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r. II. Ford, cf Ohio.
rv Now York, American
Tbarsday morulas No'. 8, ISM
Hymn to itasT" le i mfi u u .
' Tlie followliuj: beautiful Unci are the production of
ttiiUlf and inuci Wm3uied Kotcar tiurnnx, aud
p,e.nJ originally lu the Glasgow Univorsily Album'
Suu oflbo Brinsuout! plaaatof wonderment! -
Row Ihy fair Journey of dy U done;
StiH art Ihoa parting brlfhl.-sbcdding Immortal li;lil
1ok a OB Iky Aran of nizat! Halt I aetllug tuul
Slow 111 am df part's! way farfrom the raal.ns of day,
Lingering lu lHr on euiumer'aloTed bower.
JTuj tart ray wMreanilng thy firewall tint gUamlng;
Vatooo thoall rcturu V roresliuii iuj Bowers,
Thy arllag brings aa-tnesx yet uatioui in gladness
Am waitiug to worship tueo foantaiu of light!
Wherever thy footsteps b, tharj do we b-'auty
'rboa kindle day lu 111 3 dwelling of uijUt.
VV're sleepa tlie thunder, thJM dojl thou wander:
Down-'uvatu the ocjau dujp, la ) d l thou stray;
Kissing IIo un at man. Ingli in lh ulr uuborua,
Stirling creation's f-r ve.gj on thy way !
Grand.uranJ gt-.iry la-y trar.-l b.'forj thsa ;
' UrLjhluuas and inajuaty walls lu lay train !
'I)arkne It lU't from tlije.cloudsuiay not mIj to tboe
When Ibou nrak.'st frooi ocJau aaiu.
- All own thy inUueuo-kiudly thou do dlspansj
Blesslugs o'or nature, wluro'er It bound b;
Africa's louo thwi it bloo ui at tliy pruc;
And Lapland U turuoJ Into s-imuur by tbao!
Time eanoot conrnar tbj; aj;e cannot altar thee;
' Years hand to D.uil thy away,
Strength aud tabUmUy jtlll tlujr att.'ud on t'.u jl
Pilgrim of agja, but not of djcay !
Ban of Ihi dnuimeiit ! pi met of woadoruiJiit!
' Now tby fair Journey of d.iy it U don (
1111 art tbou parting bright jkoddiug I in mo rial light
Dawn on thy throuo of nig'at Hall 1 sutllug auu!
change from in in that place, and of
ners. opinions., Rt n meetin ot up
ton w not mo . . , ,, .
roofages! 't by tlie KPub-1
Plaeil in ciroftt seem b:it,
trying difficulty at tired Lieutenant
the contest, ho accv, Republican
which w pre-eminent T h
sponsibilny. His persei
Hvery obstac-ie; hid modrS,'l!H "s nn
every proposiiion; his jfenid'eart aid
t-ry rusourct-; his enlarged vi.
revise and impruva every bifter tjic
anJ miiiiary operation, rie n . ,
rior i:uurn 'e vlicli can act. or
act, us truo poliry dictate, cirB"
ivproai-hes of inoninoe-tither ran,
or out of power, lie kuew liow,tr
juor by w.n.ing, in pito Of oblui n
Ui nioinc in of victory ; ami ha n
true pi'rtise by lui.-injf uiuh tei ve'i
surf. I'. i iho most arduous niOaieuis.t
contest, his prudent lirmucss provt
salvation of iliu cause which ho supp
ins coiitiuct was, on all ocean
uidud liy iho most pure disinterc'sUi.
I'itr sup.-nor to low au.l ;rovelliu''iTre
lie soi'incd uvi-u to bj uninnaeiiced i(s
ainbiiiou wliicli lias Justly been vfsfeg
instinct of great souli. IIo acti'j i10
if his country's welfare, and j (o 35
was this moving spring. T'
mind nee.led not even HorPyracnw.
bilion, or the prospet; ,J p Mt Da!
bux a 8econUaryiers of w fri(!ndg of
lornwa gwt, t u llie mml-w:,
coarse . . , . i L n... tn
k llllll 10 rjnna,j
in in
. ,11 Oil!
Clinrnctor of Washington., . '
th3 following obltunry 0,
Jngton appeared in aju' 0f Itnn:
Januart..l?lW bus 'bronght Uuchanan
ii.iiii to the surfiu-o, and, ns .1 conwriuenco,
w 1 . ' - - ' ,1 It..
ri.illis has iiogun to stir mo sanui niuany
poul into which all theso aspirants are com-
liiiii-led; Miwcy is.Klcd away nnionj; the
archives of diuJoinitoy'; Cush.ing is delving
amongst tlied'tuty pages of California land
laws and record; Campbell is plotting, with
Jesuitical cunning, the destruction of some
petty postniiistcrj and Davis is endeavor
ing to pluck a laurel from tho brow of old
'Fuss and Feathers." Ii it imt a sombre
picture? Forney, too,' aspires to be some
thing mora than it mere W; iUu-lfuiua ia
growing restive niidur tlie unvertaintii of
tlie future, and Bright, whoso native sim
pli'iity ns-iiiui-.'s to bo horrified at political
intrigue and corruption, lias been, by a tur
bulent uiihoaviiig of the elements, jostled
mto public notonuly.
. ArouniTtliis political cliess board there
sits many an anxious expectant, each cal
culating thooffect of every mo,-e; and with
aach move changes the current of popular
teiiumeiii. in one moment mu ci iiim
vjicial grows bold At tlia prospects of hi
jnaster; at auolhor, the fawning supplicant
for Executive, mercy saomsi elated at the
chances of some opponent. Now, Tierce
holds tho pool, and su-:h exclamations of
j y burst forth that make the welkin ring.
A momont more, find all things are chang
ed. From soma diilant spot there coim-s
a random shot, which disarranges the
wholij plan of operations, upsets nil ctilcu
htioiis, mid sends n thrill of horror through
ovury bosom. It Is oportuno, mid Marcy
cumos forth from his diplomatic reverie,
and revels amid the scenes of the havoc.
.Soon thu frii'Tnonts aro nathered up, but
the liar Is itfiJ Sufis reftiso to fuse, and
thiwoiiils tho tale of his sorrow. In this
chaos if popular.sentiiiient, while all stand
aghast and seem appalled, the problematic
siaUiinini.'as if, by (lit) magiu al'his wauil,
c.ills Ilunter frmn his repose, and clothes
l!ri''ht in tho drapery of political inno
cence. . Tho glad tidings nro homo went
wnrdly, find from tho broad piaii iea k tip
hhout after hhnut, until tho mountains and
valleys are ruado to re-echo but one sound. I
Hut, ' '
"lluikt fr.Hn tlio tonilj dnl.ff.il cr." . I
" And afar off in the dim dislancu is see
tho "Klatosiiianof Acconrt, ginppling with
iv Northern ally, and exclaiming, "Tojljhl
if waniuit."
. i'ierce, who has yet but partially recov
ered from tho thoclt occasioned by a re
cent disaster, again launches forth iipen
this soa of uncertainty., A hold mariner
must hu bo who will spread a full sail,
when tho very gods aoem combined to ilo
stroy him. . Forney is tut adrift. Tho
government coders nro opened, an 1 the
gold i poured out like "oil upon iho troubl
ed waters," The faithful ally, His Holi
ness l'io Noiio, is brought into donor coin-
muiiioti. Tho Jesuit Campboll sends forth
the agents cf u jwstul inquisition. .Soon
thr follows another upheaving of public
houtiini.nt, and tho warm auu tlaiteinig tes
timouialsof publio conlidwico How in upon
His Excellency, and Tt JJifium aro chunt
ud to his praise. Manure and Patrick grow
merry. liuL this political cipiilibriuui is
evanescent, it soon pusses iiway; at nisi
there is but a iipilo, soon waves aro sueu
tho wind from tho Northwest begin to
blow, and quick follow tho breakers. Mo
dill Hiid the pvktUu Modary aro discard
edas "falao prophets." Tho ship is again
at uua, tuul ail the world is agog to learn
her fate, . Thus obbs and (lows tho lulu o
popular seiilimcnt with the Free Love Uo
mocrucy. Ameru-an iwyan.
