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OFF1CK OIJ Hul.lle It ill.linj Sontliciut cornor ol
TKit M.f Oue'ynnrln m1vmipo,$3,n0; t the expir.
tlDti ..f l'u yo'iin J J,5(l; Clulu of tottj 15,li0j CI!bjtf
lityttvo, JO.tM). ' , , .
Otia S. 1'iarai V) tlnon (rli'W thrco lniurtionj - $1,00
Kaefc udOiUvml inMrtlon -W
OmSmm '.V. 3,(M , 4.IKI ..i).Wt
Tw.i u- j - .... '-..' , 6.UU 9.(10-
Tlirjo. . ! ' ,K) e,X) i 13,W
Oiio-r.urth column . -' J4.HI
Oiie-thlrd ". . .00 12,00. 16.00
One -half ' io.o : . -ia,m i SS,0
Una " 14.U0 Sll.00 0,IHI
VoaHy tirtler U"' tlte. prWIlugu of renewing
their n(Wrlls!uient. ; . -
7TJBulueiw Cnrd, not exeillnr on Kiuaro will
balntortsd, rir mibwrilion, at 85,00 per jcar, non-
i bjorlbera Wllt-ba charnad S,0A, '; " i-
Tharday BIorwiMg. SciaMSJ
Prom llio American Cllppor.
AmcrUam t. Uemmogucs nnd Fore it u
cr.' . '
The elmrgo I corftlnually being rfnila
by our Saif Niclit. opponentss that . lite
American or Jer liava tveitlVcr principles nor
policy which they do, or dare make public;
and hence (hoy impute to them oulrajrc and
ruin, treachery and treason against all tho
institutions of our countryr claiming fur
thomSelvns purity of .purpose,' wisdoirt in
action, and lore for Ilia dear people.y
" . I propose, for the especial bene-tit of tliese
(nrjuisinvo gentry ,: to cull thiir' attention
fo a (Single item of our present system of
tax ition, and fusure them most positively,
that wa "proprso to revolutionize,, to uis.
solve, to repeal, and totally abolish it; not
boqausa we arc opposed to taxation on the
contrary, wo are in favor of an honest, effi
cient, an I equitabld y's'.om of taxation, one
tli at shall amply provide the means for all
(he .legitimate purposos' of government
. but became -we hold our present lar to bo
acomponnd of foolishness and favoritism.
. Ign trance an l inoqaality, tfnil i-uulr'a
di-igrace to the freemen of Ohio.
... ft has become fashionable to-shed miro
tears over the" misfortunes -ofthe .".strong
than over those of the wjak, who need pro1
(notion, aa. I consequently "many of .us,, ill
poaking of the otitrnge8o( 'onr tax l.uvs,
' are raosteloqunt upoa the burtliens heaped
upon, bank, bankers, and the mon'ied in
atitutions of our' country.. True, they are
taxed some sevenrfold, mi l most wickedly
treated; with crow-bar laws,. anil. all llfnt;
but they are a stock that easily fnttens,nnd
can readily find good pasture. ... But to mi;
there are features in said law much more
to be deproctted than the one above allu.ieJ
to. 4I speak ..Qf.'liat portion of tha law
whjcb airocts the- tax-gatherer to goi to
iraothy ., Tugmuttoti, v an 1, .ransack , his
pockets, .his pantry, Ins ff iiTQt,.his ciil it.
his kitchen, fiis .parlor his every whero, in
. fact, schodulizing as lie goo, and whfln
through, he. says, "Well, Tim, what arc
.Ihose things worth in cash?" . ' .
' Tim answers, Vl can't exactly say, but
I caa toll you what I am to pay for the in;
I am poor,' and a new beginner I pur
chased, them of my old friend Reuben Re
tailer on' a' credit 'of twtlvo months, and
m to pay him out of my earnings of this
year.;.:', It seems .hard. for" mo to have to pay
taxes on my labor, a year in advance."
.;-. OI13oor.."CanH help that; no offsets
anowod.''; And away ho goes to friend
Reuben.. :. ' . -
. .. Hurra for democracy I "How are you
EdqT. Retailor; I have come- for. a. list of
;',your: taxable property.". . .',; ,!-'".',- . ;
Esquire:' "Veil, veil, I isl) got him nil
rolty ." ' The officer looks over it, "Why;
Ksqaire) yQii.'Jiava forgotten to put down
your moneys, notes', book -accts., monthly
verages. xfco., &rj.' 'i :'.".i .f';.
Esar.-"V)1I. ish dat it. -I an't no tell
Vut all dat stuff mean; I ish no rich rrialin.
ean; 1 ish no rich malm, I
I. buys' my tings of Capt: Wholesaler mit
-eretit, and I owes him more as All my
: Votes and book counts put together.'
Ol6oer.-r''I can't help that; tW law al
lows no bOftets, and then you know h ione
of democratic laws, and we must not com
plain."" " ; " " :. '"; ' '-" .'.:..' ",,
' Esqr -'Py jirigs dat ish youst excisely
one of do tings vat I left old Sharmany for."
