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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, November 22, 1855, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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Z L ,
rt i r , Til h ' Txeit rotC KgABiso,- -oi
i .1 mi i . under every variety of circt
. lif.
i ni4rw:ty nwrniHH
. .... . .,., feat..- IM.,h.
Xae, Xj po
tub raxss.
Xii& tit on heirlng friend called "lallottJeJ for
wire tjp-ttta" - '
"A lawretype-Mttar!"---till ' ,
The world. perchance, may yet revere; ,
Unknown unnoticed on who can. . . ; -
Haw aoogul to kape-autd nought la fear, . :
Yet, veers' the kingly ceptered hand, ' i.
The bra thai beara a princely gop,,- .
Thai wielda well a wide com manal .
Wives "awx" may mutch a dladi.vii. . ' "
-A mar typ-soUer!" Let na see,
'. Who gave tho glorious stripes to air
That mark lb bauuer ef the free,
. And bound the aurs th.t glimmeri! rof
' Win) turned tha bolt of h.ivon -sido, .
And conquered its ethoroat Brot i '
rWtw bad the lightning harmless glide '
' A'ougliit nitric War.d of wire.
"A iu8re tjpe-iottcr!" Soar.-li t'uc pnst, .
, " The rocoeJ of e-ch.b;illlo-0,.-ld; "
Wlio oalled oar colon to Ilia mat,
' '"And died becanae they would pot yi --t.il' ,'
,Vh Uaghl our baud to Itrlko t'ja bl" ,
Through toll ind dancer and dlM,
Tint seror.! KriUnd'acliaiu of. wo.) .
Who bat the uittstor of tUo Prsn . . w -...
"A roars type acllarl" iraj of fjr, i !.
T bid the oppresasd to freedom wake '
'ThriTyraaiqrAatrquai lobemr.. , ... '.'
Ad old Op)roioo'a empire ahukut
t --la PtaKKbin a forfrotten name, 1 . . -"Tha
world no loor may rorerc? ' '. . . '.''
iiaa Pkicmticx loithia aoul of flame, v
Or tiacsLkv dropped hlspen of iVorf
UA mere type-seHar!' Honored usmc,
' ' ,Tbil agea yot unborn i!iill blraa,. '
. Vucn o:Qj.lre eruinbte, and theii fan e
llu sunk io worar than nollilngnefia. ' '
vPho-jr me tho TniNo wbosu leern d'nrido ;j
Tha ','inoro typo-aottorVhiiniblv nulionl.
And I'll aliow to you an io of prtdo,
A bralnlMior a dandy fool I ' ' ,
Room-nttie-pnnes; tlioso bvlunging to h
garret tviauow.- i .
nliftl kind of a doctor wouTJ a" (Jack
I lntroduce'n bill fur lio dc-sd u--;lu of
worms,' lbo'woodpocker 8niJ ia a sltiiii
rjiveun, ... . 4
jv o iusii uron;i.si nuu nn juuh muiei
cat will keop n man dry nil diiy.
.'I am goinjj to draw (bin bona Into n
knyt; ns tlio young lady. ;tU .'wb'vi'i ulv
stood At the bimenitil niter. "
'Th Pen if mightier than the Swlinl.'
quolb Kicbclicu but tho wily ciirdiii.t auiil
uoiiiing aooui tua Bcissors. . ' '
An indrpondont man is ono wlio tun
live without wliisky or tobacco. hihI lmv
bim8elf with brown onp nnd cold wutir
wiwioui & mirror. .
Petting ia immoral; but liow ean Uic
man- who beta Am wor than hd tb.it la np
DotterT '
An ancioat and xi!edinrrly, oomumn
wy oi oouii-teopinaf 14 to ke.p ull tin-
bookijoa lay your bands on. ' ,
In blooming the 'lion' of a pnrty,' doc?
n man noceManly liavo to niaLe a Lvast of
JiimseU? - - -
Any one mny do a cnsunl act of irood n;i
irfre; but a continuation 1A ibeui bliuws i
a inrt of the tompcramcnl.
jtlhero is a wonvm at tba bottom o
e?ery mincbwf aaid Joa. . 'Yii,' n pliu
vuunuy, -wnon 1 nseu 10 gel into mis
chief, my rootlior was at tho Lo'.tum
mo.' . ... . ...
A3T'I thought you " was burn ou tho
Arst of April,' said a Duiiediotlo liii lovuly
wile who Had niontionud the 21st lis lit
birthday. 'Most pnoplti would think ho
irora tlie choice 4 made of a husband.
.1. - 1 .1 . i I . ' ' . T
replied. v (......;. . . k ; .
v I
tiTA wedding rocoutly camo off at
Memphis which was mivdu the oocstsion of
a grand charivoii, frdm thn frtet thnt it was
tbe ninth time the bride bad been ma la
happy by tho inntiimotjinl. . . ' : y:
IjCtTTlie editor of thd Roclisator Demo
crat has discovered a wrinkle for Sports
;aon. It is to daatroy fleas ou a dog, nml
keep them awayiioiu liim foravor-afiur.
wards. The operation' ia simply to- (tofik
ihu dog In canipheiio fur1 fire miiui(u!ir ami
then let fire to him.
atirSomcbody says 'if Indies would out
.nnatonce a day, picklos ouoe a wm k, and
rrotmcats but once a year; if tluy wutild
talaa cold batb evory night and morning,
f id walk , fivo milos a day, thoy Would
iiHTe no need of cosniotios or rod paint to
mako them beautiful ...
'LtAii.vo for Lira. At the biirntng of
tin) uianutaotory at Uoruaviilu, Mussitulius
olls, from fifty to seventy pcrsoni jnmpt'd
from the third and fourth .stories of tho
budding, on to the bard ground. Strange
lu rtlato, only lurco wei fatnlly injured
Tho remainder with a few. exceptions, a
uspod entirely without hurt, .
A Pacifio MAaToooK. A foaolisx'd
mammoth tooth of the Miutodnh Miixihuis
has been found lately in a small cn t.k lit
Vanemali, Urogon. It was purfeut wht-n
discovored, and weighed thri'o, pound.-i.
This is tho first disco wry of the kind ou
die PnoiGo const.
jtiTA printor down South offoroH to t-ll
bis wholo establishment for a. t lunn shiit
ami a meal of victnaU. Ho lias lived pn
pr'omiacs till hit whislers bavo slopped
growing. ' T "
s- : r -i l ' I
At the bite meeting of tho British As
sociation, Dr. Pennon, in the idinmiual so
tioa, asserted that there were only two rtrri-i
.!, ... . ' - 1:1
lonooti wnicn were not a'iultcrttf(l-a
common salt and reduoot! lurnp 'sitgir.
llehalongod any gentleman printout io
add anothor article to the list. . - . -
Two uuoccupiod frame dwelling, own
ed by a New York millionaire, were stoldii
and carried away a few days acn.t Th
owner excuses bis folly in leaving "iuolt
property exposed, br snviii" that i t it titiiin
of pulice lived opposite the stolen homos
and lie thought tlu-y wero safe. Tho'cap
tain think ho will caloh the tblevls when
they eomt Dock for the lut!
' ' : ' . .Jl.: ' -
,I am-convinced digestion io thogrpat
r" U.1.1'K' v,m' cnaractcr, tnlonts,
virtues anu qualities ore powerfully tfu.-cl-ed
by beef, mutton, tife-ci'iist and iil
soups. I have often tliouirM 1 could feed
or starva men into many, virtuoa and virps
nnd affect them more powerfully with my"
instnuneulsi of cookory, than Timothcns
couli do- formerly with bis lyro..' So
wrote Sidney Saakh in a letter to a friend.
and the passage is not les remarkable for
its triktu tban its raciness aud pleasantry.
TAsf ioir ltAiifto;-Sir Her SOMETHING- WORTH. tOOKINQ AT.
r i,t5.?r jhnilEpreparilloTi, although Id Alah two years be-
stnna l.ini.in need I I r..ani.,.m.i.ii....,a.iiirioifamidwrnic'n-ruuiMn
ircumstances; and .lu
wur,:, of "Jinppinesja him"'.!) rough jth
nnd it sliiM.t irms itl.liowevr,lluiw
mirfiit go amiss, irti
- .i . ' . '"""
him.it would u Ar,,HSt-e; ior reading, j
In:.., - ... . . rr. .. tKut 1iuL am I. id I
UMO lliail IK. .HUH.-. a--
m-nn8 of gr.l llyin? ,au1l VOUCanUpf rH u,e
to make J,im good and . l,aJrr?V.,for7o
binitT him ill. A-OlltrtcW ViVlXl, tlie llOl.jPO.VWI JuimI
111 nil agcs.with tlie tendeist, the Drax-W; , iaM(
? ... . . 1 1 .l.l
ailll the purest, niilll whfk .hViU. 1 adori)4 1 6,1
liumniiyr-mHkin2 bim a denizon of all na-
linns, a C')iitomitorTry't)I air times, nnu
givirtjj Itim a pniVlicstbro '.proof .'iblit tlio,
win Id Ims befit crea'ed for bim.Coi bis ao-l-tirp,
nnd fur bin unj'iymeiit. .
KxTHAOni)I.N"Alir PrrOFITi os SiTkBf Pi-
T.vr.iKs. lUussrs. W.ium ana nmuowan,
tf Alton, ll'jinptH, en'gng'i'tf in llio cultiva
tiiin of swof.t pot.-i'.oc. vuUisb an account
of tbeir p.'oriis'diii In j tjifl, psV. (Sebson.1
They jil iKjifd twelve tmros of, potntoo,,tlte ;
oxpi'iKcs of vwhiob, dvllvored' in 'markut,
wui 1 P.3,'., TbtMJiV-ainmiiij-pf aaloa
wure $2.2l)b, V-avnia &2.V12.0J f.ir net
pro!i!i. TWd'Hea, , an uveraju profit of
107,70 tier f ero. - ..' i - .
A ni'tii wkir.diH's'iiot el.iiiii to "baa judge).
f Rwiii !, sii-; 'Last-prini' I bouq;lit a
littli! iii t out of a drovi?, aii I lio.wng nod"
iir'pkrni!r,but woulju'i eraw much, lie
t o alVr 11 wwt k' or two. thai bd wftuld
at 11 Jup'o bU'.-kt .full ot ,itvij ., ami ai-
nr 1m li't l swull iwed it all 1 riiukitd up the
. .. ... !. . IH. .
pig ami put H in llio :tma uucKfi I iiml
1 lunr I nun, unit the little etui ttitfitt Jill
hul uU'y i'.., v .'!:'.'' .'V
aty'riif' firt s'-p lotoqjou Is'Vi foci
lm ivitiii of ii i. ll)y is- InroTiipniiblo-'with
lijs lii(ii''liiJi; , 'J'iift bft tiling wo can
tune iii-xt to wit. ii to know we bare it
not. , . V .. 'V
" Wllpl.KSAl.H i.EKS ).N. . i
Il l iUuiii Mroi t iMiluunll, "
l..t- IKia n!1 t ii :iud KM iiiHklriirund rfotlvlnir
, lsli wipi'l'iJ. ull kliul of . !
