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Xkundajr IttornlMir, Dec. 6, 185.
L.tiar from Coloot 1 Clemen to
The following is the conclusion, of Col
nion,i.a lutttr tn Gen. Cass, which w&h
published in our hst weels issue. lbe.r
has besa nothing which wo have as ynt
noticed, that so explicitly discloses the
trim noaition of the American party, and
whiob so righteously conJemus the mach
inations and influences which a foreign
Pontiff, and his subjects exrTurxn .our
Republican Institutions. We hope every
mn, who feels interested in tho American
ctusd, her future welfare,, and prosperity
( will give it a careful perusal:
I answer. Ihe establishment of the Cath
olic religion in at least one half of the con
federacy. For prize less brilliant the
Church of Rome woulJ deluge the world
in blood. Call to Juind the many instances'
in which kiugdoms and provinces have
been granted to individuals on condition of
establishing the C.itholic . religion ly the
sward, and doubt it if you cm. , Divide
. tho Union, and even if civil w.r )id not
i ow, it would be rnitc'i easier- to bring in
emigrants enouih to control one half lluro
thewbolo. If war did follow, Rs it ier
tainlv would, the Catholic populi:kit of
the North is already" sroai that they
would Cud little difficulty in roakiii.j their
own terms. Their ais!mic? would be
' indispensable, and however dear tho pur-.
chasa, it would to ba undo. .. The Kmiw
Church has suddenly become less aj'.utu.
"and more scrupulous than history has ever
painted it, if it cannot sea the advantag it
has to train by disunion, or hesitates At any
iniauitr to accomplish its ends. The bus
iness of tho Popo's Nunuio- (Cardinal Bj
dini) among us, will, probably . remain a
inTHlery. He came under pretence of hav
insbeon appaiutud Miniswr to. Brazil-
Unversed the, Northorn S'.;iles . holding
consultations with, bishops and pnestMl
suddanlv returned to his master, for'ettin
his mission to Bnzil. Diis conduct w
neither aouidental nor olijuctless, an 1 tak
jng in connexion with Archbishop Hashes'
letter to you soon atterw.iru, an J mi ure
luxation of frien Jshiu fur Seward, is t.n
ienificant not to exoite . imiuiry. Bed.in
and llughes are not men likely to furnish
us with positive proofoftlioirrnaoliiiiviuns
We must judge trom otlior eircuniVAiiuca
and apply the history of the past to the pros
oat. . What the ohurcu hm uono we Know
and we cannot too carefully guird agains
what it mar do
., The only vote which Mr. Hulm says
lie has given in this country is worthy of
remark. That vo'o wti (jiveain ruferttnee
to the oommon sohool system of N. York,
and one of its obieots was to exclude the
Bible from the scholars, , At what price
would you be willing to part with tho privr
ileus of perusinor that book What fsilti
ly inducement would make you consent to
its exclusion from the hands of . your cLil
dren? . Forget, if you choose, that it eon
tains (he "nuarl of aalvation." Lay asidi
the story of the, atonement, tho stainloss
morality, tho mblime simplicity, and, the
lofty eloquence which gushed from those
whom association with the . S.tvioiir had
raised from the humblest walks of life, to
bo the touchers of a world ; take only the
Old- Testament, ann : whero, vine can the
statusraan, tho poet, the .orator, or the pat
riot, find lessons of higher import or wi
der usefulness. In the very lirst linos ia
embraced all we oan conceive of the ma-
i'ostyand power of the Deity. "In the
legiuning Ood made the hoavens and the
earth." No other volume ever had it--parallel
none ever will. And so it is
throughout tho Pentatcuoh. In the stern
laoonisin of those five little books, the
obolar may find studies for a life time
more thun double the three score years and
ten which have been assigned to man.
. The whole law of a nation condensed in
to ten brief oommandnn'iits tho history of
the most momentou events ofion recorded
on less than a bintrle paize; the creation o
the world; the garden ot Eden; the temp
iationand the full, tho delude with ilssin
avenging waters; tho Tower of Babul, with
itsconfusiou of tonguos; tho captivity of
Israel; God appearing to Moxcsin thebuin-;
ing bush and instructing liiru in his tank;
the ten plagues whiuh swept over Egypt,
leaving mourning ami desolation behind;
the Exodus; the pillar of cloud by day and
of Cre by night; tho watuis of the Hed
feller from romiuoaoi c Stockton.
The following letter from Com. R. F.
Stookton, was read at the American meet
ing io Trenton, on Friday evening, tho
loth inst:
PniNCETON, Nov. 14, 1055.
Gentlemen: I am informed by your let
ter of yesterday, that a meeting is to be
held t Trenton on Friday, the JCth inst.,
eommamorativa of the principles of the A-
merican party. You also say "that His
well known that you nave lor several jmn
approved those principles, therefore, you
are earnestly invitea to oe pri-i nvs i
ilr!rs vour feHowcitiscns on that occas
ion." 1 ihaok you for the invitation, al
though previot54iigagements will prevent
tnv beinir nreL5.
'lam unwilling, however, to permit tho
n,.in ,m t.i m without eXDressini UlY on
tire concurrence in the patiiotio princi
nU s( the American party, which have
bad tor so many years me approval oi tuj
lead and heart. Thevars
1st. The Constitution with its Com
2nd the preset vation of the Union at all
3. The nituralizition laws should bo
aholishwlof eeM'.i.lllv modltufd
4;li, Amerinaus alone should rule Ani
ejMUA. TIK'V Olliy SIIOUIU ua nyjjumicu iu
the high and responsible exscn'.iye omcosi
under our government. ' . -
n of the revolution, iio:wiin
It is vain for politicians to arrest the pro
greBS of the American Party by effort to
compel it to adopt portions ot ttio cieeas
which distinguish othor parties. .
It will not thus be indeed to endanger
the cause in -which it is engaged. Ihe
safely of the people is the supreme - law,
and while that safely is engennerea, every
ihintrftlse is of subordinate interest.
Place none but Americans on sruard,
was the order of Washington at a crisis of
imminent danger.
With assurances of high regard, I am
your friend and obedient servant. '-
r. oa wivivA,
j From tl e Clef monl Courier.
Jlon. John T. Brasec.
To the Members of the Ohio Leglslntnre.
Amoncst tho, many duUs your' judg
ments and patriotism will have to decide
for tho good of our btate, none is para
mount in importance to tho selection of the
proper man for United States Senator.
