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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, October 11, 1855, Image 4

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selected slock vH'riiin' ever opened. In t.i
kotf iiraisllmflti rJ-1 Bf '' '" '' '.'
Jii(i Pioeos l.uaid,l'i Pack and Convase
W W 1IIU 1 M
a In thlasuur.
that 0e HOW firm of WIIlllS or I.A1T.A 1MU noil
noil, but tito bust Junlula Nulls. All Nntls jold by u
will bo warrant jd. VelinvonwtnlianLi
: i-.n K vt Xnii j Siiltn teil Rrnds.
I!' I loo- Street, eoriinr nf llmHit Allev: belli lofl
gsgoecuediis.iOln vxlue, wuleaa to vat M re
turned to Iho Condueloror Agent, and freight paid al
the rale ofapaasagc, for everj (3001n ralue above that
amount.-. .. ... August 30, IBS. 4
f TJI VIKG. returned-to the city and erected a large.'
n Iho Jkfi!Lfodl.ou Wueenntfby.lW) fusion; Broad AUcr.
umsM Residence couUiins'G room's, kitchen, Outhouses, Aec,
L btilldiug in the ri'iir vl II") uric House,
n H.nicv ootore,l n
!iGIhsMO,'Hi;rlwml 10x14 Oltv-Qlisa; -, '-'
(tf me fMarHel Heme, , JliU'liil;'. n'nnui.i
' 1 I two. aiiits.iiM.riiasjse,esi
nil muiau mo lumuwuimit oi m ihi'iui kwuukvi' rir.
"7 "We wotr
rh tTio 1ieH; '
Ihfirt Ar a
. Sheriff's Sale. i, ;
The Stattaf Okia Fairjltld Ctmnty,te.
IJURSUANTto the command of a second vandl,
from lite Court of Common Pleas of Fairfield coun
ty, and tome directed,! Will'ofrer at publlcsale althe
Court Homo In Lancaster, on Monday tkt tind day of
Octoter. 1HS5, between 10 o'ehuik a. m. and 4 o'clock,
p. ill.. the following described Heal Estate, to-wit: ,
In-Lot No. 3, 00 feet front, In the town of Now Sa
lem, Fairfield Couuly, Ohio, appraised ut !i5U.
To bo sold as the property ofT. 13. At C. Paden.atlhe
suit of Daniel Keller, Executor of Chrltin Neiblliig,
deceased WM. PO'J J EU, Sheriff.
perC. V. L. WISEMAN, Deputy. .
HinTsa ft Dicohxity. Attorneys.
The contingent right of dower of Mrs Crawford fa-
dca, vilJbe.roleaKd to the purchaser. , , .
September!!!), 1B54 5wS0pfJ3
. ' Prohnte Notice. i '
TOTICE It hereby given to sU persons Interested1,
111 that the account of isnac Claypool, Gualiano
tvlcklior's heirs, has boon (lied In the Probule Court of
rmrnoiu uouiiiy, unio, lor inspection nnd settlement,
and that said account will be lor hearing on liis Mud
day of October next, or as soon thereafter ns may be,
VIHGIL P.. HIIAW, Probate Judge.
. September 87, lrt53-3t:l , , i, , . , " .! ., -'!
AdmlQlatrntors' Notice,
NOTICE In hereby given thst the nnderslgiied was
on the 8th day of September 1H43 duly appointed
Administrator of IUii estate of John Jouos.latu of Fair
field Couuly, deceased, by the Frolialo Court of said
county. All persona Interested will take notice ac
cordingly, i ' 1
Lancaster, Sent., 13, lb'55 Jwllip,
OHsimTo co,,
Tio, 12, Kust Toprth Street, Cincinnati, O.
