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rrlaoiplurtbe American rartvorobto.
I. Tho unlimited triti.m f JteWgi'e dironneetod
Wllh politic tlmtmtr o aealesUslleal laSueow
upun the strain of Government linualiiy ofrla-ULio
Ml naturalised, Kmlgrauta who are r.rer -tmtrt-caaiisd.and
weowe ootinporilllce;lme,b nuol
of their telii-ioo, altrhor Ulan thai lo th Constitution.
a. Ko interference wltU Hi rigrbts of clllu-luhlp al
roaity acquired ly Poretirner, ad -th prolei'tlon of
law to all N honestly enilifrate from low of liberty:
bill the exclusion of forelgu paunnr and Minna, and
a rtasaf re sMIe.. tktrizhf f sufrmft I. al
aenqftee-anlllliiayaaatl hava resided SI yeare in -tho
U.tiUilai and oraplled with the JiaUtralliatloB Lawe.
S. OiipoaiUnn lo all pollttcalor:eiilantinsiinlned
Vc(ii .rijrrv 4 l r.i-a .AWiter
fj.m.jsniw, aU Malaga ts BiJsrs
rl. ., HiflrtffiaiM.
-4. KtsTery la leeal aot aerteaat.. waoppault
tonilnnin am of to a Urritorie. arid tho lucrnso of it
olltieal power y the admission Into tbo I'liloti of
anyHUve Slats or, otherwise, and wo demand of the
.OanoraJ Oorerbtnont and Immediate reare.s of Dm
arc lit wrongs which bay been tnlilotcd upon In
s of Freedom ami th American character by tha
repeal ot tha Missouri Compromise, aud tho Introduc
tion ofSlavury Into Kanssa (n violation of lew.by fjirco
of arms, and tho destruction of tho elective- frnnchlso.
I 4, In humble Imitation of the wisdom of Washing
ion, we oppose all Intervention In the affair of Foreign
titittest yt on all proper occasions, we will not with
hold our sympaUiv fro in any people asplrint bofreo.
'.- . Wo.supnort American industry and gcnlusaxainst
adverse policy ' f oielitn aations ana uicimics iu
itornal and externa) oomtnerce by the Improvement
r ) .J H.rli.M. ami Ilia construction of
tional Rovls aniline tho various srtlonof Ike t nlon.
7. The r,i,iaM.5uu '"' jf '!
oi(i -" ' Oai'i..
8. In State policy wo roalously advocate l.(r,c
uiiuJBiFBi mndincatlon of .the ltrctejil on-
twosslve system of Taxation and a liberal lymem. of
ruou e schools. -
SALMON P. C II AS 12, of Hamilton.
THOMAS II. FORD, f Richland.
FRANCIS M. WRIGHT, of Cliampaigo.
-. j Ames. ii. baker, of itoss.
WIELtAM H. GIBSON, of Seneca.
v t'oii jtrrloiis of thk supremb coitrt.
it,. I For-1 hi. Full Tlrm.
Jacob brinkerUoff, of Richland.
(For fAr Vacancy,)
CIIAS. C. CONVERS, of Muskingum.
: ALEX. G.. CONOVER, ,of M'mnii.
ThurBlay Hloruiuff, Oct. 4, 1855
, Un
Tho Amorican Rciiublioaiis will
"'" meet hi Council '
To hoar iliosb great cl a npions o
. v. iho-American causp,'-
3'Dar:iontsville; Thursday Eve
ning, October 4, livughter and
Am anil a, Friday Evcning.Oct.
5; lli!nnic!. C i. lihls and Shaw.
- Bluci Ball Tavern, Friday Eve
ning October 5, Iion.W.U; 3iijpi
liopo aml BenUVi -
v'; lirnnioii, SattirJay iivBning.
ilciohor Hon. W;-.R'..Sa;js
Clarke and Flowers.
'--Oakland, Saturday, 2 o'clock
VI M .. Qctobcr 6, Ronnie:, C
Ni. Olds and S.'aughier;'
I ii iersporl, .M orut ay Evening.
October S, Hon. Win. R. Sajp,
AVi'Iiarns an 1 Urock.
V:Eas. RUshvillei Monday Evc
Vung, October S, Judge Shaw
and IJeatiy. '
Madison, : Monday ' livening,
,OoU ,8,nt Abbotts, Slanghicf and
Clarke;:..' .--.".r.
':All frozen i opposed ti the in
fa'hous Nebraska-Kansas Swin
!lo,""ana till opposed to tho life
rent enormously degraded tax svs
ien of Ohio, arc, ' invited to. turn
Ut and hour these able exponents
at ,thc present State and uovcrn
inqnt fanatical tyrants. .
I. ct lb.! old men. and o:mg
irio;i COME Ul in their fill
'strength., that corruption in high
places may bp rebuked.
- September 23, 1833;
.;jt is charged from ; responsibla. sflu'reos
hint not denied, that .William We dill,
while the Nebraska bjH fits ponding before
Congress, visited Washington, and then &
there urged personally and privately upon
every Locofoco delegate; from Ohio, the
groat importinoo of votins for this huse
Jfebraska swindle, as it .would beoomo the
'corner stone in the cardinal principles'
A f .1- J 1 . ' . ..... .
01 me present Administration. , . ,
,. It is charjied and not deilied, that Will
ian? Modill, while at Baltimore, in: 1852 as
H dalegato to th'6 National Convention
which nominated Frank Pieree, voted a
gainst proposition that the Ohio - delega
tion should adhere to the doctrines of the
Ohio Democracy on the subject of 81nvor
ry as declared by the resolutions of the
State Convontiorisdf 1848 and 1850,in
the formation of a national platform. He
was willing to throw freedom to the dogs
for the benefit of Slavery .
It is charged and not denied, that . as a
delegate irl that National Convention, Wil
liam Medifl toted in favor of its pro-Slavery
finality riolutl'int. ,
.Nowv these charges are verified by tho
positivo assertions of members of Congress
Sd' members of the lato National Conven
tion. - THEY ARE TRUE. Let them be
remembered by the peoplo of Ohio. Let
the deserter of freedom and the cravon
slavo of the South be remembered at . tho
poJls- .Tbia-question must bo mot, and
s.toeab repudiated they deserve.
