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'Xkarcday nioruluc, Nv.39. 1833
Principles oftae American Pnrtr of Ohio.
. 1. Tba unlimited Vaaal.sa AaHt-ieu dlaaouaacl
ad wtlb pelttUe .Hostility ID aeeleateatlcal Inllueuooa
aoa till affairs, of Jar arnraoot equality of rlirbt
to all nalura'.li d Kalgrants wko era iarrel .-a-iaeaMed,
and viovj mu lump,.! allae-iiauito. by
timm at tb.lr rollgtoa, bijhor tba (bit ( the Cvn
Itlulloa. - . . ...
. N Intjrfuretoe with Ui rljiibiof cltlion-.lilp al
ready aoq tired by VomIkhjcs, and the protection or
law ta alt who honestly oiuiicrel (rum lus of liber
ty, bat lbs axol'iiiau of furairn paupore and fellons,
nd a reaest lasteat taa M all arte
iai ktrttfitr a mil lhay aboil bav resiled VI years
in Ihj U.uutai an! compiled with Maturallxttloa
' . Opposition, li all political organisations eompos
'ad tf.ltliflt if FirtifAirt, aad tt Ftnije MM
tmrw Cmrif, f aU !ieasl la lull') lae
.Bills tea .aoala mffrUl y a fjaeara-
a. Stiver la laaaiiint aoliau: Ws annate tta
extension In any or Ik j territories, and the Increase of
tlspolltloal prar by Ilia admission Into tU9 Uulon of
amy Slav Ntaleor otherwise., ami wo itomaua. or 1.-19
4Vnnral isivarnmant an Immediate rolreaa of the
mal wronu which has a be. a Inflicted upon tho
toama of Freodam and ilia Aoiartcua character by
the rapial of llie Missouri Coinproarrttsa, and ins in
troduction of Slar.tr? Into K-i'naa In violation of law.
tit force of nrmi, and tbi uittruciion or iu oieetiv
' S, In humble Imitation of Ilia wlsd ora of WasMnsr
toll, wo opposa all Intervention In 111 J affairs of
BotwilhUaldourajm'UtliT from any people asplrlnj
V.0w"aapprl'jHrlcan Industry and rnlue a--weln.t
tha advarao pslioy of Foreign nations and
, faeltiuoa 10 internal -auia v.,urm
. improvement of Rlvori and Harbors and the con
. etrusllon of National RoaOa uniting tUa arloa amot
ion of ihe Unloiit .
7. Tha ri.aa.a (Ia M t iii!;iva!a
t i ftUkfut .iaea (a la CaajiMaliaa.
g. In State policy wa lealnusly advocaU jert
fata( aJ Rtfrmn modification of tue prjanut op
prenlre ayatoru of Taxatloa mi a liberal jaloin or
Public School!.
',- .Wiait WoTavo Seeu. -
',, Wj 1)to witnasse i Ibo up-rising of
fliro grt national partie---Tlie JaoVson
p!rfy, aftsr'vrsrJii denominatod the Dem
ocratic pirty; the yational Reputllcan,
afterwards knowa as the Whig pnrtyj uni
now the A mrican party. 'Tlio twci first
eprung into existenae after the breatirij
wp of tha old parties, under Mr, M'jaitois.
have mainly fulfilled their ilestiny, and
must, "in the course of human events"
like the illustrious chiefs who lonj anima
ted, inspired, and led their ombattlad hosts
to the conflict of principle, pass away and
giro place to othors.
Tha Jucleton pirty wis the wonder of
he aje. It rose with marvellous rapidity,
astonishing cvory one, both friends and
Kit, and like a sudden mountain torrent,
Wept away everything that opposed its
impetuous and irrasistibla course It tool;
'the character as well as the name of that
'V.raordih'ary mati, -who allowed nothing
to impede Iiia ii'ott will. But it beenmo
corrupt. Tlielove of UiV'spoils,' whioh,
for tha first tiraa in this country, wore, un
d ir that regi:ni, proolaimad to be tho prop-
rty of the victors, entered into. 'its heart
"the dry-rot; and the dcftlcatiotrs of great
turnbjrs of pu'ilij offi ers'amouhtiiig 16 1
'millioni of djllirs, brought down upon its
Load tho inJignation of the people.
The Whig pirty tfaavj into p-t73r, by
the temporary full bf 'its aii'.agonut, to bo
bL'tryi;d and defeated by its owa eherish
eh aril trujtod fiicn Is," the Tylers, the
.Wises, and the Cashings. VVTe naed not
furtlm traoo tho history of these two par
lies; suffice it to siy, both have been bro
ken into fragrrisnts by tha new issnes; and
the Baim.crrtliij party has become so weak
ened by age and demoralijation, that whilo
'it makes desperate but ridiculous'fcft'orts to
, put on the appaarnce of vigor and youth
fulness, its senility but exjitos th pity and
commiseration of the young Ilerculos with
whom it now attempts to grapple nnd
'alrive from the field. Poor old party ! we
ould respact your lige, and let you pass,
v'fJid yoa not exhibit am iliao unbecoming
jour Iffey hairs, endeavor to set all tho for
eigner In the country upon us, and heap
' foul oalumnids upon our heads, brtt Vour
' 'days are numbered, and the sands of your
liftt are running rapidly ont. Go m poace,
and rest in the grave that already yawns
to receive you.
The third great National party whose
tiso wo have witnessed is that which now
. - 3 .ta a 11 .
aprings iorwanl like a young man, iuii oi
hope, vigor, and confidence, uncprrupted
y riotom revels and evil counsellors,
ready for tha conflict aad the destiny that
is before him. It has high thoughts and
elevated purposes; there is a great work
to ba performad, a great reformation to be
accomplished. An Augean stable is to be
cleansed; tha Pontino marshes are to be
. drained; the foul malaria which rises from
political and official corruption must be
' 'expelled, and tho foetid places from whence
it ascends mast bo purified. Tht Ameri
can people demand this, and the Amirican
,. 'toMy will respond to tha call. Tho work
requires able heads, pure hearts, and will
ing hands. Thank God, they are to bo
found among the people. .
iNone are wanted who exporH l ba en
'. riched by plunder or tpoilt; nooo who
. wish to bargin beforehand for the pay thoy
; hrt to receive; none who are not willing lo
labor for publio good, and taka their olian
'r ce's of receiving their reward acoord ing to
' , merit. Already bnr numbel: is legion.
. Theory is still they come!" . It is surely
T ' tha manifest destiny of this new party to
overcome all others, as it is right that
- "Americans shall rula America.'. It
will give to the country its next President,
..Hal ttk him assume ihe reins of govern-
went, ifhjirove to be pure, upright,
' honest, and faithful to its pledges, it will
fix iUelf upon the firm oasis df the nation's
confidence; if it prdve (also to its priuoiples
' "and run after the flesh-pots of offloe, when
it should be laboiiring for tlm publio wel
fare; if in short it shall "follow inthe foot-
Steps of Its illustrious predaoessor," and
.. present antagonist, it will come to the ig
" noble end to which that is fast hastening,
' and will deserve to fill dishonored grave.
But, be of goon cheer, Youno Ambrioars,
no Budh.desiiny will be yours.
How young men can consent to loaf a
; tout tbe corners as they do, when t good
dose of arsenie. can bo purchased for a six
' v..-,.penc, is really aurprieingr :
Ta Aerlc Coauo"Tat Ulmorttr
Mr. Spooner, of Ohio, submitted tbe fol
lowing as a minority report, to the Amer
ican Convention at Cincinnati:
The underload, minority of the Com
mittee dissenting from tome of the prop
ositions reported by the majority, submits
me louowing aa uia view 01 wr.ut is ce
manded by the Order as a
rLiVTVOlttl 01' l'UlaN'CIPLES.
Assembled in Convention as incntbers
of tlio American organization, dissenting
irom tho pu'.iorin oi prmui.ius an t nuos
urns, set forth by the rmjoiity of t!io Am
erican .National UonvuiiUou, which wasj
convened at I'biladulphla oa tl.o 5:h day
of June, 1855; and,conideringlhata frank
and distinot promulgation of our own prin
ciples and niuasures is due alike to our
selves, to tho organisation wo represant,
and toour fullow-citizonsat largo, we there
fore daclare:
. 1. That we vencra'a and will forever up
hold the American Union in its integrity.
