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ThuriUay lUornlUff OcI.U, IS59
The American Puttr In this County. . .
Wa' must counts that lha result of tlo
late election, ' In this count' was not alto
gether unexpected to us. We greatly fear
d that our American brethren trere loo
confident of success, and that thev would
thereby bo induoed to tie gleet to make um
of proper exertions to secure the triumph
of our county ticket. ' The result hits prov
ed tli at our apprehensions wore well touuuV
d. The American party lost voles euouh
in Hocking township, through Indoloucs
to have changed the result in the county.
So It was throughout the entire county.
The opposition were fully aroused and ac
tive, While tho Americans were everywhere
sleeping on their arms, totally unprepared
for the contest. We can tliorefoie - only
'blame ourselves for the defeat wliiuli wo
Lave sustained.
There is tioluinsf, then, in tho result of
the late -clejuion in this' county which
ought ..to discourage us. Oar principles
adjust as dear and as sacred lo us now as
they ever were.' A great work yet re
mains to he done. - We must now begin
our preparations for the great Presidential
contest which is to come off mt:t year.
We have an American President to elect,
and this will brin all the great principles
for which the American party is contend'
ang fairly before the people. -The next
Congress will give a final settlement to tho
.slavery question, and ihen a union can be
effected between the American party North
and South which will enahIo'"us to over
come nil opposition whatever.. . , ,
The present Bigns of the times seem to
indicate that the national platform of our
party will be much extended, modiGt-d and
improved. It will not be confined merely
to the modification of the naturalization
laws, and those kindred principles which
it has heretofore embraced. It will be ex
ftentled to several questions of national pol
icy both foreign and domestic in regard to
which we flunk tho present administra
tion u has greatly . orred. 0 no great and
teadiag principle of national policy which
will be advocated by tho American party
wjjl be the improvement of those great na
tional channi'ld of commerce which now o
mach need the attention of the general gov
ernment. This is but one of a number
which we will bring to tho attention of our
readers at some future day. ;
As soon, then, as the American party
ecOmes fully organized throughout the
Union we have no fears but that the party
in this county will be inspired with new
lifo and animation, and that we will entor
into'' the conflict next fall with renewed zeal
and achieve a great and glorious victory
over Locofocoism.- In the mean time,
(brethren! do not forget the welfare of the
llepublic. ' Reason with your friends and
neighbors who. may be in error, and en
eflc'avor to convince them that the first and
only wish of the American party is to pro
mote tho glory and prosperity of our be
loved country, '; ; , , ' . '; '
Ila. JOHiV T. BKASF.E. .'.
Is. with peculiar pleasure that wean
noiitico the election of this gentleman to
the Senate by a very hnndsome majority.
We think that wo Ivarard nothing in sity
ing that the next Legislature will uot con
tiii a a more able tunn than Mr. Brasre.
Being a very eminent Iswyer, he knows
Well, what tlm defects in the old law are,
and how tiiey can best bo amended. His
numorousanJ important business transac
tions have made him well acquainted wilh
thtr commercial wants of the people of 0-
hio at this ori.sis.and we feel confident that
his extensive observation and long expe
rienco will have a very favorable influence
uponhc character of the Legislation next
winter. , ,..
f It gives us much pleasure' to coogralu
Uto thepeople of Fairfield county upon be
ing once more represented in tho Senate of
Ohio by a man who has never in his life
sought office. , Whilo Mr. Brasea haaev
r evinced a proper interest in tho welfare
of tho country, he has never been a parti
san. . He is bound by no pledges to any
party, arti will uot bo influenced in his
course as a legislator by any consideration
of mere party policy, but will only sock to
promote the glory, happiness and prosper
ity 'of the State. " -; 'i- -v , v. .v1
Nothing has' done so much to impede
the prosperity of .Ohio as. the unjust and
unwise war which has been waged against
capital during the last four or fire years.
Millions of capital have been driven out
of the State by our present oppressive ta
law, while for the want of proper banking
facilities the State is covered wilh brokers
who, like locusts, aro devouring tlx very
substance of the land. We need, then, an
equal and just tax law, and some system
which will give us an abundant and secure
currency. These wants men like Buabee,
Kell; and Qriswold, are well qualified to
relieve, and to them we look for much wise
and beneficial legislation.
; From Salt River. Some of the Ohio
Republicans recently made a trip to the
head waters of Salt River, to look up a lo
cation, in case -they should have occasion
to pitch their tents in that region. They
report that the Locos, who went there last
fall, have squatted in that country ; and
the poor fellows are so strongly in favor
of Squatter Sovereignty, that they have
been permitted to remain for an indefinite
period of time. Should the Republicans
ever be neoesitated to emigrate thither,
they will no doubt find slavery firmly es
tablished at the source of that famous
.stream Sol. Miller. ,i-
. CoBiervallaea. '-'
We regard Use a rzty fortunate thing
that (he American parly, contains in Us
ranks in Olr'o, at least, very large pro
portion of the conservative men of tba
country, men who attach themselves to a
party not for the sake of office, but becnuse
of their attachment to the principles which
it ad vocates. The timo was when this cliisa
of men belonged to the Whig parly, aud
therefore that parly never reached the siime
depth of degradation which the Locofoco 1
party did. Hence, too, Its want of suc
cess. It contained too msny high mind
ed, honorable men ever to stoop to the uso
of those low tricks by which the Locofoco
party so often triumphed. : , . .
, Wo notico that in Massachusetts, Maine
and New York recent attempts have been
made to reviya the old Whig party. We
think the attempt will bo a vain one. The
conservative men of the Union can never
again rally under the Whig banner, how
ever well they way succeed in a few local
ities. Wo aro therefore sorry to sea this
attempt to revive a party which would so
much divide and weaken that great Amer
ican pnrty which if it remains united will
not fail to carry every thing before it next
year." , ;' , '
; Wa cannot ace why all tfio conservative
men of the nation cannot rally under the
broad folds of the American flag, especial
ly as there is now a disposition prevailing
to so enlarge and modify the platform of
the American party as to render it accep
table to that portion of our fellow-citizens.
So far as we are concerned we care more
for principles '.han we do for success; and
we feel confident that although by includ
ing new and conservative principles in our
platform, we may for a time' endanger our
success, yet we will in the end be certain
to achieve a great a glorious triumph.'
