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Tbandaj nrnlM(, Nov.9, 1030
Priaelpleaofthe American Parly of Ohio.
, 1. Tot unlimited FVf.eVei f Rtligiea dtteotiaeet
4 will polities -Hostility to ecclesiastical InSaeneea
upan the anetre of Government KqualHy of rip"
la mil eslurells.d Btaigraatt whd are HIII Am
ericeaiiW, end we ewe no temporal allegiance, by
reetoe of their religion, higher than that of tha Con
stitution. . No Interfereaee with Iho rlchttof cltlt'e'rttMptl-
reedy aeqalred by Foreigners, and iho protection or
law to til who honestly emigrate from love of liber
ty; bullbaexoletloa ef foreign panpert and fellona,
amd vaatef le asfsad (At right tf aurag it mil a.
eeaee aeraerac until they eball have rcalded ill yetre
I th U.St ate t and uorajilled with Balurallxtllon
Laws. "
S. Oppotllloa to til political organlsttlont compos
ed -esaresieefg Fertlwtrt, eed ft Ftrtign Miti
er Ceaspaai., eed all ert.sse.e le txcludt let
Aitlt At ScAeete itypirtii y th) Gevtra-
4. Bltvery It leeaf not !: Wt oppose ll
vnteerloa In any of the torrltorlot, and the Increase of
.Vte political power by the admiaston Into the Union of'
any Stave Bute or otherwlee, and we demand of the
.teaeral Government an Immediate redrose of the
great wronge which hare baan..lnSicted npon the
oanee ef freedom and the AanerTnen character by
the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, and the In
troduction of Slavery Into Kauaaa In violation nf law,
r forte of arnu, and the destruction of the elective
, S, la humble. Imitation of the wladom of Washing
ton, we oppoae all Intervention In the affaire of
Voreiga Sttlee; yet on all proper occasions, we will
net withhold oar tympathy from any people aspiring
to be free.
. We tapport American Indualry and genius a-
tetnl the adverse policy of Foreign nstiine tnd
MllltUI to internal and external commerce by the
Improvement ef Rlvere and Harbor and the con
traction of Rational Kotdt uniting the varlone tect
lont of the Unlor.1 '
- 7. The fai.e la gtettt tiiaM Made ra
al tl a ftitkal alfagieaaa le Ma Ceaalilul.ea.
5. In lute poller we aealonaly advocate Jtstrcace-
oeeat aae attrerre a moaincallon or the
present op
il ay atom ef
preaalve system of Taxation and a liberal
rabtta ncaeeit.
Orllliant Victory ia Chicago 1 1
'Great' t rejoicing in the Loeofoco Camp
Granny Franklin Tut hill, P. Ml, and
'the Rt. "Rtv. f Sparkling Culatcaba
uSchleich, M. C.
THE!lXPE3 o itci an VINDICATED ! 1 1
VunSmtrk ordered to lay audi hie" In
slrutnms" and call the Sag Xichti into
communis with the Halt in Oieteyt Oar-
, TboM worthy ipeoimens of Sg Niolil
iam, the editors of tha Ohio Eagld ia their
issue of last Thur8ily fter announcing
th "cheering retullt" in Mississippi, Lou
isans, Wisoonsia and llie Fa Jee Islands,
and kssanng th ..unterrified Hint "The
skies kre brifiht Ind tfc most clieajrinj
prospects lie before the Noble Democracy
of the Nation!" thus announces a
Brilliant Victory in Chicago.
To the abora ltcarinj results in favor
otthe UaraosfAcy ttj canitot forbear to add
the most brilliant victory of all, achieved
ly the Democracy of Chicago, Illinois.
It will be remembered that last year after
tbe passage of the Nebrask bill Judge
p lusflst wis insults i by a Know Nothing
Abolition mob led on by one- John W.
TVau-iop, and tht at the elcolnn in No
vember succeedin?, the city grave an Abo
litioa Know Nothing mijonty of thkki
thousand! AVell, last week an election
tilltlfl ton Af ltv rtltl tr and Jim lumn.
'crts nominttad a national Nebraska tick
et, pitting an Irish C-itholio. agaiust this
siraj AboIi.Dii Know Nothing. John VV.
Waurlipp, and beat hint and the entire
Know Nothing tiutet it cltian majority
of THREE HUNDRED!! a griotl vij-lory.-ariia
triumphant vinlibation ofllie
oun J nationality of Democratic principle's.
, This, to the Sg Niuhts must prove the
m-st cheering announnemeut of the season!
The Democrats "nominated a National
Nebraska' ticket" and "pitted an Iiish
Cttholiu" against . "an American and
l , ' l. 1 ' - i i
ucnt uiui nnu. inn , eniira ,uctoi , oy
a olaar mtjority of THREE HUNDRED!!"
"a glorious victory; aad a triumphant vin
dication of the soudi nationality of Pouo
"cratic principles!!" ' ' ; . ' ;v
r::v:y the abovk,
& y wTisther you are thus to be sold out
fey a pilr 6f nitprinuiplel ' demagogues:
the bie an bffioe holder uu ler a JESUIT
sknd the other a seeker of office from"; tbe
SAME SOURCE; II it noma to this
that oar eace proud Democratic country is
truim w rojuiuo iivcr , tiie triumpu 01 an
rtsAfj,aAtw!io was ''pitted'' against an
UkMiKicA. ."';.','.' ': f r.
; : We ohsrged, during our entire course
in this paper, that such were the objects
nd principles of the old line Loeofoco par
ty; at all points they were denied with
bitter anathemas thrown back upon us with
rery iavsotive that tongue and head could
indite; and now we have the admission of
the "0AV Eagle," Gov. Midul'. home
organ, that this same pirty is now fully
jredded to the Pope of Rome and his Irish
Catholie Subjects against those' who dare
to stand up and say "AMERICANS
It would seem that their sudden and
disastrous defeat ia New York, Massaolius.
tts, Ohio. Maryland, W isconsin aud other
States, hay at last driven them to their
denier Resort. Let every American, ev
ry Protestant and , every man who does
Sot believe that the spiritual allegiance due
the ' Pope by tbe . members of the
Romish Churob, b the issues that must ine
vitably oome before our country refleot up
on this announcement and then read the
following aeoount of the rejoicings of the
Irish at, Chicago over . tBe l'eleotiott. , of.
tbeir brother Irish Catholic; v ' ;
; the Irish and know noth-
ings at chicago- : : ;
On Tuesday night the denizens of what
is known as a , Rotton Row, a collection of
doggeries, gambling hell, bawdy bouses,
aituatsdon South Clark street, between
Twcl&n and Taylor streets; turned out en
matte for a general hunt after the Know
Nothings. ' Respectable ' American 1 , c hi
seas, who lire near the soene of the riot,
tell us that there were at least one hundred
Irishmen; women, and half grown children
in the crowd. The district which we hare
named has long been known as one of the
worst holes in the entire city, and for sev
eral months psst, no Araeriaan has ventur
ed to go up that Side of the St., past these
buildings, for fear of being knacked down
and murdered by the Irish rowdies who in
fest them.. - .
The riot on Tuesday night , ragod from
tbe Exchange Hotel to the lower portion of
tbe infected iUtriet, Throtigb the street
the crowd marched, infariaud by liquor
and a thirst for blood, and deotaruie; that
they would be the death of every ! bloody
Know Nobbing" and "d- -si Yankee"
that dared to show his face.
A traveler who bad just put up at the
Exchange Hotel, and who had stepped out
in front of tbe bouse to see tbe trouble was
knocked down - by the rowdies and rery
badly bruised. . Another man was knock
ed dowd upon the railroad track, and as
soon as he reached the ground was covered
with Irish men, who pummeled him almost
to jelly. The ground f here this took place,
yesterday morning, presented the appear
ance oi a nuicuer s yard the snow uied
with red blood, A third man a bokider in
the house of Mr. Ilsynes, who alio wept
out iu the stret to see the row, was knock
ed down and brutally pounded orf the head
with pieces of board, and lictud in the
chest with thick and heavy boots.
