft fewcomparatively, being political refu
gcos. Yet, forsooth, hero their wrath is
aroused, ' and their fury turned against the
decision of a conscientious and enlighten
ed majority, trying to !r:is them 'to tho
dignity of manhood, and enable thom to
secure more easily, nnd .with greater speed,
an honorablo and Independent position, by
disabling them from squandering" their
hard work S earnings in prog-shops, lacrer
beer saloon, and thv brawls of whioh these
aro o prolific. - f ;
. Counsel. But few of the reading pub-
lio aro aware how continually an editor i
called upon to advist- hi patrons on ovary
tuhiopt, from pohlio to th breed of catlld,
Through the whole range of our duties
none lino perpluxod us mor thnn lo tell
our readers what to take for a cur whoh
they are sick1 Hitherto Ihi has boon a
severe trial to all our skill, but it will not
be .hereafter.; Wo have been taking, and
have seen lheevidenco from others, that
v unvu iiiKnn unri m wr a liiiorrv I nnmrn
l... i I -rx.-. . . rt, . . . 1
.nd Calhartlo Pills, Thoy. "Peed but' a
slight trial to convince tho roost' sceptioal
"ow '!r they ro suportor to tho other med-
Icino wo have had in , use; " They :-hnvo
onq.sioglo property oT; great importancb to
lhickand thnt "'tttey. fUre.iJusLou
Jlendd. ' y'kl'-- .-'---'.-rh ;
..A Cam !.rauf--Th course f our
pp-elvery oppoueut iajtb.ls campaign, re
minds v vejy. forcibly .of a hunting Ury
wo remempr Roaring wuen a ooj .
&. coBEii of eentlcmen by the nsnvesof
Ilofi'man and Cowau, both of whom were
good shots, and not a little given io boast
ing of their skill, went out doer unntiug.
After trcttin into the wood whero tney
expected Id find deer, they separated.
Shortly- af.erwards, Hoffman heard tow
aa' gun Ere. when he immediately went
over t the place he heard the shot, expect
ing to have to help Cowau hang up a deer.
Ho found Cowau very busy loading bi
gnn, nnd shouted out ';.;?' 'i. ; -"Hatlo,
Cowan, what did 'yoa" hoot
at?" - 1 : -- " ,'v.-'- - -
r ."It's none of your business, Iloffman,1
go along over tht hill." . S! :
Hoffman was suprUcd at, this ihbtt an
swerand in looking around discovered a
calf among tho bushes, bo again cried
out y
"I say, Cowan, did - you shoot at that
calf?" .- - " "
Ycs. Idld; but it's none of your husk
"Why what nmdo you shoot at U?'" '
I Wby, I look it for a deer.'f n v
- "Wen; did you hit it?" : l; '
' .'No, 1 missed it"; "; V -f'-y
"How cam you lo miss U?'V;4 i;
WU, 1 was not sure but; that it was a
calf.'' - : : -'. v r.-.v :
, "Well,".aid .Hoffman; burstirg into a
laugh, "yOu are a pretty hunter to shoot at
can Tadeer3inlibenjnissuc! v'
, ."Seo hero, lloffman," said Cowan, loo
ing his temper. ."I say. don't make a fool
of yourself; I shot at it jmt to at to hit it
tt teat ' dterand mi4 tt if ( unit it
It is lust so with our onnonents. '-' Last
fall lliey were t-xceodingly vindictive in
their denunciation of oath bound secret
organisations.- - Since then the wheel has
taken a turn, and they find their fortunes
united totho destinies of a secret political
body, known io our midst as 1 the "Sag
Nichts." They are now compelled to aim
their shots so that if it is a Know Nothing,
tiey hit turn plump, out il a bag fliclit.
their gun i jutt crooked enough to thoot
round him. Hardin (Jo. Republican.
JtiTHon. Stophen A. JDougla passed
through our city this raornins; on his way
east, remaining here some, two hours.
IiAedo J(emliu an, 4lh, . ..
..." Yes, we understood he did; and the pas
senger in the car graced by bis presence,
had a fair specimen of his onimu', . At
Fremont a lady and trcnlk-man came a-
board, and after coniidorable ' search, the
lady found a seat immediately bohind that
in which "Bteveu A. Douglas", wa seati d
alone; while her compnnion sought accom
modations with a straiiirer on a. reversed
sont in front of and facing Douglas.
tin. : .i. i, , ' .7
y Hereupon too louowing cpnversauvn oc-
curii'd. .. .5 . , -, - . .- . "
Douglas "L ok, hero, stranger, don't
you crowd in here. . , . . ,r
, Traveler "I find no seat linvinir more
room than ihit?, or I , would ghidly lake
11." , . - . . ., , .... ,.
Doimhis "It's too warm for two in a
sent f guess you could find more room I
the other tart," ... :
Traveler "I don't think I shall try
If you have . a better .claim to two teatt
than I have lo out, nnd will establish that
claim, 1 will stand,.up " . ..
