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Tltuvsany Moris Slip "' 20.HS&5.
Continued from first paj-
the population, io a logs! conenbin, to'
bMiHr.liiui. aal d'.siaUerUanoe; or i.i.v.ja-res were s;ui ii uhcs. wr.u i.io shook
violaiion of all thahwtof nv.uro-nnd rcor-'! o: corn. The mm .ml woai?n htl Uid
.iKtt. wlii!i T.-mU XIV established, and Uiida the toSIihiiiwt a ibiliroants, and earns
rhieh theilliistrios prel.tto lossisrst;slyled
. . . . !-- .,.i.Kl'..f
tbn vyi-b worlhev of his Mjn, the most
insured si'n ns .veil .u th- G-iest en'-ctui-nt
of his'atr.lioiiiy? Tuo BUhopi, in 731
and 1752 dom u la I its cx;oi:ijii i,j ths
judgement of ilie comrnindant, or inten
darn, without tha form or .-mlil.iucc of a
trUI. Sii'i wn t!iojanl doutrina front
the period of th'i doorc of ill ) Council of
163 t'.'jrliitjh dobirr.il a'l pivnte persons
from reoeivhj iv.j Ih.'ir ho r-es any siwk
' prsoa ofthj Pro'.est-.uit r.d ' nn, tinier
tas protest of c'jiii y. do-.vi t tli.'
decisinn of the Cja.ieil of Li.iii XIV,
when, in oprnsuion to ths n Ivies of Tur
n-it an 1 UiiesherbM. thsotth ivn t-iken
to.vx'ermiii'iU) the luritios.
In 1331, whnn -pe.iki'ij of the con Ji-ioii
of Itnly, h'i sty.--:
' .'"Os'ioU t!w 3ii -ej.M wi.h whi ;h wj a
lwlis'ie 1 the syjl j:n of r.iViery, which 1ms
sin :j b.jen re-turn id with m r a i.l i.-.iiy
tha-t ever. Ribbcry iu faol will nl T.iya
sub Hi'm c i viir- r)v..r:vj 1 by PRIESTS
AS:) ARISTOCRATS. cn.ait!i-of verv
Lbarsd (ilium t.'" -
- I t mi tV "Nv Yo;l; Ci holi.i Diarv"
' c ill-.-l Lx Fty.'ttL- ",iu o', 1 hs." 1 1 1D35
tVie R)mu C.i'.holw paper at B aton dj-
noaa'5 1 him a- '.t ram wiiovi moinry ib
; horrod by all gwl nnJ pV.rio'jJ French
. men."-' " ' "
Ra.-li wti Lv Fayjt'.uN opluion of Cth
'olii:, an I'su-jh )ha opinion tlviy siw fit to
'ixjiriM ah at hira". Ui I ife.l n')t h:ivu
TcfifreJ'to hU au',lio,i;y. AruhhUhup IIjjus
hns sa;);j!ia l :tll th:it ij n lf.:U t. estab
lish llu.l nir.jit! inttire of piv'.i'.ly intur
ftt.iriin'ue vit! p'-i'i'iiM. IIU i-uoli'ii. !jlter
t-i your.iolf, a;i 1 its arr-nt as.j,.tmp.io:i,,
' n'ut ba frjsb b yrif ivm ry. I:i a s i!l
lutiT li'ttor to -Mr. Bro th, w!io !;:.! oh;ir' l
huh with iaWrfarh t-. pro j:tro tha eluu
ti'VhofWiu. HSiWirl, hj iLciiol lluspf
ciii'i clinrs sii t tin! t I) 1 1 rr-vjr volod
i Nimv York 3 iv. 0:11a, b.it a 1 la 1 tint
Mr.'H.iward w:n a gnnlK-mtn f.ir tvliom
h ha 1 th ) hi r'i ro.,'ird, a 1 1 t'rt' i: woul 1
' aTfjr 1 hiiii .:m i'. pl.suu;-) t j si ) hirn el (Ct'J
cm lI.iTh -a i-, 10 i:np 1 1 -n'. or impNi'.-y fo.il
hor thct n-t lot hi i M'wji g-it thebeiK.r
of his jii lr;?r.vint ha -i iii n 'to r opin-
ions, wMijhh'j Ins ui'. dalibor.i'.i.'ly w.djh-
e l. II-j knows as wull a any 111 m in ti -
gwrnmont that tha tlaotioa of flnvar l
wo il 1 duolv; he Union;. an 1 lha infaranoa
is iresiitibl.' that ha is working f ir that ob-j--'ct.
nn 1 dosirs t ail U. riikn-jws
also that tha (-xpre'-l'a of a proTereneo
by himlf i orj'iivil.uit, to an oriar to
nino-tcnths of hi flank to s.ntaia that
Ri'tjh traitor to th i IV p iMia. T 'a a ignor
ant an I uajl ivi'eJ mm, whioh emi
grati ia h.n po iral upon oar shoica, kaaw
no.hij'iftr du!v thaa obj.liaticu to tho
prjhta. Wh'n'var thair vote 3 will b
of 8rv!a I ) Mr. Sa .v irl, or any one
lik i him, they will ba oY.aiao 1; an I then
"farowell a laa farawdl" lo all lha
bnpas republican inV.ituii on liava awikaa
e 1. Da you nik what ha ha to gain by
Wo are sorry lo inform our readers
that n unit of tho loUer from Col. Clem-
. ens lo Oen. Cass, which we publish thi
week, li.'i3 been misplaced or lost, and
therefore wc will bo obliged to leave over
tho renwitiiijf fart, (I03I) until we crii
obifiiu it.
Prostponnl lo IJrivc I2its'i;j front
t!ic .Vmi'ica-i Continent.
Tho Hudson bay' Company, have guar
Otitoa I to tho Rmi in autliorilios, thu Un.
niolecled poasc8j'on of their torrilrtlies
whila tin wir sh:ill last, on the condition
that the llussinns do not interfere with the
operations of the Company. Thi.s arranyjo
mont has been s.anati onml by the Ilriiiah
.i jveninionf, but it disturbs the Canadians
very soiioii i!y, r.n I has called forth some
sovc.ro arl'uK'S on the policy of that Com
pany. It is charged with cxarting nil its
powers to prevent tha settlement of the
immense region under its control, in order
merely tl.nl its two ship loads' of furs nmy
regularly bo dispatched to England. TI.e
.Canadians appear anxious to Like ndv.m.
t.iga of tho present excellent opportunity
lo suiza the tenitories of Uu.sMn, and wti
it not for the infl.iencu of tho Hudson's B ly
Company ut home, wo presume iho Gov
ernment woall no', bj alow to second
Tho Monti en! Guselh, has un elaborate
ftl titdu on the suhjacl, from which wa ex
trut tl:o folloiviuj paragraph:
"T'nira b iia j . every cortainty of tha
province beiii:; ex'eudad at no distant peri
od as far at the PaeifiV, Cin idi is aheadi
iaterc Ue ! i.i m aris bain;; taken iluring th'.
present war to remove liuusia friu Am
Uwliifnt, nn I slie is, therefore, a', ihls mo-
jjont fully litilicd ia entering her protest
against the coa'inu-inec of tho iulamous
uompiet batwaen lha Hu lsou's 1J ly Coin
iviny an 1 tha Uassian au'.horiiies, which
has be ui nllowa I to s.ivu 8 ilka from nn
ailai-k by the English an 1 French ll 'ets.
"ltvhtpen l.m'.ly of tha value of tho Hus
sian territory, whieh aboun 1 in Valuable
forests and mineral, und which has man?
film hnrhu44, it must he nn important relief
to any country to ba able to yet rid of so
troublowma a neighbor ns Rusia. As
Cn i l i must soma day beeoma the imi"h
bor of lha' powar in the N'orth-wost, should
the iibiui dy ba allowed to continue of
m iking tha territory a neutral one during
lha war she should, upon that iiecount n
lono, urge an 1 insist upon the British Gov-
crniiiant divestinj tha t;rrit'ry of that
lion. Gs,. E. Puatt MAitRiEn. Tho
; 1 Cincinnai'i Co'umhSan Bays tho marriage Of
.Miss Theresa CUalfaut by many cotisid.
eied the bella of Cinuinnati with the Hon
Ojo) e E. Puh, M,.jr General in the 0
Lio Mil i'ia, mi l U. S. isunator elect, took
pjaseonhst Thursday evening -nnd hns
tansed do litila conversatidh in fishionnblo
oirles. The oorcmnny w performed by
" : 'm r.jv. Mr. Bx!tr. '
roar Days l" " UocUinsr Valley.
