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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, December 06, 1855, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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Thurtilar Morning, Dec. C, 1S55.
Let try tt bs happy, wa ui vy, If we will
Fin i.lipUuM Itt lifj o'arbalarte Ilia 111;
Then was unr . If well aad-irstoe J,
Balsrltat, tlgMly ata(ili woaUjturu l a cool.
If we wor but u raady to (oak to lh lulit,
ilxmUill aioylnc lweui It ii night.
We should owe la truth, botli In word aud deed,
Who td.il lo b a WJ i iJf J U loo iJ.
Let u try to b happy ! uim lado of reg rot
Am wn l bmj rMiti. wiiciw, cannot forgM;
Tkinin tliaos whua Ik llght.it or spirits must bow
AaJta, S'jenlsst tm.it w.r a doiJ oj it, bn.
at lit never Mi fellnt, IV p irjjt, ant best.
To Its blum-tal aj4 oald la oar eoio.asal re;
Bit tlM d.jpsreur own grlsft, tu gril ir o ir ujoJ
To trf I) t happy, I)t othir hurl. iil.ii 1.
Ok ! try to bs hippy ! It l . f jr Uaf
WjUiUkJWoanh ot(jr bj oauul of
If t laaXellio bast at of nar turn 111 a o in.iy,
TaiDii a lea w, can dju eulivon IhJ way.
Lot m only lu eirajlir eickd o.irb.-.t,
:t if j id tal aar eMWleue'e'.aiiil tnisl frtUrol
Still tskia this train both i word end J1"-"'1.
Ti a wn tnn u hi h ip,y Is rut to succjed.
I . HI M138 UAN.SAII r. GOl'LD.
i'Alisiil'Ml" mI.I llio sorrowiiiir Tieo,
"ray bcmutiuil rolie is gone; it lim Iwbii
tora from me; iu fii'lud pii-ces whirl upon
tii wind, tlicy rustle; bt'iiUHlh tlie gcjiii r-l
fu'. lie prchi:3 firr lit nu'; ili.y Hn;tt
upon tlia passing stri'ftm, nnl on tlie qtiiv
riojf lko. Wo i mt'l for'uiy ihstr green
ve'rilqra is gone. It whs the gift, of tin
Leave! 1 I have lost it, nnil my glory is
yariishud and my bet'y has dii.ippearoJ,
Vny summer honors Iwtvn pixsod awi.y.
My bright and comely gitrnu'iit, nlus! it i
rent into a thousand pnria, who will wc-ivv
raj suoh nnoilier? Floca by pi'cn Ims
buen striped ' from mo. Scarcely did 1
sigh for the loss of ono, ere nnolher wand .
orod off on air. The sweet sound of muv
io cheers me no snore. The bird tli ti
sang on my bosom were dismnyl Ht m v
desolation 'they have fluwn a way with
their songn. ,
. "I stood in mv pride. The sun bright
ened my robe with his sniih1; the z-phyrx
breathod sofily through its glossy folds';ih
oljirls strewed pir)es among iheni. M'
slu'low was wi.l.i upon the I'nrth.my hfii'l
was lifted high, And my forehead was fi
to the heavens. But now.'how changed 1
S idnesn is upon me, my head id shorn, my
arms are stripped, and I cannot throw a
shadow on the grown 1. lK'nuiy has de
parted ; gladness has gone tftil of tnf bos
om. The blood has relircd from my heart
and sunk into the carih. I am thirsty. 1
am old. My nuked limbs shiver in the
chilly ai the keen blunt comes pitiless a
mong them. The winter is roniing. I
nm'di'stitute; sorrow is my portion; m mri .
iiig inust wear me away, llow kIihII 1 au
oount to the Angel who clothe I mc for the
loss of his befuiiful gift?"
The Angol had been listening. In sooll
ing accents Tie answered the lamutaiinn.
"My beloved Treo," nid he, be com
forted! I am by the still, though v,-ry
loaf hat forsaken tlwe. The voii-e of glad
ness (t hushod among thy boughs, but lei
my whisper console thee. Thy sorrow in
but for a season. Trust in me. K-p my
promise in thy heart. B i p ttiont and nil
of hopa,"" Let tho words I leave wild thee
abide and cheer thee through the- coining
wiuter. Thto will I comma J cl jibe' thee
aasw. . -, n' - v
'The storm will drive "'over,. lhne the
. snow will sift among thy hnke I linib.--'
But those will be light and phasing nflhV
tions. Tho iuo will wnigh ho ivily on thy
helpleas nrms, but it will soju .dissolve to
tears. It shall pais' into the tjroiiinl, and
be drunken by thy roots. Tlcn it will
creop up, in secret, benoaih thy bark, nnd
spread into the brannhes it Ims oppressed,
nnd lulp to adorq them. I shall be here
to use it.
'.'The blood has now retired for safely.
The frost will chill aix,' destroy it. It hu
gone into thy mother's bo-oni for h ir to
keek it warm. ' Km lb will not ioh' lier o(T
spring, 8ho W a cmvlul parent ; she
knows all the wants of Iter children, and
forgets not to provide foi the least of llmm
The sip that has for a while gone down,
will make thy roots strike deeper and
spread wider, nnd rotioweil and stringth
ened, it shall return t nnurish Ihy li'iart.
Then, if thou shiilt have remembered au 1
(rusted in my prnndso, I will fulfil it.
Ox Is shall shoot forth on every bough. 1
will enfold another rob.i for thee. I will
culor and fit it iu every part. It shall be
a i! inu'ly raiment. ' Suluess shall he swat
lowed up in joy.. Now,- my beloved tree,
faro then well for a season."
The Angid wa gone. .The roll mut
tering winter grew near. Tho wil l blast
whistled for the storm. But the wi.h of
the Ang.d were hid den in her heart I.
soothed her amid tho 'threatening of the
tempest. The ice-rukra rattled on 1 er
limbs and loaded an 1 w i,'Kod them down.
"My slender bianolius," s ii I she, "lei
nnt this burden ovenvnin you! Break no'
beneath this hoavy adlic i'o i break not! -but
bund, till you can spring b i, k to your
places. Let not a twiwof von be lost.
Hope must prop you up for a while, and the
Angel will rowar 1 your p itien o. You
will wave in a nftcr' air. Once shall b,.
again in your motion and" a renewed beau
ty hang around y.u."
The seowling fieo of winter began to
lose its features. Tho ragiug storm grew
faint, and breathed its - )a. The clouds
fretted themselves lo ftajui'Wits. thei-e
scattered tofrngmentsoii thesky, and were
brushed away. Tho sun threw down a
bundle of golden snows, that fell upon
the Tree, f lie ice caln-s with-red as they
cimo. Every one was shatters I by abaft,
and unlocked iiself upon the limt. They
melted and wcro gone.
Spring l,sd come to reign. His bl. ,l
iuiui-u'ii wre soronii in tno oarin. J liev
hovered in the air. They blended their
Dttauiuui lints, an. I cast a n-w created glo
ry on the fwe of the blue heavens.'
- The Tree was rewarded for her trust.
Tho AnH was true to the object of his
love. . Hi returned he bestowed on her
anoiher lobe. It was bright, glossy, and
unsullied. The dust of summer had nev
er ht upon if. the scorojdug heat had not
UM I it, the moth had not profaned it.
The Tree stood again in loveliness.she was
dressed in more thnu, hor former buauly.
Hhe was fhf,jy lrniU around her on
every s,de. The birds flew back to her
bosom ,! sung among her branches
" '7"" the Asanpw T, Lkavbs.
; Polititiane arslike lioa.
ib a mennrr-
COn.ltAlltlv Stirrsrl n . lt..t .1 -
owd raitT sea their six DJ haar tLera
' foar, tJ . ,, .
