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Tharsdar MrweMg Oct, lny.t9i
Z from tU wyelicMl AfMf's ;
KOjilA.iisai HEAO ITk f.
.... They the truth i. i
Wlth.iiriiUo tB4.inJ.U-ia talnlMuto.. .
Risrtcriti Ew. Astljere.hM htm
for sos lim. pwt.ud Ull u.. consider
able excitement throughout our land, rela
tive to CtIioHoim. Foroigmsm. Kuow
KntitinrrimnaiaJ 1 know hot what all other
tin oJL4 tho Mjio? oJ, our 4 M mortal
Wasniaglon, -aemart tyjvry rytacrei.c,
is an injanotfen bear nd dear to-nli'our
free Americar, citizens!,, who know bow to
appreciate, to the full extant, the glorious
principles" at RyU ah religious liberty, it
may ; probably not bo- eoosiJereJ out: of
plaot io gW jfttttr lealers soma of the son-,
Umsnts which are hell tcre.l, an J as pw
ceediuj front bctven. by the Rjotan Ch
olica. Aal alL ask rora your reader,
rmJ-r4(.i-Jigesl-wl then- act in
aceordauco .with" our Convictions, del
manuUyMl qiwytJty.I No ona can bat
tiareeWa that those auntirnants wluuh
nriwU. br which to'iuduce Ihem to SOMETHING.. WORTH UOOKINQ AT,
SCSrihlVmifci n4 favors or he immae- ' pi..w..'. uai, b,...t.,
invoke me iniw i . THEpreparttttn,alihough teotthan twomti.t
i'mh. and to oelelirate mass in pe-1 I r. uu ahu,-. uiiLiiu wuudarfua .tfootaunou
half of mr poor suffering soul. "
' In ahortr-the Pupa claim abpolutfl do -or
invar Cliurob nd State. An no oo
cuuainted ' with history eau but know
. . r. 1 1 l 'S I 1 ..
what the' ropes wouiuuo it uiej; u.u iu
tha human hair ud1 scalu.haa already obulnod acele
rUf indult perfectly uuparallerad. Ii liae, without
tlie ordinary apj l aucesforsut h purp'ea.aou iu way,
beau heartily elcouied to most of the cities and towns
lu IIM United stales, tho Canadus aud Ilia West India
lslaiids...Norkslh.areaullaurpriiug, wkou it la re
membered that its popularity It based ntionits menu
aololy, aa established by actual teat. 1 bat this pre
paration will actually restore gray nair to its
intend to iriva bjfarel m' dona; aro high
ly tnUgonisiio to our free Ain -rioau insti
tutitvng and rrnuhlicfln DrinciDlea ttrinci-
ulea which every ttue Protestant Ameri
can citizen JipVtyin honor and sacred in hit
heart pnooiploa wlnoh liave been aoluev
el Willi the live an! blooJ of our forefn
thera Drinciples wliioli every true Amer
ioaa should defuad ad I vinJic:tto with all
the ability; seal and bravery he possibly
can muiUjc.up, a.tinst all insidious wiles
of foreign influence and enoroiuhmenis
upon our sacred rights and ci.vil and rui
gious freedont wJiioh OjJ, in his infinite
wisdom an J benevolunue, has so. gWioudy
lavished upoa us, as, an. Atnorivjan people
no matter from what source Church
or S7ufeiuoti iuQiudce or enuro.iuhmeiits
may emannte. r , , . ; '
SiaHU whea yea nnt,an.l hi roll J when you cao;
Bui aiiU.cax thJ rtjiili at Goi and iimu. . , ,
Let tho citnjl J reader,' whose heart beats
Tor the welfare of the ohuroli and our A
mericad soil, judge for himself, ' whether
there be no jmt cause for alarm and ex
citement among our free American oiti
ons on account of' such 'anti-Christian
and anti-republican prinuiplos manifested
in soma directioai. ; Lot every, Prptestant
in our beloved land, and every one who is
not in principle a M tjor Arnold, who offer
ed to surrender West Point to a British
General, speak out in tinie. an I in such
language as ennnot be misunderstood, a
gainst suuh blind sealuts who think they
r dnintr Ood'a will, bv obevin? the hellish
mandate of such Romish and diabolioal
prelates'. 'J' '" , "7 ';"'. '"'"T. . ".. ' ' "I
That the policy the fundamental prin
cioles of the Rjmau Catholic ChurJli is,
and alwsys has ben, de.tJIy malign and
higniy aetrimenuii to our civil anu reugi
gious liberty,' needs no proof fot tho unpre
judiced, cultivated, and reflecting mind,
and no one, in whose veina a drop of Am
erican and Protestant blood ' circulates
can deny it. It is true, we have some so-mi-Catholics
In Nur land, and some politi
cal Wrrots. and tome old degraded, surjer-
- Q - f. T
annuated, political party demogogues
wLos craving hunger for the loaves and
fishes, causes them to cry out: No damjtr
--na. danger!. Indeed,' some are so far
gone in moral rectitude that they would
not only kneel down and kiss the Pope's
toes for the sake of gaining a few votes,
but tbey would, for the sake. of Lo(Rce, ad
vise oilier8, who might be true lo their
country and to their God, to "throw con
aoienee or conscientious scruples to the
devil," and rote for the Interests of their
own party no matter how corrupt thd
principles of that party mi-jlit be. 1 have
my doubts whether German infidelity, in
iu worst form, threatens more Injury to
our free American Institutions than Roman
Catholicism.' Just look, for a moment,
at the' heretical end atheistical bearing of
the doctrines of .the RomUh Church, and
Siartioularly at the doctrine of aLnmacu
ult Conception i It,. might not lo amw'
here to give the sehliments of one of tlie-.
ablest writers In our country, rclitli ve to
this novel heresy: "Thero' Is a logical ne
cessity for ,11 1, ' Some such decree Seems
wanting to pnt the top-stone upon the fa
bric of Romish idolatry. She is not and
cannot be complete witliout it. ' It is the
last and crowning blasphemy that remains'
to be avowed: and navmg avowed it, her
cup will be fulL.Whon we look bauk up
on her history, wo ice her ad vnncing stage
by stage,' blotting out one great truth after
another denying first the Mediator, next
the atonement, next the Divine Spirit, next
tlie scriptures, una other truth alone re
mainsthe txitlenci of Oud:lwl that
truth, RomeWith awfuVimpietyVi about
to blot out.., for, to What, does the decree
f the "Immaoukte Conception" amount,
but to this, that there .is no other Saviour
and no other God but Mary ? ; Thus we
se the extremo of Rjmanism, an J the X'
treme of Infidjliiy, after Jong pursuing sp-
Iiarently divergent conrsos, meeting at last
n a common culminating pointy namely
"Atkehtn,"- Why I theJPope claims the
authority of God's viceroys oh earth to
have the keys of heavf n and hell in his
possession, and .to rule over the conscien
ces and souls tf men. Hence, they can
maks their poor ignorant suhjeota believe
anything at all tlial might suit their own
freakish craft. Anil if his Holiness should
see proper j find -in bis infallibility see it
proQtable to the "Mother"of Harlots." to
tell his people that their souls. aftor death,
tad to mlgrata, an4 IWe in the body of i
PtcotIt-Mil after a certain neaeockaire
'process' would pass through the animal's 1
stomach, and ' thus be-purged from sin,
and mads . fit subjects for heaven they
yould just as freeljrand readily believe It.
as did Pvthatforast a Greuiao Dhilosooher.
Vho positively affirmed lhat his sonl had
onee lived in the- body of tho same animal.
And why should, they not beliefs it, if bis
Holiness would say so? Of course the
ChuroU of Rome is mfullible. for Holv Mo
iher sayr soradi 'whaterer Holy Mother
says is true mostiopicaf, most concluiive:
Do-thy not balisvsihat the soul mutt un
dergo a purifying purnalorial process, af
ter it leaves iu earih.lv Wnement, and before
it esn resoh heatent And would tha for-
'mer idea be mora foolish and superstitions
than the latter t anti-Biblical and absnrd?
Indeed, "if I wore lo oredit one of the two,
I wduld "certainly embraee tho former in
prefereuee to the Utter : because I would
expect more pleasure, btnforl and mercy
ior my sou iu ti)3 ooay or an innocent an
imal, than ia purffatorv.And Darticul-.tr
It if I ha I not tho- fortune of leavlograt
the time of my exit,' a bug 'pile of brea4
and butter tehind, to' feed and fill the emp
ty-stomachs 6f otaving' Roman Catholic
aud ludlea. In aary part or too country, wb.0 bate Irti.
ed U, and iboivMoro eik nbul Ibey know, moil fully
attest. That by nioneruie of this Ketoratl the kair
can te made to retain lianatnrul color lo aluiott any
age allotted to huuxualty, by romovintr the reuse of
diieuu from theaculp o matter ornow ioKanaius
- thecuciirreHlleiiiUouiaUo(lhe FroM.itiultbccar
tifli:aiea of the nuiaorou, reauectable ludi1dual or
both aexes,ljave uo doubt, t ircuiara coiuaiuuiK ".
particular relative to ihecurcti. as wcllae recoin
uieiidatlona of adilor,, and eertlnvatea before allude
W.oubehud f all lbaenu. ( v- . :
UitooKriELB,Muu.,Jauua.-y Ii 18SJ Prof. Wood
nnar Kir' Uuvli:ir mado a trial of your Hair Kettora-
live. It irivea me pleasure to uy that it effect ha been
excellent in removing innaniuiaiion, uanurun, uuu a
conslaut teudency to ltchlnft, wilh wblib I have been
ttoubled from childhood, A fan alao rcatored my hair,
wbli-h waa liRCoaiinir gray, tuite original color, lhava
use.V no other article aitli ncivlbinr like tLe pie: sure
aud profit. Vourj truly, J. K. HHAGG,
Faitor of the Orthodox Church, Broukdeld. ;
T. Local, March 7, ISM Prof. Wood Dear Sir:
My hair commenced fullir.ff off aorna lliwo or fnor
yeura alnce, and continued to do so until I became
i,ii,i. I tried all the Doimlnr remedies of the
duy, but lo no effect. At laat 1 was Indueed to try yoor
rot jltruled Hair Kestnralive, anu am very nappy to
sav It is doing wonders. I hare now a line growto oi
yo'ang hair, nud cheerfully recommend Ita use lo all
similarly alllicted. A. C. Willumoii., 133 2d street. , ,
CsaLvuc, 111., June 28,1852. t have used Frnr. o.