It was fortunite concatenation of
events.ihat our first visit to the Hocking
V.ilbr was made durinsr. tho most glorious
fweatherof tho tliirJ weak of Octoberand nt
th time of tho County Fair of Fairfield
't Lancaster. Tlia Frost Spirit ha 1 written
his autography upon hill aud valley, in tha
1 .1 i ' i i... i.. .i. .
W10U53I1U ijr)r-.'U4-s ii-.i:.ui;sh inuu up uw
Autumn il inoesut. Tim broad and varied
Autumnd pi".esi)t.
Ui i uu t- ii.il nkiu pvit w-uito u j
,1.. .,.... -wt ....
with gojdly a'tirean l h pp7 hi tij Uijoiu
in tho Hunu il.r.'iitivtil ofLitbvr. . llbWttifly
o iuia out froro tbn v.illeya a.n 1 -fro;u over
iiia l.idi, 'At'ni h ild ami hdt dAi;htor
of toil; andyiow thyy -jIac4' l:in l anJ.
spokoLiul warl a'i k-J.jIoHt thi-ift lit: lo
vi.th lirniniii 0:1 nil tha fia 4it.ta that
h 1 1 biau ;:tlitfrd thara, are pia'.araj'of
irtsmoiy th it wj h ivo s'ored hw.ij for the
darkiUid stornny d iyj of winter thnt ora
brf it n. Jw lint th? so.isort of f:drts nvor.
Wli.it a wjiol'4 Siatq iiur ovri) Oiii.i!
:i 1 wlril a 'p-iopk'! Cut thi-y ara nut
. M ttt'ik4 !' iirl Ii?twunn ths diligent
provi lent f; ii m.'r of a few a :ers uoi:i tha
11 'SJi Vi', un 1 Ilia liberal, oxpaniva C it'.Ue
uuij of the lower valleys wsio w.is'.es,
ovory yw ir nnr i th:t i th j Y.inkO'5 eni'tiss
thara Is di'faraii'M anonh to- foaii h ilt
1 rin'ii j n ii'ioii'tli'.ias. And In all our
arii idai-iii.r Wu t ika q-iiul as m;idi iatcir
.t in stu lyin j th t 'm! y of t!nj pi'Opl.t nt
of sail; for, sonirh w a h ive cniu 10 think,
t.int a tbu vu!:urit insintjurtly hovors
whom haimny sir.i.T his prey, so d i nun
I'ri 1 their pl;i!d .; an I Via i-Jolhar u d linss
of ).:ia'.y urt Kiel f.i:U l-i lu:ni;i Jioj
raphy. ..
Ths F-i!..-ajl I Om'.y Ajrkiultnrul S.
ciioty li 11 anipla 'r.)itn I v biauliutly lona-
t jI j'tst out' of Ln-jime, bauk of which
rises -ths pcrpan liouhr, rouky brow of
Ut. Pb'ia 1 it, higher lhaa sevanl rmo:i:i
hou;a Bie.ipla1;, an 1 overlajkinj ai it doos
tho w'.iol.j pl.ii;i, whara on.iu win the vil
l.ij :rl ' rallyinj pl-ton of t'io WyanJ j'.s,
saoiiu liko h suntin il of the n,, nround
ivliou biirt tiwai'p.-i i!i ti Ij of progress,
and fi'OMi whou m try lop, tho carina vis
itor m 'y'-wi at tha pra-iint, or do mi of
tha past, j W5 di I, wliila ll.o host of peo
pi. a 1 1 .-tni Ti.td 4 i:t the arua f.ir bbw,
!j 1 1 Lo cliil Iran's tuyj.
'T!iici;y of LmJi'tarii. grj:itol I tow:i,
oiiit of tlu o! I wt i.i the - .Stata, an 1 wiihnl
il 01 ;ht tJ b m r tl pi i-re, s'unso with n
p .ipu! :i :i of ri dn 5,OJJ it supports somo
t.iir'.',-e 1 c'nirch i-s, k ha also 11 sj.i I y4'cm
ilpiiji'i! aahitiM. Of p Jli:u:il cal p! i-.ij3
it Iris faruisliaJ its'ejuota, in the p-ji Miii;
ich man at Tims..' Einaf, Oiv, Ma I
Uaii'iry Hunbe'ry, J a W liiinnn. e'.e
Uilika our 3 into Valley, this is a sn
p'ji nous ol
stona r'fiou. . Inn roak eroa oa'. ui:i
the hill si les, an 1 the debris of ra 1 ' s in 1
sioua pramaats al', the soils, whiht iron
bxydas aro pareeptiablo in min)' of the
nosy spring nloii' lha watery courses.
Maui) of tha soil is a (J ly loom, an I Is n 1
rninplynliptad for fruit growing, ns wall
as corn aa I piUurago. Wa tro glal to
Knltlui ssvaril en:orprisin ijantlaman
are p iihin ; the fru'.l baiiuiss in this region,
for it mast ba coal") is-s.l thsro is great room
for i-nprovamvili R. J. Black, near Rash-
vill, ni l la ag i I show of fruit,, aa f is Red
iin all th trees hi nan riiip: S. Oofman,
near Cirroll, is al io wjrkinj into a good
or.'h irl aa 1 11 ira jry, an 1 J. C. Kiiney,
ii-sar Liaia.tar, is living oatalirg-s or
chard for the silu of fruit. . The grape has
alio baen intra lane I wkh good sucoss.
T'ho hors ia this ra jion ara of tiua style
an 1 aotioii, an 1 formed lha most attractive
feature of the. Fair. 'Tni1 is tha hsai-a jar
tcrs of the farrl'un ol 1 Printer, an 1 also of
Priuae Hil an 1 Clay fiusteo, and 1 now
ri'johting in tho possession of Imported
Monarch. Thera is no use lo speak of tho
cattle iii' this .connection. The mines of
Biateo, ili'nr, Krs, Pc arse, Shnffer, Hu
bur, aii J lots of .others,-, are synonymous
with all that is ex.tellaiit an liio way of
tihort-lioru-i. lilool.i l sneop una awine
are not so well established,, but a good bo
giiini'i is nu hi, an I lha Kagaejous fir
inurs of. 1 ho Honking Valley will not sull'er
so important a branch of slock raising lo
ba much longer neglected..
l ae ftieciianios ot tins region aro ma-
kin goo.l progress in soma departments.
sueli as.oinia! miking, etc., but tho far
mers have vnt to depend mostly for agri
cultural imp'.iments upon impu tations fivm
other places Our fiiend' M ilk Keighlly
ol Reynoldsburgi driving a good business
in supplying reapers, mowers, wheat drills,
eto., from the establishment oft Warden,
Urokaw it Child, or bpringhitld. Uat we
uo'.icad h'iioW bingle checkrow corn plan
ter, the invention of J ohn L!l i'ik wood, of
liiihopulis, which seoms id hcnUal to tho
best wo have seen of this class.
Tha Cincinnati, Wilmington ii Z incsvilla
Railroad is now in operation through this
country as Ur oast as Lexington in l orry
Co., and will be through to Ainesville in a
lew weeks. This will all'ord great fncili
ti 1.4 for the farra.-rs ' iu getting their stock
an 1 produao to market, either East or
West, an I thu completion of tho Hock
ing Valluy Road,' will form au outlet for
lha Vast minora! deposits, below. Tuis
oit.utcr of the Statu, which ia about the
l.i'.t to avail iusclf of these comiuaio al fa
ciliiias, will ihun aid 1 irgely to oar ex
port trade. Truly Ohio is a whole
d ate, and lliu good lima has about coal.'
Of thu Fair it is not ntossary to speak
further in detail. We enjoyed a rnre Op
poi'iunity of spending considerable wind
tor the mini lenient of several acres of us
good looking nnd nltentivn yeomanrv
and womvnrv as Wo often sou togother;.
and by Way of a.reeablo variety, had
most capital social re union in the fam
ily of Judge Whitman,' who, . whatever
may be his political and judicial standing,
has the rare irift of making hie home the
rallying point of the : excellences of
social life. Haro amid a coterie of other
liosoo spirits, wo met again witn our
charming literary friend Aietta V, Fuller,
who is soioui nintr . in inuw umvo, uuo
thus with hiirh converse, music, uud
sweet songs, passed ono of the ideusantest
evenings 01 ini; uusy uie.
