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Tburtdar ltlornlng lc. 6, 1S33.
Principle, of the American Party of Ohio.
1. Tilt unlimited grudtm tf lila dleeonneet
ad with polities -Hostility lo eaauesUatleal luBaiineea
upon the affairs of Government Kouellty of riahta
la all naturalised Kialsrrenle whe are iereae- a
araeeaited, and wian an temporal alleKlaiiae, by
imi of their religion, higher than that of lha Con
tlllalton. . .
t. Mo Intorfereaoe wtlhthe rights of oltlsenshlp al
ready aoqutred by Foreigners, and Ihe protection of
law to all who honestly emigrate from love of liber
ty; bat the e.oluslon of forelirn paupers and fellone,
and a ra.al It estsad tee riftt tf eafraae It all
soar asraarer unlit they shall have resided SI yean
In thi U. Stales and oomplleJ-wlth Haturallaetlon
Laws. '
t. Oppotlllon to all polllloal oranlzadons compet
ed (!( Fortigxttrt, aad It ttrtir MtU
(are Oeaaaaei.e, eae" all atltiaeie It ntUit la
BxHt frtm Us teasels tufftrtU ey fat Oeaara-
0 4. Slavery Is Uttt net aalieeali We oppose lis
emtensloa In any of the territorial, and the Increaee of
tu political power by the admls.loolnlo the Union of
'any-Slave Stale or otherwise, and we demand of the
' General Government au Immediate, redrew of the
Ureal wroi which hir) baen Inflicted upon the
i.oauss of Freedom and the American character by
the reptml of ihe Missouri Compromllse, and the In
trodaetton of 8 later Into Knnui In violation of law,
ny force of armi, and th destruction 01 tne elective
franchise. . ... , i
i. la humble Imitation of the wisdom of Waalilnir
(ton, we oppose all Intervention In the affatra of
Vorelfn Slates; yet on atl proper oocosloos, we will
not withhold nuriympathy from any peoplo asplrlue;
to be free. .
(I. We snpport America Industry and nlus a
alnst the adverse policy of Foreign nations and
faellttiei lo internal and- external commerce by the
Improvement ef Rivera and Harbors and the con
etrucllon of National Hoada uniting the varlout sect
tons of the Onion: ' '
7. The reieee" tease Slates- saeaM i laa-f.rnreele-l
y a faithful aHafiaaee It la. Ceaslituliea.
8. In State policy we elously advocate Aalr.eea-ensaf-end
iWerai a modification of the preiant op
nrelva eyitem of Taxation and a liberal sysluni of
Public Behgnlt. . .. . , '
That Brilliant Democratic Victory in
Chicago, i
Last week the editori ,of tlie Eagla
writhing unda'r the just indignation of av
erjr Atnerioai, at l rejoicing over th tri
umph of aa "irish Catholiq,",Tvhom to
uae their own language, they had "pitted"
against an "American" endeairora to as
'bapa that contumely whiuh it so justly
'Ueierves from erory honest friend of true
Arne'rioan Democracy, in an article of a
lalf columns length. In the course of
Vhioh they use the following language:
.. "Now theDemooratio party, thank God,
VhVn it comes to vote for candidates, nei
ther stops to . onquire where a man was
.born not what religion he professes. If
lie is honest and capable, and above all,
loves his country, no matter whether "an
Tfricah or"an. Indian sun may have smiled
upon his birth" he is an Amorican citizen
and as such tuey vole For him."
'It is a . little amusing to sea how very
'H'sVeVeniial k pious they Prelates have
become lately. 'Thanh God' has become a
standing phrase with them. We can
not see id what particular the Divine
Being hat anything lo do with this Sag
Nicht tribe of Locofocos, unlest it be to
call thorn to repon'.ance for their infamous
'ena'ukWs to overthrow the American Re-
Vublio. ' Biit wo have here a deGnition of
an American that m'ust striko our readers
as both 'novel find 6rlig,hnl as well as lu
dicrous "If Ke lovit hit iounlry, no mat-
ttr whether" an African or an IwUuntun
''mefy have smiled v$6h his birth "fie is an
'American citiien." By what course of
loic our neighbor! arrive at this conehi
sion we arc unable to divine,. unWs these
wotrhv t PrelV.ee callod to 'thVir aid h
'Buttle of SparXlihjy Cutauiba" from "Kel
eeys" (it would 'not do 16 come from any
other pliice).
Now we must confess our ignorance of
this fnut. We always supposed that ft in an
bom in Africa who loroJliis country was
i Afiican, a man born in Englund an
"Englisli'mftV, no matter wlmthor theyev
ersaw America or not. Wekuovr thkt this
lias alwavsbecu tfie received doctrine of the
world, tut it appears to have been reserv
ed for these two "Iminaoulate Conception
lata" to teaoh us that in this we hare at
least been mistaken, they are all American
Xltiztni andasVuch ih'eywte 'for them.
whether they were ever naturalized, or ever
taw the American continent!
Vr) must oonfes, however, nolwith
atanding this new propagation of faith we
are still among the unbelievers and have a
penchant for voting for thosa who have
been born under an American sun and up
on American soil, at least we should prefer
to hare our offic.s tilled with men of this
class, to those born in fimbiiotoo, or the
fee Jee Islands, even though they may
have seen an American sun. We believe
this is also the opinion of the majority of
the voters of the Union, the Immaculate
Conceptions of the Eagle to the contrary
But there is another strange develop
ment in the above paragraph that certainly
must astonish the readers of the Esgld. It
is well known that during the last canvass,
the only argunierlts made use of by this de
leotable shoot were "Abolition!" "JJTig
ger!!" "Know Nothing!!!" "Know Noth
ing!" "Niggei!!" "Abolition!!!" "Fusion"
N'ggeroldgy" fco. It is true the skulls
of the great majority of the people in this
State were so thiok that they could not see
the force 6'f those "rtr0ttrtnfi" and elooted
the Republican tiokei. Still it was evident
that the Eagle hated, detested, nay even
despised Niggers, and the Union was to
fall in fragments unless the Free Love De-
inooratio ticket with Me'dlll at its head was
Wocted, u'i uow like "shorn Lariibs"
hey bare "tempered tbem'seltes to the
winds," and they are willing to swallow
Niggers, Hottentots and all else of Gods
creation for any oftjoe in the gift of the
people, no matter whether they ever saw
American (oil or not, because according to
their logio they are American citizens!
net only that they will noxt "pit" a Hot
tentot "against tin American," but rejoice
over the brilliant viotoryll Tfhis certainly
must be double distiled Fusion with a von
gean'oe. Come neighborr, get another
"bottle of Sparkling Catawba from Kelseys,"
watch the nest el jciibn' . returns and see
whether you can make just auoh another
disoovery. Perhaps then you can again
wjoioeover another, "BJUtUANT Viotobx
rir CmcAtsf."
Bath Ersnohss of tit NiLioss Ltgisla.
tut convvMd in Wevshington M Monday
lt, nearly all tha numbers being present.