' 01
i in
... ...;: .. i . i :,i .-i .i n y . i
IHamtfacturer of lUabn-maic dlotljing,
1 a2.tiyI';'3?lIaI2al23'o:
llospeclfully Inform their Customors audi Fureluisora
generally, that they are now opuiilng au exlcusiv
liuui:uuiiiaiii Kssurimvuvoi
I'imlllea, liotel Keener). Kteamboat Owners, and
iitrungers, ma) dopernl upon finding the bustclnss of
tt'xnls, ut prices us low ait they, call be purchased In
the Kasloni titles. aopt. 1!7, ltfii-aiui'i
I AM now dfullng extensively In Land Warrants,
those wlshingtu aell liaii lliorefnre better cnnsdlt
in.: heCore selling elsewhere. Hciilersin Warrunlsean
ilo as well Willi me as In any market and muku iiick
turns.. The costs of assigning i always paid by ine,
and any Information about Warruuls cheerfully given
n Itliout charge. .
'I boss iutuiidiiig to use their Warrants otsnme fu
ture tiuie cauilepujilu tlieiu with me uud ruuetve the
n uni-y or iutcrust for them, and another Warrant when
tlioitwiali. Wurranls passing from my hanus are al
v iijs PHurantflfd ia antra resicat. '
I also iluUi Knsturu Exchange and Gold and Sll
rar Coin. V. W. TAJ.LMADGE. '
I. ancaaler, September 57, lHjuiltf
f llco ol tiie rulrllod County- Agrlcula
. tnrnl oclcty , ...
FJ1HE Annual Fair of said Society will be hold at lh
1. Hnelnty's grounds near tjiiiciudiT. i;the INtUs
I kiii tissu vurn aiiyi or sic.tnuur, unsuinc.
ull f remluiu List will be published in a few duya.
Wrt.i.n,.A .iv.,.i nm rtl.l. TT?ni!lI SNll. nnd when wn s:ir Hint a mora lnfiffulflcenU large and
better selected assortment baeiiuvur becii exiiibitcil in thin market, we uiiTidy echo the opinion unlvcreully
oxpressodhy Uienunibertliatdally visit nnr uew KlUKit. rtuu.n and v ah.iiuu- - - '
The uiuouutanil variel) ol filiVV STUCK being dwsiguU o kuep puce with our hugely Increased patron
age, is necessarily inunense.. i'-
; Our syatuin of doin-j b isiiicss.wlilchhainel with siumtsolid niarksofappioral, shiillbealrlctly adhered te.
.,, Turcliases made villi ull the lul.vaiikigcs capital aud experience fc'lve. . ,r , i ,i
. The BEST OsHHla t Mid ULWEitt cuts pricu. . . 1 '' '' ' ' ' '' " '
No deviation in priue, tlio Minn etti'iilioii and price In nil. As wo sell for CASH nnd PHOHUCE, which is
ciuinl to cash, uud sufu SiluHT CKEUl l rj oi.lj , tvoi un afford tasell lo.all us to Cash t:utomer.
Tile advantages uiiinnutionaidv piisMs.-d by us ovar all olhersv in the purchase and aula of BUTTER,
KGOSnnd and other kinds of light PROHUCK, are too wolUnowuWi need proof, -
VLOTirilVUi This is uudor the sapuriuttuduuaeol' Mr. JACOlf FOHTNEV, and Is roaolvlng
Increased nttcnlion, ., .. Kusbvllle, Olilo, October It, 1H5J--3WB3
tfrH. undcr.dgned will sell at public aale, tkr
X. C.uut")' Fair giouud near Laueastur, Ohio, , j
tii the 23u it 21th oay' of October
next a variety of fine flack, viz:
tin tneVJ.1 of lictoitor ae win ecu 10 we ui
thorough bred, short honied, Durham C'aUloCon
slstlng of 4cows.S tlino year old iMifera: one year
ling hiefur. 4 hiefer calves; 4 Bulls; one live year old;,
one three year old. one iwi' year old and one eat
liiig; and one live year old. premium Steer,, weigh
ingvaeu ihs. ....
Five Jacks, eouslstlng of. Mohawk" Iho hcet Jack
in Ohio and -Comui.idorei'' "Grey Eagle" and one
yearling aud one.sncklug colt, both of great promise
and all of anperior Stock.
Seven Genneus consistiug .of three full grown,
served b) "Mohawk" lust summer one lwr year old
two yearllngaand una, auukiug colv, all of line aiao
und bone.
,Oncpuito( very large an1nc uiaro Mule.
