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American Lancaster gazette. [volume] (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, October 25, 1855, Image 1

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i On -half
lie.,,',:, e&aw.
' TuH 4utrtMt Vtt U Mlvllaca. at nwawtna'
taoir aWertUBianU . - . .
1Tj,BioMCanl, nal zltaf nna tqaara will
a iawtted, tot aabacriban, at $6,00 pet r; aon
tiaatitaera will as charged 18.00. . ..
Tktair4lr MorniBB . 8a
11 1 4 -.
tb baaaiTas ariLua aataoaa (tiaaW,
Solemn, yat aaaotlfal to rw . i c-i -n: n-
; -Maala Xmi hoart tU 4awat kora,
... VCUaaad4 faded laea to llrew "
the aumtaor'a aaalaaeliotj blat. . '.;
. .t'ha ntaaalitfior tar wlndal hear, -(
' ' Ai the re4 anneal dleafBr i V
' Atfd ba etputpU alottda appear,' ' 'p ;'
.', .Ovtcwlngeveqr trertern iarf '.
Thou eolema moiiUil 1 hoar ,lh toloe
. , . , It tellt inr dal of other daj. s .. j , , .
,; AVfcan but lolW waato ojolea, ., - f
1 - Whoa earth wa tovely to WJ faia.
' ' O tlalont bright! O bleated hurI .
Where areUy llvlnf rapHdrea ; j
t art mr tplrlt'a w eared power
I aak lay pale and farered browf ' -
A IlooW tonalurt ani behold .
V;. MrHlfe't dim eubtem roatllng ronnd,
In hueaof erlmaon and of fold i, ...
The rat' dead honor on the ground .-.
And alg'hlng with the wlnda, feel . ( n
White 1lr low pinloui tuuruiur by,
flow much IUlrwaplngton tr'
41 i:fjal haman dortinjr.
Whon aprlnt'l uollghtioiue momrhtj tlioae,
f". ' Tfcoj earn In aophyrt front th Wt .' ,
.- They horcthJ wood-lark'amaltliiglono, ( -.
a. "Tbiyatlrrad thbla laoglyh"f
Through umiaer, falhilng 1 n the heal,
" " The lingered In the forut hailu ' '-
. But tfhanged and ttrengthened now thoj Wat ,
. In doniu, o'er mountain, glon, aui (lad.,
i' .Wo liko"tlo tranliartjotlho bMaal, ,
y - Whn life I froth and Joy la now, ; '
? rStrt at ihJ hnlcyon'a downy netl,. ' , .
' And Uaatient ail,a thoy are tree!
Th y aUr IhJ Ittret In that bright wreath
'' f ". Which Hoik about her foruhead twlnra; "
' Till grtuf 'a hot tight aroand it breathol
'- The Pleaturea Hp It woille tlgni -
Alua! forllme, and Death and Carol
l ,: What gloom about our way they Stagl ,, .
. tilka cloadi la Autumn'tgaatyalr,
, huHnlt partaMturbllrliig.j , &
The llteaittl laai each uecettUe year
Beemcd batbad In llnea of brighter rvlde,,
"lCAllat Ilka withered loara appear,. ,. .
And lepldarkncMtldebyide. '' - -
FromCkarmbera' Journal. . ..
.One'fine summer morning, 'a fcw"fWs
since, there was .wobdttrtul eottemenl in
die Iriah viUnL'e of BitllydooleK All the
I llumon. women l and cbii lren in the nuiglf
borhooJ,- comprehending ' about nine-w-nlhi
of the! population were assembled
Wlhe large level common winch served as
a race-course and gsllinar-ttfrjen: and ail
tlirontfdd ioWafd aotne bW in the oen
tre. which formed the nuclens of the
"Vf'f'Ye, then, what's the name oMt at all,
at all V demanded one rajged uatsoon.
"Is it tied to the tail of it he'd going to
ifo up . asked another. ; . .; . . ;
- "Ah. don't be foolish 1" exoUimed an
olJ mini the" 'sonse-caTrier of the' district;
. 'don't yfl e tho long ropes.his'u gotnj; to
hold on bv ?'' . ...'
r ."Well, .well 1", gro'anbd an oil. woman,
Ukina her dudten or short pipe out of her
rnouiu, ana sues in ij n, ih$umu, t
within the folds of her cross-barred eotton
neckerchief. ' tlwm niilish are mighty
ouare doobIo:'' I'm'snrewhen Wer heard
tbat this Mister Brown, with bis sacks of
goold was coming to Ritclarm, after buy
ing out the rale ould stock of the Dcasys,
We thought htt'd-have, carriage and horses
gnlore, and maybe a fine yacht in the harbor,-but
it never entered the head A any
tone of us that aotBlnff.lcsi.would, serve
him thaiy going ooorsing throngh the air
like a wild eoose At the tail o. a balloon,'
6r whatsomerer thev call it." '":t.
. "v For some time past tho prooees of inflai
tinsr the balloon had been Eoinz'.)n i and
now the great trail minted orb towered
tremulously above the beada'ofthejrapinz
spectators, and pressing against the cords
by wblobit was beld down, it seemed only
. . .1 u!ulv tLL L 1.1 . I
. to await oe arTiTBi1oi, viictifuiu tefvnnuy iy;
dart upward on its way.. ..;. m
'iHera belsl'.'etijlaimed.'the, iputwari
straggler of tbw. erbdf nd preseatly
earriaga 4rewVupr 'and .out' stepped Mr.
Brown, the Enfffish. millionaire, Who had
lately oeoome an insn janaeu proprietor.
