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Principal of" tk Amerlcaa Party of Ob 10.
, I. Th unlimited Frotiom of JIii- disconnected
With, polities Hostility tu ecclesiastical Influence
tapoa Iks affair of Government Equality of rights to
,. mil naturalised Emigrant wbo are Mraf alg Atri
. kaiid,and we owe no teraporlal allegiance, by reaaoe)
tf their religion, higher than that to In Constitution.
S. No Interference wilh Ibe rights ofelllseuahlp al-
feadyacqalred bj Foreigners, aid the protection of
w to all who hoeesllr emig rate from lo of liberty!
" but tha exelusloa of foreign paupers and rellnns, and
iraitlad tUrifhtof lfrtf It mil mho Co
iriViaranUllhsy shall hare resided Kl year In ilia
. KUalaa end compiled with tba Naturalization Lawe.
'. 3. Opposition to all polttlcalorganlaattoiiecomposed
tac.MJirely Fr.fr, lo FrV Mililtrf
fcetayaai'M, ad ''-'' zJl tho Bitlo from
. tick it tufporlod if ttroraaf er.
a. iiUr la ui-not auaJ.' we onivwe It ax-
tension I any of tha territories, and the increase of its
- , kiolltical power by tha admission Into tba Union of
any Sieve mate or oiuerwise. ano we nmam
Qeneral Government and Immediate redreaaof the
sgreat wrongs which have been Inflicted upon tlia
(nM nf Pntnitnin anil the American character by the
tepeal of the Missouri Compromise, and the l.ilrnduc-
Vtou of Slavery Into Kansas In violation oflaw.by force
osf arras, and the destruction of the elective rrnnrliHe.
S. Jo humble Imitation of the wlndom of Wushlng-
. ton.weoppoee all Intervention In the affairs of Porelirn
Sleiee; yet on all proper occasions, we will not with
hold our sympathy from any people asplrlngte be freo.
We anpporl American Ind natry and foniua airaluat
- the adverae policy of Foreign nation! and faeilllica to
Internal and external commerce by the Improvement
of Rivera and Harbora and the construction of Na
' tloaal RoadeoBltlnglhevartoueot!onsoftueUnlon.
- 7. The raiea ! star asd-rjfeai
' wfaKhfmt alii to aa Ctitutio.
8. Ia Slate nolloy we aealously advocate Rilrrneh-
mni Reform a modlncatlon of the present op
. (.restive system of Taxation aad llboral system of
Public Schools.
,i V- ' TOR OOVltRNORi-' -
;,, . SALMON P. CHASE, of Hamilton.
r; THOMAS H. FORD, of Richland.
..'-FRANCIS M, WRIGHT, of Champaign.
"JAMES H. BAKER, of Ross.
(For the Fall Turn.
i (For ihtt Vaeanty.) ' -
; CHAS. C. CONVERS, of Muskingum.
' ' FRANCIS D. KIMBALL, of Modina.
ALEX. G. CONOYER. of Miami.
Thtroar of lallle 'every wuera'rltd
igainat Americani.. Tlio nations of tli
earth are sumrooned, with maddening
lirieka to the rescue.- American Nation
ality ie to be crushed by tha rush of mil
lions of aliens lo our shores; and here, up
on the soil of his childhood no man shall
say, "I am an American cilixan," under
pain of instant death! No man shall breathe
the name of WASHINGTON, without be
ing branded traitor! And Americans
are told to bow the knee to the foreign
power sitting in the high places of tho na.
tionl -. .
"This not your country," say the dem
ajroguos to us Americans. "You have no
country.' The Irish, the Germans, the
French, aud other hordes of foreign sub
jects are masters here; and when, the elec-J
tiou of a President takes place,' or offices
to be glled, our rulers to be chosen to ad
minister the affairs of government, they
will Rttend to it foryou!" .
The American party, however, has step
ped into the breach. It has arrested the
headlong career of our rulers, in this wil
ful treasonable attempt to destaoy our in'
dependence as a people.- It stands as an
unbroken wall of defence, to save our char
actor as freemen, to repel back the pauper
ism which preys upon the public treasure,
and protect us from (base foreign minions
who would shackle our minds, our con
sciences aud our limbs with a despotism
infinitely worse than that which the "sires
of '76"' crushed! - - ' -
ftjT'r...) ' AmericansofL'arj.j Mr?- EDrroiii
V -. The Kpow-Nothingi?, sajs tho ZferJtf
ifiunty r, area singular people.ifsuch
9 dae ealKtherai' Tliey are hot, however
" the XsilHjJU.'tians wli6 msdo fetters out of
itlie hair of poor shipwrecked Gulliver, but
-. they are giants of colossal ' weight ' and
strength, and endowed with a vitality , which
V1 "bids defjance to all the mortal weapons that
" eRTj Im brought io bear against them.
;:- Their enemies detiy them to be possessed
-.ot the attributes' of a common humanity;
J. d instead of men, we are iold,'our lund
, is filled with moh'sters.' ' Never before, sny
they; has a portion of the family of man
"(.i PP8re4 uPon Btage of action in so
liiueous.aliglit. lhe printed Indians.who
.pitrihed the British Tea into Boston ILir
' bor; were not more terrible to the English
.. Parliament than the Know-Nothings, who
--' -liave thus suddenly sprung into existence,
rtwtWbelUioial Vaekaajmagogues
of the present day. Ten thousand, arrows,
' it would seem, are darkening the sun a
. gainst them; yet they Are undismayed and
undaunted, and are still victorious.! . They
". are, indeed, a singular race of. "bipeds;"'
ani to the wo-begohe warriors who have
V heretofore been fighting only pigmies, they
' V'are an enemy that, can laugh a siege to
,,BCprh and who will not even deign to ro-
turn vno nre Kept up as u uas oeen, un--Ceasingly,
tho last twelve months. Like
'lhe gallant band at Bunker Hill, they fire
v only when tfeey See the "white of an eye,"
and a retreat from the post of duty nover
follows until the last cartridge is gone!
' ' The opposition prpers have dug deep iu---1
to the coffers of the arsenal of ' detraction,
- r .exUiusting nearly its vast stores, and pour-
Jng upon the heads of the Know-Notbings
. . . -with a spirit of malevolence fiends only
indulge in the choicest denunciations that
'"I could or can be' found in the language; yet
amidst all this storm that rages go violent
' ly-i-amidst all this whirlwind that sweeps
now so fiercely over the land, they stan j
. unmoved and solid, like the walls of the
sea, pressing 'the waves closer as each
,"'i..'r,ii'go advances, and dashing them in- sue
cession into ten million particles upon the
"7.; Sron-boun d strand !