Tiierais ono disagreeable fealm'o in this
rout from Columbus. to Lamttsler, too
palpable lo b orvrlouked.' After puss in
tho line of Fail Cel l comity, m uiy of tho
older small fainis p-esenta very neglected
iipnaaran.'o. ine reiicesara 111 a miser
1 bio (''onditioii, the o'lgiual buildings aro
billing lo decay, Hie barn roots worn out,
una out tew repairs vuioia, v;iu:o uie io
der is disposed of in 6ta:ks about the tot
leiiur? wails.'ns if misery lovodauch' com
piny. 1 it because r.oruc of those people
cav" more Attention to fast horses and bad
viiisitey, iiinn.iuey no lop rimuovu injmiir"
tion, which should 'ha' the farmeT's glory
s well as his duty to dress tho' tjafth
. .. .. .- 1 ii.ri :..t
I nnd keep iil-r'O.'iio CifiVaar, ' " '
Aiuerirau Orgun."
" This truly American paper, publiei
at Washington City, come to ui $ lied,
with muub valuub'.a riUar that should ba
ia the bands of cvery tras filuodof LU
country. Loca'.eAus i,t U uudor, the very
Wiills of the C.ipitoit las many oppor
tauitiaito xp.s th tr.ieharies, biie
tress .1:1 1 rJ'.taanass of lha present aJaiiu'u
tration tha'. wj cannot have ubro.il.
Ita U'rnai for tha Weekly art-:
I copy, oua year C2 '03
3 copies, -oau year i- 5 O'J
,'U copied-out yetr, 15 03
and f jrlhl D iily 3l,l)Jpryaar,pny;neQts
iavariibly ia alvanoa,'" The coming scjs-
rioa of Cj.i ;r;j will be oni of u;iuul io-
ire3',tj t'u Ana jirj ia Party nul t i O-
ilaiiwill'hj thi prop it oh nnjl for full ami
oorraat i:if)rinui)n. Lit our frionis got
up t'leirolabsan 1 end in their stibscrip
tin imiuli Italy.. , Allieas "Americau
Or 'in'
Washington t). C.
... ; rizzlcU." .
S 1:11 Ha !:irys "lu'mleJ , e.l'Uor'
of I ho
Ci 'la ia natiainj tha Orau j Jubilee at Co
lumbas oa the Ht'a ir.it., says:
"The Only dislinymhtJ stranger, pres
ent was iJuE.roy of the Quelle, nnd he
sma l to ba davotinnr his entire attention
to his profession xekitly iwptelor"
H ivin j a littla tirai to spend in CJnra
bai, dariaj the Jubilee, by particular re
quest wa inspaoIoJ a pipe of wiuos
and farw.arJei it lo tha "Oa'.orntan House
to bs drank by ths Damoeratio Club, whon
lha Governor shall ratss Wheat ajain up
to 32,00 p?r bashul! ! )Vi hopo by that
timu that t'ao Ciu'i rJiy bj aula to pay their
bills and not laava thani 6tundin au J thus
cheat a p jor foreiynei", for th Junior odi
tor we inspoctod and ordered "Sparklin
C itawtba" and kid gloves least' Ins dainty
Angers an I sweet lipishoull thance to
uorao in contact with "Old .Ryo;" Gan
tlamen of tha administration faith will
ptaaso take notiso Do not soil the gloves
of hisf lljverense, least you raiijht nnr
his rejoicings over the
. . "Biilli mt Victory in Chicag;)."'
A correspondent of tho St. Louis Dem
ocrat snnds returns of tho chction ia Kin
zis oaths 9;h, from twenty-two precincts,
in which Gov. Rieder had 1995 votes.
There are twenty-nine other precinols to
be heard from, which will swell this vote'
At the election on '.ho 1st, Gen. WhU-
fiel.l had 2010 votes.of which at least 10U J
wro from Missouri. To that if Gov. Rua
dar receives 3'JOO votos of bona tide set
tlors, whothor Iho election ba legal or not
his voto will outnumber Wliitliell's.an 1
wo may rnghrd tho question settled that
Kansas will bo a free4State, unless a vary
larca emigration from the Smth at once
goes into tho Territory, or unless Congress
should interpose insupurablo obslaulus in
the way of the majority.
Tho I'rou State men are gutting up doo
umants to lay bafora Congress, in which
they purport to establish ' -
1. ' That il can ba provod by pro-slavery
men Dr.' Hart and Mr. M. Wallace
that there aro only four legal pro-slavery
rotors at Franklin, and that Whitfield re
ceived 6 1 votos there.
2. That it can be proved by persons re
siding in the district, that there wore only
33 legal votes oast for Whitfield in Wyan
dott; (he received, we baliave, over 503
votes there.)
31 That of 233 voles oast for Whilfndd
at Osawatomie, evidence can bo got to
prove that not above 53 were legal and res-
4. That at tha Baptist Mission, which
gave ovor 1U0 votes for Whitfield, there
aro in all only 17 legal voters, and that
only 13 of thorn cast their ballots.
5. That illegal votos.number' not stated,
were cast at Osakco. ' '
C. In line, that not more, if as many, ns
one thousand loual votes were msi lor
Whitfield th-oughout tho entire Territo
ry. 1 "
At the election ot the 'Jth, Uelegates to a
Constitu'.ionnl Convention were chosen.
They will form a Convolution for Kansas,
and apply for admission into the Union
Reader is to ba the bearer ot the UonslUu
lion nnd patition to Washington.
Great Excitement in Kansas and
ON THS LURDKH. lliaSUlllt 1.0U13 L8in
era!, of Saturday, contains tha following:
As wj pre dieted, we find that the pub
lications copiud by us from tho extra of tho
i;ycle in regard io mo sooroi orgnniKauou
ofthe Frao State mon in Ivanzas, has nr-
ouied lha Missouri Borders, nnd they are
canvassing the propriety of an nppoal to
arms. Wa have to day had ths opportuni
ty of convaihinat with oud or two gentlemen
who have just ooino ifom inm saouon 01
. . . a
the State, nnd they rrpori tne pumio leei
in" as being of tho most intense and nlarm
iug charnjier. - On of the gentleman re
inarkod to us. f'yuu May lookout fur a civ
il war in JCnntua, in leu than tieenlrj
Jay!" , .
In rogird to this whole manor, wa aro
more than ever satisfied that it has been
oovorily aroed oa with a view to influence
3 . . . . . e .1.
the Missouri oleotion lor osnaior oi me
United States. Iu this, however, it will
fail, and all tha blood that ha and his may
shed unnocessarilv in his atrocious dosigns
will only sink him deeper , in tha miro of
political reason. He is too ueau w resur
rect.1 ..) : ' ' '"" '' ' '
We h ive no doubt the - announcement
that Iho settlers in Ksnsas are prepared to
defend their lights against the invasions of
armed ban di ol Miasoaiians has created
great exoiteroont all along tho border. The
tdavo propigandists oa the end of their in
famotu sehemes. Thay 'nro, dasparate
man, but they do not want to dio just yet,
nnd if they believo thore are a few thousand
of Sharp's rifles in Kansas, in tho hands of
or"nniz(l boutos oi moil, iney win not
venture too near them. ' Tho crisis is now
arrived, and wo'have groat confidence in
the triumph of the pgoplo. ' "
.ij Revere Gate oa Ln'te Erie.
BcpfaiA Noy. 24. Qaite a soveve
gale occured hero yesterday. Tlie schoon
er Conousst' was wrecked on Wodncsday
otT 'Nnpeth, on the Canada sido of Lake
jn. The vessel nnu tier cargo oi wneai
are a total los9. Tho schooner Illinois,
or Detroit -h ashoto ticnr Grand River, nnd
full of water. ; ' : ' '
For Ui ''LmcuUc Ataertcta Cuciw,"
if Iutortt IsivalWa.
f i cam rsoa S enr1or iw t.
' rora all parts of the coutttty roy atten.
tlon las bqon repeatedly oalled to jlho fact
thatprartuisaSsnm'tns t ba' modloal men.
are treating diseases of tha TuOAt and
And to sive-greater weight ttf their pre
teusionsof being familiar with ibis ciode
of treatment they use my nanlo. or copy
my popular letters over their., own signa
tures: or otherwise profess ' to -tfl ry a-
. . . . . -
gents, or to be in assooiation wittt nie.
