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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, September 06, 1855, Image 3

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, Vrtnctpels ! the America Part of Ohio,
' ; t;,THi dililmlted FriOtm af Mrtlftaa dlaeonneeted
i HI polirlcl--Hil!(lillly to eeclerutleal Influence.;
jtipun thearfulri of liurernnieut SquaMy ofrla-bteto
.'"kit aaluraliced Builzraiilt who are ereuri Aauri
j nonittd, and we owo no temporlul allcglneo, try rioi
OltBJlr rullgloa,hlgliarthn,that In tbo Ooutllntion.-
1 no tnterroronoe wun ine ri"is v ciiiaeiiauip w.
ady acquired by Foreigners, im in proteciiun ui
Jaw ta all who honestly eralgralo fnim love of libvrljrf
l.r.(WuoUllh.Tllnlfh.re toiiiUd Vl year lit the
ut IK Arduitnn nf torelirll l,aunera and fellona.
refit! t, ss'sad tht rifer af tufrtfja ail eeeia
State aud compiled with the MatiiratlutttoB Ui
- J. Opiwdttdn Id U political orgaietatluiiseonrnoeed
, tyclluiialf af eartiturt, and tt fartira Mllitarf
V nmMM, eed ell alUnftt It mltit tkiBitiltra,
4. Mlavory li luemi Bol ariaal.-wooppnoiit et
'v.nsrnn to any ofUietefrUorioe.and tie increase Of lie
' 4nlltical power by tie aduliJaloa lutv law-Union of
,'1ity SUtye tareerotherwla.'S -anti wa demand of i
. 'jr.' J i c , -.. i i ii. .i- ...... ti.u
irreak jrrougt -which have been InSlctod upan the
' pause of FrJodora and ill Amorlean ebarartnr ty Uia
"v tapes! of the Missouri 0iiiproniiBe,BBil the InVrodae
. r ., 1 I .. . .. 1 i .. vl.ilalliuinrUw.il ferra
Warms.aud thedustmctlottoliBO olecUrefraiielilee.
" '' i. iii aunliile liiiilalliwof tbe wisdom af Waaltlng-
V, we oppose all lnlrtont.ot) iu the affairs of KruitB
is; yet on an proper ,oceaiui., 7-"' v V
atatet; j ui on ell prupdr e
Bold our sympathy woman;
" 4. Woaui.nort American
Wit adverse policy. of Fotolgn
y upouib asplringta be free1.
IiicTuelry ainljt-BUittiiA
icn tlon and facilities U
,f RWnnaud Harbofa and me eonBirwcu
kitMt of X
' j -. 1 . - 1 . .. 1 .KA.tnuuwKti;iiKHr(hnlltllnii.
. ' V. The VnUrn tflktst Seiee JW !. rrptul
.'?y e fitilkful l.ifie. I . C('H". ' .
v- S. l!lte oltc,entoitly adroeiiU
ui ... in-i ramliarutlon of tho wreaana on
inr.iia avatnm of Tmailou- su4 a llbenU ayatam of
..... K-".. ()b (Sovbrsob, ' .
i ; SALMON P. CHASE, oMLibailto"-. c
Tv2TQ0MAS H.,FORI, of Riclilaod;! t
i:itAyCia.M.-WRIQHr,;oi 'Cr.aiaig;ii;.
. FOB 8SUUII.111I vr r.i n, ,. , , . ,
"' ;- JAMES II. BAKEIt,-of llosii'-.-'' ;
y. VltUAM. II, GIUSON. o Sonocftv.:
, " (Vr 1 1 et Ttrii. :
DRIN KE1UI0FF. of .Hitliland.
CIIA9. C; COtfVEl, of Moskingum.
. -' VOK ATTORNEY GKNUaAL. ' . ...
;;;;.t.I.anVW A. -AYliUD AaaLi, Ol aitiuiuii,
- ' ALEX. a. CONO VEK, of Mi.mi.
VV "A.WEUlC.i!V cill'I'KU,? :. s
. ; A Campaign Paper devoted to the iuter-
' Oa SHtufJaj1 rjt wo will issue tb first
.. dumber of the "Araonoaii Clipper,'' a pa-
)r aerousa cxuiuaiveiy w ma - Amor icnn
M great yiiii) ptlrieijiks now pending
. rtaVeoM.iw parjies of Q.Mopoii i wliich U.e
futUri and: Krowmir ereatiifss of tlit,AhH'r
lean rariY so mucu oeponus, uonmna mai
- CAoh tivery on of its objucts and prin-
'"'cipla uoulJ bj fully kept before the pe'opfti
. Corruption in liigli plact-s siitlksabroud like
;;tho wolf t midnight and at no tinio in the
ilstory "of our tiappy Country has it bu-
-;Jjcomo so. 'nofCiVary,.' for llieentiro Aueni:
can Pkoi'ib to keep alive the camp firvs of
the ariy fa'.heri' of ""tliO'Hapuhlw the
,. 'Cuitkh'V Killfavt te(th and noiiu 'm office
it out vlij h u r 9 Jtc rt.'go U 1 y of Viofiuron
. 'wf ilio li usU jppojefj ta'(fi5. will bo spitred
itt'ita columns. ; rr ; ,
' " ' Tolitically, - tho'Clipport' iihaU 1e de
T,t(i to the 'American liupublican tieket
tf Ohio,, and wiikv-i' ; ' vl
V ' nM he litu ihaiV t ..!, '
" will UTior' for its triumphant auQccsJ, ' i
-'foM S. .Si.AvontsR Esq.. ' tho foxrnpr
, jeiUlor of the Ohtatle having returned: fr,om
i'V' Jiiii reoen1 tout through ,the IVorth Wtjat,
,.taAsociated hi wrelf with ".' a in tlie edi
.'V. lorlal dlbartrncnf and will devdttThia time
;c)iiHrly.io'tt( colttnotv.1' Jiiif ability
iB editor BeedVrio'commcndnlioh froni us,
;' TUB, TKOPt-B BSOW UVt.!z"."j,?'i, -i I;.""
;.;.,T1': Clipper ;il be, published ever j
" itturday B. IO o'clock . until after jha Oi
: luper eieoiion wunout eniirgai'Vur jnenus
frnm flibi vnriiiha l.iwnaliina nT tl cnurttv
v wjU bo supplied AwitU the t oquUite nunv
,bers for distribution among iheir friends
. On application at the Gazette oRice.
'..ii-.rAMBRiCAS8, R:rufiuciNs?seet)iaU copy
of tho.i'Cliper i placed in the nahdsofj
" ' eacti. of. your. neighbors, that the lying
. tongui) of slandorous demngoues and office
'. holderi may bo fully silenood. .(
' ' Wr shhl) issue each week an edition full y
.'BH0e1etaf.,ln9'.i0 3etnands of' our
--rTends.,-. . . .-. -;- ..: '.'
' "-t' -.How Uutc I
, jr.'!m4 timo 'B','or the appointmdnt of the
Konttblioan MaVslieeting to be hold it Lr
i oo thi 4tlvkrio'wing that great nura
terr, of . those, who liare heretofore acted
j with tlie.Democratio party would be in (-
tendanco, asItepublicans, the Committee,
'to detfjjrtifge the tinje foj; hglding tla bem
ooratio Senatorial .Convention,' Appointed
, U. jame day: fixed;;pon for ihe "Mass
. N,rMoting--for the Tcry apparent, purpose
" ; i'-of jeountera'ctlng the influence Trhicb the
. proseiica of so msny Democrats at aRepub
4ictHt' meetintr would have and we shall
Bc'eordingly Werio doubCthe account of
.. great democratic rffmo.Wot Wthat
day noralded by the proper. agenciesT
v- .Tliis trick won't wio it would ,M
btion fjuito as well; and I would Jiavt) sfiVed
v I great ;expcn$e, lad . tho .Seetyjat Con-I
Vention 6en held I vpon Xti'$ same ! Hay as
.f.M.A'.Counly ; Conveutbrja; Jias. always
isefn luecustoiR iioretofore, -ibciij fal-
-j From lUa Oblo Slaw loernal. , ,
Tkn? Prwf rM ! ttie CaMTaaa.
