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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, November 29, 1855, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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iT - I..
B exlNsortiiuitry piopm.
. ' ' practical thej are rapidly
. .11
'rom ilia N..Y. Lifo IiluniraleJ.
.' " America9,
The Ameicauof the United States are
ill an imn;s
dUtiuicintr tlie
Io bold cpncepiioii, in splendid.
dariaz and successful exroutiou thej excel.
o . e . it .1 1 l
They haTe-th nve sensea mnj ip;
They Sea admirably. They Hear and
know all that is transpiring. They are
large not to say glutlonou oaters, and
so ha good Taste living fast." They
a, parsons or communities of acute Feel
ing, for they are exceedingly alive to the
national honor, and so will go to war for
triflai, and they lay hands on all thoy can,
and so prove their lotion acute.
, They are a fresh people; mi l by that 1
mean a people not worn out. ThU is some
thing a good deal. At least we think it
.is in horses and women. A younj,' wiry,
trry.strong-.iuibeJ, round-barreled cult is
always a favorite wish an old liorso man.'
He says "the animal has tho root of matter
iu him. He wauls training. The b'i.t,
the bridle, and gentle authority will reduce
his powers. He will yet nnko a nag that
will go down into 'the thirties.' " A youg.
ftvsli-lookin", ruddy-cheeked, bright-eyed
girl is a beautiful orea'.ure. Slio may be
unused to thediawing room, may not know
how to apply rotiye to her cheeks, may have
little art and lesa coquelery, may be unable
to speak French, but she hss health, and a
sonl whiuh is ungalledby sorrow, aud hard
usago, and this is interesting.
So it is with us as a nation or people.
We are young in our grisil . Wc lack
solidity, compactness, full growth. The
nation has not seen a man's lifetime yet.
How then can it be anything else than
green? It has all the freshness of newness.
VRBAQ EM3N I S f.rr she Second Annual Cn'liw
tious otiliUnew ft nl oniUr Institution Ut to
UtiUisiu uf l.iterulure ftud Art, bavn been mutt a uu
.VrWih.s rtsuUurinsinic, wit on it it ro
lUdiutxiroti ta:U Us popularity is usaed upon iU.iucriit
oi. tv ,.it4h ..i iv Miitihl t.'i. flint tliW uro-
puiuiiim will annuity tvst-ire trruy hxtr to Us niuural
" color, produce I'lxuri.-fittfirrowth upwu ll lttuiUof
which oiii.8iin.Ujr Ta Thousand Pollen, i 's jd aa a tailer article, .mt a .oi.tliiual of
il,inr I n'riu.i.Binwviei-H..i...n.u.y....o.wur. ; u t , ,,,, nIllUhu r-ii.lfrs the hair softtflossy
Itliritrs of American Art. and tlieeucoiirar.inentof American, i , ..., .,,,1 - ..!
genius, have n,.i bjeiioverl.iolc .-ii. Commissions have . .... ...J, ;; Xr .ii.n.,...i.i...il nniKsuci,
Prof. Wfifm's mt KcktfNraiiye.
. .... I. I . .tlhAll.'i lri..lh.n ln tMH m
r Bincpccparaiivui "uvBu r.uu ,
.1. rorutUe public, owing to lUwuuvlorlulonotMupoa ....... .TT. AST.rSICH
liIihutt-ul.uirliJill,t"ilraU) obt.ltaeucclo- CAPITOL Clil Attl-naiin,
j Unly i.a wis prf jcllv uiiu.nillloJ. li wllliout COLOM lll'S, OHIO.
bn ln-urlily oluoilloiuoliiotHIi'atowin ' Si TjlHJTlO.V. The r'l"',;lor,,1,',f reiple"
lniu U uited Sutos, tlia CiinauHsaiiu t!ie Wffl lnili 1 u,-e lu aiiuinincl.itT to lliu cili orilie l"i,ion, llml In
l.'luilitf. o.rllll.f rvaullsorprisinn, xlicn it is rj- .. ,.,10,, of heirTfHl mllsfncllon limliirt'tU'tl u)
A wii.it tlnvirki uiiva.tf ona;afod, if ibn fur faniJ
"GENOA" CKUCIr lA color, produce a l,iMirirfi,terowUi npo.i
Ioob if mail to many of tiie mot liuni:ufLil A iiinrl
can Artintf, lio Mill contribute fomt) of tlieir dueft
prodactioiif. Ainnii7 ihem ate three Marble UnMf,rx
wuluil Uj the icreut llviiiK arulptor, Uiraiu Powert.
Jicorjo laHUIll.rton?llie Futliurofhit country.
JU:nJnuiln 3'riaab.linf the Hhilofojihur;
natel f ehler,th? SIMescivn.
A fpi'cial MSeuthiffTlfit?!! Etiropo ami mail- rrt fttl
an. I Judiciuuf aiilci'iifiiif of i'.inieii wnrksof Art, both
in Im-oiis-i hiiiI Marine; lalnkry anil CUilv Paiti;luy:i.
Tlia whole furiiiii'K alarjce mid vatuulil collnvtion
iif Painliiijrf ami Statiiar, to bu rliairlbiiteil b'HKB a
niutijr llu ineiiibeif of Ihe A-sociutioii for ilm -,'ud Yoar.
'I'naMflop MaMnKRimir. 1'lie pnynienl of Throe llul
larf conf tittitof any nr.e n inunibor of tliif Auot-lutiuli,
ami entitles liiiu to oilh.ir one of tlicMiiiriizincf lor oie
.ear, anil aUo a tirkot ll the liintnbuliou uf Iho blh
Mary ami Kilnlintrf.
me i.it.'ntturo isnr-il to ftibfcriborf rotifUia or lite
following Monllily MapaziliPf : Harpor'f, Htitniliua,
rlulckorboi'ker, lilaikwi,ol'f, Hoiifeholil Words,
Grabanra.ai.it Gmley'f T,ttl)'f nook.
1'erfoiif takinir tivj inaitiberfhlpf aro ontltlrl to any
tlvu of this MniriiKiiK'f for one year, and to six ticktta
in the distribution. The net 'proceeds derived from
1I19 a:le of iiieinber:diiia, are duvoted to the jiurchase
of ArU for tho fiM'ilur venr.
THK A 11 V A NTAG KS NECUREU by becolull'g a
itieiob.r of this Afsociitlioo, are
lt. All persons rec lve thef ram fir
nrriifia mi fAr fa.rf In the shape of alerting Maga
xine Lilorature.
Sd. Knell inoinlior Iscnnlrlhiitltitr tnwardfpliriiias
riiR rholee norktol Art, whKnure 10 be tnsiriuiiiea
anions theiiielvea. and are at Hie snnie time uncoiir
ajiuit the Artists of the country, disbursing thousands
01 ilollnra 1hroiit:h Its aironry.
I'ursonf In rlMitttmg fund Tor mtninLTsnip, will
please irlve Itieir ofire aiMrrgM iaa, stuttnjr the
niouili tliey wish lite Mafruzineto couuneiice, and have
the teller reicltitured at Hie Post Office to prevent
on Its rorelpl n cortlllcate of membership, together
wiin me Muiraxiiie uvsireu, win us lorwurueo to any
part of Itte country.
Those who purcl-nse mnenztnet at BooUfloret, will
observe tliat by Jolninirthis AsMielattnn. tliey rrcfi'tlf
es f Magazine and free iit.ktt in the annual distribution
all 111 1I10 sunt'., price tliey fnw pay for the Mi'gazlno
alone. For Mcnil0lllii. address.
I'. I.. DKRItV. Actuary C. A. A.,'
At either of the principal Offices ''Knlikerlii'cker
Mairaioo" otllce. 5-IM llroadwny. Sew York; or Weal
oru Olrlcp. Illli Winer Ktreel, f ullllilsky. Illilil.
Kubscriptloii received by V. M. GKISWOI.lt,
Nov. 2 J li'Jtf ll'Ml. fioe., for Lancaster, Ohio. '
Forty years ago it was said of us that "No
Amer.can has achi -ved any Hung misterly
in painting." "Where ore tho American
frclutects, land and naval?'' An E. liu
answered, liut Echo is no longer the nu-
tionul .trumpeter. Shu has givuu place lo
rarucsnd she lias a hundred tongues, bhc
prod. limes our wonderful qualities in every
land on every mountain-top, aud away oil'
' in the islands of ti e tea. One can hear
her boas'.ing of our statesmen, of our gen
erals not such creatures ns they luivo iu
tho Crimea but men like Washington,
Andrew Jackson, Zachary Taylor and
Winfiuld Scutt the M aooiibcesof a people,
who, when they do light, do it Iriumphitn'.
ly, and with such zest, beaitiiics.s, mid ik
. cided relish that one thinks only of that
' horrid trade War. Her voice is so io
tous and clear, like that of sumo old wiz iid
in a moun'uin gap, proclaiming that "now
we have poets, punters, artists, aulhoi'
that the laud is brimful of geniu?, overrun
ning with it, -and ouzing out in the shape
of steamboats, subsoil plow, potato dig
gn, atono cutters, yachts, knife grinders,
wheat reapers, dirt excivators, wide gauge
railroads, and Erie canals." On Sunday
she takes it on her especially to proclaim
that wo have a "church without a bishop,
a State without n king." She points a tin
gur at our steeples, and says lo all creation
"Look aud learn!" She carries you through
everv shady nook and through every gLti,
' and bids you hike note of the way, tho man
ner, and the velocity with which our tench
er8 forco tho '.young idea how to shoo:."
Ajid then, slraightning up her tall form
for Fame is tall und strait hIio rings out
a voice clear as tho scream of a young
eagle, and declares, that though we uie
lnucrhed at, ridiculed, c'l i.icised, an I found
fault with, wo are n great people, an 1 all
Uie people, as iu uuty oouna, say "amen!
It is to a sober mil coolly calcu'. i:iug
man a matter of astonishment and in i lti
the degree to which the inventive faculius
. of our people is nt work. True, it sIiuw.h
itielf mostly in tho useful arts, in niechan
icitl contrivances for the s iving of labor.
