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I - J
Titurstlsiy loniiu?, Nov, 8, IS-S-i
r . i
il. j
UcIum o'Cjwiior Mod:!!.
Ills' Ddl:rmlnntltii t.v llu a for thi l.c.r.i-
daiicy! M
I; is willi feeling of unfeigned phasm.
'...,,, ,., ..!. e 1 ' 1
Excellency, r. MedUl, from tho j
n .. r. r i i ,
v. .iui:ii, iron, loo m-an t
witor of Salt Il.'VF.rt, whurrr he joaniieil i
t tuj roiia.-st of tho' pjcriTo of Ohio.
before retiiiivj from t!io Gubernatorial
Chair of. Siate. The Gevernnr, "in con
formity to a long es:? bli-died us:i ." nf i r
thu rssult of the pTcotiJii w is known, lools
up lusjiin of .travel an l, it is s ii.l, ex
plored the riycr higher up than Ito ever
did at any former voyage, having a-o-n 1
ed to (ho very sourcoof tlilt note 1 stream.
Hit frionJi all Ageis that never before ban
lii$ Excellency encountered so many dan
gers by "Ian 1 an I water," us ho did on
this occasion. Indeed, JiU ndventuros in
thd, "hoop-pole n?gion"at Fin Hay and
Riwnni, during tho campaign, nro noth
ing to eompiro to tlio wiurincss of this
trip. 'TissaiJ, tho rfiWe this year has'
been redolent with all manner of
' especially to thoij hailinj from the IVv.-k-eyo
State; an!, in Iced, wo may believe
' them, if ll.e ht-tnl, careworn, mil be
deviled ljjk of Ii'm E'xjoliiinny 1)3 any
proof of that fa'et . V lu.ve ntivr seen
him look so wo-bwq.vn an 1 ch apr.i!!.:ii;
that bhnd smilj, eliis'.i.i s'.rp, an 1 co:n
nunli:i air tint
''1,1 .1 liim , . DmJ
ArJ nil, nil j-in."
'Tis sai 1 thai tho ho.ts of tho many
shtin Know Xliin'i, It .public-am, Abo
litionistj an I itiggvr, tnj;.ither with all
"imht of vesomous b'rdg, boasts an 1 rep
tile, annoyed and haunted him dmin 'the
entire royagi. One nialinious bird inmr
tieular, sai I to-rosenibld tho "whip-poor-will,"
of th.i hoop-p,..) reiiiiH, constant
ly hovoraJ firoun 1 him in his dreams, and
"i'.rj out In h .rii.l tone,"
"Wmp, roo Mnii.i.l' "WjiiP, Mo Msnn.i.!"
until the Om-rnor would nromu, and in
frightful afpny exolahn,
" Tlio Inn. innl i..,, '
JS!n.. Hi il ki.il. .. t'u r,.v .li-.l U.,r nt iv.ru,
n... i) .niu ..r o.i. i. Da. n 1 1 r.-. .,r.j i.ti,r- I...IH,
lli.l'ii ..r hurt i.iln.li. :rri.nt X.itur iU :,.n-mi ciurv.
i lilol no irislur in i.r.i'j r.u,i;" I l xmir nt.KNr
Wlien that uly bird, wiih all the Kh.,Ms,
hj'joblini, foptilusan I bi-asts, would join
in wilh-"Whip, poor M,-Jill !" Whiii,
pur Midill!"
Sm.h wa? the ell'ict upon his Ex.tidlen
cy, that thi li'.ilo remaiiiin2 hair uoon hi -i
head hiu been tr.'in.-tformed into a bri"hl
finer gray, nml tlio lower extremitim of
Ids w , we mean Iho hair on i!;e top of his
liea I, to a bright crinjjon red.. .
Va cannot but ooongratiilate him upon
h'n safe rolum to tho j.iet R!, J jmcefu)
wilks of privalo life and sineendy trimt
thai the saliihiioui air and congenial iuflu
enuos of ho:nj may yot restore him to bin
win ton vijjor and energy.
Yet, wa understan 1 that his friends hero
of the "Free Live Democracy" (the Gov
ernor is a baebtdor,) nro determined to
brinj him out for l'resi lent in 1350 and
it Usoeretly whisperod that ho is to (alio n
stand in favor of the restoialion of tho Mis
souri Compromise I If (his be true, we are
to liavo another wheolabout of tho D.-nioe-racy,
and the Governor is to be tho Grand
Champion. JJ it, gentlemen, do let him
rooover first from his Silt KiYot trip, be
fore you send him on nnuther similar ex
pedition. Our Nunntor.
The following is tho olll.dal vote for Sen
ator in tU Senatorial Distriet compoi.i of
the counties of Athoni, Ilockin-j and Fair
fidd :
I'oi-s r.
1 1 1t)
Athens county,
Hocking '"
FuirlielJ "
Crawe's majority, CIO
Thin it will b j seen that the Hn. John
T. BiiAZKa ha? b ?en el ictj.l by the Amer
lean Party, to the hih mi l responsible
offko of Senator of the above named dis
trict, by tin triumphant majority of j!te
htm L ei anj ten to 'over Andiucw Fwsp,
the L?ioofoeo an! Slavery (iandi.hi'e, and
who hai herotofo.-e opposo J every puhtio
improvement in tho county of l'aii li. ld,
particularly the construelion of the Cin
cinnati, Wilmington n:id Zmesville 11 ii
Von.vj h Ntw Mkxico. A corre.
pon.le.it o tho Nw Vork A'oeuhv l',r,
m a letter dated Santu V, September 29ih"
says: These . elections amonj our new
fellow ciliuns produce .hoib ii.;l, ,.,.Kt,s
For instance, in ono enso the election was
held in the open air, and tho tickets depos
itod on a table. A puff of wind would
pais ana scalier tlie tiekets over
ground, when they would b.j gathered up
and plaeoJ on the table nnin. I'in illy,
o-jcurred to thi ju l m, (o p .t them into a
urn lor graater security. U nnoiher in
stance, when the hat was curie 1 to tho
Prefect and tho tickets were counted, i;
wa found to contain about one hundred
more votes than tliPio were iT'-ire,!
name, I . In S oeorro, a town in the vail, y
of tho Kio Grande', an American was the
eanJid ito tx the o!17ee .4 Prefect. The
Human Priest wasoppjvj.l t bis election
and whon near the elofe of the pull, j
w,n discovered that ho would bo fleeted
tho Priest gathered some .ighten or
twenty boys under age, arid directed them
logo to the polls and swear that they
were of legil ago and vote, and be wmilil
absolve them from'tho conj0q';r,res of
tali kw.arieg. , nJ they nelttaUy did w,
and-the American ras dvki
O 'it. '
t. mdtti.
u . I
11::.) 1 122
12.55 0)7
153.) IC23
2 7
2 2
131J M24'
lO'l 7 0''1
1577 1037
4131 fill
1727 933
715 1311
12704 1379
10S5 .1303
23jC 2920
1515 102.1
Ashtiibu.lt 3772
l Alliens,
i;;.u 97 1
!;r i'.VH,
ii'l l.T,
en 12m
175.) lS5i
1 .17 1 1313
lOu) 2C35
152 U0;j
5.3 t
1 2 '
2 31
! Cil.llliD LTII JJ.)
1915. 9?1 I
2121 .1113 !
2.V3 2111
1703 017
3j03 2IG!;
2vG.O 2p i2
Mill 1717
4.11 310C
1325 1G11
5.1 )' C31
1317 1273
153.1 1101
2557 2030
C!.rk. if.JiJ tir.l
... . J
Curls, r
Cl-i moot, 2 l.iO 2 !S 5
ion f: l
2 CI 1007
i in i7io
u;::: i.j u
o-2 c 1.1
i.v:u i r2 -
2171 !)71
oj) .on
21.17 :il.')2
jt.itnti a
Ooho :ion
Cr.awf..r 1
IJolnvai e,
Faiili-1 1,
r i inl.liil,
G Miiyji,
113.1 430
3110 3221
0)1 41)
1112 803
1 30 1 335
71 j
' !.".!?