2. That wa insist that tho Government
oi tne union siiall be sustained in the ex
ercises of the powers which tha Cjnstitu
lion confers, nnd that llio-se powers thrill
ba exoruiiod for tho otij juts wl:i-;li tha
Constitution indicates, for llie establish
ment of juitico.for the insnrnnoo of domos
tic tranquility, for the common defense, for
the promotion of the ronend wdl'ira,' an 1
for llio SQCunty of the blessings tif liberty.
?. I hat tha ri'Y.a of tho btates, ill;
rights of pirsous must b rrfiln'-aiua 1 a
gainst all tinons'itu'ional nggressiom.from
whatever quarter sui.li .a'ressions may
4. That tha Exeou'.iva, ti')gil.i'.ivo an
Judicial Departments of llie Ojvernm'eiit
should be guiJdJ io'TIluir action soluly by
reforerfed to' the wlfaia of tlia Poopk-, and
should never ba permitted to t.:ud their
Constitutional powers. .
S. That improvcmanls of Rivars and
Harbors of national importance, are consti
tutional objects of national legislation; and
since tha revenue of . tha G ivanim int are
collected by du'.iei on imports, those du
ties should be Wiei with wua uiscrimma
lion, so as to promote the interests of Am
erican Industry, and irrtposs tho lightest
possible burden on JUaoor.
6. ill a tour foreign policy should be one
of generous sympathy with the oppressed
everywhere, butespeoially with oppressor
nations, and nil our negotiations should he
oonducted in the spirit ofjuuice and frnnk-
iiesa, itnu wiiu entire puouurv.
7. That in the administration of evary
dopartnljntof tha Orornm:'nt, the honor
of the American name, tha security of A
murienn institutions, tha prosperity of the
American piopiu, s!i) i.i ua Jit-Jin il an I
paramount ohiect.
8. That proscription on acounf of birth
or creel, is unwarranted by American
From Valilai:ton,
Wasui5sto, Nor. CtT.
The Union -yi it is authorized by llie 1
From lit A&riutn D.-mocrat
P-xsrw gf r-LJkvtar. Tb Kcwtury.
Ma. Eiitok: I sliaillw oblige! Uyou ip&rt Z.lra7, la aaniiblo article oa this
for allowing Die to call a!lr!tiu;. through ul'jct, remarks
your pvperto C o followinj ariicl from j ..r ,j
tiia v-iiio, v'iu v tin wt-fk.
ttanc:aler K.rk9tm.
i i... iia i,r..,L5 .ii .1.. nuoutions tin tT,rc'm7 are as follow..
i.toaV'-M oft'i l aarata
" lonaim .iu.
uf y a i .K.. fc'
alalia, .ri i........ i . .r " :''.
n , ... A fc. i
I "It
liRir.MAVT VffrrORtf TV rr?T. r : . 7 7 7. , " . V, . . ' Wht.Gt.6miS3: Fljaf.MrV.rana-.. S-.n-..'-'?'''.. ..
an had two conference with the hVl (A , i'XUO. TU owner. eaa-tantt.i.iimI,Ull of ! , ' 33: 13' Sov" w. ajiw
Clarlop, in Nation to the West IndU T, the aW, chcn,. ,1,' V $TjS MCM
squadron. Lr ,i a n..,.,,...,,-. t, .,.rf i l'v) I law t. ln.e ui return t htm; V I 1 i ,'' M t
l.e Earl dr.hrc, that It w dispatched ' iwS" W uVZ? l' rilV" " VKilf V A n - r t? Ji
for no purpoae unfriendly thuiii.ed ZJ ' BGfcUCE ST0S'7
btate,; ts ject was to pro'ect the com- I, bu re.ore.1 UmI l.,t yearaf- j"'' U. V jsrlCe. Vh i H 1. 3 dl,t r"; Ciwniir, e:Tio 7
nicrca of Orent lintain ngam?t Iuoiau i.,r il, p4,,r 0f tlm bruki bill Jul - ,a 1 r P ,r",f"- ?M -vr'Ji '7 Mr'.r'l, 1 l'l u. 1 tnniii" r -
piiviucpr,, three. of whi,., weie fitting out J) j u : ; ! t f w as 1 sul : t d bV. Xfaow I Yt' " 1' i Tr lliiVoMt G0RQ2 Vf' R3AR
at New York, oxu bia;; H-jarly rt-ady to ! Al..,i-; ,n ni .l hi oa U or.u J A a W :!ift ''V!'' l" ik t! c' (! a' iv,t t!itMn aw' H- f' -'-rAI' T ! Imi ,lVr! 'VetMU M"'n
rrt. . .. ' t I . . .. ""I't w.l'y:, all .
Aiuspyiicuinr .ss--.i i was large.r.nt clip- iymb.-r mi .ce.-din.'. t!w -i.y a?
pel, npecwlly intended t. intercept Biiti.di olitioa Know N."-!.i m j .ry t.f .'.
ships conveying gold to Europe from Aii-Ufytuavl! V.V1I, h.l Wj,k rfn .-W'bn
tral.a, the putpoao first to capture one of ;o.aaio oIT for oil v o3 -r a,, 1 H-... W.:R.o.
Cnnard steamers. . I 1!fn?Ii.,.f , ; i v.t,,.. ...
13 justibcation oi tl.u s'.s'emint, tho
Laid of Clarendon rufi-rro.l to the ca'e
too tt, j.ittwig nn Irian C
:. ofi8ar.n AWi.ion Know
Irish Cn". ii'ti fninit tl.i
jj.ij liM'is o r.;i;j, iVia Mm pie li.iK'rv I
ti'i-i iA v,',A sT ivcry dovs in t';e O'l V)n-
Minion, lojli nt tl.i fn!t: a (avt d..j4 ago
7'J,0'.:'J cctoj of liiti j!J, 1: -;..iiu
nets, raryi:.' fr.i-.i f .000 lJ i t.OO j . I
lo-.-sto I ?ir (iiil-rrai cou uics, at fryiu
i llra l.a j,l,ct,l Stuell uf ilc. j.la i.,Uiluf of
Wif.KT.ovj.x:NarI,ICJJ. ' l,i4'"' ""'"' Unort. - I- and Ml.tfra,
rr-.Krt n roa nn wras. I I-'1 rn'al .Hv'.rnf KOTtiNCMrntia wnian
mx or (.
tno oars Maary as represcut.nl in MaJuv.U WauSl.o;., UJ b? !.;. an 1 tha entire
ommuniCBieu vy iur. u trciav l' Hf.lKnra ;... . ,. lu t,.! I x, ....
Cramoton. and bv Lim transmin'i-d ini'
B.itish Oovernmoat; thy were at tho sima
time lau oefora our government.
My former uisp iteii having bten author
izedly contradicted, I wimt, on thy best
information, that tho prusent determination
13 not to forward copLM f tha President'
Message fr tho distant newspapers, as
heretofore, in advance of its delivery to
Cotiifress. It may not ev-n be minted un
til that time.
nm jritv
or TURKS HUSDP.201!-a KJ .riou vie
tory; and a triumphant vindication of the
sound nHti'janli-y of D.-moyraic pr'nvipli-'s.
After roa iing this I was in Jut-od to s,e
what C.iiholi'j p-.pjr I had. an-id-m','. j.'1;'
ed up. that wis t!;U3 rf i)i dn;r over the
tduction in C!ii'raoa3a CithAi: Dt.mr:rnl
ic rtjry, and lo my utimi idunnt. I found
I Wfts reading an edUor'uJ in fit O.'iia Em
!i'e. Tha K-i 'lj chIIj it a "uloiifvi i o-
Uorv," bcnair-e an f. ltU Cathvlie De nocra!
! l j to c -iits j(l.-r ftn.'c.
j J u ,'. i! i ;!; of i' onf, (w an I throf
-.'ii:i a:i wre for Lm I the b.-'. lj'iteJ
an ! naUuully ti'ihes'. Jj:at in ihi c :uj -ler
acy, i i !rt i:i tlu h.rt of ll.e eountry, tur-
roum -J Wi'.: uni 'iu-il-jj ft 'vanta -ea.