Tlie CoutruKt.
A few wotks hince, when tho nows of
the ttuccciis of tho administration parly in
l'umiivlvaiiLi nnd Georgia reaclmd this
city, so elated with joy were the anti-A
mericans, that the city rang with tho yells
and shouts of tho eilthuhiaitio Antics. The
klrccls, lounging rooms aud groggones
were tlirongea with tho excited crowd
during: tho night, nnd fucueuding day; but
' yesterday, and last night, whun iho news
mm JSow lork, fliaKsauiiusxots, ntu
'Maryland, ijave cheering indications of ihe
Mice of tho Americans, quint and order
prevailed. -The Anwricau received the
now with that calm dignity which beconios
Amerioins, and l.iw-aiid-ordor-Joving citi
zens. 'Imerhuit Of gun.
In New "Oiloivns lately, a man nriined
Ilunter has been sentenced to pny a lino of
a thousand dolUrs, undergo an imprison
ment of hix mouths, and forfeit certain
ilares whoi.t ho illegally sold in such a
m.iiineras to separate tho mother from' the
children, contrary to the laws of Louisiana.
Indiana paper state that tho recent frosts
hive had the effect to cause n groat nhatu
rueiit in the "chill jnnd fever" , epidemic
which has been, prevailing in that region
during the prosent fall. r '. ;
v. The Greenville Journal favorn the nomi
nation of John McLean as- a tnndidate fpr
fresidenri tke L'nilhd States in 1 COG.
We give placo to thu following
calling together tho American members of
Congress, for the purpose of consultation
in relation (o the organization of the House
of Representatives. Wo hope the Amsn
can papers will call attention to it: nam
Nkw Yo:ik, Nov. 1, 1CG5.
To the Elitor of the Organ:
Gkntlkmen: As it is now clearly known
that the American Itepresentatives lo tho
coming Congress will constitute a large
plurality in tho House, it is eminently de
sirable that i conference be had prior to
the commencement of tho session.
In this view, tho undersigned solicit the
n;ivile"e of inviting, throuirh the medium
of vour column', the several members of
Coivress who have been chosen as Iho
Representatives of tho. American Policy, to
meet forconferenoc at the Hall of Repre
sentatives, on Thursday the 29i.li day of
November next, at tho hour of noon.
15 y civing this invitation in your widely
circulated columns vou will confer a favor
Our friend of the Cincinnati Gaaette has
republished an admirable discourse on Na
tive Americanism,. Ittely pronounced 'by
tho Hon John J. C.ittenden, at Falmouth,
Ky. Wa giva the speech cniire.'M be
low: v ,
midst the party strifo of tho last few years
when tho only struggle seemea to ue, no.
how the country should be governed, but
T. l...l I ii.,, it iinnvnnlMllIV A
yvno oouuu tj"'-" -v, t J
new party had " grown up. Without-a
cause? No; It came from tho heart tf
the people. A conviction was making us
way from heart to heart, that foreign influ
ence threatened- our liberties. Aud th8
thought of having them subverted on our
own soil, aroused every truo citizon. -It
was the people 8 party.
Immediately after tho Revolution, when
our country was impoverished, and our
forests to bo subuiieit, foreigners uio. not
care about coming to share our labors. For
the first twenty years, but 6,003 per an
num tame. In the next twenty, from 1810
to 1330, they came at the rate of 1 2,000
per annum. These wore absorbed by our
people and became Americanized.
JJut since that "mo a new cenu .
been exhibited. From 1S40 to lBo!) they
came by tho hundreds of thousands, nnd
since 1350 they had been coming at tho
rate of between 400,000 and ouu.uuu per
annum. This foreign invasion of armies
of voters becamo alarming. - .
Was there any probability of its de
crease? No. It was truo that it had lai-
leu off a little in tho past year, but when
thn war which is now swallowing up tlie
surplus population of Europo closed, we
should a"ain bo inundated with tho worth-
Lieu ilesix radoes it has made
Tho like of sucli nn emigration the world
never saw. When the children of Isreal
quitted Egypt they jvero not more in num
her than tliis annual immigration.
Your forests arc now subduedjand your
immtrv mat la habitable, nnd they now
,.nmo to shnro it Tt ilh voir. Your free in
slilutions have become a light to the woi lu,
Miirl thev nro nttractcd by it
.... ..j .
Tho grave question is, are uicso loicigu-
ers to
Arrival of !ie Kortlscrn Llglit!
5w. Y'ouk, Nov.. 12.-Tljo ..Steamship
Nortliern light arrived this morning with
California dates up to the 20 ult.
She bring no specie, 'the troubles on
the Isthmus having iuduoed sliippers to se
lect the Aspinwall route.
The mail stenmshio. that left Snn Fran
cisco on tho 20th tilt, had 2,000,000 of
! trohl on loid.
All quiet on the Isthmus. Tho alter
and Chamori party agreed upon terms of
peace, and Geu. Rivas has been appointed
President, after the declination of Walker.
Tho latter has been apoiuted Commander
in Chief of the Nicaragua forces.
Parker II; French, formerly ot the Sac
ramento Tribune, has been appointed Sec
retary of War, . The people of Nicaragua
appear to be pleased with tho new state of
attairs. JNo more tiouiuo appenruu. ui.
Kinney remained at Greytown. Gen.
Walker reported to be disposed to drive
him out of the country. .
The steamship Sierra Nevada from San
Juan arrived at San Francisco on the 9th
ult. During the trip sho lost 45 passen
gers from cliolera. Only three of them
were cabin passengers. n
Indian troubles conunuo in vie-.,.,
and are growing qmle serious. Major
Heller and his forces were surroumieo. oy
hostile Indians at a point above Dallas,
without food or water for forty-eight hours.
Lieut. Day, in command of 150 men, had
boen tent to ins renei.
Tho steamship Golden Gate, nrnved St
Sao Francisco on the 1 4th nit.
The steamship Cortez had not armeu
on tho zuin, wnen mo ie.iniiiip
TheU. S. steamship John llancoeK ar-
a , n T"1 ! f.,nm 1 I rrr 1 ill . Iff
nvflii ni nan v rancisou nou, viiv.,..v.. ..
ski, bringing tho news that the ltussians
wcro at Amoor in great torce, do;h on se,i
ai,,l lnnil. nnd wore anxious to meet the al
lied fleet, which was probably in the Galf
of Tartary. .
The Uritish Btoamer rsaracama uu
atAyran and fotmd the placo destroyed.but
discovered socroted there goods belonging
tn tlm Russian Fur Co., which were tnKcn
From Washington.
Washinoton, Nov. 11 It is leportod
here on authority of dispatches from Jack-
8o.rl, thht 'all the Democratic members of
Congress In Sliasissipi aro tlecteJ, The
Legisiaturo is also Democratic by 30 maj.
Tho Democratic State ticket has a majori
ty of 5.000
.Some gentlemen while going from Mt.
pleasant to Curlington, Iowa, about oJ
miles, met 210 teams, besidesstage coaches.
This shows What they are doing in Towa.
There are three newspapers in Nebraska;
the S'ebraskian at Omaha, the Young A
iperica at Bollerue, and the Xebraska City
Fetes at Nebraska City. This will do for
less than ten thousand inhabitants.