' Forty head of gru.le Cows, lllufora and Catena--.m.ih
riuA UllliMr.. TUo euma luivu- all .bet lllllcxl
during the last season, by thorough, bred Purhauk
On the 34th, he-will offer 85 head of Horses, mostly
work mares, served- by the lack -Mahawk" lust sum
mur among this Stock la a fine: yearling premium.
Wily, out of the ttmroiipn oreil iiorse -i lay i rusiecr
Ki..,.ilil ... ..r ilm Ki.i.'k first above meiilloned not
be'oirered on the S3d the same will bi offered on tho
S4tli Instant. . - -,
-Terms of aale six inonais ero.ni, -upon ine par
chasers giving nolo w(Ui iejl aMrrli.-..-
Lancaator, ReB,J, IfSI.,. v j' j.,.,, ; ..... ; :
Cunrdinii's Sale. . .,
Ferdinand. F. Keojpel, Gwardiiui of.G. Klej, rar..
PF.Ti riON TO' SELL LA.N11S. - '
Y virtue nf rrn order of anK tir uie directed, tfm
Hi.- Ciiurl ofCoinmoii I'luas, in aim .or mo cnuu-
The price of membership Is reduced to Fifty Cents,
which admits a whole family.
Iladgescan be procured ut theofflcooflhe Presldunt
or nccrwiary, aud also ut any of the stores in Lancas
t.-r. Ily orderof the Ejecutlve Coiiiuiltlce.
August 10, 1H55. II. SIFFOKU, President.
Muuufaoturers and Imporlersof :'
South West Corner of Uain and Fourth Street!,
4 :ocli.a.Val lira ana Jcwclvy Krpalr-
to nmi Murrnntcd.
August 39,. Itt3i-;iiul7 '
Dry GosJurSi!ring & Summer.
No. tt Went Knurlh Strt'i't, Clucinuuli.
oners as usual, to their customers and others,
. FANU10;Alll.lS,,TASTEiarL AND
1SG1'"UL HTVW1S OK (iOOUl, vl.-:
.ndiea' llress'.Ooods, of all kinds of Fahlcs, Shawls
i and Mnnllllasi Kmbiaiderlea and Lacosf IHktV.,
llolury.iSie l.ti s, Musltus.andall kimlaof
i plaiu fiibrica; Housekeeping Goods, great,
vnrlety. Also
Business conducted on the one price principle.
Prices marked at rules as favorable tn purchasers ns
.no-lie aflorded by any house engaged iu a regular
Peswons visiting Clneinnatl oro respeclf tjly- Im ltedi
to.cai) aM oxaniiue Geuds aud prieoa. Ajiri.'j art
j'AM'al.all.limes oreparcd fo furnish J.OOKWG
i i I.ASKIms In. Mahogany, Walnut or Itosewoot
ffraiuas, Looking Ulass Plates. Pictures Frames, &c.
A Ian, (II 1 1 Frame, Glasses or all alms and styles.
Portrait Frames, Picture Frames, and a general as.
anriinontuf Pictures and Oil Paintings, at wholesale
and ratail, atthe lowiMt prices, J.C. GF.ST,
No. II West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. .
. MarrhD, IM3-r44 . . .
State fuiron hand at t'lnmbiis,"Nhow in
Town--lo!itunl Mecliui?-llettins ou
IsutJOHN LYONS Is not a politician, while others
are running wild, he lnss his trap set watching for dimes
so keep up his stock-of Groceries. His Miop is con
ducted ua usual, as regular aaOld Time, first open on
the street, and last closed at night. Stock ulway.4 full,
accommodating clerks to wait on you, from the child's
cent lo the gentleman's ten thoiisand'dollara. nnd his
ugeut Ciiarluy Gravca ready to oonvcy packages to any
parlor the city.. i juiia Ltoan.
xaucaaiur, ouptoiuter.tai, tnoa-wxu
DealrabU City. Property tor Nutlo.
KtK rflHATdoslrnhla property locate,' on Whoel
Vj;iit A lug Htroel, twnor of iirnad A Hoy, being 100
jllLfoct on Wheeling h l'JO feet on Hroud Alley.
esldence contains 0 rooms, kitchen. Outhotisus. dec
w ith all thu coiivciileliccs of a fumiiy rcsidenuealso
n new and convenient Carpenter's Simp, Smoke House,
Stuble, &c, I'liriuaTreuaonnMn. For furtiior purtlcir
lars enquire of LITTLE it DUliSllACUS.
