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Tliursdrty Nornlng !ov. S, 18.1.1
, To on I Frlcndn nnit I'litrimn.
" Tlia last number of tlio Gazelle compe
ted tlio first six months under tlio present
proprietorship. Although wp purchased
of Mr. Slaughter, tho entire unsettled ac
counts of the offlce on tho Subscription
Books, yet we have barely collected enough
to pay the ourrent expenses of the office,
which wero necessarily heavy during tho
la many cases the entire subscription
for the last two and a half years is yot duo,
and the greater portion of our Advertising
and Job Work stands unsettled. In this
precarious financial state, wo are compel -jjol
to call on our friends for thoir duos,
We have placed our accounts in tho hands
'of Mauis Leveius'3, Esq:, who is duly au
thorized to receipt for us. Wo hope- our
fciouls will settlo without delay. Short
settlements mike long friends !
The American Party m Ohio.
It must be ft m liter of pride to every
true Anarican to look back over tho bisto
toxy of our p vty in Ohio, now only about
eighteen months bid. Last full we swept
every thing in tho State and elected our
State tiuket by a majority unprecedented
in- the annals of the State, while every
county but six or oight elected their entire
county ticket.' We then became the object
of such billingsgate and abuse as was nev
Vr Jicsvpad upon any party or set of men
banded together for political reform; still
we held our onward way. Another con
has come and gone; as before we have
elected our entire State lickat by 35,OO0
40,000 mnj jrity, excepting the Governor,
jind havo also elected a handsome number
of tho officers in a majority of the counties
'of the State. Thcso are results of which
wo may well be pi oud
Vor the last twenty years the people of
our country have been flying from party
1o party', if possible, to rid themselves of
merciless Doraagoguos and Trcrtsrtry Lat
crs. Scarcely had the first echo from an
American Victory iii the East renchod our
Western States, until, as if by magic the
great ; ma33 of the people sought to know
the principles of tho new party. .Scarcely
had the enquiry boon made until they, were
laid at our very threshold. . Sinco that
lltlio luu piiuuiptua iisty jinaaeu tiiiuiiii
several slight modifications until in Ohio
wo published our plaiform to tho world.
For soma time past they havo stood, and
shall stand at tho head of our columns.
They show to the world a eddo of princi
ples unsurpassed by any party that has ev
er existed in tho Union. Let us consider
Ihciii, we have,
V l. Tlu iMilliiille'l F res do ni of Religion tisponnei-l-Q
I tvitu politic. -Llo-ililits to-ei'ijliMiHrilirM I n ti iivm-eff
UDii llio. lill'air of l jvui-nuiuiit Kqualily of rights
l.i uil uaturitli.Dil Ktnii;ranti who nro thoroughly .1m
i ciraltitc, mul nn owo Hit U'UlJtotnl lilk'uiittii-i, liy
i'uiiii uf ili.'lr religion, higher titun Unit ol tlu Con
r: t lliull.
This spj.iks for itself in as plain and
forcible language as the pou of any author
toulJ iiidito it, and while it finds a re
sponse in the bosom of every true Ameii
oan and breathes the spirit of our early in
'stitutions, yet thero ara to bo found tlema
'gojjues bearing tho similitude of men who
havo tho hardihood to attack it, but in all
cases the blows hava recoiled upon their
own heads, For this principle did the
Colonies struggle and finally establish our
glorious Republic. Tlio next plank in our
platform is, ' ,
, 4. No Intorferoeco vritlt llio rtsht of clttzsnstilsi 1-
rja'ly uuqHirjsl litv Fivi'riior., uml th'j nrat-ji'tlon of
Uw Mi l( wKl lioncitly einlitrsla from Invo uf lil;'r
ly; bullho tfxclu.iion of foriiru pii.tjn'M nml follom,
Mtol It reftu,tt tvexteni the ritrltt of nit fraze to all who
i.ofll! htrt'ifter until lluy shall IntvJ roAitljil 1 youri
in tlu U.SUtu unJ cotujiliul wttU -NiUuralii.Uon
Il is one of tho high boasts of tho Amer
ican that upon oar soil all lovers of liberty
shall find ft safe and securo nsyluni from
tha bloodthirsty votaries' b'f tyranny,' butiu
extending this protection they ask only
that the forcijincr shall placo himself on a
ovel with the American born and serve his
probation of twonty-ono years ero he seeks
u voice of those institutions whicli have
cost our Fatiikrs so much toil and blood;
When wo cast our eyo back over the bat
tle fields of the Revolution, tho sufferings
of tha Colonists, and above all, tho teachings
of the great Father of his Country, who
Will say that wo can guard our liberties
with . too strong an arm. Wo aro happy
to know that in this last resolution ii great
body of our intelligent foreigners iigreo
with us, . . . ; i.
3. Opposition to nil polillc.tl orpnnlrtlluns conirios
U exeUeivettf of Foreigners and to hrcign Mili
tary Compani'ee and to all atteiApli to erclitde the
Bible from the Scnoolt wppctrtti tj the Govern
ment. ,
This rosolution also speaks as plainly as
tongue could tell it. Tho Americans have
tit all times been the. guardians of religion
disconnected with politics as well ns the
"Peoples' Colleges,"-tha Common Schools
of the country. . Yenoralioit for religion is
oiio of tha Characteristic traits of an Amer
ican, and nil attempts to excludo tho Bible
from our schools and , seminaries would be
indignantly robuked.. Hence it is that tho
kttcriip'ts io several portions of tho Union
by a certain Religious soct to exclude the
Bible from our coniriidit schools hnvc met
the solemn condemnation of tlio Airierioa'ri
4. SlriTory Is local not national: AVo npito'sa its
extension In any of tho torrltorlos,;nii(l the liieronso of
its political power by tho admission Into tlio Onion of
nn; SUto State or othorwlso, and wo demand of tlio
itnoral OoTornrooiii an iniiniidliilo rodrom of tlio
great wroni? which havo been iuflictod upon the
cituso of Freedom and tho American chiimrtor by
tuo ropoal of the Missouri Comproiniise, and the In
troduction of Slavery into Kansas In violation at law,
by foreo of arms, and tha destruction of tho ulcctivo
This resolution is ono peculiar to tho A
morican party of Ohio, and orfa that was
demanded by tho gross outrage upon the
free States by tho passage of tha Kansas
Nebraska swindla and the .repeal of the
Missonri' Compromise by the present Ad
ministration. ; It' Las taouBo thoroughly
discuisod during the campaign just ' pist
and so heartily approved by the intelligent
voters of Ohio, that wo would find it only
. ., . . ..
repetition were we to ntlunpt to arp.e its
juntiee; wo will only add, that slavery j
m mo ao-iiraoi, csubjii iur crimes cowimii- j
iii U rcrrarJcd ly ull intuliigent men, both
north and south, as aur.vr moiul evil.
I'lio (lucstioii then recurs, has the Gener
al Government n right topnrmit slavery in
territory now free? If slio has then she hits
the riht to license an evil contrary In the
wJai'Athdjed code of morals, which We
lony. fiut as wo observed above, this res
olution lias been fully . disfu.fsc4.uiiJ. ap
proved by the voters of Uiiio, and with
their decision we coincide. " , .'".'.