Oar information trom different part of
the Stato gfTea us no reason to change our
formerly expTossou opluion namely, the
triumphant suoeese of the ICepublioaa State
ticket, by'tnajoritiea ufficlentry large to
atisfy our utmost otpecUtipns or deeires;
Even from Highland, the residence of
Mr.' TrirobH,' the" Republicans have noth
ing to fv-ar. v'fbe slight inroad that will bo
mnda on Mr. Cliase's vola ia tllilt county
wilj noj,D ten iu Uo aggregate.;., . .: j
; A frwnd writes as from Ciuciimatf that
Trimble" will not got Jfi Mandrel votes lu !
Hamilton couhty 1 Th'm is' too good news;
auch more favorablu tlmn 'we had estimi-
fodY. yet Ve J.no W Woll tjier genttemu on
whose judgment the, information -t based.
and vould be slow to impeach It ordin&r-
ty. ; He is one whtmi the peoj)le have de
lignted to honor, and who now stauda high
iu wig puuiiv oiiuiniion. . " v
From Dulmoot county only a sliahi di
version will be made 0d Uovernor all else
is right the Stulesmdri to the contrary (its
usual) notwithstanding, -The .President
of .4be 8ih of August Convention lives in
Di'lmont; aud f course kwires to mke a
consioteut' show : of strwnafth in . ii own
county, , . V -. -'-A
These throo pountie are 3ats of Jisooii-
tort.' ficybud then), the scattering Rre that
it full upon Our .ticket, will be like the
dropping of halt oiitlie solid earth froni the
outsklrtsof passing summer tlouS' Thd
atmosphere will be all the purer after it. '
'. While' wa speak thus confidently of ttue
Slate lickot, we beg to Warn our friend 0
tlie subject of llult. Ripresuntnttve. Uukt'ts.
A U States Senator 'witr be chosen by th
0inoral Assembly now about to be ercct-
ed, and w know the Slave-Democracy t
uiett more importance to this office than (o
the -election of the -State ticket; nay, We
feci assured that tho Slatatnun would wil
lingly sacrifice all but the T roasnrer to se
cure that end, and tho Traturtr would
even agree to bo madti a martyr for eo;xi
triotie a purpose 1 lt our fiictids bear this
in miuii.iiJ lot thcrq undor.sUnd the only
hope of success lies in the ability of 'the
ertcmy to sow dissentioii In the Il'publica'ii
ranks.1 On ono sido, the prejuJioes of old
Whig ara appealed to; the Stu'tenan in
fact.h:rf become the organ of thai portion
of them lio" feel like sneillk-ing' the tuh
stance to a. Nomtfthu end to the meant.
The s.trri j shoot tliat conlains appeals to tho
old Wings to stan J their principles, by
opposing tlio only tickot through ivhose
election their principles can, Jw susiaiired,
will rery likely eonimnJtlso a warning' to
Mr; Chase's friends to mark how thi'ir f:i
voute is sold t., An l then will follow a pat.
on the biek to the K. N.Y for their spirit
ed "fusion impu lonce" in refusing to j ii
with the. It puhlicnna m certain counties
for the election of auti-XJjVk R presen
rtttves rwlula in another articli . thesu
ame K, N.'s ! Will he " chargod wlth .mur
dering foreigners and. blowing up Catholic
churches j ; .';iW.s
Tho solution of this great anxiety about
the Oenernl. Aisembly present two iwpoct
one gonoralj and the. other personal. In
the first place, -ilio roal power of the Slave
tyomocraey lies at . VVashin'gtoni they have
loti tht IoUte, tJlKf atll.iT XOtiB' KO'OrEUB-
TC KIT? TO SBCT7BI Til K OB JtATS'v f I Ue", for
tlit) present their power ii snfe; but if, one
after the other, as the election of,Sen:6rs
eome round, the Free Slates return mem
bers adverse to the farther spruit 1 of Slave
ry, what bjL'Ooinesvf the power of the South
to control the o.lxoes aii,l patronage -the
Government through whiuli it has hitherto
wielded the destinies of the nation? The
answer to tide question, which every Intel
f! .t'il A'-i" 1 'l'.iLVr. if--i
iiuut, iii in ohu auitae tur uiuiviit, explains
tbo)' first MpeeC.-V v . A Viv? ,"'.
, The second Is easily unfolded: The ed
itor of (ha Statetaian has, failed of making
anything out of the State adfhinistj-atioii at
at present toHsi'Unted. He. is ambitious
from neeesttlgl and fr, Stie' politics
under lid new C6ntitulion,UAi not paid.
He bad an honest ambition to be Postmas-
ter-Gendrel,: just such ati ambition asmade
Olds seek 'ho place of Chairman of the
Post Office Committee in the House; the
foreign mission would not payf except in
the outfits. He tried for -the Senate in
1854, - and failed through the llndnettof
frwniUt.rflo with a General Assembly
of a Slave Democracy stripe, backed with
i iytei uj 4simyu onu 1111 jiaminii'
(ration, he thinks be Might suocoed in tho
object of his amhitiou lit. r - . ; ' 'r5
Will our Republican fiionds hoar, these
facts in htlud, and Wok well to the! r Repro
sentatlva tickets 1 V?-V---.!. v-X" v
Fortka Uaatte. . ,
rroeeediBsa af Iticklamt Dnraocracr--
l'rianmry .UooUnj ot tne !
Kichlaad I
Ma. Emtoa: As your paper fs exten
sivcly circnlated throughout old Fairlivld,
permit ns In old llichlanl to give the vo
ters of FairGuld an account of the long
lookod for 1st of Sept., the day on which
every true democrat was to assemble at the
usual place of holding tho election for coun
ty bfQcers.and there autl then vote by bal
lot tor men to fill our county offices, also
two members for seats in the Legislature.
You will remember that the Pope's organ
was particular ia staling that none but de
mocrats could have vote, so. I suppose
the result or rote of the meeting gives 4be
exact number of democrat in our-' town-,
hip. --I thinks from the-great exertion
made to get them all out, that nph were
left at hom. The poll were opened ear
ly, and kept epen tijl late,' and drummers
sent intoihe highway as well asdltchei, and
constrained men to eome in and vole.-Our
stores were closely watched, and shops al'
so; and as it was Saturday, a' goodly num
ber of our .country folks" were iu; o that,
the. number of voles cast for candidates
was much Urger than it would have bee
ou any other day of tbeTweek. . .
r Well, after all. the1 above mined exer
tions, of course you mny look for a full de
mocratic vote, . Jt -Was muult larger than
many of us expected, but number will out
so let it come! and here it isi -SIX
TEE5 . VOTES Ul,foroht UihlHncl,:'lhat
ur sliort time sniee gave'Leohner Jesse,
fat and pussy," JO'J votee for Sheriff, Oh,
what a change, lias since-passed over their
dreams! we nvcan the dresmiof the of-
ficu-scekers aiid wire: workers of this self-
stylbd demrtcrttls party; Pojr Lbcofoco
iaoi id old staid Uiclilanii tfioU hast fallen,
aud with thy fal thou hast taken, with thee
all that was dear to the demagogue eve
rything that was most denti ucUve and in
imical to good govammenj; au.U free fitsd
tu.ions ;ihe jesttitsf the clannish and riot-
ous forvigiieia, who persist in bringing to
this country me anarchy ana mob spirit 0
tho countries from which they came ; the
Northern" dnnghfH4,es dnd Slavery propa
gandists; friends of the unlimited sale of
ardent spirits, next to slavery the wither-;
ing curse, of our nation ; and uat, the Sar
,T' . . ,. . . ... ...
mcins, wnoio oungations Uinu ,tlicm to
givo employment to foreigners in prefer
ence v to our own native., eitiwns. - Ah I
what a gloi ions fall Is this for our iiountrjrl
And now, Mr.r EJitor, let us .endeavor to
build up on the ruins of Loeofocoism the
glorious, principles of the American party.