'- The Know-Notnings.have an imperative
duty to perform, if American liberty js to
- : be preserved and j perpetuated. Foreign
ers, who appreciate their position and vnl-
' ; ue, the privileges conferred upon them by
1 - the Constiiu.tiott and Laws of this Country1,
r . "at ' . ' 1 - A '
j ao not press torwara to pui aown Amen
r- ' witli muskets from the . windows . of their
'.'"' houses. : They are content to rest in peace
and are grateful that they v liave found a
., Abmin this land of civil and religious lib-
erty. But they are, unfortunately, not all
- to, and these the demagogues of party
flatter and cajole. They point out to them
. ; their strength and tell them that they are
vX, tie Controlling power in the State that
- '.they san decide the elections as . they
please. . .., .'-, '.,..,. "'"
Hence the attempt to intriduce amongst
foreign habiu foreign customs for-
' ;;'4"; eign dogmaS. ; Can it be wondered 'at then,
rby this new party, tbo American party,
which is unalterably fixed in its purpose
of preserving the legacy bequeathed to us
by our revolutionary anoesters, and which
we now enjoy.from the sacriligious attacks
' . of these foreign myrmidons and domestic
traitors, is so bitterly , and desperately as-
sftilfld? ' Thsa enemies to Americans foe
their weakness, and, like others who strug
gle to bolster up a sinking cause,, they do
not hesitate as to the weapons to be used
to impede its onward progress. 1 heir as-
i saulta are futile. .Americans will conquer
!.'. . in the end, and the friends of Jiberty in all
t',!!,.. ..lime to come will glory in the . patriotism
-? n 'fwWcn resetted the countryfrom a foe with1
iiiVXii its own bosom, more dnnceroue dead-
:idy. han any Hhkk has yet assailed. us frpm
The Chase Letter. Forgery.. ..
The Medill and Trimble papers are pub
lishing a translation of a translated letter,
which purports to have boen written by
Mr. Chase to somebody in the north part
of the State, in which his views of tho A
morican organization are givon. This ati
tempt to impose upon the voters of the
Slate was toa gross and palpable, even for
the unsorupulousness of the Slatesmin,
was accompanied by the following expla
nation : - , i
."This, let the leader "remember, is a
translation from a translation. .'-Mr. Chase,
write in English to tha German editor or
some other person or persons at Sandusky.
The letter is translated from English for
the German , paper, and appearing there
this extract is retranslated rinto English
for the Statesman.; It is mofe than proba
ble that the phrattoloyy is thus 'modified
from that of the original copy...- The Ger
man opy, as appearing in tin Sandusky
paper, is in tho. hands of a gentleman iii
this city." ' , .
; Since the artiule appeared in tbo States
man, Mr. Chase has sent the following tel
egraphic. dispatch to the 0. S. Journal: .
' . ' Mount Verhok,' Sept. 5, 1055.
"I liave just seen an-alleged translation
of a translation of a letter, in the Stales
man of Tuesday. It is so grossly garbled
that it might as well bo a fororrj. , In no
letter hare I expressed any views inconsis
tent Willi what I have constantly declared
on the stuinp.' Will write by mail. ' '
t '';' V CHAS1S. '
Tiie Jaurtul comments on the above as
follows ;
This is precisely as we supposed it was.
SomeboJr having come in possession of a
letter of Mr. Chase's in which the qiies
tions of the day wire discussed, has, thro'
ignorance of tha English," or possibly thro
iijnoranoo of the G-jrmm language, at
tempted to convert some passages of it in
to Gorman, for the information of the Ger
man voters, 'a large portion of whom are
anti-Slavery mon... And it miy be that the
thing has been done designedly by some
enemy of the Republican- cause, for the
purpose of trying to create jealousy in the
Republican ranks. ,The latter is the more
natural conclusion, when we consider that
the first the public see of- this mis rablo
trick is in the columns of the' OAio States
man! , ;-"-. - " '
Tho editor of the Wtstboie, a Gorman,
. . . ....
anu a "uomocrai ioo. bs we unaersiana
it, at once pronounced the whole thing a
bungling affair, and cited the inconsisten
cy of its parts, the fallowing among others:
"Tho naturalization terra of five years was
never too long for me and if it were with,-,
n my power, I would gladly concede o
shorter term to any true friend of liberty
among emigrants." ' '-". .'
- Even the Statesman felt it was asking too
much of its readers to swallow the rude
dose7and therefore apologized for the 'pro
bable' modifioatioa of the language "from
.that of the original copy!"; If this is not
a confession of belief in . fraud or forgery,
then language' has lost its 'usual 'meaning
And yet, after this warning, carefully
worded for any contingency, tho Statesman
of this morning, on finding itself taken at
its words for once, says it has faith in the
genuineness of the letter! We have drawn
the teeth of tho animal so it can't bite it
may run now. . ,
United States Hotel, CoLUMBas.OHid.
We had the pleasure," this week, bf stop
ping with our old friend Simonton, of the
United States,' at Columbus, and found
our " worthy host and bis gentlemanly at
taches all at their posts as smiling and ac
commodating as ever. Simonton is busily
engaged making preparations to accommo
date the thousands who rush to the State
Fair.' We can confidently say to our friends
that nowhere in Columbus can yon be bet
ter accommodated than at Simonton's U.
S. Hoteh ' . 1 1 ' :i::
caster and vicinitylvi!I asiernblc
at tho Court House, on Saturday
evening next, to listen to the thril
ling am! startling licu of Ilnii.
can candidate for Treasurer of
Slate. Hon. TIIOS. II FORD,
JUDGE SHAW and othifs.
Let tlio people como up-like iho
gathering of mighty waters and
put their seal ol solemn condem
nation upon those corrupt p-.h!ic
Servants in high places who licek
to enrich themselves o(T tho Peo
ples Treasury. Americans Re
publicans and Democrat, come
up and hear men whose integrity
and pol.ti-.al honesty the" people ol
Ohio lovo to honor. .';'?
Astounding Developments '
Governor Wed ill one nf the Prime Movers
in the Iofumoui Knnana Swindle.
The fact that Qor . Medill is proclaim
ing himself a full-blooded Freesoilerin the
North, a "little freeioil" in the interior,
and a daring champion of Squatter Sove
reignty in the South, lias brought ont some
of Ohio's gallant sons who dart J to oppose
the Kansas-Nebraska swindle upon tho
freemen of the North. We have it from
good authority, and now charge, that
William Medill, the present Sag Nicht
leader and candidate for Governor of Ohio,
during the pendency of this infamous out
rage upon freedom and the sacred compact
between the States of this Union,, the
'Missouri Compromise," made it his bu
siness to visit Washington, and there urge
personally and privately upon every Dem
ocratic delegate from Ohio, the great im
portance of his rote and influence for this
most hellish outrage upon every sncred
compact that should connect and bind this
people together as a nation, for the reason
that it -would bacorae 'thc "chief corner
stone" in the cardinal principles that sho'd
bind together the tottering fabric of the
present Administration! We make this
charge from the authority of. one of the
Democralio Delegates from our State,
who had the manliness and honesty to re
cord his vote against this unholy swindle.
We further charge, and can provk that
during this same visit, one of the refracto
ry Ohio Delegates was brought into direct
cdntact with President" Pierce and Govern
or Medill; when both these tcorthi-es threat
ened tho vengeance of the Democratic par
ty of Ohio upon his head if ho dared to vote
against this damning blight upon frce-
!!!: :
Such,' Americans, Democrats is the
man whom the unprincipled leaders of the
bag Inif.ht Treasury Ealing Gang in OIijh,
would have you vofo 4Uo.iEue f. Gov
ernor of the third State in the Union !
Someiime during the earlr part of last
month, noticed, by vsrvuus announce
ment in the public press of (he Btat. that
I was appointed, by Iber Executive Coun
; Lnneasier JlarUei.
