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------ .-'-J:.: 1 - r...."-. M..-.-. WL
E mo i
den, I
ring ladt
MT T? T V frl? A P IT I Lok'w. SP-20. The lluiiin treas
X il UiU Hill 11 x,rtf rtHitivnd liiro-H mm. tVirniirrh Rnr-
Xtv. Kaue'a Expedition lietorued ! -All
In food health t !
New Yook, Oct, 11, 1855.
Dr.liane and IiU party composing the
Arctic Exploring Expedition, arrived to
day; they are all well. The propeller Arc
tio atid the bark Release of the Exploring
party sent out to search for Kane, of the
missing Arctic expeditiont returned this
evening, having Commander Kane and
party on board. The propeller Riid bark
made their way north in Smith' Sound up
to latitude 7!) dogrees 30 win., when they
were stopped by ice. Working their way
o the shore, they disvovered an Indian
tillage, and learned from the inhabitants
that Dr. Kurw and party had gone' south.
They then returned to Disco island, where
ithcy found Dr. Kane ind the other expe
ditionists. " Dr. Kane bad pusliod bis vessel, the
Rescue, as far north as latitude 81 detr..
wtmrA tlipV wnrA fmTn in Ti, mo!,i '
t,vW all -Inter. ndin. tA. UA,Jcf o( l,1.e government has undergone a
village for provisions. In the spring 'the
party abandoned the ship, and made their
way southward in sleds to Upper Navick,
from which place ther Were Conveyed in a
T ! i . . , , ,
,-Asaiuvu icvwinj vtiv lomuu sji iiijui, wiiere
they were found by tire searching Expedi
rr.1 . . c tv it s t... . .
Xnrceoi ur. r.ane 8 .expedition had
died, and the remainder were more or less
frost bitten.
The last W nter wan n ten an v
rxivere in the Arctic ret;ion, and many of
.i i j .i i J .
the natives perished through exposure and
Starvation.. . . I
No treoes whatever bad been discovered
of Sir John Franklin.
New York, Oct. 9. The steamer Can-
Ada from Liverpool, with European dates .
to hHlurilay, the 29th, arrived at 7 o'
clock this eveuing.
The steamship Hermann arrived oat on
the ?4th. ultimo, , ' '
m. , . , .. .t r ,i .
Alio itaieot iicvta irum nio vnmen is mat
Gortschakoff telegraphed on the 23d wit.
that tho Allies Innded 20,000 men at Eu
patoria and that 30,000 men were on the
Kussinn flank. Tlie Allies attacked tbe
lluBKian Infantry, on the 22d of Septem-
Der, w tieu tuo latter retreated
On the 20th ulu, the
Allino ?t (Xin
. ,
.strong, debouched from Eupatoria.and oc-
cupiea me neigiiDonngviuages on the lott I
.llHIlk Of the Russians. I Saturday, October 27th, 1CW, will be aold at the
Tim RiiKaiims wprn fnrfifvinrr Ilia nnrtli V, Parin llouao of M.Z. Kreder,dcoed,li,Creeii
' . o l i I10rU,y,n8 " nor Held townahip.on the Colunibua road four mllea North
.r.. , " ""B '
Of Sebastopol and Constructing new
aries Tlio French wr arlvRm.ino-
anes. .lllO rrentll were advancing
bide 01 i
their Cavalry and Infantry towards Buk
A fearful tempest had occurred at Se
vastopol, followed hy heavy rains. ' iSevns
topol is to be raised, and the basins to be
filled up. " . ,
' -The allies on the 17tli were concentrs-
ting their forues between Bakklava and
P , ... .. '
Tbe left wing of the Russian army were
actively preparing for an active campaign
Four hundred deserters, mostly Polaud-
ers, had arrived in the allied cmnp.
It Is renorted that the demoralization of
th Russiun nrmv is comnlete. and suuh
llie KUSSian army is conipieie, anu suuit
was the confusion from tbe first moment of
,. c? 1-
the assault of the allies Upon Sevastopol,
that the soldiers oeeameexiiaustea tnrougii
. . .1 nA , ... .
fatigue, having remained 24 hours Without
susiemmce. i
The loss of theRusinn8 duringtbe bom
bardment and assault, U estimated at 18,-
000 men. . ,' ; .; '
' The Russians continue to throw fire
shells into Sevastopol, from the north side.