I dni Tt tut just to (ho public, wtiora 1
havoso largely addressad 'hiough the
ne wspaper press, sud to the pi scUce - ty
Inhalation, whlah I have brought so proiui
incnlly before the people of this country.
to state thai I have no connexion wnai-
ever'with any vunJering Ikalist who may
be professing to treat Consumption, Uron
chits, an j Asthma by Inhalation. Nor
have I any ajent whatever abroad, author
ised to use ray namo in any manner wliat-
ever. I nsver laava isew ior, pioma
... T r, ..
sioaliy, on any aocount; and treat cases on
ly by difeot correspondenca or personal
consultation. My great anxiety in public
lyjdiscussing this important matter, has
bean to save Inhalation fiora those empiri
cisms nnd impositions which jtend so muoh
to brin every medical practice into disro
pate.- And I have scrupulously withheld
any Information concerning the medicines
employed in this treatment, feeling nssur-
ud that imparting such a knowledge hasti
ly and prematurely, would only be put in
to the hands of quacks an excuse for impo
sition, and a source of danger rather .than
beneSt to tho sick.
Iahalation is not a medicine but a mode
oflrtalitunt, whiah requires to be varied
andadapted to each case. It cannot, thoro
fors, be reduced to fixed picsoriplions and
sold as a nostrum at so much "a puck
age," nor practised successfully even by
the physician without long and great ex
perience. Ia tho "Medical Specialist" for Novcra
bor, I have had oocaisiou to expose some
of these impositions emanating from pat
lies giving their address in New York, and
shall uon'tinuo to do so, not only as an act
of humanity to thu invalid, but as an act of
justico to myself and tho treatment I nave
Your obedient servant,
Robkut IIuNTKa, M. D.,
Physician for Diseases of the Lungs.
S'iZ Droadwiy, Niio-York. '
' Nov. 1 855,
Nativswj in Ireland. It will bo'seen
by tha following extract, says the)New
Ofleam Creole, that Irishmen advocated
tho Nativo principlas "many years ago.
Daniel O'Connoll onue said, "L?t English
rule Eagl and-Freiichman, France-Scotch
men, Scotland and in tho namo of God,
let Irishman rule Ireland." . The "head
nnJ front of our oIFanding" is, that we
Inini, also, that it is right "Americans
should rule America."
The Society of United Irishmen was
formed in 1701. Its o'lioe.ts were cood,
and it was proposed to attain them by Con
stitutional means. I ho obiects were a fair
and equal reprobenlation of the Irish nation
in Parliament, and to tbevent torki unehs
from rumso Iiiklahd. Tho Society had
a complete organization, a tost oath, a con
stitution, nnd modes by which the mem
bers were enabled to know ono another.
The Society win composed at first of per
sons of different religions Episcopalians,
Presbyterians, nnd Catholics. The Em-
mots, W0U0 Tone, Lord-11 itzgerald, Simon
Buttlor, Jamas Niipper Tandy, well known
lenders 01 Ilia United Irishmen, were hpis
oopalians. . A number of Catholic priests
belonged to the Society, and took tho test
oath. . ,:
TmntlonWhut Can tho Legislature Do.
The people appear to ho looking lo the
coming Logislaturo lo change the present
mode ot taxation. Una cannot be done.
The Supreme Court has decided that the
tax law whieh allowed individuals to do
duct their debts from their credits is uncon
siitutionnl, nnd the Constitution must bo
amended boforo a different mode from the
present cap bo ndop'cd: or this decision
must be reversed by the Supreme Court.
Wa do not believe the 6upremo Court was
justiliablo in making the decision it did
make, but being made wc havo not much
hopo that the same tribunal would reverse
it; and hence we see . no probable way to
get tho relorms desired in the mode ot levy
mg taxes, only to amend tho Constitution
To amend tho Constitution will postpone
all reforms in the mode of listing properly
for taxation lor two years at least, for no
amendmontof the Constitution can ba to
ted on by the (people till the next election
for members of the Legislature. (See
Constitution, Alt. XVI, Seo. 1.) The
course pursued by the Demoorats is all
the more reprehensible in view of these
facts. The decision which lias beon of so
much complaint was made by a Democrat
io Court, whila a ' Democralio Legislature
was iu sossion, and the people then peti
tioned the Legislature for relief, but the
Legislature refused to do anything. They
refused to amend tho Constitution, know
ing at the time they so refused, that the
people must be taxed under that decision
for four years at least. .
; The shortest road to a change of ths
modo of taxation is to amend the Constitu
tion, (unless the Supreme Court should re
verso its decision, and of this, as before
said, wo have no hopes.) and that cannot
be done so that the mode of levying can be
changed before tha spring assessment of
18o7. It will devolve upon Ilia present
Legislature to propose nn : nmendment of
the Coiistiuition to the people, nnd if tho
amendment ba adopted then it will be the
business of the next Legislature to nmend
the tax Xext.Uarytvxllt Tribune. .
The SrKAKT.RsniP.--A correspondent of
the Ohio Sinte Journal, urges in strong
terms, arid in n highly complimentary
manner, the election of Col Blair, of this
city to the speakership of tho next House of
Eeproianlntires of this State.
Arrscrmo Bereavement. On last i
Wadoesday aveaing, a newly-married
couple stopped at tha Spencer House, in
tending to remain a day or two and then
proceed to the residence of the bridegroom,
Mr. i. Uorst, in Uircleyiiie. 'I lie bride,
whose maiden name was Miss Curtis, and
whose relatives reside in Marietta, was in
apparently tho best health and spirits.
Alter dinner, stio complained or a slight
headache, but at nightfall this had passed
oIT. She retired to rest as usual.-and 3-
bout 1 1 o'clock, ronsad up h?r husband
wi;h sonvo i:icohjrciit remari tjibout lis
having sent.for a dootuiYWd i;f a few miu-
utes was a corpsa. yr. uaaariuge was
sent for, and was promptly in attendance,
out tho lady died soon r.tisr his arrival..
The singnlar and sviddea demise tndaeed
the holding of a post mortem examination
which s!voWi?u that ilearnnad been induo-
e3 by apoplaxy. Mrs. Darst was a lady of
considerable personal attractions and much
amiability, and lias left a large circle of
friends to mourn her sulden deieasa.
Iliausn Law Dosraixa 07 Taia Papact.
The Harrisbargh Herald ssys:
It is rolataj of Dr. Do Birth, the Jesuit
Priest and Vicar Gjucrnl of Pennsylvanr
is, that when told by a brother that he
could not take the oath of naturalization to
Amarica without violating tha oath or or
dination to the Rjmin'Pouti'J.he pronoiln
oajl it a mistake, and promptly remarked
that any part of lha ontli of nwegianco lo
this couatry which may ba incompatible
with theci; and; greater allegiance to tho
Pontifi'sof iio obligation. This is . the
higher law doctiiaa of Papacy. Iileadj
to perjury ngainr,', the Priest, or 'to treason
and rebellion ngnir.st the Stale. . Bat what
if it does? Perjury, (reason and rebellion
can easily be pardoned for lha good of tho
Church, mid a temporal penalty can ba bel
ter borni than "eternal '' perdition. The
pardoning poTor of thi Prenidont of tho
United States doas not compare with the
pardoning power of tho Pontiff and his
priests.' It is a humiliating spectacle that
threo millions of tha Aniericnn people
should bo under the authority of 2 distinct
Sovereigns; Professing attachment to the
Constitution of their country, their hearts
are corded, Epiiitually aud temporally, to a
foreign potentate. -
Pitor. Wood's Hair Dvb. rorlrauro a:ija Hint the
bo&util'ul buir la an oi'n&i.ieia to a v.-ninLn and It cor
tallily Is not UhJOcnminp- in a uiuri. To bi'.vo n ltiu
rlanl', or an Bain my WeMora:iys, no owilaf liiisMhorid
ofbiiir. Hud lo linvt) II aaootfi, fflasny and bouut'.l'nl,
la au ImparUr.tar.d o.inliv;aliifri4ddiklou to both soxoa,
and has beon tho chief prido of tlia ''aijftor" ona for
coi.turic. To p.)HS3.-.a a Insurant irrowtu of liyporlen
curl. Is to bo the lo!sorvod of nil nligai-v-ora"' and tho
nar,iira!ion of tbe raoo. fili.-ia.ijiearo, Byron. Bpencer,
Hcott, and evory pt.ol and palntar leivo apoclnl atten
tion to this srlorlfias tn.1 divine nppondn;:i, or croivu
Imk Biory of th human b-'i l dlvlno. H.it III to Pro
fiMior Wood tit..t tue trorid U moro iiiddbto-1 LUan lo
11x4 palntjrs, pout and b.trben. 'fiiesj latter only
Imiuu we ik:ui'!ii w!i:it oxtnta. Wtol oreniaa, m
'.'jroi,e:ntiilli:b3S. I!c as Kk? tha good husband m-vn,
wlioro.HrjJ tlu barran avtl to fruitfnlnosr. V.'liot
a; or nicUntfas u.ti dailroyod, ho reproduces. Ilo In
vijrorntrs tho aparo looUa of ths X'igonuil:m aud
boanttlies tho Invuriant locks of youth.