Ifr. Brown was a little dapper man, Whom
-rerr amall amount of pngilisti force
would bar sufficed to lar Jevel with the
aoil of bis adoDtion. . Ue was one of thoea
unlucky, indlyidnals Who meet an accident
every turn 'Wuo, to entering a room, tor
' yariably' slip, lnmbte. 'kiidcjc down some"
piece of furniture, or sit down beside their
chair instead of upon it. ';tH' seldom esoa-'
ped npsottilw bia wkatsnd, sending his
meat and dnok ,."the. wrong' way,", and
then Wughihg iitiil -choklrig 1 for half ; an1
hour; -euttiaff his fingetaventting his coat,
or'khooktnir hii Lfore5eitd'aJrainst a door, io'
that he rarely appeared in sooiejj without '
aVaUJUSVI 4ft-4"
' T
"!" Pi86?' ndgetV Jb pMCtidntf
f ymoMlice I knocked out thro teeth, is
ytcbiog t Cowe he M been' four tiWts
nearly arowned and in eliooiing on the !
no6r"in asoUarid ba ' bad left tbo rrotlw !
nliarmed, but bad WoW off 40 br.llU
ora ijigw.jArtastli Kb pjfroteJjbdJrad !
Vnyed handabmeiy bt'eyV,browvUir ad j
woisacrs, anaaa 10 raunaj iraienng, ni
olumes of i
Uie English BaijwaT library, or tlie French
- At WHihllr HitviKir tried the three e e-
me'rita of earth, water and fire; it occurred
to Mr. Brown that the remaining He rjf alK
as a 'medium of locomotive power,, bight
99 morf agreeable, ana could not be. more;
perilous, thstr the others 1taveeoting'
)y thoeor before, whva residing on bis
estate in Devonshire, had purchased an
Excellent balloon, and, strange to say, had
made several ascents .and hail coma down
agairt in perfect safety.''On thU occasion
he meditated a flight over the Green We,:
ahd intended to come down'at Belfast; but
the best in formed "member of, th crowd
asserted that he was going ''every step of'
the way to Ameriky.3 1 . " .
" A London friend, who bad som4 to tre-;
bind on a fishing excursion; had promised
to join Mr. Brown in his flight, but as it
wouia seem, ins courage failed, and he
came not. Nowise discourajred, however,1
Mr. Brown was1 just about to step into his
serial car,, when a tall, strongly built roan
suddenly stepped forward, and politely sa
luting the teronaut. said 'May I ask you a
question, sir 7
-, "(Vrlainly.'- r v TA .Q JJ
' "Is it tru-that f od are going to Amer
ica?" '.!..... ' - . .. .
No; merely to Belfastj triiidntid Wea
ther perniitiing." ,; ..., i i i
"Belfrist," repeated the atraHgPr in a
rhusihg nUtflher "tlie hOrllt of iiehind.-
Well, that just thodirection toward which
t Wutit lo go, and ! hat land traveling.
Will you, sir, HCt'fpt Hie nsit cetnpahlolitf
Mr. Brown hesitated for. a moment; but
as he really wished (or some one to inicom-
pany him, lieKnw Tit) SciiOUs dhjpctiol) to
the'pliihy and a cordirijjly signified his ac
quiescetice, merely remarking to the stran
ger .that his costume xeenied ttln light firr
the region or cold air nkluh1 tlu-J-' Would
have to traverse. ' " 7 ' " '
Bull !''was the reply.., '"I lutvo pass
ed through more Chritlt-fl of climate thnn
that, aiiiTlnin happily very robul." ..'
"Well," said Mr. Brown, lookins at the
massive frnme of the unknown, "my car
is large enough. Come, In the name of
Providence, I'' ;. So they 190k their places,
and tho' word was given: "Let col"
The.' fifteen men whose! hands were se:
verely pressed by il)o Straining cords, da.1
sired nothing betiefr nd in a moment the
freed balloon bec.tn to aseend majestically
The crowd shouted, aud clapped tlclr
bands, . ; :':
"Ah !'! cried M. Brown', tins' U ieligliti
full Don't yotf think or-' , : i.
'"Not receiving any" answer,. be turned
and looked at his traveling companlori:
Tbere he was lyiiifj Jrriot flat 011 his face
and .hands,, with his bead over the aide of
the car; -his eyea were fixed, his hair bris-
tttnnt' A s"
';"Ara you afraid f ' asked jfir.,llrown.' j
, JNo answer. . J. lie balloon ascohdeu rap
idly, and tw long arrived at tlja region o(
the louls. Turning once mora to bis
immovable companion.,. Mr.. Brown shook
hint slightly by the arm, and said "are you
ill V" Still no reply, but a fixed and solid
stare. - They are now at a great elevation;
clouds lay beneath, their fect,r above their
heads a burning sun, and infinite space
around them. ' , . j . ' :', ';' , '," '., ."; .
", .Suddenly, the stranger stood upright,
bis face pallid as that of a corpse., ' ..'-.
Faster ! - faster !" he exclaimed in a
tone of authori'y; and seising in succes
sion three of the' bags of sand which serv
ad as ballast, he flung them out of (he car
at the, same , time laughing in ' a, strange,
wild manner.- - "Ha I" he oried, 'that's
the way to travel! we. shall distance, the
swallow, we shall tower above the eagle.
When I 'was hi the AbrUzzi with my rifle
in hand, ' watching Tor stray travelers 1
never felt so excited as, I do hdW,f ' Then
their Jives i were in. danger, now it is my
owa's, li-it.r &o 4i- iu!j.iri r
'' Very pleasant !-tliought the owner of
the balloon. -. I have picked up some ras
cally Italian brigand. ;
"Better fight with the ekmonts than
with ' Custom-house' ofllcen I" ' continued
his companion, ; The balloon ascended at
a .terrifia rate. Io his torn. Mr. Brown
stood up, and laying his" hand on the stran
ger's arm, said: ;.vu',:i .-ii"i-!hi.'-
"For Heaven's. sake, don't stir! Our
lives ara at stake, J I must alWw some of
ina gas 10 escape, in roei to repair
irtfbrudence" f M ; .f",
-""How dd tou do that tu
' ".J. have Only to draw fbit string, whWh
is connected with valve." ' ".