Some of the guns send shot entirely over
the town, doing much ditmnge to ' the ad
vanced siege works of the. allies.
A letter from Berlin states that Prince
Oortschakofl' will shortly evacuate the forts
en the north side of Sevastopol, but the
Russians are still making vast preparations
for a winter camp. '
Liverpool, Sept. 20 Cotton has deelin
id New Orleans fair is quoted at 7d;
New Orleans Middling 6Jd; Upland fair
Cjd;- Upland Middling 5Jd. The sales of
the week have been 36, 000 bale.
The newspaper reports furnish the fol
lowing quotations: White Wheat 12al2s.
Cd; red Wheat lis. 9d; Flour Western
Canal Flour 3942s; Philadelphia and
Baltimore 4042s; Ohio 42(44s.
Corn White Corn 42a45s; yellow 40a
41s; mixed 40a40s 4d.
The coffee market is firm with a good
Lard hits advanced Ss5s, snd the stock
in first hands is exhausted; sales are report
ed at 63s.; v
high in the -heavens, and, tha" holy stars
-r uo niuvu rtnza
looked down brightly upon the orphan.
Tba Turkish troops at Constantinople,
intended for Asia, have been sent to Eupa
toria. It is reported that large bodies of
French troops bare been landed at Upato
ria. Despatches received from Vienna, state
that Kara in greatly straightened for pro
visions, and the garrisons are actually sub
sisting on horse flesh.
Pork has slightly advanced. .
Bacon The high prices previously giv
en are still maintained, and the slock on
hand is much reduced.
The Russians Lave abanboned Enztr
oum. Most of The Baltic fleet is to winter at
' , . - DENMARK.
. t f - - r ' - ' ,
Representatives in session at Copenha
gen have definitely approved by ten major
ity, all the proposed constitutional chang
An official circular issued by tho Gov
ernment of Naples to tho Police, says that
Mhzm has f. tired from office, but the poli-
change in the conduct of the Police to
wards politically suspected persons.
Woxnunrui, Suroass Lou than two years slnee,
Prof. Wood nnenudliis store fur the MiAitiifnciiirit atul
Hair Restorative, and by patient ioraoverauco, re-
'mg upou the pcrfeci character of his preparations to
ycuiiiiisii me uiyocia intcuaeu in getting them up,
hi busluoas haseiilarged, until, without Ilia ordinary
means oi traveling agents, his preparations arc rnuml
uimmi uiu aut-ivcs oi almost ail arueir at anrl tneillr ho
dealers In the United Ntulcs, Canudu, and Wct India
prions u7v
?" T." " " "u '"K"'."1 "'"-'"Keneoin all
mr.sui tnuri
oiuitry, temify to their perfect i-liurnotcr
Ir without belne conviiwwl thisiaindeed a tliariiverv
worthy of the i.L. i.Mhen.u"!"
,?'' of ",e w"rlJ 'urnlahea no parallel to III. aucroarf
ma .lore on jiarKei-airiiAt. ut i la i. 1 1 mi mi .... ..
i,h ,llu "i0,1 i,nj,ll,ur patent meduinoa, but an im-,
meiwo and boHiilifnl atock of r.rrinnnr. r,. .,
toilet artielca,ooih ronilmiutidaonieaiirjiiHl woadviau
nil to exunihie the alm-V before purcliinii.i; elaewlioro.
Ilualaohua a apleudld aatubllaliiuuutaia Krondwny,
New York, fortbo upplyorhlBlinnienauoaatern trade.
See adrertiaeinent ofilr. Ailuma' Liver UHliani.aud
hla advice to the tick evory where, In another coluuiu.
St. Latum Kttning Mirnr, March 11,1PM.
TTAS Juat been opened at tho WARKt
HOUHKof Jf rlpa IToimI...
Hie Junction of tho Cunnl and Kailmad.
Tile flnot Ovatftnt In wIiaIh ,i,l h.!rp..
received dally. Our frlenda In adjoining lowna
, I, , I I i i. a iiiumeiiia liottco at Uln-
"' vncea. ,iu U)tei
till 111 mil r.n.iil..!
good and fresh JAMKN BOYD, Agent.
JfK'ator, October 1, 18SS 6uiS3. '
Estate of Reslna Gundy.