Its llsrtU of Fraalaa, (IT, T.) Stpt S3e
A Poetnmater Uef using to Circulate a
Free State Paper,
The following letter was received from
the Postmaster at Atchinson.K. T., on the
15th inst. It has never been our foitune,
prior to this, to receive a document, so
highly interesting from a public officer, and
we commend it to the consideration of
Postmaster General Campbell, as ft com
munication worthy his attention, and trust
he will place it ou file in his "Department
as a gem of the kind. Mr. Kelley is a
partner of B. F. Stiiugfellow, and associ
ate editor in the publication of the Squat
ter Sovereign:
Post Office, Atciiinsox, K. T.,)
Friday, Sept. 7, 1055. j'
Ta tt Pullitkir oftkt Herald of Frtldvm: '
Mr. G.W, Bnowjt Sir: By this mail
I return you five copies of your paper
wi'.houtany inscription thereon. As ihore
is a law now in force in ihis Toiritory pro
hibiting the circulation of incendiary pub
lications, I most respectfully deelino giv
ing Lhem a circulation. You will confer
a fiivor by keeping your rotten and corrupt
effusion from tainting the pure air of this
portion of the Territory.
Two numbers of tliu Herald of Freedom
are taken at this office, and I have distrib
uted them in their respective, box-, nnd
shall continue to do so until I get "k'al
adviif." . . ;
Hoping you will comply with my re
quest, 1 remain your oheilieut servant,
7 P. M.,' Alchinson. K. T. -
All tho papers returned Were, variously
inscribed. On one side of all whs written,
"Sent back from Atuhinson, K. T, Refus
ed." On the opposite of- some was writ
ten, "Refused;" on an other, "Refused to
circulate," and on another,"Neccssity mny
bring me to crime, but while I draw a
brcatii I cannot be induced to lend a hand
to a measure I know to be suicidal to the
interests of the South. I cannot and will
not circulate this libel." .
We have presorved all the marks of the
1. ostmaster and adiW none. To cncu
late the Herald of Freedom, according to
Postmaster Kelley, is suicidal to tho inter
csts of the South. .-. We thank him for his
compliment, and aro truly glad to learn
that our humble efforts in publishing a pa
per are fraught with such consequences as
to make an impression upon the institu
lions ol liioooulu it circulated, in new
of these facts, wo ask our friends in the
East to aid us wilh menus to .''circulate'
the Herald. We arc honest in the belief
ihnt it is doing as much to advance the
cause of freedom as any instrumentality
now claiming public favor, and as such we
appeal to the anti-slavery publio for pecu
niary encouragement. ' '
But to the Postmaster. We have sub
mitted Mr. Kelley 's letter, also tho inscrip
lion on the wrapper of the returned pa
pers, and ihc paper itself, to the considers
lion of Postmaster General Campbell. If
he allows his officials to decide what mat
ter is "incendiary," Ihore is an end to the
freedpm of the press in Kansas, if not in A-
" We have Written' a statement of the facts
to Mr. Campbell, and preserved a copy for
puDiication, winch we shall give to ihe pub
lie as soon as we get his reply. The ques
tion is an important one to tho press, and
as such we shall expect them to speak fiee-
ly upon tho subject.1 . s
The papers have no "inscription" upon
them, were lied up in a bundle, and direc
ted to a subscriber in Atchinson, who had
ordered six copies for that week. On the
outside copy the subscriber's name and
Postoffice address were legibly written
From Baltimore. . ' ! ""'".'
" Baltimore, Oct. 16.,
Dr. Hadell, of Cumberland, and his
clerk, named Graff, were both murdered
on Sunday last, near that place, by a Gor
man. The bodies were found this morning,
horribly mutilated.
They were enticed out to attend a sick
woman. . The murderer was arrested. '.
The clothing, watches and cocket-books
of the victims were found in her posses
sion. ,
The Doctor was formerly health Com
missioner of Baltimore.
Tennessee. The official vote for Gov.
ernor in this Stale has been 'declared, and
is as follows:
Androw Johnson, (Democrat) 67,499
M. P. Gentry, (American) 65,342
Democratio majority.
tlov, 9hnnMa The Trt,
The Missouri Umocrat publishes ihe fa
mous letter of Shannon to tho Ohio Slates-
. . .. ! ... . I
man, aeimrtg mat tie uaa said to was in
favor of slavery in Kansas, and app-itjj
the following remark;
"We ltavo-na disposition, a wo have
already stated, la put words in Xiov. .Sami
non's mouth that lie did not niter; and, al
though we are assured by our reporter that
lha speech aa before given by os wm cor
rect, yet we ilurd the Governor lha bene
fit of Lis own denial to which lie is rcrtaiu
ly entitled.- We shall forthwith lake
measures to hare the milter thoroughly
investignled at Weslport, and shall then
either preseat the proofs or withdraw lliw
statement." ' ' 1
;The Kansas correspondent of ihe Demo
crat who reported Sliannon's sneech at
Wes'port", hearing that Us authenticity had
been questioned, wroto to the Democrat
from Boonville, on lha 4th instant, as fol
lows: .
"I noticed in the Republican, of Oeto-
ber 1st, that ' Mr. "H. C. P its Wcstnort
eorrenponaeni, alleges that my report of
n ... ' i. i . ' .
L 1 . ,1 . .
.-umiinuy bueeuii is incorrect. 1 am
glad of this denial. As soon as I arrive at
ostport. I shall send you proof which, I
have no doubt, will set this matter at rest,
and prevent the Governor, the Union, or
Journal of Commerce from donying or usi
peeling mo accuracy olany of mv subse
quent rf ports. I was waiting for. an offi
cial, or semi-offloinl denial of mv state
ments before I advanced my proofs. At
present I will merely state; from my own
personal knowledge that H. C. P.' did
not htar one tyllubU of Gov. Shannon' t
tpeecA, and ivai not even in the citif for ot
least half an hour after its conclusion; and
that my report of it was read in manu
script by several of the most ultra pro-sla-vory
citizens of Westport, and pronounced
correct. - . - .
Here is positive affirmation of tho truth
of the report, Gov. Shannon is in alight
place. The testimony in addition will be
forthcoming, and will be read wilh some
. That Fortress!
What has become of Gjv. Medill since
the election? Can anybody tell us of his
whereabouts? We have looked for him
all over the city; but he is not here.. We
have made inquries of liis loved and loving
colleagues, upon tho Stato ticket, but
they know nothing about him, and wo fear
they care loss. , We want to take a last,
long, lingering look at tho "Standard
Bearer of the Ohio Democracy," who was
to bear their glorious d ig aloft, and lead
'ho marshaled hosts on to victory. We
lhink wa can see the ol 1 chap, as he stood
uporr the platform, before the Oth-of-Janu-
ary Convention.aal with all that grace and
dignity ofmwnerfor which lie isso remark
able, once more deliver himself of ihe fol
lowing eloquent passages from his (speech
on that interesting occasion:
"Hiving been elected, two years ago,
by 60,00i) majority, it ii fit that, after the
disastrous defeat of last year. I should he
again called upon lo bear it back to victo
ry. Thou 'h the alliod army, with all tho
isms combined, have been victorious over
our forces in the hist campaign, there is
onetortrcss, (proudly striking Ins breast,)
that will not vield." . - .