- "And if you had not that resource what
would be lhe edtoaertftenc T". KfTa'T A
"We should continue to ascend until ev
ery, thing would burst froiexcressiya diJtj
lation. The (!man ontioued,for a'few
momenta w deep thought, then suoaeniy
drawing1 ;out a knife' be; Mt;th cor as
sign up h as eowu roaon.i v " "
Ffivf foolit" t,i ' a.:arafr1 ' Th
stranger was a giant comnared with Mr.
Itair-Cttfaritn BscapS ia rUbWriglUc
nd colliiians. Vfttfets arid eiplosidns,
mm to faUaWo or tliree v
tain AfhiiwY frim' lumn ln tr f.nnnili-4 DhaOJC ar HI 1 .-Juan, tou uotw aaw uW
ation,,..vv fc,,..a-i .;':'Hr1ttoWttJyou ureigb.? -
" 'Sirl'- Wia ikiin asbolbinir tone. "TUttll'Ab.'mete-nothtnr omy ptttrds!
ate abhristUnv, lhayrdobtJl.WelI,i, 'Gefold A'nbesfejf seised-Mr. 8rqw.W4lb
t '' '
fonr nlighm fibid bedKId r - a . . l
UFwter I fitlter I" shtitlwd tJiB Hutttj
Uhif Mlftfif tU remaining tacka Sf WitU,
ho leatlered tbeir eoatenu to the cloud.
Mf. BrBh ft!l bialneei J I-.;.-. ,i
'Ah !' he exelaimed. If tou htB Btl rt-
gard fofjouc ow life, al leant hr aome
pity oa aubel ' Jl Wfttrfg, HeW aitf bap-
pv; i nare a mother nanUr M tbeir
naHl I bdhiiire you to stretch YdVll MM
tiB td the ralre, and sav u from 4 drad-
ful dbith, bt Mowing' some cM to escape.'
a i .frill. . - - . -
to off li!. goat, and eiclaiWInWe
are not ascending T flung it but,. :.-i j
Your turn now I' ha continued ;.and
witliout the smallest ceremony he despoib
ed the unfortunate Brown of hl J)Hletbt;
ahd threw it otH".' - '.1 . ii .!i-wai
fhe bailodii Dtlrsued Its wl)d career
witliout stop or'stay V , ; .i,. Vi rwi
, 'Hal ha'' eaid lha stranger," 'while we
are thus ciimbidg to pleasaritly toward the
akyj I'll tell yon a tbry-:-shall I V His
Unhappy companion did not stir. Alrea
dy, from the extreme rarity Of the fir, the
blood was gushing from his eyes and ears,
'listen), three years ago I lived In Madrid.
I was a widower, with one little daughter,
a gentle, bright eyed angel; tier long curl
ing hair is waving this moment before; mj
eyes. '" One day I went out early and did
not return until late,' my child,1 my bean,
Li ful Emma, was gone; banditta had come
and stolen her from me. But, my friend,
have you a cannon bera 7' Mr.. Brown
made mechanically a sign in the negative.
What a pity ! I would have bombarded
Spain ! ' Ever since, I have searched . for
my child In every country of Europe; but
in vain. Now I think she may be in the
north of Ireland. Have you .a lucifer
matl-b here f ' Mr. Brown made tto rvply,
bttt shook his lad., ' Ah 1 ,if I could get
one, I Would sot the balloon on fire and
then, 'When reduced to BsllPS It would be
milch lirfhlfcr 1 When you first saW IHe
..... ...orUIs t was eAimming u.c "H'U .
faces of yoa crowd, to see if the dark tot-1
elgh one t-f my Emma's fobber might be
altiohg (W, y t.-;.
.1.1... u.ri.ii -- ... . !.l
x ,w Mien w pour.atr., orwww- m
ma traveling companion was a eonnrmeu
lutl.nltj, A.sUdduH idea struck him.
What u vour iiitmal' htj aM. ' ' '
'Gerald AniieBleV. v ; -i
the Very same I' , ; , ,?v'..T;c
'What mean yon V. '- ' '-i'tf-ffr:
"I know whore the wretch live who stole
yoUf ahild I toi lire now' just above the
spot.: ' Draw the valve, Mr ArJlisey,'tii4
in a short lime you will embrace your Em
ma!' . , , '. ' - - ; :-
Not no, yott are deceiving mn. My
...... . r .t . .1 1
c.mma not on earm, sue s ' "''".'
Last night she appeared to I6 in a drtHBt.
and tol
Ia. o " rT?" . . " ?
.10 nignen, vurae. my .r.ei.u, i.e.p
met ,et both blow as hard t we can on
the bhllaorJi As we are breath our breath
ffiult help us to rise BloW 1 blow !' M t.
Browrt, moved by terror, tried to obey.
'It does hot Stir ! '' Come,' mount on my
shoulders and f)A the balloon T ' ' And
Without Consulting hinv any further, the
giant caught him up as if he had beori a
feather, and held him above his licad say
ing, "Now push tho balloon !', The un
lucky Victim tried to obey, but the blood
blinded his eyes. There was a horrible
buzzing in hi ears, and lights flashed be
fore him. For a moment he thought of
throwing himself Over in order to en his
tbrmenta.'' v.:. ;'.';;,; , ;."" .", g
; 'Hal' shouted the madman, . 4it. does;
not go!' At that moment the trembling
hand of Mr.- Brown touchedccidehtally
tho cord of the safety valve, t He made it
r ' Tr c, f ". ' , J .
piay, ana me collapsing oro oegnn toue
scend rapidly. ,J,iirougUf he. oiouus W Uvtw
cd downwards, and the earth, reappeared
'Ah!' cried Annesley, instead ot pushi
ing the balloon, as I told yon, yon drew if
downward. , Push upward V push, 1 sayV
You see hat I am pushing as bard I
Can.'.. .! '! TV "Iv-v. . " 'i .$ . .)'! ...a I
"NoffoT here is the eartlr! "; ,'v!!;:.
