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Thursday aiornssig Jtv. S. lg
Great Jnblee at Colombo.
We give to-dsj full account of tlie
Great American an J Bspublioan Jubilee
lie J at Columbus on the Miliini. We
cannot condease mnch and give our reajd-.
or a correct iiea ot the enilwsiasm aid
an J good Awlinj; that prevailed. We tVere
fore copy the Journal aooount entire:
A Urge nambor of the R-publioans
from all .paTM of Ohio assembled in this
Hy yesterday, to congratulate eauh other
ou our sucoess at the recent election, an I
to consult together as to the future. V3
solve to do hie duty, and if he failed it
would be because hie head had not the ca
pacity to carry out what his heart desired.
After referring to the dutiea and responsi
bilities that would devole upon our delega
tion in Congress, and the anxious eye the
DeoDle wouU have to'their proceedings iu
the treat tru;r2le upon which they were
about to enter, he closed his remarks.
They were frequently interrupted by hear
ty and prolonged applause.
( JuJ;e Sfaoluiho then took the stand,
aat spoke at-aoro length. - He said it was
. . a .
his fortune to beat Washington .wneauie
Nebraska Dill was reported to the Senate,
and also srhen the bill finally passed that
boJy 1 la cunversatioa with Mr. Cliasoat
that t(me. he expressed Lis conviution
that this infamous measure woule : rousa
the North as it had not been fouseajfor!
Ion j years. H had not boen mistaken in
'Us9iu1crmcnt. ' The people hare vindica
ted his good opinion of their intelligence
were satisfied to see the prominent, sub-
atantial man from almost every eouuJj,. piriotw. -"
The best of feeling prerailedr JuJge SpMJing thei
At 2 o cloak, Via spiru-siirrmg no'.cs
of an excellent band oLOiusie notified the
delegates that the hour for as muling liad
arrived, i The psople then proceeded to
the City Hill, where the Convention was
orfxuizsd rts follow; . ........... --. .
President, Col. DAVID CHAMBERS,
of Muskingum; Vioe I'resi.lents.JosBPH F.
Hens. Eto..of Mirion.aniLGjn. C. Spink.
of Wayne; Secretaries?. &sJloBia-o,of
i a, .it rs ay. W r If: !
Uuraiii, ana j. ., uihwit ot uwmi.
Upon tnkiug the Chair. CjI. Chambers
made an eloauent an l patriotin speech.
lie referred to the history of the pat. an'I
-. . . . .1.. ..l-l-..-
recitea various iruisauiion hi me uiueu
timwlach contrasted atronijly with the
'wunner of doing business durinj the past
faw years in Ohio., His remarks wore
warrolv checre'J by ilia au liurioe
' At the conclusion of the ' address of tlie
President, JuJe- SpuulJin? introdueed
tar resolutions in reliiion to the ulijct of
n National Presi iotiti.il . Convention of tlie
J.1 pub!ioan party that gavo rise to a short
.L-hato. ' The? wore filially referred to a
cbramittee of fire.
Hon. John Shermin. member of ' Coo
grass eleat, of Manstiald, wan tlion cully I
upon to address the convention. .. He took
tlio s'.and; and spoke in nn eloquent and
spirited manui-r. , We cannot pretend to
five even a synopsis of the speech, ns we
hit no opportunity of taking full notes.
II3 said it was a rn'itter of special rejoicing
that the Republican psrty liad tiiimpued
in Obio. We have eleoleJ everything,
Congressmen, LigiiUture, State . officers,
Sco, ' The Republican , parly went inle
power on a wave of pppular ftvor in 1361.
Atjlie reuout election there were far more
formidable elements of opposition . with
which to contend. We had a common en
emy, the NbrsVa pro-slavery party,
which adhered to the . Administration at
. Washington. . We had also dissansioni
in pur own ranks. M,ny Whig, not lik
ing Mr. Chase, determined (o run another
candidate. They nominated and voted for
Trimble. We had the entire Cttliolid in
fluence aid the moil of the foreign , influ
ence agaiast us, because thought they saw
danger to themselves from - the great A
merican movement. They .had no reason
to apprehend danger, but the . fasts are
that they voted for MeJill.
- Tiie Republicans are not prescriptive.
Whatever opinions : another order .may
maintain, they will probably look, after
them, and advance them at the proper
time, but they do not, and did not ask the
llnpuuliean party to Indorse them. .
What we have to fear is, distentions a-
mong ourselves. We must be governed
by moderation. Let us unite on the great
question of opposition to Slavery extension
to Territory now free. . Upon tbi platform
we all agree. When we go beyond it
there may be differences that will work
jealousy and . heartburning! anddissei
lions. We are now responsible to the
people of the State and the nation. 1 Tri
umph brings its responsibilities,., and we
inus meat them manfully. . ,. ' ; v
; Mr, Sherman thon referred to the re
forms that were demanded by the people,
and spoke with muck force upon line sub
ject. Congressmen loo,: had a solemn du
ly to perform. They mu it stand up to
the mark. While they vindicalo the riL'lils
of the North, they must scrupulously re
upent all the constitutional rights of the
South. Mr. Sherman's speech was loud
ly applauded,. . '
. The Governor eleot, Salmon P. Cuasic,
was then called to the slaud, and spoke al
Dome length iu Lis able, dignified and man
ly style. . , :
He said he washere to mingle his hum
ble voice with others in the general con
gratulations Over the splendid victory of
principles, not lores, at the late election.
He had been fiercely assailed in that con
test, but few parallels of it has occurred in
our history, lie now had but one word
for all his assailants, forgiveness. Let the
dead past bury its dead. '
We have sought to bring our govern
ment back to great principles upon whiob
it was lounaeu. ihose landmark are
plain and distinct and lie scattered all a
long the path of our early history. ' He
then referred to the early history wf slave
ry, and said the real question now is.
whether slaveholders, or the people shall
rule the destinies ef the Republic. Noin-
otdental question will settle this Issue.-
The threat of disunion will be in vain and
foolish when the only excuse for it is that
we propose to restore the policy of the
government to what it was at its com
mencement, and what it was when in the
bands of the makers eflhe Constitution.
In Ohio, we succeeded by conciliation
and mutual (orbearanee. No man, he said,
more highly appreciated the great servj.
cos the members o( the American party
had rondered (he cause of liberty than he
did. True Americanism he said, consist
ed in maintaining the original American
lues upon wurou American iiisiuuiiona
were founded. ' Herein' America, for the
H ret time in the history of the world, had
a structure of political institutions been
reared upon the basis of equal rights for
all, guarantee J by equal I iws. Uur rath
trs had iqvited all, of every creod, and of
every civilized nation, to come and ' par
take with as the blesning of free govern
ment. - The people of America, thus made
up, unouiu ruie America; ena every man
devoted to .American institutions should
bj recognized as Amorioan. He favored
n exu-iision or the present terra of nat
uraliziiion. ' All nttomptm to subvert A-'
muii.''4a'instiialions by vecleeiaelical pow
er should be firmly resisted, but uo cit.i.
zn should' be prescribed on account of his
His'ious faith: Toleration in reliuion
a fun JamenUl principle of trie American
iem. - "v " "
He said he should enter upon - the dis
charge of the duties of the office to which
the jieonle had elected him, with a firm re-
Spildinz then went into an ar
fruraent to show iho early opinions of the
founder of the Republic, and contrasted
them with the opinions now advanced by
the exponents and advocates of slavery.
i i- ...i. i- 1 1 .u;i;
III) Bpose Wlin ll 1 UU oiguni nuimi.