This land wti ncr; cu.-cJ; iiuthing t!-e
tv.ii tho rriH'.'.cr. Tne nfroi's h id nti;a
u;j u!l tlint wus t.n its urfrri't nnd had ri .t
jrjy or iu'..d!?';-neo cm.u;a to g li.-L.w
to tho jnliiuh, or to rem; w it on t'ie top; and
fs ui- fivf.xni v.'.'l r-ti!i wiih n?zrr:.
ilion-i n it s..!li at hr-i wr u-.n thnn w.j'd
: ii'os nbout Dr. Ivtm.'ii Vsic.'
principles, t.xilas au 1 emigrants rroirl oth
er lands, should ba madj wulooma to the
participation and benefits of American in
stitutions, and to tha privilege of citizen
ship, with subh restrictions as aro neces
sary to nvua sura that those' .who avail
ihemsclves of this liberality, un Jor3tan:I
atid will, dofend thsa institutions a-riiinst
ill ftjrjrressioii, whether of foreign powers
or'eacles'ustical uodies, and tj prevent the
deportation oforimiiiils and pinp.rs from
other Ojvernmanl'i to ojr hn I; t) w!iic!i
end the liws iviriiliin Natural ization and
immigration, should In prop.-rK amen led.
9. That to resist all attempts of eccle-
siastical poVor or factitious combination.
whether native or alien, Is subvert or im
pair American Institutions, is the sanrad
duty alike of tho Native arid the Natural
ized citizen, which m 1st always, and un
der all cirouirisUnjos, be fiiihfully per
formed. 10. That. we ro-alHr.ti tho pi-indples
declared by the- unanimous ; vote of tho
Fathers 6f tho Republic in the Congress
6f 1787, "That Slavery, or involuntary
servitu k, Islrtconsistent with the fund a -nnntul
prini'iple'S 6( tt.ivil and futious lib
erty," and are therefore bound to insist
that slavery be excluded from National
Territory, and that the just influence of
the National Government be exerted on tho
side of freedom. , ,
il. That tha (Tenoral Government
should ever refrain from the exerciso of
powers not granted by the Constitution,
and therefore, should carefully abstain
from all interference with Slavery within
tho limits of any Slate in which it is allow
ed and sanctioned.'
12. That, adhering to these principles,
and pursuing this line of policy, tho Ameri
can Organization will henceforth net with
out saurecy as to its principles and objects,
and recrardinr' the question of. Slavery ex
tension as a national one, and as being nt
present of paramouut importance, will
cheerfully and eordinlly co-operate with
all their full0w-citizen9 who are ready
to unite with them in (lelenoo of Constitu
tional freedom ngain3t Unconstitutional ag
gression. 13. Tlint wa advisa the , Order to con
tinue and perfect its organization, to open
ly promulgate and defend its principles,
keeping in mind that human freedom is tho
corner-stone upon whion American losti
tutions are bnsjd that this principle must
bsocmc u fived fact by tha legislation of
our .National Congress.
Titos. Spoosku,
Minority of Committee.
Cincinnati, Nov. 22, 1855. -
I.utcr from Uuvanu.
Nj.w Yonx, Nov. 25.
.The etcftrnsliip Oconn Bird arrived to
day from New Orleans, vl i Havana.
Tito . feativnl of Stu Ciistoval Colon
was celebrated at Havana with much cote
mony At tho ranr-nt drawing of tho Royal Lot
tery, No. 10,107 di-t-w the &100.000
prize. I
L irge numbers of passengers from New
York for Aspinwal, were detained at Ha
vana on account of tha delay in the arrival
of the El Dorado. They would remain
there until the 23d, , as the steamer had
been held back on that day. '
Sugars were unchanged. Molasses qui
et, contracts for January delivery hed been
made at 4j5J reals. Freights were un
changed. Exchange firm; Philadelphia
i P' em.
From San t'rnticiscr-.
New Orleans, Nov. 24. Tha a'-ofim-ship
Daniel Webster has arrived hero with
dates from San Francisco to (he filh inst.
Two hundred additional men had left
San Francisco to join Gen. Walker oil the
Isthmus. .
The Indians in Oregon continued their
The l iest intelligence from Mexico sta
ed that the yield continued to ba encourag
Tha Daniel Webster left Paula Ayrenas
on tha 10th.
U-miM-al Walker wasstill nt Grienad.i.and
had quiet possession of the transit route.
On the 13 h inst.. Col. Wheeler formal
ly recognized Gjn. Walker's Government.
Walker was daily receiving accessions.
G.in. Coral has boon foiiii 1 guilty of
treason, and shot, in pursuanco of his sen
tones. '
' Espmosa had Iitwi ItantidiPi). ' '
Col, Kinnej' alill remains at (irev'.own.
Fifty "f his men had deserted him and j.iti-
t-.t'w t1:i, .-r tr -1 t'.a .t.ii!jtJ
m .aiaj -.)'. a a (J n 1 I I ,i or 'fl m'j-c rt ji-
tS'-'.t .-..ir. 1 1 t'l IV.4 in j", j il In u - U.
iV," t '.-. 9 i-Lifcalarera S cjsta.
!' .nt qjjPiT i ; ii ..fcu. -
Ttlro fl. IVillj c:.;i.
Jl j-n -A-v ar,.l aaxfl I0c?ct.
Yvr-A.t.?.y, r.. ,,.
P.-1 f a .! ui.-.i H:l( eirt, aran-tor K et..li.
t.a :-.r no I.wxna --, aru .i Uacy aJ LuuiUa.jr
a?; IV, P- tirt do ST-iJ
Sar:r?. 7e,-a-a Hoa. rnrri-f -.il. t-rra,f!r n-i !;r
i..CV; -i- lira w;.!.ii: ,KV'i. wv:,i. :;.
j avtpbts -,"r Vwk tilata : t I! t,. i.t.r9';.. .
1 !il a. I i.s y .tU .! -.Aw; ft j wi.-V ,!,,-..,
4 3C9. tie 1;'. TJ, A,T,. liM.', .,.! I.tttl.. 15 it.
' t.' ,.. , , ,, -i i 'i hi. .( it, n('iuviw;
, .Jna..n.tl if 4r .ar.dhoa hj pmn-i nu
' l,I;i':,,""'l,ilfca1,,'f,-iaaliaanfput,li, ..,t-iMiw,.
V."i)j(l ihe li.form tha Win Cwa rt,, la rr?ire for
"ditlennrr in !l n r.-nnthvt,
l t:.KrjifrfirlfrKlriaed. ihcmrlT,,lln aula-f-t;..;i.
ta&ll. V.atKualiviM,Uct. l,i5 3lulH
rji. ttre "ty.d ivoaso;
Ch-7?sni Ararat Ulac.ioi-y'.' "
n3 15-jl.
it !! Tsr.
T!i- rour',-j( VM. iio't.'i:.-: anvij riita It ;r-r.rttt.