Next be calls on Capt: Wholesaler, 're
ceives bis list and inquires, "Captain, does
this embrace all your moneys, notes, book
'accounts, etc.? ; ' 4 . '
Captain." Well not. exactly; but
abut you know the custom of doing busi
nijss in this country is on time--:six; 'nlno
anJ twelve months.- Now I buy of Ma
jor manufacturer, and sell to retailor,
all on time, and I thought it but just-to
'Withhold as much as would balance. my
indebtedness." . ; 1 .. :
Officer. "Tut, tut. Captain, you know
the law allows ho offsets; so render up or
look out for the consequences."
v- ; Next in order he calls upon Major Man-j
ufacturer, who complains of tba law, and
'Bays tathe officer: : - -: ; -
"I, sir, purobase my raw material. of
; tbe producer,, and, either directly or indi
rectly, on time, and think in justice I am
' required to render no more property for
taxation than I absolutely own."
The officer, putting bis finger to his
nose, says: ''Ahi Major, you want a pro
f'tectire tariff, I think; you had better keep
quiei and, render up, or: we will knock
" ' youf biisinoss into a cocked-bat by intro
f duoing the doctrine of free trade." . lt..v
' Next cornea Peter1 PigmetaL with bis
'"lost bf neighbbr's all engaged in produc
ing the raw material.- s They By that we,
.-C : :V
too,!hrivo ih
"KJatfVffloneV fromi General
Bankers' to ,k
K?p up our-business, mA
ought in justice td rttfset onr credits against
our debts.. . llut ntf, the law iorbids it.-
NpVgen'temen., down with your dues of
vtry deserijl'-iori, and we will-make your
L)i;6ditQrs pay taxes on your debtsi-' ,;, ;'Z
Last cotnes fieneral Bankers with iiis
8ov.aq-fold. Jjui tliens. , . But' hush,' .-he. lias
the advantage f as-j-he citn-'work when
ho pleases," or suspend busineaa al plaast
urf.'Hfs money is hi own; he. can. buy
real CRtato and grow rich by renting, or
vest his funilsr'in "wi1J-rtMinii'kfn'to somo
adj.iiuing StaU'all to iho injury of the
business of the country. :
Ilere'is n yitiiu of taxation Riipromely
ridiculous, "and grossly ojiprosive'r irr vio
lation. of the constitution and the first prin
ciples of bui republican' formj of .govern
mentv- A eystem'by whielj the shylock
and Wnvvb.r, nud the. absolute, real, proper
owner can live and grpw fat--the one by
exoi'bitaut interests, and tho otlior by rent
and profits,' and they filuno can escrtpo by
single taxation. All others, tho nrtizen,
mechanic, the 'plo,wmrui "and )aborcr4 the
consumer yes, the" consumer, iinro to pay
from two to teii-fuld taxation,. .
?';Thfl i -wholesaler, the Retailors and tlealc
ers have but oua nlternati've either to add
taxes with other charges to first cost or
faJMn- businoss.f Thus- the conSiner Jia"s
the bulk of tho burtlieu (o bear.
And now let nie ask, who nro the Solo
mon' that devised this beailtiful scheme ?
t answer,, the lovers of the dear people; the
Sag.Niuhts aliat -iha loeofooos, alia tho
sull-styled. .demderata.-. Deniocint,. did , I
say? . ! deny them the name. They aro
bastards, ,. begotten by - arch -demagogues
u Don tho bod v of madnmc nartv snirit. and
tfii:istuned by the high priest of hypocracy.
Like tho locusts. o( Egypt, they are eating
out our Hiibstance, perverting our instilu
tions. nnd corrupting our people. . Amori
cans, nroue 1 ' Conio forth to the contest
W.itli no other weapons than truth, 'reason.
and justice, ami victory js ours. Let us
down with these demaoq;ues, and call up
tho,hono'si,;thc capalile,. whawil) giv u,s a
sysicm oi raxmion uiatsiiuii nperatuequally
upon th6vpropcrty of. tho'.'wliolo cbur try,
whether vested in banking, manufacturing,
merchandizing, agriculture gew-gaws and
trinkets, or o!lii'rwio. . ;All we' nck'..t
cqa'ulitynfl.that each member of eoi-iely
5)iall coiitiibiite' in .proportion to ihc- size
of his wallet or pile; . ' 1 -', - A. B.C.;"
orrcponlouee of A merlemi Clipper. .
