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: - (Per tt baenstur Aen www'l
"P6.,0AZrrs: Wiih four permitsion,
f .pr-poso, Uiroug'u the columns of your
resnaaiive Bacers. to MT few word, to
tn.v.tra of this conaty. I shall not' use .
fancy or imaginary sketches to attract the f .my one wf.oaa Dime has- been entered
attention of jour readers, but will eudeav- tut lh thoolrojl. jj
or candidly and truthfully to five tbemi Vh
Correspondence of lb) Lancaster A ei Osteite
Ma. MacElroy: Allow me, through
the medium of your paper, to say a few
word in reply to tho communication of "a
Taxpayer," which appeared iu your last
wcek'a numlter.
la tbe case of tiro absence of pupils,
each teacher is required to iuform Lira.
h( as to the cause of tho absence; that ia,
to ascertain whether the pupils are absent
oa account of sickuew, detention by par-.
en. ortrt accdarA of'.tvWr own ' prutote
It is our rule never to lose sight
Keep, it belorelhe People.
That Salmon P. Chaso i
&n favor of Negro Suffrage!
JtSTlu fat or of Negro Juror!
'- S3" In &vor of Negro Office-holder?! '
UTln favor of conferring upon Negroes
the political privileges of W hite Citizens!
If Mr, Chase does not favor these -propositions,
1ft him so state, whilst be is ad
dressing the people.
The above occupies the bead of a lead
in column in tho Mt. Vernon Sunner, a
Medill paper. It is tho' basest concoction
vf have met with during tbe campaign-
fPDTMDT P-MPPTTMn public sale.
I fl V 11 I H 111 Tl Tl M ll I T fP"E ""Jorslgiiod wlUollat publio Ml., u.
Correspondence ef (ha Uocostor 5,axoUe;-',
. ... .... .-,..,. . r 4 1 I I I UI I I I IU II I l l III I I T ri vis undersign
Both Cleat on small. UllllUUUU All U U 1 111 J. X County Fair ground bom Laucaawr, Ohio,
Sine, tli Drimar v ttictiiitrs of ! Dm-: ' . . . - ! fco of October
, . ,, . - , " t k' i,., ! 1 11V, I ItiHO 1 kl.l.i... A IW.IlDLj;, next variety otflae Stock, Mi:
ocralic party in thia countr, I bay? Ueun; A . oi, ihrss.i ir octbJr ii,;m ,u is h. of .
exercised as to how I shnllvOtOftttlie OXtrtii-U V riiUliiatH l.r lOV'rnOr Ol . 'r"u-h bred, abort horned, Durham Cattle-Con.
1 illff-' If l i r fil nm nicicr? moiur iniTCK uull, ntf nf year uiui
n a pupil has been absent wiluoutJTfc erlii.in should hlusb to terint auch an
scruw thoughts and ooncluaiotuof an inde4 pel mission. H parent administers .audi Kxhibiu wUbo tbe tast " Ijuiboritr Upon
penueoi rourr.
vv e. aid aooui to
Repeated attempts have been made to
hare school on "show dyi," but the a'.-
decide into
lands' the government of our S:ate affairs
aiwll bj enrusteu. Tliat u is ouo oi im-;
JOtice no one will deny. We are to d
eijawlio ahtll be, the next Governor of our
State, Wm. MioiLL or S.' P. Chare',' for
between them lies the contest. The In'.ter
is Bo't my first choice; though we may
differ iu - soma respects pohticnllyj, yet
those differences trill by no means prrul
bita from making an- bonct,; biitKtul nd
economical exdeutiv of S'.ute. la no po
aiiiou of .life doe bis LiUtri'St eneiniea say
jHuglv) against his 1iohuty, Integrity and
tutvrm discharge of omci.u duties. - xou
will mrver and hiru.'as i (ball show l,is op.
jouot k, now en-nji6J in tliose low. Je
kstablij. political acfceicinj artifices that no
Itigli-aaiuded maiir Kns. Oovernor, of any
tStatc, wonld stoop l. Let us calmly nnJ
oonsiderntbly look nt these things and iu
View of a reform -in our State covwnmcut.
d in mainiaiufinca of . whoTusome laws
And truq Donioeratic American sentiment,
jet, us resolve, at leasts to do our duty for
.the best 4nvcrcsts ol our now mis-managed
Stale-. Did vou but know, citizens of Full-
tcll, what, means are resorto I to' ii' ibis
ampagn by the lied Lodije Clicjui of Ibis
city, and who it is that compose that body'.
..n,nd with whom tho preaent Governor of
. oar biate is lUcutiUeil, lucn no other arcu
ittiont, no other appeal would be necessary
to awaken you to your duly, Men at the
corners of ourslruola sallying forth lo meet
tho$Q. tby su'peot of having a desire to
make & changv for tho better in pur State
allura, who hnvu hitliurto. acted in good
faith witb tli Democratic party, who can
no longer; aid in thooverthrow of thoprin
' cipjws they once battled for, and which
f.avQ.-Wn iramplud under foot by tho very
nrsn they have placed i power, these
..;nivn, (.backed by offico-soeliera and plun
,rjlerra of your treasury, will endeavor, by
, .fhnoodho words and persuasion to convince
. tiiein,that tliey are still battling for the old
Jill'orVonian lomocr.y, as if they, bear
-any rasembLuie to those principles so nobly
advocated and maintained by Jefferson,
- Madison, and many other great an 1 good
.men, who truthfully proclaimed and prno
ced that doctrijio. Shame upon snch men,
who know that it is falso, and an paid for
itoiug the dirty work of their loaders. And
who,; pray, in this tight, is their ucknowl-
edged laajor and champion, this gaeat light
of Jeffersoman and Jackson. democracy?
They will exuliingly point you to Govern
or Medill. Talk about suoh a man in con
nection with those named, and docs it not
truly appear ridiculous? , He the exponent
, Wernoorajje principles, such aa the great
democratic party of old Fairfield have of
,', ,icn. battled fur and moat crloriously main-
, tained. Alas, this is not tho tase t Do
wa bow .hear from this leader and expo
uent those old truths proclaimed and prac
ticed 7 Wbera now, I ak, are the old de
. mocratto landmarks? Can wo expect to
. . iind them in the presontExooutive of State,
. i vho has gone over, body and soul, and who
. first oiictnated that darlinir pet of bis, by
yWhiuU.ho once more expected to ride into
pBce, known lo you aa Sag Nichtism? To
- ' him are you indebted for the laying of th
. . first corner-atonO of that institution in this
county; thus combining together, (not nn
tive Americans, who hold dear the soil of
: their birth, but on the contrary,) every
t i ' i r. r. .....:.i;
cat to the spirit of tree Protsstant inslitu-
- tione I . And may we not expect bis next
. elFoi t will .bo ill. contributing material aid
. for the maintainance of those edifices ru-
dlscTptine aslie dsems prop, and tlie ptt
whose i nil also becomes subiect to tho discrptme
of the school. Every case of this kind is
reported to the Superintendent and re-
co'.vok nis personal attention
mor. says aro soon to occupy land nirR(iv
d iuntod near out city, to aid him in his ef
forts horo to advance the pi inoiplo of this
H.vr Niuhterganiaatioii? ills mouth piece,
. tho Ohio EuuW aided by its "tulcnted td-
itor,", who, tit this time, U the President of
tho motley crew that eompofo that body,
f is 1'ibortiig bfd lo bring iibout such anti
. domorrntio principles. Agnin, We . Iinve
' right here among us, in this city, men paid
. 'out of tho treasury of our State, under a Ho
' titiouaofllue, at the rut? of 92 per day. for
rr,notning but elcetioueonng purposes men
. at tho hour of midnight (notwithstanding
, they bavetitohn holy horror of tho dark
, hicturn party,) nt Ilia beck of bis Excellua
. ey, to whom tljoy are indebted for their
. smtounnco from tho publio crib, of which
- wo all must bear our proportion of taxes,
' will coins forth at tlmt hour, if tin emer
. geucy of the case requiro It, and asuisl in
- .tiuapuriiiig.-fi;rtrrLlow;iship. to township,
ht electioneering purposea, tins mnn who
ts ja.no w yelping liko a cur dog at yourdooia.