W e.innot follow tim In the detr.ils. - Ha
lffsed his wmarks as the shades of even
ini were advancing, when the Convention
a ljouraed till 7 o'tlock, P. M. '
' ' " ' wnvnio s'Essioir.'
The resolutions of Ju ize Spauldinz, af-
tr some farther debate, were finally with-
v. .... ... ...
Hon. Beniimm Stanlon of ' Logan, was
then Called upor1o address the convention.
Ho spoke at spme lengtn, ana in a most
ablj and flotiuent ranhner. Mr. Stanton
is one of the clearest thinkers and most
logical speakers irt Ohio, and liis effort on
this occasion added to liis liigh reputation.
We could not procuro a. seat and took no
notes, hut its strong points and cogent
reasoning were such that they will not soon
be fonrotten by the r audience. He coui
Isclud moderation and great cure in all wo
sni. and did. It was only uy mem ana
through them that the Rt-publican party of
Ohio could hope to retain its present prond
disiinctioa He then referred to the Re
publican platform, and declared thnt every
word of It was worthy the heaity support
of every patriot and lover of freedom.
His arraignment 01 juuge ivne anu mi
treatment of Passmore Williamson wasone
of the finest specimens of logic aud patri
otic declamation we have listened to for
years. , The total prostration of every le
gal principle which is found in law books,
and announced to the world by Judges
bo'.liofthe North and the South, as mani
fested by this Pennsylvania Judge, was
vividly portrayed. Bio man is saie 11 meie
prinoipsls are to prevail. o iroe oiave
is longer free if bis dogmas are (to become
the law of the land. The day that , finds
those view sanctioned by the Suprems
Court of tlio Uuited States, will proclaim
the time when Toombs of Georgia may
indeed carry out his boast that he would
rat call the roll of his slavss from under
, l - 1 n..l 11:11
ilia susaow 01 ounser um muiiumvui,
Mr Cadwkll. the member elect of the
Ohio House of Representatives from Ash
tabula, was then called upon, and spoke
vary acceDtable for a few minutes. He
would promise this muoh, that the legisla
tion at the comeinor session should not be
more obnoxious than that of some years
past, and it shoulJ be his endeavor to make
i t far more acceptable, to the people of Ohio.
. The ('resident then announced wai me
time for the supper, festival had arrived,
hen upon motion the Convention adjourn
ed liniJU.' The most cordial good pre
vailed, and the effeet of the Convention
cannot be other' than to add strength and
backbont to the glorious Republican party
of Ohio. , , , ..
The naqoet-Toat and Speeches. .
At the hour of ten on Wednesday even
in?, the Convention having adjourned, a
large number ot Republii.aus met in the
splendid dining ball of the Niel House,
and sat down to e.riun ana pienuiui ionsi.
The Star Spangled Banner was played by
the band, when the guests proueeueu 10 ao
am Die justice to the material aid set before
them. Judge Bi iukerhoflf . presided at Iho
Uble., ,-. ,. ij .. ..
After the repast a, series ol toasi were
read bv Judue 8paulding, and were re
sponded to by several gentlemen . in elo
quent and appropriate speeches..;.
1st, vlie Union mny hob perpeium.,
Hon. Wm. Denison responded in a very
felicitous manner... He alluded to the great
exciting cause which produced the Revo
lution and the final union of these States
under our present Constitution, the protec
tion snd preservation of personal liberty.
' 2 J. The State of Ohio The first born
daughter of the ordinance of '08. The
recont elootion shows her to be legitimate.
1 Responded to by Co). Suhouler, of the
f'inxinnat! (Jaieftt. He briiflv discussed
the nuestion of the ordinance of '07, and
claimed that Nathan Dane, of .Mass., was
its true author. The. Colonel ooncluded
by giving 'The five States foimed by
the prdinom-e of '87 May they never pro
duoe illegitimate children." , . .
. 3J. The Memory of Washington.
Drauk standing, and in silence,
4lhmRoniamia Franklin The philoso
pher and the philanthropist, . , .
. b . Thojuas Jefferson The author of
the Declaration of Independence and of the
Wilaiol Proviso. - . , , ,.
. Responded to by J. 0. Vaughn now of
the Chicago Tribuut, Mr. Vaughn spoke
Very much to the purpose, and produced
a favorable impression.
C.h. The Republican triumph in Ohio
pure and peaceful.
Responded to by W. H. Oibson, our
Treaurer iloct, lie spoke briefly of the
importance of the late contest to the peo
ple of the State, the fruits of which were
yet to be reaped by them. '
7ih, The Governor of Ohio and the
Oovernor eloct.-' '
Gov, Chase responded in' a very humor
ous and appropriate speech', in which he
efludod to suna agreeable passages of bat
kt:of Cutawitit betwensthe editors of the
Cincinnati Enquirer erlhe Garettet soon
after the -Itte election in this State. In
eoneiuaion he gave as aseutimeut. "
The old pioneers of Ohio Brave, pat
riotic and de'.ermined, be it our part to im
prove what they Lave left us.
This broujht to hi feet Col. Chambers,
the vonerubh President of the Convention
during the day.;' lie spoke briefly, an J re
ferred to the time when the stumps stood
in the principal streets of our now beauti
ful and prosperous city. He had come up
to fee what spirit aotuated Young America
la the present age. The duties now devol
ving upon the active ram of to day were of
vital importance He dosed by giving as
bis motto: No more Slave States no more
Slave Territories
8lh. The Judiciary of OJiio the, best
proteotorsof our citizens aaiust the -assaults
of despotio powerVtnaft it ttaa8
urin. - . - .
Jud'e Bnaterlioff responded. He had
rone under" in his district because he
would not follow otf after the heresies and
fallacies of the f unous Nicholson lotter.r
He had an abiding hope of a glorious fa
ture. and lo I he now stood before them,
one of the fruithofthe first resurrection.
lutn... ineiwenerai Asaemuiy oi umo-
may they fulnl tlte expectation of tyeir con
stitnents. i : - . r t
11th. The KMMe.jtnd NenrasVa Terri-
tories-ffFreedon was jthcir hirth t ight.msy-
it vet be secured lo liiem. I --
St , -w, t m
T.h. The policy 01 metounuer 01 our
government freedom nntional, olavery
'13111. Julsro Kane the Jeffries of the
19thconlury7 '., ,
Received with three jro.ins.
' The hour of'roidnTsht havinjr arrived
the cempany adjoerned, well pleased with
the entertainment,- ami wich' tits' various
events of the. day. ...We are happy to state.
that this banquet wai truly a fuast ot reas
onandanwoi soui. 1110 100 ouen ao-
oompaniment of drunken revelry found no
place at tint boar J.' 11 illustrated tlie ici
that sensible, intelligent men could meet
together and have a good time aooially,
without making boasts of themselves. May
the futura of the Republican party always
exemplify this fact. ' . ' 1 ' ; ?.'.
yRcv, J. L. Chspman-ra native and
atdentiovet of old Ireland,. man of . su-
jierlor talent and one of, the most elo'queot
tueu'ia the Methodist chnrcb, Sooth' hai
LUkeo ground is favor 'of : the American
party. In a reoent letter addressed, to the
Lexington (Miss.) Advertiser he says:
. "Having consented to deliver an address
orj the great question now agitating the A-
merioans, at Atuuniond, beptemoer in, 1
deom it necessaiy to make a few remarks
resueoinw my oosiiion. x nm jurci-u
We learn from the Ban Francisco Chron
icle that a list of 70 deserters from the TJ.
