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ant. . v tnetrniiiir Oct. -I. 1893
Sidsbt. &ut. 26. 1855,
Charles Axdkrbom, Esq
Latter from Mr, r
Cincinnati, 0,
.ftrnr Sir: A friend has placed in my
Viands the DhiIv Cincinnati Gaiotte of yes-
tbrdar morning, containing two columns . publication of iinv notice it) its columns.
lone the full force of the euitbet It
possible that some people may think that
it might be justly applied to any one who
would give publicity to falsehood, with
hold in ir the name of lis author, when the
means of ascertaining the truth were bo
fore him; hut "tor the sake of that same
friendship." I will attribute any error of
yours in this r?spcct to the welt known
impetuoMiy of your disposition. The
truth is, 1 have not been a proprietor of
the Intelligencer for eighteen years, and
tlutin" that time have not "forbidden" the
IS it fur nntsrillisLtnilino- all tliA imolt it is a
very little fact, and th "corner" is the
of very curious matter, addressed to me, 1 ho injustice of this statement will be
orer your signature. In replying to it. ' more apparent,' when 1 assure vou that for
I hare neither lime nor inclination to ful- j two week preceding your Hamilton meet-
low you through the serpentine route you
have taken to snieia yoursen irom me
just responsibilities of your erratic - posi
tion, i our evasions expose mem.ieires
most of your subterfuge are too puerile to
require the dignity of comment your ill
natured grumblings and your ungenerous
sarcasms only tend to belrny enmity to
wards me that may have been hitherto
concealed; and your silly elfort to hold me
responsible for wrongs (real or imagina
ry. ) which others my have perpetrated ifr
reference to vour -. lrimbltt meeting at
Hamilton, I regard as inconsistent, with a
genuine manhood, und unworthy of , you.
la a very brief note, couched in the
most respectful augunge,(Ruch as I deem
ei dua to private friendship.) I "correct
ed" or "dtniod," (I care not which ex
presrrj'D is adopted,) erroneous ata'.ements,
; wnich you made in a publi speech at Leb
"aaon, nud ' which you acknowledge were
repeated at other point. ' 1 did this, not
that what you said affected ms.but because
those statements were prejudicial to Mr.
Ch.ise. Silence on my part wouli liave
toeo'n gross injustice to him. With my pos
itive doni.il ot the truth of your statements
before you, instead of retracting them
frankly, you betake : yourself to a long,
lame, and impotent defense. You not on
ly seek to cast the responsibility of these
etiitnmotits upon othert, but you retail the
fresh sayings and "hints" of "Tom, Dick
n l Harry," which ara equally untrue, and
tend to injure new and innocent parties
who have no identity with our controver
sy, Here, you shelter yourself behind the
ponderous proportions of my friend Oener
tl Guiger, who in epaulettes, with flaming
sword in hand, hat full ' of "challenges,"
und "pocket full of rocks," goes forth seek
in whom he may devour! ' There, you
bring to your aid the well known gallant
ry of our inntu il friend, Cuptain Delorae,
who is always ready for war! Now you
tell us what some one horse politician has
anid at a crossroad meeting, and, anon, of
that which is of. far moro interest to me,
"what jtu have said and done! You dis
close to the eye of the world what you said
"in the office of the Hamilton Hotel," du
ring your "four hours" so journ there, and
ni)tl others said to you, carefully conceal
inghowever, llio names of those whose
ailments you seem to endorse. Now, my
daatSir, this rule of controversy may
bA.eutirely consistent with your vaunted
Kentucky frankness, but vou must pardon
mo for refusing to adopt ft, and for declin
ing to meet Any neui issues you have thu
presented. J. he only point ot controversy
-now, is with you, and with you it must be
settle I, whether you take refuge under the
co:U-skirt of pur g'tilnnt friend General
Goigor.in the circle oflho Sag Xichl fiiends
. with whom you fraternized at Hamilton,
under cover of the saying of bur-room pol
iticians at Colurabua, or behind the men of
Straw, to whom you so often refer. You
. "Wlrti In an.l wlrooil,
- I. nvh)r Ih j roadnrstlll In dobt
Whotliur Iho NiiaWo that mnilu tho track,
h going fears er timing aae.11
Still, I take you to tho starting point of
my Crst note to you. In your speech at
Lebanon, for the put pose of injuring Mr,
Chase, you asserted tour propositions, with
which you identified my name:
, I. That I went to the Culnmbus Con
vention (July 13. ) as a deluuato from a
Lodge' in Butler county.
. 3. That I there held a letter which I pro
posed to submit to tho Convention.
3. That Mr. Chase refused to allow me to
present that letter. 1
4,' That Mr. Chaso laid, in reference to
it. "1 leave it witii you
' Now, bir, I
truth of theso propositions. Instead ot c
vincing a friendly confidence In my vorac
ity, mid tlio frankness of c "plain blunt
man that speaks right out," by retracting
' tho statements an aotwhUihl deemed a
liko duo to me and lo yourself, as a gonilu
man of "high points" yon artfully pursue
Another course. In that spoech you did
not giveanyonens your author; but spoke
. from your own knowledge. Your after
. thought attempt to throw the responsibili
ty on other persons, whom I might or
might not deem it proper to noticu thus
publicly, does not, in my judgement, argue
'. much for the munly independence nud
true chivalry which have hitherto been
. regarded as your characteristics. Again,
I pronounce one of tlioso propositions un
Jrue, regardless of tho particular person
'who may Lava manufactured or peddled
'them out. In the sincerity of friendship,
I expressly slated that I did not believe tho
misrepresentation to be wilful on vour
parl;but now that my peremptory denial it
md tujficient to induco you lo withdraw
the assertions, and, inasmuch as you have
asserted new mutters, equally destitute of
. trniii, wittiout any authority other limn
that of persons whose names vou do not
flive, I must be permitted to withdraw that
expression of belisf, and lo leave the point
as to your design an open question, lobe
conirowou ny sucn tacts at you may see fit
. i i . .
ho onng 10 uenr upon it.
Yfcru I might close this response, roimr
1 ding as I do, all your other collateral mat
ters as immaterial and not pertinent to the
issue, and your long list of Interrogatories
in the light of the trioks of the netiifoggcr
' with n bad caso, seeking to avoid the real
point in controversy. But, In setting forth
te griet which attended your meelingAt
Hamilton, you .gain make an assertion to
the injury of an other person who is your
friend, more than to my annoyance. I al-
luje to Mr. Mnlsey, tho editor and proprie
tor of the Hamilton Intelligencer. You
say in referenos to tho notice of that moet
"' .
"ft was hinted to roe, at a proprietor of
. ui paper, you nan ioroiciuen any Sucli
, ' notice to be published in it "
' . j . . . . ... j
. un tins ciiArge i move me "previous
. ' question," which cuts off all debate ! I
pronounce it an unmitigated He? It is a
meanlit, stamped on" its very, front with
, the cowardioe of "hint'' instead of ; the
', boldness of a positive charge! " It is a doub
y p lie, Hi I am neither proprietor of that
'';-' paper, nor hote . I forbidden the notice.
1 ndeMtand xm, iuy denr slr t intend the
tfitt'W'prtlie'tfimY' to. take lo t. mself a-
me, 1 was absent from home a fact which
you may have known.