. bagging your suffrage for tho liigheat of
, ficVin your Stntu. .Will you, na indepen-
. deitt votvs, countenance in any form, suob
, hr, dobasins mean used bv him. who
.' "htuld, with diguity and bonor, till tho
"httgU..Uioit he, by your aiiU'raguj now
. 'Occupies, and which you, as truo demo
".,rruti,. never intended ahould bedoffrnded
, to suou stiusu purposo. farmers, me-j
ebonies, laborers, and mon of all classes, '
- - bow is It witb 'you ? Are you not already
'taxed beyond end urnnco ? (Jorrnptiou
,' stalking abroad In high places inuncy lav
... ishly expended from your faming, going
. out from every department of your State,
without anv rosrard to economy in exnen-
.. dtturo, is it not time to stop this growing
T evil? 1 believe the rponw of the people
already say, it is I Then would I hort
. you to.come forth in tho majoaty of your
, nirwiifin, ami nun iron power tnc political
. Cormorants that are now, at your expense,
. xrnTouing over ims state in every school
, district and county, feeding upon the spoils
1 ' bf 'office;,'. degrading the high official slo
i6ti they occupy, and using the means
and ' influence they possess in the lowest
.'depths of rice and wtckf dncs. '.'''.
- : i ' ;.r -SHOW LEY. v
. V,- Some. Jiomo ims near you, at the
,.'-. read quarters this (JJique, bow in full
, '' '.lilastj will, with your permissien, receive a
! .: ' .'.yawing tiotiee in our next. ,.- ; H.
tempts have beej) inrarially unsuccessful.
Of the several hundred pupils that we
have usually enrolled, a very large major
ity have always been absent on such occa
sions. Now if tho parentt nveoppoied to
the "dhows." the most of these absent pti
pils have, of course, been absent without
the lenVo of the parent; so ibat on a sin-
srlo day Wo ''shorn t bare four or fire hun
dred cases of iruahry. The truth, howev
er, has, on enquiry, been found to be, that
the Itrgr proportion of the absentees have
had permission from their parents to stay
out of school, while, neveitheless, a con
siderable number have been absent contra
ry to the wishes of their parents. , The
leAchers and superintendent have, there
(ore, imposed upon them, on one of these
oocosions, ' the impracticable labor ofin
vestiiratiii!' several hundred eases of ab
sence and of punishing teveral scores of
truants. .'"
Another thing to be considered is, that
most of the few who. are present attend to
tbeir studies unwillingly, and are, conse
quuntly.but little benefitted by their attend
ance. ' ' ,i
' But, suppose that those who are present
engage cheerfully in their studies; they
cannot, when their classmates return, be
permitted to go forward,' and leave their
classmates; for Ibis woiild at once, double
tho number of classes. The teacher roust,
therefore, thus address those of bis pupils
who have foregone the gratification of at
tending tho "show:" "Children, I -am
highly gratified with tho - evidenco which
you gavo 'yesterday of the interest that you
laae in learning; oui, ncverineiets, aa a
penally for having spent the day in intel
lectual improvement, instead of having de-
oted it lo profitless amusement, t set you
back one day in your studies. Your class
mates lost yesterday, and have, conse
quently, fallen behind you; but I cannot
divide the classes. 1 therefore punish vou
for their fault, by requiring you to remain
stationary lor one day, in order, to give
them on opportunity of overtaking you. '
In view of the dinlculiioa hdovo repre
sented the conclusion arrived at by mem
bers of tho Board and by sundry citizens
on several recent occasions was, that till
there should bo some manifestation of a
genornl change in Ihe apparent views and
feelings of parents in relation to this mat
ter, it would bo uaeleaa,: and .worse than
useless, to attempt to hare school on days
of any great or unusual public attraction.
1 can assure "a Tax-payer ' that the
teachers are as much opposed to the ordi
nary shows as be is; and that tbey do not
regard bis disapprobation as being too
strongly expressed. Simple exhibitions of
the works, either ol JNatuio or of Art do
serve encouragement to a certain extent.
But most of the enterlaintneute presented
by tbe companies of vagabonds that are
swarming over tbe lentrth and breadth of
our land exert a pernicious influence on
tb morals of the rislncr generation. Things
have come to such a pass that a collection
of animals can no longer bo exhibited ex
ceptln connection with souio objectional
I am clad ttint your . correspondent lias
called tho public attention to this impor
taut subject. Supposing that all the shows
and entertainments that come along were
entirely uncxceptionabln in themsclve
it right' that parents should on all occn
aions,' indulge their children in siiht-seo1
tug, especially nt the sacrifice ol precious
time, that ahould bo devoted to eda
cational Improvement?
By tho permission of the Board the
teachers will renew tbeir iitlempts to keep
up the schools on "show days. it pa
enls perform their duty we shall be sua
cestui I. if parents are remiss the attempts
will necessarily result in n lailuie.
Sunt, of publio Schools,
wiicMo bas it.. Suppose Jlio Republican
paper abould pr'ini something like the following:
KM? IX colore ia e cojue,
. That Vm. Medill is
J3rlii favor of Horso Stealiiigl " "
fTlu favor of Polygamy!; , u
3Tln favor of Negro Amalgamation!
" tV In faror of depriving Wbita people
of tho Elective Franchise! - r- '
If Mr. Medill does not favor these prep
ositions, let biro so state whilst be .is ad
dressing the people. .
The editor of tho Eanntr ugut to know
that It Is ' dUlionorabtu' to mako a public
cliargo Against a gentleman, unless bo can
prove bis charges It is not for the person
assailed to deny acalumny," but for tno
person who concocts it to prove it.
X2T As wo t Xpected, th Union rejoices
at the election in Maine as a victory of the
Administration party, '-ably and effectual
ly assisted hy tho national whigs of that
State," led by lut h men as Erana and as
Farley.- Tha Union, however, forgets to
add thnt in this election all parties bad to
declare themselves the uncompromising
opponents of the Nebraska bill, its princi
ples and consequences. Even tho Demo
cratic candidates did not daw to go before
the people without an explicit disclaimer
of all sympathy or toleranco for that great
monsuro which distinguishes the reign of
Mr. rierce;and ready as tho UUhker wlitgs
were to fuso with tho Hunker Democrats,
the v had not the temerity so far to defy
the universal sentiment of the peoplo as to
breathe a whisper 01 approbation ior uiai
measure or its authors. Does The Union
sunnose thnt if the vote of Maino were ta
ken to-morrow on the simple question - of
pproving the Kansas-Nebraska bill and
the preceedings bad under it, Mr. Picrco
would have even a respectablo minority:
If it does, it will be likely to be undeceiv
ed in 1850, when that question will be
brought up unencumbered by others of a
merely local character. y. V. Tribune.. .