S. frigate Independence, has been posted
at the San Frtnuiseo police office, with a
,'The. Union's Warnias; and ttesponsc.
The Washington Union ' devotes a col
umn to whipping in the Cincinnati En
quirer and the Statesman at Columbus, for
detenuing John Van uuren. s ine union
fears there hns boen a change of late in the
editorship of iho Enquirer, and it furthor
says: ''. ' ,
"When " ProsiJent Pierce selected the
editors of the' Enquirer and Statesman for
important stations, by which selections we
were sincerely grntihed, .we are sure he
did sounder tlio full conviction that nei
ther of them stood on the Buffalo platform
with John Van Buren."
, The Union concludes as follows; ,
. "Cochrane was a van , Buren roan in
1848, and therefore ought to be . reliable
authority. He is one of the appointees of
Pierce, and on that, account loo,' ought to
command attention. Hour friend of the
Enquirer and . Staleimon adhere to John
VatrBuren, after reading Mr. Coohrane'
speoch, we shall hare lo give litem up as
past hope.
To this insolent paragraph, our friend
Robinson replies in the following manly
language: ... .
"The Union U pleased to allude often
sively to Iho faol that the editor of this pa
per holds a public position under the Ad
ministration, It as good as intimates that
we must square our political policy and
notions by the backing and filling tactics
of the Union. . The editor of that paper,
in this respect, has improperly estimated
our pjrsonal an J political elements. We
can boast a record of unimpeachable con
sistenuy on all. the. commanding and eren
the smaller issnos or the .National Uvmoc
racy; and can especially, in our own de
fence of , un altering ndeiity lo tlio right.
arraign the Union as n Itnu-tervtr, , and
point to its course during the . opening of
the &ann-jNeoia8ia controversy in i;on-
L'rcss, when it required strong nerves and
. .. . .1 A e 1 ,
Keen sagacny in me uoienaers 01 11s uou
trinos to maintain themselves against the
faotipnism, fanaticism, and , demagogitm
which then raged. , 1 , , .;.
The Stalttman also responda ; with the
spirit of a man: 1 '
. "We presume the writer in tlie Union
is the rfnme person that has been seeking
for some years an opportunity to disparage
us politically, and' he has taken this op
portunity to do Wpublieiy' its ho hajheen
doing priedtelij. But we do hot. think lie
will make much out of it by the time ho is
through, We hold, no appointment from
the administration never' asked nnv from
it so we are out of the reach of any terrible
catastrophe that may be expected by some
people from the very foolish display of the
writer in tlio Union, Wo never supported
any tickets but those regularly nominated
by tlio Democratic party, and nonce we
want no Slate' tvidenct ' pushed at us,
from those who bolted in 1 840 or at any
other tune." - , '.
The Statesman further says of tho strict
urc in the Union that they ".deserve rsth
er contempt than roply.";.! Ij f i't,.L'-
There are pome thiug proper in them
selves, whiuh yet seem qaaer enough look-
ins at them from a certain stand-point. A
few days since a mm named Merril, living
in Boston killed his wife wttu unexampled
ferosity, stabbing her many times. He at
tamted to commit suii-ide by slabbing hira
self in the breaot. IlJ was resoued from
Kimnplf kv uniriH nnlinemnn. ' a nhvsician
- 1 - j--- r
was called and his wounds carefully sewed
up and dressed, end in a few short months;
the law having saved its 'victim from an
earlier death, will proceed to hang him. He
was rescued from tho sttlletto that ue
might be executed by the hangman. D
(rait Dtmdarat, . ' '" ; ';
The Lon don correspondent of the New-
York Times inform us that the number af
subscribers to Maoaulay's forthcoming vol
umes of history already amounts toxo,-
000, and will no doubt rise to 40,003, In
consequence of this, the volumes will not
be ready for the beginning -of December
as it was promised Ihey would. '': '
A writer in the New York, Time hav
ing charged Don Piatt with leaving Paris,
and owing its citizens some toa thousand
dollars, he replies tint he doe not owe o-
ver one-eight of that sum there," aud 'wnal
he does owe is of a private : Jiature. He
very properly thinVs this is small business
for ihs-newipspiri to make :a fuss about.
Tho briiTiibani, which recently went
ashore at Ntwvitui, w ts fobbed . of her
whole cargi by " piratic u wreckers irora
Nassau. . This was djne with the conniv
ance of the sailors while the 'captain had
gone ashore for assistance. ' The crew went
on with the piraio wrecsers. ( , , fj
It is said an order has been issued to
the Gosport altip Ijard directing all the
ships at that port to be fitted out for sea
immediately. . ' t
' At the recent State Fair at Indianapol
is, various citizen of Wayne nounty were
er by birth, wrd a resident of the 8outh.i
There I have spent the greater portion Jf
my life'. -.In. reference to His American'
Platform, J beg leave to 90erve; luaiiu
but advocates what I have conUhded Ibr.
durin? the last 16 years. Proteesor Uaaw-
fofd, of Aberdeen, of this State, who ii al-'
so a loretgner py uihh, ukuiu, i
pcr, and my broker, an editor of a weekly
and trijweefciyjper injlio South, are i
aelTy one with mo in opinion on" the Amer
ican Platform, and I fondly hopw that the
day is at hand when every patriotio for
eiirrier in tlio United Slates Will adopf ouf
rVldWI. T , LllAW this f w ill ba so when mt
come to commune with each other,' anu to
prepare for, the ereat struggle just jibead-
Our sentiment will be: .Rather than see
the whole country cursed by a corrap.
ing foreign influence,. w"e shall advocate
tho doctrine "Americans shall " govern A-
merica." ' Our love of . our country will
proudly sit on the ruine of the Tove ofpar-
, Such will be our position on the day of
trial. Should we rail, the remembrance
of our deeds will make heroic Protestants
of the livinir In reforence to the, Catho
lic religion, I stand where I have el way
stood, opposod to the idea of persecuting
a man for embracing it, but when 1 6ni
Protestant speakers insulting our writers
by callinir their statements "Know-Noth
ing lies,"! feel loudly callel on to show
that thoy are mistaken, and to Admfn'tster
Juslioe to them jn, , a, .word to establish
tlie Pope civil power. , The American
party is challenged to select man to meet
the men oimigm ai j:isiunan springs on
the 15th of September. , Well gen'lemen
as much as you , think , of foreigners, or
their influence and opinion, it is to be hop
ed that you will gladly hear what I may
have to say on that occasion. . This offer is
unsolicited. Here I would challenge any
man in tho State to meet me in discussion
at any point or placa the American plat
form boinir the subject. , The discussion
must bo continued at least two days; that
the fog of error may be cleared away.,..
The oifioial returns inorease the Ameri
can vote in New York State. The Trib
une eaya the American plurality will be as
high aa fifteen thousand, perhaps higher.
It is said that John P. Konnedr will be
promise of 9 1 00 re ward for the arrest of elected United States Senator, by the Leg
each deserter.. ialatnre of Maryland, in place of Oovernor
The Chinese appear to be returning to Pratt, which would be a decided iroprove
thoiroU homes from California. One ment
ship from San Francisco to Hong Kong H, W. Derky, "Esq., the well' known
took back four hundred. and another about I BooIglle and nublnher in Cincinnati, has
the same time took back 200 ef that race.- just praeenUd the Indiaaa University, at
tv:rr...:rrti .1.' i .ul kL. A..1: n BloonJincrtoa. with tLSOO worth of books.
r-r r , l ' - s. f -.!.: j nn ramic aflStsuftt'.nn ' 11 ijiorarv 01
m Cahfbraia. aid the fairjners aje begiiji-.iiS8' VPg 7 7 eJJsz!1al . V9 V - A I the Court of Common pi.m id h,.