.linn' nud lloyi,' RlitcU, itrown in. d Tun
. i.lo., a.iil IVart K.ft -MiiIh, Fariind '
" (iol; (;intli SilU I'iuJi,ilaxi'tIiiud
r.iiicy "itj fur illfirtiii5 floy. '
UM-V f'A'l-' o no u jd'sV
i, iiunn Fisct rrintu, 1
HATT ER& fVtxS, TRlf?M,.NGS,'' &.C.
To hi. h would (all Ilia alli'lillditl.r Donl 'rn nud
iiiniry .Mri huiila het-ire purvtuiHiiBr; nn arepro
iit.r'xi lo iiuritnji':rior iiiuuccMontrt t
'ii,1ior nrnefjil
, i .1 ...
ciiiotiuieii, tut lu.ir 4, aniwi
T.'iL.s. M:Hitr.w;;4r so,
M tiiuf.u turura arid liniifrtorof 1 -I
AT WUOt.i-S ALU AItp,.KKTAtI.,, . '
South Wast Cornor of Haia and Faurth Stroetc,
Clucka, AVnti Hcn uud Jetvcli f Iteyalr
rd and Varrantvd. ' ,
Aiigiml 3J, lo55 3iul7 , , '.
i.ockviiit muiK. .. , .
riIll! nliierllei'liarirchni)d llm ahore properly,
and ia now prepared to do eiiNloiu work as well
no meri'lianl workii 1 hi. mill lia, been woll rciuiired.
mid I in tf.tud ortlur to do work In either way. ' Jtela
ulio pr.'pitriMl to buy wliunt nt all limes, or fleurllie
Niinio fur i.iiHtotuerAkirite.lffi.d. Hii tins nmidnvcd mi
inpuriomod iiiiltor,niid will ruiidorguuorul sullsfut-
l'rPTha lU ilUlKfv.wiliaft lfrlnVrflni(rTVlfriinle,
loirollief .wHIh 4inlr. .'tubs, etoui 'i ko b'uw-lulll nV
Jolwitig.il Ularle.i i- . '
rur40lis wi,ltiurio ouy i,wii u,is can iw niTciimTiiu
lolodv , 'J'ho proprietor i-aa nl.ali times ba found At
his mill In ('irk Uln. orxin liln farni. I V tnllsa soulh
oant of J,ockvllUi,aiid 1 mile enl.( Carroll, i i
ll.l.Ml.L, UOVliM.
ImVi,) 'Mtijf
"nioiirn'riTT Lots ron s.rt,
f WILLs.-H .Piill.R lit llio mrnii )inulifulli.l vsliinble
I oti lu llui I ity, containing 00 root, iron I sum, n
uboutl'U f.Mrdiuip,.sliutid mi t'MUuulius Slrool, Im
iliedUt jl Serlli qt Ihu llosr. Jiilm Vagephala, and
Imiiiul.id by Allen KUim'I. ou Uic Kurlh, mid by a 95
(tint Alley up lli.t rear, boing the highest looatiou on,
snid street. 'I hu above. Ils am. well Inclvstid, and
curinul iiini luivnd with Grnvul ou tlolumhus SUpot,
mid planted wlUi KJwdoa Truos. 'i'kuy will be l d
snperutuly or logethar. i Prku, ransouiiUU,, one-half
In liiiud uud thu IwUlieo In oun nu two lenrs Willi
lntnnisla -. ,, . .... T. UvHlH,un..
Luui-astor, Oclnbor 55.1F5S ImCJ
a i. Fit c vfifiitsitl r
svroa.vat Axd ,oi sKti,oi ax i,u-, 'jnTti ar, J
., j-ay AftO BKKL .SNII.AWBII'Ii
1 1 -. - . i- ' l.n-nol4-r, kla, i.ui- v
WILL give ntti'btjMi lo lb pnrcliiisln'sr'audieUlri
or Hiinl Ksliihi.Also,toltie procurliig of. 1
slniisnnd llonnty iJindHt1 ' ' ''' '
OKFlCl'. In llio Hrlek mocl;' tvearly nnpsrla' '
Hocking Valley Bunk. may Hi-iftiM - '
IIR.'H. H, FIJI,EY, " ' f
-kFPKUH his pmfcsslonal snrvlces to III olllnni
9 of LaiicaatMruiid Itsvletnlty. ' - ' '
As rhls si-.ti-m of mdrciil hrni'llce It new to many
In this iiliire,;ii muy be deemed properte gtva a Saw
or us i laiini-i ve leaiures. - -
I'he us' or the luiicel Is nhiindonnd as a prastlce
fraoirlit with evil consoquenCHat and a naturnl daula.
lion more anfo nud elT.icliiiil siihstttiKvd, by laurons
lug the vnrioiis seereiloiis Aiid oxerollnsisof Use-body
thus reducing llio cltculuttnu to any iiesiranie ex
Icnl. and avid. link-arnittiiully 4he alialruulloiiar illuil
notion of uoy vital or Invigorating- principle of the
blouit, -':, ill
For llio poisonous mlnerul niedlclui-t hereloCoro tn
enmmon use the more gi-nliil Inc.tli lni-, as now .
paruil In a coiici-ntriiliMl nud purely uiodirliml fonit,
fruin the vi'gelaldn kingdom, i" onlyHdmllted Into
pracllce, bomg moru iiiorougii nnu emcient ogeniS)
iindiilwuvs ii ud or the oulirA coiitsol oltlie tiractiiloii
er; hut under iro ctrenmstauces capable of prodaaiug
any oftlie ilLuatrous results seen in every eoiiiiiiuiilty
vi here calniiu-l and u Isuell medical uguiiishavo bouu
the chief reliance. iti'
OUloo Tiillinailgs House, oror WtilU cV'latla'i
hloro, , . .
K-i.lili'Ucn Ilfiv. Sumuol CurpeukT, Uroildwliy
Oct. V5, o.ljr. , , , , ....
flUis,t::'lV'.,'.Ni3 W(V.,ts'i,MalUTH VassiBliiftali .7
, i irr i I.ACASTFII,
at rttl.iniif sTATtoif, c. w. a n. n: k.'coto
WII.I.IAitf Irlll.rVFHI Ao-ont.
rlll'.oinimiiy liarorecentlv ah an gad die locatloa
or meir vincii as uuuvw. aiessengerfieavei.au,
saKlerdBiiy mr i rams over g., v. a s, iibii itoan,
aifordlng the bait facilities for Ina pronipl, safe ami
cheap coiinivame of psrssls and freight ta all point
r.usraiHS wasi, also i.irMie eoneciiow or .voice, iirans,
Accounts, and for making pun-Lases oi the elocution
ofCoiiiiuiasloiis guiu-riilltv : '', .- s.
Special contracts for the earring of largs qnsnUllos
I rreignt win do uiaoe.
at- J j. WILI.IAAf illkNK,Locl Agatrt.,
!'''- MAIHRWePXllKS ',.,." ''
...riittAMii nkaIh..-.-'! rr-ir
IjuicntUr, uagusl la.lfl 14
ClNClWilT'l 7, U I. M I fi UTUrf AND
OYf..V TO ttliv- LEXlNOTOKwTwadalrj Trains
' (Sunduyli excepted;) . i ,:( .
m-ti i ram i.aui i.iaciunutl at n A.M., arriving a
l.ani-utvriitll.ao.A. M. wid iU No w Loajagloa at 13 41
. ltctrtrultig.t.-avcs Now Lexington at 1 IS P.M. aud
liUiunstor at ' 45 P. M.,urrlvlug at t'liu-tiiull utS.SId P.M.
Stroud I'rai lenves Clncliuiutl ul 4 P. Jl, arriving ut
Laiic-iitral.J4 M.i.-i.. ! ,,.,- . ),, t .. ."
Koiiiriilng leaves Lancaster at 5.40 1. M. arrtvliur
stUlptijnmllBill A.Il.r.lii-'. JU'i '?.',
rritlns stop for passougers r.t all Intermsdlste polnli
and connect with truinsan Lilal Mlntal Buad for Co.
minims, iiiirion, iiiiiriiornugn ana i iiuiicotne.
Htnge lines ronnsat at Circlevilra for rhlUlwdli
nn.l tvilqmbiis, at bannister for I.ognm rtetsoaVllu
Athoaa.and IViiiv,nilt'Kf'TMlnf)i,iwrrn-fcie
ersni and Snnoarille, arriving ni BawsHlla In lima
to, Kasieriuratnsen Oentrh (ih o NsMmail.' :
For othortnforinitllon and tickets, apidy at Tlexdt Or
HcB,ronirof Broadway nml FrontstrtWls, and ' nt lha
Idttle Miami llcpot, or to the Station Ageirtson feline.
, .. J. Mo. L. 8T AUGHTOPl, ' .
v,. ' F.nglniverand Rnporlntendentr
ltTha Company will not ij responsible for bag
gag,ceelliigii)invaluo, rnilesa the swme ba re
tarndtotbConductoror Agent, and freight paid at
",0,,l,M,forvrvV)Olvaluo above that
amoum. ..... .. ,f:. ..o.Austrl4S..
human hir and scalp, ha airai) obtained ''
or n.ary appliancea-for stu b purp'es.weu i! y,
'" i""" It" wZKS
ncn u " y
- - ' . ' '
. iv- :
I HpiHiite Mcnie the
iuK, & eibuti by wiuui r-u. a hju .m ire-
kruLntn will nifualtv restore crnv hair irt 1U unlit ml
. . I,..1'.rfulltnt;il,' n,mu tK. h..d..f
i"r' i'vKi. " .-i " : .
ualJ pltfVeiit lle hlrfroii fallinir oif.aurt, ben
wvy, aMHHyilijaoor lh thulp. and expel
, at . Bartof u..ou ai ry, wb..haveui-
a.t. .Ntwtaa ! M i i mu I alio A awmill . in l lav
tlierafore pa whnt they know, most fully
uttaH. TUaib? nionuroa4 ortkitKeilerHtive theb&ir
can b madoto retain Us nntnnil rnUirto almost any
aco illiiU j.I t.ikuilt.'iaily, by" removing the cailK? i
d.if'jujte' from the rulrliomul,t(ArriioM' luiig.t:iJiillitg
- tht. coiicurrei.lt,-.11 monliiljioi l Itf rrc,nint tho cer
tlllcatus of the uiloierymi r.-l...ilnble Indiitduala of
both sexos, leave iro do'.ibt. i-irrnlarM conttuniuc roll
pnrieuliira rclulive to UiccurutU o, lis woll ns ri-eotu
muadatUms of clitorA, aml ceitiUi aWs bofosc ailoilvd
lo,eao bj hail hi all ll'e ugonla. .
llKOm:Mco. Moas., January U,t?5.V-Prnf, Wood-
flear Sir: Having iniulu a trial of yaur Hair Iiestonf
tWoi H iravoa ais pleaeure to auy thut its cfect has bevn
excvlleiit In n-ihuvin? itifliimmalion, ilnudrulf, ond a
oonslnat luitdcnwy t iti-liing, with witirli I hnvoliefn
IroubK-d fnim t-Utlilliood, ca llus ulo reioron my Harr,
whiih' .n becoiuHK trruy, tolls oriirlnal colon I he
usud Rooiiior article v.ith anything like ll.e pie -surd
and piulit.- i . o-iirt truly, J. K. HHA09,
JJastor of llio Orthodox Church, llrooktlcld.