Oarrrra Orrics, ttf. 13 l856.-Our
quotations thin moruins are as fullows:
cil of the State of Ohli, as Delegate to (Wheat 1,15 1,25; Flour, $7 perbarrLd
represent the 11 lb CngrtKional District Cvrn, Kye, 6 J; Oats, SOets; Clover-
in the "Jfutionot uonvention ol the Amen- ied non; Timothy seed, eZ-13,00; Vo
"can Party, to beheld at such tiros and jtatoes, J5 cent) Flax e-d. BOi.-t; Bot
" place a may be dcetjinatcd bj the pro Mr, liJiloc; Etfif. Cad ceulu; Suit, 2.25
" temng members oi me mipsiionnl Coun-, weans, nnni; rVisps, r!0,Sv,: Voth-t,
cil," hel l in the city of Philadeluhia. in 1 1 Sialic; T, 66(3100; llolas-, 6'Jcls;
June list. I have waited thus an, in lb Sugar, fl ie.10 . White Fish, 1.1 Hollars per
expectation of receiving some official no- i barrel; Pickerel 1 0,00 to 12,00; Rice Cln3.
tification of my appointment, in ordtir that Vinegar, 10a25 cents; Tubacco.25a3.icta;
I conld make such rexponie to this ap-i'lay. 6,00 Tallow 101 per brl. Wilis-
potntmeni as a "obmoi nuty w myself anJ ojc. uoul XUh.13c
tue eouniry migiu prnpeny oi;uu; but, as
yet, I have received nonetkhcr than as
S. B .
above stated, with the exception of a print
ed slip, uy wnom lorwarutd I lo not know.
This appointment was made without my
consent, and without any knowledge, on
my part, until I saw its announcement in
tho public prints. . Tnkinur no active nart.
since the Jepeat and dissolution of the
Whiir party in 1852, in the politics of the
country, other than to exercise my right of
suitrsge at lite naiioi-oox, i jaj not con
templated, under any circumstances, to as
sume the discharge of dutius inconsistent i
with that position. In the present con
dition of things, as I understand them, I
certainly feel no inducement to recede from
that uefprminaUon. I, therefore, respect
fully decline the appointment thus confer
red upon me. Not knowing to whom I
should tender this declination, I have taken
the liberty to adopt your paper as the pro
per medium to inform such of my follow
citizens of this Cbngres.-ional District, as
may fuel an interest in the question, as to
wbo should represent them in the propos
ed Convention, of my disinclination to
serve them in that capacity. I have no
doubt that many of my friends, personal as
well as political, will misunderstund mv
true position in the present canvass, as !rnl'e""J,?D"1' biNr train aiimd the man
well as in that which is to succeed it with i,u.aaj ioU..h..Ti.iiCinriiii..u. u,r
more fearful importance ; but, every man i or tia.ore.u.i iii.y iiiiiu.t u,e br..a.iwy
, . j. i ,. , ; Hotel o of tlip uioal cvuveiiieul aud UcuraUe af-
wlio elects to discharge his duty farmly and jpinic iUooaiu this Liiy.
eormcicntioilslr and Ima norro onnmrli tn Hneniul to tin-Bull Koad Office ai:d Depot,
constitnuoiiM) . ana nas ntrve enougn io iand iUe eablitUltl.tmt. . mre , ,i,ail ,ih.r H-t -I
maintain Ins positlvn ns long as he feels i uiiiiniiit auoia wiisin a rw mumiei wu oi th j
t . : i ,i i . lot Ortlec'ina brincipltf B-Jsiues, luculiiitf. and lite
that hf 14 rlrrllr mtict hui'a M10 nalianna and . jr v
- r y..,v mi.m - pmcea of ruiiiic inastftBaui. 1
An xlnivc rauataui BalftiT.f nooms ai.a iiux
bert Shop w il. bo found in thj BuiUini;.
This bouss baa all tba coin fort) nu 4-oriTMii?nf:t:
that can be found in any first el Hol;l in ISe VV.!,i.
'1'he nhole establishment ba just b-ffn ttkt,rnaKtily
overhauled, renovated aud re-furuibd, and Hie
Proprietor feeta assured that tiiosd wbo unite his
his liousatheirhonu duriiur lhlr suy in tbo lily,
will hare uo reason to complain either of his a-.'.cotn-Inui-alions
or hi- ihkrices. JUM-.FU ll.CI.OMUl.l.l,.
neptumber 13, Wii I'Jlf
Howr.a, rasraittsa.
Witboat eilra rkarra.)
f.rniiiir 1WO KXI1I-
UII'lu.NS IX 05E.
For One laj oply Af
ten.eK.nea Eenins7.
I. K IXO.1;. DlreiKir ottln
Caiabitied Jibtwli.
In tbla F.rhlbltlon Will be
foui.d the two greatest Mring
i.uriositiea mtbe Anim:u mar
dom: li: A I.IVIIO Gl
Not EKos. bsaids a full f.l-
I'-rtton of otber Wild Betsts.
nil in lhe most perfect health
:abd e.ndl,an.
'Coiu'.sia of the following ae
knowledged talent:
Ci.ow -Iik lltrn.
The fearlise. arraestful and bril-
in ii
yew Vork .Murkel.
New York, S pt.' 10. CoUon Dull
with declining tendeiiey. .
Flour Firm; tendenry to advance
salu 12 JO bbls; StaUat 7a7,26; Soutlu rn
steady, mith sales of 12,000 bid at 0,75.
Wheat Uusettled; saVs 37,000 south
ern white at 1, 902.00. -
- ri r..n j . s:..l J I liii.t Am-ruan Art'.l
iii ijun, Willi ucciimng it-inii-ncj ; 1 ,,.,,., enf , of Eulttion.
FB eOl C3.C1.0 InKh Western M Hi ll Ht,Wr,.r.. I. Kii.ir. UK'ie. W
Pork Trifle higher, salt s of ?C0 bbls
Mes 22,50, and Prime at 20,75-iSl.
Ccef A trifle higher withsi-lusof Rf
packed Chicago at !6,50al 7.
Lard rirm, - -
Ohio Whisky 41. ' ' -Coffee
-Firm; sals of 2500 bags Rio
at llsl l.
LANCASTER COi;SC1t,5o.4 Seiit.ei, HU
LOUGK. .No. S7
t HAHTKH. No or.
KNCAM PMKXT, o. 1 Ocl-.l.er SI.
February 25!, IBM. C. 5TLIS.VAX, Kecorder.
Cincinnati, OUio.
Ar.wlro'iir. H. P. Mfwlie-an,
ilaeter Madiiran. Tbomron ai-.d
Prof Xit.jD aub b:a tlented
I'upils In t.11 Ihir arbi.e
menu iij-wn borsvback nod Id
The f dlowlur rare and biao
liful Animols are amoi.g Inn
rlleettfi belonflns to Ibis
A Brmilisn Tii-r, or roatli
Amerii-im Ja.-ir, two African
l-opurdt. two North AmerifHii
liei;rs, n pair of fr iijriish De;r.
a b'.-autiful marked Zfihr a
j"jrj'i.n Uum. a WlitUs Cam-
l. a riwiur'm, wsioew-w ve
rtelf of the M inkej Trll, 1'jir
rou, H-'licaiis, Kwani, Birda of
Parudie, elc., elr. " '
A!:n!:in I', the Combined
Erhihiiions2S cent9.
luldrt.-B uinier t ) eara of age
half prtc
AT PUHLlfi hai r
rphtJ.anrt.ra1 reed win tell t ,BMt, w
BL isKMsss,HiissfiiTBi Mueatrr, t i,,o,n .