TVroTICKIa horobveiren. that the underalcnod ha.
i been duly qualified aa Exeeutor or tho Katateof
carina Gundy, deceased, and all peraona who are in
debted In anid Kslnto will eonio forward and make
Immediate nayiiioiit, and thoae who have clalma a-
"'""'"o win proaontthom to the nuderalgn-
vu luraiiownnve, ouiy antuentlcalou wltlilu one vear.
October 11,1(153383 HENitY LKONAHD.
execvtoris sale.
Held township.on the Columbus road four miles North
West of Lancaster, a largo amount of valuuble proper-
,'',U'"0"K ''i';h"e 3 Koraoa. S Colts, 13 head Cattlo
ud Calvua.Slilloga, CO acrea Com In tho flclil, Plows,
Harrows, Wugoua, Carta, Hnrneaa, Sleigh, Sulky, a
lurgo lot of Farming Utiiiisils, and Household and
Kilcuen furniture; a largo lot of Toola: one Ketch
um'a Palont .Mower, new: one larire Hnrso Hak! n,i
other unifies nocesaary lor sarrylngon the operations
of ulurgo farm.
Tcruia of aula, nine months ere. lit on all anmaoror
j; uuuor cuau. . 1). 1 AJ.LMADGK.
ExeeiltnraorM. V.. Krlw.U .!.....!
P. 8. The Executors huvo also for salo at private
"'." woiiaoiectoii stock of iu,r. withaii th
Hxturcaand ruriilluro of a woll appointed Drug Ktnre
aud Apothecary Shop.
Oct. 11, ieS5 3w33
When many unenay minds will bo set At
, ""tiny mind run on my dally Luatneas. I am this
,iy re,.olviiigu fresh Stock of 6rocerlea, all of which
i win bo piouacd to iieui out to the public in auch
nuiinmieana niny auu incm. Jimti j.YUiM.
p. h. Itlainj; V I.yono hnvejuat received tba
; I,,r?u"' 11 ' "nx juorinniinuy naveeverex-
iiivmicu in iiiieuxker, iwiecieu wuu giuai cure oy Nr.
Klsiug, who la known to select gooiU with much tasto.
von nun cAiiniiiie lor yiMirpuivus
Lancaster, October 4, 1HS5 2w2g
C. B. CAMP &, CO.,
123 Us u ill Ktreots . lm innnti,
Have now a full Stork, and aro mnking und reeoivtng
fresh supplies of ull kinds of
Men's anil Hoy' liluck Brown and Tun
sjolor, null Pcnrl Soft Hut, Fur mid
Wool; Cloth Silk Plush, Gliized aud
Fancy Cups for Men mid Uoyc.
To whirl, wti wiuihl rail the Mtunllou of Uenlf rs und
Country -Mtm-liaut b.'ttri purctmsiii, ui wo nro pr
part'tl tooiTor tupurior iuUuceiiiniiU lu ciwh or immiiit
tijiiu luyurt. C. ti. CAMiJ ot CO.
Lim:i!imill(Octobur4,165S 9iuit3
I HAVE puroh.moil tho Aiitfro nUrot of Johh I.v
i) km i it thu Grocery Store mi thu Southwest cwrner
of ttmPublli'Siiuure,hitck ofthn Market Huiiiie, whero
I AlinLlnt.iU tiiium tuku pleiwuro hi dorvinfr the old
ouMlomuritof tho eatfiblishmuutand my friends with a
Choice selection Of Groceries9Xotiou, &c
My new oupply hns already ai rived to which I Invito
upactal uttuiitiiiu of Cimtoinerfl. My priews will be as
low titi any othr tlmilnr entubllshinunt in tho city. I
am a new tmhuuT and hope to huvo a liberal &haro
of the publio patroitAfro. JOHN D. JACKSON.
Lancaetort Autust S3, IP55 16if
mere. wor mtra TntTrriiojriTrarilliinlt I "P qnieny out or:tne recesvTo one side.:
6f it, Miss La Boy. told ma .to tell yon to i'But, Miss Juliet," said , Allie, as ,.bor
besiiro. and not disappoint her to-morrow I companion paused for breath. I mav1 not
Fali-flcM Vmntj, Oftil.
I 1
arU anl
1HK undersigned offers for lata this Pill, tho fsl-
luwiufr Auraery htock, SuuU Caarry 7M, bland,
lid Dwarf; SUUU F.ar 7V.c. Kundard and Dwarf.