J. Woori's Ilnlr Kestorntlre, and have- admired Its
vundttrfaleireetik M) liulr was becomlugjuiiaougui,
prematurely gruy, but by the usa ofhla Kestoratlve It
has resumed its original color, and have na doubt per
tuauuntl) so, . bKstsa.Kx-Sonuler, I1 nlled Stales.
114 Market Street, Et. Louis, Mo., Murcb '8, 1853.
Dsnr Sir: 1 urn doing an extensive travll In the West
and South Western btatoa as a General Agent for
Adams' Amerlean i.iuimeiii, ana wouiu oe gu n jou
would favor me with a consignment of Prof. Wood's
Huir Ke.mrnlWo.as I foci asMiriul that I can introduce
It Iu mailt ptucei where It Is not known, as my own
hundU a Uvlna-testimony of lu valuable pronnrtles.
in restoring huir to its natuial color. I am forty years
old, and my hair was almost while, but after using
three half-pint bottles my hair isns beautiful auburn
as it was nt eighteen, unci lunch luiprovea iu appear
iiuer, and I would hot be without a bottle on bund for
the price of ten. I should be glad to attend to any
inntlurlhat Is connected with Hie Hair Restorative. I
have been forlbirloen years engaged lb the some bu
siness aud will biglnd to near froni jou soon. M) ad'
drees Is faris, Teunessue. , ' '
,, . Vert respectfully, ' WM. B BROOME. '
. Ifr Prepared and sold at 114 market rivreui, be
tween 4th and Stli streets, St. Louis, Missouri, and 318
Jiroadwnv, New York.-
Hold Wholesale aud Holnil at Proprlctor'a prices,
Bv J. 1). PA KK, Cincinnati,
' -And KAUFPMANci Co., Lancaster, Ohio. :
October 4, IMi 1)SS . . . '
rnn hai.R.
T WILL sell at privato sale my Bern township Farm,
J situate miles himiu ot uiucasier, eontaiuiug
About Hi. Jlundreit
... " .1 P . . i . 1
powttr. Mt must JUUS lue luiuro vj iHir, , -olor) vrodliCt t laxirt., groi lu upon tha beads or
past history. Pid hey not, wheU their., tha bald, prevonttu hair fro falUn off. aud, when
p3. n.im,,;. . , i , . i'- used as a toilet article, produces a eontlnuul Bow of
power was lulls ingurst uuuu, .iaa 'g I tbonaiural flulda, and tbasreooers we nairsouj,of
1 nn,iorlii bow down and ItohL their nu wavy, dastroye diseases of the scalp, aud expels
Slid emperortU) UOW uown anu ttorii tuotr- ,a cerIiMcalor dlslinguiahed jentlemeil
Stirrups, waen iev muumcuvii uuiacy ivai
Did they not take away kingdoms from the
rightful sovereigns, and give them Jo-olh-rs?
And did not Clement,, one of the
early Popes, declare lhat GoJ had given
hirn'all the kirtgdinof heaven and earth?
An J were not those, wlio denh-d tha au
tltoritv of the Popes, burnt alit e? ' And let
I ...a f . 1 !
roe ask, what WoulJ our late uu tonat-.
ion be 1 tins Uino, were it not (or the trlo-
rion Raforratt'ion by Luther,; who boldly
prote'stod.and prsnchud alul wrote against
the encroachments and power oi Uiu 1 ope.
until, all Europe was shaken rromventra to
eircumforem e? Thank God for a Lu'.hei !
Though the R-formaiion agitation has cost
tlie li-es of MTu millioni oi people nna
who wonld nut- guard ngainst a similar re
ult ana uioo.isiieu r -
Allow me. howevrr; hro. Editor, to say
that I fin I one trait in the infallible church
which I highly admire: 1 hey como ont,
bold!) and openly beforo the world, with
liieir anii-Viinsiian aim nun-Aiuaiiunn
principles. An I to me it appears strange
mytUriovty etrangelhnl 'somo. 'who
profess to have the best interests of our
free Amerienn institutions at heart,' and
who are protostants too by profuasion at
least wlio are suffering extreme agits'
Hon in favor of. Romanists. And tins lor-
eign, and to me ninguhtr and novel, sympa
tv and fto-itu ion has Ueveloned itseil more
extensively and copiously in some diroc
Hons, siuee tlie lata movi-mcnt by some
of our best nnd wisest free American citl
jgens in our political horizon. Why all
this hue and ety, from certain quartern, in
favor of tilt Holy Mother Church, that is
said to be persecuted by n certnin pol'niciil
orrHiiizalion, nnd who are said to affirm
lhat they wovld not desecrate their sacred
franchise iu UHSling their Votes in favor of
Roman Catholics? Are they aim-mod that
we would uo moif- have a Romnu Catbollj
to fill the important office of Postmaster
General? Or that no green foreigner or
Catholic would be sent any more, as min
ister, or plenipotentiary, to foreign courts?
What is the m Uteri or ts it because tho
Rtmish Church has, in her former history,
evincod a Christian and a republican spir
it? And. when and where was lhat spirit
manifested? Do tell hs wo would like
to know something, what we don't know.
When or where diJ ever the Church of
Rome display any devoledness to free Am
erican republicanism ? Was it when she
set up her holy pontiff crowned wilh three
crowns m tlie "temple ot liod, "compell
ing a benighted world to bow to his shrine
and do him reverence?" Or was it when
she 'robbed her bewildered vassals of their
houIs and their silver, by her sale of ahum
inable indulgences to commit every species
of crime, and her exhibition of wild super
slitiuus relics, her beards, nnd her bonet, her
cradles, her sculls, and her crosses, and a
whole host of unhallowed trumpery, prov
ing herself to be tho cuge of every unclean
am haltful biral"..,Vt was it when she
"thundered out her anathemas, nnd hurled
her missiles of ., vengeance fraught with
death over the eoarlet walls of the Vitican
after the heretical monk who struck the
spark from the old chained Biblo in' the
convent of Ulfurth a spark of celestial
light which served to show the darkness of
her spiritual kingdom, while tho beast be I
lowod and sun-siruck bi'tts cast their mi
trea in the dmt, and kings sat moping
over me writings oi mnruii, anu popisn
princes cursed (Tie son of a miner of Mans-
hold, and. all her deluded votaries gnnwed
their tongues for pain ?'.' Or was it when
she "grew drunk With the blood of the
saints, and weltering in her debaucheries,
strove jo kindle the funeral pile of Protes
tantism, while with iron foot and bloody
arm she lighietj up the tires of martyrdom
.i.....l"ii.:i.j...'''sii i ' t ui.
nnuuii ineoiniui iviim , , i upm aim
mow exlubit1 any-attaehmeul to our tree re-
publicnn prinuiplos, while she "eits sink
ing on .her, seven hills, looking over the
wcotcrn sens with an envious yet wistlul
eyo on the fair lands of America, while her
tribes of infatuated BUhjec'.e darken the
Alrinli'i, as they swarm like so many lo
custs toward the uteen hVlds of freedom?"
Again would I ask:. What is the mutter
with thoso blind political enthusiastic sym
pathizer 'of the great whore that siiteth
opon a scarlet-colored beast, full of names
Uf blasphemy, having seven heads and icn
horns?-. Aro llioy really afraid that Bab-
? lon the Great, will) her golden cup in her
iiiiid full of abominations and Gltliiness of
her fornication, is tottering and about fall
ingand going toi perdition 'into the bot
tomless pi(, from whence, alio ascended?
Oh I if you havo one tear lo shed do not
drop that tear over tho ruins of tho woman
drunken wilh the blood of the Bttinls, and
with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus I
(Rev. 17.) Save Oh, save that warm
thstrsrm pathetic tear, for a bettcr'nnd no
bler purpose 1 "And iVt Babylon fi.ll-'-fnlT
alio must. And nil. the sons of God, in
heaven and on earth, shall shout for joy :
'Hallelujah, the' Lord -Uod omnipotent
reignethl" '., ;..' ...
As my communlentlon has already be
come rather lengthy, I shall for this time
conclude in the words of one of our emi
nent HUtesmun, Guneial Jackson: "It is
time we should beeomt a little more Amer
icanized." And I would add,' Protestant
ized, tool '' ' ' Illinoisia.