-Sys the Hartford Courant; "A!
otsc has come to light within a lew days,
of a young merchant of this city, whose
busiuesa prospects were uncomonly bright;
who was connocttd with most highly re
pcU'ilde families in. this city; who bad
ts fair a start in hfu as mortal ever ot;
who has hcn proved guilty, not only ot
loosin ' nil he was worth, and money that
justly belonged to bis creditors; at the
.rameinr; table; but who lias jorgtil notes
to the amount of somo thousands of dol
lars to conceal such losses forging the
names of l is father ahd'la.he"r 1il-!avv,
signer or cn Wser.tjind pulling 'iheni off
'lirough. the banks, banking-houses' and
note buyers" ' - i ' : ' ''
XRevr Admiral, the Hint, Wi Ferey,
died in London on "(fiH 5'di of October.
In 1814. early ill die spring. h was ap
pointed to the eomninn I of the' Hermes,
2 ) guns, which vesel. after having 25 uiun
killed n I 21 wounded, in art unsuccess
ful ntta-k mi Fort Borer,- Mobile, was set
in (re and destroyed, to prevent hor fall
ing into the hands of the American", in
sVptcrnoer of that year.' Capt. Percy had
in ler orders at tln.lt tiirfe, besides his own
ship, thn (!auon, 'iX and Sophie and Chil-
I.-r,of 13 eticli.' . 'lie was. honorably nc
i uilied of allihimiio in the loss of the
Hermes, by 'a Court Martial.
ll VU1T3
Like tlie tlakus of snow that
fall unpeccoived inori the ear;h, the seem
inly unimportant event of life succed
mv anoOicr.,, As the snow gathers to-
r.'tlier, so uic oar habits formeJ. - Wo sin
g'e fl ik" lliiit is !t,ddo I to the' pile prodnees
sensible change. ' Ko smgle actimj ere-tus.how.-ver
U may exhitr'rla man's char
acter: hu n.s the leiiipH.sl, burls the , aval:
ani'he d iwu ' the mountain, and over
whelms ihe juhnbi.tfpt (iyd his habitation
so passion, 'tcting up'in the elements of
IlllSCIliei . W lili'll lli;.llliHJU ll.li'lis nn:
brought together' by imperceptible aecuin
illation, may tovcribrow the edilice of trull
and virtue. i 'I'..
A ItttANfiK.MIiNtSftir lbs rlnrniut -Annual Cn'lne
V liMiit-lliliJW Mini wtii4iir liulllnlion (or Ihtf
hiliuiim oi Liirfriiiuro slid Art, liuvo ovim. nrodu uu
illi. liinut exlliilivi-aciilu.
A iii'imk lli.i wurkt ulru.uljr our. mod, In I lie r.ir ruinoi
whith orhitrliiiifr)-fnl Ton TliounniMl Ityllurv
In fiirmintf n.;w Collie U.ui. ilio 'HiriMion of work
it Aiii'Tlrmi A ft. find tho oiicounicmujii or Amwririm
icuiiiufl, tiavj not tntui ovurlookud. OoniiHlii.-tiuitf liuve
U5:inil t iii itiy of tin in4i iliftlhitriMf.u.l Anu'ri
can Artit-, who will 'OMtrHiili n'rt oi lliulr Onvsl
lirodiKtloiin. Aiitoii)(lliumar(brutt Murblo Hut, ox
icutoil b) thtirro:ttj!lHviij( acutptor, llinun Ptnrura.
Uearjf a V jhln jtoa(lio Futlior (r hiicouutr)-.
Uonj.imtn Franklin, ihn PhUno.)ior;
O lUlol Webtcrytlro Htntcsmun.
A vpuciiil iiif.HilHiiiTUU'tl Kitropu uuil mmlo car jIuI
iimt Jiiilifimi v'U'ctiotit of fo rot ten wiirkftof Arl, bolli
hi limits ihI Mitrbln; KtUunry hik! ('huit-u PiiiiiUiiff.
llto wlmlu rriiNitff u larxu im vuliiubie niiiroiion
of Pit I Ml i tif7 and Mutniir) . to bo llilrlbuti(l FKKK a
Mimitr Hit iHinibrtt or Ihw Aflftot-lalluii for tho-Jnil Ynr,
TitKMnp Mnniiir. 'i'bn pafftni'iit ofTlirco !
Uri voiHiktuttfi mi)' rrnt u iitttinbur of this Anftocliilion,
.uu) untitle ill in lo oilUr omq ot tliyMujrneinos for ono
jeur, and ill so n tlrket In the distribution of llie Stu
tiHiry inl Himtnri.
I lia l,itMriur Unud to tioerllprft eonnUti of the
followinir MoutliW Mitffttulni'n: Hnrpttri, Hnttninfl,
Kiitokttrbocker, Bluett wooil's lioitsfCliolU Words,
Ornliutn'M. mid (indny' huily' Boik.
Priaiiitttktii(r tlva in.nitjriliip arl3n(ltlni tttnny
llva oftlio Mateuiiuoi for one yeaf, nhd to i tie
in lb 'llotrlbtitl Tim nut nrormid derived from
tlit ulo of imjinbnMhln,or unvoted to tho piirebno
ul Aru for thi) ftiH'itnK ymtr.
'I' UK A )V A N r. 0 bis hKCUKED by bucomlnfc a
tntMiibjr ribi4 AnfitHMiitlnn, nr
lit. All vr'Min pteohrotliuu natat f their nb
Mttritt iuH at (Ai stjrty hi 111 J slit p vt utorUnjf Mug:i
jilio htlernturt?.
2-1. K tfh oi Millar Ur.fntribttlhi(r towiirdninri'hai
Irtsf oltiiirt Work of-Art, nliicli tiro to bo dinlrlbuled
ftinoiig lltuiiM iivi'd. iimI Hre ul tliu iwtiio time oiicotir
ylnff i ho ArliKtxor t!iu cotuilry, diburaing tlioiisunds
Of tlollftm through Ha litny. t
I'urviM In r eat iff fe fund tor momHeislilp, will
iHe jrlro lluttr pu' offlri m-Mrtat infutl fttnttne the
month tlniy wtsh tin M tiirtxlnnto mm me lira, nnd huvn
ihii lottor reirhiUred nt thv font Otttutt to print loi,;;
on U rccll h onrtttUmt of iuiuubmhlp, totfttlinr
with h MAtfiiKiiitt Uuntrud, win no lorwaruu.i o any
part o( tliu rotiiilrv.
' Tlioir) who iiircliie mnrnrlrtn at Rnrklmt, will
liNMrvit that by tolnincthli A-oriittlon. lhiy rtrnirt
th Mai'Hiin and fr$t iic';ttt in the annual ititribittfan
til nl thr siuiif prli-e U)o now imy fur Uib mniuinti
alouo, For Wtnb'hip. 'Mrivtt, '
r.. UF.m liv. Atlunry C. A, A.,
At ellhrtr of tht tirtnt-tpal Onirs--Uiilfki!rbiirkt!r
Mitititr.tiidM nffli-n.fltH Hriittw:ty. New Ynr,:; or Woitl
jrti onit-n, tiM) Watnr Huem. HiinnKVy, ithto.
Nnbricrlptton ruoulvml by V. M. (.LIS WuLlt.
Nor. Si ymf - Hnn. S.ic.or l-nnciiWr.Ohlo.
John s h i l Lit 6 &cb.,
So, t ., ICnst Fourth Street, Cincliiunti, O.
ri n i i unirn
i' Vr 111 If 1
l!tilirtrull)r liifnrm tln-lr f!lmnnr. unit Purrhunsr.
uimrully, llwiv UiT '"" l'ulB exlon.tvo
Hid cumi'lulu amtfrtnHJlif irf
JD Ut- o C C) 03 (ii
I'uniillci, lliitnl Kfttnorv Mfiunhonl OwnnrH, nnd
MlninM, mil) dtipeiitl upon l luting tho boHtclitsi o(
iondd, m( prtci'A nt low us th'iy cmi be itiirchit-sed in
ha Kiiilfrn titU-, i-pt. ltiOj 3iuJl
PR. R. . MX LEY,
OFIKUS I1I4 prof 'i4loiiiil norvlcM tu the cUUtta
of (.unt'nHti'r nnd Iti vl. uiliy. '
Ai flit M)tit'tn (if inilli'ul pnu'tlcn W now to liini.j
111 thitt phit'ej.'it inny bn dutMnvd prqnttrto pive u few
of Id ilhUnt tlve fciiturofl.