Without carrying hi bullying proponsh
lie to forcible mistanao, "Stephen A.
uougins, tho cicat light of i irce IJeraoe-rn-y
conolndodlo lubnilt to what bo could
not pioveiit,, and tho travclor . took tJh
aent. jyintr-ni iioafmcnt mtjMit be. ex
j)eclel from U. S. Senators generally, but
it was not in vaa keeping Willi 1110 auilior
of tho Nebraska treachery. Sandutky
(yir ... v , .. .....
WUl' Tkey Tblstk sts Home. "
We have seen a letter from a prominent
and reliable citixsn of Highland, county,
whorein tho writer goes into details aa to
tha stats of 'fooling there, and close by
saying that no ono supposes Trimble can
get over 300 votes in that county, and
many good judges do not think ho will
!;et over 10'J. The people seo tho evil ef
eola that aro likely to rosult from opposi
tion to tho itepuulican party, and they are
not disposed to saorifiuo everything, with
tho certainly of promoting no good,.' and
only playing into . tho hand of tho Slave
JJcmocracy of Ulno.
. Tho Highland .Vew, published at-the
I t - n f:.i.i- .1
iioiuo ut a,-vfUTuiuur xriuioie, tuu re
"Wo etnnot refrain from exprosjin our
re cret at Gov. Ti imble's acception or the
nomination of tho Dili of August Con von
lion. We regret it, first, because wo aro
fully convinced, from all the signs in tho
political horizon, (hat ha Trill reccivo but
a comparatively small vote; so small that it
cannot fail .o bo mortifying to himself and
his friend. Secondly, becouso it places
him in a position whiuh will necessarily al
ienate many 01 hi friends throughout tho
State, who under different circumstances
would have veilded him a warm . support.
but cannot now do so with any regard to
consistency, being ' already committed lo
the Kupubhonn movement. Lastly, w
regret it because it will tend to widen the
breach between hisfrienns and the Ilepub
licans, who ought to' bo cordially united
against their common enemy, the party in
power. , '- -. . . ; --. .;
i or our own pan we must frankly say,
that although nothing would have altorded
us greater pleasure than to have support
ed our respuuted and distinguished (owns
man, Una he been brought forward under
circumstance that would have allowed us
to do so consistently, yet standing , as ho
doe, the candidate of those who. oppos
tho Republican movement, we have no al
ternative, a a ft lend of that movement, but
to adhere lo tho men who . represent it
principles' ,' " .''''.
Wo still enteitam a bono that Governor
Trimble will reconsider liis decision, and
w mm raw ui acceptance of tn , nomtua
linn ' - ' 4 V1 -
"Wnxiix 18 MsDiLtf lias ho" ouieitv
withdrawn from tho ' csnvass. or has our
advice been taken, and be luidaWay among
"preserved" speoimons? It I os long
since we have heard his name .mentioned,
ti at we are afraid bis long diet on the or
fal of Locofocois'm, In the shcpe'of Fugi:
five Slave laws,' Nebraska. Bills, Ojo- 'lias
disarranged his runninrr apparatus. ' Ter
haps ho is waiting the appoaranco pf String
' Our Abseno from honi'i will account for
lh bon-appottntneo of aa'itccount.of tho
f proceeding of 'tlto.Tcaury ejtent' ratiC
Lil.!, Miieii tfnn.l,,. ' ':' '' '
Wit - v5?-i .;'v
"... . - - IJA.IU.I - .
"All liar sball hile thejr part Ut tho
lake which barnOlh sir and brim
stone." Rov. 2t 8th.
- Tuos. S. St-xTRUTxit. late of the "Lau
caster Uaaette," and who, in tno-capacity
of editor of that sheet, exhausted .th
vials of his wrath upon the devoted head
of Democracy, is now tho editor of a Dem
ocratic paper in Minnesota. Ohio Eagle.
Tho "Daily Minnesolian" of Iho ?tbof
August last, sfter quoting the above, addo;
; "We happen to know that Gov"; JledilJ's
home organ, the Ohio Eagle, has in this in
stance manufactured a 'aweeprng (alchood
out of whole cloth.' Mr. Slaughter has
been in Minnesota only soma two, months,
and du.-iii!? Uiat time ha taken no part in
politicsexcept to aid and counsel .the IU-
publicans when called upon by .his- Mm
nesota "brethren in. the great cause of Free'
dom. The Ohio douhfitres must be des
perately driven for capital, tha to resort to.
an act of wholesale slander Against a quiet
and respected absent ci izon of their State,
But perhaps Mr. Slaughter may be at homo
in old Fairfield to attend to In Iroduoers
personally, now in a few day."
Mr. StAuciiTBR it now at home, and
has nssociated himself with us in tho pub
licutioii of tho "American Clipper," and
will rn aUo hi bow to tho Americans on
Saturday iiext.4 Lvlng appears lo be-a fa
voiite amusement with f. Tuihill and bis
"taiehted" ?ssi!nnf. .' Wo would advise
them tred tlrobovo quotation from tira
Bible----rate ' wariiing-'"'rppeut; '-and atone
f.r fht-Ir " plist" sins --else they "shall have
Ilu ir part in tl 0 hike which burnetii, wijb
fire and bnmstoiK'."-. 1 1 .. s.-i.
