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tyt Lancaster feajrfb.
ThMrinr MosMluir. Oct. 18, 1854
T hs Entire Slate Tirkcl lilitlcd!
ZH cd rp ca. li H i m
Tho returns rccuvctl fiora every part of
the &;tto seems to iiulicato the election of
tits en.i.-o Republican ticket bj au immense
majority. ..;''"' " ' ' ' . ' ,
. tie jof.tiils. of lljii victory will be' veiy
important.. TI;e Slave Dtmocrncylmve re
ceived a stern rebuke. Olio has spoken
out fir nil j jtiixl decisively Against Ibe fur
ther extension of' cLrvei y. Her voice will
lo heard with aUrni Ivy the present cor
vnpt Administration, of Frankliu Pierce.
The una who was proscribed and insulted
in tlio Senato of tlio United Htttteu ia now
the honored Governor ikct of this great
SUte; and ho owes hi election to his un
yielding opposition to the extension of
That ruany of Mr. Cliiiso's views nre ob
jojtionablo wq have iievcr pretended to de
ny," r.or do wo think that the people of 0
hio by electing him Governor, thereby en
IoreJ or Approved any of his ultiii views.
Far from it. lie received the support of
tho RopuLlienn pat ty of Ohio, merely be
cause he was the opponent of one great
principle, Opposition to tho cnctouuli-
hvmiU of tho Slave Power.
'Thus much ns to Mr. Clime for tho pro
Tho roiurns indicate that the next Log-
ulaturc will be composed of the? very bekt
men of Ohio. Professional politician? have
been left at home, and in their placet the
people have, with, fnw .exceptions, chosen
men of talentf, cLitraeter ml experience
practical business men, tntn who hare an
interest in making good and equul law
The business interests of Ohio' requite
tnuch vvice and prudent Initiation, and so
f ir ns our knowledge of tho men who have
been elected to the next Legislature ex
lends, it has been many rears 6inco wo
have had a Legislaturo composed of nieu so
well qualified to discharge fully and prop
eily Lhe important duties which tost upon
them. . . - ..... ,
Kloetlen in Ohio
Official nnd reported majoiit'ies havo
been received from 73 counties, luaun;'
1 5 counties to bo heard from. Tho offi
cial reports, so far us received, have in
most cases increased the majorities for Mr.
Chase. ovcr thoso at first reported. A.-li-t.ibula
county the banner county of the
State gave Chase a majority of SJ.9G2,
;instoad of 1,700, as reported on Thuntday.
Wo have corrected tho agpregates for the
0.) comities previously published, accord
ing to the latest retunm, and wo continue
our report of
CUf. MedilU
CI counties previously reported, i.e.ii 12,004
Wood f v( 0
Marlon S5
llelmolit 310
Geauga , ,3III
Medina MS
llglnu. SIM)
. M.rcer 113
. Oltoiva. H U
Monro gsu
The Republican State Central Commit
tee of Ohio, tender to tbeir friends through
out the State and Nation, their warm and
corJial congratulations on tho event of the
canvass new just closed an event as glo
rious in its results as the triumph is com
plete. The fruits of this victory are
A KXPVBLIDN Governor; ; -,,.'
A Rkpublicaji Lt. Goveruor: '
A Repdblicav Senate: t
A Repvblicui House ofRxpoesestatives;
A Republican Auditor or State;
A Ruppblicak' Treasurer or State;
A Republican Secretary or State;.. ,
A Repubucas Board or Public Works;
Two Republican J cooes Supreme Court;
A RsrcALiCAN ATTORKtr General;
A Republican U. States Senator; and
v o (eel that in su.h a result, we are
warranted in calling on our friends, and the
friends of freedom everywhere, ton ioice
with us. We regard this result as one of
the most signal citio triumphs ever achiev
ed ; a triumph of principle over the combi
ned power of worry, -faction and prejudice.
A triumph, the etfeota of which are by no
iveans limited to the boundaries of our
State. It must exert a moral influence
that will Ull fur freedom wherever it shall
bo proclaimed
The Committee regard it as proper thai
a result so auspicious of good should be
trim lieu t.y more than an ordinary demon
station; and would say to their Republican
friends of the counties, who have so nobly
contributed to this illustrious consumma
tion, that measures are about being taken
lor an appropriate popular demonstration
or joy, in .vhich evety Republican of Ohio
will be corniully invited to participate.
lLis jut'iloo will be held at Columbus,
on some day prior to the 1st of December,
ofwliiul) further noi ice may Is expected
liv order 01 the Jtcpiiblican
State Central Committee..
W. D. THRALL. Sec'y.
An Unheard
or Occurrence. C1
Lane, a member of the last Congress, who
voted for the Kansas-Nebraska bill, former
ly Lieutenant Governor of Indiana, and a
practicing lawyer for the last twenty
years, applied for admission into the Dis
trict Court of tho United States for Kan
sas Territory. Judge Lecompto presiding,
on Monday last, and was refused because
he would not take the oath to sustain the
uRClment of the mock legislature of Kan
sas. Ilo answered all tho rcquiremcuts ot
of the law and received the oath so far as
swearing to support tho Constitution and
laws of tno United States was concerned,
as well as the Organic Act of the Territo
ry, but when the additional part was ad
ded tho Colonel dropped his hand, feelinc
that he could not "take eo big n swear."
J. S. Emery, Esq., from this place, found
himscil in 11 similar condition, snd alto re
fused tho oath. Col. L. then asked the
favor of appearing in behalf of McCrea, as
a regular practicing attorney iti tho Su
premo Court of tho United States. This
act of'comily was 'disregarded, and the
Colonel was excluded from the Courts of
Kansas iu violation of all precedent, nnd
in a manner unheard of by the Legal Pro
feEcion. "When tyraats rule, n nation
niourus." Ileruli of Freedom, Sept. 23.
I'iultnwny County Official,
Medill's majority ' ' ': '
Ford's majority
Wright "
Diker "
Gihsoti "
Kimball "
Conover "
Franklin "
' . 250 votes.
. 171
02 '
, 140
All the Republican county ticLet elected
except Surveyor.
. Tout inajorlllci,
Net majority far Chase,
The counties yet to hear from will prob
ably increase this majority. .
We havo (ho result of tho election for
Stnte Senators in forty-three counties, and
for Representatives in forty-eight coun
ties. The fonnor elected nineteen lie pub
licnua nnd three Democrat, and Die latter
tifty-foitr Republicans and nineteen Demo
crats. The Hamilton county delegation
will probably be tho only Democrats in
tho Senate.