He would have been killed had not a
fellow boarder who witnessed the butchery
armed himself with an axe, and fighting
his way into the crwod, rescued Iho victim.
A it was, his scull was fraolured in one
place, and his head laid open in several oth
re, while his chest and body" was horri
bly bruised. One or two other men seen
to fall in the crowd and to bo dargged off,
What their fate is no one knows.
During the riot the exclamation most
frequently mile uss of were as follows;
"Death to the Know .Nothings" Down
with the damn I Yankees." "We'll be tbo
death of the bloody Amoricans,""Cun
ninghan was not huni, and we'er not afraid
of the police,' tov There pan be no doubt
that the recent failure to eonriot the Irish
man Cunningham, ofthe murder of poiice
man L-JWer has' th'e eflucf bf 'emboldening
the ruffan Spirit of the disorderly Irish,
and of making (hem, 'nei-fectlvt reckluss
as to the ooustrquenoes of there lawless acts.
They do not forget that the 1 murderers of
btory were not hung, and that Cunuing
ham's life was saved, and they fancy that
they can 1 now gratify .their liatred against
the Americans with impunity. -
I is also reported here that the immacu
late Vandemark lias been ordered to throw
aside his instruments, and call a meeting of
the faithful few to convene in Giesy's.Old
Garret some evening next .week for the
purpose of holding a jubilee over this vie
lory. It is also understood that the talen
ted (i. e. Sparkling Catawba, Shloich),ed
itor of thel'ope'sOrganof Immteulate coni
ception, will be on hand and preside; sup
ported by a bottle of "Sparkling Cataw
ba" from Kelsey's, and that his Most High
Revf the Bishop'of Erie, and other distin
guished prelates of the day'will bo present.
The American Party of the Ui 8., the
Common Schools of our Country, the
Heretics will bethe particularjobjects of de
nunciation. We advise all members in
good standing of the I. O. F. E. R. to be
on hand: you may expect a rich treat.
Lady Franklin Tut hill P. M., and the
S. Catawufa SMeigh Af. C.
"Blow IhetTutay awn",
Sound the b4aaN ,
Ljt tli.1 bin hcgunnuli ring,
Sinllo the tuiujohn, .. , '
Whai'l the dam bus jr, ,.
And jionnit mitcuJiuiotiae thinftto rip (enirelly."
I'll- CI ii . i vr
uviaiiiui o, ujvtriiinjniana i opes
Organ came out last Week with a load of
billingsgate and fahmhottd enough upon
its face to disgust any man of ordinary
sensibility and vwiih a recklessnt-s i ap
pioitching insanity, after ": quoting a no
tice of the Jus it 'pur City Siscntion
Book, from our ptper of the last two week
and asscrtingA'hat theft- cafricr 6t "Devil"
had fdund it adds: y 2 t j uoj'-i
it ia nuw in ma nan. is m u iir..irr
aeper in we; auoeriis, where Mac bad
pledged: it for uhtefry. "' ' ' ' '
AVe rlow pronotaoe the author and the
publishers eiL the above, PRINCES A
Ono ofthe precious, crew, who in years
gone past had charge of the, editorial col
6ms of that delectable "sheetl
And ft-em all hdman appearances the Je
suitical eourse of the present Editors will
end upon the same tfiAtFOitJk.
Not satisfied with the courso they have
ever pursued in villianous and rascally a
base of all who differ with them in politic
cal sentiment, nd depth of vulgar person-
altty' eenis to bo wo low. for them to stoop
to. In truth, tho last two numbers of that
paper should be preserved among its
friends, as a lasting memento of the depth
oi degradation io which Editors wishing to
be denominated Jiks candeseend.
We beg the pavdon of oar readers for
this digression from oar usual course. We
had hoped some weeks since, that we
should; b& done -with peraoml artictet in
our columns, and .now hope these ,my be
the last. If however, We nhall bo called
forth at any future time, we intend "ta car
ry the war bWrAfrlca,:j k; '
A Proclamation as ia a' Proclamation
The Mayor of Milwaukee is it trump.
He does Wt boggle at 'small "obitruotions,r-
H calls things by their right rlanles, ftrtd
does openly what- is often done by others
in a more indirect wayj Bead the follow
ing whieli was issued to the good people Of
mat city j5t oeloro the recent Stato elee-
tiou:. ........ t, .. ., :,... , ,,, ... , . : ....
OR The Mayor respectfuily requests the
kiepers of Liquor; saloons, ana Lager-bier
Halls.to close their respective Discos of bu
siness on'Tuesday, the 6th itsi., and go to
me pons ana vme tne straight Uemocratio
; Nov! 3 1 855.
J. B, CROSS, liayor!i: ,
It is now said that Hon, Geo.. M. Dal
las Is not eligible to the office of President
ofthe United States. He was born in the
West Indies, where his parents .emigrated
from Sootland. He came to this country
with his parents when he was about nine
months of age. Thoseold Know-Nothings
of . the Constitutional . Convention, over
whioh Washington presided, fixed up mat
ters so that he was effectually excluded
from that post;
C. W. e X. Bll B4-0?ca
' .. TiTxrtiirxtoiit.; -
' On Friday of last 'week the first train
of ears pssaei oyer tbe entire length of
this road fora Cincinnati to Zanesville,
carrying the Board of Directory, tie vari
ous officers of tbe road mad a number of
invited guest The rcgolsV1 trains com
menced running iuimWiaU!, to the great
gratification o'f passetrgor and shippers
generally along the line of tbe road.
Our filord Resjsi, of tb'e "Clnton He-
publican"," who was a passenger on the
opsffin'g' oxournion, gives bis readers the
following historical data, which trill b
specially interesting to our readers.
The "Bill to incorporate the Cinfliruiaif
Wilmington and Zsuesville Rtilroad Com
pany," was introduced iuta the House of
Rjpreseritativss by Ii. B. Harlan, Esq.,
the member from Clinton conntr, early ia
the month rf l)oember, 185J. After
niuch struggle and difficulty, the bill pass
ed both blanches of tho Legislature. On
the 6th of February, 1861, as soon after
tho trass of the law as proper notice
could 1e giverf, the corporators assertjbied
at Circlevilld, where il was resolved that
books of subscription should be inlmedi-
alely opened along the line of the road.
At the April election following, elections
wore held .in the several coiirilic's, submit
ting to the poople the question of county
subscription.; Meantime every township
and neighborhood in every county on the
line of the road was thoroughly canvassed,
and the question of subscriptions discussed
npon the stump, in school houses, church
es, and at the fireside, so that by th; time
th first Monday ttV. April came round every
voter was thoroughly posted upon every
argument, pro and con, having any bear
ing upon the question. ; The elections
were excited and hard contested, but re
sulted, favorably to the. enterprise the
people liberally and magnsnimouslr vot
ing the subscriptions authorised by the
Legislature. On the 1 6th of May follow
ing, the stockholders met at Circleville and
chose F. Corwin and L Fitxhugh, of Clin
ton, W. Griswold. or Piokaway, W. Me
dill and D. Tallmadge. of Fairfield, and
D. Lyman, of Muskiiigura, directors. At
the meeting of the Directors whioh assem
bled soon afterwards. F. Corwin of Wil
mington, was elected President of the
Company, J. Radebauirh, of Lancaster;
Treasurer, and W. Triplott. of Circleville,
Secretary. The survey of the road com
menced at Morrow, on the SSth of July.
1861, by Mr. McOracken. the chief engi
neer. On the 24th of November follow
ing, all of the work on that portion of the
road lying between Morrow and Lancaster
a distance of 00 miles was let to A.
DsGraff on the most satisfaotory terms to
the Company. On the 23th of January,
1852, the remainder of the work, from
Lancaster to Zinesvillo, was let to S.