1'hti nno of tho lant't't tu Hliftfldonod ns pniollre
frmttfht with evil cnnnnuiHiiHtS nnd n nuluriil tlxplt
tioii moro (tiifo nnd offtH'tniiJ htibtltitiltid, by lm rri
iittf lb it f nrloiu rur(loiiii and overetloin of tlu body
Unit rodiK'lntf Hid clreiilaltou to ny doilmble ex
tent, and iiv.,Winif oITm IiuiUv Uu- nttnu'tlou or dim)
initknii of any vltul or ItivtoruUny princlplu ul' llie
For lit poisonous mlnrral tnmlii Inn Ufrolofora tu
eoinmon ime lha more ifi'iitul inciltrliu'tt u now prn
niirt'd In a ciinrotitmlcii iiud unruly iueJit iiuil form.
from tho vi-rUuMa kiindoHi, ru unly fidmittod Into
prucllt't), bvilnir more thoronirh hiid oi'U:kM.t ntrcnU,
rtiid iilwuy nnd or tho f inlmoiiirol itfili prnrtllion-
rtr, 0111 niiiiiir in uircninHiuntiOft cupaiiiti 01 prouticiiie
iny of ilin dUiistrunt rntujltn sucn tu fu-n rnmuiutiltv
whurif viiloinel nnd n'liucli mudlcutHruKlnhuvo buun
llm rhti'f ri'liimcu.
Oruiiu TaUuiudt'O Uouto. over Wliltu Cl Lallu'a
tltidnnro Rfrir. hUmUiM Carponton, Rrondwu.v.
.lM-')v ,
I'll NT oinefl Mi Muln firiM. norlyop
pnnlln ll br, Riili 4 Co' Dry Ouoil
Hlnrv, chiinIaIIiik of
" 'AND
.ill nf which will vi told low nt wholcinln
and retail. Mrnh'nnt and tho public arn
reipcoiriilly anlirlud to call nnd examine,
mv tni-K.ii ikrniiiinfi itirtii.
Window Gtttia BltnuamUttitnartom 7 tn t up to 3f
bH. ' t WIUMM8ThV,KT.
Unrtutor.nprtl l, 4tt i
!, t ilth Strict, CliiolnriHtl, Ohio.
SIEW TALL lillI.rllxr.IIY (40ODM
I ATB Mr. R. M, R1r(f, ,, j,,,, nw ., ,
j!.il-Sl"J '.' H"'k ,,,,,"w "n,scl.', HlUn,".,
f""'1' 'V',, ''"'" rrlinininn.
o,c...,.llnhh- III. KA I.I.TH A UK. to hit h h. would
rosrwolfiillj l"IIMh (.., r ,,,. r
Melt will l ki.il rmlotj throutrhmu th neason, (bv
dully.rr vl, from Now Vorkl with, ill ihut I, now olul
bo'ullful In hor llu, of bu.lueis .nd ,t n,a l0Wii.t
OKsll prices. ' ' ' i
lloiintry MarelmMKimdl Mllllnnr. will nml It lo tliolr
dvulnii to look throiih,lorVVh.ntiiiilo Uoiutrtmonl
oofor.purcba.linol,e whore.
: Mm. J. A. IlttXPFIIRON.
04. Flflh Street, tietwrerftTlrh nnd Hum Streets
Cincinnati, 8t-ptomborCU, 1S3.1-.S0 . ,
SB ABLY st,tt Kstlnn In th. World Is Involved In
llil.uiin.oo.Mry.vii.whlln our rrest and rlo
'V'y! "tmt 10 P'rfeetlv e.lin and narnn
cern.d. ThnUth. w.y wllh JWIlAl I.YONKI, whll,
hl, eoumporrlo.,r? msklar rl fim, heniilei
ty Issue, out OHOCBRIISS hi th o LO W E ST P R ?C I H
l.ancMLr, Iov.mbrl,)rv;j 8,04
Prof. Wood's llafr Rentornllvft.
rilMH preparation ntthough Icuthnn two yenrs b6
foro liio public, ow Ut to it wonderful L'tlut tsu) on
lUo huu'au tt ur aud oalptha already obtained a evie
brity and :tlo pertottl) uuptkrlUdcd. It huT without
ttij uniinurypplianre:-rtriH-h purpNrs.wontlt wkj.A:
boju lir.irttlv wfli oinoU to most of lite ct tits and Iomi.h
in (lid United SutT the Cuniidu? :md the West India
UUi.iMi. NorUtUs'rMltMirprtnitii?, hvii It Is re
mroherod that it p'iuurit i buvd upulta merits
solely, ns flublM)M'd bj actual t.-4ti. Thai thin pro
oa ratio u will hrtiially rtore rrar htr.loiiA nitiural
frolor. pro-Uce a laxiir itnt i;ro th upoutite jteadsof
io Djitt, prerPitT the uuir i.tm mini. a- .mi, mihi, wiicii
usod ac a toiK't artt. l J, prodiu-c a eontinuul tUw of
ho natural laid, uml tliiit render iho liniru,j:ioy
and wavy, deitrox diea(ieA of tho valp. and upel
duudrulT, tha cJritlichte oi diilinenUhed genllein.Mi
and ladies, iu oery part of t!iv country, who liuro t'i
ed it, and ihuri Oiru h;pu'-: what th y know, most fully
al!eil.,"Ti(u. by pro( vrit-.1 o tin U.torniive the ii;ur
ran te madelo retain Its uuturul color to uliii'tst any
aire 1IoUj4 Ij huNinuity, by rotnnvinp ihe raui of
Us mi from sc.tip ih uiuttei oi now ioi;p i:utuins
tUeconcnrrdut tt-slinioiilalsonji J'reiw. uud ihoeor
tilKatt-B of ittcr iimnorout roipeetuMo iitdn iduaU of
both soxos.leavo tin doubt, t irvular oootaininu full
titrtlctilara.roliitWo to theruMtivu, da tl aa r-eosn
inuiidiilion! of editor, into i!tii;H'itlJ8 uoioro tilluueu
Io,mi. bo Irud.oi'utl lUc :rircatJ.
B'lootcrtKf.n. Mass. i January 12. IF.V Trof. Wood
t)ur .Sir: U;viu:r in;idj a triki of vtir Hair Ifo.tiHa-
tlvu.it vivemv pleasure tu suj thut it cileet hnsbeeii
wxeeUent lirromovin imnsit ion, itandrulf, juid a
eoiidtnut tetideiiey to itrliin, with tvhu-li 1 hao been
irouoicii from -tnM;io-n, tv u:is uls.i re i ore a my uis.r.
vbtch w:s hT(:iitPi; pr:ij lo its orl-jtitnl eolor. I ha v
ied imolUjrnrtiei uiiii unitUInz like tl-o plo: suru
und prolil. Vonr-v Irnlv, J. K. IKA0(J,
- i auir ortiiv uruioaux L-rurrii, tirooktieia.
St. J.iici. M.rvU 7. !r34.-inif.. Wood Doar Kir:
Mvhuir cinHiiioiieed lallii;ir oil somo threu or four
yearn iluce, nnd mutinied to d eo until I bectmu
(iiiito bald-. 1 tried nil (Uo popnlKr rcmelies of thu
duv. but to n effert. At lu-t 1 wa Indurotl to try jodr
oei'ilr:ttd Hair iietfttiiutive Ki.d am very huppy to
:iv it iAotnnir womlern. lliavo now a lint irron tu of
yo'in hair, uud ehecrAitly Teeuminuiid Itn tifo to all
limilurly i.n:u tea. .1. u. w H.UiMxoN, VJJ i'i street.
' Cm.TftB. HI., June iM, 132. I liaveuaed Prof. O.