In our telegraph col a ma will b found
all lha business transacted to far at it hat
reachad ui. It was generally presumed
that an organicatioD of lb llouae wat af
fucUd yoiterday, in that avent we aLall
be able to publish lha Mesnge of Prasi
dent Piorca next woek.
Alteration ef tb NuluralUstlon
The Cincinnati Tintii in a wall written
artiola upon this subject, says :
"We doubt very much if there is any
sane man in the Union, who does not rt al
ly believe that a change in the naturalisa
tion laws of this country is needed.
Whether North or South, it matters not,
the necessity is manifest, and its appeal to
the people, is such, that it should not be
disregarded. The rapid influx of foreign
ers into our midst, the skillful maneuver
ing by which, through the influence of
Papacy, they are enabled o hold, the bal
ance of power, and wioll it to the disad
vantage of those who will avail themselves
of it; those things are of sufficient impor
tance throughout the ontire Union, to calj
to it the attention of tlio great American
people. We say there are thousands who
do not belong to the American party, who
desire this change, and believe it must take
It matters not how strongly men may be
engaged in the advocacy of partisan is
sues, the great lever that over stands ready
to overthrow their most cherish .d meas
ures, unless such principles are conuealed,
has long ago sickened and disgustod the
upright portions ot those parties that have
for, a time truckled to the foreign vote, in
cder that they might reap a certain ad
vantage therefrom. Wo say, these men,
even though they may not aoknowledge it,
know, though they do not justly appreci
ate this great necessity. The reason is ob
There is another measure upon whiuh
all parties will undoubtadly unite, viz.
I The prohibition of the transporting of for
eign paupers and convicts to our shores.
It is not lost to the public mind, thatyasrs
ago, President Van 13itreh, officmlly as
certained, that in Europe, criminals had
been sentenced to transportation to the
Unitod State. Sinoa that time, both Ban-
pcrs and erimiaK and knon mbucIi, have
beon landed on our shores. There was no
mistake in this. They csmo heavily iron
ed, and in close oonfinomuiit.
The attempt then, to render our coun
try a pansl colony, for the ptisoni of Eu
ropo, calls loudly for correction. The
peoplo of the Union demand it, and aak
the attention of Congress. With this
abue, goes hand in hanJ, a change in the
naturalization laws, and upon both, we
suppose, early ajiian will be tsken at the
presunt session. We do net doubt but
it will be suocessful, tinUss it be vetoed by
the President. Should he do so ha will
go out of oflioo with the universal mucra
tion of all tru'! Americans. Wa can hisrd
1 Hupposo that h ) will ait so much in op
position to ths best interest h'fi county-
ITlanjr a Criit' "W or lu Fact.
We clip ihe follow ing 'appeal to th Whigs"
fiora a late number of the Baltimore Amer
ican. It is one of the most admirable hits
at the hypocritical cant of Piutue Nebras
ka Locofooo's calling for "aid and com
fort" i'n their downfall, that we hare ever
met in all Newspaperdom.
We commend it especially to our neigh
Dors of the Eagle and all the "Constitution
al Locofocos" in the county. It sounds
so similar to the many appeals - mad by
thorn prior to the Ohio Elections, that they
cannot help recognizing the picture.
Dear "Constitutional" Whigs:-In sacic
clotb and ashes we humble ourselves be
fore you, and in humility of heart ask for
givenoss for our past offences.
we acknowledge I hat we have called
you British Whigs, Galphin Whigs, Plun
dercrs of the 'Treasury, Blue Light FedeV
alists, Hartford Conventionists, and heap
ed on you ereiy species of abuse that the
langimgo was capable of expressing but
we wore only joking we. did not mean
What we said for how could we be in ear
nest in calling you Hartford Convention
ists, when James Buchanan, Judge Taney,
Charles J. Ingersoll, and othors whom we
delight to honor, wore members of that
party which ealad the Convention there
fore voto the Constitutional Democratic
2. We acknowledge that General Jack
son swore "by the Eternal," and "took the
responsibility" -but we won't do so nny
more so do vote the Constitutional Dem
ocratic, ticket.
. 5. We acknowledge that we have drawn
religion into politics, by rallying the whole
Catholic population on our side hut you
must not mind that, as we always had most
ot mem therefore do help us in our time
of need.. .....
4. We acknowledcre that we have libel
led Henry Clay and Daniel Webster but
you know they were common Whigs and
that we we were Locofocos then', but now
we are "Constitutional" Democrats andyou
aro "Constitutional" Whips, therefore do
help g out of our troubles.
5. Vl acknowledge that we've voted
against, belied and onlumniatod the Whigs
but we are noTi Constitutional Demo
crats, and have not, as has been charged
upon Us; ''stolen the livery of Heaven to
serve the DeV'il in," we intend to stand
by the Constitution for at least a week af
ter the election j
6. In short, We will make any acknowl
edgment", rpromise to do anything that
you ask, 'deal1 Constitutional Whigs, if
you will only consent to make Judys of
yourselves for one day, and vote the Con
stitutional ticket.
SrBringham Young has seventy wives.
Could'nt he beat Barnurd on a "baby
show?" .
Naw Yo. Nor. 30. The teecuehip
Atlantic, with dales ti the 17th itut., U
arrived at this port from Liverpool.
Gkmesal IaTSLLioBNca. The httett dis
patches, from the seat of war report official
ly from Lord Stratford Do Radclifis. thai
a victory was gained on November 6th, by
Omar Pasha, over ten thousand Russians
mostly Georgian Militia, at the river In
tfnsr, over which. Omar, with a force of
lurks, twenty .thousand strong, crossed at
four different points, tak'uie sixty crison-
ers and three guns. The Russians lost
tour liunlrcd killed and wounded. The
Turkish loss was 300.
A private dispatch, evidently referring
to the same . encounter, say, ihe Turks
crossed the river Anakava audelormed the
Russian redoubts, htter which they pushed
forward toward Kutaza.
Kars was still besieged. Appearances
indicated that the Russians would retire to
Tin-is. v
There is nothingfrom the Crimea. On
ly a few ships remain in the Dnieper; the
bulk of the fleet was returning to Constan
tinople. Peace rumors were extremely
prevalent though vague.
Diplomacy was active, especially at
Stockholm, Vienna and Brussels.
The Paris Exposi:ion had closed. Over
twelve thousand prizes ,wcro distributed,
including numerous decorations of the Le
gion of Honor.
The latest rumors in England indicated
an early dissolution of Pailiamont.
New Youk, December 1. The Atlan
tic, brings .one hundred and seventy-five
passeugers. She experienced heavy west
erly gales for the last ton days.
The Atlantic arrived out at Liverpool on
the 1 1th, and the St. Louis on the same
day at Southampton.
There is nothing of importance from the
Ciimea. Both armies were occupied in
hutting and preparing for wijiter. A des
olutory fire is kept up between the north
and South side of Sebsstgpol, and the fur
tilicalious of both sides are being augmen
ted. The latest dates by mail are to the . 3d
of November. The weather continued
very fine. '
The latest dispatoh from GorUchakoff,
dated November 5, says:
"There is nothing new in the Ciimea.