T Attdreur
Wj'b so abun Jant a corn crop upon
. f Jlb'o grqund that Ihe people era easting a
, i! - boat to gnowbet be dona with It all,
T4 tjf'y tJ:ycr;'tvrp bear cf ioth farmer
" . ' to marH. Clicago fre.
t'nnvli Jolin t'liunry aud
Gknts: As a member of our old and
lime honored Democratio Party, of this
county, I put lo you tho following ques
tions thro' the columns of both tho 'Ga
Mtto"nnd "Clipper:" "Are you in favor
of the repeal of the Missouri Compromise?"
I should have put this question to you
through tho columns of thu "Eagle, " but
from tho fact that Messrs. Tuthill nnd
SchU-icli, iift editors; have steadily refused
to touch this subject editorially, or to ad
mit any conimunicationa on tho subject.
I nolioo by tho last E'ngle that those gen
tlemen, with their aucustomed urbanity,
have volunteered to save yon tho trouble,
by saying that "Thi Mtitvuri Cvmpromite
tern rtpcileil iom tutlrt monllu vyo, and
therefore is not uow to be repealed." This
I admit to be an evasion of a plain ques
tion, charaiileristio of these gentlemen; for
they, as well a you, mast have plaiuly un
derstood the import of my inquiry. 1 did
not ask titm tho question, but yon, gen
tie men, as vou are now candidates for our
aulfraces; (and I apeak not only for my
self, but also for a. number of my demo
cratio neighbors) "An you in favor of
the repeat of the Missouri Compromise T
Or if you wish it in plainer terms, Were
yon, ana are you now, in favor of tbe e
braska-Kansa Act, as it is usually term
ed nd more particularly that clause that
repealed the Missouri Compromise ? We
wish an answer explicitly from you, nnd
not from tha editor of the Saylt, as tbeir
views are Well known to the people, by tbe
course pursued by them on the subject.
1 ask you ngain to 'answer thtongh tbe
Enirle or any other source von may choose.
With Mr. Chase' views on .the subject I
have nothing to do, but refer, you to him-
seit, , . lours, reapccttmiy, , , r,
AS Oid Democrat, t:
Douglass on' thk Stump. Senator
Douglas addressed bis constituents, at Al
ton, III, 011 Wednesday, and we obtain from
the Courier a brief synopsis cf his speech.
The Courier (Anti-Nebraska' Democrat)
Tho speech contained much that we, 111
common - with every man present, woiim
heartily subscribe to. Sophistical, argu
mentative, false in several of its premises,
nnd necessarily wrong in the conclusions
Arrived at. . 11 starte d out by snyincr thero
were but two parties in tho country Ihe
Nebraska pntty on tbe one side, and its op
ponents on the other; that tno JNobraska
early was the national, constitutional par
ty of tho country, nnd the opposite party
was. of course, opposed lo tho constitution;
and directly chnrcred that any man of tho
opposite parly would violate his oath who
would swear to support mat constitution.
This will be sad news to tbo anti-Nobraska
men, who compose tho largo majority of
the peoplo of Illinois.-
A.MEUICAN9 in AuaTnAUA. The Paris
correspondent of the Now Orleans Pieay
unt contributes tho following extract from
a private letter written by, an Englishman
in Australia: . : ,
You. who havo been 80 much in Amor
icn, will not bo supriaed when I say the
Americans are by far the boat men in this
country. ou know well their enterprise.
but even vou will bo astonished nt the
followiii!? "pieco of statistical information
nt Balarat, according to tho census com
mission, the population Is 22,000 of whom
onlv 240 mo Americans. In order to
drum the water from, tho deep sinkings
and also to wash the stuff, thcru are seven
steam engines and machines; of these, four
belonged and woro worked solely by Amer
icans. All tho grenl contracts ore taken
by them; tho linos of stages to and from
tho diggings, thnt are acoessiblo lo wheels
and liw arc not nro all Yankee; tho
conches either Troy or Albany built; tho
hnrness nnd all fiom tho samo country
In coming into tha bay you will notice
that all tho fine shipa are American; tho
best hotels are theirs -in (not mey arc im
proving our peoplo out . of tho placo al
eleetion. Mr anxiety of mind arises prin
cipally from tlio. faot that Dauiel f schopp
was reDudiated by bit democratio fellow-
c-ithens for no other reasons under heaven
than hia being a foreigner. Yes, brother
dernocrats, be was ignored on account of
the accident of birtb, by a pany 100.
profess great love for tho honest foreign
born. They do not pretend thot he was
not honest or cnpaUe. No, suoh a charge
against Daniel Tschopp would be indig
nautly repelled by every man in the conn
ty, whig and democrat, lor his lionesty.ba
grown iutoa proverbi the truth is, be was
too honest fqr his party; the reason of bis
being cast off was that he was opposed to
letting tho bail of Asa Spurge on go clear
entirety. " In the first place the former
Board of County Commissioners gave a
way more than a thousand dollars of the
nooDles' money -before a settlement was
made, and then after extending the time of
payment indefinitely, a proposition la to bd
made to rcloaso a largo part of the bal
ance lo the securities, part of whom have
in tho mean time become bankrupt. You
all recollect that our present Auauor is now
heart and soul with the treasury eaiers
and must do just as they say or bo will be
exposed in hia villanies; be is the supple
tool or the lied Lodge, ana 1110 war ot ex
posure haunts him and will follow bim to a
traitor'a grave. And who do they present
to the voters of this county in place of Dan
iel Tschopp for couuty Commmissioner?
why a man who thoy have denounced more
than nny other man in the county, the
regular cork leg candidate for the bouse
of representatives, and while Tschopp was
doing tho battles or the' democracy, ana
working shoulder to shoulder with the par
ty, he, Col. Sharp was denouncing the
party and dismembering it. JNow ho is ex
alted and Tschopp it repudiated. ' This
gave mo tho back flcho, and I shall never
act again with them. "Consistency thou
art a jewel." I call upon all honest demo
crats to look well to their interest before
voting for Col. Sharp. He is mndo of
slippery elm and not of hickory, as many
suppose. If ho was treacherous onco he
will bo trenchorous again. It is part of
his nature to dodge; wo want no dodgers;
Wo want an honest Commissioner, particu
larly now. Let us wipe up the treasury
eaters; put men in office who are fearless
in the dischargo of duty, and such a state
of corruption will bo disclosed as will dis
gust tho nostrils of the least - lastidious
member of tho so called democratio parly.
Yes, the days of misrule in old Fairfield is
about to end, tho star of success is in . the
ascendant, and will certainly culminn'eon
Tuesday the ninth day of October next; then
look out for rata. lours,
f it-1.. .., : K.,i.t
. ... , - - - " - ' --. T Ak I'I,A, V..U. iu,l j.n..twlt ..I.I .1 n.lrf .....
I linfi-'l out a jr oil 'pramtuot Steur, oili
J-k,on,iHlir of ?Jnhiwk" lh beat Jark
IKl-l AM ACiTCD l,u U"UI iu "lotumtilre,V "Gray Esjrlu" sail oup
1 1" LMIsUrtw I CIA 1 yarlinz tail oao racking colt, both of great nronitw
n4 all er superior Stock... I
Havaii Genneiu, coii,ulln of thrra full grown,
aarwil li? '.Moiiak'' last Kimmar 0110 two year M
two oorIlDgaU ou antklug colt, U of Uue alis
Qua pair of rarylurgstina Siimiro Wulei. v
FiriTh:i of Knulo Cow, Hie ton and (Xlvi
some llnaitllkor. The enwn have all been bnllfil
daring Hit luit aoaanu, by Utarnueh brad. Durham
Bulla. j' .v : :.' , . .