-iai.il, -j.u utr!i r.i.t ntl cUr-linr rot.n iuit.i
iTI-t ' i T.T.Y r. Mxno-
fi. 0 U.t il-i:i,n rorl!l3tai4tir t.'t.n ,.bua.l u.m
tin JlnuTfirT oftltJ li-aiif.l lava riA Lurmntty i.f
a-tl.n r.,r-rliM l.a anlrr ,yatt--. aa ln-
hii oi i jrin,uwaiB iti (.ir
aa.;. f'--.;iim oa.a luria
v ili e.l in t la
J!l,t'i: eT.-v
Ctr-r i .! wsiaau
moc-raey against tV mdi !a'c of the Amcr- ft !,;lVc VliUlnf'T 5w! ihit ' V,:SaiSi IXV.1'
.Vwrrrcnd had beaten him. "TuftK !' ,a??',J 5" ,lf nT Wu' M VT ?;-,t 5 V,"; f" ' C-
,pkl Mixtion .flhtovJ- n,tM l1..? CJig TV"'- ,:Ut thM t'A"f t?s.!lr
Aecorili!i!f then to the Ohio Lio.it k, , , ...i,.. ' , . : . .. 1; A . , , ', '? '? ! . V , V-' '"''::" ''r to t'.. Ii..io !,. raa. '
a nfna;ca i-morrc prince, tor",' ej 'n ; ' " fn' --u L ' U I-I J'"" tt., T 'If i Vva 'SJ'trf .i ! T "r"-'-'' t5. 8at5WW tu. r.mt.-,.-
... ,. ,. , .. , ircdoril, OTll 0:i t!;C oJ;er l!ia s.n.oW u ',. ,- '. "-"" ;,,'',-' ,sr ,':;att!o,;.1.r,!:.f.tllil,,'.ira!1Jer rn(r?. rYattMa
lUllWllilliZU Him CZifUll ir.O lif'.I.U lOIl Oil . "t,r n,, !, mcs w, 4, '!.. Hit U t b fosad I M
Slavery by means of . the pas-;ige of the
?tebrnska Iiill and u.e rerwsl oftiie Wr.sna
ri . Compromise to tini'.c OiO C-t1i-j!'j
church and llio Deraosratij prty iu a Sit
ing bond of political union and frien l.diip-
anil by the ma:is of this Democratic Caih-
uui. i.tuiuuiuaiiuii n var ui ei.er- I 'rniv.sl JI'.fi r os Cr, on
minalion against the American party. lirart. wasafud be for
V benever American t-itizt-ris a an Amer
ican party elect to a:iv oifiee men of A-
iif'Xrocs; on the fint pro'Bftri'T. o'fss '
I , 1 fl 1 i ' . . 5 . ! D' tlts: Tn' Ik
an J re d v:i, u, arid on il.c other sl jlh, ttu- '.a kn
v n:i J rover
rtsa li tti -.? -tLi. !. 1 1
At.e ! Vi nrif.ia ,i atituaa. TV,
nr I.J m .'nt.-iii j I. c.-.-z - t-in: !a 1,7
i t t vri .-rf-irrlr. r.:,.. waiio "i'.j-i !'' itmi
ri'i,!r. A.fl,;-. all it. ra'am;:in .f Mr. r mi
ft ;1 fa-, of .!., t .ta-jTK.it.ii) , coiJJuot -. ta'a
j t'.a prt.i of ,.,jril:;rtt.-in .!s.s '.rlfi-ri-
;fl HV:fl cplnranl'.., I; -'i ft ..- .,tj-a:; .. t:; '7 a.;)
It.iiu.tr) to Vi-RnivT i. CM !..-t Pj.:
ft-inii Ti.a mi., ,.f n p;- .k... . r .
vilio itTiil Cr, l'inali Kr.itaad Cornniinv a-1- tsri.'ti,i.-yra ;r f?0. o it
4 S.OCa. 64.0.01 .i- j .r ma: .a-Jr t j'ir. !,.rtnl ar.'.f.oa aloa In
Jul" Ah'Xi:! Jcr 1 1'';1'''-""-' 1 "r!--s. . w !v way. . wa
. . . . 1 1 tu 1 i.rtit.r. itt tp.ft ...-1 1 . k . . .... .. wb.
..y I-rs. Lovran aad Unmes for I .l .irnirjf , . !r aa'. -s tf r! o:.':.; iL a: r'':-' .'"a
aad Messrs. Gaafou nnd Fere-a.ti f .r ,U. r--"V:M !. w?... ,rt maay e-f.i j w.S4
l.r alpNt f'ir,4 o-t '.f ar I-t. Allateaaklf
A c-rttl'J hxai-'.rtli.,r. T.-ni8 or Ett'i'tuw, fl cr
j.-',t . ttif tiGC. CiLla ft? l a rtnitbi
c.: i;t.r-i,a Prli cliiU.o,- 'utJr9'a Kir.1 Pr'.ncl.tfl
tl'.'.h L'nTlmr, 12fltv. pai-a. Vvilimw tln con-
!-'-aa fill elaiatiub of the diaaorary to whUU
ft-. -.tTr.-.;i f'Titad the la; ill fl yuraf i-loseur,-
urTR-.loo. F vh'.iel.sd fcTer fclx mrr.lh,. ( Vart ai-a
'aw V.V -rMt!!r.) Iifira 21 B-rT'.l'jit. farwalM It will tfa
h ;avy I ai't."4tr.!d.or.:tr T,art oftlw sonn.-r. Ptra.Toluaie
i.-.S So I'll F3rt' rs.alioT.,v. u' mii.p ,lli! .li Uia.
,y. t-i iit,t7
mencan sentiments and American feelings, f:. l int. D.yferico r t'.utt pbrntiff. tiv
the arjiiouncomcnt is received as a uuut ! tr w.n d.-C-ciire: and that il,.f..nf!.-.-t t.-.-.
to p iy I, is atck fubscripiioii iu nawiag
himher for jdajntLT.
J. firs Jul re C3cidedbii.il p fits lit urn'
f ihe Company, and jadcineut was r n i-
eJ against deicu.Jant for ?2,C37,73 -;.nn-':iji:i!
and iiiteref I with Hve per t-i.it pen
alty, and costs of suit. Dvfeudantappr-a!-od.
U 'uenuey Jijftrvjnlun,
sad nff-iir, ntid with t!:o most woe-bego.iri
loiik of disappointment and sorrow, ly
Oliio E tpla pt)iitiuians but let un Irish
Catholic he "pitted" aaimt and eli-e'ad
over an American, ml it is a "mist bril
liant victory" to be boasted over by Gov.
Mdlill's priper.
Mr. Elitor;Iam informed, that it has
been circula'od round nmoii the knowiu;.
otmn. that a certain defeated candidal ii
and has been de&Sroua of vi'iilinjj Wash
intrton Citv, not on his own act-omit, but
hecausa tho public service lays him under
siiih necessity that ha tannot refuse; and it
I,,..,...--..- .i.. ,i,: v...:n
itir Biiuiiiiy aujJi nini, 11:1a uiiii-.
Hint Hi m in Itnu It n:rai ui iiiiniit, vits.iiry l
inlonded to give avidcuco of the soundness
of bis national Democratic pii'ieip'.es. I
had little expected to sea so frank and ea:i
ditl nn avowal bv il.i? Ohio Eagla of these
national objects of tho Democratiy; losich
a party, witli tue.h national ol'j -ete, I uui
most heartily opposed.
As an Amp.iean I dt f pise sueli n D:moz
racy as would nitionalize slavery and force
it into free lerritjri, that would proslitu e
nmvu f!.-:..i.r ? th-lt, ruino'is t i,t
I t.illi i ...i; in f,: !, o -i t dr. r.it Z-watr
! aa nwli trUia .. bnt f.-,r 'H ir--.ir..l
, ''- " -.cl-l r.m i-.-ll atthit lt. Tii. re la no
. i ..it: l,.i M s', - a J, .f f.- fr.-Miooa vi'a a?a;r ,r.r
n 'rafMr or -,ii -t-iT v
-tt(.hir rtrr;,,3 C:.t
; I in', cliii bit 'M i'.
1 !r-T--i !-.y :St ttisrl -
r ft. It, fi ' T V-.y T. -i-J hfrXtr - wl't
I iVi'm-niifi. Ti, uli it 'h'.. w .t'M
-.'V, Mibp .,f f-if.,, wiv of t'.-j P.-KS: Its.-
Haw York It.-.iis,
New Yoiik, Nor. 24. Di3
it i proposing to coufisinifj fyr the Le
ill-inwners of fuitiva k! tves, the del
I b". I.:'..:
I'. ar.t.l rr,r
c. 1 t.",Ji.
'i -S'y'iV'.'f :
f tar- '
triin-itff -?I m;hoIirjf celi'mw t'.rjir U.clt lo
wrVf? tl.:a.!tr mM nitV tcDbtrM with ra-.it.-.
t r.r-lV of t. Av.r t-if s. uKafj. or rflnc ns
"o-)t. Taa I '.f;lmj, t iv.y ftolt.int? of i?xpis'i3.
wo-f'lJnr'.T'-lr. It UV in tr-'arc nf
Ixty ij:ys t.- .!-,r fn OS!., wher it nw l-t'.e in
i! ( y i of KWJftTsi hr r.;.Ir.-Td. da low of
tlmp. I'u !tr rlr'i3oft;rtr ,tt)a wavM iHUf
trraier on ftorio th But thU nnl all. If rII
t)id oi no 'lii Cvim fi'lM twntr T--ar iro. it
onM b-flrsi a fiminn en 0.9 roM. In f.-il, w-i loajl
oJ Gn. W.tlkur.
ctiivo.I l.cro sUV.e tliftt u Lil mz hcan in
(roJmvJ into Oio loI.-lHlrJip of G.jorv'.i.