REMEMBER, that Mcdill Las fully en-
domd. Ilia infmouKaDii'M billby wLich
that torrilory was delivered into tbaliaudu
of iilsva-lioIJars, and tlmt lo wa jn Waab-
injton City and aided in forcing lliat out
rngaou fraud through Congress. Let tbo
aroli-demrgogno bo rebuked on next Tues
day far litis daring insult to tho people of
Ohio. .. , .
Tlmt the lion. Salmos P. Cuase is op
posed to tho further extension of slavery,
nnd that by electing him the people of Ohio
will liow to (ho world that they approve
of that great principle. Between slavery
and freedom who Can hesitate to choose?
That Mr. Chasb is not an abolitionist, or
in favor of negro suffrage. These are false
and unfounded roporls spread abroad on
the eve of the oleytiou for the purpose of in
juring him; therefore dibregard them. Seo
to it that none of your neighbors are de
ceived, by these or any other false repre
sentations which may be made just on the
eve of the election, whon they cannot bo
rijfuted. , , ' "; ;;
That Billy Mod ill is but a mere politician
and demagogue, and that Mr. Chase is an
hotiost, high-minded man, ah J n statesman,
wellqualilied to suggest to the legislature
some mcansof relief frdin the present enor
mous load of unjust nnd unequal luxation
which is now d: iving millions' of capital
out of the Stale. . - ' ' -
ThatMedill is the lender of the Red Lodge
Clique; that lio has shared the money
which has been plundered from tho coun
ty treasury. Although Mcdill has seen
tho people of this county robbed year after
year, ho has never once opened his lips in
condemnation of tho robbers; but on tho
contrary, ho bought, nnd now owns tho
Ohio EatjU, and employs that press to ex
cuse and cover over their rascality. ,'
That the Red Lodge Clique, by their inis
ranuagenicnt, oxlravagnnee and corruption,,
have r.ii3C-d our taxes tir this county to the
enormous sum of
All our tnxes.in , 1C40 amounted to but
$37226 03 5,
thus showing that our taxes have increased
four of -since then.
That since last year our taxes have increas
ed at the i kukard of rato of . TWENTY-
. ; $23,887 62 3! .
Thus showing an increased taxation dur
ing the last year nearly as great as our en
til tax iu 1C40, which was only S37.22C,-
9.3 5;
DON'T FORGT, . ' , .
That the Egle is owned by Modill,. and
that its imlcipal editor, John L. 'full. ill, is
one of j,ho oldest and most greedy of the
Treasury Eaters. , Into, his botkets.hns
passed a goodly share of the ONE MILL
CENTS and TWO MILLS, which tho la
boring meu of the comity have paid into the
treasury during .the past fifteen years. -
tloii' t wonder then Hint Tulhill "should want
the Red Lodjro to remain in power. If
they are hurled out, ho can no longer feed
upon the treasury. , . -
Med ill bought tho Eagle, in part.wiih
money fraudulently obtained from the
eounty treasury for printing blanks' n't 8 1 ,00
per quire, which the telegraph had previ
ously agreed to do for 37 J- cents per quire
This is tlie journal which now, at the bid
ding of Modill, heaps tho vilest slanders up
on the good tlamo and fair fa'me of SjClAoX
P. Ciase. ' '
' : Next TueNdni', '
If there is' any truth in tho saying that
Scorning events cast their shadows before,"1
then a most glorious tiiumph awaits us on
next Tuesday. ' We have this week heffid
the cry-of "all's ffi-H" frbm every Amcri-
carf coiincil-firo in this county. Tho A-
merican boys are on the nlort, and they
assure us that they will carry every town
Ship b at least as Targe n majority as we
(md last fall.. Some promise to do more.
On a word of exhortation. , Re-double
your exertions from this time forth. ,' Talk
to yoiir neighbors". . Urge upon tliem the
importance of. activity.. Spread all the doc
uments you. tan get.' Contradict all the
false reports which will be ut in circuit;
tion just oh' the 6vo of the election. Look
out for lying hand-bills and secret circtf
lars. Remember, that your country expects
every American to' do hisJ duty' his wholo
duty on next Tuesday; . '
' ; Americuus of FoirMeliit .
REMEMBER, tlie vast important 6:f
the contest to como off orf next Tuesday
See to it that every American is at Ins
post. Bring out the old grey-headed men,
that they may once more serve their coun
try ere the die. Bring out tho rick anil
the disabled that they too may have ff share
in our glorious victory 1 Wo fit by dny
and work by night from this tinio trutil tho
polls aro closed on Tuosdav eveninsr. ,
Our ticket is composed entirely of nobl6,4
pairiotic, cnpaoK? and Honest men. ..Xliey
will do houor to our State and country.
Let every Amorlcan but do his" duty, an J
they will all bo triumpbnntly ejeoted. Go
to tho polls early. ' Sue tbtitv every maii is
brought nut, and that the enemy take no
uudue advantages,
A CrB4 ri-ttlr -The ftac-XIclita Mm
Mccliag-.lcCook mni tho Catholics.
A belter tuIi;uc of tlie cerUinty pi Ue
LiumpU of tU American parly on next
Tuesday no ono could ' want than was af
forded last Saturday by tho Grahi Ttally
of the Sag Niehts. v Exclusive or Ameri
cans there were not fifty voters in the
Coart Houso to hear Mc Coot, l'hoso
present were composed almost entirely of
members of the lied Lodge Clique and their
adherents, and it was very easy to see that
they wero terror-stricken, fur all the efforts
of the speakers failed to get up tha least
enthusiasm. They saw that thcir doom
wis sealed. And their defeat certain. '.
Tho brator. Attorney (ieneral McCook,
is n man of fine personal appearance, bat
with, a mind more brilliant than solid. He
commenced bis speech by endeavoring to
prove that our county Commissioners have
been more extravagant than tho Stale-offi
cials, and that therefore the people ought
to re-elect tho latter. This logic will not
do in this county. The people are equally
well posted up in regard to tho plundering
of both sets of officials, and are dotormined
to place better men in charge both of the
Stale and county government. In order
to account for the great increase in tho cx
penees of tho State government since 1 04C,
Mr. McCook triumphantly asked whether
it was to bo expected that the coat which
fit tho boy would fit the full grown man.