Omlio kwilllrer Zibead of llorne's, noatly
work siare. aerved by tha Jack "Mobnn k" laat tuin-mr-immis
tbla stock la a Sua yearling premium
Filly, out of the iharongh bred Hone "Clay Truatea."
Should any of the Slock Brat nlxtvo lyenlloned not
be oiftrod 011 tha 31 tha suina will ba oSorod on tbo
24th install.
Termt ot aulo Six inontha rrudlt, upon tbo pur
chasers eiving note w lib approved atiretioa.
. JOI1S T. DAiiBE,
Lancaator, Sep., 13, )fU,
Ta (tola a OH TtirJUU Ca.al. ...
PURSUANT la th eommatid of a seroni Mdll
IroiH Uia Court lit Common PUaa of Fairlleld t-uuu-iv,
and tome directed, 1 will offer at public aala at IB 4
'- i. uv.ir, um A.Mi iuwii aay j
in. i AiinADTrn 'iluOhloi
On t-rifhi)j Krenihg,-Oct 5.
" I Ion. i K t FisTi Sack, of CJear
inotit, fuii'. I V Coviwsi o( Clin
Utmt4r, lUi. between 10 n'elork a. m. and a olnr
a fullowliic daarribed Roal F.ui. in.wit.
la-l.ol Na. 3,04 teat front, Iu tha towa of New Sal
lorn, PalrHuid Lvunty, Ohio, appralaed al f C30.
lo D9 tola a tbe properly or 1. o. ok C. Paden.
Ilof Uantel Keller. Kxucnlnr of Chrl.il.n N.n,iin.i
u ... ,1 UU UTTL' II . .
ton, amlA.' Ii.x.t:vo XorTqtn,
tf Flnklio, afjdfcss
t a i'J
WM. HOTTER, bherin-.
perC. M. L. W1SEM AS, Deputy.
Hchtbr A D&ponaRTT. Attorneva.
I he eontlnveiit rirkl of dnw.tr of Mm. Vttl
den, will be ruiuaaed lotbe purebaaer.
oupteinueru, low ow-juplfa
- ' 1
tbo tuuTij. : ' c . br-pty
Yoirsu Ambiuca. The Members of this
Fire Engine it Hose Co. intend giving a
datvee OB-to-morrow, evening at Clinton
Hall, when they will b pleased to .see al)
persons present who wish to cneourngo tho
company. Turn ou. " '' ' "
" aT,,AstERicAJi.Vi- TlioL Etgles Teo-
totler shall receive attention iu our. next.
In the mea:t limo we ntlvisojiim: not, to
visit thai Sag Ni.-lit LiJgQ two often. ,
KOWARD ti'r.VYBll.T., ISQ.
We have in pick U a rod for this Gentlo
man whiob wo havo jioi room for to day
it shall appear ill the 'Clipper on Saturday
rThanks to the Hon.. W. R. SAffor
"The Ctnstitu:ion" and "Compendium of
U.S. Census 105J." "Wo shall 'endeavor
to maka goo.l use of tliem in lb columns
of tho "Gazette" und ' Clipper." , "
.Gov, Shannox.--T1o following u an
extract from an .editotial in tho Clertlaud
I'luindculcr, the leading Pierce and Medill
paper in tho Reserve, ami the proprietor of
which i-i tho l ost M tster of Uevcland:
We; nro pained to aknowhdge tho
evidences wo havo received from Washing
ton an 1 ehwhero that Gov. Shannon has
mado just such n tool of himself as report
ed. He did make A speeb at Westport,
Missouri, as well ns at Shawnee Mission,
iu whih ho distinctly avowed himself in
favor of Slavery in Kansas.
Ontho 20th liml.. by Wio Her. A. Hcrk. Mr. KD
UI.Al K. both ol 1'alrni'ld toui.ly, Olilo,
. s., :V, tiuardian's So!e.
rardipand V. Karupel, Guardian of C. Klcy, Erf arte.
TT Tirtiienfan order of aale to me directed, from
3 t10 Court of Common Fleaa, in And.&irtho oonu
ty of Hockln? and Stato of Ohio, I will offer and ex
pose ,o puhlie ante, nt Ihodoor uf tho Courtliouao in
we ivwa ei uancaaior, rairnoiu couuiy, irnii, -
Oa Saturday tlio 8TtH Hoy ol ctbor
1853, between tbo bonra of 10 o'clock A. M. and' 4 o'
clock Y. Si. tit anld day, tbe following darribed real
eatata, to it: Heing a part of the northeast Quarter
of auction nuinl.r tulrly-throo, township numbor
fourteen, rnnee number nineteen, beginning nt a stone
at t'Ji) northwest corner of a four acre tract aeld to
Henry HdrcBersl thence south 31 ncg. west 13 perches
and M links to a slonei thonco south 30 porches and
iu lints to a stouc; uicncn en iu iterrnesann la nnaa
to a stone; thenea north along said Henry Borchers'
four or lot DS perehoa and 4 lluks to the place of bo-
rinuing, coiibuntiig two acres, moro or teas, sttnata
n the rriunty of K.ilrflol.l, Ohio. Appraiseil at M,(to.
. Terms of sale, oue third In hand, one Uilrtt In onei
and one third In two years from the day of salo, wllh
mtoroai en iht, aeiorno ravinenTP.
S?pt. 3P t?3J.-JwS0 tf Q. KU).
X3T"Why can no one starve in tbe dei
rt of Arabia?'von account .of tbe tan J
vhith is there!" "And how did the sand
wiches gsl lhuro?" :VHm .went there,
and (her hia posterity waa '' and ww-'
feretl.".-r,tif. RepnUie. "
Voicn of a Father jo thb Coi'ktrv
James Madison, in the ;. Convention
which framed the Constitution of the Uni
tod States, objected to tho word "slave'
being used in the clause which was insert
ed for the rendition of fugitives. His ob
jections were agreed to by the Convention
,.i c . . .
anu me miluertermoi - persons on iiiracr
vico or labor, "niipl'iL-able alike to white ap
prentices and black slaves was put in our
Constitution. . Mr, Madison said on that
occasion. .
, "I object to tbo word 'slave appearing
irt a Constitution which, I trust, Is lo be
the charter of freedom to unborn millions?
nor would I willingly perpetuate tbo mem
ory of tbo fact that slavery ever exislod
in our country; It is a great evil; and,
under the Providenco of God, I look for -ward
to some scheme of emancipation
which shall free us from it. Do not, there
fore, let us appear as if wo regarded it
perpetual, by using in our Constitution an
odious Word opposed to every sontiroent
of Liberty." .
Jk uauie wita ine i nutans.
SY Lovis, Sept. $4. We learn by an
express just arrived at Independence that
a battle took place on the 3d instant, near
tho north fork of the Platte river, between
General Harney's command, and 'a large
party ot Moux muians. ..
The contest lasted for several hours: the
Indians fighting furiously, but were final
ly completely routed, with A loss of eighty
killed, and fifty men and women taken
prisoners. : !r .
Genoral Harney joet 'six killod and six
The Indiana are the same party that mas
sacred Maior' Gratban'a "command, ' nnd
iturdcrod tha mail party. ',' .'; -
Hi way bill or tho mail w found in
tbeir possession.