'' PV. Kffffiiv March 7, 1H34.--Prof. Wood Dear Sir:
Mv hair coninrjiicci) fullini; ol! some three or four
year s!nc, nml cotilltiucd to do so until I bdeantsj
utenatit.' trrrcfluii me popular rouiunioa oi mo
bill to no eirert. At ln-it 1 wan iiiilurva to try your
limi...l Hair KestorntlvC- and am very hnpny to
sav it-Is diilns; Wonden. 1 liavo now n Hue (frHth of
younc liuir, and cheerfully recoinuiend tin ue to nit
similarly alllirlcd. A. f. Willi. xroM, 133 2d street.
rint.vi.io. Ilf.; June 2f, li.T. 1 have hscd Prdf. O.
J. Woad!a..Uair Kt-sturrrif e nnd have ndmlreil its
wonilurfiil i-llorts. Aly harr lr.(coiiiliir.iil Ihouirut,
proauitHroly gray, but by tlivnse of his Kosiorfitifo- ll
iiassea imeJ iu original cHor.nnii have no do'iht per
niiitianli) ao.'. H. llMEKs(lKx-henator,UuitodHUtta.
114 Murkctytroet, St. Uiuls,Mo., March 8, IMS. '
lljar Mr: f am doinc 'an extendve tnivll ia llio Weal
anil South W'cilnrii Malos us n General Agrnt for
Ailaiii"' Amerienn l.iiiimi-nl. nnd wouli lie gfad if you
woubl favor me witli n consigumonl.of Prof. Wooil's.
Hair li.;i!o5jtim,M I feel aiirf.l Unit I can inlroduce
it'ln liiuui' places whore it ia not known, as my own
head is a living testimony of Its valuable properties.
In restoring hair to Ha nutuiul color. I am forty years
old, nod my kuir waaaluintt white, but after uaing
throe half-pint bolllus my hnlr boauliful aubura
as U n u nt I'luhtoen. nnd iniicli Improved in 0pear
Slic e, iijul I viould not be Willi. Mil nboltle nnliiii.J for
the priro of ten. I should lie clad In ntloiid to any
mnlic-.rlhat Is connected Willi llio Halrliestorallve. 1
have I, ecu for llil rtiu-ji years eniEnm--d in tho same bu
sinr'as ulid pill I)'." clad U hiuir from jou soon. Idyud
ilreflhls Pariu, Ti'iine.siie. L
Vrv rouiertfiillv. ' W.M. Tl DliOOMli,
iryPrc-pared and sold lit 114 uiarfcot filreel. be
tween 41 li mill .Uli .trqcn, ft. Louis, Missouri, and 310
llrontl wav. New Vork . . .
Solil Vyhol,iile nmr Rrtnll nt Proprietor's prices,
Ilv J. H. I'AKIV, Ulncinnun,
Ard K Ar)FFAIAX & Co., Ijiiicnster, Ohio,
OctoboH, lrto IjtS
t ht'DPcr titan eiuf kclara Offerad In
, J O H N eTF! N Q E
ITAS Llclv Diirdiasodfrom P.Iloiiolils Intorest In
1 I tlu IJurdiiAro b-.isiuus, niid.iu udditlou to Ilia- bU
rcuo lariro sluck. Is now duilv.rocalvkiir. direct from
Iha JIf.nuiiicliirri'saiid isurrrrj, a llltve Jin bane of
new go.iil.i, wlui'li will innke Ills stuck ol jiurdtra.ro one
of the mostuAtouaive to be found In tliia. markut. llfs
f.icililiosfor purohiisliigjiud urraiigemeuta with Nunu
I'tt lurers, which uro eqnui to uuy,ill enalilo him to
offer ull desi-rii'tioiiflrui'lJurdunru. at tover nrietM a
any vllur cjUiiliiHt. The ulteotlon pf Farmeks
nud MKi'iiiMm is Invit.'d to Hie extraordinary Induce
nicntsnow hold out to tliom In llio tv.iy of great bar
gains fully satislled that If they consult tliuirown i si -
terest tliey win be certain to cull anil examine ins prl-
ecsbofore nutrliaslnir elsewhere. 1W clo.o altentlon
to business, and by cont:tutlv kooplun: on hand a full
and ennnilete assort im-nt nnd llio best roods, he linncs
to somre n large MKire ol'lhe palmnngo of the Furmerr
and Mecbiiiilesnftlid county.
April Sid, .
llnuirr nnd Cnrt-iugo Irlalicra
"VyiTTIIiI. Ilitil.ut the Aa Slarihenrt Sfere, nppotta
V the Tallmn-lirt fsu,oiio oftlie largest nod best
soliu-leil stock of 1'riunnings ever opened ill this mar
kul. flniisUllligin part of
100 Pieces Htiaml'd Illicit mid Canvass,
... jj H. ...i Pniicy colored do.
SO " ':' - nil "Wool uud union Tlatiinslcs
" SO Hide pnteat nnd Hnnin'ld Lenilier,
' -H rrt iilld Silvel1 Wilted Rinds, Top Props,
Stomp Joints, l,nees, Hnrlrg. A xi'ls. etc.
laHcostur. April SO, 1HS4. JOHN El'FISGIill.
... ,
01I.N LI'Fl.N'GEltnouUI iurlletln allenliou of Car
ptntiniend ieiise Uuiltltrt to his largo atne.bj ol
uao building Inialerlals.. Tlioy will Hud constantly
onliunilf lui) bust Juiiiutn Nji'lU, spikes and Brads;
l no uinsi a ipr.vuu Jioor un-.i nuu ijiicnos; . -Wiiploir
Glass and Hash uftilt sixes;
Cpui-Ulii niiil.Wnoira Pure While Leail aud Oil; ,
Uuortiiid Ullnd 11 -la. Shop Illngus, Hulls, ote. . -
Tlioseuboiit building will bu ecrlulii to. snvo luouev
by evamltilug my prlcos bforo pHrchaslngelsu whore
April -jo, itijs.
ntrrliunlr.'si Tools,,
ItTTKDIohn trades mid oftlip iilii.fopprllVeil ilisko
HTiirher s i-ASt Meci, firmer nnq i-ut.-KC!-st'Otigosr
Spenr and .i.K'Ksoirs i nsi nnu spring moo; nawa.
Hiiu-iHtt's n.iiiiiioaiin wngio riune irons, .
Ohio Tool Cpmpiiiiy Planes, ' .
Mnaooa nml IMuslprs Trowls.
Cooper's Uriwlng knives, etc.,' for sslo cheap hy
Aprllk, 1,854.. . . ..JOllN KrPlttOER.
, . ... .O- ' - '
.; y i SAniC UIi , BF.KI1V " '
WOtTI.1) respectfully 'nnnonnco to the citizen ol
l.snrssler Ar vfciiilly,tliathu has cotpineucedtha
llrcnd, l.ig;lit ItuaK A; Oratcker Hakinii
In BBiiscllin with hlsforiuor baking, cVIs now prepared
T4 rlTltnllHII 'FAjniLIK!!
ltlini.rvJliliig In the above 'line. Ilavlugln lila em-
liiy tliebosloflmkers, he fouls roufldciit that ha can
louse, an. wpo ipuy ia tor una wlui a can.
TTPCull alluaSlore ou Main Street, and als . t kit
Bako-Houss.tMirnor of (.'oluuibps A Mujburry aeta.
lnoaster,Jiiy in, ivm. . . , . -
Fittlt nnd Ornnmentnl Trees Ac
RJ. BLACK would call tha attention or hi,
, frlottVs.aad the iwbUo, jrenOrallya 4o the Sue
stock of Fbcit and Obnsmkntsl Trbbs, Sut-aa. Vines.
Ac., which ho offers for sale lha coming Pall, at his
nursery, mrue nines nun oi nruniun.
iiissiocr ooiisisisoi jipnt. rtar, inotn sianonru and
dwarf,) IJiriiire, PserA. I'fast, arfcel, tfttlarint sail
C'Asrre VVsss: Orapt yiesyCrrmnts, Gtottbtrriti
flaialfri-i'ii, s;.j and Orsoisrsrui Jfi dtcidmut
nd Krergrssa.-
Nona but tha eery ssf f mils, and well-grown trees,
will be soul out from the Niirsery; and every variety
ia tsarraafsd rerrsrf, having boon propagated by lu
prnprnor nnnseir, or uiiuor ins imineoiiiio airoction.
no ifouoiu nor expeiisu uns ueen spareii uurijig tno
last six venrs In obtaining the best fruits In the coun
try, aqd a visit tn thu Nursery, or uii examination of
me laiaingno, win snow mat ne naa oue or tuo Quest
eollectloni of fruit In Central Ohio.
Orders from persons who And ItlnennTOtilontlo visit
the (u Dory win uo promptly nitenneu to, it address
ed to Iho proprietor at huku VH.1.K, uuia.
iii'acriiiiivo cuiiiiogHiis iiirui.nea grans.
Tha following gentlemen are referred to: B. W.
CtnLisi.Bi Greenfield townshlpt Cmsl.xs Hasamcn.
r;q., l.am ator, unin; l). nol'RsB, Baltimore, Ohio)
HBV. If. Of. limilllT, UO,'
Seplombor 110, 1H55. Wtf
Imnn. nga.ltffi.aan aaaw
HAVING. established himself hi the mnnnrhctiirlng
(Visay'i Buildinf, Sac User ffcif oftkt llatkinf ymllef
irsai, is prepared in riirnisii the people of mis county
wllh every llilng that may bo needed In his Hue. Ho
ki.Mii. nn lui.til ri.arv v,iri,.lvnr IMtlltiTIKri mtiA HIT AT.
INO STOVES flir VO0ll and I TO All, consisting III part
.,i..n.... 11.T1..1.1 u'...... ....... - a
Trliiinnh, Buck, Presidents and Proftironee rWodd
and Black IHaniond fur ('.ml. Also Ploughs, Plough
Nharea, Hngnr Kollles ok llollnw-ware. All of uto above
articles will bo sold as low ss ran be bought elsewhere.