- , CQLUMBUB.omO, - ( '
TRtlil'riOM. Tha proprietors luk great ploas
are in announcing to ise ciiisenswi v
oonseuuonoaof tha gaeaa satisfaetlou inauiieslcd ay
the Uvket-holdorsoflhelrSrsI great Bistrithtloii.arid
the ruauy thousand aollellutiaiiefron all parta cf ui
country. In relation to wheilier they Intci.d gelling
upauoiher Plstrlbutlou of Giltsfor h people, they
have, after an Imiaanaa outlay, been enabled fo offer
tolhelr thousands of patrons the roliowing
bio. magnldcent, and unprecedented BR1LL1ART
SCHEMK, to be distributed aa soon aa tha 3ee,CtO
Beautiful Engravlnga ofthe Canioi. or uhio
thair PitMiu.- The nrlco of the en
graving is bin One Pollar,andasaparlororuamautlt
cannot be surpassed. , j
Read allenltveiy the following net oi oamii'
aoatlyCina, which will be eatlsfuctortly dlstribuie.by
acominiltee often jelected ore from caili Hatewhora
the largest number of avjbserloers are oblate ad :
. I do III OHIO 8;
1 l. do .... - He- v -:
,' .1 Fdnr'stbrvBrlckBwellliigar.dLotjinCo- ,
tuinbus. Ohio i
1 , do . do' do do ' - S,M
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I Two-6iory Brick Building In ChlUleolke
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Engraving, will receive a CarliOcata of Membership
entitling them to a chance In the above list of valua
ble nd costly Gifts forth People. The Engravings
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pariotine country. r ,
jL'srna tsue xirsi oerrca.u
Persona wishing to atlas Agents fbr aa will nleaao.
send a recommendation signed by the Postmaster or
soineolher Influentlul and well 'known person Jn the
place where they reside.
to inose persons wuo nave Dean at ting as Agents ror
ns In onr formor Distribution, this Is not required.
AH oruern wiin lue money vucioseu, tree of postugv
will nieel with prompt stteutlon.
' VTTlKtrder to nrevrat ri(ai, trtntt and ttttrm
trantmittinjl raeaey rsas Will pltatt knot it staled tn
meprrnncr a tut wwimr, and tin amount tnttr-
cassias vny 011.
r.OOU MKDiniNES is t. astinaatad that Ivan's
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more to pronrnt the pablia health, than any otber
adSuum. Tharaaau h nn naettlon that Ike Cherry
Pectoral ha by iu thousand an thousand cures af
tOlUS, LOUgUa, Alllmi, VrOUp, Uiuuvwaa vrwuoain
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as good. a tho Paotuaal and. will tine mora, oos
plalnta. . ' .
blood from ilaimpnriUo. Purge the bowels, Liver
and the whole visceral system from obstructions.
Paras oat the diseases which fasten on too oouy, to
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tne svstoui, aemre n is yet too strong io )
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Is weak bus vhui it hu lake a atrong bolu.. Read
the astounding statement orthosa who hare been cur-
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aeha. Gout, and niauv less daneerous but still threat
enlng ailments, each aa pimples on tbe faea,. Worms,
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These tire, no rauuona aiittomenta. but are authenti
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PriceSS cents per Box 5 Boies for SI, 00.
Prop red by Dr. i. C, AVSH, Chemist, Lowell, Ms.,
onA Mi.1,1 ht- F. Ettkntnln. rinclnnati: Kauflman de Co..
and M.Z. Kreblor, Lancaster, G. F. Hawlln.Oaklan.lt
K. Kaib. stusnviu,aaa ay ait ueaieratn aieoicine v
ery where. . , September 0,lP55-2in 18.
. i. sMt naUss iiimIi ; . -
.., - WRITE) sk LAITA ,
ISealllngUisattsnllooofthspubllcto their new ad
vertisement, would embrace the Opportunity of re-
lutuli.iUielrUiSulstotnelrolit rneuas aua ma puuuo
vsuAnllT rnrthelr varv llbel nalrouaa III tlnil past.
aua wauia moat mspeetiuny aoltelta a eoniuiuaaee ui
tneaama, asuieyare oeterminea to spare no enon i
Bsaka U boot pleasant and proStabla to any and. all per
sons wishing lo purchase Hardware of any deaerlplion
of them, Feallag aatlsted with theO aiperlenee tn tha
bnainessand aaeaua of keeping up a large stock, that
thoy can offer groater Indncamnnta to the pahllfc Utah
aavstSr,taiJi,Ssi,s( i,ci!y reicill. Tlieyare
wen aware of in a neeeasity or email establishments
making up In blowlug and puffing what Uiey lack in ma
ny other particulars, thay wish therefore to avoid any
thing of that kind, and are aatlsBed after receiving their
entire new stock, which is now arriving dally ,thst a look
through their xic sscaeiisaewat will satisfy any
one that tb Oraal Hardwro Storo la the place to And
wnat iney want aaa at tow pnoee. l Uelr stock will eon
statin partes follows:
PtUaburgrJuulaUa Natil,Kvsikea Bratda
CAEPE.fTERSsnd BuiMera will please take nolle
thathe-new Arm of WHITE dr LATTA will sell
none but tbo best Jnniata Nails. - All Kaila aold by na
will be warranted. We have now on hand,
, 550KeesRails,8nlkesand Brads, - ' "'
850 Boxes 8x10, 10x19 ami 10x14 Cllv Glass.
,. 000 Kegs Wm. Wood dr. Co' Pure Vulte Lead, "
ju Dirni,uniD.u vui , , , '
Sttomlt of Patty. ''i'.' ''
tn addition to the above we have a very iarre stork of
Bildif Horiwo.ro of evry dlscriptlnn. which wil be
aold cheaper Utan ever. WHITE LATTA, . ,
Lancaster, April BJ, 1U34.
ft A A rk pounda of ROLLED IRON,
Wa niwnflt nil nr lnltnra l pft..Mi Jt-r. ,n a
A I ' U A R L E FAR. ISI agentsandcorrespondohts, aud oxpeit t'huni to dothe
w aw . - - - - - same wiin ns.
acres, a- . .
bonl SCO Acres of FIRST CI.AH Hocking f.m
bollom.nud the residue fair lint anu up- n Tna
lund, well limbered, and wutered b) uover fulling
Springs. I . . ' ' ' '. ,
Al.,,t RRVKNTY-THI1HK Acresof the Bottom lund
lies to the East of the Hocking Vulley Canal, and may
be sold separately If desired; but the premises are
connected by a good private uanai oriugo.aiio igeiu
or will make one of the best stock far ins In Cen
frttl m,tn. .....
The whole of the Bottom Land A about 80 acres of
tha ljinii are vmter cultivation. The entire nreinlsoa
aro euelwsed with substantial now fence uuu the uousu,
Barn, Grunorlos, ore. are good.
Possesion will bo given in lime tor putting out a
It can be arranged ir floslreri, lo retain tne larger
part of the purcliuse money for a term oi years t.i I
per cent Interest.
Fur full Information or tn the tirlce. terms cf pay
ment, dir. apply to Win. Burnett, Ki. n the preml
soa,orto P. I). K.wlng.,orthe subscriber tit Lnnrnsler,
July in, twaa -ttti .. . . -? - nr '"
lias jUKt received at the City Do oh Store
a liaw afpn.T or
Gilt Moulding for Pleliiro Frames,
ii.-h as Chenlol. worsted, working Cotton, embroider
lug silk, suwlng silk, spool cotton, Tupo, buttons, dto
riease cuu anu examine ins nioca.
Lancaster, august 311, IC.'ii 17
f'lieaper tlian' over before Offered Ii
TTPAgents wanted In every town, whom wo will
furnish with posters, circulars, ached ulea, Instructions,
oio..on aniiticntionat our omce. or bv mail nost natd.
For further particulars see descriptive bills, dec, or
onnuire at office, Ko.3. Waleirit'a Rlock,Town Streak
Columbus. Ohio. IIUKNK.U, A CO., Proprietors
JOHN H. SHAFFER, Agent for Laucastor,
murcn e, irop 14
Family Groceries, Uueenavar,oicMcVc.
fSElLX G. rJARDKNCHON has become proprietor.
S.' by purchase, m the Orocdry Store of II. B. Hunter
at wo., to wnivn n
AS lately ptirchnseil from P. Bopelils Interest In
the Hardware business, nnd in nililitlon to Ills hi-
readv liinre stock. Is now dally receiving, direct from
the J(i7currnurt ltnportr.ro, a large purchase ol
new goods, which will mnko hlaslnrk of Hardware 0110
ofthe must extenslvo to be found hi Ibis miirket. His
ruellillesfnr purrhnslng and nrrangometils with Mnnii-
fariiirors. wliieii are equal to any, win onaniu 111 m o
fT,,r all .loRcrlntlniiir of Hardware, nt lowtr nriceo than
ano otssrssfasifsamsar. t ne utteuiion oi riaweas
anil Mc hai Is Invited to the extraordinary Induce
ments now hold nut lotlirm In mo way or groat bar
rrulna fully sntislled that If inoy eonsiiiitiieirown in
leresl tliuy will be curtain lo call and examine his pri
ces before purchasing elsewhere, lly close attention
to business, and bv coihuiiiIIv keeping tin hand a full
and coinplcle assortment uuo Ihu best gonili, he hopes
In secure n large share of the patronage of tho Purine rj
and Mecnimicsoiiiie county.
