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Be Lancaster feajtflf,
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rhtsrsdAT Morning Sfpt.
For the Qatette.
at West-
proeeeiinfS of te lcitolhit
Harahvillo-- SsrmoB frosa Pooe's
?.w ..d Smm Night peeck J e"e
Looboer. - -
' Mr. Eorroa: Oa tli 8th mat. the quiet
ef old staid Richland was again disturbed,
and thrown into great excitement and com
motion by the descent of the demagogues
and piop of ihe Pope into our midst, an
account of which you will please publish
for the grali6ca(ion of the American boys
ie general, and the benefit of the vassala
t'mg political demagogues who came here
to enlighten u upon the great and vital
political questions that are now agitating
the publia mind, in particular. As re
gird number th?yJiaJ quite a Teaptctaf
ble lurnout lor tv township meeting, per
haps 153, all told, iuuludinmen and boy
. ifoojij riambi-r of the lulled Jiuwuvef.
A w orthy. Qititou of Pleasant townsh ip was
calluJ Jo. UialCluur,' when Laohner. Jtisse
arose amidst the most vociferous cheering,
hearty congratulations and grea'. applause,
from ovary part of the liiiuso. No Uoubt
but the recollections of . the glorious nam-
paign of 1 34(i flashed over the minds of tin
Iinpecan5 and, Jjer too'.' Wh'rgir, and
b j the, eye. of memory eould see htm pr-
cued., upoa ft log-cabin, his hat in hand
''T.wl,li6g' over his silvered hfad, liuiina
for G-in. Harrifon, "Two dollars a dy an I
roast beef V' , Then he claims to be an old
liffe Fogy, and a few of these wars present;
he also is claimed as an ading San Nicht,
'(r foW of whom werci prcsnnt. "Again, he
is ci.itrocii 10 oo n ivnow woming mat is,
' a natural one', ahd a goodly number of these
" ere present; hence the cheers and ap
plause. Quiet being restored, Jusse saiJ
' " lie had not taken the floor to make a speech
bat merely to nnnounon tho order of speak
' tng. II stated that ,Mr.. Schleich would
mako the oponing spenuh, who would be
' followed by Doctor Griswold as principtil
''speaker, after which ho would say a few
tilings to his old neighbors; maik, not old
.' political friends! for he nover sih-ks long
enough to a party to have any old political
friends. But this ia friend Leohner's own
prrtrogative, to 'try all things,' and 'hold
tTst that" which" is good," But mora of
Loliner-and his speech at the close of this
article. ' . ... i
- Loud cries of Schleich ! Sehleich I !
.JSohleioh til were' now heard all over the
riouswr"- When ourey.s for I ho. first lime
"" j. rested upon this Novluc, who do doubt
felt it be a du'y he owed lo his country,
and Uisrswrereigit people of old Richland,
t6 noma Imre and enlighten -u on matters
.i i .... i v v. ..i
MU3 llgll Kneril,UU ivnun iv.jMiiny
. triL.iiitt vfut nTiptr anpmml 4o
. lrvd the: hvindsof thr audienco' when
he took the fljor. all expoeting-to herir
oeUung of the principles of his party, or
iiHtrtfiexnjrda.'a political speech, we were
i: I.. i. l: I...-
. - - n a u,.. ftHI,nu.ji A, mimtrUMUl ,11-
f .noafance; be aeeuied oamTainl'.consider-
ie. mnI Xeom Uwiwid tiosiU(iona"t4iin
.y.ttawboh memoi to manliest them-
.. -alva,-.1e was the very personincation of a
feowlind few prcliuiinnrios, spoken in a
alow, firm, well accented tone of voice, ho
opened a book ana read theroirom na lot-
" lows: "And if a atranger sojourn with you
- In vour land TO ahall notvoi him." The
" a'udinnce, who already wero much nston
' ished at hisgenoral demeanor, worenmaz
' - ed at the reading of this language. From
: Drevious announcement, they had no idea
the eentloman' was ooinsf to preanh. You
.- - chagrined ot this disappointment; but ao
." it wa. I have no doubt this sermon wo'd
' mioh interest your numerous readors, but
' fliey -must be content at present with liia
divisiotia. Pormit mo, however, to say it
'11 not original with this Novice; but an old
stereotyped discourse with which every
'school boy in our country is familiar.
His first proposition was the Alien and
Sedition laws. 1
' Booood: The eldor A Jams, Alien and
Sedition raws.
. Third : Burn old Coon, older Adams,
Alien and Sedition laws.
" ' , Uourlb: Whiggery, tamo old Coon, al
: v der Adaaaa. Alien and Sedition taws.
" ; We truly felt aorrr 4or the young man
-r llovieo. in preaching, for be waa not
alvTOUolinibarrassod, but utterly failed
- "f: oirwrery proposition. However, the gen-
nWaao young, and may yet do good aer
v. ; o iea for dun. Pierce; we would not dia
" 'couragu bim, but would adviae .him to put
. - himself -vnder some one competent to lu
' ''Uuct, a.nd by all mean change your we a
' - tws from spiritual lo carnal; and in ordr
- - that you may moro aucoessfully succeed in
faJvaucinir u interests of the present A4
auiHiiitrationI I would recommend to ou as
, li suitnblo prooeptor, Gon. Stringfellow., ,
ay The. Doctor next occupied the floor, of
' whom we have li'tle to ay, not knowing
anything about him; wo would just aay,
however, if he did us no good, sura wo are
' h did n no harm. After talking aomo
rime lo us, he became irritateil at a fow
iioya otrtaide the house, and took his seet,
' od much delighted tho audience with the
brevity of his sncevh.
' ' It seems the boys outside wanted to hear
was going on In the house, and one of
their number placed himself opposite ihe
"' , vwirdow and delivered the Doctor speeoh
to hit comrades, and he was quite a alo
, : quetit na tho Doctor, at which ho became
' ' larmod, and (aid there was every iniima
tion of a Iyiuisvillu riot ouiimle, ami in a
very sarcastic manner reproved the lad
after which, he (aid he would not he tha
. daddy of such a boy for all the gold in Cal-1
!f F . tl I- .1 . . 1 . 1 1 k I
sealed it m a batter bouse than aver be
went to eebool in if ihey only bad of bad
$iek houses bis fdtcotio would have been
better, aod tbat thasa good houaea were
the result of wise democratic measures;
be said Kownothin$ met in barns andW-
rm rooms, and sometimes tuey naa to
aiMt in corn Gelds, and one lodge met all
last winter np north in this county, among
big green jroo weeds, and this aummer
they an died, and no moae weeds wouiaent
never grow on that field then he paused,
and said he dident want to make a speech
any how, as we had heaad enough of speak-
in for one night; but he would iaw.U as
all to come, to town .and bear men what
could apaak hear vour Pueh: and several
others he named; be suld he had vxAun
leered hlnitelf to go all over the county,
he had no doubt but a werry large dule
galiou would come from old Richland.
then he told na what we would see; he
said we would see men, women aod ehilder
thar we would see flags painted, and he
would send us flags if ws would make ap
plication to him, he said we would see
these fligs on hoeeot, and we would see
untying t with, two untile, and some with
four weellt, and one with six weells and
forty hoitei, each boss with two. flags, one
on each siJe of his head. And in order to
get a big crowd from old Richland, he (aid
he would meet us somewhere this side of
Lancaster, and escort into the city on hoss
baek. ' Ha'krtl a to oring our wives and
rdiildreti with s and closed, by telling us
if ativ orour. wives couMn t come, leavo
hen at home., and' cme at all hazards,
and- divote one day to the interest of our
common country. In the mnsnume he
struck the lek unmercifusly with his fist,
and furiously slamped the floor. Poor Jes
se, ir is human to err, so around you we
will throw the broad mantle, of charity,
happy to know your many virtues for they
out-numher al! your errors, witn many
(rood wishes for yonr future happiness and
prosperity. Wu remain yours, dti.