It is only that the clouds are rising to-
ward the upper rettiona.'.
" 'Well, let us do the same;;;, Let us; throw
out all our ballast, " . i-V.'.'; '
'We have ftof more ' "' ! ',-'' "n
'- 'Gerold Annesley laid Mr. Brown gent.
s-ii'W bars no more ballast, you say V lis
nsked, looking fixedly at htm. ' " ' ""
"No morel ': '.-' . ., ...
This question ifefl cn.-fpor. Brown like
siuntrino? blow. '
-Aiow mucn oo you neiu.i ; .
i . ....
i -'How much do you weigh 7' repeated .tpepauent iron, toe winargy.-j!, k , ,.
hra'cdmpanion In louder totie ,; In a,;fit, the feet . should ,ber. placed in
I i'Ah,::vryUule notbing tbatould! warm water,, with mustard addqd, and, the
make ihe aligbtsst differeice- were tr. legs'brlskly rubbedall bandages removed
fle.1 .but; -t ;r i-i4' ' w fr9milhaneck,-n4 a cool aprtffletl pfo
1 tr.'A .mereiriflel Well, even.tbat ,wUL cure.4 ible.; , la many caseaiof ,,se-'make-lfjmo'-dlfforenise.
TW4Hinilnence vere.bjeeJiag of tlie Jungs, and when oth
of the pftri gV? our . ?eronaut DRuafc found Hwo tea-
tnind.iu. ( )-.- - ,--'v:,;t';.i,'J sioatsJut)f t,jnU.,ceinsleteJ;0sfaiye4,.'jtU
dead. -1 aaw her last week near Belfast, j In case of a bite from a mad &og, wa,sh
She Is living with a family who love her the JxM wTthi strong brine for an, .hour.
and treat Tier as their own; in a very snort
time, if you will allow us to descend,' you
will meet btr.' "The madman looked at
him with a wild doubting gaze, .v.'-.,..:
"Yes,"continned Brown eagerty, anx
ious to confirm the impression he" had made
A'you.' (will sea ber, your darling little
i Eruma ru.npipg .w ineet yoU Vritlv out
stretched arms, and bet lair.-goMen -curls
it,. v!nri ii.'S,
waving in fte,wtod. -.rr.T
air was
rTyitt! 1 tr ' f : - ; -'t - i.-
i. : 2. - b.;T n U I'rt W
r '' - ' ' ' - - - - : n-:S"f.:S: ir-." lil!
-Jr f ' " ' V-11111 ll -
.i "tW !' "'Pended 4vw 1
both hands and- lield him suspended over
the side-of the eat n another .moment
be would hate dropped him into- the abyss
01 space. - , , ;.- ; .
'Annesleyr exelaimed the poor man,
yl w,nt to mBt higher V i r. , t ! x
.'Yes ! yes f; . ,
'Yoaf only wish is to lighten'' the "bal-looait'.-or
tu cf-.-f 'c:q cci n-.'i I
.,,?Te,';,c ttUnr-f sT.c-r:M-.-:-.'
rt'Tje? boWj much do; you Fwn..your'
w'Tbl,nd'red 'pounifs.'1 l inI a M ' 1
' 1ren,!:if-tbd were-' to "throw "yourself
bver,he' balloon, lighted of saeli a great
weihti would .dart upwards with incom
ceivaUe. rapidity, t The madman reflocted
Tor a moment,
5 True P. lid sitlj, 'yotj 'are 'right j',',' He
btld MM Brown th the bottom of the'esr,
and started wildly around u ''': '! i:
i;Mjr-JJkcr r.: ho ; cried,, 'I go Id meet
Theei I go to ?mbrnbe my child, my Em
ma ("and Kinging himself over, ho disap:
neared' 7 . J;; ' ' ' . ! .
" The balloon And its owner reached the
earth in safety; the latter, however, lay for
mariy weeks raving in brafh fever- .When
he-recovered he gave order! to have his
periless plaything sold at any sacrifice,
and soon Alter provided himself with an
excellent care-taker in the shape of a pret
ty young wife, under whose tutelege "the
masther,'' ns bia Irish; valet remarks, "is
growings dale more handy in himself."-
., So this was. Mr. Brown's last ascent to
the clouds. ,j. i-.-'i i; Vi r.'.s , '.f. t
Sketch T Martin Luther, ' L
" A coarse pk-bian 'face U was'with preat
craga of Check boncs-a large limoUnt of
Wild, passionate energy and appetite! But
in his dark eyes were floods of orrow;aiid
dfeeppst ltlelariehory, sweetness,' and mys:
tery were all there.; Uftcn did they seem
j to meet fri Luther thecryir opposite polSS
I Iti man's character.'1' lie, for exitmpfo, bf
whom Uicliter hud said that his irords were
half battles; he, when he first began to
rtac, ,ioffere(1 tjni.cmd.of Bgont? ..0
5r. StaHpltg, tr. Stanpite." said h'e to the
Viea-Cknerar of Ins Oidbr, -I-'canriot'do
j,,.. j mi die in t,irce
deed I . cannot do it.'