Chamberlain. On the 1st of April, 1053,
the tracklaying commenced at Morrow, un
der the direction of that energetic aud ex
perienced tracklayer, Mr. Ashoraft, who
has laid the entire traftk from Morrow to
Zanesville. On the 11th of August the
road was opened and daily trains of cars
commenced running as far as Wilmington.
On the 24th of November, the track was
down and the road opened as far as Wash
ington. On the 14th of April. 1854,
trains commonced runnins to Lancaster.
On the 2.11 of August last, trains wore
running as far at L'xington, and yester
day, the la-.h of November the looomotivo
norted in triumph on the banks of the
Muskingum at Zanesville a litilo belter
than four yars from tho time DoUraff
commenced hi work. ' ' ' ' "
Ohio The Official Vote.
iir .1 i ... .
we nav oern lurnisnea oy our obliging
friend, the Secretary of State, with the '.
ficia returns of tho votes given for all the
persons on the State ticket in all Alio oun.
ties of the State.' This table is quite vol
uminous, but we have put ia the hands - of
our compositors and it will soon appear m
our columns. Meanwhile, we give our
readers below the total vote for all tho can
didates, and the majorities for the Repub
lican ticket: ;..' '.'''
. ..' ,', ', FOB UOVETtSOK. ,"
Salmon P. Chase , , 140,669
William Medill ' 130,789
Allen trimble . ' ;.; , ' 24,203
Total .;; in'.;
- Majority for Chase over Medill
Thcma H. Ford .'- ,
James Myers . i-,
Majority for Ford
James It. llaker
William Trevitt V- . ' .'
'Wajoiity for Baker
icpiToft of si'irK .
Francis M. Wright
William D. Morgan " .
Majority for Wright . ,
' ' " '': enati?RKn riv spiral.
V"illiani II. Gibson -
1 69.
John G. Brasilia
Majo'ritjr for Gibson . .. .
-'. ATTdasKr otoKnAtV
1 68,678
; 133.4SB
Franols D. Kimbali ' V.
George W. MoCotilt : . ;
Majority for Kimball ' v 35,220
,aytMii,c(JjBf Ivagi; fiohj rem) I
Jaeob JJri nkcrhoff . ; : - i ' t 1 1 S 8, 438
William Kennon.. -',,134,178
Majority for BrinEerboff 34,263
iytnuxtbeh.1 ivomlfSkori, 'fertnYr
Cfiarlea C. i Omvart) ; 6 ' a ' i ! M J 6d.56
Kobert B. Warden , ,: 132,030
Majority ,frfr Convers 37,5i6
v. '.....' i. . - ... .:
, BOABD OF reBLie WoltKJ9r
Aleiander'O.' Conover "- "u 169.444
Jamea, B.Pteeddiarrj JSC TiC 133,058
Majority for Ceno ver ' 1 ; " 3C.386
Tub Panorama to-nioht Wo hope
6iir friends, old and young, wilf tu'rn out
to-night to see thi grand Panorama of .trip
to Catifornta. Ws are assured by those
Who have encountered tbe toils of arid o
verluo'd route that it is most truthful in ov-
ery detail.
Tbe admission is only a quarter, anil we
are conBdent that a better evenings enter
tainment Cannot be bad for that sum. We
hope to see the Court -House crowded.
A YeSaCI-eaaWcPair.
AinOBJ the olrserred of all servers
at tbe grand jubilee we noticed CVL Da
vis UHtMBKMt, oi Muskingum county.
and our
diatin2u'ubed townsman Gee.J
Oao. SAMDEaso. Although these old
PioQiaers bare
year and ten
yet they are both in the eniovmrt r mr..t
- 4 .
went Up to mingle.
Iheif roiees with the thousands of Ohitv
ovejr the Slave Democracy of tho North
and the overwhelirtjirfg rebute o the
present eorrrfp't national adminiitrs'.ioir.
. Mty their latter days be crowned with
the bsntgneot favor of tbe most High.
RErt-ajjeo. 'cTur f.'teu.l Jamas Weaver,
f i"q'., e Sheriff, returned on 8u'n Jay even
ing last, from bis western lour, looking as
fresh as a full bloom rose. Duriti"
absoence ha visited mtny psrfions of tbo
upper part of lows.and like all others who
have gons befjre lainks it the "promised
land." Ho bfts sid upon our table a spec
imen of Cj-tl dug by himself near Fort
Dtfdge, in that Slate pronounced by all, to
be equal to tho Aathractto of the Eastern
States. We have te'sied this inninn r,,t
una mil it nny be folded in the whitest
IT . M x i . . .
oimbtio handkerchief and su'l.i'acUd' to" tbe
most severe test wilhou't ferfvin a stafn
upon il. Also specimen" of I'laster of
Paris, taken from mins n'jar the Hnit
town said to equal any ever discovered in
tl.a wnrl.1 ' .,;'.., I '
the world
- We understand thatM
returning in the
future hom?. S
W vaa Rooaa, aagoaa Dooa Kur at Tn H. aio
V ii.tav Uiaa.orruiiTt Kiata.Kcra aV C. Sroaa,
Nam Street, Lancaster, Oliio.
rpHR ailitcrlkora wlihettalufurm hla old cmtom. r
J " P'Jblie ronjrallf. that Sj nliu to
mauuraeturii autl koup ou Uauil, the larir-
uiro1.i";,.,,"r,"",",f :iAIIW anil
HKUSrE.VIIs everolerod to thecilitaiia
at Lincaaur, wUirli ke will atll at price,
lowor than can bt had at aujr olber eMail
mem In tlie city. Iu conaeciiuu am, ii,
aove, he tec on kaml a very larfp aa-
which he haaaolecied with, real car Hi. facllltlei
fur purclit.inrnnd arr.uifniiwiit, wleh oiaunianturer.,
and BUDSIKAOOatlnwerpriceaihan our otlur e
tabliahioent. Thu attention of Huuaekeuu.ra and
there are retpjctfullr Invited to the irreat Induce-
mrirvTi. . .. out in ih". w,)r '! unraiua. fun,
aatlaned that il yjo conault your Inl.ireu yua will bd
crruin to call and examine my prieoa bafore purrhna
ins eiaewbera, By rlmo nllontlon to bitalnoia ami a
fi? il" V P'?""! koeplnsjr a full atuck and none but
tbe bt and miit failiionable artlclua, he houoa lu
merit a enntlnuanca af th varv iihn.ul k..
tUtwed by t irenerada publio,
H. 8. lotheaamn builjlncta Mr. O. f.. KCKf.RT'8
eitnalre KUKNITUKK w A11B KOOMS. a Ikat pur-
cinmiunnga wun an tne arllclaa of Kiiriiilure
nocoaaary for home!iiiopln(r. OKOKUK SMITil.
Uanraitrtr, Xoveoiber 94, ISii SOtf
Ninv v,
'' georgeTw.bXrqar
WOULD reapectfuliy inform the riiiina of Kaat
and Witat Kushvlllu and virinlty. IHntlia Ujuat
ree..vlua; and opening from Ihe Kaatrni t'lllm.nii en
tire uow 4c well aule'led Htock ofGooda rouslalllir of
Drugadt Vye SlulTa, tiuoena He Hardn iirr,
llnta, aps, Iionnets, Bootanud Shoes,
uud a Kuueral variety of.NOTIOXS, wlil.li , l.
lUper centbeliw mull rntea fureaahorlta riiuiroluul
iu any kind of Produce, and hupea bv nruiupt alteu
tiou to buaineta tu merit a almre uf uiibllr patrouaire.