Since writing the above, I have been
told that Mr. Sehleioh had with him
young man of your oily, a mechanic, whose
name I withhold, as I would not nave your
paper dvtccrated with the name of one who
linn fallen to suoli a depth of degradation
who would, had-he beon called upon
sworn before high H.ia.ven and that auii
ence, that Mr. Schleich's exposition of the
principles of the American party was truo
Mr. Sohleioh, is your ; case so dcperat
that you must resort to suoh meansT . Ana
why will you, in the face of all you havo
written, published and said, induce this
rnimir nun to nursua' such a reckless
courscT, Have vou not said tho Know No
tliinifs are bound by (he most solemn oaths
to keen inviol)lilrecrt any thing that
might he communicate-, io .mem reiaung
loth order? (Do you believe what yon
sat; if o, in the man "f nil that is (acred
to truth,. 1 ask you, why imi nee any to
commit snub. n awful Qi imuT ' Un the nin
ef hatjdjet us supH you do not believe
them on, oaili bouiid party, would ynu, i
ak in all candor, swear before high Heav
en that what yo.said nl VVet Rnshville
was all true choose eitlier horn of the di
lemma,, and -where do you . stand." You
siand. whura'T cannot sen any honest.
truthful man can stand, without leeling
awkward and embarrassad.
Correspondent of the Oautit.
Meetiaf eX the Dateratio CI eb. -Great
ttreeal-..atl Unparalleled 8ueee of
the Ueatoeraer of Uockiag towathipt
By the invitation of numerous large hand
bills, posted very conspicuously, about
town for a "Grand Rally, we alien Jed a
meeting of the Democratic Club last Satur
day evening at the Uourt uouse, to near
one of Demouracy'a great champions
Judge Delong, of Guernsey county.
Knowing the entnusiasm oi me paupo
when a great orator favors us from a dis:
tance, we were not disappointed when we
found the Courthouse-rthe doors and win
dows filled all anxious to hear the Dem
ocratic faith expounded in an able manner.
The Pres dent took the unairanu juage
Delong was introduced as spuaker for the
evening. ; ; ".
v The Ju-lgo said he had bacn a Whig,
and had alw.v voted with that party, but
he was now actina with the Democratic ;
Allen Titmblc
' Thesinquiry "naturally arises in the mil J
of every reflaotingjnan, what have those
who repudiate Cmg gaine'd by the nomi
nition of Teisbi k? Wliat "doutrine does
he espouse? What Dosilion does he main
tain to maka him any more acceptable to
that class of mnu than L hset i
Trisiblc a Know Nothing? Has he ever
been? Has he ever manifested any sym
pathy with them Tor their measures? We
submit these iuquiries to the consideration
of every intelligpntwan; by pursuing inem,
it will be seen liow hypocritical and insin
cere, are the acts and intentions of those,
who are now aspiring to be leaders of the
American party; and who zealously seek
to distract the Republican party, by lead
ing off a portion of the vote from Casb.
Allks Trimdi.k is not a Know Nothing.;
Iu his Utter of acceptance of the noniina-
li.m K una arnlu.itltf that lie is II Ot a
mnmhrtr of the American party; and inai
. 9
nariv to nut uown uiai uuwsuium uiun ui .,
Know Nothings which had giined futi knowledge on the part of Iht
great strength. He said the leaders of the th;t he ,)ad m oonnoxion wi
Pault Intolerance.
We nublishtd last week the circular of
the American Missionary Society, in which
thai aMsociation announced U.i intention of
making an effort to redocm Roman Catho
lius from the bondage of tho Popa. By
the subjoined appeal from the Presbyterian
it will be aeon that the Pope and his emis
saries promise to give tho followers of Lu
ther and Calvin a - warm reception. Ho
don't evidently like tho Lutherans and
Presbyterians, and muoh less the Motho
distal. In this appeal of the priesthood we
see the worst system of Intoleranne ever
devised. Yet we are called upon by the
Sham Democracy to put those Catholic
into offlje. L't every American voter read
in this appeal how much Rmnn Catholics
despise and will oppose the progress of
Protestantism. The Papists will not hear
the truth. They shut their eyas against
light and knowledge. When once the of
fice seekers and political demagogues of
the land cease their efforts to secure and
control the Oatholio vote of ' the country,
wa ma v theu euterwin a faint hone . tlw'
4 a
America may be redeemed from the bane
ful influence of the Pope. We commend
the following to arery enndid citizen:
"Awako, awakel Awake against the
propagandists of error! ' Awako against
Lutherans and Ualvtmsts! ' .
V And support that they associate in or
der to do us mischief, let us associate to
defend ourselves, nnd at least neutralise
their barbarous attacks. And what arms
shall wo employ in our glorious undertak
ing? Those which nre furnished by the
eaaot fulfilment oi our duties as Catholics;
thoso means whioh are able to overcome
propagandist pretensions, we believe will
be found convenient, vis,
"1. To read no book or paper, the read
ing of which is prohibited or unauthorised
bv our confessor..
"2. Not to enter any establishment
where Bibles or other Protestant books
are sold. :
"3. Not to communicate who, or per
mit to enter our lumsos, any person whom
wo know to be agents of Protestantism.
"4. Not lo permit our familiaa to pur
chase anything at the shops of Protestants.
Ihe punctual observance of these
Whiir party had originated that order to
got possession of the. Sute offl jes. Ho ac
knowledged they might triumph this fall,
but in one year they woul J. deeply regret
they wore mem'jars of that order, lnat
he wju! J never enter su'h an or lor. Nav
er! never!! never!!! (here the boys gave a
shout. the onlv ehoer of the evenins.
while the speaker took a drink of wafer.)
But."-hermtin- "touid -tua
party ever revive, and only one man in it,
be would vote with bitn." (The boys did
n't shout.) :
His whole speech was the reiteration oi
the abuse all the democratic speakers use
azainst the Amsrican party. We said the
Judga's whole speech '.hat is a mistake.
The JuJT8 c-ausod at tho olosj oi eaun sen-
a - r ., . r
tanca to refresh himse f witn a orintt oi
water, and that tosnther with tho lirao oo
miniuil in rummvrin.? in his carpet-sack
-r . -. ? . ...
for sundry pamphlets and papers as auuio
rities, and tho exceedingly long pauses ne
made arranging in his own mind what ho
should say next, occupied as much 'ime as
be devoted to speaking, tsasnies mat
unfortuuately, the Judgo did not finish his
speech. At different times, while he was
taking bis frequent draughts, and consult
ing his carpel-bag .for ao auhorily or an
idea, his au licnce-r-flitlu-r, having been
convinoe 1 bv the arirumsnts already addu
ced, or anticipating what he intended to
say had gta dually withdrawn, leaving the
worthy Presiilont ap 4 four members of the
Cluh, to hoar what jnorj waa to be said.
' The Jit Iga then Beeing-Uu) numbers of
bis an Jinoa, or rathec not being ' able to
see any nu liecoe, went upon the floor from
the spoaker's stand, and was surprised to.
find such an au liuneo in a county which
had, rolled up its large Djniocratio major
ities. ' S lid he, "Is it possible that a coun
ty which 80 nobly supported General Jack
son, cannot afford a larger audience at a
Democratic moeting"? lie was astonish
ed to find the Democratic party in such a
condition here. He plead with the boys
outside of tho house to "corao in and bear
hiraonly one hour," (then half past ninoJ
said he hn I enchained an au Hence lor t vo
hours at Bollefontiine, (pity the people
there,) and wanted tq show hero he coma
make a speech. Four or five went in. Ho
then opnnod a paper, which he said was a
-i .1.- a : n.