Upon Pref. O.J.Wood, of St. Louis, fortune lm eon
forred tho honor of hm-ln:- discovered a b;lt;ihile pro-
pamtion, which not onty proinot? il:o crowtli of a;hI
bi.a'.ilif js the hair In a hltfh di.rrrcc, but restores it
whon It is irone.-or turnsit bnck lolls ortsinnl color. if-
ter it has b.'coins grny, fastons Into the -iculp, nnd
efTo. tufilly doalrova siK-h cutaneous cruD'.lons aa iohv
have tocn onirendorcd by the uo of dyo, osentlal oils,
ana oih r hnHrlona Hnnucullon. llto nmtty rep-n't'
bio testiinoi:luts which nro oforod in Its f-.v-or, froi.-i
evary port of liio country In which it Ims been dnlro
fl'lcjd.l.avi.s no lo-pfor th) sot" pile to lianj tl doubt on.
Tlio Kr-3al d Mn.ind for Hi m article in tli 0 lantern-rit:it?s
has induced loo Prop.-iotors C) e-st.il'li-!; t (l?pol:for its
niannfa-.-ture nnd -.lo In tlii city of Now Voik. It is
supplantinc? till ntli.-rsiiidllos for tho hair, and cn.toys
a popularity M-liUdi no oilir Imsever attained. IJny
11 tost il and r.d'dcs tieit your att.miinn bus been
direct-.d to it. Si. ,ji.i jL)f,irti', 'arcli "lb, l?..ri.'
1Xj"'cj advrt'.souionl. , 1iul'7
L.l.NCASTEIt I.OIKJK. Kn.J7 Kov. Cfl, 1P33
ENtMMPMriSI', Ko. 9....... 7,
February 3, lHee. G. .STIilN.M.l.V, Ilucordcr.
O;po.ite Rhrrfl'ei's
nEGS Hi are to inform his old ctiHomcrtt ami every
body oUtf Hint lie Inr iuirt rt'cetvod direct from
tlio pulUsliort, n hcRvy InvnW'o of Stiut'Iurri ami Mitv
celliiiiflnuM WorlcH, Gift Urnn, AinnmU, iVc, mil tod
fur the Islhrnry, I'urlorniid HolHJny Frt'oulR:umoii
Umu may bo mi mud JiiilishPoetH, vol Octuvo.bonnd
;ii Morocco, revise, r.diurtn; ;-iuiKCrtjcnr f, ftioore
nnd Byrpn'tfoinjilcle Poetical Works. with fltieMool
illiistrutiorvneU'ith ili j Isrttost nnd m out com plulo tiovk
of l'rti'tlfitl works inor bnniclit to tlila cHy.
of nn Elder; L fchl ana Dttrknes. u Mort of felilonn
blo Ufa; l'ontfriiit of nn Itftnornnt.by Al. P. Gitddts;
aim. rumi.it) letfj amoiitc ino morirunifl. oy mo wiu
Jttpnn bkii wnstthd is. by tliiurettt; Whiiuy'a tuturo
Stutn; Kltiol. or tho Double Krror, by Mnriitn James;
the HldiU'ii rUi, by My Marlon lluriuinl; Codo Cut
Co mors, by Hemuily.
Am4n UU Gift Buokn An Annnnlti inny bo found tho
Thoughts Hlosfom; Momory Gift: Christian Kunp
(tnke; FrtemluMii's Token; the PhlloAponi); Clt'l.lun
liirtt rnow rinko; irce masoirs urn; moss koso;
Atluntio Kovontur AfTsrtloii'i l.illl liomoncu of Amv
rlcrin LnndsrniK-s, h bsuullful work, all bound uud put
upintli lioaloMuna must suhMtintiai style.
Aln,u larco ftKajorliiKMit ol BiMo. luriro niwl-Jiinutl
nnd nil prlrt;; Hymn Hooks: Cntholio lraycilii)ok,
loifothor liU cvory Tnrlety of holipious Works.
Pa nor. Kiivolonos.rt, Our stoi'k hus beonliiid In with
An ojctoi.Atvirj nsaorlinciit or I nnt lAJUor nnt aoo
special refori'itco to tho wants and t antes of our Pu
trsnx. Lad 1 os and Gentlemen will call nnd e.xnmiue
ut thlr loisura
r. H, My arrunfremeiits nro surh that I recelro c.Tery
new worK dirctllrom iu3 riMJiisheni nn 90011 11s isulmi
Isnncastcr, oT. P, H-J5-V3 JOI1X HKAKLliH.
VfA7A!sEs r.llSniFOEl SAI(5rT
aTNONTAlNlXG 173 Aeronof rood (imrlltv. with t.r.tt
j elent liottom Laud for mpndows, I lOucroiot wlilcft
tiri) IU n aik;it oiatu 01 (uuivuinm, ni ,nv jiruiiiii'tm,
ll.ftnt U n linn (.l.TTTAUll milihitiio' o.pi(i fvv
VJ-J bcnrlti5t Apjda Trous of tlio bHt quality VipJ
grafted, a number of Pon'h Treos. llot'ttio JL
finest iiiialitv of trniflcd PenrTrecs and utwarlof '
ChorryTruoiuf ull nuulltU'ft. With tha exitM.tion of
tho Orchard, evert lh'ld Is well aupvllod with Melt
water, rrom hpnnps 011 vnrmui portions or 1110
Farin. The Bnlldhijrdoous'ut of a nctt comfort
ublo lwolllnK IIousp, HnrtiiK House.tVunlthnnsO
nnd a Inrjro Swbs liarn 73 feet by 41 feet, erwetod In
lfr-,9 ami oihor o:it liuitiHntr for Tiiriom D'trnrnee.
ThiKarm Is situated In ttroenlitOd Township, elp;ltt
rrmos ftortliwes; ot isUiicaHtvr. t.tfar uaiuut erotic
k..i... r it .....1 11..11 1 it a r i'if A'hT
Kovoiubort?, 136 3iuf.7
rocitrr cook lost.
V OST on the Hocklni Valler Cnnnl, helwcen I,nn
B i castor and .Millvillo.A POCKET HOOK, ordina
ry size, with steel clasp, cnuUlnliifr. $116 or S59 in mo-
noy, nnotu on .Mrayeranu nroui oi rugnr urove, auu
other papor not recollected.
A liberal reward will be given to ths Under, on Its
r.Huru to me on tlio I'sckot, or lo James Gordon at
the Canal Hotel, Lancaster. u. uurtuu.-..
Noveniber f, Ifjj 3wS7 Captain of Packet.
A N active honest Man In each section of the Stale
t to take orders by '.ANI'US for VELPEAU'S
MAGNETIC AGENTS. A salary of 8(HI per year,
and a sin nil commission win ue puiu. "sniiiry pays
ble MiMilhlv." For iwrllculars address Dit. M.V KL-
PKAU,4;i!, Broadway, New York, oticloMni; slumps
to pay answer. iaveiuowr i, leaj .w-.u
THE subscribers, thankful for patronage herolofyre
received, would say to their old taslontors and
everybody else, that tve are now manufacturing- ond
onorlni; tor sale, a superior anicio or
conalstllicln pari, of Gentlemen's Boots nd Bhoesof
every vanety.ironi m luosuaucytoiiiwneaveisingy,
Ladles' French Morocco,Kld,Oonl and CSIf.Gnllors
Jjice Hoots and Buskins: Mlssesand Children's Gal-
tors and Mooes. All warranted and sold low for the
ready pay. McKLHOY & HlLL.lSGiIUK.ST.