The selection involves a uoutite auty; one
you owe to the dignity and prosperity of
Ohio; the other to the whole people of the
Union. He who is cnlled.to fill this exalt
ed station should be a" pure American pat
riota calm, deliberate, observant man
a ripe scholar a profound thinker of
expaiided.iiiti'1'ect, broad enough to em
brace our entire country in his Deport
ment, free from all frivolity -friendly and
urbane in manners "-dignified, but concili
atory in las intercouso With ins lenow men
one who has never been a leeJeeror of-
Tiio ' m'e
standing they gratefully acknowledged tho yjc anj ony accept pvllic station
aid detived from Franco, were fully sensi- calisttie vublic weal demands it.
hlo of the dabzers of foreign influence. Dniihtlew man v nossessin!? these Oilftll
Thoy incorporated in both tho Federal and tjes fln( qualifications will be presented to
State Constitutions, provisions carefully vou ror selection, but no one is more
designed as barriers against the lufluerice ealitlec! to your rospeolful consideration
of any foreign ingredient in the population, possessing' all the foregoing enumerated
toe protracteu war wuicii muwu qualities, than John T. erases, r.sq., me
t rench . Revolution, powerfully affected g,.,,, Senator elect for Fairfield District.
the public mind in the United States, and ii :3 uouest faithful and capable
political parlies were more or lass biassed - BUCKEYE,
in favor of one or the other belligerents. Qn the . q( ourS(jf and lhe consfllu.
It reuuirod the whole weight of .the great , r .
w". nrevent the ency of Mr. Brasee, we g.-e our most cor
votiti" republic from being entangled in dial endorsement of "Buckeys" opinion
a ' T .i:.! 11!.. ! . . T i I.I ,1.. !....,
tho ineslios of Luropcan politics His wis
dom cu ibled him justly to appreciate the
dosiro, which has always cluiractcrizad re
publ'man governments, to become more or
less o'.i'ijeat, inne w.iy or another, to
foreign influence- The events of his nge,
howv-vrr. directed hisattention to tliacoun-
of our Senator Elect., and slncefely trust
that iis merits for tho high station in con
nection with which his name lias been men
tioned will not be overlooked .by tlie Leg- Ubove Platform resulted as follows
islaturo whose duty it is to elect.
We can safely say that the eloetion of
AmemcAu' National- Convejtrion.
The Northern dissenters . from., the Phila-J
delphia National Cbnrention in Jnne last.
1 mucus in Cihoinnatl on Wednes
day and Thursday last. The Northern
Slates were very generaly represented, and
the Gazette says, "a very strong desire
was expressed to meet their Southern
brethern in a National Convention and a
gree upon caudidatss to be supported for
President and Vice President of the Uni
ted States." -
They adopted a proposition to bo sub
mitted to their Southern bretheren, that
the South shall agree to a restoration of the
Missouri Compromise. - -
Judge McKay, of Ohio demanded i
vote by States, on the adoption of the plat
foira, which platform. is as follows:
Tme Platform. The Select Commit
tan tn wiiwdi wis referred various resotu
ii. and rjroDositions, mainly on the suo
int of the diUcrances existing uuiwceu
J. . I f, .1. i1.A ...KUnl rtf
the JNortn ana me ooum, uu mc
Slavery, has had tho same unuer consiu
. . . i . ii-
eration, and has aproveu ine untuning
resolutions, aud reoommoud Us adoption,
in lieu of nbe 13thseotion of the National
Platform. ' - . .
That tho repeal of Missouri Compromise
was an infraction of the plighted faith of
tho nation, and that it should be restored;
aud if efforts to that end should fail, Con
gress Bliould refuse to admit into the Union
any State tolerating slavery, which shall
ho formed out oi any portion oi mo lern-
tory from which that institution was exclu
ded bv that Compromise.
That this Convention protests against
eoallescins? with any party which demands
the postponement or abandonment of A
merican principles, or tho disorganization
of the American party.
That this Convention recommend to the
delegates to the National Convention from
the States hero represented, to request the
Presedent of the National Council to call a
meeting of the same to be held at rhina
delphia, on tho 19th day of Febuury next
The Votf on the Platform. ihe
vote by the States on tho at'option of the
j3"0ur friend Adam Brandt of Green
field township, laid upon our table some
days since, a specimen of the produota of
bis apple orchard last season. Among
these spocimens were the Golden Pippin;
Red Penic, Seek-no-further Golden Rus
set, Winter Rusiet.Newtown Pippin.White
Spicey, Belleflower, and Rhode Island
Greenincr. We do not now remember to
have ever seen those specimens .. beat in
this ticiuity, particularly the Pippins,
Golden Russets and White Spicey. Al
though the White Spidey is a summer ap
ple, yet they "hate retained all their per
fection tip to tlie present titrle; - The Pip
pins are among the finest of the season and
compare with any that have ever been ex.
hibited in this market. -
Still with all these luxuries around him
our fuiend Brandt has determined to sell
out and seek a new home in the far West.
See his advertisement in another column.
teraction of that influence, ex?rtc.l i:i a (reniloman who has been named in con- Rhode Ishuid
dilteriM.t niannor trom thai in wnicii u now . , , . fpll, ...,,, Massachusetts
threatens our safely. The foreign influ
ence, which justjy alarmed him, aroio from
the sympilhy of our people with one or
the other of the mighty powers : who were
contending, as bulk chimed to be, for lib
erty and for political predominance in Eu-
rimft. ' i. -
I. . . ... ... ... . .1 ,
Wasnuu'on did not anu.;ipve mai
nec'ion with this important trust wouiti
givo as great satisfaction to Eastern and
Southern Ohio as would that of John. T.
Do Careful of Smnll Thing".
Irvinz, in his life of Washington, dwells
1" nnllin nurlicularitv with which the horo
half a century from bis age, Europe would attended to the minutest affairs. The
bo brought wiihiu ten days sail of Amen- pmiior of hU Country, as his correspond
ca. or that within that period half a nail- An(.n and account books show, was "care-
lion of foreigners annually wouU come to fu 0f gmall things as well as of great.not
exercise Ihe prerogatives of Araorican sov- Jisuaiing to scrutinize the most petty ex
ercigns. Ha 1 such a stato of things been penseof his household; and this even while
presented to him, his warning voice would ,.t'mg ns the first magistrate of the first
li.i vo uienneara on ma su'ijeci, mtu numu
hare inapird onr stalesmeu with tho wis
dom and courage to avert tho danger
which ho would have forseea. audi was
the jealous virtuo and patriotism which
lisiiimuishod the Washington era, that
iad the immigration of that poriod been L10se wl)0 scorn what they call 'petty' de
one-toninoi wnai ii nas now ueconio, i hiig. Thoro are thousands ot sucn mui
more thun probable that no power would Lijuals in every community. Wo all know
have boon granted by the people or ma
Federal Gorernmuut to enact any laws of
The evil is upon tn which Washington
deprecated. The evil is radical, and the y tbe tlollars to which they will attend.
correolion must be equally ladical. Wo Thev snurn n small businoss. They talk
must awaken in the public mind that sen- .ur,erniiioiislv of those who ororlook the
sitive regard for tho preservation of the itlia eakngea that waste so much raonoy
Constitution and American liberty wniun ; evcrv concern. To hear them, one
inspired Ihe souls of thoso patriots who I miglit think they were above the ordinary
were the counsellors anu supporiers ' Uffuirs of lite, and mat nomine; was wor
Washington and the fathers of tlie country . I t,y 0f thciir tima, except discovering a
The laftty uni proiperily of our inetilu-1 iforuia or conqnoring a Kingdom.