The enemy continue lo occupy the Valley
of BaUar, whero they have two divis
ions." A Russian Cadet, who had deserted, re
ported that Gortschakotl' had determined
to hazard an attack uponlho Allies, who
were in consequence every night reinfor
cing their ndvauecd posts and supporting
thorn wjlh field nrtilleiy.
Count Zauiieski has been appointed to
rnioRtid command a division of Cossacks
audjPfles for the Turkish service.
A St. Potursbu.rgh dispatch says the
Emperor left Nic.olniuff on the 7th of Nov.,
for the Ci imea, tp) tlat k Gorlscl.akotl's
army in person, and returned via Moscow
to St. Petersburg.
Up to the 12th of November, the Allies
had not undertaken anything new in the
Crimea. t
The exportation of breadstuff, has been
prohibited from all the Tuikish ports, and
importations allowed duty free.
A portion of the French lloet had arri
ved in I3icas Bay. ;
A privHtit dispatch snya that Russia has
absolutely prohibited the export of bread
stuffs. Sweden was expected to follow
hur exmiple.
Th A!lid fleets at the mouth of the
Bay of Drer-per had been redneod to 22
Oftoi&l ncoountx of Genaral Williams
and liouravolf's attack upon Kars, have
bdeii puaimhed.
Geuorul Weddvll h6 boon summoned to
Berlin. Rumor tnys be is aain to be dis
patched to Paris on a peaou mission.
Numerous communications are Loin j ex
changed betvreon the Couits of Vienna and
St. Putersburg, hut it is thought that pre
liminaries for peaee negotiations will not
take a Jarinato shape until Ihe arrival of
air Hamilton boymour, the New Britioh
Minister at Vienua.
A Berlin dispatch, dated lbs 3d, says it
appears more positive that preliminaries
re being arranged at mussels, with the
assent of Russia for the resumption of ne
gotiations, notwithstanding the denials per
sisted in. It is believed that peace is not
far off. ,
The formal closing of the Paris Exhibi
tion: and the distribution by the Emperor
of the decorations and medals adjudged,
took place on the 15th. The list of Amer
ican premiums has not been received.
The Emperor made a brief address, extol
ling the benefits of this exhibition. In re
lation to the war he said:
"You desire, as I do, a speedy and de
sirable peace, but this peace to be durable,
must distinctly realize the objects for
which the war was undertaken."
Europe must decide vho is right and who
is wrong; a final victory is to be achieved
by publio opinion. He called on foreign
countnos desiring peace to pronounce for
or against the Allies, and argued ,that
without peaco or rest ths forging of these
arms was necessary to earry out the ob
ject of the alliance.
Ekglaxd. It is rumored thai the Sec
retaryship refused by the Duke of Newcas
tle will be given to Frodric .Peol, who will
be succeeded in the War office by Dr Lay
ard. Gen. Codrington aooepts the camuiand
of the army in the Crimea.
Orders and ribbons have been bestowed
on Generals Pelissier and Simpson.
" The chartist, undor Ernest Jones and
other former leaders, have appeared in a
protost against the recent expulsion of ref
ugees from Jersey,.
The American whaler John Ilonry fell
in with the abandoned British Arctic ship,
the Resolute, of Beleher's expedition, in
Davis Straits, and look possession of her,
abandoning their own ship.
Spain. The troubles in Saragossaare
over, and order has been restored.
Ex-President Fillmore was on his way
to Italy. The elections in Switzerland re
sulted in the triumph of the Radicals.
Greece. The United States Ministor to
Greeoe has excited nttontion by exchang
ing formal visits with the Russian Minis
ter. French papers say the U. S. offer to
pay off the indebtedness of Greece to Eng
land and France, upon condition of receiv
ing the Island of Milo for 90 years.
The American, squadron left. Athens on
the 9th of November for Constantinople.
S T .V C l(i V HOWS Fi ,
i. A. SCO.TTA J. M. WALLACE, Proprietors.'
Dtc3mber,6, 185S 31
EiriUag Jtcxe Uom K-me5- The Witt
l!ofaa-One Mam Kill J feventrt rt
iuit 1 the Ah!Ulonlr- ;0verotHi !
lf orientalist.. MilitiM t.rHrrc Oil j
&ls.uiiau, tnxttin.tr ! Ite liescor. i
turned wl! aimed. One of the three Ab-
olitioi.isu then attempted lo shoot him but !
unmiu Urc. ion-min iie-renrn.il
shot him dead, and immeJately tiit j Lim
self up to the authoiilies for tiiiih
A mob, of Abolitionist-!, wyl! armed with
rifles, soon gathered-,' at.d rcpn'ring to
Coleman's house, drove his wife and chil
dien off, set firo to the building and burn
ed it down, together with the houses of
other pro-alavery men in that vicinity
Deputy Marshal Jones arrested the lead
er of tho mob and one other person, and
obtained the names of twent ..f n.
mob. i '
The Abolitionists are now gather-in" in
force at Lecompton, and have demanded
tho release of their comrades and the
surrender into their bauds of Coleman.
Governor Shannon has ordered out the
Militia to aid the Marshal in sustainins
the laws. 6
These proceedings have created the
most intense excitemeut among the citi
zens in the border counties in "Missouri,
and they are repairing in large numbers
to Kansas to offer their services to the Gov
ernor to aid in maintaining the laws.
Some sixteen or seventeen houses in all
have been burned at Hickory Point, and
several citirens in that vicinity are miss
ing. Tho Governor of Kansas issued n proc
lamation enlling upon all law-abiding citi
zens in the territory to suppress the out
Great Excitement U Lawrence and Lecomp
ton Men under Arms
Independence, Mo., Nov. 30. A mes
senger arrived at Shawnee Mission last
ni''ht, who states that Demit v Marshnl
Jones had fifty. two men with him at Le
compton. He alio states that all Lawrence
is up in arms, that the men are drillin.r
constantly, and that thev lif.il in ilw'i r line.
session live pieces of artillery.
Outrages Ly the Abolitionists fuusts
liurtit and Woman Driven Away The
Peoile Determined to Enforce Luw and
Wkton, Mo., Nov. 30. The Aboli
tionist oul-lsws in Douglass county have
burnt a number of houses, and driven a
number of families, consisting of women
and children, lo Missouii for refuge.
The latest accounts report that the law
and order peoplo of the Territory are rally
ing In large numbers to tho assistance of
the Shoriif of Douglass oounty, in th ex
ecution of the laws. That o'fhoer bus by
this, timet an overwhelming force at his
command. ,
Sheri'f Jones is acting as Deputy U. S.
Marshal, for Douglas and Johnntwn coun
Excitement IneausinyMusourians
Ooiny to Kama by " Hundreds
Weston, Mo., Nov. 30, P. M. The
iTisatest excitement continues to exist in
Kaunas. The officers have been resisted
by the moboorats, and the interpobition of
the militia has been o ailed for.
A secret letter from Secretary Woodson
to Gon. Estin has bann written, in which
the writer requests Gen. E. to call for the
Rifle Company at Platte-City, Mo., so as
not lo compromise Gov. Shannon.
Four hundred men from Jackson coun
ty, Mo., nre now en route for Douglas
oounty, Kansas Teritory. St. Joseph and
Weston, iu Missouri, are requested each to
furnish the same number of men. The
people in Kansas are to ba subjugated at
all hazards.