Corr.iiiiouJ.me vl Amar'.iuii Clipper.
Lexingto., Peny co., Oct 11, 1055.
Ji. Amer. Clipper:
Gents Ihasteh.to lay, lefuro yon the
' Tcsultof our election' on Ttlosdny last, that
you may rejoico with us over tho downfall
if Locofoco'um, high taxation and misrule,
- l.i old Perry.
We hare met tho enemy, and the rout
has been so complete, that even Fovr Hun
dred U. S. Muikets would not save them.
, . The outrages of the Kansas Bill has laid
the Slave Democracy of this county 1.0 low
they will never bo able to rise again, nnd
poor Billy ! that was a fatal' error over to
berepentod of, throwing aside that Golden
Cross, nnd joining tho Methodist Church.
The Cntholio poition of thiscommunity
will never give him their sufJfiago until he
ceases running after fnUo Gods, and ve-
. turn to hi first lovo again.
A Lint to Vut who i suflicieiit, nnd
fchouldour friend Billy proCt by the advice
given, he may possibly stand a chance of
getting ajlucrativo ailaatiou in that new
- Institution about to bo established ia your
county; J mean that pejf fteminary or
ur.ncry. . . , .
, . A rpnjottty of three hundred and Efiy
- ' 1n Perry county'iind over, twenty thousand
iu u.o u:.ie, snouta matio mm ttimw sert
rc j-!y frf bfiorning a Monk nnd retiritig
Lniii'ftcra t) U ufigrateful wotl.l. '
Portsmouth, Oct. 12, '55.
Jaektoii Counly Clmso 711
Medill 739
, , " , " Trimble . 167
Pomkiwv, Oct. 12, 1055.,
Chase's mninrilv in Meirra nnuntv. off!
cial 477; State ticket 600.
' Petkrsiu'rq, Oct. 12, '55.
Wood county gave a majority of 490
for Chase; 527 for tho other State candi
dates. . J
Marietta, O, Oct. 12, 1065.
Washington County 550 for Chase.
S(cnemin Indiana The Iudianopo
lis Journal of the 3J iust. says: "We have
no doubt there is moro sickness in Indiana
this fall than ever before Not of a fatal
character, it is true, but distressing nnd
expensive. The chills havo come, like lo
eust in Utah, dovouting tlio aooumulntod
health of many summers. Thone who have
boasted themselves ball-proof hnvo shaken
like a coward entering a battle, end many
a robust constitution has felt its clammy
coldness overspreading them like a No
vember drizzle. , From every quarter of
tho Stato we hear tho gruntings of back
racked patients; nnd the comlinod fevers
of nil the allliutcd would make boat enough
lo set up a young volcano."
The entire West is afflicted with sick
ness to au extent unparalleled in the histo
ry of the ooun'ry. It is not confined to
particular localities, but appears lo be gen
eral, oil the hilla as well as in tho valleys,
in towns as well ns in the country.
Pensylvama. The Pittsburg Oasette
contains the returns of that State for Ca
nal Commissioner, the only State office
elected this venr. The list embraces all
but 14 counties, which is thought will not
miuermiiy mange me result, and gives
4 luiuer, ljocoioco, seven thousand, hve
hundred majonty over Nicholson, the Re-1
publican candidate. This is some less than
twenty thousand, the amount which the
telegraph first reported it. Tho Leifisla-'
lure IH LoCOfocO Which, secures llmt narlr
a United States Senator.
We have already obnutved that thp
liquor and the anti-Know Nolhiug strength
made common cause with the Locofooos in
that State, and their combined forces
wore po'eut.
Tim Trimble Vote. Our returns do
not generally irivo the number of Trimble
vows in the several counties. We hare
been able to pick up tho result in S3 conn
ties, including Humvlton, Highlnnd, Bel
mont, Frnnklin," Muskingum, Marlison,
Rps, and all the strongholds except Gnlha
and Lkkioj. V The entire rote for Trim
ble an fit as heard from amount 1 .t iinft
( It will probably go u 93,C?!J, nnd 'triat
e-Tccca u;;t nuijitier. ,
The Legislature.
Belov, we append the Members elect of
the Legislature, so far as we ere advised.
It will be seen we concede the Monroe
district to the Locofocos, though wo aro
by no means satisfied that it is so. The
two districts of the North West are yet iu
doubt, and are close. But, conceding these
to our opponents, nnd giving them Mouroe
and Guernsey, they have only seven, "and
the Republican twenty-light ia tho ben
4 In tho House wc kave tio returns from
Adams, Allen, Gallia,' Coshocton, Monroe.,
Mercer and Van Wert,' Itl possible- that
there may be an error or two in bu list,
but we havo tried to muku it accurate.
Tho Locofocos will have about thirty-
one, and the Republicans eighty members
of tho IIou:c.
v " " SENATE."-- ' '
-. -. republicans. , ... -
Clermont it Brown Chambers Baird.
Trumbull and Mahoning Robert W.
Taylor. - .-.. -
Franklin and Pickaway Alfred Kelly.
Clark, Champaign and Madison Jos.
C. Brand. '. ' ,v ' " , .
Lonn, Union, Marion and Hardin C.
S. Hamiiioit. - , ,
Delaware and Licking Daniel Gardi
ner. :' ' ' "
Knox and Morrow R. C. Kirk.
Muskingum eV Perry Eli A. Spencer.
Ashland and Richland Jos Musgrave.
' ' Lorain and Medina Herman Cantield.
Carrol and Stark John Beatty.
Jefferson fe Columbiana Jonas D. Cat
tell. " -
Ashtabula, Lake and Geauga Lester
Taylor. '
Cuyahoga Hiram Gritwohl. ' ' '
Portage and Summit O. P. Brown.
Belmont and Harrison Chns. Warfil.
Miami, Dai ke and Shelby W. H. Law
dor. ' -:
Seneca, Crawford and Wyandot Jas.
Butler and Warren David Healon.
Athens, llockinz and Fairfield John
T. Brazec.
Huron, Erie, Sandusky and Ottowa
Ralph P. Buckland.
" Morgan and Washington Moses D.
Ross and Highland Jacob Hyer.
Montgomery nnd Preble Filix Marsb.
Coshocton it Tuscarawas Edwin But
net. .
Greene, Clinton and Fayette Nelson
Rush. ,' '
Adams, Pike, Scioto and Jackson II.
S. Bundv.
Lawrence, Gallia, Meiirs and Vinton
C. G. Hawley. " ;
Hamilton Geo. W. Holmos, Stanley
Mathews, W. F. Convors. ,
Wayne and Holmes Joseph Wilford.