Laiiuot-ter, October ii, loui S3
rsTSilE unilerslriieil hasonenedln ths Whila Build
B. mg, a few doors Weal of Uie Hocklhe; Valley
B.iuk.a well Assorted Stook of Wrrtir. and I'lodi"
cinas. which bo offers lo Iho puMIs ot very fair
prices. li. U. HON I KK.
Lancaster, October 2J, 1855 55tf
Desirable City- property for Sale,
t!JvfarsH AT desirable nronerly located on Wheel-
Ml Ing Street, corner of Brood Alley, being 100
feet on Wheeling by WO feel oa Hroad Artey.
Rottilcneocontsius S rooms, kitchen. Outhouses, die,
with nil ths conveniences of a family residence also
a new and convenient carpenter's hop, bruoic House,
Stablo,dro. Ti?rms!rar::iM. ' For further particu
lars enqnlr. of . -. . MTTbb cc UKKSIIACHB.
Vhncatr, Jaly J.V5.V-9
. HI. iniLLETi
nA8ttatrwlrlbU SPRING o0 SUMMER
ply of HATS & CAPS atliUold .Und, t
TMitI HwsJUi f liKtilir, til
tuck hulMun KlerWd wlUi nn cud imbnci
Evrr variety f Ac Caps.
AJJ Includinr IS hlle bmver, Mol.kiu, No. 1 T .
aud 1 Clilnaand Pciliil Straw ud Loirborn
Hula; Mua, Bu)tand Cbllilroua Palm Loaf, from 1H' to
37 S Alao Meuauil Uoy'i 1'urand Waoi;Kouuth Hala,
Uaytnud Cullilrau Fancy nnu. wuica win do aoiu ai
lha lowest prlraa. La'lioru Uul watboil and bleachat
at tli .bortti.tuollco. lTTUuu'lfurfot Ibe plaro.
May5, ltj. . , . . M. SMALLEV.
pooit jtaderr I.nueaster, Ohio. '.-
. , r TTJlAxiinoOKSrorCointy
y 5 U.aco, justices" ifiauka,
IWclcots. Double and Hindis
Kntry kedgeta, Journala, Day
Hooka. Ac. Se. Alan. SaV
Hlndliipof Tery deaerlptton
dosM-lu a local satisfactory
slylo. " .
All orJars.by letter orothor
nlao. uromptiyattandorito.
Ordors for Binding cnu bo Ult nl lus Gaiolta Office,
or at tbe Bindory.oo Main Street, In the room former
ly oceuplod by t'ol. P. V an Trump, ns a Law uaice,
ana nanny oppo.otn nr. uroiitor s rosieenco.
Oocouibar 14, Ifil-Ci J. HUSSELt,
10.000 ACRES
XAM now dealinj ertorsfrely In Land VTarrauts.
tboso wishing to soil had therefore bettor consult
me' boforo selling eldatrbero. llouleraln Warrautsuun
do aa well witU me as In any market and utalco quiclc
turua. The eosts of assliruliiar is always paid by me,
sud any luformutiou itboul Warranla cucorfully lvuu
Thosj tuteiidlnpr to use their Warrants at some fit
tura tt.no eandeposlto them witU lus aud receive the
rtoney or interest for ttom. and ntiothor Warrant when
they wlb. Warrants passina; from my huuds are al
ways guarantied in sesru retpfict.:
I alao deal In liustera En-liancPniul Gold aud fit
Of Coin. T; r. TAI.l.MAUCS.
lancaaUr,ssptcuil)ar 27, 1954-21lf .
janrr d. jackhox.
g" II.V.VE purchased tbe entire lulsrost of Jeiin I.v
S nseio tho Grocory Stoteon Ui Koutliwcst corner
of tha lubMct4nnaro,bark ofths Wa'rket Ilonso.wheru
I shall at all thuos take ploasnro In sorvlnu Iho old
customers of the ottuilUehtnenland uiy friends with a
C'!:oieeseleetion of tl.-0';ciic9, Notions, &o
ilT new iupnly has already mrived to which! Invite
spuciul attention of customarx. . H!y prices will he as
low ashny.othor smiiiur estabtlsbruent In tuo c:ty. I
am a uaw bseinner sndliono to bftro a libornl share
oi ine-puliuc paironnce. j'JttJ u. j,iLUbun
Lancnstor, A
Uf;uslS3, If 33 ICtf
nrsici "siusict!
-an star-Y r T? Trr T v ii'PtrA s nras .
tt r -o a . .. - . ..
MP 3 turned to Lfliienstr.nrni wilt ha brn-
Broad Street. Jforth of Main Street, in the kovsc former
ly ocer.piett by John Jr. Jyeai'er. nnd hope their lonp ox
rvorionce in tsohini? musle.and tha unremlttlnir atten
tiou paid to tho improvomont of tbolr Pupils will insure
apnrtion of public pntrontnre.
EniJruul-rv iiimI Canvass worli
a. u. i'K iiini ttui.r win rocoivea class ror
WtSSM.O. OK REIITIULT h-n opand nn Klo-
mohtnry heuooi in tua basement .biorv or tn KrHsco
r-ttl Cmtrt-1). May 1, 1S35 1
ATEAClIKU T.-ho cn come T.-M1 recommended
'cnnhnvo employment, tf npi. Ik-Minn bo maila
stion.iii District IJt. 3, Vloawr-t TownUip. Fairfield
Ctmctv, Ohio. WILLIAM JICNK1NS, Jnn.
H"or.. 13,1p.V"-3w22 B. J.. FSKMAN Directors.
von s.u,e.
TITAT beautiful Housn and Lot on tho Eaa side of
Hrnnd Street, nenr Wlndinrr fiii'io-t, and iminodl
itU'ly North of tho ronidorK-o nf Mrs. Creed. Th5 Lot
la Forty-three f.iet front V.y Ono Hundred and Sixty
f, i. ivoft!(!tl.;ptoTwclvfot Alley. The IIoimo
fTa contnhif Seven Kooiiij. Hall. Kitchen. Ac., nnd
JL!!.'-.l was flr.UUod abo.it 011 1 vear Mine. A lso. a coni
mndious Suldo, CarrinJ - Hoiisf. Wood and Coal
Houko, 'c.,iVc. All la (i'ood rapnlr. .
Tlrifl property will hi? snl.l ch.;ip f.r enih or In pry
inonis, m it m Iho Intci.t'nn of the proprietor to mnvo
Vost. F.ir further r'TPiicu!ar pnuir on tho pro
mifios orof tl-e KlilTOH ofth. GAEKTTli.
J-aneastar, Tiavambcr 15, Ir'S.j i?:f
WK-have In atoro cf this t'nng f -vlth largo quanti
ties of Goods yet to arrive) liio
rAv;;::sT and cjieit
Stck f WHY GOODS ever orerod In tha WT'.ST!
Thore hns been some dtvlino in t'u hrir-" of G'sods
wttithi few wpoks. which enable w tu buy tar-re
lot of Good, ff Jlctot or in Jot.T.nt vtav t ow rait r.s,
30 that wo run sell itweh hriom the unl rates
W e would call spi-d.il attetillon to
Jlohti Actifjtifp, Fmicy Sil!(t VIjuit Tllack
An ImtlK'liso stn'j;. I'rirO lei. lo
American, English nnt Prent-H rrlnts,
Prlios fro:n 04'c upvnnls.
(23 Ha CO 5i. .Q2,' 33
A most clojj.tnl varijlj;.
Volvct, Clolhs & Trimmis fjr Cloaks;
Brucbsand Bay Sli.lo f-lmN, at lower prlcus Ihsn
. overujtoai oaorba,.
ftuibroiilurtR anil I.nscs, (ilovcs anil Ilo-
. , siory, &c, io
Atoc-k, whicli will be innnd p-rentcr in OKtiMtt, and at
WA cnnlinllv Invite to a frao uxniiiiiintion of our
lower prico, . than any utuor Honsn ran onor.
Cinclnuall, NoTOmborlS, 1H."3 3mM
Attachment Notice.
Alva Paul, Plaintiff,
- UfElliltSl
an Attachment.
Adam Thompson, Dafendunt
n EFORE George Khright.a Justice of Ihe Peace for
lliu 31st dov of OctolHir, 1H35, said Justice issued nn
9 A manda I owmtiip, fuirtieiu t;ounty, tinio. on
order of attachment In the above uclinn for tho sum
JD 45-IIS) debt and Inlurost. ALVA PAUL.
Koyallon,ovemuur lu, wzo de-'O'
Attnchment Notice.