S, I i liumMo Imitation nf tho wisdom of Washing
ton, w.i opposo All litt'jrv.!iili(jn la tlio atTiiM of
l''or.M;r:i St .la;. y.H ou nil pr.pur o,citlon, we will
ii'it rvithli jlj oar sympathy Iruiu uuy n.'jpl. asplrinr
t b s fro j.
From what American heart does not tho
teachings of the Father of his country meet
with ft response. We opine that it is c-
iiourh to know in those ;htya of lillibuster-
ing that this rosoliV.ion was one of the pre-
CCp'.S of WArltlNOTOJf. .. . ... . . '
fi. We support A MurU-iin lii'l-istry utnl ffflnSuf. n
jrsiiist thJ u.tverjj policy ol' i''.tr!iii nuliiii mi. I
f'.uil.titu In I jitt-rii;. 1 iiml ftt-riiul oiuinii(- by tlio
imnrtiviHiii'i.l nf li'ivorn uinl Ituriinrft (mil the eon
i.tnii'tioii nf riuliutiul KomU Uliilin Ihu vnriuua gtt-
i'li.'S of llu Uitloi.; I
To this principle we owe our existence
as a nation. It was tins pnncinio that u-
nited all the colonies when KuulanJ wish
ed to niiiko them truly subservient to the
olj world. X be improvement or our uiv
crs and Harbors is demanded by tlio grow
ing greatness of our internal commerce,
uid all jv ill rejoice to see if full v earned in
to effect. There nre hut few in the Wesl
who arc insane enough to advocate an ad
verse policy.
Fill Union of fhpvs S'fl'M ibculd bt mr.-U perpetu
al Ay a J'aitifttl allegiance to ths Constitution.
"The Union, it shall bo perpetual," is
tho motto of every true member of the A
merican party.
UA union of Ii3arl4, it union ofnamln,
A union of Stales nono can suvt'r,
A union of intorijili, a union ufbimils,
Tito "Amshu ix VsroJi" furevor."
S. In Stiit , p-ilicy wfl zcnlnuxlT nitvocalo Retrench'
meat utiil licjitrtn tl luoililici.tion of tlia prjii'iil o;i
!iri'.s.nvo iyl;'ni uf 'l'uuthm alidu liborul aystym 'ol
ruulu- Sc-li-jpis,
Upon this, the last plank in our platform
the people of Oiiio have spoken in thunder
tones. Look at the list ol members elected
to the next Legislature and you have the
voice of Oliio ulmost unanimous in its fa
But it is ur'ed by our enemies that the
American party compromised itself by the
support of Mr. Chase for Governor. We
do not think we did. If nn v oiie of than
will take tlio pains to compare the "Detlar
tion of Piinciples"of the Republican party
they will scj (hut they coincide nhuo.t en
I'relT with those of the American parly.
W e had n common foe to bent and the only
pdy reason could dictate, not suicidal to
ot,u jon iier n us tiiu vnu ii jitonuun.
Aud now, in the hour ot our brilliant
triumph, shall we abandon tho noble craft
that has borno us safely through? . Shall
we provo recreant to those principles anil
precepts lmndod down to u- unsullied by
tlio caily l athers of the Uepublrt? The
response from every true American heart
is, XO, NiiVKU. NKVJiR.
O V II r A l ii it X A s T we u K .
AVYitr.I r.st.
. To the Kendt-is of llio Ciixcttc.
Wo have this weef: a moro than ordina
ry apology to ni iko to our readers for the
tone of our p iper l ist week, and in so do
ing we regret that duty compels lis to ar
rhign tlio goiitiunnn whe'so liatiio heads
this article before his American Brethren.
In tho early part of the last campaign,
many of the frien Is of the Ameiican cause
urged upon us tho importance of a cam
paign paper, and among other inducements
tha services of several gentlemen of abili
ty were offered in the Editorial depart
ment; among others, Alfred Williams,
Esq., who immediately becamo an editori
al contributor to tho columns of the "Clip
per" and his writings were generally
admired by the friends of tho American
cause.. DtuiiiLC all this period, wo remtrd-
ed Mr. Williams as one of tho Editors of
the "Clipper," and consequently, in many
cases, did not' read his articles cither in
manuscript or proof. looking to him for
the correction of his own proof. .
Silica the election, knowing the high
estimation iu which ho was held by many
of the warmest friends of tho party, we in
vited him to contributo to tho Editorial de
partment of tho Gazette, and extended to
him tho courtcses of nn Editor; never for
ono moment Uoabting or susbectin? his
fidelity t the American party,. liia manu
scripts ware enrriod to the compositor's
room, where they were sot up and proved
S3 beforo, which was particularly tho case
last week. Thus his articles did not meet
tho eye of the Editor until our paper was
spread broadcast over tho city, when wo
found ourself tho "Editor arid Proprietor"
of a regular old Fogy Whig paper ? We
immediately called o;i Mr. Williams for an
explanation of this wanton aluse of confi
dence and gross misrepresentation of our
senameius, when he banded us the lollow
in.g card ! . ...... (. .. ..
To the Patrons of ha Gazelle:
Many persons having expressed groat
dissatisfaction with tho tone of the (i;i?utto
this week, I deem, it proper to inform the
public that I am the author of all the ed
itorials which liavo appeared in tins jour
mil during tho last two weeks. . Regard
ing as I do the position which I hayo as
sinned as the right ono, I shall next week
publish a full vindication of tlio courso
which X havo seen proper to pursue.
Very respectfully,
v Alfkku Williams.
What exouso Mr. Williams can offer to
tho Proprietor of this pan.-r or tho Ameri
can party.'for this insult to Honor and
Uoxestv, vet remains to bo told. He has
not onk doll Ait of intorost in tho paper.
Tho prosont Editor is tho solo Proprietor,
find has his all at stake. Yet, Mr. W.,
wishing to roturn to tho low depths of the
old Whig Part)', takes occasion to lietray
the implicit confidence reposod in him, and
drag the Gazette with him, beforo even
suspicion had rested upou hiuii. For such
a course we can find no paltiaiibii ot exevse,
and want for terms strong enough to ex
press our contempt for ono who could stoop
to such an act. Our readers may say we
were at fault for not reading ihis.rnanu
scriD't beforo it wout into tvfte ? - Wo con
fess wo were. . On all ordinaay occasions
wo do so ; but iu this caso such was' our
confidence in the integrity, ability and
judgment of Mr. W., that we failed to do
so, ami only because of stich confidence.
Ili i strictures upon th m-xt Pre.' i J ri-!
c.v nd the nomination of Mr. lMu.jr;rt,
l'"r J?' , 'f '. rfPu'1"'-
ihhoutJ Jur. I ill more be the rsomin.;! cf !..-
Amerkm ,
rf hm.
tho nonmiae fif t'uu Wliii
party, never J His connncnU u
(Jubilee to ba held at 'CWiiMtrim. n n-vc
Wi.dftnmlflt. nlsr nre nut" f l.hwf I I
of beiti n Hartford Convention, it is a
mere Jubilee of tho American nnj U.-oub-
lican parties of Ohio, in honor of Ihdr jrC. I
cent victory in tho State. It is' trn, we '
cannot s'je th! propriety of invitni ;r Reward
anil Suini.er, but if tho Republican party
wish them present, let thorn come.
His compliment to (idoti-l Van Trump
certainly plates l.inj (Mr. W.) in no i-nvi-abli
situation, lie says of the Col.:
'When a strange delusion mAr.-r.i bin ,l I
political ussociates, lie, nnmoved by all the
denunciations of liis former friends, re
mained true to his country, and true to the
Constitution." -.
