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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, November 15, 1855, Image 1

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$72,31-7 fc7
,bon Kiia !JntJ
Id come.
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be 8iU,;G? 60
li t .Tlat Mrrrl, (iarlaisais. , ,
Have B a fufl Riivk.mi.l ar itin; and nxelrlng
. iHiul1iipi ui anainaaoi
Ura'annd UoTi Blurb, llrewa aadTa
Color, niwt Pcnrt Son Han, Far and
Hoot; Cloth Silk rinh,harii4 .
J'uucy Cnp fur Mra and IJova. .
c I 1' IM L o lion u w
A&IV V aE. VI , T
r vtiii: i'axct tins. . .
er-t arc rued and
iBoMthi, from
i-J.,n. Mi l'jl U.J 51 01
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ioi,tJuiy ai.i s im.wjsa HATTEH3 FURS,,TfUMMlNGS, itC.
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. . nrrn T miTmi uSmittmiiifmr mtmin
I nn on K,ii. ) 4)7Jitfl OU
EcmVcasttr (Saullc.
OFFICK Old Publle Bnlldlnit-Sontheail eorn.r of
tta. Public Squaro.
" n . i o my ! thfl ftTiiLra-
tlouorth. year, 0; Club. of Wn, li,0U, Club, of
6 Month
' 8,00
. 13.(10
One Sonars, Wllnei (orl.aa) threo lnaortlon
Each additional inasrunu
Ono Square '
Two "
Thro. " ,
One-fourth column ",
One-third " .. .
Jne-half "
Yearly adrertlaer. have tho privllogo of renewing
"TOnoTcarnotexcaedlnK on, ,u.r. w.U
b evened" for .ubTcrtber., at 5,00 per year; nou
.libcriberawlllbeohnr.d tS.OO- .
Xhu Hda7MorBlios
There aro n Tear In Heaven.
. at JOHN T. aoBWT.
lmit a child, hie feet were bare: ,,
Hlrweak frame ahlTored with tho cold;
His youthful brow waakutt by tare.
His laihtng eye hl aorrow told.
Said I, "Poor bo,y why weepest thou?'1 ,
"My p'areats both are ttead," said hej
'I have not whore U lay my head;
. O, I am lone and friendless now!"
Not friendless, child1, a.Frlond on high .
For you tils proclous blood has given;
Cheer up, end bid each tear be dry
"There are no loars In Koavon.''
isawamanln.ltfi)'a gaynoou .1 - .
Stiad.weeplug o'er his youngbrldo'shlor;
".lad ni tst we part," he cried, "so soon '."
As down hli cheek there rolled a tear;
"Hjart-strlcken one," said I,"weep not;"
Weep not!" in acoents wild ho cried,
, "Hut yesterday my loved one dlod,
. And shall she be so aoon forgot?" -Forgotten?
No! still let nor lovo
Suatalu the heart, with anguish riven;
Strive thou to nioet thy bride above,
And dry your tears In heaven.
I saw agontlo nothor weep,
As to her throbbing heart alio prest
An Infant, seemingly asloop
On Its kind mother's shelt'ring bran ,t.
"Fair 003," said I, "pray weop no piore;"
8 jobad she, "The Idol of my hope
I now am llud to rondor up,
My !iabe has roochod death's gloomy shore."
Yo jujj mothor, yield 110 more In grluf,
Njf bJ by p jiion'a toiupust drlvon,
But flu 1 In thosa sweet words relief,
"thoro are no toars In hcuvou."
Poor travollor o'er life's trdubfod wave
Cast down by grlof, e'orwlielinod by care
Taoro Is an arm above can save,
Than yield not thou' to fell despair.
Lj-jk upward, jnournor, look above!
.What though the thunder echo loud;
Tiusuii shines bright beyond tho cloud.
Then trust lu tliy Hedooiujr'a lovo,
VVhore'erthy lot lu life be cast,
Whate'er of loll or woe be given
Bo trm romjmberto'the last,
"Tharo are no tears lu heaven."
are now suffering more tliau.dealh, iu the
dreary ana uauiy ruanagou nuiuiry no.-pi-tals
of thevicinity, witU no mother to ad
nilnistor to their wants, or sistor to cheer
them in their affliction.' .
'But, thank heaven,' remarked Sarah,
tha eldest daughter, Uhey Lave a heroio
Miss Nightingale to soothe lheir. uffcr-
iogs.' , ... .,
Bad enough! bad enough!.' exclaimed
pBrmi-r Smitli. 'but we will SDtak farther
of this after supper. What is the latest
. Tin
commercial intelligence, jonn i
'The list steamers' news has had a fa
vorable effect on breadstuff's. In C
flour advanced four shillings a barrel, in
tTenty-four hours.'
'Is it possible 1 How fortunate that our
wheat is still in the barn 1'
'Indeed it is !' remarked Adeline, as
elm ctava her el iar brother a merrv clanco.
tj o
'A secret V asked the father, who was
used to interpreting such glances. 'You
have not sola ino grain wusmngion.
'No, father, but I came plaguey near it.
While you was down to the village yester
day. Brown, the'miller, came over and tri
ed to drive a barjrain for the grain. Ho
fr.....il a eliu.ln nvnt tl,a mnrbp.t nripa. Rrtri
i urna urmiiL c. nsina" wuii mm wnun au.
- " . a
nn Shn Rppmpil ta susnt!t lnstunt-
t ' . . i W U J" w..v vv...w I- - - - " "
.... , 1 ,i
yLt'iats" was not ngnt, anapersuaoea me
to wait until we Jreceived the newspaper
to-dav, and learned the condition ot the
f! market, wliich. vou know, alwavs
affects our own. I told Mr. Brown to call
as?ain to-dav. but he has not done so.