(a porrrun of the abure bora fruit ItiL aeaaon); 4K
ArfU Inn. Mlandanl and Dwarf; 1.VW fnckttl SOU
Hmms;jtprirtlt mtdJtKtmrinttJft.l IU.MHI Rlrmu
of ttmt 3U aanaticf ; iuu Half mf Uml k.u art-tlit-A
rata leltrtttn mf Qm-Hmi Ptamtt.
October 4, 1845 3wHii KAMUhL COf FMAX.
Prof. Wood's Hair Bestoratlro.
THE preparation, although leu than two year b
lutv the public, owing to ita wonderful eoeeleapoo
the huwaa hair and acalp,haa already obtained acele-
lirity and aala perfectly unparalleled. Ii haa, without
the ordinary appllauceafor audi purp'ea.woniu way,
been heartily welcomed to mo.tuf tueeillrauid lowna
tu the United Ktatea, th Oanadaa and the Weat India
-."- ..v, ui. ivauia.ururi.iiia;, - utu i, i. rw-
ineinbered that ita popularity la baaed upon ita meriia
aoieiy, aa eataoiuueu uy actual tcata. inal Ula pre
paration will actually roatore trrav hair la 111 natural
olor, produce a luxuriant growth upon tho licadaof
the bald, proventtlie huirfrotu fallina; off. and. when
uaddaa a toilet article, producea a continual flow of
ma nr.turai uuiua, ami uiuarendera the nairaon,giowy
ami wavy, deatroya diauuaea ol the acalp. and expela
uuuuruu, me certiDcutea or uiattnguiahed gentlemen
and ladiea, ill oery part of the country, who have tri
ed It, and therefore .peak what they know, moat fully
atteal. That by proper uac of Ihla Kcuorntlve too hair
can be made to retain ita natural color to almoat anr
age allotted to humanity, by removing tho cauao of
uiaeaao iroin tneaeaip no matter ornow longatandlng
- tho concurrent tealimonialaof the PreMfand tbe cer
tiflcatea of tiie numerous reapectable Indlviduala of
both aexoe, leave no doubt. Clrculara containing full
particulura relative to theeurativo, aa well aa reconi
niunilaliona of editora, and certifleatoa before alluded
to, can be had of all the agente.
naoiriii.D, Mata., January 13, 1P5J Prof. Wood
Dour Mr: Having made a trial of your Hair Healora
llvn.lt gives me pleaaureto aay that ita effect haa been
excellent ill removing inflammation, dandruff, aud a
coiiaiaut tendency to itching, with which 1 have been
troubled from childhood, dc has alao roatorud my hair,
which was becoming gruy, to lu original color. I nave
used nootherurtlcle with anything llkeil pleasure
aud protil. Your, truly, J. K. BHAGG,
I'm tor of the Orthodox Church, Hrooktlold.
Rt. Iach, March 7, 1P54. Prof. Wood Dear Sir:
My huir commenced falling off some tlireo or four
years aiuce, and continued to do so until 1 became
quite bald. 1 tried all tho popular reiaedlea of the
day. but to no effect. At luat 1 was luduced to try your
eclubrutud Hair Keatoratlve, aud am very haniiv to
aay u la uniug wonuers. i nave now a nue growth or
young nair, aim cueuriiiiiy rerommeno l la uao to all
aiinilurly afflicted. A. C Willusiso, 1333d street.
t'iKi.vi.i. III., June 38, 1HS3 I haro used Prof. O.
Wood's llnlr Keiitomllve. and have admired lu
wonderful effects. My huir wus becoiningjis I thought.
iremuiureiy gray, DUl oy tne use OI Uls Kestorutlvu It
Fins resumed its original eolor.and have no doubt nor-
uianeutly so. K. Buaiai, Ex-Senator, United States.
114 Market Street, 1st. Louis, Mo., March 8, Wii.
Dear Sir: lam dolnir an extensive travll In the Weat
and South Weatorn htatea as a General Agent for
Ananis' American i.iiiiiueni, ana would be glud iryou
wouiu iavor me witn a consignment ot rror. vt ood'a
Hair Kestorativo.aa I feel assured that I can introduce
It In many plncca where It la not kuown, as my own
neau la u living icsuiiiony oi its vuiuaoio properties.