( April LJ(1,JIH54.
ftttmrv niid rarrlntrn mnkprn
WlLLIInil.utlhe Hardmart start, opposite
tho ToHwndgt ewss, one of the lurgustand Irost
seleiieil slock of Trlnimlngj eor opened In thlsuiur-
net. ' con, sttnir in nan or
I loo Pieces bnaml'il Duck iiml Canvass,
f ' 13 " " Paucy colored 1I0.
1 II) " all Wool unil union llama, ks
50 Hides patoul anil Enum'lil Leather,
Brass niitl Silver Pluteil Hniids, Top Props,
' Sttiinn Joints. I.aces. Hnrltlir. A vols. eto.
Lancaster. April U, lr34 - ' JOIIS KFl-'INGKR
T011N EFFINOKK would Invite the altontlon of (,'sr-
I psarsi-sanil llouoo lloildmro to his large stock ol
House btilldlnit materinls. I hey will nnd eonslunlly
oil hand, the best .lunlatli alls, Snmnsiinu Hrans;
The mind appmved floor Locks und Uitehes;
Window Glass mul Ha.sh of nil slaes:
ConcMIn aud VViiimI's Pure Whlio Lend and Oil;
lloorniid llllml R Is. Fhon Hinges, Holts, ole.
Those about building w ill be certulu to save money
uy exnmining my prices before parcnutting eisowuura
April 0. leo-t. ' , , ; . ,
. nierlianlc,M Tools. :
C4DITK.I) tonll Iraileannd nfthn most annroved make
kllutcbor's Caht Steel, Firmer and Sneket'sffouges,
npear and jhck uirs t'usi nnu spring i.teei Kutrs,
iiiifccner s uouoieanu niugie nana irons,
Ohio Tool Company Planes, .
, 'Mnsonsaud Plasters Trowli. '
Cooper's Drawing knives, etc., for sale cheap by
"' '' '"'slHIItl tULIU W "
Groceries, Qncenawnrr, Hnta, Caps,
SONS tTS. SOOTS. SHOES, WAlt lim 1ID poll
1 ITOUI.D rvspectfullylnvlte the alUntlnnofever
V f nooy 10 tneir lurgennu wen ussorteti stork 01
hlrhhasro been selected with care, and will be Id
the lowest cash prices. May 3, 1P55-M
Tl SHOP tc FOI'M Dll V VARE-H04l.n
Jaiuea IiIoNanamr
VINO established himself In the manufacturing
1 in, uurrc.it unn Mii'.r.t-imin wakk in
e liasilist adifed a lariru and sunerflna
variety of Family Groctrlt,npw arriving and to arrive
from Cincinnati, and other marts. In making bis pur
chase he has had In view the aocommodutlou of bis
frlendsand dlsertninting public, for all seasons. He
coiniuvnus 10 meir attention, among oilier articles, at
yrivus nnu iHHUMi lad nisir, SIIIISIUCIIOII. i
CONFECT10NAKIESForuHkluds,for famlllof. and
imr,i:s. ' - - ,
L'onifiss,( I arragnnia Almnntls, English Waluata and
Draiuiuii is inn. r is unil usies. ,
Jetlitt, nnd tiolailuefor Jellies, Prunes, rVe.
Of Faniils Groceries be will nnlc niniillnn P),11. tin'
nurod and rrusliud SUGA H, New Orleans do., TEAK
Klo and Java COFFEE, Splcee, Molasses. Golden Syr
un. French Chocolate. Mushrnon Wahiols. Tnmutn
Catsup, nsplentlM lot of F.ogliok Viarg Client, and
other urtlrfes to numerous to put dnm n here. - -
mo, iori:i;,,ni.si,, i.ifiuors. urunnv for ine sick and
eoh vnlem'eiit, cigars 5 years old, amnnkiug and chewing
TOBACCO, Powder and Shot forthe Sportsman.
no win Ki'np vu nuun a vnnetyor faints, ra-nis
ond Japan of Ills on 11 niunufuctllre for the trade.
not wnat, ntnrge and mil assortment of Oatimswsrs
Enrtkn ware, t rsneh wart ond Enrlis h Olaitwart, al
YTT He hones lo obtain a fair shaltof tha nnhlle fhvnr
In his new undertaking, and looks for the approbation
nnd piitrniingn of his friends, flavin? Iwien compelled
to ruliuoulsll his former business as liilurlous tn heullh.
heu'lllmnkoafiilrlrlalortblSglnHeoirit will not frofll
inspiirse,ns wen as ins lira Mil. tr the experiment, (u
which lie will duvotti his iinilivliled ntteiitioii) does not
siiccocrl.hu will he able he trusts, tu servo the public In
some other naof til capaclt v.
I I., I tjltl IV r" T, I ..Till V.flM
i , . ..... . j . uanuKAi,aun,
DK VOL Is prepared to furnish all k Indaof STEAM
tsT la1 f"2rVal,kJ ,,I...HI . I ... ... . ,,
v r. -'- '-' -i' suuiuo,icu unu ut uiiieinnati
and Pitlsburg prices. '
Also, mi kinds or Mill Gearing. II. listing Screws,
R 'lrulullng Screws, Jack Berowsj Fuller's Screws aud
Cblor Screws.- . . , . ..
Mill Spindles of rasl Iron or wrought. .
iuiius 11 11,1 1, rivers, ore, eve.
ilu will also furnish Ihe PA RKEH WIIRF.I. tn suit
any head of water, and w ith either Iron or wood shaft.
Aianiiiu a 1 tiishun wheel lit up as above. The
pulenl 011 the Parker Wheel has expired and conse
quently they rnn be hud mud, cheaper.
nu biso continues to lllllKO liKVUlj'r- InKArflleju
MACHINES, nnd keejia a loU'ousluiilly oil huud: war
ran toil the best In Ohio.
A II Ihe nbovo articles will he made with esnerlnl care
Slid bv tin, IiohI work im.n. and will li wi.pniiil.i.l
All kinds orro pairing done upon the Shortest milled.
He also keena cousliiiillvon band. ALL K1NDH OF
CASTINGS, usually kept In a Potinilry. Ho lias roni-
nieien uis iront suop, ao that ttiose wlio cull run exam
Ine his work.
1 he known ntiullty ofthe work done at this eslab
llshntent for many yenrsiaal.ls the best gunrrantce that
111 iiiture, tne suiiseriver win labor to desire the pair
runuge ui mo pnniio. ne llivitesuxuniinaiion.
utnrnstor, wny iu, 1H34. ti. dkvol.
11 KPBLtOER dc TltOl'T,
fl AVE removed their Clothing Establishment
lifXrl to tha Taltmadrs Block, trot door Hosts
fi. 4 Talrs's Hard wort atoro, where they are open- 1
ng a lilrge end extenslvo assavrraenter frMlstr stVi
SUMMER GOODS, and are now manufacturing e.very
variety or rtr ami Ssmmtr Wssxr, wklek thov will
sell aa low s Ihe same quslllj or goods and word ean
be purchased at auy other eslabllshment in the city .1
Thelr clothing Uiiianiifactured underlbolrowu sunor
vision, and is consequently superior to thut which It
bjouglit from olh.-r places. Tbey have also on hand, a
tsootifnd noHsty. CaUaiCmissarsr, feting s , c,
which lliey are prepared to maiiufaetue to order. Tbey
have In Ihelremploy tbe best of workmen and ar al
all timea prepared to make thd best lite In U latest
Styles. JllltkeirWortwillotworramet..
Tbe nubile are reapeelfully solicited to vail ana ex-
anifno thclrstock, and whilo thankful forthe liberal
put: ounce the v have enjoyed, they assure their old cus
tomers auu uu oinura tuai me) win. iaeuT ki"
erol satisfaction both iu the quality and price of theii
goodsand work. - SPRINGER dt TRQVT.
i.oiici siui .Apr.. a, pi
TTAV1NO returnod to tho rlty and
I buililina in tho rear of the brick house, on the
earner of Brood ond Chrtnnt Streets, one square South
OJ ins JuarKi ' am, in.uiiua m.nuiHiuuu siuu o
lurge scale an me vanous articles
let, I,,, will lrenn?
wavsnn narwi. loretnar wiin a
large assortment of Clncliinati manufnclnre. His long
experience In ike business will enable Ulut to have
aiaiiiiriiptiirea al unine anu iillliorieu iroiu auruau Mia
vary best of work, and as he Intends to employ, .noun.
but me most sxttinit worsmcn um uw um uen ihhio
rials, he Hatters himself that ho will give general an
tisfnrtlnn to all who may fuvor lilm with their custom.
The public are Invited to cult ana examine tne as
sortment. The entrance to the rooms is upon itroaa
Stroul. D. Jl.FISHBL.
N. B. Repairing "lone on Ihe snoneal notice, anu i
. 1 .'ik . ri.....
tno neatest auu rnoas wurwi.a h,h,hj. v.,u,b
ronsonnble. . wsncqsler. way ifii.
ja. iurge scale all tlie t
Ui of Cublnet Furult
PWnnd Chairs. W hit
' 'always on hand, 1
,000 do Hammered Iron.