Wctlarsetatr' aW Tlsrslnvi tb, twt
mmi 1 31st atsif aff 9eileM Kert f ; ;
Th rVllewrrr feaperty ,to M:
Reae'relnir rhe nee o klm for rnaalr a rati Ssaa) 14
uncuaier. Tba Kaat 1 rusm g hlsllron
VHlSirii lUMi,
Tksrsifk Brett Canaallaji Ulatilaaii
wbneaa trot najnll lmldeMf ttirae turnHtsa.
-Alnsa, a LBijre Drapglst aialllOBe-
hands iiigk, $ Toarsol.l. a muliucniif bay, well
ealrtilalcd fi.r h:trnesj .
Imported Hj,lMeronl TWO OKI.lllNCl)
One Thornoal, Br -i Var(Ir.s; liri.ld
On Uirae-fourtb llred lioan CalU 1 common CW,
. Awnaliloiof lli SneTraliiln. Sulkui:
Kjsiern iin.ln. merle Hiierles; -
. I"f .1" ' V .'!?'" "otadrnild Hameaa) .
4 Sad.llea and Brldlea. S two-kono W enonet
, r.,ru. ,.ri.H ,.n.w, rrtniOS tteirailM " ' '
Household nud Kitrben Farnlture. .
Trrms of Bale. A credit of s months will I.-
n all sumtoirerStre dollars, opoa Hi eaaeuiloti JjL
uoUa with approved security, payable in sif of lh
.aneaster nnls. Bale to commence atw o'clucV l. bis
Auguat IS. I 4W1S ., Ji-rll.N V AS FfcAHSR.
alf price. T M rV-f : f
sorowea tt and T o'ttock. 14 J ? I f V j
Perforriiauce to roniineuc al IJ'.C.ZrJ? "':..
alfpiu-.ll aud q inrler to i. Jjj6-
philosophy to look for, and expect, no oth
er support than that which springs from
an approving conscience.. -Thinking it not
unlikely that some future occasion may
present itself, in which it may not only be
proper but incumbf-nt npon me, to define
my position fully and distinctly, I sub
scribe mvseit - .'.,..
; Yours, respectful! Vi
Lancaster, Sept. 18, 1055.
Tub New Slave Scheme. On our
south-western' border, another conspiracy
s belli:;. carried out, even with the t oniii-
ance of the officers of tho national gov
rnment. The N. Y. Tribune has advices
from an authentic source in Texas, that the
70ur American friends will please
bear in mind that we cannot be present,
either in person or'by reporter, at all the
meetings of the emmissaries of f Pierce's
Kansas-Nebraska Slave Demooratio friends
therefore, to all our Amerioans w say,
send us in lull reports; if they prove top
lengthy we will condense. We iotend.to
follow these Treasury eating midnight plot
ters, to .their den&v .".Friends, send . in your
"Fairfield Count? has gout to IIll l'
Such was the expression of one of the
"Sag Bfle-ht Treasury Eating Gang" of the
State offices uttered ia our hearing upon
the streets of Columbus the other -day, by
one who has grown fat in proyjhg npon the
State. ; If a determination upon the part of
our people to reduce the present profligate
expensos of the State, and forever discard
these midnight depredators upon the peo
ple's money and their rights, then truly
may Fairfield county be ranked among the
number thai will most surely denounce in
solid column this class of Cormorants who
enrich themselves at' the expense of tho
tax-payers of Ohio - "Fairfield county
has gone.toh 11''! Freemen of Fairfield,
will you be thus denounced, will you al
low such denunciations from your "jiuppet
hirelings" t Every man who has within
his veins one drop of Democratio Americnn
blood, and who prides himself upon the
fact that in the American People rests all
power, vi ill respond NO !!!,
Circus. Menaoeiub, , Pantominb. An
exhibition of inusual interest and magni
tude is advertised , to eome off at Lancns
ter, Sept. 19th.- The establishment is man
aged by Messrs. Myers fe Mdgidan and S
B. Howes, and is certainly the largest and
most diversified exhibitions that has ever
been this way. - Among other curiosities
in tho Menagerie, are the. only .living-'Gi
raffe aud Rhinoceros now in this country
The . Equestrian '..Department, comprises.
many favorite artists, among whom we
see tha names of MiSs Ross Madigan, th
elegant equestrian, and Mr, James Myers
the clown.. Not the least interesting fea
ture of these combined exhibitions is a
new comic pantomiue, called the ''Miser of
Bagdad." . " ' ;
'Young America. -
- The Young America's recei ved last eve
ning their new and beautiful Fire Engine
"Young America," from the maobineshopi
of Mason, Cook & Blakely, of Springfield
Ohio, and immediately tested her powers
in front of the Court House. Many of the
best judges say she threw a clear stream
twenty feet over the top of the spire on the
cupalo. ''
The Engine is a perfect beauty . withl
itself and does great credit to the taste an
skill of the builders. '-' " Young America's'
are highly delighted and may ; well feel
proud of their new and beautiful "Mer
chine." ; " ' , .
' Choice Fbcit Tebbs. Our readers are
referred to the advertisement of the Gene
see Yallev Nurseries, bf Rochester, N. Y
in another column. J. R. McCaroeb, the
Agent of the Company, is. now sojourning
at the Tallmadee House, .and, will fill a!
orders from our connoissurs-of fruit.? The
reputation of these Nurseries is unsurpnss
list-A-hnMnrs in that Slate have for months ! "W ? ? "
een pren.-.nn'; for the conquest of Mexi
co, of Tamaulipas, Coaliuilaand New Leon,
lull of whioli Is liiteuued to make a new
lave state, and to be at some favorable
me annexed like Tt-xas to the unon.
The present insurrection among the Mexi
can4, offers a favoiblo opportunity," as the
conspirators under pretence of sympathy
with the msuro-ents, can unito witli tliem,
arid after defimiinp; Santa Anna, ean obtain
control of the whole retrion. Bo-sidus tlie
gain of ne w "states", riii?.;Tt xans '.desire to
eli"ton hid eircapo ot-lugiUves. iNow OJ'J
slavss emancipate tlumselves by' crossing
from slaoe-h'Admg Tt-xn ,p free Mexico;
Uie value, of tins lost property is set down
at 8200,000, and the loss grows greater
every year. This by the new plan will not
only be stopped, but the demand foi ne
groes will bu immense and enable all then
CHOICE FItllT ti:e.
A. FUU ST& I'oPf op; iclo-8
Th ubcriber Having bn aiioiutfd Afm.t fr the
aliova xUfnsiv Nurcrict, if iivw reuii to reuive
order fur every decriiUuu uf
Fruit and Uranniutal Trees, ShraUs,
....... Itontrf, Ac,, &c-
Atllij lowest ruUs. Patron of tiiu y UiltKilimuul
,x d tin in) thtU uot
lo t il) ever be ieut fr.nu Uiese sN'nrvrle,
HrUn SatiNfiCtlon Alwayn Given!