L?nt;Ct of
f-l'.ta .In
u caizns OI ir DTr..J lO Wtilrll lilP Wive ind !?.f-fO h-r. Tvf (fp1i coal.lh fdfc-
Ai;emni..-r c'tr. 1 ?: droron t.v try t i bun llii m'.l-
rf.d rtin r-fT l.-pi-t. !f tM-j liV?, l it i RdrU-1
th?m flrt " t? ! an ff lUs bi:U thr.t l.-Iod
ohit t1) '-.-'iollr?s oT bride!.
m it"tAifiTv iarpr"-M ill
of 5'jf). ul tv-irai- 14
i . ... ii nam irin-irii. fc i.ir n nrT7 ariir? n., .t.,
C6 i forvJivh t?.. cTAPra ti.';J fc'"2. Such
Th? lr-.;: ir-; toll f.-4t a arrlTj, tniny of
T?e BOVi .., I
T Z Af J;i.t r-eitstl and I. hi rijisalnir a gabara).
i g an .ttn..-i,t uf E' V GtMIaV ,f e.arj arl'v
,-;..!,.:) j luuud lu Ury UobUa tra4ar.a1atillaipari.r
Cj-'t-ioa, Frinti, I.twu longanntK,
.lr.-,vnantl lil-a. l-d ila.Ui..: . 8 & lOquarShaaUi.ga
lilack and I'ancj Dr-i. iai.k; Djlaasa', Uara(a;
Al-.&ciaf. j.'Min anil fguraill
Unt-na&4 HUM HaiM.9-t'i:f.iiBd Pra.ata!
ii-,r.:,itDd Roonvt Kibim; Clrrrlla CaalBiaraaJ
saltivtaasJ Flanuala, Cbavk,Tickit,a,aiMl ' -.
Men's SamMcr Wre of ill kinda,
tojottiir with a va.-ie'.r of oilier pood, for Lailaa aa4
Ge'.tl jmon. All of whli-h Kara prehaaKl a
to it ),. nrla.A will ablrl aMll) Iu lur .-.
ror,.p.vrfly rnonvcf: otrLr.
Hia l-.re will ba fi.arud ura tluorayrett of the Fl:
ft.-lfl Ct,uaty SaTinp liull'.nu. ana orpoatt hirsf'i
Hotel. I.antaslor, Otlo. Jfaj l,
riJt liave U-aclied. if llid cnMt..n;i.. f 1 1 K l onl nnrf.r-.a3. Iradlnr
. r - -
that Itftiito rcftiEe to di livor t;-i the iiavcs
up v.i tho claim of ilir livhtftil owners.
At a niei.-'.i.iQr of ti e C-hirn Domo.?ratiu j nois ti- r-i-" if " t
IT rt t i i t 't .-at'-Va.f o:i-!J '.r,i the alt.t .,
; ii.on t.iu'i, last fveiiiii. meastiretj wrro i,r,,i,;t;. uv R.-,ta a :t
tnl-cn f ir Irminj; about a nni-n c
D.imwcralic r.artv, ni:l a Ftw-nlal comr
was nj pcic'fd to n-porl it plan of t aectinjj j
the h:;.;j. .- !
The hndy of T! l ward Neville, vrci'ii
Tun Tntits LROKar STaAiiiiiiP3 im
tms "Worid In a late number of the
SAettfifi American wo find the, following
nd'.ice of what nre destined to be the three
largest' steamships in tho world i
"Tho Persia steamship, belonging to the
Canard line, recently launched at Glasgow;
the Adriatic, belonging to tho Collins line,
and tho New York, belonging to C. Van
darbilt, now building in this city, will be,
when completed, tho largest morohaut
(teaman in the world. Tlioy will be a
bout 5,000 tons burden each, and will af
ford ample opportunity for proving the
quality of each in the oontost for the mas
tery of tho Atlantic. The hull of the Per
sia is of iron, and her engines are to be
the side-lever kind. Tbe Adriatio and
New York are being built of timber. The
former is to have large oscillating engines,
tbe latter beam engines.
"The keel of the New-York is straight,
and so aro all her water lines, nnd her cen
tre of displacement amidships; the Adri
atio has hollow water lines, arid her centre
of displacement 20 feet abaft midships.
The former is built much stronger than
the latter, and has more capoity for car
go. It is balieved that the Adrialio has
the finest formed hull for speed, and that
she will be the fastest steamer afloat.
T.me, nowever, will try them all; their
comparative performances will be of great
importance to the commercial and engin
eering classei of all Countries. -
.ii it r. lor iu U iitimore.
B.iLThioiis, Njv. 2tl. An atrocious
murder was committed hero last night. A
party of five young man entered Washing
ion Hotel, a tavern nt the comer of Jutaw
and Camden streets, nnd 'bavin? drunk I
freely refused to pay for the liquor.
llio proprietor s brother, kiii'ene ii ion it
er, attempted to help the bar-kjeper to put
the party out when one of them, John
tailing drew a pistol and shot UroaJer,
killing him instantly. Another of (he
trantr. Charles Robinson, attempted to
murder the proprietor of the house, but
both the btll tired by him fortunately
louVed in the floor. All the party were
arrested nnd committed for an investiga
tion. "
..' r ...... I - 1- . . .1 . . ' ... . . i. i...i(a.j,it,r,(v-,aii it,,
our v.,!i-r.t;uium ana niuumu poiu-y in tn ;m u-.a i.in L'ounly Hoti'l, in Williaia?-
MiciH'.-ian- iburr, whoc disappearance has bet-n a rr.at-
i-ioted one-nyod-viuwi of any
lain, ana denationalize nn.l Uirjifrane tne , ter of mystery for s ma tima nst. was
only Uovi'rnmt'iit that has ever boon '.Ttfct- found Ibis riiJrnin-', fiori'.iiiT in Govrdan's
C;iit:iiinuti Zlnrkct.
Dtl.'J. D. HMILKY rJt,?ctfti11y tcf jrraa ttioae itif
ferinr fmrn arn. r enrt.alc 0,rr,alTnla. a-aarml"
it Slybt arlainff Troin lnjaria, Ac, Ulceratlou of
the Kye or Ita-moii.l.t.ana.fmn. aaf aiiJ arery aauae,
lii-J r,T,n',i of Fcruf. aalea. Srrila. Ac.',aUbaf of a
aliort a,initlon or of mai.y ytar aU.-lnr.
TiII.l trapir?4 toirl.a rillsf anJ irfect a cra(
or all sanity Etrc.issii .
Tt. 5. rt -.-Nn. Wilmington, O.: O. B. W..ta, Wll
m!nrt,,iti WilliUm !.!hr, Wllmrl-m: laaUti Iir.
na.Wllnii.irt.Fr: J. hi. HaarnrtH. Wll,nliietoo: DarlJ
Fi.l,-r.oili St. C'iiCliinnt, O.; H. f iir ,av, 'lv
bct. O ; D. McL-.ua. K. Llhelv. Lorsn
r-,,i .,. II--i,h,.,. jL-ffrnnvi'iU.Obio: Joha Vb'l".
. ntt I B''iri:tlHf. Ihi r, Oior?! lUuawalt. Baarivrrilla. O:
n-t Tbi CM vwm, HilU-wrMiRb R. K.t F. A. Mc
' i r..v. C. W Z. B. a -, Lr! Kailtli. WuMratoii,
!j;o; Jimii Pure-all. dsOblu; Dstla n.lca aao koui.
L-.trrr. Lsnfaater, Olilo.
0'cis1 ilrulitJB, Ohio. Oet. S la. -
Polieemau Killed.
. New Haven-, Nov. 21.