Guernsey & Monroe Wm, Lawrence.
Champnign Hiram Cable.
Clark John II. Letller.
Clinton Addison P. Ruescl.
Eric Crittenden L. Burton.
Harrison Ephrnim Chirk.
Lilian Samuel M. Alleu.
, Morrow Thomns S. Bunker.
Pickaway Nelson Franklin.
Unioh William Gabriel.
Franklin Georgo M. Parsons.
LickingJjhn A. Siuriel, Charles B.
Giffiu. '
Medina James A. Bell.
Seneca Joseph Bbycr.
Summit---Dr. Wcndcl Jewctt.
Wnrreu- Seth S. Haines.
Clermont William West, Eldtidgo G.
Guornwy -Abraham Simmons, Robert
Jctlersoii-U. filcuurdy, V. Meiideiinall.
Knox B. F. Smith, Geo. W. True.
Richland Andrew Burns.
Trumbull Ralph Plumb, G. T. Town
send. ' Muskingum Jno A. Blair, Jno Crooks.
Ross Alfred Yaple, Jesse Shepherd."
Carroll Silas Potts.
; Dulawoie William Hcndren.
Laku Edward L. Plympton.
Perry Franklin L. Flowers.
Scioto Daniel MeFarlnnd.
. Stark J. W. Underbill, Wm. Hatcher.
LorainJames Monroe.
Mahoning J. Truesdale.
Ashtabula -Darius Cadvvell, Uriah
Hawkins. .,
Tuscarawas- Joiia. Mills, Paul Wcth
erby. ,
Cuyahoga Geo. Mygatt, Isaac Brny-
ton, u. Joiinson.
Wyandot and Hardin E. G. Spelman.
Jluron---tliomas M. Cook.
Portago Erasmus Neudham.
Minrai Eli Tenney.
. Athons Nelson II. Van Vorhes.
Darku-J. C. Williamson. .
Madison E. E. Hutcheson.
Lucas and Fultou--Lucius II. Uphnm.
I'reblo Harden W. Dooluy. ,
Morgan Erastus Guthrie, David IIol-
Washington James Lawton, Samuel
Belmout--Jamcs N. Turner, R, Hnmih
Geauga-- L, C. Todd. ,''
Meigs A. Thomson.
HigldRnd Silas Irion. .'
Brown--John F. Gaines, Jas. Young.
Columbiana John Hunter, Moses Men
denhall. ..'-.
Wood and Ottowa Erasmus D. Peck
Paulding, Defiance and Williams S. E
Fayette William II. Latham.
Greene Moses D. Gatch.
Marlon Joseph F. Hume.
: locofocos. '
Hanoock P. T. Carlin. ' ,
Hocking George Johnston.
' Richland Alex. Rolston. ' '.''
Franklin James H. Smith.
' Sandusky John L. Green. -.'.
Montgomery W. Goudy, T. S. Smith.
' Hamilton W. M. Corry. E. S. Turpin,
Charles Thoraan, E. B. Langdon, Geo. C.
Robinson, Jamos B. Holmes, John P.
Slough, Jos. B. Egley.
Wayne L. D. Odel, - Banghman.
Fairfield John Chany, David Lyle.
Crawford John Pitman.
ButlevA. P.Miller, John McElwee.
Auglaize William Sawyer.
v Holmes E. J. Loveland. '
' Ashland T)t. Cowan. ,
Jnolsori an Vlntort"' "Bingham. .
Putnam nnd Henry H. i. Bdr-hmer.
'. Xko Fair
Opeued thia morning at the Society's
Grounds, with an nnusually full list of en
trie's and the most atipicious weather.'. We
paid a visit lo the Grounds on yesterday,
aud found all busy in the various Depart
ments. . Floral Hall s most ' beautifully
festooned and trimmed, and makes moro
showy appearance than at any former
year. Tho Society is greatly indebted
to Mrs. John C. Casstl. Mrs. J. B. llarf.
Miss Hofflir, Mrs: Josiah Wright, Mrs.
Coffee, and others of our city ladies, for
their taste and arrangements in this De
partment; a also, the Chairman '. of the
Committee, C D. Martin, Esq- who Ells
tho Chair with great dignity.
When we left the grotiud, but a limited
nmouut of stock liad oriived, but the en
tries were as great as any former year.
We shall attend when timo will permit.
aud make a full report in our nextv
7 I) E ALE It IN
,w -v AND .
manufacturer of EcaJn-ntaic (Clotl)ing,
Oysters 1 Oysters 1.1 Our readers are
refcred to the advertisement of A. FiSld'e
Bahimoro Oyster Depot, at the Warehouse
of Jeffries fe Wood. Mr. Boyd, the Ag't,
will supply all your wants in his peculiar
ly bland and affable way, and may always
be found at his post.
VMitinn Scccki Lest than two roart line
Prof. Wooil opnel biialoru (or lb manufacture and
sale or bit preparation!, ana particular!; uia wnnuer
rul Hair KmlomlW. and by patient nerauvoranee, re
Irlu? uou the ported character of bla preparation to
accomplitli the objecu inieudej Iu nutllug them up,
bit buainnts hat enlarged, until, without the ordinary
fnAMn.nriravelluar airontaw bit DroDujralloiti are found
upon the abelros of almost all drufrgiat and medicine
dealers In the Uulted Slates, Canada, and Wert India
Ititi.dt. Nor la Ibis reonlt surprising, siuco bl pre'
nnnttinn Ikitb biieii used br allclassus.old androunz;
iraniUinen and ladles of the blithest lutelllaronee lu all
pariaoiineoouniry, i lii.h youn.
when tlioroiiKlily tested, and nooDeoau read lilt circu
lar without belli); eonvineed tbtl lt Indeed a disuororj
worthy of the name. I it Uien aurprlslngtbat the his
tory of the world furnishes no parallel to bissueooss?
Hit store on Markot-ttreet, at 114, la ailed, uot only
with the most popular patent medicines, but an Im
mense and beautiful stock of perfumer;, fancy and
toilet articles.botb foreign aud oouiestic,and we advise
nit to examine the slock before purchnsii.ir elseouere.
Healsehat a splendid establishment 310 Uroadway,
Now York, for tbo supply of bis immense obhI.tu trade.
See advertisement of Dr. Adams' Liver Balsam, and
hla advice to ibe sick everywhere, In another column.
St. Louit Evening Mirrtr, March II, 1635.
kerifls tale.
r ! if Oti, rairJUU C'unlf, ,,.