We did not know before that Ohio was iu
her infancy in 184G, and that she has since
then suddenly attained full maturity. The
comparison is weak and absurd, and will
utterly fail to convirice any intelligent man
that there is any good reasob why the ex
penses of tho governmeut should now be
nearly doublo what they wero in i84C.
McCook next spoke of tho Slavery ques
tion. IIo set out- with ndmitting that he
was opposed to tho repeal of 'the Missouri
Compromise, before it was repealed; but
said ' that since then lio had changed his
mind and. that ha now believes it' to bo a
slorions and beneficial act. In other words
j that high-handed outrage has sinca been
j endorsed by tho Democratic party, and
hence lie now slavishly approves- what be
nud every other Northern man at first de
nounced as a frnud upon tho North.
Leaders and demagogues like McCook may
change their minds in regard to jthat great
fraud, but they will find that the minds of
the peoplo are made up lo repudiato cveiy
one who dares endorso tho corrupt admin
istration of Pierce, which without causo
forced the repeal of one of the most sacred
compacts known in the history of this Re
public. It is indeed a sad example of po
litical depravity to see rtlcri like Medill arid
McCook supporting rl corrupt arid injuri
ous measure merely because it happens to
be a party measure. Such nieri need to be
rebuked, rind they will bo b'ti next Tues
day. Of course Mr. McCook fcould not close
his speech Without abusing the American
party.- He said that tho ' American party
contained all the corrupt leaders of the
old juiemocratio party, it was quilo a
musing to hear A speaker Using this" Ian
guago while surrounded by tho very men
of tlmt party who for years havo been
plundering the treasury of tills county."
The tall orntor might have tddolied a half
a dozens old wiro-workers without moving
from the tpot where he stood. Indeed we
did not observe more than five or six men
inside the bar who have not either held
office heretofore, or are now expectants.
We do kuow, however, that somo of them
have aniiously sought to gain admission
into the ranksof the American party, but
it wisely rejected them. Although we do
not claim perfection for the American par
ty, wo havo the satisfaction to know that it
is not Cursed with ' one single member of
thebdious Red Lodge Clique. . '. '
. The conclusion of Mr.' McCook's' speech
ctiris'isled of a disgraceful appeal to the for
eign Catholics'. Ho tried to prove that we
owe our liberties to Catholic foreigners,
and insulted Americano by telling them
thdt thfey alo'rte would have been unable to
achieve their liberties. We indignantly
deny that our ' ancestors - could not havo
gained their independence without foreign
aid. . Except that which we received from
the king of Frrtrico it was all trifling and in
significant. : Nor was the aid ; which wo
received from Frarico ' given because that
kingdom desired the establish.rn'en't of oifr
Republican institutions. The French wish
ed to deprive England of ber colonies and
for that object alone, did they aid us. Wo
are heartily tired dt tho habfts'now so'co'rrY
mdn with the SagNichts, of attributing all
that we have and are to foreigners. - It is
tim: for Americans to put to shamo all such,
demagogues. .: .,-.. vv..-r - . -,
J&irli is surprising to' see how, little tho
reputation of Mr. Chase has been affected
by all tho vilo calumnies which have been'
heaped upon him-.' Notwithstanding all
that has been said against him, he is this
day more highly . esteemed and respected
by tho vast majority of the citizens of Ohio,'
imin any omer. man in too ouuo. unio
may well bo proud of him' as her noblest
son'. .' .; . , '. '...'.'.
' " " ' T : . , . t
Hon. Thos. Cobwin. In answer to fre
cfuent inquiries, both oral and by letter, we
say that, in repeated conversations with
Ourselves nnd others, Mr. ' CorWin ha's 8
vowod his determination bT voting" for Ur.
Chase, "not to sustain the man, but tho
Principle which depends upon' hfs elec
tion," 'We know ,iVtid appreciate tR6r
pu'gnanc'o which Mr. 0, fuels to be drawn
agaiu into the active field of politics . But
in sayinj; what we have, we violate, no
confidence, and we folt that his old friends
had a right to know his views so far as we
could properly gratify their cariosity
Mitnv an old Whig will feel his oourse Jus
tified1 1 by. the action of (heir old; and fvor
ite jtnndaid boarer. A -
ATTri not Tll.Plvrm l 1
- - ...... . i
er akeal the Treean r.iar. I
r:.;Vl I"" "- J
ti.. ..vi. lJi i... , ..
awu ihuio gi'.TO www maea irom Hie i
last week; by E. Craybill, Ihe present Trea
surer. It contains some asiocsdi o nx-
veiopvlkts, to which we invite the earn
est attention of every tax-payer :
Clrabcrbxx TowSrfiup navs, .
For State expenses.
county and briagos,
total,( . -
Ail AND A ToWSililp.
91841 33
For State expenses, -
county " . and bridge!,
Total, "- "- :' -Bloom
For State expenses,
county and budges,
Total, .
Violet Towsshii".
For Slate expenses, -
" county and bridges.
Total, " . -
Liuertv Township.
For State expenses,
" county . " and bridges,
Total, - . '., i
j520C3' 91
r-r.a fli
72"3 Cl
1342 90
GitEBsriELr) Towhshii..
For State expenses, - - C56 C4
" county " andbridgos, 1751 04
Total, -
Madisox ToWSSIIiP.
For Stato expenses,
" county " and bridges,
2C6 36
610 63
Total, . - .
Exas Township.
For Stato expenses,
" county " and bridges,
Total. - -
PlLasj.-t Towssnir.
For State expenses,
" county ami bridges;
8877 9.0
513 33
144C 90
51992 3 I
... Total,; " -. 8234! 11
Ilocmso tim: Cm of LA.scAtinri., .
For State expenses, - - 18R3 77
' county " and bridges. 4306 CU
Tolal, -- .1 : eoiOO C3
Of thin amount the 4th Wardalono
pays the Statu and county.
1GCI 9
69o 01
18.53 C8
Walkct Towxsnip.
For State expenses,
" county " and bri-.lges.
Total, .
lticin. io Towsship.
For State expenses, - -"
county " and bridr es,
. Total', . - -
62540 C9
333 33
oo'j uu
81222 23
Risijcreek Towsslii
For State expenses, - ,
" county " arid bHJges,
412 07
1090 95
.. Total. .