Ho Invite! clltiem) geuurultyln rail and oxninlno his
SlOOg. - JA1WK.1 AlCaiAclAMlT,
N.B. Hoiiatt-spoiitlng Arlobblngdoueupon short no
lice. Old Copper, onus, fewtnr and Iron lafcon la ex-
Old ContHM
change for any of tire above articles.
J Ms.
Lancaster, tany i, irc
10.000 ACRES
'f AM now dealing xlriislvoly In Land Warrants
llioae wlshlugto sell hud llicrefor belter cotisiiit
mo usluro soiling else uero. lieaieraln warranlsran
do ua well with lite as lu auy market and uiake quick
turns. The costs of assigning la always paid by ma.
and any information about Wumiuls cheerfully given
without charge,
Thosolntaadliig lo sthidr Warrant! alaomd fu
lure tlinecBMdeoosUo tiaeiii witlLiu. and receive thi
n pney onntocuat ior uioui.oimi auolhor warniiil when
Hi) vlaB. namuiis passing iroia lay nanus are ai
waysrauraaiasa! la essry rnpeel.t ..
1 nlaa dual lu Eastern Exchange and Gold aad Sll
yerColn. I . W. TALI.M Alliitt
Lancnstcr,septoib(7,iejJ-Sjtri, j
a- -n-f m.
.. .ii waiii li. jtrHsnv.l .
SfTAyE imreli
ons in tno Gi
. thePilMlcS.'ll
'iirehdied-fliB eutlre Interest' of JouxLx
io Grocer Store on tho fioulliivest earner
IrSiitinru.hiu-k nfllio AInrLet rioii.o. wlu-re
I .hull ut all times take oleosure in survlnv tha old
eustoraerk of Uie aatHblitliipenand my frluuJa wltb a
Cliolcoatilectlon of GronorleNotions.Ac
Myaewsnpiiiybsa alrosdjaiflved to which I invite
special attenilim ef eutlomers. My prices will ba at
lowasouy other similar establishment In th tlty. ' I
am a pew beginner aud Mup en hav a ltbevrrl-stinrt
of IhapublK palronkre. JOlJM.ll. JACKSOS, ,
Lanciisler, August 4'.l, less lfltf - - i, -
' v cafitoi. crrr v AST-rsioir, ;
' ' rOLOMBUh, OHIO..-(. a I '
TKllll'TlON.'1 'I1i iirnprli'torflak.a:rcnn,lena'
uh in nllliouucljic to the attlll'liof I lie Vnlon. IhM in
tollJC.luenrc 01 llie frrot wn?l..riir.ii ni.iiuri...,i fiy
tU'kel-bul.U'ranftlielr liast creal JHnul at.ou.auu
the man tnouiuina sonciimii.hMrcni i n ctu i me
co 111.tr), in relation to whrtlier lhpy"lkU-i vetting
up another PistrUnilion of Gifl for the cn fe, they
Kave.nfteran Iniiuoiiae outlay, berneual-lfd (n offer
tutheir thouaandaof palroi.a tlie loiiov n p value
1. . ; . urtiiii.-n
n conimitloe of ten.ailettod
ihelnrffest tiuniberof snh.ciit.crs are nl.inedt ...
1 FAKM lit 7 IIKKTATKOf IIM IAAA sio.ia.u
.1 do IN OHIO ... . :.. 8."
1 .lo ' do ' .0Ut
I Fi.ar-story lirlsk ))welliLgolK:I.ol,iC- . k
lumbus. Ohio ' ' u.5tdl
1 do do do uo 6,S)
1 Beautiful roaidaicc lit ihclawnof Uoitiit i -.
Vernon , . 5,.M0
1 Two-Slorv Rrlrk rtullillr in Clillllralha 3,5IK)
1 Brick Cuttago and Lofiu Colonibiia , . a,b(i
1 .. do - da ' lo ' ' S. Wit)
Frame do do irta- , .J!i5t'u
J Huodsowin Coiintry IJeildcliicIn Bff:o," '
Perr counly, Ohio . t , ' . . 1 t .JCO
4 Splendid building lota in C61 (iiubns, of
3J)0il . i . i . , 1 ".CCD
10 1T - ilo oo 81,51,0 -.T
4 do.. . Oft t lavctaiiil
I Grniid Actioln Piano . Clilckcrif.g's)
1 Cold Wnuli ..act Willi Diaamnda.: .
5 Oolil rnlrlios,alf."rMieai'lt
W Rosewoosl H)i.i( t W " I i :.
10 Do il.i nt 4lfl '
. JO ''i do i do- ai .Ilia '.. ... :
SO Cold. Wutehcj, cl stflfl .
ino j H l i .. lit 11.0 :. i..'. 1
11,0 do nt . '
. S.5H0
' f o.ono
1110 : do) at 4
3H0 Sliver do . nt i
' ..rno
lf do - ilo" at 111
KHiO Lndiea' Goli r.rrasl I'iii.iil S4 f ,.
$00 do 'llrnclia Snswls, sit $S '
500 do filk Dress Patterns, at S20
SHOO trfiffrT Pencils, irt 83
1ISJ00 Cold Pens, with Silver Cascs.nl S3
SUiOO Gold Itings,at91,0each-
ivne4 ,- , ui , H i,iu earn
F.very purchnscr of the sblendid large Lithographic
Knrrnflng.. will re'reivo a Cortiitcnto of Membership
onlltUfitti.Qrti-.fo a rlinnoo in Hie above lift of vmlua-
sIa nsii Anallv rlflsi rnrtlifli IVtMilA. Tliaa RntuM W.i I
awmi lktfl annt liv mnil fwllbnut IiIliv iiuinnon.l I in am
. . . . . . , , a . ' I
jinnniina rnnmr).. ' ' ' "
JLr'' tonic guar raervco.Jll
Persons wlshif, to act as. Agcts for ns will nlen.e
aeud a recommcndnlion itlcneitU the PoalmaaW ,.
some ouior iiiuuciiiiai mm wen Known person In tho
i o inose persons who nave nccu Q(-llvgf.s Agaptsfor
us in our lormer irisirietiiioii, una ia no, rmiinrofl; .
All orders with Iho money cnel6scij,frcc ofpo'aiuge
will moot with prom rdnlienl Ion.
)r ,r,i"'-rfr.re jirceeat nttkef&nl0 owita'Aer
trannmittinf menry ft v vtill plttint adits' it temltd in
tmprertmt r i lit l-oiimatlrr, and the amount cnltr-
tit oarsssraB if.
We prepay. all our tellers,.! Irculnm, e, to' our1
agents and correspondents, uud expect Ihcui to dotke
some wllh ns. . (
ITr'Agents witntcd In arcrv town, whom we will
furnish with posters, circulars', schedules. Inslriieilens.
aiconappurniionniouroniro, or bv moll post psi.r.
For further pnrtirnlnrs s;no doscriplivo hills, fee., of
unqulre at office, No. S, Wnlcult'a Block, Town Rtreot.
.. I .. 1. .. Itl T , , X" 1 , , " ... '
voiiiHivu.-., in, .t i, i-, of ..w.. rrinriTiiir&
JOHX n. 8IIAFFEK, Agent for UiieuMot,
March B, lP55-44 ', s'
, . , ,
ue proprietor,
II. 11 . llunioi
1 bv nurrlinHn. ofllie lirni-erv Htnr. .,r I
Co., to wlilcli he liasjust addod a largo and superfine
varlotj of Family Clroccrict, now arriving nnd lo arrive
from Clncinnnll.iiiidolhor marts, lu mukii.ia ui. i,j,
cliuse ho hnslind in view tho accommodation .vf iiii
fi'loiidsliiiddiecrimating public, fur all seasons. , lie
enmmenns to inoir uu-iiuon, among other articles, at
nrices unit enmror la tog voss stact on. ,
tlNt'liC'iloKAUlKbofallkluils.fur families and
Candltt. Tnrngonla Aliiioiiils,i;nglIsli Walnata and
lln..lll... T.'I. I J......
i.i O..III.I. t.,n. i-ifa uii.i fiiiica, t
Jrlhti, nnd Golutlno for Jollies, Prunes, fcc. ,
i'i rainiisurnccrn-siin wiiionlv inotit on I'lill. now.
lerediuid crusln-d SUGAR, Now 'Orleans do., TKAN,
Hloand.ln COFFEK, Spices, Molasses, Golden Syr
up, Fruiiih Chocolate, Musiiroon Walnuts. Toinuln
Catsup, nnploiidid lotof y.nglith Mar) CAscss. and.
other urlicU'S lo numrotis to nut flnwrt hero. ; ..
tniiomTget,aiso, tiiunora, Hrniidyfor tho alcg and.
i-imvnii.scciii,ciir.-irso jcars mil, slnonKllig and chewing
i,..,..,v.oa umiuiaiairai. ior me nporismurn
Ho mill keop on hand n vnrlnl y of 'eisis, J'a-ai
in, .npil liisowu aianufnetarc foraitirade. ; : 1
Not lonsl.n hirge and full'iissortmoiii of tjsssajaaars.
.arrsra wars, rresrs worsaair Kveitth GluistcarefUh
ai, , ,... ia wura, a a aa, asweaaaa, ore.
IPr" Ho hnposlo obtain a fair sliairofthe ptfbHe favor
inetsiiuw unaiariasnig, ana ioohs lor the npprnimtlon
and pnlmuage nl liU friends. Jlnving been compelled
to relinquish hlsformcr hnsincssnslnliirloiisto healih.
howillniakoafiiirlrialofilils.loBocIf it will ii.it froflt
hlspnrse,us c(l ahls hcnllli, ,. If Ilin evperlilioiit, (tc,
which he will diitole 111 undivided attention) duos not
Bururuu, on-win na inic nn irusis, io sorvc tno puniic in
i,M'Ti ii - iciiim: r4n;nmT
lll'.Vll.lspri.iSro.ltofiiriiliiinllklllsi.f STP.AM
F,KNuHA'ts.um sliprt notice oud. ol Cincinnati
and Pittsburg prices.
Also, all kinds or Mill Gearing, Hoisting Screws,
Ri-gulniiuK K-riAws. Jack Serawsi Fullor'a tens, u.,i
lioor rcrew s. . ,
Mill Spindles ofcait Iron or wrauclil.
Bales nnd Drivers. Ac. e.'
Ho will nlso furnish tho PAItKF.H W1II.-RI. ...ii
ny ncaa ai wuier.miu who aimer nou of Sims mnn
Alsotho A 1 Klnson WHEEL Hi upas above. The
natcnt on the rnrkor wpecl has exnlred and rouse
.iiioi.llv Ihea- run he had miii-l. kam,..
lie aasn vifmiirnea ro innao nn. V1I1.-M I mr .IP H lata
NAUllini-.N, snilKei.ps a lovcoiirtKiilly on hand; war;
ruiuoii iiui uoai in uiiioa ' : i -- , .. k
AlltUeulHivearllclus will be made with oanerial-r-ara
and by the boat workmen, and will bs wsrrnnled.