Abraham Kvertole, ) In Partition.
va. S
Everanle, at. ala. J FlrflU Caaa,, M..
PURSUANT to the eomraand of a d order of tale
from Hie Court of Cotumoa Pleaa of said County,
and to me directed, I will offer at publie sale at the
Court House In Lancaster, on Sardv (As S4ildan
Aaitr, A. D. lfM, btitween III o'tlork A. M. ...rf
t o'clock I. M.. the followlnt; Real Eatate, ta-wlt:
The Fast halfof the Northwest Quarter of Soetton
fo. SI. TiwnahiD No. 14. Hanare No. 10. auhiad in iha
iwer Estate of Catharine BaTloruheretoforeaatlga.
4 lo her by tnetas and bounds.
L Appraised a() thlrty-elxht dollars per acre,
f j , WILLIAM POTTKH, Sherin.
F u 'By CM. L. WISEMAN, Deputy.
z VArflHim, Attorneys,
Laucaster, October 18, leji 5w24pf S
We have racolvod our FILL PsnRriTASE. and whon we aav that a moro macniflcent. tcrzo and
better eeHoctcdaiwirtiueiilUasuevei boeuexhibltod In this market, we merely echo the opinion universally
n.-esod br the uumbera that dally visit our new STORK ROOM and WAREHOUSE.
The amount and variety of NKW bl'OCK beisj designed to keep pace wltliour largoly Increased patron
age, la neueesarilv Immonae - -- . --s- v. - ,
our system oi aoiiii- isincss wuica nas met wiiu sucusoiiu iaarAs oi apj.rovi, suauoj sinctij auci .v.
Purcliaaea niado with alt the advantage eapttnl aud oxperionoe give. " : ' . v ' 1 .''
Tho BUST Goods at Hie LOWEST cash prices. -
So deviation in price, the same attention and price to all. At we aell for CASH and PRODUCE, which Is
equul to cash, and safe SHORT CREDITS only, wecan afford to suit to all as to Cash Customers.-
j no advantages unnuesiionaoiy pnnscsapu oy us ovor an oiuera, iu tne nurciiasa auu sie oi nui.tt,
EGOS and and oilier kinds of light PROliUCK, are too woll known to uoeil prr.of,
CLOTIIINU, This it uudjr Cua superuitoBdence of Mr. JACOU KOriinKY, and la recumn;
Increased atlcniion, . , . ,
Sheriff's Sale.
OA.'e FtirtM Ctuntf, it.
PURSUANT to the command of n eeoond vendf,
from tho Court of Common Pleaa of FairSeld coun
ty, aud tome directed, I wilTofferat puhllcsale atths
Court House in Lancaster, on Mtnim) ike 3Sn4 e'a .
Oc'eear, IMS, between 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock
p. m.,the following described Real Katate, to-wlf
Iu-I.ol No. 3.00 fuel frinit, In tho town of New Sa
lem, Fairfield County, Ohio, appraised at f?50. ,
'f b sold tw the properly ofT. B. A C. Padcn, M tlis)
svilt of Daniel Keller, Executor of rhrlstian Nelblintr. '
deceased. WM. POTTER. Mieilir.
perC. M. L. WISEMAN, Deputy. ,
IlrnTra eV PrautRTV, Attorneys.
The contingent right of dower of Mrs, Crawford Fa- -
I'n.willberctisascd tolho purchaser.
lOairable Cltr Frapcgty far Sale.
XfK ffVIAT djslraWo property located on Whoel-
luff JG!t.A.l. rnmnr itr llttind t ll.iv. Ktltno. IDA
li.feat on Whoellmrhv 100 feet ou. Uroad Alloy.
Roid.mcs contains 0 rooms, kitchen. Outhousoa, ckc,
with all the convanloncot of a family residence also
anewaudoonvenientCarpaulerttiliop, bmoke House,
SlablJ. 6:c. 1'orms rojaomble. For further partluu
lurteniulrnr ' LITTLE St UKESB.VCHS.
Eancasur, July o, l5i D, ;. . . .j .
On the 4th Inst., by the Rev. J. Scklnsser, Mr. AN
of Walnut Township. Fuirneld.County, Ohio.
On the Sth Inst., by the Kev. P. O. 6chory, Rov.
HERMAN Kl'ST, Pastor of the First German Re
form Church In Cincinnati, and Miss ELIZABETH,
daughter of John U. Gieny, of this city.
on me uia nut , Dy tno iiav. j. r. neinmunn, nr.
GEORGE S. CROOK, of I'alrUjld County, aud Miss
MARY C. RHODES of this city.
On the 19th ult.. by tho Rev. John Wagonhnl. Mr.
WRIGHT, of Groonlljld Townshln.
At ClrelovlllA, Ohio, on the 0h Instant, Captain
Well It can't be helped now. We always knew the
Capt.bada warm tide fortha Ladles.but did not think
he would commit matrimony to toon. However we
wish the' appy couple along life with Its richest blsi-
siugsand a whole U nit crewof Hull Sheartri.
1IIG suluerlbcr respectfully lnfnn his friends and
publie ia geuerat,tuat no uaaiuucu enlarged uia
at to tin varletv. Hj has Just openod and has for sale
tgefitsh. fJn.l, Muckerel ofthe best quality.
CV.i.SAlo. best ficklino; VlnoBar,n.id
asi.tull stock ol Dry Gouda to suit uuiiomors
all of which wilt bo sold low for cash or approved coun
try produce ut hla Old stand, cornor ot uroauttt
wludli.g blroaH, aud nearly opposite the I ria.lwar
IIIIIOI. i. niu itt.-ii
a. B. Butler, Bacon, Lard and Corn Jleul wanted .
Lancaster, Soiilemborei, lo4i!0
Prob.tte Notice.
I HAVE purchased the entire Interest of John Ly
ons in the Grocory Ktoroou the Noutbweat corner
of the Public Square, back ofthe Market House, where
I shall at all tlnus tuke pleasure lu torvlng the old
customers of the establishment and my friends with a
Clioicc selection of Uroceries,Kotions'i tc
Mvnew aiinnWhaa already airivod to which I Invite
special attention of customers. My prices will ha as
low asany other almtlar establishment In the city. .1
am a new buirinner anil hope to have a liherttl share
... .i... ...i.itA iaiik n lirt'cnv
Lancaster, AUt-.it ic4vu
Ruahvillo, Ohio, October 11, 1853 3i!3
No, li, Fourth Sttcet, Cincinnati, O.