. Jips-' CLirpsii; Will you permit' me . to
uso a umiil.l paoo 'in your -paper for -the
pui pOsaof giving your readers in the other
townships some political itema from WhI-nutK-fThough
.I .see. you have a corrcs
pondent fioni tiiis township, ami If Walnut
writes this week', just throw this under tho"
table. ' .", r '
. .-But. Mr. Edi;or,-it would have done you
good tp have hoard Jwo of our old fogies
talkinir, a slibrt time ago, upon the subject
x poll. ics, bolting,. c. .Mr, A: asked
Mr. B. What' ha thought of thoso fellows
that: were. bailing from "the .American
ranks. Mr. B. replied that ho thought but
littlo of them; that ho. would hato to hare
themlieloiig to his -company if he was in
an engiigemen.t,.for they would certainly
run; and, said he, if I joined tho American
party I would certainly have stuck to them
until I gave them n fair trial, for I will as
sure you that their- principles are good',
Mr7 A. said, that the object was to get all
to. bolt that they could, and that there were
many soft-headed Democrats that had
"ioined iho 'Americans: that could bo: led
about just as the leaders pleased, anU it we
curt just get thom back until after this elec
tion,, we will FCrvo them as tno wiiiie pco-
plo. in .Virginia do-their old .clothes, give
ihem to the uiggcfsj'for we can. never have
any depemlence in -them naBin; and I. lim
certain that" (lie American parly will never
trust thenr acmin. ,So .Ttou 'nB.ee what
the old hunkers aro after.-nnd what thev
ti,i,ij 0f belters. .' ' .'.;. . ' . :
I llioiiarbt .from.'' rcnilini' the EnKToVde;
scription of 'the-Tliomville meeting, that
men aa well, as republics were, truly un
grateful, otherwise the Red Lodge Clique
ol tianeaster would have conlerrea me ao
ifree of M. L. fmnster of liBrs) on the ed
itors of the -Eagle. ;. .They say that the
Democrats had a meetincr enlled at ..ft ho
same lima the American meeting was.'nnd'
that it was much the largest, and that the
Americans challenged tho Democrats to-
meet them, hnd. they accepted it, and they
then biwked out, and that Dr. Flowers and
A'. P, Stono disputed on thu stand.' Ndw
the whole of that description is a notorious
lie, and the editor s knew lU ...
Tho fuels are, there was bo Democfalio
meeting called, Dr. FMwors and A. P
'Stone di.d not, disagrc 9 ,n ppO jeiin-tinient,
and the ', challenge . was given . by a , red
headed 'HoorfiR,' whov is a notorious Sag
Nndil; the challenge was accepted by Judge
AViskman, and the bag A'lcht backed out
In conclusion, permit roe to say, that the
American cause is flourishing in Walrtttt
like the green bay tree planted by the river
pidp, -and that it is composed of the very
best and truest men in the township;-the
very bosti men of. the .-old Democrat party
are in the American ranks,' and should a
few of "tho facf-onds bolt, it will only be
better for tho American cause,, for we want
no mean men in the ranks. ' . ; '
You may hear from mo again. 1
. The Knahvllle Band.
- Thanks- to the Rusbvillo Band, for the
conipliment paid. us on Saturday Inst. It
sball ever be remembered. .
j - .,y - r - wtf'
-'""" ;i A ?."':' A -I -
- e
1 U
f!ov. JWedill's ltccord-Klclit of Petition'.
While' Got. Medill wan a Representative
in" Congress, from i OJiio, .ho seems tQ have
lost tlo opportunity to slww his disregard
of Northern jights, .: This js particularly
slrdwn" by his pertinacity in restricting the
right of pelrtjonj find io liis Opposition to
John Qujiicy Adams. . , ' . '
... We gi'o below a, few.. items of record
erldetice, it) . refyrencO.'. to the Governor's
dongressional course. . . . " .
Oil the 30th December, 1833, ho toted
in favor of Mr. Wise's resolution restrict
ing the right of petition, and on the same
day he voted In favor of the resolutions' of
Mr. Garland, having in view the saine bb
ject.'' ' ' '' i ' "-
Again ; on the 14tli January, 1 040, be
voted in faror of the resolution of Mr.
Thompson, of South Carolina, and on. the
17tb of .the same month, ho voted, in favor
of tliO resolution of Mr. Coles, both having
in view the overthrow of the right of peti
tion. ' ' - . :" - - ''"'
This warfare respecting the right of pe
tition .was kept up .by. fire caters of the
South, aided by Medill, on the one' side,
and by Mr. Adams,vith his patriotic band,
on the other, among whom was Millard
Fillmore, 'until tho 23th of January, 1840,
when it was decided for that session. Mr.
Thompson's resolution was tho special busi
ness of the day, Jt was as follows :
liesolvttls Thtii unon the presentation of
any memorial Or petition, praying for the
abolition'of slavery or tho. slave trade, in
any District, Territory, or. Suite, of the
Union, and upon tho presentation of any
resolution or other paper,- touching that
subject; flic" reception of sucli "memorial,
petition, resolution or paper, shall bo con-
itidered as objected to, and the question of
its reception shall be laid on the table with
out debate or further action thereon. ;
Mr," .Adams proposed tlic following as h
Substitute! .....
Every petition presented by the speak-.
or, or by any member, with a brief vorbM
statements ot its contents, siiail be receivou,
unless objection be made to its .reception
for ppecial reason; and whenever objection
shall bo made to the reception of a petition,
the name of tho member objecting, and the
reason oi : the objection, shall bo entered
upon tho journal. The question in every
such ca8a,sha)J JJCjSiaW tht petition le re-
jtfledl And .no petition shall be. rejected
but by a majority of the members present;
Whereupon'.'Wm. Cost Johnson, of Mit-
rylnnd, offered tlic following'as an amend
ment to the amendment of Mr. Adams:
?That rio volition,. memorial,' resolution,
or, other; paper,' praying- the abolition ;ot
slavory in tho Distriotof Columbia, or any
State or --Territory, or the slave trade be
tween tho States or Territories of the Uni
ted States in which it now exists- shall be
received, by this . House, or entertained in
any way whatever-f ' : .