What has this valiant standard bearer
done with the G3.000 majority, of which
he so vauntingly boasted ? Beaten by 23,
000 as he is we think he should put his
hnnd on his month, an J his mouth in the
dust, put on sackcloth and retire to Rit
ter'a sohool h nni, and snuT ashes the rest
of his ' political life. We trust the days
when such small potntou dom.agogues as
Medill can sit in the gubernatorial chair of
Ohio are about over. State Journal.
jtWhen Dave Tod, on the stump, re
fused to indorse Pierce's Administration,
we thought it must be indeed a miserable
affair; but when a Looofoco declines serv
ing in an official capacity under it, with a
salary of $ 1 500 a year, wo feel to blush
for our bleeding country. We find in ono
of the New York papers the following:
The Administration in Bad OuoR.-Mr.
South worth, ono of the proprietors of the
New York Sunday Mercury, publishes a
card, stating his reasons for resigning an
office in the Custom House, worth fifteen
hundred dollars a year, from which we
learn that he prefers not to associate with
the friends of President Pierco in that
city; he has great respect for the Presi
dent, bnt does not believe in the old max
im of loving a dog because you lovo his
master. Mr.Southworlh thinks the Pres
ident is a wondrously proper man, but his
friends in New York he designates with
more force than elegance, as "unmitiga
ted and unscrupulous rascals ahd knaves."
, Hczza roa Wood. -Not Got. Wood.but
the glorious county of that name up North
West. A despatch from a reliable source
says the majority for Chase is four hnnd.
red and ninety eghJ and for tho balance of
the Stale ticket, fioe hnndred and twenty
seven Last year Wood gave 292 majori
ty for Swan. This is a noble result.' ' It
secures a Representative arid probably a
Senator in that district. It Indicates (he
drift of popular opinion in tho great North
West. All honor to the noble Republicans
ofWood! ' "
Tahita. The latest advicefrom Tahi
ta are to tho 22nd of July.ZThe French
frigate Adventure had been wrecked on a
point north of Jhe- Isle of Pines. She
mounted twetfiy-six guns. ' Her entire
equipage was saved and conveyed to Syd
ney by the French sloop-of-war llydro
Krsphio. The Adventure ia the third
French vessel of the same name that has
mot with an untimely end. Much fear is
expressed in Tahita for the safety of the
officers and men of the vessel, although it
it is presumed, from the fact of the crew
being armed, that they were able lo sus
tain themselves against any attacks of the
natives." . . ;, '
- A dock, sixty feet in length, ia to be
built at Papeete, by Mons. John Brander,
who has received official permission for
the purpose, and also to levy tolls on mer
chandise landed there.' ' " '
. Arrival t lk Xrthra LlghU , ,
- ? ; ' New Yom. Oat. in.
The strainer Northern IJl.t. from San
) Juan, arrived about & o'tlvx-.k il.;nin.r
bru gin j dates from Ban Francirce lo Um
XUthof Sept. .
alio brings upward of 400 passenr '
aud ia I fiOO iu treasure.
Gov. Kinney had resigned the Guvorn-
; Col. Walker was at San Juan fc suj,
recruiting.. No bull had occurred aince
Ihe depurlare of the last af.eanvr.
The Northern Light connected with the
learner Cortex, which left Sn
oulnpofSan Ju:tn, anj another meetinv'0 91 to.ow; II. e SetropoliUn Uank,
for a nw election had btoa called, the Ku-' 10.0OO; Well., Furija dc Co., 8 170,000.
glisli Consul having aured CI. Kinney hc United States steamer Masaehu
bis Government would recoirnizi Lim fr ; its was at Acapulca on Sp?mtr fiih.
on the 80th, in company wiih llm steamer! '6 .0,:r":n "l P"nma; grew out of
Sonora, for Panama. The Utter, it win i1'1 imprionmnt of an American for
he remembered, hsd put into Acapulco'l,"ft-
wilh the cholera on board. Before she! r n '
reached San Francisco the cholera had car- In e- T" S,"S.'"? CtjU?"r
riod off 10G passers, of whkl, 93 wt J V, ' fo.ll",ru,.? Prgrspl, from the late
adulta: ..W i .7 ,
! .1 - I . . . n . r. . . J
in the hospital at S.art Francisco, and 1 4 re
mainea under treatment
The Suto election in California had re
sulted in favor of the Know-Nothimra
Johnson's majority for Governor over JJifr-
uor Law is close doubtful. Sp..f
v., n.. vci nwu, J uo to;o on me I.in-
stand: K. Ns. 17: Democrat ir. tu
Assembly, 54 K. Ns.. 85 Democrats.
The schooner E. C. Foster had arrived
from Japan. She had sailed from Ifnn.
onula with stores in whaling fleet, but the
Japanese authorities bad refund her per-
, . i . -ii
uimatuu w iraue, alleging mat tne treaty
made no provision for anything more than
a temporary resideneo at Hakadadi.
John Hagan, the dcfauliing City Mar
shal, at Oakland, had returned in the Uncle
Sam, and was trrested.
The U. S. sloop of war Vandalia sailed
from the L-tdstone Islands, July 22J, for
Hong Kong.
The U. S. razee Independence, arrived
at San Francisco, on the 30th ult., from
Callao. . .
The reported massacre of three hundred
emigrants by the Indians, at Devil's Gate,
is untrue.
The governments of England nnd Russia
had concluded trealios with Japan, similar
to ours.
The French steam frigate Calbert, was
losl at Marganaski, June first. -
The U. S. Surveying Squadron was at
Simodaand Kukaditdi, in June.
The town of Glass Vallf-r,
n the 1 4lh
was totally destroyed by fire, on
ol September. Loss 5400,000.
Manchester, the defaulting Cincinnati
banker, after frequently eluding the police,
has boen secured, and would be sent back
to Ohio.
A 1 !.. r li rn
ji mo uucurreu in it unvcrsviue, II Hit-
ty county, causing a loss to .tho amount of
Accounts from tha mines continue en
couraging. There has been no further Indian dis
turbances. News from Oregon and the Sandwich
Islands wholly unimportant.
- J'rom Washington.
Wasuixoto.v, Oct. 15.
Some of the officers of ihe Navy, retired
by the Naval Board, have inellectually
complained to the President of the injus
tice done to them, especially as they ex
hibit letters from tho Navy Deiminient,
attesting their capneity, Which had been
previously received by thorn. They and
their friends are making extensive prepar
ations to operations upon Congress, w iih
Ihe view of obtaining justice.