1500 pounds Cast Steel. H to S luoh square,'
oou ao x.ngiisn Dilator steel,
4S0 do Double Shear ,, do-,
800 ' do Gorman do
1100 . do ; ; Rpring t M :','H Vi:-;
000 do Amerienn Blister do 1
In store and for sale at low prices, by - in
April 19, 1854. " WHITE" ck LATTA .
LANE Irons, Chisels, and Qongoe, Bench Planes,
ouldlngaud Head, Match and I able. Hutcuetsana
Axes. Broad dc Chomvlni- Axes. Drawing Krrlvea
all kinds. Steel and Iron Sauares. Guan-ea nnd Trv
Sqnareaall ataea, lmprovod Boretng Machines, Hancf, '
Panuel, Tennont Hipping, .Web and Co ui pass Saws,
S,V9 su. luu 0U aaws, iim wlio
April su. u. . , ij sans 01 una.
4D01. French Willow Wagons,
S do Common- do.j Uo. '1 ,,J i-;
S do Gig Top Cabs
"ii. do Square and Rouud Cloths Baskets,
, 10 do Market Baskets, open and cov'd
!'.:.l Willow Cradles. dee ' -n f-:l
, , Rocking Horsesand Wheel Barrows', .
'' Pat Cloths Pins nn4 Grass Mntta, by '
w ni l E ot l,A t T A.
d A
. . IIAGUEailliOTYrES..
IHE subscriber lias removed his eslubllslimenllnto
his New Rooms fforthSids Main Street, ever ZinJt
SeBisk. and has fitted them up III a style unsurpassed
In the West. He hopes that the public will appreciate
his efforts !o please anil extend to linn a line nil patron
age. Every thing liasbeen done thutcould bodonelt
ensure surcessin every department ofthe art. and hii
plrtiirpsennnnt tiosiirpassua.. .x.uni utur.
n . M. rersons winiuuK "I luarinue nr. n ni hi., wqio.
rarlllllesroruoing ao nero. . "i
Hours from Oo'clock A. M. uutHSo'elock P.M.
Lancaster, November 10. 1805 S '
T ESPECTFU LLY Informs thocllUciisof Lancaster
aud vicinity, mat ne- nna nponeu anew voiiivc
Lioiiarv nsrtke foot OtSeo.eorner of Main Street and tki
rablic Square, Wliero ue will coiisiautiy "eei on iiouu
Raklinrlii 1,1, 1 1 no. In a manner warranted lo please,
OANnv mnliurnt'tlireo aim SOIU wnotroato una rstani.
IrpOf Saoias ned Tossero. the very best will al all
limes bo found nt the City Confectionery:.
. Iluviug procure) a room for tho purpose he will
be prepnred to neconiniodute Ladles anil Oeuilemen
with l a Carsst and summer refrdsbmebWr v
Lancaster, Jul) 30, lt-55 liitf
T HE 0D oitE TOKO,
In Skfftr't &ev Bloek, Sstwse the. ttiimtiie Jtouso
.,f aLffMt Hotel-. -
rAS Inal opened a large and boanllfiil assort-
I . ..r UL'tnV A k llf CUlTUFVn
rilHRnnilorsltna! respertfully ailvortl.se, the pub
M. He that bo bss on hand for sale, on reasonable tonus
tor cash, ueasvfef-s assorliueiitof
Fresh and Well Selected Medicinei,
Comprising every ernde nniehemlral. derived from Ihe
Veeeiat.it, Minernlond Animal Kingdoms, and used in
Jtitopntn.tr. llsgmeopatnte, Kttrette and Belanit practice
Thoassortinontembraecsnll lhotafei4s,J,esiaiifs
aieoS9ttr.ana Jluoeons t.xtraeto.secseot .
111s stock orriurgtcai tiistruiueiits Is or the best quality
A .Full Htock ol" Family Groceries.
Front hand Amerlrun Perfumery In great variety ,
llnvmia and common hogars. Chewing and smoking
Tobacco; best qttallly of Wines, Brandies, die., native
and lin ported, for medicinal uaot strong Cider Vinegar,
winnow uiussanu uiiiss w aro, togatnor wnn an tue
popular pntnnt medicines, and un enJlesa variety of
odds and andf bolhornainental and usoful
Physicians proscrlpllonsput up with great care by a
compeiontanu experieuceiiuispenser.
; - ' jn. a. snsiusni
Oct. 90, 1S54 ' JV. 100, Main Street, Lancmitsr
well assorted Stock of Confeetionerf, frnUs.eet,
Ha Is prepared, on short notice, to no uny kiui
d of
April 39,1854.
Anvllir, weighing from 100 to 295 pounds each
Solid Boxed Vices,
IS nalra Blacksmith's Bellows, ' '
Sledges, Hammers, Borax, St, for sale by
April 39, 1854; WHITE ox LATTA.
Farming Impleinonta.
Ctfm Dot. Cast Steel Pol'd Hoes,
ri,jW do 2, 3 and 4 Tine Steel Forka
,. , . M do Grass and Grain Scythes, .
' ' 8 do Woflord's Grain Cradles, '
. 30 do Keytke Snathes.
90 do Hayanu tirain nanea.
April 29, 1854,
A do Bramble Sevtbes. dee., cbean by
Vt ot LAI 1 A.
Wi have now on hand, and whlrh by onr arrange
ments with the manufacturers, we can offer at
their bill of prices with frleght added.
I .'insets udnt follows, , r ; 1 ..
1 100 " Hnokea, ' ' ' ' .' ' "
, .125 " , Hubs, ' ' .. :
75 ' Rent beat Rhafta " "
A A": ' "" BW- WHIT At ATT A
Ttn-Platc, Copper, AVr, Sec.
Boxes ICanrllY Tin Plato, ' "
uure and 100 Plato tlo . . .
I Conner
Sheet and Bar Zinc, '.'-;.'
,. Sheet Iron nnd Wire.
rniuiManil Irnil fflS'llA.hv '
Aprll?9 1 j54. I WHITE LATTA.
rluiei.t of READY MADE CLOTHING, to
iruthor with ascnoice snlecllon of Cloth; Cossi
meres and Vsstinet. All of which has boen select'
oil with great enro ami with speriul refurenco ta tho
wniitsaiid tnsts 01 liiisromuiuniiy.
His long oxtiMrlnnre III this brunch ofbnilnaas. Is
sure garautou Hint ids slock embraces the .'holi est and
best variety, mid nis nurennse nas misn nisae unnn sum
terms that lie cuu suit uttne timnDi i-usniui.is. i-Ki
BUM. - . ...
The public nro rospecliully rcquosiod to call and en
mine lils assortment. He bus on hand a general as
sorlmoiitof . ...... '
R u 11 n K K W ts It,
And Is at all times uronnred to accommodate his old
friends, either with un excellent article of Ready made
Clothing, or to MANUFACTURE TO ORDER, our of
the best matortul and bv most acrompllshod workmen,
any style of garments, F(iK nt.i a.iuhuin, in uie
best and most uisnionaine manner. Jin inconnuent, .in
this respect, unit he can gve general sutisinction.
Ills assorunulit eiuuracus a general vnnuvyoi ' ,
Linen Coats, Vestings, Suspenders,
Dross do Panluloona, ' Hosiery,
Savk do Cravats. Underslilrta.
Carpet-bags, together with all ntliorartlcles usually
kept in a ueiitiomiiii's r iiriiismiignioru, ana manumc
tltrea in tna most issninnuiiiu siyien.
Ithasheifit wnrrhdsed of well-established houses In
the Eastern cities, and will he warranted, to be made of
good niuterlut unu 111 a iiurnuie manner, '
11a resiiectiiiiiv 11 v lies ins 0111 euHoniurs uu iiumii
to cull at his new establishment, where he will at airy
times be ready to Wult upon thein with soon 000 us sf
nil i owibt kstss. 10 teat his promises, ne asus an
examination nfhis stock In trade nnu 1110 svie ana quai
lly ofhlamnnnrarlurw. : T. JOPiti,
ljtncuster. May 3. 1C54. .
PRINGSand Axels. Brass ami Silver Bands, Stump
voea, Enaml'd anu Patent Leather.
Llnlnrs. Moss and Maleuble Iron.
of other goods In that line, lu be had cheap al tho Ortoi
furrfieari CTorsor ... wntikaaAflA,
ijancnster, Apni vv, rn.
THE subscribers finvo now got tholr Now Flouring
Mill In full operation -and will purchase all the
good w heat that they can get, and pay the highest ,
market price In ensh, at all time w ben delivorod at
their Mill. We will also do custom work for the far
mers when orrists of 10 bushels ana Howards, every
thing less we will give flour in exrhunga. We wish so l
na nrrme tretfe ana wii aoiiror nour tn toe iTurrei
i) t tfrj part af the t-liy free of drnyiigo iftlie floor
oes not prove gooa return tne snuie aim we win run
der satisfaction. SNYDER A KENMON7:
Opposite Geo. King's woolen Factory.
mnrosior. unio, august jo, trM-inr
(lUCOIIOll 70) j
AIBS ! ' .t ' ' . " : '
AT THI :i..v t.i: .! ".!
New Warehouse, Junction of Rail Road
nnd Hocking Vallrf Ciinal. : ',.