The aboro is taken from the Louisville
Courier, which received it from private
sources at St. Louis The following we
tske from the regular dispatches to the
Cleveland pspers. . ...
Sr. Lotis, Nov. 30. Independence
dates to-day state that three armed Free
State men attempted to drive Coleman, a
pro-slavery settler, from his claim, ne;tr
Hickory Point. Coleman killed one of
thera, after which a mob gathered and
drove him and other settlers off and burn
ed their houses. The ringleaders were ar
rested and taken to Lecompton. Gov.
Shannon has called out the militia. Many
others from Independence, Weston and
St. Joseph, having gone and offered their
services. Lawrence is in arms and has five
poicesof artillery. A number of houses
have been burnt in Douglas county, and
several, families have been driven to Mis
souri and taken refuge. Tho law and or
der people of the Territory have rallied in
large numbers, to assist the Sheriff in exe
cuting the laws. Sixteen houset were
burnt at Hickory Point, and several citi
zens are missm.
From Waahlii)ron.
Washisgton, Nov. 30.
Mr. Itareoletta, the Nicaragurn Minister,
has been dismissed bj his owu Govern
ment. .. .
The questions lis to the payment of three
million, drafts drawn bj Santa Anna will.
according to the present prospeots, be re
ferred by the President to ths Senate
The Frigate Minnesota will be launched
to-morrow from the Philadelphia Navy
Yard. , .
The Hon. Mr. Allcrl, of .Illinois, brings
hopetul mteligence trom Judge JJouglns.
lie was in tne sick cnamneroi Air. iJoug
las at Terrs Haute on Tuesday morninir
and found him eonvalessent.
The Judge expressed his opinion that
he would be able to be in Washington bj
the first of January.
Washington, Docember 3.
The weither to-day is most beautiful,
and the city presents n holyday appear
ance At an early hour crowds commenced
(locking to the Capitol, every portion of
which rooii became- thronged. The gal
leries of the IIoue are crowded to over
llowing, and hundreds uro uu'ublo to gain
St. Lorn, Nov. 3')il..- Kx-itiri" and r,:M: Ly 'oa"7. ! I"i4t 'l')ur.68.0(a.50; i v0...-w xu ..fi:.i. jnru V,M .
highly impjrt.mt news u.,n. K,uTt Lin! Nc mewuT. were voru iu and the j StI&.'lj; Ky,7a: Oats, 25c(i; Clc!"?r"iuJ"4rr" i"'""e
ju.t been rodivtd. ! io!Ki-!'yd; 22o m-uiW nwer-). ver -eea-aone, 'I .mf.thy .ed. i'"r" -"ic ir.-i x r-woiTTr" Liu. .ZZ
Oa Thursd ir. Nov. i9ih, nenr H., k ,rv I " ""lu,t u J1- Jl;K' r 'r,;,n- '. 1 ui'to;, 30 ccnU; t lx aerd. ,00; B,,t. i mn'iXZ'Xi n'rt VVi ""iTS
Point, three Abolitiouins, armed w.;h ' 'l pft-ceeded to iLe tlactioOola Spea- I2'tl6e; V.gp, 1? oents; Salt, S.s a i 't" ,.VT2'r,.tS!!,J,.h";' " v i mV
Sharped rifles, wqnt to the claim of Mr iUr- ?'; a-BUM.: Spa. SfeSc; Coffuc, iV.si.? I'J.i "Vrtlt.!: 5.1311
Coleman, and. peremptorily orleiel him! 0,1 t'" lt b.allot. ITcuarJsjn oflllinoU. 'Jal5o; Ten, fiyIOO; Mulasmr 6'Jct. I u,f"'J '1 '"'f"'". t..r. it.,.,...
to leave, allowing lini only u ...im,, ! I Hjinocra:, l..td 74 vo; Usry M. J'ull.rli,'. 8IOc. WLite !3do!bp,A koumxo ii
which todoso.nnd threatening u. aLoot 'fc' ' l- CVmpbelUf Ohio, 63; Pen 'rel; Pi.:kerul lO.OOto 12.00 jRii.ai 0; ivLZAViTiill
him in cso of iefu al to oby U im- t '"n?1"" Jrry, 7; MariliHll of Keu- 'nenr. !8a25 ent; Trthaccf. 33i.it. K';'' 'r M ' Hot.,, tor iu 1..!..,.
mediately left, but shortly ufrwar. I tacky. 3: Bank..f Maa4cJinrtU. a. V- 7,58.fi0; Tallow. 11H pr lb; .'".'lie roT
I 'i 1 1 I j J t a e C t aMuiuUtfd at noon.
' All tii muaUrs were ureaeut txueat lha
. , . m I
WjUmrro December 3.
The Hjuhc wa v iltu.1 to order at 12 o'-
no,M "thera were Vuted fpr and ciuuh ih-j
"ft,t w ,"n'ed. There was, how- j
v,lt''"- iuww
The Ser.ite me', at thrcs o'clock.
Yl'ASHlS.'iTOS, DtfC 3.
There is a gojd deal of caucusing going
on to-nighl. It is sreneraly understood thai
the Republicans and Free soihtrf, will con
centrate to-morrow on Mr. Bu.k of Mas
sachusetts . They number alto'nthnr 123.
The caucus of Southern K. N's and
Nilional .Democrats and Whig", number
73, resolved to rejectf all .fusiou will) the
Free soil fictions, but have no hopes of
defeating them.
. Greyly,: Weed and Seward hsve been
working all day lo fuo the factions; and
are understood to have succeeded to-night.
Wj nny look therefore, for, an organi
zation to-morrow, and the message on
'edr;iday. i . ,.,.
The N uiomtl Americtns will vote for
Henry M. Fuller for Speaker, and endea
vor to draw the entire Democratic vote to
him by conceding to them the Clerk and
Prin'r, thus forming a union party agii'Ht
the Ftee Soil factious.
They deny Xhat the Republicans cau by
a fasioD poll more than 105 votes, while
1 13 are necessary to elect. The President
presists in refusing to print the Message,
tnd it will bo sent to the House in writing.
The despatches received by the Atlantic,
represent our affairs with England as un
changed since the departune utile Canada.
Mr. Buchanan says that Lord Clarendon
and the British Cabinet nre endeavoring to
patch up a reply to our Government's com
muni cation with reference to the violation
ofoui neutrality laws by British Agents,, in
order if possible to wound our sensitive
ness, and at the same time shield Mr.
Our guvernment has finally acted upon
th Memorial of Denmark proposing a cap
itnliza.ion or a tax according to the value
of the cargo iu lieu of the present Sound
dues, and rejected the proposition.
-Tho Xational Intelligencer confirms the
reports received from Kansas. The dis
patch from Gov. .Shannon, making a de
mand for troops, was read by the President
yesterday. It stated that civil war was
threatened and requested prompt assis
tance. An order for the immediate trans
fer of troops from all ihe nearest posts
was transmitted by telegraph by the Pres
ident. WAun:;GTON,Dec. 4.