The New Lisbon Dnckfye State declares
in favor of Wade for the U. S. Senate.
LOST ! !
Somo time since we either lost or xnis
luiJ our City Subscription Book, contain
ing the names and accounts of our City
Tho book can bo of no account to any
cno but oursclf, nnd wo feel much incon
venience without it. A liberal reward will
bo given for i's return to tho Gazette Of
fice, , ' (
r?rWo call the attention of those of our
readers who wish to purchase city proper
ly, to the advertisement of "Valuable City
Residence for Sale," in another column.
This property is new, and all in gWl re
pair, and will be sold nt a sacsifice, tho
proprietor intcndingto move West this
fall. All information in regard to tho pro-
1. 1:. 41, ADVEIM IStlUE.KTS.
(Sheriff's Hale. '
TW SI nit mf Oaf, rmirJltU O.umtf ft.
PVKSUAM'to i)i command ofau order of aalq
from lite Court of f niuinoii IMona in aaid county,
audio me dtreclrd. I will uSur mi publtraale at Ibe
I'ourt ll.Mttiii lantcaxler, on Sfrdy IA lf rioy
flfr-atarr, 1S65, betwtt.'n tlie boura of 10 o'clock A. M,
and 4 o't'loi-k P. M., Ilio following dcicrllied Rual Ea
lata, tti-wlt: A part of In-Iil Ko. 33, In lite town ot
KualtvlIU, bounded aud dct-rlbed aa fulltiwa, bcirin
i.lntrnt the SoutliuuBt corner of aatd luLtit No. 33 on
tne Alh'y; ihence ruiiniiiir vvcit 34 feel and twolnclioa
ei tlie South -:i..l corner oftlio l.iwcilinr Hnune on vaid
l.ol: Iticitrti North throtiirh anld Lot. io aa in liiclmta
UioWare Ilousonn the North end of anld lotto an
Ailry, runiilnir tal andw est: ibeuce EatllblrtT-elaltt
f.et and four Indies, to an Alley: tbeuca along juld
A in-) io ilio iiiai ortji if.-)(iiiiiinr,
Ajipral.cil at o lluutlred Seventy-nr Dollara.
i o oe aoltt as liie.nrniiariy ol Hamuol Work el. ale..
At a recent auction sala of lots in West
Davenport, tho prices nverngsd 9200 per
aero, the lots varying in sizu from one to
three acres, and lying two miles irora the
city. .
Hay is selling in Kocuk Iowa, for fif
teen dollars per ton. This for such a hay
region as that country, is pretty well op.
The Missouri Republican says rieithor
Bsnton nor Atchison ean bs deetefl to the
Senate at the present session of the Legis
lature. .
Venison Hams are scjling for ten cents
a pound in Vincennes, Indiana.
I Jutlsro BEnfeiAN. of Georgia, has come
out in a strong lettor in favor of tho Amer
ican party:
ZZV:2Zll;Z possesion of; the steamehip then proceed
libci "iesV He would no? boast,' but ed to Petropaulowsk, , ito which por t 1
Your verv obedient servants,
Tnoa. It. Wiiitnht,
Fifth New York District.
Uavakii Clauk,
Ninth New York District.
Infamous Bkkacii ok Conkidkncb. Du
ring tho lato contest the Lancaster Ouwtte,
by the advice of its friends, issued a cam
uiiL'n paper called the Clipper. Among
others who volunteeivd to writo for it wus
a. young lawyer, named Ali'iibd Williams.
As his writings hnu been acccpiaoio io mo
Ameiioan party ho was invited by Mr.
McElroy, tho publisher of tho Uuu-lte, to
continue to write occasionally lor inai pa
per. Such was the confidence he had in
npirod that his mauitscriptwas passed to tho
compositor without examination. By ta
king advantage of this, Williams procured
tho insertion of an article clmuging en
tirely the coursu of.tho paper, denouncing
tho fusion movement in Ukio, and falling
hack on tho idea of a revival of the old
whig party, Before McElroy had any in
timation uf tho nature of thg article, it was
worked oil in tho regular iss.uu and scat
ol ourlioerues: uu nouiu uu. uy..-., , ,. .:ti, tl, Amer
he did not believe thero was another race reporieu io "
of men on God's earth that could have lor
mod tho free institutions made by our lath
ors. Since tho world a hi3tory common
ccd, a Washington had never arisen in any
country but ours
Tt renuired all our viirilnnco to preserve
this government. Foreigners could not do
it. They did not lovo it aa wo did. Ho
did not blama them. Every man loved his
native laud bettor than any other.
He wished a change in tho naturaliza
tion laws an extension of tho tiino so as
to givo foreigners n better opportunity to
become acquainted with our institutions,
and to fit themselves for taking part in our
government. No man was to bo upbraid
ed for wishing to take the best possible
caro of his liberties, or for refusing to share
them out until tho littla residuum was not
worth keeDinrr. These men camo from
the monarchies, where they had been nc
customed, net to governing, but to being
ffovm-nfld. Were they over called on to
vote there? Why tho doctrine ' of tran-
substantiation war, not a greater mystery to
them than tho deativo franchise.
If tho term of naturalization wns ex ten
ded.or tho law entirely repealed, it would
mako no difference in tho immigration.
Foreigners did not come hero to Vote
Thev knew nothili'' about the elective finn
chiso until they learned it on our soil. H
did not object to their coming. O.i tho
contrary, lie would tay, coma one, ccmc
all. We will receive and entertain them;
hut thu riclit of "overnin" wo must reserve
" o y . ' i
to ourselves, and repeal every encroacn
nieiit upon it, and wo would cnll on our a-
hinted citizens lo aid US. 11 uicso lorei-n-
1 ..i I ....,,,1.1 ,.n
eis came wuu cam niges, no uiou mu "
icau flying, and having tired at
town. . . , , i
Sho then left; when off Elizabeth Island
the Baracanta encountered a Russian brig,
having on board 140 Russian officers and
soldiers who wero taken prisoners and car
ried to Hong Kong.
Four hundred men under Cupt. l'ry ol
Sacramento have left to join Walker on
the 9th ult.
Tho Indians of Roguo river massacred
over fifty whites. Major itzgerald pur
sued the Indians, nnd overtaking them had
a battle, in which 30 Indians woro Killed,
loaintr io of his own men.
Seven clippers from the Atlantic port
had arrived at San I rancisco; their car
goes were sold recently.
Thn business had improved most am
rchuudizo pnvnijr fair
.. n it? i on rn am
Jiomestio nour soiling n w..
Wheat 2,75, Gionr porK r9Z,uu.
The balance sunk on board tho steam
ship Yankee Blado, nmouuting lo C0,00O,
linn heen roCOVei'OU.
The U. S. district court has decided the
etiMinf tho Slate vs. Ludoshorff estates in
favor of the mother and Anna Warm
Sparks, who is a uuhjeet of Denmark.
The estate is immensely yaiuauie.
Pimp. Vonn' Hair llva.-i-Seriiduro snv's (hut the
beautiful lt:tir U an ornament loa woman nnd it cer
tainly la not iinltecoiitlnir In a man. To have n Itixn
riafl. or us Natnmy Wullorsriys, an owdni'itnia'Mieatl
of hair, ami to have tt sino ilii, jrlossy and bt'aiitiful.
an iiupurtnittiimt rapllvntiuiradilitiou to btitll sexes,
and has been the chief pritlo of the '"softer" one for
centuries. To tn,siis u Ittxuntnl erowth ofhynerlon-
curl, Is t't lie tlie ''observed of all observers'" and the
iitliiiiratitiu of the raej. Shakspenre, llyron. Spencor,
Seott, and every pool ami pniiiter liavo special atteu.
lion toliU itlofioas ami i.livlim ttnneiultto, or crowll'
itijr irlorv or liio human neati divine, nut uisin rro-
f.S4or Wood that IIil' world is more indebted fban to
the painters, poets and barbort. Th-js-j Inttor only
lin tale on "crihtt what exists, wcoil creates, re
stores. cmlullhlics. I!c as tike the eood hUHhaiidmau,
who restores tii. barreti soli to fruitrtiliicsi. What
nre nr sicknesM lias , lest roved, he rohrotlltces. Ild ill'
viKorsles the spare lock's of the aext;J;enarinn au.l
oe.t nines mo liixnreui! inck-s oi youiu.