(ions must tie maao me caruinai oojoois oi ye I)0 mnn evor mmin a tortuue, or rose
attainment. The spoils of ollice, the love t0 ,rrentness j,, nMV doparttnont, without
of power, ihe subjootion to the iron tyr
tnnv of a few political oligarchs, must be
7 . i . ... ' . ! .1.
held III contempt, in comparison
Indiana .
Yeas. Nays
15 8
4 0
13 0
13 . 0
11 0
27 0
3 3
6 0
5 0
D6 11
Republic in tho world. In private circles
in tins city, tradition preserves numerous
nnecdotos of this characteristic, which, if
nnn.itc,.if w ft milrl ntlrtfA
The example of Washington, in this re- aP' ' nJ '7
sped, might teach an instructive lesson to
. I XT . I . I
more or less ot mem. coming is wormy
of attention, iu then' opinion, unless it can
be conducted on a grand ?nle. Ihoy
will not condescend to tho pennies, it is on
On this tho Cincinnati Gnzatte remarks
"Wa nr triven to understand that thi
is an ultimatum. If tho' Southern delegates
agree to it, harmony and union will bo e
leoted, sofHrss a piaitorm is concernci
If the South rejects it then we may expect
fiuriiniion oi me wuoio umij,
f.-irmtinn of new part, we cannot with
any decree of certainty infer what th
.. " i. i . ,i 'Pl,n ,u.
OOUl 11 Will UO ill me urviiuaea.
may reiect it; if rejected
there will be an end to a national Amen
can organ'muion. We learn that some
gentlemen were present at the Convention
imm inn ncuruoeriiiir oiitia ivoiifcuu ? , nm.
they admitted that the demand made by
the Northern deWates was a fair and prop
er demand, and expressed tlie opinion it
the Southern States would oe willing
grant it." ,
Hard to Pieabk. A wealthy farmer
in the State of New York, being engaged
n a law suit with Mr. Havens, wroto the
following classical epistle to his attorney ;
Sauire Wells, sir, if the suit of Ikuvcn't
n i goes agin me, I want you to kerry it up to
a higher torte, for God knows I don't owe
him one oetit."
Cosmopolitan Art Association.
From nil quarters we notice that the
press of our country are loua in their
commeudation of this enterprise, and a
careful perusal of their advertisement is
sufficient to convince the most sceptical,
tat this is beyond doubt the greatest en
terprise of the age, ani should be patron
zed by every lover of American Litera
ture and the fine arts. Those who intend
to become subscribers for any of the pop
lilar Magazines of the day, should certain
do so through V; M. Griswold, the
Hon. Secretary of this Association, and
thus secure a fret ticket in this Magnificent
See advertisement in another column.
R. W. & A. Reed, two chips off the
old Block, are carrying on Buggy, Coach,
Sign and Ornamental painting at the
Old Stand of their late father, John B;
Reed, and bid fair to rival bis fame in the
various departments of their business.
All orders for work in their line can be
. . . i , e r 1 r T)
ell ai ma siora oi w. ii. inrjr.ui oi
their shop immediately in the rear of the
Saddlery slore of J. N. Little.
MT Thanks to tho Hon. Tuos. RicHKir
Ohio Farmer and Ohio Cultivator.
We call the attention of our roaders to the
Prospectus of these ably condnoted agricul
tural papers. They are both so really wor.
thy the patronage of every farmer in the
State, that we are entirely unable to advise
as to a distinction of merit, and therefore
recommend our readers by all means to
take both." Get up your Clubs friends and
commence with the new year. " '
XSTQiiite a number of notioet of Msgs-
tines, New Publications &e., are unavoid
ably crowded out this week and must lay
over until our next issue. '
"The communication of "ObskrvxV'
,8 unavoidably crowded oat this week. It
shall be forth coming in our next.
N. W. Graham fc Co. We eall the at
tention of our shippers by the C. W. & Z.
Rail Road to the advertisement of N. W.
Graham & Co. Forwarding and Commis
sion Merchants at Zanesville, Ohio, These
Gentlemen possess superior facilities for
the speedy and safe transportation of
freight consigned to their charge, and we
are assured will render satisfaction to all
who may favor them with their patronage.
Sheiifl's Sale. C
Y Virtuo f o laooulloB tgtlurt prop from . i
th Court ofCommoJlelMlJoountj And lo I
nm atrsctdd, 1 will uOi nublla ulo it Ua Court r I
Houm In Lnoier, on J..Jr 14. 84 i. , x).- f I
r, isii, bolween the hours of 10 o'clock A. M. and I I
4 o'clock P. M. th rullowli.f d.iorlb.d Uoil K.Ut., ' 1
AipriMd ! (a.uo) two thou wind dollnn. '
Taken ni tho DroDartv r Willi. m m k,..u -t
ultof John G. Waarar.
larmsofNtlaeaah. WM. POTTER, Bharllf,
, ' " par 0. M. L. WXttKMAN, Dapnly.
Laocuter, Norambar sa,iau SwS8pfl
. .- DaoiMim 3, 18SS. .
J. C. WEAVER, Treaanrar. In account with PalrSiild
-CoHntv Aa-ricullurml KnclAlv.
To prooaada of loan from Palrnald Conntjr
o. v i ii jri iniiuia. ...........
' amount reaalTod from eounly. ..
' raonivad for Booth rout
rooolred during Pair
' received for liar told..