Now, Mr, W, was one of tho warm ad
vocates of the-fusion ticket, and S'iys ho
voted it; therefore, by his own reasoning.
nr. tnmcd traitor to his count iy and to the
Uonsliluliun. We cannot givo "great cred
it to tho Col. for the couisa he puiMiud,
on the contrary, as nn American, wo find
mucli to disapprove; but of that, . if uo-
respary, liercalter, -
Ilis attack on Jud;;o Shaw and Mr. I'.eat-
tv, under the circumstances, was nnlHst
and, unmerited, find .comas with an . ill
trraea lrom ono who receives hue hundred
iollars per annum out of the County Trea
sury-, (or., thirty to Jiftij ttnys professional
services us I'rpsecaiting Attorney1, .Jndije
Miaw mtorms s. that nil tho blanks Mr.
Ceatty ever printed for him amounts to
just I-'ivb Doi.LAns ! .
But tho linnle;-his attempt to resuscitate
the old Winn I'autv in this epttutyi' is
certainly the richest of his items. That
game was most effectually tried before the
election, and (ho official abstract shows the
enormous count of 52 ! Another fayt; -
out of some fifty subscribers wo lost .by
Mr. Williams' coup de elut, all but fine on
ginully belonged to tho old Wilis party 1
In conclusion, wo would suggest that,
if Mr. Williams is not satisfied with tho
American partj', and wishes to go ovor to
the old Whig party, he holds an ofliee he
received at tho bauds of the former, -justice
to them demands that he resi 'ii that
office, and leave it in tho hands of those
who conferred it upon him. Political uou
or. at least, would suggost this course.
Wo may havo moro to say on this sub
jeot hereafter.
The Otilo Statcsniiin unit iN Cirennti
(lenflVniikliii" alius LADY hilXSli-
1AX rtililll.ti 1. M.
., The hist Weekly Statesman comes to ns
with a communication settinr out certain
articles of our last paper, signed bv
"Fbanklis." . When our distinguished
Government functiomiry the Post Master
iiiid editor, of the Ohio Eatjle became a
"Fiia.vki.in" is hard to tell; Wo always
ttnew there wis somotlnntr burning within
him which hu wished to commumeato to
the woild, and novv it is out. , H- is a ven
erablo "Fb.vnklim;" but which of tho
Franklins it is, wo cannot divffl?. "Old
Den.," peace to his memory, has been
dead many years. .Sir John perished in
the Arctic regions; ami tho only "X'rank
liu" that has made any noise in (ho world
is Lady Franklin. Piesiimcint'', therefore,
that tho Post Muster, being something of
nn old nrannv, hns adopted this distin
guished female as his patron saint, we will
just christen him "LADY FRANKLIN
TU Til ILL P. M., and for the purnos
of making it look large wo put it it; enpi
Lady Franklin sots out by pronouuein
our paper "one of the vilest of the vie" and
afier quoting Mr. Williams articio "our
sentiment" speaking of tha editor of this
paper, be says:
"After iiiboririjT thrpnah the entire cam
paign to elevate to office and position met
il tho same stripe and sentiments of Sum
ner nnd Seward, he now says that tho
congregation of those men hero to glorify
over their success, which ho aided to the
extent of his ability to effect, " to bi a
teasonable convention," and ho warns nil
true patriots" to "avoid having any con
neciion wim u.
A most unblushing falsehood Lady
tranulin Xuthill X'. M. We never labor
ed to elect to office Buch man as Sevo'up
and Sc.MNKit, nnd well you knew it, when
vou ponncd it. We never pronounced
this "a treasonablo convention," and well
yoii know it. Again speakii'g of lis) ho
says: . . . , t. ...
, "Ho has labored to build up tho party
in Ohio, and now lie turns about and tells
his deluded followers that, tho very men he
has importuned them, to put ,ii!,.ofTjco nre
traitors to the Union and the Constitution.,
What can tho people think of such a man?
X do not dilter with lum in what he now
says; but to call attention to tho "honest
Iago" vho takes this position after hedias
done nil he could to disgrace the btate.
Another clorioiis old falsehood x( you
own coining, Cranny Frrtnklln. We have
never pronounced the men we have labor
ed to put into office Traitors io the Union
and the Constitution, lou know tho con
trary to bo tho case, your Ladyship.
Aou ssy ''you don't differ with us."
We rire glad to learn that your sentiments
have uiidergono ft change, but fear if will
be of short duration. ,'
lie then quotes Mr. Williams' resurrec
tion of tho old Whig party. ( , . '
"So it seems that Ibis beautiful pinktlitl
join in an unholy alliance with disunion
itts nnd Ahotit'wnisU.'' .
So it seems, your Ladyship, that you
pen moro falsehoods in ns few lines as any
Editor living. You know full well, when
you .penned that , communication toi your
brother Medary of "cdsso quire'.' notoriety,
that wo nevor ponnod ono word of. the ar
ticles quoted, but that (hoy had met our
solemn disproval. . Iut you thought that
if Salnuel only had hold of it, all the little
tadpoles that wigglo thoir filthy tails in the
Sag Nicht quagmire of L'opofoo'$ni. would
join iu tho cry, and you would thoroby
mako some capital; but Lady; Fuanklix
Tutiiii.l P. M., yon nro welcome to it.
Cit? Book Store. Wo call tho atten
tion of our readers to the advertisement of
John Soarles, of tho City Book Storq, to
his new and- complete- stock; of standard
and Miscellaneous Works, Annuals, Grift
Books, io. Wo havo taken a glance at
his selections and ' fiud many work's that
have .never yet graced ,the shelves of a
Book. Establishment -in this city;' Ilis
stock o'f , AnnVal,- Oift. BookVit'o'otidftl
Works, &o.i is complete; ' Arid eyery,ono
who will Call, cannot fall to purchase.
Drop in and examine for yourselves. '
AMEisirA--? 'j i:ti;iriiAi:
Jnt before going to press wo reeuved
tho Cincinnati pupersof this morning, ron
taiiiing t!ie following despatches, uj) to 7
o'ctoi-k hast ovcuiiig. Massachusetts has
done nobly.
Boston, Nov. 7. Tho Plrito eleclio'i in
Massachusetts has resulted in llio flcelion
of (i .irdiner, tha American candidate for j
Governor, by a plurality of from 10,00')
to ! o,l "JO.
. The indications nre nlso that the Ameri
cans will have a majority. .iu the Legisla
Boston, Nov. Till. Returns fiom 100
towns foot up: Gardner 33,'127; Beach 22,
747; Wall yJO,2L5; lUckwcIl 2ti.I3 1.
uardncr s iiiurnhty thus far is 13,293.
.Boston, ?.ov. 7th. 7 P. M.Heturns
from all but nlho'Jotvns in MassachjisulU
irive gardner K. JS. n plurality of 15,000.
Chance, K. IS., in elected to Congress from
the tenth district by a plurality of 4,000. !
I no ii.ousc .stands: 1U0 Americans to '.)
of all others. . Xbo Senate as far as heard
from stands: 23 Americans to 10 others.
From New York, tho dispatcher are ft
tallows, from which wt iudsa that the A-
mericans have carried (ho day:
It- - V' . l n. . ...