The Senate was called to order at noon.
Myssers. Hale, Dtiikee, Yulee, and Pearce
were sworn in. Rev. II. -C: Dean was o
Iccted Chaplain, when the Senate adjourn
ed. House. On motion the balloting for
Speaker was resumed, and the ninth ballot
resulted ns follows: Richardson 75; Camp
bell 51; Bauk.31; Fuller 21; Marshall 1G;
There being still no choice the House, on
motion adjourned.
from Kansas.
St. Loui3, Dec. 3..
Accounts faoiu Kansas state that Gev.
Shannon has telegraphed the President the
condition of affair-, and says that 1,000
armed men arrivod in Lawrance; rescued
t prjsiou.er. from the Shorilf of Douglas?
county ; burned houses and destroyed prop
erty, He asked the President to order
out the troops at Fort Laavenwnrlb to aid
in the execuiion.ol the Uws.
Dispatches from Weston lo-day by ex
press have arrived, and bringstartlingnews
from Atehison. The Free Stnto officers
had taken possession of important papers
at that place.
Aa attaot upon Atchison was expected,
and a reqnest had been sent to Weston
for fifty armed men to aid in repelling it.
The National line is down East of Pitis
burjf, and ths Union East of Buffalo, so
we cannot get our usual report.
The rroMtlenVf MeeaHgc.
Washinotox, Dec- 1. It is now well
understood that no advance copies of the
President's Message will ba sent to the
principal cities., but it will ba dispatched
as far as New York by locomotive express,
ihe moment it is delivered lo Congress.
CO!fTAIMSG173 Acre, of ito ti quality, wlthaufll
j citint Butloui IauiI fur ineadowa, Hllacrosof wbieh
arulnahlRli et.te of cultlvaiion.' On the i.remiwr.,
hafcthero la a flno oKCHAKU ocnuinlng 9JUa,
KlaJ bearing Apjila 'I roea of Ilia beat quality aJLiJ
temftad, a number of l'eaili 'I'roea. 11 ofthe .1
"..! nii.lllv of t-rnfl.'d Fear Tr- ne and uliwal lj"! ?S
fhurrvTroKiof all analit'.et. tvitb la excwi'llon of
the Orchard, every field la well aunplied' with Jloi k
water, rrom npnow on vanoua tiDruoii. m no
Purui. The Ilulldluaeoiialatof a ueatcoinfort-
J .i.ia llwnlllnrHi.il,". Ri.riuir llouae. Washhouiaj
and a large Swlit Harn 73 lent oy 41 teei, ereieu in
164and other out bulldinira for varlom purpnacs.
The farm le altuated in GroenBnld Tnwiialilu.elflit
mllea Northweat of Laneaainr, near Walnut Crock,
between Carroll and Hull. ADAM BKASUT.
November 8, lMj 3ru2T
XWll.L BLL at private eale the Heal F.alalo of O.
P. 'i"ON. If not eold at publio aale bv tween now
and Sprln'. It will be eold al publio aale of which due
uot'.co will be given.
The properly eonttr-te of the following dceorlbcd
Lola and Trncteof Land, lo.wit:
1 5 Improved Lota In ha Town orr
foll, Son Ihe Ohio Canal wlUi a LAHliK WAKK
HOUSE., 1 wtlhlariro Uwelllug Houaoa, the othura
with munller Iniprorcmeute.
US t 30 vacant Lot In dlferonl parte ofCar
roll. The Harm contalna about 230 Al'HKS and
will be eold enllre, or In tho following pareoleto ault
1st. Hrjtwepn TO and T4 Acra.a Korlh of the
Ohio Carrel. iTO Acroe of which la clearod.lho balance
3nd. laJeiar l'JOAcreaon the Boolh el de of the
Ohio Canal. Beat of Carroll, about 80 croi duared
The other good Timber Laird, rl encloaod.
3rd. nc Tract ot about 135 Acro,lvuate
on the South of the Ohio and Hocking Cauala, on
which tea never failing atream of water, with a fall
of from 'J4 o 8J feet, eaay of tmprovemen!, being one
of Ihe beslelghta for a mill In Fnlrfleid eounly:- tliia
trnot has on it a Houao, Barn dt allotueroonvenleneee.
Also, one other tract containing t or S acrea between
IhoStati) dojuland Jud(t Kadebauirh'e Mill Tract.
Tcrma. One-third iuhand.thebalaneclqtwooqual
annual naymeuts wilh intereet from date. '
-H. B. TONG. Agoiil.
Carroll. FelrScld county.Otilo, Nor. . IB S7tf
lrpOhlo Stale Journal cupy aud aeud bill to Agent
or thie office.
-are. RESt'F.CTFTjrj.Tlnformsthccltl-
ii-?A I V on f FairBcld eounty thatbohaa
tcXil( recently put up anew tnmage Shop,
..i.-.i.i.i.ii..f if il. .((
Hardware blort.Ctntrt Alley. Lancaster Ohio- wher
he will constantly kocp ou hand and manufacturo
oalcrcvory vnrlct of vehicle in hlnliuo.
nKopairinff done on abort axitteo, anp ino
ovor'ablo Ictma. Doc. 14, ltaa S
cojutxnciAt isiziLiazscz.
Laaratier JTIatrkclo.
G atstte Or-nca, Dee. C, IBS..-Our
rwitaiKHia Huh tcoriiui are aa follows:
" fsky, 33c; Wool, 2'Ji33c.
netv Varla Cattla nut,!.
WcBrD. Kvniahr JS, laij.
r"-vrr retire rea True mr.
Helve Ih im are eM taa hvl u a prc vrjual
I'u valu rir i'nin' of thee tl n4Wit vliluuf Ivi-r
in Ilia n nl-ii, T'ie eldvauii Ullow or-Sflli-qnartf r"
tt--H-"lnU4 to tbU markctaa It la tn U.MAn
Tliu Pn -,c. t-liiy S will not at4;3 9 ixale.
r!rt"uli!j 4; in Mecnu.-
Kr jowl -cel.
V -itlum i,'1t, ant omi id cent.
Fernet, T Ji jH cnt.
H few ul over Wi( cente or awlerKiJ reru.
S'leri- t , l.ia..-f'f.fntDoa Sherpane Lamlavi-r-eye
e,3.l!r, rUira 7 1
-B. V'M.lrn H. ! ... i...
SV'f-.ll welrat: akc1ait Irlit: .mall ,
'i"'.r L: '' lrlili rtea.1 UIM. New
Vnrk htaleiilli t4A i7t,W wirht.-4.'4c.leart
Vm state einaTI aln.BrlMe f.r market
retail, nr. "ai;i-. live wetrtil; '(t. 4eel wulrht.
" ir r-m,rt ahnira aa lejrreaea of rrrelpt. of be-r.
roi the w-k.ln tl.e whole eltv. nfmn llw weekly avcr-air-.et
m:m lift aver lent ..