IVnow isoininjr piper we iviiiunuau u i-
telle nud said the editor of that paper
would sobrr wish ms -had -nevor penned
line that some awful doom a wi lad him
Ho had been so long saying that, and
had taken so many drinks in the nwantim ),
that the boys hft I wearied again and gone
out long before he connludiid. IIj m i le a
pause a long pause we waited in breath
less silenco. A boy outside cried out "Cur
ry out on two chips fr The Julgotook
.. - m. .1
Ins seat disgusted. That was tne last we
saw of the Ju lgo. Tho President, awa
kened by the voioo of the boy, nnd having
dreampt that a motion to adjourn was
made, put the motion, and the meeting ad
journed in silence. We enquired for the
speaker alter the mealing, and Doing assu
tendered him 'with a
e Convention,
ih it as such.
II v then could the election of Allbn
Trimblk. (if that were even possible,) be
regardad. as a triumph to that party, or
what will ho gained by it? Will we gain
anything? NaT. When the American par
ty of Ohio, desire any other candidate than
Salsiom P. Chask. they will not ask the
. . M
Nortoss and Stanbkrys '.to choose tor
them; and whilst they can point with pride,
to such men a Fokd and- Bhiskebhoof,
and Campbell; they cannot be whoedlcd
anl oaioled - into' the support of Allen
Trimblk at Aeir candidate for Governor ot
Ohio. By the support of Trimble we aver
that nothing can be gained to advance the
character and interests of the American
party, or effect anything for the good of
the State which we do not render uouniy
sure by tho election of Mr. Chasi . Mr.
Trimble, although no doubt, a worthy cit
izen, and at a period in life when he was
capable of some activity and enterprise
dons some service to the State, yet his
most sanguine friends must accord that he
ts now bevond that period of life when
those positive, substantial, and energetic
. r . . ! i i i
attributes ot onaraoier are reqmi-eu w nu-
vance the great principles for which the
American Party contend.
The election of Mr. Chase socures the
ultimate success of at least one of the great
cardinal doctrines of the American party
aa solemnly promulgated at the Uleveianu
Convention in tfuhe last, to-wit: "No more
Slave Statos, no more Slave Territory."
The election of Alles Trimble secures no
positive principle or doctrine that they arc
identified with secures nothing but the
election of . e man upon whom the weigh
of years has wrought partial deorepitudi
at least; who with all the pratings of his
friends about savinLf the Union, in the
hour of trial would be its feeblest protector
'Pl.. IT..!.... id in flanr.nl ami if it wnl-n
I. lie la iu iiv uiiiiuii rum
it requires no such men for its protectors,
And if it slum be endangered Dy ino agita
tion of this slavery Question, which neve
can bo suppressed or prevented, it can on!
he saved bv the hxud principle oi irue
R .nub!iiinuism. It is its only hope. I
will require men ot stamina to taue u
helm The current that is now put in mo
tion to sway tho destinies of freedom ii
this land, must bo met, nnd stayed oy me
firm and unalterable resolves of free mc
Our Union .can never be saved by trnmp
"Amerlcaa Clipper.'
On last Saturday we issued the first
number of the ' Clipper," and was crowd
ed the wliole day long with applicants un
til on Monday the entire edition of two
thousand was completely exhausted. Qn
Saturday next we" "shall issue an edition of
iwo thousand which our frienda from all
parts of the couuty can have "without mon
ey and without price."
Let every cititen of old Fairfield, op
posed to the present rascally system" of tax
ation and the cormorant treasury eaters
now in offlco, see that a copy ofthe "Ga
tette" &-."Clipper" is placed in the hands
of every voter in the county.
Any number of copies may be .had on
application at the Gazette office.
Our Correspondence. We give a great
portion of our paper to-day to our corres
pondents from various portions of the coun
ty and city." Lit them nil be read by the
people. They give nn index to tho gener
al outburst again3t the Kansas-Nebraska
Swindlers, not to bo mistaken. Ohio will
send up such a death-kncll against these
Treasury Eaters, that cannot fail to drive
them from their rascally dens.'
Elarcntn tear
Th BIOTenlh Anaaat Volume of thla u.oful publl-
aation commenrcon ihe lTib day of Septauilxir next.
TH K 'M'lKMinU A.MtKH AH' !
BRo.vnwAr Hotel, Cincinnati.
readers will find in to-day's paper the card
f that old veteran, J. 11. Cromwell, pro-
prietor oi tin "URoadwat.
We are pretty well posted in hotel life
in the Q leen City, and tan safely say that
no moro deserving House exists within her
borders. Let our friends give the Broad
way a trial, and we ars fully convinced
they will not be mistaken in our judgment
Straws show which wAt tub Wino
Blows." A Special Election in the First
Ward for Trusfee to the City Council, was
held on Monday last, to supply tho vacan
cy of S A. Fostku. resigned. The fol
lowing was the resuii:
David Cowden, American, - - - uo
Scattering; 4
Whole nnmber of vo.es cast, 90
Lot the Americans do their duty, and
we shall give them a worse skunk in Octo
an illus
trated PERIODICA L. di-Tulpil BlffSy to ttal pro.
M.i(aHna ur ltrnrmatluD cvlniwf to Uia vrluug M
elinlcnd rliuinloml ArU, luduilrial Muuufitotum,
Asrlcultun), PutoiiU, Invantinn. Kuirlnf , Mill,
work and liluleresu wlilch lb light uf f KACT1CAL
NCIbftCK U calculated to ndvance.
KaporU of Uulwd Sutat PATENTS rnnled trail,
o published every uk, Invludlnf OrriciAV tfln
of all ihe PATENT CLAIMS, lovisiuer wltk liewaaud
tnr.rmalioo upou lUouVjud orother aubjettt. -
The CotrrHiarmRa to the SriaaTinc Amvaican ara
among Ihe most EMLNK.NT Hok-nliUe and iiraclital
uie a of the tiinea. The Udltorinl Deparioient Is uul
TerullTacknowledred to ho comlucli-r'. wltb Uikat
AaiLiri. and In be uiatliiculshed, ana. not only for ilia
axcelleneu and truilifulnoMoi 1U dlwutitiooa, but for
tlie fearlewneu with wul' li error lacuaibutod ana lalso
tbeorlea are exploded. ?
Mechauloa, lnveliroi. - APtrtBaara. uuemisia, mann
facturera, Atrrluittirlatb, and pkokli or bvkky pro
aaaioM ih lui, win nun we nciKTiric aihiui w uo
of greniralue in their reapeetive culllnira. in couu
eelaaud auiCrTeatioua wlllaave tliuin HDNURXDa or rol
LkR aniiuuliy. beaidea affording thorn a continual
aoarcu of knowledge, the exporleuce cf which is be
yond wcuulary ealimala.
The SnxMTinc AaieirAM la published oure a week;
verv number coutuina eijrht lura;eqHurtopn)i:ea,foriu
Intr a'un:ally aconplete and apleudid roluuie, illus
trated Willi aevenil Hundred Original Kngrarlugs.
JlPSjieci'lien copies sent GRATIS.
Tr-T.,M,. Klimle riubscrinlions, S3 s year, or $1
for ix mouths. Five eopius fur six mouths, (4; for a
year, S3.
TOT lUrinor I. luu rami nnu nrr o.n.o n. ... vt m.
tcenlurrce Cash frizes, offered by the publishers, see
a..tai.Litl.. A ntr.rirali. J
RftiiLherii. W L'atern and ('ansoa money, or rosi
Otflce l-tamps,tKen a i par lorauiwriini.nia.
lAStters suouii oo uirocieu ll'o" I'""'.' ,
Auguat 16 15 J28 Pulton 6treet, New York.