DR8. WOKTMAK ck K AGM., " ,
4 T i '. ' SANDUSKY CITT, ' - . : ,
JOB diseases of tho Lnngs, hare made arrange''
' menu by which one ofthe firm will visit LANCAS-"
R,aad adjoining to waa every 5 or weeks, hereafr
tar, tor Ui purpose of treating Chronla dlaaaaaa, and
especially those of the Throat and Lungs. Our sy s-
Um of practice In long diseases la tha samara petnol. t
pie aa that practiced by Dr. Honors Dealer, of Kw
1 ora uity, via; ay otanicTan ihhalstior, uur sya. ,
teas of Inhalation was Introduced by the Bromptoa '
Hospital. In London) and need by the most celebrated. ,
PbysicWtnslhsrw, wilh most gratifying result. Fowr'
Sftiis of the esses ware successfully cured.
' Thoso resldlag at a distance by writing to at, aeen- '
rataly deeciiblug their dlsessa.caa be aupnUad with. ,
tb tuhaling aparatua, medielhel and direction suite's .1
to tbelr wants, sent by express. To satisfy the pubUei ,
whose patronage wt solicit, that we are bonest In onr' '
assertions and Inloatloo, w refer them to the follow ,
lug notices by the press el homo, where we are knowa
and lo numerous oeruMloate heretofore published! ' , ' ,
Theeertineateofouoof Dr. Worlmah'tnallenU fcp
pears tn another enlunsa.' We are assured by a son-. ' .,
tiemah who la familiar with the eaae, that 11 was a hop;
leaa one apparently, bat that the eaeoeavof Dr. Wort.. '.
man baa been complete. It ta bat Justice to the Pbyf ,
sieian that rerof olllon of his merit should be atU- .
JtrrTblsmsycertlft lhstlhaVS been enreS byfH
halation, (aa practised by Dr. Wortroaa, of this oily, of
an affection or my Throat and Lnngs which was const' '
deradby my frlends,and numerous medical men wlln
w horn 1 advised aa honelesslvlneurabla. Imakathta' ' '
"element with the hopoof perenading other, whoaso
atUlcted in Ilka manner, to "go and be healed," MJ '
neviug aa i moss armry ao, that the Inhaling treatment - -la
the only proper and effeetual method of treaiing ' "
diseases of tho Luuga and air Dasaages, and Uust ky.lt.
a cure Is almost certain to effecteiL
-. b. 8. ORHWOLDi . ',
Late nastorof Wellloaton Bantlst Chnrcb. -' '
Bellerne, July SSth, 185J. .'
mpDr.W.L. Wortmsn. aa will be seen bv an ad
vertisement in another eolumn, has effected a report '"
nershlp with Dr. I. E. Nogle, late of Philadelphia, a ,
gentleman possessed of mueb ability and sclentlSe St
lalnwionts. We have bad tbe pleasure fldklnlt ?r.
the credentials and recommendations of Dr. Neglo,
and from the flattering manner In which he la spoken,
of, cannot hesitate to Present him to onr clllron and ''
1th surrounding country, al a physician In whom tho
utmosteonOdenoecan be placed. J)r.aWortman la for ' '
lunate in Having mad till arrangement ono that ,',.
wlllaadrreshlaurelstotndle already gained by mm
in his extensive practloe. Dr. Wortmsn'a sucoeaa Itv,
ike treatment of affection of the lnngs is unquestioned, "
aa many oertiflcatea of persons whose atatsmenu can, .
no retiea upon, wilt prove. Mirror, '
Dr. Nsgle will be at tta Talmndgo Honjetn Laocas
ter, on Wednesday anil Thursday, September 10th ana. .
SOth. AIU16 National House, Clrclevlll on Friday . '
and Saturday, September Slat and SSnd Inst. " ' "
Tkose afflicted with diseases ofthe Liver, Spleen, -,.
Stomach, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Scrofula, Fits
General Debility, Lots of Appetite, affecllonaof tbe, "
Eye and Bar, Female complaints, Ulcers, vonnrmea
Gonorhasa, are invited to call. No charge for eouul- ,
talloq. Charges reasonable In all eases.
' - " 1 UKel. nuKinsn 01 sswi.fi.
TTfOne ofthe Srm will alwava be found st 111 .
office. No. 4 Msrkei Street, Sandusky. 1 ." 1
tieptemperOjieoa in . ? - . ; 1
wnoLnsu alio irrut bivLas IK
faia jlrfet,asarfyraaics las Tollmadgt House.
4 GAIN takes pleasure In calling the attention of his
t customers and country merchants generally, to .
tlielargest stock of Copper, Tin and Sheet-Iron manu
factures ever brought to tills market. He taken gWirJ ;
pains to keep eoustantiy on nana a large variety n
every thing that can possibly be wanted In his line, and
natters uiuisetl maiirom uis lougexpenenco mmo . .
Tin and Sheet-Iron Business,
he wilt be ablo to give full satisfaction to all who may-'
favor him with their work- Having a practical knowl- ..
edge of thu business, his selections are made with ' '
view lu aurauuiiy, aiyi aua cheapness.
Manufactured to Order.
He also keeps in his emptor some of the best workv -V
en that can be secured, and always having on band .
the very best material, it enabled to manufacture to "
order anytuing anti overy unng uosirauio in nia line.
In as good sly is aud on asfulr terms as can anjwbvfil '
behadi.. ' -
All kinds or Stoves, &e.
Never In the historv of Lancaster war there an ostab-
Uahmen that kept on hand a larger and more complete -
asaori,. llstoves, of all kinds and varieties. He Is '
also prepared with a large number of Firs Ora(s,and ,
fortho accommodation of hlaeustomers keepson Ira fid
a large quantity or Fire fines-, manulac.lu.10a express- .
ly with a view to putting up Gfale ? .
In flue, auy anu every'tbing needod 10 nia line can bo
secured by giving him a call, and al prices aa reason- 1
able as can be obtained In auy other establishment In r
the btate. inasmuon aa nis present stoea is greany
atiperlorto his former In qnanlity, quality, ranoly anil
To Carrlago and Bus;aT Makers.
C-iPRINGSand Axels. Brass ami Silver Bands, Sti
k"5 Joints and Ton Props.F.iiam'd Drllls.Duck and Cnn- c,eapnoas, he feels eonHilent that person giving him
,an uescriptiiMis neau 1 . C11 wll g0away highly dellghtod and amply aalisnVrr
etc. A groat variety I . ' "u ui. keens cnnstniitlv onliaml
a large Slock of Steel Plows,
1.. c. BUTCri,
'Si'VroULD reipsctfblly Inform tho
wm cttiisutoi Lanuasisrsnu viciiii
ty, that h haaoponad Shop In Man
mrt how. where neie ureDarea lore
pairaiixinua oiwaicnea, vtocxs anu
trpAll work warranted to psrrorm wall,
Lancaster, June 14,1111 Oif
Buiidinr, one Door Wtstottke Hoekinw ration
Bonk, It prenared lo furnish die people of thlt county
with ovory thing tout may b needed In hit Hue. He
;eeps on nano every rnrieiy 01 l uurtixiu anu naAl
N(t STOVES for WOOD and COAL, consisting In nart
bf the Lkin Air Tight, Western (4neon, ' -
Triutnpn, duck, rretineiiuand I'rorerenre ror vvonn
ad Black Diamond tor Coal. Also Ploughs, Plough
Share,, Sugar Kettlet at Hollow-war, All of Ik above
articles will be sold at low us can be bought elsewhere.
11.. , , . . . ..-..11.. . . 11 v . 1 .
nv iiiiiK, viiuvu, svsbisiij ,v cnn anu vsaiinns ins
stork.' . James mcmanamy.
N. B. House-spoutlng dtlobbingdou upon short no-
tic. Old Copper, Brass, Pewter and Irou taken In eg
oliangefor auy ofllie abova aitlclua. J Me.
i.aucotter, may 1, teas ,.
- Book Bindery, ..alienator, Ohio.
, TlLANKBOOKSforCotinlv
J omces.jnttlcet' Blanks,
Dockets, Double and Single
Entry Ltdgers. Journals, Oat
Boots. dtc. Ac. Also. Bona
Binding of vry description
don ta 0 Uotl tatlsfactori
try iv. .
Aiioraora.nT letter PTOtnr
wis, nromptly attended to.
Orders for Binding can b left at lb Gilt Offle
or at the Bindery, na Msln Snreel. In tb room former
ty oocaTnta By col. r. van Trump, as a Law ooic
anu nvariy opposite vr. n.riar-a rntanc.r '
ircmnr is, itsm ill , . j, KUCikni.1
li i 1 s
f tTltmnJlhov fundi oy the itrtt otlM.
V Augnsi. ' And we wlih allbsr e-V)V
toman wnosi accounts nave not t'. a
aettleA for tha last slti months to call and -. Ii
oiuse tnem oetore mat ante. - - - .
Lam tster, lulj 111, IP li.
IS8E8 DE BKRTH0LT8 have re
turned to Lancaster. and will be bap
i rocoive nunlla for ln,lrucllon on the
land GUITAR, at tbelr residence on
Bread Strrtt.jVorth of Mi in Sirttt, in the kenseformtr-
lneer.upitdktJokn W. Wtntsr, and hope their long ex
perience in teaching music, ami tne unremitting atten
tion paid to th Improvement of their Pupils will Insure
I a portion of public patronage.
Minn a. v. UK Mt-.lt 1 hui. l will roooive a class lor
Embroidery and Ciuivnst work; . .