Roavoctfullrlnfona thlr CualsmeM an.l Furclm-iori
gen0ruii) tuut iuey aro now opauintj au oxicasivu
Families, Hotel Keunsra. fteambotit Owners, and
Strangerei may depend upon Cndiug the bestclaas of
Gooua, at prices as low t tuey can no purcun .eu iu
the Eastern Cities. tent. 27, U'ij 3iul!l
I AM now dealing oxtonsively In Land Warrants,
those wishing to sell had tlicrefuro butter consult
TVTOTlCEia hereby given, that the account of WIN
11 Ham Brown, Administrator of the P.stnte ofgarah '
Barr, doceaacd. and also the account of William Hut-:
ton. Exueutorof John Hutton, deceased, has been Sl
ed In tho Probate Court of Pnlrrluld County, Ohio, for '
..-rii..i Kiiirmrni, sua tnnt sata accounts a re
set uir neaniigou me liiiu day ofNovomber next, or
at soon thereancr as nmy be conreulont.'
iluiu rrouaie juueo.
Lancaster, Octobur 18, less 3vit
V ' 1 'li..
l'robate Notice.
TTtTOTICE la hereby given to til persona Interested,
I N that the account of Iaaae Claypool, Guardian or
Wlckiiur'a heirs, has boon died in the Probate Court of
rainuiu uouuiy, ouio, ror luspecuon and aeUleinent,
aud that said accouut will be for hearing on the SSnd
VIRGIL K. SHAW. Probsti, r,l-
September 27, IrUSSwSl ' " .
At his residence, in Iloching township,
Fairtield county, on the 12th dav of Octo
long a respectablo nnd useful inhabitant of
said county. i. .
At his residence, in this city, on Fri
day morning last, tho 12i.li inst., after a
brief illness, Mr. Joseph Awl Grccxe, in
tho COth year of his jo.
Mr. Grccno was born in 1797, and was
a nmive of Dauphin county, I'eun., from
whence he emigrated to Lancaster as early
s the year 10U5, with his widowed mo
ther, th icq brothers and one sister, all of
whom have now descended to the tonib.
The lamented suhk-ct of litis uotico was
the youngest of the family. The deceased
was a mini of eti on jjly mailed character,
sufficiently harmonising, however, with
his fellow men to prevent him rrom being
singular or peculiar, but still presenting a
moot sti iking individuality ol iniiiu, ut dis
position, and ot feeling, hs uncomni jn as it
was admirable and worthy ot emulation.
With a strong and almost unerring judg
menta prolound and practical knowledge
11. t c.
oi iiUmau nniure, in an us relations oi mo
tives and incentives to action ho rarely
committed nn error in his estimation of
thoso around him engaged in tho struggles
of business and tho Hutivo pursuits of lite
Although stern aim inexorable in discharge
of the trreat duties of life, no man had a
kinder heart none a moro charitable uis
position, in the contemplation of tho frail
lies incidont to our common nature. His
inlerrrity, tried in the furnace of n lifetime
of enterprising business, was above suspi
cion. Iu every relation of lifo, ha was
scrupulously honest nnd faithful; in bu-
smess no was ever prompt; in social me,
ho was ever coniul and cheerful in his dis
position; in uis private friendships ho was
cautious and prudent; but when ho once
becunio attached to a friend, his regard
knew no coldness, his confidence no doubt
or misgiving. His remains were convey
ed to their tinnl rcsti;i','-placo, in the fami
ly burial-ground on his farm in Hocking
county, on Sunday last, followed by the
sorrows and rogrots of the whole commu
nity, in which he had been ft most respect
ed citizen for half a century. Ho has left
a wife, to whom ho was much attached,
and Gvo children, who will long mouru
their irreparable loss.
'Thou art not In the gravo eonfln'J
Death rnnnnt claim the immortal mind:
lt earll, doss o'er Its tncred trust,
Hut goodness diva not lu the dustl" Cum,
Estate of ;orge Ileii. v
NOTICE It hereby given, that the subscriber hat ,
been appointed audqnaliaed as Executor on the
Estate of George Hois, deoeased, late of Pairfletd
County, Obie, dated this Wth day of October, 1WS.
ucs, 10, icjo msr vjlviv juili iK.Et'tof.. .
Estate of Ileary Friesncr.
NOTICE it hereby given that tho undcrslfnied hat
been appointed aud quulilled at AdiniuUtrutoi'
on the Estate of Henry Frlesuer, deceased, Into of
Fairfield County, Ohio. Dated at Lancaster this VJIIt
day of October, 155. SAMUEL J AL'KtiO.N.
October IB, lc'55 IwS4 -
Administrators' Notice. -
IVrOTICE lii hereby glvon that the undorslgnod waa
) on the Slit day of September li-w duly appointed .
Adniiiilstrntoroflheestate of John Jones.latd of Fair
tield County, deceased, by the Probate Court of auld
county. Alt persona Interested will take notice ac
cordingly. GEO. HALDER.MAN, AJiu.
Lancaster, Sept., 13, lcM 3wl0p.
-avroUI.D respectfully inform the
y citizens ot Litiucantor ana vicini
ty, Hint he hnaopouod a Hliop in Mur-
rfLr- Jf tin a rtow,wnerene ia preparea tore-V'-lr.
Slhm. nalr alt kind nrWatrltna. Clocks nnd
Aa-iAiit Jewelry with uoatire'saaud dispatch.
TTT5.! II work warranted lu perform woll. t
Laneastor, Jitue 11,1353 Otf . '
me before selling elsewhere. Dealerain Warrantscan
do as well with me aa lu any market and make quick
turns. The costs of assigning ia always paid by me,
and any Information about Warrants cheerfully given
Those Intending tit us3 Itioir Warrants at snmo fu
ture time can doposlto them with me and receive the
n.oney or lulcrest for them, and another Warrant when
they wixh. Warrants passing from my hands are nl
wnye -Maranfanrf in tetry rMjttct.
1 also deal In Eastern Exeliangeaiid Gold and Sil
ver Coin. T. W. TVLLMAUGB.
Laucaster.aentqmber 27, 185J SlU".
v-fg il-IJASXUJ'OL TAKL.V, r.
ti'1i7'B murthave funds hy tho Aral offASt.
W A.it-.ist. And wo wish ult our cus-yjR
rtiiiiuM tio.) accounts hi.ve not b on m'
I settled for the lastsix uionllis to call un.l I
close them beforo that dale.
Lancxitir, Jul) 10, 11:05. ...