RKERPF.CTFULl.Y Inrormsltie cltl
xens of Fairtteld couuty that he has
rosoiiilvput op a now Carriage Shop,
ii,-rlif e If in war Wkiltlf Lttlm'
Ilarilwart Start, Ctntre Mty, Lancatltr Ohio, WQers
ho will constantly keep on bund nnd manufacture
order every rarletv of vehicle in his line.
IOReialring done on short notice, and tho S
uvorable terms. Dae H, ISM M
Skerlfl'a Bala.
r (lais a Osia, Ttirftli Csvala, 1.
"nURSUAMTitotha eosBnanSofaa oroerefaaUfroai
I the Court of Coaamoa fleaaof ValrSeld aouatyi
Ohio, and lo aia directed, I will oler at public aala at
lbs Court Housala Laaeaster.oa alara'as laaiOiaalea
tf Si-plMi-..lrlsS.betweeB the koara of IS a'elptk
A. M. aud 4 o'clock P. M., the foltowlLf drsrrwj
Heal Estate, to-witl Lou Nos. S, 18, II. li, IS, lan4
1? In John C. Uampson'saddltioa I Ihe town of Plea
santvllle. Appraised as follows: Lot N a. 10 at Sib; Lo
No. at SI'; lot No. II at S: Mot No. 19 at S4W, Lot
Nrl. 1 Ml SUl! I Jt 1 at U m-A 1 . KT , A.
to be sold as the property of W. w. Stewart, to as us
w. jraiiier iwr ua use oi nana t u
WM. POTTER. SherlS. .
. ' ByC. M L. WimiJs-AH.lWpuly
Aus;imt3,lS55 5wlpfJ .
Sheriff's Sale.
F klTEI? 'Itlff Wjeea Ceaa., . '
U RAUAN r to the eoanmand of a third order af
sals.rroiB the Court of Common Plea. In and fef
suid csunly.and to me directed, 1 will offer al pulillS
sale, at Uie courtboasa inLaaeaster, oa datnrday tho SIM
day r Oetohor A. 1. IBM, between the hoars ef IS
eiorx a. al. and 4 o'clock r. M.. the followlna deacrl
bed real estate, to wlc 74. la-KK) aerea of laud, beins;
the eaal half of the southeast Quarter of Section No. a,
in Townahip No. 13, of Range No. m, of Ilia Valise,
olalea landa at Chilllcoihe. Appraised al S 18 acre
lo be sold as tha proparly of Kliiabeta and Cslha
rine Lyalnger at tha suit of K. M. PowleC.
, seriusoi Bale cash. WM. pot ter, RhariaT.'
By. C. I.. M. WlSKMAN.ifcj.uiy.
Martin Bchlelcb, Alloruejs. . -august
311, ISM. SwlT prfee3,0O
T VvlLL soli Lot No. 73 lu Carpenter's Addition to
I the City of Lnticuster, bolng the Lot directly oppo'
eitelothe residence of William M. Klnkeufl- Kq
I elijribly located, ooiug
he original Carpenter PI
jwcslcornerof Winding al
one of
nl and
and Per-
Dopot. Terms
This Lot Is large and
the corner Lota lu the
.ituuted no the Roilihwe
ry Streets, near the C. W. 4. z. k. k.
a..... ilil.. ui a.r.i.ilnrl P.nnllire Of
- B t iirliri t 1 TL' ClM nr
Martin's Row. two iloors South of Post OIBce,
Lancaster, May 17,1855 3
red by the Mijrfwho had enjoyod a nip
duriiij; tha speech,! "that ho was satcly
llT)'th prtrfrrples of - irrsirc -of fraedimi,
and a froo Constitution iu tha dust, and by
bruto force fastening on ui aTI tho cursi'S
of Slavary and Slave btates. This is true
" . aV " . -
Amirtcamtm, hm we am proud or it. -lt
is the only kind of Republicanism with
which we wish to affiliate.
This plank in the platform musi bo al
wavs kept aboard or all must sink. Rath-
or than repudiate it, wo say, lot Pap Tav
i r ! vi i - i:.:
LOB anu ail sunn iosiiizt!i liunuer poiui
cians go; nnd tho sooner they loave tho A
mencan party the tiullor.
'Lot Hum go where the cold blood thai croups In their
Shall stiffen IhJ Slavs whip, and rust on tholr chains
Where th1). black Slave shall laugh In Ills bonds lo
Tho whiU Slnve bsstrlo him, solf-fiillered 4and sold.
Then let all Union lovers remember that
An Apology. That most annoying of
all disease, the Fever and Ague, 1 as been
moliinrr and liavon in our offiire this weok,
and consequently set us back some eight
or ten hours. 1 his wilt account lor inc
non appearance of our paper until tho late
hour to-ilay.
Tim olTuiial majority for Mofchcad for
Governor of Kentucky is 4,403.
At the .residence of her father, near
Wortliiiif;ton. Ohio, on the 11th inst, by
the Rev. T. Woodrow.MISS JUL1ETTA
IIOY, of this city. -
On the 231 ult.. hv the Rev J. S
Wpisz, Mr. KUFUS ZWAYER nnd Miss
MARY ANN ALSPACII, of Bloom town
On.tlw 20.1i,by Iho same, Mr. ClIAb.
HE-llRlCU, cf Ovo-fport, to Miss MARi
180110. of Waterloo.-' .
ffTAS returned lo tho city, whore ho expects to
I 1 ....itiHrmnnrmtlv in the nmclico of hlsurofeaslon
Grate fill for past favors, ho hopes by attention to biisi-
neas to niorii uie paironujio vi ins oiu menu. uu
public generally. Orlloo, Main Street, two doors East
of tha Ohio Eagle. Lancaster, July in, lf 5S 3inll
PUJIPS! rUMPStt PU.tirS!!!
DR. HOCKEY, aftornn cxprionce of fourtoon
. yearsin the nianiifui-liire of Humps, nnd a Iho
rough investigation into llioir durabllily, feels conS-
deut ho can now recommend his
r Superior Fancy Wood Pump
asbolngsurprntriod by none manufactured In this ro
gion of country. Iluving been Ihnroiigly tested by
the oldest citizens In thlsuud adjoining couutlos.thcy
Iihva hni.ii ii iihiiIihoiihIv iiroiiou need superior to all
olhers-iaml fur surpassing Hie Chain Pump In dnra
blllty. . 1 will promptly attend lo alt orders given or
bully or at- t by mull. Persons desiring uu excellent
anil durable Hump will please call, as 1 reels confl
deullhntl can render eutira satisfaction. Neno are
gonulne except Ihoao manufactured by tho under
...ir.l n. Km 1m Hin moIa lirmirlolnr.
LUuopolla.May31,lci53-3int D.R.ROCKEY.
SABirf.L BEF.BY : '
W0UL1J respoclftilly announce to tlio cftiiens oi
Lancaster it vicinity, that he lias commenced the
llreud. 1.1 u lit Itusk A Cracker Huklus
in connection with his furmorbnl) lug, oils now prepared
rithovorv tlilngln tlio above line. Huvlng In his em
ploy the host of bakers, be fcola riinlldvnt tbut n can
uluasc all who may favor hint with a call.
1 . t ... i ..ut . f.,t.. Ui.ua .....1 nl,n r.1 lit.
II f Villi lllllisnnriu 'Hi iu nc., ... ....
nnSe-Honse, corner of Columbines Mulberry slroots
iMieastoriJuly Us V.
Sheriil's Sale. ,
Tss State OAi, FairJttU Cnntt, ss. ,
PTJRRUAKTto the eonimand of a rd order of sslo
from the Court of Common Pleas of said county
and to me directed, 1 will oftr el publle sal at the
Court House in Lancaster, on SXars'ey te l s!ey .
uciQ9T, jooo, Deiween ine nours of 10 o7eiocR A. as.
and 4 o'clock P. M. the following described Heal Ks
tale, to-wit: Lot No. 9, In Ihe central addition to tha
town oi oQiilinore. Appraised at aiSO.