.i-ouK, nov.cmDer. 7. This city is
carried by the K. Nnothings by quitea large
majoriiy. ' ,
hrasltis brooks, K. is elected to the
Senate in tho Sixth Sistript by a very large
majority over Munday, llartl nnd.J3oft.
X'artial returns from the State also indi
cate that it lias gone Know Nothing. 4 .
Tho Know Nothing vota . in the :Slate
is larger than was anticipated, and the
(lards, bolts and Liquor Doalersare doubt
less defeated.
The contest islmtween tho Know Noth
ings and tlio Republicans; but the thelurge
plurality of ilia former in cities cannot be
overcome. The returns thus far received
show tho vote to be as follows: Amei ican
15,000; Fusion, 3J.O00; Soft, 3I,000;IIard
The aggregate returns thus far received
represent about 130,000 voles, and aro dis
tributed in tha following proportions:
llea.lly. 45,512; Hatch 31,433; King 23,
800; Ward, 21,613.
The telegraph also reports tho city of
IS. Orleans as having gono largely Amer
ican.. , .
arrival ol the SlaroJ liic West.
Neiv Youk, November 5. The steam
ship Stnrof the West from Sin Ju m, reach
ed her wharf Saturday evening. She bring:
300 passengers aid, "272,G5 J.iii ..,ld.
Her dates from Sin Francisco are to the
5th, the sanle as brought by tha George
Sho connected with tho steamer Ineta
Sam. Hr passengcis were detained nine
dsye on tho Isthmus in cousequenco of tho
existing political troubles.
Don Fintft M tjory, the late Secretary of
State, had been detoctcd in his correspon
dence with the enemy outside of tho city.
He wlis shot at Grenada on the 22 1.
Col. Walker having been re-iuforcod by
a small party of Calit'orn'wns on tho 12th
ult., embarked at Virgin Bay on board the
steamor Virgin, and beforo daylight next
moiling laiidod within four miles of Gra
nada. Aftor ft rupiil advance tho little nrmy
reached the city, and bad manned tho pla
it without encountering ftny serious resis
tance, whon ft sharp contest ensued which
resulted. ii loss, to tho enemy of 15 killed
nnd several Wounded, and General Walk
er took possession of the capital of Nicar
agua. .
Subsequently tho fort was captured by
ti detach aie tit of Americans.
On tho 11th, Col. Fry arid Parfier it.
French, with GO men, embarked on board
the Virgin, which also carried thq passen
gers and specie front California with the
inteutiop of, capturing San Carlos. The
occupants of the fort, however, fired, lipou
tha steamer with cannon, and- the expedi
tion was abandoned, Col. F ry being un
willing to risk the lives of the passengers.
Order having been restored! tho citizens
of Orranadti held a public meeting, and ten
dered Gen. Walker tha Presidency of tho
Republic,- which, however, ha declined iu
favor of Gum Carroll.
Col. Wheoler, our Minister to Central
America, after muoh rolicitation proceed
ed to Rivas, and learning' that Gen, Car-,
roll was absent, Coh Wheeler attempted to
return, but was prevented by tho Govern
or, and detained two days nor was o ro
lea'cd until the lowu wa3 threatened with
attack. , ... . . , ... . - . " i
This breach of faith on the part of Car
rol's force led .to a spicy correspondence
betiydon our Minister and the General. ?
On the 22d; Carrol surrendered, a treaty
of peace was . formed, and thus Walker's
victory becamo complete. During tho
progress of thesa events others of impoi
tan'oe wero transpiring. . ,
On the 23d tho steamer conveyiiii; the
outward bojund passengers by tha Star of
the West, was hied upon lrom the tort,
with a thirty-two pound 8hot,.struck the
lyjrtt, killing n lady and child,' n'iid serious
ly injuring tho machinery.- . : ',
Provious to this an attack was made up
on the returning Government forces, when
five persons wero killed and eight others
wounded. . , . i ' -,'. ,
Tha following ara the names of tho kill
ed: John Boyd, of Wayne county, Indiana;
Wm. Dubois, of Susquehanna county-, Ov
hio; II: S. Bonaparte, of Iowa; Wnj. How
ard, of Lexington, Missqtiri, and Haiiry B.
Davis, of Union, Missouri. ; .Their bodies
wera plundered of several thousand dollars
Among tlio wourtdod wore ;.
Miohral Foncaiirion, of Tiffin, Ohi9;-y:
Cornetl us Cross, of Booneville, . Missouri ;
and It: Kondi ick;- of Cinciiinalh:.. Twenty-,
five passongets fled intohb woods when
thq attack was made, and ' had not beeu
heard from when the steamor left. " -
f il i;i-" ut I b n A 1 1 lc.
nrctisK tv C'OTTOM.
New Von:(,
H it I io arrived
X-.v. 3. TtiO steamship
is rnorrtni''. lit a ikn; ,
(', unannounced. By her, we
following ueneral 1! i .?n.-rt.
Iiivq the
I I.iliburti, on tlio rnou'li of the Dnieper, i
was captured by iho Allies on U.o I7ihi
! ' f ! !
i.aman an l rnanagona, i iu fj'.rnts of
Kartell, had been destroyed. .
Tho Allies wcra concentrating tln-ir
troops lo orgamzi an I ajvance lrom J.u-1
patori.i and otlier thi(s, in order to cut
off and surround the Russian forces.
Tho advanced posts of tho Allies were
wilhin fi fiy -live leagvt.evif Bkchi i Seii.i,
and, the Jt'mUns vvti retiring.
I.iprafidi wa- inletiding t dcfi.m.1 (ho line
of B.-lbec. . .
The North si le of Sr.-va-itopol was sur
rounded by new K'l-jsitn forlihcattons.
1 he ItiHiins altiicketl lnrz on tlie 27th
ult., but were repul.ed wiJi imincnst:
slaughter, lowing, il was sail, 4,000 men.
Gortschxko!), it was reported, was to be
court-martialed. '
There is iiolhin; t!ew from the Crimea.
The fortress of Kinburn rented the Al
lies by livery heavy lira up to (he l7ili,on
which day, at noon, (Ito Allies entered the
Advices from Marseilles hl:t!e that great
exertions are making, Io complete thi em
barkation of a division often thousand men
under Gen. Lambert.
Some English troops had discovered in
tho Karbelnaya, a portion of Sevastopol,
immense Russian stores of ammunkiou v.
clothing. ,' .
, At. tho wisuing Conkrctue; D'-nm irk
will proposr; (had (he Sound Dues be enpi-
iHiizeii lor me purpose oi reueinption.
Sir Henrv Ward, Governor ot LYlon,
had been assftsinated.
.Amon tf'.c hlilodat the conflict at K trs
were several ofliceis of rank.
There is a liitla general news. The re
strictive measures of ihe Bank of France
are telling upon almost every dep.trlmuul
uf trade. '. i i
Messrs. R'tthschilds aro about to estab
lish an Austrian Ivink.ofcradit with a cap
itul'.of sixty millions of florins. . . ,.
A concordist, hu'lity honorablct to the
church of Uomey. had boen- contjluded be
tween Austria and the Holy See. . , .
Tho new Greek Minister announces the
neutrality of llio preferred administration,
and the execution ofobligatigns due to for
eign powers. . .
LoNDrs Mosev Mau:ikt.