Total amount thi
81511 02
year for
Ihrf item . . ft .Iii 04.1 0 1 Y
, , , w..., ...
Tho reader will observe that tho taxes
embraced in the above table are only those
lovied exclniiuelf fcrr Sffcft pni poses, and
county and budge purposes. It does not
include the school tax, the railroad tax, the
poor tax, tc. .The whole amount levied
for these three objects in this county, is
the enormous sum of THIRTY THOU
$30,943 01 !!!
This is nearly as much for three objects
as the entire county taxes for every pur
pose whatever.amounted to in 1840. Then
tho Grand Levy was THIRTY-SEVEN
$37,226 93 5 ! !
So it appears that under the manage
ment of the Treasury Eaters we note pay
nearly as much for three items of expense,
(items lob which existed in 1840,) as we
tien paid for the entire expenses of county
and Slate. We hope our readers will at
once look iuto this matter. " Cull the atten
tion of your neighbors and friends to this
astounding fact. Voters of Fairfield!
bear in mind that filrtf items of our taxes
now amount to nearly as much as did our
entire'tax for all purposes in 1840! The
Treasury Eaters must be hurled from
power on next Tuesday, or we will have
a still further increaso of our taxes, altho
they already Amount to tho outrageous sum
$139,26 66 8 !!!
. Gov. Medill nd the Nebraska Affair.
. G'oyernor Medill has, of late', been so
busy in ;skinning Mr. Cbase.' lhat l.o
has not found timo to reply to the charges
made against him ' of interfering to aid in
the passage of IheNebraWbTll.' , It will be
remembered that ho was charged with hav
ing, while the bill was pending, gone to
Washington, and while there urgod per
sonally and privately , upon" every . Demo
cratic delegato from Ohio- the impbrtunce
of voting for this moasuro, and of having
actually threatened those who wore refrac
tory, with the Vengeance of the party at
home, in case they refused Id comply.
Ho has been called upou to deny these
ohnrges if they are not true, and the proof
has been tendered in case oi denial, out tlie
Governor has not found it convenient to
opoii Iits hps. Tho inference, is that he
dare not deny, and is lorcetMoaeek-'ft cow
ardly silence, the only protection of w" hicn
his case is susceptible.
ISTl'lie ''New Lexiiot on Locomotive"
comes ' to U3 this week in pa entire new
dressi ; This is the best evidenco of appre
ciation and prosperity, . Bro. ' Taylor, tho
editor is one of thoso unflinching Ameri
can Republicans who mutt prosper. Sur
cesa to- the AwaKrfirr. '
official stnlniflnt nybliihrd in flm r.,nt. fio tha treat Ht,tamup cA iLa ICl'h nlnn
TV. . , I
m mm rw. mini wm-.hcw a ,nv t,T i
Higher authority tb.a human, declared
..tt.i..! . v '.Z. '
"."iimowpiw, ihjibmim. -;
n 11 n ' fif.nClLf mrr ..f tl.- T. . ,1 .. TV..-.-"., i
ly cited." And so ho app-ared before that
august acsenioiy, ami testined most nobiy
'in fave'r of truth, the truth which mHkctii
ao)frte- Crealrr moral courage and mag
.. . ... ..
nanimity of sou, were never before di-
ipl)t:l -
l'v.. n, r..r .iir.m.,i.... . .t.
of tin dictate J.
s sr.. .... , T.v , , .
ireanJswvrd wre u. - ed!;
on all aecasi
ons, when Men dared to act
All from the ICing down ii,
as freemen,
the peasant, wero treated
as Tiods and
1. 1.! Ml ... ti.: .i t... ......
"'"i io.cc. , limine i;(ju;c spill'
r r ,. ,, . , ,,
- " . .i juiv.
yi 11 J w,,(ln he was ordered by Dr. Eel, the
-) ! imperial orator, to retract Lis writics and
leaching, he replied, if anr one. from the
LmncTOr down in ("i-t .-.. Iili-
convitieo liim, from th
he was wrong, to would resant. saying
Vcd that I am ill prinl- llir fr.cfTrvinrv ,r..m !
the Holy Scriptures, or by clear and over -
powering reasons, (for I base my faith
. .
neither upon the Popo, nor what the Coun-
I oils alono havo said, since it is manifest and
.evident that tboy have often erred and con-
., u il,nol... t i
....... ...vtuouira. A ;tiu CUIIMlHIPeU,
by tho passages which I have adduced, my
conscience Leirig bouiid by God's word,
and theri-Lrc I curino? and uill not recant,
because it ii neither safe nor advisabb to
do anything against conscience, thre 1
fell and acted. Four years after, bo l-d!"." i -J j puas y d-none; -Timothrd, "t dbffl 4 00
dared toopfosa the Popeof home, and the d ,JS l-".11 " i ': 1-d X Z'
world bedaB;l,a wa.nmtnoMd Ijl m i'J". "'S ltwa drCnch tha r CaO cenU; Srtlt. .6q
Charles V, .he Emperor of the !topnn i1'; l-f-bloodof PrxKe.tMt..-ot f e.
r. , . ' . ,i t i t.-J iK','n ,!l&n l,'0, resound w th the l'!1. Tea,50C4lOO: Molasss. 60cla.
Empire, to tnar at the Imperial Diet. u. . . . , ... . ,. . i8ugar. Rse.tO Whit- Fi,h. 1.1 ,l..!!r.,.
552 18 Uw eitv of Worm. .,,,1 ,;. .n ,t f T " v'-"' : """v" ibsirel: PicVi tr. on ,o , n.nT "
133D 16 L J "- victims-martyred for cpinW.saU Vinr. i i.2i -Kk .V"'4
the most illurtriousMsemhlies ever conre-L S J" f1"l fe -1V,iow ,0 1'"
COO 15 LS"' Cardinals Arcl.bUhops. Kins. T . ".. ? , 7'"" " Vsr. Mark,,, .