All Plv.Uw.ll bapflceil.nlu.ttst maimfro that
tltey m ill reucli purlics in Hut! oriit?r. .No iliie lime
tOhcQrochoieu Fruit Trot'n fr.-m tfie Grouiidi, atiJ
Catalog am from thU I,tafctihmnnt
Can be had on application to J. H. M'L'argiir, Agent
fur 155, at TuUmiH-iro Houmi, LaucavUr.
sLjUHTuater, Sttpt.. 13, 13.
balf pa:
jrjTlt Fqiilpmnt ai d (t?r
eral out fli f If1.!, iii Meiititt
rie and Ctrcu True. tue
btfl Jt'ti up llilt lCB8l li i-
tyle of ctjfrn'ite and a profii
m on of etiiH dcorxtioM ItHh
e.io npriTdeiitrJ.
Tim hidorit ui1 Oyraims.ii
Antit. a full rifMriptlofi
wo-.tn wilt b foui.d in Ute
mtj all b;totiriiije to lhe tin
tlmi of th-iir protection, ot
Ixitb eva. and nre known and
iiitii.iiiisttetl an the
vrAit THiiiPr.w
of the Tnifd PlBt'-n.
A full 34IU1AKV HKAfi
BaNI. accifipiiriift the Vi-i
ted Ktfittnt'um. and will pU)
L i uriiie the rwrforntiif a va
riety of new a iid fil.loi:aJlr
1 f'The Con.pardcj will en
tortwti in
Grand Procfcnt
tboitt d oi lo. k A. M..and aftirr
pauiiie thnmph (lie priiiclpft!
ttreeta. proved ttheic I
r .
GOOD MEDIClXKB. fl ' ! raliniaten tlibl Svcl'al
Cmi -I'M- Tomi ssw t'TBan.: tfa.it ha. Wu
more to ruin.to II10 niltr kvnlih, titan a.iy utho
"t.rmaif. Tlicre mi le euindlnar VbsHh Ckerrv
r.'.iiirA has t.y 11s Hsouaand Mt tliniirauri ,c.iro or
C lls, Co'.iclts, Aslluita, f'roup, Influoliza, Brom-liltl
ate, son niK b Hiatt Oiu Muuslimrf Jelh froitt
ciusumi'tl diseases iu e.ntnify. 'Ciii Tilla f ft
w a-oo'i aa ma re-turei anu car n,ar coia-
pUliiU. . u -
fcvrrj fciJ) ti(3ds nwrtoilM pnrsuiR. J'orpf IMl
Mm-..! r(;,ni ilatmuiiritlci. Purgo lh Mrt
at.'i 11m whole T...ml aystem frt.m nbsirnc-tlsma.-
r.irf q.h viit; tiis.-ns.' whwn fuateli on urn do.it, nr
iri iti( .,. But frsUeaa. wt should rite only
f ..!! use. Take antidote oarU aiid ihruat U tuna
ih ;' j .'.ti: ij :,! It Is j et too strong t ylIU.
syrr s rm an nirual out aiseasw, not otii wnirv ir
isas:ik.ut Almuitas tukeu a atrmrgr hold. Ki'ad
th aM'.i.u-i.nf unieiiir-i.tsCliHTfe to liiiT been fnr
i ilitm from dreadful Kcmlula, lirrfcay, Pkersi
Skin Ifis.'Msos. l.'iivuinatism, Nc-nntlrin. Ilvausitisiaf
liifarnnl ff.lns.BilMooa Cs.nolainl'j, liarlburii,Hfad-
actie. Orttit, ar.d uian 1cm dniifforotia but atlll iltratii-.
ninr afltni.ta. sutti aa fiiuilt's eu thbfiie, Worina,
.v.rrous irrttKl,:lly, la 01 -f-t la. irrta?.,iami-sj
Dlzzlnassiii tl.e had, ColJs. Kvos, Lysautvnr, a.va
liwe.nl m cr rarely of o.niiluinls for srlilcha Pr
patire Kmydy la rt'ulred. - .
Tli:ear3 no rar.dau. atai?mr.4s. onlaro an(!ir.liw
aied by jour own neigbbuM arid yuur iw 1'kyai''
tiana. - .
T.-t them ore, and yon trill nemw nilliaut t?.m
Prii eiS cnts er Box S Bosltor tl-0. .
Pn-pitwl b Dr.. C. A YK. Cliemlsl. Lowell, M.f
id ,M Ut F. Erkstuin. Cinriniiatl; KaufTman & C.
aod M Z. Kreider. La cli-r, (i. F. ilsunlin.OaklaiM;
K. Kalli. Kualiillc,aiid k all Iwalera In .Medirine ar'
. where. 8er,tmBr (, lrsj-f4 IS.
present slave states to soll'thtir surplus ne-
es at a very high price. lhe tribune 1
well says , .
If The negro-drivers and oourrhfiiceR
Triumph in the next Presidential election,
we must expect nothing less than the sim
ultaneous admission of slsve-holdinof Kan
sas and of these now Suites of the Sierra
And it adds what is fast becoming self-
evident to all classes of our northern citi
zens ' " '. , '
The only one obstacle to such an event
is the American Party already formed in so
many StateR, and soon to be completely or
ganized in New York 'also. Out of Uliat
party there is no barrier to hindar Hie oli
garchy from carrying out their wildest
schemes of domination and self-aggrandize
ment, , In the midstof that black and de
aradins; revolution' whieh this insolent and
reckless power is forcing upon the nation,
the American party is the sole conserva
tive force, the only focus ot resistance
which offers the slightest possibility ot sav
ing the country from tho evils with which
the Douglasses, Siringfellows, Atchisons
and seek to overwhelm it.
Manufacturers ami Imporlorj of
' AMD . '
Booth West Corner of Main and Fourth Streets,
Clocks, Watches and Jewelry Hcpalr
rd and Warranted.
August 30, 1835 3ip17 . .
T the Teacher of Fairfield Connfr.
ARRANGEfKNTS hav bran niado to hold a
Toachers' ltiatitiito In Lancastor, to eommenc on
Monday the I'iret Day of Octobers
and continue till near the eloae oT th woek. Pro
rlslon will be made for the free entertainment ofLady
Taachera. Gentlemen attending lhe Institute can be
aecoin modated at the Hotela at moderate rates.
Ills to be hoped that thore will be a general attend
ance of tho Teihera of the wanly. ......
Teachers of ttu nolgli boring counties are Invited lo
be present. '
Tho drat mocUnr will bo held In the basement or
th Knrlish LulUuran Church at H o'clock A. M.
. ' v- - " JOHN WILLIAMS,
' Sept.SitH5S 3wl8 Committee of ArrangumeuU.
onodfiittBs. .
Rtbert; Kull'i Old Stani,M St., ItncttttT, Ohio.
RESPECTFULLY solicits lhe attantiunof all who
may want Groceries to Mi new and larso Stock
on hand, embracing in part, th following articles: .