112 II
G7.3 1.03
H0 1
' 9:13
It! 23
372 -2532 900
11) 19.10 1113
Gii'iii-ty, 100.1
H:...lilti.r., 4 ,"i!li
w,!.iii n.?ia
917 672
173 3 12 20
435 51 C
233) 1110
101G 1113
1191 1031
lliiipo.k, r:.i:j
Hardin, 9J.T
Hiriison, 1712
IIimhv. -11)
Highland, 1203 1.311
II x-kiii,
llohivs, '
L ik',
L iain
Luna 4,
027 11 I 1
int in7?
22 o 1277
7 1 I 7.13
215(1 1521
21Go 1010
2111 1 230
C35 750
2237 1513
2331 1914
1009 403
1331 775
2331 2541
1711 fOO
2053 921
1537 1520
1111 433
1020 1203
1212 1171
2010 1537
1071 1050
G.3I 010
2123 1370
1153 1303
3210 3 ICO
1303 1212
1053 1.31)
3 195 2237
1370 999
359 413
302 115
10.57 MG5
1301 1633
f!32 9.35
20 12 1370
1003 1053
.519 C53
2.130 22)9
2193 1952
1332 1501
1131 1003
2.11) 1901
1171 1031
3.151 3023
2139 1221
311) 1175
2577 2150
1 J n
202 I
1 121
11 JO
. 41.5
M ilioiiijH' 1532 M9
MMii.m, 122.) 1IGJ
M.vti hi.
Monroe, '
2J32 loll
151.5 10:53
43-2 C23
173 7 1353
MSI 187G
Monfgom. 2716' 3-123
Morgan, 1770 11.1)
Morrow. 1811 13 IG
M.wk'g'm 2551 2203
Nohl., 1.1(31 951
Ottawa, 303 40.5
Paulding. .302 III
IVrry, 1772 M71
I'ickaway, 1521 10M
Pike, " Cll ,9.17
I'ortiwe, 2012 IGo'l
It )MS,
1507 10.13
523 C1.5,
2 22) 2211
CIO) 1020
Sandusky, 1382 1133
Scioto, 1012 1053
S'lvea, 23.12 1901
Sh.-Iby, 955 1077
Stark, 3311 .1)21
Summit, 2242 1815
Trumbull. 3109' 1171
T'scaraw's 2552 2111
Union, 1222 fi!)3
Van Wert, C32 431
Vinton, 722 OGl
Warren, 21J0MG1
Wnshing'n 2212 1GG2
Wavn.). 2121 2501
Williams, 09) HOI
Wood. p)99 591
Wyandot, 1113 1)15
COO 493
701 COO
2070 1431
2320 1 03.1
2439 250 1
074 C70
1125 590
1201 1041
llil.nil l:u,ii(il 2i,:ito nv.i.fJii i:i:i,4h.-,
Manhkield, O., Oct. 25, 1D55.
FJ. Gazette :
The Grand Lj.Io.of . Froo and Accept
ed Masons of Ohio, convoned in this place
on Tuesday last.
M.W. Wm. n. Donn.i, Grand Mister;
R. W. 11. F. Smith, 1). G. Master;
" M. 1). llitocK, S. W. Warden;
" H. 8. Kvlk.J. O. Warden;
" L. Jkwktk, G. 'Treasurer;
" J. D. Caldwell, Grand Sec'y;
" S. Goi-LD, Grand Orator;
" Zaciiauiaii Cunnkll, G. Chaplain;
" Jm. It. Covkht, Grand Tyler;
together with the other appointed officers,
and about fow bund rod deiegntes. So fai
the business of the Grand Lodge has pass
ed off smoothly. Mansfield is a inuch
larger place than Lancaster, and boasts ot
her great men, hut is far huhiud Lancas
ter for beauty of scenery.
Tho citizens hero lmre just erected a
very liuu building for a Female Seminary,
at a cost of not less, than twenty thousand
dollars. It was dedicated to-day. V,
Thuinpson, J). D. of Delaware, delivered
the dedicatory nddrosi. Mr. Thompson is
an liiioresimg speaker, tins evening,
John G. Suae, of Vermont, read n poerii.
His subject was Js'ew Ihigland. llu do
se ri bo J Vniikeedoiji tidnvirnhiy. J lilve
had the phaUre of making the acquain
tance uf T. II. Ford, iiir Lieut. Governor
eluet," Frank.. Wiiht,. Auditor elect, and
l irob I!rinkerho!f, Supreme Judge elect;
and 1 have no hesitancy in saying that
three nobler IjMows could not bo" found in
Ohio. The republican and American par
lies may well be proud of such men.
Old whiter stuck her cold nose in upon
in 011 Tuesday morning, and tho ground
has been covered with snow nearly all the
time tiinco, and at this time there'is quite
a demand for over-co ils and hIiiuvU.
The Grand Lodge lias elected their old
ollie.ii s to kcrvo thu ensuing year, with the
exception of L, Jowctto. F. J. Phillips, of
Uueinnaii, w.h ilocted in his place us
Grand Treasurer.
The next communication of tho Grand
Lodgo is to bo in Z.mesvilk cm tho 3rd
Tuesday (21st) of next October.
In haste, M. D.
rr7ni:i -1 ifpr 1 r nwn i imn mMw u
ralrricld County Nnvliin Insi iut.
XcivomWr 1ST53.
Xn me I till! DUCKlnC' l
K'.lrn l)i',yt'lt'.i
lii... f.-om 01l1.tr ll-.i.kt
l'..rit....ul freitrly
SihkiiiiU..I Hvbl
STi.Cim c:.
.ii;i vt
OlHI I'll
ro aw 1.1
'Jl.tH'S AO
'.I IUI I I ( '
k'.l:.l .1 1- .....I
I'm", other Im-V
lllvi'l"l.l!l Lilt ;
1UP Ul'u.it"t J
on.)- no
'. vs j
if3 'ft
Washington on Foreigner a.
We bavo, on a former 'ojeasiou.pnbliih-1
ed several letters of Gjnjr.il Wadiington,
relative to foi-ei Tn inllueuce,- an 1 the im- '
migration of fMrciixncr.
0 now
jiive !
nlnee to Imr.i others. h!eh show, very
j , ,!a p.,;;0, e;i in;a9.1 bv that
J - -
. ... p .1 . ...1 ' ... .. .
pure p.tinoi 01 me qu.'-iu.m wuic.i aiu
now agitating lbs publis min.l.
Wo recommend lhese lj'.ters to the care-:
fulperual of evjry Aairicaa and evory
anii-Ameriean. Ti.ey, '.liough brief.'aro
iiislruc'.ive; and, recollect they aro the de-
libcratoontiiir.Mil of tli-j "Fatlier of bis
Countiy." SiuJy' thosa eenlimaiUs, aad
3tor4 tiier.i s ife'y ju the 111 ::nory. :
TKD SfAtj:fl. i
St!ur.lay, November 27 1701.
Dl-atiSm: I have not been able to
:iu lii.; papers dierewiui enuloei more
loin a hasty re a ling, returning them with
out delay, that you may oiler tho perusal
of liioin to wao'inoever you may tiuiiii
proper. The picture drawn in Miem of the
1 i u.'ve-ij is really interesting ami aileci
iiv. Tiv) prop'i-i'.ion of transplanting the
membeisonliro of tho university of that
place to .America, with the requisition of
avail s to establish tho sanv, an 4 to be ac
companied by considerable emigration, ks
imp.1ri.-1nt, requiring more consideration
than under tho circumstances of the mom
ent I am able to bestow upon it.