In restoring hair to its nutuial color, 1 am forty years
old,uud my hair was nlraoat while, but after uaiug
three half-pint bottles my hair Is as beautiful auburn
aa It was at eighteen, and much improved In appear
ance, aim i wouiu not ou wuuoui a oottie on hund for
the price of ten. I should be glad to atlend to any
manor mot is connoctea wun in MalrKestorativo. I
have been for thirteen years engaged iu the same bu
al neaa and will be glad :o hear from you soon. My ad
dresa is Haria, Teiinessoe.
very rospecuuiiy, m, n. UKUOHE.
imreiared and sold at 114 markot Ktreel. ba-
tweon 4th ami Stli street, St. Louis, Missouri, and 3111
llrondway, New York.
doiu it uoiuaaiu auu nnun at i-roprieinr'B prices.
By J. D. PAKK, Cincinnati,
And KiUFP.VAS it Co., Lancaster, Ohio.
October 4, 16J5 18
Lockvlllc rams.
TUB subscriber has purchasod the above property,
and is now prupared to do custom work as wu'li
as merchant work, i'he mill has been well repaired,
and is in good order to do work in either way. He is
also prepared to buy wheat at all times, or flour the
sanio for customers. If desired. Hu has employed au
experienced miller, and will render general salUfau
tion TTPTholllstillorT.wlth allltsmaohincrT.lafnrsale.
tngother with Boiler. Tuba. 4c. Tho Saw-iulll ad
joining it is also for salo.
rersons wtatiuigto buy town lota ran be accommo
dated. The proprietor can nlall times be found at
hla mill In Lockville, or on hla furm. 1 1; miles south
east of Lookvlllo, aud 1 anile weat of 1'arroll,
August", IMS. emie .
TAKE nollce, onr rnatmnera have In their hands
three hunderd ilollersofnur money that we must
have by the Win of September, certain.
Mow don't all come at once.
TIIKflubserlber will aellon the 1tk da? 0fOctaher
next, on tho premlseA, tho Furm of yuO A ere a,
situated H miles East of lUancaater. on the old Stittn
road, nud latoly known a the HotorMncklln Farm.
Alio, at tfui Maine time and place will bo sold aoum
Valuuble Caltln and PI i left Cows
Om Uru Clonk, Honnchold and Hltchen Kurnlture
Funning Uteiiil, oVc. too tod ions to mention.
Terms of i'a On Kann one-third taHli in hand.
one-third in one, and aue-lUlrd in two yuan with in
to re tt on tho deferred jmj rnonta from tho day f aalot
it'curod hy inorttratf on tho promisor
On personal properly, all aiuua under $5 caah In
hand, and all iMims ovt-r that umouiit 9 moutha erudit
upon note with approved ifttrity.
Kxocutor nf Peter Mackliit, deuvaaed.
AugiiBl33, lrtS-OwlO
yp?soiuori(!t inipors ploao copy till day of salo and
tend bills to Executor.
J t'.T KrtlVin ST
0piiiteSliirirer'i4 Hotel, Lnncnater, Ohio
TTOSKY MOON and other Comalitles from Punch
X I. Aiitoblograpli) of an Actress, ly Mrs. MowatB
Journey tot'enlral Africa. by Huyurd Taylor
' Kalian and Nehinskn. hy Hale
Huuny Aloinorlefiiil'r'oreiirn Itands.by Mrs. Htowe
Tim B itter l.uml.liv Thonipn '
Wiipoleon his Army.Tlie I'nmp PlreSnf Napoleon.
A Hue lot or Annuala for IfVi, and a due lot of small
GiriHnnksofalHilKls. ,
Culliolic Prayer Books, Rplarnpal Prnyer Bonks. and
a Inrgo lot or Family Bibles and Pocket lliblrs at
reduced prices.
Hchool llnokaand Stationery at Wholesale A Ketnil.
Pocket Wallets. Port Monies, nji4 Pon Knives, for
sale atthn Hook Wore of JOHN SBAKI.KS,
Ocl.Sfi, ld54 ii Oppmmitt Shirffer'M Ilatmt.
sttjtoUI.H respectfully annoniico to Iho cltlrcns of
y lAiicsster w vieinuy, mat no naseoniiucneeu ino
Brend, Li;ht Hnik A: Cracker ItukinK
in eouiiectlon with his former baking, diia now prepared
with every thing In the ahovo line. Having In his em
ploy the best of bakers, he feels confldeut that he can
pluaso nil who may favor him with a call.