Ah! ves, l see into n, earn r armor
Smith. He has received the news in ad
ftrAtA tha (iinolmmtl Ttinod
Influence otx uodu niusPAPn
tVbat rarrasr Smith acroinplUKed by
Stoingli Subatriiiiou.
hold. Another crop had been gathered,
but, from inattention to tha farm, it fell far
short of the one of the year previous. Far
merSmith's troubles iniroaed,Js time was
fast making its sura impress upon his
countenance One evening be was sitting
at tha door of his farm-bouso, when a
young man drove up in a buggy.
'Farmer Smith. I believj,' said the
young mm, addressing him.
That is what 1 am cmiou, repueu mo
'I understand that vou have a larcre
quantity of potatoes oa hand.'
'About one thousand Dosneis, i uo-
will alter vnur oninion. somewhat.'
a.... - - - j - j- - .
TmliiAil ! wliv. what's the matter ?' ask-
o.l Farmur fimitli in astonishment.'
"Why, the editor comes down on our
candidates, ana condemns our new poiiti
cftl mnvnment with crreat severity.'
Is it possible ? Well, I must acknowl
edge Hint I ini Burorisud. ' Does he five
any reasons for this unaccountable step V
'Reasons ! Can ha five an v? Know
ing that many of. the supporters of our
mnvnmnnt wnrfl subscribers to his DSDCT.
. !f L. 1.1 n ......4.,:.. ....
it was uisuuty, u uu uuuiu uummiaiu u,,
.. ... .... : t
to remain siieut on ine iuesuou.
,ir , i . . I 1 .1. r
vao .. m . r. n . . . . nil . u i.i.iiu . 11 .
A 133, l.U UUlll UM.V .......
.Rnf T iViink T nn sun llirniiih it all. lievo '
conBdent, does not arise from honest mo- 'WVlLyes, if lean get my price.'
t vis ' V 'Wliat do vou asit lor tnemr
'I suspect that myself,', said Farmer .'I believe they are giving sixty cents a
Smith, his feelings becoming somewhat ei- bushel down in the village, and I wouldn't
'The truth is continued the attorney.
'the editor has been bought. That is the
conclusion wo have all come to, and we
have determined to aply oar only remedy
rn bti-ip nrrn RirnRruiPTiox forthwith :.
'That is right,' responded the Farmer;
we must not sustain a newspaper that will
not support our principles.
'Tiinn vnn will linito with US?'
'Certainly. I authorise you to stop my
nsDer immediately. I will not touch it
utruin.' .
0,Good for vou. I was certain that wo'd
be your decision, and now I am confident
M,at Kit llia npvt mnil wp lflll Rnml Mr. Ed
itor a document that will make him stare.
MItT ..l,
Krtilo .No 4 Will fi treat
rervirod for Prewlani on
ift't n.V.
U d jo and unpaid lo July
! In hnndi ttt nnu aud
, 'w orirmis.iitMlvHifroaB
Habits of tho Cninin.au.
llrtro urn im intarjStin? deUtiU of the
nuuri anl cuntoais of the Euimaax, pubia J
m.ll.l k,', n Van ilnr'in'V l.ia ''CXCUr-! "U 'l";rl Uiu.U 3Clb
u , o i IUf..ri
..i.- v.,.v, ru..vUJ
lUUIS J.-UI.U .v.. , I
"Tho'ir sleeping pU-ses are platforms,!
iox: 24
n.w: :a
s,o,x) to
3oata West Coraar of Uin sad Fouittt Streets'
. - '
t locx, Walrltrvanil Jt'lf ttrr Hrpalr.
ril anil' Warranted,
Au-;isl30, If jA 'Ji17 . . .
two eeatlertiKi.. ,',,;.. '..
co, ana air. o.air, . .
. i..
I.;i fufr.rte u!rl tmtm ai'vht.i.fl ltl'lieS f i ft rt iKat.fli&VP mnflt;i.T . .
lHllb V bVI.V, t .1..'. n.u - 3 '., . . - ;
from the floor, so as to keep in the wtrm j editors of the ilariposa 3J 9U M
M.sasU LcUvlll Mill.
runup. t... ,.,..kU....i -i .J
I a meri liuiil work. The mill lia Imwti arell reualKd,
. and l in c I onler lo do wrk iu cltln.r way. He ia
. ft -' 44 jal frryitmA it, i.ot wheal al alf llin'o, or floor lha
'e j.anu f.r ru.Kunurn. If di-lr'd. He haaeiuployad aw
I eioriel.CL.I mill.ir. und w ill ritd',r i,u..rMl Mntt.run-
.'4.2r.S M
atraoschor. and cohere 1 with rass ttkeu
from islands at a distance. Their clo'.hiu
TPir'Tlie Uiilillerr.with nil II.. inju'hinrT.4 r..fUu.
: t'iziitlirr Willi Boiler. Tubs. (he. Tha Kawmlll .l.
J.iiiilniT it is alo for sill
..v... .u .1 -3 ll0II tne gcen(.ry uescrioeu. iiw y
consists of for skin jumpers or coat, with pear4 to hav4 started from art Iod
an inner jumper of bir J sVm, tho f;tbers , lage on the Fresno with two Indian
inward - riarsL-in troiTidr!'. bjarskiii boots,
and bearskin gloves. The drew of the-
women is similar to that of the men, . ex
not lint ri"ard with WOndet and
lion the scenery described. The party
. -,. . -i
lau vu
An. I t!... writer i.ivs
XI r. Hunt's store we kent an east
of north course up the divide between the
Pitboii. wNtiiuin buy town 1'itiran be art-omiflo4
(V)Mllag.l, Th .r...rl.-..r ran al all times be round ai'
i lilft mill In ltrk villi, nr on hU lrm. 1 ij milra aoutli
trty Hp ft of LutktUle.aud 1 mile weol of :.rrill.
f . :i I n i vivt divud
women is simitar to vuai. ot m.u,. - 7; -, r . ,
cept that the form.r war bioU extending jiresno and Chowchillah alleys, theace,
, i .l. .1 .!. .!. r ileicar.din'r toward the soa'.b fork of the
. - ... , r . . .1. .
linna that ovarv Kllll(M'ihHr at that TJOSt-
omilll. no una icuuivlu .no unwa in u- i f " J ,
u.. -,c. .n,i w;ui,nri 1,-, i,ir r,v offico will stoD his subscirjtion .'