Yesterday evening two policemen nam
ed Thomas Cumraings and William Grant,
attempted lo arrest a man in an Irish grog
gery, when n gang present fell upon the
officers and bunt them so that Cummings
died this morning of bis injuries. Grant,
it is feared, cannot recover.
Knnsas Constitutional Convention.
C.itCAcd, Nov. 24.
Previous to Its Adjournment, the Kansas
Constitutional Covention adopted a clause,
giving the 4th of July next as the time pro
viourj lo which all slaws should be remov
ed from tho Tenitory.
No permanent Cap'ital of tho Territory
has yet been located.
Interesting Decision
Faltimohe, - Nov. 24. The Supreme
Court of Virginia lias made a decision in
tha injunction suit brought by the ciiy of
Wheeling against the U.tUiinore and Ohio
Knilroad ConVpany. ,
The decision is in favor of the road on
all points, nnd tho Company can now mako
the desired connection at Bonwood With
the Central Old Railroad.
Tho Cnnadri ct Uoston.
Bostok, Nov. 24. Tho Canada's mails
furnish tho following itenis;
Tho British Government has officially
prohibited the exportation of raltpetro
from tha toritones of (he Eait India Com
pany to any ports except London and Liv
erpool. It has also been ordered that ves
sols loading. In England with saltpolro or
nitrate of soda for the United Siato shall
discharge the samo. The ship Catharine,
loading at London for Boston, had been
ordered to discharge the saltpetro then on
The losses by the recent galo on tho
ooast of England are estimated at $2,00,
000: '
. .The cityartiulo of the London Daily
yeWs of 8aturday says tho English Stock
market of Friday showed a buoyancy, ow
ing chiefly to the support given by the re
cent withdrawal of Stock by the publio,
and approaching' declaration of the half
yearly dividend.
A rise of f d, had been temporially at
tained but subsequently a relaps ocoured,
and the closing quotations were only d.
higher than those of Friday.
Discounts word qoister, but ralos un
changed. The three per cents closed at
par to-day, a shade lowef. Ettmoquer
bills declined ont shilling,
ed upon principles of j-islioe and uational
liberty. . . -. . .
lutesrily oI'LonJnn B titUers.
Iu the New York reprin t of Charabor's,
Journal, (part VII., New Series, Septem
ber 1845. ' Nj. 26, page 305,) article.
"Debt nnd Credit nt Home nnd Abroad,'1
wo End tbe following crushing disclosure:
"Who, for example, would suppose thst
London firms of charutler and eminence
doal knowingly k sympathetically in forg
ed bills! Yet such is actually the case.
A great many dealers whoso names alone
can sometimes lurn the current of the Mar
ket, have a quiet drawer in which they
stow away these bills just as they would
any others. Tho principle on which they
proceed is a simple one. They know their
customer: he is a man in business, will) a
stock in trade, a character to lose, and
greatly in want of ready money. This
customer forges- lo his bills the name, us
ually, of a near relative, or some ono of
moneyed fame with whom ho i3 connected.
Tho dealers, fully aware of the circum
stance, tako the bills. They know well
that their customer will pay this bill before
any others that ho will run nil risk, upon
all payments, make all sacrifices, rather
than leave these bills unpaid, with the tcr
riblo consequences of their examination.
The customer, iu mot, says to the dealer, I
put my liberty, my character, nnd pros
pects in youf 'lmndsj.if I fail in my ctiage
ments. you will have the powor to trans
port me as a felon; I. r.hnll not run that
risk; I have such and stleh property, such
and such uonnnetiona: lend me so much
mnny, the denLrs do not hcMtnte lo coin-
piy" . - -
TIi rceStns Amous Americana Alirond.
The Paris correspondent.of tho Ncw
Yoik Commercial; in spanking of the efTtct
tho tone of tho war articles in the London
Times had on tbe Americans in Paris,
says? '..-'. ;
If wa judge the foelinj which these rt
ticlos awakened in the United States by the
feeling that they liayo awakened here a.n
ong Americans, England may Well be
frightened at the re-echo which she will
hear from ncrossthe Atlantic, in response
to her menaces. It was curious as well as
alarming to see tho intensity of feeling
which was aroused: Sen.rc.ely a peace
man could be found; all were for war, but
I add with pleasure, for war without any
alliance with despotio Ilassia; fir a war
with England would be monstrous and un
natural enough, without taking as ally the
most benighted despotism is Clnidtendoni.
The statement thai Dr. Chaffee, member
of Congress elect from Mass.j voted the
Republican ticket is oontrndictcj; He vo
ted tha American ticket. ; '
Ci-:v in, " .Tuibir, 17. FLOCIt Ihnre wt. n
r.'.i drniif ! for P'-.trr axt:ln 1-,-iIi-t. and ll.c roaral
mpm inn. I h ifll Inrlml .,1 2tw. 200. 951). am StTO
Uay. Ills fJCllll Was tcmiily frastnreJ, lUrraisat S-i r.: iff an 1 Hi Uo al 4-. A aal cf SUbag.
but his watch, so.nia monoy and soma p t-1 BcTl wklusri, With K.Jors.D6b.io,
pers were ioium in ins jiovKets in.iiuaun? ,n,,7"-" ","
r. . . . . 3 1 HffOVisinv
Has jast received nt tho CitT Doob Store
i nw arrrtT or
' Gilt Moalillng for Flctura t-'ramos,
saeh aa Chanlel, wonted, -arotklng Cotton, ambrotdor
In? allk, aevDR allk, apool eotoo, Tapo.batrerii', 4c.
rioiiaa call and ajramlrie hlaWtclr.
Lancattcr, auguat 3tl,'lM-4T.
he cm to h'n djalh bv his
From Chteazo.
Ciucaoo, Nov. CO.
In t'iR casa of CuUwell, eondiietof on
tho Chicago and Burlington Railroad,
charged with embezzlement, the j nry
iii'ouglit in a verdict of guilty, nnd he was
sentenced to the Penitentiary for one year.
A motion was made for a new trial.
A large warehouse arid elevator, owned
by M. C. Walker, wn daotroyed by fire
this afternoon. The loss is not known.
I PkOVlslON3aWofS0b"rr!lmmPwtait-..
OWn ;59;lld:ilJlT5: 70 rr"n Shirillsra : 6Vr, (SOU
ao nam m c. ana 1 i;;w n an fcl uT,c.
WH1RKRV Tlis mrk.-l l arm, with tleor00
hirrel P.I 35c. ami 130 do from aajooa it MX. Tb
demMid execoda llie snpnlv.
L.rir.r.K ma uimua 19 gauaats. cttti., alia
aale. of tWiO box?.
BCfEK iJti.f 10 barrW tnti roll al
SCuAR Tiie martcH la aDtlintif'd, wltba tajdor
ate demand u full mtt-..
fofFltB Sali-aofOO hrsnt II 'f 9 1 nla.
MOLASSES A ula of 21 labia at 3T3,Xc.
r. .r.. D.IETZ
BE.srfTTFUJ.VT lirthrntatka ltl
tr. uf rait-u.-M totii.tytLathftliaa
rnut un a nw 1 arrlatra Hhorl
inttt-Jiultl' ta thtrturtf Witeit Lanal
l)r4art SteTf.Ctrtr JlUn. Lantatttr OA10. vtaar
hawlltcaD.lantlyborioti band and manufatadura
ardcraver rar'.M; of T1UI1 v lu hlaliii.
I'fRi.ttriitj-.Ioua ou ahoM coitcajtrd tba '
avorablo UTii.a. I. 14, Wit JI
Electiou of Senator Tram Texas.
New Orleans, Not 24.
Dy an arrival froni Galveston we have
dates to the 23d inst.
Hon. Thomas J. Rusk has bflcn rinrirl-
imonsly elected to the United Slates Sen
ate for tha term of six years.
Li C'ia
SW1I.I. FCLLst prlraloarde the RaM Es'.ale of O.
1. TuSli. It net mid ul ptitillo al.i b ! f li no
mid Sjirinir. it ill bo a ild at public aaU u( trtiidi qjo
uutlco will be iiivtfii.
'i'h )iroperly onal.ta rf ttie fjLowkij djiorli.ed
Lotlnnd '1 racaof I.and.to.ilt!