We have noting in concert "with all who
are friends to froedom,all who oppose the
extension of slavery into territory now free,
the friend of -the. bible and free soIiooIk;
all 5ho opp6sd PopUh dictatwii,''Jesuitical
interference; all those who owe noallegi
anoe, either tomporal Or spiritual, to any
foreign powers all who are in favor of re
form in. oUr State govcrnnienf and tt dimi
nution f tiixcs. ' Now, is it not strango
that any should be irresoluUij--to such we
would say, in all candor, look upon this
side of the picture and then on that, and
arc you at a. loss to know on which side to
cast your votee.." Old U'tcliUnd stands
.ready vnl;ihi'e2er for the contest; and
will, on the second Tuesday of October,
come up in solid phalanx 'along side of her
stater- tuwutiiijM, with tier two to lie, as
sh so iHrltly did las', fail. We "wonld like
to hoar: from some of our sister lownship
thro jgh the Gas mo,' Iiv the iiicnniiiua,
Yours, Wo. .
:.; ' ltiCllL.UD.
nirVDUCAV NAtl Uf.l.'tlXiH is
la company with a goodly number' of
out eitizens; we vi.iwd the feeetinge of the
A metiouH SopubiieuBs in each of the above
counties OB Moodsy and Tuesday of this
week..: - :- - : :. ',V
,'At Leiipglob, allho the day waS such
n one as M uerer Jrcampt of btfort.
tin honest and intelligent pdrtiorj of Per
ry eouy were out In full mas.: V., D.
Kimball, iWes tl. Baker, Wm. IL Gib
on, and Ion. V. B. Ilorton, our Ripre
sentstive, tU Congress, of whom all Ameri
cans my' we'J be pnul," addreuj.the
... , . iwnai,iiv..,r, ?r.
'"HP aaada, amMf
T-eS weeka, kta
fOK Sluaaas at U
M? aaeeli bj ehtra OS C'J
Ta,at,aaerMMif nu
LaaruMtr Markict.
. Oaxctts Ofvicb, (BeH." 1855.-Oar
nmAiUmnt thin nawrrno are follows:-
WbeKt 1.15 1.25; Flour. . 91 per barrel .V"
i; Clover s p.
V.- ww yrm - "7 mn. nwvn uumea, (H- ..HI
a Cliy.ett: ky cmiit lan.LATMa. Our r. t
Waaof iHlitall au Biwoa eS kf la Bre
Ha.iul,Le UndM, aaS Iwwi ty I sum eeieknalaal
fhyrirtane aheew. aaeat (iai irie roal la. Veer
Srui( Ui, eaeae eara MweeWnity wreS. ... - -
, inaea teaiae at --l.taeee by ruiKtu
fwiely aVarribin IkeU 4uaae,eaa bewpuUee with
Com, iw, Uy, 5tr OaK 'J eta
seed ww; Tituolhy eed, 23,00; Po
tatoes,' 25 cents; . Fl 'seed.; 80tft; But
Ur, 12J6o; Eggs, 68 cewta-. Salt, 8,25
Bean', nonej '- Soaps,, f'Cc:,Coffjfc,
O v'l-, w , Uli, M .rM f .J WVH4IS f 1 " IMM
barrel; Picker! 10,00 to IX.OOjHieeta!),
Vinegar, 1 825 cents; TuiMteMoct.
llsy.'C.OO' Tsllow ICt r-er br, Whls-
j , rv, t uui znoV0
muhttu Je at the new Cowihou, and held J ,v zTUuim. .jUrliS
tJteir suJieneo euciiaino.i lor nours. Kev-'
r have we seen a rrjore attentive, intelli
gent and enthutiastle meeting. The Slave
Democracy will meet with such a defeat
in Terry tbis uil as tney have never before
experienced ia ttidi ''Backbone county'
All hail, to tho Americans of Perry I
At LOG AK' the same gentlemen ad
dressed the Republicans of Hocking eonn
ty at the Courthouse, and were listened to
with great attention ty tlio people. Tlwir
expositions of the corruptions of the Pierce
Nebraska-Kansas Democracy ,wi re exceed
ingly ' "happy and - ell timed. Enthu
siasm prevailed throng hout the entire muf
tituJe, and nil went away fully confirmed
in tlie rottenness of thy Administration.
Hocking county promises to roll up s splen
did majority for the Republican ticket, ,"jfSo
eiitliusiasttc are the -Americans that they
claim to be the Bakxer cowis'.or tiis
We are much indebted to our friend Capt.
David CoWoen, who provided at bis own
fSperistV .convtyi.nees for. all who wished
to adend tbe meeting at Logan, lie is of
that class of AuKtuCANS who lived in the
lirrtes "that tiled men's soe.1,'' and will
do ultlcb Serrice id tlie present campaign.
we rvuiam ... , j
, 1(4. .. I-
Xhff Vcrr L.atcst Tvlck."
We copy the following article from the
Findly (Hancock Co.) Hum Cwnpanion
Let it be red: '!.--; v"-.
'Q GovKRSort'.--Govornor Medill' took
oooonion to proclaim himself B member of
tpo MethoJist (JliurclL, at the close of his
speech in Findlayon last Saturday. '. This
was certninly "tne richest joku of the soas-
oni''' 'Governor Medill a member : of the
Methodist ; Church, and notwithstanding
there wns .religious service not oiily In the
Methodist CJiurch, but . in every' other
church in Findlay On,1 Sabbath, he ncvor
entered Hie doors of one of them, but afte
remaining until about o clock, took, up
his line of march for bis next appointment!
Wo suggest to Our Methodist friends that
they iiitiuire-lnto the spiritual condition of
brother Medill, for we fear be has sadly
fallen from grace.' ' : -" "
x The' Governor wilt by and by, issue his
proclamation for a day of thanksgiving and
praise, to Almighty God, for . the favors
bestowed upon US as s State, . .and , when
that memorable anniversary next occurs, it
will be. wult for the churches, to offer up a
united petition to the Father of Mercies
that the sins of the Governor, for desecra
ting a day, the fuithful observance of which
so especially, distinguishes the- Christian
from, the opposer of . Christianity, he riot
visited opon tlie people of this great State
. ,The announcement, that the Governor
was a Methodist, took his old acqnalntan
ces here all aback, ns Much as did the con
rerion of Paul, the brethren at Jerusalem,
for they bad never heard of this being;
Tea inside the Mitnodtet uliaruu."
t RxPCBticAN P-osFBete - tut Onto. We
are cheered from all parte of our State with
news of the most encouraging -' character
for the Republican movement, many who
' VtATEtt WO Hk.H I .' '
It appears to be the genera dUiuldfl of
alio cuijeeiis oi uancasier, mat the plan lor
estsblifhing Water Works in this city has
fizzled out. This bfcing an error, I will
briefly state facts, which, if found correct,
should guide public opinion. . ' .
1 fio City (Amiii'il is in possession of an
eBiciint Engineer's plan and estimate of
the cost of tlie Works, but was unable to
ascertain amienbly the terms upon which
the requisite Water-rights might be ict
lled with the owner of those Mills' and
Milt-seats, who will claim damages, f The
Council left this business therefore in the
hands of Come of our ablest Attorneys, and
by them it is informed, th.it an act of Le
gislature," i n!cnded to facilitate cities in es
iitblishing Water Woiks,"will require some
amendment before it will suit the case of
this city. The act gives cities the rijjht to
couJvmii land for the use of Water Woiks,
but the city wants to take from Mr. Gie
y nild others both water and land.
Thus tho proceedings are stopped stop
ped before s'.umhliiirr block and litis re
moved, the city Council will take the pro
per steps t'or condemning certain tracts pf
iandand water-privileges, will next be pre
pared, to lay oi. lore tne puuiio an estimate
of the whole cost f thiaj . Works', and the
voi.:e of tho people alono will tuen' decide
at' the polls on .tiszle or no lizzie. . '
.1 lie work can moat likely ho done cheap
er in 1857 or 1858 than if done in 1C54
and 1855. Considening this, 1 predict the
whole cost will not exi-ecd. $1! J.000 and
a large mnjority of the electors of this city
will triumphantly vote for no fizzle.