MISS M. G. UK HKKTHOLT baa opened an Ela
menlary School In Ihe Butement Story of the Rptsco
pal Oil u rob. j . ., : May 1, ItW-l :
' ' mr. 8MAI.LET, ".. 1
TT AS lust received his SPRING and SUMMER
I I ply of HATS di CAPS at hla old stand, op nosilo th
Oat Dear JCoal of thtjlvckinf Voiles Bank, South id
Mmn Street, Lancaster, Ohio,
T) ERPECTFUI.LY solicits the attention of hla Mends
I n. ami ciistninHrs. and all that mnv waul Groceries
01111110 will lie so kind as to give lilm a call, both from
tho city and country, to my superior and complete stork
of Groceries, Just received, oiuurucing in pun tne 101
Irtwlitw rt(f.f.,N! ' ' ' -
JAVA anu nil' liurrrx ,ouna. iiysun
&Jl Rlnek and lmlierlal TEAS: Now Orleans Sugar,
Cm : l.nf. Crush 'oil and Pulverliied: Rice, Golden
aMA Syrup, P. II. Hvrup, S. H. Molasses. N. Orleans
ilo..rlriiiiirn. trfiiiimis. Kiilslnns.. Flo's. Prnln. Almondw,
Peeons, Vllbert,Uoeo Nuts and Breail NMts.Hrled Heef,
Dried Tongues anil Cincinnati x;urua riiiins, r.ngnsn
Dairy I'lioeae and W. K. Cream uo.,t npice,t innnmnn,
Lloves, nutmegs,
XI ii.,,1.. t..,.t... . .nil (ltwnr.
itili.-ai', hibi'lvi w.-j.
Sal Soda, Cr. Tartar, Salmratat, SUtrtb, Saltpeter, Ext,
Iiffwnnfl. Indian. Maililer. Alum. etc.. etc,
Soap, Cnudles, Tabs, Bueketa, Brooms, Wash Boras,
Hasten, etc., etc.
A On lot of Chewing Tobacco, also Smoking do. and
Clears: Wines and Walker's Burton Pale Ale, a gener
al stock of Notions, Toys, and great many other articles).
. ...... 1,1 " 11 . pt'iiu, Ul
may 1, teas. . ; n. fl'"l'wol'fu'
huh un, ikwd sfieciru win, ism a
JEvery variety t HnltkCa
J.J Including While Beaver, Molskin, ,
and t China and Pedal 8trnw and Lei
. WILLI 4 HI 8IIUTT, - - :i
On Wheeling Street,
S now offering th ptiblie r-,T?,sr,
atvlennd variety of Carriages (.-'iWl
ancIB'uggles unsurpassed for beauty, durability and
cheapness by any thing ofthe kind ever offered In this
section orunio- rinving svrureo tne services wi u
moslaeeompllskcd workmen, k Is able lo compete
witnany siniuur oeiaoiisament, si est ui tuw iuuuu
tslns. My material is all first quality, an d all work
warranted for on year. Persons uetiron or pur.
, basing will pleas eall and xamlM my stock.befor
purcha, Ing elsewhere. -
TtTHa llsnnTnnredto Psiatand Trfa, any work
persons wish done, at at reasonable rates as nnyflrm
lath city. ; ' nm nnu 11 ,
Laacs,ieT( aprllM, 185V-40 ,ft 1
TaUmadgt Heme, Main Btrtst. l.oneosttr, Ohio.-- HI
stocc has been selected wnn care anu etnnrace
Hsts: Men. Bovs and Chlldrens Pnlm Leaf, from 19 ! to
37 ) Also Men snd Boy't Fur and Wool'Kosanth Hats,
Boys and Chlldrens Fancy Hats, which will be aold at
the lowest prices. Leghorn Hats washedand bleaches'
at tho shortest nolle. TTTDoti'l forget Ihe plac.
May 5, 1854. M M. SMALLEY.
Stagemcn and all who have a good Horse,
Is O O k XI Th tt Va
: av TJKNNET f GARHKTT respectrnlly reminds
fT Ijyou IWU he Is sllll hammering awy on
,5Crooi(Slr.eliat Citf of Laneostsr, where he
- mV la al wav. no ka.il tn LrSml erlnuled horse.
Aiiaxuerleiiee nfnearlv 40 tear,. and many year of
that time uiuierme Instruction man eminent vcmrmi.-
niirveon.aiiBhlnahlai in ennndetiliy nnaeruxeine
most difficult cases. In SHOEING h hold himself
second to none. ' ;
nit reputation II now ao wen snow u mv i-
tr Aisesare sent to mm to oe snou irom most im
' f ALFRED MoVEIGII, -ittoSit."ip
roewtxLi. t istv, it'tttcw bf ,
, rit ann intitAt. inn sotST ,
.'.Vwci";..' . Lascatatcr, Ohio, , ,
WIl Lrlva attention to thcpurchaslngandsolllt
of Rat E, tale. also, to lli prooarlng of
liens raid Boonty Ijinds.' i ' , i
OFFICE In thn Brlulc Block,-nearly nppoalto '
Hocking Vullr) Onnk. may 10 IBM
U ilnelghborlngeillesandtowna. His Shoeing Shop
V oecommouationtar ao annua mat uu mmnu.
or delav will ever ocenr. BENNETT GARRETT.
Lancaster, August f4, 1854 13nil0 - -
F. : C. DIVTZ ,'-u i.:
, , T RESPECTFULLY Informtlhe elll
L' XV tent of F airfield county thathe hat
J-fir recently put up new vamnge nnop,
-at- imsiea'ialfis'rr WhitsSf LattJ
Hardware Store, Otntro JUtv, Lxmsastsr Ohio, whew
he will constantly keep on hand and manufacture
v..ii. r,.hlrl. his line.- -
yrjKepairmg done on mot nonro, anu ine -
ivorable terms
Dec. 14, 1M4-M
- Clnclnsnti, Ohio.
miie nndorslrned. having again assumed the man
J agement f tills wH 'known establishment, begs
leave lo sav to those wno visit uincinuaii, rimer lor
bnsinesa or plaasure.that thoy will find the Broadway
rtotei one ot tne most convenient anu uaairvuia sioj,
nlna- nlaee. In tha eilv.
Itlseonveiilaut to th Ball Road OIBoe and Depot,
and the Public UnuliiiK more so than any o'.bor Hotel
In Cincinnati and Is within a few minutes walk of the
Post otnee' the principle business localities, ana tne
pianos oi ruouo ' inusouieni, - - "
An extensive rang of Bathing Rooms and Bar
ber's Shan will he found In tha Building. -
This hi,ii kn.nll the comforts and convenience
llial can be found In any Aral class Hotel la Ihe -West,
The whole establishment has Just been thoroughly
overhauled, renovated and re-fltmlslied. and the
Praurivtor feels assured that those who units nia
his house their home during their stay In the City,
mill havn nn rnautn lo nninnlaln either or niaacrom'
Hioeallone or his charges. JOSEPH 11. CROMWELL.
September 13,1855 19tf ,,
D- R. HOCKEY, afteran experience of fourleea
, yonrsln the manufnclnre of Piimpa,nnd tho
rough Investigation Into their durability, feels oa0
ueui he can now recommend his , ,
Superior Fnncy M'ood Pump
asiielngsiirpnsSedbynone manufaetnred in thlt re
gion of aountry. Having been thorongly tested by
the oldest cltiinnt In thlsand aifjoinlng countles.they
have boon unanimously prpnouueod superior to an
Olheiras-nid far surpassing fh Chain Pump In dura
bility. I will nmuintlv aileiidlo all onlorsglven var.
bally or eent by mail. Persons ilesirlsg an- exee4lwA
and durable Pmp will please call, as I feet oonSv-
aeniiuni i ean renuor oniira jiisiovi. s.
gtnuln except thoso manufactured by the stneVr
Ened,aslielsthesoloproprlelor. ;
llhopollt.Msj ai,185J-mt D. B. HOCKEY.
WE are prepured to handle Goods of ull descrip
tions ul thu lowest possible rules and with the
utuinsiaespau.b,(sar uosiis ears OJ Jtjrrleo, trtoeter
L'e., Lancaster, unto.) Ail txonas eousigiieu to us
shall receive prompt attention, dc Iffor trunstitpiiionl
will be forwarded the quickest and by the cheapest
possible mode. By strict attention lo business wq
nope to receivenua merit ine patronage ni m-s puune.
February X2,1"jj. . jtrr rtltn, nuun oi t;u.
Wauted immediately, 60,000 bush. Corn
'; 80.03O ' Wheat,
Forwkickwe will paf the higktst market price in ensh,
HAVING establislieri ourselves In the produce bu
slnoss, Furmera can at all times sell us all k lull I
ofGrnln for tho eash at murkel prlrus. Another ob
Ject, we can weigh your entire load at one draught and
it n ond wilh hair 1 10 t nieoranv oinor vt narcnousein
Lancaster. As ourpluu Uaiillrely new, to all we In
vite investigation, . JoPrR l-T.n, VfiyvrH ox tu
lAncaster, rorbrunry 'a, ibos n
of Cincinnati and Clrclevlllc mas'
'iffarture . . '
Lancaster, March 8, 18S5- it '' .
. 5 .
Fruit ond Ornamental Trees, Ate.
RJ. BLACK would call the attention Of HI
-frlenda and Ui publlo generally, to the flno
stock of Fanrrand OaNaHaaTSLTaaxs, Hhitos, Vinks,
ore., Wkirii be oners for aaie tne cowling rant as vuy-;
Nursery, Hire miles east of Bremen.