I'bon Href. O.J. Wood. ofst. Louis, fortune lias con
fcrred the hon'ir of huvintr tliscovered a balsamic pro.
r.arntien. which not otilv.roinotes tho tcrowtb of ami
iKtaiiCfles the bnirina itiuli detrrue, but restores it
when ills pone, or turn;i it hvrk to its original ivilor ut
ter it has iK'eomo lerny, fastens Into the scale, am:
effectually destroys such cutaneous eruptions as may
nave tKicu eiitfetinereo nv in ? uso ot o vos esehiiiii ons
toi'i otiier injurious nnpllculioiis. 1 hu many respect-
tdu tesLiiiioiiials which are etiereil in Us favor, from
every part orllte coitntry In which it has been Intro-
nneeil, I Liaves no loon Tor the sceptic to imov a noutit on
The irreat demand for this article in the lrslern States
lias Induced the Proprietors tn establish a d-pot for its
manufacture aud sale In the city of 'JW ork. Ills
supplaniiutf all other speeilles for the bair, and enloys
a pripttlartty which no other nas over altr.lueu. nny
It te.l it and r 'lolee tilat your litleinion has been
directed to it. .mil's lituwcrat, March 7tli, li'.'iS.
j fSoo advertisement. lm27
at tlie suit of David W ilson and Jobn R. Mumaugb, '
Aaaigueea, o lerinsof sale cash.
. . . niuiMis run kk, nnenlr,
per CM. L. WISEMAN, Deputy.
Hunter and Paueherty, Attorneys.
Lancaster, Koveiuber 1, 1854 Swi6tpf4SO
perty may be had of Ileurv Cianmer on
the premises, or r.t tho office of tho editor
of this paper.
jfrOdr redd'ors are rcfered to our col
umn of now advertisements. Many bar
gains in -Ro.nl Estate arc offered, which
may not be thot with again for many years.
t3rV. Bopk, at his Store opposite Shnef-
fer's Hotel, has just received a large stock
of staple and fancy dry goods. Our friend
Bope is a man of most excellent taste, and
we are sure our friends cannot be pleased
better than lb give him a call.
S?"Capt. G. Gokuon and his neat little
Packet "Globo," aro doing" a Land Office
business between this city and Athens.
The Capt. is a gentleman of the first wa
tor, and deserves to be patronized. Givo
him a call.
L.I.Nf'ASTHi! LOIlfiR, No. 57 "ov. 50, li.M
ril AH I'HIi. No 11 iK,
k:v a mi-must. No. ti ar,
February ii, IMS. 0. S.l'EI.S'.MAN, Recorder.
little article wo think something of framing,
to hangconspiciously over the editor's ta
ble: "The public have a funny notion a
bout printers. They think it costs nothing
to puff, advertise, &o. And thus one and
another will spongo nn extra paper, a puff,
or somo benevolent advertisement. They
forget that this business makos thorn known
They forgot that it is tho printers ink that
makes nino-tchtlis of their immense for
tunes. They forget that it takes money to
pay compositors to buy ink, typo and pa
perand lastly, they forgot even to thank
you for working for nothing, by gratuitous
ly pulling their business.
yTho. absence of tho.editor this week
will accaunt for the want of editorial mat
ter. IIo will be at his post to-morrow,
Sheriff's Snip.
7 Aff Ohio. F'irjitld Ctuntt. tt.
PUR.SUAMT to tba command of. an crdor of sala
from the laourt of Common Pleas In said counly,
and tn me directed, I will offer at publie.aale at Mo
V. oaiarooi, (as ar y vf
December, ISVi, between the hours of 10 o'clock A.M.
nnd 4 o'clock P. M., the following described Real Ks-Uite,lo-wlt:
The one undivided half of In-Jxi! No,
10. In the Central Audition to the Town of Baltimore '
Appraised at Five Dollars. . . -
Ono equal undivided half of m Fraction of land,
entumvnciuc l.W feet North of th Northwest corner -.
of Caual and Johnstown Kjreotaof theTownorBalf
tlmore; thenco Norih 150 feet; thence West 49 feel;
ft ppraiscu ai 9-IO.
One undivided half of A flinch nf Onl.T .1 V 1 . .
Bokohl's addition to the Town of Baltimore, aa Ilea
North of a mnpe line, with the line .between In-Lota j
Noa.Oand 7 in Soliaro No. S of the East addition tn
llalliinore. Appraised at 15.
One undivided half ora'PraetUn ntlnA ivi. k.I '
tweon said Inst deserlbed tract, and the aaid East ad
dition. Appraised at
One undivided half of a Fraction at Land Ivlnr at
tho Northwest eorneror Out-Lot No.S ofRnkniil'aad- ,
ditlouto llnltlniore; thence F.asl 1 chain 71 link..
thoiice South 7 n degrees West s ehnins and 50 llnksi
(hence South .vsdmrreos Westl ehaln 85 links; Uionee
,UllllHltin.tillinb. l..k. I 1 . '
A on.. ..,.1 . 1 B
Oneundlvlded iialr of s Fmcilnn e t...a i.i ..
tho Southwest corner nf the Northeast Quarter of Sec- '
lion No. 24 .Tom tub ip No.IS.and Ranee No. 19; thenco
C ,r ""reeiwenty-llve m. U a.lMlli.ksl thenoe '
North 4!'dci;reao Knsl 3 eh sins 5.1 liiiksithence South
40 do -e-roes East.3 chains 75 links to a stake at the Has!
""'J West Quartor.Sectlon line: thence Wsst 4 chains
80 links to the beginning, with privilege of conveying
.. Iu ral-u iriiin mo i .anni anove lock o.3, aa
'" ""eyeu tome vvoouon ractnry, as lour
as the Canal water privilege shall be continued.
iirnisefi ai rive Hollars.
One Undivided linlf nf rutn v.iA wt.lA nffnf tl.A tffA.H.
aide of In-' ot Nq.S, of the Central addition io Bal
timore. wilh the appurtenances belonging to sumo.
. . ,, ,..! nv i ii roe inn lars.
r bo Sold as tlie iimnitrtv nO,n,nttt.inL. nt
at Iho suit of Kdward Calkins. ' '
jorinsot sule cash. WM. POTTER, SherlfT.
, . per. C. M. L. WISEMAN, DUtiuly.'