J. Woor Ii.ttr KeHt'inttive,' nnd have udmlred Its
vondorrjil etA. My huir wm becnmU.ff.u.s I thought,
pr.'inuturcly ar:t hut by the uj.i ofb: Kestorrtivo il
has re uiioJ it. rlt;iiial color, nnd huvn no doubt per
inaiitfntly so., N. llRtwE, lix-bjnator United Mittj),
114 iliukut Street, St. Lo.t.Mo., .Muich P, lf-'5.
l)jjr Sir: I :im doinir nn e. tensive truvi! hi the A
and fvMi'h V.'u?l,'rn MhIhi us n fi mi era I AjrM-.'t for
AduiiM Anitirioau l.iiiiiiient, uud would bj lud il' on
would favor me with u eoiisUiiinei.l ot Prif. Wt.od'e
lUlr Hvnl-iniUve.H 1 feel nRiirod thai 1 ,.u introduce
tt in many pli!( vthuro It Ih not kni wu, ua my nu n
mud U a liviiiff tv'stiiiinny of iti vuluuoto pro'torties.
in ruL4ttrinflf huir to Ilsnatuilil odor. I nm forty years
ld, ntid tuy. hatr vas uliuot while, but nftnr uaiiijr
ihrea half-put I botile my h;:ir .i beautiful unburn
it wan tit eiyhteen. itiid inueh improved in nppeur
aiti'U, and I y. ould not be wiilmiit i; bojile on Y.mni for
Ji prii oT t-.Mi. I idiouTd be K' ,r to attend t) any
: -inilt ,r tii-,t ii eiii. no, 'led with Lit c: lluir Kesloratlv.'. I
have biH'ii fortltirineii vei.r.s ei :'2-d in the sti:i:e bit-
iir.rs-, nnd will lj.rltnl x hear fioiu you aoon. Myiid-
dies ii rarth, I i i iierkvjy, ,
Very rm: jelfullv.' M M. T? 1'HOOMK
TWrepareji nnd told at 114 mnrktjt tHr.'c:. Ii?
Lween Jt)i un-1 ih slreMls, i'Ouli, Miiuuri, und 'Mti
tironduay, ;mhv York.
rma Whuluault? aud Retml lit rropnftnr s pro t.'s,
i;v .(. IK r A It K. ( UK ii:hi,ti
' ' ' ' And KAlTFFMAN & Co., Luncuaur.uiiiu
October 4, ltjj lj '
Chcortt'i- titan over heforo OltTcrcd ill
n'AS Inl -ly piirehnetl from P. Iinp liU Inlerest In
the Hurdwitre. biiiIne. :ind In addition to his al
ready larifo atot Ii, is now duily reeoivinjf, dirut t from
tho Mnnufuc'nrefn ntul Importer .a lare purrhitrtu ol
new ffooiU, which will iuato 111. stock of Ilurdwuro one
of the inott utenivo to lie. loiiud iu this mtti'kut. II In
riifllltic.) for puMinsihjr ;nid urraneiueutA wlili Muuu
lat'tarcrH, wbirh urtf eiii:ii to nny, will eiiKblo hi in to
offer all deftertptioua' fif Murtiware, nt lower prir.es than
an u othtreJlabtiakintnt. The attention nf Kn MKitu
Hid MtrnANff a la lnvil"d to the extnittrdlnar? lnlu o
:iientMiuw held out (o tlieui in tho uuy nf prt-ut bar
XhIim folly AittMlfed tltat If they ooumlt thelrown In
terosttlify will bocerluiu ti cull mid exunilne hii prl-
coh Ik fort) puichanlna; idn-'wliero. Ily eiom all "nlinn
U buniiie, and by eonvtaitth ku 'piiiou hin d tt full
:linl roiupMttt iiMruirtmoiil and Imi tient ooih. ho hooet
to secure a Uwevt lture iM'thu iiulroimiro of tho Fur in or
and Mechunit'riofthe co'Unlr.-
ApiiliiO.l. .
II ii HI V nml rnrrlnso HaUrrm
Wiblj lint,ut tliu AeH) I tun wa re Hturr, opposite
tliu rJ'aftmti'lre wr, ono ol'lbe lurirent uud b.'t
felueted utock of 1'riiiniitiiL's over onened in Ui1h mar
ket, f otiHifttin-r In part of
100 Pieei; LiiumPd Dud; nnd Cunv:H,
it Fancy colored do.
W nil Woot unrf union Ihtiuarha
,70 Hides putmit nod F-nani'ltl l.enllier,
HritM and Silver Plut -d liuinls Top Props,
.stump Joints, Luces, Hpriui;. A xvU. rte.
Lancaatur. April 25, 1cj4 JOHN KFFLNG V.H.
TOHS EPI'IMiEIi would Int Ht th titlentiorj .
1 neuter m itotise Huil'lfs to hij liii'iru uto.U
Iltiiiiiu bu'ldiiii materialri. Tiiev will Hud t'(HiHl!tuti
on hand, the ltist .In nidi ti NaiU, Kiike- unit l!rnd-;
l tie nut it uiiprnveu Hour Itx-us :iinl b:tUlie,';
V'indow (HuM-'uritl Suh ofitll s", ,;
f'.meliliii mid Wood'n Purj Wliiin i.-'.v! and Oil;
Ho.tr mi. I lilind U. h-.p Mine -a, df.
Thirtft at out building will bt certain o:ire tiiony
by examlnlriff iny prleon iKd'ire ;inichaiiii(! eiii-whoro
April '-'t;,
"Iorluiiiii 'InoU,
CJtTrTr.I) toitll tr;idei:ind ot'thn most np.rnvt''l nnil;e
JHil"l ier' ('ft-t Steel, l-'irmur mid f'io ki-1'.liou.-.-i.
rpcar nnd .luck ton' 'nit uud Kprina: Stuoi Situs',
liuteher'd lloiible und Miii-Io PUnv Iroii.i,
t'Mtio Tool Company Platti,
Miimn mid lltitor!TruwN, ' ' :
(Nioiter'n DruwluK Univen, etc.. for 'dc cheiip Kt
April SO, 1H.4. JOiri Kl'PLMtKK. '
HKiHrv.t ici:i:m v
WOl'M) r)pi'tr.illy iiitnounce In Ihu cUVire'n oi
l-niN inler A. U inily, that he has eoiuun-iieed the
I3rcl9 liiUt Ittiwk' A t'raol.rr !ta!iintf
!n connection with his former baking, now prepared
TO t rUMKU lA.TflMHN ,
m illiovory Ihlntn tmuliovp lino. Kaviujf In hn om
ploy tli" be it oi' b;tl;er., he ferKt conntit-ul that he ran
please nil who may taror him with n enlir
ii rt an ai it tn More on iiuin Mreet, ami ais , t ItH
Uaku-HniiH?, corner of Coluinbuv k -Mulberry ' ovU
I,ancunur,July If, 1K14. " '
I'ruit Mittl Otiimiu-iital 'lS.r
J. H LACK would Cnll (he attention of liirt
ftToud met tho intblio tfti(viltv, .to the tiuu
l u k oi' Kiumt ui.d Jii?iajii:m il Tiyci;, Mii iiy,
Ac., which Ir-oilers for ale: the cnniinii Full, ul Ua
ft ornery, thnu? luilud t'Hsl.of hreiiiep.
Hi iloek en u si. of .ic, vnc, (bu'tli ntundard and
dwitif.) leuinrti t'narh, I'mn, irh-t AVc(fciar anil
C'imi Tree: drape Vini Onrrutn (tnunebfrriva,
Kni1 Tiir 1 , .r, ( iint Or HttliiPHtrl 'I'fctjtlctiduvut
nml .'riiiy rep m, ' ' . '
Nun' but iho p'rtt &ftC-iiH,titi.i(woll-frrown troon,
will li Mini oi.l frinji tliu Xtirvrv; nnd r.vory vai'li'ly
I. iriirrdii.v" r.i-rnr', liavlnir hftt'ii 'iirolmgnkid by till1
liropri't'ir liiiimi'ir.or. uudi-r Iim Ininimliiili' iliroction.
No trinildii unr iihiii lin liivnii arml dni'liur tho
lu.fl six veiir.i in olilulnliiirrho bisC fruii, in Iho eoiiu
try, timl ii vlilt i-i ilu inr.it'ry, or nn oMiinltmtion nf
ili Ontl.i!iii'. will Khoiv thai In' lin ono of tho IIiumI
ciitliHiliiiiiM of frull in Ohlnil Ohio.