Hiistrrek consists of Apple, Pear, (both standard and
dwarf.) Qut'acs, Peach Plant, Apricot, jYeetmrine and.
Vnerrp frees: ejrapo rineo, (,-erreais, ntoooooorrxoo
Raspberries, lee.: and Oraasttato! Trsas detidoooet
ntti Eoorgrem. . v ' ' :"-
None but the rg teet frill OWnd well-grown frees,
will be aent out from the Nursery; and ovary variety '
la mtarronted torr'tUt having boen propagated by the-.
pro pre tor nutrovttiter unaer nit immeaiate airection.
No trouble nor expense has been spared during tho
last six years In obtaining th best fruit h th coua '
try, and a visit to th Nursery, or an examination of
the Catalogue, will allow thai he has one ofthe flnest
collections of null In uentrat Uhlo. .. ..
Orders from persons who Dud It Inconvenient to vlttl
Ota Nursery will be promptly attended to. If address)-
ca tome proprietor at nuonvii.i.E.,unio.
liescriptive uataiogtitra raransavn gratia. -
Th. r. I In wl i, v a.., ii 1 1 in nn am Krnrrred IawB. W.
CkULisi.1, GreonOeld townshlg! Cnsni.c Dasssirrl,
Esq., Lancaster, OhloJ Vn, fl'ouasa, Uulllinore, Ohio,
Kev. K. M. HRlrlMT. aai
Soptombwr SO, ISM. , , ., . , . : .. Suit .
204, Fifth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
ATE Mrs. R. M. RICH. Is lust now onenlng
a Sulendld stock of new Bennets, HlbbOfie
reach Flowers. Feathsrsi Trliamlnare
die., suitable fer th FALLTRA DE.o Which she would
respectfully Invite th of ber easleastrs. Her
stock will be kept replete throughout Ihe season, (by
daily arrivals from New York) with all that Is he and
bo-utiful In hor lin of business, and at tho lowest
cash prices. .
Country Merchants nnd Milliners will Snd It to their
advanlago to look through her Wholesale Doparlmeiit
before purchaalug elsewhere -
$04, Fifth Street, between Elm and Plum Strevis.
Clucinnatl, September SO, 15520
Peacock's Improved : Steel Plow,
Waranted in all respects equal ond in
sume Superior to any other now in use.
THIS factory has boen In operation during Ihe last
33 years, but for the last few years thulr atten
tion has been given particularly to the Improvement
of Ihe Steel Mold-Board Plow. . Any amount of Moil
nis, Diplomas dir., can be shown, but wo rely more on
lit reports of fanners frmn different parts of the
country, where they have been lu romiiettlion wilh
other popular Plows, than wedo on their bulngjiulg-
a ny siglltoreven a siigut triniata isir.
A large assortment of tho different sisosconstantly
on hand, which can be seen at our warehouse or by en
qulry at our Book Store 45 Mnln St., Whltu' Block..
Itvery r-iow soiu ox us wiirraiiiwu.
JtttsrS) Sail's Old Stand, Main St., Lancaster, Ohio.
RESPECTFULLY solicits tb attention of all who
may want Groceries to his new and large Stock
ou hand, embracing In part, the following article:
Young Hyson, Imp. Black and ftunpdwdor TB AS;
New Orleans, Crushed, Loaf ami nnlvertxod Sugar
Golden and Sugar House Syrup, N. O. Molasse)
Kleo. Oraugea, Lemons. Figs, ttaliln. Filberts
anil Almonds;
SugarCnred RAMS; Dried Beef, Bulonga Sausage,
Cheese nnd Spices;
Snaps, Dye Stuffs, Candles, Tubs and Buckets;
Washboards, Brooms, cVc., drc. ' -ALSO
A Sue lot of ChowlngTobaeco, Smoking do
Foreign and Domostlc Liquors, Notions, dec.
t feel assured Urklall who may favor in With a eall
will notgo away dissatisfied with uiy prices, even If
iney snouiw no. oeinnucsMi to oiiy.
1,. . r.. davs 1 will haee I.AKK FIS-ILof all kinds
N. B. COUNTRY PRODUCE take In exchange for
Groceries. Lancaster, June 14, lfs0tr
v . now,
n AS Just received and la now opening a general
assortment of DK V OOOHS of ererv variety
usually found In Dry Good's Irade, consisting In psrl of
Cnlicos, Prints, Lawns, Gingbnms,
Brownand Bleached Muslin,! , Set lOiinarSheelliigi
Black aud Fancy Dross Silks; Butanes; BurngosJ
Alpaccas, plain and figured;
Llnenand Silk Handkerchiefs and Cravalst
Bounetsand Bonnet Ribbon; Cloths and CastttOroa;
Satlnetssnd Flannels', Checks, Tickings, and
Men's Summer Ware of all kinds,
together wilh a variety of other goods for Ladles and
Gentlemen. All of which have been purchased nt
verv low prices, A will be aold equally low iotCASU
His Store will be found two doors West of tho Fair
Held County Savings Institute and opposite Shreffer't
Hotel, Lancaster, unio. - may 4, ie a
.' ""!:- - t'Hti FIAI K i '.
HAS Just received and Is opening for tale In th
cltv of Lancaster, on Main Street, at the well
known stand In Dr. Shawk's Row, opposlt George
Kauffman's Drug Store, a large, new and splendid ss
sortmeut of th most faahlonabl ,
which will be aold al great bargain, ne I am determlo
ed lo sell at Ihe lowest figure for eash. He moat re
spectfully solicits reaaonaois snare oi puouc patron
age, aa I expect to eontlna In this place for year, to
supply "he clllious In the richest clothing. All who
wish to purchase clothing lam ikaMted will do wall tr
give hi in call, at I shall be enabled wlfh fhettock of
Goods on hand to gratiiy th taste or tho mosl fastid
ious dandy and bieobanle down to the honest farm
er. I shall be enabled to conduct the business In lb
German, French nnd English language. ', .
Laneaster, June 81,1B44-Jra7 i -
KMUr.u unaer tna sear, emcima wnw buiuh"!
I the University of FREE MEDICINE and Populaf
Knowledge.- cnarterea ny tne ntate oi raim.yi ..T.r
JGRV BB having relumed to Lancet r and Intend!
, to remain permanently In this elty, end kavlngre-
eolved Inirtraruonsireat an experience iicniisi iron
the city of new York, and obtained a knowieogoortasi
buslneas,now respectfully letidors his profssionalss?r
vlcesto cltisensoi Lancaster anu tne puoiic generally.
He ts orenared to perform nil otierallon upon th
Teeth, such as Extracting, Pinging, Fllling,regulatln
the Teelh,ireating spungy or ueeeasea uum, ueatroy-
tng Norvet, ramnving rarusr, to,
ArtiflcialTeeth Inserted on Gold Plate from one to
full set: also Artificial Crowns set on healthy roots
without pain, to at to antwer all tha purposes of mas.
Mention. :.. i ..,-' .- '.'
i Every c-poratlon4n Dentistry essential to preserve
and beantify the Teeth, and give them a healthy ao
tlon,and Improve the breath, health 4Tatte,performed
on moderatu terms. Ladiesintiie cltv or connty,!wlll
be waited on at their respective places of residence, If
11 be requesiea. no cuarges mtuaor examination or
Ain.iillattnn at his nfficfl. ''".'
OFFICE On the Northeast corner Of the Fablle
Senare, ono door from Main street. , c
Lancaster, September Se,154 St ' l - "
April W. 1S53, with a capital of $100,000 mainly for tho
purpose of arreatlng lb evils of SPURIOUS NOS
TRUMS, also for supplytngth community with rfcll'
ble remedies wherever a competent physleian ao-S
or will not be employed, have purchased from DrV
JOHN K. ROWAND, his celehv-terd Itotar !'
Tonic Rllxtnre, know for 'jowty-flv years
lhaonlyiar ana ear ear lor rv y cL''"","Xx7'
jt,. .n.i hi. inK.tim.hl Htmedv for BOWEL COM'
JLINTH, Rowanda' compound Syrup of Blaekberry
Hoot, which nigniy approvea anu pouum. ..-.---r
together with tho University' Bemody for oomplalnte
of tbe Lnnga. The University Remedy for Dy'Pfr"
,la srlndigettton. mo university -a wiq -live
Bowels. Alsoth Uulvsrelly' Almana may he
had at th Branch Dispensary, or Btoro ft 4 -
. bbbhy, Bremen, rairnonvouu.j, w.
: B. OONNELL, City Book Store, Lancaster.
May31,1855-19m it. Z. KHKLDEK. :
LtrSKIlfO : tBLASSIESl. ' - '
.. . . . . m r.rwtW1
tr AM nt all time prepared to rurnisn ""'
I GLASSES In Mahogany, Walnnt or Rosewoo.
Prarnea, Looking Glass Plato, Pletur Frames, e.
Iso, Gilt Frame, masses oi an - i
ortralt Frames, Pielure Frames, and a Sn'lJI'
rrtment crl Pictures and Oil Painting;, at wholetwo
id retail, at the lowest prleo. . J;C' Yi ohi'oi.
No. 9 West Fourth 8lrtot,OiMlnna4l,Ohlo
atarckB, 185J 44 . . . , J -

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