The Fever in Virginia.
Baltimore, Sept. 23. The steamboi.t
North Carolina arrived to-day, and brings
ntelligence form Norfolk up to noon Sat
Nothing can bo moro appalling than the
firescnt aspect of affairs, and tho weather
lasbeen so very ' uufavorablo as ' to cause
misKiviims with .regard lo, llioso who are
lea , ; , .
Doctor Ferguson.Presidont of tho How
ard Association, died on Saturday, morn
ing. . this roljii.U,greul,ly to Uio dcspon-
dency ot the. people.
The Physicians say that the disease has
ost none of its malignity. ' ,
Thero were forty interments on lliurs-
day and twenty-eight on Friday. OuS.it-
urday thirty orders lor Collins had burn
left wit)) tho undci Inkers up to ten o'clock
A. M.
During I" ridny night ten deaths occur
red. Miss Walneo, from New York, was
doing well, '
At Portsmoulh on Frilly there were
?5 deaths, on Thursday 22 and on Satur
day about 80. Drs. Wallis, of Baltimore,
and Kyser, of Philadelphia, are very ill.
Drs. Azpcl and Kennedy, of Philadelphia,
are convalescent. Mr. Keeside, an npoth
ecary of Philadelphia, i also down with
tho fever.
Tho acting Mayor, Mr. Holiday, tVai ta
ken to tho hospital on yesterday.
It Is estimated that nut of 2,200 people
now in Portsmouth, 2000 of thorn nro cith
er convaloscont or sick.
Acclimnted nurses nnd physiciaiu nro
much wanted; but the authorities hopo
that no more will como from the JNorlli
who have not had the fever, to furnish
fresh victims.
"Tho Ohio Eagle, published nt Lancns
ter, Ohio, is distinguishod-for its glowing
eulogies of "ournoblo Governor Mr. Mn
pill." Tho reason for this appears in the
Clipper, published nlso at Lancaster. Mr.
Medill is tho proprietor of the Eagle, and
directs tho machine by which tho thunder
is emitted. Wo believe, however, it wot
not tho Edglo which first put in circulation
tho report that Gov. Medill had been Work
ing "for twelro-'yeare to got wheat up to
two dollar a bushel." Vin, Com.
Bui since the Governor's departure out
into tho Stato wheat has taken a great fall,
and we understand the Governor has an
nounced his intention to abandon tho re
mainder of his tour through tbe Stale
return, and if possible, bring up the price
again; but it will all bo of, no avail, the
people hero fully understand and appreci
ate bis DemagoguUm, and will give him
such a rebuke on the 9th of October next,
as bo may well rcmembar.
In this City, on the I3t!t of Roptomhor, 183.1, al tho
ruMi'iicoof h 'r fiilli.'r. Mr. Ju?ph A. Grocno, after
nltlnosMwrjV, MttsEFFl.t A. CKEEXE,nged
twunls j e.irs and lvjiit)'-niir days.
Thin wus v.iddjulv cnlluil front oarlh, ouo, who but
short lima bsfora had p :i!inpaui f;ilr proapocts of life
as the majority of hnr j t:ng associates; nnd although
this decreo may b j to us liicninpr.-'jciislblo, yot should
wo subuiltslrisly bow to Him, win dooth all thlug,
w.'Il. Hor cornul dcp-trttnuiil and ninlnUu dUposI
llon.hailgulncd for her thoadnilrallnn ofinnny friends,
nnd although young In years, ami surrounded with tno
l.loojitro.iand gallic nf lifJ, sho hcglectod not her
future Intarests; but aovcrnt ff nrs boforo liar daatli
KlTia, like Mary of old, 'altoaa tliat good part," alio
laid th j snrrillco at 111! foot of Jaus.iiiid as thu evidence
of its aroint inc i was during hi'r Itnlllnuss, sustained
by Cram, ami In lit! mid 'tof li-'rnfflllotlon ennhtod lo
rejoice In Co 1 h 'r Huvlo'ir. Khj unltoil hiraalfwlth
the Enrllidi Lullicrtin Cfiurt h of llilsClly,of which sho
dju.l a faithful mid d.'volod nuiiibor; unit wo doubt
not, Hint ah) Is now r-J Icing Is 111 J. UDpur SSufluary
in thi presence nt Hint Saviour whom ah lorod and
worthlppud on curlh. Tim klml and nfTJCtlonafo
daiiglit jr and sisUr, hat pn.s'J awny from enrth'for
everrud tuft lo uioilfn many nCeilloiinto reianvus
nd friends, but they mourn not as tbosa who Iibto
no hope, but anxiously look forward to thnttlnio when
thoy ahull hj ro-nn'.tnd with lluilr loved one. In thnt
belturco.intry whorj parting ahull bj no mora, and
when tho union of d jpartsd frl.MKUIs coiumunsiirnta
with the eturnlly nf lod. C.
On P rl,l iv M irninff. tin 31st nst..- GEORGE HEN.
MV. oi.lv sain ofMc. Ptftir Millar.agjd Itv jyonr and
IwaHty-saren dnys.
; Sberifl's Sale.
r S(X a 0i, rtlrftU Cnmtt, ...
fV RSU AKTIo tho command of an order ofsaie frorf
lue v ourioi coiuuion rieasor Fairfield, coniilyl
Ohio, isi to me directed. I will offer at public sale at
the Court House In Lnncaster.sn Salara'ay tkiWtk ii
tf arptemktTyt.D. ISM, between the hours of 10 o'eloc It
v nw;i r. ai., ine louowu.g aescribea
eal Estate, to-wil: Lots Nos. . 10. 11. 19. 11. is and
1? iu John C. Manipaou's addition to tha town nf Pla,'
santville. Appraised as follower Lot Ko. 10 at S9S: Lot
No. at 17; Lot No. 11 at $3&; Not No. IS at 4C-, Lot
No. 13 at AMI; Lot Kv. M at SS and Lot No. 17 at as.
to be sold aa the proporty of W. W. Stewart, to ealia
n. l . Miner ior tno use or David cupp.
WM. POTTER, Sheriff. .
B C. M. L.WISEMAN, Deputy. .
August S3, 1855-SwlCpl! . ; . ... .
:. : ShttlSU gvie. . r y-
PURSUANT to the command of third ordor of
aale. from the I'm,,! rh,... li .... , r
S-',J couiuy.and l tte directed, I will oer at public
sale, at tbe courthetse ItiLancaalar, on Saturday Ilia Slh,
dny or October A B.1S3J, between Ihe hours of 10 o'
clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M.. tho fallowing i,cr;
bed rwalctate, to wit: U S9-100 acres of land, being
ineeast Naif of the southeast Quarter er Section Ko.3.
In Towasliip No. )3,ofKango Ko. 19, of tho VJnilod
States lands at Ckllllcothe. Appraised at SIS acre.
tZZilZL'" " proporiy oi ciiiaoetu and Calk.,
rlwjr Lfhger at the suit of B. M. Howler.
nttttttK Sale cash. . WM. POTTER. Skmr.
By. C. r.. m. WISEMAN. Uenuty,
Martin artilolch, AHwriMf. . ! - f"'--august
30, lgjS Swl7 rfoe3,0Q
.Fruit mitl Ornamental Trees, Ac.
Ty , J. BLACK would call tho attontlon of his
M frlonds and' tbo nubile genorullv. to the Sue
stock of Fruit and On:i imem-tak Taaca, Sanaa, Vnras,
nc, which no oners ror sale the coming- rail, at hia
Kttreory, thred miles east of Bremen.