From the elaborate and uitiitiu Hhip-keel
to that of a hen-pui suvlur the mind of our
people runet to new creations. To make
what was never beforo maile, to do wlmt
was never before done, suits our type or
mind. We discover new laws in mechan
ics or chemistry, or new applications of old
So, I', Cast ro'.irlli .Sticot, C'iiu inliuti, U.
it i
Kespai lfull) Inform llielr Customora and Purchnsort
ireiierully. lliat they are now opouiiig uu e.iUnsive
uud coiupl -le asdortiiientof
ZJD Jf 'J? a C cei X) cSl S3
il IB 3B Itll
Families, llolel Keeperf. Ktoumlioat Owners, nnd
Slranirers, luiij depiml upon Uudii-i; the besl class of
(ionds, nl prices as low us lliuy can be purchased III
lie Eastern Cllies. aept. si", IrJjj JiuSI
1K. It. S. I1NI.F.Y,
Ol'l'KHS his professional services lo me gluteus
ol Laiieastur uud Its vlclolly.
At this sysi.im of nudleul p.aclico Is new to many
ill lint plue.e.Ml mnjr bo deemed prnperlo give a few
of lis distinctive features.
The uae of iho luucet it abandoned as I priiel ce
frauifhl with evil coiiseiiienees mid u natural deple
tion more faro and effectilul substituted, by tncreaf
I n II tuo various fBcrolloin nnd oxcretlom of Iho body
thus reducing the elrciilatlon to any desirable ex
tent, and iivoldinitotl'Bctiiully the ubslrnction or dlnil
niillon ofuiiy vital or luvii)ralliij irlnctplo of the
For tho poisonous tiilnornl modlclncf Uorelofore Iu
common use the more irenlal medicines as now pru-
parud In a conrentrnleil nun purely mooiciiuu i.miu,
from the veuiitablo klnedom. uro only admitted Into
priirlleo, lieluir more lliorounh nnd effleiont aireim,
and nl way under tho entire control otilie priicllllun
eri but under no circiimsluncos capalile of producing
nnv ol the dlsa.-trnus rnsults foeu in every roinniuiilty
wlioro culoiiiel uud a'UucU medical agciits have been
the chief reliance.
Ollleo Tallumdgo House, over While, & Lulttt
Store. ,
Hesldnnco Hov. Samuel Carpentors, Broadway.
Oct Vi, mi. ly.
Jauitrufr, tho ceniilcatcf of disiiueiiished itenll
and ladies. In every part or the country
ed it. iiiiI Llier.if'ire so'oik what thev kn
ullo.l. That by propemse ofllils U'llorallve Ibohair
can te uiadeto rctou Itsuuiural color to inmost any
u-e allotted to hiiuianiiy, by roinovin? tueciius; 01
lisjaa-J from liiesci:l:-riiO' matter of how lonffstuiidina;
. tiiirii.!irr.!i.t!tiiniilalaof ;lie I'ress, and llie cer-
H'.ll.'atet of the nuiu-'rous rospectiiblo individuals of
Willi aexes. leave ut) doubt, t.lreularscoeiainins in
particulars relative to the curative, as wll as r-cim
iii-jndallonf of editors, anil curliuvatea before alluded
to, cau ballad ol all liie agents. ,
Baooni'mi.n. Masf., January. VI, lr53 I'rof. Wood
Dour Sir: flavin? -niade a trial of your Hair Keslora
tlve, it gives me pleasure lo say thai its olfecl has been
eve..lleii in roinoiimr itillamiiialiou. dandrutf, nnd a
' (constant leiidency toiuliir.E. willi which 1 have been
' i tmuhted from cliiliilioiid,. lias alio restored my hair.
iilch w us becomlns irray, to Us original color, i nuvo
used iiootherurlicU with unythintr lihoil.e jjioi'suro
and proilt. Yours truly, J. K. UltAUli,
.. v-.t i . - i. i i, a .1.1
rasior Ol luu vriuono uurvu, uiuw.ii.iu.
St. Iwiis, March 7, 1K"I Prof. Wood Dear Sir:
My hair commenced tu'.lu.jr oh tome llireo or four
years since, and continued to do so. until I b-'cauio
oiiilu bald. 1 tried all Iho popular remedies of the
day. but lo lio ellect. At lust 1 wus Induced to try your
celebrated Hair Kestonilive, and am very happy to
sav It is doing wonders, 1 have now a Hue jrrou th of
young hair, and cheerfully recommend its uo lo all
similarly ullllcljd. A. C. Wii.liamso.i, 13'J 'Jd stroet. .
rsai.vi.aa. III. L June as. 1S52 1 have used Prof. O.
J. Wood's Hair Kostorallve, und have admired its
WOlltlOriH, I'lie, S. .m; Mlill minu!. ,..
nroiuaturelv arai , but by the use of his Itestorutivu 1L
lias resuinud its origin;1. 1 color, unit have no dniibt per-
luanently su. K. Uauxsa, Hx-benator, niillon niatut.
' 114 Ma.-liet Street, St. Louis, Mo., March 8, 18W.
Hear Sir: 1 am doll:? an extensive trovil in the West
ami South Western Slalea as n General Ai;eut for
Aduin' Amerieun Linliueut, and would be plud if you
would favur me with u consiKiinienl of Prof. Wood's
Hair Kestoraltvo.aa I feel assured that I can introdueo
it iir tnuiiv places where It Is not known, uf my own
head is uliviutf taslitiniiiy of lis vuluuble jiropertlns.
In reslofins hair to ilsuntuial color. I am forly years
old, and my hair was utmost w hile, bul -after tisliiif
three half-pint hollies my hair Is us beautiful unburn
us it was r.t uliclileuu. nnd much Improved In appear
itui'i.. snd 1 -would nut be wiLhoilt a bolllu oil hand for'
the price of ten. 1 should be flail io ulteiid to uny.
iiiatterthat if eoiinei'ted niih the Hair Kestornttvo. i
have been tortlilrleeu years eiiirajrod in tlie same bu
siness nnd will he jrlad to lieurtroin yell soon. My ad
dress is Paris, Tennessee. '
Verv rosi-icllully, W.M. D BHOO.ME.
TTPPVeimred mid'sold lit -IU luurket Slreel. bo-
tween slh and Sih streets, SI. I.oilis, Missouri, and 3lU
Uriiail wuv. N e w York.
Sold W'liuljsalj and Hulnll nt Proprietor's prices,
. iivj. Ii. r.t uu, uiiicinnaii,
And KAUFFM.i-N & Co., Lumualer, Olilo
October 4, IMS l)W
licuiicr tliu n ever beforo Oirurod in
P. Hope his Interest In
the ticket-hl,lc"is oflbelr first great Itislrlbutiou.and
llielnuuj Hi0l;sl.dsulicilaf.elsfT"in nil r. Ms H tlie
country. Hi rclalion lo lietlier they Intel d Retliug
ii. Miu.iber liistrlbuti.tH nl liltlsfor thu pcoi le, they
huve.ullerau iiuuieiisu outlay, been enabled fo offer I
loiheir lliousandfof patrons tuo roiiowiff raina
ble. mairiiiriceul, nnd uiiprcicdeiitcd UKILI.IANT
si'HIMK. to bo dlslrlblltrd as soon at ll.e 3OO.I.U0
. i , i.-v - I Beautiful Enrrnvi!itf Hie CsriToi. of Ohio nrcdn-
w. n -i ?.,ii' Itribuled amouplhelr Patrons. The price of tho En
." .! . . ; rraviutriabiU One Dollur.and asa pailliroriiauieiilil
cannot be sartiassed.
Head attentively the rollowinp list oi nrtriiinuinu
ensilv Gifts, which will bcsii'.isfactorlty Uis(iibi:lci:by
ai oiuiuiitee of ten.selected one from es. h Matrwhcre
llielar-resl nuniberofsuhsern ers are obtained :
I do IS OHIO B.Otlll
I do . do ,0"l
I Keur-slbrv Brick Ewclling ai.d Lot, In Co
lumbus. Ohio O'00
) do do do lo 0,50
1 Beautiful resilience, in the tow n of Mount
Vernon .V5r.O
f Two-Story BrtcV BulU1lr.fr In Clillllcollie S,3i 0
I Brick Collage aud Luliu Coluiubus 3 ,(,10
1 do do do 3.0(0
1 -Frame do ' do. do 8,500
1 llaiidsnme Country Residence In fc'cgo,
Porn colintv, Ohio 1,5C0
4 Splendid buUdinjr lets In Columbus, ut
ii,C0 , .. . 8,000
10 do do do SlOO 15,000
tii ..,it.Mrii.i,rvei,i,pifullv liifurm htsfrlonds and
i"1'..' 7 i iu. i ui
publlo In nonerai, tiiai no nus uiue,, Di,,Bv
as lollie vnrljty. He tins Jusl opened and basfur snle
. asHlwN". I. MncKrrfl onne nesi iiinnij .
rrVflAlso.lieslI'irklliiu; Vlnnnur.iind
asmall StaeM of rr 4,i.inli In suit ciisiomors
ull or which will be sold low for cash orapprovud con ii
try produce ul his old stand, corner of Broad 1 1 1
Winding Mroola, und tn-irly opposite I1ic I r'.-i'lwnj-
llotstl . . , , "V" V, .1
N. It. It'ltler. Itacoli, lairo anil torn niuui
Lunnisler.Sepleniber'il, lrT.4 SO .
:hi.ma STOHU.
. ' -w itut m. .unit en Main Street, nerlv on
.1 iiosltu Keber, Kiitz oV Co's Drj Guud
Mure, consisiiiii; "1
).ill of wlilcli will be fiild low tit wlnlotiile
mid relnll. Merchants linn uie inimic uru
respertftillv solicited to .-till und e.va nine
niv stock.lt is fill land s.-tectcd,'
Window Oluss ahuoslallslxesftom t to II up to 3C
by 40. WlbLljjM 8TEWAHT.