Kstatc of John I'.vrreole. '
ON Ihe ojn.l day of August, IMS, the Probate Court
of f.ilrllcld county, Oliin. declared the Estntoof
John Evorsole. doc'd,aa probably Insolvent, and ap
holnted ih b uudorsigned us Commissioner lo roceive,
settle nnd ail;tistlil) claims against said Kstnto. Credi
tors aro therefore hereby notifled and required to pre
out their claim against the Estate to the undersigned,
nt tho oftlce of G. a'teinman, Esq., In the City of Lan
caster, lor allowance williln six monies irom tiiciiino
above lujutloiu'd or thi-y will tint he entitled to pay-
.... li ui.i... a . r II.Karl V f. .
mi, - t.r.i.nur. PA.iu&nnu.i,vui
Lancsitler, august S3, 1M5- w IS
i K W K S T A H S II M E N T-
O. II. PERltY,
Kchcrty A'u't'a Old HI ami. Main St.,t.antMltr, Ohio.
1 EKI'ECTFULLV solicits tho uttentlonof all who
I m. mav want Groceries to Ills-new and larire htock
ou huuu, uinnraciiig in pan,iuo loiiowiuguruciest
JAVA AND H0 COl't'Ei:;
Youtu Hvson. linn. Blink and Gunpowder TEAS:
New Orleans, Crushed, Lonf nnd pulvorlaud Sugar;
Gulden and Sugar House rtyrup, ri. O. voiaiuesj
lilcu, Oranges, Lemons, Pigs, Uiilsius, Filberts
and AliuondAt
Hugar Cured HAMS; Dried Poof, Bjlonj;a Suuaago,
c neesc nun plcp;
Hnapa, l)yo Mulls, Can.llow, Tubs uud Uui kotsj
Wflshbottrds. Brneins. d:e.. cVc.
ALSO A flne lot of Chowlng'roWco,8mokliig do
Foreign and I) inwsllc Liquors, Notioua, die.
1 fool assured Ihulall who niiiv favor me with a call
will not go away dlssatlsAcd with my prices, oven If
they should not uoinuuoeu lonuy.
In a few duvs I will have LAKU PlSHof all kinds.
N. B. COU NTRY PHODUCK taken In exchange for
Groceries. ,-. , ' Lancaster, Juue 14, 1K35 elf
T ORUBit having roturned to Ijtncair and Intend'
B . to remain iiurinuucntlt In this cliy. and hnvliigro
ceivod Instructioiisfroin tin extiorieiiccd Dentist from
the cily of Nuw York, and obuinud a knowledgeoftht
business, now reHpeciiiuiy tciuicrs iiisproieKsiouiiiiii-r
vicesto citizens of Lancaster nnd the public generally
Ho is nronarud to perform nil oncrutlnna upon tin
Teeth, such n Kxtracllng, Vluglng, Killing. regulation
tho I eeiltrciillngspungy or uoceased Uuiiii, destroy'
ingervea, rumoviiig i iirtnr, etc.
A rtlllciul Tooth inserted ou Guld Plate from one t
full seti nlso Artlftclnl Crowns set ou heallhy roots
without pulu, so as to answer ull the purposes otmas
Kvcry nporallon In Dontlslrv assentlnl to preaorve
aud benntify the Tuetii, and give thorn a Itoulthy ao-
tion.aiid Improve tho iirentu, lioultlt raste,porrorinpn
on moderate terms. Ladiealn the city or county, 'will
be waited on at their respective places of residence, If
It be requested. No charges made or' examination or
eouoiiltntlon at his ofileo.
OFFICK Ou the Northeast corner or tho Public
Square, one door fnmi Miilii street.
Laucaslor, Keploiuber W, itat SI
nr.iUY a. or.nrLKix,
On Door Kast of thi llockinp Valtif Bs, tiutk .
Vain etreef, .aacajitr, oaio.
Manufacturers and Imporlcrsof
South Wast Corner of Sain and Fourth Streets,
Clock, AVatchPn and Jewelry llepnlr'
e.1 unit Warranted.
August 30, ItOS 3inl7
Dry Goods for Spring & Snmmcr.
71 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati.
Offers as usuul, to their customer and ottiors,
r.tS1110..lllLt., TASTPUl AND j
Ladies' Dress ;Goml, of nil kinds of Fabrics, Shawls
nun Jiauiiiiiis atiiinmiunrie nun baeus; Hilkrs.,
. Hosiery. dec; Linens, Mu.illns,audull kiudaof
pluln fabrics; Hotisekoeping Goods, gruat
. variety. Also
ooods rou nun uoys weaii;
Unsintss conducted on the one prior principle.
Prices marked at rnU-i ns fuvornble lo purcltnsora
rinflE undersigned will aell ut public sale, ox the
JL County Fair ground uear Laucaster, Ohio,
Ou the 83d & 2Mb. days' of October
next a variety of fine Stock, viz:
Outhe'.'3d of October he will sell i6 head 'of One
thorough bred, short homed, Durham faille Con
sisting of a-fows, 2 throe yearold heifers: oust year
ling hiefer; 4 hlefer calves; 4 Hulls one five yoarohl;
ouetliree yoarold, one two year old and one year
ling; aim ouonvoyoar old premium Muer, weigli
II1C ius. .
hive Jacks, consisting of 'Mohawk" the best Jnek
In Ohio and "Commodore, "."Grey Eagle" and one
tearltng and oua tucking colt, belli of groat promise
and all of superior Htock.
seven uenneits, consisting or three mil grown,
surved by"Moliawk lustsunimur oue two year old
two yearjingsand one sucking colt, all of tine sin
aim oiiue.
One pair of very largo and fine mare Mutes.
Forty head of grado Cows, Hiefers and Calve
some Ituo Milkers. Ihocowahiive all been hulled
lilrinir the lust aaiisou. br the roe eh bred Durham
Hulls. ,
On tlio 51th, he will offer S3 head of Horses, mostlv
work mares, served by the Jack ".Mohawk" last tent-
amonr thia Stuck la a Sue ' vearllnar nruinluitt
Filly, out of the thorough bred Horso"t:ia f rustee."
Should nny of the Stock first above mentioned not
be ollcred on the 23d the tamo will be offered ou too
Slth instant.
( urius of siito Six months credit, ution the nor-
chasers giving note with approved sureties.
' JUll.l 1. uit.tsu.
Lancaster, Rep., 13, 1855,
Cttnrdinn'a Snle. '
Ferdinand F. Rompcl, Guardian of O.Xley, JEraorU.