That a national university is a thing to
be desired has always been my decided o
pinion; St the nppropria'ion of ground and
funds for it in tho Federal City has long
been contemplated and talked of; but bow
far mauirod. or how far the transporting
111 entire seminary ol foreigners, who may
not uii jerslaii'l tlie inn 'U iffe, can ue as
similated thereto, is more than I nm pre
pared to give an opinion, upon; or, indeed,
how far funds in either ease are attainable.
My ouiniou. w'th re-toot to emigration
immigration is meant, of course, J is, that
exoein of useful m.'ch.aiii.'.s and some par
ticular descriptions of men or professions,
thero is no need of encouragement; while
the p dicy of it is taking place in a body,
( mean the settling of them in a body,)
may bj much questioned; for by so doing
they retain tho language, habits, and prin
ciples, goo lor bid, which they bring with
thoni. Whereas, by an intermixture with
our people, they or their descendants get
assimilated to our customs, measures and
laws. In a word, soon bccouio our peo
ple.- Vol. 11, pp. 1, 2.
Mount Vehnmn, Jan. 23, 1799.
Sin: I bavo been honored with a letter
from you, dated at Berlin on iho 29ih of
Oct. last, covering ono from a nmiosake
ofmine, and who may very probably lie a
distant relation, as our families were from
the same country mine earlier than his
two brothers migrating during the Com
monwcnllh of England, or rather during
the troubles of Charles I. Not knowing
through what other medium to address
him, I take tho liberty of sending my an
sV''i' to his reritiost Utnl-r Cover to you.
You know, in y good sir, that it is not
tho policy of this country, to employ al
iens, where it can be well avoided, either in
the military or civil walks of life; but for
want of provident earn and foresight, they
will Had themselves (indeed they now be
gin to leel it) under the necessity of resort
ing to foreign aid for skillful men in tho en
gineering and nriillery corps. If my name
sake is Well instructed in cither o( those
brunches of military science, which, by
the by, is hardly to be expected front his
a"e, there woni.l nn 110 doiigi ot i.ts livot
able I'ecenlion, without which I think it
would bo deeentious to encourage hones of
employment in tho ai tay of the United
States; for their is a species of self impor
tance in all foreign Olivers that cannot be
gri'.ilied without doing injustice to meir.o
riotis characters among our own country
men, who can conceive, and justly, where
there is no prepontloi aneo ol experience or
merit, that they aro entitled to tho occu
pancy of nil ofli.ies in the gilt of the gov
ernment vol. II, pp. .JO 1-2.
Nkw Yuiik, November 0th. Tho steam
ship Arago from ll.ivro via Southampton,
Willi Jiiverpool Mates to the 2 Uli ult.,nrri
veil at threo o'clock this P. M.
The Ktwamship Asia from Boston via
Halifax, nrrived ut Liverpool on the 23d
Tho Arago brings 300 passengers.
Sho left Cow en on midnight of the 2 1th
Tho ateamship America nrrived out 011
the 23d ult
Thu Washington nrrivod off Cowei on
the 20th ult.
The papers by the Arngoconfirm t-lio re
ported capture ol kinhurti.
A squadron of steamships lies nt the
mouth ol tho Dnieper commanding the on
trance to Nicololf and Kherson.
Tho Bourse nt Madrid bad been (loser
toil iiv consequence of a panic created by
The Russians blew up tho fortifications
of Oscakoll', a point oppisito Kinburn, tho
day aiier the capture ol the c.ipturo of the
.alter place
1 l.e Allies took 1,420 prisoner, includ
ing G.m. Konnnavitch, and 174 cannon.
1 In rt v thousand Allied troops wero l.m
led on tho Peninsula of Feudn, on the
sim.i morning that Kinlmrn was captured;
their destination was not known.
Sir Wm. Molosworih died on the C2d
Another broad demonstration occurred
in Hyde Park on Sunday iho 21st ult.
the httcKt dates from tho Crimea cive
nothing of importance.
polilicinns by trade were nil against the
nomination of Mr. Chase, lie was "un
popular" they said, nil of them; wo mean.
all of them who had axes to grind. They
wanted a third man, some naniby, pamby
lellow, who was popular, nvnilablo. But
the people wanted someono who had stood
lire, and they took Mr. Chase. They have
elected him. They did not want advice,
did not take it from the politicians. Bv
adopting a milk-and-water policy, and "a
milk-and-water candidate, tho lb-publicans
would have been boaton, instead of achiev
ing the alHiiniu victory which carries iov
and satisfaction to hdndrodsof thousands
of minions hearts from the Atlantic to
Counsel lllults. Old politicians - bownv.
er, ofallpartios, are : liko the Bourbons,
j they Jcarn nothing, thoy forget nothing,
i either in prosperity or ndversitv. Tho rt.
.Sent t.Inrlirin nfl.i erla n 1D.nn ....... .1. ,
'bring. Toledo Made. .
Djjtj a S:i)5J. Old winter ngiin
bigini to 'n'Covj.lenoo of bis speedy np-
Ipr ich, a:i I during thi gloomy, wet wen'.h-1
er, n'.l yl ise's of nideitrinu aro anxious to '
fcat t!w tie. ckjuly anj propsiiy slio t.
This remin U m that our oid -fiion 1, Jou.v
Baujhmau, late of the firm of Ilied and
Baugbm in, has op.'iie l a store on his own
hook, at the oi l stanJ of Win. Uplield, on
Main street, two doors east of tho Iloeking
Valley Bank. 'John is ono of natures 110
bleirou, nn cxsolljnt workman anl will
take groat pleasure in waiting upon his old
friends. Drop in anl sea birh. ' ,
Mc3lr3t & 'BiLiiisnitccst, on Broad
street have also received a choico selection
of Gentlemen's anl Li.lie's wear ' which'
ihey are dealing out to their customers Vike
hot Cakes. ...
Wottx So.v & Woas, and also Robert
Reed at tho old stand of Ileod and B.iugh
m an have a full stokin storo and all hands
nt wo:k 'up stairs' and take about as much
delight iu scrvin their customers as a'
any former PirioJ. While our old friend
Lkii.man- says bo caa'l complain of "hard
times." From all theso evidences we in
fer wo shall bavo our pedal extremities
well cased for this winter.
Speaking of oneoxtremo always reminds
us of another, and in this instance it is
Hats. Since the election, hats have
been in dem-.iid, that is now hats, the
old ones having been discarded; and in
this trado we find our old friend, Roiikiit
Fieluix.c. although ho does fly oiTtho han
dle occasionally, and won't advertise, still
ho sells his customers' a bat equal if not
superior to any in tho West, as many of
our citizens can testify. M. Smallev also
has in store a lino assortment of hats and
caps, furs, ito , all of which he is dealing
out to customers at small profits. Give
them n call.
Clui'iunO. And now having got only
the dress of a Gjorgia M ajor wo hm re
minded that our friends, T. To:;ti, G. II.
Smith, Srii.t;i::t & Tilourand Jacoh llnu
aro doing a brisk business in tho clothing
line. E icb has laid in a full winter's sup
ply fjr shivering humanity and nro ready
to lit out their oi l customers and as many
new ones as may givo them a call, and
that at the shortest notice. So friends pre
pare for Win lei1.
City Improvement'),
fiomi two years since, tho Crfr D ins,
in their wisdom Ordained that tho Side
Walks of Broad Stroot should forthwith
he paved. Our Savans yreuttowork with
an energy and spirit worthy of rt greater
cause, and it gives us much pleasure now
to announco to all mankind and woman
kind, that the "final consummation" of
this vast undertaking is near .t hand ;
that is, if the huge piles of sand that have
laid upon the Side Walks for a month past,
be any indication of tho object "most iie
vouily to bo wished." It is Polemnly as
serted that "next grass a year" at farthest,
pedestrians down Broad Street shall have
a firm foundation upon which (o plant
their pedal extremities. When this long
expected day shall bavo arrived, we pro
pose that thu residents 011 that street givo a
grand illumination over the event.