The Washington Union publishes Dr.
Kane's official report of the Arctio Expe
dition. It does not differ from the accounts
previously published.
. Three thousnnd six hundred bounty
land warrants have been issued during tho
last week.
The attendance of Mr. Munso, our Min
ister to Franco, nt tho To Duum in Paris,
on the occasion of celebrating the victory
of the Allies in the Crimea, was regarded
here as possessing no political significance,
but is attributed to mere curiosity on his
At the commencement of the attempt to
recruit troops in this country for the Cri
mea, Mr. Crainpton looeived an intimation,
Iront tlio biato Depnitment, that he audi
certain consuls were violating our neutral- ,i ,i. k... vv it . r i i
i ... .i i land the brave. When tuo curtain of death
ity laws; this circumstance aggravates the . ... , , , . , , .
cause of complaint. It is generally believ-1 ls 1,ftod from the -''i'l "J-. what a spec
cd that our government will refuse lo of-1 1"0 a presented to. the world!
ficially recognize Mr. Crampton, if ho is j hearts every wheie deserted, families bro
not recalled by the British government, ken tip, circles scattered, lives that a little
aiiCI uuiuuuni UOCIIIUVlolin Ol U!( CaU?Q
of complaint, which Mr. Buchanan has
been instructed to mnke.
. Tub Central American' Expedition.
According to a correspondent of the N. Y.
Tribune, a lartre number of men have boen
eulisted in New Orleaus for the Central
American Expeditions of Kinney and Wal
ker, all of whom will go out armed. It is
said also, that several wi-althv clanters
have subscribed a large amount of money ; "id 25th mat., betfiniug a few minutes be
to the enterprise, whilo others have agreed for? 1 2 o'dw- The moon will be totally
to 20 down as soon as things are more set- eclipsed for one hour after the eommence
lled. and take with thorn their slave ment of the partial eclipse, and will remain
Many who have enlisted have agreed lo
take tueir lnmilicsnlong. Tlio fund guar
anteed to Kinney for tho promotion of his
enterprise Amounts to over Gve millions of
dollars, and it is alleged that the object of
" uor, ,s ,o 8ccur8 .lne organua -
tion nta sl jvn Slnt in fliintral Amnnr In
1 1. t..i . rr . . . . . i .
be annexed to the Union.
MoB3AH Coustt. Our gallant friends
in.' Morgan hare fully , rodocmed their
pledge,and has, given a larger majority for
phase than they gave last year for Swan.
Two Republican Representatives, a Sena
tor, and the entire county ticket aro the
glorious results of this victory. ' Ohio has
no truer, nobler Republicans than tha gal
lant men of Morgan.
it5?Sorao years aso a younir man in in
digent circumstances was workintr bis way
., , . , . . Jt
through a COUrse Ot Studies III lale Col -
lege. He had one quality that always
He hnd one oualitv ih.At Iwv. -
brings success perseverance. lie waa not
discouraged. He toiled on, worked on,
was graduated, and has aince gained a
world wide reputation aud is no other
than Peter Parker, the American Commis
sioner lo China. Some years since Dr.
Parker married Miss Harriet Webster, of
New Hampshire, a lovely and accomplish
ed woman, ono who, at home or abroad,
is a worthy representative of her country
women. ...
Feuiearlvanta and. Indiana
Both these States have given majorities
for the Democracy. - ?
. New Ywuf. Oct. 1C The Wall steam-
" Empire City, from Aptn
iwnll. arrived
this aliernoon, Limam Ui
U. California
Mnl nearly 1,400,000 dollirs in ape-
" lf"cipalconinw are the folio
Drexel Jb Co., 62 10.000; Ww. Hoe ds
aud was to tail for Valp-aixo, t ia Pana
Tl, aleamr Eldorado aailJ from As
piuwallfor Havana, in company with the
Empire City.
The difEcukits which Ui to Mi'.Lirw
,"euiion or a jaress ..I Ilie 1'upc lo lli
rpannb CorteV in rrferenre in Hie ad
confiscating tho properly of the Church in
Ruining iur voice in your a-;r,Uy,we
complain ol ail lliat the ly government
has done and is still doin in So:iiti uu-
juslly against ihe Church. The i.atrimo-
ii y ol the Chun h ,n mm unuiped. in
apite of all Dirir.ity and human Isw.. Wc,
tliercloie, in virtue of our anosUhc author
ity, censure, abrogate aud declare without
value and without foice. null and of no ef
fect, for the past and the future, the said
laws and decree." .
It would seem from this that the Pope
does claim and exercise temporal power
outide of Lis own States. This is wis!
Dr. Brownson, In his leel u res hero kit
wiuWr, did not tlaiin for Lim. Amer.
DxvutoPMENT or Naw Yoaa CoaaiF
tio. We latslv noticed the fact that six
of the New York Alderman Imtl been in
dicted for receiving bribes to influence the
official action. In one case, that of Alder
man Looper, the indictment has been
quashed, and the witness for the prosecu
tion indicted for peijury, he havine in one
affidavit sworn that he did bribe Alderman
Cooper, and in another just as flatly he
did not. The other cases aia still under
adjudication, la ihe Court of Oyer and
Terminer on Monday, three other indict
ments were presented. Two indictments
against Sidney II. Stuart. City Judire. one
'for bribery, and tho other for corn-piracy
to defeat the ends of justice. Wm. G. El
der, ruillcipmnn. is tmltf.tAfl f..r ,ftntnirinir
with Jud tra Stuart U HhCL ilia snita iff
justice. The charges made out in the in-
dictmenta aro accepting bribes in two spe-
citied cases for dcfealimr the ends of ins-
. 3
From I'falladclptilu.
Phuadei.puia, Oct, 16. A gentleman
from West Alexandria, Pa., has recogniz
ed tha murderer of Dr. Hade! and clerk aa
an old offender. He was imprisoned there
for robbing a store.but broke jail and made
his escape to Pittsburgh, where he stole a
He was arrested there and brought back
lo Alexandria, hut ngain escaped. He does
not rememher his name.
Doctor Hadel leave a wifo and two
children, who are now on a visit lo Balli
moie. Graff, the young man murdered, has a
mother residing in Aew ork.
J'rom Norfolk.
BalTimobs, Oct. 10.
The Norfolk boat arrived this morning
with dates to yesterday noon. The intef
ligenee is not so favorable as anticinaled.