. Young Hyadn. Imp. Black and Gunpowder TEAS;
New Orleans. Orunhed, Loaf and pnlrerlaed Sugar;
, Golden and Sugar House Kyrop, N. O. Mola;
Hise, 0 ranees, Lemon, Plga, Kaislna, PllberU .
and Almonds! .'..' . . '
SugarCured HAMS; Dried Bef, Bolonga Sausage,
Cbeeae and Splees; '' - . 1 -
Soaps, Dy HtntTa, CanSlo, Tnb and Buckets;
A7 o 1 . K r a a RrnAms. fsTC.i dtO. - : -.-'
-ALSO A Sne lot of Chewing Tobacoo, Smoking do
Foreign and Uomestic i-iquora, notions, ate.
1 S..I ht sit who m&Y fsrvnr me with a Call
will notgoeway.diBsMisftod with, my, pticea, ovan If
they should not Dainaueeu 10 ouy. .
i . I will have LAKB FISHof allklna.
M. B. COUKTRV PPODUC taken In exohang for
'IF. unileriicn?3 will sell nt public sain, on the
County F,ir ground nearLitncuator, Ohio,
Oil the 8 Jd & 2th dnys' of October
next a.vnriety of fine Stock, .
OnthJ-ici or wrtumns sinis ssh .10 aiw u. um:
lliornugh bred, abort horned, Durham 1'ultle C.n
KlsTHig of 4 eoira, three rear old barters: one year
ling lile'ur; ahiefercalvo."-. 4 Bulls; one Bre year old;
one three year old, oii- two year old and on year
ling; and one lireyenr old-prduiium .stijjr, weigh
llit!3UU lbs.
'ive Jacts, conjistlng nf ''Moliawk" the b?st Jacks
in Ohio and "Comniod.ire," "Grjy Eaiclf". aud one
yearling mid one sucking colt, boll of great promise
and all of superior fctuck. .
Kevii Uenuetu, cooisting of throe full grown,
aerrud bj "Mohawk'1 last summer one two yvar old
two yeurltngsuuu. one suckling con, unoi nue sue
aud bone.
One pair of very lnrge and Hne mare .-.lui is.
Fjftv bead of urode Cows, Hit'fjra and Calves
some line .Milkers. Thecows hare till breu hulled
during the lust sJua.in, by thorough brod burhum
nuns. ,
OntheSttli. he will oT'r ?5 hend of Hhrses. mostly
work horses, served by tbo Jack "ilohawk" luat tani-
mer among tins stock i a nno yenning premium
Filly, out of the thorough br,id H-irse CUy Trustee.
nllouiu any 01 iu.i wioi-a nrai infu.o uinwi-iitu
he utlerod mi tlu 23d the saiuj wilt be oif-'red on the
2 Itli instant.
Terms or sale i months credit, upon me par
chuscrii giving not-- with approved sureties.
1 1 X . li Jl ... ...
Laneaetar, Sep., 13, 1MJ.. .
J ty, onto, are hjrt.hy notittcd to meet ou the
Socoud Tuesday of October Xext,
usual pluces of holiliiigeleclions in the aovcral towu
shiiis in aa d county, aud procsed to ballot according
to law, for - . ..
ne Governor forthe State of Ohio;
One Lieut. Governor,
Oue ScorUiry of Slide; -i.
One Auditor of State;
Ono Treasurer of State, '
One Altonu-y General;
One Supreme Judge for full term: .
One Supremo Judge to fill vacancy;
One Member of the Board of Public Works;
One Senntor, for the Senatorial District ro nposcd
of the counties of Fairfield, Hocking and Athens;
Two Representatives for tho county or FairtleM;
One Trcasuror forthe county or Fairgeld;
' One Commissioner;
Ono Inftrmary Director For the County or Falrfl. l.l.
The Trustees of tha several townships arc also here
by notified, to select Judlciou persons, huvin Hie
iiialilicAtioiu of eieclora, to serve at Grmid and Pe
tit Jurors for the ensuing yea , as follows:
Groenfleld 4; PlensuntS; Hlchlaml 4: Hocking 5.
Total . as furnished by the Common Ploaa Clerk. -
Tho Trustees of the several townships of Fairtleld
countv nro also hcrebv notiffed to select judicious fr
sons, ii.-irlng the o,nalittcatiouaa electors to serve as
Jurors in the Probate Court of aaid county, for the
ensuing year, us follows:
Hocking township 33 Rnsuceesk 1U
Walnut " 13 Violet - .........11
Madison ......... 1 Clearcreek - ...s W
Liberty ' 99 Ploasaut .' ... 13
a .,,,,, In II) Bern IT
GreondiiM 13 Richlnml .... ... .1"
Bloom M lotal 1"
Asfurnislied hvtho Probate Judra; an 1 return a list
nf the same in each case. Willi till rosp?ciivo pou
booksof saldeloction, according tolaw
Given undor my Hand ittis lum any o. n.-pi-marr.
' Beptemlior 13 4wl Sheriff of Fatrfliold county
In addition to the abflr ereat fealt.r-s ia tho t. ir
tle:itid MuiiuKerie. will Iw performed each eveai&g
the Grguous Pantomino entilica
HTH3 .Hisr.lt OF BAGDAD,"
which will be nroduced in a stvle of magnillrnce un
surpa-setl by any traveling Exhibition, the Maauzrs
bsviug spared no paius orexfnss 11. m&King 1111? in
"Xe plus L'ltra" of psrf.irmancssln the Circle. This
piece will be presented with all the splendor of the
s.rma. asperfirm.'d at the principal Theatres In llu
Cities of Sew York snd Philadelphia, where it had a
sjecessful run of upwarda of l&uuigbte. It need ouI
to bj seen t' uj aje.Teciated
Aeg'itl0.1ci'.-lS S.B.LF.05AHD, Agent.
Ue Fair a.imi-lhin!: Nrw!
that I have a system of lamina wild nurse which 1
challenge the whole world to enlal, and which all the
curi-ius and unbelieving can have nn opp'.rtunry of
lestinr al oor Stati Fair. I take them In their natur
al stiae, opj-erule upott their Intelligence by the art of
teat- ilntr tneiu mv win, wnica 1 ciaim iuej iituwi .
readvei willlnetob-;y. 1 use no a-s.r.artfor aags or
any kind to.put them rtnder sa.y unnatural InBenice.
whatevur; aud I win unve in ngni narnass to a ugut
sulkv any wild, runnawa. klrklng or balking horse
that can he produced, wit bom bis running away kick-
111,-or baltin.-.
I will ride the irorst hrs that een be brought me,
aud willcurry anumbrella, buffalo robe, drum, oroth
r frightful oblectes on hors-slhat have aluajsj.een
kuowii to fjsr s ich things, without their becoming
frightened. I will take cults that have never been
htiidled and in a very ahort time make them stand
where 1 leave them without holding, and come to me
at my command and run after m.-. Aud will make
any horse however wild and vicians lay down in fif
teen minutes, and lake his feel in my arms and kuock
Ills feet together.
l will b.. in Cdurnhns during thi srsii al the State
Fair for tha pir-oe of teaching this science lo all wbo
may wish to learn il. Any one wanting rarthor panic
nines, or whlshimrtn receive instructions will Undue
at the United Slates Hotel, any time between the
bou-sor fiau.1 nine in the morning. aed 5 and 7 in the
evjnlng. I have a hook ef instruction whi. 1 s-!l
Any one receiving a copy of this book can do any
thing with the bor.e that I teach. For the benefit of
very 1 luoor tn or mor?, 1 w.11 oppsruie no nnj
urse they cbeose to bring me. J.S. BAKEl.