V-jCiill at Ins Store on Main Blreet. snd also at hit
Bake-Houao,cornor of Columbus ot Mulberry streets,
I Lancaster, July 13, lfc'54.
I WILL sell at private sale my IVeni to w nth I p Farm,
Ituala sniles HoaU of Lancaster, eenlatalac
L about Six Haandreal Acrea, a- j.
9 boat Acres of P1HST CLAKH Hocking
bottom, and tbe reaidue fair hill and up-J m
Ia7d, well Umbared, and watered by never failing
About 8EVE5TT-THREE Acres of th Bottomlan.l
Ilea to the East of the Hocking Valley Canal, and may
be aold separately ir dealreu; but the premiaea aro
connected by a good private Canal bridge. and togeth
er will make on of the beat atock farms la Cen
tral Ohio.
The whole of the Bottom Land about m acres or
tbe Land are sndcr cultivation. The entire premlaes
are enclosed with substantial new feaceand lb House,
Bars, Granaries, die. are good.
Possession will be gives In tin for potting oat
It can bo arranged If desired, to retain the larger
part of the purrhaea anoncy for term of years at 7
per cent Interval.
For full Information or to the price, terms cf pay
ment, Ac. apply to Wm. BartleU, Km. on the premi
ses, or to P. H.Kwliig.,orllie subscriber at Lancaster.
July 18, IM5-lltf T. EW1SG.
lias just received at the City Book Store
a nxw sr.rrLT or
Gill Moulding for Picture Frames,
such as Chenlel, worsted, working Cotton, embroider
lug silk, sewing silk, spool eottou. Tape, buttons, ate.
Please call and examine bis stock.
Lancaster, august 30, ) HAS 17
Cheaper than ever before Offered in
- ajamcsaaitva-.
AS lntalv nnrehaaed from P. Bone hla Interest In
the Hurdware buaiuesa, and In addition to bis al-
i.n-H .lock, la now dnilv receivinr. direet froa
the ifasaac(arr and pjs.rtr r, a large purchaao of
new gooda, which will mskehls stock oi narowareone
of the moat extensive to be found in this market. His
facilities for purchasing and arrangements with Manu-
racturora, wnicu are eiiai u any, win onaiiie
offer all descrii.tiong of Har.lware, at lr
y .rrratijAi.s(. The attention of Faiaaas
and Mtx.-Biirals Invited to the e jlraordinary Indace-
inenuuow holdout tothm In the way or great bar
gains fully saiisfled that if Iheyeonsulttheirown in
terest they will be certain us call and examine his pri
ces before'purchasingelsowliero. By etoao attentioo
lobualnoaa. and by confctanllv keeping on band a fuK
and complete assortment and the boat goMls. he bpe
to secure a large share orthe patronage of the Farmer
and Mechanics of the county.
Aprils, I MM.
Hnargr aand Cstrrlagre makers
WTfflLLmid.atthe ftmw Hmrivurt S!mrt, opposlto
llio Tmllmadf t ., one of the largest and be-l
selected stock of Trimmings ever opcued In this mar
ket. Consisting In part of
100 Pieces Knaml'd Duck and Tanraas,
IS " " Faucy colored do.
50 all Wool and union Damask
so Hides natftot and EnamMd Leather,
Brass and Silver Plated Bands, Top Propt,
Stump Joints, Laces.Sprlng, Axels, etc
Uneaater. April 90, 154 JOHN KFFIOKR.
JOHN EFFINGER would Invite the attention of Car
psalsrj and Homme Umilirrm to bia large Stock or
House building "materials. They will And constantly
on hand, the bot Juniata Hails, Spikes and Brads;
Tho most approved Door Locks anu uaicnea;
Window Ginss and Sash of all siics;
Concklin and Wood's Pure White Load and Oil;
Door and Blind B 'ts, Shop Hinges, Holt, ete.
Those about building will be certain to save tuoair
by examining my prices before parchasiug elsewheo
April vu, inos.
mechanic' Tools.
SUITED to all trades and ofthe most approved mat
Butcher's Cast Steel, Firmer and Sacket's Gouges.