Th- number at market In-dav la 343 !. whl,-h la
.nrrn,ori in eonr wblrk waa 't rarli
i,.TJ.! 1 "" U.wrewpplyanh.nd lata
tilths devthviw. aew U,.. afternoon unon the w-,1
walk ofthe Waahlnt-t'.n narlrt.ail w, heard It oftor.
en y ib"iiirleiuartratTaTi.!e e a ..h ,1.1. .
bi-rofr.-rr.l.,r .vv.,ii1evT' ' " rn iwi. Vmeoi,. Tr.-. Hooae.. eVe. Ve. The N we
We SM, ..umberof bollort. rteetve the Brie ! v. m 7 ?!-'' XZXT" '
road at a,.n, .ot BnrrnD Hlll.el.ee latt Wwe 1 ' f tL" tJf' ' ""-";""' . ,
ley. la 1 siaV aalo.t the prevlone week-over one -v . . ...TallTI
m.ri.B3I IILm.M-.iVTai.M.u .. .1 i
for varv f-lr lf W. hr4 of ae, of ni.lium In ! Tr" C rm-
ualil at Sc. p (, by the Ma. -,.-.. A Mn'i ofSve aah,;ribcr. at will nllUeUte per-
: on iiiuUl i it up to a n.nv f.,r n.uuUi a Club of
TVCVV York lflnrk;(. l''-.''1"' ie"'irfororiyear.
v . . , .. j . 1. rC,i,i k''l!'..' .. wlah to renew ttkvr.na-
a Vn J' f"!r'nf'r KlourV,rtret f.r -im- errtptioir.-,,, tl. an aiam t.t rttinr a eaw'aeb
wio,n,ed,n,llrmoM,ditBe of lRi, with a 1 arcriVi r.and aee.llnz aa 3. ,i,i,r. will p rot bolM.-r
trarta. Rhlpnera ere not v!nr lo in. trret e-rt-t
R.r-l., eontinne larae. The ealoe Iwrlioe l rwiil.l.
at S9ai,: o f.treomioon to extra Ktatl t M' n 5
fir 1M lo f-.nrv and low rrade. o'vre Mtrh-
It "ft for extra Gareaot'.lta market etoalna-a-m h-i't
raw. moi.ee. vi ivot,. tn;B(. ,nn Ohio:
an ersa
Wheat Ma.rkMSmer.wlth bMlrdenMnd for home
eonanmntlon and evnort. THerw la only laiHanlt
atoi-. offerer, end th anpplvnf rood arid prime nar-Rlateipilfll-nlfd.
Kalae tnrlw l "Mm bn.h-l. R-,
'ini..n..aj3iaf; he.V la Whit- eiej.v ir..
no K-.i Ch-n and Milvankie at 1 SB-sst 00; and 8,-K-
tirimrWI.lt.' Ci.naHianat S KM.
Crn There te a moderate demand, end the tae
Vt i. i ahi lr an.r. SUei laclad Tf,0U buab M'tu-
eru jiii?ij at aijM'ju
Cliirlvinali jnarkpf.
fi'tir. ri ;mhar. 4 KLOrK rhrte mi
vood laniiiivl f.,r Kloor effe!i- to-dar. and tl r,.rt -I
'"". Th-.nl--. Iii-l-id - fa soti.tsn. len'riMMn
Mri-'-l. nt in: M .,j Hj ,n at '. A aal .- vf HU bar
Bn--l.t f H ..
II 'CS-T'i.. m uketia Him, with aalcaof S.xn boad,
III lola. at a.-, jii. ,
PnovilOVss.,!i..r,f ;HarremnSPo'latr..
.y.:i'd..i,ii7 5ii- :no .... hho.il.lj,, ttsur; M
dr. Warn., a,. urn do n nt e'e.
WHlSKKl'T'io mi.rk'-ttarre. with aal.. of 4ll
harrelaet a. end I.K! do (mm w agent at ii.t. The
dco'-nd T..t. ia .pnv,
r.ii.v.'3I!Thdiimndl rood at'., ernla, with
l ' Bfi,M.
FtrTTK!. aala ..fin harrrla rood roll at IS"".
KI'G.tK Th omrlcrt la nnchanard, with a modes
at" oaf-nd at r(,ii rMf .
roppfKF.s,f.. o inia.at y t rnt.
MOLASSKS A aale r,f tu bble at 39 -).
PhllndcTphin TTarUct.
PniLea rim. l..rpinh'r 4 rotton errtvloT ra
ther more freely, hm the demand la limited.
('lnverR--iiaaltrorainr more nttetion: w-leeabave
a.lvanred in tent a; aaleaof Mi boih-dao." old and new
at H p-rtl i.'.uiid,.
Kl ' iri-oiii'i.i.-a.vralnly nnlte and prleea en.
atridiiy tnalnleliied: Utile or no evport demand: ?i
lWa. aold nt ' .VI for atendard and good branda,
and $9 .IT l, , KT , forett-a and fenrv. '
. v h:?nl ia (n a-ood da.narid and but n hm'ted anionnt
'.lf-nn; talee of I.CIO i.iuhul. la lotiut S5?1 15
tlSUforVVhllO. ' '
Tom la In aMadv demaml at one taat nwotatione;
S flfwi hnheLof old yellow rol l nt Wee. afloat, and ..
t.udiela of new In atom at TOe; 1.000 butbeli of old
nt-w mined aold al 03 eeota
Whit ay dull: email or Faitem at 40 eanta,
and Prison al41 cent.
Baltimore market.
Bit.Tiwoar. Dei-"iber4.-Ftoarladv.llt)tli mominf,
and held nt S3. witkoiH barer.
Whfal iidull; nearlv 40fKa hnahela ware offereil;
imall ala eff-i ttd at S.BSe 10 for rrd.
Cornltdnll atad.-rllb of froia 3 lo 3c; new white
H'V; iellow"oH!r.
Pjavlainna ala of fHKl lha of new hnllr aldeeat
1 1; to arrive at Hof. aold at H7Vll par w.
Racoo 13li f..roew MiouMeraaod 14 for uew Sides.
New Orients lfarket.
Xiwflt:,l.IWfinlr 3 Cotton d-r lined ,Ve;
Ni'w Orl.n. (air 9-1'.c Molaaaeall a.JI
a in tuoderats requeM at (9 W i9B.-
On the I9lh of November. 1S5. at RnraV fSreve, ay
the Kev. J. J. F.ittor, Mr. HKN'KY SCHWKSkE and
On the llilli November, 1HSS. at the alma place, bt
the aame, Mr. JACOB HAI .MGAHli.MiH and Aliae
AMKKTIXG or the Slorkholderaortbe Laucaa.
ter'Vau LlcKl and ('nkcCeinnauy,
ho held at the ll.ileltif F. A. She-tier, taq., H
MONDAY KVLMSG,li.CEMBKK17. IH55. for the
election of Directors, &c. JOHN D. M A KT1N.
V. B. KW1SG.
SAVl'F.L h:rry
5..rembcr 15, 1W5 69
produce" store,
-lir0T7'-n'eIae,,"1'y Inform the cliir.rna ofKaat
f and Wnl RnahvtU'.! end vicinity, thai he la'iut
receiving and oponliiffr .m ihe Kn.lrr'n Cltlea.an en
tire new 4 well auU-eted Slock ol Goods constating of
Drags & Dye RlufTit, Qnceas & Ilardwnrt,
Hntx, 'npa, Ronnrt, Bootenud Shora,
rnd a general varlely of !f OT10XS, which he wlllaell
lOpor centbelow usual ratee forcaah orlts equivnlont
in any kind of Produce, and hopes by prompt atteu
tlon lo business to roerll a aliava of public patron ?e.