Seven new cases of yellow f ver occur
red on Saturday amoiiir :he returned refu
gees, two of which terminated fatally on
Sunday. On that day three dfalhs occur
red. The authorities advise that none of
me relugecs return before the 1st of No
vember. XfThe whole number of Yollow Fe
ver deaths in Norfolk, is estimated at 2,
000 and in Portsmouth at 95. Durin
the prevalence of the disease in Norfolk,
Physicians fell rapidly and numerously,
and from all departments in business the
hand of tliaimiiw l.n. nlnla .i
while ago wer6 bright and beautiful strip
ped of their bloom forever! Of a truth,
mny it be said of tho desolate cities of Nor
folk and Portsmouth, the streets are linod
wilh coffin?, and in most every house some
'Jul ls beeu shivered
Eclipsk. There will be a total eclipse
' 11,9 moon, in the nijjht between the 2l;h
in total obscuration one hour and a half.
This eclipse will be visible in every pari
-r.t. rr-..jc..
oi tne unncu ciaics.
Jti9"The contributions of the Washini-
toit monument fund in Cincinnati, on the
, j of , ,. .raountcd lo 338(03.
"TOIILn rrnrmelfiillT Inform the rltlrens of Rait
W and Weal Kuahrllle and TlrinltT. that he !)nst
reeelrliic and openlncfrom tho K.i.Icr'n Clltes. an en
tire new II well seK-cted Slock of Goods eoniiating of
Druse & Dye Stuffs, Queens & Hardu'tire,
Hats, t'aps, Bonueta, ltoota and Shoea,
and a geanral variety of MOTIONS, wlilrh he will sell
i 'ui,or lThV,J??aX raiea forh oriuaq-timieni
; In any kind of Produce, and hopes by prompt alien-
: tion lokuslueaa to wertl a ahara.f public naironaire.
' r0'."" " r nd r" t
buying eleewltero.
Would ilea Inform tka Ladlai that ihe la prepared for
Allllennry in al! Its Brandies,
being an experienced kaad, alio wilt guamate aalti
Uuiualoali. Wast Ituakvilla, Oct. IS, 1&& doi&
A. FIELD'S ' '
HAS Jnst been opened at the WARF.t
HOUSE of Jeff rlea tfc tVead, a-
me junction oi ina uanal ana Kollroa.l.
Tho flneat Ovatera in whole and h.lrflana
received dally. Our frlenda lo adjoining lewna
aaa alwaya beaapplted at momoata notiea at Cin
cinnati prleoi. All O)iton loll by me warranted
good and fresh , JAMZZ B01D, Agent. .
l.aneaiter, October 11, lSSS-Siu-.'S.
cojfjrzaciAi iraxuaxarci.
Laiscuater Jflurkria.
Guim lrvfv rti.i in mi, r
u.rft,L.. ,
Wheat 1.4R01.M: Floar. 8?.i Jtn.
- iuui iiiu-- m v um iiiiimrs.'
Corn,2"; Bye, 66: OaU, 35el; Clovcr
peUnone; TimotriT seed, ,on34.0O;
Potalnes, SSeentu; Plsx seed. BOot- Itat- 'ul,"",,M,."i l"lrrtiwieitia
ler, 12G15i F' fcjya, C.48 cents; halt, t.00 :him.. FU.c.fcoSu, t.lZi
Beans, nme; Soaps, CtHtOrt CoftW.I SniaMPi' Vlnrt of all kt.a.
KJsltc; Tea, Si'GtflOO; Muhtsw. 60et.i
Sugar. B.ic.10 White Fi,h. 13 dolUra per
i , . n- - .. . .
usrrei; ri nrrel lu.tivio Kut 8a3.
Vinegar, 18a?5 cents; Tobaeeo,5a30cls;
Hay, 9,700C 800; Tallow 101 ptr
Whifly, 33c; Woul. 20a33e. :
Clnr.lMuistl Market. ,
CicijiATr, Oct. 10. Flour is quiet;
24 ) brla imI.I at 7,07,01. Good many
boyara at 7,?5.
Provisions aro vary qniat and we hoar
i4 Do aalea, t-x.-cpl in ralail way at 820 for
Mess Pork, lit fur liaeon shoulders, anJ
184. for do tiJea.
Whislv bi('r; 475 bbU sdd at 33JU
33.- Grweries unchanged.
Krw l ork Jlarkei. .
Nsw Yoaa, Ootobt r 16. Flour hsade-
limrd; auks 125 bbli. at 9i.oG fur Stale,
td.Ci for good Ohio and 3,37 for South
ern. Wheat it heavy; aalt-s 23.0U0 huihels at
52 22 for SoiitUrn white, and 81 08 fin
Southern red. Corn ia luwer; sales 17,000
uu-rieli at file for mixed. .
Mess pork quoted at $22 40 23 75 ft
bid. Lard is firm at former qnotalin.;
aalKsloObbU. WhUky steady in price;
sales of 25 J bl K Beef is atead'y at former
rate; sales of 15'J bbls.
nullimore rttiirkct.
Daltiuokk, Oct. 16 Flour is firm, with
sals of 2,G!X) btls of Ohio and Howard
-treel at C.C2. City Mill is held at 8.50
without snhs. Wheat has dm lined 3-;
ales of 22.000 bush, at 2,0Ca2.l2 for
hoice white; 2,03a2,07 for good to prim-;
and 1,5h2,00 for red. Corn; While and
yellow may be quoted at S3;t03c 13,000
bush, offered.
Palate af Htrlaa Caaaf.
Vr,Tlf a l beftrby rca. lli.l iho un'teralriirrf hai
V boe Sitljf q,illnd Kiecutot vftba tualeof
Ikrlna bandir, iec,-MHS. and all r.n, hu arc In-Irbl-d
i tali) V.nuia will cunt fumaxl akS maka
laituiliat ua;mnt. and lkna who aara tlatla, a
alr..l Mii k.i.i, a m prmeatihcm tu lha ui.iUrin
1 t.if ailwwanw. Jaljr arlhaatiralad althla n jar.
viwi ,i,ir,i-jiij iijiic Lu.i.iKe,
OX Raluraar. Ortobar Slth, ii b ,, t
Faria HofM.I!. Kreider.dareaard.li. Omn
Srld tuwattilp.na the Colaaakoa road fonrmlln Jforth
" r i taacaavr. a larra aiDaaot of valuable aruiirr
ty. aa-ofir ahicli ara 3 ll.jraa. a Tnli. 13 kM..t r .iti.