15 improved Lota in tha Town of Car
roll. on Iho Oiiio L'iinal with aL.iiltiK WoKK-HOU.-'H..
3 wUliltiro Duelling IIuuus, Uia ultan
Willi smaller liuproTemanta.
5 t' 3!) vacant l,oi tn dlC'art?ut part, of Car
roll. Tha Farm conl.itr. cboot :.!) At.iH'.. and
wilt bo aald oiitlro, or in the (ollonlit j,ircoljt j tuil
1st. B;twfrtn7anl 71 Acrts ortb or tlio
OhirtOiinal. S) Attn t wiiicb iclt)arod,Ui balar.cu
USB Tl !H1JI LAM). . .
2nd. Near ISO Acres on llie Poata t,le r ttiir
OliloCuDiil, Ent uf Curiull, abaut 0 crc clcand
'iUeotharcood Ttnibvr Lind, all onclaiu.1.
Srd.trnii'Jt'ruceol' about 130 Acroii!tuti
on tbo f.uulh of Ilia Oii.e ana liucKirc i.ws, ou
NewTaria nnraiei.
Ne Yosk, XamberS7. Floor Mart forcom
roun ocinvdiaoi Krada at adaciine of 6J"ff;Ht,'. with a
fair daiaand for borne roaiaa si ptioa and rr flliu? ciu-tru-la.
bbfpp?ra are n .it hr?iur 1 an -rr-al ortont.
Rculplacoiitinaa larS". Tiie aiMs Include li.WX5 hc!a
at e9 3.S10 f..r common lo extra r-uit-: SS'j;w7J
fjr mix'id to fancy aud lo j?radea of extra .Mirli
Irae, ludiaaa. WUco'uMni lllinu'.a and Olilo; M i
liii for extra Gwiac; tb ioirki-1 tloa'.nf arm bat
Wlieit Market ariner.wUb betl?rdemriud fri.-lrrat
consumption aiwl export. There is onlr a KioJaratJ
stock, oiTerliiff, and tbeapplyol roid a..d prime par
vela Is quit?iinv?U .Sat Inclq le T.'J.H bil'l.:U i'- 'i
aolthern a'. I 75 15! S8 basbeli White atSSi; 13,
30 Krd t hirac-n nnd .Milwankln at 1 903,3 OC; aad b,
l0 pri-ue While Cancdian at t! KilK.
C-irn Tbore Is a iiiodorate demand, and tbe mar
ket ! a a'lti'.e H-tn-r. StiL-i includa 1V,'X:J baah West
em Miicd el BCX1M erats.
Ph5I.ide!phIia jlarltct.
PHiLirjcrntA, Nnrjnjiier S7. Cotton arrlrlng ra
ttier more freely, l.ut tl.e demand is limited.
CloverRfO.l ia itlraclio "n--9 a't intloti', nrioesbara
advai.etjd e jnt; aalas uf 2J buslioia at old and nea
at 95 pord-1 pounds
Fi'irij;it:ntieaoie.'eIin-'r qille r.nl prtijs ar
stesdllT rtltinte.l-.'.c.l; Utile wrnoexftort d:utarul; 7t0
b'.iia. 'd tt rJJ sl for stinJari! and good briLlt,
and S3 3Vj ?6l?''-,' f r ,rt"-a tr.d fncey.
VVlie.U Is In rotv! Jemrn J and b 't a Ilm'lel a-no-i.t
.rrrlitr; sales' of 3.C60 bus:ic: in loUat 5?Ctf.SS US
SI sa forVVliit;.
Corn la Its slesdv .Joraand at oir last rjtiotr.'.itr.-.;
J.tii) b-vliel of nl.i yjlloar ? ,ldal Vt. aioavafl 6(-t
,.r I ...... r,t. 1 iK.ii K'laitnl. rf rtl.t
I nc-irr.ilxod si'id bl3 eems
Wlitstiey doll: s;jn!l eiles or Eaxtcra r,t 45 c;.t3,
and r.-iiontttlce:.ls.
TW1I . sell tot-So. "5 In Curpenlat's fld-IUIen lo
tha CU) ol l ajicmtitr, beir i- Lot dlraell? o:,i,o
.TtMJtbe rsidene'. of VNllliam M. Klt.kead, Vn.
Tlil Lit Is larire and -l!ffiIy loiated, l-eli a- ona or
tbeeorr.ir Lot.. In tha orlrinal Tarpciiler Plr.t and
altnt.ted On the South we .teorner nt Wlntlirp ard Far-
, j; Streula. tear Uia C. V. & Z. tt. K. Depot. Teioia
tiasv and tUlewarraiited- Kno,:l-cof
CEOUUii Vi. UiCl.LhOr.- .
. , AllLeGetolU OBea.
Lancaster: May tr.1?5.V ? "
AJ.Fa-CUIs 21e-LHlll,
iTToaxcr aiD- rer.HFEi.Lca. at Law, jva-rica or
rctcf A5a ei.HaaaL lad aazaf.
- ttnca3trr Ohio, ,
WILL fWa retention to the pnrehislnr iAMI!r,
of Kcul t'Ute. also, to tbo pruacrmj cr
aion. nr.i Bounty Latnds.
Or FK'E la tho Brick Block, aearlr oprve-iHt
(iuekiiia; allay ilaitk. ' niaj 1 Ifcit
KuItinjDi-a 'i..Iit.
Bvr.T'-o-;a. vplbr". Flour Is Srrn tb! mo
ninir. v itli ciore aelisia than buT-j.-s rt 1. V.'as-.t !l
r.etrtt, 94tft2ir(t.oiavori:nnroreinoi,t, butLir ,.no
of l.ia besliiithtv for a mill in F.ilrf.dtd eounty:- ihn
Ir.vl hajoiillaHoisso, linrhui llot!ierconveiii tne..a.
Al.o,ono olh jr traclcitt.iiiii:'.g tori aj.L-s but acu
tlwStfit) rlo-.dand JadaTi Ul il.uunn'a.Uill Truot.
aimui.1 payments wlib Inlcie'at frorn dale.
. . , Ii. II, TONO. Ajr.-nt.
Ca'rV.I. F.iirneld coatilr, Oblo. Nor. S. 2lt
7r701iioauia Journal copy and sand Billlu Afnt
or this otuco.
citv rnori:aTY i-ott sale.
rSHMT Vnluablo Itotus nnd Lot i:! all tha
:':'' Ji cunveDiences, nt the feruer of Onlumbnii
r..nrto jui rttroct.cau o t naa at a urosi oargatn.
Fo.aenrionsjlron April 1. Jio3,
luiraster,flur. l, it-os io.
Itiift jirc ct
THIS office:
Ejockvitle Mills.
rTriE -thn!rtn.9r has pttrebaied Ilia ahoro jiropetly,
9 and is now prepared to do cttstoin tir rk n wotl
oa morrliatit work. The mill bas bean well repaired,
and la In (rood orderly do work In either way. Ill Is
jiUo prvpurod to buy wbaat at all linii a, or dour tbo
sirao for cu.tomors. If desired. He baa amiiloyrjd an
a.prluncud miller, and will rentier genoral aallafao-
llon . ; ti
Ti " ?Tbo Dlstlttrirr.wllh all IU alleMnety.laforsala.
tico'.iier wlih Bjiler, Tubs. d.c. Tba Snu-mill ad-
Jo'.i.iusr It lalo forIa.
r-Braous wismnff to ouy .wn lore ran neacrommi,
d.itcd. Tba propriator n nlalltlmos b) found at
lit. niHllll Lfirkvtllo, .,r on hia farm. 1', rntlst aoulb
a.tuf Loukvillo, sod i inlle wosl of Carroll,
.. . alArili!,!. liUl-CK.
. riNB stock rdn S ltt3.
TIIKtlmoBxed Mr the poMIe site of my Btock
haTins proved storm v and unideasant. none was
oilered. I will no sell alprirnto sale, al Lancaster,
in lota w sun purauasera, my
15 Ilead of Thorough Bred Cattle,
40 hoad of full blood nnJ Grade Cattle,
acitfaal SJtdiiS li)f.r ffui to p.-ijij white, torn
Tfciv Orlctsn ri irkftt.