4S O
ISO 00
MS ii
SS Sft
to irrenlness in any doparttnont, without Avwitai.' Lkoislativk Sessions.---Tho
being "careful of small things." As tho oovernorof Georgia, in his late Mossage
hiMcli is comnosed of irrainsof s:md. as the .v.. t .n;i.tn ,ip return tn anmi-
willl the Lfinnn ! m:dis un of drODB of Walor. SO the Li 1 . nmiu, rarrarri
i ----- - - i . . hi aensiuu n v wiv.K. . x
importance of Hecuring ilu-so groat enus.- millionaire is the aggregation of the profits . lh rowine arj(l diversified interests of
iiv 'ii .....vw . i. -f hi Kiniriu lrii.uiuo. ui.cu nivwimiuoi hi , ,. CA hni ha tl Intra lh n lraiinn nt
, a m I O I I iin kiinin, UUS 4W ww -
lion seo no danger, and never win see any. amoUut. Every eminent meachant. from . .BBii0I1 .hould be limited.
which does not threaten to arrest their nimrd and Astor down, has' been noted
rolitablo controljof partios. Tho doctrine ror i,jg atlontion to details. Few distin- Frivolous curiosity about trifles, and la
at "American ulone miouIu rule Amen- gUisi,0(j lawyers havo over practiced in the boroUs attention to little objects whioli nej
,' dosicnud to restore the gouerninont, t.m,rt(t. who havo not been remarkable for ther roauire nor deserve a moment'i
as it was in the 'days of Washington, to L Kjmi!ar characteristic. It was one of tho thought, lower a man, who from thence
hehandsof "Americans alone," is lig- most lrikin. nacnliarilies of tho first Na- ii thought f and not unjustly) incapable of
matise d by the organized oabal of politi- Loloon's mind. The most petty dolails of greater matters. Cardinal de Netx very
Sea dividing and forming a vyivll uf t-ry stal un
either baud for the Israelites to jtt-; llun
tumbling togcthor and piling an ocean on
tho pursuing host; the journeying through
the desert; the thunder, the fire and smuiie
around Sinai's brow, and Moses leading
forth the people at the sound of the trum
piit to hear the voice of the Lord, and lant-
ly, the irreat leader, law-giver, pool, his
torian, and deliverer, ascending ihe Mount
of JNobo to look upon tho protimej land
which ha might not enter all these, ami
many more, oacn iu itsuu mi nimus t la-
material for volumes?
Tho brevity of the Sparitan is. ss noth
intr to that of Moses, yet the evculs are al
ways plainly datiiiud the nimitivc always
unob.suure. Nor is it iu Mosus alone tliut
the historian or the orator iiuds his hih
eat moddl. There is no book eijunl ihe
gorgoous imagery of Job tho solemn and
susminea msjusiy oi ismiud me pisiutive
pantos oi jeremiau ine fierce eloiiueuce
of Etekiel, or the thrilling melody of the
.harp of David.
. Without sn acquaintance with the Bible
no style can be perfect, iu knowledge
complete. Every oice that speaks through
its pages is touched wkVj a livimr eoal. hmJ
i yet the bead of the Catholio church in the
United S:ntos opanly boasts tht ihe only
vote be ever gave was to dpriveih irrow-
in generation of this Bjok, with all Us
treasures, its consolations, and its prom
list. And you sir, nave raiseu your arm
to strike pown thojo who are seeking to
prevont the aooomplishmtnt of his pur
pose. You will not question that the mo
tives of tho most of them are pure and pat
riotic Grant that they are wrong; that
they have not adopted the bunt m iuns of
t attaining tho desired end. Still that end
is a goal ons, mid abusive dmiuireitttion,
unsparingly applied to struggling in a good
cause, is not only bad taste, but U liable to
the suspicion of springing trotu any but
commendable feeling. .
And now, 'General, ' wo must part for
the present. The subject is fruitful .and
of much that I desire to any, but in' .'the
contest of tho coming summer thero will
. be abundant opportunities for its utterance.
,11 1 arn living then you will hear from mo
pgain. Ve y respectfully.
cians who wield the machinery for nianu- ,j9 i,0nsohold expenses, tho most trivial sagaciously marked out Cardiual Chigi for
laoturing mo incumuunia oi ouice, jrom faots rolating to Im troops, were in Ins o- a little mind, Irora tlie momeni ue ioiu mm
that of tho Presidency downward, as a Linlon.as woi tliv of his attention, as the that ho had written three vsars with the
:i...., ....I l.nA Ln l.n1,l l,i .. , ... .t .1 r . . I .1. . n.n.l..l An,
peabiium hoiboj , miu .nun t n uuiu tactics ot a oattia, tlie pian oi i cnmpniijii same pen, nu inut a n vnn uus
us aiicioiiii rtuiuriv;a,n uuuu mu mi o uo- or j-rerKion ot a couo. womosiuones sun.
nounoeu as traitors. , ' tho wor d's unrivaled orator, was ns nnx-
The progress of events is rapidly bring- :,, i)QUt resturea or his intonation, as a
ing the country to the condition 'when but kout lno tt.xturo 0f his argument or its car-
two parties will contend wilh each other :,,. of WOrd. Before such ffreat exam-
tho one tho American Party, and the other piog Hj ;n the very highest walks of in
the Foreign Putty. The American Party elect, how contomptible tho couduotof
will seen tlie resiorauon oi 1110 government t)e 8ma m,U8 wil0 uospise small tilings.
to Ameriitan control, sucn as 11 was wuen ;
it came fresh from the American people. Have Souetiunqto Do ihe seoretof
The Foreign Party will seek to propitiate all success in life, of all greatness, nay, of
. I MAf imi, nn. 11 "i ;
rouiiciii. No. 4 m. "
February js, tail. Q. BTK1NMAN, Recorder.
the fitriiiinelcmeut. pander to the luaoletit all happiness, is to live for a purpose.
ambition and a.piring predominance, con- There are many persons always busy, who
Estate of John I-'. Ontcalt.