- Snydku Sc Kisman's fiouamo Mjll
We are indepted to MewrK, Snyder Jt Kin
man, Proprietor of the Nvw City Mills, at
the f rot of Broad Ktroot for a Sark of "most
excelleul" flour whiclt wo handed over to
our matern-d Ancestor, (being a bachelor
ourself, whiuh wo hopo is no disgrace,)
who has tested it from biscuit tip to bread
and pronounces it "decidedly superior, io
auy flour she ha hid in tho bout lor the
last year," and o far a our cxporienoe
goes wo fully concur fn her opinion. '- Wo
unaarstand that th Tropnetors intend do
ing custom work for all. who .may favor
lhc.ro with a call and wo are convinced that
our friend. Cannot do better than to give
them a trial
James Weaver, Eq., lite Sheriff is tlie
general agont of the eslalilishnicnt and will
bo happy at, nil timna in serving all who
may give them a ca!l.f - . -.-. -;-
' llfpiiwicnua Turnout.
.'.Wo ' are pleased to announce that the
Hot)., Win . II. Gibson, Republican Candl
duto for Treasurer of State, nd othcr dia
tinguishod speaker will address tho Ko
publican ol lincastor at tlie. Court, House
.011 Saturday evening, September J 5th
Let all oppo.-od to corruption in offlco tarn
out, and listen to Otiio'a fsvoritd son. '
; Wo hn gito .further; particular nxt
"Tho Hocking Valler Kpultltean,w i
Is tho titlo of a new paper just started by
the first ppers in ihe Stato, -We hope our
biend in Hocking will give it their mot
......ii. I ',uj"-..-o..I-i..'-l.'.i.,: :.,''
viuihi oimueas, i-niiemen, "
.; A Cuuiobitt. Ourfriond D. K. Fisnst,
on the corner of Broad and Chestnut streets,
recently called our attention to a most sin
guhtr curiosity in the . hspe of a double
hen egg. It wa nearly a large as a
goose egg, and on breaking tht shell it was
ascertained' that still another egg, of ordin
ry sise and shape was snugly incased in
side, having all the appoaranoos of a perfect
gg.- Tho outer ogg tjon tamed ;o yolk,
but was filled with tho whit substance pe
euuar io tin "vegetable. , ,
- " ' ,.... . "
jt-tyOur old and ostcomad friend, 7oiix
A. FsTTca of Pleasant township, present
ed us on Monday last with one of the larg
est, finest and most doliuiou peaches w
have ovot "tasted" In thi county. Wo
are pleased to learn that Mr. Farrxa has
of lata years been auccessful in growing
somo of the finest specimen of this fruit
exlant.., .If Mr, tetter will bo so kind as
(o inform u whsre these peaches grow we
wiU save him tho trouble of bringing" them
atSTThitiik to D,' A'. Poobmak, Esq., for
files of the ','Desorot Now" for the mouth of
July. . They come to hand too late to ex
tract fiom this week. : ' ; -
Also to T. J. Weaver, Esq.: of the 0. &
M. H. R., for ovoral packages of latest
On the Vnd lo.t.. hi fi.Sli-liinnn.Ri. V PATKirm-
NUHI'IIV and Mlu MAKV ANN 1IKNLKV. hoik .r
On Krhlay mnrntnf, July tn, tf5S. ly Renrrc A
Craecland, Ku., Mr. TH ttOilOHH W. KHOI'KI.Kt
HI. VI, J ., , . . r
and MbiMAHTHA ASN,lHUlilor of tha Hon. Jeaae
K. lAouyfCentrerilla, ParUh of SU Mary, Lonlalana.
Thus has ono of our old school boy friends
launched his bark Upon the world of bliss
Matrimony. : ,W' cannot" refrain, from
congratulating tha r appy brido upon her
most bappy choice, with Iho- wish that the
Shock let Fa milt may become' the most
numerous and influential in the Crescent
Slate.'1 Mr.' Shocklcy' many friend send
greetings to tho happy. couple: ay they
realize ail the bliss ol matrimonial lit,
"May they live forever, and die'ata good
old ago."-' " -. ;-;'! V ' :
LA K CAST BR COUNCIL, Re.4..v.i,..8epLt, 1RU
' , ! CHAPTRR, No. 11 7, ' A
-. . KNOAMPUKNT, No. ...... ..October
February tt, IMS. . ti. SfKtSM AN Kecotde..
; Hare Cbatao fe Buaiacsg'triarB.'
A GKOCRKY 8T01U Ucate in the beat pgr of
Main Street, is how offered at private Mle,aa the
present proprietors wlah to snove wosl.- 1'h h'tor baa
floe rua of curtnin end with- prudes it -tnansgeaieut
ihr llt-puuliuan of our stor oounfy of
Hocking. Tyrrographioally sn) Eiitorld'
iyho - R publican' w ill rant with. iany of
- i. Vrinaof uie modercte, , -'
L i-or furlher iarticnlreenoulre atthq ,,.-1 .
- p sw.u.t,tJi.t.-i8! loAiatthftttitft:;--
in paj iur iiiwii hi a snort time
Ctoveaitlt Vef
arncnfiiD E.tatAviso rauu,
Til BletaMli Annual Volume of this (mTuI Bubtl-
tatldu cumiuetirr,rn His ltth tlaf ef fei.toinbi-r at.