, Lancaster, upril Vi, 1P55--4U . '
" AS lat ilv iiurcliaseil from
8 I the 11 urdwurt; iMwiiiU'S, hiii! lit u.lditioii to liin ul
ruutly tiiriry stmk, now daily n:ooivl:iff, tl.ruct from
tho jlmnfucturertni.tl liujmrter.u a Uirvn pitn lnifu f
nw gtvulii, wliiili w ill nialt hUaloelt of liarthvare one
of Iho iihiM uIuimIvo to bo miiiim. hi IhU market. Ills
f;u ilitioIVr pun liii.tihrV' urraiiiiroinoiiti wllh Muiitl
I'urturcin, Is i t-Ii uru otpmi to any. will oiu-.blu hint to !
offer ull tliijw riptioni; of Hnnlware, nt lower prirca than
aiiy other ci'nblisbmtifit. Tho nlltmlioti of 1'AitMr.Rit
mid Mm iiANi' n Ik IiivIimI to thu vxtraordiimry hwiiito
inenUiiotv held nut lo lli'Mii fn tho way of proat lar
Kiiln. lull) ciitlnilctl thul if thuy coiMiiltthuirown hi
turcNi lh(y will ho corUdn to cult nnd exainliio lili rl
cohboVore jiUii'lmninic olfuwhoro. Hy cltwo iittonllon
lo bn.iiU.H, !' by eonHiu.tly Ito 'ltlntr oil hand a full
and com.olti tissuiiiuont unu thtt boat jioodtt.liu liopos
to socuro a lui(j,o fllmro of tho p:itronuu of tho I'uniiur?
and iMi'. IiriiiU Hof llio cutiiily.
April i!(J, 34.
I'lipxy mid 'urri;iLr It tin
ilJ. llml, at tho JWw Harilwnrc Store. onpntHc)
tho Tallmail ne 11ohm. ono oflho tnn;o and beM
nuloctoit Alwk of I r) in in i ULE4 uvul opoiiuu Iu thin mur-
Icot. ('oiiftUtiiitt In pa it of
Ihf) Plci'un Luiunl'd Ouck nnd (.'hiivims,
. Fancy eolorud do.
50 " all Vod and anion Ihininsks
50 IIIiIcm patent and Knaiit'ld Limlltt) 14
Hruii nlid Silvor IMal-id llamlv Top lJrTii,
Stump joints. Lacofl, Kprhtff, A xU, rtn.
Ulteustor. April t, If 51 JOHN KFl-'lNGli It.
noi Mr in ii.iu:ks i;i;ro r.
JOHN KiaNGliK would Invite tho munition of Car
penter ami Haute HuifiUfM to Ilia largo Htoclt of
Hoime hulldlnf niatorlalf). 1 iiey will llml roiiMiinuy
on liiindathn buHJnnlatu NalW, Nplkos and Rriiil-s
Tho mo-,1 npprovod Door lio k mid I.utc hos;
Window (flam and Sah of all hUom
('oncklln nnd Wood's Pure Whilo t.ontl mid Oil;
Door und Blind It 'U. Khnp IhnffM, HoHa. otf.
TIioao nhont hulliliiiff will he certain to save money
by oxnminlnir my prices before pHrilu.iIng el.iowhuru
April vu. iM.-i.
4 do do riovcliind 6,0110
1 Grnnd Action Plane .riilckuritg'a) 1,CC0
1 Gold Watch, set wltti Diamouda .. l.l.Cu
'. 5 Gold Watches, at ?."( II each - 8.5( 0
lu liosewood l'iunos, ul SUO s.notl
10 do do at 410 . 4,1)1,0
10 do 'do at 3t0 ' 3.11 n
50 Gold W utclies, Ut JI5II 1.31:0
luo do nl PO 10.IH0
1U0 do " at 75 : ' ,5inl
1110 do at 40 4.(i0ll
3C0 Silver do at i'O 8.UWI
5e0 do do at IS ' ' J.ilMI
icen Ladles' Cold Drensl I'lns, al 4 ,.H.O
. VliO do Uroclia. Kliawls, ul 6J5 5.IMIU
. 5H0 do Bilk Dress Patterns, at tZO 10.1'HO
snro Gold Pencils, ul 41 . l.-.-tfJO
IdiKill Gold Pens, with Sllvor Cases, ut $2 i'0,110
SiKK'O Gold Kiiigs,nt1.50eacli , 30.000
)S(.r4 do ut 1. 10 each 1!,0H4
Evory purchnserof the splendid larpo I.tthoKrupliic
Kmrraviiiflr, will rocelve aCertihcate of Membership
eutlltinirtliein to a chance In the above list of vuliia
bldiind costly Gifts forllie People. Ulie ntrrnvlni.'s
cau be sent by mall (without being damaged.) to any
part of the country. -
JtTf l'!rt t'oiue J'lrst Served. Q
Porsous wibliinf; lo act us Airentsfor ns will please
solid a recommendation slirncd l y Hie Poslinuster or
some other iullueutiul und well known porson in thu
place where lliey reside.
To llioso persons w ho linve been nct!i:frus Airentsfor
us in our former ltistribullon, tlHs is not required.
Al 1 orders u Ith the money unclosed, frco of postage
w ill meet w nil prouipi aiieiiiion.
YCy In order to prevent Miisfusrs, agent and others
transmitting money tone will yleaee hare it oeateU in
theprcwent of the I'oitmmeler, and the amount cater
ed on tile tray bill
Wc prepay all our letters, circulars, &e., to our
arreniatindcorrespondciits, uud cvpoct them to clothe
same with us.
l i-Mtrents wiinted In ovcry town, vlinm tie will
furiiib with posters, circulars, schedules, instructions,
cVc. on npplieiitioii ul nurollico. or bv mall post paid.
For further particulars soo deserlplivo lillls, etc., or
e no ul re at ofllre, .No. If. Walcult's Itlnckt'oivn Street,
Columbus, Ohio. III! KNKI.I, & CO., Proprietors
JOHN 11. SH.KFKlSK.AgoiilforLancusler.
Mim li H, lMi 14
I'uiiill j firocTl',(lucctis uruj Ac, Ac.
fKILX G. ilAHIIKNOIlON has become proprietor,
I1 by purchase, of the Grocery Store of II. II. Hunter
Al Co.-, to which he liasjusl added u luriro and superlliiu
vurlety of Family Qroccrie,nQvt arrivinir nnd lo arrive
from (iiH'iiinatt,tiud other marts. In muMnir his pur.
chnso lie has had In view tho ueco.nmmlution of his
friends and discrliuutilitr public, for nil seasons. He
coiiilnuiidstotlieiralteiitloli,unioiiir oilier articles, ut
prices that cannot fail lo (five satisfaction.
ocin i' t.i. i luAAiticc, oi uii kiuu,iur ruinlllus and
pa riles.
Uanaiee, I iirrnr-onln Almonds, hnglisu vulu.its und
Ura.llilill Xllts, Ki)e-s und dates.
JWi,unt Gelatine for Jellies, Prunes, Ac.
Of FuilillsGrocerioslio n ill milr mention I'bll. no,r-
dered nnd cru.-lied SIJtA , Orleans do.. TKAS.
Klo and Java t'OFFKE, Spices, .Hi,;, -sus, Golden K r
up. French Clini-otate, Aliisliroou AViiiuts, 'i'oinato
( alslip, a splendid lot of f.nglielt Diary Ceeee, uud
ottwr articles to liiiinerniis to put dow n here.
Not lo forirel.alsn, l.tipinrs, Brunilv for (lie sick " '.
convalescent, clears 5 years old. sinouUinp nnd ehon lug
TO HA CCO, Powder und Mint forllie Sportsman.
Ho will keep on haiiil a vnrietyof Paints, ya-niek
and Japan of liisown tiialillfactlire forllie trade.
N.M least.ulari;euiiil full iissorlment of (lueenstoar.
Earthen tcarr,yrenrk toureand English Glassware, al
so, H'ooden icncc, Tubs, Iluel, ets, jjc.
Vr He hopes to oliliiln n fair siiulroftho public favor
In his new undertaking;, and looks for Iho approbation
and piitronniru of his fi-iemls. llaviuir been compelled
to relinquish his former business ns Injurious lo lieallh,
he will make a fair trial ofllils, to see if it will not front
his purse, as well ns his health, If the evperimuiil, (tc
which he will ilevole 111. nndlvlduil attention) does not
succeed, he will be able ho trusts, lo srvo the public in
some oilier useful cuhncltv.
GOOD MEDIC1XES. It is estimated that Area's
Curaav Pk."ioka.l xxo Catuaitic PiLLa liavo dune
more to promote tho public health, than any other
otiucau.e. Thure cau be no question thatlho Cburry
Pe tural has b) its thousand on thousaud euros of
Colds, Couirlis, Vstliuia, Croup, Influenza, Bronchitis
ore, very tnocli reduced tlie proportion ofdeaths from
consumptive diseasesin Hits country. The Pills are
asaoodaa Ilia Pectoral and will euro .more com
plaints. Everybody neods more or less purglne. Purge the
blood from itslitipurities. Purge the bowela. Liver
mid tlia w hole viecerui system from obstructions.
Purfre o:.l the diseases wbii h fasten on the body, to
work llsde.ay. But fonilseasve we should dlo only
of old at;e. 'Take antidotes early and thrust it from
thesysiein. before II is yet too strong to yield.
Ayer's Pillsde thrust outdisease, mil only while It
Is weak but when it has takeu a stroug hold. Hood
theastoun'.llngstatemeiitsnt'tliose who have been cur
ed by them from dreadful Scrofula, Dropsy, Ulcers,
Skin lllsasus. Khouniutlsui. Neuralgia llyapepsia,
Internal Pains, Billious Complaint), Heartburn, HeUA-.
ache. Gout,aud mnny less daugeroiif bill ati.ll throat
enluicullineuls, such as piiupleson the face. Worms,
Nervous Irrilability, l.oss of appetite, Irregularities,
llizztlicsslll the head. Colds, Fevers, ilyseotery, and
Indeed every variety of complaints for which Pur
pntive Heincdy larequirod. '
Theseure no raudoin statements, butare nutnfTntl
cated by jour own neighbors and your own Ptiysi
ciuiif. Trv them onco, and ypu will noverbe w ithout them.
Price S3 cents per Box 5 Rotes for $1,00.
Prepared by Dr. i. C A VEK, Chemist. Lowell, Ms.,
ami sold bv V. Eckstein. Cillcllinali: Kaulfmaiv & Co.,
uud M.Z. Kreider, Lancaster; G. P. Huinlin.Onklalid;
E. Kalb. Kushvillc, aud by all Haulers in Medicine ev
erv tvuoro. September 6, 1C55 2;n JH.