", "; atiy Our farmers aiiid mechanics should
-1, ee rhstrv hoir farms, and shops are well
Represented at bur! next County Fair. Se
lect your choicest ' articles" for "exhibition,
and let not the well earnod reputation of
. ,bur couhty Fair lack jinferest iij .Brijrde.
i'partmerit .The officers; Mea srs. Siffohd,
. liaDEB,' Si C-AVb Avxai and H V. "Wb AKtir,
,Mw Biakijig every rrooessary preparation,
m J,, "Worth Uembmbbrino. llx his accqnt of
the terriblf ravages of J lie cholera st r ert
lluey. Mr.' SAwrBR, the government 6u-
' ; 'benntondent,-says.'; ..
.; VTlnsre is orrr fact wtioh I jrish toV Pn
. ;tt4Wtwracoj'Bl"'llM their .' duty
--'When,a?kedf and thby-had Hd'jiart la'Uie
4oprdilatiorii whieh "wereotnujitud'-
JtyThe town of , Atchinson. In Kansas
roust be a delightful place. '.'It is the rel!
denceof the notorious Stringfellow,, who
'Jit -r i....1, :. i.. ',."'' 'i
jvaeu gn uia uuij5, will oe arnyr
low. , His chaste and ' moral sheet,, th.
$fttattr $6ntreipn tbe tUt of August,
contains the following interesting bit of ia
:'f "A Mr,' Pintiif.' noisy and trouble'
some Freesotler, was badly beaten on Sat
urday last, in this city. by a pro-rslavery
man whom he had insulted. ? Two other
persons entertaining. Freesoil views. 'i were
knocked over and silenced, on the same
day. Abolitionists in this vicinity -are in
liot water"
-,. Oul amobgthese brutes, it is consider
ed good and sufficient cause for knocking s
man down,. .to know that he .."entertains
Free?oil iews;' iD otherwords, that bo bo-,
lleves it ts better tft' hnVi Kausas " a;"-, free
Stale than to have it Sn.fsed with' ' Slavery
JXhesa. scoundrels. : are : fast , preparuig' the
popular ;inin4 of.lhft North, for any action,
.tba iuayibe neoesW la punish this -out-
rarteAuA isntirlfrtriL-':"'J ;f Y.' . .
' - Kbw.Yobic. Ab j."W
iiECKirra or tub wicsa.
ccaaesi ruaasTuis wbkb. krbs.
These are sold by th hi at "ft price
iqiisl to the value per pouod of theestinta-
leu woigni of txel in the quarter. - I he
hide and tallow or "flfili-qusrter" in not
counted in this market,' as it Is in Boa
ton. ... i
Twf Paica f J Itif ip lb will not avcr-
First quality . 10 lOfe... wi h a rery
fcwat f lc.- '' '-",. ' . :-'--."
Medium pcaje.' ' '-'ii: :: j'
' Poorest 7i8i '.with a few ! sm
Jer that prw-- - : . ': ' .'; -.:
Prices or Yjui CALVE.-Th rat at
which such enlves s are fit to t ell for
all the year, is from- i to 7. ? Jbltre
weight. - .
Shskf io Laxbs Common ''Sharp.
1 ,00(5.00; xtra Sheep, 8,00(10,00;
Lambs, l75S3,5;i. ...,A...
Swisr Western How, corn fid larire.
first quality,' tJ(g7e. live weiirhf : 9(2 9 lc.
drad weight; small size, do. 6CtC.U-.,, live
weigii'i ojtMojo.aeu weigni; rteW-lors.
Stitlrt still-fed 6i7 live weight;. 8(g9r.
dead weight; Kew-Yoik Slate, smwll fciic.
prime for marker, retaihn 61(7e. live
weiirtu; st'iisj ueau w. iini: mock 1102s
SffeGc, live weight. , j '.A. ' , .
rYevf Yerk M srkrt.
jNsw. York, Sept. 4. Cotton Firm,
Willi sales of 1000 bales. , .;.
Flour Unchanged, and in active de
manil. wilh sales of 100 bbN.
Wheat Artive.'and unchanged, wlih
sales of 72,600 at full prices.
Corn Lower, with sides of 80, 000 mix
ed at AS.-- - " '.'- ' - - -' '
Whisker HcavyC. Sales of 550 bbts
Ohio at 43,:'..' V. ,; V
' Pork Firm, with sales of 700 bbls. :
...Beef Firm.
j. Lard Firm," trlth tipwaru tendency,
with sales of 350 bbls. - - r
Groceries Firm. " ' ' .'.' '., ; : :1
Iron Firm, with sales of "100 tons
Scotch Pig at 37. ., ., -. ' ,1 :;
Lead In fair demand and firm. " "
Stocks unchanged. y
' Cinnliiniitl iTIarkct. '
- CiNMSNATr, Sept. 5. Flour, firmer tyith
a moderate demand. S.dcs of 2 JO brls at
0,00. - -' " --! '' - -'
- Wheat Sales of 500 bush. Re.1, at l.
15.. ',.' ".'.' ' '.
Whisky Firm, .with a good demand,
Sales of 400 brla at 34.!. . -
Molasses- liuoyaut;-sales of UJ oris
. Sugar nrm; sales of 100 bi lsof fair
and prime at 7 t is Jo. ' ' '
-Coffee 12 1 2ii.
AT p.uduc : BALEL
fWB mOer.lirH.it am mU mi mMu Ll
B rrrmm-a. :u !M 4 w- LJ. w..,iT .
ymT sue Tkerwelr, ika IIB
m lSUxeterweXCwyaajar, iMt , a
.-. TS "" rraireIJlt(-- .
Beearrr tbe eaaef kiarfur liUe Sae U
iaaale. TW Poet Twin-fiaua
v nines; .uALisl
a. "'iMl'r-i'- . , ' . . I :
. ,,HIa jIM .Cunaiallf Bt&m.
- ecmw,uiM eSWirae lw ' '
Au S-e Draetfavt SkHineraie
lu. Wee 5 i,niu. . .k. . i
wi4),iHiret,euea wl.krtwJ: .. --1 !' IvuUi4 tm baraaMC r ,
.a Or. Wt.a,', uaii.au mp.. , U IU,. fc. 41.- TsaatM, hlm
We., uaani k, . gjJZi' u.pvd U,; fiiutiiaMi
4fu9 TbwronKlt Br.s y,j;i B'jtj,, . ' ,
. AannlliolWiie() IJIaeTrM Sale ji .'-
. SaeaaSet lul Haraeaa) s eetedfteW Haruaa:
4Sadieiai,ditrldle,Sta-urat Waceiuv j-, . .'
."jjli'lufliadkarPiu.ii.tl)tiw? '
Monaebetd Mill Bltdwa furnttere.
' Tmaof jieAe A er4U of S mmtit wHI a
hm all aurtia ewer 0 woOrwe, nrm rla aae.yitu ut
vtea.ajtlk appruared eeeitrMyr pajable' la. any nf tket
w,.w, o,n, awe wvmumwi ,IW tf aioua rv Ml,
Aug-Mri l.-l,-wl JOHK VAX fKAUSS, .
v Ma. .Met Uj HiirM. 1,itij, ia. buUI,.
wewWiu,a.Mit. ttnrt aiutlwMit is var
aaaerUvoa mmi teU-nuaaM. ainfilua t.. ia, .
ing mtAH-rm ay tb peeaael kvate, where weare kaowa,
aiei av erue)e een.
I US efUgc ,.,
la eaataer rMumtn.
te te Mratlaar
Mly, bet Uat tbe aaccaet at Or. WvrV
baa beea mi 1 An. it bet jjnu, u ifc rhf
wu, 111 1 1 wa awawneaaejaaaaae.--.