Hunter & Pnughorty, Attorneys
Lancaster, Noveiubor 1, 1855 3 w26pft7 50
toredov.r l.aneasirr ana ine cottniy gen- . . .,.,,.,, ,,.,. Lut ...rt.
crttlly. 'tho surprise ana asionis.iu e.u o. . .. . wol,,j ot be lmlf m
its readers was only o.iun ea 0y mm o, . . American noot-fcas bal-
I., ,,l .ft.,,,. UI.H.S-,-"" " 1 ,
McElroy, upon perusal. IIo at omio ropu
lilted lis suiiliiiinlB, and uenouncuu vu
iuii.i as guilty of a most outrageous breach
f confidence, lit tho next number of his
paper ho explained how Ilia fraud was per
petrated. Ho lost fifty subsciibars atonoe,
all Lut six oftmm btimj nil Whint. Tho
Hair has created somo txoitenitut and
feclinir at Luncastor. Ihe idea of falling
buck upon tho old wing organization nt
tho present iispeut of political affairs is ro-
. . , n .' . re l.r ll
pudnitvU oy tho rt-llecuug men oi rau uuni,
as it is and must o all ovar tnu couuiry
1'rimblii trot b'l votes only in ran field
An cllort has been mailo by tho matea-
wiii and lis ecnous, over ii u oiuiu, to
make capital oitiV this'urtielu from tho Ga-
lrtc, When they know as they do at this
limo, that tho whole thing was a base fraud,
that it got into
Foreigner already formed a third es-
tato t'lving preponderance to either par
ty, as "hey cast their influence with it
Thev had becomo an object lor parties to
pay court to,' and they woro wooed to ono
sido nnd tho other by "every sort of prom
ise and maneuver.
They feel their inlluonco, and nro claim-
in" tin ir Minro in all tne oniccs in uic coun
try; not as Americans, but as foroignors;
for they keep up a separato political orgau-
iz ition, and nro as much ioroigners uero as
in tho heart of Germany.
They favor us with their views in regard
to imiirovcments in our liovernment. A
fellow had hardly shook tho dust of tho
Black Forest oil his foot lill he was Bug-
, o, tmi.g uase ..at,. , a10i,c!miila to the Consiitutien; A
the paper by a grots breach k "V. , ,..,. ,,,. nKli ,
of co.ilid.neo. and tlial its entire sentiments su" u 1 "JrX ft. -.. .
and spirit wero promptly nud exniossly re
pudiatcd, by both the editwr and the party
nt that county bs well as elsewhere, they
will peilinps ronlizrt that they have beun
making thenisclvs ridioulotis, nnd thut they
owe an fxplunalion of tho fuels to their
readers, if they desire lo maintain even
tha iinneiu iinco or common mirness and
honesty. State Juurnul,
JfiTRettd what tho Van Wort American
gets off in regard lo tho presont Adminis-
I ... 'I'!. ...III..,, ,.i ii.: I lin ii "l.ri. L "
lllllll'll. 1117 .tllV WW w..w.
Arrival of ilit! tmisiie t'Uy.
Xitw York. Nov; 13. Tho U. S. Mail
Stonmor Empiro City arrived at 4 o'clock
this P. M., bringing tho California mails to
tho 20ili inst., 710 passe n go is, and 81,
651,000 in treasure, principly consionod
as follows: Drexel t- Co., 93GG.000;
Wells, Fargo & Co., $201,000; Metropo
litan Bank, 8M0.O00; Wrn. HogoIOO,-
000; the Bank ot America, wou.uuu,
.lames Patr ck 41.000, and Ji. Iveliy tV to.,
iS.40,000. Smaller amoiinta were brought
to various persons.
The nows Horn the isthmus is unimpor
tant. .
Tho dates From Valparaiso are to fept.
20lh,ar.d from Callos lo Out. Olh. inn
political nows from Chili is uninteresting,
and business waa miiou uoptessou owing
to tho holidays.
A revolutionary ltovcmont nan Droiiun
out in Bolivia, but in most instances bad
been speedily suppressed.
Tho dutos from Sidney, Australia, aro
to llu 10th Aug,
Flour had fallwn lo 40 pounds per ton;
best gold dust 4 pounds per ounco.
At Melbourne business was dull Flour
44 pound per ton and plenty.
The political news is unimportant.
nn. ii. c. siiaw
WTTAS removed his Ofnco one souaro South gf tho
j re.dil.eiieo of Dr. Jumes While, on Hrolidwny,
n here he tenners his prorcs-ununl services or Lnnoss
ter and vicinity. .November b, IHMtfilf
fBlilK tlmo flu'd fir the paliiic sale of my Stqck
I liurliiir liruvu'l slortn y tit.d unpleasnnt, none was
otlered. 1 will now sell at private sale at Luucu-Hter,
lu lots lo suit purchujcrt', my
15 Head of Thtrrousli Bred Calllc,
40 iicittl offull b'.ooil anil (Jrntla Cuttles
All of which are of lino quality and will bo sold at
reuoltuule pi-lues lor caill Ol on creilll.
Al io,--1'2 iiuu.il K tlir.
NoTomberS, l-:ii i!7 JOHN T. llllASHK.
CE 'Q? H C3 523 .
Ml'.KTINO of Iho Stockholders of Ihe f.niira.
, lr 4iiK l.lulit nnd Coke t'oinuaiiv,
will be bel l ut the Hoti-1 of K. A. Slnrffer. Ksq.. on
election of Piletlors, d-c. JOHN 1). MARTIN,
P. 11. KWINO.
November 1.1, 1853 !8 JAMKS GATES.
Srlinol Teacher Wanted. .
ATF.ACHKK who can eotuo well recommpniled
can httve employment, if nTplictitlnn. lo madn
soon. in lllstrlcl No. 3, Plensioil Town-hip. Fairfield
County, Ohio. . w i i.i.i a m jkjmmi, Jtin.
Nov. 13, 18j.-,-3iv58 II. I.. KKK.MA.N Director.
Sheriff's Sale. 1
The Slate of Ohio. FairSeld Count, tt.
PURSUANT to the command of an order of solo
from tho Court of Common Pleas In said coutitv,
and to me directed, twill olfcrat public sule at tlio
.nM.roi mo uouri nouse tn l.aucaster.on Saturday the
1st of ntemher. 1H5.I. botweenthe hours 111
o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock r. M., tho following des
cribed Real Kslale, to-w it: .
Tho East half of the Northeast Ounrlor of Section
number Nineteen, Township number Seventeen and
nauire mi mucr r.igmcen, containing tignty-two acres,
more or less, and nppraisod nt I3 por acre.
AlsoUho Wost halfofthe Northwost Quarlnrof Sec
tion nuinbor Twenty, Township number Seventeen'
and Range nurabor Eighteen, EalrHold Counly, Ohio,'
containing Eighty Acres, more or loss.
Appraiser! at 4u por aero. ,
To he sold as the nronertv of Jacob Ketner at Iho
stilt of J. At N. Gill and others.
Terms of salo cash. , WM, POTTER, Shoriu",
por C. M. L'. WISEMAN, Buputy.
Brasensoi VauTrnmp, Attorneys.
Lancaster, Ohio, November 1, 1855 5w56pf4,50
ShcrilPs Salo.
The State of Ohio Fairfield Ctunty,n.
PUK.SVANT.lo the command of a3rd order of tale
from tho Court of t'ominon Pleas of Fairllold coun
ty, and to me directed,! will"ofTcf at public sale attho
i.uiiri nun in iiuioaster, -on satueaa the 1st any of
tcct-morr, inao, Deiwucn, ino.'viocK a. ill. andQ'cJock
p. tn., tho following described Real Estate, to-wif
Lot So.B In the Central Addition to tile town of
Baltimore. Fairfield County. Anpralilcd at a ISO.
l o bo sold as tint property of George H. Houser and'
t mu sin, ui c.iiwaru e oiKiui.
FOft SAI.F. "
fWU AT beautiful Hoimrt nnd I,nt on thn Ertt rMo nf
n ifm.ui licnr "V tmlniL' Strt-ct. nnd Immeill
nt'Oy North nftlm rosidiwii'o f Mri, CroiMl. The r.ot
m v oriv-tliroo rut't fconl ly Ono Mntnlretl nml Klxtv
, , Hvor.'iMUMptof,Twlvffmt Alloy. Tim Iltnno
4??!. cruilitliH Sfvon Kiionisi, Hull, Kitcht'ii. Ac, nnd
JwUt wiiH H 1 1 1 -4 1 1 e 4 1 it bout out vnnr Allies, AIh. n com
ntodidiis Hinlilw, Cnrrituew Homo. Wood und Co;il
HoiMc wo,. tVit. AH hi iro-Mi renitlr.