To bo sold as the properly of George H. Hooter and -Ruarua
his wife, at the suit of Kd ward Calkins.
Terms of salo Cash. WM. POTTKR, Shsriff.
. By C. M. L. WISEMAJi, Deputy,
Hunter and Dauglierty, attorooys.
Lancaster, auguil 30, 1844 awlTpf '
Probatt) Notico .
otlee Is hereby gl von lo all persons Inlereated.thsl
the ocounts and vouchers of the e.t.tr. r.r i.,.i.
ffuian, Henry Hlte and GroK A. Kiriiiu i
Guardian aoeounta of Jacob Snseinr and Nicholas All
giro, have been Sled in the Probate Court of Fairfield
county, unio.ioriuapecuoo ana settlement, and that
me samswiu oe lor nesting oa the 8th day of October,
juw, ui h mrvo uinciiirrr u mi Off.
VIKGll.K. SHAW, Probate Judge.
Lancaster, Seplomber 13, 1853 3 wr.
Probate Notice. '
NOTICE ia hereby given lo all persona Interested',
that John Nuneumaker,Gnardlaa of John Hnnen
maker has Sled his account and vouchers In tha Pro
bate Court of FairSeld County, Ohio, fop Inspection
and settlement, and that the same will come- on for
hearing ou lb 24 tb day of September next, or as aaea
thereanor aa may be convenient.
VIRGIL B. SHAW, Probate Judge.
Lancaster, august 30, 1855 3 wl7 -
Estate of Jacob flhsfler.
NOTICE la hereby given, that the subscribers hsva
boen appointed and qualified asKxeeutoroYKxeen
trix on the balate of Jacob KhiclTer. late of Pslrtleld
I county, deceaned. ELEANOR SHAFFER. Ex'trix
aug.su 3wl7 TIIISOUOKE SH.tr FKrl.Kx'tos
Probata Notice. .
TVfOTICK is horoby given to all persons tnlcreslrd,
111 Unit James J. Church. Adminislrator of the K..
Ute of Tunis A. Kngr, deceased, hat. Hied his aeeaw .
nud vouchers In ton .Probate, Conn vf pairlleld county.
wuru. mr iiin,i;ciiuu anu BVIlieineiik, anu inaiine IslnS
will come ou forhoarlng on Ihe 17thdny of Seplomber
next, or aa soon thereafter as may be-eonVenlent.
VIHGIL K. SHAW, Probata Judge.
Lancaster, augnsl 83, 1S5S 3wl0
i , ' r i I,
Probate Notice.
"fOTICE U hereby given that the acconnt oV vbnefc.
III era of Mirhaol Wagoner, Administrator -of Mar
dalena Wagonor, and H. B. Apt, Adminislrator of
John Biblor, havo been Sled In the Psobste Court of
Palrfteld County. Ohio, forlnsneetlon audaoltlemawt.
nnrjiiiMinuirtua win coma, aa ior soaring1 on tas
Probate Notice. - , ,
TVfOTlCE is hereby given that Alexander Miller,
I W rn.rHl.u In l.nn.AV nt finin..k U L
filed his accounts and voachersin the Probate CourS
of Kalrfleld County. Ohio, for Inspeclton and aetlle-
meiit, ana that said account will be for bearing on tha
iiiu uay oi oepiouiuor next, or as soon tnereanor as
may bocouvonlonl.
vinuiu a. on a vv , x-rooata jnago.
Lancastor.Augusl IS, 155 3wli
!- .1. " 1 I . ..I !.. f ...(.,. ' ... I
111 tlio iiJtii.ia in vuo v'iii"ii'i w iwsun l ., , . , . . , ,i
no further. But us we have seen nothing " 8a va d"P"'18 W rt,c,1 f l"'
4. r .. : i. z. enoo to these ffrnat prmciplos; that they
th.tiU w n(,t o atntivatttd hv Lho 1- Ottnnoi surrontifT mem witn st.ety, ,,.
' . J... .. ttiaw miiuk iinhiilil nml Rilstnin tliRm. Le
ii in i - -
nnd notduliirht us with unothnr insnti
lioad Notice
A. PelhUMt-svlH' btt-yn'n.oelMil -a-lla. jloara.Oi tp;
...i..u....f K.iirll.ilil eouulr ul their mtxt se.)sit
' prnylnirihiitsoinuchoftliJ couiily road loading from
.i... u....i. Liui i.. li. liii,,rftfuttlnn with the Lancaster and
On the 6th inst. by S. W. Bbhitt.Eso, Roaii,.n ro,.,i ,.nthenu
.. . iu tt nnntmKa .1 ur:,. following ponus .. r.... ... "--
Mr V IL.LiLA.iVl 11. IVVIUOlvlO aiiu luis ,'aci.ted. to-WIU from ino iiiiimn
Probate Notice.
NOTICE ia hereby given thai James Pickering,
Guardian of Jacob Morton and Martin Morton, has
od his nccounts and vouibers In the Probata Conrt
luipouuou ouu win Meetiien on sue
tied on Hie lllh of Bentem.
A. 1). 1S5S, or as soon thereafter as mav be.
VIHGIL B. SUA W. Probate Judge.
August IS, 1843 3wl. . . ..,-,;: i:
? .1.: v.. ..... :.r. 1 -'s.u
. .11 1 . ?.u 1.-- r ui make no more rotwessions mninsit free
the Club. Wo shall certainly attend ihe r l us uphold the constitution, ami
next meeting. ' Q. the r,,rl,tll mm, acTn, od undor .t.-o
, 0 ' : fontame Republican.
I For the Laneailer Amarlcaa Gsietle.
Walnct Township, Sept. 12th, 1855. ifirTho S iingfullow nnd Atohison De-
Ma. Editor: -1 have been so busily en- nio-'rocy in Kansas, supported by President
gaged for somo lime, that I tiould not ro- Pierce, are very tolerant to the Roman
port to you the oonuition oi poiiticni mat- c , , n(j are Bn3tious lo build the
lers in Walnut; but as a correspondent ol r, , ,, ni..:,.
fr..m ULihloiWl wlallP. Inhaar f,, IP " ""9 UP " that TeritOry.
the other townships, I thought I would re- this same rufllnn Democracy tar and feath
-ar-arTiI.I.ho receive. 1 bvllio iiii4orslirneil Slroet Com-
WW .i.lltea iiflho Cttv of Lanenster, for Iho ilellvury
of Fifty Thousand moro, or leas hard, paving Brick, on
llrnailwny, Soutti of .M.iln Mroel. Hutu uricn to u
Hi.llvMr.,.1 urllliin tha-iireacnt ninnlh.
Proposals will iilso bo reculrod at the same time,
for excavating the rlldewulksaml laying down thnsame
number of Bru ks. eilhor iintrenr loss iu a oo.i oi ciean
siiiid, not !.!. than Nve Inrhesln depth. Propositions
r..r ilu. cnllro work must bo ntndo by Ihe 13lli Instant,
und llio onlirowork completed by tho Srst of Movent-
Soilemb,er 6, I85J 18 . c , . Street Conimilloe.
. . An OrJlntinco
' To enforce the Collection of Finos. , ,
B lilt ordained by Ihe City Council ot llio City of
Lancaster, Ohio, Unit when any person or persons
slinll bo ciiivli lml of a violation ofiiny of llio ordi
nances of the City aforesaid, ana a nne annii ne im
nn..,.l r. ..ii.li vintiition and tho same la not puiil.that
it shall be lawful for Iho Mayor at his discretion, and
hols horoby aiillioriaoil to conmill aiteh - person or
parsons to the Jail 01 uia coin.i) hhui p.ic.. nne nu.i
coats ure pnld, or until olherwlso discharged by due
courso of luw. .