1C24 40 Noblemen, Theologian,. &c.. fc. L.-i:UU lU "AUJ-gt crush the l.fi, Nxvr Yoke Oct, 2F;0ur lower; 14, '
thar wa. warned by tbo sod example of' ' ,'U W W iollt'r 11 UU
2233 65 j,iti.,.3 , , ., .'i, ,E,,r "hall tho funeral-pyre of the Barmen atatc. soutlcrn C.75. Wheal is a trifle,
John Hum who had. w,u, W. tulu a tlw J , . , ,.Jlow,r: ,.W. of 80,000 bush sou.U-rn whitj
. 689 23 ;wt'-' gc; but with tjor, than , ,. iriaL.. Lorri-'S'f',07' "f"
,r7, 9nlhum'in forlUude he rerlit-J -Tho' there1, . , , - but not qnotably lower; 40.OU0 buh. sold.
IfiH wereasmanydeviisin Worms astiles up-i'V T'r rr , lrT
21C0 61 on their houses, he would go, Vein-legal-L
, .. ... . . . l'ie sword .to the liiU in the breast of aa un- 330 thI,"'J ,f .. . .
. . . VCliej. iiniln l.n a-.r..nrort hffnrn II-.q I r wf ir f-' trr t
J W - . ... --ft' "--. -. . .. I . I I I
ne poor man ngairt the who! 'Z - r.". ' .7 " T Pr'
Id. He did nut count Ins life dar toL ... . " J..su, 6 a '
tr . i ' . , , ,,!'. t lu.girtin. welt muru'rrtu
f. for that wai thrfr.tsaeil of:n. b u.v,. i. .... t - . - ... . . '
,, . , , , , .i.wto,,, ..oi ajsin a irwCiAiii. We have fi.t rate.attr
the w.mle world tntlmed. more so I Ba-'.i be sl.nned alive a Madia be l-JiMiiv f,..Li u' ft:n.'..:
the poor nsr of the So'ilb iwiw r '. i;!?ri5nej aod almost tarred, or a woman !mnt: ... . .
ever were. ' He beheld with d - 'of M.i.kvU be senleuced to deasj, for the , "Cirfulari have been lo the feadlua
.vm,.ii- f .,...1 .t. ..., i"''TO' 01 1 ro.'s!jniism.-aal iu ti. lone- iTiimbl-mtn in tTm-.nt In tl.. Si..-
.2407 C8 T. and bie- of ail his felW in .
tha most afiltct bovduoi In th l'.rn .r-(suc I-.vcd ha"lifu1 litt nr.er (,.A ,1 . ' ,
J "r . ,. . . ' , " , .' (-"""ij ti-.ni w:i ,o-;n r:i.i..o at il Mr.
Rome; they dared not think, tpe., b- tim -.oi.g pouoiivaulu of iliTir accursed , Chft.- i-i 'i'.hdravr Mr. Trlrn'bU and unite
.n vour Ii)iDur:al ilnicstv therefore hikI i "i" "ji uiiuao tuc rusn ot u,t'T- a"-. a-i: hi wit n.aewuiisuigenaatn
Highnesses, des re an niiequ voca answer. i i ' ,",,ln V e c' , - u," la 1 irhn u""" 'irl" ' k,r"1 u cn' f,nr-airt,Mi.
1 will give one, which has neither horns American with it rav l?CTl!2.'lh?a" ""MK',: Tlt",,,",th1,,-'
n . Tu . .1 r . . t- , . . AUii.r iran m.niia rajs. v -J M the ...d f-jrn'.i.hi to trai:l .!.
nor tei;tri, to tins ctfect; "L nless it be era- . : Hi '"'a " Ke-aet-atreer. at iu. -.t ni.sii r.ot otr
.land, 1 cannot do otheruitr. to Uln m!and victory yea, more than victorr is
Uou. Amen." Suoh faith, such magna -
... . . . .
Minify, sutlr testimony is demanded nt the
present crisis. Behold the deep luld Je
tuitical schema of iniquity, in this, our
happy Republic. The signs of the times,
no unprejudiced, uncorruntod mind can be
hold, without full conviction that both po
litical lind religioih truth aro threatened
with an overthrow. Lot the testimony of
overy friend and lover of freedom arise,
I i .. I . , , . , t .- .
and bear loud, decided, and continuous
i.(;m. r.. . r i
k.u.uvii ii. an vi .yj, vui irvu iilStltU4IOn9,
r oi our Ireo institutions,
ional constitution ;ye?i, in
blessed birthright, In
in Uvor ot our nation
V l .i- .
behalf of all our
relisiious, political, civil social and domes-
tic liirht, let the press, both the secular
, ,. 1.1. : , . .. ...
anu religious prefB, let an unite on tins
grand sul.ject, whether it implicate Priest
or Aahop., Cardinal or Pope, Governor,
rresiuuni or oegga..
Now is the time to show whether you
are fr or against truthfor or again.t
Popery for our Republie. or ber doicn-
fall! Act with decision, Luther-like, one
ana an. e sny to one eve au.wno yet nave
one half drop of Ameriea'ri blood running
in your veins, show it noir, by coming up
with full decision, in favor of our laws, that
are to protect your person, your rights,
your property, your all and' vote the A
merican ticket, lest you see yourself ensla
ved to Popish doppolism, before you are
aware of it.
Aaother Base Falaebood Nallcet.
Sin i-o thenominnlinnof Mr. BRASEEbrthe Amnrl-
can Part tn opiinltton to Mr. Poust, we find that our
enumius bave boon iudu.triouiilf at wark elrculutinf
the report lhat he is a "Trimble Man." We never had
any hnaiunr; iu Doulradirtinir Uie report, knnwiniraa
we Old, lue opinlou anu rominira oi r. aranep. lint
to rut Hie tlander abort we adiiresaed the inllonioK
note to hint.
LAMCABTaa.Ociir.er:i. lr.U.
Joim T, Brascf, F.q . l'sar Sir: I find that an im
pression hae gained credence In many parts of the
country, that it is your lntffiillnq to euj.port Mr. Trim
ble for Governor at tlinediulng election. 1 have at nil
liinc.g contrail irtod. Iho rumor, and ahall Inke Kreal
pleasure in dolnpro- in tho ctauit-.ni of the Gaaoitc
audor your own alRiiatore.
Kosoi-cUuIlT Your oht. Sorr'l ,
Towhkli Mr. Bnuee proinpHr replied, a fallow:
La caoth, Ohw. October X; IcoS.