Loxdon-, Oct 19. Tho money market is
more stringent, and closed dull. The Bank
of England has increased its rata of dis
count to 5p cent for siity-day bills, and
7 ;' cent for paper of a longer date. Great
alarm was felt in commercial circles, and
.1 pinic was anticipated. Consuls closed
on Friday evening atG7 fur money and!
LtvEiirooL Market;
Liverpool, Ot. 13. Cotton has decli
ned 1-10 J; the sales of the week wero 51,
000 bales, of which speculators took 5,000
bales, ami exporters G.000 bales. The quo
tations are: Oilcans fur, Gd; Orleans
middling, ti 9-1GJ; upland fair, 5V1; up
land mi Idling, 5 1. Tho last advices from
the U.iitpd Status, hal a favorablo effect
on tho marks. Breadstuff's firmer. Wheat
ha advanced 4.1,iCJ. , Flour lias advanced
GJ. Cora is 2tG l higher.-
Messrs. Danuistoivn it Co., report that,
although the week opened with an,improv
od feeling and free salrs it closed inactive,
and with a decline of 1-lGd.
At Manchester, there was little doing.
Brown, Sliiph-y Se Co' Ciicn! ir states
the Corn Market to bo without animation;
tho stock was light and prices hardening.
Western Canal Flour is qu.Vcd nt 42;
white Wheat at 12s GJ; red Wheat at 12s;
white Corn 45s; yellow do, 43s.
Messrs: Bigland ik Athsye state that
Bjef is in limited demand.
American Pork was inquired afier.
The market was b.iro of Hams and Shoul
ders. Sales of American Lard nt Go,tG7s
for fair qualities. Tallaw in request, and
likely to ndvanoe;fi:ie American wasm.ich
wanted. Sgerm Oil in bettor request.
Ashes low. No Btltim ore bark in the mar
ket, liositi ii1 fair request.
To the lion, S. P. Chase an I tlie Hon.
V. R. SAPr, for ytilu;ibio Conrcs-'ioiml
Documents. These favors aro pirtlciiUrly
appreciated, as thy conic to ui like bright
oasLs in tho Dosert, as nil tha favors we ev
er receive from tlio Congressmen of our
own district mteht e.wilt bo curied in one
Corner of tho eye.
Tost ! i "
Some time since we either lost or mis
lujd our Cily Sabsciipiion Book, qontiLin
i n tho names nn J accounts of our City
subscribers. ( . (
Tho book qui be of no account to any
one but ourself, and we feel much incon
venience without it. A libera reward will
bo given fcr its return to tho Gazette Of
fice. VAIX IKLE TOWS PkioVEiivi
vitn f.ou fcvi.Va.
I('II,I. SKM.nl prira'.c -ale iho Konl Ert.il of O.
I'. TOXU- If not aulil ul p.lilia al b.-lwoen now
anil .Spriinr.lt will bo aeld ul public a-lo uf which due
Dniicu will bo:(rivcn -- ..
Tlu pmporty conalaK of thj following Ooacrlbc.t
Lot- uml Trui".9r Idimt. to.wit: KoSi
l.iimproveil Lots in tho 'J'oXvn of (I ir
roll, 3 on tho Ohio Canal with uLAUUK WAHK
HOUKi:.. 3 wrlli larjto bwelliiij- Housoj, llio olhon
Willi -mailer linprof enicitH. ' '
Uj to !! vacttul I.ota In ililftrenl pxrt- of t ar
roll. Tlio Farm conUiina about 2 . At'KK anH
w ill Ii.- s lid oiitlro, or in Ilia following parcels 10 suit
b "iVuUntwopn TO .uid Tt Acri d Tll' of ibi
Oltioi'aii.l. 20 Aore-i of which is clOarjil, tlio baUnco
I'lKK TI UllKIt L...M. , i . , .
SimI. Near l?()Acrcon Hta P'-u'li sl.loofths
CViio Canal, Kai.f Carroll, about (50 acroa clcareU
Tho otlWi-roo.l Tiinb.T Liinii, all uncloKCil.
3,il. U Truct ol alien t 1:13 Acroi, situate
on. the foutll of llio Olnn anil Hocbinc Canals, on
wlrkH l novr Talllns lp?m of water, with a fall
of from H to 23 I'oct.oajy of iinproroincnt, bjlnit on.
of liit Irestalshu for a mill In F.ilrHoM coiini :-liis
Ini. tliM on Itn Hono, Barn all othcrciinvenloncca.
A1i".oiio ulllnr tract eontHininir4of 5 .'blw.;l
tlio pitan Ko,l iM Ju'lira Raiiianjrli's Mill I rnctii
Tornn. Ono-iiiini in lisnil.tlie b:iln"iu tw o equal
alumni nrivnmnts with Interest from iliifh.
i 1- ..i . 'Il.-H. TO.NO. Agsut. :
f Woli, K.ilrilelll county, OUio, Sov.H. 2"tr
. TPf-,i'io Slnll Journal i;opy iuil auiiil bill to Agout
or UilsoBica. -
' . CITY PKOPKktX- VOU !AI.I3. r ;
L rilllAT V.ilunhlii Ilouu anil Lot itb all Hi
Ml cniivonioiices, at llio eoruor of Coluinim
iinTl Mill Stroet.can bnluiJ atafireal bargiiw.
I'uai'Jaalon Riven April 1. lKM. iniiuiraai
Lancaster, Ji'oy. l,l5-20. hllS OFFK'2,
111! I W
Of c.j 1-u.l AbnmI Rui -num uf l 'jfri.iri nj
J f i City of X i Vurk.ta iuucM,
Kit-lire ,f tt -t, yi 3!. I lsruibor Ufl, ' '
' -r Lool. t .r that Jul. "Ktf'
KN...tt t .i-iuitr) lt,,N tlnulotal
i i'.iim,i -J mi T4 Ir. .Min
, uf Iblid lirf 4.tii if U lttu bat'l.
( A m'niM i,f i rumiiiin on
j I' .tlrl.-. ..';i Jjrll.Jf
t l. x mwiitti 9 " ca
criiL.j f..n,....i
K.--ll...urMi.J V SI ti''l 'Jt7Vt
init':t of int.;n.-t VTfin-4 nl
M 1 """ t" 1
ei.riM.-rf f-.f lv moiali., lutrm
s;i.'jw :i
, . . ,
w"".l'f Ln-.iiM .lurliliio-pa'tlinvjiitln.t.i-nit
m. wturrj
Jwirv, l"ii fV'.offd ?? 11 '
K. .1.,' n. j Ian. M.IM 83 Ui;j I
Amount f.-jitl for .:..vn;-' lii
ll.l Jio;i jiuiui-si.ii; tfAgi-iitS
Iti... i..u ii ftp ,1 ..r '
ci.iJiujij-i:itiiii.ii.iii t,Agrui ,'.'j
'i' Ttu
A net.
f r'a-li. I.iaiu - In r,i.li 5-i,.itl 2i
K-m-lt and Mtt2g; h,-ir.;
llrl l.-ini.n Krjl 1 . t .-, ITJijl (lit
l.':tli i.tl '.','-ti (alublo ou
1-man.l) m.9LH W
K -ni h.'.-it.. X., 1 Wjll Krct
Tl'") H9.-.H 14
-.t-. r-Ti.-lT.f.i for I'r miim on
fii!-,l ri L 'U
lot r.-i duu i,ii.l unpaid to ely
, ll.'JGT sa
lilaii..... iii li-ii-.li of ar,MH l-d
III rn-.tr'.'j f tr:ili9inn,!ull fr'iu
""" H !3S 63
ffiiiii'Mti 'lai and iinroll'.t.-.l .
on i'oli. ! ivsuol at ott)f-Hf ID
S:iI.'.-:r,' ,iro,...rl) on liaud
Jilu.:,iin.- ,U f .rj ,M,0 to
- i I.in!iititie.