Dr.' Statipiti, a
Wise flhd tofisiderate rrirtrV said Upon thl
1 this,
'Well sir, Martin, ' If yrnt must die, you
must but remember' that they heed good
head 'up yonder, too. So preach maii,
raehak-aiid then' live or die, as it hnp
pen. ' So. Luther preaOlied and lived,
Jtiid lie hecume, indeed, . ojio gte.1t tthlit
wind of energy,1 to work without resting in
this world; and also," before he died, he
wrote very many books--books in which
the tli rue man was for In the midst of nil
tliy dtbottriWd and ctlised, what totiches
I ,ehderncgs lllt i, Look at the Tabhj-talki
1 example.1' We see- in it a little bird,
ivrn. nirhted at
ving alitrhted at sunset, on the hough of
t tree that grew in Luther's garden. Lu
ther looked np at it and said:1 "That little
bifd; how it cowers doU-ri its wiiigH, sleeps
there so still and fearless (hough over it
ate the inGnite starry spaces, and the grfc.tt
blue depths of immensity! ' 'Yet it fears
not-it is at home.' 1 Tho God that , made it
too ls therel' L The same gentle spirit of
iiyncHI Kdmiratibh isTu rothcf passages ot
hi book. " Coming' home from Lcipsic in
the autumn season,'-'' he breaks" forth' into
living" .wofider the fields of cdf h,:1 'How
it stands there,' he Says; 'erect on )'ts beau
tiful taber stem -and bending its beautiful
eolden head With bread Irt It-ihe (tread of
man sent 10 him vet ' Another 'year! Buch
thous'lils a"-these' are r as littV windows
through which we gaze, into the interior of
the serene depths ol Martin Luther S soul,
and see visible across the tempests 'and
uiuuuB n tt iiuio iicTcir vi till huu iutu.
Hemightbavepaintod.he mirH.t have suiig
could- have been beautiful like Raphael,
great like Michael Angelo Tkomat ar
lyli.' '"" ):''''' .hviBiiJiow ('"";" '"'
: lofli.f -h 1 rh? ftrrt-lT-5l:1 C-i!l 0
; , - Jrlcdlcal ust; of . Salt. i, ,v.
In many cases of a disordered stomach
a teaspoonful of salt; is a certain, cure., riln
the violent inleinnl aohlhg, termed cholio,
add a tesspootful of salt lo a pint oftcold
water.fjrink; it and go to bed it is one
of, fhe speediest remedies, knojtn.'; The
same v will revive a person who seems al
most Jead; from, receiving ,n rery.heavy
falh-nU .f ji .vV'.it!--'!.' ili ,.! -.--i
. In flu apoplectic fit, no time should be
lost in pouring down the salt and water, if
suffioient ; sensibility . remain to ; allow of
swallowing;) it , not,; tbo ; bead . must be
sponged with. cold Water until (.the senss
return, when., salt will completely restore
... . . . i . i
men pica on aome w.to rag.
In toothache, warm salt and water held
to, ..thf .part,nd,renewd;4wo Cf, three
times, will reljeve in most, oases: Jf the
gums, be AfJacted wash tlve mouth wKli
brine; , if; the. teeth be, ootwed itb tartar
wash theffi twice a day with salt and wa
ter. -
Ia -awaited neck. wash ttlie.- part t with
briaet Wr4, drink ft tw.i0." fVi dy
. itlt,wil sxpeiworms if .use4. jn food in,
a'modarote degree, a.nd,idaigeition,; but
saltiueAti8rursJi,use vppbfifiSS'S'.
( ,,'
- UJ - 1 'Jf-- - 11 'J .. 1 1. ii. i -U)!-'.ji i t jiiKiini!ui.j..r.'i !n;i-'.. mi. n.'..itirjn.
11 rirtlenfw if tieiFiiU tfirMKl i'lTjU lttiM iiir. . TheVcrwid
Awful. Dttir action v ffitrwiu JJfetffori
fibre Seerier tmttn StMittopuT-fTIi Dy-
K 3& ' i . i
. U, M-steamsr.iiid
sailed frOa llarre-aii tbeSGih ult and ar
rived at ft'.ytkThursday'aitcraoon.
By this arrival ws are in pCSsesaiott of
dales if otu London, UUbc tlsy ot sajirng-
Thkj t'anada'jypailA .iave alrioomg
hand, supplying additional details.'"' '.
Tfia'nanara nAw rttflVrnA ' fHt!t'tf 'llf
full particulars of the stdrrillri Atiili allif
Sevastopol.."'.,! irevf. u ' ! i.'i.
"i L'i .1 UAT.-or;TtW,- ASaACLi.a;AW I w.i
;" 'air. ui Earurdayj-Sept. fj.rr
'. The- weatlit-r changed suddenly, yester
day, This roprning It became bitterly
cold; .A bitlrig'wiHdljiit Trom the north
sidBbTSetastopTj!1 blew intblertthl'j cl.nids
Of harsh dtmt in our faces. . 'Elio ' stin was
obscured; the aky wasttf leaden wintry
grey, .j drl 1M the tobriiing a strong forlic
of cavalry, under the command of IJolonul
Hodge, was moved . Up' to" the" front and
formed a -chain of sentries infrorrt ofra
tlia'sliill and' air along our lins. :lo
person was allowed to pass this Jiua unless
ho was a staff officer or was provided with
a pass. " Another line . of sentries' ' in the
rear of tlicm was 1 fnfended to .stbp strag
glers and idlers' from' Balaklara, and - the
object iu view-waa psbbably-topravent the
Russians Batherinu any intimation -f -our
attack from the unusual accumulation of
people on the look-out hills. ., If that were
so it would have been better to have 'kept
the cavalry more to the resf.and not to di
play td the enemy a line of hussars,: km
ccrs and dragoons along ur front. At
1 1..30 the Highland.. Brigade, under Be
adier Carheron, inarched. tip from "Kumara
and took lb its' position In reserve a'i i the
right attai-k, and the ; Guards', also' id re
fBrVe, Were posted on the same sido of the
Woronioff itJad: Tha- firrt brigade of, the
Fourth Division served Clio tfl-richea of the
left attauk the pi-Ait bisfure' rind remained.!
iti them; ' The second brigade of the'4lh
Division was in ' K'jerve: The i' Guards,
only marehed out that murHing. were turn1
ed out arrniu after arriving at tlieir-earap.-The
jd Di Vision, thrtssed oi! thelhiU-fiide
before their camp, were also in reserve, in
readiness to-move down.- by 4lio.Left , AV
la;k in case their rtorvicus were required.