Pluaeocall and e laiulun my Htuck aad prlcva befure
4 JiScr?S3. 2233aopf3ia
vt ould alao Intorru Ike Ladiea that ahe it prepared for
JUlllennrr io all Ita Branches,
biting an experienced hand, tbe will gutrtiitee aatia-
iiiviiiii.il, t. v.i nu.n v,iiq, vcf. jn, ieaOM9uu,4
r Tne whole would,
Catauuiant Great Uiaeoverr.
fpllK MONTHLY RAINBOW, or Chap.nan- Pre
tL CalculallonaforKleiiieiitBrvrh.nl... 1.....1
"'u rfleeovery of the phyaleat lewa avid karramy of
. . "l " iwoimwar wo aoiar ayatem-. aa in
volved In Ihe differing olfeett af light modlSud (or
polariaed) by dilferlngangleaer reflection ea a largo
toala. Tbitiinportant dltcovery orthe lawaufnature
which ngulato theaaanget of the elemrntt, ruuatl
tuteia tubjeel of magnitude and importanee. peruepi
unaurpaaaed by any other an the paget ar hittorfe re
eord. The aurprlalng accuracy with wtileh Ur. Chap
maa la enabled to pn-ealculateall elctnenlarvchtug
a preditpeaiiig were te atenna, oaniir-:akei. auroraa,
-.v ... ...u .,iiiu,,iivric cucnget wnain tne hour
for each day. montha in the fnlnra. .nil ihn i.i,..i..i
eirectaon the lienllh, feelings and humor, of mankind,
mutt be adutilted all unprejudiced lalada to ba f
iicaicuiauie aovauttgo to the wkole Ionian race.
In presenting the BAINBOW Io the public, rca da
a.l claim it to be an infallible weather guide. Bui I his
mucD t a. rieiw, tntit it will be found to be correct to
tue toiler eight timet eat or evorv ten. A II we atk la
a candid examination. Tnrmt of Hninbew, tl nor
year. I t advance. SO canta for ai months
Ckapman'tPrlaripla.rir Nature's Flint Principle,
cloth binding, lSiao., 3wS pagea. Volume Srat eon-
taint a lull explanation or the diacoverv to which Dr.
Chapman hat deveted the last nine years of dote ob
tervation. Published every tlx mnutlis, (March and
September.! Drlce SI nervolume. for which it will h
ten t,posl paid, to iinj part of the country. First volume
now reauy. . Alliireit C A .M r Hc.1.1, Ar CO..
No.73 South Paurlh St. above Walnut. Philadelphia.
JLf Agonlt wanted Itevery county. no.S lutS7
Falrtlold Cottntw Snvfng-s Inatituic
t; , Kovemkerl, I8SS.
Notes and Blltt Diieosatol .
Kaatern llopoaitet
Hue from other fiankt'
Paraonat Property . ,
utDeudeel Uobt .
t7t.AS0 (5
I0.?fl3 83
' 4,U7B SB
eon no
Ifl.fiW is
4134.580 47
Capital. Slock
Rorplua Fund
Due other Bankt
IMrJdendt Vrtri' 1
H.lHf) Oil
, 6N1 33
Due Depoil
. MilB St
iTiair&Ao 47
,(.,3f at Iff
HAS Just received tnd la now opening a general
asaiKimenl nf Dec Y tOOD& af everv Hiv
usually feuid iu Ury Goods traile,conalsllnglo part of
, Culieos, rrints, Lawni, fJinRlSntSa, ,
Brnwnand Bleached Slusllru: S.SA lOquarShoctings
Black and Fene lirew Slki; Uolmeef iaragot:
Alpaccaa, plain and ngured;
i.inenaua ttitk tiauimerchiuntnd Cravats;
Bonuetatud Honuct Hlbbon: Cloths and Ca.lmere.t
SatiueUand Flannels; Checks, Ticklugs, and
. . JUiisj's ,8nramer Wtlt of all kind. ! '
togellier with t variety of othor goods for Ladiot arid
Gonllomen. All of which have boon nnreha.o.1 .1
very low nrlees.ds will be aold eauallv low fa. n i.ctf
Hit Store will be found two doors WVsl nf the Fair-
iicie, liounty savinga tuatltuto ana wnpnaUe aihtrfliir't
nuiui, uueuator, vnio, . Jtay 34, lco3-0
AC ' C. BAEL0 W, M. JJ.,
QiFFlCE In Tallmadge Block, Main Street, Lent at
' teriphlo. RErrRxcxt.
ro.C. B. Wtllltrhs.M. B. . -
H. P. Gnlcliell, M. II.
A.o, HIair, M. Il.,0)lumliua.' ;
J. II . Pulte.M.D., Cluclnnull.
IWlLLaell FOUR ofthe most beautiful and valuable
lota In tbe City, containing 60 feet front each, by
about 170 feet deop, aitutted on i'otumhua Street, Irtl
reediately North of the Kev. John Wagrenhalt, and
bounded by Allen Street, on the North and by a 83
feet Allay on the rear, being the blithest location on
aald Mreol. The above Lota are wall Inclosed, and
on rood and paved with Gravel on Coluiobut street,
and planted with Shadea Traea. they will be aold
aeperately nr togethor. Price reatonable, fuio-half
In hand, and the balance In ona and two voara with
Interest. T. U. WHiTK,Jua.'
Lancttlcr, October 2J,lt5l lrnjs
reaoiiea uieir "lurea acorat. .... . --
. a . .... incuuoiHir. i nviinr utm. vu fil l mi. t
spring to :m-tke Iowa his juS
access Jeemos. ! tXWXVtt
. BBBei ! Hil.34V-. r&0ntacKV.I9-2: f lit,
Uscasur nrk.ct. . .. ..
GA2KTTC OfFICTt, Nov. 2?. I855.-0V
qutHatims thin morning are as follows.
Wheat. 1 1, 67(I 133: Huur. SS.OOffiB AO
in or. u. .. '
viwn, ; nr. 0: UU. I.vU' I :irvr.
Iin nr.r.'. si ks' n'.nr'
i",&u;.e.WWloO: Molaai. 6:ts.
.TUlT'ir, UaiUC. . W . lla F ah. 13IuI are fYr
liny. V.TJVWU0; Tallow 101 per ft;
Whisky, 33.,; Wool, 20a33c.
Market. .
'''"'""r.rt. PICK- (lure waa
Sr.u. Tae a.l I..-1.I.A W i V,. .Vi .L". ..
" m a tin -3 ,i a p7 uja.
A tale of BOfcaga
" -... .in v itai at.
JlJOdt dual Si;.j: VHU .ram W.
l :'.n,VZl' ,,u'l'l',,n -InaiSKe. '
"'V '-- nirktl.e,ai. w.th a,l.. nf tm
j i,T,!u iU"
ttam wajnnt at M'f: Ta?
orKot.r.. ' "
I nu flain.uii 1. .i a. ...... i.t.
."i!;!"-1 ' 1 b.rrala rod roll atsocnu.
awn..mnnl t full r.itia.
i.ilr'ptB-Ral,af0 l.ar.al IU rt:
A al,j of 3d bUla at 37a. Xjrket Srat.
Vtow lbs Saw Varic f rleane.J
.Utr Vork Calila atarket.
Waa-ittetv. Kovemtidr 14, JSJi.
cranaT m:t tot thi wan.
HJtvia 1 kMj mrj .IJ b. iUj aa.,1 u nrlr. .nB.l
I . .1 . , aoaa
'VaiiBUiJ id II,'., markoia. Ui In B.l,,n."
v . ri.;,. Kt-.IT y HV 1 1 1 Ut
l uut triitfj v ronla.
ryn Muann y to 10 cjnta.
P" rt. 7 K ISceiiti.
Hut low ,u -t nrtr 10 centa t
"W i-n l.iaa.-o-naL'r.,;;,VT.rk'..a...
). st.-w.w,rti H.i.irn-f .,i.iar,, r,itr,i tr-
i.'ir "V welUi-. .,n!,II ll
i "ia.') v, . urn arMitrrtt as f tv. m e. w
, k,h IB'l.i -i & i e,l IT-
itu ..i .i.i. .-. ' . .
MI.h ALU. .1
.. . , , ... - ... ... ........ . . . . ... uu l (,ol
Total ric.ipt,,i all ths y.rJ dariar thj wc.beeva
J.-M, .i,,t is.jt,, ,win 7.002. Tln, ffntiaut w -uk
m. n.ta rif nrnve.1 ou root.