GcoitflB W Mac KLaov.Ksu, DearSir: Your let
t?r of this date, lntbrininjtnie that there laa report hi
circulation, that It l pif iMention to support Ex-Gor-emor
Trimble for Governor al the approaching anuual
Mi...linn. ..
This rofM"rt Is not true, I shall rote for Mr. Chase for
Of.venioriu-oc-.nc in my opinion tn. only opfiosiiic;
candidate to Mcdill ho baa any prospect of success.
Respectfully jours, , , JOIIX T. BIIANKE.
Thus has the fi'it itmpt to Injure ths Airrrican
Candidslc for Senslu been foiled. What will Uicy
re-sort to ncxtf - .
i'lie Foreign Trirf j-
This party nmlla In a despWndHr and desi'.alrir.i
conditioni ami no wonder. Its poik-'y las-jadverae to
the true interests of the country, and. so thoroughly
Anli-Aui'jricanjthat good men of ull parlies shun as
sociation with It. i in 11 ejttremity,Hilike "a drown
ing man who rau besot straws.'? If n Whig rh.o has
had his e.Tiiectavionsf preferment dL-jinnoinlox. inti-
nintosa disinrlination to join the Ainen-an ranks, he
is beset by the instrument of the foreign party beg
ged, entreated, whdedlod and coaxed, to ynn the Sag
Nichts: and. If ho bo weak-headed or false fasaUed
enough to give consent, hi name la forthwith blaxoir
od to the public in. starring eapltal. and tho note of
rejoicing it beard throughout the wholJ foreign ca:np.
Ono vovo lisb,on guined.ty the operation, aud enl
tntlm exhibited on ancoeedlng, prove Ue deaprrele
oondltitfii to which the foreie:ii parly is redticod. .Tliey
. .t....1 (k..t ll..!.. .... I. M..I.11.- J...U.I.
Know uiik luei. in.-. iiiDi, j... i , . .. j ...... ...
a close lhat, (nclr flirty must fall before the power of
llie Ameiicai people and they aro struggling with
desporalion; railing for help', help!! but no help can
save tl cm. They richly deserve the politic! death to
which thorttre battening:, and they might a well meet
Irfrlr fate "peacefully and tranquilly, at lo nns off. the
scone with yeils and curse. WhiKivWhu desorre the
iiAmi), cannot bd se.luced lo cnineltbcruccor, and
Amerl'.tii Peniocrai tintn aSandoned their rana.-In'.-.-rcat
holds the romnanl. thai patriotism demand
shall bo disbanded; and the election On Tuesday next,
will lay In the dut; a portion, the tail-end of what wa
once 1 strong and successful arty. . a
j"Lobk out for fraudulent ticket.-
See that Salmon P.. Chase heads it. Go
to men that Toil knoV to bo Arood-.trtte
Amorieans for votif. lit-Vas:, T'U't.'iiope!
. nkalS aWe-a. I
"W V " . tU WOf
lu daV of persecution has cone never to'
' r, . .
.vv.iu. .iitr iii imaniai Dura r
.- T i v- .
Jj8'iarui oi
i.u.j .nut .v. nHiti win mere i
be a Diiii.h pi.'scn-ship "Jersfy" in Nt-w,"
Y0jt. 'of
a?ain will there !
. ; . . ;
- .. w u t'vt'. iuii;v J
nm' of rrotr-staniisml and i;
;uiir.'e..n., '.vnere. shut out Irom t ie lint
iUiir.geon... -.vrieTe, shut out Irom tlie Iirnt
I'" air oi naTcn not a restive
- t,.f. (..v. !.-,.' v. .t....n.?.
' tenant Ell.:-.- be burne'l by Catholic priests
; " Like Champion, as in 1C4-. . -
! r n"'iUl P rne? pretf h ;
i-crji-aj.acvii. ll.e innaenivLte nirU.s aarl I
.1 pr.usn je a;
.. . i. .. ..- .1
ii,..-: r T- i
liiwr.'.u ol man or cause tne ci:i ..a'.ioi.al
. cojici iveu ana iiminetv w.n iniinre !i.
' first l.i;iied anj then'slrafyled, as is sail i
10 f,av! bf,c'n tl.e case nt M on '.real. A
,.- ., . ...
i : u""cr l,,.fc p1m.:0 rt!'fe-a
Neverajain sl.all thf.- ihir-M 1... f,. . i
i . ,, . . ---.
inj; iuiani imo laws 01 -J " vol, XIMJ31.
v . . t 1
ii.i 1'.. ii -r t . t-
he word efttr. Ihstttlit- vorld-ati crfraVt .:i',t,. !. 1
i - .... ..... i.
! OO'I on earth cr "Irji-ioMS in hsven It
The I'rnapect.
j .P S'
iiiw iii '... v.n.t--iiii u.i;iiii:riir;u. Xliu mm-
ions of uotver. who C 'hi for the nivilla. nro '
.. . . . ,
tn u.ter dismay at the prorpect of the ce -
feat which awaits them. Not on! v is the!
election of Chase and the whole fick-t pla- J
cc-J beyond all doubt, but their majority (
-it t ii- i , ... .
1I1 00 oterwnt-MUID, ana sncil as Will
forever blast tl.e hopes nnd prospects of
the great Sag Nicht leader and his hungry
ofii'-o seekers.
Yes, friends, erery thing goes on well,
nine' Tl.o luf I. .nn.,....l,;n 1 ,t.
1 " , ""yf. t"r?- -t
iiiit u, uin LUfl. uutic VI VUIU w nsc
I L .i...:. :..v.?.,i u .t. ,
in tiicir might and crush the unrighteou
band ot political speculators who have so ; . T A Tf V B- ff '
long despoiled the people of their money. I ' h.lKi''!
oessary to bo done, in order to effect our 1X3 nim street, cineiBauui, '
deliverance is, to vote On next Tuesday. . Uave now a full Stock. and are makine; and rtealrtnc
Let every one call to mind the vote eiven ! ,rejl mwi f i"ie of .. ,
in tbiv State at tho last election, atid he!516."". "a ?WiWT"
will admit that the Republican cause will ;
.-.nj:. .1... .t . t- ui: .' -..
i present luvu a uiajurny wuicn w I make
J i j . . ",av i
. . - i . -i, , 1
r . . " . . - J-"
It is not to be disputed that a large ma -
jority of the people of Ohio are now oppo-
" of Mcdill. Out of
U,B rHW omee-no aers ana oUice-i.un-
i v:i.. n, -Pi j
I ... II... m : J nn hinriinA . n.f... I . 1. .