RY virtue of an order of sale to me directed, from
the Court of Common Ploaa. In and for the rnuit.
t of Hocking un.l Kl.ite of Ohio, 1 will olfor and -
pose to puhlle sale, at the door of the Courthouse In
the town of Lancaster, FalrHeld county, Ohio,
On aaturdajr ttte 87th 4ay of October,
lr!35,bntwoen tho hours of 10 o'clock A. M. and A o'
clock P. M. of said day, the following dxacribed real
estate, to wilt Helug a part of the northeast quartr
of section number thirty-three, township uumbec
rouncun, range unniDer nineteen, beginning alaatorw
at Iho northwest corner of a four aero tract told to
Henry Horchers; thence south 51 dcg. west 13 perchet
aud lit links to a stone; thauco south 26 perches and
v ,ui. to a tuuri uiuncu east iu uercnos anu ii itnaa
to a stone; thence north along said Henry Bnrchert
luuracro lot.ia percnea auu t iiukb to the place of be-
can be afforded by any house engaged In a regular K,rmX
ousinuss. - , "'.. . ; In the couuly of Fairfield, Ohio. Apuraiaed at SOS ,00.
Peraona visiting Clnclnuutl are rospectrully invited Term, of .'ale, one third In hand one third In ona
to cull and exnmins Goods and prtcos. April j-4fl and one third In two year, from the day of .ale, with
Time, Irstopon on APEN ? KK
Stock ulwaya full, g. (Siinduysoxi
hi. from the child's , ir Trl"n
LANCASTER LOnOE, Ko. 47.. Oct. 83, 1855
- t'HAPTKH, No. 11 S5, "
iiNCAMI'MKNT, No. 311,
February SS, 1855. G, Sl'KlNM A.N, ltocordor.
NEW I.AwljOOK. '
PleadinK& Practieo under tho Civil Code.
ST will form a volume of about 700 pages, Pvo., beau
tifully printed and neatly and flrnily bouud In law
In addition to brief Troatltoi on the rnrloti. nrovl-
alon of form of petitions, answers, eutrlet for Clarke,
returns for Sheriffs eVe. The work will show w hitl
changes have been producod by the Code. The pro
eedents for petitions nud answer arts ao drawn its to
dediteo out of the cases a clear and real Issuo, about
hich all will be arread aa to Its manning. Th forms
of entries nnd returns will reuder the work 9poclally
nseful to county oincera, as well ns to the profession.
Such work lias long been a dsUlonaum: no book
having yet appeared upon the subject siuco the enact
ment or the Sew Code.
It will shortly bo published bi
ll. W. DEKBY. Cincinnati.
tnnn'i Now Treatlno
' TUB PEACE, ETC. 1 Vol. Bvd.
VTvnne nevisied Statatea
OP THE STATU OF OUIO. Complete. 1 vol. evo.
. Naah'e Ilgct
Oct. IS, 1S5S. 1 vol. 8 v. 3wS4
1- ESPECTKULLV willclt Hie nltenllan of hit friend
V, und customers, and all that may want Groceries
aiidwho will bo so kind a lo give hi in a cull, both froni
tho city and country, to my superior and complete atock
of Grocuirius. Just received, embracing In part Uio fol-
lowlnir nrtlcle.,: .
JAVA and RIO COFFEE; Young, Hymn,
Black und Imperial TEAS; New OrluauaSagnr,
Loaf, Crush'cd and Pulverised; Mco, Golden
Syrup, 8. 11. Myrup, S. H.'Molasaes, N. Orleans
drt.i O ranee,, limeua, Ralslaiis., Figs, Pruin, Almonda,
Pecons, pilbcrls.Cncn Mils ana Hr.'iii inuts,urtci ooei.
Dried Tongues and Cincinnati Cured Hums, English
Dairy Cliovse and W. K. Cream do.,; Spice, Cinnamon,
Cloves. Nutmcn. Mueo. Alslilce. Ponner and Glngor,
Sul Sodn. Cr. Tartar. Snla-rutaa. Starch, Saltpeter, ExU
Logwood, Indigo, Madder, Atuin, etc.,otc.
Snap, Caudles, Tabs, Buckets, Brooms, Wash Borate,
uiisxets. ate, etc. -
A Una lot of Chewing Tobacco, also Smoking do. and
Cis-ars: Wlnea and Walter's Burton Pale Ale. a ioer-
al stock of Notions, Toys, and great many other articloa.
i.U) 1. ICO. ,i. n.
WIMIAfflll. KING, ,
MAS returned to thelty, where h expects to
tain permanently In Ut prmctlet) of his profession,
tfnl for patt ravor. h bopet by attention to bual
nest to merVl th peitronag f hit old frtnds and the
pabV.cgetMallj. OfBee. Jlaln ftreet, two d.oor n
wi Ac hlof Jjti. laneastcf, July l,-'2mli
' Cincinnati, Ohio. '.
The undersigned, having again assumed the man
ageinent of thia well Tkuown establishment, begs
leave to any tn those who visit Cincinnati, either ror
bustnoa or pleasure .that they willflnd the Broadway
Hotel one of the most convenient and duaireble slojt
ping pluceslu the city.
lllsconveiileutto the Rail Road Office and Depot,
aud lhe Putdle Landing; more to than any other Hotel
In Cincinnati and la wllhln a Cow iinnatna walk ofthe
Post Ollleu' tho prinelplo lliisiness localities, nnd the
niacua oi ruouc t i tiisntnont.
Anetlensiveranieof Bathing Rooms nnd a -Bar
ber's Shop will be found In tho Building.
Thia house has all tho- oomfort and convenience
thatean be found In anv flntl elan Hotol lu tho Vt'ost,
The whole establishment lias Just been thoroughly
overhauled, renovated mid nt-furnlsked, and the
Pwiirlutor feels assured that thot who make hia
his house their boms during their stay In the City,
will have no reason to complain euneroi nisaecoin
moeulloua or his charges. JOsBPll H. CROMWELL.
September 13,lHS419tf ' - ' --;
State Fair on hand nt Colttniliii!', show in
Town rolilicitl .Mcclings Ucttiiig on
Elections, ' ' .' .
UutJOIIN LYONS is not a no Itlelan. while other.
are running wild, lie has his trap set watching for dimes
to aeep up ins siock or tTroeurles. lli.Miop Is coir
uucru as usual, as regular aa uia
tho street, and last closed at nleht.
accommodating clurks to wait ou you
cent to the gentleman's ten thousand dollars, and his
agent t narley Graves ready to couvev packages lo any
purtui tiiecilj.- JlJil.X LlU.l
Laucaster, September Jtl, If 55 5t!u
. 0K JllLi: WEST Ot'C AltltOLL,
Fairtield Count)-, Ohio.