Upon the Cnnl'vote 'bh the" adoption of
the amendment, as upon nil previous votes,
Mr. Medill voted in the affirmative; And
thus, by, a majority. of .."only ...six-, t'ofc, tlie
(wonty-first rule,-; known as the "gng,
sprang Into ''existence. ' r- -'
A&ain-: on the 13th April. 1040,-when
Mr. Adams' presented the joint resolutions
of the Legislature of Massachusetts, alfirm-
ing tho right of petition, and asking a ro
scission of the twenty-firet rule, Mr. M
dill, true to bis instincts, voted against the
reception of the' resolutions; and thus Was
one of the old original commonwealths da
tiled the poor privilege even of a hearing.
We nave careiullyooked through the
whole of Mr. Medill's Congressional ' rq-
cord, and have (ailed to lind a single in
stance where bo spoke or voted on behalf
of freedom; and while-the ''old man elo
quent" was devoting the brief remnant of
his useful and honorable ito to thu cause
of civil Jiberty, he had the mpttijoa.ljon to
find in ono of free Ohio's sons, an oppo
nent as persistent arid unfelenting as any.
whom he encountered from tho -South.
' What friend of .the venerated" Adams
shall now be found rewarding Mr. Medill
with bis surpoTt ? . t. .t:. ... ai.wT.t ;
Mr. Medill What Is he!,
As editor of the Oazette, some two years
ago,1 we reviewed the jpaSt hfstbry of this
small great'n)aoY ,ah'd .a, full. analysis
of his chArnctcr. - Time has but served to
strengtheft the opinions wbioh we then ex
pressed. Although Medill has been in of
fice almost - uninterruptedly for tho last
t wen ly years, we ue ty any one to pom t to
any great and usofnl measuro whicli was
over originated by. him. :.W? defy any one
to show that ho has ever dono anything to
promote the prosperity bf. Ibis .county and
city,. The history of bis past life sho.ws
that ho lias been a mere politician bare
fully following the lenders of bis party
and never daring 'to take an-independent
stand upon any question
1 is vain to inquire what great tervlces
Medill "has performed ?of the country for
the thousands of dollars ho lifts drawn from
the publio treasury. .Ho baa 'made bis
mark no whero. One thing he has done.
He has gained a peculiar claim to the title
of Dnuaoors. - ' :. .'
- iv
jjp ' ' yi;-V -.-f
,. m.i. .jug. 1 ...i.
ji Duww .Towktmib. Sept. X0f J 855;.;
Ed. Amen.. Clipper; ia former issii
of your papcr,lnouoed.an article request.
ing the different towoahips of the county;
t eid 4heirtomrrjtireatlrjns takf to
let the Rod Lodge. OJique lhow what Was
going -on and if tins shouU .meet with
your favor; you would oblige your humble
servhot vei'y much by giving it an inser
tion in your .excellent paperi g y , ; :
- I ahv an old line Democrat, , and , baV
long been a zealous defcudcr of adomocrat
ic principles nod domoerattb oternrhent;
but when riien, in :their, official capaeity,
becotile so eontnminated witheoYruption,
abuse the station they occupy, rob the trea
sury, and expend the public funds in elec
tioneering purposes,.! deem it high :timo
to sdetire the piiblic treasury against thoir
tenacious and avaricious desires. - -.
, Men who love and;regard American in
stitutions, should expunge those insidious
purlolnersof tho publio treasury from their
memories, i.and .denounca them as tcoun
drelt and dishonbst political aspirants, who
look not to- the prosperity and welfare of
the voters mid tax -payers who elevate them
to the bigh- 6laiiona they occupy, but to
promote the interests and carry out the de
sign of thbir own selfish politlcal ends. .
And 1 would ask the, supporters of the
Red Lodge Clique, in fhe name of heaven,
how have the duties off bur official agents
been discharged? , Why,' not a s'mgl-ior
dividual. ot ..them an answer, -but .-who
can ? 1 should suppose- the editor's of the
Pope's orenn,; that .i)iwuinilula sheet, the
Ohio Eagle. V. I:- ,;!' .r u
' But the talented 'joiihg editor of that bf
gan, ;:j .' u" ' " '
Rtnrtia ft-oia M iranca, a do' bf linnvon Inspired,
GntApfl tils keen piu, Uli uiltiilitli,! Ilril,
Hlxpol tlii (rlouiiunnd hripliluc "Inntw tho r.-i
Oftiug Nk-htim, e'l'dt'd li' Uis potent away, .