VllllUC, U, WAWt ou, Mu .M.iuM w .-"J v.. 1 - . j ,
. ,J . , . I C An T T.,l ..... ...Ill l.a.'a .Ama
snoculatiou. it was loriunaie onouffii mac uu men no nl ...v
.. . . . .. , , 1 I a:(x.., ; u: .,11 ,.,nni in it
Ad. thought ol tue newspaper, which, oy " bv-"'"- w
ti,a niro iifl. npnnnin a infisL iiwr n owi uv.i. u..u. ......
Experie'nco ought to have taught you, . 'I never could see anything so extraor
wasinngion, not 10 se.ii ao iitiar 111 tin uny.
The Dollar always gives us tne la
test intelligence, and through its informa
tion we. can lorm as correct an estimation
of th() vulue of our products as the most
shrewd speculator. Before 1 became a
subscriber to it, we were continually ueing
. 1 1 .1
lilP tn fu1.'A
'Suppose I take the whole lot, just as
they lay?'
'You can t have them lor a cent less.
'I'll cive vou lifiv-live cents a bushel,
and pay you the cash down.
'.Not a cent less than sixty. 1 U lot mem
rot first.
'You are too hard. But I want the po
tatoes to fulfill a contract, and must have
them, bliall we close the bargain at
'Just as you please.
After the potatoes had been examined,
the bargain was accordingly closed, and
Farmer Smith received the money d; gave
a receipt.
4 . if I tin. 1:
'W hat contract have you 10 luiaii. asb.-
ca the farmer ot the strainer.
'Well, I must acknowledge,' was the
reply, 'that I have deceived you in '.hat re-snpr-l
T have bnen stoDuinor several davs
al the village, and when, the mail came iu
men do not extend to tLe knes. But that
the bdies also wear a s tck to their hoods,
which they call nessack, in which they
enrry their children. The man are of me
dium sizif, an J stoutly fun.; wuiie tue wo-
m ,, . . - I,,..-
m in are ol jm-u ef S.aiure. ana Slimmer.
Merced river and windm srouod a very
r.-.W noint. w i.!im,l nearly to the ridje
of the middle or main fork of the Merced,
and, defending toward the Yo-Senity val
ley, came upen a high point clear of trees.
wtiouee we ha l our tirst view 01 mis sin
mjn are 01 siutuer o.auuio, uu aiiuvci. - . ,
,n. 1 . ii. if.,.,Ai,.i.in,.fiifu r and romiu'.ic valley; aua as me
X any uo nut uraumo lun iauaiiuuu.wiv.ti, - -
polygamy; butou the ooutwry. extremely Jwl f bf'e
J.9 J , a ai . -1 wr 11-11 .t unMmhV-i with aJmiraUOD at
parltOUlur HUOU- lUC.r lUHtrmiuinai ici,r;v.- .-r .
. . . a .t . 1 i. ..: ino iifil I on n 1 ima frrinlflur.
lb nil w m iu aj -
I "Oa the nofih side stands a bold per
' pendiuuhr mountaia of granite, shaped
j like an immense tower. Its lofty Up- is
I covered with great pines that, in the lis
,. V iS. 3mlJ
IIUO, lti.
t 111), Q Tin i h:n hpin th.i univei'SHl tes'.l
mouy of travelers who have visited thera.
As with all savage nttions, the onorous
portion of the Ubor devolves upon the wo-
mnn. The men come in irom tue uuui
throw down the prey they have secured, I tun", seem but -l-rubs. Our Indian
, 1.1.- ... 1. .1.0.. rnihls pa ld this the 'CaoiUu. . It meas-
wairus.oc seal, aim ine wuuicu ua m o - - . .
logo to work, skin tha animals, prepare ure from Hi val ey to its summit two
the llash for food, ex.ract the bones, and thousand two hundred feet.
... n.. Mu at nnnni.itA thu. oa the south side 01
prepare lie sinews ior sewing. ----ri. 1,-.
P. f .. r, . -. i i-u kv. our muntiun "al attracted ty
JICU,W .... - 9 . j
of the ordinary a-.ts of hospitality or civil- j
ty .on. the part of the hdies, is to take a,
diiiarily good about it,' iuterruptfld the to day, I loarned that potatoes had i-Mised
.inrror II mo,, on, I wnmun anil I- 11 (1 ron - IlltV rnil S A IlllSUHl 111 1. UUUII' 111U
V,ul if fint'oi M'oc thp nnnor flip fl mll flf 1 hist, thrp.il llflVS.'
business.' 'Fifty cents a bushel !' cxckmeJ farmer
. , '1 must diller with you there, neignuor amitn in asioiHsiimeiii.
n.Dl . n,Mvonln.,. lilr,, ll Tt ll !H! P T - I. n o W tllllt Vfl:l llH.lilHrJ lotoil bUUJ,
vietimi7.ed by those men; but now, none o'ted a benehc.al influenne in my family, and presuming that you were not a sub
.i i i t.. nm m.-v mnrrt nrm v inn iinnnv uns 01 liio scrinur i'jr n iiuvi uuauui, uu uu
Mltiy, ykJU; - domestic circle, and saving ne in the mi,,,- likely to get the news soon, I came out hn- ZZ uf P-4-dioular and some a little slo
,L, .iritis more tbaii iv subscrinlion no- "gement of my affairs hundreds of dollars, mediately. I can re urn to the village and ' r'0.. ,? ',...,,, J pin 2. One looks like a giant capital . o
ucv Indeed I do not know how I can get along
without it now. and '
You"nre disnosed to relent, then, nnd
still lend your money nnd influence to the
support of . a newspaper which opposes
your candidates for office.'