Gcorgo Leach, PluintilT
In an Attachment,
Anderson Montagou, Defendant
TTJiEFORK George Ebrlght a Justico of the Peace for
K B Amanihi I ffwnslilp, Kairliuid ( oi-.nty, Ohio, on
tlioesih day of October, 1855, said Justice Issued un
order of aitachiueut ln.the ubov3 action, for tho sum
of 313 61 II. A. HLLE, Agent.
novation,- jicTombor is,
M. Vulcntlno, fltttiilln.
... !
In an Attachment.
Vllllain lluvs. llefondnnt,
Knoiu; Asi.ory iroiieny, a juiiieo or ino rence
for Violel Townaliln, Fuirflold County, Ohio, on
lUo 3'
31lhduv of October A. J). lKij.fMrl Justice Issued
an order ol' ettsclimeut In tho ubovo action for tho
sumofOne Hundred Dollars. M. VALENTINE
Violet Township, November 15, U35- 3w JU
i.. c. ijuTcn
TfJ'ASJust recslvcd at his oslnbllslimcnt, three doors
p 0 oouinoiiuo rosi 1'i.ice, innriin -s now, a
ril LOT of JKWEI.IIV. direct from tho Manufne-
tnrors, comprising nil the latest styles of Urcr.it
iTSsatiPlas, ..ic 'ii'S, Fiaircr fttit.s-SH'f Void rtnl.
..sis. i, WALCJir. irointiio Destuiuucra.
l.'itil and seofur vonrsulvos.
JPT Welches', Clock a and Jewelry carefully repaired
on short notice, and warranted toporruria well.
Lancaster, November 1, 1855 i!8
6s2.'IKT1 r l 1. I
ON and after Monday, November 19, Trains will ran
as follows: (Rnudnys excepted;)
Jr-it Tcaia leaves Cincinnati at 0 A.M.. arriving at
Lancaster nt 11. .10 A. M.aud nt Zauesvllle nl'J 30 P. M.
Heturntng, leaves Znnesville at 4 50 P. M. arriving
kl Lancaster at; 35 P. M.,nt Cincinnati nt 1 20 A. M. -Beemnd
Train leaves Cincinnati ut 3 30 P. M. arriving
at Lancaster at 9 35 P M.
- liettirotng leaves Lancaster at 5 10 A. M. arriving
St Cincinnati nllO 45 A. M.
Trains stop for nassena-ora nt all Intermediate points
and connect wilhtr.iinson Little Miami lloadfor Co
lumbus, lhiyion, Hillsborough nnd Chllllcoihe.
titage lluos euunoct at Clrclevlllo for Chllllcotht
ond Columbus, at Lancaster for Logan, Ivolsunvillo,
Athena.and Poaioeo-y.
b For other Information and tlckela, apply at Ticket Of
fice,. corner of Uroadwav and Front streets, nnd. ut the
Utile Misuil Depot, or to tbe Station Agentaou the line.
J. A1C. I.. .
" Knglneerand Superintendent.
.JtjThs Company will not be reaponalblo for bsg-iruiresxoeedingS.-Hl
In value, unloss tho same be ro-
tnriied lothe Cmiducloror AireuC. and freltrht rtald at
llieralsofapiiassgerorevervajuntnvniuo aoove mat
amount. novomosr m, nvo.
A Rrnno veil his office to .aria's rerksyi East of
ths Court House, opposite ths Ohio Kagls Otll,
ncaster, October 20, 154 55
- Main Street. end door Kant of Cly'a Hotel, .!
Lancastoii May Ji W5J 5i . ! .
Kkeilfl's sale. J
B T. 1ml, tf OU; M,fiti4 C..ar. .. k
T Virtus ef an Execution isln.l propesty. rres
the Court of Couuion Pleas la aaldeounu and ui
ntudtreelad. 1 will aKw -t n. 1.1 1 ., .1 . . .
Mouaj n Laucuuter, on M.nlmf if Uik aWr mf Dani
I8is, betwevn tha hours of 10 o'clock A- U. m
4 o'clock P. M. the followlni- desoribad K..I Kaiu. "
u.i T" "'"'Wed half or ln-Lol No. a, 1st
Jliffhtll Eauara of Ihttn,.. nnlli..ri.....l..
all the Interest of William H. Sbuttloaald Lot. '
M.praiaoa at (ss.uuui two lliouaaua dollars. .
Taken as the property of William H. Shut at Us
suitor John C. weaver.
Tonus of sale cask. WM. POTTER, Rberiar'
per O. M. h. WISEMAN, Deputy.
Lauesaler, NeysinberSS, 1855 5wi9pfl
Bhtrifl's Sale.
Ta SrirTr tf 01; rvirfili CsaaTy It'. -
PtTKSUAhTto the coinmand ofao order of aalet
from the Court of Common Pleas In said conmy
aud to mo directed. I will offer si nubile aale at the'
Court House in taucealer, on Saturday tka ji aaf
DiccmtirAt'SS. between the hours ef 10 o'clock A. tlL
and 4 o'clock P. N.,lhe followlug described selKsf'
tale, to-wit: A part of In-Lot No 33, In tbe Iowa mi
Kushrille, bounded and described as follows, begin
utug at tbe Southeast corner of said In-Lot No. 33 oa
the Alleyj thence running West 34 reetand two Inches
to tho Southeast coreerof ths DweHlur House on said
i.i. V. - - v. sv sa io intouos i
... .'WW niu oi asm, tot try sn ; ;
Alley, rnnnlnx East andWeal: ibenceKssltlilrty-elahl
feet aud four Inches, to an Alley: thence alour said J .
Alley lo the place of beglnnlns;. 1 .1
Appralsofst Two Huudred di fievei, It-Ore r.,Il.r.. . t : . , !
1 oue sold as tho property of SareusiWosk el. ala.. A
at ths suit of Dsrld Wilson and Jobs B. Muinautb! C I f I i
Assl;neea, 4.C. Terms of salo cash. 1 ' Tli jVfl
iWltLUM POTTKK, ShertrT. f
tuiitorand Uanghnrtv, Attorneys.
Iucaster, November 1, 1KSS Swl Cpft4 SO
Sheriff's Sale. -
Ts Sdtfs oi, FaSrfcli Cmtm, mi.
Pi KSUAMT to lha command of as erdsr of sals
from tha Court of Common Plsss la aaid countv.
and to me tilroctod, I will offer at public salo at Ihs
Court House in Unoastsr. on Smtmrdmm tki t ,
Derimiir, 1FJ3, between the hoars of lOo'clock A tl.
and 4 o'clock P. M., the follosrlna; described Real Ks-
uiu,w-Kiu 1110 one unairided hair or In-Lot Mo.
10. In lh Central Apdltlon Id the Town of Baltimore.
jiripraiscu at fivo jiollars.
Oua equal nndlvldsd half ft a irM- t -i
coinmeridne 152 f,-et North of ths Rorthwest corner
of Canal and Johnstown Streets;-, of (he Town nf Hal-
umore; tnence nortn 150 reet; thence West it feel:
tuence Soulh 150 feet; thenco Fast 49 feet.
One i sndlylded hslfof so much of Ont-to, S. 1 f
KoKohl'a addlt on to tho Town nf R.,iii.... r...
North of a raiice Una, with the lino between In-Lot
, ,,, cM.,.r o. oi ins east addition M
Bnltiuor.. Appraised at SIS. .
One undivided halfofa Fraction ofT.a.'.A iti'.. i j
Iweon said last described tract, and (lie said East ad
dition. Appraised! (5.
Onoundlvided half of a Fraction of fjihdf jTlnar at
the Northwest corner of Oul-Lnt Ko.S of Roknhl's ad
dition to lialtlmoro; thence East 1 rhaln 71 links;
thence Komh 7 tj dcreee West 9 chains and SO links;
iiraii-ioaiiu jjn'irnm west i cnain cs links; thencs
North S chains 53 lints to the beginning.
Appraised at 6S.
One uiidlrlded half of a Fraction or Land lvlna-at
tlio South west corner ofthe Northeast Quarter of Sec
tion No. S4.Townshlp No.lS, and Rnne-e No. J9; thenca
North one decree twenty-rlve m. WeslSSIInka; thencw
KortlUBisdeitreee East S chains. 13 llnkstthencs South'
40 decrees East S chains 75 links to a stake at the East
and West Quarter Keclion line: thence West 4 chains
SI) links lo tho bselniilnc. with privilege of eonreviiir
the wator In a race from the Canal above lock No.'3, aa
nt present eonveyod to the Woollnn Factory, as long
aslhe Canal wnlcrprlvilepe shall bo continued-.