Jirte Otcii., oremHer?d Cotoht. firm to-day
at SX'i for nit, Idling, witi. s.loa of ia.010 hnlcs.
fitirur hr.j sdiinctd fi". and aalea of fair fradej
hav.i hen tnf-ue at at 5l "l;r. ,
Mi)las la active at f3,-. . Com 90c. Fro!su,ll'
Liverpool i, to Hatro 1 cor.U
Oil tie IStfi tnrt ,by thi Rat. J. F. Rainmnnd, Mr.
JOIirT SIIAFER of FairSald eounly, and aiss ell
ZAUETH KHX, of fats ciiy.
a.VSUPACTTritER ASD deals a l
anAi?,3 AtrD auDSTriAts,
Wist R.ioss. a-o?ia Dion E.sr r.r rnt Komxa
Vai.lt lii.ifx,orroiuii Kcas-.risTsor Cu. Crozi:,
,'Iatn Stma Laaci-tar, Oblg..
rirtUl! stb.crlhers wl.ihaa idtarnrat bis elt! ci:'-ofrs
8 endtlia p.'t'jii,K:r.irati, t'jat ha ejallnias ta
fcv.a?. nianuracnTv- auo Koap oa unuti. ii." ,.
... i v,. . ... ....J... , tnxi:tS nnd
liSDSrF.ADS ear ofTored to tnacnnin
iv ""', ; ,.f La.ifTnter. -srbteb ho will sell at rv.i'os
vZ'A& tower lar.n can t3 hid at any ptnar an io
ff I F ft meat In toe eity. In e-inuooliau wlta ma
f S 8 aaovo, ba bf.p on ; SY "
wbiclibafcassalseted witb coat caro. tlis ficliltiea
for purchasing and arraaireaiects wlih maattrnciu.ora
wlll onihlehlmto all deaortPHoa of, t HAIRS
aud BBDSrEAOatlowei-pneesthan any ether os
tahllshmeul. Tne a.tentlon or Hoaaakeepars and
othUsarerp.er.illy tnlu)d to th trail Indue,
me n t no w holfta.it in the.way of Rood barialu.. fullr
aaii.d-dthalilyoe""n-tI0,lr tntaraat y.u wll oe
eenaln to rail and eamiu my prices bofore purchiia
InireHowhoro. By eloss ntlaatlon t bmli:oss and a
doalrotopieasa, nnd kesptnt-a full atoek and uos but
the bast and most fashionable arttdtss, be bopos to
I a'aio Akis-s I r LI kl r u ri; ' rurllaeniimianoo neserysioorai paKOMaB" -
i;Afa rtllU U&IINE. I oi . aioweanyaienerouspuniie. ..
.7. . v. . . . ,,, . .... p. s. In theesino on Id use Is Mr. O. L. ECKERT'B
Allofwblohareof flna naallty aud will bo o!4 t fuhNIXCRe WARE KOOMS, aa thai par-
reisonable pneet for easb area erodlt. . JrVnaeanbeaupllad with all tba anlcloa f Fomilura
AlallaVneait t aorae., ; aetvjsaarsf-ir hoas9tep.r,i. CCORGE SMITH.
NovatBDir , lSaa-Jtr JOHK T. BFASEE. UBdst.r.SoTeinbcrK, t3J-tI
TTIE .-4bsrft;r iiax re-nored Its cataMicbsnentlnlo
itisaow l:oon.VW Bid Xni 8:rael,ar Z.a
V ifij t. nnd b-i. rlttcd tiitrin nr. Li a style UiiatiiparaeaV
In the VVeat. Ila-hopestAXtth public will approsial
hh cS ikls to pleuae and exter a to hia al.beralpstrou '
ajre, Lrery tliiit hes been drtiietbat could badoneto
er,are .'.leeaaaliieTerv drrtn:eritoftbart. and bit
,Wi.r.ttr.ol b;;!rnMfed. V,3d.G-KiS''OLD.
N. P. Person. wlhlrtr !) tsuru the art III Lace era.
farilit--fordoipirao bare..
Itaun from Po'clork . :i. nntii ao-ei.ooa r. at,
Laacajter. SoTs:.il,2r 'C. lf,i i6
A. C. 3A2.L0 V, H. D,'
OVF1CF InTaU.nat'.i.-; bl.i-.-k, Muiu Street, Ijart
l.-r, Olili. r K..t"t-a. r
rror. r. u. v. m;Bm.i.u. t cieTotaad,
H. I'. Gate!.?.!. M. V.
A.M. iilair, M. l..C-,lu-inbus.
J. H. ;u:ie.M. J.'. r;: i-lnnntl.
ap.ll ir '
. 1 AS hni Uou opened nt tha WAWSf
'' eJ J"? II jViKof .f eslracs A vraod,e
!: i x. th" ' titctlrtn ' tlio Canal and Ratlrd.
. -.nS Tl.i Si,ea.5at.-J't wboirt aad iaalfCa.ua
rca!tl ii ' Csr U'.eii tn aoint'ic towna
tt!. al-wavt oa.tnptlod at a'tnc.if.aM Boltr at Cla-1
etun.vil pVicot. All Ojsteis sold by me. warraatad
good and fraVl JAMU BOTD, ajetl.
ixacaljr Octabarll.lPaS ooai. - -
yisusrA- foi'Miux w.vBE-aowtn
James Wtc35ta.aaaiiir
TTiVITG c;! iWi-bod hlmarlf.ln the anannfaetnrlns;
? ! of TIS, COPPER and f Nki'T-tROX tVABE la
I'lfaj'aJfui'diBT.aaa fiaur '" ij-cii't
tta'.lsprapared .nf.ira'.db the psojtle of rliji funiy
wlih erao- tiiltT-tbatmar be i.ee.Hd In bia lino. . T
tr:;roii hand cve.-i- ra.-ietyuf cOib.LNG and I1EA.
STOVliSfor VOtt'i!.J C"AL,coas.sUngIupart
if the Ll.m Air Tl-bt, M csteru Uucn. r
Ttlmni.h, Buck, Prnaldeiits aud Prefereneo for Wood)
and l '.ar Oitrnoml f-r Coal. Alio Havana, Ploush
Su--c5 Su.T!ri.iil"diIloi;ow-Hnr. All uf tiiealiu
articles wlii aol-l as low can be boustbt eleKWhn-i
lie iniiiisclilious gjiisruitr tw-eatl tud ammina.bta
-("rt r?nB'j-!rp"n,lnpd!J0'"u'Reac.rt. cpon abort Do-
Oopptr.nra.is, Fowtrand Uvelakei.ln as;.
cl-iut: rirnny iLoai viro article, . . i-K.
Lauouitor, hiey l, lf-M
IDCKUO, 6LiAiii:9a . ,
ir 1f at r II tuns pMpertd to faniltri LC0XT5S
9LaLs6i:rJ lit fjahPL'any. Wr.luut or UoHwaot
Frnmee.l.o.,1- ii u Gla.s flatus. Picluroa Fraoiea, eae.
-, Ai.o:ti(lt FriuiJ. 01a,isaa or all sitae and a'ylea.
Portrait Fr.i-iM. PU tnro Fra.nes, and afiiral aa- ,
sartrueiiiorPletiiraaand Oil lulutlct-a, t (wholcaala
o. y tv-j3i i.'aui .a atreo., .i.H"a
Marcb e, lZiS 44 . r ., ,
Tag aubserlbor rcsrie etfully tafrjnii hia frtoada aM
nubile In (reiieral, that bo haa lasok alart ala)
stock or GROCERIES, :$
as io lb Tarlorr. H" h 1" "P'" I"
.. ,o.o i j; , tjnohere.l oflbe rt quality J
5cf 'ilAIso'nl Ph-kllasar Vlaosjatr.aaa)
awian'stVlt o Xtrf tim Miteu4aar
all of which will bo enld low for eaabawapproroaeoasi
fry produe at bla ld ataud, rae of Broad 1 1 f
v7lu.l Ing Street, add urul spoaitatt t
11Tb. Bntler. Cbeo,Ud esJ n) Majai walc?

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