Orilnri from i 'rmn. n Im flml Itlin'onvoiiiciit to vlnli
tliu Nuri-jry will lio ii-inniitlv ittitnlitl to. If mldrod.
fil to tliu proi.rl. t.'r nl HHSIIVI I.l.K. (Hun.
ll.'Hc.riptivii t' i!;tlu?ini. fornlnhtiil irnilU.
Tlio fiilliiwlnir..i'iitliiiiiin nm roftirrod loiIl. W,
Cuu.tHt k. (iri'i'iin-ilil toM'tMi! Ciiini.i-, linttiAt ii.
K., l.ani'u'NT, niilo: Uu. .Noiinnk, Haiti more , UMo;
Kl'V, S. M, IIiiiiiiit, do.
Miiptainlicr SH, ic'ij. SDlf
III..VNK HOOK M AM'I'At "l'llltY AM)
UonU liimluiy, l.inicuvtiir. Ohio.
"I,ANK llOoKSforrnuiits
(llfi',.liiHli'lia' lllitlik.
Dockntt.. liotihlH nnd Sinirlo
liitry Li'dKi'' Joiirnnti, Jn
llook. iri'.. rVo. 'AI.ii. Iliiok
lK't if Klinllii(fr every d..i'rlillon
WP!aB-8 le. lironihlivallolldedtir.
Orilnr.'ifor IIIiiiIIiiri'iiii hu lofl lit llu lliiii'lto (intra,
or nl tli. Ilinilnry.nn Mnln Str"ot.in tliu room fnrinor-
ly ociiilod I.jf ( ol. H. Vn Triinii, m a l.nw Ollleo,
nun nonriy oipoMiit nr. niuhror. rffMWiMico.
tiucoillliur 14, lrj-1-'M J. UVKNKI.I..
i:xcHAN(Jt; pri'tci:, lancastfh.o.
10.000 ACRES
T ATJ now liealint ntomlvely In Land Warrnnts.
1-tho.e wishinirto sell had ihei-cfnru better eousull
mo hi'foro .el 1 1 up aUou bar j. Dealers in Warrants can
do 11. well with m, us In uny market mid niuko iiuick
tilnis. I'he eo-t. of ns.liruiiiff Is always paid by mo,
Hid nny information about '. arruuls uiioortully given
wnnoumiurKo. , .
Tlnisit liitemliuu lo msj lliulr Warrants nl somo fu
turu liineuiiiiilepi.siiu tlnjm w-ttli 1110 nml reeelvo the
11 oney or Interest for 1 hum, amlHiioliier Warrant when
they wish, Warrants pussiui: from my hands uro ul
ways narantetti.m every reelect.
1 tilsoilcul In Kustoru Kxehnuiroiiiid Gold ami Sll
rer Coin. .,, T. W. TAI.I.UAVUB.
Laocusler,soir.uibor ST, 1F53 SHf
Jamr Mcitlminniy
RAVINCstiibllslioil himself In the mnnnfnelnrlnr
ftieey'M Iluitdincone Door tt'ett of the lloekinff ynttef
Ruli. Is prenareil to furnish tho people of thi, eoiinty
with ovury tliluff that may be needed In his lino. He
keen, on hand ,verv variety of COOlilXH ami HEAT
IMS KTIIVKN for WOOll ami COAL, consisting In part
nf the Lion Air Tiffht, Western Queen,
Triumph, lluck, I'ro.idcnUaud rniferonro for Wood
and Black Diamond for Coal. Also Ploutrh,, Ploncli
Slmres, Kniar Kottlus A llolln-v-wnro. All of the above
onlelns will be sold n low ns rnn be bmi-rht elsewliore.
Ho Invite, cltlxens gonernlly to call nml exnmino his
IIWS. J.1 .vi tvn .tc.l A IS Al K .
N.B. rToTt,t-,pontlnir cYJobblnsMlone upon short no
uon. uio topper, re,s, i-ewieraaa iron ifticon in oi
cliafi(re for any of the above article,. J Mr.
: Lancaster, mnj 1.
roi.o:juis, onio.
rENEi.i. & co'K.tEtost okeat gift ins
J15 HUH I'll uS. Tho iri'i"i'l"'""k'irr'M'U'
uru In ulil.uuiu-iu lo llio iilii l ''! llie I'niuu, llmt io
loriAv'qucr.ve t'( !; Tf.l s;.til:.rlion niurtfc-lri( ly
the Itkcl-liolOt'o ul thi'lr llr.-i freut ntiitnliiii.nii4
ibdiiiiiii lliousiiml i.lii'iii.l.in tfn'iu i U iil if the
i-i.iu.lrv," Iu roblluu t linln-r I hey Inlri.d rctilnir
up nuuilivr lltrihiilluiil (.ili-i'or iho uxii 1.', Uirjr
havr.ufU'r Ml hmmli.o outli.y. I.i-i-n fiu.l.lr J fo otlni
tulhuir thmiinluf pain-i 1 1. fuMonlnp relnii
M?. iniiriilllrciit. nl linl'riM'cdciitud 11KUJ IAM
KCHKMK. lo lKli.trlli!ti'il n toon r I hi- 300. OM
Hcuutifiil Ki!)rri:Tiiiifiho I'tri-rni. of Ohio ar.ilis
trlOiiloil iiinuiip llieir I'lttro::.-.. 'I'liw irlfe uf iho lin-,
i-riivliicliiliiit Oi.o Hollar. ai:d a;u jmrloiorlian.cnlii
cannot be snrpswotl.
Knail nlUT.Iivi'l tlio folluwli c list of brsul If ulmid
conllv aifts, whli li will lieMiiislin torllj (lllribut'i!bj
n coin luittoo otii'iui-lcclfd oiu- from inih Union tier,
llieliirci'st tuiiiiliorof milmrril -r n urc l.t:.ii:el :
I dd IS OIUO . e.ooo
1 .1o do li.HW
1 Vur-torT Urit k Dn uMii'sned Lot,lnCo-
ImiiLuf. Clilo s snil
1 d.i do do do 6,jil
1 B.-aiilifulrclilcuce in tli tonuufiloiint
'urinn ti,3!0
I Two-MorT CrUk tlaililli g In f'hilllcothe S.SI'O
1 Brick Cullocs m.l l otiuColumbm S.no
i do do io . -.t.tun
1 rruiiia do do do S.SCO
1 liiiiiiHomo Country Kcsiilenfe in rego,
lrr roniit . f Mo 1.3C0
4 rili-ii'dlU buildliis lotl In Columbus, ct
$,r.! t,CCfl
10 ill ! do S1,5C0 M.WO
4 ln do Clavil.nnd 0.01.(1
1 firnnd AiMlon 1'iiiii" .rMiktrlnii-,) l.ltn
1 Cold Wr.l. li, m'l itli l'iamond, 1,1.1,0
5 Oolil Wntrlii's.nt JilOnili "A'.U
10 Kosowood riiimu, i:l J.'ii U S.usKI
10 do do lit 410 4.fi(.(i
in il i, .in i.t :'.n n run
50 Cold 'Viitchcn, tt Ci';l 1 (I
ICO do ct Ii 0 10 (TO
li 0 do ut 'S 7,5ro
100 do ut -10 4,i.iit!