. N. 00 Mala. Streets
IN calling the attention of the public to their nefr si
vertiseiuent, would embrace the 'opportunity of re
turiilngtlielrlhankstoineiroia friends alio iae puous
a-enerallv for their rersr liberal natrooaffe in time past,
aud would most respectfully aolielte a enntiaaance of
1 tho same, aa they are determined to spare no effort to
I make It both pleasant and tiroltinble tf any nVi all per
' sons wishluir to nuretiaae Hardware of auy description
or tnem. r'eeiiugsuiisnea will, uieir experience in tne
buslnessand meuus of keeping up a large stock, that
they can offer greater Inducements to the public than
eatref Ar-cfaa7imesf lalAacifvarviciaifir, Tboyare
well aware sf the necessity of sinall establishments
making up In blowing and purring what they luck in ma
ny other particulars, they wish therefore to avoid any
tlilnir of liiat kind, aiul aro satisfied after receiving their
entire new stock, which Is now arrivliigdu!ly,that a look
through their ajr(aie a jfrsif ( will satisfy auy
onelhutthe Great Ilmrdntttrt store is the place to find
what they want and at low prices. Their slock will con,
slat in part as follows! .. ..
Ptttbnrr Juniata .all,".plkea&Brd
A RPF.NTEHS and Builders will please take notice
W mat the new nrm or WHITE dr LATTA will soli
none but the best Juulula Nails. .All Kuils sold by us
will be warranted. We have now on hand.
550 Kecs .Nulls, Spikes and Ilruds.
S.iO Boxes HxlO. 10x19 and 10x14 Cltv Glasf.
VOO Kegs NVro. Wood cV Co's Pate White Lend.
10 Barrels Linseed OU,
. 3ttnrrolsof Putty.
Tn additinn to the above we hare a Tervla'nro stock of
Building Hardware of evrv discriittion whi,.h will hi.
soldcheuperthannvor. WHITE & LATTA.
IJiucastor, April t&, 1S54. .
IOB dlaeeses of the .nf s, kaVe mud
1 mentabv which one of the Irra willvisli
R,and adjdluing towns every 5 ore we
One Door East of tktltocUnx Valley Bank, South -ii
Jliui'il Stretl, Lancaster, OA'tf. .-
RESPECTFULLY soHcilf the attention of his friend,
and customers, and ell llml tuny' want Groceries
und who will be so kind as toglvd hi in a cull, both from
Uiu clly aud emmtr) , to my superior ainf-coinpleie stuck
or Groceries. Just received, embracing lu part the fol
lowing urtieles: ' ...
JAVA nnd IHO COFFEE; Young. Hyson,
4773 Black and liuperinl TEAS; New Orleans Sugar
5 lR Loaf, Crnsired and Pulverl.od; Ktco, Goldell
iiiat Svrup. r?. h. Byril(i, f. H, Molasses. N. Orleans
do., Oranges, l.eniiilis.'Ruisians., Figs, Priiln, Alinonirs,
Pecona. Filbcrts.C'oeo Nuts und Hr.'zil Niits.llriod Beef,
Dried Tongues and Cliieiniiiili Curod Hams, English
Dairy Cheese and W, Hi f'renut dd,.; Spice, Ciuriuuion,
Cloves. Nutiiieirs, Mace. Atspico. Peppur and Oiuger,
Sal Soda. C'r. Tartar, SiilB'ral4s, Slarcb, Saltpotor, Ext.
I .nir.'m.fl t ,..llTil. Mill tiler. A 1 lllll. etc.. Oil'. .
Snap, Candles, Tubs, liuckels, Brooms, Wusli Bnris,
Baskeis. etc., etc. t . , .
A tine lot of Chewing Tohnceo, nlsoSmnklng do. and
riimr! wines ami Walker's Burton Pule Ale, a geaer-
nl .lock of Notions. Tot s. aud irroul many oilier nrtielus.
May 1, Wit. a. A. GEBKLKIN.
PlcnJIns I'ractlca under the Civil Code.
TTT w ill form a voluiuu of about 700 pnges,Rvo.,lieau-
llf illy prlntedund ueatlyuud flnnly bound iu law
Ill iiililitioii lo brief TrJutlses on the Various provl'
si on of for ins of tulitiiiiis, answers, entries for Clerks,
returns lorShoi ilis, ewe. l no wore win snow wnut
iiun.gi?s have bieu produced by the Code. The pre
cedents fur petitions 'tilid answers lire soilrunn us to
ilediiee niitiif thjeasesu clear and real issue, ubout
u Inch ull will he agreed as lo its meaning. The forms
of entries and returns will render the work especially
iiul.rnl I., omul!.- iiltlcers. as well as tn tho lirofessloll.
Such ii work lias long been u desideratum: uo book
having yet appeared upon tliosui jjet since the enact
nielli of the New Code.
11 will shortly be imlillshoil by
II. W. HKRBY, Ciiicliinati.
qaa 'rinsrBt,hu","orRoL,'tiu ikon,
DIM'.IMMI 20.000 do RrMiimered Iron,
ir00 pounds Caststeei, 14 toS Inch aquaro,
3S0 do English Blister Steel,
4WI do ' rtoiible Shoar dr. . '
alio do German do
l.iOO do Spring do
1000' do American Blister do
In sloro and for salo at low iirices, hv
April 81l,1864i : WHiTK & LATfA.
PLANE Irons, Chlself, and Gouges. Bench Planes,
Moulillnirand Bead, Mutch and Table, Hatchetsand
Hand Axes. Broad Az Cliontilna' Axes, llrawlnir Knives
of all kinds. Steel and Iron Konarea. Guairea nnd Trv
squares all sizes. Improved Horoing Machines, Hand,
Punnel, reunent Kipping, Web and Coniruua Saws,
I C .. . 1 ..lit c r. -1 . ... 1
. ,1, sun .nil. onws, iwi sale v . .1
ApriLvw, itn. ., t vv Jrji'i E er LATTA.
4Toa French Willow Wagons, ... ' -Oilo'Cominon
do do. '
. 2 do-Gig Top Cabs i I '
0 do Square und Round Cloths Baskets,- .
10 do Murket Bafketsyopon nnd eov'd ' '
VTIIiow Cndlo,&a. ...
- Hockihg Hnrsos and Whool Barrows,
raiutotusrinsanu uraas mnfiscby
A 11 vils, Vide tilid Ulacksimi tli'aUellowsi
Ofa Anvils, welghlne from 100 to S2S pounds each -
jU.lofnlld Boxed Vices.- .
,. , pairs Hinrksmitn's ucllons, - .
Kludge's, Hummers, Borax, cVc. for sale hy
AptllSv, 1831; - i WHITE dt LATTA.
ltI(;'liaiilr,N Tools.
CTilHTKIl to all trades nnd of Die most unproved uuiku
JHuti-her's I'asl Steel, Firmer and Socket's Gouges,
spear anil Jaeaion-s 1 11 si mm r.iring nuiei .-iui s,
Butcher's lloubleaiiil Single Pluue Irons,
Ohio Tool Company Plnues,
Masons nnd PlaslorsTrowls,
Cooper's Driittiutf knives, etc.. for side cheap by
ci r. n .
Sivua's Now 'I'realiNO
THE PEACE, ETC. 1 vol. 8vo.
Ntvllil's Itcvined Stutntea
O" THE STATE OF OHIO. Complete. 1 vol.
April !!0, 1H5I
Wo linva randy met a muro truly ulo
sitisnt nnd beuutifu) extract tlmn this ml
uiiriiblu conlrubt butween tliu gold of Ca'.i
furu'm and tlio gold of Agriculturo, tiikt-n
from tlie specth of tliu Hon. LUwrrd Ever
ott, nt the Nation ul Agiiciilturnl Fiiir, at
Hunton Ootobir 2Cth:
Tho grains of tho CiliAnnia gold aru
' ilead, inorgnnio niasjeH. JIow limy got
into the gravid; botwocjii what mountain
millstone, whiiloj by ulonionlury utorui
wind on thu bosom of ocfiiiiin torrunts.
.The auriferous lodges wore ground to pow
der; by whnt Tituuici hands thu covotod
' grains were sown broadest in the placers,
liuman science can not family nonjuuiurc!.
We only know that lliuio grain--) have wii.li-
' in them no principle of growth or repro
duction, and that when tint crop was to he
put in, Chaos urns, have broken up tin
oi. ' How dill'orent tho grains of our At
lantic gold, eown by the prudent hand of
rnun. in the kindly ulternaiiun of nood-iimc
nnd harVfit;enoh curiously organizjd;hnrd
horny Deeming life) Jus on the ou'si.le, but
wrapping up in the interior n . semi mil
germ, n tii ntf principle). Drop a 5 rain of
.. California gold into Iho ground nnd there
it will lie unchanged to the end of time,
- the clods on wVuili it falls not more cold
,,. nuJ lifoloaj. Drop grain of our gold, of
our blessed gold, in the ground; and lo 1 m
' mystery. In ft few dap it soften, it
, . ells,, it shoots upwards, it is a living
thing. It is yellow itself, but it sends up
. a delicate spire, which comes peeping, em
rald gre 11, through the "oil; it czp.uids
to a vigorous stalk, revels in the Mir nnd
sunshino, it arrays it-ol f moro glorious than
Solomon In its broid flutteiiny;, leafy robes
whose sound, as the went wind whi-pers
through them, fulls as pleasantly on the
. husbandman's ear, as the rustle of his
. wact-heart' garment; still towers alofl,
. spina its verdant skoinsof veget b'.e floss,
- Utsplays it dam nig tssuls, surclmged
with fortlluingtiustanl at last rii is into
two or three magnificent Istons like (hU
(an ear of Indian corn) each of which is
( etudted with hnndreds of grains of gold,
;. . .every one possessing the . same wonluiful
proprieties as the ptrent grain, every or.e
irratinct with the same marvelloui renro.
ductive powers.' There are 723 grains on
tlu eir which J hold in my hand. And
' now. I say, sir, of this trana en lant fold
. of otm, the yield this year will be at least
teB.r CCUon times that of California. ' ."
MltlltniJ OI.AMMI.S.
I A Mai all tunes nrepured to furnish LOOKING
(si. ASSES l.u Malioi.aiiy, Waliiitt or Eosoivooc
rriiuius.liookll'iir Gluss Plutus, Pictures Frames, Ate.
Also, tlilt Fruuie, Olusses of all sixes uud styles,
Portrait Frames. I' let uro Frames, uud uKcliPru! as
sortment ul Pli-turesultd Oil Paililinirs. nt wholesulu
and retail, ul Uie luwoal prices. J.C. fiKST,
No. tl West Fourth Street, Clucliiuuli, Ohio.