I 'No, no, vou are mistaken, neighbor
Black. While I acknowledge that the pa
per is invaluable to me, I am determined
sin our labor, have less hired help than to stop my subscription. I have authonz-
fornierly; It is astonishing how much ed you to not for me, and you. can do so,
useful it-rioulturiil infoi mation is imparted' without further parley. 1 he course of the
iu that newspaper. It appears to me that editor seems to me an outrage, and we
' . . 1 . r.', . ... ... ,Hcl hi- nrr him tn his KfinRns. hv WlthholJ-
l cou d not get along on tne larm witiioui 1, ,
r ,'"u" ' " t o Knnrmrt Without natrons he can
And this is not all, father,' remarked
Washington; 'in the agricultural depart
ment of thejp.iper, we every week obtain
Valuable information relative to the man-
nementof the farm. 1 candidly believo
that our savings in this respect will nmount
to twenty per cent., ns we raise better
stock, have better crops, nnd, oy systemi
"Turn to the Press Its teeming sheets survey,
Uiirwith the wonders of each passing daj :
Birlhs, deaths and weddhiga, forgeries, Urea and
Hnr.nffifaa and hallstonos.brawls and broken nocks."
It was a happy evening in the farm-
n ; . T 1 .1 .
house 01 farmer omun. joun, me yuuny
That is all true enough, brother Wash
ington,' remarked John, 'but the paper is
more interesting to me in other respeuts.
. . . , , . , i
Its historical stetclics 01 our own anil 011,-
er countries, are full of interest ; and some
of its many talented contributors are .sure
to give us something to instruct) and please
every week. It is a libra-y, and a useful
one within itself.'
' 'I am sure," remarked Mrs. Smith, 'that
the paper is invaluable libout the house.
We never fail to find in It useful recom
mendations relative to house-keepin
, 1
o i 1
il.i na hut litLle hurm.'
'Good. I am glad to seo you so inde
pendent. With a little exertion we will
hronk J-hft concern down, in less than a
A rinr sntiin fiiHhfir similar conversation.
the two parted, both fully determined to
1 11 iiu.ir utmost 111 opstroviniv t ue lyuimr
uw ...v.. ........ -- .
Farmer Smith afterwards saw a
est son, bad roturried from the tillage, and band, 'much of my time was employed in
as he,nearod the house, waved a copy of instructing the girls in the kitchen. Now
i. t ,, ' - l:.:u i ... 1,1.. l,n..,l .' t .r.. il,um in il, Tlnlhir .'
lllgll nUUlD ma licrau, ,v x 1CIUI Llii.il k.iw
copy of the paper, and read the obnoxious
at-lij.la nil hanama an PYcitpd that hd de
clared he would not have the paper, if it
was printed with gold and furnished him
Be or you become a ..briber foMhe g.atuitously He returned home that eve-
J . . , , . , , ninrr in rulhnr o nrnhhiJll mood, and his
paper, my dear,' sue remaraeu to ner nus- n 7 , ., , a i,
r i . ' ' . .. , fpplmrra wprn still fnrthpr excited bv the
r. ..v. ...... .... j
1 . .1 P . M.. .1.... il
universal regret 111 ine iamuy niai ma m
. , 0 , tl t, -.1. U-
the Dollar
"ot one dollar a bnshel for your potatoes
without touchiiii? thera. S-metbiii2T of a
speculation, f irmer Smith,' he said, .slip
ping him on the siiouhior, anu mugiiiug in
his lace, 'but then you Know 11 is nov joui
fault, OS yon dunt take the papers.
Uca-oii and Uevelation.
I am persuaded that there is a range of
subjects above the reach of human reason,
subjects 011 which reason faunot decide,
because 'it cannit coramirm a view 01 ine
whole "-round Could the tick, which
invades and buries itself in my foot con-
eievo or discribe tho anatomy 01 my franw?
UuUId ttl man WUO 11:1s ptssea everjf
moment of bis life at the foot of the Andos,
naint the prospect which is to be seen
from the summit? No more, in my opin
ion, can reason discuss tho bjing ot s um,
or the reality of that miracle, the Christian
futh. If you ask me why I believe in
one or the otl er, i can reter you 10 no
..: 1 .,., whlh imn pan Bvimiiid. because
I must refer you to my own feelings . I
.. 1 , t I
Inilinata that the mail was punctual, and
had brought the ever welcome weekly
,naipnT.r to its subscribers, rarmer
Tim laip fashions, the sweet poetry.
and the charming stories, is what makes
the papor attractive to mo,' said Adeline,
meSSener IIS .UUDbUUvia, icii.,. . ynyvi r,w...iw.. . - 1
o:i. ;?nmp,i;itiiiv hid hla ons nnasH their , norilv mistinnr her eves at her father.
umuii iwiut.v.j " j "j n 1 1 .1
labor, and repair to the house. , 'Yes, you little rogue, responded the
.Vftaw, that the paper lias come,' ho Vire, 'youv heavt and your tongue are full
said, 'your mothor and sisters will hurry of sentimenlulity. You can't milk a cow
t .. j n D.,r,np lliaf w miv hnvn a nvithnnt rnhini'sin a Poetical extract. In-
UU UIOUI1I5 ujijoi, - -j - - 3 t
r- r . . . - , ,
lnmr Airnnincr ta emov the news.