.1 n'.otit of I;m ioi-urrtMl and in rrm-c.
of S'lju-twi'a
AiHMUitt '4 i-.m ri.nrie4 on vrbUli no
MJ!ie W
s -,rn n
tirlioil lia. tijvu tuk'-l.
Aiuotitit of rl.:liiu f,r l'n -J rcLtcd liy
Hi.. (OttllllJF
I II I Itl.i'.R . u In I I i. tru
N.. V-.rt. J.il T..yi. .. F. WllX.M.AKIll
. Vr-i'Mt-iit
Sr,Tr or- Skw Vr,iK. ('ointv of Nitw V'.rk.M.
w;tl ......it. . . ..r.i... n i ....!.
i: itrl -J. Al4-ilii. :iV.-i,ut. al Ar.H ir F:
UTW'"i iiil'-liitrMof 111' ttr1mrahl HIm1Uo ofu4 J
AKf'iU !C F. Wll.l.MAKTfi.Hern-tarv
Tat tIU'.I twfirn tv W'furc me litis iH.'Ui
ia.f Ul Ai U. lea Kirn"l
' 5. WliXIAM lil'STKKl,
( on.ni.;nfr in Ynr' for Mi M. - rtl.i..
iUCl LA!5.
Of Oljrutursli, N.V., on t!ij )i Jay tf July, 1-63.
I. Nun" ml loo.jttity a s-.ciii!cJ above
1. 1'iuU hind niitititlu hduUtfot
AxhH or other ti:rsjU4 40
9. Hrl Ktau
3. li'nnn uat
4. IK'M A-vs ilie Cfniijs,nf ?fruril by
uiortjrii?:. h-tns flt lien, !i:ljr n
rT.k'.l.ir wttii i a mot; m mure ltt;.u
S. htliifW.tlKrwl-f Hitnr d oae
ti. iiJ'jtWor Fmii.iium ri
7. Alt oilier c.urllitj, teir Hill
H'cfflvit.lj T'r fMnilum ;: ' ' 0!3,4fiD C?
5. Anioiintoi IiahiiiXie iJk uf not tino
ti Bank or ot!it'r errAUort met
ft. Luei i.'ljuitu4 and lu ' wo.$
7. Unit: s i-yu-1.; A &iA liui duo ni(
H. Iwi tttmOjHHluit
U. lAt'tlntiiii;uta waitlnp further jiriof X3 00
lif. No iiict c1.iiii.-:iC-Unt lUc ('vitii;iiiy,
except fow ntall ite;iii of c.r
nrufpHVititful ij fluent, or reiiiflur
run'o. af1 UN.; l;ii;n of retit4
II. 'I fiecrcji-'it jiiindiilli.r'Uri.Ml f.uu rl-k 95,000 00
lit. lit TVmlft smuui.l bIIuAcU Uj lh-
rnli'1 r.f i!i; Cn!!tiai;y to be tn any "no
city,litwu or riiUgv. Xo ruUou Ujo
Ui"j 'rt. -
J3. So rile 01 to th crratst moT:iittl-
1'iwoa to U tn4iir-'n m nnf tilock'.'' '
1 1. Tasi M l of I:icorp"rutitJu it aainu
a at tii5 last rtffrt.
Kutrrib?d and i . oru b 'fur? m till 1 1 h tlar of
J ill v, 155. tLUAII WHl'i K.J'i.f.c- f VC-9.
II. O. FOOTK. Sevr.-turr.
VH.UAM P. CHKkl, Ajv-fcl.
Lmcister, Olilo. Ortob-f r Jo, !55 3wL'i
TIlAVE p;trtUr..4'jJ t!i3 entiro l::tre.t of Jons I.t
fte in tlu Grocery "tfrj on Houthwcsl corner
.f tlu- Puldk-Squara.ba.L-i. of the Market Houi-,ber
I h lt at nil litti; UkM Uaaurr in at'rvinp tm nll
-1'iaiLT uf IUj fst-.i-lisUniei t ulU my friunds with a
Choice select ion of GrocericsitNoUou, Ac
My nvr sn;ij.!y U:u silnad mrir-iA t wbfeb I liiritc
4ir.?iul utl'ji:liou of r'Utoinom. V.rprk-et ill h ii
low U4titi other iirtiilur vsUblinbmiit in tbe city. I
kiii a n-w buiituvr unit Uoje to bv4 a liberal hfiar
of the ifubtiv i.atronkge. JOHN 1). JACKSU.N.
Lam.K4lvT, AiUl 13, US3 lOlf
; u. irrrtit hat j i'iihii lt iti? nril
nl ofi.
AutfUit And we wubatloar t
I illpd for the I ail six months to nil and
uHurt wiin4rf aifc-ouiitu ha um b tn
cloie mora uewc th it -InU.
U.V1 rclurm4 to tin. city, Uri be epccl! Io re
rnln p.ruiniieiill in tin. lirarll'r uf hit ir,iUitalr,n.
ural-jfulinr pist rriri. ho 1m,l-' b atimitiun b Ia4
ni t'i nritlluJ p-ifriiiiiK' of Iii- .iii frli'ii.U .ml tb.
I , : i : 1 1 r t j 1 1 rflTy.'. Ocine, Miilii Strm-t.tw inn Kui
.iflli uhiol-;ij,U. Ij'-cr.t; irJul) JU, lcJJ 3mll
.Xo, If, Knst Fourth Street, Ciucinuuti, O.
.srilllV At I
K'ptii lfiillj inform lb? ir CuttDiner .nil Piirrh..
Xvr.vrnHr. iliat Ihor nr. nntr opaulng ta exU'rislr.
itid cuuijiltt. .-jnriueiiluf . .
LDspi iJZA(z5 33 3H so s,
r.i:iiillci ITnl! Keeper. Slianiboit OTrnurl. anil
Strantf-T-. may tleiioml npon fintlii.g tbo heilrtit uf
f.'HKle. el prioes low aa Uey can lie pnrclinicil in
tho K!1ltii CHIPS. eepl. 37, 15J 3:uSl
1AM now dealinj gxtRnirely in La ml 'Warrafttjt,
lho3 wlbiigcto BfLl.liml tlirrefuro bvttar conitilk
jne beforo seHUijr feUen hri. Xbfnk'rain Warrantnaan
tlo aa well with uid ao In anr marttl arwt tiihK -quk-k
luriis. -TliocoatfufaMijriiinc i alwaya fiAiJ ly mo,
an 4 nit? information about Warranu checrfuil j given
wi'boii't chanr". ' ' '!
Thoiiu inUnUinf to 1133 llielr M'arxait. al om3 fu
ture iiinernn ilui's'.if tfi-ui wflll mC aff rSctlre the
nr. on i' y orlnlf rti for thorn, ami nnotr;T T. arr'ant when
Uitw1s1u Warrant ias.iis; from uiy b tint is nro al
ways ruupanUed ir-y rttpA.