Celebration on t!io litli.
As we announced week before last, the
friends of the American and Republican
cause Will bold a Gran I Juhileo at Colum
bus on Wednesday next, tho 1 l.h inst.
We hope, to seo as m my of our American
friends as can spare the lime, go up and
hear and sco the Statu ticket wo have so
triumphantly elected. We feel sura that
evory American will foci proud of tho bal
lot ho cast on tho 2u 1 Tuesday of October
last, when lie hears those able champions
of American principles.
Caitain David Cowden will command
tho squad from this city. Ho says the
Wagons will start at an early enough hour
to reach Columbus by 0 o'clock A. M.; and
whatever the Captain says, must bo done,
for bo is a whole team of himself. We
shall thcrcforo breakfast in Columbus.
Our friend Simonton, of tho U. States,
will take notico accordingly.
XV We Team that Mr. II. V. Weak
lev has been appointed and duly installed
Freight and Station Agent for tho C. W.
and Z. Railroad, for this city. This is a
most excellent appointment, and 0110 that
will givo general satisfaction. Wo con
gratulato tho Company upon tho accession
of Mr. Weakley to their corps.
Valunblo Property for Sale.
We call the attention of thoso of our
readers wishing to make investment, to
tho advertisement of O. P. T(:;a, in an
other column. Mr. Tong, Wo understand,
has determined to migrato West, nnd will
sell at such prices and on such terms, as
cannot fail to givo satisfaction to thoso
wishing to- purchase.
Welcome Hornet
Our distinguished friend and Artist, V.
M. Grhwold, arrived at homo from his
recont tour of Scotching the Soonory upon
the Baltimore k Ohio Rail Road. Ha ro
turns much improved in health nnd appear
ance. During his nbsconeo our young
friend C. C. Storting, who presides wiih
50 much dignity in tho Dagucrroan Depart
ment, has had charga of his Gallery. Mr.
Sterling bids fair to become on of tho first
Daguorrean Artists of tho Country.
FoaaoTTE.s.: Wo forgot to mention some
two woeks since, tho present of n mam
moth vegitnblo egg, weighing nbcmt s'nr
pounds, from our esteemed friond Dr.
Teal, of Carroll, also, a Gno Goldon Pippin
Apple, woighing about ono nudono-foui th
pounds from Balseu Rtjttkii, of Pleasant
township.' . Wo handed them over to' our
maternal ancestor, who pronounced- them t
. nmonrr 111 A flnoyt rtf lltA eaocA.t
J Thanks, Gentlemen. "" ' '
MoNsmocnv-Wao can Beat It? Ourj
f. ion J William Guauam, of Hocking town-1
ship, thrco nides west uf Lancaster, has
laid upon oar t iMj 0:10 of those rare freaks
oi nitaie, in s,ii.a;;e oli- c.rs if turn, ull
'joined tyeHnr at .'.? item, uuj all taken
a)i t'ts sumo lnu':' Tho ears grew nbout
mi lw.iy the stalk. This specimen may be
jsjcii a', our op.1 :j. AVho can bent it?
Mr. Graham hn 11 ho presented us with
a bi-diolof his winter apples, comprising
amoug-other vai iaties.Bjllllower.Giiliflow.
er, Rasact, Jtriecuing,. Petilo and Winter
Pippin.' Thoy are among the finest speci
mens wo have over seen, but' Wg are assur
rod by Mr. G.ubnm, that they aro only an
average of his Orchard, tho "j'ieljgf which,
howctecds not' mtire than ona fourth as
large as former years. All hands in the
Ofr.ee have tested the ";o od qu i!i;ios of this
fruit, and join u) in thanks to tho worthy
donor. - - - 1
Stacey II:tr r.Z.incstlUc, Chli. Ono
of our friends, nnd by the way, one who
is an fai in svhh ni itters, sojourned "a few
days" last wet V at ibis excellent House,
and fo.iiid all tho npartments nil 1 arrangc
nlents in most ex .vlleut order equal to
any Hotel 111 tho Vest. 1 he proprietors;
Mossrs. J; A. S :ott and J. M. Wallace, are
pr'nlccs in their profession, aiid deserve,
as they alw.ayshava, "crowded houses."
Our lliilroal will b) open to Z inesvtlle
in tho course of a Week or ten days, when
tvo bespeak for tho "Wonritv Ho3TS" a
liberal share of our town patronage, whon
visiting tual city.
C. W. nnd 7.. UailroaJ.
Wo iearn from Mr. Stau'ghton, th;it the
last rail upon this road will bo spiked down
hy the latter cud of this week; thus open
ing up the shortest and quickest route from
Cincinnati to Wheeling, Pittsburg, and all
the Eastern cities. Tho benefits to bo de
rived to this county, are yet incalculable.
We are alroa ly beginning to receive or
ders from Bahiinoro nnd other points, for
our products. Tho Company is mainly
indb:od to the indefatigable exertions of
.1. McL. S.aughto:i and Mr. Charles R.
1'iown for tho early completion of this
MAMMrru Ai'plk. We wero shown
siiiD days since a mammoth apple, the
Golden Pippin, presented to Mrs. John
U. C.tsaELby Col. Jonx Hamilton', of Hock
ing County. Its weight was 29 ounces,
and measured 1 5.V inches in circumference,
and was without sp -ek or blemish. Col.
Hamilton is sai l to have ono of tho fin
est selection's of friiit in U.o west.
lkr; itNLh. Our worthy citizen, Joux
Lyons, returned on Monday evening last,
from an extensive tour through Iowa, look
ing in fiiie heak'.i ami spirits. Mr, Lyons
thinks Iowa tho "promised land," and
promises lis a sketch of his travels and the
country, for our next i ;sue.
ii:::,h::olm notiok.
Rev. J. THRAl'P, Piesid-nt of the
Methodist Pro'eRtant Annual Confcreiicp,
Muskingum District, will preach in the
Methodist Priitestant Chur Vi nt Lancas
ter, on y aturday and Sund iy nc-tt.
At the T.iihiiadg) House, in the City of
Liiicaster, on the 25t!i day of Ontober,
i'z:. ly Alfred McVeigh, K q.. Mr. Ja
con Kitot'ito i:s 1'ii.uA llowu. .
On Iho 2,3d ult., by Rev. J. M. Jameson,
at tho Tiil'iividge House, Mr. John D. Al
uiiE.j and Miss Elizabeth Ciieuiiy of Wal
nut township.
On the 25th ult., hy tho samo, in Plcnr,
ant township. Mr. Joi:l B. Swap.t.s and
Misj Emilv Hlntkii.
W.i'.'i.iriri-i. Si'.'i-s:' I.-.'M than two years since,
1'r if. Wood opened hisslor.i r..r Iho iiiiiniila. tiire and
s-il-'.if hi j pr,..antti;ir.s,and parlicularly his woi.der
f'll Hair He.u.ii-utiv, nnd by ..iti,'i.l iiorsoveraiire, ro
lyifur upon lh.' pei f.iei 1 1. ..racier ..r Iris prepar:il...ns to
:;-.- ni .1 irtti tho objects Intended in i-.alil.ir thorn up,
hi. I. ii. in. -. haseiilar...'d. until, wilhoiit li.e ordinnrv
means. if travclinir ajrenls, hispreparatii.lia are found
upon Hiu shelves of nl .lull .Innritiol and medicine
ilenlors In the Pulled stiili's, Cnun.la, nn.l W.vt India
lsl.ii.da. Nor Is this rttsi.lt siirprisiiir, since his pr
..irnfi..ii have linen u.e.l by all . la-iies.iild and vouiijr:
H.tntleiiu.11 and ladles of the highest Inlellipenoein nil
p irtsorihec. try, tustify to their perfect character
when thonmirhly tested, and no one can readhls circu
lar with int b 'Ina convinced llil is Indeed a discovery
worthy ofll.e nam... .Is It then aurprlshiBtlmt the his
lory of the world furnishes no parallel to his siiccesj?