J hut nroiicrty will he mM rhonp for onsli or In nnv-
nit'iilt, it i tlio Intention nf tho lirniiriotor to niovo
t'M. ror !tirtiifr nnrllciiinrit riniiiim on UiO nro
iiiirti1, nr oi inu r.i'i i (in oi mi ji.v,l l li.
L:tncjiter, Novoinuor 2Hlf
Opposite riltaiiTci'i
a m
-I X
Tho D O U Sthat sold themselves to bark
For Douglas, l'ieroo & Co.
Could not do half the dirty work
For want of help, you kiuw,
Till from tho ranks three lioroOs sprung,
Cheered DotiL'las Pierce & Co,
Ami brought a beast that Pierce may ride,
s ou II feud the name below,
" s
v. yi
JttT J. W. Ay res.under date of Chardoo,
Pauldingoounty, Oct. Dili, writes the Ohio
Slulii Juurnul;
I hero givo you tha roult of our eloo
lion of to-day in this (Brown) township,
which is as follows:
S. P. Chase, 00 Totes. Modill, 1 vote
Ford, 05 " Myers, 2 votes
And I had like to havo forgotten, Trimble
gotl voto. The Democratio strugglo np
pears equally'' divided betweou Trimble
and Modilll '
-Tho roceipls at tho Council Bluffs land
oflico for .ho quartbr ending Sept. 30, were
i juo.ooo. luis is cnoruious lor ono olhco
us in oxchni2:e for our liberties wore cu
rious enough. They would abolish tho
President and tho Senate, and have a sin
gle popular branch of legislation, whosa
members could bo recadod at pleasure.
They would givo us their uerman dream oi
Kossuth tint bescina patriot who
got his country in a light, niid- then was
the first to runaway nud leave ncr, ennrg-
od the Germans hero to band themselves
together nnd watch their opportunity to
voto in such a way as to benefit their luith
erhind. Ho did not upbraid them for do
ing so. They had n right to love their
country as ho had lo lovo his, bat to sub
mit to bo governed by this foreign hordo
was to mako ut unlive born tho only aliens
in our uativo land. Ho then spoke in
glowing terms of the Union, and said ho
lovod the American party beoause it was
devotod to its preservation. Thoir princi
ples must ultimately prevail. They would
continue to advocate them notwithstanding
their failure in other States; would submit
to bo called Drosuriptionist. if lovinz thoir
own countrymen bettor than any other
madothem such, till those principles should
bo triumphantly established at the Capital
of tho uation. '
Mb. Ciias:b. Wo are pleased to learn
that Mr. Chase, Oovornor oloct of Ohio,
conlomplatos taking up his residonoo in
Columbus. Tiiero is a propriety in ino
Chief MiiL-istrate of a Stato so extensivo as
Ohio, rcsidinsat or noar the seat of gov
ernment; and wo aro confident that Gov.
Chase will moot at tho bauds of our lellow
citizens a greeting Ruch as bocomos his
ominant abilities, his personal worth and
exalted position. oiif Journal,
Nkw Countkiifkitb. On Friday cvou
ing last several counterfeit bills 5's aud 10's
on the Western Bank of Virginia, was put
in circulation in this city, The paper is
miscrnblo and the execution, equally so.
ZancsviUe luuntr.
Washington Items.
Washington, Nov. 12 Commodore
Paulding being regarded by the Secretary
of tho Navy as a prudent officer, has been
selected to visit San Juan, Nicaragua, with
his flag ship, tho Potomac. He was clos
eted with the Secretary tins aftomoon,
rdativo to the oourso to be pursued by
him iu that quartor.
Notwithstaiulinir the avowed mnoccnt
object of tho British Hoot just uospaicneti
to tho Westlndies.llifl movemoni is rogiiru
o.l hora with indiirnfition, if not as an in
cipient hostile act; hence additional ordors
havo been sent to naval stations to day, by
the Navy Department, in reference to pro
paratioiis for any exigency.
Litter from Mcr.ico nnd lluvaiia.
Nkw OitLHANs. Nov. 12. Tho steam
ship Oriaaba has arrived, bringing dates
from Mexico to tho tltli nisi.
Alvarez was still President, and had es
tablishod his residence at Tilapan.
Olampo has rosigncd Ins relaf.ons with
iho Ministry, owing to a disagreement
with Comonlort. the Minister ol war
Tho Kevolutior.ists bad obtained the
means to arm, and troops wero pouring in
in Muv'ico.
The 6leanitdiip Ocean Bird arrived here
vosterday with dates from Havana to the
8th inst.
Sugars wero dull? with a declining
tendeucy, and buyers demand a reduo
Louiainnn Election
New Oulkans. Nov. 12. WicklilTo is
elected Governor, and tho whole Democrat
ic Stato ticket is olocted.
Threo Congressmen tre eleotod by the
Democrats and ono by ths Ameiic'nns.
New Oulkans, Noa. 13. The Demo
cratic majority iu this Stato is about two
The Democrats have both brancLos of
the Logislaluro.
JOHN S F. A It X. 28 S
B'J KOS IhitTo to lit for in hU old ciiMtoinctm and ovory
B hoily olrto tint! he lut junl rut'uiwml diret't from
tlio pnldifhor.-t, u hoiivy liiV'dm of Mtiitidnrd and Mi.t
oolh.i.onu Worku, Gift llook h, Aiinuids, .(., mil tod
for tin Librsiry, i'ai lor and Hollidny PriiMntu: itmotiL'
tlitMn inny ho luunod Hi tlisltl'oot-S vols Ootnvo. bound
lu Morocco, rovii-nd lr.litiori; Mnikoiciir,((, Moore1
ii'n d Uyr.ni,a (.-onipW-to I'u-uticttl Workf, wilh llnesloul
iMiiAtriitionn.with tho lnrtoit and nloid ooindtitt) slock
of I'outio.il works evtir b.'oii:ht to thin city.
A Uo, p'o initio Life nmonir Iho Afnrinons, bjtjio wlfo
of uit Kldor; l.'icht and DArkncy, u story of ti.tdiioiin
Mo l.lfu; Footprint of it 11 ltriitTant,by M. I'. Uaddiit;
J itslt wiiaand U, by liildrotb; Whiilly' Kuturo
Slitl.", Kthcl. or thu Itouido terror, by Marian Jttnies
Iho iliddon l'.-tth, by My aMurion Ilurlund; Couu Cut
i;ornuri, ny noiianiy.
Am4iiif his Gift Hooks AiiAnnunU ihhv bo found tUo
Thoutsht llloi-om; Memory Gift:, t'hriftiftn Koop-
mi kiS r no uti hii 1 n'ii i uKPtit ino I'liiWKMioiin; i iciimu
(iift; Know Flako; Vroo Muxon'it Gift; Mok Kono;
Atlantic Sovonior A irot'lion' Gill; Hnnmnio of Aino
rk'iiii I.ftnd-oanoM, ft h.-nutii'nl wtu k. nil hound itnd put
uiiiu ino m-uK'niuno ioom siio4itiniiui stvio.