I think, mv dear Charley, that even in
your schoolboy days, when Crst we met,
you would have been ashamed ot the course
of reasoning you now ado'pt to prove that I
should make vb.tc a jincae letter. I rue,
Mr. Chase and I have had correspon
dence; and I have on my files some very
interesting privato letters rum yuu, touch
ing poliiiml affairs. Would you justify
me in publishing thorn' to your prejudice,
upon the pretext that in my judgment, or
in the opinion of some other person, they
might contain kculiinvuts ot . dangerous
tni!rtnev? '
Your attempt at justifying yourself in
resorting to that oil liar, Madam Rumor,
for the vontents of Mr Chase's lelter.rath
er than to my 'left breast pocket," whith
er you so carefully traced it, has other pe
culiarities. One of them is that you infor
med some friends at the Hamilton Hotel,
what "line of remark" you would pursue.
Now, Sir, whatever may be your notions
of propriety, I mast say that I do not play
eaves-dropper aiounu the Hotels, nor eouui
1 consent lo cross-examine our "mutual
friends," who have enjoyed the rich intel
lectual treats which your well known con
versational accomplishments furnish, to
ascertain what was said concerning me.
God knows 1 hear and rend enough to an
noy me, without hunting up new sources
of vexation.
Another singular auxiliary you summon
to extricate yourself from the entanglement
of your own net, in your statement of our
accounts on the score of etiquette, Ac, and
your taunt to mo about " Cottgreteional
usagesof ceremonyl' in what possible
way can you interest tho readers of the Ga
zette in regard to my not calling on you at
your hotel, is not perceptible to mn. I dis
miss the matter, therefore, by saying that
I have always despised that cold system
which opens regular book accounts.
' A correct balance sheet in rofereuco to
tho etiquette of making calls, I apprehend,
would show rou to be a defaulter in this
You hnve no mst crround of complaint
against me because your audiencd at Ham
ilton was represented as a Locofoco meet
ing. Such is the fact. I have the author
ity of tho President of the Trimble meeting
lor staling mat tne nanu-uiiis caning it
were printed by a Looofoco, at the Loco
foco printing-office, at Locofoco expense,
and that there was not another Trimble
man, of whom to make a Secretary, until
he Daid a bov the sum of one dime to run
down the material. I did not go to hear
ycu, because in your audience were my
bitterest enemies, somo of whom
put tlrichnine into my coffee everv
ing if they could. There were those
who, when "many A time and oft"
mndo thoi.o Clay speeches hern,
emphatically deuiod ths
ipoMiioiis. Instead of c-
without A sigh hate seen youtumbled into
the Miami, with a mill-stone about your
neck. You was thero surrounded by somo
party hncks as corrupt and vindictive as
ever" disgraced a county or plundored a
people. I confess that in common wuu
vour friends here, deeply chagrined that
you threw yourself into the embraces of
such a conirreeation, and received, grate
fully, tho plaudits which sprang from the
hope that you would be a good instrument
to promote their vile purposes, t um pur-
poseiyausent myn'ti, ' more in sorrow iiian
You are pleased lo remind me that be
fore our "divercronco" in politics vou made
fur me! Perhaps a correct bill of pavticu
lars in this rerpeatas in the matter ot en
auello in "calls." mmhl not make me
greatly your debtor. Still I hnvo alway
fell aud endeavored in a proper way to
evince n gratitude for such services wheth
er they were "real or immaginary' But
sinoo you display your service so promi
nently before the public, 1 must say that
thore is something tinder the "left breast
pocket" thnt tells mo you have thus taken
your full pay and cancelled the obliga
tion. You deny buing a "bittor opponent" of
the American parly, and I have seen to
day, in Sidney, large hand-bills convening
'Mass Meeting ol that party lo Po ad-
Iressod by you. Out such hand-bills
prove nothing against stuborn facts, It is
possioie mat i eireu in saying you was n
"bitter opponent;" and you mny leave out
the adjective. But sir, do you . deny thtt
you have been an opponent, and that you
denounced the organization and its princi
ples in strong termsT I violate no confi
dence. I am loo scrupulous to relate your
conversation in my own office, (in pres
ence of others, ) at my own table in pres
ence of my family, and with me as we rode
together over thu fk-hls, last summer. I
simply ask, do you deny thatyoudenounced
the "American organization in strong
terms, or that you was the chosen orator of
its opponents in Cinoinn&ti at tho last cele
bration of tho anniversary of our National
Independence? Did you never declare
that it was your purpose to break up and
destroy thai party 7 ir you cannot answer
"no," phase explain tho process by which
you are to be regarded otherwise than its
tou ohariru upon mo. that hv the nom
ination of Mr. Chase, I kave done much to
injure that party. Tliis assertion, if true,
is answored hy the fact, well known, that I
was actively in the field attempting to pre
venUhat nomination, when vou waseniov-
ing the se bath or the bracing atmosphere
of West Point. You think "fusion" is a
terrible institution. Last year you fused
as freelv as I. even with " Aholii'mnioi.
"Areh-Acitnlors"nd"HigherLaw men'.
This year you are a bolter; (I will not say
a "sorehead.") You seem to play the
game on the principle of "heade you lote,
tail I vin!" Fusion is with you a grand
machine, until it don't turn out all the can
didates just as you could wish; then you
curse it, and commence saving the Union t
yuour; my dear siil , I bave seen the Un
ion saved so often that I must advise you
to phkle it down well this time, and have
good cooperage, so that it will save through
the beat of next summer! ;
.-. ,But you want (net. lying very clow
fitder the corner. Well, jou stialVJiaye
place where it should be kept. But yon
must drag it out, and you will die an un
happy man, unless I cease to be "unscru
pulous in attempting lo preserve my nonor
real and imaginary And teH you some
thing about that private letter of mine from
Mr. Chase. The truth is, we had a little
correspondence about potatote and politic!
principly about potatoet! Yon demand
particulars and I must yield, or have a
fuss! The following colloquy took place be
tween Mr. Chase and I as we met iu one
of the streets of your city last, spring:
Chase "What are you doing since Con
gress adiournnd?"' J ' . -
Campbell "f arming, planting cornanu
potatoes." ''', . ,. "
. , - . .i . i..
Clmse " 1 nai reminds me. mat i uv
received from tho Patent Office, a barrel of
imported potatoes. I'll send you some."
Campbell "Thank you, I will plant,
cultivate, experiment and report the result."-
, - ...
Whereupon we separated. Chase prov
ed unsound on the potato question, forget
ting to send them, and I wrote to him for
(hem addinr a paragraph on politics as is
my custom. Ho replied to both branchet of
my letter, but I got no potatoes!
At Cleveland 1 read a paragrapn irom
tho political portion of his letter to three
gentlemen of the Aramican Organiza'ion,
who visited my room in confidence, nnd
under the sanctities of that Order. At tho
Columbus Convention (July 13,) ono of
these gentlemen in a moment ol excito
ment, violated that confidence, and under
took to repeat it contents. A dispute,
and a question of veracity arose betweon
him and Mr. Austin (whom you mention,
and who is n stranger to me.) I was call
ed on to make the fetter public, and rofus
ed to do it as it was a private letter, on
which the fute of the nation did not, in my
judgement, depend. A littlo excitmenl
grew up, and 1 tendered tho letter to jur.
Chase, in the presenceof Mr. Austin. Ho
declined taking it, saying thnt he had
written mo in the freedom of private
friendship, and that he would tako back no
private letter thus written, adding, !n Mr.
Austin's presence, "it it yourt, aud you
can show it to him if you choose to do to.
Thereupon I did refuse to show it, nnd re
turned it to my "left breast pocket. ''
Now, is not this a most terrible affair, well
calculated to justify you in sounding the
alarm that tho. Union it in danger.