?i;o Mlvet do it i-'O r.cin
.1. do do nt IS 7 ,.'' I
llil'O I.adlffj'ftcT.I nri'i.ft I'iin.nt 4,1:0
i'f:0 do liroihn Miawli. nt 6,t4;0
,r.i:(l do h'llk Uith rnttcrns, tt 5i0 10,1 CO
SOHO Cold Pencil., lit 53 I.'i.WjO
IdiiOK Gold I'liij, with Kilvor Cacs, ut $3 ?n,wn
','l!(('0 Gold l:(lig,,i.l,l.5('i ti(ll 3ii,i:iU
l'.'l4 do nl 1.( 0 cm li l'.i.Ofl
livory purchncriif tlio splendid Inrpe IltUo;;ru.liic
Knravliig. vl!l ret'tivo n Ccrlillinlo r-f Mciiibcrnlii!
oiilillinir Ihem to a cIiuhph In 11m nto.vo lint of vp.Iiin-
liK nnd coolly Gifl for tho I'coplc. 't oo Uiiuruvirii;,
can be m-nt by until (w ithout bt'lcg daniiigeil ,) lo uny
purl 01 1111 riiiiiiu.
liy-Jt'irii t onic l'irtt EcrvcU.rtf
Pur.-oin wlli!ii(r to art a Api-ntfrur nn will pleaso
HiMid n rt'coiniiioiiiintlon iilpiH'd by the Post miihtor nr
.mine otlur iiifiui'iiliiil mid well knouii ptirauu in the
p-li'.cy v.'lu'ri; thtv re!ilu.
'l'o vl:oio pernor nho I.i.to leer rrtlrpr. ArfnNf.ir
ila in our fonr.cr liistributimi, thih in not roij Hired,
All ordlTMUllli'tliii nioney eiu'luM'd, liec ol'iioslao
wilMneot W illi prompt attention.
(1 r In order tu frwrnt mistal rti, vtnte put other
traiixmittivir wnne'j tovo wilt yleuft ..'r i'r netiletl in
trie irri:e.Her the I'ojtmmtcr, ur.d the amount enter
ed tiuttie bill.
SVe priMcy all our letters, lrililnr. Ae.. to r.ur
iitrL't.tMinii 1 urrei-ui;dent8, und e.xpeu thtm to do tlio
same (villi u.
V HApent.i v.nntril In every town, wlmtn v.e will
funiKii wllb pn-"i-ri. rirrtiltir.iii'ficiliil,.,!. in si run ion 4,
Ae.. i;ii application al our otlico, or bv nmil poi.t paid.
Kor furtlier parlii'iilur.i eo dei.criplivo liill, Ac, or
ei.iiiire at olllce, .N'.i.s!, Wnlcntl V Hlnck.Town Klrvet,
Ciilunibn., Ohio. Ill' KM'. I , d CO., I'rui.riclnri
JOHN II. SllKFl''i;u,Agntfi.rUiii-itur.
March 8, lrj.1 II
'uinllyiroiirl'N,,liuirniivarf. Ac.,Ac.
r.T'.II.X G, rl. f'RFXCJION lin-l.cconif iiroj.rlelor.
I' by pur. base, ot the Grocery .'.lore of II. II. Hunter
& Co., to w lilcli he IiiikJiihi ml. led 11 Inrae uml miperlliiu
variety of Vamiltj tlrocrrin, now urrivlnir and to arrive
from Ciiicininili, and other innrta. In inakitii; bis pilr
cbahe be him liad ill (lew llie iii'eojiillioilitliou of pi
l'rlcinlniid itlHcriiiiiiliiiLr (ulldic, for all nensoni.. He
ciiiiiiiieiiilntoilieiriitti'iitliiii,uiiioiifr d'f'ier urtirles. ul
pricen tln.t cani'iil fail to t;lve natisfiu tltin.
;NFEfTtOKAKIl'.SofllklM.lfcrr faiililien ami
Caudit.-. Tarrneoi.ln .' liiini;d.-, KilUh Waln.ila nd
ilrailiaii K1111, 1'ly:. ami driie.
,('i'in,::li.l Gt'laline furJcllP.'s, Prane i, &p,
Of Knni'l. Groceries he will nnly meiiliijii I'bil. aoiv
ilerinl and 1 rushed M C A It, Now (irloan., iln.i i'liAM,
llin and Java COI'I'KK, plce, Muhmivii, (iold.-a M r
up, French Choi iiliite, M iiKhrniui Walnuts, Toinato
l'atns Iilei.illilliituf Kafliak Warn Vhtcte, and
iilln-r arli. ie lo inniieroiiii lo put duw n iicre,
.Not l.if.irfet(ii!'('i, l.li'intii. Ilran.ly f.-.r rim iiiiT,- nnd
oiivali'-ieiit.i i.'ar5 .viiiim old, .iniinkiiiir tu.d rhuirini!
I'OKACCO, Ponder mill H10I lor the Spn.'lsiiiaii.
Ho will keep on band a varic.tyi. f I'uiint, K.-nuJI
., il. 11 nt hi. on n inanalacliire lurthe triul.i.
Not least, 11 larceimd lull assorlment nf (fi;,rtKnrr.
Karri en vrr, h'rtotk vare 11,11 l.nslitk fitatjtrare, al
so, It'tmdett Hlli'r. 't'ulie , liurlt 1 a . i' c,
ir- H.' hopes to obtain a fair iialril'llip puMIc favor
in Us new iiii.lertiikinir.iiiiil ln-l. fur (Im uppr..lmtiiir
::mi pr-lnii'Mrc f his liiclid:'. flarinjr b.-i u ceiiipell".!
in relluniilsli liiKt'iiri'ier liimiuf ... 1 llj'irinii. to Ik-iiIiIi.
lie -.ii. 1 i:ia':i! ! !':iii-lriiil o!'il,..,ii, frit, will not fri.lll
ill' !". n eil in" hid henlili.' If lh- evperlineut, (If.
u liii Ii he will devote his mi. In bird i:l I.-ill i, .is) iloes 1.11!
lle ri'Cil.l.,' wiU be able In- trusla. to aoi'vo liie l.lllilie in
("iTie o'h.ir Mscful 1 cj. acil i'.
May o i-.vi. . i 'i.u.s a. r..iini;.( no:.
' n,".t njiM-; .. (11x113 v
' '"'"bl: ii'l r.s,l I.. fnri.Wi ull I-.Iu.Ia uf STI'A M
'I ? . i:.M::.l'.S.H!.!in hoit lu.lbe und u I'iiHiumi'.l
and rut .burr price.
Al. a" kinds of B I flenrlnw. H..t .11.,,. ...,..
lieiulatii.f.l-'ciol.ii, .la.k f crtws; rtillc.-v' haunj Liiii
hler .eivivi', 4 , , , - ( . .
.ilrllSpliwlll.sJ.f la.riro'n or ' wmurlil.' '
Hillnsund llrlvcrs. rve., t r.-
lie win iibo.fiirjiuii Die 1'.', liKKi' 'I: !.: ri. in .,,11
mi head df'tuDler, and with uiiher Iron or wi....l il.i.M.
Also the A I J I ?.rse, Vv liLl ll IM tin i s nliov i. The
paicni on uu' i-ttiker . becl ias expired .nnisc-
iinii ini-y ((111 no hart mm 1. choi.per.
II 1 Ilihil 1 on lie lie A 1,1 ill ,. 111.' I'l ll 'si 'lltllltlllVll
M.iflllMis , t( I'd l.'c c I HI, lot ('(Jlit.1 aiil I e 1111 bund: v:.r-
rnnicd Uie bust In titiio.
AH Hi.' uboye uitletfrt u ill be m;..l.' vJil. usiwit-bil :irn
ami hj tltcbe.-.t worKinen. ;;i,d will be ,un'aMcd.
All liiinU of repairing ilnue nnon the Kliortem fmtlrrt'.
Me :ili kei'pHCoi(ltuilh t.ii lutnd, A LL KilUhS OK
OASTINCiS,'iisni'll.v ke(i in ti frmndrv. 'Ho liua dim-
letetl iff) frofal h1ioI. bu lliat III Okie whtiCiilt tun rviiiii.
ine hi work.
I ho known uualitv ct tho wink dn(i ut thl i-tnli.
lUhment for muuy ournrl,ln the biMt jrufti ranlet' thai
In lutnre, llio uit.M-riber vull labor lo ift-mru llio jat
roiuifte of Hie public, tie invite cxutmi.tilion.
bamaster, May liijrji. 4;, jiKVOI..