RLa stock consists of Jlnnlt. P.ar. both standard and
dwarf.) Quince, Ptack, Plum. Apricot, JTectarint mnd
I'.te., VI a , u , . 11
Raapbirriat, Sfc. ; and Ornamental 7.s. decidntut
Id KBtieffreeit.
Noii-. but tho rery ae.l fruits, and well-grown trees.
will ba sout out from thu Nursorv: and evory variety
Is .aFranv.it' career, having boon propagated by the
proprctor nunseii, or unuer nis tmuiouiute direction.
Nn trouble nor exponsi has bonn spared during the
last six yonrs in obtaining tho best fruits In tho coun
try, Hilda visit to Us Nursery, or an examination of
tne uatnioguo, win snow uiai nM lias onu ortuo miost
collections of fruit In Ccntrnl Ohio.
Orders from im-mohs who nnd itinrnni-onient to visit
tho Nursary will b? promptlv nitmlpd to. if addrcss-
tto to tue proprietor at nuniivi i.i.r., uiuo. .
lMscr lit vu i;:ilalo?U3s nirnlslieil irrnt s.
Tha following gontloinon are referred to: n. W
I'lRLisLi, Greennold township: Chirlks Pnuau-ti.
Esq., Lancn.tor, Ohio; Noi'ltsi, Ualllmore, Ohio;
riev. r. ni.. iirioiit, uo, -Septombur
20, 1805. SOlf
Ijlvrcnth kr
Th i Elaveiilh Annual Vnluiuo of this useful publl
antlon comntuneesoii tho 1?th dav of Septuinbor next
TK.VTEl) PERIODICAL, devoted chiefly to the pro,
mitigation of information relating to tho various Mo
ohanicand Clieinicnl Arts, Industrial Munuracturcs,
Agriculture, ruteiits. Inventions, Engineering, Mill
work and nil Interest, which the. light of PH ACT1CA
SCIENCE Isculeuluted toadvunce
Reports of United Stutos PATENTS granted arol
so piilillshud evory woek, Including Orririil, Corias
or all thu r.irwi t claims, togothcr with nowaand
Inrornititioii upon thousand or other subjects,
1 He Conthibbtors to tno s:irsTirio amuiom are
among tho most EMINENT SeleiiliHc and- prnrliral
men nf the times. ' The Editorial Department Is uni
versally acknowledged to be. conducted with GuuT
AniLiTY.aud lo bo distinguished, ami. not only for thu
excellence and truth fulness of Its discussions, bnt for
th.i fcarlJS4iius with whlchurrorlscouibalodaiidfAlsO
th.oriea nru oxploilcii.
Mei-hiiiilcs.luveutors Engineers, Chemists. Manu
furtururs. .tgriciiltitrlala, and Fiona or cvaav rao
rass-n t i.i--a: will Sod the K,iatri,r A ManicsM. to bo
of grout vnlso in lli-.Ir re.pjillvecnllingi. It, conn
selsund suggosliouswillsiivo thoin Hi-NunaDa or dol
lars annually, besides agifnliug tliom a coutlnuul'
soniro of knowljilgo,tliti tf.xpcrieucu cf which is bo-
yoiul pecilnlniy esliniaie.
'I no nriasTiriu .ismf ih is puuiisneu once a woex;
every nuinbur contntiisiglit large ouurto pagos,forui
IngnuiinullyacoiiiiiK'tu aud splend'.d volume, illus
trated wtiiisoverui iniiniren iirigtum ciigcavlngs.
.Paden, at tha
SheriO's Sale.
. T. mtltnf OAl'a, Ftirfcld C ,.
PURKUARTU, the command ofa 3rd order of sals
from thu Court of Coin mon Pinna C ..1,1
and to ui e directed, I will offer al public aale at tha '
i,uur mumcaeier, on sotarasy t. SIS dtf of
October, 1S5.V, botween the hours of JS o'clock A. M ..
and 4 o'clock P. M. the following described Keal Es-lato.lo-irlt.-
LotNo.O, I tho central addition to the
town Of Ballltanre.. Appralaed at also.
I o be aold as the property of eeevgs H. Houscr and.
Ruatna his wife, at the suit of EdwarS Cslkins.
rennsofaaloOash. WM. POTT!R, Kherlir.'
Laneastir, augnst 30, 18ii 5wl7p
JL IJi Ohio, aro ho re by notified lo meet nn the
Second. Tuesday of October Next..
usuul places of holding elections In the several town
ships iu sa d county, and nrocood lo ballot according
to law, for-
Ono O jvornor for Ihe Stato f OUloJ
Ouu Lieut. Governor, , ,
Oao Sucretary of State. "'"'" ? ' '-'
OnoAu,Utor of State; ''"
- Ono Troasuror of Slate," . ' i . f "
Ouo Attorney Genurul; ' '
One Huproiuo Judge for full diWf rsf ;
Ono Hiiproiue Judgetd m fncjtfi'cj; ' . .. s
One Mmuber ortlln ltonr.1 nrPoitiii w:..i.i i
Oneeouatrir;for tho Senalorlul District coniposeJ
of thu crtuutlcs of Palrflold, Hocking and Athena;
Z" Tip """ives ior too eouniy orfalrBelu;
.Ono LfeSJurot for tho county of FalrSeld; ...
One Coniiuissloner;
Onu InDrroary Director For the County of Palrflrlrl.
Thu Trustees of the aeveral townshipsare also here
by notified, to select Judicious persona, having tho
iiiiallncatlons of eleetors, to aorve at Grand and Pe-f
lit Jurors for tho ensuing yea-, as follows:
Orocnfleldj Pleasant 3; Richland 4; Hocking 3.
Total ). as furnished by the Common Pleas Clerk. -.
Tho Trustees ofthe several townships of Fairfield,
county are also hereby notiffed to select Jndlclons per
sons, having the qunlinonliuWe atectors to serve aa
Jurors In tlio Probate Court otHii tWifiHj fcrr lioi.
oneulng year, as follows: . "-'
Hooking township 33 Rnahcrook -'.......
Wulnut -i ,..J3 Vioioi
Madison - ......... 1 Cleareraek .......
Llbortv . ,. o Pleasant
Amiiniln 10 Hern
Grooiiffet.l - 10 Richland i.
Ulooui n Total ...;... ,
Asfurnlslied by the Probata Judge; and return a
of the same tnoaehoaso, with thj rospocllvo tioll
uook a or said oluction, according to law
uivuu nnuurmy naiiutiiiaiuin day of Kcptember
vt-iM.i.vm ri?i lan,
A. 1). 1833,
September 13 swlO
ipynpaylinen cuplis sunt GKA rlH.
11. r-i
.o. It, East Fourth Kticet, t'inciiinati, O,
- . . '. . oi'. - - !
nespnclfully inform their Cusloinors and Purrhnsors
geiienilly. Hint thoy urn now upeultu; an oxlensiva
andcompli'to assortment of ,
I.' , .Mill,... Houd Keoners. ' Timninhunt Owners', and
struiigers, may depeml upon Hudiug tho bjstcl.ist of
Goo.ls, al prices us low aa tnoy ran no pnri nneo in
tlio Eastern CllUai i ajpt. 'J7, lSJi Im-Jl ,
10 000 ACRES
I AM now lieullug extensively Iu Land Warranlv.
those wishing to a -II had Ihrfcioro hotter consult
me before selling elwahuru. Ili-nlerslii Warruntsean
lo as well with inu ns Iu nny market mid make quick
turns. Tho costs or assigning is always pain uy mo,
uiitl any liifonuiitlou ubonl Warrants cheerfully glvuu
without chiirgo.