Now old rumor's misrepresentations in
refforence to this letter, have caused you
to do injustice, to Mr. Chase, to me, And, I
i. . ...
inillK, 10 your own cuaracier un n iiigu
toned centlemnn. 11 is not true that i ev
er proposed lo submit it to me oonveniion
It is not true that Mr. Chaso refused to
hare it submitted to the Convention. It is
not trua thnt he refused lo allow Mr. Austin
to read it; but, on tho contrary, expressly
told me I could show it to him if I chose
Knowing, as I do, all about this American
organization, whilst I still refuse to publish
any of my private correspondence on "po
tatoes and politics," I can with propriety
declare, that Mr. Ch-iso's correspondence
with me is such ns to satisfy ma beyond a
doubt, that, ns n member of that parly
can as freely vote for him as for either of
his opponents ono of them (Gov. Medill)
bung a dotoimincd foo to our principles,
and the other (Ex Gov, Trimble) not n
member of the Urder. X uopo you puin
ots who have lately taken the contract for
saving tho Union will now breatho more
freely, with this assurance, which I give on
honor that there is not a line in the letter
which tends to the disruption ol our glori
ous confederacy!
In conclunon let mo tay that Mr. V- iiase
was not a favorite candidate of mino for the
nomination, and no one knows better than
he, how steadfastly I oppofed htm. In
supporting him, rordinllv as I do, it is
neither expected that I thereby ngred to
indorse all his antecedents, or to approve of
all his subsequent. 1 support him because
he was nominated fairly; bccniiso I knew
from personal observation, during six years
in Congress, that ha was a true and stead
fust friend to till Western interests; devot
ed in his service to our State, and a sleep
less sentinel, always, when tho great inter
ests of Cincinnati were at stake; because
on all, or nenrly all questions involving
Slavery, including tho measures of. 1850,
the Fugitive Slavo Law, nnd tho repeal of
the Missouri Uompromiso, ho voted pre
cisely ns did tho whole Whig party of the
North, with only throe exceptions; bo-
he is opposed to the present oppres
sive system of taxation; because ho isa
"gentleman and a scholar," and for va
rious other reasons too tedious to mention
You hnve seen fit, my dear Sir, to apply
to me your old bug bear chatge, "Aboli
tionist," and I am told that in a speech in
my district you said, or "hinted," that I
supported Mr. Chase to get his support
for somo oflice. To all of which I reply
"pshaw!" ' , , . . .
My opinion on the slavery question are
well enough known to protect mo from
th charge of AMitionism; and whoever
charges mens a disonionist, I brand public
ly as a liar. , ...
. You closed your letter ly a rhetorical
flourish, in which vou represent mo as a
fy battering his wings against the oobweb
woven nrounu nim oy a wuy oiu spiucri
I prefer to close mine, "for tho snka. of
that same friendship' which I think you
have so wantonly violated, by wishing you
. ... ,t T i
neaitn anu happiness, anu a epeeay recov
ery from thnt politioal insanity with which
you seem to be afflicted.
very truly, yours, ato.,
The Friends of Allen Thimble,
as a Candid a to for (J over nor of
Ohio, will hold a meeting at
On Friday Ecening, Oct 5.
Hon.O. T. Fish back, of Clear
mont, Ion. F. Con win, of Clin
ton, and A. Banni,q NonTOM,
Esq., of Flanklin, will address
tho meeting. . v Sept. 27.
Otflc at th Flrfle Oownty AarhmW
Sural SclaT.
rTlHB Annual Pair of.ald Soelatjr will be held at tha
filth anal 80l aya l October, enaulna.
run rrttmiu m will ba nuMl.hd In .ha il.Ta.
The price of memberahlp-ta roaaoaU to Fitly Cenu,
VoIcr admit a whole family. -
Badgee ean be procured at tha o (See of Uie Proatdenl
or Mvrrtarv,ant also at anf of the etoreetn laaeu-
tar. y oNoroi tue fctaeullTc . ommlliea.
AticnUO,ire. . D. StrFORD, rrexMant.
Wars ta Adopted Cttizeas.
The desperate struggles of 1848 iu Ku
rvpa ara too fresh in our memory to need
recapitulation. Brave men. hrrssel by
the persevsrins tyranny of despots, whose
thrones are supported neither by reason or;
justice, -rose up to assert their rights ngainst
fearful odds; and aliliougn tney kinaicu a
fire that now only smoulders to buttt forth
with 'enfold splendor when the proper
moment arrives, yet in the interim many
of the gallant asserters of human rights
have chosen to take shelter beneath the
broad A'gis of American freedom.
Where else could they Dee and le at
rest! What is the magic word that fills
European despots with dread, that spans
like a rainbow of promise and hope the
clouded prospects of the patriot, arching
the m:stv heavens from I lie Caspian to uie
Hebrides 7 Tlie word is inwrico. xuis
is the sheet anchor of hope to the oppress
ed in Europe; and the despots know it.
Ulot out the United States ol America irom
among tho nations, and where shall the
Archimedean lever be placeu which is to
overthrow the despotisms of Europe ? -
Where else has republicanism gained a
firm foothold? It is from her soil alone
that the thunder of defiance is launched at
all those usurpers who claim to rule by
hereditary rlht and oy the grace or uoa.
Facts are stubborn things, and we have to
deal with facts when we speak of thepoht
ical world. Temporary evils there may
be even in n 'republican government; they
nre inseparable from our finite condition.
The world Is not yet pertect. lo irnme a
Utopia out of the imagination is one thing
lo reduce it to practice is another. Moon
shine rampants Will not resist the bayonets
of granadicis. Grape-shot and generals
pay no respect to poetical rhapsodies.
The tans culottet of France will break
up all tho established usages. They un
dertook too much at onco, and disgusted
tha middling clasaes. Ambitious dema
gogues took advantage ot tncir simplicity
and a despotism was established on tho ru
ins of popular freedom. The people's idol
throws ott the mask, and wo nave an em
peror in the furious republican. France
has twice mocked the hopes of tho liberals
and as soon as Louis Napoleon had over
whelmed tho patriots and established him
self in power, he flew to Rotno to srtslnin
another pillar ot despotism lo prtt down
the revolution in Italy and establish Un
political power of tlie Pope nga'mst the
America nlono defies ho power of Eu
ropean despots. The armies of Louis Na
poleon will not overthrow republicanism in
America although no ono doubts his will
to crush out every vestige of freedom in
this land, and setup a despot over the peo
ple, who would rule with nn iron hand nnd
a bloody sceptre. Ha must Grst reduce
Sobastopol. Soldiers cannot now be spa
rod to nut down liberty and establish des
potism in the United States.
The Pope of Romo is a despot, an J tlie
instilment of despots-. Ha cannot put down
liberty in United States with the sword.
lie hns other means at his disposal -w ill
he fail to . use them.' Ask history ask
what ho hns done for Italy. Listen to the
dying groans of Italian patriots! I ho
Popo wields n power which cm not be op
posed by batteries or resisted by breast
works. Wo are in littlo danger from the
Italian prince in open w.nl.in). It ever
the liberties of this country are destroyed
by European despots, it must bo in the
way ot intiiBueky the secret machinations
of somo inllnoniial class working upon the
hopes nnd fi an of those who trust thrni
and believe in them.
A double power is wiolded by tho des
pot of Roma, and it is impossible to sepa
rate their operation, which is ono nnd in
visibhin action, though theory mny divide
them. . Tho component parts of the almos-
phoro are named separately by tho chem
ists, but tho action of the air includes them
all under one. : An nrmy of influential men
are at work 0:1 our soil, tho hend of whom
wields tho cloven power of a temporal and
spiritual prince. His authority ia supreme
ho is to them in the place of God. llo
unites in himself both tho temporal n.ij
spiritual power. Will he tonch his servants
that it is vrong lo unite the spiritual and
temporal power? Will ho tell the Jesuits
to discourage all such unholy unions, while
his own example tenches a doctrine pre
cisely tho reverse? ..."