All klnda of repairing uou iipoa lha Shortest notice.
Heall'i keens constantly on hanil.. ALL KINDS OH
CAIS1 INGN, usually kept In a Foundry, - lie has mm
niowunisirouisuop,ao iaai loos wuocaH caw exam
ne nts work. ,-..-.! ... .,, i. ... .
The known oualltv of the work done) at this eilsh.
lishineiit for many ysars,iast,ls the best guarranlee that
In future. Ilia subscriber will labor to desire tha pat-
nHUHrevi uio pauncw aao inTiloaoxaBSlOBSlon.-
Lancastor, May lu, i44. - o, UKVOL,
riHBnndersigad respeclfnlly advertises Iho pub-
X He that aa has on hand for sale, oareaaonable terms
loreasn.aeeaagMss aasorimentar
Fresh and Woll Selected MetUcliten,
Comprising every erad mni sAsasieaf, dorlvcal from tha
ivsgsraa,jtiiast-afBwa;aiMaf Kingdom, anil used In
Allvpatkic. amssaal Ais, Kcltttim mnd JisfamtV nractlec
. uu.snii ,niuii,o,u.n..t.mi .uo ..ia,,aaa,H0ia,
a .a..- ...... . a. a ' . .
Hlsstock ajfiSiirgiciil liislrnnientBlsof theboslquiillty.
iichmuiic ana avywevs x-zarsras, ays tft.
A r ailBlQCK OI f amily Urocerlr,
French aad Amrlean Perfumery In groat variety ,w
Havana aim coramon riegars, i newtng ana ninoving
loiiscco; nesiquauiyoi wines, nramues. ore., native
kiidlinnortod.formedielnnliise: strong Cider Vlnegur.
Window Glasaand Glass Ware, together with all lha
pupularpntent medicines, end an endless variety of
etfrfs and sans nniu ornninoniiii nnu userut. . . ,
Physleiaiiapreterlidleasputiib wlthgreatsare by a
compeleulund experieneou dispenser.
m. t. ia. i c 1 V a.", a, w
001.00,1854 ' -9friMifintrttt,l.anmtit. '
3 1? I turned loLancuster.and will bo lnn-
1 1 1 to rocelve nunlls Ibr Instruction on the
ANO KOUTKand OU1TAK. nt their resilience on
flrosd Strtet, fori k of Main Siroet,inlko ajariar-'
IfctHpied bjJokn IV. lYtapor, and hope their lougx
perlenco In teaching muslc,nud Hie unremitting ullon
llonpnld to Iho Improvaraeut of their Pupils wllllnsur
a portion of public putronage. , a , ,
MISS A. C. UK BERTHOI.T will rocolve a class for
Embroidery and Cnnviiss work. , u ....
MISS M. G. I)K IIKKTHOLT haa- onouad an Kls-
niontnry School In the Basoinent Story ui the Entsco-
pm vuurcii. muy i, inoa -i
Mr AS Just received his SPRING and SUMMER
ply of HATS At CAPS at histoid stand, tppmiftk
lasadgs , .Woia fr, isscoslar, Oki: HI
atock has been selected with ear and embrac
10 very variety f HataafcCapa, 4mo
. including White Beaver, Molskln,. No, 1 J
and Clilnaand Pedid Straw aad Leghorn
Hats; Men, Boys and t'hlldrons Palm Leaf. from Hj lo
S7H- Also Men aad Boy's Knrand Wool'Kossttlh Hula.
Boys and Cklldrens Fancy Hnts, which wilt be sold at
the lowest prices. leghorn Hats washed and bleach
kt the aliortest notice. TtTIIou'l forget th place.
May5, lB54. ' ' W. S .MALLET.
TWILL elt Lot No. 75 tn Carpenter's Addition to
tha Oily of Lancaster, being the Lotdlrectlv oppo
sTloBnllio residence of William M. Klnkea'd, Esq.
This Lot Is largo and eligibly locgted, being one of
the corner Lots in tha original Carpenter Plat and
situated on theSoathweslcornerof Winding and Per
ry Streets, near the V. W. a ".. R. R. Depot. Terms
easy and title warranted. Enquire of
f. - flAM VKL JACKgON er
,. a. , . , OKOKGE W. MAC ELHOYJ
.At the Gaictlo Offlc.
I.ancaatot, May 17,185- 4 -,
804, Fifth Street, Claclaantl, Ohio.
TAT Mr. K. M, RICH, la jBst how oasaUg a
J Splendid Slock of new Itouueta, Ittboone,
f'reneb riowrra, l enthcra, Trltniulaans
cie.;aiillnblefiT the FAl.LTKAUEJlo whlcksho would
respectfully Invite the aifrnfi'sn ofher cnstssisrs. Her
stack will b kept reiilole throughout the season, (by
dally nrrlvslifroni New York) with all Uiatls new and
beautiful In her tin of business, and nt the lowest
eash prices.
Country Merchants and Milliners' will Ond it to (heir
advantage tn look through bar Wholeaol Department
before puTcnaslDg elsewhere. ...
' v Mrs. j: A. TtRNDHRSOX,",. .
904-, Fifth Street, between Klin and. Plum Streets. -
Cincinnati, Soptombor 20, 1P55 20
we. mna:illHceBl, ssn inrarcccneniiy wnwcmni , ,.... i. - -
SCHEME, lo bp dlatrthnted as soon as the 30(i,f.0fl 1 f,"r"1 ''"J h.v Ibousaud on V,1 'J
Beautiful Eagr.rlng.nf the 0n-roi af Oeia r rtla. i,"1 ronp. '"""".Vr",!!
ributed among their P.lrons. The price of the En, JL'"'0!1?
graving l.but One- Dollar, and asa pirlorarnameiuM ""ml diseases rn II. Ia-co n try . r h I
f.nnelbeaurpasscd. ' ntfint lho-. p"""l ''. T"1 ur,, mor, .gotii;
Bead aitontlvelvtlia Wlowisigll rif heeiMlHiload- l'""-. . - I s . ,tii p.,r. n,.
costly Cin..wl,ivl. will beslli.f;.inrtl disirll.i.ls.lby ,AT.JJi2-?.,e .owvtt-teptfg.. Pow
lino I roin rm u ri.irn nure
r . V L... . IIV.III lift IIHIIUMliUB. rHniU Ilia wun...B.
1 ijn " s-3r
. una
-1 the
Ooi) MvitiriKice u 1. i..tiniatml II.. 1 Avae'al
lilii "7
cairl..oaia Cw n" a dona
more to promote the pnblir lioallh, than uny other
si.d iie wlielo l,rral nyslein. from obstructions.
PuTge out lha diseases which fasten on the body, to
work Its decar.. !Hut-forliseass wo should rtlo only
of old age. 'I u'e niitldoles early and llirust it from
inosysieiir.hanE It is yet too strong ia yiam. ,
Aj. it's Pills do thrust out disease, not only w hile it
IswonVeut when ri hat taken a strong hold. Rend
Ike aslouudiligsutemenls of those wlio have keen eur
ed by 111 J in fniau dreadful Scrofula, Props)-, Ulcers,
Mini iitsoasos,. Kheumnlism. neuraHria, uyspopaiaf
lntenu.1 PuliisJlilUou. Comulaiiils. Heartburn. liuni-
Bi-lre-. (Voiit.nndinauy less dnugctoiis but si ill threat
enhuralliiienlia. bimIi ns moles on the-fnee. :Vforma.
Nervous leriliibility. Loss of apnet'.ts. Irregularities,
flizxlireshin the he.-xf. f!nhls. Fevers. Tlvsanterv. nnd
Indeed every variety of p.naploiiitsfor a hli ha Pur
pativa Hemcdy is required. .
Theietaro no randoio MMeinelitsl bniare aiilhentt
cntod by .jour 4wa neighbors Mid you, own Physi
cians.' Try them ono. nml roa will iMTrJie without them.
PrlouS6 cents per Box S lloxcsfor l,on.
Prelmreit hv Ttr: 1 T.'AVRH. Chemist. Lowell. Ms.'.
ami snhlby F iiiKitotu, CiueVnnall; Kaiiflnian di Co.,
and M.Z. Kreldon, Ijinosilcr) G. P. Hamlin.Oaklaiid;
1-:. Hall). KasUvillu.und In all oeaierain Meoioine ev
ery whore,:., , ;.,. , SopbsmberG, lPSi 2u 18.: .
'" ' AT TIIE
iiaSjiitVA.'" .cEiit'tEisr. '
Oktbto'r F.tit f tit Reding Fat 1 1) Bank, Stiuk
i Jiral atesst. J.aasitr. uaia.f .-f .
JV tni. CM4lnicrA, pud nil that mny ft ont Grocorloft
nntTwlio wtU be to kind at lOBleiiUn arulUbiAh from
the tit) on.! couutr, M my tii-crlor ami vomplute vtock
of Grovorie. Juat rocoTrod, wiibntciiLg u i-art tlio fol
btwluir art tslsii . ( . " iJ
T I V A nuii RI 6 fiOFFEF.: Young. Hyson.
X7.Ta A..'. i, T9 IE. X..w l.l.i R...
ti?!kc j ""'a ami impwuai. P'V
J loot, urusiven nn ririmiieo, niw. aaii
IH '! ?.Pf S- H:?1,,l,"e"iN:
do.,OrBes,Is)mowKai8iiiiia, wgsj nrum, .mo,,
Poi-i)us, FllbertSjCftcp NuUimd Jlraiil-NutsJIrJoa Ueef,
Dried Tonguca and Clnrlnhati 'Cured HnniS, Kligllsh
riS.v r !..... .ml W-H.iCrf.Bm do..-. Hiice,Cinnnraon,
Cloves, KutBiogSvMatc, Alspico. Pelipen nud Gjugor,
Ral godu.'.'.'r. Tartar, Raln-rats, Srnri-h, Saltpeter, Kat.
Soap, Ciiflitlcs, Tift. Buckets, Broomf, Wash BMrds,
Baske(s,oli-.,eTi J " , "'1 ' 1 -r
A Snolot of ('hewing Tobcfn, olsfl Smoking do. and
Cli..ra! wine, ami Walker's Iliirtou Palo Ale. a gener
al stock ofKoliooi( Toys, andgroat many ether arilcJOa.
Ftttf l,tSf.. i,, - ,i ;,ffl-,ryTur" ;i.i
I1C(rufilg Ju Pr trlioo under lhc CUil Code.
,B, liOMsliqj( HASH. , .