IX B Ht-IKN'1'll'lO AliKUKXAN" U su 1LLUN
TH.i l HB PKKIOOICAI, chltj to th ro-
0Umvm CHaidltfMi AfU InSutrlnl Mftuuftiptiirot,
work iwl aHifttsmu wSlrU Ida light of t'HACl'ICAL
SUlKKvatsmlcoiuiid latSrant-a. .
Uonoiu of Unite Sutai fATbMT rted kr.
M itublili 4-vurv votfll, tacludinR Ornrul, Conut
t kTI Ui PATENT ClutlMS,torotharwiUBtwd
tproranuo'i uxb Uioiiuh of other aubJacU. ,
f U I'aimuaaToaa lo IM Knurrim- Smttucm' tt
uuoagllte invat t,MlSh.NT SrlviltlH an meiieal
aicaoi tiia timea. lbs tutorial IK-parmicui l ml
TarallTaikBoarloia to ha couJucts Uh Git.T
Abh,itt,iii1 lo badistinirutabvu.and.iiotoutr fof tha
aitnatlanca SB truthfulitoaaof Ha HaL-na,iH,a, but for
tha fawtBMiicaa with Ulch enor U auoibalu and (tilaa
thaof4taara oaptode. -. - ,
MavbaaU-a.lnvaiiton, KnfluaeM, Chawlala, Mana
rarluM,,., if riculiuri.t., awl ao.c or jvitaT rao
wmii Lua. wlll Sua tha fkitnnc Aastirta to ba
f (rual Tatoa la Iholf napactlTa aalllaira, I la jeoas
aelianil,nrKKMiawUlMathaaicDtua a ot
tin aimaully, beatuea affonllua; Un a continual
aoarca of snowioua.tnaoxinrlvue at wak-b la 8
jrou pacnoiary aalinuta.
Tha k iitiwirw A acau a I pwbtlihod once s waok;
rrj numbaa cmikilurlilliarKS.uno(wf;i,r.iTnf
Inir niiuuallf aooroiiteta aitd aulendid taluihr. Illua
ratad Willi evoral Hnndrad Original KugrarlBfa.:
jj l-nteciwiB gowa aam unA l iff. - -
TTTTaBMa. Mra-lo SubaortnUona. Si araar. or SI
tor fix mouth.; Jf tva tuj.io, fox lt tnaBtha, ! tor
year, OS.
. Fnr further Ctnb ratos and for atatouieKt of Iho twr
toanlarKoCaah r-rlaea, offered by tho pubUabora, aoa
Nf-ianiina Auierwau. - -
8nuthra, Waiters aa CanaflB mone, or Foal
unlet MMa, ma 1 r luf summptiuuii .f. .
Letters mould do uiraciea (ooat ;uiio) i
. , -. ..-.-WUNH A CO.,
Auguat l-U v"" : 1S8 PuIIob StrMt, Now York
jxsvr oAaaiAaa shop
r. VC. DIETS '' w
tone of FalrMvtd counlt that ha baa
recenllv nl op a near t'arnnxa nuop,
immiilintct ra lArraar ITAif aa
ha4a(Hoenatantlykaepon hand and nkftuufactttra
narnrar, ecre. r-ea(rfrrv.-l.aaMr data, auenf
n-L " rrioiy or veaicic im ma nno, :
tl rnviainiir uooe ou ana-i ponce, ann uio - a
Svorahla tonus. : ' l)ea 14, SI
Witt aelt Lot Ho. 5 I Carneuier1! Ad.lltlon lo
tho City af l.aiioArtcr, Mug the fet (tlreclly onpo
iltflolhe ruatdunce of William ft. Klnkeail. W
Till, lt I, larice and eligibly loratcil, beliifr one of
the eorner tots III Ihe erifinal Carpenter VIM B4
aiinawu on uie rfniiinwe,icorneri winaiiiraiia'ef
ry Streets near tlie ft, W, AV U. N. R. beput. Term,
ey audtllluwatraHU-l). tnn'roof ' " s ji
; i KAMur t, jALKKiin or
" !. ". :l .-.- OKOHGK W. MAC Bl.KOV, v
. Martln'i Row. two door South of Peat Offlce.
Incaator, Maj IT.lt'M S -'
... t-DENTIST It -A
: ' -h tvittiAiiTJi.: KiN(i,
TTA returHed to the city, whore he expecte to ra
1 1 awln perntauemly hi the practice of hi. profeaidoa,
Grau-tul for uaat favora, he hntu'e l alL-nlloa to hnet'
ueu to aicrtt Uie patronare of hla old frtenda nd the
public generally. Orrtoo, Main Htre,l, two dnon Eaat
ol uio unki AaKla. uaeaaler, July to, IK Sin II
A R. ROCKRY, aft icaa aiMirtonce ef rtrarteen
. yearaln tho manufacture of Pnmpa,aul tho-
n.iuruiHciirnllolnwniM)lr uurauilllj, ruola eeufl
doul he cub now recommend hla .. , ;
'Uaaerior Wood Pump '''
MbotnrmrpaMod by none mitnafnrlnroil In tbta ro
Klon of country. Havlnn boon tbirU(ly ttfuU-d by
tuo oraeaicitiaena iniiiinaua aiJinina;couuiioa,tney
hava been unanlinoualf KroHouneed aiiDorioc til all
olhara-aBdfiiraurnBaidRKthe t'hnlu fuaip In dura
bility, t will umiuiiilv attend to atlortlHrHirlvon rer-
bully or a,-lit by mall. Peraona deairlna un excellent
and uu ruble Pump wlH pluaa cull, aa 1 fuel cenS-
J boiiuIh accept thoae manufnelurvd by tha auder
iiciiiuiai i can runnor enure euiiaraciion. niono are
ipne,ttaane MineaiHi-proimoior. -Ufhopilla.