I mIho Uoal in Eal-jru E.if hantr anl Gobi and Sll
rcrt'oln. T. W. TAJah.MA IlGE.
LancaMorcptcmbr 27. Jcfo5 Sltf
TOTICE 'uhorvhy jriren, that tlicro will ha a peti
.lirltoht CouiHv. at their Dppfinbf r IVrnn IMS. for
tion lireni'iHt'ii nunc oumy Lomnnasionfr oi
tbn vamlion oi Ihe CouniT Koail l-R.)in frm the
Pla(fHhi ono-fourth mile Norlb orGeniato G iotl
ami uriin'a Mtil. ami Uo. for tho wiubMaaluir'n road
comuienclnc llireo-fonrths of a irtlkj North of t;-neva
nn t!ie Mats Tn.i mine rrno! riouse, thonco r.;ir
one fourth niilo to Hie t olU Spring; on Flnlomon H n f
ford's laii'Uirionec Sor'-Iissi n(rois SolimioiiIliiiTorlV
Jr. bam! to the tfornrrorth V1(Iot.t Itufford' lanJ:
Hi "ii re North to the Mill road leaulnfffroni Bremen to
tool aiid Grim" Mill, there to lerminatn.
D,;j, p. HADLEY rrsprrlfnlrj-Informs those snf
.ferine fr-im ncilt. or chroui.' Opihnlniia. g.iacral
noss nf Sight arlsinir froin Injuries, &c, Ulcoratii.n nf
llio Eyor its mcuibranos,(roirtiijr au4 cvury cause
tha rcrult of Fever, Mealc. Scrofnln, Ac, either of a
ahort Jhration rrofm:iny yours alandlnir.
i Jf7He is prepared in givo relief aud pajfect a cure;
or all money acrrKOKD I
R B. Harlan, Wllmliurton. O.i O. R. Whits, Wil
niinarmii; Willliain Fuller, WiliuliiL'ton; Isaiah Mor.
ris, Wilininirton: 1. M. Ilawerth. Wilmington; llavld
Fisher, 6Hi lit. tjinciunali, O.; H. Bimonlon, Cilm-
. rt . n t .1.,,.. U. l.ihArir. f.iiHn cmitilv. O.;
t-f. James Hoimton. Jc(rcroiivi(le,Ohln; Julin' While,
ii,.ur, wlil.. Ohio: Ooorxe Hanawalt.Bmirnetilla. :
Thomas Cod.linguin, Hifiaborouirh K. R. F. A. Ala
lMiwell. O. W.ZvB.R.; Lovl Smith, Wslilnton,
Obln; James Pun-ell. do Ohio; David Hitvh and Robt.
Lowrv, ijnraw, unio. .
Offlic io Wilmington, Ohio.- 0t. 25 3in.
!,!;; LanciiMcr JTIiirkct: V. u ( .
(Iajxttb Omen, Nov. I, ' lC5a.r1nT
iiiotjttions this nioi nirg ar as follows.
WhcitC ' IJi? Douf, 87.CO 6 S.Oo
Cirn.20; Itye. .70; OaU," 23ct; CloCe
so'id pone, Timothy seed." 2.0tf:4.to!
iPotatow.. 25 rents; KluitVed. ftOc!; But
ler, K'.'3l5e; Eggs, CnOcenN', ftilt. 2,50
I!e;ins,-noiic; S.'ps, 6(f6c: .CfflVf,
I2jsl5c; T-a, 50100; Molsssrr, .SCc
'wr, rc0 . White Fi. h. 13 dolhir? f r
Uin-l;liVurcI lO.COlo l2,00;Rii i-BAaX'
Vim-gr,,lfl25 ctn(s; Tobaoro. 5a35rls.
Hay. 9,'iiX(a.mii .TilloW10A per lb;
Wl.Uly, 33c; Wool. aOaXc
rrc;i;i..r Micnmt
t ifai-rfn. N.. ii...
r .
.ii v i ! j-M i;; o r 1 1 : c,"
llL H.fir. MI AW
ft'itiv.il hU ('Hi u ttiurti Koith of tlm
lim-C. fur ttw p-tMic .!; of aijr t-wf
I Ii iwif f,irit i-il .it-ui ji ami u ! imhii Wmi
"I'- fcl. i ilt tii u pfiTU j-It! ;.t ;.ict :rt
lillMtl rrii.irouj:i Bml Call!e,
40 !i 3.1 J ol I II: btixttl ttidUr ide Cut'lp,
asu r t ei.VK iiK.iu or "
VI it( wU'irl, ars fj.u utility au will to olJ si
rjanou-tljl orkes f'r rih or uii fr'it.
X Y;ml.2f 7 JJX T. BR AS Ft:.
if (MT on ti i ti kftit; Vullt . CJimI. jtwfii Iiu.
i a j
.ui-rir-l uilUlllu.A rOl.f.T IMOK. MnlliM-
1 .'. . -
A li'jr..t reward will irivi'ii tn tli't ifhi'lnr. nn it
r lt:it-.in NO! ftcll-t-.l" ...
rrurn t in- nu Hie P-kt r I Jmr 0in4(u, u
Tin: ii4)i.Miv ur. jnnc;i
Onpasite Sha-ffi-i'i Uotet
BEG liiai : to Itjfwrm bl old rnHtoinrri nnd ttvrf
t,4,Ak ib-it Ije hii jurt. ranivtrtl tlirurt frin
lUc iiiiMUIi-r. nli-ttyy Inv.ji. V of 'f injiiri! nui VU
tlU.i.i-Mtn Wi rk-, lifi b,ok AntijfU. Srr.f tuitM
frkr lAUran . I'urir uut tl;i!liJi v'n ni ; mnurK
iU 'rn iim bnt.m.'d Uri(h i'uct3 volt 0(.Uivi.touiii
ni M ir u, revmifil t.ititiou; Mjkef j enr', Aloore'
jttA lljron'n com Pottitnl Wort with Hi.e slrt'l
illiirnlivti.wttU thtf Iarict mid not conipltitu stuck,
ol f'tttifal vorka vvrr brubtrkl to tlii tily.
Al.-iu. FkHii&U Life amoitir iU .Mo-inon. by the wlf
of an fcl'U't: Lrhl ami Liurk nt.a tdrv of fa4ilmii
M l.ik; Fo'ilprints of an lu-ticraiil,by M. P. (Jidi;
Jm1mu lt waniid t. by Ihtdretti; Wlttf ! Fytura
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th.j lltdd -d F:ith, bv .My Marlon Ifurland; Cuus -Ctl
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AIi.k Urireair1ntfiit of Riblea. larire -mstA ansll
id atl prlco Hymn Itonka: Cntlinlir Fraer Bjik4
t'4fJtlir with every vanty of beliiuat Work.
An .Ytehlr.i awurtir.f ul of rp. I.eltur ftnd
F;tfer. KnrAlofMMi.&p. Oar xk hn beu Uid la wltli
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trit. ladiufasd Oullpinee will call and Kao)tu
&t tln.ir li-iurfc.
'. S. My rrjoirirntii areodii t!iat I receive every
;i-w work diret t from the Putiilirrf 4 a tabued.