. CalTM. to ll(l, au mm Cofa la tha .-ld. Pl.m,
vw, naKuua. t.a,i, naruaat, Melfh. .ulkT, a
Ian- i.,t of Farralnr L'tiiailt. and Hueachold and
iviuiko ramilurc: a larjra lot of Toola: one Kalca
ain'a Palmit Jloa-er. baa: one lanr. q.n. tt.k. ...I
ulbar afllrlet aetMarr raraarnlnnn th ....n.ilAn.
lerm, or aala, oloa BiniiUil rredtlon all fuai. over
t, under taih. II. TALLMA UOK.
Jf. A. 1).U0HI:HTY.
Efafnturaofa. Z. Krl-1-r, dcreaard.
F. S, Tha fctnruirf haT al.o fur ul. at i.riwmi
aaie.aaail acietiMl Mack, af llran aitball Ow
fltturr, and f-irnUtirp of a aall Di.mno.t lim Kir... I
auu .ipiiuiccar; zn'p. Hi
Jit. 11,1-ii im
Lockvlfle miiiu.
riinEaiibKriberhaapitrekaaeA Uie alrore property.
aa liiorrhMit work. The mill kaa been well reialred.
ana ia nowpreparva ludntuaiiffl aukta eall i
and Ii in foil nr-l-rw do work lu either wn. Ha la I
alao .reMird to buy wheat at all bojea. or Sour Uie i
aame f.ir cim.imera. If -U-.irrJ. He ka, ailo;ed an '
eiperteneed milk-r, and will reudorgea. nil aatiafac- I
Ttme ntttltlenr, with alt IUmachlnerT.il for aata.
tncolber with Boiler. Taba. die. lha Kaw.till a.l-
Joiiilag II iialxiforaaU.
feraona wlahina lo buy town lota ran b? t room mo-
laled. Ike proi.riulor eaa alallllmea be aouitd el
hia mill In took, lllc, or an his farm. I1, aillea eoulk
earl of Lock villa, and 1 mile weal of fnrroll.
Anguit?, IP.-.J.-3ml5
rpilKiabaeribcrwill itllon ike life e'er oottoitr.
I neil, on the rirumiaii. tho Farm i.r ani a ....
rltualed 4 milei EaH ut Laueailer, on Ilia old Xlala
road, and laid) known aa fir "Hi-ler Macklin farm."
Alao, at Ihe aame lima aad place will be aold eniaa
Valaabla Cattle aad nilck Cava
One BrauClork.Houaeholdand Hllekea Tumilure
rrmlng t'tenilli.dte. too tedlouilo mention.
7rau . Sale On Farm oaeHhlrd eaafe ia haad.
one itairdlnone.aiid one-third la two yeare wilh lu
tereat on Ike deferred paymeuta front Iho day of aale,
lerured by mcing-afe en the premlaee
On p-r.onal property, all euma under (J eaah In
hand, and all aunii over that amount t raoiilkt ere. Ill
upon note wiib approrcd aecahty.
aWeeiiinr af Pelej Xeeklla, deceaied.
Auiruatsa, Ifaa-a WC . ,
Tf VS'UriM r," I nanera nlaaae ennv till Am r . . i . .-a
lead billato Xioeuior.
N F tt O Ii S
il'eT Kl( K1VID 4T
Oppocite Shaffer's II otel, Laucaater, Ok io
HONEY .MOO.Vand atber Comalltlee from I'uneh
Aut-iliingraliy of an Aelreaa, br Mra. Mowalh
joarneT lo central Afnee. by Hayard Taylor
kan, a, and .tirbiaika. hy llule
Sunny Memories of Poreign Land,, by Jlri. Flow
Tka Heller Land. Ity Thnmaoa
?Tnpoicon di hie Army. The Camp Firee of Kapoleoa.
A Ane l-it of Annaala for and a Sua lot of small
win nooaaoi an amae.
Clh.,licPrncr Uook.Eplfeopt Praer Booka.and
a lanre l"l of Family Biblee and Pocket Biblee al
reduced priree.
Fclioo! Bookiand StntloiierrattVholcwleA Retail.
Poekut Walleti, fort Manias, and Pen Kuliea, for
at-at the Hook store of JOHN KKARI.F.S,
Oct. SO, 1854 25 Of !( Staff tr't Hotml.
T'TiTfltlLn re,iectfntly annotinee to t!ie cRtiena af
laikraaler A vielnii',thal he baaeomuit-ncrd Ike
Dread, Light Uualt Sc Cracker Halting
in Conner lion with liia former baking, dtie now pr.-pared
TO FIB ('A .71 1 1,1 r!
with every thine in tho alioeo line. Ilaring In hit em
ploy ike beHtofbakera, ke feeta robBiieat thai ho eaa
pleae all wlio m.iy faror him wilh a rail.
TTpCall at hisSiore on Main Street, and aim at hit
Bnka-Houae, corner of Colaaibuid. Mulberrj eirecla
Lanca.ler, Ju!v 1, lct.
Gazette BoilJiiic Public Square, Lan
caster, Ohio, ; '
T,. O. U A V I H
RESPKCTFUI.I.Y calla attention lo lilcic!Ui.t
asortment of arar. CaUora. H kipa. IVaaJla,
Cej-etiifaf .4r. Hia itoek of Hameie roinpriae, Silrer.
Ilraa end Black Mniintt-d Bnga-)' and Carrtapi Hernea-u
alao. Wagon and Plow do. aH of which cannot ha aur
puaed in Um eilr, either in stock work manabipor low
prices. He hualm a trimming (hop, where
Buszr nnti Cnrrinr;e Trlrntninrf)
will be done on short notice in aoperior stylo,
Lancaster, Ju no i!f, liii 1;8- ,
Fruit and Ornamental Trees, cVc. -
R . h BLACK woald eall tha alteotioa of hia
i, frlcn.il and the public generally, lo the Sua
stock of FariTandOahAMeirraL Taaee, b'uras1Tiaraa.
etc., which tie offers for sale the coming Fall, at his
Nursery, three miles east of llreuion.
His itoek eoniisti of ata, Pear, (both Mandard and
dwarf.) Qaiace, Paatk. Pimm, Jtpritot. Jfictorin aad
Ckrrra VVaa.; Qrpi Fiaaa, Carrea, Caaeatareiaa.
aajaSarrie, e)c. ; aad Oraansatal Trses dacidaaaa
and JCeergreaa.
Nona but me aery ' fraitt,and well-grtiwn Iraea,
will be aent out from lha Xureert aad ft err variety
is varranlaJ carrtet, having been propagated by the
pmprelor himself, or under Ms trauedlaio direction.
No trouble nor eapenea haa been apied during ilw
last six rears in obtaining the best fruits lu Ilia coun
try, and a vlalt to tba bursary, or an examination of
the Catalogue, will show that ha has one of lha Snoat
collections of fruit ta Ceatral Ohio.