Mu) Jl, IfiJl-am I . Ii. HOCRKT. ,
BRE A 6rB REAl)U B j
VlfTOITLn raapeetfully snnounro to the cHlacnx of
fjancaatur di vk-tilly,tliat heuaacouunt'iioud the
Hrwatal, Light It Halt aV Crrtcker Bnhlnir
Incounei-tion ithhlafn-uiorbkliir,aitiiow prepnro
r " To rilUHI!lll sVAMII.IKsl k
arltheecry thloir h, tlie abrtre Hub. Having iu hl em
ploy th. iMtat of bafcera. he feel, ennSdeut that bat oau
jilcaannll who may fafor him with a call.
TTTf'aU athierilofe on Main ritroet, amt Blah -at hit
Hnke-lloUM, corner or I'nluiubua dt Mulberry atreota.
' "."; ' ' i'i ii ! i
, , net Notice, . ,
APelltlim 1U bj pnrmtjrl to the nosnl or Com
Hdaioorenf KalrSi'M ramU nl their net aeMlon.
nrailnr Uiat an much of the v.Hintr. mml lendtiua from
the Ko. h Mltltottiilnli'raoti,H,wilh tlm tanraalor and
H.iyalliui roa( on to.' Htm.) farm. Ilea bvlweon tho
fiiltowtuir a'utaln Itlicw, towushlu In a:ild coutuy, be
Taeatet, tn-war rmm tiiu month uf Jacob Uoll-if
bauaw'e lane to the Xion t'hnrefc mad and nce-ctna- thnt
Bow county road be laid out and oalabiMul ho I ween
we rotiowina potnit, ixi(inDln( ut the miHUli of Jaeoh
nallenhaiiKh'a lane: Mumi-o mnuliur South alnni Ilia
Sertloullnoabelwei-nUfo lamia nf Mild Jacob Hallen
haurb, Knmiiet Crirt, Henry Wagner, Amoa Welah.
aud Uert Willinmanu to nht Lancantnr and KnvalliMi
ral,nl tlie corner of the lamia nfanld Welah and Wilt
llamaon Inaaid Utenni to mi ship nud there lornilxnloi' -
' i ) ,,1 MAYOR'S OPPICfcV I
' ' Cert orlLasiraaraa, Auguat33, 1C5S.J
'The niultSod Totora nf th FIRST WARD Ih tho
City of Laneaater. PnirSold eonntr. f)hln.' ace hereby
aotlds.l that a special electliw wtl'l Im held at thuOltlce
efJ.mbl.k,Ki ,lnml Wanl.on M .l.t V the HiHi
dayefHKI'rKMUkK nol.for the piirpoao of electing
Oae Tmateeror tlieBnetptred term of Samuel O. Poa-
ter, la Ward No. t. ILAM A. HKUOKS, Maynn
-i EliaNTrOI. JirST TAKK.V ' '
f1Hlt aubarrlbeft haeuow gotlhulr -New Flooring
good wheat that they
- al ami ill
full opuratluu and will purchaae all Iho
wheat that they can got, aud hay the aighivt
market price In caah. at all timea when dulivored at
their Mill. Wo will alao do euatoiu work for tha fur
ara whuBgrtatanf IU bo .hot a nnd wiwarde, every
thing leaa we will giro Sour tn etchango. . A' wlah to
doe home trade and wtll deliver lonr by tho Rarrel
to wory part uf the oily free of dmynge If tlie Roar
does uot prove good return the same and we will ren
der aatlafavtioa, SNVllliK KKS.MON.
. ' . 0ipnte Geo. Kiug'a Wootvn Factory. -Unraslur.
Ohio, augnat 30, IIU1 17tf .. . .
.' H4PbLEO.VI.VrAB8T0POU -rrt.tKK
notice, our enstomon ham In tholr hand,
X three huuderd dollnranf our money that we UMist
have by the With of Kuptembov, eurtaia. .-. . ' V- -Now
don'l all eomo al once.
Lancaster, angust J, Hi48w 17 .. -i
- B. CONNELL : :
Has just received at the Citf Book 8toro
' r nrrf i or .
-.;- Gilt Moulding tot Picture Pramea, ' '. , -TOO
such aa Chenlel, worsted, working Cotton, embroider
ing allk, aewtug silk, apool cotton, TaM, outtoua, die.
Please cull aud eiamine lib) stock. . . -Xancaater,
auguat 3U, IKU IT ., ' ,
Am traiaata
Protldlng for Bradlng. Curbing and GraVellng the
Mile-Walks and pa.liig thf Ottllen pa Mulberry
Street, Kastef Bros AUey. " .-.