TT wilt form' a Volume bf abpicfTOQ pages, 8ro.,neau-'
tlfully ptmic.tivno. Beany ana-irruu naunrr m raw
.heao. ... ... 'i- i I 'i
In iiddllfonto brief treatrscs on the tarlbii? provl-
siiui orroraisprpotiiioiis, snwor,eiiirios fovvitorga,
returns tor suorins, oie. ino worn soew wnat
ckangus have been pronoeed-Hy tne ;oae. rue pre-
1 cudenis for prlltloas SJdaiS,wert iro.s6'drawn alio
doiliieo out of the cases it1 ijiiiiir a,iicT ro'al Issue, about
I w Inch all will U agreed ns lo IU meaning.- Trie forms
"r Ulrica and ruturu will render the ivorlt especially
useful to count; nlHrors, na well as to the profession,
Surha woik haslojig bena a desideratum: aobook
having yet appeared upoullio sul-Jocl sluco tho qnact-
nentnrtue miw tM,ao.
It will slio,tl) bq published by - -.' ;,'
, II. W. JJERBY, ClnciiMiatl
4 - . . ' I ' !l - - i ' - 1 ' J '
ff. ,'. .nUCE.NTI.V,PijBL,iSUEn, ;i,
. '. Swan's Now Trea'tlao ...
I ,' e-rrE'tji, a nrr- rr-rr. s 1 a. a1'' '
Swan's Itcrlacd Statnfoo
Or" THE STATE 6t' plII0. Comptete. vol. 6vo'.
Ntalta .Jtlet, (,.. ' .,.
Oct. 1HJ1HJ5. i 1 vo4 B'toJ ' ' ; ' 3wS4 '
' ATTBifTioifi rrirtij Wonii. .
I .inO AVtioeliiit Strert) r-Vp.i
:JL(1 now; offering, thh publlo a
iuTd Iliiiiirleaiiil.iurnnasod' P.r" tiuiuitv. dnrability
cluiupnuss by any llilng ofUia Wind evaroffetodlntliis,
peril-in of Ohio. ' Having secured th services of the
mostacaonipiisiieu wornmeiu ne ia b-jio loeorup-ue
with any similar. establishment West of th moun
tains. My mslorliilisall first qtisllly;und an work
warmnled for hue year,' iParsviui deskmua or put
chuslug will pleau call and oxmino my slocb,befor
purclmslnkelsewhere. - ' 7 ;-J 1
- lrr'Ho Is also prepared to Tumaa Triss any work
persons wish dono.sl as reasonable rales as any firm
. .. .... 'v, CUIITT
inineciiy. . , ... iy . .
Lancaster, nprn-.D-, iraaoo
JfUHT oponed aJti-Mafo Htreeli nerivoi
,1 posito Ketier, itiitiax, vu'jLry tiooa
Store, consisting of ' - " ; '
,. ,j ,;,(, . .;,i j ANCHjj-' '-. "i.i
all hfi'hlch will be sold low at wholoaate
aud rolall. . Morchaiila and llio public nts
respucilllliv soiiviicu io can anu .ua.unuu
my stock. H IsfsVlsnd soleettrt.:,. J '-'
Window Glass almostallsltesfioin 7 to 9 up tn 3C
by 40. . I l .i I ''.. WILllIafM STEWAHT,
Lancaaterprll.lM. -iu
TAMsl all limos prepared to furnish I.OOKtXG
I. GLASSES In Mahogniiy, Walnut or Kotewooa
Frames. Looking Glass Ptatos. Pictures Frames, sic.
, Also, G1U Frame, Glasses of all sixes and styles,
Portrait Frames, Picture Frames, and a general as-
sortmonlof Pictures and Oil Paintings; at wholesale
audreall,attlio lowest prices. J, C. GKST, -
no. west fourth. itroei.tincliinall, Ohio.
MarohS, 1855 44
gTBIlB tuhaerlberrespectfully Inform his friends and
public III general, that ha ass much enlarged hit
as lo thn variety. He has lust opened and has for sale
' SetlwrTmi. raacaerri oitae neat quality.
v-TAIso,ljestpickllnBj Vln
. 7 "v"w cms cusiompra
all of which will be sold low fur cash rtrapproveiicoun
I irv rtroitiice Ml kla. Old attind.. anrna. it alat',.1 .
winding streets, ana uenny opposite the I roadway.
, n. B. Buttor, Bacon, Lard and Corn Meal wanted -'
Lancaster, Seplombor'.'l, 11-54 80 - - '
ai.ti. ., a. ,v liv aaivis .,
Ciuciuuati, Ohio.
mhe nndorslgned; having again assumed lha man
I aguinonlof this woll "known establishment. be
loitvu to say to those who visit Cincinnati, either fol
oustnessof iueasure,iiiut tnoy will and tho Broadwaaj
llotul ouo of the most eouvoulout aad desirable atop
blag lilaces In tire city.
litsBouvouieut to the Rail Road
OOlcft and Be pot.
and thu Public Landing; more so thanaayolhe
r Hotel
in Cincinnati anil Is within a tow minutes walk of the
Post Olllce' the principle Business localities, and Mia
places of. Public i liilisemont.
An extensive range of Ballilng Rtvnm and'a Bar-
bur's SUoo will be found lu the Uuildiug.
This house has all tho comforts and eonvnlac
llislcsu be found in auy first class Hotel In the . West,
The whole establishment baa Just beeu thoroughly
overhauled, renovated and re-furnished, and th
Proprietor feels assured that' thoaa who make his
his house thelrhome during their stay In tU CIU,
will have no reason tn complain either of hltwcoonV
mocailuns or his charges, JOSEPH H.CKOMWELL.
popieinocr 13,100 twtf ,
ITo, 1, East Fourth Street CiBctuBKtl, O.
' . i (p.i.iM -..i ...I-:
Respectfully Inform their Customer (till Pnrchssers
generally, that they aro now oieulng an extensive
anu xomp'uie assorimeui 01
Families, Hotel Keepors. Steamboat Ownors. and
Strangers, may depend upon dudlng tbe beatelasa of
uoous, ai prices as low a tney ran bo purchased In
,uu aauatey. aviucs., BOpi- lCaa 31111
HR subscribed hdas reinnvaif kU A.fMr.ii.han.ntniA
his Hew KoomsJWriS SialsaMaia Slrss.wr Zini
ISA, and has fltfud tliom nn l,i n alvla. ,......rn.....l
1,1 Wo' e hopes thai the pohlic willsrppreelate
...a v..... ... utc.r nnu . iienu ui n m B I n.M MIMB
age. ,Evry thing has aon doa that eonld be don to
eii.urunuroossin evory department ofthe art. and hi.
1 Ji I, , '"" ""urpussco. ..' v.a.UHin vvtiLB,
, ,'...,' """"Islilngtolettrntha art wlllhavegrel
riliillllnsi rnral Alna i. .. "
Hours from Oo'clqa;k A.M. until .1 o'clock P. M,.
Lancaster, KoveinforH, 1865 iB j- I
-;-: i. j wroHOT. A S ' WrtT : -' " ' '
.nam rrrset, sad door East or fly' Moiel,
Incu.ler, May 3, IH55 5i '
r i onaransA.. a-kA i nAMM.ttoii 'thatsho Cheerv
.wniTtfai LAtTA ,
IK ealMngthe attention of ihepoblleto their ne ad
verllseiuent, would ambraoa lhepportunlly of ra
turnlng their thanks to their old friends and tha public
Aner.ltv farthmir Wfrr III.amI vkntmn, In tlma nasi.
would most respeetruliy tollelia a eonUnuanoa of
same,, as they are determined to snare ao effort lo
make H both pleasant and profitable to aoy and all per
ou Ulila to ruurchaae jlardware of any d
' ""' 'l'oel ngatlBed with tholrexperio
h.lK - M(t ,., . , ' m
-lonca in the
hiialnBsaaat anaaua of keeping up a large sloct, that
they can oiler groaler indueeinenta to tlie publle than
eayoiat-rsjuroiisaaisNi laisscirgeretcinfrs. - ney are
WQll aware of the necessity of small aatauiislnmaatB
making up In blowing nnd puffing what they lack Hi ma
ny other pnrtienlara, they wish thereforo to avoid any
Uiingofthalkind-aadarasatlalled after iwneivlug their
entire new slock, which Is now arriving dnlly,that a look
through their s(i ts(atjiimaf will aattify any
onulliatUia GrelJIariwurt S'r is ilia place to tad
what they want and at low prleoa, Their stock will con -slat
In part aa follows:
Pitlalntrg- Juniata Naila,Spl kca ic Brads
GARPBSTERSand Bulldarsa.tif ples.e tnka notice
that lha now Arm of W HIT LATTA will sell
none but tlie best Juniata Nails. All Nulls sold by us
wUI he warranted. We have now oh hand,- i
ihHj ivegs iiaii.riii,esffun lirails.
fi5QQqxes8xlO,10xia and 10x14 City Glass. '
l SOO Kegs Wm. Wood dr C6's Pora Vhlta Load,
10 Barrels Llnsood Oil,. , . : .
t Barrels of Puttv.
In addition to the above wo have a vary Inrm ,wb or
J3.UIIIH4- jiaravar, ui evry uiscripnnn, wnicn wIP be
aoiu rueapor man ever. Will t JS 6z LATTA.
jjiicastor, April im. ihi. , , ,
,. IBTlN AMD KTFKjK - - . -.r
Qfafa AslAl"""'l"r''OLn."!0!'i- '
OlM'.tllMfsoXosdo Hammered Iron, '
, 1500 pound? Cast Stoiil, Ljfoaiiuhsotuata,. ., .
3.10 do English Blister Steel. ,
.40 do ' tiftMibleShent- do . ! in '.
BOO do German da . (
1500 do ' Spring- ''' do ''' ' ' "'
lotia , , , A me ri ten Blister do . - .: ,i (1
in store anil for sale at low prices, by,
ApHlM,1M4. WHITE 4 LATfA."
TLANK Irons, Chlsola. and Gongasi Bench Planes,
I Moul.luigond Bead, Match and Table, Ilntcheteand
Ilnhd Axes, Brood di Chopping Axes, Drawing Knives
of all klndsvfcleelnnd Iran Squares, Guagea and. Try
"'l"n- an sues, improved noreing ssacuiaos, liana,
Pattnel, Tennent Hipping, Web and Compass Kaws.
Crosa Cut and Mill Saws, for sale by ,.i - '.
Apni att.iBM.. - WHITE ft; iyiATjr,,
willow wAcom AarnMASKEfatq
A Doi. French Willow Wagons,
.1- 4 0 do Commoo do - do: '
., S do Gig Top Cabs - ... . , V
da Square and Hound Cloths Baskets,
.''in 10 dot sterkeUtciaiiets,psa aad aor'd -
... . Willow Cradles, dio . ; .. ., t, v,:
' ' Rocking Horses and Wheel Barrows,
. . . Pat OtolbaPtna and -Grass Malts, by .
: April gQ, 1854. , . , , . , WHI TE & LATfA.