Marth H, 1M3-I. . .
2 )l, l-'iil'.i Street, i'iuoiiiiiiiti, Ultio.
ni:w r.4 Bits rfiii.i.nEUYWiODS
WOUMJ respectfully announce to ' Iho c-lllxons nl
I.auea.ster dc vicinity, that lie has coin inclined tliu
llrrnil, I.lfrhl Ilusik A: Cruckor ICaliiiau;
ill couinJc-llon wltti his fortnorbak ins;, Als niiw prepared
T'.l 11 ItMSlI l'AMIIilKSI
wlcjieverj-tlilnn-llilheuliovo Hue, Having In his uiii
iloy the b'.'sl of bakers, he feels coiilldent Ihlll ho cull
please all who may tavor nun .vitn a can
Sr .'..ll ! l..aSli.in nn Muln Slritet. n
iltK'k llf I
Mrs. J. A. IlIDFJt.SOV,
f" A I K Mm. P.. M. IU if. In n m,w oiioitlntr
I 1 Ht-iHll'l tot'k (.fni'w nonn KlbboiiN,
('mu ll l lou crs, FcuHlinmy Trtmniiiun
tUtcmiMulili'lVr Uio I'Al.L Tit. UK. lo whii-lmUo w.mlil
rivtriilly Invito Urn Mtttnfiun uflior enttowrrM, llur
ultit'k ill h". k pl rfitloti ilirotttcti'iut llit bousoh, (liy
.littlv tirrlvuM fruiu Now York) IUiull llml U uow und
bJMit.ful lull j r U no ut b mi ti uu, nntt ul llio lowest
euH irit'i.
rii.intry M'irHi tnU tthd Milllu r$ will llml It t lUeir
ailvtiiiUiKv ii Itiote ilinMih h ir WUulualo iJopartiiitMit
Ijt'l'ore imrcliuuinir olut' ln'ro.
l', Plfili Str;M-l. Iciw.-iui Klmuna I'lBin Hiro-U.
Cliii'lnuutl, HujttuinburUOi lh.ii
irFCuH ut liisSiuro on Muln titruot, ttutl uln i nil
Hfiko-llonstJ.tM.nmr nf ('fttumUui St Mulberry cola,
Lnnc:ibtur,Jnl 1H, m. , . . - -
I'ruH mill Oruumctitul Tit'fH, X.c.
J. Ml.ACK .vouia ctill tho ntioutiun of liU
frlamW utxl tho public prnurully, to tho (lite
itliitk itf K 11 if rr uinl Ohnimkntai. I it kit. IS 11 r bm Vinlm.
(he., wh ith ttti oll'iTs fur ul Iho coming Full, ut hi a
Kiirtory, thre inm euti r tfrciuoit.
ilia 'ilttulv uiisiti uf jlitnlfa frtifa f bit lh Htanduril uiul
rtvtnrf,) Quinrr, Vruch. i'iti Jipriiot , Nectarine anil
Vherr 'free; Omjie yingM Curranta (ioosfberricn
Ha.pberrititr. ; (lml Qrnatneutui Ti'Ca deciduous
WtoA I'verertrn,
Ntir but thu Pt'ry but frulls.ttnd wcll-Rrown Irao,
will bj Htt out hMiii tho ?iiir ry; und o."o.y variety
h urirr-onfi eorrrrt. Ii..vlnir but)!. nrniniynttMl by tho
prnpn'tor iiiitiai-ii, or uikut mi iiuiiu'Uihiu tiirocuon.
nti iruinnu tmi it-uu mis twi'ti .111011 u 11 1 111 1110
luKtaU vcurM in iibtnliiititrtlio uoiit runts lu thu coun
try, uihI 11 visit to tho Nurtuiry, or un exuiiihiullni, of
llu t'tiiulotfui). will Hbuvr Unit hu has 0110 of tlie Hnust
iMtlt (Idiin uf fruil hi (Viitn.l Ohln.
OrtliTi fnuu piTHnii4 who tlnd It hif onrenlont to visit
tliu Nurmiry will bn promptly utlftuk'tl ti.tf address
ud tothr prcp 'li'ti.r ul IUIN11 VIIXK, Ohio.
. O 'tHTlplkvi'! C.il;iUij"ioH fiiriilNhod gritti.
Tho folliiwliiiri'ittloincii uru roffrreil to: H, W,
ritti.ixi.K. tt I'l'i'iiibdd tnwnithip! t'imii Ki DnKtm u,
Knp, l-.inniOi'r, Ohio; Un. N oitnr.it, Uultlmoro. Uliio;
Hhv. H. M. Hiiiinrr. do. - -
riuptauiher MO, l.w. Slltf
rUA en
WAR!! WAR!!!
fKAKI.V every Nation In the World Is Involved In
llu. iiimi't'e..sary evil, wlulo our tfrunt ana irio.
s country seems lo be perfectly rutin and uucou
corned. Tlnil.th way with J Oil I. , hlle
his coioiiiporarles are inaktuir a prent frss. he quiet
ly Issues out (iHOCKHIHH at (ll-i I.OWKST PKK ES,
o'nu door West of Murtlu's Kvclinnire.
I.aiicaalor, SoVJiuuor 1, 1P35 iwn
: ' ' A. VUXD'S.
f ,K lu.t been opsned at tha WAKEt
fv Jl I llofHKof JrllrlraA; Wooil.a-
V J1' IT Ihn Junction of the t'aiial and Railroad.
tr Tho t1uo.it Oysters In whole and half Cans
received dally. Our friends In adjololus; towns
can nlways bistipplleri at a moments notiro at Cin
cinnati prices. All Ojstera sold by inn warranted
good and fresh JAMKFt bOYD, Agent.
Lancaster tictob.r 11, lBoi eturc.
IsiasIk'N Uipciit
(li t. I, IC.U. 1 vol. r) 3wS4
Oil M'hueliiig Street,
S now nirorimc Iho public nrflnsyjr,
IlouU lliiiciuiy. I.mimiKterf Ohio
TkLANK nOOKRforrnnnly
I Olllces, Juslli'ss' Hlauks,
llockels, Double und Nlniild
r.utry Ijedgera, Journals,- nay
Hooka, arc, o:c. Also, Hook
nindlnKof evury duscrlpllon
done lu a most satisfactory
All or.lurs,hy letter nrnther
Wlsti. lirillllllClw flllnHi,rf tn
OrdorsforlllndliiaTean he lofi at Ilie Oasaito nmeo.
or at thu Hlndory.nii Main Streel.ln tho ruoui formers
iy occupied uy tot. r. van i rump, use Law Olflco.
.ml .-Ii- t '
..via, ij r,iui,r ST. r.uiuof rusiiienru.
uocvinoer u, leai aa , : , . . kukkku,
nn. wacjkisitai.s,
TTAS roinoved hlsodlco to .o((a' corner. Enst of
HJL the court llousu. opposilotho Ohio Katie Offloe.
I.aucaster, October SO, 1S4 S6 wl . -
James lllcitlaiiaiuy
UAVINOe.lililislied hlmsi'lf In the in it n n rintn rl n k
of TIX. CllPl'Uli and HHKKT-IHON WAKE 111
Uiesy's Hnilding. one Door It'eato the Horling Valley
tinnk, is prepared to furnish tho penple of this county
with even-lltliiirlltnt inav be imeded In his line. He
keeps mi hand everv vnrietyof t'OOKlNt. nnd HKAT
INO 8'1'OVKsror WOdll nnd CO A I., consisting 111 pnrt
of tho i.lon Air Tlithl, Western Quoon.
Triumph, Hack, Presidents and Preference for Wood
and lilack lllamond for Coal. Also Plouicli, Plouirh
Sliaros, Kutrar Kettles A tliilluwwnre. All ofltie above
nrllcles will he sold as low at con bo boiurht otHuivliore.
Hu invites citixons freiierallc to call and oxnmine his
N.ll. t1ousesiioiitliit;eVtobbliiirdouo upon short no
lle,.. Old Coptier, Hrass. Pewter and Iruu tukon lu ex
change for an) uf the above article. - - J. Ale, .
l-ancastor, may 1, im
IIMASTFII ltl.irillMi; KIIKillUY
(-1 UK vol. Is prepared to furnish utt kinds of STKA .M
M . KNG1N KS, iipim slmrt iiotlcu uud ul Clnclnuull
and Pitlsiiiiru prices.
Also, all kinds of Mill GenrliiL'. Ilolstlinr Scron-.
Ki-iruluiins Kcreua, Juck fierewsl fuller's Sereus uud
Cider Screws.
Mill Spindles ofcn.t Iron or tvrotiglit.
iliilosanil Drivers, Arc, d c.
llu will also fnnilsli the PA HKKK WHI'.KI. lo sell
mi) head of water, anil wlili either Iron or wood shall.
aisoiiiu Aininnun vviu'.ki, ttl upas ntuive. The
patent on Hie Parker Wliuel lias expired uud cuuso.
jlieuiiy uiuy con ue n nil luilcli cneaper.
He nUo ciiiitiuiius lo make DKVOI.'rl TIIKASHIXG
MAl'III.NKS.nnd keeps a tut cuutluiitly ou hand; war'
runted the bust in Ohio. ,
All the uliove articles u HI be made with ostioctal enro
and h the best work men. and will lie warranted.
All kinds of rclitliriltur done upon tlie Shortest notice.
He ulsn keeps eoustuiiil) uu hand, A LI, KlNltS OP
CAsTIMiS, usually kept iu u toiiinlry. Ho tins com-
ileteii li in rnin l snop,so uiul (nose wuo cull can oxuiu
ne his w ork. 1 -The
known nunllly ofllio work done nt this estab
lishment for many ycursjpnxt,! iho best ifiiiirruuUo Hint
In fuliiro, (tie aunseriuer win luiior lo nusiru llio put
rouuKeof the public. He iuYitosuxuinliiutlon.
l.iiiicnster. May U), m. ii. DKVOI,.
rMi:i3lclNK AND VaTiIEtJ ."sTOKE."