Shi;, t. Ut il acdaiBeV Cit) Oeaacif a f Cilf
a f.aacaafw, That the aide-walk, aud gollors In
front of Lots Noa. i, 4-rt, f.'7, tiM, t:, 431.
4M, 433, 434.435, 43U, 437, 43H, 43. 440, 44 1, 4-1. 443,
444, 442,44 and 447 on Mulberry Street, Kast of Broad
Alley be ee payed, cut downvoc Sited up aa the mae
laay be.aa to correHiud with the grade of , aid street,
g recorded In (lis grade Hook of the City of latiiraalor.
Saw, ,. That after Ihe legs publication of this Or
dinance, the owner or ownere of eald Loteaa apecllod
ami numbored In Ihe Srsl section of this ordinance, er
the person or persons having legal eeutrei ef the
same, be ami II Is hereby made their duty lo Improve
Ihe aide-walks in front of the same, by curbing the
same with aloes eurblr.g, to Ktcevate and extend the
gutters lo Ihe width of live feel, and to face the same
with boulder atone, alsa l eover tho side-walk with
good screcaod gravel six inches in depth.
CHARLB P. HHPPKK,Presidenl,t.."
Attest N. -Ymisw, City Clerk, are. Int., , . . i ,
Ag.l!W, IMJ-JwW T '";
BmlretMa CUf Property lor State, . .
MrfHATdoalnible property located on Wheel-
Ing Ntmct. corner ih' Hmad Alloy, bolng 100
fuel en Wheeling by IWI fact on Unaul Alley
rnce eontaliw roouia, kitchen, Outhotaws, etc.,
with all the conveniences of a family rmlilonce also
a new and conveaUml Carentur'a Shop, Kiuoke Ihmae,
Hlalde, c. Tertnareasonahle. For fttrifcet- particu
lars enquire of - . . UT'IXII & ilKhSKACHS.
liaiicaator,JulyS,8JS , . j
Corae ol IRaia nnd Columbus Street.
S prepared to do all kin.lsof Ranking tmatnem. lrhv
iiadrooa boios. Hoys all uncurrent ntnuoy al
nvuwia. MnviinJ.,.!!. L,M ..J ,jb 1I...I.
in exchange or all kinds. Makes collections al any
plsoe. Pays Interest ou af IMneaile,. And deals In
of wbiek- los.tsie acres ere wanted: and when sold are
guaranteed In every respett, to -locate land as well aa
coin, rorms or asjiigning and locating, and any Infor
mation In rolatlou io Warrants gWsn willingly to any
one uiat applies. ? taper ireeaes franc jrmtt rcarsai'
datper. ,; T. W. TALLMADGJl.
- Lenee.hw, Ohio, June ra, ISM ftf
v--c .".':. i notice.
fpHR subscriber hiring dosed up his business tn
I the raorchanilleline. earneatl, and ktnearelr ra-
I que,, a,, wrm,ne snowing tiiemsoives lnuo rued tanim
to call without delay, HKTTLK UP, PAY V P. lift there
notue oml got receipts for tlreir. accounts.
pot imH by the 15th of November next will be left In-
All claims
lne hands or mi agent for collection without any ts
,jclto persons, or-an V fnrHierttme glvnri. -M
lilener, august H': - f M- G. MILLER; '
" ' ' '.' S. f V' VXahas - k
"" " ' 1 1,11 ' t--t 1 - t m-r-saS
SUeridH Sale.
PC RW A Itrta tha conmand ofaa onlw afaa fron'
tha Cvurl
n W ID. O TICUA M 111 I... . .
Koal KaUta, lo-wU! Lot. Ko. a ,
41 to John C. H...PBo.w.lmB io til .ZIVJIZ?.
MWrlllej ApprattBiaa folloara, Lot Ma. lal S9S
No. ai (iv. Lot Wo. 11 at Kot 4o, ti at IK
-No. 1J at i(l-, U.1 Ko. 18 at th Loi No" f iu
to bo aold aa Uta property of W. W. stavarUtaai
nronAtv at w w mi . .
at a
tjr -i;,amierforihaairfli,ti tul.h.
. .. . " By 0. M. I WaSKMAJf.&cpBtW'
V SHbriff' Haiet
.fin, , -IMlr
P Tf2 or. i 2svi
aa d eouuty.BJia; to mo directed, I will offer at Mbnl
.ila,all,lioeourthouwlnUDCaater,oq SaUwdaV Q.ol J
cUfk A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M., tho lbUBWiir daLrt
.1 . Z""J"l r M lO acreaaf laud, balMat
In To.nrtlp 13,orM.iW Ko. 19, bf u"oaUa
8 tJ" " C-miootheA ppralaed at Ti V m
To hoaold aa ihe property of Kllubath sod CattavT
rtiw Lyalntrer at Ihe au't of K. M. rlor. .
cuaoifBiecaaa. WM. P0T1 R, Shonflk'.
" ', feheriir'a NnTtA. -
M. rrom the Court or CoiumoH pi... , V n
BuainialHi,''. era.lt Hooaar stxt
TrTS?"1 Ju" o1 XflwarS -alktaa.