What could bo moro injurious to tho
cause of human liberty in Luropo than the
destruction of American freedom? The
triumph of nn Italian potentate in this coun
try would -trample out tho last spark of
hopo in the breast of the Europonn radical.
Those who oppose tho insidious attempts
or the l ope upon American principles, re
publican institutions, and religious tolera
tion, tako tho same ground that was taken
by tho patriots of Hungary and Iinly.
i hey oppose tho political assumptions ot
the Italian despot. They war upon no
man's religion; but they insist that the U.
States shall ba ruled by roou who own no
allegiance to foreign rulers, As they con
tend for pure American principles in oppo
sition to nil foreign influence they are pro
perly termed the American Party. .
Patriots ye who have fled from your
homos because liberty had no longer an al
tar in your native home, becauso your
blood was sought bv tha inveterate foes of
... .1 i . ''ii .1.- 1 .
truin anu justice, win you uivuv
not to scnttor his incendiaries over tho 'mr. J
of your adoption; to send hither his hordes
of satellites, who, by appealing to the su
perstitious sentiment, would persuado their
followers that, in poisoning the fountains
of freedom, thoy ro doing God n service?
Would you aid in establishing in this
country the very power thnt has sent you
forth exiles from the home of your fathers;
To prevent this, and nothing moro, is tho
aim of the American party. We war not
with the Roman Calholio Church as a spir
itual institution, To do so, would be to
nssail the very foundation of our own gov
ernment. Our opposition is to that prin
ciple of the Roman Calholio clinrch which
makes tho Pope a prince, having charge ot
the tempoial affairs of bis subjects, and
which aims to make every Catholio on the
globe one of the loyal subjects of this
prince, bound to do bis bidding.
: A great hue and cry is now raised by
the demagogues who stive to get into placo
by the aid of the votes of adopted citizens,
against what they nre pleased to call the
proscriptive principles of tho , American
party. That these men will succeed with
the iirnorant and thoughtless wo havo no
doubt; but we ask the intelligent men of
all nations, whom European tyranny has
driven from their homes, to consider whe
tlior, in joining ia Ibis crusade against A
moricanism, they ara not equally playing
into the bands of the very despots to whose
tyranny they owe tbeir exile to ask thetu
selvs whether jt is profitable for them to
enter into a dispute with tho sons of the
land that offers them a home iu, the hour
of adversity, for the possession of office 1
lie l your own judgment nnd reason gutdo
you in your decision of this question, its j
on your, heads will fall all llifc odium of the
battle, while, even though you succeed an
gninitjg a temporal triumph, the dema
gogues who urge you on will reap all iho
proht. ft you liko our country and ts
institutions, and desire to become citizens,
take the necessary steps to do so, nnd hav
ing Decome so, drop every other name out
lhat of an .American citizen; for you may
rest assured that it is tlie only coarse that
will be of .permanent nnd 'lastino; benefit.
either to yoiirsslves or; those who-may
come after you. If you ara Catholics be
cause you believe iu that System of rcligioh.
let it be sol but do not b led into quarrels
wuh Americans because they denouuce-tli-Pope
for attempting to interfere with the
temporal affairs out of his own dominions.
Remember that the American Revolution,
to which Americans owe their freedom, is
yet fresh in our recollection, and thnt the
native tons of our soil nre justly lealous of
anything that has even the appearance of
an intelleretice Willi llieir rights nnd privi
leges. ;As good Catholics as any of you,
Were, in 1 840, in Itomu itself, opposed to
the middling- of the Pope in temporal af
fairs, und drove him out of Ituly. . Had it
not been for the aid of French bayonets,
treacherous! y sent lo Rome, Italy would
have been fieo todnr, and, by her exam
ple, would have cheered and (titled tho
great chuso of European Democracy to
maintain itself against the power of despo
tism. . Intelligent adopted citizens should
ponder over these fuels. We do mit come
begging your voles, and yet you will find
n the end that Iho American party are your
best friends, because they nro the fiiends
of the land that gave thenj birth, ahd oficrs
you nn asylum, co long as t ho country is
safe anil her rulers pure and patriotic, wo
shall be able to defy despotism and to shield
all who take refuge on our shores. Bo-
cause We prefer to hnvo Americans in of
fice inen who know no other birth placo
and worship at no other altars' than such
as are reared in our own soil, is.no proof
that tlie Amcricnii party nre. quite tho can
nibals that some ol our foes would repre
sent, in terms that insult tr.o intelli''enco
of those whom they address. Vi'a' uie in
favor of hnving Americans elected to im
portant offices, and wo hclirva -that your
own good judgment will acknowledge not
only our right to have it to, but nl-.o the
correctness of the doctrine. Those of yon
who nro doslrons of trying to put down
Americans, wnl oppose U.c American par
ty and tl:P American ticket, and thus con
vince tlxi doubtful nn.l wavering among
nntivo born ci:i,ensof the necessity of their
union and j'otir overthofr. And just s
scon n the political dcniiogues who nro
now urging yo'.i nn lo n fighi with Amer
icans li ml your rower gouc, ihev too will
desert you. Aaiii tva would say, in all
kindness nnd sincerity to adopted citizens,
discard nil other3 names and designations
except lhat rr American ci'.inon.' Drop
Vonr Irish, German, French, and other
foreign designations, and becomo n part
and parcel of il.ia great republic of tho peo
ple, if you would enjoy in ptaoa and qui
etness the blessings thataie offered lo you
by onr l.twi--ftiid i:is:Uat ww'-Snndoy
'-!!- - .11.- . -L-'
To the American Party la Ohio.
Kittling but a Morn and Imperative eenioof duty
could have tmpolU'd ma to rimu ttiue publicly btifure
yon, amidst th boat of an melting jmllitcul oaiass
ucu aa-tre are at thii preaant time iMuatng- through,
but tho rtratmtiiiary course biiii Dursupil hv thnt
portion oTour Orrifrwhu, from their ara-tf lar len-uviK-toa.uro
unwilling to barmoiiiao ivith tlie gruel
body or tlioir brutlircu. Imposes iimit mo Uie ncronsl
lv; endaoir rcspcrt.-ai well asilulv, forbids my alirlitk
I UK Irom tlie potion in which 1 ttn! nlvsntl' plm-ed.
'1'Uo groat party to which o belong, which, sprang
inio existence as' If by magic, anu at onco assuinoiia
(i.tntion so cHimiuauiiing that, wiiile It exeituil tlte
fears of tho existing lmrlie. it compelled their re
spect: It was nctinileti bv lttllm iia noble and natriirt-
Uc, and cherished uspir.ulonsas hiirh und holy as nnirk-
en tho axlrcnt inaugurated byour revolutionary aires.
They a-cre moved by Iho amn'e trrent t-jswsea, and coa-
icnucMi lortne sonio groal prtuclplo. v
Tarn It vrn resistance to llio gulling yoke of Go:
tlie 1 1n rd, yo lo the abhorrent one I in posed by tho
rone of Rome. The aim nf thn ussv -wan to rid our
Slutoii anil general titiv.cmvuont er all fofeigulsm that
was mimical to rrerdnm nd all Influences that Km)
ed la check or retard the Krnwthpi Liborly or the do-'
ve lepinuae-of the principle upon which our tapubll
enn luaUttiUu are fotHMted... , - ' , . ..
Inerraclliig thiageeaioUJact there triiTfir drtlra to '
war aguiiwt the. tadivldtial Foreigner, bulaeuim-t tho
ideas, principles and prejudices 1m idem to foreign
birth and education, and a Inch are a bar to tho Intel
ligent oxeretaJ oriho nguU ai d duties of an Amcrl
cun Citizen.