Orders from perwna who find iiiiieonrenteut to viail
the Karsary will bo promptlv attended lo. If address
ed to the proprietor at KusHVlLLE, Omo.
Descriptive Caulogaes furniihei aratls.
Tha following rentlemen are referred to: B. W,
CaatiBLE, OreenSeld iowaahlp: Ca.atta Daeaaini,
Esq., Lancaster, Ohio: M. Jnuti Billlmora, Ohio;
Rev. a. M. BaioKT. do. ,
SoptcmborSO, W3- - - . . . SCtr
Ilasjost received at tke City Book Store
Gilt Moulding for Picture Frames.
such as Chonlet, worsted, vorkjng Cotton, oinbroldor
tne silk, sewing silk, spool cotton, Tapo,buttons, eso
Please eall and examine his slock,
I.ancssier, a-ignit 3t, lt5 JT
tTilJii.l militi,4 it n. niu t ttmoni''
I t'alis Irlat, Lawaa Ciatjss
?'CVV." nti-an
bl4 w F ur.m wka Ij1m fci '
!?' '
hlra koto kraa aarrkama i
- aaaaui taw lal L
i foaa iMn Waal art Valr
V. . . T1' ttilHf iMIilaaa u4 (mkmK tia(-a
m.uiul,r,(lt.h, MilH.KUl r
t34, Vifta tratt f laVlslgatU Pa'aaV u
. ii J.
'J"Ll1 ' "'1"" a, RlLkaail
rvaaeti tUaavcra. Saaiaana, Trlaaaalaa- r
l...ulUia.-trH.FALl-iK.i,Kv;wbhfc7"ld 1
. Hull? Inttta tk Hmnom Kkn u..
a. mr. M. KIUIJ U Inn. t.a.s nMHtftaan
1ft Sal. ta a. ........ W ' ."
alll m kapl rnaidt Unmchin Ik rum, ibr
4iUI ;rnrli lr.i X t'urlij viikatl ibuUMW a4 "
Iwiitthtl lu kf IHm rf knitfimtf mu4 at Ua laaaaS -'
muit) K.tr. hin(ni MllllTiani will ffaS U talhalf "
oavai.tuxr tn Uuk tkMiirh h VklMlMalaUaaartaiaat '
. rt. i. . ni.tnr;naoai 1
'.at. ma suaaa, Mam al 4 flu. taaw,
t Huii.iikil.HuimWf i, iws-a
jT. . r n . 1 kT
f J"' riMvlvait aad It --ul.f f,,, aaln la IhS
I I i-l-.t ,A li.ra,trr, aa Jaaia Klml. al iba arall
kauwa ,im4 lu iit, (i;Kwk'a Horn. aawiia Gaarya
Kaiafniau', 0ruaSir.i, a U'av. uw ana atlradtd aa-4-flllWMt
of Uia faalmubttf t, w .. ,
a Utvh a III h-aoM at 2T-aara.laa. a I aaa iatenK
ad lo arUal Mir to vat StuMr U taak. Ha aaaat r
.jttfuIlT a-ilu-tN a rtajaaUauara af aalla patraa
fc, aalnxtwiitorufitlaaa In Ikla iacafor faara. Ia
au plj liariOiMi la Uw rl-fix aloitilnai. ail aka
aibiuun:liaacliuint law aatllvd will do Walt In
Kit hi w a call, m i ahalllwauaoladawa taa ataak af
Qood.iw tuu-i wa-ratio Ihe laalo of lha aaa fwilJ-
lojadjadv att-i aai-kiiti;tlovnt,ba bAiiaaS farai
I ili.ll t e idol mo to roadaal tha baarnaaa ra ika
German. Pri-io-b aad knaliak tar guagr.
Miicaai-;,, jaaa XI, m7
t ii r. o nVu e t o t ,
HKitcnasr tailok.
a Sar' JVra Blotw, litXf, 11, nfaaa Bnt
aa4 saatfo-'a !.
II ASJaat ojetd a larr and beanflftl aaaort
aietil III Kt.MII MAltm CLVTH1RS, u
Father wtib aa caoka aalaaMoa of Cfa, Caaai
airu lac fMii,,. All of wblcb hat baaa aalaew -
a-i a iih a?uat rare aad with apcetaa rafaraaaa tu Ika
aahliaiid lartaof ltilroeiaia.a7. b
Hu luar raiHirlarca ia tkia kraitca of kaulaaaa. la a
ev icararilaa tUat wla aloHl ambranaa taa Hirraa aat
twal f ancty. aaa Ult parrkaaa haa acm mxo apoo aaali
ii-rint taalka rauMtl allha LO tViaMT rOakiBUt Mai
'I k iiciMie are paiatlfun) ratrnaata4 to eall aad af
anla ait unotttoffiit. . lie bud wa aaad a general ai-
aonuientol .
H'llill will,
Aiid la at all Iihioi Dret-areJ to eeoaaaaodata ale eil '
frtanda.alllMr wllk aaairollant artvda af Maarl mada
CloUrij.e-.orte M AM'FAGTUKll TO OUDKK. aaa f
too be,l material and bf moat aueomntletifd1 orfciaes.
an; atiaofa-araaenia, roa AJUbwtb, la aaa
lieal aad mo,t faahienable aiaiiner. Ha laooaSitaatala
Una reiei-l, thai ke eaa prva g-enwral aaClaCaatloa.
rJieaaaonaieat caaiaraeagaaaral vartatyaf
Linea loau, Vcailur, Suapendara,
time da KanlaVoaoe, ' Hoaiare. -
Sack fraraia, Vad-rraLhrta.
Carpel-baira, together altk al'. ether artlalaa aeaaily
keot la a Ganllat Wa famtaklac Su-ta, aud aaaaufac-tur-Ml
la tka laoai faakloi.abla emea.
likaakaea purrkdaed ofwallatabllakea kaaaat ta
Ui e Kattoro eiiiea. aad at aa awaad, ta ka aaade of
gooJ watatial and la a durable inabrter.
He reafMreiall laeliea hi, aid ctiataman aixl elberi
to eall avkia new eaiablitkmbl, wkaraka all! at all
tlmea be ready Ut wait thata laitk aaaa aoaaa aa
ic i.eaiTi.TM. To teat kla arovilaea. ka aaka aa
avamuiaHua-ifhi. lrtck ia trade aad taa a la aad qdaU
iln of kMauiaHfartuni.
I iu a ic..