BatftaU-r. , - . . 1
IkleawrrwrafryOiat I bar. ljtm . by to
kalatioa. Lea praetrMnl by !,. Weelaaaa, of tUHny. e4
m aStf.txn, ut ay1acnMtai4 Luu, wbkk waaeebni.
aeres oy aay MJall, enoemaree, aaealaal ami artb
akuia I adieS a, hvpl.-nl latarable. i aiaae uia
etaiaataral wilk liM kt,fy.!4iaiili,rt, wlioaia
afrlatcd ia Ilka annaer, to "if aad w beaieS,-. ve.
ieria( aa f aaal Srial do.ihal Ibr uAalmw tnataat
ae aalr aaxwr ka4 eSaebtal anHhud af Hwetlaa
diaaaaaa vif II a Laaaa aad air pa",, a4 laM 4,
eae iaalaaual eoftaia av I: aSe.ud. '
, vt -.trr. . -"l.fc. . ORISHrOI.B," "
A lateaaatoriaf Welliartoii CjptJatCkarife.
Batlwa, Jul. SHOT. IBii.
IT -!. V, U Wartaaan, as wlUbeareabe aa. aa-
eerOinwMBt la aaotfaer cnleiab.l-aaSeetad acaarer
auwei), ahb Or. I. St. KaaJe. late at rbilaWlali:a.
Hxiiaw uat ef aaajrhaWIit) aad a.-Umia. oe
lalaaaeaU. Wauare bad Ibc Haae, ( luekll ere
tba reaaatla.f aaal raw a aiaxarfaU-ati t . Ir. ffaglwt
ami f,a the SaUaTHe eaauaer ta auK-k mM ail
of. amut a -a uia lu uraat b,ai ta a eliliwne anj
vaa aarwii urn roeiry. a. a poyekiaa ta
atiraViaa im wkaaa tb
aiaamteattSdaM-wraa be plenrd. llrWunaiaa hi for
leflale tn aatae aaada' Oria atraeKoaxat aae Ibat
t UailS freab laaretaae abeew already etaed by bm
' b e iaaaire prxthla. Or. V. enwaa'a eaeteM iu
aba Weataevn af aaVclloa of the iaacala aakaaerftaneaV
f eaaay canHlratea af maa b.wa alataaiaal catf
ua aaiiaa aa.Mi.aill arafa.Jiirtr.
Dr. RarlewkH be af ffcw Talatarlg-c Hoaea la taaraa-'
tw.aa Waaaaaiay aaal Ttoiaday , aaetcaabaf 1Mb eaf
Al Ike Xallaaaf Haef, CbetorUlat- a Fnda,
aadfraay.KaaMMWrsiriSMISiiSleia.'. -
TbowaSllrUd witk Steeawa Ct tbe Uaar. Sbtcea.
KiuHarb. Kbaaantieai. Seraleia. KVrufela. Fiui.
Grarai Itebilily, Lo-a at Aal,la, awselianaaf tka
eye aao ear, reaiare l Haaiaie. V laara, caaafaaaa
Uaaarbaa.ara la, Had la eart. Uncamrft Sarraaavi
taUoa. 4 baf faaaaaabbi baallaaara.
' ' - 0S. aVoKTBAS XAOl.B. "
STOaa af Ike a. at aiU- alwex be tuaad at tbe
oaSae. 9ha.aa Market Slreaa, KaaaHiaky. - . t 1
eeeeearaer a. a-o aa
t r-V-
OKKX fd.'RW LEtlSG roa-TwodaU) Tralaa
Virlt TV... I t'taciaaatl at t A. Tt.. arrlvinc at
Uacatwral U J A. at. Sad at Saw Unaxwa at l-i e
y. , ,
.terniai..l,,jJi wra Leilaatna at I S H. V. aad
Loveaetir at 13 K M arrtrlaa at Oiaclaali ala.l P.M.
OOOU MK0ICI5Efl.fi te'eeli milfoil Uia 4a"(
Caaaaa fat-raaak aai'KiniaanavilUeaaak 'June
MiM-ateiwoaiule tk pMlc benltk, I'm. 11 liny atbar
aerkuae. There vaa bwautjaMHtlna In at i1m Vberry
feebtratbaa l,y it. tbwaaaiMt .oa Ikoaaaad earea" t
Colda. Couch,, A-lhnra. t.'rOHf. iaSueiixa. Broa-bltia
arereary aaaeb raderedla peapOTtioa of deaUie4roa
caaaaaipUve dlwaatn tbia tuauy, '(be llla ar&
u(miim we rarlurai and will cure iiuara cam-
btataH: .I'-.t.fcn.i-i.' M
ErarylMidy nerds atarcar j.nrjrtimr. I'urja V 1
blwd rtaa HMipart(iav f'f be bowebi, Uaar
aae tbe whi.ia tia-af,'l 'Aetata from eaUTurtlorie. r
farrae oat tbe lirur LitS fw'on l;n ty, laly, iot
wark RaeWay. Bullordteoaaoe e iHoaliJ il drily
of aid aae. Take aatidutea early aad Ibraat tt final,
Ike yetem.befirtw It to yet low atrai( ta yloUl. -4
Syer'aftlla aa-tbnut aatdbaaaaa, adauly aWla it
taaoakbat w boa 11 baa lakeava atroag boldV. itAd
abr aainaa.lir,(aiaUaMauoftloaa akokaae beea aw
ed by Ibeaa froaj dreadfal Serof a, Iftmpayv -ii Icarae
Skla Oiaeaaea. Kbeaaaaliaaa. BeuraltrUi. Oyapeaaaij
Intaraal Paiaa.Blhloa, Complaint,, ll. artoom,Ui'a4
a.be. Ott4,aa4 maay lea, daaaTuroae baa Will Hire "
oamtr aliaacMte. aat b n piesptee aa tka face. Warmri.
Sorrow Irriubititr, Um of appetite. Irrrgulerlliae.
ISiZlBaaaia Ibe brad, told. Fevere, "yfbiar, wri ,
HoUsed wrw.yr'l auipMMtCi,i Srai'.ka !'. -.
paCve Ucwrdy iaaaaffvd.t f l-' ft .''.'' ' " ' ',.-
Ibeaeare ao randoat afalaae ul; l.ulsro aelllanH- .
rated by oar on aolgkbom ttudfeur' uma, t'lt'aV '
ta. ...?. - .--... ' r't
Try thraiaare,aa,l yawwill aa.rrKe erlthout tbeaw
PrlreSeeniper.S Boaea fof SlJ. 1. .
Frepared by Or. 1. f. A ' KU, Cbeailat, LoewK, tfa.a
aad aotd toy r. rvran-ra. -iaettiau,ti; ftironao 01
aeeaat Traia UareaC'laciaaaU al t P.B. arrlrlaj. at 1 a.d M.Z. Breider, Uaeaaiars . F.Bawlia.hiklaiitl'
liaararatgjhl t 31.
Ketafnlhr t. at latMnn,, at S at 4; m. SfftMag
atrim-Mlai.Urfn.JsiVS. . . -.Zt-
Tralaa atop for paaejmirera at all later aaed late pMata
aud roaaect aitkiraiaaua Liule Miaail Koed fof Ca
luaabaa, la.t.m.HillrfHriM.ii. aad Cblllleotbe.
Ktace llaca cwaaeet at Ciretoeilka far iH4rMae
aad i 'eea,!,ae. at iAaraewr foe lnran, Beteeavllte,
Atlleilii.a.t lonr.iy;Sftiict Sew lUaaaoa (or Sa
crii aaa 2aaairille, a,n rioer at Zaaaarilte la) tlare
f.,r Kaalorutraiiaoa Cealntl Ohio Uailrvaid. .
ForohrinarauUoaao.lU-krU.aifli at Tlckef Of-
Sro.roraorof Broadway aad Froat 4troeti(, aad.. el the
Little Miami Ik-aoti or loikoNtiifMk !irntnon ilteuje.
- -i- i. Br. U KTAt'CtlTO.1,
.Kinriaeaf a4 riaperiatHadeai.
TrTBaf!riiii;3!itwillii.it '.e maioiMible for ba-
a;aro HK(-o.uiit gf.ta rat nr. tMleia the- earne ba ra
taraodlotke Coadartoror Aarat.a4id freiarkt pai.t al
tbe rate ofauaamg-e for every SjUUlnvalae abore thai
aiaoavt. -: - -: r.. . ' : . . aeaaat je, tro.