OdUC-I v;rjiuiw. a-nvMij ' win wuur puuno ui M iho
7 u. . Jh.J
ninirilo turn thai attention to ki pro
tion. he Soutfiern pargu of the fctateare
bst adVpicd to the cultures of the' finest
John S:ead1r, niht clerk and Reporter
of tho Detroit Post Office, has been arrest
ed ior a'ealing money fron lettere fnthe
olbce. It w'as held to bail in VZ.VW. ,
Weaver, the City Marshal of lsangor,
Maine, has absconded. He has been guil
ty of official peculations.
w Thar friend of Temperance are holding
meetings and making strong efforts to ar
heilff's Sale,
ru stmti ,r oku. rmirtiu -. ...
BT Virtu, of Enoutloa sfsliui prop,, from
th Court or Com mo. tl, Im Ml ooa.lr m4 (
m.dlraclwl, 1 will oSar al public ul. al u. Csarl
Houa la Uiniur, oa M,mJ; tttUth 4mm mt IUmm,
tmr, was, batwaaa tha aoara or 10 o'alook A. M. aa4
4 o'clock P. M. tha following daacribad Kaal CMala.
tn-wl: TbaandlvMad half of ln-Lo Ko. S. lolhi
biKbih o,uara of tha town, now CU of Laneaator. oi
all thalntaraatofWiili.nl H. BhuUlo aald LolT
Appraiaaa at CSI.OOO) Iwothouaaad dollara.
Takaa aa tha propanr of Wllllaaa H. ShaM at tho'
nit of John C. Waavar.
Tarmaofaalaenub. WM.POTTKR, SharitT.
. . . ' PC. M. h. WIHKMAN, Dapatj.
Lancutrr, Korambar at, 18U tweepfet
.. ' Sheriff's Sale. "
' Til SI alt mj Oitia, FmirJUU Cnaf ,,.
dm, n, 1,1 dm mt
. ,. . . . . jm
gaished (inanoier-of Now York, has1 been
re-elected to tjie opipn of Control lor of the
cUvi He wsJafi the Kebrfbiican ticket.and
owes his election to that fact. ttm.t.,M..
Our Qpenips trade Willi Japan is likely
fo fn'crease" fho supply of ' pearls' in this
country,' as they are' found in comparative
abundance in the vicinity of loose islands.
, Dr, O. By'Ika'cir baa planted it field of
800 acres in wheat on his new farm,- near
Nirdcn,- Illinois.! Jour year ago, Mho
bod was wonh, r,2o per t were; now it
could not bedjought for twenty-f e .!.
' ' .... -r
' Fkot. Wood's FTaim l)va. Scrlnturo aara that Ilia
naauftftif hatt la ah oVnanient' la a woman and H cet-
atiily lauotunacnininxlnaman. To hava' a nio
r1nnt,oraa Rammjr WolloranTa, an "owdaclnna"lienl
of balr, and to hare It amtMiu. atlnfeXy and boantlfnl,
la an Important and cniilirntlnft addition to both aqxaa,
aad ban boon tha chlor prido of tha 'aorter" ono for
canturlaa. To poaaaaa a liixurant (trowth of hjrperlon
rurl. la to ba the "obaorrl of all ob,orrer"' aad Om
admiration oftho raoa.' Bhakspaaro, IWron. SnenebV,
saott, nrt arary poat and paUtlsr aaro apoclaj antfn
lion to hi, fflorloua and dlvlnu inneoiln,a. tt crown-
InssiorTof tks an man kaait dlrfno. But HI, to Vra- I
,J.,I ,t. . . Com-l Houaeln Unraator, on SararJ
iunuuji uimnouiin, .v.., "LD,ra,,r.lH35. botwoan tha hnnr. of in vl..k .
aud o'clock r. M.,tha followlnf deaarlbed BaalEa-
t.o, ivwii; a pnnoi in-ijoiao- 33, id tha iowa of
KuahTllla, bounded and deacrlbed filn... k.4.j
nlug at Ma 8outliaa,l sornar of aaid In-lol No. 33 oa
tbo Alley; thenca runnier yVaat 34 feet and Iwolnchef
to the Koulhoaal corner or tha Pwclllnc Uou.a an uiii
Lol: thence North throuffh aaid Lnt. bo uu.i..h.jj
tha Ware Hon ire on, the ITorlh end bi aald lot to a I
Aiioy, runnin caai ana weairinente CalhlrlT-.lht
feet and four Incnei, to an Aney: thence alone aald
Alley to tue'plare or bvRlnnlnt;.
A'ppralaed at Two Hundred A SerenlT-dre Dollara.
Tobaanldaatha property of SaraaelVVork at. ala..
at tho aull of Darld Wllaon and John Jt. atamauIlL
Asalfneea, dco. - Term, of aale raah.
( . . I i - -WILLI AM POTTIR, Skeri. '
. , C M- WISEMAN, DcpnU,
Hanterand Daubrty, Attorney. ... v
" Lancaater, Noreuiber I, IBiS 3wl6pf SO
i-i? Li..! i ...
... '.-.- t t--rr-rr -louse puonc aueniion vo me evus rosumnir
It U sotiled tTmt A. V Ffagg . the d.stin- from free f
ituout liquors. Sucecss to their labors. ,
Siztv three thousand ponnds of white
fish were, .received at Sandusky on. Tues
day fast, the value of all tho fish landed
on that day was about 82,600a ',, .
Widow Sally Eaton, of North Beading,
Mass.. on "Saturday, Oct, 27thyl attained
the age of ene , hundred years, end - wa
visited on the occasion by her descend
ants. She bad su children, (five lirintr.)
2i grand' children, 57 ' great-grand-chrld.
req and 3 great-groat-grand-ebirdren.' - '
Krorn tha National Intelllf oncer
, United States Senate.
From time to time we : find in many of
our ezuhanzes statements in regard ' to the
classification of the United States Senate,
which are calculated to mislead the pub
lie. Subjoined we give a correct list of the
members of that body ; the class to which
they belong, and the vacancies whU-h have
occuired through the default of Legislative
action: . . '" . , ' '
Clan i.Terin tndinj March 4, 1867
Adams, Mississippi, Jones, Tennessee,
Bavard, Delaware, Mallory, Florida,'
Bright, Indiana, Mason, Virginia, '
Brodhead, Penn., ' Pratt, Maryland,
Cass, Michigan,' ' Rusk, Terse, ' ,
DooVe, Wisconsin, Sumner, Mass., ,,J
Fish, New York, . ' Thompson, N. Jerseyj
foot, Vermont, ' Touoey, Uonnecucut,
Ueyer, Missouri, Wade, Ohio, "
Hamlin, Maine, : Weller,' California,
James, Rhode Island. '
Clatt t.-r-Term ndiny March 4, 1 860,
Allen; RhoJe Island, Hunter, Virgin!
Bell, Tennessee. Jones, Iowa, '
Benjamin.' Louisiana! Wilson, Mass.