81MKiintT'rlffMi ro.-pt'ctfully utf . ortisos tlio ptib
lii'UiKt lio lifi on htuid Inr suli'. tin ri:iioiiil.ln ti-niu
fur cishtneouti lat iHsnrtnu'ia of
VrvsU unci Well Sutrrtcd o .1 iv i ti o ,
'ninitpialnfr ovorvrrw(f- mulrhrmirat. dorivM from (ho
yenctaUtJiUnerulantl Auinnl Klnirdomn. und imlm! In
Itrptit A, Itmnropnthie, J.efceUr ami ttolunir nriit tii-c.
'.'litius'.drlnnmU'lnUritft'Mtll tlio Atkatuuti.HmiuuidA.
Jltcohutieanit Ji'iveouif V. timet. See. Srr,
luttittH'k tifSiiritU'iil IiiilntiiH'iilHUnf thoboajtiiuiiiity.
A ! uli Sunli ii 1-ti in i i v lore i its.
rront li and Aninrlctui I'tTlunu iy Im irn-ut vjirk'ty.
Htmiim und counnnii Sfwrn, Clicwinir und Hinoktiiir
linci-'i; iMiAtuuitlity it U tncn, llntinlii't. & f..iiuli u
:iim1 i in hurt I'd, for mod Ii-I ii it Iu mc; slronur CldtT VMiifirur,
Window filimsund (ilim Wttro, hifjethor lili nil iho
ilniiiriitUMii niiMiii ini'H, iuui nn en iias vork'l) ul
ffi'ctaml milt txitli ornuini'Hliil nnd useful.
I'liysit lnni pncrl iitloiisiint tip wltli oreatearo by a
Ctimtiutontiind uxnuriun(?i'dtlUoiiHr.
M . Jii'.i DV, t(,
Oi t.Cti.lH JVV. MiMaiH Sireetjtancaxur.
ih i: i l v a nt 4' i c s; .
1)U. II. f, MIAW
TT AS roniovpd lit Office oun tiiarts Fuuth nf the
9 1 reidi'iirt. of Dr. .lnniiA W hifrt, on Hroadwnv.
.htifd ho ttndt-r Ui ItrotV'alonal scrvicuiul' l.uiirini-
lor nnd Tklnity. Kovombur ri, lrjj-i,'Uf
AfVjiut ror-jlvvd hisPI'RlNO nnd PU.MMKH
lily of II.ATStV A I'S 1 his old Ntand, opposite t h
Tulti;ia?sa llaur Jfain Street. Lut ttrr Ohto. Ill
nl'iok unit liyn HoUTU'd w tin enre und r tub nice
llvorr vii riv.tv off Id;i f t V. .bnis.
if Ini'ludiiiir U hitf Is.Mivor. jdoUkln. Xn. 1
andy I'liiimnnd IVdnl Struw und r.'.'irhorii s
Hut.; Men, IUh mtd rhildrensi 1'nlm Lerirtroin 10' to
Alitn MiMinnil Hoy Kurnnd Wo.dlKnutlt IlHts
iioysnmi i uinirons raney iiiiih, which w ill no noiii ul
tho low cm prlctM. Leghorn Hal nn'hednml blouehut'
nt Iho itlinrtt'Ht nottcu, Il'FUoirt for-rut the nlnco.
fJMnyA, n."l. M. .SMAI.LKV.
mmmmm x '
CINCIWATTI, Wll.fll I f, (iTOS A Nil
ON nnd after Monday, November Ml, Trains will run
as fi.lliiYfs: (Sundays excepted;)
Virxt Train leaves Cincinnati nt II A. M., nrrivlnjf at
Lnnrnstoratll.iitl A. M.iind at .anesvllle at" 311 I'. M.
Ketiiriilli)!, leaves Xaiiesville at 4 Ml V. M. arriving
al l.anrasterat 7 e.'i 1'. M.,at Cliielntiull at 1 ill A. M.
oVeanif TrniN leaves rlncliiiiuli ut 3 3U P. M. arrlvlujr
ul l.niicasl t ot'.l :i. I' M.
l(.-tiiriili,e leavea Lancaster ut S 10 A, M. arrlvlnt
at t'ilirinnati at IU4j A. M.
Trains stop lor iasseiitr,irs at all Intermcd'.nto points
and conm-i't v. iih trains on I.lttU Miami Koad for Co
lumbus, Dayton, llitlsliorouiih mitt t'lillllcotho.
Sins lilies eoniiect at l lrrlovillo for Cliilllcotlio
and t!oluiiihiis, at I.iiueutor for iioiraii, Nolsonvlllti,
Atlieiis.niul t'omorov.
, l-or..llierlir,iriiiiiiion and tickets, npply at Ticket Of
fice, coruerof llroadiviiy and Priiut streets, and nt the
Little .Miami Depot, or to the Station A-.-entsnn tlie lino.
j. sic. I., r i iji. ii i vi.s,
Kne-liteor anil rtiiin'rlutentleut.
TTpThc Company will not bo resionsiblo for buff-
rntroexceeiiini; 9.111 in value, unless the snmo bo ro
turned to tho ('omluctoror Airent. nml froltrht nuld al
thorateofnpusstigo forevcrv aotiliii valuo above thut
amount. Novoinbtr I'J, lej.i.
Main Stroot.Snd door East of Clj's Hotel,
Lancaster. May 3, 1MJ ,12
' :'"rr?,-A ;;fU, AfT-'iVJ
SOOD. JillClitS. It 1$ citiwftto Uiat Atex's
Cmcntiv I'v-ioh!, and Cathartic P:i.i hav don
tnore to promote tLo pblie he;iU, tMui irtiy Mber
f"icO;m. IherAcan Jj uomitJtioi thutUiu Cherry.
Pector.tl h:;s by H3 thou-'ad 011 llionaiid rurei of
Coida.t'oulis, Croup, InCotinz, BrMiieJiiti
4 c, very iu.u,t;ii rodiiLii the proporlton ofdaalhi from
consumptive .aahit tfis camitry. Tho ore
asooiina thru I'tKlofiJ. ttid w ill cum tuoro com
pliant. Kveiy body needs niorcorlesprrslnrr. Purfc tho
blood from itts'iuipuritie. Purj-o.tuO bowels, Htct
nnd liio wholo viscorul tein from ob.tructloii8.-r-Purire
out the d ifieii!es iv It i t li faitcu on tho hotly, to
work tUdi'euy. Uu'. Vcr di-tenM-s wu should die only
nt' old itj;e. TuUo rintidote.i early und thniT-t It from
theylei;t. bof.ri U Is yol too nirout to yield.
Ayyr'fe Pilij do thru-it out disease, mt only vihilc It
i4 weak but wl;en it has t-ilccn a stroj p h.dd. Head
the ;!oun'ii!MU:Leu!jrl!oi lhpe. who have batMi s-ur-ed
t 1 hem from tlroudli! erofuln, lnpy, V lev!.-,
Skin ltiijiMes. I.'ueumatliti. Neurdcia. 1'j spepiia,
Into ritii t l"uii4,nilliou Coutplaint j, It.'iirlbu m.Ueuf'
acho. Oout.und n.nuy lev dunfrertMif but irtill ihieat
etiii'uitmiMil.i, uch n pimplcbou thcrucc, Wortnr,
Nervous Irritability, I.e.-; of rppet'.to. Irrejrnliiritio.
Oirzif.csrt in the head, t"tl'l. Fevers, 1'ysenlery, nnd
indeed evfry varioty f complaints for wUicha J'ur
pntive Uernedy U retjitired. ; . .
Thcscarc no random str.t'Muer.t, butaro authenti
cated 1'' ;oi.r ohii nohbor cudyour onji Clijsl
ciai.i. ,
Try them oocn, nid too will nvtrhe without thorn.
Price-CI feuH iur ho 5 tIoes ftir $ 1 ,0t:.
Prepared I'r. J. A V K K, riiiMnl.it, Lowell, M.,
ami sold bv V. Vckvtelii, I'ntcinmif i; KaurTman ci Co.,
and M. 'I. Kreid,r, J.miCter; G. V, Hamlitt.OaVluiid;
ii. Kiitb. Ku jhvlllo. uud by alj Dealers in A!dicine. cv-
')' whare
l'pliMiibtr li, 1 r 2m 13.