KaiicasterJuly(,lHS .., .
NPIIINOlll ft TnOlTT. ' '
AVE removed-thclrClnthliig Eitabllshment
to the Totlnaif Elart, first tuar Kaal fj
W sire 4- f.alfa'a Hardware Stare, where tlu'V ore oimiIi
ng a large and extensive assortment of SPRING A Nil
SUMMEIt noOIIS, and nre now manufact'irlng orory
variety or Sprtnf and Swsir Iriar, which tuoy will
sell as low as the s.nne 'inality of goads and worn can
he purchased at any -oilier establishment In the clty.
Tholr clothing Is manufactured umlorthetrown super
vision, nmi Is consequently superior lo tral wiilch Is
hjnuglit rrom other plncs. They havo nlso on nand, a
saeliuearisryu Cfcfs-r,C4ssiwrr, Vtitinrt ,4e.,
which Huy are prepareifto mum; fool no to order. Thnj
have in llieiremnloy Hie best of workmon and are at
all times prepared lo make the best fits 1u the. latest
stvies. Jll 1 1 aar wa"ft win p s warrant t8 . ,
'I'll nubile are rehpectfully solicited to call and ex
amine thelrslock, und while thankful fnrthe liberal
patiouagethey havo anjoyeii.tliey nssnre their old ous
toniers and all others tout they -a III labor to give gen
eral aattsfadlon both In the onnllly and price m their
goons ana worn. M ftwuts s i tiue r,
LoBifSUr .A pril i, 1W4 '
D. K. . MSUKL. ' , V t '
TTAVING returned to the city and erected a large
(ivceauoM to) 1
' SKA I CHI lit ' '' ' "
, , ... ' At THI '
New AVn.reb.ouse, Juuctlou of Rail Boad
und Hooking VAlley Cnnnl.
T17TR art prepared lo handle Goods of all doacrlp-
1 f f tious at the towosi possible rates and with tlio
utmust ilespnlcll.tmdrs- uuadg caraaj JeffraarHfm4a
Pa,," I.aneneltr, Okto,) All Goods consigned to us
shall receive prouiptattoiUlon, dciffor trnushipment
will be forwnrded thb iiilckesl and by the cheapest
postwie ntoue, iiy strict intention ui. onsineas we
bop' to rcoclvcanil inerlttlie piitrnimge orthe public
iPebroary 2!i,l53. ' JEFFHIES, WOOD & CO.
rABHEHa LOOK to your IMf Eltst1 .
Wanted immediately, 60,000 bush. Corn,
" BO. 000 Wheat.
TarvhichiBvvi'JpaaiKt Mgkeat taarkel pt iee in easa.
MAV IS f established ourselves in the produce ba
slndss, Fanners ean al all times sell us nil kinds
rntil for llie eu.li Ht iiiiirk..L orlces. Another oh-
Joct, we can weigh yo4ir entire tna.t nt4fie draught and
unload with luiit the lime of any otlier w hnrehouaein
Lancuster. As our pluu. Isenllrel new. to all w in
vitelnvestlKiitlon. JKPFUIKS WOOD or CO..
Lancaster, I'crbruvy '.'2, ltiaa-4S .
building In Uia war of the lirlok house, on the
turner of Urarnti aad CasfMaf Strtats, anssfsaes South
af ike Mariiat Bonaa, tnteiuis niaiiuiacturtng upon
. lir. ..,! nil lite VHrlous rrllol.ts
P of Cabinet Ktiriiltur.i, lied .leads (fff
VWand Chairs. Vfuka he will keepfciT.
L liilwnvsoii h&nd. toirethur with ft Marf
large ussortmoiit of CluuTuiiati munufacturo. Ills long
axnerl.uice In tliu busiuesa wilt onuute ntin to nave
tiiniiul'nrturcd at home and iutpnruid f rom ubroail Ihn
very best of works and as he infeiids In employ none
but tlio most skillful workmen eon use inn nest male
rials, he flutters himself that he will givo generul sa
tisfactlon to all who nikv favor liiiu wlth Iheir custom.