.ii" ."-ii. ' w..u,..m i lui mc
or and im-
id". -
petuositr of feeling that once nerved hisl
! iriends 'to action, is gone; and all that is !
left for him. is to seek consolation in j
tiwning r.f;er Jesuits and foreigner
land they look upon him as a Janus-faced
poli ,'ciau. A crisis has come when true
nntriotism has taken possession of the A -
merican heart, and the pood and true
men have taken a stand above the tram
els of mere party, and are acting Upon a
brbadtfand nobler ground. Ohio, always
powtrfid, filwars patriotic, holds in her
irran a noli tical force which, if rjronerlv
arialiloif maw fin rl isrill STdrl r.n-arnl
powerful I
influence on the question of freedom and ! SOMtTtflNQv WOTb t-O.OiCip4Q AT.,
ther-ght. and show to tho world thnt the! ro' Wood' Hir ResieratiTe,
people of this Commonwealth place their jT
condemnation on every act or influence it.j huuianhairsBdup,hinaircady obtained aceia-
, . . . 1. . ' i c, brity and aala irfecily paralleled. Ii l as, witkoel
that has a tendency to extend (slavery on UM oriiiaarappiianaforaurhpurp-e,woiiitWBy
terrilorv consecrated to freedom. The peo- p0" J,l,'0,Drl i? mlnfu; 5,!
, , -., . . , , , . ', . in the t otted States, the C anada and th neat Indlar
plo of Ohio will place the mark of their iiand. Ko.-u this result surprising, waea n i r
Lannmhitinn ivn ihia tranuffinn a wU I membered that its popularity is based upon lis mertir
UisapproDanon on mia iransacuon, as ,weii40MTtM,,tUbiiu-d byacuai tests, lhat ihia prw-.
upon the Jndas who first moved it in the
Senate, ns upon tho last contractor, Wm.
Mcdill, whose every effort was exerted lo
aid in cortsumraatinrj the trishescf the great
idol of the parly, in oriler that be, Wm.
Medill, may be fostered and nurtured by
the smiles of the Excutive. And hence
the truo men of tho North nro every hire
rallying lo discharge their dnty, and no
National Kepubliean either North or South, '
who is worthy of the name, will hesitate
to unite with any party to put down this
unhallowed combination. t
Therefore, friends and American', Utns
seriousiv reflect on the duties which is re
quired n't our hands on next Tuesday, and
deposit our ballots in such ft manner that
we can answer to the friends of Republi
can institutions throughout the world, and
to our posterity, our conscience and to our
God. And ktour motto be Voiir country I
our whole countryjl and nothing but
our country ! 1 ! '-' Amcricausof Fairfield,
the sfgris of the times denote jtho certain
downfall and total defeat of the spoils party.
Are you all ready to re-affirm the hiy? po
sition tofhavo laCen at the last fall elce
tion, which .threw dismay, into, the Red
Lodge Clique; if so, go to work faithfully,
and on next Tuesday the sun of "Medi'J
ism" will set to riso no more.
. Americans are you on arJl .,
The great contest is now nt hand.' The
enemy are using all raeana, fair and unfair,
to steal a march on tlra American hoys.
Let every ono then .awake! arouse! Gird
on your armour! Eemenjber that you aro
UglHing lor great, a glorious cause.
Acainst vou are arrayed band of for
eiguers, Catliolios and demagogues, joined
ia an unholy and damnable alliance. Pa1
tht watchword along th Vina i.Bicricair'
ito ruU sltaerica.'
H m
LMMtmUtT AXjarkeia.
G"tr" Omet.. SefUiX, IBM.Our
quotation thia snorniair ore aa r..iw.-
tWh.at I ina I W. in" av, r r .
. . ,, . nn,r, n per oarrej
Dhgistuso. Tbo Philr.dtlnhia Timt
wfvracd tf.nl
-Cvngr."is fror
ini nr. ittf, Uie member,
om Phi's Iflphia, said in A
p - w.a n.
n a lew a
AVS sine, flat ll,.
R-iman Catholic uoMtlHtiot! of t'.i .i.n
ion lletli
nn Motti 1 Tl. r. .1.:
isnd u I rimhk urs on tl.n -ra lr nni!l ti n
..: -. -V, . . .
i MedlU's ftien U
Jsnt coaimanJ
is friends and
are sat:sfi'd lhat lhy can
otes enough to dft
. a
llie kjovk inrorn.;.: .'rn-.-. (nna t..A
.- ..
a reliuk tarcc.
Pvt. r,.."..i.uH a"iv.fotr"t?e
1 Of R:t t r--Larat!i.n.. &r.A n-,l.
DatlUlMturC aVfMT
u jful M-ir i.-iu..-itl. mil If (.t.-M i.trererau. W
lljlur m-t p -rfeel rhara.tvr 01 (i!i l-rofamUor. ea
Urly kin vontlvr
:lT;:":?r?'llX":, J.n..re!,? '""
. n - r:ii-Tiikrj;.i. ur.ut, w.m-.jt lua or-iisarr
VVlif3?Z?l?&'. y.i
.k"' iU' "lt-uiT)r.lrE,tn' bl Jwe-
.... ... ti,- l.-.-l, .1LD,,1 ,n r L IB.I..
: ' : , . , -' -...UI....IU J..UB,,
with ibumn.t p-polar purM cic.U-Juea. b'utaa lo-
iffi'S ?
'"'"r" Dsaiuiui ir-,- or puratierr. ranen
anir,.bui 'arclrnarnldoireattr.eitil weadelaa-etr-lne
l'e,!:.-V: ttrlnr Durchattnr etaewliai.
. '
." a ten.li'1 ...abli.f,niAn1 31ft H......
I Xe Yorlt.fnn'ie acr-r-l of ttieimaienaaeaetrra trad..