FlVIlfuinl.'riu'unS'.l respectfully advertises tho imli-
J. llrthatliuiiiiao:i hand fornale,ou ruatiouable terms
for cash, ucouiplete iissortiuetitof
.' I'rt'sli null VcllSi'lui'.ted iUoilii'inci,
Cou'iprlsliiJ: evorverMir andchemiral. derlvcsl from the
Frirsluble.JUneralandJlaimnl Kingdoms, and used ill
Jillitpat hie, Hmneopalhity Eelerlicund Balanir prill tlc-e.
The asoii(tiiiuul embraces all Hie Jll ai(,,riauiii,
Jileuholie- and Jtaueov Eitructs. 6'c. Ife,
Ills stock tifNurirU'ul liislriiitients Is of tho 1ostiUallty.
A Full Htck ut I 'mini y (Jrot'critn,
Krencliund Ainorlcun Perfumery in pruut variety.
llavunn und coiiitnon Scirars, Chuwlnir uud Kiiioklng
Tobacco; besl quality nl Wines, llrtimlica. cv.c, null vu
and Imported, for iiiuillclnnl use; strong Cider Vineiriir,
u tmiow triussuuu iiiass vi ure,ioi-eiiier wiin inline
popiilur patent iiieillcliies, nnd un en tloss voriuty of
oiMsand ends both oriiamcutul and useful.
Pliyslciunsprescrlplioiispiitup with groatcarc by a
ceiniiuteiiliind experienced dispenser.
Oct.gn,lH,H 'o.lHH, Main Street , Lanca'te r.
lumed to l.iinciisler.aud will be hap
py lo receive pupils for Instruction on the
AXfl POHTK and (JIUTAIt, ut their residence on
Broad Street, A'arA of Main Sireet, in the house former
ly occupied byJvhnlV. H'eacer, and hope I he Irion? ex
perience in tenchlng music', nnd llio utiremitilnir. ulteii.
tleu paid lolhe Improvement of lliulr pupils will insure
upertloti of public piilroiuiire.
MISS A.C. UK (UiHTH'H.T will receive a class Tor
Kuihroldory and Canvass work -
.MlSSM.tr. HU BKKTHOI.T has opened an Elo
nientarv School tn the llasoiiieut Story of the Knisco
pal Cliureli. - . Muy 1, 1855 1
f T ASJust rocelved his SPRING ahd SUMMER
" P r
April 20, 1S54
de erranse
chclluins! towns everv 5 or S weeks, k.n.r.
tor. for the purpess of treating Chronlo dlsas.,aad
especially those of the I hroaland i-ange. Oar sys
tem of practise la Lung dlaeases is the same in priori-
tie as tliat practiced by Dr. Kobert Hunter, of Mew
ork City, via: by Miuicatib Ubiutios. Oar eye-
iem of Inhalation waa Introduced by the Broiuptoi.
lospHat.ln London, and used by the most eelobrmteal
Physletana there, with moat gratifying results. Four
fifths of theeasea were successfully cured.
Those residing at a distance by writing to ns. area
rately deaeriblng their disease, can be supplied wills
the inhaling aparalus, nicdlciuos and directions suited,
to their wauls, sent by express. To satisfy the publlo,
whore patronage we solicit, that we are honest 1st onr
assertions and Intentions, we referthem to the follow
ing notices by the press at home, where we are know av
and to numerous cerlldcetee heretofore publisher!! . ,
The certificate ofone of Dr. Wortmen's patients ap
pears In another column. We are assured by a gen
tleman who la familiar with the caae, that It was a hope
less one apparently, but that the success of Dr. Wort
msn has been eomplote. ,11 Is but Justice lo the Phy
sician that receguillon of Lis merit tboulci be made.:
Keglslor. .
ICrThls may certify thai I lave boon cured M In
haluMnn, (as practised by Dr. Wortmsa, of this city, of
an anecttou oi my t uroot ana Lungs which was eoeel-;
dered by my friends, and numerous medical mea with
whom I advised aa hopolpsslyincurnbte. . I make. this
statement with the hope of persuading others, wnoafe
afflicted in like manner, to go and be healed, be
lieving as i most nrnuyao.tnaiineinnalingtreaimeni
Is the onlr proper and effectual method of treatlne?
diseases of the Lunrs and air passages, aud that by iti
a cure is ainiosi cerium to be eneciea.
h. S. GRlnWOLD,
' Ltftn na.tor of Wellington Baptist Church.
Bellovuc, July SHih, 1B4S.
TTPDr. W. L. Wortman. as will he seen be an ad
vertisement in another column, has effected a copart
nership with Dr. I. K. Narlo. late of Phlladelnhla. a .
geutleman possessod of much ability and scientific at-
lainmenis. vve nave nao the plcasuroorioonnir ever
the credentials and recommendations of Dr. Nagfa,
and from the flattering manner In which be la spoken
of, cannot hesitate to present him to. our eitlrens and
me surronnnmg country, as a pnyitctan in wnom tne
utmost confidence can bo placed. l)r.,Wortmao la for
tunate In having made thla arrangements one that
will add fresh laurolsto those already gained by him
la his extensive practice. Dr. Wortinan's eucoeasln
the treatment of affection of the longs Is unquestioned.
as many certincatea or persons whose statements car.
oe roitoa upon, ami prove. Mirror
Dr. Nngle will be at the Talmsdge House In Lancas
ter, on Wednesday and Thursday, September 10th and
Satb. Allho Butlonnl House, Clrclevllle on Friday
and Saturday, September 81st and S3nd Inst, ,
Those afflicted wlllt diseases of the Liver. Bnleen.
Stomach, ' Khenmntiam, Neuralgia Scrofula, Fits,
Genoral Debllily, Losa of Appetite,' affocllons of tho,
eye una aur, ruuinie ..'Uinpiniuis, uicerevyooormeor
Gonorbtra, are invited to call. So ch'anre rot aoAs'ul-'
tatloa Charges reasonable In all cases.
TT7One of the Unu will always be found at tha
ofllco. No. 84 Market Streol, Sandusky,
Septcnilirf fl, 185318
Favriniii? iniplriiScnta.
Ofh Doz. Cast Steel Pofniiloes,
ryfsa do 2,:iand4TiiioRteel Forks
50 do Grassuml Grain Seytlies,
0 do M'ofloi,lVlV.iiii Cmdlcs,
' Hi) llu l A...U: .-'11:.' lies. . -
lii io '?.y an. I Grain Hakes,
4 do liniinblcScvtlie.4,cVe..cWenpbv
April , Jt5i. . Wtin'li 4. LATTA.
"Ts"MTElinvo now on hand, nnd which by our arrango
f y mollis with the maiiiifiictiirers, wu cun ulTur ut
uiuiruiuoi prices wiin irieant.uanea.
, rclrsels uout tellows. .
. 10(1 " Spukes,
MS " Ilubd,
75 " lieiil heat Shafts
: lh " ' BniJgy Bows.
April SRj,fcj'. . WIllTti LA1TA
Tln-Plutc. l oppor. Wire. Ac. .
RoxoslCnnd I Y Tin Plato.
.Siiuare and 1110 Pluto ilo
rin'cl Crfdhcfr
Sheet and liar Zinc,
Sheet Iron and Wire
Copper und Iron Klvlls. liy
ApriliO Hj4, ' WHITE & LATTA.
To Carriage anil BUfrtrF fluktirsc
SPRINGS and Axels'. P.rassniid Silver Rni.da, Stump
Joints ami Top Props, Kuaiu'd Drills, Duck and Cun
vuss, Knituil'd ami Patent l,oatlier,all descriptions Head
Linings, Moss and iMaleable Iron, cite. A if rent variety
of other goods iu that Hue, tiV he hud choiihtil Hie Great
Hardware store ol vs M 1 1 u. ac LA 1 1 A ,
Lancaster, April 20, 1P51.
vi-JJty- I stele und varlelv olCiirrineca ifJiJi
iiTTiiiirirles iiiisuriiassed for beauty, durability an
clieapuess liviiny thing oflhe kind overolToroil In this
seclliiii ofOliln. Hiiving serurud the services of Hie
iniistaecoinplislieil workmen, ho Is nolo lo compote
witll nnv iiullur eslalillsliliieni i est oi me iiiimiii
IiiIiis. Sly innl.-ri.il is ull tlrst quality. nn d all work
u-iirrtmlei'l t'nr onu vear. Porsiins deslrona of pur-
clinsiiig will pljaso call uud examine in) stoek,heluru
lr-rll.. tsnlsn nreiiared to pfniiil Trim any work
persona w ish clouu,ut ns reasonable niton asiiny llrm
1. .. . ..... ' SCSI Ull UTT
llliiiueuc. "... "'i" i ...
I.uucusler, nrrll.Sfi, IPSa 50
Cinciiiiintl, Ohio,
riltio Hiiilorslcned, having ngnln iissumeil the man
J iigeiii-jiit of tliis well know n establishment, beg
laVe to say to llioso wiin visil Cinciiiiintl, either fo
luiaiucsa or pleusuro, llml tliey w illditd tho Hrnudwn; '
Helcl one iff the must convenient uud dcslrubtcstup
plug places In tho clly.
Illsi.onvenloul.to llio lluil ltoud .Oltlce nnd Deput,
and Uiu Public Limiting; more so than any other Hntel
lu Cinclniiiilt iiiulls within a few minutes walk of tliu
Post Olllce'tlie principle llusiuuas loctilillus, and tliu
places of Public; i iniisemeiit.
A n extensive ruilfro oi iiaioiug iiimnis nuu u mil-
ber's Simp wit! be found iiithu Uiiilillng. .
l Ills iiuiise nas an me cnmiuris uu.i i-uiuuiii'-in-w
that can be found lu liny llrst class Hntel in Hie West,
Tlie whole establishment has Just been thoroughly
ovurhaiiled, reiiuvated und ri-fiirnislied, and llio
Proprietor foela assured Unit tln.au w ho make his
Ills house llietrhonio during their slay in thu City,
will have no reusou lo complain either of hisncrotn
luoi utioiis nr his ehurires. JOSEPH II, C KOM WKLL,
Keplenibe.r 13.1C53Ilf
fe;- -'wb-" w?; vn' -i N
fVlHK subscribers huve now gnl Ihuir New Flouring
1 Mill In full operatiiiu and will purchase all lite
good wheal that tliey can get, ami pay ttie high 'at
market price In c-usli, ut ull liuiea when delivered uf
their Mill. Wo w ill ulsn do custom work for the far
mers when grists of 10 bushels mid upwards, every
thing less wu will givednur In oxchitnire.- We wish lo
doahoute trade and will deliver flour by Hie Barrel
to jvery purt of the city free of druyago If the flour
does not prove good return Hie an mound w-o will reu
der satisfaction. SNVDHH & KF.NMOK. .'