and thus denounces tlie members of tho A-
mcrican order, ' as bthin'""Jartg-lunlcrH,
midniyht tltnkt, and It bunditti of murder
ers anil assassins, oalh-bovnd, nefurioua,
and liberty depraved creaturci.' ' "'
Young men of 'extraordinary talent are
very apt to .soar infd. the realms of fancy
niid'fioliorr. " N6lh-vWthStnmrtTirfW"trtTorrt
ed young man is connected with so popu
lar a sheet as tho "01uo7J?," nud, his
absent-mindedness, of V-'raity and integ
vttv. wuieU ts truo testimonial or tiio tal
ented gent's moral wortli,''trite',chnrccter
iiiid patriotic spirit;, which was 'evidently
kiiowii r in ins I'ijiusiuun oi inu American
party llichland township. Althougli he
seems very liberal in his denunciations of
.this groat and glorious 'party, it seam's no
lias lorgolton lid belongs to the secret,' or
ganization of Sag Nichts, in which lie ad
ministers' flip .oath,' gives the .'pripi. signt
and 'degreei?'l 'fiad' intended to tfivd tho
oath nnd,degtoes. of this order,, but' as it
would occupy m6rapace than could rea
sonably be expected, I shall pass it by.
"0! coiisistehcyi thoU aft a jewel ?"
I could have Written in article of somo
length on tha Red Lodgo Clique, tho Ohio
Eagle't consistency,-"and the oath-bound
and demagogue ridden organization of Sag
Nichts; but as I considered it a waste of
time, as it has already been thoroughly ra
ked apd ferreted out by a more iiblo writer
than your humble servant, who has given
his candid arid well digested views of the
corrupt,, infamous and unprincipled mem
bers of the Red Lodge jpliquo,- ' '
Old Bloom, the Tionst of democracy, on
tho second Tuesday of October, will give
a snug little majority for Salmon P. Chase,
and the residue of the American ticket, al
though the efforts of the faithful few in our
township- have been: untiring; -and that
"fellow"- who was a candidate on the dem-.
ocrAtic ticket for Commissioner, at'tho Into
primary election,-may thank . Providence
tor his defeat, hut be more thanklul lor his
escape from the "'clutches ?' of' a "Big
Knbw. Nothinff" who was about to f.'yoke'
him. whenibe unfortunately fell into a Von
Amorfaarf brothren, I would recur to the
Amerionn' spirit -to ilefend s,- that epir-i
it .which-1ms. enabled us to surmount the
trreatest difficuhiesand overcome the mich
tv band bPdesnotismi that . 'spirit" whioh"
will evcr'tcn As the safo-gnard of 'Ameri'
can liberty".'" 'Ofi ybur integrity, your love
bf freedom ami your votes, greatly depend
the J'seouritv oS vour most sacred richts,"
nd . the futurq prosperity and weliure ot
the great ''American people. ' Apd. on the
second Tuesdny ;of October,-' 'the mighty
voice of the bnasseil of.Ohio' will rosound
through, the" country, in ohe: unanimous
appeal that will establish her tranquility.
and secure for the freeman of the Stato of
Ohio a Governbr who will "regard the leg
islation of bur State and: promote the inter
ests of her' freemen. i iri -,-!., :
.. .; I -; r l '.. A DEMpCRAT;
An IntamOus' SEnMost Tfid American
Organ"; published at Washington City,
Sunday last was obsefved'jri Richmond,
..a.,.a? a day of thanksgiving, for tliQ pre:
servdtion of its'ciiwens from the scourge o
y'ollow fever. .The Roman Ca'tholiq Bish'-
on. McGill. availed himself of the, occa
sion tb insin.ualo' that the cittea'-of -Nof folk
and Portsmouth Were desolated by the yel
low fever as a judgine'ot of-(hi. Almighty
Ood to punish their inhabitants for voting
the American ticket last spriug. u ntortu
natoly for the Bishop's "argument," the
Mayor of Norfolk, wnon the, fever broke
out, was a Catholio, and was one of the
victims of tho fever. Besides, how bap
pena.it .Richmond,' Fredericksburg, .and
Alexandria, all pf which gav the Ameri
can ticket large majorities have not been
visited by the yellow fever
..' ...J ' .
' l-rii-'.t'V.-1:s
t lt
j.Mijj.ir - j1 ,ijijiLLqmn-iiinnii u
v XThe Eigla has' many bittcdenurj
ciations to 'bestow upon "the 'oif.
Well may it have, for who arethe t'usioo
iU We tidy tine irert best rheij bf all
partios, who have united in the support of
CImsa as (lie ri-ii embody rfietlt 4 Wpo: 1
tiort to the further cxtwiwoo of slavery
Tliijis the 'substance' rof the FtrfciofT-plat-
fdrtfi. . 1 ' '..tt,t' J " - ' .