.i everulf null. A .d many bulcbera
7?'""h1i,f'fl-'n.M,rar,4 weulho-n,.
and a few weald not hay at all. Til ld-a prevails
w--v ;'.m"" "' "H? ,',',rt, w" l
Z. ,k . V- n'1 ,lt" th"" " Sroatcr aup
pl) furlhe b-llohrtf.)aylh,ohn. b...,M -here
I- I ? I" t '.UT'u "d ihe aAlr.e prlo. wna to.
hiirh for that claj. of ram, .a)rh, .rter by packera.
aad honce no .ale of l',.n, a. there wa, .hi. day w..k.
Mureliaaer. for Ihe KnaMiah market an now In the
w. .d 0T,rinr 7e. for primi caul at Ixinlavllle
In yV k Wh,,',, lrn'9" "r la v-ller than l!e
ruliinr prlrMhen. tinea the Increate of freight on all
be railroad,, whl.-h m.k. the r,p.., from Uxr.r-Th-.
.V '""""''"'""'"""In'luded.ew head.
I he following are the prcaem prirea of can for b Jtvea
f'yntliiana to Cincinnati a iq
riiirliiunll to HulTalti ifm
Ilntilo to Albanr -
m.'uiij iii aura...,,..,,...,. ...,, 2j
iuicnoraall aav Uiat tlta i.'.l kwmA i. j..u i .,
only aave Ihemanlvea by what thoy aalt.md by the rood
,. ., nr "'""":'i"w lawortu U'a,e.firhlB.
, . ...... uuj.rt uj uny mi caul, and the
irV'dny ' ' "l grade U much lett tliaa laal war
ProbabUlhe Mat drove, tnkeaaltoethar.l.nwnd
J?n . -?i k,Ml"",an.l,,d- trum 'HMlci oemv.
Ohio, which will probably averagt 10c. aud OYef 7e
homa oftbrni aold fororcr 4HO,
joaepn ti..icJuiB auUI U eowi ail h dfera tl of
.j , u . 1 - T " ' l'" 01 nuva of 7 own
ed by Hjlwr of Kialrflld coouly, O.. amona which are
tteera and h .-ifora Dial era ,.,eh ..od. thriving con
dition to Hv , that it I. wicked l kill them. Tkladrove
will probthl) average Iraa than S4(). Can the Ohio
V. I"rJ ,h" '" tacrlBra Ihulr jo.ng rattle?
Mill jr. Hani) ArU.irny.old 19 aleera. at 1S; average
j? .T.',', "JullBgo,l. fair growing
fet.c,.,l, u""u m "
TV," "5urlllgth week wdreSseh.ad, near
ly all b-lnw lOeenta.
K WINE. The weather ie certainly acainat Ihe pork
trade, aa packen ean only carry en tiaetneaa by the cee
nf Ice, but n-itwithilaadlhg trial and the large arrival.,
w do not Sid Un hog accumulating In the tale rarda:
anoeenemiy urnveranave no buiineai In complain of
!.,. ..,. pncea uoou aogt are ready enough worth 7
rente groat. They inould bo, tiuce they are worth S w?
Ali In ClHcinffeft. r
New York Airtrket.
Xr.- Yo.g, Novoniber80.rlourwJlarkei forewm
mon aiid medium grade advanced with a
.... ....,. siaiumpuon ana forming eon-
u ,- . ""'I'l"" "" buying to toy great extent.
Kecolpia continue large. Tke ealci Ihi lude IS.M0bblt
Ji, . ""i5 f'" ""uoa to extra KUtel t !)
OS.S, Ut mixed to fancy aad low grade, of extra sfieh
ieall. Indiana. WianA..ln nil I. . . ? ' .
rpili.t''" Gon,,c"' lB ''l closing flrm but
Whe.t .Varkot Inner, wltli keUtrdtiaaaJ for home
eousiitnnti.iu and export. There la oaly a aiodarate
,.,.,,, .., luerappiyorgoM ana prime par
rels ia quitt llmlttd. Sales Inelu 1c 7. DUO baahelt Bad
Moiilharnti 1 73S 15; Sou bushels While at a Si; is,
3W Hud Chicago and Mllwankie all Wit JOS: and -
inl l.riin.Wkl 1I...I.U.I. v,
I-...... .M.UI.I1 .. .ij . "
Corn There taa moderate demand. aad the mar
ket la a shade Sriaor. bales include je.Otto kueh West
ern Mixed at 99(1; 100 canlt.
Oarta In pretty good requett at 4BS0ett for Slate,
and S095S eentt for Wtatera,
Pork Market heavy and nrieet without any Impor
lant chance.
Dtwaaed Hogt fwer, with talea at 8(XS V-
Lord Firm, withsalua of BOO tianrela ai I9ik'.
Including 3U0 barrels deliverable before the loth of
jauuaryat l ceata. ' - i
Paiiltadclphla Ulnrktrt.
fmt.ati.ruii., November SO. Cotton arriving ra
ther more freely, but the demand it limited.
Clover Seod it attracting more attention; prieta have
advanced 50 eontai talus of M bus belt o, old aud new
at SSperttpeunda.
FU.ur conVnuta exceedingly qtHe and prlcea are
steadily tnaliiluiiied; little or Aa export demand; 7ou
bbls. aold at 9 ii for alaudard aud good bftuda.
and S9 3;j S'J JO for extra ati.i fancy.
Whent ia in good demand and but a limited amount
offering; aalet of 3.000 buaholg la leu at ti iej2 us
1S0 for White. .
Corn la In atoadr damanA at anr last ooniatlon..
3.0U0 hubeljef old yujlow aold at Me. aSoat. and MM
bushels or uew ia atore at ,0c( lvOOu bushels of old
now mixed told at 0.1 ctnlt.
Whiskey dull: tmall aalet ef Baaiara at in earn..
and Pfltouatalcontt.
Baliimttre Mitrkei.
Batniloai. !fovember3fl. Flour la Srm Oil. mm.
blng. with mere aellera than kuvera at at. wi...i i.
In moderatt dewisndt rectiptt oot vary heavyi talee
active at t ioem'2 10 far good to prima while. Corn
AXD . -
IW'll.L SSLLat prlValeaaletlit Beat Estate or O.
I'. TO.N'G. If not to.ld at public aale butween now
and ripring, it will be sold at publia tale of which due
notice will be given-.
The pripcrly eonalsU of tha following dttcrlbed
Lotsaii.1 Traita or Land, to.wltt -
Iftlntproveti Lotaia Iho Town eTnr.
roll, 3outha Ohio Canal wllh a LARGE WAha
IIOUSE., 3 with large Dwelling Houses, Uit othart
withsinaller improvementt.
ia to SOTttctant I.wta In different nartt of Car
roll. The Farm containt about 2:111 At MM and
will be aold entire, or io Die following paruolt to tuit
ui. Hcnreen Toaata 74 cr. Aortb of the
OhinCantil. la Acroa of which ia cleared, the balance
Snd. Ncar 12(1 Acres on Ihe South tide of the
Ohlo.Canari Etaruf f.VrtH.' about SO aeret tlctrwl
1 ne other ironn l miner Land, alt enclosed. '
3rd. One Tract! about 13 Acree, situate
on tho rSuulh of tho Ohio and Hocking Canaie, on
which la a never falling stream of water, wllh a fall
of from St to 25 fact,, ejay of iuiprovement, lieiug une
nf the hesl tlglile Mr at-inilt In FatrSeld eountyt- tliit
tract na on ita House, Uirndr allotlir rconvurilences.
i Alan, ope other tract containing I orS aorua between
llie Stun rtnad anil Judge Hailchaiigh-t Mill Tract. .
Turms. One-llilrtt ia hand, the balance lu two eqdal
annual ptymonta with Interest from date, .