0T1CK l nnreby (tlren that tlie aulnprlhera have
nn.lind aa Bxaoutnra of the Kitate of John
iv.i.ii ,i.,ail. lata of Falrflold I'ounty, Ohio.
miiuitiu.. n.tu .pi..uB vU- ... p.- J ; Vll " r, Ealat. sr no-
tend for the continuance and extension of yet have no great purpose in view. 1 hey Jv0 p",,eni them wiiniii ne year duly nuihenti-
. l ... . . .. : l : . !i. r.:i... ...uu ik... annsmni n knnri sAfl I i.4 .ia.il mil itnrafini IlldntttrKl W
us pruiicgoa, ui.uS 1.111 urn; - n "t ...... ...v..v. r rKKKKlCK OUTCALT;)
liotatus.au J otter nw UriOestor its inona- tninir, never accompiisti anyming uocause ' j . ,w3i K,j. outcalt, i
thin. The siuiplu fact that the next eluc- never trivimr their undivided attention to
u on ol a t'rtsitlvnt of tlie uuiteu otaies any one ining. ineyarejise uunuruma
may linn upon tlie asserwon or me renun- mat nil irora pui to spot, never gauung
elation by the American people of tho doo-j wealth; while the ant, who strictly keeps
trine, that "Americana mone should rule to a certain circuit around her hole, grad-
Ameriua, should be sulliciont to astonish nally lays up stores for winter comlort.
and alarm us. If th doclrtiiibu renoun- Such persous are always dissatisfied n trie
eed, it will be owing to the orerpoworicg end, if they are not sooner; for they will
force of the foreign element in our popu- find rn the raceof life, thayhave been pas:
ration. The mighty power of that element sed by all who havo a purpose. It is not
has been gauged by the astute politicians only the positive drones, therefore, but
who are wlu to it. They have measured the' busy idler (hat makes a blunder of life
its length an 1 breadth, its height audits for want of a purpose,
ib-pth, and they are willing to stake their '
tiettiuMSon its omnipotence, it was tlie I A rather green sort of a wen areseea
l'rsioma guards, composed of forolgn individual walked into the Uroauway &a
make Immediate
rut'rcii.ris, who put up for sale tho imne- loon the other day, and Btrcaohing himself
iiHip-iwer at none, ana uw me loreign up to tils mil ntiigiii, exciaimeu iu a iouu
morooniirlet smoui; ns who now ofi'ur to voice -"V here are all the Locos? Show
tho politicians who hold the reins of party 1 mo a Loco. L'untlemen." said he, "and X
sway.tue next rroaidency as the price oil will show you nliar!"
favors to bd c outer red on them, and privil- A lartre number of quiet gentlemen were
ges perpetuated liortiiit?r. present, and in an instant one of them stoou
n !....!.... i v... f .. . : i:i.
xnuiciniiu twii" i mi-iu never unit Dcfore 11)0 noisy iiiatursr in wbi iio i
boenany country, where such itu issuo, if tudo and exclaimed
siiuarelv. wuly, nna uistinuiiy presenleil "I mn- a Democrat, sir. "
to the peopli, could bo decided uuy other "You lire?" queried-, the incredulous
llian ono way, and tnut iu mvor ot ine
"country born." Will the people of the
United States repudiato a sentiment of
this sort 7 Thev will do no sucli tiling.--
Already they havo arisen spontaneously
nml rushed to tho .standard iuscribod with
tho word: N
"The Americans shall rulo Amoriea."'
greeny. . -- - ,
"Yos. eir. I am."
"Well, just step round tho corner, and
I'll show you a fclTow who said I couldn't
r....t - -rv... il.. ...I...1 ......ll
uuu u iemociat iu tug niiuiu umu.
Great ExcitemeDt at Salt Lake!
W-aTTB In.rn ln.nl tone t IHJUSll In Rt. I.OUll.that
M...n.n..i K.n Lake art' tn trrout dlatresn
o'taod hy a iupoed Jiartliquake. However, J in
ji '.! i. .,i i., ii,,, it itlstrota. n ha hat lust ro-
celred a lliie lot of Jewelry, Watches and
CUrlatirtu, Prearut,ol waicn n nooto .in
poia f durlu( ilia llolllduya. e. u, iar- mi
Glory is a poison good to be . taken in
small doses.
Ant OrilMKnce
To fix normananllf the houra at which the markolt
aball uanpauod in ine wny o.
.... .1... .I... r.e n..nmhi,r mid March of each year.
f-NKO.1. H. il trdainrd H C'irs L'aaneu i
Woin . Lancatltr. That from and after the loprn
UI.IICHtoll 01 linn uniinmiuri ...... -----
:itv ofLaiu-anter.aliall be opened from and aftorlh
;.i; ,,r i,-.,,i.r In each and every roar, au
up to the rf day of M.trclt In the aucwedlng yeur at
the hour of Wo.elocte Meridian.
,1'utaud uecemoer atn, i
O. P. SHiKKFEH. P. City Council.
Atlcat 0. S. Wawii. Clerk. Pee, tt 3wl
Rut Hoio oraii "vKroaioh to Zincivilli.
Forwarders nnd Coramisslon Merchants
1-ftKOPfttKTOKS "f roirulnr Line orstoainorirnn-
nlimfrnm Zunonvlllo to heollnml 1'llta.
bum, nnd mlo Aironls for the Pminaylraiilit Central
Kullroiidfoi-lhlavalloy. frii l c"'aL
Onlyono ilrnyniro to or from the Kail Bond to Bonja.
Shl.i.-ritof ll..ur and Krortnrc SToiior.tUy on tlie
Lino !.t tho C. W.&Z. Koad, will And -thla the moat
expedition, ruito to the Knat and wo think qulto aa
Our fticllltlca will warrants i.edy tranalt to all
nroporty ontrunled to our cure.
K.olrftvoii pr.i)crty, cxeoptlniractnn drnyaire.
Through Kei-elpl. given t B',l0''i !'! "? 'W'"1'
NewYorkorllitiMi. f. W. OHAHAMdtLo.
IK-t. 0, 1?M-Siu'dl.
and Hon. S. P. Chase, for valuablo Con
gressional Dooumenls. These favors are
highly appreciated.
An Editor nnd Landlord Abroad.
We found upon our table one evening
some days ince the cards of R. W. P.
Muss Esq., editor of the Znesville vluroro
and "mine host" Scott of the "Stacey
House." "
Doth we presume were on a tour of ob
servation to theae diggings.
W rogrot that wo were "not at home"
when thos-ef grille ma if "drapt iu" but wa
expect to" return' the c'afl some day soon,
when we hope to be more fortunate than
the afores Vid were'. Miy the Aurora pros
per financially and (he "Sf Acxr' remain
as she hasa'twuys been "The bright par
ticular star" of all flio' traveling communi
ty of .'.II the worl land ths rost of mankind
senteringat Z.tnrsville.
Call agaia gents.
J. II. V. lEsiwkliM.
We notice that this well known ami dis
tinguished advocate of tempernnco reform:
ill spend the Wiutor in Ohio, and dehvo
a serif s of Lecturers in various portions of
the Slate. Mr.JHawkins is one of the orig
inal founders of the Washingtonian Move
ment in Baltimore many years since. Ho
will LuctuM in Lancaster on Thursday
evening of next wsck (Doo. 13th) at the
Methodist Episcopal Churoh. We hope
to see a large turn out of our citizens on
the on'oasion.
iSrWe acknowledge the reeeipt of a
polite nolo from a number of our citizens
requesting the publication of General W.