General Pclisw'er daring the uiht collect
ed about 30,000 men iu and abonttbe Ma-
melon, to form . the slorming columns for
the, MttUkotf.. aiid Litllo Ubdatiand pro
vide the necessary . reserves.:'. The French
were reinforced by fiOO Sardinians', who
marched up from the TchernayJast ni-lit.
l was arianged that the r refieh werti to
attack the Malakoff at noon, and as hoon as
their attack began, that we :were to BSJntllt
tlie Kedau. ' At the siihle : time a ' strong
otilwmnof French wit, I understand, to
maka &. Uiversiou on the-, left , ahd menace
the line off the Bastion du Mat, but 1 do
not believe id was intended to operate seri
ously against this part ot.: the town, the
puiscRaion of which, .iu a military point of
ritw, .would be of minor impbrtwiire.-Tlrf
cavalry sentries were posted at 0.30. .rAt
10;3t) the Second Divioida and the Light
Piyision moved down to th trenches, and
were placed in the advanced parallels as
quietly and as unostentatiout-ly as possible.
Ab&ul the same hoiif Gen,. Simpson and
staff moved down to the second parallel of
the. Green Hill Battery., : Sir ILirry 4ones,
(yo.il) to . move hand or foot, nevertheless
Insisted on being carried down, to . witness
the assault, and was both to the parallel
on a litter, in which lie remained - till all
wasevr.;!,:It.ws, as thave said, a bitter
quid day , and a stranger, woald ha ve beeh
astouished at the aspectof the British Ge a
erajs iasntliey viewed 'the . nsulu. , The
Commander-in-CliieL Geu, Siunpsoo, sat in
(he. trench, with his nose and eyes just .fa
cing the pold and dust,and.uis clo.-k drawu
p over his head lo protect, him .against
boil..: Gen. Jones wire , red nightcap.
and reclined on his liiter.nd Sir llichard
Airey, the . Quarterniaster-iGeuiiral,, lian a
white pocket-handkuichiuf . tied t.over his
cap audenrs, which datriuJted soniuwhat.
from a martial and belligerent aspect. ;'f ha
Duke of Newcastle was stmkiiied at C;uh-oart's-hill
iu tlie early part .of the, day , and
afterwards moved off to, the right, to the
Pickct-hottse looking over the Worousoff
read. , All the ameturs and traveling gen
tlemen, who rather abcrnnd here just how,
were in n state of great exoitcment, and
dotted the plain in eccentrio attire,, which
recalled one's old memories of Co wos; and
yachtiu sca-bathing-were engaged in a
series' of subtle manoeuvres ' to tiirnf, tho
flank of unwary sentries and to ' fVef ' the
front',; au'd" their Success was most CreditU;
ble to their enterprise and, ingenuity: "( '
'' The Xartars,Turls'and EupatoTirtffs .were
singularly perturbed for such placid peoples
Sd thronged every knoll which, comman
ded the smallest viewof the place,- At 10:
4o, Gen.' Pclissifer an bis staff went up to
the French Observatory on the right:. The
frenclj trenches were crowded with,' inep
?s close as they could pack, ahd we could
see our rflfcn through the ; breaks in .th
clouds of dust, which ,were most irriUling,
all ready in their trtrfjehes. The caunbri
ade languwhed ' purposely towards ' noon;
but c Russians cafchingslght of the eiiv
Iry aiid troops in front, began to shell Ca-Uioart's-liill
and thebelghtsanidisturbed
the equanimity of aome of the spectators b
tlieir sbells bursting '. With .loud '' "thuds'.
naU over their hoads ( A.fcw niiuuies bo-
fpre, to.'cbck;.tlio' FrcnriW like
of bees, issued. forth, from their twenea
oloSa.U). the doo'mei'MaJsIwffrVaT?
Us ff cand f ereJlirough jombrure
1st js"4 a,) oni I .'-3 ,.'J t4 ol jrul
tr 1-?;; i t ra l--.
.i ,n. : , :.-i
,1 t.'
in,Uje t'.v'uiEhDgvf as xx. , They croastd
the se ven nitres of gtoUhd Which lepAfp
ted them from the enemy at, a JvJk, bouids
they drifted as ,lighify and .ttuwtly as
aultimfl leaves-before, the; wtAar batjtlion
afu;r JjatUlioftipUrtrieecVrAaiireSaiid. in
A U)inu:e-cr iwo after the iicadrjf their col-
amhs ifuudrouV tliji ducli.tlio-trif'olor
was slosttjburec.llia. Korniloff . Bastion.