KVKUCiltEKMS, Mil lit US, HUSKS,&c.
fWAUK undersigned offers for sale this Fall, tho fol
I lowing Nursery Slock. 90110 Cherry 7Vee. Stand'
arc! and Dwarf; S5IHJ Pear Treei. stamlurd and Dwarf,
(it Portion ofthe above boro fruit thia seasonl: 4C0II
Jlpptt Treei, Standard aud Dwurf; 151)0 fuehrer 900
J'lumi;Aprieo4i mitU Jeciarineie.; Iti.uUtI F.vcrgrtcns
oj lomi jo varteuci; auu nonet oj tne mott eAotce va?f
ittet A tmatlaetecUen of Urien-NoHte Plantt.
October 4, IS55 3wilS . SAMUEL COr'F.MAS.
C. B. CAMP & CO.,
123 Plain street, Clur.inuatl,
Havo now a full Rloek.and are making and receiving
' fresh anppliet of all kinds of '
Men's nud Hoya' Ulnck, Brown nnd Tan
Color, nnd Pearl Soft Ilatn, Far nnd
Wool; Cloth Silk Pltmh, Glazed nnd
. Fancy Cnpi Tor men nnd Boy. ' 1
To which wo would call tha attention of Dealers and
Country Merchants before purchasing, aa wo aro pro
pared to offer superior Inducements to cash or prompt
lime uuyore. i . o. uar.a uu,
Ctnciuiiatl, October 4, 1855 2mSa .
When many uncnay tnlnds will he set at
Bulrav liilnd run on my daily business. I am this
day receiving a fresh Stuck of Groceries, all of which
:d Mi
. Sepl. QO, W5J.-5WS0
F. KKMPEL, Oaard.aa
.j.'SO. Klip
W LEXINGTON.-Twodalli TmIm
aves Cincinnati at A A.M.. arrlvlns- at
Laucaster ut 11.30 A. M.nnd at NuwLuxlnirtou at 12 B
P. M.
Keturtiinfir. leavo's Now Lexlnfflon at 1 33. P. M. aiul
Uncasterat3 4.' P. M., arriving ut Cinclnatl attt.ltuP.M.
Second TVnia loaves Cluciuiiatl at 4 P. M. arriving at
Lani-nstnratO.SO P M.
Kuturiiiug leaves Lancaster at 5.40 A, M. arrivkwr
ut Cincinnati at 1 1.18 A. M.
rrnins stop fur nnsHeneers al all Intermediate nolnl
and conuoct with traiiison Ltttlo Miami Kond fur Co
lumbus, Da ton, Hillsborough and riiililcollio.
Stagollue eonnect at Uirrlevillo for I'hilllrotbe
and Columbus, ut Lancaster for Iigan, Kolsouviiie,
Athens. und Pbmnroy, and at New Lexington for Som
erset and Zaueevlllo, arriving at Zanesviile lu time
lor .ninrnirauiaon central iinio saiiroaa.
Forotheriiifnrinutionand tickets, nnnly at Ticket Of
fice, cornerof Brondwayaud Frontstreets, and at lb
Little Allium Dopot, or to the Million Aireiitson the line.
' ' Kngiiieorand Siiperiutondcnt.
TTTTlie Company will not be resnonaitile for bag-
gaguexcoedlngSjOiuvuluc, nuless lhe same be re
ttirued to tlie Conductoror Agent, uud freight paid at
tborateofapasiuigoforevery t3U0invulue nltove that
amount. August 3, icsj.
1 will be pleased to deal out to the publie In auch
auantltlesns inny suit them. JOHN LYOS.
P. S, HlHinrx dc Lyons have lust rocelved the
largest Slock of DRY GOODS that thoy have cvor ex
hibited in Lancaster, selected with ureal euro by Mr.
Rising, who Is known to select goods with much taste.
47atl and examine tor youreetves.
Lancaster, October 4, 1855 SwlM
Boole Bindery, Lancaster, Ohio.
Ofticea. Justicea' ulanka
i-kcta. Double and Single
Entry Ledgers, Journals. Day
Kooks. ore., otc. Also, book
Binding of every description
MILLIAn niLNEH, Agent,
THE Company hare roronlly changed th location
of their Ofllco as above. Mossengera leave Laa-
ca.lerdaliy per I ratna over u. w, a , Kan Koad,
affordtuff tlie best facilities for the prompt, aafe and
cheap conveyance of parcola and freight to all points
bast ana west, niso ror ine collection oi jaoips, urarts,
Aoeounts. and for making purchases or lhs execution
of Commission generally.
Snecial contracts forth earrlareof lartr nnanlitles
of freight will bo mndei
niiiliisn m ii.it en, xkicoi iigeai.
tanca.lor, august S3, lr55 1(
fua t npenea on main Mreel, narly op
posite Reber, Kuta 4i Co' Dry Good
Store, consisting of . i . . ' .
'all of which will be sold low at wholesaler
and retail. Merchants and tbe nubile am
respectfully solicited to call and examiae
inv stock.lt isfulland solocted.
Window Glass almottallslzosfiom 7 to SD lo 3t
Lancaster, nprtt in, looa 4ti . .
fU ay3s'YJ(r-r,
A. C. BARLOW, M. D.,
' HOMtflOPATniST. .
QTPICE In Tallmadge Block, Main Stret,InM.
'ter, Ohio. iiriiisru. -
rof. C. 1. Williams, M. U. ) r. .
H. P. Oiitehcll,M. 1). 1
A.O. Blatr, N. D., Columbus. . . ; ; ; ,
J.H. Pulle.M. 1)., Cincinnati. . aprll H
"WILL tell Lot No. 75 in Carpenter' Addition to
City of Lancaster, belna the Lot dlrectlv oooo
the residence of William M. Kinkead, Vtq-
Allorders.hy leltr orother
wlao. bromntlv attended to,
' Orders for Binding ran be left at lhe Gate tie Offleo
a t II.. flinjSM.. nn tl.lnfl.pa.t 1h Ih.Mtnn, ft pm . .
t?&&ISX&CTAiZl&lZ aiiilli ly ncosipled by Col. P. Van Trnmp, as Iw OOlte
M.ti. iiireM.Ond .lone Vast ef 6 via Hotel. - " - "i v"V""T- "" ri
dona in a most aaUafactorv This Lot Is large and eligibly located, being oa or
ry Streets, near th C. W. 4 t. R. R. Depot.
the cornor Lots In the orif Inal Carpenter Plat and
sltnated on the 8outhwes1 corner of winding nasi Per-
Inquire or -
At Ik tiatell 0.
Uia.ler,May 17,1M

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