The iiul.'.le aro Invited lo call and examine the lie
anrtinetit. The eiitrnuce to the room Is upon Broad
Ntnot. - t f. lv. PI811KL.
N. H. Kenalrlno1 done on the shortest notice, and 1
th nealeni and reost workmakllke iwimier. Charge
reaennublo. Isfioustor, .nay
rilllK suhserlber has removed his establishment In!"
I Ins New Knsiiis .Yerfa Si.le Alaia lrcc(,orrr Xia
If bit, and bus rlnod them up In a style unsuriassed
In iho -W est. Me hopes thai the public will appreciate
hlsuiroristopl 'aH uud extend to him a llberiilVtron
agio. Kvery thing hasbeen donethut could bodnuetn
ensure auccesaiii every department nunc un. huh in
pictures! aunol benurpnssed; v. m. ti if" ui,u,
N. It. Persons wishing to learn the art wlllliavegrcl
rarllliiesfor!olneo here.
Hours from II o'clock A. M. until 3 o'clock P.M.
Lancaster, Nova aiber 16. ISfii !H
T OKU AB having returned tc Uncst r and Intendk
aP o remain permanently In thin city, and having re
ceived Instruction from ah o jperionrcd lfoull.l fruia
puc'ijui i,w i om . nun iiiiMisf.i a innsiDUKroi tin
buslnasa,now respectfully teuders hlsprofsssionaleer
vices lucit.aeasul tsinciister and tun pniiiiegeiicniify
ne is prepareit to perform nil oprnt!isis uou in
Tenth, such nafcttrncting. I'iuging, Filling. reirulatln
tlu.'Tuuih,trralingappi.gynr deceased ltums,desrroy
li;g Nerves, removing Tartar. ate.
Arllllclnl l oofli Inscrteil on Gold Plata from oao t
full et: also Artificial Crowns set on honltl.y matt
without pain, so aa to utiswer ail the purpososuf mas
tication... . , .
Kvery. operation in Peutlstry. essential lo preserwa
and bcaullfy tiie Teeth, cud give thi-m a bculitty ae
tlou.audiiiuprovC'tlie lirentli. health AThsIh. perform". I
nn mouerale ternss. litficslu ine citv or eouutv
BR O A I) W Ai 1' QOT1! L, ,
. i Cincinnati, Ohio,
rflhe undersigned, haying again nsuaied tU iiian-
ageineel of this well' kn.iwu ...i.i.ii.l..,.
leave lo say.to those who visit Cincinnati, either for I bo waited on at tlteli respective places of residence, I
i i, no rvqnusiuu. .10 cnarges mauo or. o.vasuiiaiinu o
c.onsunal'.on ut ills ofllce.
OFKItK On.. the Sortheast comer ofih Pabli
pouara. 01 .Wmr rrom Maiu street.
lAticater, Sopiumhur Vd, ihol k'l
Justness or pleasure.that they will Uud Hie Broad war
Hotel one of the most eouvuului.t siukd.i.ir.n.l.. .,,..
ping plucnsln the city.
1 1 Is convenient lo the Rail Koad Ofllce and Hepol,
nmi the Puhllo Liindlug; more so Hun any oilier Hotel
In l.liiclnnall and Is within a few minuiu walk or Hie
V'Ml Offlcotthe prlncile Uusitioss localltiei, and tha
places of PaUc 1 musemeut.
An eilenslra rangauf (lathing Rooms aud a. Bar
b.w's Shoi will b luund inthe Uulldlii&
This house has all the comfort and csnvenipnee
that can he found in say Nrsi eias, lintel lu the VWosl,
I he whole esuhllshinent has Just been thoroughly
tives-h.iuled. reuuvated aud r-funilsid. and. Iho
r;rnnrltur feels assured that those who make) his.