Tl unlitotry aa ej cbe At f itjlii-
dettd. our allies tUkthUuian quivilo"
RurpiTwc. Atld rt'ery. yiw,4- V1- M"LWV''
in; the jaiakoft. but ihej aopn, witovgred
llituiselves, rlfld frorni , till pa&t seviu ui
tins evening iheTrerjch, bad,? net.And
oetl-6V '.-repeated attempts of tbanerjiy
to regain the work And the. htW Jlvdin,
when, wwtry of , thevfesj-fut ilauglikr of
hrsynen, k bo lay fn. thotisauds ' tWerjlLe
titerior ot, thg qks, !lie.MitfcoTiteen
tral. despairfu'g of siicctsj, wt hdrew iu
exhausted legiorls nnd prepared withtd-mtrable-
skill, td CVaciiatu the- jjaef-
Oi' tlie French attaVk on the left, I. know
uothing, but that, if inlen'led in earnest, j(
was. not successful. And was Mb'W'd.by
tome loss to our allies..: As sooqjti tlw
trii-olor was observed wavering; .over. tl
parapet of the Malakoff, through the smote
sod Jlusf, four rockets 'were"ehi tip frbm
Chaprdnh's attack on ahertnnMheras- a
sitruiil for.our aawiult On the Itedad, -Tliey
were almost borne back by that vioWnsemf
tltt iw'nid, and' the ailveryljrtsr iol sparks
fliey threw oadonVxpUidiiiof werti nearly
risible agftinsf' the raw gray alty.t V take
H or "rantedlthat there ia.no one ia Eni-
1 laud who is. not' by tins time quittr welt ae-
quainteitwHh Um-sU;foI- Ue Itedan,
and whdoeswot kaow its slatpe nd situa-
tiorc. jfrinrn - c-if'O 5o-!vq-c JT i
it O ;) s-J-fWit!! fnKjtiUTHq
-.When Ui order jtUie aiormiiig of. tl
Bedim whs received on the 7th, iJ'S gener
al remark was "This looks' like 'another
Iftth of June." In fact, the attacking col
umns 'wr not strong enough, the up
ports Were hot StiDhg enough, and ' were
al.d wo far teliind, and the , trendies di l
not afford reom f jr a , sufficient number of
men.. How, a twit he Observed that, where
we attacked tlie Itedan with two divisions
only, a portion of each being virtually iu
reserve, and not -engaged jn, tlie affair at
all.'ilie Freucit made their .a.' sault on" the
Malakoff with four, divisions of the second
corps d'n rmee. rtie first ahd. fburtli divis
ions forming .thei .ilormiiiir coltlmns, and
,the third fuidfjCih beibg.the Subport witli
fesnrvoi ol 10 UOU men. iue t rtucit,jiaa
piohubly not less thau 33,000 men in the
right attack OB the.7.h of Sptember,,.,,
. Colouvl TJnet'u of,- the 19th K-gimcii(.
.fras the senior tifficer in Biigadjef Shirley's
b;''rter"aiid on him would have devolved
fiie dutryoflua4ing the storming column of
the iiiflit division. Lad the tatter not rolur
cd, , Col. Lnelt, ignorant ' of tlie 'r briga
'dler'sititantion to leave shipboard,.'had to
decide wi ill Colonel Windham, who should
take precedence in the attack. .They tos
sed, and Colonel t'nett won,,' . lie had ?t'?n
his power, to say whether he would go Crt
or follow' Col. Windham. He looked, at
the shilling, turned it over, aud sifit; -My
choice is made; I'll be the first fnati 'into
the Redan."; Bttt fate' willed 'lt'.'.blle'rVis,
rlftd be waa'sti tick, down badly wounded
L'ftj Jet be teaclied the abattis, although ho
was not ladirrg the, column. Scarcely
iitd the then Jeftthe fifth paralhl when the
guns on the. flapk of the Redan opened on
tlieru as tliey moved Up rapidly to the sal
ient, t which i there .were of. course no
cau.ron, as the nature of such a work does
hot nermit of their beinff placed iu that
tiAi-tinnl-.,! Tviftilinn' In a fw '! seconds
Brig.. Shirley was temporarily bliifded by
the dust aud earth, knocked into his eyes
by a sliot. , lie ws' obligsd to retire,
and his plnco was taken- by Lieuienafit Col
onel Biinbury, of the 23JReKimeht. who
I . .." , . 1 -. ," . t'-.4. ...... J
next in ra.ia to , "'"'" V
iru,k down and carried to fbe.rcar Brig
Vau Strnube.uee received a co; tuaion on
I the face, and was, also. 'forced to leave the
field. Colonel Handeock fell mortally
wounded in the head by a bullet, and nev-i
er spoke again, Captain . Hammond, fell
dead . MaTdr Welsford was ' killed Oh the
spot,. Captain Grove was severely wound
ed, Many officers' .were hit and, fell; and
cfhe commanders of jjarrtesoiilv Acting
fiifgadier-Gencral AVindhatnt Aspt. Fy
ers. Captain .Lewea, and. ' Captain ,Mautle
got, untouched, jnio the Redan, and esca
ped scatheless from the volleys of grape
and rifle baits which swept the flanks of the
wbrk.tuwa'rds the salient. ' ; ' ',', -; ,
ri It was a tuw; minutes alter tweiye wiieo
our men left the 5th. parallel. , The;. mus
ketry commenced at once, andin.less tlian
five mimitea, dnring. which he troops had
to pass over about thirty yards.' from' the
nearest approach to the parapet of tlie tie
dan, they, trad k -targy? proportion of
their bfficers, and' were deprived of the aid
of their leaders, with the exceptions I have
stated. The Viflemen advanced '.r!fnhv
bly, huC.frowf tbeir position, they could
tiot do" rh'u'ch to reduce the fire of the guns
on the flAuks and below the re-eiitering.
angles." As they oante nearer the enemy's
fire becme ' Issu faUl Tliey .firossed the
abnttis without, difficulty ; it was torn 10
pieees and destroyed by ourshot'and the
men stepped over'niid through it with ease.
The. light' fJivisidU' made straight' for th
salient aal projecting angel of the Ba'dinj
and came to the qTtch; "wbi.cn is here about
fifteen feel; deep.. The party detailed ?for
theufposclaced thaddersbitt tbey
were found -to-be tod short.---
ji :tiwSv6t. Ml '.there1' beeri'.'enbuf'h' of
therillliR't wotild noHavtf maUefed; much
tod in ,7)tf.-; r - t'-.''A
i J! .rCTi; ?s (rm
.T .
i ."fn!1 frr .To
SCJ rt. tint
'1 niT$ in
t I
3. -J
fti li miji. Mji:Mjw iiu Kirjirufj nij '
LbUu U4 bk left behind ii U I&idi
Lbat-somv bad beU left behjnd in tliehtiirdj
of the tleadf. woumled tfiefl, kdd others
had beeujjroke rt.ao tltal if one san credit
UiejftatfawnUcinAdw by those who- we-a
paeaeoU- there : wae not more than six or
sfvS ladders at th salient. - The mebi
led by"their ofIivf,. leaped into the ditch;
and KfambhHl- uwrtlie other side, whence
4Uy gut up tlie pWrapel almost without op-1.