Tlioso luleudiug to use their Warrants at enmo fu
ture lime can duposlle them Willi mo mid receive the
ir.oney or Interest for them, nnd another Wnrrant when
they w bill. Wurrnnla pusxlug from my hiliula aro al
ways jitartHtrc:! in epcrj resncci.
I rrlsa deal tu Kasturii Exehange nnd Gold and Sil
verColn. , T. W. TVLLMADGB.
Lancastor.septcnibor 87, 185J aitf.
Tnn .w. Ring Id Sitbscrl pilous, a year, or 81
for six in iiiths. Five coiiic fur six mouths, 1; fora
yenr, Sjri.
For further (.tub rates nud ritr stnte-ment nfthu four
teen large Cash Prlxoa, olferod by the publishers, seo
sctuiiiinu Ainericnii.
Moi,lli.rn. Westuru and Canada mnneV. hr Post
Offlco 8t:inipsitake"h al par rorsubspriptiona, c
Lettera suouiu dj uiructeu tpostpniu; ro
August 1013 . : 1SH Fulton Slroet, New YOrh i
r. c. uietz .
J.V ' ralruuld count) -thai ho has
recently put up anew Currlngo Shop,
imMfffiarcvMiscr.ara ivnilex Latra-
nartlmnrt Storo, Centre Jlltta, l.tnea.lcr Ohio, whurf
ne win coiisiniiiiy Keen ou nuuit anil iiinuumcluro
order pvo'r.V variety of tc-lilrle In his lino.
H'r-Kepulrtiig dona an sho-t notice, nnd the - a
avorabie terms. - . Due. 14, 154 31
Probate Notico -' '' --
TVrolico Ishoreby glron to all porsbos InloixndodMliat
IU thu accounts and vouchors of the estate of Jacob
Iloffmnn, Henry Hlte aud Gregg A. Klrlln; also thu
Guardian accounts of Jacob Snx-ffer and Nicholas, JrfrS
giro, have noun Sled In tha Probata Ctmrl of Fairfield
lounly, Ohio, for linpocllon and eoHfesievi4 and that
tho sain will bu for hearing on thenth ifay at OcferWi!,'
,vww, w m wiuu HirfvaueT US Ullf w, -
viKLrti.K. hhaw, frobata Judges -
Lancaster, Soptombut JJ, I8e5-3wl9. . , : :,
T WILL sell Lot No; 7J In Carpifnler'a Addiilnn to
j. inu t:ity oi iinciister, being mo Mil inreciiy oppo1
situ to the residence of VVIlliuiu M. Kiukeud, Esii
This Irfil lalargu and eligibly locatedr being one- of
the corner Lots in (liu tfriglnul Curiiciiler Plat an4
siluatuil on thcHnntlin'tMcornorof Winding aud Per
ry Klruets, near the ('. W. it Z. H. H. Depot. Term
easy uud lltlu warranted, hnouire or
".'' At the Gmottu Office.
L.incastur, May IT, 1853 J
Not Gone Over.
- We were surprised, a few days since,
to observe in certain ofthe Trimble papers,
a notice that the Toledo Times had hauled
down tbo Chase flag and run up the Trim
ble banner. We could not believe that our
friend Smitu had thus stultified himself.
and in the Times of Saturday last, be con
tradicts the report a follows:
"The Cincinnati Daily T iraes and the
Cleveland Morning Express, report us as
having hauled down the nsme of Mr. Chase
and put up that of Mr. 1 rumble tor Uov
ernor. We havn't done that thing yet,
gentlemen, nnd until we do, please not re
port us as having done the like."
Manufacturers and Importoraiif '..'
South Wait Cornsr ef Mala and Fourth Streets,
Clocks, Watches and Jewelry llepalr
rd and Warranted.
August 30, ISM 3inl7
. ' WI.MMA.uTlI. KIXG,
HAS rudirnvd to llin cily, whoro ho ovpectato ra
iiiiiin purinanently In Uie pructico of his profession.
Grutel'ul lor past favors, he hopes by attonlion lo hnsi
Haq td merll the patronage of his old friends and the
public g.'nernltv. Office, Mulii Street, two doors East
ufUitr Ohio1 Eagle. Laucnster, July 19, lC35-3nill
B. MOCIEyj afleYaii oxperiunce of fourteen
yoiirs-in tiro1 nrarruiHCinre or rumps, nud a tno
Investigation lulu llte'ir diintbllily, fuels confl'
ueuthe can now rocommenu irra
Superior Fancy Wood Pnmp
sAlsiriurOftutd ucjiailaMlfailufi,plurru1 In Lhts vn
glou of country. Having been tliorolff ly tasted by
Uiu oldest eituuiis iu iiiisaiiu aiijniiiingconniiet.iiioi
iinva boeit unanimously pronounced suwurlor to all
others and far aurpasilng Ihe Chain Pinup In dura
bility. I will iirnmlitlv utlouil to all ordc'n?40fln rsp.
bully or sent by muil. Persons desiring an eeeflent
nml durable rump win pteaso cull, ns 1 reels con It -uent
that I van render enllre anlisfuctlon. None ara
genuine except those manufiicturod b Ihe under1
alglll-M, M ,V , no, li , ,,f
Lilhopolla.Maj SUlSji-Jmt D. H. HOCKEY
Clnolannti, Ohio,
flhe undersigned, having again aaanmed the' man
X agumunl of thla weilfkuowii ostabllshniuut, begs
leave lo say lo Uiosu who visit Cincinnati, either for
business or plensure.Uiat they will Snd the Broadway
Hotel one of the moat couveiilenl and desirublo stop
ping places In the oily. -
Itiseonveuleut to the Rail Road Office and Depot,
and th Publio laiiidlnai more so than any other Hotel
In Cincinnati and Is within a few minutes walk of tho
Pust Oince'tho principle Buslueas localities, and tho
planes or rublte niuseinuni.
An extensive ran of Bathing Room and
oer's Shop will b found In Ihe uuuaing.
Koutl Notice.
' A Peillioh will be nresontud lo tho Board of Com'
mlssloncrsof Fulrlield county at their nextsuHion,
pruylngthal so imien ortuu county road leaning rrom
ihu'Uoek Mill to IU lutersocllon with tho jAiicnslor and
Koyultnn rosd on thu Busby farm, na lius between the
following points in Bloom township In anld county, bo
vacated, lo-wlt: From the mouth of Jacob Boliun-
bniia'h'e lane to the Zlon Church mad, nnd praying that
a nuw eountv road be laid out and established between
Ihorollowtng points, Beginning at tno moiiiu oi jacoo
Hnllenbaiigh'a lane: thenro running South along the
Section lines between the minis or aaiu jacoo usilen
bangh, Snmael Crist, Henry Wagner, Ainei Welsh
and Levi Willlainson to anld Lancaster ami Royallon
road, at the corner ortho iamlsoraald wnisn anu nil
llamson in said Hloom township and thero terminate,
July S, 184 4wu- n.t.ir rbiuiuonso,
A Bittea SATiRB--Bryant, the poet,
now in tbe East, writes, in one of his loi
ters, as an evidence that the Mahomme-
dans are fast becomirg Europeaniied;
"They are becoming Careless of tbe marri
age vow, got drunk, boat their wives, bruise
their children, associate with infidels, and
in fact Are gottlng to bo almost liko Christ
iana." -' v
ri,la hnoaa has all the comforts and convenience
thnt oan be found Iu auy first class Hotel In tha West.
tl. Mii,,un.t.hii,hiHi,itih.i tost been thoroughly
tod and re-furnished, and the
Proprietor feels assured that thoao who make hia
his house thulr home during their slay In Ihe Lily,
will have no reasou to oomplnln either of his eorom
tuocnUous or Ms charge. JOKKPH 11. CROMWELL.