Al.o,n hirtrf iissortiiit'iit ol Ifihlov l.irt;o and small
and nil prions; llyniii IbMikn: t-alholio 1'myor Uouks,
iiroi iorw in ovorv vanuiv in ittoiiruiuit .umi
An oxtmnlvn nsHorlmoiit of t an. Lettor nnd Note
l'anor, ICuvolopos,&.o. Ourstock ban boon laid In with
ooc. a i roiurenoo io me wiinii uihi umi in our i n
trn. l.ailios und Geiitlomci. Mil! call und exuiuino
at thoir lo is tiro,
P. K. .Mv iirruiiirtMnonts aro nuoh Hint I rcolvo every
now work dirot-t from Iho FuMI-dier as soon im bued
Lunt-Hftlor. Nov. r. lJri.5 '.'3 JOHN HKAULKti,
OXTA s RGi; Aoroitof cooduiinutv. with an HI
j t iunt llottoin Land for niotttlowa, 1 lUiioroaof which
nro iu n lilch ol'ilo of outtivntlon. On tho prou.ios,
jtUioro is a lino OKI tlAKI) conlainliiff V-'UjnNL
3i)oaiiiic Applo Trnett of tlfo best qimUlyMi
KrHitod, n numborof PoofU TreeM, II of the
flmit niiiiHlv of ir rafted IVnr Troon und unwardsor
Chorry TroVor nil tinilltloit. Wilh th exooDtion of
Ihu On hard. ovory Hold ii well mipplled with tiok
v alor, troin prinir1 on various portions oi iui
I'M rtlt . I IIO tlUHUlOK f-'OllPlRi ni it urmi-iPiinurv
WK havo In atoro nt this timn (with largo qunnti
tios of Goods yet to arrive) tho
siork of DFlY GOOUH over nlTorod In tho WEST!
J horo bus boen no mo dorllno in tho nrlee of Gooila
within n low weok. which rimblos u to buv tare
lot of Good-, nt t4iiron or in Job1 ,nt vkhy row pnuxM,
90 tli.it wfl.rati sell wi'r br'oid the usual rate$
Wo would rail xpociul nllontion to
Moire AntM'U.'p, Fnitcy SilkPInin Itlnclc
Silk, French Mrlnop PnrainoUm,
An IniTuonso stock. Prti-o My, lo Q5o.
Aiiiciiiim, ICnlisti nnd French Prints,
Prions from C'jc upwnrJs.
C23 Ha CD 03. S3 e
A most otogant varloty;
Velvety Cloths fc Trimming f' Cloaks;
liioclis and Kay Slalv Shawls, nt lowor prices than
ovur biioro onurisu;
Embroideries aijil Luces, fJlovcs and IIo
siery, ic, Ac.
Wo oonllulh- Invito tun frocf axainlnntlnn of our
stnik, wliuh will lie found (rrontor in extent, aud at
lower iirk-os, lliun any otnor hoiisl' can om-r.
. , WII.MA.M I.KK & CO.
Cincinnati, Novonibor 15, lHr5 3m2d
1 arms of salo cash. WM. POTTER. Sheriff.
perC. M. L. WISEMAN.Doput)-.'
Iti'NTaa A lUroiiKaTv, Attorneys.
Morumbor 1, 185J 5w5(lpf83
Sherifl 's Sale. "
The State of Ohio, Fairfield County, tt:
Putriul; iluirk, )
vs FalrntildC'oin.Pluiis.Parlltlun
Mlcliai-1 Huirli otals. 1 ,
-IM to the comniaiul ofan order nf lu
from tlie Courl of Common Ploss of snti'l f 'niti.ti' .
.1 Ii. il I rm.t.il 1 lll ...f..- .. '-.' .
u,m ... ...u ...... v.v... . nn. ..ii.T, a, imuc BHie III UIO.
Court Hous.i in thu City of Lancaslor, oil Saturday thi
ls( iluy of December A. V. Ic55, between tlie hours of
10 o'clock A. M. anil 4 o'clock P. M., tlio followiiiir
dtsi:ribcil Heal Kslnle, to- it:
Part of Section So. 7, Township No. 15, of Ranfro No.
l'.l.beinjr also a part of a tractofi !li-lli(l Acres of Land
conveyed by the "I.aiicnslur Latoral Canal Company"
uuuiiic.u. ivt-j nuiofiiy ueou on recoru in said coun
ty, roeordedlu Hook No. 18 and nanus S50 and aai,"
and lyiiifr-on tho Northeast nr towing path side of thu
Ohio Canal, and alongside of Lot number nine South
of thu Licking Siiinmit: bcplnniiip: on tho outside of
Iho tuwing pntliala corner which Is Cllfcet below tho
upper end uf the stone work ofsnid lock: thence run
ning down the Canal pnrallol wilh suld fnckeufoettn
a corner which is threo feet below Ihe lower end of.
ssid look; theucu North 44 deirroos Kast lo tlie line, of
land between said Keynoldsand O. P. Tong toacor-,
nerl thence South 44 duereos E'asl (10 feet to a corner
on said lino ofdivision; thence South 44 dvfcrous Kast.
to tlio place of bcciiinlng, containing Ono Quarterof
an Acre, more or less, and being the same lot conveys
ed to Thomas Quirk by James C. Keynolda and wlfo,
uj ui-uu uv-oiiiiuuiu iuarcu io, goto.
m ipraiseu at 9 102.
TorinsOno-thirdin hand, one-third inoneondtho-
reiuaiuinir third in two vears with Interest from thu .
dayofsalo. WILLIAM POTTKK, Sheriff.
per c. M. L. W1KKMAN, Uopiity.'
Hunter & Dnngherty, Allorneys.
Lancaster, Ohio, October 1)5, 1W5 555pf$0
In an Attachment.
Attnoltmcnt Notice.
Alva Paul. I'liiintlff,
Adam Tlioinpson, Defendant,
Bt liKDKU George Kbriplit.a Justice of the Ponco for
J Auiamlu 1 owii.iup, fiiirneni county, iiino
the Dist dav of October, lKi.'i, said JiHlice Issueil
order of iiiiai bmenl In tho above action for tlio sum
4IM5-1II1I debt ami Interest. A LT A PAUL.
Koyultou, .November 15, i(M-arje
able Dwelling House, Spring House, a-lthouse
and a large Swiss Hum 111 fuel by 41 feet, erected iu
lMll anil oilier oul buiblliigs for various purposes.
Hie Knrm Is situated In lireenlleld 1 ownsnip, oignt
miles Northwest uf Lsur-nsler, near Wiiliiut t reek,
bolvvon Carroll and Itasil, ADAM UKANUl'.
ISoveinUer, ipJj Mu'ii
i an Attachment.
TOST on tho Hooking Valley Cunnl, bolwen Lan
i i-asterand .Millvillu.A POCKET IIOOK, ordina
ry sue,wilhjiloel clasp, coiilniiilng CUM or $UH ill mo
no), a uotu on Sirnyerau-J Kruut uf Sugur (irovo. und
oilier papers nol recollected.
A lloerill rowiiru Will ou given lu llie liinu-r, on lis
turn lo nio on the Packet, or lu James Gordon at
the I'liiial llolel, Lancaster. O. GOKIHIIN.
November , leii 3'J7 Captain ol fuckat.
Attiichnient Notice.
Oeorgo Leuch, Plaintiff )
nu:ainst In
Anderson Montiigeu, Pofondant, )
f Kl-'OKK GeorgoEbrlght a Justicoof Iho Penco for
J Amanda Township, Fairfield Comity, Ohio, un
Ibe-.-.itli day of October, lHol, aaid Juslico Issued an
order or attachment in tne iiuove nciion, mr inu sum
of ft'i 111 H. A. Ill, UK, Agent.
Kojaiion, Novcuiuor io, iraj-aira-
N active honest -Man In each section of tha Stnln,
to take or.lurs by 'SAMPLK' for VELPKAU'S
JIADNli'l 10 AGKNIS. A salary of J.-tlM jier year,
,ry paya-
(de Monthly.'' l-'or iiartirulnrs uddrosa UK. M.VKL-
PKAU.4,' Broadway
to pay answer.