To resloro our Government lo Iho nurelv , nH-rl-
eanatandnrd Unit marked the aduiiuislmtloi. of Wash
ington, and to fi surround and guar. I It so as ti rt.ii
der it imiiregnubte to nil hHiii Iis of both fureiirn and
domestic enemies, waa, and is, and Minulil he, the sole
nuject, uim anu run ni the. true Mends or tun Ameri
can party; und such -as proposo to give it diroclion
ether-titan thia, (nnd them are such.) simply misappre
hend its purpose ordtrsignedly misinterpret It.
Thut furtiou of our Order e-ho.aflVetmg to boUnre
that Iho uomiuiilionof Mr. Chnu was a fraud upon tha
Americun purty.and under corcr of this jrreloneu hnvo
doclinud to support tha ticket nnminuted t tin' 13th
July Convention, anil associated with to fossil re
main of old Whiy:a:ery, have uKAttmcd ihe position if
not the Importance of a third party, are now canvass
ingthjSUttu lulls hdiulf; and to an oxnmlnulion of
me grounds ol their lisH.iturm-hon, tlio ends they pro.
aaite out
Secietoa of
by ae.
roe fail
loa to a
before we cart aadcrtake other reforste, we can ..i
differ on alliap iimil . 7 u well
strength with others lo secure a favo'rab'o
that greatest of all al ih ....i.i.. ......
iHiok to It, that yeu loae not sight of luls.for If
luthls. yon fall aH, ,n(1 ,.,7 hmrk M
PO..U.M. ae.ercotneuipialoa by Uie louudera of Uie
Tha day of election will eoon be en us; If yen, voice
then ! in accordance with your political faith, as .a
lablished at t Irreland, you will come out of Uie con.
teat covered with laurels well pleased with vourl
selves, galulhg the confidence efyour countrymen'
andyourgreat principles well prounded; but If bV
your votes thrown away upon ellhef Trimble at Mo
lll .you hiete upon tile country an endoraemeut bv
Ohio of the Kunsas-Nebraaka wimllA. a '
erpuuliallon into ten thouaand fragmeutall falla.uevei
lo be roauscltaled aa an American party. If yoa so
l oio that Slavery shall ba further extended npoi ihla
'.'2! '""""i noveraguin aasiuuo to yourselves Uie proud
title of an American.
l(Uno week Is i ye( left to via of the eanvaas; let our
Onlecnerev beevestnrl in Ik. ...... t. v 1
embarked, and on the second Tuesday of October
roll ap a majority for Cmsa.and the entire ticket,
unknownto Oh(o iu the pastthey are our candidates.
stKnding aquroly upon Uio eorner-stone ef our plat
iwnu, . TllOS. SPOON ku
ttxrixaa-rij.Octf 1, IMS.
jt-t?iSeveral communications intended
for tho Gazette, have boon crowded out b
other matter. They will . appear in next
Saturday ?&v f ' Clipper-1 - - -p -
We undurstnnd that far. tt no." Pries'
Medill's two dollar hireling, is going abQut
lolling our Irish' fallow citizens, that he is
a uunoiio. , wo should like to know
when he joined tho Catholio church.
Kin b)- t'tc Do'.tntffl Woitli..
Spain must be a capital placo for sinners.
Instead of gcin? to the "ancient Nicholas,"
when they commit a i-iimn in this hind of
lovo null olive,-, thev u) to Iho i-'ope, it
seems, for a divpcnsaiiun, pay him the
piico lixod for iho tifT.-nfc, purchase immu
nity for another piece ofgiiilt or two in'ad-
vnnce, nnd go home happy poorer in
pocket, but infinitely richer in tho luxury
of sinful .indulgences !
ItFcoms u'nhnndsomc to mnko a remark
of this kind, wo admit, because il appears
to treat unjustly or r.ngoiietotisly ; n niost
extensive church in tho -Christian commu
nion,. But, in the lirstf place, wo. never jest
of such serious importance; nnd, in the next
place, we havo no wish to acciiso tho Ha
inan Catholics, na a t hiii-cli, of what may
possibly be ns new a piece 'of intelligence,
to ninny of its Members ns it is to us, tho'
otmlng as it does, in. n thupo of unques
tionable credibility. i .- : . : ., ;..,
Tho I'one of Rome and tho government
of "IleV Most; Catholio Majesty" nre no
longer 'fiiends; Thu I'opo threatens and
Spain rebels. - The fno demands nnd tho
other demurs. This accuses and lhat ro-
ior:c. nnme talks ot excommunicniion,
and tpnin points lo tho imnietiso Minis)
pnid per annum by Spanish subjects into
tlio colters ot the i opu lor ticensei to sin.
Nay, more slio offers to provo the exact
amount to thu world (and ns every real has
to be laid out through tho embassy, where
it is duly registered, iho proof is not diffi
cult,) and then leave it to tho conimon-
?ene of mankind what-the ex-communi-
caiion of a h ii iyIi is worth that establishes
moral laws merely to .raiooa revenue by
selling, to nil who can afford' lo imrehaso
' . i. . :..:i . . -c . i. .!.. i. ....: .
it, mu piiviiego 01 ineir violation.
All -t Iiis looks liko romance; .It looks
liku a revival of soma of tlio Btalo nnd nn
eielit calumnies of revei end debaters moro
anxious fcr eOic'ivo arguineut than irre
futable facts. Cut, in the present case, tho
government of Spain fjellbernlcly endorses
tlio accusation, mid tlio official organ at
M.'.di ivl publishes tho tariff of prices affix
ed by the Top; himself to each particular
kind of iniquity. liven li,o perusal ol cer
tain liberal-toned books is set down as nn
offence only to bo indulged, iu by Iho pay
niunt of a specified sum ; nnd while the
poor nro iclt to tho tender mercy or tho
common enemy of man in tho world to
come for th slightest peccadillo, the rich
aro permitted to rend "Marshall's Lifo of
Washington." for iustnnce, upon handing
over to thn exchequer of the Pope about
eleven dollirrs; to "infringe Iho vows of
virginity" for twenty seven dollars, and to
do anything else Hint a depraved appetite
may suggest for nn amount n due propor
lion I
Decidedly, this is tha most CDnvenient
kind of Christianity extant. Wo should
be sorry to suppose that the Catholic church
in this country disposes, in this fashion,
of dispensations for tho perpetration of such
flagrant social wrongs. . . But, that it does
make morclinndise ot Us permission to sin,
in Spain, is beyond nil question; and, that
the immunity, is purchased of tho Pope
himself," the bosd of tho Catholic church
throughout tho world, tho representative
of St, Peter, tlio self-cnllod vioe-gerent, of
God on earth, is a charge publicly pro
claimed by the government of Catholic
Spain ; anil .tlio - point of vcrncily. wo aro
willing to leavo between it and tho church
in qupsttoi. y.,,..:. .'-','. .;..;.-.
pose to accomplish, and tli meuns thoy Uavo eun
ed In filrthcmiic!.! of lliuirscliemc. is tho iinnieillule
object of this coinmnuiciitton. And in doing this, if
1 lull lo give importance, to their peraonal uttncki on
ino.liy declining to put myself on tlio defensive, I
trust ihey will ucuuit me ol' u-mit of rourtesv, when I
u.suro tliom tlio aiuiisemiMit it has afforded inysalf and
friends bus been aunlcient comiiensation for any an
noyance Unit may hnve been fell at the manifest inten
tion to Injure the Order thrnuifli its hxecutlvehend.