The sons did not need further urging,
and in a few miuutes the family were seat-
Around tha. filinher tab e. dispatching
rv. ,- . ...
the meal with more h'sist.e than good health
Warrantod. --
'Did you look into the paper, John?'
asked the father, after ho had taken a sip
6ftea. . " .
- Yes, sir, I read the telegrapio news.'
Well, what is in it? Let us bear.' ,
' ' 'It contains, important news from the
Crimea, answered the intelligent lad.
After a hard struggle, the allies have suc-
Ceeaeu in taking oeunatutiui. , ; , l
'Have taken Sobastopol 1 exclaimed nan
si dozen.
'Yes, sir,' continued John, 'but at a
great sacrifice of life. Thousands were
billed in the assault -
'Is it possible 1' remarked the old gen
ilematf. 'Well, I must acknowledge, that
tihe news startles me. The Russians had
so long baffled every attempt of the Allies
ia gain entranoe into the city, that I made
p my mind that the French and English
must retreat in shame from the Crimea
. 'I tho't differently, father,' said Wash
ington, the eldest son ; "In the last num
ber of the Dollar . the editor com
deed I cannot imagine what will become
of you.'
, 'Why, I will tell you father,' was Ade
line's reply, 'all this will result in my be
coming an tutnoress, nnu a coninoiuor 10
to the Dollar . I know you will love
'Ah. you little rogue, I seo you are' de
termined to distinguish yourself;' said the
father to his pet, 'and I suppose I must let
you have your own way
After supper, the family gathered in a
circle, arid one being chosen for the read
er, spent the evening in listening to, and
discussing the news. It was a happy sight
to see ari entire fumily, united by intelli-
gerice and love, thus enriching their minds
from the proudest gut 01 1110 ago tuk
In other men wo faults can spy,
And blame tbe mote that, dims their eye;
UmU Hllli. aA..!r bj,(I h!.ntMh ftlldr
To our own stronger errors blind."
nnu hull hpnn Ktunnnrl Mrs. hmlLll D0-
frptfnl A Hi.linn went, while the sons
saddled their horses nnd rode to town to
overcome their disappointment. Death
could not have shed a greater gloom over
the family circle of Farmer Smith, but it
only sorved to make the head of the family
mpre determined in his course.
Soventl months rolled away, and there
wn n rrrnnt MinnrrA in ncinrhbor Smith B
family. . Tho sons had acquired the habit
of "running to town" to learn the news,
nnd were neglectful of their duties on the
furm. .The daughters finding home less at
tractive than formerly, now sought delight
in gossiping visits to the neighbors, and
were continually getting' into trouble.
Tho mothor. worried bv the change in the
habits in her childron, became fretful and
ill-humored, and farmer Smith himselt was
forced to complain that the world was run
ning wild, and getting worse and worse
every day. He had not only experienced,
even in so short a time, a disagreeable
change in his family, but had had what ho
called bad luck in disposing of his pro
ilnpia inat. nt a timo when tho tiricos berran
toruise. He new full well the cause of this"
great change, but he consoled himself with
the reflection that ho had 'vindicated his
principles,' by stopping his subscription to
the Dollar , and had no doubt ruin
ed the editor and tho paper, who had dar-
J 1- 1.... 1, k.,llm.,1 wco vtrrlit
oaiinnt. for instance, look abroad on the
landscape of spring, wander among bloom
ing orchards aud gardens, and respire the
fragrance which thfy exhale, without feel
ing tho existence of a God: my heart in
votentary dilates itself, and, before I am a
waro of it, gratitude and adoration burst
(Win. mv line. T f vou ask ma why these
objects "have never produced this effect
before, I answer that i cannot 1011 you.
Prtihans mv nature has irrown more sus-
poni ililn- nprhans I have learned to rely less
on the arbitrations of human reason; per-
. ,1. . i:
haps 1 have gotton over ine vanity 01 ui
tilnvinfriViA elevation and perspicuity 01 in-
tellect on which tue youunui ueist is npv
to plume himseli. w naiever may ue m
- . i 1 1 - A 4 1.
cause. 1 thanK it lorieauni me irom mo
r'rnnms and Btoilinff wasts ot innoelHy
am hnnnv in mv nrosant imnrosions, and
l.ail rathor hit alone in Arabia Felix, than
wander over the barren sands of the desert
in company with Bolingbroke and Yol-
tuire.- William Yrm.
a m I'TiithienL water fill about seven bun
vj ,.1. . (, o . , ,
I-;,! or niece of meat, chew it up very nice-1 dred feet in pight. It looked lite a long
ly.au l hauJit to the visitor,, who is ex- broJ fe.tther ot silver depending over a
v. . . rliA.j,nia iiTiiii rrfifi rii.it h 11 . 1 uivliIiivvi . j ----- 4. t
lo finish the .operation of chewing. It jng spray thus hung, a ugh breeze mo eJ
would give them dire offenoe if there sho'd from s, Je to side, and. as the Ut wys
be any failure to do due honor lo this act! the setting sun were tinging it wit r. u
of hospitality. laalloih.r respects th.y , bow hu,s. the red would mix wirt , be
exercise, to a remarkable degree, the same purple, and the purple with the yellow
Virtu. T.he Es-pinmx ofthe nor:hern .nl the yellow with the green, . and the
regions profess to have a dread of going 'green with the isdvery sheen of it, wh.ten
totLe Dauuh sjlllements, lest tiey shoulJ ed "danced iu space.
... ., . , ..1 .Pu-ii,fT fnrthor r.n tha VStteV. we
be eaten up by tneir soiuuern vreuiron, -a -r - ,
uo cr.ni. tmf ... , .1 1 wp., t.L- with iha owl ill crran Jiur Ot
wh e these last en;ertain tnj stme ureaa, 1 .... . . ,
& with more reason, o. thenortnern tr.oes. ; - - ....