Brown,' Mississippi, Sebastian, Arkansas,
... ; SIAURIEPi ... ,. ..'...j-r. i;
On fhe fth . br the B"r. John Warenhela. Mr.
of tula city. , . ,,,. . -r
On tile 90th Inst., by fliainmg, Mr CHARLES FAI
RAN an MiiaLOViSB MAYER ofthla city." J
. On the ,nmrlnT.bythe him. Mr. 1IA IDV. BUSH
and Mlaa MAKTIIA 0. REKVES, both of Greenfield
townakip. r i". .ii .-! :.!.
In tha City of Lanr-aater. at. Henloy'a Saloon, on the
Mthlnat., hy Alfred MrVelrh, Ext.. Mr. JACOB MAR-
8AJUaui Mlaa At,isiiati nniiri.' ' . .
tlon to fhU slorlout anj dlvlnu appeodno, or crown-
fisaaor Wood that the world la aaor IniMiloit thaa to
twe-palntora, pool, and barber,. These latter, only
imitate oraecnoe wan axtata. - wroa -ereatear re
aturea.einbolllhafc Ho aa HkeUie aood haabandman.
whoreatnroa tha barren aoll to frultrulncac. , What I f. ter eSaee Ctfrht and rekel'ampeny,
axe or aldknow haa daatroyed. ha reroducea- Ha la-I will be held at the Hotel of F. A . HhmfTer, Ean., on
vlKoratea tha a pa re locks of the aoxaeeuarlan and MONDAY EVEKIKG. DECFMBKR IT- IMS. for the
t IKETlSOof the Stockhnlderi oftha Lane a a.
beantlOea tha Inxnrlant locka ofvonth.
upon rroi. u.j.mm, oist. iiauia. ronnna naa con
ferred the Honor of havlnfcdlaeoverad abalaamlc pra-
aruimo. waira aan only naawmira the erewth or ana
eautlAea Ibe hair la a hlirh darrae. but reaioree It
when It la rone, or torn. It back to Ita original color af
ter It baa become (ray. faatena Into tha aoalp, and
eneciueiiy oeatrnya alien eiitaneoua arupttona aa may
hare been engendoredby tha uaeof ilyea.eseiiflal oils,
and other bijurlnua applieallnna. " Tbe many r)tert
ble teaiiiuonlnla which are offered in Ita faor, from
erery part of the eouatry In which It haa been Intro
duead.learea no loop for tha sceptic to bane; a doubt on.
Tbe front demand for thla article In the Eaalern Rtatee
naa induced ma Proprietor, to establish a depot for Ita
manufacture and aala In the city of Now York. It la
anpplanllna; all olhereperlflca for the balr, ind enjoye
a popularity which aa other haa erer attalnod.- Buy
it seat it and rejoice that your attention haa baa
directed to It St. Lmmil Vtmmcrat, March 7,1b, 1C55. '
JUr neewireriiaamaM. ... . -- lruBT
electfon af Dlroctora,ic.
Iforernber IJ, IMS 28
V CHAPTER. No-11 , .
. 1 ENCAMPMENT, No. ........ . S7, "
Fobruarj M, loiS. .. G. PTBINMAS, Recorder..
in e dical w otTc e7"
Clay, Alabama,
Clayton, Delaware,
Douglas, Illinois,
Evans, 8.! C.:,
Fossentlon, M tiue,
Houston, Texas,
HAM removed his OIBce one square South oftha
residence af Dr.- Janea White, on Broadway,
where he teudera hla profeaaloaal eorvlcoaof Lancaa-
ter and Tlciuity. , . Ko, ember 8. 1851 Ttf
. .r . ...i. ri 1
, , -FINK STOCK roil 8 A I.E.
THE lime Died for the partrftc aala af my Stock
havlua; protvd stonny and anplruatil, none tai
olTered. I will now aell at prirato aala at Lancaster,
In lol to aull purahaaara, uy 1
15 Head or Thorough Bred Gallic,
40 keatt or full blond ana Grade Cattle,
.. .!. i' AND TWELVE HEAD OF '
All of wlilehere.of Sns quality and will ba sold at
reasonable prleaa for eaab -or oa credit . ;
Alsa,-is Head of Uariea.
November B, IS5S-I7 JOHN T. BRASKE
. i Oppoaite , Shajflerf a llotel. .,
Stuart, Michigan,
Thompson, Ky.,
Toombs, Georgia, i '
Wright, New Jersey,
Kjiu, n. u.,
H tie, N. Harapsliire,
Clas 3. JVrnt tndirty March 4, 1861,
Bell, New Hampsliirelverson, Georgia,
s, JN. U., ; . Johnson, Arkansas, ,
Butler, S. C, . . Fearce, Maryland, -
Crittenden, Ky-, I ugh, Ohio, ..
Collaraer, Vermont, Seward, New Yort,
Durkee.Wisoonsin, Sliuell, Louisiana,
Foster, Connecticut, Trumbull, Illinois,
Harlan, Iowa, Xulee, Florida, .,
There are now five vaoaooiea in tha
Senate, the terms of Messrs. Fitzpatrick,
of Alabama; Atohinson, of Missouri; Pet-
tit, of Indiana; Cooper, Pennsylvania; and
Gwin, of California; having expired on tha
4th of Marcn, 1U66.
TfJEG8 Iharete Inform hla aid customers and arery
13 body elae lliut he haa Just received direet from
tne nubllahere, a banvy Involc of Standard and Mla-
aellaneoua Worka. Gin Booka, Annnnla, aca.i aallad
fur the Library, Parlor and Hollhlay Presents; nmonr
mum may aenitmen uritisnrocta,voiauctuvo.hoiihu
lu Mnrocea, reviaed Milton; Miakrapear'a, Moore'a
and Hyran'aconiplcia Poetical Works, with Sneeleel
Illustrations, with thalara;est and moat complete alack
of Poetical works ever bronchi to this city,
Also, ruroalo biro aiiione; ine Mnriuona, oytnewite
of an Eldeq L'frht and Durt neas a alory of faahiona-
Slate! Klliel. or the Double Error, by Marina James;
. . Wk trent was called upon to apologize
for words uttered under the influence of
wine; "I betr pardon," taid he; "I did
not mean to sav what I did; but I've had
lh misfortune to lose tome of my front
toeth; and words get out every now and
then, without my knowing a word about
iu". He waa going on when a friend pull-
ad bim down by tha . ooal-tail, saying,
don.t tay one , word more: never, never
was there a mora perleot apoiojry. r u
you add word more, you'll spoil it eom-
. 1 ! -r :
- A' Yankci' Takes, In. An ingenioua
down-easter. who haa invented a new kind
of Vlme Letter Ink," whioh h had been
selling as a safeguard . against all aetiona
for. breach of. promise -of marriago, inas
much as it entire) fades from the paper In
two months after date), waa reoently "dona
brown" bv a brother down-easter, who
nnrohased 100 boxes of tha article, and
gave him his note for 90 days. At tha
expiration oftha time, the ink Inventor
oalled for payment, but on unfolding tha
scrip, found nothing but a piece of blank
paper. The note bad been written witn
bia own ink. i m.
Look hereLake Flah. " '
By a private note from our fellow c'tu
sen, Samcel Cannon, we , learn. ,thiit lie
haa fully completed his .arrnngemenla , to
to aupply our citizena with , every variety
of-lake fish every mvket morning during'
tbo tearon, fresh ' from their native ele
ment,' and selected with special reference
to the taste of our citizens. Mr. Cannon
it -one of that olass of our citizens upon
whom fortune has both smiled and frown
ed in yeara paat, and now thai tha "aear
and yellow leaf of life approachea, we
bpe onr, citizena will extend lo him such
' School Teacher Wanted,
ATEACHBH wno can eoma wall recommended
can have employment, If nppllcalion bo made
annn.tn District No. 3, Pleasant Township. Falrlleld
Caunty.Ohla. - WILLIAM JENKINS. Jun.