Appraised at Five Dollars.
One undivided hnlf of one rod wldeofTof the North
aide or In-1 nl Nq.5, of tlie O.nlml addition to Bal
timore. with tlio appurtenanco, bolonglns; to same.
A nnralsed at Three Dollars.
To be sold as the nrorortv of James Brook, at. .1.
at the suit of Edward Calkins. -
iurrasof sale cash. WM. POTTER. Sheriff.
par. C. M. L. WISEMAN, Deputy-.
Hu ntor ADatt-lierlv, rM'iriieys A.
Lancaster, Noromtw J, 195 SwS(!pf7 SO
Sheri.T's r3ale. '
Thn State of nhin. PttrStrj ...
TQiUHSLrANT to the command or an order of sals
u. , i, uranm Lomnion neas fs aaid roaalr.
nul to nio directed. 1 will nirnr.t ah.i. ....
doorof iho Court House In Laucastor.on Strrfor th,
UI ifnu mf Dmcmmbcri 1C53, between the hours of 10
o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clnck H. v.. the rniii.
crliied Real Estate, to-wit:
x no bast Half or tlio Northoasl Quartsr of Secllnn
nuuibor.Miioteon.Townshlpuuniber Nevsnteon and
Hanio nnniber Eighteen, eontslnlng Eighty-two acres
more or less, and npprslsod at Ha porae-o. '
Wt nnu uitne isoriuwest quarter of Kee-
U niimll.T TWCDIV. TaWI1sII1 Blimln.. H.v.hl..
and Rim'c' number Klehtecn. I'lrfl,,l.l Hm,...r ra.i.
containing Elghlv Acrea. more or leas. '
Apprnisod at S4U per acre.
Tu lie sold asliie tiroii.irlv of Jacob Katnar at II. a
:iH of J. & N. Gill and others.
terms of siJo cosh. WM. POTTEH, Shorir.
psr C. M. I,. WISEMAN, Deputy,
lirasoes VnnTrninp. Attorm-vs.
Lanea tur, Oiilo, Sovsmbor 1, 1S5J Sw36pf$4,5ll
Sheriff's Sale.
The S'ate of Qkit Falrjlr'.i Cnuly.tt.
PURSUANT W the command of a 3rJ ordorof' sals'
from Hie Court ofCoin mon Pleas t.r irnirnni,il
ly. uii.l to me directed,! will offers! public aalo at the'
Court House In Lancaster, on SatmtUam tkm lat'irVs mf'
Dr.remhir, 1HS5, between lOo'clock a. in. and 4 o'clock;.
y. hi., iiiu iimiou ingiiescrioeu iteal instate, to-wit
Lot ,v. ll in the Central Addition to tbe IWwn of
B-'lii re. Falrrluld Cnniily. Appraised al fVm.
To be sold as tho property of George II. Hodsef and'
wife, al the auitnf Edward Calkbis.
Tormsof sale cash. WM. POTTER, Slleflff.1
per C. M. L. WISEMAN, Dhliulr..'
J!t:ktkr cU DirontiitTY, Attorneys. .
November 1, l555w20pf3
Sherifl 's Sale.
Th State ef Okio, FalrJIeU CmtntV. mil
Patrick Quirk, , "
vs Fulrfl '1,1.---,.,., PIA.. u..,,.,
Mldinel anirk stall.) ' "
S PURSUANT to tho command of an order of alls
frtllU the Court of Panimnn Plan. . . Ca
and to mo directed.! will offer at public aale at liio'
Court House In the Cltv of Lancastur.
Jrl Jay cf Deremkcr A. li. 1M5', betweon the hours of
iO o'clock A. M.aud 4 o'clock P. M., Iks following
u.'i,ucu Hum ,1.1., 117.HH;
i-nrtoi .section No. 7, Township No. 15,of Range No.
19, being also a nart ofa tract off ifl-um i.,., ..it. ..a
conveyed by the "Lancaster Lateral Canal Company"
- ..uj i9,j uueu on recoro in eam coun
ty, recorded In Hook No. IS and pages 9S0 and 221.
and lying on the Northeast or towing path side of the
Ohio Cnnnl, and alongside of Lot number nine South
of tho Licking Summit: beginning on Ihs outside of
tlio towing path at a corner which Is 60 feel below tho
upper enu 01 tne stone work or said lock; thence run-'
nlug down the Canal parallel wilb said lock 00 feet to'
a comer whicli Is Ihroo feet below the lower end of'
said lock; thence North 44 degrees East lo ths line of
laud bolwoen said Reynolds and O. P. Tong to a cor
ner, thence South 44 degrees East 60 feel lo s corner'
on said line of division; thencs South 44 degrees East'
mine piece 01 oeginning, containing one quarter ot
an Acre, more or less, and being the aaras lot conve) -
ed to Thomas Huirk by James C. Reynolds and wife,
by deed bearing date March 10, je48.
1. ppratsou at s itiz.
Terms Ono-lhlrdln hand, ono-thlrd In Ann and lha
remaining third iu two Vsrs with Interest from His
dsyol'salo. ' : WILLIAM POTTER, Sheriff.
per cel. fa. WISEMAN, Deputy..
Hunter & Dangherty, Attorneys.
Lancaster, Ohio, October 25, 1S53 SwSSpftt
To Architects. ,
Aoditsr's Ornci FsiaricLD Cors-rv,)
TOcWibor JS, 185J. j
HF Commissioners of Falrdold county have sr
proprlatod the sum of One Hundred and Twenty
lii o Dollars to be paid for ths beat Plan ror as Inflr
inary, Thu Dn.ru, to be deposited In llils ORca on ot
bofore the 1st duy of January next, and as aooa there
after ua convenient tho same wUl be opsnsd sud sx
sinlncd, and Ihe award made'.
By ordorof tbe Commissioners. -
va. O. E. DAVIS,
HAS removed his residence and office lothe tirlcfL
bulldiiigformorly occnplcd by John rUallsmlth,
Ksq.v south aid of Main Street, 3 doors west of Dr.
Krolder'a residence. Oclobsr IS, 1854 S3
IIVlI'Lifcll FOUR ofthe most beautiful and valuabrs
lots In tbe Clry, containing 60 feet front Ssvh, by
out 1.0 feet deep, situated on Columbus Street, lm'
menistoiy norm 01 tue ney. jonn wsgsnnais, ana
bounded by Allen Street, on ths North and by a tS
foot Alley on the rear, being tha highest location en
said Street, i he above Jats are well Inclosed, and
curbed and paved with Gravel on Columbus Street,
and planted with Shade! Trees. They will be sold)
seperately or together. Prlco reasonable, ans-hslf
in nana ana tne oaiance in one snu two Tears wusv
Inlorest. T. U. WHITE, Jan.
Lancaster, October S5,lC5JlmS5 ,
MA S roturned to the city, where bs sxpectalo rs--main
permanently in the practice of his profession .
oful for past favors, he hopes by attention is bnsl
noss to morit the patronage of his old friends and the
puo.'cgenerniiy. unroe Mam nirees,iwo uoors cass
ofthe OhloEaglo. Laucaator, July 10Kas)mll
-ia.TOTir.lt Isharebv a-lvea. that lb ore will be r tl-
l tlon presented 10 the Couuty Commissioners of
Fairfield County,
the vacation of
, st their December term, less, ror
ths County Road leading from ths
Slate Road one-fourth mile North of Geneva lb Good
and Grlru'a Mill, and alao, for ths establishing a road
commencing three-fourths of amils North of Geneva
on the State road at the School House: thence East
one-fourth mile to the Cold Spring on Phlbswios U"f
ford'sland'.thsnce Northeast across SoloBsonltulrivrd's
Jr., Land to the enrnor of the Widow Hnfford's land;
theses North to the Mill rosd leading ft s DrmBea to
Good and G rim's Mill, there to termlnsts.
Nov. 1,16554 w MANY PKTH105KRS.
: ItFSED VlLtUni) '
XTToairsY axn nowscLUiB' a taw, iararASTstr omiot
-sr-VTlLL nraclles In ths C parts of FalrSeld and aa
W Joining counties. . .
lie mrbe found durlnebsslaesS fcrrarsat Ihs arils'
of II. H lluntsr.Eso, -. . . ; ;, ,. ml "

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