TI1I1 ordinance shall lakeclfocl and he In forco from
and aflor its legal publication.
CHAltl.KH F.SHF.FFF.H, President,
AllostN. Yoiiao, City Cloak, pro. loin,
Laneastor, SoplemborS, IfSi 3wl
....... ..A .:..wio From the 111, mill of Jacob Hollon
baimh's lane tolba Zion Church road, and praying thai
.... l.n I..IH nut and established bolweon
thofollowini! points, bogliiiilng alths nioutta of Jacob
KhI .,.i .iiniru s inne; 11 eni-n n hk i"""!" ..
c,..i.. M.i.i. hniwnun Hih lands of said Jncnb rlitltoil
t e...n,...i r-rUi. lienrv. Wnirncr. Amos Welsh
and Lovl Willianiaon to said' Lancaster nnd Royallon
road, at tho corner of llio lamls.ol sain vv man ami " u-
linnison In s ua nioom townsuip mm "V'r" 'y''"'""'"'
July S, ie3jlw9 MAax I'tiiiiueaiio.
rflflK subscribers have now got uioir now noumig
..ill in mil nnnmiiiin linn am iiurei.m t... ...
,....,i wiioat Unit tliev run cot. and pay the high. st
Dry I
nort for Walnut. I will sny, then, that
Walnut is all right, and will give tho A
merman ticket a larger rnHjoritr than Rich'
land will give. Walnut nppuiirs too, to he
the buttle ground. Tho old linurs hold a
meeting in oulem a frw weeks ago, but
they only efTenled one object, and that was
to (ionlirm tlin pi'oplH in tlin buliol Unit
Sohleioh would lie, and that Stini'hcomb
! vv . i in i iii .i
was a ivnow ? nng. iney no.,i anoin-, . , , . . . order to con-!
r meeting 111 MIIIrpori. OI1 lilt! 1ULII. ..... ..ivYillllrin. norl . fl, nlinrnli in ' terlullv advaneo.1.
T lCV liait about Ono hUllilieiJ nion Slid tVOVS n.. .. n .. t-i.. -r n:..:. Ilowuvor.prlceaormyariicios are me aaiuo. niuco iu
. ,pT I lit 1 10 VUUIIty, Uliiuy uiui 1 1.1, ui viui;in
on hand; two thirds were Americans, die ... .V,:i..j . i..,,. orio..i i.
Jforniii. Ho Is the only man 1 ever heard mna ! neenmarv, for whore there is at
1. - t r :.. .1 l. ... . . r . , . , , . . . .
express any fears of a riot in the absents of
foreigners, a riot in our eountry would be
as strange an annomnlly without foreigners
as a Looofoco stumpur without an ey to
an oftioe. - , ...
Now for our friend Leohner's speech,
, ' nnd we are done. In speaking of our
friend Loehner, permit us to ssy, sepnrste
': and apart from politics, there is no man we
, more highly s;om. As a neighbor, he
, is. pot excelled by anj;in hit U.nling,
'.' generous, prompt and honorable; ns a pub
- tic officer he isnilbful, scconimodalinn and
obliging; in his attachment to persona)
liieiuis, ue is warm, siucwre ana aevotion
. 1, and indeed, view bim iu what aspect
, jyoormsy frtcept politically,) and he has
Jew superiors. But nature never designed
, 4 tliim for a political stump speaker. ' We esn
taek, thnre mint be tlufonee. If these are
notKufllniiit. we do not hesitate to, propose
others, proportioned to the aetivity of the
I'rotestant propagandist!! whioh at this
mom ntis organising in England and
Sootland, and whie.h has lately . inaugura
ted its attempts in 8nsin by the circulation
of its oorrupt books.'1 itWsfg Press.
v.-- . . . '
To Asadrcw rosiai, Jala at fikanav sttt
. OatTlsl Iyle.
GitNTLtMBg.-'. As you aro eahdidatss for
Legilaiure. (and rom the course the
speakers of your party take, we miihtsap
ivjse that the onlv Question before the too
ft i aS. vr .L! 1 I- Si .
piu is, wnemer jinow iionnngisni ia ngiu
or not, as they argue nothing 'else,) will
you be aood enouo-h lo answer lis .one
quentioni that ie-r-Ara youi in favor of the
er all Protestant ministers. Read tho fol
lowing extract from Life Illustrated:
Nine of tho most eliiiible lota in Lea
venworth, Kansas, have been purclmsed
by tho Rorattn UAtliolius, who design to
eroot thoroon a church nnu nunnery."
"Rev. Isnao Burns, of Platte County,
Mo., a Methodist preacher, has been
threatened with tar and fuathors if ho
Constable's Sale.
Y Virtue of two executions to mo dlroclcl, will
be sold nn the 2!iul day of Neliloiiilier, IK15, at tho
Jry Dork, In ljincn.ler, Fulrllold county, Ohio, tlio
Camil Uol ALl.l.fillKJIY.on a)ililginoiit against oaiu
Boat, in favor or (Jeorgo S. Wyuruin, on Ihe Imcket of
(l Ki,il.,..,.n. a Jusliee ol the Peace of Hocking town-
tltln. .ml nl.o a liidomolit in favor of John C. KlotX.
nn llio llocket of J. F.inblt h, a Justice of the Peace of
Hockine tnwiishtn. Taken, levied upon, anil to oe
sold to satisfy said Judgments.
The silu to coinnieuce belwoeu tho hours of 10 A. M
and o'clock I. M . W. L. MA.NSON, Couslable
Seploinbor 0, v-33 3w lt .
Colfio, Sns;ar and Molasses Market.
Now Fli
urcliuae all the
nav the highoat
market nrlco In cash, nt all times when dolivered at
u.cirMlll. Wo will also do custom work for Ihe lan
uh,.n urUi. nf 10 bnslmls nnd upwards, every
thing less wo will glvo flour In exchange. We wish lo
.Inn ip.l.ltt Mil. I will deliver dour by the Barrel
to iv.iry part of tho city froo of driiyngo If tho Sour
does not prove goou rwn " -
Uer satisraclion. "V,Sf .',;.
Oppostto O.o. King's iHimenrouiwrj,
Lancaster.-Ohio, nngusl 30, IHojl i If
Has jnnt received nt the City Book Store
a new st'crLY or
Gill Moulding for Picture Framos,
auch ns Chmlol, worsted, working Cotton, embroider
luirsllk, sewing sua. spool emiou, ui.o, uu.iun., .,
t'louso con ano e.n.t"" n.vw
Lancaster, uugust 3U, 1P53 17
Hi dsy of September noxl, or as soon thereafter as
y be convenient. V. K. SHAW, Probata Judgo.
Lancaster, sugast S3, If SSSwlU
Conrt of CoramoB Tloas, Fairfield county
Mary A. Ojler, ;
vs. 5 Pelltion for Divorce.
Jacob K. Oyler. J t -
rSIIIK Uefondant in this case will take notice that tha
J Plnlntlffuaa Sled a petition in tha Court of Com
mon Plena, praying for a divorce on account of Iho
winiii absence oi snia uerenanni lor more llisn three
year. Kald petition will come on lo ha heard at tha
October Term of said Court.
August 9,1853 SwHpf? , .. . .
Ton ras.lliig soinniuntly It Is luiiiw jssary lo even
ml ili.it t ho li'iul Inir nrtlc js mentioned, li.ivo iiin-
lliDrolsaenus for evnry illiug.