B. Kalb. Reebrilte,aad by aU Itealer h Medtvia ,v
era lHtr. HrwUratDer S, h-ili It) '.
CllTtf fcOMPECTI H.BU V' .
RESPECT FU LLY Inforraa tbe cllrteaaof Lancaatat
aad rletuhy, tbat he baa apaaed a mb Coafee
tiuaary aarfAr Pt ttffiei.fi 1 af Mota Itrattamdlha
Wmbltm JTaaara, wkeer ke will cMHtreaally koop aa hs4
a wrll aaaorted tttock of CaMaaar, ai,,;t..
a He if areietBVdVna abeet aatlea, to in any kind ut
dciiMiaairUnejtnatuaanrawarpihled to pleaaa. ,
C,hoy niaaafavtarrd and aald aAaaaaeV aad ratal.
ITTOf 8eaa aad Toaact-a. Ol aery beat a III UaU
tfrnea be round, at the City I'oafoctWmery. y
' Havlar procared a mmu for tbe pariHMa.aW 1It
be prepared to aeeowaiodata I adiaa ana Crvaiaaiiea
with Ilk Cekim aiidaaaiaier rafreabMeala.
Laiieaalr,Jul M, I'SJ IS'.f , ,-'-"
""N.operson who feels any interest
in the prosperity of Cincii natr will " rote
r t. - -
lor unase. j,. , - .. , .
So says the organ of a parly who elected
Chaso to the important and influential offi
ce of United States Senalor, and who
would now make him Governor of Ohio, If
bv sodoincr they could secure the election
of tho balance of their State ticket, and ro-
tnia within their gtasp the various and re-.
sponsible -county offices. Of course no
one has a particle of confidence in the sin
cerity of the Enquirer' t professions. That
sheet 's aiming to create division, because
its secret motto is "Division or Defeat."
Tho small fragment that slill clings to the
old line Looofoco organization, would be
utterly powerless in a contest with the u
nitcd forces of tho Republican party of O
hio, rCi- Qixs. . t ' ? g
'it2"Unito4 Aclioa on. the'part of jVtneV
itanft tyill.8eaur$ the sucoew of ourtickQt,
at first looked upon it with some degree of
..' '' t.J11 t J." .! .1. - 1 '..l i
susptcion liBve, uy giving me suujeci a
careful mvestigafionr concluded to., cive
ineir rote anu muuence ior me ticset.tueso
casos are not few but thousands. We are
sancrnine in the belief, that nil who will
honestlv give their attention 4o the great
principles uuderlylng this ' fusion mote
raeht will be foroed to do likewise. No
doubt many good men .will be" deluded by
the faise ktatements given Irj tho locofoco,
and bid lino .whig papers, '.'fa their course
is so unscrupulously dishoiiosf, that many
persons, -not accustomed : to analytical and
logical iurestigationrwill faiT to detect their
sophistry, but we hops the number will be
comparatively ' few.' It seems' too "much
for our credulity, to believe that A beople
who have beeir by nature endowed, with
reason; with sense, with - judgement, oan
bo cagoled and hurabuggod by such palpa
ble absurdities as are daily sent afloat from
the apposition'orgar.s and stumpers, never
since the days when pur. bitgrimJ?a;ther9
landed 00 i lymouin rocs, fi.s tms coun
try been,'er4f with such political sboundi
relism and dishonesty,- as at. the present;
the flood i;ates,p perdition seems to have
been opened and pouring out from its dark
aoyss qiynsus 0' .lyio j)iriwr wnn.; per
mission to enter the brains of ambitious aud
wicked office seokoro, And, in this manner
oomnrence.the; great battlft oHh,!i;Apol7? J
at7.The elections this fall transpire as
follows: . :'v ' '
California - Tuesday, September 4
Vermont Tuesday, Seplomber 4 '
Maine , Monday, September 10";
Georgia, f .r Monday, October I ' " j
Pennsylvania 1 uesdsy, Uotooer a ,:. , ,
,. . i , , r . . i a-
mesnay, vuiooer o - ,
,Tuesday, October B . ."j
Monday, November 5r''
Monday, November 5 '- .
Tuesday, November 8 r,
Tuesday, November fl
Wednesday, November 7
Monday, November 12.
Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Ma
ryland elect members.- of Congress. In
the others, State Oflioers, Legislalures.dtc
are to bo chosen . - -
Ohio;.- ;(:
Mississippi ,
New York ;
Wisconsin .'
Maryland- -f.
f.T.hi rrrrlvail lv th und.,rtrnrd Mtrort Pom
uti.MA fllir fitv'.,r l,nli.t..r.l. tllrt tli.i.ttfh
Vitiy TUonmnd m rr,or L'a haril,iwrluE urli-k.oa
Broailwuy, rotilli of M.dii fitroet; Hold Urick to ba
delivered wiUila the irreat'nt lunula. - '
Pop.,al will aleo ba received at tlia earn a Uaie
titt etti'TStliicth . sidewulka and raylnwdown the ami
nnniburor Hri.-k. either ni.enrloaa lu a bed of rl-en
annd, not l4 Uiaa five Inebaa la doptb. Propnaltlona
for lliadntlra irnrk meal bo made by tho I Jill laatant,
and tbd diitlfd Work i tfaiplt'lod by the anas nf Noveat
bjr.lCii. . - K. VOIISB. ..x.
, . y. G. IE!'KKRT,
RrptoinliorS, IW3 18 ., KUeet Comiuittea.
v. . Ab OrJiuaMre
-. to t nfitrre llld tJeilortioB ol flhi", f-
BEltonlaiiirdliy the City Council or the City of
lAiiraaler, Ohio, thai wn any pereoa or psraona
I be rouricli'd of a flotation of any of Did orilp
nanrea of tlie t 'lly afori'iai.l, and a Ana all all ba Im
puted for aurh violation and the earne tsaot patd,that
It .halt hnlawfnt for Old Manor at hie diaeretlon. and
he ia hereby authoriiHt Id ,-itrllt a-trh peffcrh It
pelkona to the Jail of the county until earn One and
aorta are paid, of until olherwiae dierharKed. by due
eonne oi law.
Thiiordlnanro ahull takr effort and ba In foree fro
audanerlta levat publication. -
. t MAHl.r.n r. ail .t. rrr.it, riwawenfi
AltorV X. Voi aa, t'ity Clrak.pro. lent,
Laneaalor, Seplomber 0, IHS-3wI8 . , - -
I boon wksT of mahtws kxohasgk rasbu
- IX THK ?-.;.
Coffee, Sos3r aitd Molasses Market.
Tos reailinr community H la aaafCMaary la era
tall tlial the Iradinr artictea atenthiaed. hare ma-
ieriallr advanced. Them tea came for every thine.
However.prloca oi my articioa are tue unto, maco iu j
laataottee. - navo roeatveu inev.
Fiat cat Vairletyr af Frtmlk Tea,
Ibat have over eamo to tliit markew. ' , "
Alaot at Prime Article erf Coffee
that cant-be eicoileJ In thli market, la which there
will bd no chanro in tin re while ti fvaeat atork re
uiioa ou band. But lot It ba dtatieetlr ak-ratood.
that I will be found on band ready to ecu aa ujeei,
- A Utile Lower Saimijl SMBtwra. - -
laucsatof, ReptemborS SwrS JOHH 1.108,
Fnta the Vest,' V - ..
St. Louis, Aug. 25. The Kansas IIer
aid of the 17th reiterates in the most posi
tive manner its formor assertion in regard
to the" project to annex the Platte purchase
in Missouri, to Kansas Territory,
Dates from B' bane to July 1st say
that they are still threatened with famine.