Tiie first Indications of ditnuitUfuctioii wero feebly
evidenced in Hid in-'ultng of! tho HUilfi Council at
Lleveliiml on tho Stli of Jan.. - -
Thnt Ihe American order, uimiiled by-tlio oilier op
posing elements lo the parly In power, could not cur.
ry the Ktut at tha fall elections, -was the anltled con-
vletions of the dcleg-ttcs lliero aHSi:inlilod, und tliey
wisely nod iirudenily iletcrmlned, by an almost
niiulitluousvotc. to it .r:iit llio action of the Rcpuhli,
can rniivontiun, which had already been culled for
llio 13th Julyal ('.olumbus.antl In -hhh It was well
understood that vho American partv were to linite aud
laao jiurt. r rotninc fact tnnv proiimiiiury aiepsniui
been taken toward in.-ikinir a noiulnution. bv tlio or-
dor,.iiud Iho fears of a fow tlint might not bo able
to secure a s itlsraetory portion of the lu-KPl lo oo tnero
uomltir.ted, th9 stale Council wus indnrcdioguunl a
gainst such contingency, by provliling for a meeting
of tlio Executive Council of Uio Order, lo ho convened
at a suii!cqi:cnl ilnle lo the Keimblicun Convenlinn,
and w ho wero directed to take such measureaas tho
ininiorgenvy of thu casj mitrlit requiri.
U wu here, during the pendniu-y of this aetIon,tlitit
a few luei-iliers wlio.io feelings and aspirations hud
liot-bc-ni sullleienltv consulted nnd resnondod to. lo
ntifv lltelrovii'iintious of-lronrily and personal
Importance gnvj out tit first mtittoriutrs 01 diseonlent,
their hatred of tlionnli-Mobrniicn niovcmer.t nt timet
found nttorniico, and their Kytnpatliy with tho pro-
ilitvery sentiment would ec;wionullY U-nR out, bill
tlio j werp few In lilimlMir. and with but littlo ajneour
agemei.i lliey prudently forhoro any open deioonrtru-tion.
The 13lh of Julv f;o!.T"r,ii.innol and largely
composed of niciiibera of the A uierlciin parly, as Is
clearly proven by iho nomination of eight out of Iho
nine runillduics from tholr ranks.aud wnun a Hnal vote
wus liikon apon thu tinnnimnua -nnmlnutlou of tlto
a hole. ticket, not a single negniivo was heard lu.o
posiilou to it, and itwaabut reusouable to coiiclu.
lluit the parly who had succeeded in pleading so largo
a proportion of tlieirnwn member ou the ticket, and
thul too at it Conveutloii not llieir own, hut called by
another parly, would have been sutisikd with thore.
suit. and nslndiiiy bouiiiUioiiest.y .and heartily sup
port tho w lifdMleket. '
That tho action of the Convention was fair audio-
gillmute no ond can rensonatdv doubt, aud tho only
preteiieirt" the contrary Unit Um cverboen rnlscilw-as,
that member 01 liio American :irty wero unpen inio
ctislitigu vole for Mr. Clnisir whlih Is simply it libel
on the, Intelligence nf our dclecaU'S for It was a gen-
orully oxpresed tear by. our party, tluit Mr, Ctiaaj
would be noiiiiuatnd on tlio flr.il ballot, tlio convell
lion was ono of the largest, most ruspectablo itiid lu-
tolligeiitevercofvViifil in the stale, and its. iteli.n
wnselmrailevlxed ly falrae., giiod feulitig, ond great
unanimity ami thu result oflls dellb.-rull hi win !u
prertuntiillon ol' not only thu bent, but us a wltolcllw
must accepiaijlo Plate tickut over offered lor tiu sun.
rages of the eeonle of Ohio, and v ilh the single ex
ceptiou nf tlie tiovi.-rnni-. w as so ndinitled by llmso of
our party who now refuse to act w ilh lis. nwure or tlio
deep f -elinir of prejudice- entertained oainrt Mr.
flies i by tlio old .Whig parly, many of u houi wuronow
in our rr.i.h, r.i.il rj tieely ri.e-aai-d with as In emlcav-
oriim to cari-v out tlio treat iiriuelnles of tlio Anieri
can mirtv. I felt desirous for the.iiouiinutlon of soiiio
otli.T cundiitel-M'nr the lieild of our ticket, wild would
s-u iire thu combined, and. united support nf all who
were ntinosed to th.' nrescnl A d mini I ration, and lo
this end labored htii&'-tl.v and earnestly .lo defeat Mn
Chas-.blit I am proud to say that since he was fairly
aud honontbly nominal 'd I Iiiiyo udvoeale.lwttii equal
zeal nud determination ttifl eleet'.onof Mr. Cliavtund
thawhiile ileicet noiuliwiteil. vriWi him., VVlth.iu.yown
vl(ws of li'inoi-atile nolitieal iictiiin. I could d-t no 1-esp
niul w lienthe Ktoii.iIvo Coune1.! niet In Columliua,
li. ii .... --1l. I I i. I .. .( ..n.-l Ii.... r.l I,. i. Villi., 'mill
! til. for Ilia very purpft of deciding npon Ihe pr-ipo
course to li.i r.-eouiinelnled to th" Order, thevexnress
cd uu dissatisfaction with tho I'cket as liotifiniiteil-,
thu.-cl-..aviiigllie wliole ticket without any ullleiiil d;s
ii'ialillcutton. Hut il aiou b:i-i;me uiiiiurent thatlcirt
wer; men lu 11k Drder who woro leterinitied to dis
turb thisluriitnioiiaatidfavorubLi stuto of analrs,aiid
w hicii. mi. Usui rboa. nroinieed certain Kiieeess.
Tho sumo faction who woro disaffected in Clc-v-e.
laud, a few of th" leHders of which altentpted l create
division In the Kveculivo Council, and who lntd been
conauintly plotting plnnsof discord und disunion in
our ranus irom in.- oegiuninir, now comes oui opeiu
iigiiiiist tho i;ith July Couvotiiton... I her got up meet
ing in Cincinnati, and other placfts. denouncing M
Chase, and. Iu nl'inv Instances. lh-,-wholu .eiair ileko
as Anti-Slavery und Ar-ti-Aliiorican, anil, singularly
Inconsistent as it May uppenr, Ihcir sp 'akuriM wore
i'l VVf3"15'"1 MiM BOWEHS, both of
tatrBjld bounty,, , ....- . -
0n Rfldeiiber, bv Uio Rev. J. Rcblosser,
Jfj-cJ"1?" RfMNGLKft of Frank!!. Co., lo Mid
HKSTKH UKUAIHACK.of yainkrht ejunly.
- - ' - - DirvVi ' - -.-
In Iincastir,or croup, nt tho rosldunce of hls-grand-. .
iM-o.tllwtt- Ko'k.o" tbe!i6lhulu,t,UTHKKrkor-"-i
ck UK hlil.Y.arter two days lllnoss, at the age of
fouryoara und throe daya. Swoel b, aluep In Jesus'-
Jit his roslilrnro. In Pleasant township, on the SSth
, UA Vlli srUTZMAN, agod (ii joara i month
ix. dr.vs.
i.'.v 8herifl's Sale. - .
Tkt Slate tf Oiie FnirSeli C'Untn. 'it. " '
TJUHSIJANT to tho command of a second vendl.
....... ,., , .miiiiioii rieasoi rairneld eoiui-
ailil to UIO dirOI-ied. 1 will nlTnr n..l.ll i . .
Oltrt House In Lnlicustor. nu MJa ,1. nn. j j
Octoier, Wis, between It) o'clock a. m. and4 o'cloelr
ni., tho following described Heal Estate, to-wlti
ll-Lot No. 3. Ill', leel front. In the r M., fi. .
lcni, Kutrfleld County, Ohio, appraised at SSiO.