Ills nonsa their hmae during their stay In tha Oily,
wn.1 hav u.. reason to complain either of hlsaccom
lau'catrons or his charges. JOSU'I 11. 2K0J1MLL.
aN the H
or Fair
Kaitnte of Juhu Kvrrsola,
N the Mud day of ingiisl, 1H.1S. the Prolntc Court
FairUcta couiily,.Ohlo. del land Hie Kstatnof
rsole. djc'd.as Tirobablv lusolvonti and
pointed the nndersignetl'a'C"nimisslotier to receive",
sotlle and adjust all claiuvMignlast asld Palate. Credi
lorsare tnsreiore Iieret lu'tll eil and runnlred to
sent their claims agalusttlw kstate In the undersigned
at tha ofllce of G. Slotnmtm, Ksq., In the City of Lan
caster, lor allowance witwn aix.inouifis-rroni tnctiiiie
above ueutloaed or Die) will nut be t'Mllled to psj-
..ment usoiiiiK SAnnaav.i,t,uiii,
X L,aoaaler,aiicust!?, lN3ry.l(J.
I) of- Hiking and Stale of Ohlm 1 will offor und e
poso to public sale, at the door ol Ihu Courthouse lu
tlw loan of Liincastur, FhirB.dd county, trtiio, ' '.
On auturdujr the 271U lay ot ctobcgr
lM.-i.bclwocn the hours of 10 o'clock A. M. and Ro
stock P. Alo.f aaisl dayrHie following dVatrlbed real'
estate, lo wit: Being a purl of the northeusl quarter
of sfctioin nuinser thinir-ihroe,. townsnip nuiuesr
foiirtuen. rnlige 1111111 bur nineteen, beginning at a stoi
an Ui uorlhwest corinrr of a four ucr tract sold to.
Henry Horcherst-thuncoeouinoi dcg. west i percue
nnd 13 links toa simiei theneo south 90 porches and
IS links to a stone; thence eusiiu porcnesuno is tinss
to a stone; Iheuce north along said Henry Hurdlers'
four acre lot 35 perches and 4 link to.lho lace of be
ginning, containing two acres, more or ibss, tltiintR
V.. O..I.H..I.I. flt,ln i,...M.i.,l ut arej iut.
Ill 1I1U 1UUMI "M ll,tU,.., ..M.".. . -.
Terms of sale, one third in hand, one third iu one,
aud one third in. two years from tile day of sale, with.
Interest on the deferred pnymenls,
, ; FKHDiNA.NU k HKMPEL, Oworliiss
Sept. 20, 18S5.-&W5W 1 : aOf A'lsr-i
Peacock's Improved Steel Plow,
Waraoted m. all respect cuunl nnd in
nonieNiipei lor tn uny other now in use.
riV'S fhclury bus been In Operntlnn during the last
I U3 years, bill for the lust few yesra their atten
tion has beau given pitriiculurly to the Improvement
of the htvei .Void-Mount Plow. Any amount nf Med
als, Jllplomus dee,, oun be shown, but we rely nioreou
the reports tif farmers from different parts of the
country, where Ihey have been In competition with
other poffcular Plows, thsn we do on their belngjudg-
d by alghtor aven a slight trial al a fair.
A large ussortmenlof the different slsescnnsUnlly
on hand, wlilctican oe seen r! our warehouse orhy en
quiry alotir Book Ktore 45 Main ah. White's Block,
fcvory now Kaiu uy us is wnrrunted. J
, Feb.!,M33. - JKFFH1KS, WOODoV Co.
O' PSN TO JfEWLKXINGTOJf. Two dally Trnnia
(Sundays eicoptcdj) -Viral
Train ieavesClueiniiatl atOA. M., ttfrlving u'
Lancaster atlWO A. M, and at New texingKiu 'at 13 40-
P.M. ' '
Reluming, leaves Nu Lexington at 1 3.1 P. M. and
Lancaster at Hi P. IU., arriving ulCtnctunti nlH.UUP.al
Seroad 7V.iialeavosClnluuall ut 4 B1M. arriving u'.f
Lancaster at B.50 P M. .. , , t . - -
Returning leaves Lancaster at 5.40 A, M. urrlvlug
atCliiciuiiiitlatn.lt) A..M. - .'- "- - i
Trains stop for pnssengurs nt all Intermcdmlo ioiuM
and connect with trains on Littlo Miami Road 'fur Co
lumbus, Ouyton, Hillsborough andChllllcothe. i
Stage lines couneet al Circlevlllo for Chillicolke
and Columbus, ut Lancaster for Logan, NcUouvilrl:,
Athens, and Poiaoroy, and at New Lexington for Now
erset and Zanesrille, arriving ut aliusvllle In time
for Eastern trains ou Central Ohio Railroad, '
For other information and tickets, apply at Tlckol Of-
Ann M.nAf nf UrnuilwiiV nmi Kroiit .Irti.itrt. and 1.1 tllU
- Little (iloaul lXipot, or totheMtaliou Agents on the llue..