Nor. 15, 18JJ-3'w58 B. L. FEEMAN Director.
fTIH AT heautfrnf Hona anil Lot on Ine East alife of
I Broad Street, near Wludinff fitreat, and Immedi
ately North of trie residence of Mrs. Creod. The Lot
la rony-Hiree feat front by una Hundred anoT Rlily-
nvereetireeptoa i wenvernot Alley. The rlouao
fyrnl conintnt nerent nTotima, rTall. Kitchen, esc. and
JXiiU. waa flnlslfed nbontono fearalnco. Alao. aeom
modioua Stable, Carriage Mouae, Wood and Coal
Hone, Ac-, etc. All hi -rmrt repair.
1 hla property will he anld ebean for ens It or la nay-
menu, aa It la the intention of Ificr prrrprfotrrr fo niovo
wen. ror runner nanicniara oniimre' on rrrorpro
miaeaornf flier EH1TOH of the O-AE'ETTS. . . .
Laneaater, November U, 1KS-S8f
WEhavalnatoraat thtallmefwllh large quanti
ties of GooeTa oV fo arrive) Uia .
Slock af DRY GOODS aver offered In the WERT!
Thero haa boon some decline In the pHens of Goods
within a few weeks, which enahlea ua lo buy Imrf
Imtm orcoods, at acfaaeria .a,.at vrkv row rairas,
ao that we can aell. aaara laaw tkm mmmmX rnttg
. Wa would call special attention fo - w
Motre Anliqae, Fnucy Sllkp, Plain Black
Kllk, French Atorlnnna. Pnrametftia, .
An Immense stock. Price IS), lo 23c.
American, RnsrllNh nnd French Prints,
-Prices from 6 1,'e npwtirits.
C23 Ua CE Ql : S3 '
. - ,.; A moat elegant variety; ' ' :
Velvet?, Cloths A Trlntmln?i for Cloak
Brocks aad Bay Stale Rhawle.' at lower prleea than
...... Torbafow offsradj
Embroideries and Laces, ovea and Ho
lery, Ac, Ac.
We eordlaltr Invite to a free examination of nnr
etnek, which will ba found creator In extent, anil at
lowar pricoa, uan any other nouaoean oiror. -
Cincinnati, Bovember 15, 115 3mS8
y i - , 4.f flbariff'a Sale. r,
P r??.f '.'."i W' rmirfmU Cmulf, ,,i '
URHUAMT to the commaud of an erder of aala
from the Court of Common Hleaa In aaid eonnly.
and tome directed, I will offer at public kale at the
Court House In Uncaster. on Saturimm lit lmt atay mt'
Dtetmber, 1855, between the houra of 10 o'clock A M '
and i o'cloek P. at- the followlnr described R..l'v.i
late, to-wll: The one undivided half of la-Lot Ho. .
1. In the 'Central Apdltlon to lb a Towof Baltiaiora. '
Appraisca as rive voiiara.
One equal undivided half of a PraeMoa af Land.
cnmmvncinjr IM feet North of Ua Honhweaa
of Canal and Johnstown Streete, of the Tow a of Bal
timore; thence North IS feat; tkeoc Wast 4 feel!
thence South 1W feolj llience Faane feci. , , .
Appraiaeu at aao. , , .. . -j
One undivided half of ao mnch nf nni.l i w a
Rokohl'a addition lo the Town of Baltimora, aa ilea
North of a ranire line, with the line between In-Lola
Nos. Sand 7 In Sqnare No. oftha Eaat addition to .
Baltimore. Appraised at S 15.
- One nndlvkled half of a Fraction of Land, lyinc bar
tween aaid laat deacrlbed tract, and tha aald Eaat ad'
dltion. Appraised at SJ.
One undivided half of a Fraction of Land Ivln at'
tho Northwest corner of Onl-Lol No. t of RokohPa ad
dition lo Baltimore; thenee East 1 chain 71 links;
thenca South 7i derreea Weat 9 chains and 50 links;
thence South Si degrees Weal 1 chain 65 Llnka; tbenett
North 3 chains 53 links to the bcrlunlnr.
Appralaedatas. .,.
Oaeandivldoel half of a Fraction of Land lylna at
tho Southwest corner of the Northeaat Quarter of Sec
tion No. Sa.Townehlp No.ie, and Ranre No. 10; thenca
North one doaree lwonly-ve m. Weal5Sttnka thence
North tSdenreee East 3oaihe3Tnnkeje4drdBt!r
tOrrerrees East 3 chains 75 links to a stake at the East
and. West Quarter Section line: Ihenoe West 4 chains
80 links to the bea;lnninr. with prlvlleare ofeonveylnir
the water In a race from the Canal above lock Ha.3. aa'
at present conveyed to tha Woollen Factory, aa loos:
as Hie Canal water privilege shall be continued.
Appraised at Five Dollars.
One undivided halfof one rod wide offer the North'
side of In-' ot No,. 5, of tha Central ail dltion to Ba!'-'
timore.wlth the appnrtenancea baiongtnf to earoe.
nF'iMWU h l ue,, IfUIISfl. .
To be anld as the property of Jamea Rrnolra.t. it..)
at tho stilt of Edward talk Ins.. '
sormsorsale caall. WM. POTTER. Sheriff.
. . c- M- I" WISEMAN, Deputy.'
Hunter A nauahrtv. Attnrnen
Lancaster, Novombor L, 1855 AwgepffV 50
SheritT's Sale.
The 'J at , mt OHim. Vmirttld n.i. ..
I1URSUAST to the command of an order of sale'
from the Court of Common Pleas In said county,
and to ma directed, I will offer at publle aale at the
door of the Court House In Laucaater.on trntwrdmy las
1st dam tf Dtttmitr. 1R55. bet ween the hAn,. nf ,n
. nun n. anu a o'oinec f .
enned Heal Kstate.to-wit:
more or less, and apnralsed at 143 nor V-:
Also, tha Weat half of the Norlhwert QuarterofSee
tlon number Twenty, Township number Seventeen'
and Ranro number Elirhteen, FairSeld County, Ohio,;
containing- Elarhty Acres, mora or less.
Appratsea at ew per arra.
To be sold aa the property of Jacob Katnor at tha
suit of J. eV N. Gill and others.
Terms of sale cash.- WM. POTTER, Sheriff.
per C. M. L. WISEMAN, Deputy.
BraaeeaeV Van Trunin. Attnrneva.
Lancaster, Ohio, November 1, 1S3S SwSepft4'rS0
M., tha following dea-
Tlie East nnTf of thtr Northeast Quarter of Section
iiinhor NlnerV-eh, ToWmrhlp pumtter .Sevanuen and
auge numbor Eighteen, rontslnlriPJaHiiy-Sr'esres,'
Attnchment Notice.
Alva Paul, I'laiatlir,
ntI , .
an Att-cUuieut.
ble Life; Footprints of an Itinerant, liy M. P. Gaddls)
Japan as It was and Is. by Hlldreth; Whatly'a Future
by A
Corner, bv Benaulv.