Spear and Jackson's Cast and Spring Ktoei Saw,
Butcher's Double and Single Piano Irons,
Ohio Tool Coiupsny Plants,
Masons and Plasters Trowls,
Cooper's Drawing kulvos, dr.. for sale cMan by
I Skfftr'm yi Block, httxtcn tkt Tallnaift lltuim
amd SksfTcr'l llotlU
HAS Just opened a largo and beautiful assort
gether with as cuoioo selection of Clrnthm, Ci
mrrtm mnd Villi:' All of which baabsan select
ed ivi th ;rreat care snd wilk apodal refereneo to tli i
wants and lasts of thl community.
Ills long experience in tliis branch of business, is a
sure garantee that his atock embraces the choioujl and
beat variotv. and bis purchase haaboen male upon aucu
terms that'ho can sell at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PHI
Tiie public are respectfully requostnd to call and o
amine his assortment, llu lias on hand a genaru as
sortment of
And is at all time prepared to accommodate his oi 1
friends, eithor with an oicetlpni article of Koady ma I
Clothing, or to MAM'FACTUItK TO OK1IEU, out of
tho best material al.d by most aceoinpllshed workmen,
auyslvle ot garments. FOR MKN AND BOYS, U U11
hestaiid most fashionable manner. He isconuin'., .11
this respect, that he can gVO gone ml satisfaction.
Hisanortinout uibracoa a general variety ol
l.lneu CoaU, Vesting, Suspondsoi,
Dross do ' Pantaloons, Hosiery, '
Sack do Cravats, Undershirts, ,
Carpet-bars, tognthor with ar. other articles usually
kept In a Gentleman's Furnishing Store, and muitmim. -Uirad
In the most fnnhinnnble stylos.
It haa been purclidsed of well-ustablishad howiaa la
. - A II - t J t.l h..i.ii. .'
me r.ustern cuius. n -- -, . --
good material and lu a uuraniu manner.
Ho respectfully Inritoa his old customer!! and olucn
to call at his no establishment, where ho will nt ail
times be ready to wait uii them with nnoo 000 m ,v
u. ,.,wpr Hk-rcs. T,i test bis nnimiss, ho asks a.i
esamlnation of his stock iu trade asid tne aylo ami ipuii-
itv nrri nianuinciiirr.
OnlDmor Eait mf the llockinf 'ail Bint, Soar A ' J
.Vais 4(ra,l, Lincaiier, Okia.
T BSPKCT VV L1.Y solicits tho attention of his frten I.
Ii .,,,1 i.mnrs. and all that inav want Orocoms
aTi'ilwIio will ba so kind aa to give him anall, both from
the city aud country, to niy superior auu ioino..w-
of Grneorii-sjust received, omkraeing in part Iks jot
lowiiigarlloles: fiOFFKK: Young, yso...
Black and ImnerialTKAS; New Orloaiu Sugr,
loaf, CruJh'o l and Pulverised; Kico, OsMJe.i
s:. H. Hvruo.fi. 11. Molasses, N. Orto.sin
do.. Oranges, Imons, Kutsians,, Figs. 1'niin, Alrnaud-..
Pecons, Fllnensitoon Nutsand Brazil Nnts,Lrti bot,
Pried Tongues nnd Cincinnati Cur.nl llima, iutglw.i
l'alry Choose anil W. U.Croamdo. Spico,Cliiiiaii.tn
Cloves. Nutmegs, Mace, Alspico. Pepper and Gloirer,
Sal Sod.n,Cr.Turtar,SaIiirulsB,Starch,bnItpoWr, fcrt.
logwood, Indigo, Maddor, Alum, etc., ete. .
Soap. Candlus, Tubs, BuekoU, Brooms, w sals Bwf st
Caskets, etc., etc. '
A flue lot of Chewing Tobacco, also Smoking do. and
Cigars; Wines and Walkur's llurton Pale Alo, a ge-.tr-al
slock of Notions, Toys, and great many other arUclus.
May 1,154. H. A. GliBl.fclJ
iTTonsiiT aso oo0nst.i.uii T law, 1 inrssraa,
H.I. practice In the Court of FatrBVl I anil as
g counties.
lie may be
found ilurlmr busialai hours at the E
nf H. H fin 11 tor, Kin. may 13, loit.
oruott, TvTiere TTirnrTis- neraelight to
hold communion with the spirits t list have
been ransomed from tlin tVimMTim of earth."
an n
bs, p
oulWariT .WocTdehTer,"bitt be rises onl;
as ha exerts himself, and 'expands j

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