Pleaeecnll and eaaiulue my Mtock and prices before
buying olsowhere.
Would also lnforra the Ladles that she Is prepared for
.,, MillenarY in, all ita Brancher),
borng an'exerteTieed hand, Vhe will caarrntee aetls
faciionloall. West Riulirllle, Oct. IS, 15 JmS4
Chapman's Great Diacovery-.
THK MONTHLY RAINBOW, em Chepman-. Pre-CalculattouforKlravrentary-Changcs.hascd
Ihe diacovery-of the physical laws and harmony of
eloetrtcal action pervading the Hilar ajalemv as In
volvedin tho dittorlng etrecta'of light modified for
polarlaed) by dlfforlpgangleeofreSmmoo -on a-large
scale. Thlalmportant aJacorery ofthe laws of nature
which regulate the changea of the . elements, consti
tutes a subject of magnitude add Importance, porhrp
unaurpaaaod by any other on tho pages of historic, r-r-rord.
The eurprlstng aecnraey with wbirb Dr. Cnj
man isenabled to pre-ealculate all elementary Chans'
ea predisposing more to alornre, eanliqnnkca. auroras,
vc, and also atmoepherie changea within the hour
for each day, months In the fuiure, and the physical
effects on the health, fcollngaand hamoraofmai.klnd,
must be admitted by all unprejudiced minds to bo of
Incalculabloadvanlarelothowliolehuiiraa nice.- .-
In presenting Ihe BAINBOW to the nubile, ars da
aet eluiai ittobeajtitifalllblowoathergulde. Hiitthis
murk rea it c.'ai'ai. that It will bo found lo be eorreel to
the Icttrreighl times out of every tnu. All we ask ir
a candid examination. Terms of Bainbow, (1 per
yoar, 1 1 advance. M ccuu mr ail monins.
Chapman's Pfinclpla.or Nalnro's Firat Prinriploa,
cloth binding. Kmo.. StiO pagem. Vol jroe flral eon
tallies full eiplnntUor, of thodiarovory le waich nr.
Chapman bna devoted tho last ntn year, of ,0:
aervalloa. Publ'.hod oaevy six eaonllae. "
September.) prleo ! per volume, for "fc,h'' , i
wtil.pofl palJ.to uy part oftlw nairy. FlnM I volume
nowronily. Add km ctJK
No.13 Sorfth Ponrth Rl. abereWa .ul.PhiUe Iphla.
inAauUwanwalr.every county- no.B-lir.ST i
aTTir rwueto-ii
ttrT KW oncaea ntlho WARKr
III HOI sliiiljrimraat
lihriiinriro'n of fh Canal and Railroad. :
The liuoet Ovatara la whole and hatlfana
.i..l dallv. -.' Our frlendeMn- anjoanieg. towiie
li-nanr'd at 'a moments nolle el, tn-
aSnT Prices. .flrT Oyftr. f?
good and fresh '' ' .IAKnOYU,Age..
Lancaster OCobef l!,IMS-;i -
Deote4 ! Atrial
'r. Ilnrlioalt...
Home lm.xU,
in., uie mrin an.) the i!lr ...linn to make II en '
- f ?. aMire..a4lie.
, i .i Tm- ' '"' ' J-'' 'H'-e f"r S; i
1 . .1 1 ... "','nu '' at voar peel aalte.
" iliroi lly u ma f, , fui i,ruMiUJ.
. . lr ' a. u. hakri.
h.U.toraut! froprlcir,i'vlBibua, Oltui.
thi: 01110 fjin.nr.tt"irei"ae)'J17r
"The Onm P. wiu'oomiiiencelle FlftK Vol.
.lie. !tliilnr I. IM. ll 1. a. .wc lu4 ,.,,
'iil bnnwii. 1I1 a lliilo ue-l l.e an lil la ii. Lli.lf Mitiv
Uib rip.rlrire which Vflsr, ralnril lue.la,,, t..,
the pxt f mr yean, anl llb the kuuwleilee m.
want 1 of Ihe public I. aa k travel alxl .timp.inowlai
liivun n. i..vn r with Ihe verj iukhi i 0o
trib.iinra. whlrh have heea ronsti.i.tly adUiew o
"urturi tofor Im.r Hit. we f,:el the: Tw nH.o K,
ee I' inwrii itieiiv-r wortliy of Uie tittirMiaa;w ef tb
nitlrc I'.iuiiin; mill a era e-aurr all. taat euiwover
exrflliT.I it Miay have benn f--r lue naet eaa, .It will
he hMlnrfnr the ycir i coihi-. ...
The Ohio Piwarn will continue to )sail..4 wV'-klv,.
"i a lanrt! ioiio aiteei. ei ciu. willli- paM,r. ana via
rl. iir u m). anil iUn.traled Willi Can ir il iiu--lii- Aai"
' l,r" '
ni.oejy.. J-! OiieOpy.wIt .aontha .,SI
, . ..i.-r. Kiucodc .ear. Kiv.fl'1 ui.lua. al.'lMftnlha. a
piea.on v -r 3 ten ,ik uiuuUia...S
-au jear. L t sa sua wiihutt nai.
Pi'oprletorar.d Editor, i;i-i .ud, Ohio.
g v i il vl ti yi i'v u
21lSl'f.tTVRtB AD DEALER 13
W.bk Koom, terorTft ltk hAtrr or thi Hkkiui
Mtiii Htrctl. Laacii ter, Ouio.'
f IlH K inhterihcn wli)r- lo Infurra ki old rnUmr$
J an-4 iht public rcer..ti . that t ciuiliu p
c-rtssnd butt H4wirtitf,i;t of CH AIUS and
HJ!.fE.WlS errr..ff-re1 u thr ciHwi..
or l.tBrm-tfr, wlilrb he wtti tell at iriret
lowtjf Ihr.n run b baJ at any oltovuU
ment In the etly. In cr.uct,o wtth the
a!ou.hi! k -j. on U: 4 a rr lr a
ortinciit of riariuaal I an a k .
irtirWt h hflj vrtQi wVlth jtY earw. Hi fHilIitici
fur pa rHyaiiBr a'i trritutrmrufr with mtirvfintimT
tn .n-.'.le l.iiu tc vjr nil 0 r rt ji ti'u vi (HAIKU
am. HllHSTt. b.H a; lrtr pric. U'aa t)f oihof e
UMiftlMRiot. Taj attention of Utaselctiepr atd
othernare r-tp-sa-tf iUjr tnvii-d in h rrutt lh.iu.vj.
m' tttno hfl-1 out In tli ,iy of jfood bariratiM, AiUy.
tt.tlfd tout U y rj rru.itt yonr .Btrffi tu v IU b
riaiit o rail ani cxmUiWi my prions) bvfvri puri-ltM-intc
st-r'Tuhtwra. Hj MivtiUni. u bwatueM and a
i.ir to V'f&iCa aurt keeiLtr a full aUtck aad nun lm.