OA Anvils, weighing from 100 to 335 ponuds eash
Oil ,15 Solid Boxd Vices. ' '
JV pairs tliacksmilh's Hollows, . , ; r
V" SleilKcS, Haiamers, Borax, drc. forsaleVr 1 1
April 20, 1H54; , , ., WHITE &: LATTA.
I'armlnf luiylcuKiuta., ,
' O A I)o. Cast Stool Pol'd Hoos. .
! C U 90 do- , I and 4 Tina Stoel Fdrkk '
50 do Gross and Grnln Scvthes.
8 do Woflord'aGrainCradloS, ' '
30 do Scythe Snathes. . , ...
50 do Hay and Grain Rakes, ''
no urumblebcyuies. oce.. cheap by
April 20, 1854.
vl'HlTK 4 LATTA.
re.Li.OEs, spokes Ann liens.
"TMTB have now oa hand, and which by our arrange-
w menis wun tne inanumciurors, wa cun otter at
UveiaTbillofprlceswIthfrieght added. '' -
' 150 Sets Bent Fellows, , ,
i-t Joa " . . Spokes, :' ' ' - '"
, ..isa ' . ubs, . . ..
,i, 75 " Kent heal Shafts' ' ' '
100 -Buggy Bows. .
Aprll99,185. " p WHITE & tATTA '
- - Tin-TPIale, Copper, IVIre, afcCa
1?A Boxes 1C and IY Tin Plate.
TJtl Sqiiaroand 100 Plate
Tin'd Copper
Shoot uud Bar Zinc,
Sheet Iroa aud Wire,
.i . CoiipcrttUd Iron KlVitsilq
wfflTE LATTA. '
A prl
'iiwi'ist. . .
To t'nrria'ice and Ouggr ?Tnltei-a, .
SPiVlNGS and Axels. Brnss'r.ri'l.S.lOer Bands, Slump
Joints and Ton Props. Knam'd Drills, lltick and Can
mss, Knanil'd nnd Patent l.eather,all descriptions Head
Linings, Moss nud Mnlalileh-oiu Bit. , A grent variety
ofothc'rgooijsintliatluiu.to behsd chespnt the ftrsat
Jiur.w.,. oiirv.ri , , i.niiu n faAllfl.
Lancaster, April SB, 1854. ,. . . .., , . . ,
'lHE subscribers have now got tlilr New Flouring
JL Mill in full operation and will purchase all th.
:ood whent that they can got. hn'd i,av the high--st
market price In cash, at all -times when delirered aj'
their Mill. We will also do custom .work fur the far
mers when grists of 10 bushels niid upwards, every
thing less we will give flour In exchange. We wish to
doa homo, trsda and will deliver flour by ibe Barrel
to averypartbf the ctiy free of drayage if the. flour
cs not prove good rutuau the same anal wa will rca
r enllsfHCIIon. ' SNYDKK di KKNMO.V.'
, 1 r: .. .. mH.i. w . . I . . . i.' . ... J
... "- , r.' i.,m.. av a ...f,vm a a.v ,w J a -
Lancaster. Ohio, august 30, 1K5 ."If
(ycoivoRi to) , ...
' JtFFRlES, J'UATt: W6d,
'' " ' : 1 ' t aS'Ca'ster, oiiioV '
i'-'i,'v'",j:'l.A.WrW ; iv"J '"'''
jO ' A A J ui it -I :t-'
New Vftrvhoiise, Juactloa of Kail Hoad
nnd nothing alley f;an)i;lf .,. ! .;
"j'KTRare pseparod M handle Goixh of all ilmtrirfpt
w iioustii mo iowcas.1 puasibioruiosanu wirnitn
lltmust despatch, Oar Onodi carr ef jrffrict, fTotdlf
ce., .aneasisr, usiB.i Ail tyooiia consigned to ns
sliBllreeelve promplnltentlon, & If for trunshlpment
win oe lorwaroeu me quicxesi nnu lay tno eaenpest
iwaHi'ia iuuiiu. nj varict naauoaiiaii (u pusinoss wo
bone to rerelveaniLuwrittlie riatronogo of ihspuWIe
rooiunr n,inu, jarrnias, w uuu ft uu.
FAltniElIS' LOOK to your I.TEKEST.
Wanted linmcitiately, B0,0OO bush. Corn,
i . tt ii 8O.O00 Wheat,
FarwAicAvswlflpay t Aigflssf market hietim latk.
T A VINO established eurselvos In tlio iirodnctf bu-
If 1 alness, Farmers cun at all times' sell us all klnda
efuraln for the oush at market nrlces. . Another ob-
Ject.we ran weigh your enllro load atonodraughtand
unioau wun hull the lime of any ether Wliareheuseia.
trfiucusior. as ourpiuu isenureiy new, in an we tii-
vuolnvosllgattoii. JEFFRIES, WOOD 4k CO.
Lancaster, foruruary 22, lt-oo 12
Peacock's Improved Steel Plow,
warnntcu in all respects cqnnl nnd in
, some Superior to any other now" In use. "
FllHIS factory haa been In operation during tho last
I 33 years, but fur the Inst few years their utten-
Uo baa been given particularly to the Improvement
oi ine cieei ,-uoiu-uonni now. Any amount or.viuu
ala,Dlplomasdio.,ean be shown, but we rely more on
the reports of runners from different purls of the
oountry, wherelliey hare been In romputlllon with
olhor populnr Plows, than we do on thoir beltigjudg-
uu uj aiKiiioreven a siigns trim ni u inir.
A largo assortinuntoflhe dilfereut aixaacanstanltv
un u-nnu, wmcn can ou soon ai our warenouse or oy on
qulry atour Book Store 45 Main at., White's Block. -
crory now tain oy ns is warranted.
Feb..t,1855. . , JEFFRIES,- WOOD Co.
o. ii. PEiuty:
RrbtrSr A'alt's Old Stand, Main 8t.,Lantaitir, Oki:
RESPECTFULLY solicit, the attoaVliiaof all who
may want Groceries to his new and large Stock
uaiuaau, aiureciugin pan.inuiollowingarucles-..
Toung HvsoO. Imn. Black and OunnnwderTF. AR
New OrleansaCrushed, Loaf and pulvprtiod Sugar;
uuiuen anu ougnr nouse nyrup, n. u. wolasses:
Hie. Oravngos. iastnons. Firs. Baialna. Fllbarta
and Almondal
SugarCuwd ttAMS"; Dried Beef, BdlOnga Sausage,
a-iiwow anu ice a.
asoaps, laya mans. Lanaies, Tno and Bockls
Washboards. Brooms, eke., eae.
ALSO A One lot of ChewlngTohaeco, Smoking do
rureiirn ana laoniesaio liiquors, noiions,
I feel assured that all who mavfavtar tna wllh a Bkft
wUlnotgoaway dissatisfied with my prices, oven If
lhi,V ataAiilii aaAftlaA tni.aMt.l a., h.a - 1
in a few dava 1 will have LAKK FISH of all klnda.
: . .... ... . ... .... j .
N. B. COUNTRY PRODUCE taken in exchange for
vrooonea, .1 . , laancastert juao ia, lua etr
O. M, TlfOMrsoX-Merchant Tailor,
Mat Just opened it beautiful assortment of .
Cloth, CaoaUuereo and Vcatlnre,'
All. of which had boon selected with great care', 4nd
wllh sneclal reference to the wants aud taste of this
community, and whleh he Is prepared to m anu fracture
to order and ! proparod to make tbe beat sit in the
latest-style ' K f Alt his work will oe warranted I
lid is also now nutnutacturbig every varloly of
r.;u v , OLOTHINQ, '
which h will SBI.L AS LOW as the' aaMe quality of
uoods and work can oe purcnasea a, any otner eatao
llthmontr' HIr CtctMnr I manufasturcd under his
own aufiervisleo,and Is consequently frayorior to that
wnicn is orougui jrom oilier piaees. .
The nubile are resnectfullv solicited (4 call and ex
amine, hla Stock; and whUe "thankful forth llbemLJ
patronuge he na enjoyed, he nssnr his eld custo
mers and olkors,: that ha wiU labor o glv general
satlafaction both In the quality and price of bla good
anaworx. n. m. tnujirsun,
Amanda, October 95, 1S55. 05tf
' 1 1 t ''' ' A5UDSKY CITy, it
OCUtJSTS- AND- pnreiciANs !
I tOR diseases of th Lang, have asada arraagsx
' maula by which ou ofthe arm will suit VA NCAH
SH.aud adjoining town every 5 or wo. ks, hareaf.
ler, fo, th purpose of treating Chronic disease, and
especially those of tha Throat and Lubbs.'-Ow, era,'
I .. , n A ...... li,,. I. f .. .1,... ... .1 . . .
. - I ' " " .a."a ia auv sameio pnncl.
pie as that practiced by l)r. Kob.rt Hunt.r, of How
York City, vU: by Maaicsraa IsaaL.TH.a. Our ayaai
auuau, auu-.aaiuaa wa IUl(OOI.Ce By 10 UromplOO
Itospilal.ln London, and usad by th most celebrated,
Physieiaus there, with most gratifying results. J'out-'
flflhs of the cases ware successfully cured.
Those residing al a distance by writing lo ns,ccir
ratoly describing their disease, can ba supplied wllh
tha Inhaling aparatus, medicines and dlrecuonesulted
lo their wauls, sent by express. To satisfy tha public,
whose patronag wa solicit, that w are honest la our.
assertions aud intentions, we refer them loth follows
log notices by the preeaat home, where w are kaowa,,
aud to numerous curlldcates heretofore publlsusd;
Thaeerlillcalaofonaof l)r. Woriman'apalianU an.
pear in another column. Wa are assured by a gen
tleman who Is familiar with the case, that It was a hop,
leas oue apparently, but that the success of Dr. Wort-
man uns nuen complete, it Is but Jostle lo tha Phy.
slcian that recognition of hit merit should be wade, .
Register, , .
TCT'Tbls may carlify that I hive ' boan cured hy lt
halation, (as procllmd by Dr. Wortmaa, of this ally, of
nn nflectloi) of aty Throat and Lung which was consl
derod by my frlci)ils,aud uamarou medical men with
w hoin 1 advised as hopelessly Incurable. , 1 luaka Ihta
statement with the lMpaofporsuadiugothenv whoard,
aniicted in like manner, to "g and ba haaled," b
liaving as I moat flrmly do.thatth iuhaHngaroalmcnt
Istka aidy proper and effectual niethodiof treating
diseases of tho Lungs and air passages, and that by U(
a our It almost certain to bo effected. . -. . ) .
Lato pastor of Wellington BnplUt Church.''
Bollovuo, July 3Hth, 1855. . , . ... .