. I he editors or tlie EaIe would do well,
tJ j . ' ' ; "...
therefore, cMe,charging the JpLb
can party" with favoring negro suffrage; arid
wishingW dissolve the Union,' c; The
people of" Ohio are too intelligent to be te.
eeived by such cliarges.jTbby know "that wLe,7 fjMt-lo-th highway to bell;
V; f li" t" ' ". . 1 bea ha believe that-it i chanty to ter
yon are . harf for they know . what therr ; tur5t ,nd piety to mwdtr iw hom ,,
own principles aro. Your Character as . looks upon as enemies to bis Ood, it would
aemagogues are only tne better established jUe auura toetpect mercy, or look tor (ol
by this vile attempt to "niisrepreseut the ra'i"U.; .. . -.--'(
.entimenVan'jntclligent party,- d"f' we have to
- ir i ' :, "' r. , . " V; ' dread is tha prevalene of the mischiavou
Much M the Eagla.men say about I u- aogma. that tl.e Pope U supenor to the
sionists, they very "Strangely wnit tft ay Constltuiiolii and can absolve hi flock
anything about the fusion of the Slave-Da- .
piocraqy ajid the Catholic- foreigners.
Cap.-you deny, .sirs,; lhat,all , Us. large
class of men are koting wiUi your parfy ! ,
uiv onv inu. imi uuv ine iiiuu-
ence and supporrof 'cry Cafliolic. prie'st
(J 'i"l.-"Y.'.'.l' o ' t.'-' ' 'L 'S' . i.'-r ' . '
-'- ,- ' ,, ' n e'i
....uruu, v '""""
priests, you.did not contribute largely of
ypur means to found, nunneries and build
uiuioiiu cimrciies i , via you ever dare
to denounce the attack of the Catholics up-
on our noblo schools? .' Were
you not 6i-
lent when Bishop Young pronounced the ;
free schools of this city "seminaries of
heresy and infidelity ? " Did you not fear
to denounce him as an infamous traitor to
his country, lest you : should lose ' your
Catholic paiioiinge?V V- '
" ' v f,vrT '.? ' ' form themselves Into secret sociedes-pro-alMirgea.-',,
lliey furnish clear evidence of ; v;j tiien)8eIrcs wilh G re-arms.. and kill
) it deTy yptU.0 ubxaiiettrutlof tlicse
itiBCAiHujuceui aiiision iiiginy uangerous( na,,v9 citins and. because they vote
to the snfotyof our country. '.- We call up- the democratic ticket,' tho organs of tliat
on.all honest, patriotic men, whrt may have party insist upon it that they are an iuno
boen 'allured witli lhe; 5i KU:ht party, cent and respectable pqople. worthy to be
loruiwitii to nuandon their unholy alliance
with Romanism: " Join the creat army of
freedom and Protestantism: which is now
uuirciiiiig twin to puv uown every lorm oi
despotism, both temporal and spiritual.
Cbase or MccIUl. ,
.. Not person of ordinary intelligence be
lievos that;,tlicra is any possibility of elect-
ng Trimble,; All who may east their votes
for blm will throw them '"away. They will
tep out of. the. great , contest between
Chase and lIodill, in which important in
terest are involved and leave it to be de
cided by' others. - They will have no
voice in the election of our next Governor.
On the great question of Slavery -extension
they will occupy a neutral, position, look
with -indifference upon', the repeal of the
Missouri compact,' the Kansas outrages,
the removal of Gov. Itecdef, the appoint
ment of Shannon, and the. enactment' of
cruel and. tyranical laws intended to drive
free settlers from tho Territory, and say by
their rotes, we care for nono of these things.
They Will shut their eyes to the extrava
gant expenditu.res of our Stale administra
tion and the heavy burdens .ofiaxes impos
ed on the people, and by. their, acts give
their cbnsent to the continuance of the head
and front of this administration Tu office
for another term of two years." '
T We ask each of our friends,' who are in
clined to throw away their? voles; to Con
sider these things seriously -1o strip them
selves of prejudice "and realizo !fheir re
spodsibililtics fo their country to vote;
as a matter of duty -in euch a way as to
promote' the best interest bf bur State and
Nation.'." '; ' """' "':"t- '"--
JtTbe Hon. SAif HotjsTQS ha writ
ten a long and able letter in which bo fully
endorses, tho. principles, of the. American
Urdot. . yo nave pniy room lor tno conj
' - 1 a ' . . " J
eluding pnragrapbt j , , . , - , t, .
The present- is a momentous epoch in
the annals of our country; , A vast rcsponi-sibility-
devolves upon us.;- -We-are auting
" , , . . L . I- I 11 ... 1 .
in llio prusont ouu, tur iui luiuie uuneiB
tionsiiWo are aocotin table to on r, poster-
it y. We'lmvo .received a heritage.' rom
our fathers Shall wo repard it With care,
and transmit it unimpaired ttfqttr children?
Shall, we reronia Americans? -Or-ehallwa
sell our birthright for a mess of pottage ?
" Wc Jiavp a high, and Jioly duty to per
form to our country, 'and if we, as Ameri-
freedom, is it possiblerof. even "probable.
.-'.-- 'r I ' ' i. -
that .we will find a safer depository iu ilie
han.ds'of foreigners';, or-, the 6alolites of a
Pope, wlio'so system of religion pursues all
American Protestants, with denunciations
while living, and denies their bodies burial
alter. death in ' Catholic 'countries..'' Is jt a
Crime, or eveh a fault in Americans. who
seek to resist an influence so adverse to
the principles of free, government?,' Is it
proscription to fortify ourselvee against all
enoroachmenta upon religious or political
freedom? If jt 18 wfong, llien I aro wrong.