LacaaUrtmpiat l, ffitawIpr3 -
Probata' 9foti.
that John AUHeiiHiaher,Ouardian ofioh r.
ake, hu flle.1 -ht. acoou.u'.ud Vo"h,, in tho SEl
bate Court of Plrfl..u n AL... Zl
"""na on the Stih day of Repteniber next. or aa aooa
thetoAftof a( any be ourOHleHU 7 ! . . .
UBeaater,n(ualse,18S-Swir 1 ,
,. Estate of Jaeok Bhtrtfnr. -
TaJOTICK 1. horoby lTeii. that the aubaettbar ftaru
trlxon the Mitalo of Jacob Sha-ffor. Ialu t PalrftelA
County. .loeeaaud, KI.KANOK SHKKKk. Ex'.rle
u.w-wl7 THJtS01KKK8tlJFI'JSa,Bn-or
. Probate Ifotiee.
w,h.l.riK'M u70!:r " peranna inu,,,,
J '?t J1"'!,i !l'rh. Ailiillni.lrat.,r of lb7 17
. j Tl "", v,?"' "lod h la accou ah
will eon on for h.arlna; on the nth day of Kpinu.
ext, or M toon ll.erfie. a. may bo aourenloM.
. - , VIKGU E. KHAW.frobat. JuAtt
v.taucaator,aguatS3,laS4 SwM -uuS?f
Probate notice , , .
ffiofrfMll,p!,l1?ri",, ,,mt "" vouck,
ora of Michael Vayowr, Adruluf.irator of Miua.
J..h. B"ar' Vl"-,"' P. li'hirM,., t
J.)bB Bibler. have been Sled in the Probate 4'ourt of
0,,,rt OM", " InapacUen and aeltlaneM.
and th.i the aanio will coma en for bearlna- oa! ft.
KUi , doy of Keptomberne.t. or ," ."S.ftoc'll
my be convoniunfc. .- v. it buiw : . e
Lauca.. ,i m . " .1' ' r
'-v. r :,r probate Notic. . '
TyoTlCK t boreby giebn that Aloiando, Willed
11 Guardian In Lunacy of Nuaannah KnappeV, ha.
If'i' h''V','.0.,",U,", " the Prollef ir.
of Palrtlold County. Ohio, for Inflection
nth da."- i1 r,a " .r h.."i
llih day of huptombor Dex or a, aoen thoreaflesll
Ulaj- Ducoiiveuli'iit. , ... . , , aa
, , . VIBOit E SFIAW, probata JuJaev
lancfer,Aguit 1, loS-3wlS rru?".,,''")IS.
: Probate Notice.
KOTtCK U hereby rl ten that Jama Pletcrfnen.
Gn.r.llan of Jacob Morton and Martin Mortouihl.
.u Pi T0"0" eul.p in the Probate TeVrrt
of fairll.,1.1 coimiy.Ohio. .nd that .1.- .Z. ' 2"?
tnliectluu and will beaelltud on the
bur A. l. lfSJ. or iu n.i.ui ih.n... "! ' B0Ph
. VI KG i t, 8. SHAW. ProblTi;
. UAW. ProuaWndgww
August IS, 1PM--31
Coort of Common Plen, Fairfield cnr
Mary A. OyWr, -
JSEovUhJ"' .
V P? 'if.'dlniJn.M'l,'w oUce that Ik
... pu." ""I HHUn- In the Court of "Jm
mon Pleaa, praying for a diToree on account ef Uv.
wltnil ahMnee ef said Dcfbn.l..,. aj " ?1 "
y jars. Naid petition m couiuup to be'he.rd at lb.
Oclehor'lertuyfsaldCotirt, ".oearu as IB
, By ALFRED W'lIXUMS.iisWn'a.
hgut , isa-wi4uf u"'"',' oni
.anrd!ftn Hal.
TW, "'f"' or " "ler or sale lo m rlirecfeJ fc,-,'
J the t'ourt of Probate In and ft. .1.1 "0,
PairiluM atidhtoteofOhlo, Iwer"i! Sou,.,, ?
lie vendue, Servrfns til B.T j" " , "ovaale al pub.
hclweon the" .ora oM!l! Pr.
P. M,,of said ln i. 7' nna 4 e'tdna
vlded eouat f Pnilsea, Uie one wudf
a Kaiu th. LH" f """' -rriea
.kWsryor. section tw.irtvi, &"i XLV
ftM tea U. im ..
alonaw .1.- n.." ,' r.' - w "T " - cnaina to
stone In thCSOCtinu llnm llw...ur.., ... "
r, " win imb vol a of fn mm.
Si !,',J" W. Meore tnd Cathartne-
.. nilnors,and each eotlUeU to one euuata
umllTlded sixth part of said lands.
7Vraueoe.One-thirlcaah In hand, one third fsp
oiieyuaraud the nuhlue In two yeara, with tnlerea
rroin the dity of saluecured by mortgage en Die preme
hies. Bach quo Uiidlvidod third appraised at r..
, CASPKrl T. I11TWK,
OunrJIanof Catin.rlno "and George W. Moore, nilaessv
JTirooua.A Hhiw, Attorneys fot PullUouor. . -
August 9, Uii JwWi.t5 , ... .