louaa Jut . thu, Jew 4aiaas who, were
im fr a4aiick ad got bubindUfeir tra-
( r Jaad, brerstwoiks , as soon as' they,
sayiaf mn,itV op, and opened fire
upoi) iliem. ' jaoeotablr ks k no doubt is,'
and iiifte.dible; almost td those who kno
hyw tlie Briiiab sV'Jier generally.. behaves
twsruW the eoemy,' he mn, when they
got on the parapet, Wor heated by some
strange infiiUiaiion, and began firing, ia -itead
itf following their officers, who noyV
beA'tn to Tall fHt As they rushed on jq front
and tried. td Stirdulate thefr .sqitjicrs" by
thei'c, ettiplo. .The small party of the.
yyihmutli diminished, went on gallantly
Uiwanla Uie breastwork, out they were loo
weak to force it, and they bad to retire be
hind the tfavcrsev.where men of different
rr-gimrits; had Already congregated, and
were keeping up a brisk fire on the Rus
sians, whoa? heads were just visible abojf
the brcAlwo:k. . Simultaneously with the
bend, of the storming party of the Light
Division,, Col. Win-ill am lutd gat inside the
lUdaii ort their right, below the saliiBtof
proper, left face oi the Redan; but, in spite'
of air Us exertions, could do little more
than the gallant officers of the 90 tb andT
2 7 tli, kad f 'be supporting regimenta. , .
As tlie -Jijjltt division rushed out in the
front. ilu-y were swept by the guns of the
-Barrnek Battery aad by several pieces od
lie proper .right of the Redan, loaded hea
vily Willi grape, which caused them con
siderable lss ere they reached the salient'
oc apex of t tlie Work, at wbijb tbey were
to. assault, VThe storming colnmns of the
second divuion.isauing out of the fifth fi:
aIU-1, ruslwd up "immediately after the light
ditiaiun, but, when they came op close to
iho apex, Brigitdier Windbnm very judi
ciously brought', them by a alight detour
ou Uiciig lit Hank of the 'light division, ad
as tu coma a liule down on the slope of the'
- m m . . i- a rft. a.
proper, Icil I4C0 oi the lteaan. ine nrsi
emlrusore to 'which they came, was id
flatties, but, moving oil lo the next, th
ra-h leaped iutb ti e ditch, and. with th'
aid of ladders . and eacji etlref's b'ds:
scrttmhled.up-ph ine other side; cjittbea
'.-'' t. ... . :i.
tlie parapet, or.poureu in uiouu uic em
brasure whtch was undefended. Colonel
Witidhkm' wasjtUe fiwt or efie bt the firsi
nicu in on this iide, and with biro entered
Daniel Mahoney, a great grenadier of the
41st,,K':Ileany and Cornellis of the same
regime ii u As Mahonuv entered with, a
cheer, he was shot thibuch it's bead by a
Russian rilh man, and fell d ad acrc7t CJ
WTndiiana,'and it the same moment Ki
kany and. Cornellis were both wounded.
The latter claims the reward offered by
Col. Herbert to the first man of his divis
ion who entered the Redan. Rum ing
parallel to' t fi- faces of the Redan there is,
as I hare .described, an fnfler JJ!fjiet
teiidcd to 'shield the gunners at the em
brasures from the effectsof any shell tbat
might .'Toll into the body of the work, and
s'tr?k'e them down if this high bank were
not lhrre to protect them from the splin
ters. ,J Several cuts in the rear of tho em1-'
brasures, 'permitted the man to retire in
case 'of 'need. ihide, very strong and high
traverses ran along the qid.ee 6 tlS Work
itself, to afford them additional shelter. .
Broth kr asp Sisteb. BrothersT 'Sfa-'
lars! htessed names; are they nt worth
cherishing in this world of sunshine and
shadow? ' Do we Hot love them, though
aiifry words mnf sometimes soil our lipf
to Them? ' A re we not afterwards repent
ant of this our fotdishness? and, as we
put u arms around .their neck ahd kia's
away tiist tear of lorgiveness, ao we real
y . . . .. ..!. a.
ire how mucn we nave tor wnicn to o
irrateful? And many othef Iriffdred an
dear1 Af riUaintaricfS are with us on the
idwrney of lifef but we overlook our bless
ings; and try '"to penetrate intt the fiari
future,' that we may mid soraeiiung xo
grumble over, instead of raising our hearts
to thanksgiving and praise, for the many
blossings around Xt9. ''; ' V ' ' -' ' ' '
'ii'iu- " x: rr--. rr-s "V'V1"' " " ' 'T" "
Tlit Ft TL-kfc: 116 w we sometimes yesrn
ta draw Asido.the ye.il Lwbicb coAceAls fu
tuiily from cmr view, and see what dW
has. iu,.s,tore for.ua. AIar we know not
whAt.we'whl.vFew perliapa would have
strength to " press, forward . throngh ths
clonda aml-afkness tbat often lie m the
brightest , psihway. ..Wisely and well,
therefore are they concealed from view.' '
'-' REMEUnEU. Tffst OMiUk. Let noi -the
orphan child be forgotten.'', ' But as we ral
tre the blessings wbfcti fh the family. rela
tioft bate " come to us,' let us fetnetobei
these homcfess, unprotected ones, and do
bf theui, asiii a change of circumstances.
we" would that others' should &6 bf Hi, .and
thus aid in tho" fulfilment of that deelaraV
which says thai" St is , more, ."Blessed' to
give thsnjre ' ,' ;; ''. "., ,
!: ife who thinks he can find within bin-'
self he nieanr of doing without othera
much mistaken; but . be Who thinks tbat
othera cannot do without him is still rnqrw
mistaken.- ZockfopiW t -yj-."The
ministry fs'a noble profession-iand
:rioh in Interest to him who lovea it to Miff
vho'does pot. ft is life of drudgery. :
."jfen doat on ' tVus rttiX') ai thonli it
were, never-td bavean end, and juIocs
innA v j q 1 j

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