His si. ire on Alnrkot-stroel. at fi t. fs lllit.d, not only
with Iho most popular patent tnodlcllios, but all lin
inoiiso nnd heautlf.il sto. k of perfuinerv, finn y nnd
toilet arliclcs.l.oll. foreii'ii mid .iouiestie.iiud we ad vise
all to exanilne thoMock before piirclia-lnir elsewhnro.
lie also has a splendid oitublishinoiit 31 flroi.Jwiiv,
NewVork.fortho lil.plyof his iuiinonso eastern trad'u.
Seo udvertlsemeul of Hr. Adams' Liver 11i.1si.tii. and
his advice to iho sl. k everywhere, Iu nimiherauluinn.
St. Lout's h'.rrning Mirror, ArWA ll.lS.i,.
AN activo honest Man In each section of tlm Ktntn,
lo like orders l.v 'SAMI'I.K' for VEI.l'KAli'S
.M.lliNK'I'IO AOENTN. A salary of 9-i(ill per vear,
and n small co iii in Iston will bo p.-.i.l, S'alary paya
ble Monthly." Fur p:iit'."ilnri inldrcss llli. M.VEL
I'liAU, 4-'-."j llroadw.iy, Ne.v York, ei.elosintr stanips
to pay answer. Nuveinber 1, lSjj-4wei
"57-l't will employ a iniirt otitolllirent I,a, na Mos
) V -lurer In Hie t iiion l ele'raph tltlee. If appli
cation be mad.' soon. r.N'ION I Kl.l'.GHAl'H CO.
Lancaster, November '.'j. Isi5. Ha
J.1KOM Dm subscriber nn 8i.tiir.tnv Inst, a BROWN
H'.HISI: MUI.H, spriuir Colt. Any person who
will, 'five .nl,.nuatiolit.icllihi; the s-iine, shall l.i uita
Uly awarded. JOHN T. HKASKK.
Lancaslcr, Xovomber 1, ISU tln'.'d
n AS Just received al his establishineiit, threo doors
Si,..lh ofll.e Host Offlro. Miirlln'a How, a NKW
Ck LOT of JEWELRY, direct from tho Maniilac
j furers, c.mprisini: nil the latest sly lea of ttrenst
flViVaa'i", .; Kings, finger Kingsand fli.fi Pent.
Also, W.Vii'liKS r.oinihe bosl maltora.
Call and si'e for yo.irselves.
II V Watches, Clocks and Jewelry careTnllv repaired
on short notice, and wnrraule.l to perform well,
LantaaieV, NoTrolnbu'r 1, IHo.V tftT
' j, , T jtltli Niipllialln Lo.Ict oi
!j5 A sS -I- Iree an.l-.Vceepti-f .Ma
J?' A'Ti) i" """ Kt 'AltltOt,l,, wil
Oi-V MKr;f dodiialo their Now Hull. an.!
V( vf )i Vi?St ,",vo 11,0 l",r,'r of the Lod-t
Z Ai.''AAixxtf I"..i.eij .i.fliaiieu,anor.ltlri
recession, &c. on
1 I Y.ftov. !l,
-OsZ 1 lle Masonic. Fraternity nnd
the public nro generally lu
vited to attend.
II. HOY Kit.
Commiltoo of ArrauiremonLs.
Carroll, Nov. 1, is.-,.-,.
JVfKAltt.V every Nation In tlm World Is Involved In
1 Mils unnecessary evil, wliilu our errout nnd irlo
rlo.is country seems to be perfectly calm and uncon
cerned. Thats the way Willi .1 Oil. si , VO.1 S, whilo
hi tioleiuporitrles are nmklnir a Itreal fuss, he ulel
ly Issues out r,i(X'KltlKS at the LllWKST l'lilCKS,
ono door West of Miirlln'a Kxehnna;.'.
Lancaster, Kuveuibcr 1,U2S-tlwl
- NIClToL as "fox, T
Main street, ind .Innr Tt nf Cly'ii lthiel,
Ijincasle.-, slay A, ts'.J:,t - - ' :.. '
si Va w y, V5 ii
nTun.M rP'-vlfVl'v Inform t!io t ilii-n ofKn-t
Wosl Ku.itivillc nml vl inlty, lliai ho Ujul
rv i-ivliijr :n;i! niu'iiiu from t'.i J K turn tti mi tit-
liro new iV well bh'ctod Mock ol uoU roiiatnling of
Drills V Dye NiulLi, Queuus "w Hardware,
Hat-, enpf, liouheu. Hoots nnd Shoes,
iin.l cnsral TarL-tjr ufXOTIOXS.wliicli hi lloll
10 pr I b.-low usual rule foreaAl.orilA ciuio.lm.t
1u any (iit.l of I'rodueo, aii.l l.oiK'k l.y .tiromta atten
iou ii. bii..utou l.) murilu ulciru of i'.il!ie j.r.lreitiicc.
i'lensocall nu. I .vcainlu my Sl.itk ami prlioa kefuru
buying elsjw horo. . . , . ,
Would alio li.fiirm tt!ttL.ll41utt Is i.roari'dfor
V.-'Slirieiinry in nil its llrniichec, ' ' -
loiuun cviurionooil haml, hl.a T.ill iruiirniileo wlls-
Ku oj;i i a.i. oil iius:iviiio,Ui't. IS, lf.lj Jm'.l
rrT X3 Tt KPs?Kr TFri.I.Vtl'fcrm.'.ltieciU
.vV: "--.J.-'J.ltV of t'a'.rllt'Kl c.eoily tl.i.l he has
( s-TjY- rof.uitlv pat u; a now- Carri.ii:-. Sh...,
riarJvart Store. jt:i,: .-2 .1
he will constantly kcip 011 l.r.iul nn.l manufai-'luro
r.l,'r..vcry variety of veLU-lrln hi line.
lIT'ltoi'uirinic Juiia on blio't noti.e, ;.jl tl.n .' a
avuruLlo loruu. Lji. 11, K-Zi
Sale oi" Personal Properly.
"H- Ay ILL null r.t pu'dltevondne at tlio BMOOT FA1!M,
i li'. o h.ilosSuutli i.r Lai.i'.istoi-,
On TIiiirsi!:iy, November 13, 13 j.",
Tliofollowlnj Hrnj.orty, tn-wlt: 1 pair Grev Mares,
Top liiiKty. .and llarness.4 Uca.l of Farm Homo..,
4 Cult, 1 thorough nre.l Cow, Bull anil Culf,
Kerunil .su-.-rit. Vouiip: Cnwsnnd Culvea,
4 Vearliue UoiUn, S Now mid i'igi,
1 llj'airai..l 1 Drill, 1 Fannies Mill, a lol of Gears,
A lurg.; lot of Farming Utonail 1, li W'ujrinis,
F.'nclnjr llar.Uaud l'oU.biMldoxmanynrtlclcsun-ne.-.ivary
to ouuui'iratu In tin advurLL.....u..it.
Sulo will bocdniinut'.l titilil all is sold, 'forms liber
al, and y,. ).wtl known 011 the day fmilo.
n. KirrOHO,.sMSnoooflt. W. Donning.
P. 8. Foraal . of Heal Ivjiuto, s-'O Uan.lbilU
Octob.'rJi. Irij a3J
Gazette Buildii's Ptiblle Square, Lud
castcr, Ohio.