( 'j. am. i. piauuiiie.'i
1 -' ' ;' Knglneeraud Superlntendciil.'
TfPTIseCbnmanvwill net bo resimnsible for bug-
gagoexceedlnggriUiuvulue, uuluss the same be re
tiiriiedtotlieCoiiduclororAgent.and froighl paid nf
tlierateofapassugeforevcf) 5I)(J1 value above' tha
amount. August jo, icj.i.
rSSUKO under tlio seal,, sanction and authority of
tlio uiiivuriuiy ol t- Kt.r. .wchiuimi ami popular
Knowledge. Chartered by the fitate of Pennsylvania,
Anril'.'w. 1S1. with a caoiuil oflluo.tiiMiuiuiulv for the
pariinie orarrasting tae criis i hriuuovn
I lltiJIS, nlso lor siipplyliii'lhcconiuinnity with rclia
bie remedies wherever a uompelont ihyaielr.n onunot
nrwillfiot oe oinfiioved, tiavo purcnasiiii rrom nr.
J')il. R. ROWAM). his celebrat-'d ltotvnnrt'a
Touic JrliKlnre, known fur twenty-five yearsn
the unlysuru and safe cure for FF.VF.it und AC UK
Arc. su'd his Inestimable remedy fur BOWKL COM
PLINTH. Howniids's comiiound Syrun of Ulack'onrrj
Root, which highly anp'oved uud noimlnr Ueuiodlos,
together with the Unlvorsily'." Ilemcdy for complaints
iof the 1,'int's. The University's Remedy for Dvsneii
hsia or IndlircsllOn. The l'niverlty's Remedy for Cos
tive dowels. Alsotno University's Almanac may be
had al the. Hranih ill peusary, or Store of
N. HKKrtV, Bremen, Fairfield County. 0M
II. CONXKI.L, Cllv H.mk Store, Laucastur.
.Vy31, 1H.1S 14m3 it. It.. KRE1UHR.
! ' QMOdrRIES,
TinVrd,- A'sli's Old S'.und.Xai M.,lsamcatfr, Ohio.
RKSI'tCTFL LLY soliclu the alteiillon or all who
may want Groceries to his new nnd large Klock
on hand, umbra. Ing is purl, the following articles:
java amii ni cciri KK;
Young Uyson. Imp. lllackaud ftunpowilarTl'.AS:
, Now Orleans. Crushed, i.ouf and pulverized Sugar;
Crdlden anil Su,:ar ilouse Syrup, N O. Molasses;
- Hn-o, Or.mtrea, Leiatfina, Figs, Raisins, Filberts
and Alnwnds: -
Sugar Cured HAMS; Dried Reef, Itolonga Sausage,
Vh'-ae and .sp-.cest -
Konp, Dye sti'ifs, Candles, Tubs andl)uckcl;
Wa.hhoards, H.-nems, de., drc,
Al.HD A fine lot of Chewing Tohacco, Hwoktng do
Foreign and Domestic Llnnorsi Notion. &e.
I fool aasnred Itislall who ma; favor mo with a call
will notgouwsy dlssatlsHn.1 with my prices, even If
lh s.'iou!tl nolbeluducud lohuy.
in a few dnjs 1 will have I.Alifc KISH of all.klmla.
N. B. COUNTRY PHOBl'CE Inkon In eachange for
Groceries. , Lancaster, Jane 14, H&i Olf
W ll.L sell l.itNo. ti in Carpenter's Addition to
tiia City of Lancaster, being the Lot directly oppo-
tntolho residence of William id. Kiukead, Ksa.