If it i right, then I will maintain the right
- Your friend and fellow-citizen, -" ''
.. .. gAit HOTjSpN.'
i. .(-'
j"i-:;-t iw:,
Him ili if i.n ii i
."-.-tThe tton.'fvfffj,. CLjit;s,"late
Deraoi-ratic jU.,S Senator from Alabama,
has written s letter in which he goes lata
4 lengr''examinrion and tlefvne of the
rincfpW of the American party Jt js a
Very ibV ' arid eVldet jocument. - We
Lay only roonj for fallowing extract;
-; From-1840 to 1053, tha-lumber of
Catholic, in Hie Uniti; States, dombUd,
"u" '--co"u "" " o"-
At ihat rus, it will not -take them long to
,cqiire M v; M(,
V - qnirad; they will not fail to. exercise it.
In the very inlure of things the Catholio
' peweeatw; -. when he believes
from oaths to support m . I know how bit
terly this i denied; but if American Cth
olicado tot tfcknowledire It, t'iey are widely
Hl!tU)rT U full of . f kingdiir
oinerent irom llieir brethren alMwliere.
.law uiiuct uiieraici. raonnrens cxcoimna-
nicated, arid whole people doomed to
I DU r!m tfrrT for aome real or im.irrinarw fault
of their rulor..
iking of -France wa assassinated by a
prient.atth bidding of his uperior. - We
fall remember that' king of England was
compelled to walk barefooted, in sackcloth
and ashes, to the tomb of. Thomas A.
Becket, and that the great Brace wandered
for year an outlaw, hunted by assassins
and blood-bounds, for daring to punish a
traitor to his eoantry within the precincts
of a Catholic hn rck ' Tlie best' way of
judging a tree i by it fraits, and these
fruits are familiar to us alL? ;. ; v! -.-. " .
The Difference.
Foreigners can come' to Uiis country
entrusted with public authority. But, if
the natives wheo ussaulted br the for-
eigners, turn upon 'their assailants, and put
a tew of them hart da eomhal. tliey ar
murderers, rubbers, ic. Tliis was tha case
in IJuisviDe, where it was proved, that in
every inatance, tha assault waf commenc
ed by ' foreiirners: and ' vet some editors
wanlonlyJaUify the facts, nud daily repre
sent the natives as monsters, who deserve
the punishment of death. " Perhnp it i
desired that Americans should permit for
eigners to enter their houses, kick them
out of doors, and take possession without
resistance. Bnt thore who look or hope
for such a state of things, will be disap
pointed. ' It is not' characteristic of an
American to submit to an indignity or re
ceive a blow(without returning it with in
terest.. There may be "some American
who would receive a kick from a foreign
foot as a favor, particularly if a vote
were to . be given as a consideration; but
it would be. dangerous to. try the experi
ment on the mosses of American citizen.
Register: J .. ' '. , ' ,
. Ikcokvemexck of bhko a. BAcnsLoa.
When Jr. Olds was a. candidate for Con
ges in IhW District, he announced him
self a Methodist, his wife a Presbyteiian,
and his dnughtrr Catholics ; supposing
that he" would be enabled to secure the
votes of those societies by such a contempt
ible claptrap. Gov, Medill having neither
wife nor daughtees, i obliged to be con
tented with avowing himself a Methodist,
and every Lecofoco mnst see tho disadvan-
tago Medill labors under in - Ibis respect
whea compared with Doctor Old. Such
demagogues as-Olds and Medill should be
blessed ' with large families, if they think
by stft-h means they can curry faror in the
various religious denomination.
rStpp Tinir l--;They, say that the
Rev. Newton Schleich, who writes so ma
ny puffs of his own transcendent eloquence
for (w Eagle, has lately turned preacher.
It has however, been lately discovered that
both his .text end scrmoa are etolen from
Da. Olds.; They , say lYeirf spoils the whole
sermon when he tries to do up the sublime.-
"AVhat pity that the "broad glare"
of Ins s"full niboned7 eyes should sicken
the stomach, wlien. lifl tries to thrill, tlie
heart , The people. Uiwk that this luv a
gentlemen; like some others, is but a wolf
in sheep' clothing1, and they era right. -
larWUI Governor Medill please inform
flie eilizcnsf Fa'irfieU county by what an
thoriiy lie lias created a sinecure office for
ono Joiaw Pwc. of thi city , at a salary of
two dollars pet day, to keep him from bolt
ing the "Immaculate Conception'' ticket.