The third crop of grain had been destioy
lion. L. Shaver, one of the Judges of
the Territory, was found dead in his bed
on the 20th of June, tie waS buried with
frreatcflremonv. " " ' 3 ' r,- ' " T
"Trains on the Ohio' and '-'Mississippi
Railroad commenced "running again on
Thursday .morning. :.- . ;
Te the tfachera af Falrffeld ConBty,
A 1IRANGEMHXTS have been made to bold
J TaacheraMnaUtule In Lancaatar, to eovameme oa
moavUtr the l ira F f October,
anA aonflnna till rnuf rha ttoao of tlid week. ' lrn
vltion will bemads for the frae entertainment efLady
Toachera. Gentlemen attending tlie luatitute can be
Kecommodated at toe Hoieiu at moderate ratea.
, It ia to be hoped that thnre will.be af onetAl attoa
...... .k. T..hani ,r H m,i M '.' ' ...
Tftaohera of tha Dei;bb6rtng.eoiintfi.are Invited to
be praaeni. - r ' -.
The drat maetlnr will h oed At the Hurlh hcnoui
- WILLI 91 niLNKlIf AemU .
f HKr-mpatt) li .-it rerun tl rtitvmro4 tb luc&Uott
irerTrisrH fr V W Z. Hail Burnt,
aBfrmt.ic m! iHt iiu-tiiiiet rr we firtsmpi, nra jut
E,asi iui4i n usU. Aitxr i,r n,ecutitruoa r flultfi. lTfl.
Arrouutairl fr rattn(r puthA9v t tt oxesrtuioa
f CtminiBioii fTrjaoraalty. ,
Htierial contract fisr tits carrlaajro of larra aaastltttfa
f freigUt wilt ht watltt.
" I lilal A m KlbataB.UKai AgMIa, -
- T MOM AH O'SKAU c-nfr.
fil.EBKltKO r
v itboet extra rharee
mnlnar TWO F.XU1-
in iir.to in vaa-.
or uh i - j ,.; itt
teruoon er. Kva Inc. -
I. M. MXO.N, Itrerlor at bar
Caaibtned Btkibttioa.
'- Will Kxblbitat
BKH 10th, 1CJ5.
Ia thl K thiol tioa wilt br
fonad the two Kreatoat Linns
Cwnoaittoa tatbe Animal mmg
dons via: a ,1.1 VINO Gl
SUCKKOK. bealdra a foil cot-
lortioa af other Wild Beete,
II la tho moat narfact bealtk
and coadttkia. . .. ,
Coaaiate of the following ae
kootr lodged tataal:
Cuiei Jia Mvbrs.
Tbe fearlflae, ffrarefal and bril
liant America Art tale, ia kef
aiatcbleaaaceura of Koaitaltoa.
Moaara. T. King. LeHac. W.
Armatrtmv, H. P. Maditraa,
Maaler aladirwa.Taompii.maad
Prof. Klioa with hit tal'-nted
Puplla ia all their aohievo-maau-apoa
Baraeback aad la
Coatatabto'e rJavla.
Tl V Vlrtnaof two exeenHone ta no eUrortrrj, will
l be fold en the tend day of S.'pteirHMr, Kli. at the
Dry Oork.ln Ijinraater, FairSdlJ county, Ohio, the
Canal Boat A LLKGHKNY, on a Judgment agmavtaald
Hoal, iu fuvot or Oeorga . v Jglim, on me u ieaetat
15. Mtaiiiinan. a Juaticeof the I'oaee nf Harking towo-
.l.ln .ml also a tilde-men! Id favor ef John C. Biota,
on the Docket of i. Kmbtch, a Juallce of the Peace of
Hocking towutliipi Taken, reviea upoa, as w ue
aold to aatlafy aald jiidgmeatii.
The aalu UicoiainoBee between the hoitre of 10 A. If.
ami 4 o'clock P. M. W. U MANSOS, Constable
Sebtetuber 0, KJj 3W18 i . ; .
I WILL at Hal private aale my Bra Iowa, Lip Farm,
eitaale t', mile Houth uf Laaeatter, raalniuim
f-a about al aiaia rra arm, a-
inut3H Arretof FIKHT CfcAalS Horkiagi
A bottom. aud Uie reaidtnafrir bin:aaid no-J
laud, well limbered, aad waloaad by novor failiaig;
Ath.M SEVBRTY-TURKE Acreraf ae BnUmai Una) .
Ilea to the iiaal af Ibe Harking, Vallay 'eJ. and rar
bo aold aeaaralull K de aired: bat- tlia Kawmiata arav
rotiaerted t a good privaaa Canal brldsa; aad twpetrr,
er will make ma af Uia. beat ataek farma ia Ceu-
tra! Ohio.
The whole of Ika BHaa Imui A about W aerwa af
tbe Lend arc imler ntttivatinn. The eattre arrroiaag
aroecdo-ed withauliauntial new fenraand lata Houae;
tiern, 4,ninerte,. ere: are gon.t, -
fiMsi.-a.ioa will becitebln tittle Mr nutlia oat a
FaMcrop. .
It cu Warranted if ddairrrt, (tt ftalb W.hixri
part of the purchaae mouey for term af yertre at V
pereefttinlereet. - '
ror iuii tur.,rmatioH or to tna pnea, tarvna e pay
meat, dir. apply to Wa. Bartielt, bn. aa the ym-MiK,
aea,orto P. H. Kv1ug.,orvke aabeerlbor at ltMiatajr.
July W, Vii lltf . T. K W iat.
A lARX FOR BAI.F. - '' : 'j
lag ti arraa. SO of thera Improved and andor eel
tivati.m. aa wktrh ia a good Orchard-. The laud b of
etcolleat quality jind rituaapd iaagoed weigh aorbood.
Teriuaone-balf duwh, ibe balaare la.faur anaual pay
aienta wirii itiiereat. ror farther .Information rnfiulrj;
of the aufiwyiborrtn the prcmiee. 8. . Dlkl5a.
AugUtt 10, KM-lStt - . - : T
A, C SAIIOV, Mfc Dv r
)FFICBIn Tallmalge 8loek, Mate Street, Faux la
ter. Ohl.,. " aamaarca. .- . , .
Prof. C.l. William,. M.O.. I. -
H. P. Ontrhrll. M,p4 ATeTeU,a- '
A. O, Blair, U. It . f -nlunWiim,
- j. II. PnHe,. D
-i v . jraT. SKBtraa a-r"-'-
Opposite Sha-trefa Hotel, Lancnr Otity;
OBBV OOJ and other CAmi1iUeafroai Puurlfc
: Maaufactur jrt and Imporleraof ' ' "
South Vest Ceraer ef Sala aad Fonrtk Streets,
; ; Cincinnati, on ior-: ;. '
Clwcka, -Wwtchn Btiat Jewelrw, aaoBnalr
ed sttid frfarrBittedl. ,. .
AogoatM, loM Sail? a
. JOIII D. JACKSOR. ' - .; i
r HAVK nnrchneod Ihe entire liitoreal of Jotia I.T-
I oiwiii IliefJroreryltoreon the 8.mOiwat corner
or the Public Sonar, bark of tha Market llooae, where
I h.n avail timoa take nleosure in aervinc the old
euslomer of tbo esUWIrbmcnt and my frienda with a
Choice seleetioB ef tlrocertoBNetioas, &e
Mynew aiipplykaa already atrtred to whlrb 1 tarlta
special attonllon af rnatomer. My prieea wilt-bo aa
low an anv other eitnilnr eaiabliahmeni in tbe vitr. I
am a new beginner and hope to have a liberal there
of the povitc patronaire. , Ji'n.i n. jAtanm.
Lam aster, August sa, tf Sa lotf . .. .
Bnildiitg ay l otroeli A'. Mi'
.. WIIITBtsy? :
opt.,18M Bwi8 ' Cduiilu)4if AcfangeBifbj;
Vi'T tr r-. -
Office oi the FatlrlieetCOtttatw Afrletl
. -ttu-w.1 Bocirtf, .-i . ... -
THS ASS Sat Fait or aald Society wiU be held at ibe
Sociefy'a gronmla near IincaateT, rfin Ihe' 4a
Bth andlltli stars of October, ensuing. -
Full Pmmium l.iat will l published ta.-a' few daya.
i he price of iaoralirs)ilp a reduced. .ta ViHr venla
which vdmita a wliol'r family, ' ' ' . . - J
-Badgua can ba procured at tboofflraof tl Prpwoont
r 'orourv, anl ullu at an of the atorra la lcaa
terv By otder-of lie kiiUy ''"""V.11- .ll'v-.