T.. O. Ti A f I S
RWI W-1 1'ULI.V ii.lla Btloiilinn to lilscxeellent
aMort.liont of lUrnrtt. Collars, CAi., 7Vu(r..,
CHrpctllar'A-e. His stoek of Harness coiuprises. Silver,
Hrais nnd lilai-W Mouul.-.l lluiri:) and CnrriuL-o Hnrnes..;
also, "airi.nnn.l I I..W .1,.. a',1 f hi. h cuuuutho snr-
p.is....i in in., caty, older In st.wk. w.irliiimu.hipor low
.......... iiH.a..-. a ..i..g si... p, WllOrO
Itusyy nnd Carringo TiMmirtirjjr,
trill lo diM.o on short noiice n superior slvlo.
Laueaslor, Juno ie, !Sj5 ly8
I'uii CielA ( aunt)', Olito.
i:t i.ucitt:i:xN, miui ii.s,i&u.s ks, &c.
rynilE tln.lersiiiicd offers Tor sain this Fall, lie f.,1
,L lowluz Nnr'..ry Stock. 2ll0tl Cherry Trees, Stand
ard and D.vnrl; S,i(HI Pear Trees. Stniulard ulld llwurf,
(a pel-lion oflho above horo fruit this anavn): 4II0II
1,1ite Tt tel. Standard au.l Dwarf; ir.l'O I'eirkci; 'JiJII
l'lim.:;Jlitrictitit and Xeetttrities,S;r..; llMMO r'.t'ergreeni
of name SO rnrieties; r.tlll tlt.ir.i of the most ehoiee vari
cticttA small Aeterlion of (ireen-House Plttnls.
Oitubor4,ltfjj a-.v31i SAMUEL CUl'l'il AN'. '
Hook IJiiuteiy, Lancaster, Ohio
TCI LANK B(iOKr;t'urOount
i Unices, Jiislicos'
Dockets, Double and .Sinirlo
Knlrv l.edirers. Journals, llav
S Dlx.k.s.A'C. .V:C. Also, lioi.k
llin. lilts; of every description
I'uio in a iiiot satisfactorv
Alloi-.lnrs.b U'ttor orothor-
wi-e. l.rnl.iiitlv ntt. .mleit to.
oruersl.lr l.iruln jjeuu be lelr nt llu' G;l7. rtto lllneo,
or nt the lliu. lory. nit .Malnf.'tr. et.in tlierooui fi.riner
ly..'ciip... by C.,1. I'. Van Ttniiip, ns n Law Oilice,
and ne.-ii-ly opposite Dr. lvreldor'a roai.le
II.'ceailjL'i- 14, lcj-:.'i
I.iteHi illo !ni!s4
fjTIIE I'll. iciibor has purchased th. nhora propnrtv,
g. l.li.l is now pr"p'.re I I i d . en. I, mi work as we'll
as in.ircliant worlc. '1 he mill h is been w ell repaired,
and is in iron. I order to do work in either way. He ii
also prepiir.'d I., buy wheat nt all limes, or Hoar tho
same for eusl'.n'rs. if d ..ired. lie has employed an
cxpjrio'i.ced miller, :.iui will roinlol'goli.ii'ul aatiafac-
li r'The lit. Hilary, with all its macbiiierv, Is for salo,
tosnlher with lioiler. Tubs. d-.c. Tho Kaw-nilll ud-
.loiiiin it is ai.n for .sale.
I'er.ons wuhinit to buy t.-rwn lots ran l,o ncemomo
.luted. The ir.irrle.ir call nl nil limes be found nt
liia mill in Lock vlllo. or oil his I'arin. t .: niilej south
east of J.ockvil.e, mid 1 iniio w.').! of ('scroll,
Aug, lt?, 1-.-.5. .If.ilJ
r JJ'i.iK iiiul.'rsliri.ed has upcned in tlie. VVhitir.uild
H Iiil-, u fe .v doors West of the Uoi-kimr Vnllev
Uiftc.a well in. ,rl j.I St i.k of lrn r and Iffi-itt-ciite,
which ho bff.'rs to Iho public nt verv fair
.rices. ll. B. til N I Eli.
Lancaster, Octobor 25, If 33 2."itf
jj" WILL sell FOUR of the nnul lieailtiful and vnllliibln
3 lots in tlm I Ity, cni.tiiluiim bl) loot front each, by
about 1711 feet deep, situated on. Co. I minis Street, Im
mediately Norlhof tho Ifuv. John . Wfltrelihals, and
lioa.lide.l by Allsn tttreet. on the NorllT mid by u -A
feel Alley on the rear, Iclns tho highest locatinn on
said Street. Tho ubovo Lots nro woll Inclosed, and
curbed and paved Willi Gravel on Cotiititb'as Mreet,
and plained with Shade 'Trues'. 'Ihey will bo sold
sep.ir.itely or toir.'th'er. Price reasonable, ono-lialf
in nan. i. au.i mo utiianco in ono and two v.'Hrs with
Interest. . T. U. WHITE, Jim.
Laneaiti r, October Cj, jt-'t; liu05
A.'" C. BA R.L 0 W, ' Jit T D"
VFFICK In Tallinailc.) Hlock, -Muln .Street,Lancn.
x it r. iii i o, a ki Kn rscK,.
Prof. C. Ii. Willinnis,,M. Jl.
II. r. Catche . M. 11.
A. O. Illair, M. 1)., Columbus.
J. II. Fulto.M. D., Oiuciiinatl.
aprll 12
i.eoicno cji.Ar.MF.ft.
AM nt nil time prepared to furnish LOOKING
GLASSES In Mnlmztiuy, Walnut or ' ltosowooa
I' rames. Looklni; Glass Flutes, Pictures Frames. Arc.
Also, Gilt Fraiiio, Glasses of nil sizes and styles.
Portrait Frames, Picture Frames, mid a gencrai as.
sortment of Pictures ami Oil Palntilifrs. nt who)., sulo
and retail, ntllie lowest prices. J. ('. GKST,
No. II West fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
March 8, IH.i5 44
IleslraMc t'ity Property for Sale.
lll'AT deMlru'ilu property located on Whoel-
lnir street, corner ol lirontl A llcy, belnir 100
.... Wl.e. H.U. be ttKt f..t m, ltr,,',.l All.,..
Itesiilencocoiita'Vis ti root'ns. kit'-ileu. Outhouses, eve..
with all tho conveniences of ii family residence also
a new and convenient Carpenter's Shop. Smoke House,
Stable, d:e. Torma.ronso'tablo. For further partieir
lars en.iiiroor ,, LI ri'LE oi DHE.SliACHS.
Euncatdor, J uly 3, lt-33 0'
rjHE subscriber rp.'pectfelty liifnrm his friends ami
public, in ircucrul, tln.t Iu hiis much onlarod his
as to the variety. Ho lias Just npano.l and has for salo
N.i.l, i'l.'K'lipri'l nftho best qnalitv.
S.-aJAls. ""si I'irklintr Vineirur.uii.l
as.null Mock oK Ir- tiooili to suit cusloiuera
all of which will bo sold low fur cash orapirove.l conn
try produce ut his Old stand, corner nf llroad t I I
Winding Streets, and ne-irly o.posite the I r.wdwar
Motel. I. cnuncir
N. 11. n.ittar, nneon,Lnrd and Com Meal wanted
Lancaster, SepteinberSl, tSo4 'M
""aI.FKI) IcVKIGil .
iTTonsiv akp rocasrti.i.oa at law, justici or
raACK ah .insr.mi, land Aiirwr,
LaucUMtcr, Ohio,
WILL Rive attention to the purchasing andsntllrr
of Real Estate, also, to the procuring of
slonsiind lloiinty Lnnds.
OFFICF In tlm Hriclc Block, nearly opposlta
Hocking Valley Bunk. may 10 1HS4
OFFERS his professional aervlccs to the eilizana
of Lancaster nnd lis vicinity.