..rTar'tu'..V, L-.Worllnan. aa vlll Ka (aaata. ij
vertisemonl in another eolun,n..li.....ia.i .i.n.,u.ai..
iiorshipwiihDr. I. K. Nl. i.in.r ui.n..i.i...;. .
gonUoman poasesssd of much ability and aeienllfle at
laminauu. Vi a have had th pleasure of lookingaarar
.aaviauainiaia anu reeoiumendatlons of iir. nagla,
and from the flattering manner In which he ia spoken
of, cannot hesitate to presoal him to our cltlaen and
...ir'iuii'iing country, as a pnyslclan.in whom the,
utinastoontldaiioaican b placed. DrWerimao I fpl
tunuto In having inada this arrangemanion thaa,
willaddfresblaurolato those already gained by him
aa.a.awiaaiaa praeiio. ir. vvortman'a sucsanv
the treatment of affection of th laagaiannqnstionadK
as many certificates of persons whose statements can.
be relied upon, will proVo.T-Mlrror. ..
Dr. NgtwHI,B. at' 'haTalsuadge Hp'w In Ceneas
tera on .Wednet'ifay and, Thursday, September lOthari J
20th'. -At the Rational House,- Clrclevllle 'on FrldiT
and Psluroky, pombr (Island 32nd Inst, f y 1 1
Thoseatnlcted wtfh' diseases of tjift Liver, Spleen.
Slo-mach. Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Scrofula, Pita,
General Debility, Lor of Appetite, affections of the
Eye and Ear, Female Complaints, Ulcers, Confirmed
Gonorkera, are invited to call Ne charge for ooniul'
lallon. Charges reasonable In all cases. . .. ..
TTpOne or the firm will always be found at the
office, No. 84 'Market Ftreot, Sandusky, i i
ijaHiberO,--! ...... v
a ikaftr't JVsa Slack, Itfnssa (As Tillmtdgt TJwOsaf-
nd SAarr' llolil,
t TTASJuetoponed a large and beautiful assrt
M gcthor wllh as caolco selection of Clolkt, Caiti
JLa.ssrs aad VtstingM. All of which has beau select--;
ed with great care and with special roferenee to tho
wantsand lasts of tills community. ,
- His long experience irl this branch of buslrioss, hl',
sure garnutee that hit stock embraces the choicest ami'
.best variety, and his Purchase has been mice upon rUrii1
terras that he cun soil at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PK1.
BES. -
The public are respectfully requested to call aad ax
amine nisnssortmoiii. He has on hand a general a
sortniciitof. ! .... .- i
And Is at all times nronnred to aerommodata his
friends, eitlier with on oxcellent article of Ready made
CJottilng.orlo, MANUFACTURE TO ORDER: out or
the beat material ond by iiUist accompllshbd.worknicn,'
any stylo of garments, FOREMEN AND BOYS, In the1
oust nnu mom lasiiionuDie manner, tie is confident, in
this respect, that he can gfvo general satisfaction.
- Hisassortmeia embraces a general variety of 1
. Linen Coat,, , , Vcjtlngs, . Suspenders,,-,
Drc do Pantaloons,. " Hosiery, '
'Sack 'do 'Cravats,;; ' Undershirts,' '"''.
Cnrpet-buga, together with all other articles usually
kept in a Gentloniaii's FiimlshlngStove,'and manufac
tured in tha most fashionable styles. - .
- It has been purchdsed of well-estubllshed' bouavs In
Iho Eastern cities, and ail 4s varraa'sd,. to be made f
good mnterinl and In a durable manner.
Ho rospdrtfullyinvitashlt old customers and others)
to call at his iicwcstabiishmnut4, wherebe will gl all
times be rcairy to wait upon'thein with eoon enons at
tux lowest nfTs. To test iti promises, he asks an
examination of his slock in trade aud tne sivleand quaU
ilyofhlsmllriiifnetitro'. V 't. T0N&
Upcait't J,Ms 5, 1A54. ; ,;;,',' i."
;;!-' .jDjnjrj worn,, ;;"
" ' n'ot.r!siii.B ssTit'ifMaii. M:s.LCa i ' '
eoprEii.Tifr & 8iiiETiiRcrr WARr,
M iriirii'ifl,1ltitrlf oopit.ntt Ho TMImadrt Jfauss. '(
i GAIN.takos)plnsurein calling thoalteiition of his
l customers and country merchants generally, by
tno largeal stock of Copper, Tip auiaSbeet-lroh Insia-
facturos vr brought tca.im rkhrkoU He takes groat
pains io xe
every thing
keen etaiistaiilly on hand a largo varloly of
lag ttlhl rail nossiblv bo wanted la his line. an. I
(jailors hlnlwlf, that front Ui -bsuj experieiwo la aha ,(
Tin -nnd Sheot-l'roii ifu'slnes'-i.'
ho wllhidaitc to giro 'fii satisfaction to all who may
favor Mm wlltftherVw'qirk.,' Hnylpga prsctlcal knowl-.
edge of tho bnslne-ss, his s-i'c.l'fl.vriA.are majiQ Willi at
View todurubilily,sUloaial!,clifcaiHis,' 1 1,
,,. ,. Mnrnnfactnt-fltf tt "Wr. - .
Ifealso kea-'psTa Ills einnhi so rn-j1 ef the best work--
mon that can bo scoured, and always having on hand.
Hie Very best matorlal, Is enabled to mauufactnre vo
sardor anything and every thing desirable lu hl tta&i
f.Aasaxfoai style and on n fair tortut aAcotr
-'I-k a, ..V - -a.la.a ' J '' T''- - - "
aii acinus 01 mores, AC,
n"c?Vrhl the lltntorrlof UScaatnr was" lhava anaaalavTa.!
lishmea tbat kopt on hand a larger and more co-BBk'te
. aieioTv.,01 an Kinus ana variuasau are .la
also pfepared wllh a large niuober olyfrt faW'j. Mil
forlhirnreomtnodulionof hlscnstomors keep on ham
alarrt-aaniatlly of AVrs AWr, manufactuifd expjess-
aj "n .iaa ai. piiaaiaig n p a rules, ore.
Ill line, anyawl'wverylhtug needed In his line earn Vet
serurod by giying hini a call, aad al prices as rewWrt
sbie s can be oolaiued In aayiothor eslsbllshmeal IrV
the Stale, inasmuch aa his present stock is greatly
snperiairlohis former iaoiianttty, quality variety and
cheapness, he feols confident thut persons giving hftu,
call will go away highly delighted aad amply sails 1
lie aiao coaps SAMMaair, -s sancv
aalargeSsv-kof Nel Flowod
.. , t ., I m 1 111
wa -.,acii,Kia,i tttiu viTsavvisivsuaeva
iifactiire. 1 . - ...
Lancaster, March 8, D.55-f M , .. . .. .,, . , .,,, i
spriiscEit 'TnorTi' ' AS
TAVE removed IheirClothlng Katubll.hmem
!1A,I 1 to the Tallmadf Block, firot door Fool of
Wkito A arfu's Hardwarm rr a.'wlinrn IhHv a.a
nga largo and extensivo assortment ofSPHING AU
SUMMER GOODS, anil are now nianaf.r taring everf
variety or Serin anal Ssaar Jr.sr'. which they will
sell as low ns the some quality Of goods and word cam
ho purchased at any 'other establish aieatia tlie city.
1 nuir ctoaiHiag is eiaouiuetared u,iier.theitwatuBen.
risiun. and Is ennsoouentiv aunerior to' that W1.I.-T. 1.
blought from other plocesa. They ha also 00 aaad, aj
kontiful varittf Clotk;Cfimortt, rtninmi Irt.;
wlilcli tliey are prepared lo mauiifscliie to order. The,
have iq tholrcmploy tho best of workmen and are ai
all times prepared to make Ike best flts ta the luteS
styles., AUtkoirwark vili ko warranted..
The public are- roapoctfully solicited to eaH arid exi
amino thoirstock, nnd while thankful for the liberal
pnlionngo they -have enjoyed, they assure their old cus
tomers and all others that they will lnber le give gen
oral satisfaction both tn the quality and price nf thel'i
good and work. . . . SPKl.VGEB th TROUT,
Lonctster .April., If. 1 -r' ' - . -
.. ,. ' D. K.. FISUEIs,, j I., ,j
nAVlNGrotUrticdto tlie city and erected atargi
building In 111 e ran of th .brick honaaa. .nil tKal
earner 0 Bread, and Ckeanut St rate, ant equate Seal
oj sas jwau-saa 1 jreass, inieniis -liinaraetunng opoa
jtjb. lorgescale ull tne various articlos
or cabinet Furniture, Bedsteads,
and Chairs. .WHlch he will keen!
always on- bead, tngothor with a
largo- assortment pf Cincinnati manufacture. Btt long
experience In the utltliiess will enable him to have
niunnmcturea at noma and imported from abroad th
very best of work, and at ha Intends to employ none
but Uie most skillful workmen -arid Bse the best mate
rials, he flutters hlmsolf that lie will give general satisfaction-1
all who may favor htm tilth thoir custom.
Tho public are Invited to call aud examine the as
sortment. 1 The entrance to the. looms I npnn'Broas
Street. D. K. FISHEL.
N.B, Repairing dane en the) shortest notice, and la
the neatest sad most workmanlike manner. Charge
reasuabl. . - laaarast, Ksy go. 1 .'
ISSUED under the seal, sanction and auihortly ol
tho University of FREE MEDICINE and Popular1'
nowledge. Chartered by the State orPsansylyanla
April 20. 1S53, wllh a capital ef OlOOJIftO mainly for the"
purposeof srresllng the evils of SPURIOUS NOB-'
THUMB, alto for (applying thecosomunlty with reUa-
ble remedies wherever a competent physician cannot
or will not be employed, have purchased from Ilr.
JOllN H. HOWAND, hie eelebraled Kewantr
Xonlc mixture-, known fur twenty-live years as
llieonlvsure and safe card for FEVER and AGUEf
ec., and bla inestimable remedy for BOWEL COMX"
PLINT8, Rowands's compound Syrup of Blackberry
Root, which highly approved and popular Remedies'.
together with the University's Remedy for complaints'
of the Lungs.' The University' Remedy for Dyspep
sia or Indigestion. The University's Kemsdy for Co-,
live Bowols. Also Iho University's Almanac may beC
hid at the Branch Dispensary, or Store of '
....... ' 8. ltKKHY,Drem.a,FalrfleldCoonty,0,,;
" ' ' B. CONN ELL, City Book Store, Lancaster. -Caay31,iai5-.12a3
hi. -. KREIDER. - - - '
. , ; , A , ,, I i.
SAtlE TA.KC toBir GOOD?,,'
" Grocerlesi (lueensware, Hats, Caps, , ,(
sonsBTS.'aBtiTS, snoas, wall rargg ikn aoKDtBinof
WOULD rcspectfullyinvlte the attention ofeverf
-body to their large and well assorted atock ef
which hare been tolectod with care, and will be melt
the lowest cash prices. May 3, 1H55-S2;
. .

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