Opposite Gao. iiiug's.WooIoii Fsclory.
Lancaster. Ohio, august 30, lrJ33 l'tf
(succussous to) -
Al' T11K
lVciv AVarclionse, Junction of Itnil lionil
: nnd Iloi-klng A'nlloy Ciiiinl. "
TT1TTK uro itriMmrod to huiullo Gooiln of nil ilostrlii-
V tlo'it nt tho lowont po.i.iMtle rutt ifiiU wltli the
titiiuint ilyflimtt li,(nurA: Hoods tare of Jtffriesa WeoASr
Cff.si .ancuAteri Oh to.) All Gomli ('omslfriioil to n
dIihII rocuivu nriHinit iittcnllon, k IV f r truiirtliloincnl
will bo lorwnrtU'U tii (iitcK0Ai unit by Iho cliuapcst
posiviUlo iiuxlo. Hy strict tittonllon to btmlnuss w
tin po to rcooivemul moril tho vulronutro f tlii public
l'obrunry 32,13. JliFFIMES, WOOD & CO.
Mam 8trt,3na rtuor Fatt or Cly'a llololT;
T.1M now dealing esttulvely In Land Warrnnla,
Ihose wlshlngto soil had llicrufore better consult
mo before selling elsovrhere. Dealerslii Wnrranlscan
do as tt.ll with nia as In any murket and raako quick
turns. The costs of nsstirnliig Is always paid by me,
and any Information about Warrants cheerfully given
wlthuulPhargo. . .
Those Intending to nsa their Warrants at soma fu
ture time can deposit, thein with me nnd receive the
iLtincy nr Interest for them, nnd another Warrant when
Ihey wish. Warrants passing from my hands ure al
ways guaranteed in antry rnepees. -
I also deal in Kastoru Exchange nnd Gold nnd Sil
ver Co In. T. Wi TAM.MADGli.
. iouicator,ir.plcniber 27, 1&5J Sltf
I II AVE purchased Uie entire Interest of Jon T.v
oas in'the Grocery titnre on tho Southwest .ornor
oflhe Public Bquuro.back of tho Market House, where
I stiall at all limes tuko tileasnro In sorvlnsr the old
penstomurs of the ojtiihllshineiiland tpy friuiids with a
Choice spied ton of (JrocJerlca.Nolioiias Ike
M) now supply uss1 already oirlvci tiV which 1 invito
special atUiiiUnn of ciistomors. My prices will be as
low nsnejr iniigT BlUlliar OSSSOilSli RlSUt ID IDO City, t
AT FRKIGHT STATION, C. W. & Z. K. It. 0011
WILLIAM iiiilm:ii, Atr.'nt.
f IHK Coiupany have recently changed the locitlloti
y or their Ollico as uuovu. Messengers leave lain-i-nslerdailv
oer Trains over ('. W. at i. Hull Koud
iiirnrilliiir Hie best facilities for the prompt, safe and
chuup culiveyalico of parcels and freight to all points
Kail ami West, ulso for Hie collodion ol 'Notes, Drafts,
AeciMitits. nnd lor uiiiklng puri'i.uacs or tne execution
nil'iiiuinlssionsifeneriillv. . ..
Special conlraels lortlie ciirrlnge of lurgo quuntitlos
ot freight will ue mime.
WILLIAM Mt!,NEll,Locul Agont
T 110 MAS O'NKAl.,- I Ml-"l"Bor''
Ltuicustcr, anuusl U3, 1H33 10
C.uzettc Itnildit'K I'ubllo Square, I.ini
cttstur, Ohio.
T,. O. I A V I S
KSHKCTFULLY calls altenllnn to his f vcelleut
ussortnii'llt of Harness, Collars, trhtps, 'lrunks.
rnetBairs,H-e, Ills stock of Harness com prises Ml ver.
limits and llluek Mounted Hurry and Currhiire Hurnessi
ulsn. Waironand Plow clo.-tiil ofwhich caiiuotlie sur
passed Intlie city, eiuu'r tn stock, worKiiitiusuipor low
prices. He has ulso u trliuiiilng shop, wuore .
Ilitcgr mill tlnrritttie Trimining.
will be donu on short notice In superior style.
Lancaster, Juiie'-'H, lnss lyo .
slocik has been sel
rjl-lvory vnrlrl
eyfiucltldlng White I
and'.' China and P
ply of HATS di CAPS at hisntd stand, iipoi(l
Taltmadfte House, Main Street. Lancaster. Ohio. Ill
stoek has been selosted v illi euro and embrace
nrloty of IlHt. A ',
White Ueaver. Molsklu, No. 1
tilnnnnil Pedal Straw and Leirhorn
Hiitsi Men, Boys and Chlldrona Palm Lenf.froin 19K to
:i74. Also .Men and Hoy's Kiirund woolossntn mils.
Hoys nnd Chllilreiis Fancy lints, which will be sold ul
the lowest prices. Loghom Hats washed uud bleacher
at the shortest notice, ir? Don't forgot the place.
MnyS, 1834. M. SM ALLEY.
ON. and after. Momliiy, November 10, Trains will run
as follows: (.SniidavaoKcunled'.l
first Train leaves Clnclnuull at A.M., arriving al
Lancaster at II, 111) A. M.and at Zunesvllle ulti 3U P. M.
Kelitrnlng, leaves Kanesvlllo at 4 .'ill P. M. arriving
at iJtnciMtemt 7 111 1. M..nt Clnclnnnll nt 1 90 A. M.
Second Train leaves ('Inclnuarl at 8 3D P. M. arriving
ul i.nncnster utD 35 P M.
Helurning leaves Lancaster at 3 10 A. M. arriving
nt Cincinnati nt 10 45 A. M.
Trains step for passengers at all Intermediate points
gnd connect with trains on Lltllo Miami Koud for Co
lumbus, Dnylon, Hillsborough und Chillicollie.
Stage lines eonnecl nt tilnlovlllo for Chilllcothe
ausl I'vilunilnis, at luincastor fur Logan,' Mulsoiiville
Atiions.niiti I'oinurny.
For other Inforinntion anci tickets, apply atTlckot Of
fice, rorncty uf Kroadway und Frnutstreets, and at the
Little Miami Dopot. or to the Station Agents on the line.
.:'. - ' Knglneerand Superintendent. '
TnPTheCoinnsnVTIll not e responsible for bng-
jingeaxueeding 850liivatae,, unless tb anino be re
C. K. CAMP &' CO.,
. 143 Main "Street, Clncinnatit
Huve now a full Stoik.nnd are muklng and receiving
nosh aupplloa or all Kinds or
Men's nnd Roys' Hindi, Ilrowa nnd Tnn
sJolor, nnd I'cnrl Sort lints, Fur nnd
Wool; Cloth Silk Plush, Glazed nud
Fnucy Cups for Men and Hoys.
To which wu would mil Iho attenlton of Deutori aiul
Country Merchantt Lofro purclmsiiifr, a we ure pro
parti looiT.r superior liitiucoineut lo cull or prompt
thin, buyers. , C. II. CAMP & CO.
. CUiciiuull, October 4, 1P3.V-2iu22.
1H 71 1, ics look io your IXXFlttST.
Wanted ittimodiately, 60,000 bitth. Com,
For which we will pay the highest' market pttce in cash.
A VINO .Mt:iliHshol ourHlvos In tho produce bn-
siiio.ii, rnnuurs Can ul mm Iiiik'S svmI ua nil kliuis
oi (.r.itii lir tin.' casli ul iiiarkut nrliun. AilotluT uli
JiH't, we cun wctirh our enllru lout) atone draught unl
uuioita HHiiuuif Uie iMiioortiny otnor v iiurenouscin
stincustur. As ourtluu Uonilrely new, to ull we lu-
vltu.nTiistlffiilioii. .fliFt'RIKS, WOOD & CO.
LiUsUUtstur, lerbruary S'J, lr:3j 4,1 , .
Tn Shaffer's New Block, bttwten th$ Tailmadgn Hons.
. and Suffer' irottfa
. nn TTASJust opened o .nrfre and beautiful assort
.1 I wont of READY MA UK CLOTHING, to
mj pother wllh as cnolce selection of CM Catti
ILL meres and Vesting. All of which has been select
ed with prreat care and with special reference to tho
, ai.tj und lasts ofllils community.
Hit, long experience In this brunch of business. Is a
sure runtiitoe that his stock embraces the choicest and
bent variety, and his purchase basboen na'sce upon such
terms that ho cau sell at the LOWEST POSSIBLE Ki
BKS. . . , . .
Tho public nre respectfully Requested t6 call and er
amine his assortment. He Uaa ou hand a geuerul as
sortment of
Aud Is at all times prepared to accommodate his old
friomls, either with an excellent article of Heady made'
nothlnjr.orto MANUFACTURE TO ORDER, out of
the best material and by most accomplished workmen.
any siio oi fsurmems, ruK ml.i AflUflurn, tn tho
bet and most fashionable manner. He Is confident, .to
this respect, that he can frve general satisfaction.
xiisusBoriinoni em o races a geuerai variety or
Linen fonts, Vestlngs. . Suspenders',
Dress do Pantaloons- Hosiery
Hack do Cravats, Undershlrta,
Carpot-bafrs, topethor with all other articles usually4
kept lu a Gcullemau's Furnishing Store, and muuufue
turd in the most fashionable stylus.
It bus been purchded of well-established houses In
the Eusturn cities, and wilt be warranted y to b made of
gi'fd mat'erlul and iu a durable manner.
Ho respectfully invites hitf old eustnmerif tfnd others
to cull at his new establishment, where bo ill at all
times be ready to wait upon them with 0000 ooobs at
111K i.nwKRT ratem. To tost bis promlsos, he asks an
examination of hip stock intrude uud too style and u,mil
Ity ofliisuianufacturo. - T. TONG.
Lancaster, May 5, lf54. " .
. . , . .
Mum street, nrdr'ly tippttstte the Tat I mad ge suss.