Laum4tT, Nor. f, Jf-35 ?j JOilS hEAKLtt..
scinno Iv7fqbiat:oh
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th d(.nrt rjr wf ib ( hrnivaU laws mid bariouny (
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pAani fAj by Oiircrm nii?iteif retltliaa a s lrg
'I Iti iniKirtkl di oi ar cf tbe law of baiua'
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unurpiiscd b) any utbiroii Die pti-of blfturtt ro
t-orU. The anrprilii arrurary with wbkh Ur.Chf.lv
luiu it "liable t pre-calru late all vUuieutnrv tAUltC
o prvtlU()-i$ii.r mtire to stono. uanbq' akee. a u reran.
tVf.. BU-i aio aimocphrne rb-H)fea within IU hunt
f.r fach Uy.ntitntlM In tho fiiiiiri. and tba bbyabrttt-
rTett n the health, ffvlihg ui.A humors of wanltiiid;
must be 0im tlr-tl Ur all unprjmlltea mluua Co be Uf
mfiikuluhlf advaiitsig o to the uholti buniaii rave.
In pren Ttitiiif th BAINBOW to tba public, w if
not cU. H to be an inf..UtbU weather ruM. But Iti W,
tuurii w J r'ntm. tiiat IV will tv fu'inu U be anrro ! ly
tlie Uttr i'j-bt iUua out f every AW w at la
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;var. I . adTittirc. 541 rttit for ait iiioi'tba- , t
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i ImUi . i irjr, WtiHi., iwU pnr. VutdHiV tlri cp
t:lt(f a full axplmiation 4f thj dffOTry to nhfeh Ur.
CbupniNB 1im4 dfVMed Ih lal Hire yeereof eloob4
t'rvtiiion. Published ervry 1x months. (Maivb aiad
Stfpteiiibvr.) prhe fl fr Tolnme, for which tl will bit.
.jut.I pabl,l Niiy pH oflbf cvimtrr. Pirai vIuai4
BAwroi'lv. AHHroa CAMPBKI.I. 4k CO.,
N... 73 South Fourth St. aboTjWalnut.Pbiladeilila;
J7Acut wanted it erory county, no.? lmfi '
rt05TA!KI5G 13 Acre of food qiia'lly, VbauiV
j ct jiit Bottom Laud fur ipwJt, wa. HVacreaOfwhlvli
are tn a high stat tf r.1trvn..ii. Oh the prerolae
J thero Is a flue OK- PARI) o.Ulnlnc t50-a
&-arin; AppU 1 rftn of lh boat qualltyfH
tfraftrd. a number pf Psaeh Trea, 11 oflbe JL -rineat
(pm I try f pratVM Pearlreand upwfjrdaef i
t h rry Trerof all ipia.iUra. With Ihe aapi.oji et
tlie Orchard, erary field 1e well supplied with etk
Mwatar.from ISprit'C ou rartoua portion of th
F-rtu. The BoiUu(oi.iiiUff a ueal cmif.-rt-iMe
PwMtinr llfiu.ffprliig HoiiM.WMhhoHMf
V?r wis Barn 3 fl by 41 feel, er acted VS
iM'i'siid other out bulUtnif for various purposes.
' 'i L-Tamil VtnaliMJ In (j-retfiiRMd Township, eight
nit lea Northwest of Uucutir, near Walnut
btowen Carroll ni.d . ADAM UKA.MiT.
Korcmbjr?, 153 3iaf
- :
U TlU.MPff()XJierckait Tailor,
Has Just opened .beautiful aas'irMWenfor'
Ctniti., Casslmcni aini-Veitiatg., '
.III uf hirli lias h.ali !Ioc4tl with real care. aa.(
with special ref.rr.c. to the wanks aeil t'aate rrt tills
couiiunulsy, auJ trraicli he kturapari.il to manufacliy
tn or lor tn J It irjparel to make Uu best nn In Ik
latest stir II Y'AII hla wurk will be warranted I,
He Italse now inanufarlurlii( everj tarlelj of
whlrli lin will IBI.L AS LOW as the earn. Qualify n(
ri'iniliar.d wrk can be nurthate'lM InV iTt'n.r silts.
tislimeiil. His Clolriinf is .iiiauufaVVttr.d li'ndor Mis'
own s.perrisinii.and tsronsaausui. aupsrtor toihai
which Is hrnnpht from otliet'F'.cos.
Tli. nril.llc ar rspftful sollalled I. call and
amine lila Siork;.uil wtil'j .liankrul for Ihe lik.nl
paimnnre .e nu .nj.i. no aav.nw i,. .,u
..... nlhnr.. Ihl La .ill ItbOC tit .ITS HOinl
iiifacli..u both In Ihe uus'llly ard prlr. of his roods
.nJ worlt. . a. M. THOXPSttls.
inianJa, Oftj.fr 55; IUj, "
ArniT'a's Ornrfi Fiiaftan-r foHiVr,)
Ocieher 1. If SJ. J
fl!TF roiiimlslo:ira of Fslrliol.t funiily bar ap-.
I nronrial.il Iboauiii of (In. Hemlrort anilTwenll'
Hio LMIar.io be pai4 rr thehitst Plan lor o Inr-
msrr. 1 bo liri.111. to da sieposiiea in mis limko on or
l.i.r.iVn Hit Kt dav of Jsnutn next, and aa maoii there- :
fur cnnreiiioiil tlie same .111 bo onun-'d imd ex-
jmlnrd, and the award tiiailo. '..ci 'i .
Bv order of III I oinliilttiorfcp.
JAMtia VI'. luVTXOX, ti.rk.
October 5,1SJ. M
-w it AS Inst been opened al Iniw'AKI
.III MOlfiKof Jfffrle A ''d,o
i. ..rikA r.n.l tt.rf-wailrAa.
r Tho fliuit Oystwv In whole and half Cana
.-irari dallr. nr fiicfiHs In adinlnlnc towns
.1 u:,t i li.i.ini.llriil at a moments notlo. .t Cln.r
chinall prices. AlVOssters sold l.y me waraanled
good aa.l fresh JAUHai BOTB, Afnt.
i.iriicasieri uciooer ii. iwu-wurt.
ClneinttriM, Ohio, ,y ...
I a l.ie uiiiiers'iLi'vti, n.n.g ntmuiv. my
I ajreuieut of this weU'known .alakffshweal, bs
l .'ave to spy to those whi. visit einclniiatl. .Ilbssr fo.
!,utintaor pleasure .that Ihey wllmfl tttfJ Broadway
Hotel one of ihe most couvouiea ta ;iroiMp?
nine plncetln the rliy.' '
lti.onvoiileittoth.Ki(INIod OPeand Pf$j.
and tho Public Uinillnar:.uresn than any other B.l
in Cincinnati and Is nrurtn a low minuiea wai. oi is
Host OHlc.' Ihe prim-ph busiaess localUUs, aud Ui.
places of Public imusoincnl.
Anetc-nslvernnirof Balnlnp Room, and a sjar-.
bofs Shop wll! bo found in lh B.ildinr. - m ,
This house hasall tlio comforts end eonronieite.
that can be found In any (Irei claw Holol In the Wcsr;
ti.. -hi. nsmlilishroiilll has )n4 been thornnrhr
toverhnuled. renovated and refurnished, and : '
his house their home during- ttwir stay In Ik. Ollyy
will have ih reason to complain cHhof of hl-.cc.HM
inonilrtitaor bis chore.' iwfcl'll U. CROMWELL.
September 13tfj4 I9tf
Proprietor raelaassurea lnfvv wn wtaao sit

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