J -e a,!rrtlcir.eiil of llr. Ailnna' l.irer Baisam, ai4
... .... ivr n. m. bi... wnere, ;n inotlttr CllliUaK.
, 1- L-ii. Etcmir Mimr, jw-cA n, itu. f
COURT ON hand:
, hori mkcv unr-u.T tnlrdi will la. .a .a
Cut re v Tr.tr.il nn nn tnr dallr Iiu.'im. I am tile
ay re elirr afresh Htaek ofGroeerlea, all of wbleh
ialll bepleau-d In d-al out Is li.e public la eorh
ijOAntHio. . n.ny uit them.-.-. JOHS LYONS.
P. K. Mlaina- & Vjmnm barejuat rweiraa Iker
Iirya.t Stork of URV &OOlS0i lb; fear ever
uiDtteo in uuiraater.aeiaeieo wild fareat.ara J Mr
ia-. wan I Known 10 eeiet'l frooai WIU DM t
Kcaiu-r, OrtuU-r 4. lrU Sa2S
ana rutmine for Tourlre..
v.oior. ano .ircari tn 4liK,.rjir aa
Wool; Cloth Silk Plvh,Glaxed and
Faacr Caps for Men ao4 Day.
! yjTL? " ,?n ZZ an oVe I
I vv'l-r AINU rnNtT KQDkS
j HATVrnVJL 1,6. ,
T. whia voM call the attention of Uealera at
. n . . . .
. kiiunii, n .-riDsni. miinir uarcii.Hnr. u at tM bm.
' ,J 'P"0 uwlueemonu to cain or prompt
,ime aurora. V. a. CAJIP ti tu.
ebgiMr r nnxT Ml inroitrgf
! rirfieid cVnmtr, ohi
j ' " ' '
i " 1113 11 d yUlnu-tI-Jil 1 ill-J lui-iOJ
ETtUGMEK'fS, !IIMl B!t, ROStlSlc.
THK nnd-rsigned ar for sale tbr Fall, tb !-
lowlb,; .Nuriery fitcoin 2tnHt :Arr. 3V,j, stand
ard awl llwarf! ESOw Pfr Trttt. htandard aLal ilwarfj
a portl.D of the abos-e Lore fruit thia aeasonJi autae
JimpU Tnn. Standard and llwarf; JSik fwlu, sow
Pluair.'.fpr.rafs m4 .'cLarimt,lt.; Hl.tal KttrgrnM
f s.ar 3u narlttif; AOe Mtr the mttt ettttt ;
i ! yisju .:ii gi--. hij
pamioa u
IU actaaliy roa.w gray hair lo it aatural'
uca a !uiuriant rc llr hihuu. the beada oS
urevent tiic hair from falllnir off. aad. arh'
1 se.i a a t..iiot article-, produce a eontinu.i f
nnd wavy, donroys diseases or the scalp; and eiawia
dandrml. tb eorttncalo of dUllnciitaued featleHiat.
and ladic. in every part of the country, who oava trtf
ud tu a.,td wor.-fore ai.o&x ar at tney anew, moat tout
attest, lhat by iro;:erue ortnis .teaioraiive ina oat
eaa r e madeto retain Its natural color to almoat aaa'
ace allotted lo humanity, by removing th cause a
dlrensa fromthearalp matter ofhow long svuuUsqp
- iheeoticurreiitteUiitr.t.ielaftlic rress.sxilthaeei
tiScate of ilia siaaoeri respertahla-lndlwtdtiaU of
both sexot. leave no douUt. cireulan conlalning full
panicirlars relative to the cu relive, aa well a reeoaaV
inrudulions of .-.litor, and certiScatea before allude)
lo. eat, be had of all the afoul. ' ....-
. UaaoavtriesMas., JaiiuaryJO.lKi Proft vVo4-
P .-ar tiir: llavi,iic nia-de a trial of your Itsh Roatbra
vivu. It givets rue pleaaure lo say that it effect ho bewai
cxcelleu'.in rouiuvrog Ir.flanim-.iipD. uandruf, aad a
coaslaut tnd-ncv telw-hlnr;, with which I bar ba
trouiiicd (wiin (UiUiicbil, e bs also restored my katr,
which wns becoming irra) . t- its original color, i have.
iisd aontherarticle with anything like ti pleaaura
and aroflt. Vours truly, J. K. UHArii, '
t . - . . V. . ....... ...... DlH-.k HnAle.l.1
St. ton. March 7, tM. Pfofc -WooilDear Birr
y hair cojnmnrd fklling as i
coma three or toae
year sine?, and cont!iii.d to do o antil I beeai
i..i. i. l tried all tHe . popular reroedla of I
dar but to n effoct. it rat 1 wjl iad ueedio try yow
cei'u'braicd Hair JKestorative, aad am very happy to.
,av it is dMng wn-ifjers. Ihare now a one growth oat
ro'un hair, ami rheurfully recommend Its use lo all
similarly nlllirUd. A. C. Wiixiamsox, 133 Sd street. -.
CaL.TiJi5.UI., June rs. 15. 1 hare oted Prof. O.
j. vVisud'- Hair lst Jrailvo, and have, admired Ma-
wonderfioeifcMs. J'y iitir was occomu.r.asiinougut.
i.tflmmurclT rrr. nut ov ine use oi oi
baa rrsniaadfls'irlginal color, aad hv no doubt par-
tfesiorativ at-
uanantly ao. & itctnc, tXTtoiit.cr, i. niton oirwv.
1 It Market Street, Et. Loult, 5e,o.t March 8,184.
Dear Fir: 1 tm dnincasaxtcntlr Iravll In the Wei
aad r-nuth Western ts as a Gonoral A feat for1
Ailoma' Anritn uiiimsni, ss.i woura m risa uye
wool.I favor tr with a consigntnert of Prof. Wood'
Tlau Kantorf lro.as I foci aasured tliatlcan introdue
U iu mtax place whorejt Is rot known, ft my awit-
headl living WKiwoay oi in vaiiv'u'prot.niav
in roAlorliig hatr to ltaiiatniai cmor. ramioTix prara
thraa ruvlf-plntbettietmy Bhir llar-oeauunii aaonrsj
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it was at eiKbieeo, anu mvwo imuroveu in- aipev
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