New York, enclosing stnnrps
Iaveiuuer i, irj swvu
flHK subscribers, thankful for patronage heretofore
I received. would sav to their old customers and
everybody else, that we are now nianufacluriur and
uuuriug lor sine, a superior arucio oi
consisting in part, of Gcnlleineu's Boots and Shoos of
every varlely.froiu the most fafiay to the lieavcsl stogy.
Ladles' French Morocco, Kid, Croat and Calf,Gaitora,
Lace Hoots anil lluskins; Aliases ami cnmiron's trai
tors and Mlioea. AH warranted and sold tow for the
ready pay. MrKLKO.Y U11.L1KU11UKST
Lancaster, October iS, 1855 "5
rllllK undersigned has opened 111 Iho Whllo Build
Inp, a few doors Wr.it of Iho Hocking Valley
Hiuik.u well assorted Stock of Mrisiraand .11 fill"
rlncv. which he utter to the publio at very fukr
prices. .t. o. aunirjn,
Lancnslor, October 55, 1855 S5lf
Denirnble Clr l'ropcrty lor Male.
vv nHAT doslrablo tironorty located on Wheel
li'i'M I- ,n(t street, comer of lirood Alloy, being 100
vJreei on vt necilug oy luu leeion uroau Aiiey
kesiilenro contains S rooms, kitchen, Outhoifses, ore
with all tho convenlencoa of a family residence also
a new and convenient Carpeiilor'eKliop, Smoke Honsoi
staoio, cvc. I erius;reasonaoie. rur uinner punicu
lars enquire of l.l I ILL a uiiwioalbs.
Bancttsler, July 3, lt!J5 i
Sheriffs ulc.
The State of Ohio, Fairfield County, tt.
Abruhaui Kvorsolu, ) In Partition.
Kvorsolu, at. als. J.Falrllcld Common Picas.
1UKSUANT lo Ihe commnnd of a Sd order of side
from tho Court of Common Plans of said Counly,
and to mo directed, I will offer at pubtfe sale at tho.
Court liouso in Laucuiler,ou Saturday Ihe X4th day of
November, A. J). 1K55, between 10 o'clock A.M. and
4 o'clock P. M.. the following Keal Estate, to-wif.
The Gusthalfof Ihe Northwest Quarter or .Section
No. il, T wDsliFp No'. 14, Hange Nu. M), aubjoct to the
Dower Kslatu ofCatruirLneBailoTashoroloforeassign
ed to her by metes apd bounds.
Appraised ut (JJf) thirty-olght dollars per acre.
WlJ.UAM POTTKK, Shorlff.
Ily C. M. L. WISEMAN, Deputy.
IIi-nter fit Pakuhrrty, A'ttomeya.
Laucaslor, October 18, 1855 5wH4pf3
i;ttite of (.eorge Ilois.
JVTOTICE is hereby given, flilt1 the tubscrlhor haa
ii been appointed and oualltied as Kxoeutur on the-
KsUto of George Hols, deceased, late of Fairfield
County, Ohio, datod this 12tli day nf October, 1H55,
Oct. IS, 1855 4S4 DAVID M 1LLKK, Ex'tor.' .
Estate of Henry Friesner.
TTTOTICE is hereby given; that tho undersigned ha .
bean appointed nnd qualilted as AdiuinlslraloV.. .
ou tho Estate of Honry Frlesnor, daccasod, late of
Falrlleld County, Ohio. Dated at Lancaster, this lStb
day of October, IMS. SAMUEL JACKSON.
October 18, 1H554WS4
i an Attachment.,
j Int
K. Valentino, Plaintiff,
William Hays. Defendant.
T KFOKK Asbery Dohurly, a Justico of tho Ponce
I for Violet Townshin. Kairfleld County, Ohio, on
thu limhdny nf October A. 1). 1055, said Justice issued
an order or niiacninoiii in me anove action lor me
nm of One Hundred Dollars'. M. VALENTINE.
Vlolul Township, November 15, 185j 3wl!8
new Jewelry store.
c. hutch
nAS Just received at his establishment, three doors
tjouthoflho Post Office), Martin's How. a NKW
1A) I of jr v r.i.u v , tiirect irnni me Aiauuiao:
turors, comprising all Ihe latest stylos of Breatt
Pint, l.'ir Ktusfe, f turer Kingt and Hold vent.
Also, WATCH Kg rroiutue beslmukors.
.'nil .ml st.e for vunrsetves.
lrP Wiilches. Clocks and Jewelry carefully ropalrod
Oil short nonce, anil warrnineti to iruriuriu wvu.
Lancaster, Novomuor
fTKABLY ovory Nation In tho World Is Involved In
11 this unnecessary evil, while our groat nnu gio
rious countrv seems to be perfectly calm and uncon
corned. Thais tho way with JOHN t,YrtS,wliilo
hia cotomporarles nro making a great loss, ne qnioi
lv issues out GrlOCKIllEri at thoLOWEST PK1CES
ono door West of Martin's Kxohango.
Lancaster, tiovember 1, 1V55 Sw-M
AS lust been opened attho WARJn
HOUSEof JetlrloarV Wood, a
the Inaction of the Canal and Railroad.
Tho ltuest Oysters In whole and half Cant
received dally. Our friends In adjoining towirs
oan alwaws besupplied at a moments notice at Cin
cinnati prices. . All Oysters sold by rae warranted
good and frerh .1 AM US BOYD, Agffu!
Limcaster Octucr 11, leDS-OmO.
To Architect!.
.Auditor's Orrict FsinificMi Cora-rr,) .
October 18. 1855 i .
riHF Coinmlsslonort of Fairfield oounty have p-'
L propriated theautn of One Hundred and Twenty4
nvu uoiiiirs.iii be paia lor tuenesi nan lor an innr-
mary. T he Drafts to be deposited in tills Office on or
before tne 1st day or January nezi, aaa as aoon inora
aftor as convenient the sums will be opened tad cjc
amlned, and the award mado.
Jiy order of tho Commissioners. -
October S5, IMS. J- . ' wl'-
Cinoinnnti, Oliio.
Tbenudersignod, baring again aasnnie Ue intn
agemonlof th1swollknown establishment, beg'
leave to say to tnose wno visit viiicimiaii, eiiaur in
business or nloasuro-.that they will and the Hroadway ,
Hotel one of the most courenieDt and doi'mbler4op
ping placos in the city. .
lllsaonvenreut to the Rail load Oflce tad Pspoi.
and tho Public Landing; more so than any other lnte.1
in Cincinnati and is within a few minutes walk of Ik'
PoatOrllce'tho prmciplo Business localities, en Hio
places of Pubrie I inusemeul.
Anexlousive ra'ngoof Bathing Room aud a Sar
ber's Shop will be found Inlho Baildlng."
This house has all the comforts and eonvenlear
that can be found lit any flrnt Class Hotel In the Wsrt,
The whole ostabhshmont haa lust been inorougmy
overhauled, renovated and re-fiiHiiahea, and the
Proprietor reels aasuree. mat inose wno maae use
his.houso their home during their slay m ike urn,
ill have no reason to complain eitner or ma.ac.ctwi-
ocationaorhis charges. JOBEFH K.CKOMWKLL..
Keptember 13,1855 lOtf . , . .
ltEMOVAI- . s
tilt. O'. E. DAVltf,
TAS rVsmoved hia residence and office to the brick
I I bulldingformerly occupied by Jobn 8tnllsmith,.
Esip south-side of Main Street, 3 doora west of Ir
Kret'der'a roaldonce. October H, 1854 S3
nISremovedhlaomce toia((' mi, '''
the Court Houee.oppostte the Ohio BaglO "
Luncasler, Otlobn 49, M54 5f

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