Those tribes, however, whioii live up. a ,"" ; ;
hi-h as the expedition penetrated, seem to ' pm3. One looks like a giant capi.al . 01
" . 'r''J. f . . ,., 1 ;,pr,, .lmoncnn- nl are singular and
bo becoming gradually cxiiuguieueu; huj r . c
W3 undersftnl that Dr. Kwi has formed . surmounted by pines,
the philanthropic ssheme of collecting those , 'We croised the river, and. st .11 edjen
poof le togihor. II . prop ,s , . we are c.nj up the valloy turned a pom. and be
told, to g.uher them from the most norlh-! fore us w n ludescribable s gh -a
era regions, and bring them down lo the tei full two thousand two hundred feet in
. , ..: . .,. :.. 1, 1,? ihahhrhnnt n tha world. It rushes
Uaniih selllemcnis, wiiero may tnu ciij'J, , "v.e"- , : , , ,11.. ml
more comforts, and be subject to less vi- over the cliffi en 1. with one bold leap, Ul
cissitudos. , . , one thousand two hundred feet, then a
Tha TJtnuimiux have a Piiust whom eaconJ ot nve nunarej iSav,tncu. u...
theveall Anbkek. who pet forms inwriv over five hundred feet; tbe three Wap
gee end burial services, and is supposed to, nuking two Inousiin I two itunorea tcpi
Lve si3 influence over the heart? When -Sundm, upon the c?P- - - of the
a couple is married, their irmnds have im-. vauey aUJ - v
posed on them, for a certain length of lime.! the great bight, of these falls can at a
when a youn mau or woman dies, all the! 'About ten rnOes from the owe end of
young men and young women of the e.-t- the val .y. there is another fall of n less
Lment are condemned to the sams sort of than fifteen hundred feet r,e. w.ih
abstinence. The priest is believed to have smaller falls nnd a lake, J
power over the walrus nnd seal, and in a the Yo-Semi.y vadey, which n I ,r
Le of pressing scarcity to be able to.oall , about ten miles ,n length and from . , h.. f
: :. ..A . .t. "...r... ..r .u Ti,.i-' to a mile tn width. Atlhouih there is
. . . . r. . . , , i.. 1. ' finrwl !,in:l enou vh for several li.rms, 11
f lith ill the Allleuau is tno oiuv aiuaou b . . ,,,.- '
.111.11 iu ."o . J. . ... ,n, rr j .,r,,.r,f ,i,nn.ili.ri.J nnon tho whole as a
they have to rehgious Deltel. iney speuu - -- r
their lon winter of four months, total g" s J t--
darkness, in sleeping and eating, never go- grouse, ana p.uu, mo
ing out to hunt, uuless pressea uy ucceasi- InciJaut.
ty? Thsy have no sort of amusement cx-j Tha jfow Haven Journal 6.is. a few
cept singing and an accompanying msiion m,j:illlS s;ne a )a.iy belonging to this city
of the body, wr.icn oan.uaruiy oe ueaign- ,0 5r(jW Yt)rk and put up at one 01
tad dancing. They do not use tolncoo 111 -M Bl.oajway ho'tuls. After going to her
anv shape, njr do they smoke any other f ,,ia n:lTv,t. she toot out her pocket
weed or root for the purpose of stimulants, ! book aud watch laij eai oa ad
tVoi, tilh-iw aiiv a mink in. v in their . ... j . 1 ivi.Hj .inm,il In
uuc liyiii 'MUJ j o - lUell Sat, UOWU iu itMdu. "i.iv t'a "
!,,,,. Th children always Cot a name .1.. .i,n,ln.it aha hoaril hreathin?
alU- ml J 'jCOiilll p 01C S.1A mm mm mm m -j
selected fiom whatever subject happens to i.Qm 0a .ppare:iy Der by. but finally
ba on tha ti;i m tue pawruai jui W1CU ( oottuhiJeil it musi be imagination, jjoob
luey are 001 11. .m 8fter sue coaimaBcen iuhuiu picjin juvu.
"In L-!avoly or tjoaiioan, isiatia oi Lis-, tu ctjr8i aQj ,a aJjustiog Uer nair, sue
co, the population of 25J or 300, is eora- dl.opr)ij on9 Dfher hairpins. While s'oop
posed principally of Esquimaux, pure and iif, itup she discovered a bat un-
half b ooJ. iney m-.tpagu 10 aeuu.ui , tho had: and a closer ooservatioa re-
gooa deal 01 SCSiai enji;jiut:u iuuu.
B. Be HJ' MF I'OJl-8,1 j.K. t
rv all hiekerings iu iUf0u,.if';1 T"'a.,h'
fulness. '-i
C. Contrive to collect sah and keep
it. 1' 'f' ' '
D. Doyur dutyenJ 4efy the devil.-
E. Early endeavor lo eradicate every
error both. of head and beeU
F. Fightairly, when you do figbt.'bnt
ih better wp.y is cot to fiht at all. Fid
dle for bo fools . 4
Ci Cwntrtmi ir.mness: trumDtion. and a
little goose grese, enables mn tauip tiiro .
the world mighty easy. Get them end
glory in iliera. 1
II. Harbor hope in your heart, if you.
would be happy; but bark ye. hope osn't
render rotten the rope of the hangman. ,.
I. Imiu'witiveness is insufferable; ln
ctulge not in it. '
J. Juleps may be called the juice of
joy and the yeast of jest; but let them -lone,
for too much joking often destroys
l.elalliw nf iVia truant mrale.-
K. Kindness kindles me ure 01 irwuu
ship. A kiss avails more than a kick. .
JL Love the ladies look before you
Lisp eschew loferism.
M. Make not mischief by meddling
with other folk's business. -..
N. Never be eauht nappioj exeept in
the night time.