I o w soli! ns the properly of T. 11. Ar C. Paden, at tha
uit of Daniel Keller. F-im-nln. nf rh.i.ii.. s--aiv.it...
deceased. . VVM. POTTKK. tiheriff
per C. M.i. WISEMAN, Deputy. . .
Hinrcit fi.rniiitHTY, Altornevs.
lhecohiingeiil riglit of dower of Mr. Crawford J'a-
n, w ill be rcreuscd to tho purchaser. '
bepteoibarSO, 1&15 5-.t8Upf3 . -
Shcrir;g finlc.,-. v; '' V '.
The fitate nf rih; ri,:-t.j n ..- '
PURSUANT to tho command of a third ordoT of
sale, from the f'miFt r t ...... ui . j .
, , . --..... ...iu .... tens ill aim lur
s.ii.i coniilj ,nnd lo me diroctcd, 1 will offer at public
....u,,.,,ucouriiionjeini4iucatur,on Saturday the 6ta
lay i f October A. 1). lfA.-. h.i.... .i. n ...
luck A. M. and 4 h'Ihl- p m ih. rnii .i.. a .
bod real cstato, to wit: 74 Stt-lOU acres of land, being
the east halt' of thaouti,AUMi o..n..a..f x.-- -r
i!'.'''0."'"'!' N"- 13,ofHango Ko. 19, of the United!
oumia iiiiiu- t CMlllcotlie. Ap-alsed at 18 acre.
i otie sold an the proporty of Kiiiubelh and Calha
rine lyjlnperaUhe suit of K. M. Fowler. '
'cruuoj sale cash. WM. POTTER, Sheriff.
iV.trllnciRclileKli, Altornev), 1 v
uBiut so, Ksai ..; . - (wi7 prMM"c.
leg a i. advebtisehhests.
mainly old line Whigs, ho wouhlli'l unite with on
iiritcr, uniiniiMi or torui'-u Dirtn, who eouiuu i u tnc
il?sired it. mid thotjgli thai r sneakers, an.l their "o
gaii" of thiseity, Coliimhus and eliiu.whero have thus'
far conducted u rouvu, cJi-iructeriz -d liy a reckless
ilisreiird ol t,-titb, gross uiul vlmiletivo perionai a.
buyvoppoiltion to tin tr-.i j principle!. or tlto - Anioi
can puny, anil entire intiirrui-oueo u in? groat inio
ts ol t;iu ri:it-, uiiii,u u lo-put uie stamp oi insin
eeritv unon ttv-'ir w itolo nioveiiienl. they ct.ll a ( oh
venltou in Cnluiubiis,rteiirtlbly pi uoioiniltil a euadl
dale lor itoven.oe, more favon.iiie toAnierttin prtn
clples than .Mr. Cham, (ml there prescni, fur tho sutf-
rages oi t ao Aeiene.m nat tv ji nuiu wuo is noi oiny u
nieiiibur ofour Order, but wlm olieiilj oruoaesnnd'
who voted again ,1 It nl the lntfnll cl .etlon, and the
"Ihtily T!f'' of thlt city Inipudet tly lUiiitMhie unmo
ut Iho hemlnf Iheir roluiiins, nslli-.i cttiulidnto of tlio
Ami-rleim parly, whilst the pr.priotor.ul tlmt.unscru.
pulo-.Msleet opei.lv .lei larcs Iu tiie slruets of Ciiicln
nntl that h i would "hall the election of Mr. Medill,
nnd Hi j wlioli administration ticket u-i amostgtori
otia triumph. 11 ThalJtitloinnit doubtless exiireised
Ills own sentiments, as well ns llioso of tho party wltti
whom he aeu for who enn doubt that the intentious
of these men nro to give tho stale into tlto hunds ol'Jha
i.enrasKa siavjry pronagiininsis.
If nnv don it Mils cone iision. let them look nl tho
eoursoof tho Locofoco p-ipors.- Head tlio Cincinnati
r.'ay mrtr, OMo S.'o,isnu, and other of Iho Trcusury
eutlng papers, and you aro left In doulit-, at liinos.
wliethor irlnibloor Medill lauieir lavotito lor tuu
Oitbematorinl chair. When did Lorofueolsm ovor
complimutit or encourage a man or u movement, int..
less clearly lo its Interest; and who believes lhat Rob.
Inson or Mediiry would laud Trimble unless It would
enure to IheadvanlagT nf their party. That a lro-
Sliivery ai-iilliuenl and l.(Hofnco ci.iiiniig Ii at Iho
boltom of tho whole Trlml-lo movement, is dally be
coming moro ftppemnt. and will thv urviubcra oflho
Amoriiuwi tiarty sulfur thoni-ielvesto be caught with so
traniiarniit a trie!,) Po js not every limn know lhat
the olectlen of Allen Trimble. Is an impossibiliiy, and
that of ory vnlJ cast for him counts for Medill! Men
ofllu Amorlcan parly, Ifyon doslro to havo the Pro.
Plaverv, TrjiKiury-oulliig, Tat lnjing parly now-in
power faslooed on your lutj for lUu comiiiglwo
years, vote for Trimitcl . '
. tryo-.i uostre to wear uio ory oenning irom wiuii
to Florida-, an.l from tho Allnillie loth I'ucille, thai
Ohio has proved rocroanl to her principles ami nov
sustalnsttieprnaeniaiimiuistratlon ami uie noorassa
swindle,rrr T,-imble If you desini lo atuinl 'aid
and coin fort' to the .Missouri rinttniis and strtko terror
and disniuy to the hoarts of lliosotruo in on who hive
left thoir hnine!iiO."coBifortiii tho rtatva to ostublish
J.ibnrly In Kansas cola or Trimtlrl
If you wisli toliavo thehopes oflho friendsof Froo
dom and Liberty Ihroiighnirtoiir whole country hopo
lossly bllglited Me for Wmbltl ' -
If you nre prepared lo atrilte your (ar tti- tha Sug
Klchla, and hand over your Repnldican Institutions to.
Ilia Popo of Romo role for Trimble! I Thoro U bile
ono way to do It moro effectually and w hich would bo.
tho moro honest and manly vl.. vote for AUdilt,
lint If yott aro desirous of avoiding aU these disas
trous eoiiseqncnces, give your support to b'ulnton P.
Chase, llio true nnd tried friend of liberty, whoso
public acta and privato iif-i aro conn-lied In vain fur
tho least departure from ihe correct path of duly as a
slatesinania philanthropist, a citizen or christian, llo
Is a fri;nd of tho Union, aud as such, won the respoi t
ofallbyai Independent and manly course forsli
yonrsln llio Senate of the Hulled States.,
He Uln favorof a reform InirurSlato policy, and of
protecting tho capitul. proporty and buslnosa of our
rllueiis from over taxation. He ii'a (lrui friend to tho
great principles lliat underlies nudbasosnnr noble
rder the principles upon which rest tlie enmorstone
of ourgovernmcut,lts constitution nnd doclarnlion of
principles. Tha content Is simply between Mr. Chaso
nnd Mr. Modill. Mr. Trimble is a moro auxiliary of
Medill, and hla nanio la used only to decoy votes fnr
the latter a riin.uingly devised Sag KJcbl trick tp.
rntch gullible Knmr Nolhitiga: '
Men of Ohio! you. bave questions al Is-no In tho
presoni cnnvassoivnsi moment., vou, or ineAmert
can and Repnldican partieeareatrlviugto re. Inaugu
rate Hie great first principle of a Republic, aa estab
lished by our -Fathers: utlrat all men are born free and
equnli'thal they aro endowed with cerlsla inalienable
rights; among those, aro lifo, liberty, and the pureull
of happiness." -
Americans! atClcvclaud on Ihe Sfh Juno, you de
clared that while yon would aot interfere wtlh alavory
as It existed In tho States ret "lhat slavery should
not bo extended Into the territories of the nation, and
that no more slave Ntalos should be admitted." You
wisely considered Hist it was a mockery' and a libel to
claim our government to be of Reoubllcin form, while
sn nation we are wlvlnir force to nnd stronffthcuing
human servltado, and extending the Instltnilona of
' : ' Sheriff s Snje.- - ' '
' The State of Ohio, Fairfield Count , et.