T. TOSft.
rt'JtPsi rtflPsit PCMPat'j
DR. BOCKEY. aft-iran axparteaea of fearteea
, yearllu tba aaanufaelari: of rataie, and a Iko-
,....vi.l..il..ru.i.iAik.i. j..Mi.iii.. a
.lnt k. n. .... a.i. '
. ... .
aaperlar raaay V aaa rlma
aiUein."urpaaaJ kj nana oianaraelaaaa ta Ikla ra.
lon of country. HaTltur beea thvrmgly taatad by
i '.nemeexrittaeaa la tnieaaa aaioluiaa-aaMntloB-tap
kaaa been uuaaiuiouatf Bi-oneunead etinarioa ta ,S
olhera-and far anrnautne lha rbln Jam Is dan.
; Ulli. I will pmmpUr lU adlwallorderaalTea er-
; belly or einl by mall. Paraona de,lria aa aaealkaat
I al.d durable Paean win olaaaa eall. aa I faal, aaa
leattkall eaa rendereaeire aallataellMi. Ha
aaaiae earept those aaanafaetaraa by tha aadar
pned.aahe WstieanaV proprlaloe.
Llthawlis.atyl,laUu.laiia S, M. EftCKlT.
' JOII!t TTOttK. 7
waoi.ta.i a aaa la-Talk waeiaa sa
jafata lrr, mamrtfappaaili Ika TWIsuUgs Brt.
tAIX lakes pleasure la call I eg lha attaattoa of kla
customers and rouatry mer.aBta generally, aa '
the larreat atoek af Copier, Tha aad haeai-lrwa maaa- -faetures
arerhroagbl to khle market. Ha takaa great
peine to keep eouaiaatly on haad a large variety af
every thing wal tan possibly be wanted In kla line, eaa
flature blmeetf that from hia long experience la tha
Tin aad Shaal-froa Baaiaeaa, '
he will he able lo give full eatlsfaetloa lo all wke aaey '
favor hies with their work. Haringa praeliaal kaawl
edge of the bualuaea, kie selectioaa ara aaada with a
view ta durability, etylo and cheapness.
Nanafaetare-a ta Orar. t
He atari keeps ia kleempluy aoaaaaf tha heat work
anea lliat caa ha aaeured. aad always harhag aa haait
the very heat Material, la enaLled la Oiaaafaetava to
order anythiaer aad vary IktHg desirable la hia Haa,
la as goud aliio aad cm ai fair tar aai aa eaa aajwhaaa
t had.
Alt ktada of rttoVra, eVe.
5evar in lha hietory of baaeaalar waa there aa Salafc
llshmee that kept on hand a larger aad wioraavaaplata
aaeortM ... ietovea.ef all kinds and vartetlea. Ra la
ala prejared with alarge number of Vira Oram, aad
for the sceommodntioaof hlseaaomers kaapa am head '
a large quantity af Ura Vrw. eaaaufactajad axpreaa
ly with a view to palling up ftralee, die.
In Una. any and avarjlhtrg aeoded la blitineeaa Va
secured by giviwg hint a call, aad at prices aa reaeoa
able as can be oiilalnod In any other eaubllahaiaal la
lha Mete, inaamara aa au
presaat atoek la greatly
superlortohtar..nirlBAuaatily. guallty. variety aa4
rbeapn-es. he fecla confldent that peraoaa giving hlsa
. ..H .itlMuit hlvhh rfelWatail Mil am nl a aatiadW
ne aie-i aeepe ronataaiiy on aaaa
lerre Stoek of Steal sPlasara.
1 of CliielanaUajid 'IreeaatUa naa-
laaca.tr,Varca8,18S-4 ' '
21 allttr.Cat ek tboi-t.
Ji f f AVk re-moved tkairChoihing Katabtishnaak
xa. i a to
lo the ItHnaisr Blatk. dear mmr Kmmt al
Whita 1c .cire'a )fm,rtlart re, wherw lhav are open
nr a tared end cTtcaaive eaaortmeatof SPHIhO AXO
bC V.MFit GOiil'K.an.l are now maaurtrHnrlng every
variety of Sprimf md Itmrnmar PPrwr. wbtea they- wilt
Ini purchased al any other atahllehtaeiit lb tha eiry.-
I hoi r clothing Is manafartorad ander Ihalr owe en par.
vision, nnd is consequently superior ta that whlcli ia
hioughl from atber lace.. They have also cm hand, a
seerrie oariatya Clalka,Ca$ipufaa, taatingajra.,
a hk-b ther are irenarert to inannfaetnh to order. Taav
hare in tiielremploy thelfftst of workmen aaa ara at
all ilmea proparod to maka tba host ate la the tatest
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Tli nuMIr e raepeeifully aollenastn rail and ag-
anilae their tork. and ahlla thankful for lha liberal
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tomorsand all others leal they will tailor to give gea-
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goo'lishd work. SFSltffjEH da TROUT.
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aa, rargrKcateallthevartOBsameiea
UA af Cahrne Furnltnres Boaaeau,r
fWaiid Chairs. IS hirh he will keeps
I t.l. m k.rf. biawlker With
Inrre aaaortment of Ciaeiaaatt maaafkrtora. Ba laaa
experience In the busineaa will enable hlra to karw
roaaufai tared at krnaa aad Imported tron abroad lha
vary heal af work, and aa ha Intends to employ aeaa
but Ihe moat skill hit workmen (ad ase Ika bawl asasa
rial., lie Sailers lilnlaerf thai ba will give general aa.
tisfarilrm ft all who msv favor hlea with their castoaa.
The public are Invited loeell aaa eaanelae tha aa-
aortraenl. The abtrsneata the rooms la opoa Hra4
Ktraot D. K. PISHI.
Ri H. Repairing done aa the saerleol aatlaw.aad la
tha healeM aa1 Binat wortuiaa' f e msnnar. Charga
reaioi.ol.lc. . . . tancsalar, May IS.
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Ck&j:Jv'M Vi aeat of Fanaeed eooaly that ha haa
ti tiL-flf" teoontlyrut ap aaaw Cerrteae Shea,
WVa SasmeeWefvn tktramtf Wkitaay tVeara
Bmriaara graew, Canlra Jn9. Xaaaeaase oav. wkeag
he will eonstantrv keep on haad and saaaafactare
order evarv aavtety afveklrra la htellae.
. ITTRepatrlag doae aa shot aolire, anal the a
arorsble terms. " fee. ft. te 91
atcoMCT ar cev aaxria. art aaer, Jea-rata eg
rxaa sga asssast, taa aaast,
; Xjaacaata-rt aMklaH '
WrI,Livon-atoa ta NaT pantkaalaf aaeolllta
of Heal r.vtnie. alee, to the proeairtng at ;
efouraaa Rannry Lagdt. - - . :'
oFtC to th Brisk Block, aaarry nrnftia
Hocking Veils; Baah. r , nI M Vi

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