H. B. TO.VR. Agent.
Carroll, Fairfield connry, Ohio, Nov.?. 1K3J 97tf
Tr7n5htp State Jouriiat copy and aond bill to Ag-eat
or title oBieet
HAT Valuable House and Lot with all the
eonvetiiencea, at the corner nf Colambnt
aud Mill Slreol.ran be lia.l at a Great kariraln.
Posseaaionglvet) April L. IRtfj, Biihalreat
Uncaster.Nov. liiew-SSi THIS OFFICE.
Lockvlllc HI ills.
FWHE subscriber bat purthaaed Ihe above properly.
I and la naw uraaliirad to Aa .iiaiai. wn.a . -1 1
aa inorckaut work. The mill haa bran well repaired,
and Is in good order to do work tu either war. Halt
also prepared to bu,y wheat at all Hues, or'Saurllia
tame for cujlomore. if desired. Ho hat employed an
experienced miller, and will reader general aaltaTaa
tlon TTPTbe rHstlfferT.wlIb all II. jri.i-Hlh. I. r....i.
togolher with Boiler, Tabs. ore. Tho Saw-mill ad!
Joining 11 It also for ttle. - .
roraont wttuing to Buy town lota can ba aaeommn.
dated. The proprietor cah . at.ali timet ba fouud at
hit d 111 ip Lorkvlilas proa hit farm. i mllct eouth
eott of LockvllU, and 1 niUo weet of Carvoll,
uaaict. aiuiott,
AflIBltJ,.18H SmU
,. , . i.oiauM's, ycciiis; r lax seed. 80ct; But-
U.tns. none; . S.,ans. fif3.6e:- fV,T.. n.-1..
r. Weaver irtteo.f.' yt '
Thure ia u: diti!,t In our mind thai the mark.?! u
Sar brtter for drorera than It a. wert' It I?
amly waaln th, morning. e4,l lohf.t. V,fd.
tlir..nirli m , frB8 ,0 .cknowlod. that valet wen
very ha. . I to efToet at the a.kl... ..ri.,.. ."i JT. ..T"f
Of Ue eaU-AasaeJ f tateaarat wf U aaVIrs aaS
eeaJitlea ml
ef tbe Cll of Hew Teik.ea 4 aae 30, UU.
- 1 .. Lr" '
..r.LrL-. --"- a7sjrr st
--tv "urr !, taee 4laata
aiece vtva pai-r.
efPraorttfmi na
tv4w ....ta.. aA tatl art atflft
I ri77i,?S'""'7
K.laeer.a II
arra' fhT aa'
A ninant uf miereal at'reeS en4
earned fwr aia atuutka, frvia . .
lavjanuarj tu I at Jul t.W U IH4.u 3S
Aat'Llal of tma bal.l dnrtaa-lba i.at A tunultia-tA.wti
Hie to ffret t
'"."P"" wf. V"M" '-
cladluCuwialatiou toAfcala
. ... i . Aaal.
rath, balance lu Hnak " Jh '
s n
'" na nnniafci, iratliiir
Srat Icln ou Kl Katatr) U'
Loant on ttoeka I able ea
dntiHl lUauSSS
k.a. jknau t wail Mreel
(Ihe office)
Sotea received for JBjiama
Inland rlakt i
Interval due ai d unpaid to July
Srat .. '
Balance In kaii.lt of agnata aad
In cou rat of traaamlatlua fruia
Prt.ii.li.Tia due arid uncollected
M 7ij OS
lO.Oil n
11.017 14
M MS i f
oa Poiicl-. laaaed at eSlce
Sal vagt ( V rn p rty oa tu4 Jvth
f.77 SO
June, tinre told fur; f ,CX Ml
awiat .
... Llabilitie.
747 7 U
.tiifonnt a UaincurufJaaJ re arocete
i.f adjuatioent ..... ,
Aui-xiht of loMe rccyrtat ea whi.t' AO
ertlou hat b icn lakea , . , ,
Amount of eUlws for lflri naiatcrf !,
Ik CO pany '
tea t u i ..".WI
afk. July ;S7.-iJ. A. V. Wi'.LMAKTH. !!ot r.
et ra at as v ,ia ar r".. a.. . .. t.- ...
C!itr1j J. Mj-tln 'a.uLt,.! j .-.
. -. . .. j . in- now luturam C'.nii
,.,..-iiigwverll ..ni,1.. .'po.. Mto
foreg.dng.uume.itof th. aff.ira.iir i...: ."'JV ." I
eompany It currect and true.
lilivJ CillHIkVl ilBTH n . ,j .
itiivi -!' H'-- AR ri, rra.td'iM.
day of Inly, a. D. IrJM Signed
Cumialaaloner la Jew Vork fortbe Stat, uf Ohio.
kwcL., rifcU A.iT.'. ... . Agent.
. .
Of Oc'lenabunrh. V V r.m ik. t.. a . .....
I. laii,j aud totality at tpeciSed iWft
4. 1 lie capital atiH.k It
3. The eattital atoi-k I. nalit
4. The AasttiN-tbe Company are at follows:
I. 'eeh on bund and iu the kaudt ef
Atreuit ikr other pertoue
S. Heal Katate
. B.dt
4. llebti due the Company tcrured by
aiorlgag., being Srat lien, duly re-
e?.us so
. ...,-.,.. waica amount wore luaa
tiou MM. s apon property worth
double tbe earn for which tint le
niortaraax d tlM.Wej 00
s. Mebtaothrwlee tecureJ et.t
S. tl ibufor Premiums fUW
7. All other accurlliea, being Bills
Kecelvable for Premtaaat IB, ICS tli
1. AianantofllaMlltl.adue or not dae
to Hanks orother creditor .ear
S. Lotaea aaljuated and dae - .
7. Luaaet adjusted aad not due
H. littet uiiadjutted
. Uiaaea lu ausueuae walling further proof
a. a.
,v. .... .j.u.i fiaims etTBiust sue Lompauy,
eieepta few tmall Items ef axpenar.
urer-payaienl br ag.nla, or m-iuaur-auce,
and ouj claim of SSif. raa.r.d
'' JB,r-t-'ereoeuliosurdluaii risk aiAKiS ial
li. The gr.aletl auuuut allowed by tbe
rulet of the Company to be In aay oot
city, town or village No rule ua the
IS. Nu rule as In the greatest amount al
lowed to he Insured la One bloek.
14. The act of Incorporation la tha tabid
as at the last report.
Sutiacrlbed aud awora before ma tbla tiih .
July , leJS. ELI J A II V.' H IT K . 1 u.llee of Peaee.
H. ti. Fl)OI fc. rlearctara.
Lancaster, Ohio. October M, less SwSS
. . Mir.iiAiTif.. kinuV
1.JJ AS returned to the vlty, wller ha expect, to re.
I I main permaneutl lb the practice of hla proreaeb.n.
GraUruIforpaet favora. ba kopee by aU-'ntlou to bn.l
noaa to merit fhe rronage or hla old friendt and the
pubM.geaeriilly. Offt-, Mala Btroet, two doora Baal
oftkv Ohio Baffle, LeneajMr.'fuif lS,li.3iol
nxiuiiiB taaerenv wtvew. th.t k.n .i;f k. .
fOTICE Ithereby given, that there will
ilJ'.n. l'r"ted IB Ih Couoly Comuiiaaiuuer. oi
FalrSeltl tonnly. al their LleeemherT.rn. iiu r.
the varatloa wt Ihe Coantv Road leading from the
State Knew niM-founh mile north of Geneva ta Ooo.l
and Ortm-t Mill, and aliTnr.tha.aaUbi,iar.IngaroaI
eommtnring three-fonrtha ',( I Bille Horib of Ceveva
ww ne nun. roao ai aae rrnool Honae; taeuea Rett f
oaa-fourtb mile te the Cold Spring an Philemon Huf-
fnrd'tland:lhenee Northeast acrnea SodomonHugord't I
jr.,kann so in. comer or uit Whlaw Huffurd't land:
Ihenee orth to Ihe Mill road letdiht frrrjl Bremen ta
Good aad ftrim't Mill, there to terminate,- . .