An Ordinance
Providing for Grading,' Curbing and Graveling the
Hiilo- W iilka anil liaviug ine wuhvi, -ssiiwuj
c2i.Hi b'...i ..r iii-it.1.1 A llv. l-
CjUC. 1. fl it tnl-iHtl til the cny t,'uciro mvi'i
C-S of l.nntniet. That tlie siiio-waias ami ginvcra n
T.....i r l.i. 4U4. 4SS. 4ili. 4i7. 4. 4'il. 4SII, 431
.-.-i jij an 43. 4:17. 43H. 43. 441). 441. 443. 443
jji' 44.v ha and 447on Mulberry Htreul, tiislol Brood
Alley bo an paveu, cui uown, or mum u. w "in
m.v iin.n.iocnrresDond with the gmdo of aaid street.
as recorded lu tin grndo Book of llie City of Uncsstor.
Kae. 9. That after ma icgni pimuciiuitn ui mwr
dinanco, tho owueror owners of said Lots as specified
and numbered in tho first section ol this ordinance, or
Ilia person or persons nnving logni couiroi 01 mo
same, be and ills hereby made their dutylo Improve
the el.lo-wolks In front of Ihe snmo, by curbing the
.... .in, .im.e cnrliimr. to Excavate and exlond tho
gutters to tho width ofllvo feel, and to face the same
with boulder stone, also lo cover tho . sldo-walks with
good screened gruvel six llicnes in ao un.
s v .... . ..rY-a D cuwirvu H.nl. r.. C. .
t. rr.ui.r.. r. i'. ...... -m. -.
Allost N. Yonao. City Clork,re. lest.
August 3U, ii-jwii , .
(Rundayaaxcopted;) .
first Tram leaves Cincinnati at S A.M., arrlvfng al
Lancaster al 11.30 A. M. aud at New Lexlnaloo at IS 40
P. M.
Returning, loavos Now Lexington at 1 Jil P. M. ami
Lancaster nt? 45 P. M., arriving at Ctnclnall alS.SS P.M.
Second Train leaves Cincinnati at 4 P. M. arriving at
Lancaster at.S0 P M.
Koliirning leaves Lancaster atS.40 A. H. arriving
at Cincinnati nt 11.18 A. M.
Trains slop for passengers st all Intermediate points
and connect witutruiiison Little Miami Road for Ca
lumbus, Dayton, Hillsborough andChilllcothe.
Stag linos eonneot at Circlorllle for Chillieotha
and Colnmbua, at Lancaster for Logan, Nelsoavllle,
Athens, and Pomeroy,and at New Lexington for Som
erset and Zanesvllle, arriving at Zanesvllla la tint
for Eastern trains on Central Ohio Railroad.
For other Information and tlokela, apply at Ticket Of
fice, cornerof Broadway and FrontatraeU, shmI at that
Little M iaiul Depot, or to the Btatlosi Agents on the fine.
. J, Me. L. 8TAUGHTON,
- . Englneerand Superintendent.
JfpTha Company will not ra responsible for bag.
gagbexceedlngSSOInTalae, unless Ih sains be re
liirnadtothoConducloror Agiit,aird freight paid at
the rate of a passage for evoryeSOOln value abovo that
amount.. August JOy ISM.
..nit I, nkllcil.rt . L.ltop nr1rtcoaar.it .n
speakt-rs wore Chit.ley Martin of Lancas- L. . ,)e denieg Umt Uie
wr, ana r ouch o, x,ew..rK y isney ..at. Me,hodi,ta ftr0 abolitionists, and says:
praoliood so freely al the (Hamilton s) bar, . Molhodists, and their ob-
. . 1
that ho could not sua through his subject,
nd left the speaking for hollut. 1 enqiii
red of ono or tlin luadmg old linurs if i'ollol
was in favor of the moohI of the Missouri
Compromise; he re pi i ml that Follet did not
ssy whotlier he was or not, but ho give the
Know Nothings bts.
loot is
to got as many sinners as poss:-
iwijwi.ny i..rwcJ'j fwfM'jsjJijt.a J
Desirable City Property tmr Sale.
iui earsll .'' .1n.lral.ln nri.iiertv impaled on Wheel
Will I ing Plreet, corner of Brund Alloy, being US)
fuel on Wheeling by IIKI foot on Broad Alley.
RiisldiHicocoiitnlin 8 rooms, kitchen. Outhouses, Sic,,
with nil Iho conveniences of a family residence also
anew and convenient Corpentor's Shop, Smoke House,
Stublo, 4tt. Tormsreasonablo. For further particu
lars eu'iulro of LITTLE at DHESBACHS. .
Bancasior, juiyi, isoo
ScmiiErta From Ohio bv tub Latb
following are tha namtrs of the persons from
So you see that not ono of the party, from Ohio, who were injurod by tho late torri-
Medill down to Sohluioh, evur commits hie railroad aooident in New Jersey!
themselvs; they know that if thoy commit ,.jnAe Reeve's, of Ohilicotho, ' Ohio,
themselves in favor of the repeal, thai tho WM initared. He was confined to
pt'opla will not sustain them, ihert. is a hU b(U wil, ,oon be able t0 eave for
strong oll'orl on the part of the old hunkers j,j8 norn9, . , - '
of this township, to got the party collar . ..SHruu'ul Lahm resident of canton,
around the nuck of some of our American alarU n,.,,n,v oi,:0. w,,, iorriblv oiushed.
1 . ... ! 1L...I . J..- I k... I j
ooys, on which is msci iouu my y, "ut jiig iniu,i0i Kr( inte
last uolice. 1 have roooived the
. t'lnost Vurletf of Frehb Testa,
that havo ever camo In this murk .it.
Also, ra Prime Article of Coffer,
that cnn'l be excelled In this market. In which there
will bn mi (linn.ru In nr co while tLe urnsont stack re
mains ou hand. Bullet It be distinctly understood,
that 1 will be found on hand ready to aell as usual,
A l.lttlo Lower than Othora
Lancaster, bopieiuooro-awio EXCHANGE OFFICE RE-OPENED,
NEW OEOCEETANDN0TI0UST0EE. Corner of Main and Colombni 8treets.
I "VR iirenarod lo do all Simla of Hanking Business, uis
iaii a. tll u 4ftir . II i. mind Null... Hors all Uncurrent Money at
...., . . i . i i .. . . .. . T . v. n .meal nricca.i nws iu e-'ui itw. q..r.
havo psrrniaia..siir.i.i o. ..-.- r"w.-. ,,.,.. Mv. ,lloftlna at anv
... ai.u or..iBv Kifirsa tn I iif Kiimittvawfti Afiritor a-wa....,.- --
ii.- U..KU.. u..,.nr. Wk oriho M.rk.M Hou.e. where PISoo. rays lilioreston ail vsmun,
I shall at all tlmoa take pleasure III serving the old IIOUNTY LAND HAKIIA'ISi
customer, of the establishment and in) friends Willi a I . . . x ino.ono acres are wanted; and when sold are
Choice suleot ton of tJrooerles,Notions, Ae gnarunteeit In every rospect, to locate land as well as
coin, forms oi assigning aim locuiii.ir. nnu nn;
niatloiiln roiailou to warranu given wmingiy hi any
-WILL.IA1H niLNEU, Agent.
THE Company have roeontly changed the location)
of Iholr Oltlce as above. Messengers leave Lan
raal er dally per Tnrlna over C. W. St Z. Hail Road,
affording tbo heal facilities for Ihe prompt, aa fa and
chonp conveyance ofnareels and freight to all nolnta
Baal and West, also Tor the CuTtoetioo oTBoles, IMa,:
Accounts, and for making purchases oi tha xeanllon
of Cominiaaions srenerallv.- .... - i y -
Special contracts for the carnage or targe a,uanimee
or freight will be made.