; Ciaardiaa" Bales ' V" ;v
SV virtue of an orJerof ante to me tflrecleitv taancd
by the Probate Court of FalrMold counts, I will
" r"0"" v'",u"' OB tn Preilva,n gaiarwae
tarSJrAday, jlagmi, JH5S, between the hours of 10
i" I2tk HV M- of Mi 'r. following '
doscrllwd Meal Ktale,'lo-wlt: Being oue-fonrlh of the
two undivided flfih parts of the Southwest Husrtor of
frJyoVo8' "r-fr. () Township nurnbeg
twotveOS). Bauccnumbortwci.iT ran ...i.... .
three (3S) acres sold off of the Wost alde of said Ouar-
mroection. Also Itieono-rourlhofthe twonndiridad
Bun parts of the rv,llnwi,s (l.i,.liuMt M. - . . .
land, being Forty (40) aecesvf Ihe Sootheaal Uuarter
of said flection, particularly described at follows
.....inoni ingaiine uiutuwcai corner of said Souths
oust Ouartvr Kectlont thonea K.i is wr .k.i.. . .
tone; thence North S3 74 chains lo a alone: theneaa"
Vast lo chains to a stone; thence North 10 44 chains,
to a atone on the half aeeiloa lliwu ,k..... u- .
7 chains to the Northwest corner of said. Ctnarter
Suction; thence South 40 31 chains to the place ol be
ginning. Saldlandeall tarlhirfleideunty,Ohlo.BB4
tn l lcarcreek township. .,
Tsraia s One-third rash In hand, and the fesci
due In two equal annual paymehlawilh into rest eceup
cd by mortgage. First tract appraised si 38a, 6ecod
tract appraiaeu 11 five.
' - HRRR1 8TTA MclNTYRR,; 'V
-i Guardian of John Mclntyre, Mluo. 1
PTiHrncons 6t Nu.w, Atlorneya. '. ,
July go, ISSS-4w43nf04e -. ' L.' ' -I
- rrobato Notice. .... - T
ItstOTICR la hereby glren to all parsnns Intcrsste
111 thatthe accounts an vouchers of the Estatnaof .
Richard Frasare. Robert Yonne and Vi-mi... 1...1...
have been died In th ProbaU Court of Fairfleld eoun-
it, unio, tor inspecuos, aa aeiiiemenL and thai tha
samowillbe for hearing OBtkesnili day of AagustA.
1), 1B4&, e as soon thereafter a, mar be ennxeniena
XIRGIL K. SHAW, Probate Judgsv ?
fancastcf., August , 14S 3wlJ . ,
' 1- r ; .r i riil '.'..,
-;:- i-'Iload Notice.- ." "
TT0TICB Is hereby given, that a petition will Ins
11 will-be presented to Iho Com mlMlonor, of Hair
Held county, 'at their regular suasion In Heplembet
next, praying for aa alteration of so much of the road
leading from Baltimore lo Milleraport as ttes betweea
thesouthltne of the southeast quarter r section Ne.
S, aud Iho Ohio Oanah, said alteration to comment
where the road strikes the soiiUi line or tha southeast,
quarter of seollou No. S, running east -on the soeliona '
hoe between the lands owned by Uooperrldor and
Grovos to the Ohio Canal, thence north oa the gravel
bank of the Ohio Canal to Intersect tho rood on sal
bank. . -. ' MANY fETITlOHKKn. . .
Walnut township. Angnat, it3V. . . Ill .
r-- Entate Wf James A.' Udk er.' 1 "
NOTICKIs hereby given. that the ahbarrtboc Sa
been appointed and, qnallfled aa Administrator
na the Ratate ef Jnroca A. Baker, deceased, into of
FalrOeld eounty, Ohio. latd at Lancafler, thla Ja
dayof Augnst.lHSS. ClLVtiS.-KK BT1T1I, aa, .:
August S, lW-3wl3 j J( "T -
Kstat of John Erersolc. ' , ,
ON theSnd Say of Awgiist.tSM, the 'Probate Coon
or Fairfleld county.tJlUo, dn tared the Jistatewt
John Rvorsole, doe'd, as probably Insolvent, and ap
aointedthe ltnderilrpne,l a, rnirtml..lnner In HMilik
settle and adiustall clainMrfttM.t-Nt.i p..ii.i. jiredt-
i tors are tnerotore uereby notified and renutreii tn pre
( sent their claims against the Ktate lo tho-n ndersliri.,.
al thenmoe nf U.'hleiuman, F..., In the City " l-"-
iHwitiur aiiowoucwwMDin six n.ontns ir.'in luv.inire
above mentioned Or they will not' he cnHiifjtsa'. psy.
mem - -. UNiNuis nnUl!.lHV'iylnrj,-
rftiitrtj twnt
line; Ihi-nco North on the a.r,i. u.. JLT-Jlil" .
i Mk.i . onn-a land; thenee Konth
J 53 chains lo a stone; thence Kast 11 7 chains to a
ti.net thauce Mouth ( SI chains toa.tono; th7,a wi
II chains to a stonet thenca lunui. a -k.. J
- UAiwat,ansrut (U,41j-ivl '

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