Sav. I, I8H.-4wS( MAMY PTIT!05l'Rt.
DB. J. D. HADI.BV reapeetfun Informeihote aur
,ferlitg frora acute or chronic tWhalmie. geueral-
ij serin... in rLAaa aiiu.i ur 1 nil EVft, Di
neat of Sight arlalat- from Inlarlwa. Ar L'lcer.ttnt, .f
Ihe Eye or lit mtmbranet,from any and every eanee
Ike resaltvf Fever, Meatlea. Scrofula. die., either ofa
short duration er ef many yeara' alanding.
ITr-Ue It prepared to give relief aad perfect a cure;
er all money aarcaeck !
Hefertracoa. ., .
R. B. Harlan. WllmtngtOm 0.; tt. B. tVhile, vrv
mlngtnn; WllllUm Faller, Wllmlnften'; Italab Mor.
rla. Wilirrinftan: i. U. Hawaii. IVilniliigton: David
Flaher.Slh Jtl. Cinciaaatl. O It. Klmontoa. Colnui-
bua, O ; II. If eLane. K. Liberty, Legaa aoan-.v, ().;
Col. James Huuauan. JeShraeavllle.Ohie; John White,
Boumeville.OhirK b.orre Hanawalt. Boarnovllle. (i-
Thomat Coddlngton, Hillsboroagh R. R.t F. A.Mt
Imwell. C. W.ek Z. B. U ; Levi Smith. Waahlagton,
Ohio; Jamoa Pureell. do Ohio; Darld Hitch and Robt.
bowry, ijaneaater. utuo.
UOloe la Wilmitgtou, Ohio. OtL S3. 3m.
iTniRf awn covataLLoa t Law, i.ttriaraa, ptue
ILL practice In the Ceurti of PairloM and ad
lotnina? rtnriaa.
vnt be auurul dartnar'batllkeea hnbrw-al atat aa
ArH.JIilunter.Esa. may 13. laW.
RRESPECTFUI.I.T Ihrofmithecltl
xent of Fnlrfleld ermutv that he haa
recently put up anew Carriage Shop,
iarasretfarecWIrt. r-tmrmf ava.a
Hardrtr, Ser.,Caafre JIUy, .amce-Jfrr OAs't. wher
he will eonttautly keep on hand and manufacture
orderevery variety of vehh le in hla line.
U rBepairingdoae oa sha-t notice, anj) tlie
avorabie torai. Dec. iT lf4-3S
Uoutjast received at the City Book Store
t aaw erapf.T or . -B00ZI,
STAflOltl-af , tAXC AETKLE8,
Gilt Moulding for Picture Frames, . ;
auch aa Chouiel, worsted, working Cotton. embroider
Ing tlk , new rag tl ik . a pool cotton. Ta pe , ba Itoat, o
Plette call aad ova art n histtock.
Lantattcr, aogutl 3ut lJ4--I7
Iloott Biutlery, L,nnrater, Ohio..
OlTlcoa. Jnstireet Hlanka.
kU, lrtnblo and Klnwla
Knlr)- LfHgcia. Journale, Day
Rwkt.ijLk.. aVc, Al... Rn.k
Binding of every daacrJptloa
done In a moet tatltfactory
Xllnrdcra.bT latter nrotber
wlV'iu TifdnAnMt siwhibj in.
OrderaforBindiuacHnlieti.nl lkVi. ..,.! na.
or al the Bindery, en Main Street, In the room former
ly occupied by r-o. P. Van Tramp, as a Law Office,
annnean.T opposite ut. tkftiaer t reslfleore.
December 14, 1438
J. I
, Itt'SSELL.
804, Fifth Street, CiocUnntl, Ohio.
Mrs. j. ATnKflDERSQJf, .
f" ATB Mra. B. V. RICH, it Just nuw opining a
J Splendid Stork of new Unas state, if Ibbosta.
rretack Flwke-erw, Feeihen, -S'ri mm intra
drctullable fer the FALL TB A DB.'to which the would
respectfully Invite the oroatiea of her eaeteaaert. Her
dallv arriralt frora Ntw York) with all thai ia new and
be-iitiful in her line of bualiiest) and at the lowett
cash pricet. i ' I . . , ;
Country MerehanU aad MlUttvert wilt And It to their
ad vat lege to look Ihrough.har Wholesale Donartmant
before purehaalng tlst vrhurer
... ii . Nre; J. A. HESDF.R80K.
S04, Tilth SlreeJ, betweaa Kim and Plata 6treet
Clntlutli,eJiwmbtrSO, I8a 30 ,
A DT lIAnnaa,..'
tCOMD ltAfcU
a RaAXoangsriTvtlLTiwiA,,,.!,..,.'-
linnaluai ef Uteraiere auaf Ajl. k.. JTZ. 'Tt
Uio aialeataaatvrale.
- T1 onnamaiiy enai Tea TtaaaaaS Drrara.
la r .caihm tke aaw C..II.lu,iliallir..ioH.f wart
lJulu,li.r .. tt.noT .rljk.,1 Uoaieilwoaaaave,
j d '".'' 4lUas.l-e A a-erv,
a Art Hi,, wtiu lll conlrlbula eea.e of Ibalr Saaat
rwuiii.,11, Aauncih.Bii.. V..1.1.
eeaujhju,,, reataat llvlnf ecel.ter, lllraat Paw'era.'
icmrf, Weieajlavrttm.ihe. Patkerafalaeaaatrr.
aSuuiauila rrasaklla, tbe nilmftalrert
tTlu'Ul Wafcwler. tkau..r..
and .iititi.. I.I,, ki .hJ. waaiua.
r'.'n"!..''1' "Albert eoaeiau of I
,K .,u.ui. jaagaaiuaa: Uaruer'a. r-uloaafa.
Kjil'-ktrk o-Jter. bl. k,.... n'rTr, f11"".
trubama. arid Giid.v. t.iv. RV..-.I. '
m t-jri n. i.klng fire member iSlpa are aaHilad to aa'
8r of tho Marat.uee for oaa vear, aud to v twt.r.
lit tUv .(..i.-ibutlon. The act prvie4, (revived tmu
I 114 A il V A u a.i K
r.uinl,..p ..riki. Au...IiIa.. ' B
. fat. A II pjreout receive Ihe aeii ia,r
'i;..aai f tteri,ln tbe tlitut ef tlartlnc Ma..'
nae Lliorat'jr. . .
vl. fcaca i niib:rl.eontrlbulli. towtrdt pareatt
Ilig choice Wort eof Art, whiik are tu be dlairlbaicd
auiauc; injmuiiraa. tud araatthaaau. n... ........
.II'! the Artltttuab euunlry, diverting Uiuoaaada
..?i i'JT, "r "!k- arf tiad't aaWa'f
r i ."'i.t,':"'.,jt.'" .ir.,t.oi Arrz,k
W i iZ mi.Z..i',. 7,Jl"r '-' Paiatlugt.
i,.r & i . .,.q.,na vaiueoaa eoltecUuai
SI) 70U 71 151 -a tikKaaod tut.iory, to be attributed faKka-
7--1' 4 ? ".! "mr Th. permeklol I kree lot-
m ir.m-r. w . lMr. C!0fTIlle alii QM fn.. k
-...w,H,nijiiiHsj,.Bf;, ....
tiicrfl '". '"'-" for aiamVWlp, will
r-..:t 5 riM Ihelr H.U .Jti. oSWraa. a, ttutlag tie
4 . .1 ' ' " Magwlnt V coiuuience, aud have
Kit C faciei: jr reairture.i at tbe fuat OOce to prevent Iota
t - ;2?,i'". 'c''1 ""incioe of meifiberakip. together
S. te hilb t : Msf.Hiiedeiirett, till be foraarded u at
. li, 1 1 r.f ik, ,.,. I
Ibott who pur.Vaae aiagitmet el Bout i to rat, will'
-- "i juinii.gnua ii.ixn.t1iiu.Uiuy racaiea
itjl at lli.ai.Tjj price tu,, , ,.cy f, u H-n,loo
F, alju. Fur iituiberrhlj,. addrett.