... n iiiiiiam m I ui. D n, Mfcai flq.ta
THOMAS O'NEAL, wessangara.
Lancaster, august , l8Alu
Probate Notice.
OTICB Is hereby given to all persons Intsreatad
that the accounts and Touchers of the Estates of
hard Praaure. Robert Young and William Davla,
have been Sled In the Probate Court of Fairfield eoan
ly, Ohio, for Inspection and settlement, and that the
same will he for bearing on Ihe 81th day of August A.
It. IBM, or as soon tnereaiter as m ay oe convenient.
vikuiij rv. bmaw, rrooaie jaoge.
Lancaster, AngusiS, IBM 3w IS
Cur thev have not suoceedod. but with
oh or two, and they are known to be fit
subicots to wear such a badie. But the
Amenoan ranks are kpt tilled up. uur
township das paid a larue share of tax 'tor
iiternal and are of a son-
oils charaoter. It is next to impossible for
him. to recover. . . . - 1 .
"Mr. John Kelly, acront of Ohio and
Pennsylvania Kailroad Company, is badly
liiinroil K unt fialnllv. ll ia cut and
the last few years, and wo are going to br,lisej'over cn(ire body. '
send new men to the Legislature, and nr-ke ..Dim;Ht Soiirbock, of Allianoo, Ohio,
was injured, ne is the propnotor of the
hotel of that place. ' He has a severe cut on
the buck of the bead. .
"J. MuKeown, from Ohio, is Very badly
hurt."- V k ei '- '
My now aupplyhss already ai rived to which I Invito
special attention of customers. My prices will be as
low aaany otlior similar establishment in Uie city. 1
am a now beginner and hope lo havo n liberal share
or tne public paironage. juius u. j Aurtoms. .
Uncuslor, August 113, Wil llf
Office of tbe t'alrf led) Couaty Ajrlcul-
turol Society.
one that applies. Ijiesr Wains Bant Jfatra miln
mat mar. , i . " . ini,i,nraii
Laneastor, Ohio, June 28, IBM Stf
ffnilE subscrlbor having closed np ms Business in
tne liiercnnnuie line, esrneaii. aim iiuonia,
,. , ., i , i,- nuest all persons knowing themselves indobled to hini
ual Fair of said Society will be held nt Ihe vM w,Jholll (cBy, KKTT1.B UP, PAY UP. lift llielr
nly recolletft part of hlsspseoh, and would iW"! of the Missouri Oompromise?
ive"ijustsslidiirirered it. . lie said he
V folt honored in beini? called on to make a
' ; , pcocb. In our sohoolhouso, as it: was the
.t'ryliduse in which hw'ohildron unied.
;.' a,, - :.t .
Plae answer through the Eairle, or any
wsj yon please. ' , v . f.
'.' A 0l Democrat.
' fepi..ttth, WS,. ,:S(f
an effort to have oar tax reduced
A.s ioon as I get my seeding done I will
report tb condition of things more tuny.
- : i - . W A T V ITT
. IMlU.lVli-
aassaassasssssaassssasasaassassasaasaassssssaasaisi iiiissj
AdmliatrMtors, . Notice. -
TtVrOTICRlnharaby given thai the undersigned was
If on the Sth day of HepUnsber 1B5J dwly appointed
Adinlnrtlratornfthaastate of John Jonos-lsle of Pair,
(old County, decanted, by the Probate Court of said
county. All potaons Interested will take ootUsne.
orainglr. - y CTO. BAXtlERMAjt, Aitm.
Inclra,Bp4., lNJ-awllro, . '
T AKg nollce.eur coatomere have In tlialr hands
three hnnderd dollars of ouf money that we mast
hare by the Suth of September, osrtaln. . t
Rosy don's all some St pneo. ''
1ncstf,n;nil WI, o.U-rt7
rilHB Ann
Society's gr
fills nnd litis
Mill Premium l.tsl will be piinusnr
rounds near latneasler, on Iho diss.
Hati-a off Uclessr. anaulnff
u in a lew tiaya.
The price of membership Is reduced to Fifty Cents,
winch admits a whole lamuy. 7
Badges can be procured at the office of Uie President
or hoerolury, anil also al any of the stores In Laneas
tor. Hy order of Ilia Executive Committee.'
August 10, ISM. 1). KlFfORD, Presldont.
notes and get receipts for their accounts. All claims
not tiaio r ine uin oi noveinovr next win iw ii.
Ilia hsndsof an agon I for collodion without any re
spect to persons, or any inunor time given.
Millorsport,augustS3 J G. C. MILLER
. TUBT opnel on Main Street, norly op
el nestle Honor, Kilts Co's Dry Goad
Store, eousisting of
; . ' .'. AND i. . ' v
all of which will be sold low at wholesale
and retail. Merchants and the public are
respectfully solicited lo call and examine
m .Lock. It lefullandeelected. -
Window Class almostallslr.es from 7 to 9 np lo St
l.y4i. - - WILLMM 8TKWABT. I
ikincaater, nprll 13, IBS 49 ' .",!'' --..v'
t if r Y "n
1 L
-' LocKvitic mills.
THE siihscrilior has purchased the above property,
and Is new prepared to do eusloin work ss well
aa mercnam wora. ino mill nas urcn wen roui..u,
and is In good order to do work In either way. ; He la
also prepared lo buy wheat stall limes, or flour the
Mine for easterners, lfdosired. He has emDloved Bit
experienced miller, and will render general sausseo-
llon ' ''-:.'
TTPth. m.lllli..v:w1lh all ll. m.chtnePV. la for HUS
togolhrr with Bollcf, Tubs, dee. The Baw-mlll ad
Joliillig It Is also fur sale.
' Persons wishing to buy town lots can be aceoramo-
lf.l.rf Thn nrnnelnr AM al all tlmea be found at
hie mill in LeckvUle. or on hie farm, 1 anile souths
east or Lockvllle.and 1 mile woet ef Carroll,
' III aftL'I. T1AWB
Augnati, 1PM. 8m IS ,
norttt Notice. '
OTICB Is hereby given, that a petition will bo
will be presented to the Commissioners of Pair
jrt pniintv. at their rasrular aeaalon Ih ncnte sober
next, praying for an alteration of so much of the road
leading from Baltimore lo Millersport as lies between
the south line of tha southeast quarter of section Kss.
i, aud the Ohio Canal; aald alteration to commence
where, las ma a sinaew ia. oouui h m., t .u
quarter of seolloa No. 5, runulng east on the aeetloa
line between the lands owned by Cooperrlder and
Groves lo the Ohio canal, tnenoe nonnoa me graves
bank of the Ohio Canal to Intoreeet Ihe mad on said
W alnut township. AUguuM, 4e. . - ,
Estate of James A. Baker, i
NOTICE Is hereby gives that tha subscriber baa
been appointed and qualified as Administrator
on the Estate of James A. Baker, deceased, late of
FalrSeldeoanty, Ohio. Dated at Lancaster, this 1st
s.yof August, 1855. SILVESTER bllTU.Aduw
August S.lBM-rSwtt . " ' .
, Estate of Jaha Ewereolo. .
ON tha ttnd day of August, ISM, Ute Probate Court
of Fairfield county, Ohio, declared the Estate of
John Eversote, dee'd, a probably Insolvent, and ap
polnled the undersigned as Commissioner to receive,
settle and siljuatall claims against said KsUt. CrodV
torssre therefor hereby not I hod and required to pre
sent their claims against the Estate to Ihe undersigned,
atthaemoa ofO. Stelnman. Esq., In tha City of Lan
caster, for allowance within six months from tkettwi
above arsntloaaa or thev will not beenlllledto pay.
meat - ' GEORGE PANDERaON,Comv
Uncsstsr, august S3, l55-wl .

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