0. Order is heaven's first law, obey tt.
P. Purses the plain pth of probity
and put in practice what you will give m
preeept. '
Q. Quarrel not quibble not be not,
fond of asking questions, or addicUd to
queries, . . , . . "
R. Kara ruins respectability re
noiinue. renew and renovate.
S. Seek solvation, ph. y arnnersl be
come saints and you are safe, . m ,
T, Take lirae by the .forelock; try to
turn every moment to aocount. ' ,
U. Union unites to unity; in the whole
univors there is unison., , ...
V. Vanity has no connection with Tal-or;reraembf-r
W. Women and wine, bring want and.
wo;and wretchedness, when wickedly in
dulged in. ..... '
X. 'Xtra 'xertions accomplwh Xtreor-
dinry ends. . . , . - 1
Y. Yield to no tyrant; yeoman and
. . . ... . , r . 1. . :
their yoke fellow are loras 01 iu wmu t
Z. Zig tagging is uharaeterjtio- f a(
zany; take a straight course through life,
and pursue it. ,
&. is mind your own business, Si lot
others alone.
To our own stronger errors Dimu.- - .', 1 : 11
One week after the above day, Farmer d to oppose what he believed was right.
... . .. - .... Tt la triio that on several occasions, when,
aVWt B W mmmf vii"i
manted upon the affairs in the Crimea, and
showed conclusively that, whu goou gen
eralship, 8ebastopol must fall before the
approach of another winter.' I formed my
opinion from the fac.ts presented ,
What a terrible destruction of life !'
exclaimed Mrs. Smith. 'It makes the heart
shudder to think of the thousands Which
are widowed or renderedjfatberless byjthis
AHA Knt1i aalvnA Atl Vt-kta tnenw XCCX
Tftbands and sons, among the wounded,
Smith visited the village for" the purpose
. ... ..ru..n:
of attending to some nine manors ui uuai
ness, and with the intention of calling at
the post-office on his way, and receiving
tha number his newspaper' that day due.
At 'Jones' corner' he met Mr. Black, the
leading attorney of the village; and after the
usual salutation Farmer Smith enquired :
'Has the mail arrived?
'Oh,' yes,' replied attorney Black.
And'has brought our paper, of course
'The Dollar : V
'Certainly. We take uo other paper in
this vicinity
one al
You are eeaious. wnen you jsee mis
V V IU 11 mm m - - m-y
It is true that on several occasions, when,
in sober reflection, he partially regreucu
thn ohannon of his once favorite newspa
per, and might have been constrained to
. . . . . . i , , , . 1.
renew his subscription, 11 ne nau not ueen
confident that it had died for the want of
patronage. Not a: copy of it came to his
post office, and he was, sure that it was
dead, and that he had .helped Kill it.
"Yea. 'twas amoonilchtnliEht.
The little dog gaaad upon; . '
And tbnigh he barked wlfli dread affright,
- i... rmir.n mnr.nm. hn.,1
ilancing, singing and music, and can m tn
U"Ol r-'eo 'M :- - ,
, vealod to her sight the full length figcro of
uuw.u, "."iv-o , , tt Ui:iU. l.nw- fttj .
ao-o to ply on the jowshsrp or violin any gbftWj ovgr er si)0UiJers, went out of the
air they hear.
Without any emotion, she threw
A few more months rolled on, and there
xou are eeaious. w nen you jsee ui -week's.number;i'm
inolined to think you I was no change in.Farraer Smith s house-
PufTTv Women. If we have a weak-
pa 111 A foible incident to humm nature,
iii.niin.lm ntion ofanrettv woman, i lie
following correct description 01 one oi oiu
,,,et havo hen written by one who was
similarly aflli tid: .....
A pretty womam is one 01 ine institu
tions" ot )iie country an angei m uiy
rjoods and clory. She makes sunshine,
P. . t-i 1. f T..1.. 1 1
blue SKy, l'OUriU Ol ouiy, uu iiappuio,
...l..., aUn rrnHS. liar natll 18 OHO of
nimiwv, o. o r .
Ldelicious roses, and perfume and beauty.
She is a sweat poem, written iu imc
curies, choice oalieo, and good principles.
Men stand up before her as so many ad
miration points to melt into cream, nnd
then butter. Her words float round the
ear like miisio, birds of Paradise, or the
eh imes of Sabbath bells. Without her, so
ciety would lose its' truest attraction,' the
church itf litest reliance, audt young men
the very best of comforts and , conipany.
Her influence ami generosity, .resworn
the vicious, strengthen the weak, raiso the
i.iu.-n. flminelshirt the heathen.- and en-
orinrao-j the fainthearted. Wherever you
n,r iUa virtnom worn in. vou lind pleas
li 1 1 u , ,uv . - m . .
ant fire-side bouquets, clean cloaths, order,
good living, gentle Hearts, piety, musir-a.
Iirht. and noble "institutions" generally.
e?, ;j ih flower of humanity, a very
Vonus in dimity, and her inspiration U the
breatu ot iteavcu.
nit mwi ..-. .
orrtiiL rooruos, if not ia Bloating gauaemeu i
thn ball, she rana a
iiparta nt lca3t in pilferins tin pote and f , naa:'!ance
i..i..' o.l anvrhinT of that kiud. We-
pities, . "i.j -
The woman are said t) be . , ,1,. .i.or after her. and step
'. "... . 1 11 ...1.: .1.
mtifr a uen vrmuii
he propria-
. . ...1. lt...l in llw o.tivtallCil of a D0-
iu,9Ji -'v , (. , tors, niiuvfliicu ... ...v. - -r
saw one young genuonrtu , j;(.e 0(2oer, arid the intruder was arrcsten.