As this system of mmliea! practice U now to many
In this plnee,it may be deemed proper to give a faw
of its distinctive features.
Tho use of Hie lancet is abandoned ns n prnettce
fraught with evil ooiise.penccst anil a natural deple
tion more info and etTeclual substituted, by lncrens
inir the various acc-rotlous nrrd excretions of the body
thus reducing the circulation to any doslrabio ox
teiit, and avoiding oilocliinlly the abstraction or dimi
nution of any vital or Invigorating principle ot the
For the' poisonous: minora!' mdlflnca; heretofore In
common nso tlio more a-oniul medicines ns now pro
pared in a concentrated au.l purely uiudleiual form,
from the vegetable kingdom, are onlyn.linitted into
practico, being more thorong;li nnd erTlclout ngants,
iindulwnya tin.lorllio entire control ot'tlie prnctillon
er; but under no circuinstaiices capable of producing
any of the dlsnstroua rnsulta seen in every eommntiity
where catoinol and a'laucU uietliealageiitahavo boett
the chief reliance. " ,
. Ottlco Talluiadgo House, oVor White & Lalla's
Flore. - -,... . ; ..
Re. tenon --Rev. Samnol Carn'Mil'ifi, WiaJway.
Oct. -:, I S.M ly,. .vi - "
ShcrtllU Sale.
E,..T1,? '1"' f '' Ftr-n c.r ...
1 KM. AM t.i tl. ctiiiituiiU of an urilur of
frum III.. Curl of muni.... i'loiu In Kit. I col
u...lci.,u diri'il.d. I will u..r t
I Imt.l.e aula al Iho
r.mrt It. ..1. .'in Lamu.tor. on A'.iikrJj, IJI. lit rfuy ,
.wv. . , ,. ..j, uv ,n c-,-,. mo i.ours ni iu o rioca a.m.
and 4Mvk I". Al.,11.0 r.llowli.c doscriurti Hoal KJ
L.l.i, to wn: A pail i.f lil-l.ot Hu 33, in tlio town of
K.i.l.v.lle, l,...i.l..d ihhI .,... rl.,., f,,i.a. i..,,.
nii.iral ll.v .soullioail corner of aaltl lu-Lol tin. 33 on
ll.e Alley 1 lheno runi.li.f; Wml 34 foul and twolnrhra
1.. Iho Southeast comer of the Dwelling House on said
Lot; thei.io North Ihrounh said Lot. to aa lo Includo
tho Waro llouioon Iho Xorth end of aald lot to an
Alley, runnlnir East and West: thencr Ewttlilrly-ttl.i
feet and four inches, to an Alloy: Uienca atony aald
Alltfuthploco of beirinnina:. , n
Appraised at Two Hundred dt Sovcnty-flvo Doll'itr.!
To lo sold as tlio property of Samuel Work et. als.l
nt tin salt ofDnvl.l Wilson and John K. Muniaugh,
Assij noes, 6te. Terms of sale cash.
William r,OTTKH,,rbenir.
per C. M. L. WISEMAN, Deputy.
Hunter and llaiiH.erty. Attorncvs.
Lancaster, November 1, 15 3wiCSpr$4 30
Sheriff's Sa'.c.
7 4" S'n'r of Ohio, FairfiU CoMtu.-ts,
rt)!!KSlIA.ITtoU.o coinnialid of an order of snloi
f.-omtho Court of t'ommou I'leaaiu said conntv.
and to mo directed, I will offer at public sale al tho
Court House iu Laucusdur.ou Stfurdao 1st ist Jay of
Drcexber, l?.Vi, between tho hours of 10 o'clock A. M.
ai.d4 o'clock F. M.,tliu following described Hl K.
Lite. tn-wlt: The one undivided half of In-I.nl Ko.
lCiiithe Central I Apditlon to thu Town of Baltimore:
.t ppraiscn a. rive Hollars. .. .-. , - - . ,
Ono equal undivided half of a Fraction of Land.
comiaciicn.ir 152 feet North of tho Northwest comer
of Canal and Johnstown, Slrtiets, or the Town of u,
Uniore; thence N ir;l Ltd feet; thence West 4'J feet:
thence South l.'.O feci; tiiencv Fast 49 feet.
.i i jiraiscu ai 4o. t . . .
One undiyiiled half of so uimh of Out-Lot No. 1 of
Kokohl'snuditlon to the Town of lialliin .ro, as Ilea
North of a ran?e lino, with tho line between. In-Lols
Vos.e nnd 7 in Sqimra No. S of (at) tiast addition to
H dtimore. Appraised nt SIS.
Ono undivided half ol n Fraction of Land. I
tween said lust dcseril.od tract, and tho aaid Eust ad
dition. Appraised al $5.
Ono undivided half of a Fraction of Land lylni nt
Iho Northwest comer of Out-Lot No. S ot Itokohl's ad
dition to Raltlmore; thence East 1 chain 71 lliikJ
thence South J deitroes West S chains and 50 links;
iii.-ii,-,-o..mii ,.. ....Kreo3 . est i onnln Sj links: thcuco
North 3 clialuSM links to tits uogluulinf, .
One undivided half of a Fraction of Land lvlnirat
tlio south west cornor of tho Norlhensttt'iarter of Se.
'i0",h"' 24-.Tuw"sl,il,N-li'a"tl"uKeNo.lll; thenca
v . ,. i. ak , '"" "' " '" " esuwilnlta; tbenre
North 4!1 '.dettreao East 3 cha In. LI link-. c
4lldeerreos East 3 chains 7.1 links in .! i.......
and VVcst Unnrtcr Section lino: Ihcnco West 4 elmlns
rq liuksAo tho boiriiininwiHi prlvlleee of convovinir
I li waler.l n n mm. r..... , .. n ... . . .
' .v .u i nil,., aoovc 10CK iso..aa
ul prosrnlconvcycdaotho Woollen Factory, as lone
an tho t anal water privilege shall be continued.
Appraised at Fivo Dollars.
One undivided half of ouo rod widooffof the North
aide of ln-lnlNq.5, of Iho Central addition to Bal
timore, with tho nppurtenaneej belonging toaatuo.
Appraised at Three Dollars.
To be sold a tho properly of James T.rooka.ct. als.
at Iho suit of Edward Calkins. .
Tonus of aalo cash. WM. POTTEH, Ftierlff
ii ; i i. C" U '- 1SEMA.V, Dcnmy;
Hunter & Dauirhoriv, Attorneys
Lancaster, November 1, 1(55 5w"fipf)- SO
4 , Sheriff's Sale.
jJll.si.AM to tlio command of an order of salo
, fr""i tlio Court of Common Pleas In said countv
and to n.e directed. I will offer nt public so at tlio
door of llu, Court House in Laucnator.on Satvntttv tit,
' " ""hr, l-. bulwoon tho hours of 111
o " lock A. .M. and 4 o'clock F. M., the foltowint des
cribed Ren I Estate, to-wii: b
The East half of thu Nnrtl.nast Oiii.,in, ci.-.-
iiiluibor Nineteen, Township iiuinbor Seventeen and
....Ku Mi.ii.uor ciiriueon, coutsining 14lijhty-iwo acres,
inoro or less, and appraised ut S43 por aero.
Also, the West half oftho Northwn.t Ot..i,.rr.r g...
lion number twenty. Township number Seventeen
and Hnniro number Eighteen, Fairltold County, Ohio '
containiiis Kl(thty Acres, more or less.
Ttppruisco at per aero.
To be sold asahe. l.ronortv of .Tneoh trtn- n ,i,..-
ult of J. N,. O ill and olhora.
leruisnr alo cash. WM. POTTER, Shorlff
. per O. M. L. WISEMAN, Deputy.