V L. I,. ljfKHV M.n r k i
... smmjn,, ama jrn t.tktt f, tanas! 7el
t a." f?"''l' ea.Ki.krW.eker.
7,.'lV- ui.- ""J1"-'"!-" V.rk; or Wetl-
l'Mtlbee. Mk, Vt..r Slrfal,Saiiduaky, Uliio.
, . ut,,crti.i:i.iirii,Ueit 1.. k tf r.'ii.m.i r
cix ti $ -f AttJ; w i i k i a g to s a jtd
xwtmiu.E UAIL UC.VD,
jTa-t end after Monday
.loreroer l, l rtJaa will ran
: tr rollowa: ISu(.dava.KCfH..
I rtt Trdl leav.aCli.olnii.il at a A. af..
.v a. ia. aaq at aeavtiie ats so r. M
ttiiturnnie. Imt., Zhh.v.h. . ui w u i . i
Ineaat..rat7 3SP. M., at Clnclnaall at I SO A. M.
." TcasaleaveaCineiunaOal 130 P. it. arriving
al l-r.neertir alUli P V.
Kuturnlng lear-s Lancaster at 3 It A. M. arrlvlbr
tl Cincinnati ut lu ti A tl .
lnlnaetopro(paase:igsrtttaU Intermediate polnta
aud toon .-ct with trains ou LHlie Mitral Koed for C
lonibea. liayton, Hillsborough and c'hllllootlie.
Ktaar. iiuva eoatctl at ClrulevHIe for l.'hilliestbe
and i.'olumbut, at LancaaKr lor Logca, yOlwaville.
Aihent.afid Pomaroy. . . - .
- Kur other lun.rmaticu, end Uakete, appltrffiukat Of.
f.t. corner of Broadway and Frviitttreelt, and at the
Little Miaaii bepot, or to the Statloa Agentt oa tbe line.
i. Me. L. KTAl'trHTOK,
BogmeeraJid Superiiitekdcut.
ITTrl be Company will aot be responsible for bag-a-ncexufdiiigs01u
value, nnleea Uie eaane be ro-
1 1. rue.t in th. f ,rA ...... l . 1.. . . (
i , . irrigw. paiv as
thcraleefapaeaarefiirarerveiCblavalae abava that
atnoiMit. w jvetalsrr 10, 183.
Miauaaetareraaud Imporlertor
UPllsrt sda 3itu'j?atf g'
Soath West Conw ef Jf ia acd Fear tit S tree at.)
ClfM-ka, VaCches mai Jeetrtlvr He?alre'
, , atati TVcrraaj ted.
A ugu'.'t io,' Iiis-3iul7
ALFIiED iVrkIf.-ir .
anoaxav tea lovasei toa at aaw, j.stic ar
raaca ua aaaaxai, lis auaxr,
Lataactaatert tiltlo.
TfiriI.l.arive alteuilon to !h parchatlugaadaiilUi.
w af Baal Estate, alao. to the uroeurta. or
eioneanrj n,.uutr Lai.ua.
OftPICK ln,!u. Urlck Cloak, ooailv onpvtlta
Ceoxint vi.icy Cank. may IS laat
S, IS, EaatFoarta Street, Clpeienttti, U.
DRY-G00DS& 0 ARPirfiNG!'
Reapeetfully Inform their Cestoaieri and Purahaacra'
generally, that they are now op.alng an axSBalvt)
tud tOij,lo-.c aiij.-jttalof
IZDrprreikVcTn -irfi
Famllios, Hotel Keepere. Etaamboat Osrnera, aad
Strangurv, may depend upon flatlitur the bast class of
Goods, aSprlcea as low aa Ik.iy eaa bo pureiuued la
be Kaatern Clllet. aept. 17, 184 Jmtl
FltTiE ubaeriberhst removed bit eitaklithmenllntia
l kiaMew Kooins V.cit slt JUma airM,..r link
tc Bitm, anil kta Sited them up la a style unearpaaaed
mtbc'West. He hepeathntkhe public wlllappraelata
hit efforte to ploase aud extend to njn a liberal patroa
age. Kven lulngliaaticendon. Ijiatcoald bedoretii
ensure tuccuMin every department efthc a-t. and hit
pictdreacanuot beaurpttted. V. M.GHIFWOi.1).
N. U.Porson.wiililntTlulearntliearlwUlhavegrvt
racilltieaferdoliigto here. ....
Hours from S o'clock A. M. nntll Se'eloefe P.tl.
Lancaster, KovemberlS. 1615 8
l)fl. K. S. JINLEY,
OF I' KrlS Ha prtrorslontl aarvleet to tht eitiaeaa'
of Lancaster aud lla vicinity.
. At fliia syitcin nr midlcal practice la new to many
In this plaee.'lt may be deemed proper to give few
vr lit distinctive fctluret.
- The.use of the Uacet Is absndoatd at a praetira
franght with evil eensegueneeei and a aatural duple,
lion more tar and effectual substituted, by lnareat
ing tne varlnue aacralrons and avjiretfoka of the body
Ihut reducing tht elrciiletidh to aay dutlrable ex
tent, an.l avoidlnteiTact'ialiy the abstracllea or dlml.
notion oliny vital or Invigorating principle ef the
blood. -
r'drtVld poisonous mlnerf.l medlotnet hafatofora la
fonitnon nee tlie more gutilal medlriaatit to pre.
f.ared In a eonrewtrated and purely, ined'ethel form,
rom Ihevagiitabiakliigdntn, aye ISulJr admitted tht
practice, being mere lltnmueh hhd arrleieut ax.nl.
ar.dalw:tyt under It t entire control ov.ht praciltton.
er; hot under no etrcumstaneea capable of producing;
mitj oi sua Hiasairnna reaana teen in every eeni usually,
share calomel and a'linrk taediaal aganlt have beta
the cblofeelia.ee.
Offlc4 ltlthtadge Honae, aver Whit tatta'g
Store. ......
Itesldertve-kftev. SimTttl Carpscttrs. Broadway.'
THE subscriber reti.ectfull Inform hit friendt and
public la general, thai ha bat much aalarged kit
.. STOCK. Of 0UOCZCfK8, r .
at to the varletv. Hftf.ts lust opened tnd hat far aale
g7i. Ko.li Slaelieircl ofthe best qnat.
fEZiJSM A lao, beat Jlek 1 lilt; v tuea'a r, and
a small Stock o? Dry toula to aall tiuatomera
all of which will lfi sold low foreaah orapprovud coun
Irv produce at .hit Old aland, corner of Broad 1 1 1
Winding Streets, and ucnrl) opposite the 4 roadw.p
Hotel. I. CHUKCH
Jf. B. Butler, Bon. Ird and Com Mat I aftteJT
JURT opened on Main Sicett, norlyop
posite Iteher, Kutt? Co't Dry Good
Ftore, enuattrtng ut. . "
aii.rfirwfiieatii k. --, j i.. . .k .i i
tnd relaji. Merehtntt and tkepulilieare
respecifully aollrlted to call and examine'
wtbMi.k i. i.f..n .......
. 'Window aiaatatraoitallilsesftomT to rr)i Co So
Lamrttter,aprtl IS, If ii 19 .
. LoOKI.HU t3LA8NEa; . '
J' AM at all timet prwptTrVd to frrrnlsh LOO El 5(5
. GLASSES In Makonjifu Walnut ar Roaewaoc
raroes. Looking CHaaa Plalea. Pictures F ram as, Ase.
Alao. Gilt Frame, Glaatea of ail altai aud ttyiot.
Portrait Frames, Picture Frames, aad a general aa.
tortaterirof Prelum and Oil Palntlaga. at wholesale'
and retail, al the lowest prleet. LCbVC?.
. ., Ho. 0 Wen Feurth Street, Crneluuttt.tjhio,'
JfarchS, 165244 .

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