I hav? received Instruction of J.S. Rarer on hi
theory of taming wild horse.; have tried Hon all
kind or homes wun perieci succe-., -.-- uu an ,ua, ne
propose in his bill wilh any horse; and believe that
nv ordiuarv man mai nas uis incur, um.c,
n,,rai.;,l I S. rarev-theon' of .lrivinr lioraes.
a i..i'...v .hnirMPtiro of it to be a Certain ruarante
neaiast horse runninir away or kicking, and bilieve
that anv one that has his the ry can drive any horse
anv pla'-s in li-inuslh.t thsy mny choou te hitch
iln, Wltaout DM SiCiing nrnipmiit""
T h-ir-. J. S. Rtr?y Ink wild eolt. bjata dram
on them, nuke them lay down, follow nun, rc: nave
con him ride a wil l horse auerne nao mrown n.s n-
ler, inarm short liui;,- withott ti3 nors3 tning 10
throw him. WJj.T.uocatB.
I have 3 jo J,S.Rarjv theory tested to my aatia-
f-ictiou, bjlievj it to b; the lt mJthod by wnieh
horse oan bj broke, an 1 would recco.umend it to all
those that want tn hindle wild Uorefa.
8- ilemlur 13, I8jj 1 lav i.ibiai-i".
RESPECTFULLY trfnnn$ the rltlieiiaof Uncasf-ff
ani ririntiy. that he bu opQtwA ft new ofc-
iiuiHr nertk pott emmer mfMnin, Strtut m4 tke
Pabtte 8t,ur. h3re b wilt ronnunUy ktfrfi (tn IrBntf "
X Wfli ttnrted hUcfc of Cfecttentwf, Vwiirsf e.
He if prepare'!, on nlnn ioitve, a do any kind of
Baiitz tn ! line, in a mufiHer warrnCeri t .te8i. -C1.1DY
iuuiiufa-ntCA4 audtutitl wktleiml tfrfrft.
), Or Seoahcv f 1 Tobacco, lh vnr Iwst will alaU
urr.e l foui.d it the Cit ConfJetrOPtsry.
Uuringprocured a room for tbe purpoe.ha w
t prparod lo accommofufe Ijidfe and GentltMfaen
wilh l;a CrIi.ii ind unvm mfreHmtht . ,
LaiiCiMtor, Jul) 3tl, lrW
TOlt .MA I. P.
I WILL 9 at prlrute aalf mt Berff fownnWf Farmy
iiuutd S4 milo Ktiuth of lancaftirr, ton-niiln
a.wiu ix U mi 'It1 ft Acrra, . .
Qt3ltoutj?0 Acretef PiKST CLASH Hurttomfp
i- boitiim, and the rsidu fatr bill aL iip-jLjisL
Uud. well timbered, and watered ty never fail If)
Siirini. ' - - .
Ab-iut SEVEXTY-THBEE Acres of the Bottomland)
He to the KflHtoftb Rritltlns Valley Canal, and may
bo oW jwj.amtely if 4eirrd; but the romta ar
ponuerlod h a ood phvate Canal Pridpe.aKd ifreth
wr will make out ot Uif ba( gtatrk fantka In Ceo
talQhio. . -r-
The whole of th Bfttmn 1,9 Wititlf at T
tha Land are 'inder ewlti ratio. - Tlxe entire preinlea
areeiiclod with rtubatantia! new fence and tha House?
BarA, Graiieriet, Ae. nrefood.
Pmniaa will be ic.Tvia time for ptnttnf vnt
Full crop.
It csn he arm nre d If dMired, to retain the largef
part itf the piirbuae niuney for a term of joara -at
ineiit.drc. apply to Win, Bartlett.
!.or to f. n. Kwlng
Jul) 19, 1835Utf
For full information or to the prfco, terwa-f py
niyto win. Hartiett. itq. on the nre ml-'
e, or to P. ft. Ewlnjr.-orthe autrtcribr t Lncnitinr
1. bin 1 21 Cr.
Dry Goods fur Spring & Sninmcr.
No. 74 West Foorth Street Cincinnntt.
' Offers as usual, to their customer; and others,
Ladle' l)res Goods, of all kinds of Fabrics, Shawls
and Mautlllus; ntuoroiuonos ano uii-bs, ninin.,
Hosiery, die; Linens, Muslins, and all kinds of
. . plain fabrics; Housekeeping Goods, great .
vnrlety. Also
Business eondutted on the one price principle
Prlcea marked t rates as farorahl to purchasers a
can be afforded by an houa engaged lu a regular
Persons rlslling Cincinnati ara respectfully Inrlted
to call and examine uaods ana prices. April a 40
' On Wheeling Streft,
.ir.18 now olTerlnit tha nubile
tyVe and variety of Carriagoatgjf-
A FAUM FOR HAl.lv. 1
ins e acres. AO of theui iuinrsireU uttU under cul
tivation, on which Is a ffoort Orchard. Tire Ijtndra of
eveellrnt uaiits jind situated in affoed nelyrhhorhood.
1'erm one-half ooan, the balance iH four annual pay
menu with interest. Kor further information enqntrer
oftbe subscriber ou the premise. S. J. UUSMMr.
August 16, 1E3S-I5lf
OFFICE In lslliiiaJirc Hlock, Maia Sreel,Ucaa
t.-r. Ohio. rcrr.
rrof. V. I. Williams, yk. tt.. I t.J
H. P. Galchell. N. 1). ClercJano.
' A.O. Hlair. M.D..Colunibtis. " '
J. H. Pulte.M. !., Cincinnati. ; pril U
l t t U s
ItS&aff'r'iXi Blctl: betwtrn Ht Tallmudf II out
ani S.ff " Hotel,
IF jut niiened a uirce and bcnutiril asaori
iuciit of KEA1IY .MADE TLOTH1XG, o-
cctherwitn as ctiolce scieeuou 01 i,.'. vawmt
rnrrca and Feotioira. Allofwhich has boen select
ed with great care and with special reference to the
ants anu ta.sis 01 miscoiuiuui.i,..
Ifulmi eTtiericnce In this branch of ha1ncR, is a
sure iraraiitce that his alock embraces the choicest and
best vartctv, una nis purcnase un, ot-cn mae lumu im
terms thathe caii soil at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PHI
The pnhllc are respectfully reqnestcd to call and ex
amine his assortment. Ho has on hand a general as
sortment of ...
s U n E n n S3 n,
tnd I tit all tftnes iirerta'rod "lo accommodate Ma old
r.Un.is. either with an eaiwllent article of Ready made
r-lnthi.if.ortft MASl'PACTUBE TO OHDEK, nut of
Hie besl material and Or most accomnuaneo wura.nen,
aiiylloofs:arnienu,FOR IES aDB0VS, in the
nest ana most lasninnaoie Hiannnr. i.c ib.imu.cuv, .
this respect, that he can gre general an.isiacuoo.