A GAIN fiikes pleasure in caffirix thettenffThiy
I V customers and country merchants gouerally. to
tltu largest stock of Copper. Tin and Sheet-Iron nianu-'
fact tiros ever brought lo this market. Ho takes great;
pains to koep constantly on hand a, I urge variety ot
every thing that can possibly be wuriioif in his line t and'
nuiiurs niu.seu inuiiroui nis iouy experience iu ma
Till nnd Sheet-Iron Businesn.
hewin iiL'ttMetoglvo full sntisf:ictioii to rtll who' msV
fnvorliiin wifh'tlielr work. Having a practical knowl
edge of the busitiuss, In so loot ions are made with' a?
view lo uurutitiliy, stylo auu cnoupness.
Mniinfisctured to Order,
Ho alart keps In his employ some of the best work
inoii tt.at can bo secured, and always having on hand
tho very best iriuterlal, Is enablod to manufacture to
order anything and every thing doslrable la his line.
iiiusgooustyi'ij unu on as luir lorui usoau uuywaor'
bo hud.
' AM kinds of Stove, A.
Nevor In tlie history uf Lancaster was the .Van estab-'
llshmeu that kept 011 hand a larger and more complete,
assort.,.,. ,3fstoves,of all kinds and varieties. t
also prepared wllh a largo number of Firs faif, and
for tho accommodation of his customers keeps on hand,
alarge quantity of Firs Brick maun factuied express
ly wllh a view to putting up Grates, &c, ,
In flue, any and oror thing needed in Ids line can be.
secured by giving him a call, and at prices as reason
aMu ns can be obtained In any other establishment in1
the Klalu. Inasmuch as his present stock Is greatly
siiporiortohls former in quantity, quality, variety and
cheapness ho fuels confident thut persons giving him
a cull will go away highly delighted ami amply satisfied.
tie also seeps consianiiy on nana
a large Stock ot Steel Plou if
of Cincinnati aad Circle ville msiW
liTfTir-Wtrs Uf,u.ture. :
Luncastjr. March 8, 1835 44 '
St.? RPHI.I.Il Sc
fm TTAVlt removofl ihcttrl
JM-JJ totlio TallmadgeB,
IV kit r Sr Lotla-s Hardware Ster
Peacock's Improved Steel Plow,
Wimiiitcd 111 nil respects equal uud In
8 nine Superior to uny other now in uae.
rilHIS fuctiiry Iiasbecn In operation clurliig lli hisi
I. 33 yoars, but for Iho last (aw years tliulr allon
tUm lias tiuvn nlvcii iiurtloiilarly to the iliiirnvciiiunt
of tlift Plod Mulil-Bciaril IMow. Any aiiKiunt of Med
als, Diplomas oEc.van bo sliowiirlnil ivo re'ly more on
U10 reports uf fiirmors froui clitlVrcnV parts of the
eoiintry. where they liuvo' been In viuiipetiiliiii with
othiir ponuliir r'lows.thaii vq cla on their being juilg.
eci oy siicuioruven a-snirnt isini ain ntir.
A luriro iissortniontnf the ilifTercnt slzescoiistantlv
nn I111111I, whli'li cun be seen nt our warehouse or by en
quiry nl our Honk rittiro 4.1 Main St., Whito's Block, '
fivurv i low soicl oy us is warrunictl. .
Fob.Si.liS. , JEKFHIUS, WO0D& Co.
Heber tr i"ul:'s Old Stand. Main St., Lancaster, Ohio.
RKSi'ECTFULLY solicits Iho attention of all who
may want Groceries to his new and large Slock
un tiaiul, oiiibravlni-in part, the following articles:.
Young Hyson, Imp. Rlack and fiunpowiler TKAS;
New Orleans, Crushed, Loaf and pulverized Sugar;
' Golden and Sugar llou.u Myrnn, N. O. Molasaos;
Klco, Oranges, Lemons, Figs, Kaisius, Fllborts
and Aliiinnds: -
Sugar Cured HAMS; Dried Bcof, liolongsSaUsnee,
cneuse ami ppires;
Soaps, l)y stuffs, Candlos, Tuba and Buckets)
Washboarda, llrooms, dee.. cVe.
ALSO A line lot of ChowlngTohacco, Smoking do
i Foreign and Domestic i.liii(irs. Notions, Ac. .
1 foel assured thatnit who uinv favor in. with a rnll
will notgo away dissatisfied wltfi my prices, oven if
llicy snouiu iKnuQiniiurea iciouv. '
111 a few dnvs I will have LAKE FISlTof nil kinds
N. B. COUNTRY PKODUOKtakeo In oxcliiinge for
uroceries. utiicasier, June 14, ibjS otf
i" " 1 1'iiinc.iiuu.rvNsoiirjiia.m id iui villi " . . .r 1 . V . , r . . , , .
aman.wbcglnneTandIiop.lohava liberal share turned to llio Conduelaror AtvjiU.Bmi rrsalht paid a
of the pWlc oatronngo. JOHS B. JACKSON. tbrateofapasiigefrTrvs)500lralne ahov that
LancdSlor, Asgust 93, IHSS Hitf aruount. Novombsr l, I8.1S.
Vr'lLSiV rUcfaltEW V SO!,
Manufacturers and Importors of
South West Corner of Kaln and Tourtb. Streets,
( -- . - Cincinnati, Qiiio,, ;-.
Clofekt IVatcHe. and Jewelry llopaiir
rd aud Warranted. '
August 30, 1HJ5 3ml7
. M. TIIOMI'SONMerchant Tailor,
Hut Just opened a beuutifu! assortment of '
Clotli Caaaiiuprea and Vcatings,
All ofwhleh has beon selected With great caro, and
with spociul rciforcncii to the wauls and tusto of (his
community, and which he lsproiiured to manufacture
to order and ia prepared to make the best pits in the
iulost style JL f All his work lll be wurrnuted I
lie Uatso n.iW iniiife!-:rlfi every v:.,;..ly cf
which he Mill SELL AS LOW as the snmo quality of
Goudsnnd work taa he purohaaed at any other estab
lishment. IKs Clothing la manufaetured nndor his
own supervision, and Is consequently suporiortothat
which ia brought from othor places. ,
The pubtkisiro respectfully solicited to eall and st
amina his Ktpckr and while thankful for the liberal
patroaug. a; has enjoyad hu assures' his old custo
mers and others, that ho will labor to five general
satisfaction both In the quality and prise of his goods
and work. B. M. THOMPSON.
A innndn, October IS, lesj. Wtf
thetrClothiiifr Knisbtishment
ise Block. rst damr Kmmt mt
wkitr Sc Latin Hardware Store, whore the are oinn
UK a lurce nnd extensive Hssortiuuni ut 1SPKING AND
SUM.MKK GOODS, ami ore now nvanufurturirijc evrf
vurloty ot Spring atd Summer Wear, which they will
sell ns lew us the same quulity of frnous snd word can
he iirchsed ut any other estahliithincnt In the city.
Their elothintt Is inuiiufucturud undortheir own super'
vision, and is consequently superior to that which la
hjoueht from other ilnpes. They have slfo on huiul, a
baet if ul variety of Cloths. Cassimeree yting ,J-e.,
w liirli they nre prepared to mnnufuctue to order. Thoy
have in thiircniiloy the best of workmen and are at
ull times prepared lo make the befet ftls In the latest
stylos. All their work will be warranted,.
TIlo public are ruspec, fully solicited to call and ex
ntnliie their Mock, and while thankful for the liberal
putiouaKOthcy hve enjoyed, they assure their old cus
tomer,, mill ull others thut they wilt labor Hrrive gen-
OTitl sal. faction both lu tlie ouulHy snd price of theft
fronds und work. hi'Kiotn tv iituui.
oncvstui .Apr;. J trot , . '
nAVlNG retimied to the city and orected a large
bulldina' III the roar of ill. briek luinin. nn tkf
corner of Broad and Chetnut Streets, as square South?
of the Market Jouset Intends manufaeWTlrljf u'pori a
large snuu nil Ilia vunuiis nrncius
y ol Cabinet f'lirnltiire, Uedsteadsf
fSand Chulrs.- Which he will keep!
'ulwayson hand, together with a'
large assortment of Cinciiiuatl manufacture. His tona
experience In the business, will enable him to bava
nianiiractureii at home ami importeu irom aDroaa tna
very best of work, and as he iuteads to .employ noua
but the most skillful workmen nnd use the best mate'
rials, he natlor. himself that ha will give general sa
tisfaction to all who maV fa for htm with their custom.
The public are Invited to eall and examiner tha as
sortment, Tho entrance to tho rooms Is upon 'Broad
Blreet. ' "' 1). K. F1SHEL.
N. R. Rctpalrlng done on th shortest notice, and la
the neatest aud most workmaallka manner. Charge -reasonable.
. lancosler. May 80.
ISSUED under the seal, snnction and authority of
tha University of PKEB MEDICINE. ansVPosuiat
Knowledge. C'liiirterod by the Klate of Pennsylvania,.
April to. 1HS3, with a capital of $100,000 mainly for the-
?iirposeofarrestliig the evils of 8PURIOUS N08--HUMS,
also for supplying the community with rella-
bio reinadtea wherever a competent phyatoian eannol
or will not be employed, have purchased from Dr..
JOHN K. ROW AN J), his celebrated llowaad's
Tonic mixture, known for twenty-flve years aa
tho oulvsura and safe cure for PEVKR and AGUE,
etc., and his inestimable remedy for BOWEL COM
VI.INTS, Kowmids's compound Syrup erf Blaekaerry
Koot.wlitch highly approved and popular Remedies,
togothor with llio University Remedy for complalnta
of the Lungs. Tho University's Kemedy for llyspepo
sla or Indigestion. The University's Remedy for Cos
tive Bowuls. Also the University's Almanac may be.
had at the Branch Disponsary, or 8tre nt
S. BKKKY, Bremen, Fairfield County, O.
B. COKNEI.L, City Book Store, Lancaster.
May31,lB5S Hm3 M. Z. K.KK1DKK. '
... ....1 . ...stsiut Duiisas iM . (ci
Groceries, Quocnsware, lints. Caps,
aoaars, aooTa, snot., watt rsraa ) aoanaaiao,
WOULD rospectrullyhivlte the attention ofevery
body t their largeand well assorted stock ot
which have been selected with care, and will he at 14
the lowest eash prices. May 3, lesi-M
1 '

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