the expedition, who had no less than three There W!tsfounj ou tll0 pr;soucr a bottle
spechnents of the hair of young ladies of , of ci1ioroform-. Ha was convicted on. the,
Tav.,W. On of them is dark as the ra- i ... r .i, i,l. nnd sent to the State
. "'J 11' loalillliuii T 1- J ,
van's wing, of the silkiest texture, whioii . o(i fo'r gix montilg. The sequel to the
came from the locks ot a luii-wopueu i-s-, wbol(J wa$ U dropping of tho hair piu. !
quimaux; another is dark brown, very fine, . ; . .
and belontrod to a half-blood; and the third. Tall Braoqix3. A sucker speciirwn,
of jrolden color, and 01 equuiy uuo ki wnose visn m - e- -
showed unmistakeably the Danish blood of erly t0 stretch the truth slightly respec ting
the lidv's sire. . We presume theso love what he saw on his travels, was detailing
m ... . .' ', . r , .1 i. rti tt . i. . : ,n j,. niidinaajz rli.nn in
tokens will be duly treasureu, iiiuun 10 a tiooster iuo ninu.,. -r -. -
. . t . , ... Waol.;,,.t.in I ..Kf?r, il,p rjar.lfi CitV.: Slid llS.
in the iNaiionai museum m. ,.;...- pacamij - , , ..
'This same gentleman had a quantity of ..thoy kilUj million head a weak, aed the
.. . .b ... li...i i.i i,.ir,,l . j .1'.. .i. .volar in tho hika halfa
skins ana lurs wnicn ne n vruut. oioou uisuuiun n-n - - , ,.
with him as reminiscences of Greenland. , milu fIOm shore " " That s nothing. r re-
But they will have to be lumigateu, ur uu- pileii tne uooster. at mj --
. ' ., e ..-;fi.niJn I Vt... k 11 tnr hammer,
der 'o some oiner process ui 11.., aiuuy, moj -
for the Esquimaux ladies, who have the driven by a forty horse .power ,.sra-
nfit hrtinirablal i.i n. Um.li tha cattle. tfOV.U wuu.
wnilingcpeimiuu tn """'a-i a . , JJ""'. J-"" . ' . .. . ;,
to procure bark, have recourse to a liquid ther9 is 80 much blood, that . ti in n
which answers as Well, but is not entirely they drive a grist mill of six run 01 Dnrn.
inodorous. , " . and never stop on account of low water
it ;ssagWnment is again try
;t2Tlt is estimated 4ht itcosu more lo
dress any one of 5.000 ladies, in New York
aud Brooklyn than to build a comfortable
country church say 82.500; more to
dress any ten of 5,000 others here, than to
bc'y a handsome b'rewn stone house, pretty
' . aa. a iiAr A .l ..
well up town ay oiu.uw. am j.
most of those drey. ,dames pay for the
keeping, and many a poor fellow, who, if
a barhelor, would go in a, threadbare suit. .
v ... a. I. ,1,1th an 1 fine linen, beosuse
J Lo Is in pnftnership with one of tbem.
. , -i irt
Tafisjis. "Borrowed garments seldom
fit well." Hssle ofen trips up ite own
heels. Msn often blush to hear what they
are not ashamed te sot. Pride is the flow-,
er that grows in the devil's garden. Mow.
are drowned in the wine.-car than in the
oeean. Ha who bays too many superflui
ties mar be obliged to sell his necessaries,
A msn'that hoards riches and enjoys them,
not. is like an ass thatcarries gold and eats
The followingecena was witnessed along'
time ago, in aschoojroomi ,
"First class in Natural Philosophy, get
up. What's atttaclien?" ,
"Pleas sir, I know. It's a look that a
blue eyed girl gives her lover."
"Right!" Now tell me what tnerUi
is. ' , , t J-. ' . r
..Iaarda, sir,, isa desire to remain wher...
foelinfr that a piece of oalieo tx
1 : ..irl a sianarv
pertences wr.en teauiug
colored vest." - , r . . '"
M3TK talking match Utoly 'Wme oT,
. v f.i- fiir five dollars a side, i t
at new viio""- , . -
continued, according to the Advertiser.
I it.. aklasoiat faaWlHrT lak
for thirteen nour.. iuo,
m. ' , ml Kanlilnlnan. Tbe bv -
r renonmau - . - ,
.landers and judges were talked to sleep..
and when they waked up in tha o"'nrt
they found tbe Frerohrhoa dead, and tha
his ear.
r3niUCa.lU mtUmmmmf - .. ..
. -I ' III. I . . r
..c.11 ttionba tn vmi '-said. a plaintivt
to one of hi witnesses,' " Jm what you sai J
in tins esuse.,.. ,. . ... .1 ... -"Ah.
air'replicd the conscienttouawiL
ness'. "but just think what 1 dida't say:
barons mode of cutting eff frost-bitten
s VThy was Ilerodies daughtet kard to
beat at a horse ra?" , . v,
T Answer-Becaus she got t!ie beal or
.Tnhn the Babtist on a charger.
3 flSt-! Plains that Spanish diplomacy is tot slow dIJjob alway. .Wold? ft!
t have Tad ' ?dr them, and Mr. Dodge e 'mortd" I miserable coditorteisi
I at the procrastination. 1 ' '-'
.. , rr will, Knun
.-..w - , . nn 1LR UlUOrCUUen T. .... -K". "
limbs. , They apply .;f72 W.1, an 1 a new treaty
UU a-lr in nrtA i.Tornv with COOCl ellect. WCHOOUl , .
UtV oasis. a. j v. - 0 - . ,. . i (nnia Hill OUr ITUVOriilllcuei vuui
are sorry to see that one of the expedition n , th. lXnirdiplomacy is too' slo.
lost his. life by the nmubtauon (
bitten toot, ana tnai uri ouicrs u. . procra3tination
iv. an ffnr nmautntion.' - " ' 1
.J MMUV. " . .

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