This Lnl Is large and eligibly, located, being one of
the comer L its In the original Carpenter Plat and
sitnatt don the Southwest ocrner of winding and Per
ry Streets, near tho C. W. H. K. Depot. Terra
easy aud lllla warsanted. F.niuire nf
L t.anoaner,otay ir,joeiTVi
1 OFFICE IN I.ANt AUTKlt, ' ' "
: WILLlAiri MlLNKU,Ag-ent.
flIIE Company have reconily changed the localla4i.
of their Office as above. Messengers leave lain
easlerdaily per Trains overC. W. i 2. Rail Road,.
alTordliig the best facilities for, the prompt, safe tiad
rheup eoimiyatice of parcels and freight to alt poii.u.
r.astanu west, also ror ine coueeuou oi fiotua, urnns,.
Accounts, and for making purchases or the execution
of Commissions generally. -,
Special contracts-r.ir tlio carriage of lorge iuantilles.
of freight will be made,
i ,i W1LL1AW MILKER, Lotat Aganti
. , . MATTHF.VV SPAHK.S,,,, I MuUOI1rll J
THOMAS O'NITAL. ' j oonger. -Ijtncaster,
august 23, 1WJ 16 . ,r.('
tlWSTH)9ai nf
Vii f?andr
' Tl'HT opened on Main Street, ner.V ep
,1 pmtle Knbur.Kuic & Co's Dry tiuu.l
Store, consisting of , i . .
whlch'wlllbeaold low at w holesale-
reinll. . Merchania sjad the public are
ctfiillv solii ited to. villi and uxuuiiuu'
inv atnck.lt Isfullaud selected. '
Window Gluis almost all sUoafiom 7 to Sup to It
Lancaster, aprll ;, 1"35 (!) .' '
fr PICK In Tallmadgo Block, Main Stroet,1jiua
Ici.OMo. f nasanincasJ'.' - . .i
Prof. C. 1). Williams, M.D.. I r,,.H .
H. P.Gatcbell. M.K. I
" A,. O. Hlalr, M. Di, Columbus. : ' - -i . :
-, J. II. Pulte.M. 1 Cincinnati. , aprll 1-1
"dTe"n TMi S T' It If. .
1 WirilAM II. KIN,
HAS relhrncd lo the city, where he exports lo re
main iiernianeatly In thepractlae of his profession.
Grateful lor past favors, he hope, bv uttentiou to busi
ness to merit the patrnatage nf bis old friends und the
puhlic generally. Ofllce, Mailt Stroet.two donre KuaP
of the OhloKaglu, Lancaster, July. 11), IHU 3iull
' ' PUMPS! TUMI'S!! Pt'MPSM! "
DR. 1IOCKKY. aitefan experience of fourtean.
..yearsin Hie liiamifuclurti of Pumps, aad the--r
iugMiuvestigutlnii Into their durability, feels confi
dent ho can uow recommend hta
Nuperior Fancy Wood Pomp
as balugsurpussodbynone manufactured in till a re
gion or country. Having been Ihorougly tested by
Iho oldoal citizens In tlilcaud adjoining couniles.tliry
have beeu unauinioaslv proiinunced superior fH ail
others and far surpassing the Chain Pump In dura
bility. 1 will promptly attend to all orders given ver
bally or sent by mail. Persons deslriosT an exeelleal'.
and durable Pump will please all, as I feels cotifl
dent that I can render entire aatlsfaciina. Nona are
gjiiuine excupt those maiiufuctured by the ander--gned.jis
he )slbesoleproprletor.
L.Uupolls. May31, IMA 3m D. R. ROCKET.,
Main Street, 9n I door Ee.it of Clf I Iolirl;,
Uuc-ster, Jtrv, 1 'U-S.
,.nl r.
R KO n'lj'li'lM EiilioN1, Coih!e rihe"rTuhHerp
13, !&-. twin " T' I Lancaater.A
srajajaxj ms statu jihiitmi Twnrrrr'
latronage. JOHN
ugnst SJtWS lott
P Eanrajlor
! 'TSOfflco. BaUllou'sS cTrnerf -0 ii;luu,
1 Ma, IT, 18S- ! I Uncaater,Julyie,lfM.

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