3 V USD A ST to the command nf a 3rd order of sale
troill tlie COUrt Of Common PI.... .f ..N .
ml to mo directed. I w ill ofm l ,.,,l.lln .. Ivl
Court House In Lnneaster, on Sarfo lit tti " '
Qctyrer, 185.1, betweon Iho hours of 10 o'clock A. M .
and t o'clock P. Si. the following described Real Ks-tute.to-wli:
Lot No. 0, In tho central addition to Uio
town of Hiillimoro. Appraised at also. -; ' -
.o ksih us tuu proporty or licorpoll. Honser(nd
Rnilinn his wife, ill thc eult Of Edward Cnlkli...
i.-rniaofaalo Coshi WM. POTTER, Sheriff."
jj , , KyC M.L.WIHE.MAN,l)cpuly, '
Iluiilerrnd Duughurly. nltorneva. . . ',
Lancaster, august 30, lr'33 Swrfnras ' .
s;il;uins PllOCLAMATIO?r'
JL ty, Ohio, are hereby nolitlud to moel on tho .-.-.
Second TucNtluy of October Next. -
USIIIll places' of hnlililnrnlnclln.,. In II.. .... 1
ships hi ;i d county, and proceed to ballot according)
to law, for "
Ono Governor fortho Stato Of Ohio ' -i "-'
Ono Llcnt. Governor, . - ., , ..;
One f-'ecretnry of Mute; " ' ' ' ' : '.;-''
Oue-Ainlilorot'Stste; .
Ono Triiasiirnr rif StatVi"" ' ' ' k
Ono Altorncy Genernli , .. ."-'
One Ruiiroma' iuleo for r'uft teru'i: '' '
One Supremo Judge to HII vaeancyf . - -.
One Member of tin, itonni nYp..i.iiM sa-.i..;
Ono Senator, for-ttis Sonalorial District composes!
of tho counties of Futrnold, Hocking and Athens;
s '" 'r"a"'"atives ror tno county of Fnlrtield; .
Ono 1 reusurcr fortlio county of FairHeldt
One Cnmmisslonor; , . ... . - - .
One tiiUrmary Director For Ihe County of Falrflcid.'
ihu 1 ritstooaortho soreral townships ara also here
by not ill. -rt, to sulocl Judicious persons, having tho
(itt.-illilcntloiis nf electors, -lo sorvo at Grand and Pa
in Jtiroti lor tlio ensuing yea-, as follows;
OroonlloliH; Hlenaiinta; Richland 4; Hocking?,
I ota I lll.iis In rnisliod by theCommon PleasClerk.
Ilia I'rirstees oflho sBt-ernl townships of Palrfleld.
county aro aljo hereby notified lo select Judicious per
oh. having Uie (nilincationsas electors to serve a
J nron lu iho I'robntu Court of said county, for tiia
env.iingyoor, as follows: . .
locking township..
Willi Ih:, rrtSnMMtlVA t,M 11'.
l.n..L-. ..l.l ..l I .... 1 1 "
- m viuciiou, uceoriiing lo law
i. iv) ii aimer ill) hand ibis 10th da)
Amanda '
..S3 BnshoreoaV '
..13 Violet
.. 7 Clearoreek.
. .'JO Pleaaaul
..111 Hern -
..Ill Richland -
..in . Tout
.Wfitrulalioil by tlio Probato Judga; and return i
of tlio same In oaoli case, with tha resneotlra
ay of fteptembor.
w iiji.i Am rui i kk,-.
September 13-4wl0" SUoriff of Kairfl ield counl
-T? - ' .' ! ' -- i ' . i . . r , . ! -i ,. i
.Probate Notice
oliro ts hereby given to nit persons liitorosted.tliai
I IR flli.llllNl, Nil .nimknu r.l.. . .
lotrmnn, Tloiirv line and Rrmrv a: Ki.ll,,, ! ,n-
Guardian uccounts of Jacob Knir-ini aii.t Kiknik. an.
giro, have been filed in (he Probnlo Court of Fairflel.l
, v,,., Iul (Mnifuvvion aim ouionieui, ana mat
tho same will be for hearing on llio lh day of October,
vi buuii inereaituraa may ow . , .
VIRGIL K. NH AW, Probavo Judge, '
slavery hoaco, by an almost unanimous vols you a-
aopted the am (mete or our piauorm ii.
lias at tha very fosmdatlon
must give ferco aaa apw
- M . . .... - " v -
-Laneastor, Soptombsr 18, 1853-'iwlr
' Vrobnje fTctir? -- - -"rvrOTK'K
Is lirob)'glvc- all porsnna. interested,
ITI tlir.t the aieounl of IsAiaf Claypool, Guardian of
vv icklcer's holrs, has boon Hied in the Probate Con rtof
Ktklrliela C-oltnlv. Ohio, for insnectlon and Rttti,n,nt .
and that said account will bo lor hearing on the Strrd
day of October next, or as soon thereaner as may be.
v iKuu. c.mia w, rrooate Judge.
SeptomborS7, 165J 3w81
Administrators' Notice. '
lVTOTICK In hereby given thnt iho undersigned was
11 on tho Hilt day of Heptomber IK54 duly appolnud
Administrator nf tlio estate of John Jonas. late of Fair.
Held County, deceased, by the Probate Court of aald
county. Alt persons luterostod will take notice ac
cordingly. . -, ; - ' ... ... .
OKO. UAl.Ur.KMAN, Adm. i
Lancattor, Nopt.,13, 165 SwlPj). j.--
No, II, linst Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Uv
Respectfully Inform tlielr Cnstomers and Purchasers
generully, that thoy aro now opening an extensive
andsoniplulo assolnionlof . .
Families, Hotel Keepers, Steamboat Owners, aadV
Strangers, may depone) upon finding Ihe best class oC
Goods, al prices as low as Ihey ean be purchased lav
the Eastern Cities-, . . aopt. 87, 1844 3raSl -
10.000 ACRES i
I AM now doaltng oxtntlrely In Lund VCarrknUf
thoo wthln(?t oll had Ihoreforo bnttor convull
me Ixfforft rvelllnff eliewhuro. ' Dealers in VVarranU ca
do at well wl.U mo at In any market and make qui el
turn. Tho foit of awiifnliifif la alwayi paid by mo
and any Inforainlion about Warrauti ohearfullj fflron
vtthotitchArgo. , - .
Thoae intondlh to tiaa tholr Warrant at tomaTn
tiiro ttmocandepoiite lb era with me and reeetva tho
ltonejr or IntereMt for thorn, and another Warrant whi.
thoywlah. Warrant paailnK from mf bands ar al
waja gnammrea, m evtrjf r aspect, -
l a iso
ihto deal In Eastarn
of ,irtlutprnfeotMawe ET(vrtoin, - ' - ' . Tv W. TA
Bxehaaflreand fltMd an fttt;
1 . .VT . ( tASHJit tVyjMmf.

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