Amnr hiautft uuoks anAnnnnis may oe round ma
Thouirhts Bloaiom; Memory, Gin; Chrlatlan Keep
sake) Friendship's Token; tha Phllnepena; Oleltlan
01ft: Snow Flake: Free Maaon'a Oiflt Mosa Rase;
Atlantic Hovenler Airertlon'a tiin: Knmanca or Ame
rican Lanaeapea, a beautiful work, all baa lid and put
upmtna neateatana moat aunatantiat atyie.
Also, a lara;e assortment ol Bibles, large and small
and all prices; Hymn Book: Oallinlle Prayer Books,
together with every variety of Religious Works.
Jtaaxteasiva assortment or cap. Loiter ana nnie
Paper, Vnvelopaa.die. Our stock has bee laid I with
special reference to tha wants and taatea of our Fa
trans. Ladles and Gentlemen will call and examine
at their leisure. .
P. 8. My arrangements are snch that I receive every
new work direat from tha rnutlsbarsaaeonnastsaued
Lancaster, Nov. K, 1MS-54, JOHN SKAKLKH.
. aarainat
Adam Thompson, Dofenda
BEFORE George Kbrt?ht,a Justice oftha Peace for
Aananda Tnyashlp, PalrSeld Caunly, Ohio, on
tha Slat day of October. 1053, aaid Juatioe leaned an
order of attachment In the above action for the sum
$ 4J3-100 debt and Interest. .. ALVA PAUL.
Royalton, November 13, 1855 3w28
,v :' Attachment Notices
Ceoree Leach, Plaintiff 1
"' against In an Attachment.
Andorson Montagau, Defendant, .. -
TIE FORE George Bhrlarht a Justice of tha Peace for
J) Amanda Township, Fairneia county, Ohio,, on
thei5th day of Ootober, 1805, aald Justice leaned an
order of attachment In the above action, for tha a urn
Of $48 81 H. A. BLUE, Agent.
KoyaUoa, November 13, 1855 3w98
Notice. ',
i aa Attachment.
rONTAINING 173 Acres of good quality, wlthaum-
clant Bottom Land formeadows. HOacresof which
,ra lata high state of cultivation. . On the premises,
I there la a nna UHCHAHO oonlalulng luejaiaa
(bearing Apple Trees of Iho best qunlllyaUJ
arafted. a number of Peach Tree. 11 of the 1
Sliest quality of grafted Feor Troea and upwardaof?3
:horrr 'rroaaof all eualltiva. With Ih exception of
tlie orchard, every Held la well supplied wiu atoca
. . water, rrom npnnga on varioua pornone oi ine
M Farm. The BnlldlugseenaKtof a ueatcirnifort
Jlialalila Dwelliiiir House, Snrtnc iluuaa.Wathhoiiaa
and a large Swiss Hum 73 foot by 41 feet, erected In
Mu asm otner eut uuiiuiuga tor vnnotia purposes, i
Tbe Farm la altuated in Ureenflold Township, eight
miles Northwest of Lancaster, near Walnut Creek,
between Carroll and Basil. ADAM BRANDT. .
Novembers, 1855 3iu8T
T OST ou the Hacking Valley Canal, botwaeu Lan
JLj caator and Mlllvllla, A POCKET BOOK, ardlna
ryalse, with steel clasp, containing (.08 er (AS in mo
ney, a uote on sHrayerand Kroul of hug ar Grave, and
other papers uot recollected.
: A liberal reward Wlltko given to tha Sndar, It
return lo mo on the Packet, or to Jamea Gordon at
the Canal Hotel, Uneaster. ' G. GORDON. '
November 8, lr!55-r3wS7 Captalu of Packet.
If active boneat Man In each aoctlon of the State,
la KB orders by AMt-LB' ror v BLraaV I
TIC' AGENTS.. At ealary'Of asee oar year.
and k small commission trill be paid. "Salary jiava-
. JS.VSIj-
" ' AUaehment
' M. Valentine, Fralnilff. J
againet .. . . j
William llava. Befamlant.
r-rruHri Asnery uoneny, a justice or ino reace
for Violet Towuahln. Falrlleld Countr. Ohio, on
30th day of October A. D. lH55,aaid Juatice iasuad
an order of attachment In the above action for tha
sum of One Hundrod Dollars. , M. VALENTIN B.
Vtolal Township, November 15, 1853- 3 28
SherlO's tale.
Abraham Everaole,
Tkm Star e OkU, FairJkU Csaaty. mm.
in ramtion.
F.i'er;ole, at. als.
Falrlleld Common Plea.
1 i r,
HAS uat received at his establishment, three doors
South of the Paat OuTee. Martin Haw, a NEW
JjUl OIJAnfiiar, oirucs ivom mo flsnsiss-
tnrers, comprising all the latest styles or Bnamt
kPiaa. ear Ktmrm. jnagap niairi aaa aia rsr.
Alao, WATCHES from the bast uiukora. . , , ,!'
' Tall and aeofor vonraelvos. ' 1 '
ITT Watehea. Clocks and Jewelry (artfully repaired
On anort notice, auo warranieu so perioral won.
Lnneaster, Noyemoor l, loos xe
faj EARLY every Nation le tho World I Involved In
1 tills unnecessary evil, wniia our greai ana giu
Roueoounlry see ma lo be perfectly calm and uncon
cerned. TbaU tha way with JOH.l LV'eNSi while
his eotemporarios are making a great fuss, he quiet
ly taauat oat GZOOERIBS at the LOWEST PRICES,
ooa door weat ot alartln'a Krchanga. , ,
Lancaster, Movambef 1,1855 JwM
A N actlv
f to lak
ble Monthly." For particular a addreaa DH
PEAU, titxtf Broadway, New York, encloalug stamps
to pay answer. ' : Navember 1, 1855 4wS0
awarded prrmiarns.amoiintiTiK to near 91,- j patrooage as w;ll , amply repay hira for hm.
000, besides Innumerable diplomas. ; this enterprise. ' :.. u ! . '''
rTIH K subscribers', thankful for patronage heretofore
X vaoolved, would any to their aid enete-iuer and
everybody else, that wa are now manufacturing and
offering for aale, a inferior article of .
aoaltiarlnart,of CaatHeasaa'a Boots and Skoasof
every variety ,f roin th tnaatfanay to the heavett atngy.
Ladies' French Monneo,n.ld,'3oat and Calf,Galtors,
La BooU and Quakinsi, jalaajs aad Chtldraa's Gal
tors and Shoe. All warranked and sold low for the
ready pay. ' MfKLROV dr BlLLlNOHCRST.
Lau caster, Ortohaw t5, 18S .g5 ; ; ! ' -.
. Estate f George Ileie.
j-, ma.- mnn otinmnn nnrvnm i w noarj vntwiTtira u
uauiiuiuitu uiuijjit uui uii a i
nnHK wideralgml hah epened tit tha White tldlld-
B. ing, a law aoors weal or in noexingvaiioy
oi ura, anu ia
Bunk, a well assorted Stock I
Drnra and
cleiweu which ha offora to Ua public at very fi
D rices,
Lau easier, Odtdber S3, 183J 3tf
DnlnM City PMpertr Satla
HAT drsirabla srooertf located on Whver-
. tng ftreel, comer or uroao. Aiiey, veing iuv
feet en Wheeling by ISO fbeton Broad Aney.
neeontalaa 6 rooms. klUt-en, Onshonaea, Ac,
with all the eonveutnnce of a (. .illy realdenee also
a new aad convenient Carpentaria Shop, Smoke Honao,
ntaie,ae. Tersns;reasonania. ror iiiriner paruou-
nqmreor i,iibB,.a iiivnasuH,
ints-r, July i,irXi -V .-.