Reess'b Eulogy upon the late Dr. M-
Z. KitKtDitft, as written by him for the
Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons
of the State of Ohio. We will do so with
great pleasure ia our noxl issue. The
Eulogy is one of the Generals most vigor
ous efforts and will occupy some five or
six columns. All brethren and others whe
may wish extra copies will please leave
their orders at the Gazette office prior te
Saturday evening.
-ftT-SAMuai. Cannon, Esq., hat opened
fish depot in one of the basement rooms
of tho Tallmadge Block and intends furn
ishing our citizens with every variety of
Lakii. Ilivcr. Bavnnd Ocean fish of the
, , 0
finest quality, fresh from thoir native ele
Wo hope his enterprise will meet with
success; our citizens should patronize it
libe rally. .
Faikfielij Covntv AaRtcci-TOUt Socr
x-rr. Wo publish this week the ' Treasur
ers Report of the last Fair, to which we
refer all Dersons interested. The list of
Premiums awarded were handed in too
late for this weeks issue. It will appe
in our next.
XSTNext week we shall pay our re
spects to that distinguished Sister of char
ity Granny Franklin and her cc-worker
in iniquity His f Reverence S. Catawba of
the Pope's Organ.
Our space is too preoious this week
CrtntsTaiA8 is Cominq I Our old friend
Benjamin Coknell has iust received at
his Book Store in tho Gazette Building,
one of the largest and best- selected stock
of books for Holiday presents that has ever
graced the counters nnd shelves of any
similar establishment in this city. Indeed
one cannot spend an hour more pleasantly,
than by looking over them, and then we
are sure you cannot leave without buying
something, at least this was our exporionce
Wo adviso all our readers, by allmeans, to
call, examine and purchase.
JC3?0ur readers are particularly refer
red to our New Advertisement Colnmns
in this week's paper. It will pay nil to
givo them an attentive perusal as they are
a sure guide to where goods may to haM
Rt the lowest figures.
JkirWe happen to know that Dr. At-
Eii'a Cherry Pectoral and Cathartic Pillt
are good medicines, and shall proclaim ii
because we do know it. We confidently
believe thero is a vast amount of relief from
suffering for our afflicted, 'fellow men wrap
ped up in these skillful preparations, and
we shall freely use our little influence to
make them known to those who need them
Philadelphia Sunday Times.
Pron the Hostnn Herald.
RoMR-rniHo Worth Kkowinii! Ily ulnjr Professor
Wood's Hair Kejtorallve, irray hair fan bo permanent
ly restored to its oriKiunl color. The subjoined rortl
llrato was received from Johnson & Klmio, Gurdinur,
Miiine, and is b.lt one of the many instances that are
daily coiuinic te our knowledz" of iu ulfoi-ts. It Is no
loiiKer prouiBiu:iiuai, but a sjir-ovtucnl truth, as nuu-
reii luourcouiinuntty can lo.miy.
UlROlNBa, (.tlillnu.) June 3-2, H.4,
Wim.um H. Dysr, Dnr fiir: I have used two bol-
tlcsof Professor Wood's it Kustomtiiro, nnd can
truly sy itistlioirro.-iti'it discovery of tho airo for ro
storing; and chauinc thu li:tir. lWoro using it I was
as rruy as a man of seventy. My h:tir has now attain
ed its oniruml color, i on can recominonu it to the
world wiiliout tho least foar. aa my case wns ono of
the worrf Hind. Yours, D. N. MUKPHY.
By aniU paid for making Hay on Fair Ground
Diplomas for 1HS4 ,
v B. Kendall for labor In 1PM........ .
Taxos for 1854 and SS '
" 'ol2 'airfield, eoiratj rSav. Institute
" -T . " Co"ror. balance of account and J
Intereatfoc work In 18S4 '
V . Laney, balance of account and In-
leroatior rosta die. In 18S4
Joseph Macklln, balance ofaceouuland
Interest In 1854
J. Tlney'a account and interest In 184
. Forehaiifre during Fair ,
For Diplomas for 1M
1). Harps, (ate keeper
W. S. Realty, account for printing
Ohio Kairla do do
1 George W . Mae Elroy do .....
1. Ornff, guard
1 C. F. flevorly, for Pumps '.
' N. Worrell, guard .....
' John Uivenle, whitewashing
Daniel Wlnner,gata keeper.. ....
Kehor, Hull A Co., account
C. Kratzer, for hauling ,
George Fetters for stone In 1854
Jhu feClelland for move eke
- George Harris for labor
O. H. Perry, buokela, eke
Jamos Fottors, guard
Graf. Weakley, labor
Dade for cultivating Corn
B. Batehain ic Co., for Ohio Cultivator!
Premiums. J,.'
- Twocopys on Equestrianism
- White 4 Lnlta for Pad Jjcks
George Wlllner for labor
do do Police In )8S4
' Balanoe In the Treasury .' ,.
TS not Dan Kice's Circus or Hayui in.l A Ce's Men
agorie; But Its soinuthing far more beneficial and
nteresiing io ine community in general.
lias a Largo AssOTlniontoJ Groceries.
udected from 'Ihe best houses In Baltimore City, and
also the llnest Lot of Fruits, Toys and Notions that the
world ovfr produced. V r'ltunioiulmr and call at the
sign of the ELK KOR!f, one door WW of Martin's
Hxcunlige. ' Lancustor, llecembor O. 2w3l
and for ulo by
A Silendid Assortment of
Girt Hook, Annuals and Jnrenlles
Among which are the following:
Tho Thought Blossom, Parlor Annuals. American
.andscano. Phlloiwaco; Atnaranth: Mognolia: Snow
Flake; Arthur'altawthron diKrlisJiinkle,Juvenlies,dio;
Also a lot of tho latost publicaflom, aiml) as The
Old Farm House; Couo Cut Corners; Caste, Life o-l
Sam Ifouiton; The Rag Picker; Catfcarine It, of Rus
sia, Kins Tree Tslos; 1.1a Norman; T-'r'An as tl is; !U
reseniatire women; une; lioestlcm; Iowa as it l;
Supper for the Beiicfil of the
On Thursday Kvenlng. Ilcciimlur nth.aRUPPKU
will be given ntllie SWAJI HOI' by the C.ltll-
olic Liuliwi ef l.nncurtter. to alii in thu support of the
urpnitn Asylum ai l ummii gsviuo.
i ho public are r.)spectruii iiivitsu to siiena.