Seplembur 13,1855 ltftf
WC70ULD resnectfiilly announce to tho sltliens of
VV Iincaater sk vicinity, that ho baa commenced the
Bread, Light Haak k Cracker Baatlns;
tttsonuecUon with hlaformor baking, oils now prepared
wlthcverv thins- In tho above line. ' Having to Ms cm
ploy the best ofbakevs, he feels confident vhave can
ulcaso all who may favor him wllh a oall.
TTT'sll alhoi Store en Mjda street, aad also nt hl
Rnke-Houso, comer of Columbu Mulbony streets.
Lunca9lcr,July IS, 184.
Sheriff of Ka!rfilcl4 counly
- Probate Notice.
1T0T1CE Is herebv a-lvon to all neranna lnlM,.u,,i.
til that the account of Isaac Clay pool, Guardian of
Wicktior's hoirs, bus beon lllodin the Probate Court or
Fairflelu County, Ohio, for Inspection and settlement,
and thai said account will be for hearing on the Wild.
uy ot uriooer next, or as soon inereaner as may ne. -
VIKltlLK. NHAW.Probato Judger j
September S7, 1855-3x21 . .
air Tt,
(Sundoyaexcepled;) . ;- , ' :
Firtt Train leaves Cincinnati at 0 A.M., arriving si
Laiicnslrut 1 1,30 A. M. and at New Luxington at IS 40
. m.
KuturiilniTj leaves Nuw Lcxlnetnn at 1 3S P. M. amf
Lahciurtur St 3 43 P. M., arriving at Clnclnall ate.SO P.M
Second train loavus Cincinnati at 4 P. M. arriving at
Lancaster nt 0.50 P. M. - - '
Returning leaves Lancaster at 3.40 A. M. arriving
ulClnclmialiatll.lS A. M.
I rains stop lor passengers nt all intermediate points
and connect wlthtrnluson Littlo Miami Koad for Co
lumbus, Jin j ten, Hillsborough and Chllllcothe.
Stairs lines eouuect at Clrclevlllo for Chtlllcotha
and LVIiiinbus, al Lancaster for Logsu, Nelsonvllle,
Arn'e'iis',arid Pcmeroy, and at New Lexington for Som
erset and Uauesvlllo, arriving at ZanosvJllo u tluio
for Eastern trainsou central Ohio Katlroad.
Forolhur information and tickets, annlval Ticket Of
fice, camorof Broudwaynnd Front slroeta, aud .at the
L1UI6 Mm'iuI De'i'itfi, or to the Station Agents nn the line.
j. me. i.. j Auum un,
-Englneerand Superiiitondent.
TmTio Company will not be rusnonslblo for bag-
gagu exceeding 50 In value, unless the same bo ra-
luriteu tome uonuueturor Agent, ana ireignt paiu as
iNeretoorannsaaMforovoryesofilnYntne aboy tll'at
aasowAl. . ... iugSls'f 30, tSs5.
wheat that they call get, and pay tho highest
time wnen ueuverea at
rrs HR anbseribors have now got their Nov) Flourln
I Mill In full operation and will purchase all Ihe
good wheat mat they eai
luaraet nriee n n, at an
thnhp Mill. We will also do custom work for tho far
mora when grist of 10 bushels and upwards, evory
thing lew we will give lour In exchange. We wish to
uoa home traue auu win ueuver sour oy tne narrei
to arery part of the city froe of drayage if the Sour
doea not provo good return the same and we will rea
der satisfaction. b.-sVUtK ft RKNMON.
Opposite Geo. R I ng'a Woolen Factory.
: Lancatter. Ohio, august 30, 1833 17lf
VmylfiliWi WWtMUitWl l.jtn,!JllfHU
WILiLIAlH jniLIf EH A ft) nit
THE Company haverocenlly changed the location
of their Office as above. Messenger leave Iain
easier dally per Trains over C. W. At Z. Kail Road,
affording the best facilities for the prompt, aafo aad
cheap eonveyanee of )iaraelsand freight to all pointa
East and West, also for the collection of Notes, Drafts,
Accounts, aud for making purcLases or the execution
at commission generally.
speenri' eoiuracta ror ui
a fretWll! will be made.
... WILLIAM MILNEH, Local Agnt.
IjMtvkrtur.aufusrsi, 1M-W
S01, fifth rtreet,- Cincinnati, Ohio.
-r Mrs. . A. llEMDJERSOHsf
T ATB Mrs. E. M. RICH, I )asl , eperii'nir' a1
J j Splendid Stock of new Bonnets, Hlbbeua,
French Flower), Fcathera, Trlnmiag
dec, suitable for the FALL THA UKs1o which ahe would
respectfully Invite the mttention ofher raateatar.. Her
alock will be kept replete throughout the season, (by
dally arrival from New York) with all Ibat I new aad
be 'uilful In her Hue of business, and at Ui lowest
eash price. ' ' " -
Country MerehanUand Milliner will find It to Uvol .
advantage lo look through her Wholesale DoparOnou
before purchasing clso where. - -'-
S04, Fifth Stroot, between Klra and Plum Slreeia-
Cluclnnatl, September SO, 1833 SO - .
Office of the Falrled Connty Jla;rlenl
tural Society .
THE Annnal Fair of .aid Society will be bold at the
Society', grounds near Lancaster, on ;th 18th
HUh and 80th day of Octoher, euanlng.
Premium List will be published In a lew usjs.
' lLockvllIc Wills.
THB subscriber hss purchased ihe above property,
and ia now prepared to do custom work as well
aa merchant work. The mill ha been well repaired,
and la In good order to do work In either way. He ia
also prepared lo buy wheal at all times, or flour the
same for customers. If desired. He has employed an
experienced miller, and will render gonaml satisfac
tion . UTThe nistlllery,wlth all it machinery, I for sale,
togothcr wllh Boiler, Tub, etc. Tbe Saw-mill ad
joining lit also for sale. .. . . - . j ;
Persona wisbtna-to buv town Iota can be aceommo-
atcd. The proprietor an at all time be round at
hie milt in Locxvin, or on hlsrnrm,! mtic sou in
east of Leek villa, and 1 mil west of Carroll,
AngusH, 1853. SniB ' '
of Seeretar;
August IS, 1853.
D. SIFFOKD, Preatdent.
The price of membership I reduced to Fifty Cents,
, and also at any of th More In Lancas-
Badgea can be procured- al the offleo ofthe President
tarv. ann
ter. By order of the Executive Committee.
f - B. CONNELL .
Dlasjast received the Citf Book Store
- a av turrLT or ,
' Gilt Moulding for Ploturo Prameo, ' .
snch aa Chenlel, worsted, working Cot.embrolder
tng silk, e wing silk, spool eotlou, 1 ape, bultoal, orb.
Please call and examine his atoc.-
Luoalor, jjgul 30, 18JJ-.W. v.- .;- j.t-;
1 1
, , -I. . n . inn
S . th r-

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