We are credibly informed he doe nothing
hnt lar at home, or electloUeer for the
Medill ticket. ' : " ;
. j"We understanil that the f Bishop"
oi Er has written to Got. Medill to know
if the report is true in regard to bi joining
the Methodist CkurtAS kt'i to
I --
- , 5e-i-.W-r-w:..Tr.
v Ohlef JPllllc. , " '
The following we clip from the Char
rott. Eaioa county, Michigan JtepuHican
ot the 30th nil: " " ;- . '
dri Monday we had the pleasure of m
call from W. H. Gibson. Zq ; of Tiffltf;
candidate for State Treasurer of the Ohio
U-publ'nan ticket. ' Folks may ay .bey
can't tell' anything by what a politician;
tump orator, and lawyer, aajra about po
litical pfo-pects; but we think we can-i
iva were eu satisnea oeiore wa saw mun
The, enthusiasm, size and harmony of that
State Convention, together with their reo-
lulionaand nominatioh! fve na to uader-:
land that the people were Wi2 ite rnx
that it was their movement. But a lira
portion of that ticket in our sanctum ha
vitalized our former - conviction.
OibsOH thinks We are about to witnes fif
interesting and uplcndid campa-gn in tha
Buckeye State; one mat wm unng
more of the generous sympathie and feel
ings of humanity, from the heart of th
people, than any election ever has before.- -
Bank, Tariff ana lniernat imuw:ww
questions awaken the inicnecx oi iu
pie, but touch only me nearu oi -:
eved men. The gret quertion of he day
toucbe every heart that I warmed by
spark of" generous ftfelingt at the amt)
time it has eulisted the best intellect of the
land. Tlie popular orator never had a no
bier theme, an J never conld find the heifrta
in better tuna, and the
statesman 1 flow imprinting h'm name on
a page of history to which the future win
often recur. " " ' ' . ' "
One feature of the present movement,
Mr. Gibson "poke of. whieh i new ana
significant, viz: That the people
qncstion are up witn na penecuj iuu
pendent of leader; they neither look to or
follow ' any particular set of men. They
are not inspired by nn anthnsiastie admira
tion of one gifted standard bearer, as in tb?
case of Henry Clay; but they are led and
governed by their own reflections upon a"
great self evident truth.
Mr." Gibson "having been around oroe"
thm' our woods, was pleased to find the1
f real one idea every where uppermost
n the" secluded log cabin of the pioneer he
beard the same sentiments and view, that
he had heard but a few day before from
the lips of the thousands who were assem
bled at the Republican - mass meeting" Bf
Columbus, Ohio. Had we known bf hi
1 coming in time, we think an enort wouiu
l. ..... : . l tl,., V
nave oeen inaue w cuutiii;-, .. w
was vet in Ohio, and that it was his duty
to give our citizens a bit of a stump speech
"Trouble in Canada seems to . be a
chronic complaint. There is a defect
Somewtere in John Bull' management.
and tha colonist appear to be determined
to be discontented. The & undo Wardtr;
a newspaper owned, and said to be partly
edited by the Attorney General of Canada,
contains an article foreshadowing future
rebefifoa, annexation, Ac, from which a
correspondent of the New York TribuM
makes the following extract:
"In the city of Toronto," says the JPar
JflVfthefeis "a band of nralcofftenU who
meet as often as they can firfd time, in the
back room of a superannuated publisher,
under the name of 'Repealers.' Tbey
have formed themselves into a Secret Sd
eielg; pledged themselves to a secrecy
which it fckes considerable effort to -ene-'
Irate. They havo established agencie in"
New York. They have" opened up a cor
respondence with individuals favorabU td
annexation rrf that capital. One of their
members has been instru'f ted to errd.leW
ter to the business men who have dealing' .
with Canada assuringlhemthat the whola
banking system of the Province is roltea--'
that "our bank are only kept irt existence
by means of the Government aid and, in
short, the less credit that i given by New'
York merchant to Colonial dealers,- until
the Province U annexed to the United State,
the better.' The arrangements, under the"
convenient name of the Repeal Association
show a wonderful degree of tact. TheY
embrace in their schomes, of cptirse, moon
of what is likely to prepare tlio way for on
ulterior olijeetl annexation. And with thie
object in view, the means employed are, irt
a great measure aecrel."
. . AnnexalioaU represented by thi writer"
aa tlie prevailing aspiration of the nrakow-'
tenta, but thi is said tone misstatement
A Tepeal of the act nnrting. the two Carra
das is said to be the real object of the ma
jority, thoagb there are many annexation
ists in the movement, , We know not how?
thi may be, bnt there doe . not apptsatt to
be any general movement on- either topic.
Politicians and newspapers agitate for
peal,' but do not make mucu progress. .
' Tlie Eagle, in describing the Grand!
Fizzle Mooting of the Sag XUhU, aay:
t "Such a procession Wa netef e tt
this county since'lhe famous log-cabin and
1..J -:j : . i Din
' Onw tai'ug wa wantie," gentlemen, it
make' the remenrbrsiree complete. 'JaasiP
liolsfsaK, "fat emi putty," ought to tarw
beaded the procession bearing aloft a livn
o3on. ,!' ' " '
Tbe Great Itepubliean toaa Convention
of the Western Reserve, take place on
Thursday the 30th inst. at Cleveland.
Soma report eay that Gbf. Sewayd x( N
Y. will U there;' '".',' " ' " ,

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