Admission .IU cents.
Home useful and fitncy articles of Nee.llo-work will
bo otijruu rnrrslu altlio sMiie llmo ami place.
Lancaster, uhto, uucembcru, itf-jj ji
tha r-!ii
vvniAc svli:.
ft v'II''tl2 will 1j o-fereil at p-iMtc i vlj, at
B iluceof .Nen-txi u iIIkuuhoii iu Hloo ii ri.a ni:
r.iiriiei.i uouiuy, tinto, oeiug ono nuiu cestui ;n
Itock J.Iill, and J.'j luties Lull of Unj ultou.
On Tlitiratlay, Dcfninljut- in, 1355,
Th) f ill-i.vlng pr.it) jr.y, tn-wil: U h i.vt of Horse
avid C-iHs, one. pair of Work C ilvoi, 3 M lo'.i Co-.vs
1 l.'.i.r u;ia;Calf, I l-yj:ir old il-ill, 3 h jsd of in o
yosroia uaiiie,. yearling t.aivj-i, npritiuuives;
1 Brooding So w, 311 Acres of Corn In the Slun k;
1. Steel and 2 rait Ploughs, ? Miovol Ploughs.
1 Cultivator, 1 Harrow, 1 cutting Bov.
. jr s'c.t-of Plough G'trar.., 1 Cook and one ten-plate
blovo. lermi mauj auown on uuy oi snie.
34 81
3 li .
- S UO
il M
SO Ott
17 38
10 to
03 3a
' 9 10
. S 00
4 00
4 SO
11 25
34 ee
7 oa
4 Ott
3 3d
1 OVy
4 SO
6 30
13 00
8 00
3 43
4 08
1 S3
- 00
4 SO
10 00
33 34
33 SO
1 00
1 7
13 73
. 3 00
413 41
.I.MS tnl
JOHN C. WK'AVEH. Treasurer
Doo. (. ef Fairfield County Agricultural Society.
Vager of Battle.
Bibles. Prayer and Hymn Books,
Cases, and many other articles too nnmorous to men
tion. Lancaster, uocomuors, 3ltr
Together with Family aud
Port Monies, Card,
TOST Novombor 30, 18JS, a Drab colorod Part Mo.
J ney,w.is loit somnwliore on the Turnpike, be
tween Lanca-der and Amanda, eoutaiulng $83 37S of
which is In lioiu coin as iminws: inroe im uieeea.
iree tj pieces and 84 in Bank Bills. Also, one pro
mlory n-its Vimt George W. Stout and Grimm, pay
aide to Wriirht and Selbv and due Deo. 1st, 1855; also.
ono agsiusl Saiusul Crllllth for -20, payable to Wriglik
ami iSeiiiy and .mo nor. vnt i85-; also, one agatnsv
John Smith for 310. payablo to Wright and Selby and
duo March 1, 18.111.
Thorn iuterestsd and the public generally are here
by captioned ugntiist lifting or buying said notes from
i.-nprnper nersous.'
UUdrnl compensation win oe given io any persnw
who m iy return the abovo to myself or to Wright and
Selby In Lancaster, or give tuforinatlon whore It can
ba obtained. uaviu Yitnu.i.
Lanca,ier,l)ecomb:rO ItJJ 391 , .. .
Attaclimeuf Kotic.
Atvj Pa-il. Plitlutiff,
against fti sn Attachment.
Ad tm Thoi:i;,i in, Defendant, J
Yy KFOKK George Etright,a Justice of the Peace for
2 Aiiiunda Township, Fairfield County, Ohio, on'
tlie 31tdny of Oclober, lf.r5, said Justicu Issued an
order of aitiu-hniei.t in the above action for the sum.
ill 45-IHI.i.iMand inlenist. ALVA PAUL.
Itoyai'tiin, November 13, 1333 3w2fc
Attticlimeiit Notice.
George Leach, Plaintiff
Anderson Monlagou, Dofondant,
F.l-'ORK George Ebrighta Justice of the Peace for
Amanda Township, Fairfield County. Ohio, on
J5tli dny of Octobur. 1855, aald Justice iasued an
oricr or attachment tu tueauoveaciiou, lor uie aunt
of tii 81 H. A. BLUB, Agent.'
Hoy alien, November 15, 185S 3wS8 .-
an Attachment1.
Opposite Slucflfer'j llotul.
BEGSlhave to Inform his old tfustomerq'andVery '
body else that he has Just received' direct' from
Ike publishers, a heavy Invoice of Standard and Mis
cellaneous Works, Gift Books, Annuals, Ac, suited
for the Library, Parlor and Hollldny Presents: among
them may be named British Poets, 3 vols Octavo Jipund
in Morocco, revised Kditioni Shakespear's, Moore's
aim nyroirs compieio roeiieai vvoraa, wttn uneatuui
llluslrattons,wlth tho largest and most complete stock
of Pouticul works ever brought to this city.
Also, female iue among ine mormons, Dy ine wire
of an Elder; Light and Darkness, a story of fashiona
ble Life; Footprints of an Itenerant, by M. P. Gaddis;
japan as it was ana is. uy nuaretn; vvnatiy'a ruiure
Rtate; Ethel, or the Double Krror, ky Marian James;
the Hidden Path, by My Marlon Harland; Cone Cut
Corners, by Benauly.
Am4ng his Gift Bonks an Annnats may be foand the
Thoughts Blossom; Memory's Gift; Christian Keep
snku; Friendship's Token; the Philoepena; Cietllan
Gin; miow riaKe; rree masnn-s uui, moss nose.
Atlantlo Sovonior Affection1 Gift; Romance of Amo-
rlcan Landscapes, a beautiful work, all bound aud put
up In the neatest and most substantial style.
Also, a large assortment of Bibles, largo and small
and all prices; Hymn Books: Catholio Prayer Books,
togemorwitn every variety oi neiigious vvoras.
Anaitenslv assortment or vap.i.ouer ana not
Paper. Knvelopes.dco. Our stock has been laid In with
snecial reference to tho wants and tastos of our Pa-
trens. Ladies and (jeutlomen will call and examine
at thoir leisure.
P. K. Mr arrangements ire nneh that 1 reeelro every
new work direct from the runusnersassoonas issued,
Lancaster. Nov. H, 1855-SS JOHN KEAKLKS.
l an AttschmsnL
In i
M. Valeutlne, Plaluliff.
William Hays, Defendant.