Uie h -fit tiri moi. foah.ouala unitaa. l-e hope to
I a.erit a 4itoitnnai.ee of lha Tr- Ubniml patrwua bu
if we 'i nj a c. noruu 'iie,
P. s. In thir-nru' t..M,fir I' Mr. I. I: ECKIiRT'l
tlfnalvf hi'UMTVPK W. Hk. h"VH. a thatav
w.i.ft c:.j. lit? upltfj't witif all ttio un til of FVviTitat
nc-.'-iA-y for h..ork.'.hi(r -OK(K02 SMITH.
aUitict-f rovciflUr , 155 Stnf
Fiisr ; Vtock roit K ii.r.
ril'lK tin t flafit fr 1S? public aale of my Ftock
.1 liJivin pr v i iio j-mi y and unfl-tuM, ihiuo
o.tjf-l. I Mill bow 1.1.1 at pnvat- ajlrj at Lautaipr,
iu lut4 to auit iurt;havr, ijv -
15 had of Thorough Bred Caillc,'
40 bead arfitll blood andCrnde Cattle,
All of wh'ck are of Sue quality and will be wild at
reaeonefcte prce for cash or ou credit. -
Alao, 'J Ilea d of Usrsea. .
November S, JOHS T. BBASKX. "
. X C;STOttE.
TUB antieraif dad has opened bi tii While BaHi-.
In;, a few dt ura 't 11. o Hocklur Vailey
Hank, a well aaeirWd wtoelr of Drars and Hi eat t
class, which ha oScra to the publio at van- fair
prions. 1.. It. HI Hlkii.
iauirastcr. ti'-tonersA. ttTitr
IE aubserlher roapoetfvl'.y Inform his frietrda and
public in fincral, ttial be has much, eoiarjrod hla
as to thi vartety. Hi has Juat opened aud Laafor tala,
a.ialTtl "" 1 ITIarll III I ofthe boat, gifallty .
CTiSilBAleo. beet Pick IreajrVlaogar, aad
-aauinil Skcia al arrr iawaaala to ault ouetosaers
b.l of which will t" avdd low forcaah orapiirved coun
irj produra si his Old stand, eomer of Broadtal
ItindlncSlreeU, aud uikrl optioalia the I roadway
Hotel. I. CHlKHH
H. B. Butter. Bacon. LanI rji.l Corn Meal wantad
Laucstur.optetnberl, loo SO .
J VVlLL'srll Le! (...' 75 In Carpenter's Addition to
ft the C ity of Lancaster. l"Mna-the Lot dtreetly oppo
artMiolhe rcaldenre of U'iJJIani M. lLlnhaad, Iveai
Tills Lot Is lararo ai.d ellarthly located. 1 ciLir oaa o
the .coaneT Lots In the orlalnal Cari'r.ter Plat atte?
situated on ll.e Soulhwi-.t corner of wlruliitaT arid iea
ry stro. l. near the C. w. rh Z. H. K. Depot, a Xarraa
easy and title wntrai.led. Enaulreof -Z t
8AMTIKL JArHrH)tf or
At Ihe Gasstto Otlca,
Lancaatar. Mav 17.1H5.V 1
. Ai.nii.li cvei(;ii,
ra.ca sen aa-iaaaL Latin aisv,
Laacaatrr, Onlat, '
WILLctve attention to the purcbalnarandaelllrf
of Kual tuate. also, to the procuring ol
ston'St-:! Roaut) funds.
OKFICK IntheHnck Slock, rMdy-nrrhOaa
HorkintT Vallc Bank.
may 1
10 UM
, r.t-' ,
THK auks:rilrlias rtrocved tta csTabll.hwientlnto,
l.isNew KtHinia ATerti Sia Mux Slrt,tt,r T.i',
a; At. A. and ha' titled them up la a atylo naenri eeeaet
In the Wort. lie hopes that the public w IU apnreelaas
hliiofforta tofdcaai ainl extend to him allhoval patroa
aire, r-vory tninr: neeuoon ooue uiaseouio essssrte
ensure succeasin every department oftfc art.-and hls
plcttirescannot beanrpassed. V. M. GRISWOLD. .
Pi. B-PxraonswIahlnctoluarntlieartwUlaaragraa
fariHlioafordolnrao here.
Hours from 9 o'clock A . .aj. nnm ao'cioaa r.
Lancaslor.Kovoniber 16. ice S
A. C BAELO W, -'aal . p.,
noflfropATnisT. - "
"VFFIOF In Tallins i' Block, Main direct, T.aneai-
1 F lor. Ohio. i ' .
l'rof. r. li. WIllisnia.M
1. I O. -. lJ
H. I'
(Jslchell. M. P. , '-
A. O. Hlair, M. l.,Columbn.
J. H. l'ulle.M. U., Ctocluoatl
aprll I'i
"TA" JT1,t received nt hfai'a:ahllaliment,thraa doors
II Rnuihnfthe Foat Olflco. Martlu'a How. a KKW
1.IJ I ol p,i I, lured iroui aiiv WMinia.-
turers. comprlsine? ell tltc latest elyles ! jar.aa
hint, f.ttr UiHgt. Ftnftr aas UtLt -awe.
Also, W A Tf'llbS Iron, tne oo.laiaa.Bra.
Call and aefor yur lvi..-
ll'-pWulchea. CbKhsaad Jewelry-careflilly repaired,
on short notice, and atnrimnt'd f perform wail.
LancusLur.lovenibwr JslCJaWS
TU k aobaerlbar. thankful for patronare heretefar
reeol vod. would say to ibelr old "eioiUra aa.iT
evorvbody else, that we are now iuanuretnrfn; and
oflering fur aale, u werlor article ef
' , f.n. tuo nio,t faney to the heavoat atory.
i ' Uni t .lorOcco,Kld,doat anil Calf.Galleea.
I. r ota Sid Busk ln! Mlc.and ChllUrea'a t.i
.o.. an Mioes warrr.i.ted and fold tow tor lha
rcadvpay- ',,.
Limc.iat Debitor '.'i, l''-"- 'J. ,
nAtlustrecolvedaul.U now oanta a Senere
l ,rt,..7nt of I V OOODr tf "j
Uiaan"foonain Dry GcddaWacao,ll-rlaa'
Calicos, rrlntit, l.wrn, ',l'h""Ir
Brown and Bleached Mu.llnatS. SeV ''i'";""
5!Trk a" i Fm. Ure. Silks; Dul-as; fiaian
A'r:l,dCrai.ts: -Liueaand
Silk HJ'??r5r. iihsaad C aal sac real
Hoi.nntaaiid RorioeV rflhhon, ' r. .
!k,tiiietsabd Klaaaels; l heM',"'. . ,
:--- Aa
Uotel, Laiaeaater, Ohio.
1 , " " a aa-B vm s v rnrnior
Men Summer wa '" -?Z,
C.r.1 tmi!n. AH ofWliKB n w ' . f .
im b torn fij - " f
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