Ilrnsi'cj & Vjin rriiinp, Attornevs.
Lane:istor, Ohio, Sovomborl, 1S33 Sw?OpfJ4,50 '
Sheriff's Stale.'
The Slate of Ohio Fuirfieltl County, ti.
I'ri!.sii.NTlotliocoinVuuiidot3ivl,ordof salo
from t!ieCo.irt,rromu.i,i. I'tei.si.rp,.i..i..i.i
ty.nnd to me directed, I will'offerat nubile sale nttlu.
' ......casior, on A.irHr.ay tne 1st ilnu
Drrembrr, l-3j, between 10 o'clock a. in. and 4 o'clock'
p. iu., tlio following. Inscribed Heal Estate, to-wif
l ot No. II in tho Centrul Addition to the town of
l! .ltliu..re. hairlleld County. Appraised al 1S0.
I o be sold ns Iho property of fioorgo H. Houser and
wife, i.l llu. siiitnfK.lwiird Calkins.
Termsof salo cash. WM. POTTER, FberiT
, P CM. I,. WLE.MAN.Dcpuly.
IIi-XTtt AtTlAi'oiiimTY. Altnriipis.
November 1, lr.'.j 3w20i f.3
SHciifl ' Snlc.
Vln S.'ltf of Ohio, Fairlitli Cottntv. if . ,
lVl.-ick tluirk, J'
. t . , . , ( fi'rueldCoiii.Plcas.rurtllioi.'
Mi. hael oulr!; el als. ) '
llliSl'AN"l' to the command ofan order nf sn0'
Ironi the Court of Common PI.,,,. nr..i,i r
and lo mo directed. I will otTor nt public sulo M ih',,'
t oort liolisc in the City of Lancaster Saturday tl,e
,. 7 'J' "etweeu tho hours of
It) i lock A. M. nn.l 4 o'clock P. M il.- r..n
de'cri bed Real Estate, to-wit:
i-aiioi r-ectlon No. 7,Towiisliip No. 13, of Range No.
'.i.beitignlsoa part of a tract of , iii-iun r,,,.r i... ,i
convoyed by the "Lancaster Lateral Canal Company"
lo JiiiuesC. Heynoldsfby deed on record iu said coun-
i, recor.ieo in nook no. 1 and pages S50 and SHI,
and lying on the Northeast or towing path side of O n
Ohio Canal, and alongside of Lot number nine Soutb
of t'io Licking .iti mini t: beginning on the outside of
the towing piifhata corner w hich is (10 feet below the
upper end ol the stone work of aaid lock; thoi-.co run
ning down tho Canal parallel Willi said lock Oil feet to
a corner which is threo feet below the lower end of
said loo!;; thence NorHi 44 degrees East lo the line of
hint between said flcynofds aiid O. P. Tong toncor
uur; thence .Soith 44 (legrees EiislflO fed to a corner
on said lino of.liyislou; Ihouce r-'otih 44 degrees East
to tho place of beginning, ordaining One Quarter of
uii Acre,inoronr tens', and being the same lot convey
ed to'i'homnslluirk by Jnincs C. Koynolds and Vife,
by deed bearing data March 10, 1848.
Appraiso.ini floe.
Tor.in-Ono-thirdln hand, one-tlilnl in one and tho
remaining third in two yenrs with interest from tin
day ofaalu. WILLIAM POTTER, b'licrift'.
t. . tl ror C.M.L, WISEMAN, Deputy.
Hunter A Dnngherly, Attornevs.
Lancaster, Ohio, OctuborM, lc'jj 3wS3iif$0
- Shi-rifl's gale.
The State of Ohio, Fairfield Covnta, 0,.
Abrahiiin Evoraolo, 1 Jn Partition,
vs. I
lS?1r,',"Z.'!, "',3' 5 FnlrBeld Common Plena.
Jl'KMJAN 1 to tho command olaiid order of sale
from tho Court of Common Plons of said Countv
and to mo directed, I will offer al publlo sale nt the
Court Ilouso in Ijinciisler.on Saturday the 84 day of
Jfoormbcr.JI. V. IHAS, between III o'clock A. M. ana
4 o'clock P.M., the following Real Estate, to-wit:
The Ensthalfof Iho Northwest (luartot of 8fctli.li
No. 2l,Tiwnhip No. 14, Hango No. 19, alibjcct to the
Dower Estate of Catharine Bailor aa heretofore asslgu
ed to her by metes and bounds.
Appraised ut ($3(0 thirty-eight dollars por acre.
... By CM. L. WISEMAN, Deputy.
HtiMTn or Utr.iinnTV. Attorneys.
Lancnster, October 18, Ji 5wli4pf?3
Probnte Notice. :
mjOTlCE Is hor'cy given, that Farnh Keller; A'd-'.
LJ iniiiistralnr of JVntel Keller, duceas.td, 2as died
her ncconiit and vouchers In the rVobnto Court of
Fairltcld county, Ohio, for Inspection and seltloment,
and Unit the saute wilt bo for hearing on tlie Kill) day
of November next, or aa soon theroafteras may be
VIRGIL li. S1IAW, Probuto Judge.
Lancaster, October 84, less aw3
Prnbate Notice.
TOTICE la hereby given, that Jnnira Pickering,.
J. f.unriliaii for Thomas Morion, lias tiled in the Pro
bate Court of Falrliela County, Ohio, his account and
vouchors for inspection and settlement, and that aald
account will bo lor bearing on tho luth day of Noveiu
burnext, or as soon there-after as may be.
VIKG1L E. . SHAW, Probatn Judge.
Lnncastor, Ohio, Novouiberi!3,lr'5j 3w5 .
Probate Notice. "
TVTQTICE Is hereby given, that? tho atfeohrit rtt'Wli1-'
IU limn BroW n, A.lininistrutor of the Estate ofSrrrali1
Burr, deceased, nnd also the account of William Hut-''
ton, Ex. Alitor of John llutton, deceased, has been fill
ed In tho Frobate Court of Fairfield County, Ohio, for
inspection and settlement, and that laid accounts are'
sot lor hearing on the 13lh day of November next, or
as soon thoronflnr as may be convenient.!
VIllOlL k. SHAW, Probato Judgo.
Lnncustcr, October 18, 18S5 3wS4 .
Estate of George Hois. , ...
SOTICE Is hereby glvon, that the subscriber has-'
been appointed and qualified as Executor nn the"
do of George Hois, deceased, lata of Fairfield"
County, Ohio, dated this 19th day of October. 1K3.
Oct. IH, 1853 tw24
F.state of Henry Friesner. ,.
TTOTICE Is hereby givon; that the un.lersignod'lias ''
l been appointed nnd nualiflud aa Administrator
on the Estate or Henry Friesner, deceased, late of
Fuirlleld County, Ohio. Dated at Lancaster, this 13th'''
dny of October, 1S.-.5, SAMUEL JACKSON.
October IB, lfii 4w24
Admlnlstrntors' Notice. '.
jYfOTICE In hereby given that the undersigned waa'
111 on UioHth day of September 1855 duly appointed
Adiiilnlstrntorofthoestnto of John Jnuna.luta of Falr-
lleld County, deceased, by the Probate Court of aald
county. All parsons Interested will take notice ac
cordingly. litu. HAI.DKKMAN, Attn. .'
Lancaster, Sopt., 13, 1645 3wJp. -
; 1'stuto of Itcglna Unndy. . -
lYf OTICEIs hereby given, that the undersigned has , ;
boon duly ipialined as Executor of the Estate of
Kegina, Gundy, deceased, and all persona who are in
debted lo said Estate will come forward and raako ..'
Inuoediata iiayinvut. and those who havo claims a- '
gainst sal.lt slate will present them to the undersign
ed for allowance, duly authenticated within one year.'
October 11, lf3i-SwS3 HUNKV UJONARBi-

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