TTIKPOHIS Aebory Doherly, a Justice of th Peaoe
I for Violet Township. Fairrleld County. Ohio, on.
ttio 3'IUi day of Octpber A. D. lM3,ssld Justice Issued
an order of attachment tn the above action for tho
urn of One Hundred Dollars. M. VALENTINE.
Violet Township, November 13, 185S-3w28
, . To Architects. -
XoDiTonVOrYici Piiarit1!.-' Coca-rt,)
. - ... . . .. .. October 10. 1855. I ,
TIIP Commissioners of Fairfield county have aj
prnprlated the sum of One Hundred and Twenty
Uoiiars;to Ba paid lor me best Plan ror an innr
mery. The Drafts to be deposited In tbtsumce on of
before the 1st day of January next, and aa aoon thero
after as convenient the same, will bo opened and
aminud,and the award uia4e.'. 4 ......
iiy order or ine comiuusiopera. - -.
JAMlSi W. TOWSOS, Clerk.,
October S5, 1815. 3w3S
DENTIST ii y'.
wiixiamIi. king,
TTA8 returned Io the city, where he erpects to re
Wm. msln permanently In tho practice of his professlon.'
Gratoful for past favora, he hopes by attention to buel-1
neaa to merit Ihe patronage of his old frionda and the.
pubWo generally. Office, Main Street, two. doors Bast
oflbe Ohio Eagle. Lancaster, July 18, 1H55 3inll
School Teacher Wiinled.
A TEACHER who can eome wetl recommended
can have employment, if application be made
soon. In fllslrlcf No. 3, Plcasunt Township, Fairfield
County, Ohio. wii.uam JENKINS, Jun,
rair.ii r.Aiir.nsuun,
Nov. 15.1855-3w58 H. I,. FKEMAN. Directors.
fTflf AT beautiful House and Lot on the East side nf
Hrnad Street, nrfar Winding Street, and Immedi
ately North of the residence of Hrjf. Creed. The Lot
Is Fortv-throe foot front by One ifund'rod nnd Sixty
five rent deep to al welve root Alley. - he House
contains Soven Rooms, Hall, Kitohon, dto., and
was flnlshod about one rear sine-. A'so, a com
modious Stahlo, Carriage House, Wood and Coal
House, die., oce. All In good ropair.
This property will be sold cheap for eash or In fiat-
ments, as It is the Intention of the proprletortn move
west, ror luriner parucuiara nnouire on ine pro
mlsos or of tho EDITOR of the GAZETTE.
Lancastor, Novomber IS, 1855 SHlf
"ITtrE have In store at this lime (with large quantl
Y jf ties oi uoous yot to arrive) too
Block of DRY GOODS over offcrod tn the WEST!
There has been so"nie decline In the prices of Goods
within a few weeks, which, enables us to bny largm
for of Goods, araccoaer in JoSr.at vrrv low hicbs
so that we can sell mmcs btttw tkt ual rites
We would call special attention to
Moire Antiques, Fancy Silks, Plain Black
Silk, French M erlnoea, Paramettas,
An Immense stock.- Price 131$ to 23c.
American, English nnd French Prints
Prices from fixe upwards.
O 32a CZD TYL S3
A most elegant Variety;
Velvet? Cloths Ai Trimmings for Clonks;
SUW Ia 8,
Brocks snd Bay Ktnte rihawls, at lower prlcek than
ever neioro oneron; -
Embroideries and Lacca, Gloves and Ho
sierr &C, &c. -
w anrdlellv Invite to a free examination of ou
stock, which will be fonnd greater In extent, and at
lower prices, man any oiner nouse can oner.
Ctncinuall, November IS, 185S 3m8
OTICE Is hereby given, that there will be 1 peti
tion proaentea to tne i-ounty commissioners or
irileld County, at their December Term, 1HSS, for
the vacation of the County Road leading from the
Stale Koad one-fourth mile North of Geneva to Good
and Grim's Mill, and also, for the establishing road'
eommeneing throe-fourths of smile North ef GeiisvW;
on the State road at the School Hiou'sor thence' Eaet,
one-fourth mile to tho Cold Spring on Philemon Huf
ford'sland'.thenco Northeast across Solomon Hufford's'
Jr., Land to the'eoruorof the Widow Hufford's land;'
. 1 ... m . v. . .. . n sjiii , 1 K r Zi ... A
Good and Grtm's Mill, there to tormlnate.
NOV, 1, ltlSS. 4W20 MANY rmillUSUKD.
lie may be I
ractleo In the Courts' of Fairfield and tt
H counties.
1 rnnnil iti.rin.hHlln.u kAnH.I I1.M nl.
of H. H Hunter.iso. may 13, KSi.
I HAVE frnrenased the entire Interest of Joan l.v-,
nssln tlie Grocery Store on the Southwest earner,
Ihe Public SquSre,back of ths Market House, where'
1 shall al all times take pleasure In serving the old
customers of lire establishment and say friends with m
Choice selection of Grocerles,Notions, &
Ky new supply h'is alretd'y ki'rlcd lt which I Invite
specisl attention of cutomrs. My prices will be as;
low asany other similar estsbllshment In the elty. L
am a new beginner and hope to have liberal share
of ths public patronage. . JOHN BvJAKfiOaV
Lancaster, August S3, t8Solfitf
tnrned to Laneaster.anoT wlllbe hap-'
ny to receive pupils for Instrnctlon on tsV
IANOFOKTK and GUITAR, at their residence on1
Brtui Strut, JITortk Main Sirnt.inth aeus-senasr-la
S Jo W. Ifuerr. and hope their longei-
perlenceln teaching music, and the unremitting atten
tion paid to the improvement of theft PnrMI wfll inisure'
a portion of public patronage". , ... . , .
MISS A. C. DB BERTHOLT wilt receive elaas for
Embroidery and Canvass work.
M1SSM. G. DE BERTHOLT haa opened an EU-,
mentary School in the Basement Story of the Kasseo
nalCbTiroh. May 1. ISSS-i-l
is.aiMBila City Fronerir Car Sal.
am rsTtHAT dosirable property located on WheeN
tsTil I lug Street, corner of Broad Alley, being lotf
KUl.f5lonWheilingbyl0 feeton Broad Alter.
Kosldonee eontalns 8 rooms, kitchen, Outhonses, V
wilh sll ihe eonvonfonces of a family residence also'
a new and eonvonlont Carpenter's Shop, Smoke Honsey
Stahlo, die. Termsrreasonable. For fnrther partlee'
lavs enquire of " LITTLE DKEhBACHS.-.
Eancaeter, July S, 18533

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