ITil lust boon epened at the WARJItl
T fl HOUSE of JJellrie Wsaxl a-
tne lnnctioa or tae tanat ana nauroaa.
Tho Snest Oystera la whole and half Can
rocelved daily. Our friends In adjoining towns
ena alwaya bwaupplied at a momenta nolle at Cin
cinnati piteoe. All Ojatcrs sold by me warranted
good and fresti' 1 ' - ' JAMES BOYD, Agent.
Sianeaair :uauev u, ion law. ' -.. -
lay of October. 1855.
October 18. 1853 4WI41
Sheriff's Sale.
r r mf OkU Ftirfmli Cewef, .
PURSUANT loth, command of a 3rd order ef sal
from tho Courtof Common PlaaaofPairfloM
ly. navtf to mo directed, 1 wiiroffer at public sale atth
Court House-In Lancaster, on SoracWoy tkt mt daw mf
Dnmkmr. 18a5,be4wen 10 o'clock a.m. and 4 o'clock
p. ra.,the rniiowlngireacrihed Real Eatate, to-WH1
iu u. v in no t enirai aauion to the town or
Baltimore, FekMeM County. Appraised al flSO.
To be sold as tbe pronortv of Georwe H. Hi,uui,inik
wife, at the siillufEdward Calkins. .
Terms of aalwcaaa,. - WM. POTTER, Sheriff.
perC. M. L. WISEMAN, Deputy. .
Hi btsi A DsraataTV. Attorney. - 'v "
Novauibor 1, lS5wSpf3
, Sheriff's Sale... ;, v--. u . ,; .
Tkm Slmlm mf OSi'e, ttirJitU Csaaf, .- , '
Patrick Quirk,: 1 . ,;,... :
s n1.. so 'I 'lrBtf,dConi.PloaartlMoB4i
haul Quirk at als. -
PURSUANT to the command nf a rdor it sal1'
from the Court of Common Pleaa titmmfx iuj.. ,
and lo ma directed.! will offer at nnhlu ula tlx
Conrt Houee In the City of Lancaster, on Setarday IS,
mj vmmmwr jt. V. 1KB, oIWaR in DOIr f
ie o'clock A.- M. and 4 o'clock P. M.. ih riii.
described Real Eatate, to-wll:. . . . . ; : ,
rartorM-ctiou no. 7, lownahlp No. 13, of Range No.
19,buliig also part of a tract off lSrlla) A ena of Land '
conveyed by the "Lancaster Lateral Canal Company"
to JameaC. Reynoldsfby deed oa reeord In tdoir-
ty, recordod in Book No. 18 and pagea lit and 9SJ
aud lying en the Northeaat or towing path aide of the?
Ohio Canal, aud along aide of Lot number nine South
rf the Licking Summit: beginuln on the ontaida ofi
tho lowing path ata corner which ieMfoel below tha
upper and of the atone work of aald lock; thene run
ning down the Canal parallel with aald lock 40 feet to
a corner which is three fuel below the lower end of
aaid look; thence North 44 degrees East to Ih line of.
ibbu ueiween aaw neyaoins ssir u. -.Tong to acor-'
ner; thence South 44 degree Eaat SO feat t a corner .
on aald line of division; thene South 44 degrees East
to the place of beginning, containing On Quarter af
an Acre, more or leas, and tela a; tneaaoae lol eoave)
ed to Tkoinaa Quirk by Jam C. Reynolds and wife
by dead bearing date March 10, 1848.
Appraised at aim. ., :., r.
Terms One-third In hand. ene-rnire'le'n'nd'tn
remaining third la two year wMr Msia,t; frpa, thV
dayofaale. WILLIAM POTTER, Sheriff. -
- pert. St. L. wiHjBjsan,pirt)V..'.
Hunter A Datigherty, Attorneys.
Lancaster, Ohio, Octobers, 183W5wS3pfg '. i, : ; -1
PUHSUANTlo th command of aid ordar of eel
from the Courtof Common Pleas of said Conntv.
I , ,,, land to maul reeled, 1 will offer al paella aala at the"
voun nouaa in Lancaaier,oa array fas X4i a mf
Jfmmmmkmr, Jt. D. 1855, between IS o'lock A. M. and'
4 o'clock r. M.. the following Kaal Eslat, to-wlt:
in sasiaauor iae nonnweai Quarter ar Bedtaar
No.ei.TiwnshinNo. 14. Ranaro No. IB. subtest ta lhai
Dower Estate of Catharine Bailor as heretofore assign-'
ed to her by motea and bonnda. ,
Appraised at (f 38) thirty-eight dollars per acre. "
.i : ii By CM. L. WISEMAN, Deputy.
Hmva A DuHaTV, Attorneys. . - , , -Lauoaster,
October 18,1855 3wS4pfl
TVTOTICB is hereby given, that thnberihet ha
i w oeen appoi
Eauto of Oaori
been appointed andauallled as Eieentoroa Ih
t of Oaonre Hela. deceased, lata at Vairaald.
County, Ohio, dated this 13th day of October, 18SS. , ,
Oct. IS, 1855 4wS4 DAVID MILLER, Ei'tor. ,
Estate of Usiry Frieaaar.v;
TV-JOTICE Is hereby given ; that tha uoderalgaed he .
Ill be appointed" and nueilued aa Administrator'
on the KstaW of Henry Fries ner. daaeaaed. lata )
C B. CAMP ife cp.;
hats: caps and fancy furs.
. 1 18 Ml " ClakClmatakU,
Have now full Stock. and ar making and receiving
; fresh supplies of all kinds oi
Meat and Bars' Black, Browfl and Tan
Jolovs anal Pearl Soft Hats, Ftlr and
- Weof, Clota Silk Flash, Glased aad
Faaey-Cap for Men and Boys. -BUFFALO
To which wa would call In attention of Dealers and
Country Mvehanla before purchasing, as wa are pre
pared to offer superior Inducements to cash or prompt
a. .... . . i' a rmpalio.
Cincinnati, October 4, 1855 2raS3 . . . ,
i ,i'.T Arekitaafa. !;
Asnitoa'a Omci Paianaia1 1
' OelOhat 1.
rpHF Commleslomrrr of PairAeld eonnty have
.a. ,ini)m.Hra me mis oi uss nusarsa ana i weuiy
lie Dollarata be paid fo thw hsut Plan for an Ji '
mary. ine uraiu to oa' aepostied in this OffJo on ar
before tha 1st day of January next, aad aa seea that .
after as convenient the same will be opened and ex
amined, and the award mae . . . ...
a order or the Commisaioner.
v .. - JAME8 W. TOWSON, Clark".
October , 183. ' .- , SwU-
.. IlEIttOVAls. ,
;t i,i : - . , .' '-
j . " DR. Ow E DAVIS,' '
AS rmovad hla realdene snd loth brick'
bulldingformerly aeeupled by John Btallsanlth,
aonta aid of Main street, S door west of vtr-
KnVder'a reaideaee.
October 18.1834 a
T. ; Ui nAUCRHAM, :.
AR removed hisofflee to Lmttm'i wms, East of
the Court House, oppoaite the Ohio Kaffl Office.-
naster,0ttober9S,U54 Sf -
' , ... NICHOLAS FOX. -
Main Street, Snd door East or Cly's Htl,. '
Lancaster, May 3,1833 01 '

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