.vugtivt jo, lew- iP . " "TV'
The f.dlowtnr rara and beau
tiful Aalntala are among tbe
rolloctioa bclouglng to tbia
A BraxUiaa Tiger, or Seath
American Jagaar, twa African
Leopard a, twa If.wtb Amerleaa
Bean, a pair of BnglUh lleer,
a beautiful marked Zebra, a
Perartaa Uaa, a White Cam
al, a Kangaroo, beetdea a ve
riety of Uu) Moakey Tribe, Par
rota, Pelicaaa, Bwana, Bifds ef
f aradtae, etc., etc. ... i
Admladrm ta the Cemblaed
Bahihitloaa SS eenta.
Cbildreaandef Syeara or age
half price. ;
IHHHtaiWauriH. o-rrwra.
PerforiiiaarB to commence at
balfpaat t aud qnarler to . -
WTTbe Eonltnarnl and gr-
oral oat Ot.rf both the Menage
rie and -Cireae Tranoa, nana
bora got sp tbia Sraana hi a
rtvlo orelcaanre ana a proia-
aion of eoaliy deroralrvo bilh
erto unprecedented.
The Kiuera ana w,.nuf
Artiete, a foil- deacrfptloa af
whom will be found ia Uiebilla,
are all belonging to tha am
rlaar of Mielr proreaaioa, .oi
both eoxra. and are knows Bad
diatingOltkadaethe' -
: eeSTAJs THOCrefl
arum afaveaa1 Statea.
BAUD, eerelrioaotee Uia U ai
led Babonaow, ana win ptay
durina the rmrformanea a va
riety tff Saw and feahleubbr
TTPTbe- "Jomnamoa will., ea
ter Iowa ia . - "
O ratal at PrrMx-aateial
aboat Ut o'elork A ind aftef
peaaiug tflrongh the principal
i. ,1 in thntm . .
U L .., f - w .
i .ai.Lrtte eW aba aheva great fealuraa In tha Cir
el..t!rr tuoorgecaaP'',,''l',,,lUIHr , ,
4Tfi! r BAGDAD," "
hieb will be' prowneed IS S ttyla af wiBgnlSrnara -rurpaaid
byauytraroltng BaklMtioa. the -1tf
!C a oared ao peine oreapenae la making Una the
..Me rdna UIra'oTperfoTmancea:rn.lhe Circle.- Thia
-in k. arsaenwd with all the alca.Ton of the
Arr.na.aaperfrnired at the principal Thoatraa in ihe
l .-9
ClaeinnafT.' eSr.lt IS
Autoblorranhv tt aa Actrcaa.br aire. AfawBtl
uraev tot eatrai Airira.nv narard 'iTior. '.
aanaaa ano rieotavaa. oy tiara . . . .
Sena, rnVKrhnr'aof Foreiga Latiiavtjy StS.Staw
The Better Land, by Thompeoa - ' -'-,!.
Bapoleoa A hiaArniy.Tbe Camp Flree of 5anoloe4ij
A One lot of A nauala for MU, and a Sue lot of anal'
eift Bootaof allkinda. ' . '- u
Catholic Praver Hooka, F.placopal Prayer B"o,eik
large lot of Familj Biblea aud Packet BiMea-af
reduced pricee, ' - ,
Reaool K-MAaand Stationery at Wholearlee: EelaiLr
Porket Wailuta.Pori Moalaa,8ad Pew Knirea,fu
ealeellhc Book More of JOHJI SBAKIJiK, ,,
Ort.se, xi4'a -orratiunhmfatUfttU:
I aait, on the brfifllih.-'t
altuatad mllea Baal of Laura ter, oa the aid Btalcjr
nuid,aiid laMykaowaaaUie Peie Macklia Farm.'i
Aleo, at theeauae time and place will ba a1d aoai
, ValBmhle) Cattle auaal !filcltiCwVg- .,
One Braaa Clock. Hoaaahvld aad BUrHea Fa rati are
FBrrainf tTtraaits.ere. toa tcdlouato atenUoa. ,
Ttrwi mf Malt Oa tarnr wne-thli'.l eaab-" ia hand.
eaa-tbird ia one, and oae-thlrd in two yoarw arltk lay.
tereet mi the d. A'ftvd pnf menia from tbo day ef aSW
aeoartro av ai.ii tgago on tae.jmnoiacv
oa f
hand, .
mpou Bate with approved ewumy. - .-.. i
i pin naaa naLhirf.v.
Eaeratov af Petor MaekUn, dvccaacij.
AajraattS, laaS SwIS - .. . ... :; 4
TT? Somerant uendr nteaSc: Sar efaale
end bill, to Baecutor. . - '
.E PARitf, ft 8AUH.mi.
mitdelttfKtiim hiAjlaa af Oataaail
irtifllih.-'t. (lie Varo? ot ilu ArreaZ
. - . ....... i-r ..
red by aamirage oa tka i jmsmlatf ,".. - i
pefrrloal f'tfpc'rlyraff rvwl rrtiJJKr f. tat ft trt
.aad all aataa over that emeattt S mtiuJU Jrfdif
CitieVef S York afiit Philadelphia, whrre M had a
aoeeeaafalninafapwardrfjf lMuighbu. RacecloBly
to oe aeon w v apivv.w . . '. -, j, ,
Augtal W,16Si-lS . js. BT B.f0SABS,
vMala Street. Snd door Baal ot CI"Hoel
' taacBatee,M)P iH18A4r-Rv.SV'.ji iiVw
niasolotiOB eC PsrttBeratiifw-. ' ,
KOTICX ta hereby given, that the parlnrveblp bees,
tofore eaiatiug auder the MBteMlryieof HUKIf
Al'CNM AB, waa on tha llh day of Juty, dlaaolaed.
ay nviBM eonaent. i no oo"a ira. wchom . ,i, ,
tha kaadaaf KOBKRT KBBUattha old Stand fufwM-
Uameat. . ,. , . - : f"i': ""tiij
Jaly U, 18SJ. IWIS . c JO.-t. -BAtt.a,
.BBTOUI.O feanenfuflj' Inform til,
f I ritiaeaaof Laacaatar and yirtul-.
fy.-mal b bnaopeaiada fhop In Mart,
(i'fl' lT R.'. Where he la rnrpar4 dl) rva
Aa'tr.ajii.ainila of Wa'thea, Cliwka arm
Jewelry witb aeafnetaud dlauBWh.
TTPAII work warranted to perform wett.-. .
tatneaeter.JoBe l,lSU-tt - --xP ;
a cBABTtt pbii .'ta it f a1
fg-taM'julK fwaaTefoV Srat'ofl, V'
IT Auguat. And wa wiabail our eiie-ly. ,L
toanora-whoae arrouata have - not ba Hf
aeUled Sir the laat aix. man tha ta-rali and. V
close them before tli.t dale. . ,
NrKliKOI aiuuitBUil'..
Lwdeartftt, July in, lii.' ; vA . , .-..
GniefKf UBildiwB -rubtle BrrBrr taf
. rrf-r'OHie, . ,, '..
p. AV." ,.'' . . -.
aj-m'F.sPrr TrUI'LV ealas anonnwi to niaexcctierj
I la. assortment oi , w
Ce-vitfC T'Jf'- Halor- ..aniewcawiprivr.Sitrar,
Hraseand Hlnek MoWnten tjHinrvand Oarrnirc narnrtrr-i
also, Wat" an Plow do.e-all of which raati'iaba ir
paaaed lathe tr, either la aiock. workmambipor lo!
pneea. eUkia'alac) a trimming iinp,wbOT '-
. BltBBr BtrB Cawrlose a rvaBTfiiflB,' yy
.ui it arm, na abort nUca in aunertor aOla.' ' . a.
-.-pacaateT.JWe,! -V--.
w r .......

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