HlauiwortUienl euinrncesaguuerai yarioij o.
Linen fonts, Twrtlnes, Suspenders,
Dress do Pantaloons,, . Hosiery,
c..k .It, Cravat.. I'ndershlrt.
Carpet-bair", totclhor with af! other article usually
kept in a Gentleman's Furnishing Store, aud manufac
tured lu tile num 11ts1nu.iM.Mr si. il-.
t.i,M.n norrhdsed ofwell-csublished honaes In
the Eastern cities, and soii s rarrW, to be made of
geod maletial and iuadurahie manner.
ne respeniuiiy ui.v w u. m .
to call at hi new establishment, where he will at all
time he readv to wait upon thera with onon onno T
ras t.nwtfr iiTts. To lest hi promises, he aska an
examination .ihia stock in trade aud taa ayle and nual-
lly 01 nis inanuiacxvire. - i..v..,w.
ncaster, Maya, lco4.
X Va w
jrar r rirt f
STARI-E'S I1UOH 8'roui?,
Opposite Sl.pffev' III l.aHcsiater, Olist
JOSET AfOOK and olher Comafllkhi from Poischt
Autobiography of an Actress, by Mra. MowatlV'
Journey to t'ei.trui Africa, by Bayard Taylor
Kansas aud Neb. aska, by Hale ,
Kunny Memoriesof Foreign Lands, by Mrs. Flow
The Belter Land, by Thompson
Napoleon & his Army, The Camp Fires of Napoleon
A line lot of Annual for IcSj, and a fine lot of small
Gift Kooksof all ktu.la.
Catholic Prater Kork. Episcopal Prayer Books.annl
a larirc lot of Family Bibles and faciei Hrblcs at
rciluced prices.
Sriionl Uooksand Stationery at WholeaIe& Retail
Pocket Wallets, Port Monies, and Poo Knlres, for'
ale aithe Rook More of JOHN KEARI.KH,
Oct. 1M, 1S54 Si " ' " . Ofpooito fitrfftr't HaMi
THE subscriber will oll on the Jilk fjr of 0ctH4
next, on the premises, the Farm of 200 Aeree.
situated 5 miles r.a;t or lancaster. on in 01a aiiaitf
ntd, and lately known as the -'Pvter Macklin Farm.'
Alao, at the mote time and place wllr be auld oiu
Valuable Cauls il HI lie Is Caws
Or. - Brass Clock, Honsehold and Hltcben Furniture
Farming Utensils. Vc. too tediousto mention.
Term of SiU On Farm mh -third caah in frsmdis
one-third in one. and one -third in two year wilh In'
lerest on the deferred payment from (he duy of aale
secured by mortgage ou the proinlsiia
On personal pruu,orty, an unAr ond)r ,jj cash In
baud. and nil ruins over that a moo lit 9 HKAilfa eredl
upon note wilh approved security.- - -
1 ' MfCHAEl r3ACAM.W.
. Etbcntor of Peter aLacklin,-deoasd..
August 23, lt-Si-0wl - -. : . -,. -
'rPSo merset papers please copy till day of salo knit
so nil bills t Executor. ..',.' ..
rTdI!uiririus nn'suroasaed for beauty, durability am
cimsnness bv suv thlurofthe kind ever offered In till
section of Ohio; Having secured the services of the
most accomplished workmen, he ie able 'to compote
with any similar establishment West of the moun
tains. My material Is all Drat quality. nnd all work
warranted for one year." Persona dusiroua f l",p
chssing will please eall ndsjamlue my stock.before
purchasing lawhr. . .
rt-pHo laalso-prepared'to ! and-rr. any worK
persona wis doivv, -I"""1 ,'S' VSWr T
sTToitxr axn roc!teiLoa T Law,' jtstice or
raaca aao stMast lno ubxt,.
Lancaster. Ohio
WILL give attention to the purchasing andseiuri
of Keui Estate, also, to the vrotutlag of
slous and Bounty Lands.
OFF1CK in lite ortcK uioca, noanv ..r
Hocking Vally Bank. t , , , may 18 WM ,
' ; ' - " NOTICE. ''.''.?
rriHE anhwrlbcr respociriUly Inform his frtetldi 1 and
I public In general, that he ha much enlarged his
a to tho rarietv. He haajust opened and haafor" ante
- -'- inarkrrrl of th beat quality.
C!;rl'Ii5AIo, beat Picfclinff Vinpiar, and
iiii'lSocK ot Drr tiootl to suit customer
11 of which will ho told low for cash or approved coun
trv 1 reduce at hi Old aland, comer of Broad. 1 1
VVindlng Streets, and nearly opposite Hie I road wtf
Hotel, r I. CriUatCH
N. H. Butter, Bacon, Lard and Corn Meal wanted
JLincaslor,Scptcniberl,lBS4-r20 . , '
t . ..
AS removed his office le .'' eorner. Kaalof
th Court Houso. opposite toe unto Kagi uiitck
.. -liriiancaster.Oclabcrao,!?.-.!!!
Dimolntlon of Prtsierhiti.'
"TOTICB lahorcby glvon, that the rjr.mn1prtPiT.
i toforc existing under the uaiuct,d style of UKUIt
S B.ti'GHMAS.waa on the 51 h day nfJuly.dlssnlvcdi
by mutual coiwant. Tlw book and aceounl ar lar
the hand of ROBERT KEEfl at the old Htandfora
tlement. KOBEKT HHKB.
July 12,18M. IwlO - jotta navunaK...
h. C. nUTC'lTr
Cb sr"Ou'l.r) repeciruHj- Inform the
cltlaeuaof Lancaster and vtrlul
YS ty. ihnt be ha opened a Chop In Mar-
hV tlnft How, wltewhs- ta-eireperert to re'
R imirall kind ofWalche, Clock and.
Jrwelrvwlih neafnewand dlsnatt-h.
irrAH work warrtuited tn perlorw well..
Lancaster. Juue 14, 6tf
-arTKTEmiwthav funds br-1h tint of :A
II V Aacnst.- And we wisneii our cus
tomer wbnse aceounta nav 1101 s vs
nettled forthe lastalx mouths to caH and
close tbein before that date-. ' ,..--.
MeEl.ROY- Dll.l.Iituo'
Lancaster, Jury W, pa. . ,. . -
GnzeU iariildit';- Pohlltr Sitfia, fca
' .: 1..(t. trxvtn
ERPECtFt'LI.Tcaila allenllon to Lit excellent
assortment of Pmrmt. Collmro, tfhijto-. Tmkt,
rarmtB.te- HI stock of Hsjmecom-trtM HilTr
Bss and Black Mounted Buctry and Carriage Ham;,
also Waffon snd Plowdo. all ofwhlch cwnnoth ft'
nasa'ad Inlh eltf . eifher vlnc. workmmbtpor terst
prices. Betas alao a triniwliig shop, Ma
Brt-rgf t -rriae Tr(imlift.
will ba eVo on short noHoie in mnriortyiv "
I.ineastcr.JuiieSa, lflS-ljS ... ' , .". s
rep6rt8'carly.' " ';'. . ';., ;-
ett by aty m tue uaitea oiates, v
Groceries. - " LatiC4',er, Juue I, low eu -

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