A Hill '.!. Oi'
umti r. :t,lJL
nr?.iiv a . . tjr.33i.n;i.,
One Dt;ty :"' n ' ' llurlin faHcj ?nii.-, Sututk ij
.V'lin S1rti t.anraelcri Ohiit.
Tj liSl'UCTbUl.l.Y eli( its tii Munition flils Mend,
f j end ci.stomurs, and till that ni"v want G-rnceriiss
a ml who will be ie kind as to t;lve hi in n call, botli from
the rii and coiiiiti) , lo mj Fapurior and eoiiiplclj i;tock
of tiroceri.'s. j-.tirt reteivcdv embratiiig in yarl tlio fol
lnuli.i; arlii !c:
JAVA and !!10 fOFFEK; Yoiincv Mysiii.
ldad. ai.. I iMijieriiill HAS; New Orleans fttitrnr,
$?'?? l.i.af. Ci-ii-lred and i'li'.ver'ued: KIot, Oobbui
('. Sir ryrilii. f-. II. Syri:p. K. U. Molasses, N. Orljens
do.', Or:in'rt's f.cinons, Ki.i.dans.. I'lfs. l'ruln. Alinnad'.'.
Pi" iics, I'iliiern,l.'eco and llrezil iNiits-ltried lieef,
lr: j't Toi:i.-.:c.s and Cincir aatl ('iiied Mains, Knj;li3h
Hairy Cheese and W. II. C renin do.,: Spiec, (.'iiiiiaiiidn,
Clovei, .Valine. ;s, i!:ic.i, Al -plee, Teppcr und Oll'.,ter,
K.-il Sod-, ,'r. Taitar. H-ilieral -'s, rtnr. h, Saltpeter, Ext.
l.onuood, linlio. Mii'litcr. Alum. ele.,olc.
.Soap, ( ainlles. Tubs, litn.kets, iirouu.s, Waili Eord.s,
A (tae I.i' r.. ('l''c iv i it? Tr. ticr-o, r.l-o Snio!. ir.p: do. and
Cliihrs; Willi ' anil Vl'al!iL'i'"r. ilnrlna I'ale Ale, a cci."r
ii I doc!; of Notions, Toy.!, nnd grettt inin y other arlicles.
-May 1, lril. II. A. Gl;iiLLElN.
m;v law ,uou:. . .
Pltu '.iiisi i'r.ic'iis'ii t.iidr tlie Civil C'otla.
i;y ii (j.n. 5;i;.;ox KAMI.
T"T w ill fortil a vol '.lino of about 7 (ll) pa;ces,Fvo., benu
B llfitlly prii.t-jd and ntially uml firmly botitid In law
In ai'diliiin to 1rliT rr.'atisjs on the vurioas provi
sion of foriiis of petitions, answers, entries for Clerks.
rettirnj for .sherilfs, oie. i'he work will show wiial
iial.tres liava bo -Mi produced by llio lode. Iho tire-
cedenU for ptititions and answers lire Rodrnwu us In
reduce mil nl llie ens 'S 11 clear nail real issue, niMinl
n liu li all will lie airreed as In its meaning. The forms
of on trie, and returns will render the work epeeiully
ilroful t.i county n lf.ee rs, as well as tn the profession.
liilchu work bus IniiK b leu a d 'sldernlum: no book
having yet appeared upontttu subj.ivt since tliu enact
ment nf the ,'cv, Omle.
ll will shoillv bJ publi ihcd bv
II. V. U'liKBV. CiiKlnnatl.
Sw.iii'.i IVeiv Trcatlao
ox Tin-; H.)vi;i!.i ami nulijis of justices oif
'1'ilK 1'KACK, KIT. 1 vol. fu.
S'.vun'l Hciysrd Stutnft'S
OF 1 UK STATU OF OHIO. Comnlcte. 1 vol.
Jvt. IH. Ifi3. . 1 voL'f v. 1. " '
On V hcf li 'f; Ktif:i ?,'
ai, , k i..iw ..ir.iiioi
- S s) I Ul.ll uric
tho p-tM
Iv ol l'i'.ri'i:
llll.i ilil!
..'i'-S lll,r..lip -e.-.i
r luiai.tr, iltir:ibii;l:.' Mul
s hi (iv 1 bit a. ol'ttt
Mini evvroifered In tills
! 1 1-s L V.'.l'l; t'..1 1 :i'l'' ttMMMI! 1!lt
:llU' '-I:iMi.-.l'li:r-:l -- of Ut,' ll;'.un
:ili-;il lifl niliJilj ,:il. I lul
tn'iiii.ti'il fur nn
t'.'iij ui;l osiiiiiitv ni al'icV. i'un
l " II i- sit wu piviii.r,',', ( Vah.1 iut '
ill JlRV WOl'k
ifj.-m lii'n,
, .MIU IT.
In Iti!' ! t .
It o A i
' C'i
: fi.tn.'il i, (fh:ti
n :. tit njr.' , it nvTinnp.I ilio lftnn
It iiifoui'.'iiv il tlti well ki
-UiMitUiili.'ltt, bwxt
luav.i tn .viy Im LCr.M.- wl,n visit t Im ii.it:tii, citlu-p fu
.ntiu-- or j.h:ti:ir.).t!i;:t tin;.' w HI tlinl I lit HroHdn a;
Mult'l tiittr of llie uniii i;L.ViM,Uit m.d d uiF:itJlo jti.jj.
li ti r idftfv'si'in tin j iij ,
It t. ,i'nVv:ilfiit ti thu'Krtll lio.-'d nfflrnaiul Ii''(il.
.id 1 l'jl lit- l.Mnliiu': ..wry sn tluiii ui;y otlu'r Hotel
In Cin.'lii.:,!.. ar.A 1:. williin :t IVXv t'tulur.'-s vtuWi of tlio
l'tl,liUr,'tlin iriu,-liU liiHiimiJ lacaliUo!, und the
nlit;t.-ti nl' I'll Id ;o i.iiiM-ni.Mit. . (-, , . r .
A tr oxttMiM.'-.' r.iitr; !' fiitthlnff lionnii nnd n llnr
bcrV lio v, 1 1'. Im- ion ml lu tliu iiuildin, . i J
'I his liini5e h:i-w:ll (ho 'iuirott toi l u'livyhii'tu-e
tlt:it cait hi iNaittnl in nn Hrt t-Sim Hot.'t in tliu UV.t.
'J' It a httlu O.-tUiUliHliiiiuiit.lif jii.l hoi'ii tl.orouh!
ovL'rli:nlcil, rt'nov.ilt'tl niid ri'-furt.ffhi'il, nml I he
I'roprU lrr fojiin iiHHUrt-d that .Ihow Im muk! lilt
hui: llK-ti' h-jiiii' dur'tj'.p lltir t:ty In lliu.CUy.
ill U;i e no fitsiin to comiilnin'ctUior nf Mi urcuirf
Miut'iilions.,riii Hihritt:s Jot At'H Al.l'HOiMW U,t
8t-jdeijibt,T lUlf - ,
"ti.V7:H'riv"r'fc-i ,
" OFt'lCK irV UKf!ArTF.Kf '
AT FlUaGHT H'l'ATlON, C.;W. & 'I. K,.. COM
. WIMIAii lHllMi.,Anout.
rglllKCoiiipano' b'-ve recently rjianired iho locnllon
I of their (tllre n above. lMpfem;iTs lenve t.iln
eat-tortUily per Tritin ovtfrC; VV, it Z, I, nil lluad,
Jtlb-rdiiitf tin' b.si fiu ililii'y Tor the prompt, Kate and
rluMp t'onvoyiinei of pureot? n1mt frcipht huill poli-tn
Kusi and Wt, nUt fur the colk'tvUun oIINMum, Drnfi-t,
Ari uuitL.H. nnd for uiiikim; purihiiAen or tliu uxoi ulion
of I'nnimlxMOiiJi K.MtorulH . " .
Sja-fi-Ji-t ti,iitru't lor tho i-urriae of larjrc qtian till ua
of freight will be nmdf.
Wll.UAM WI.M;it,r(cnl Affont.
THOMAS O'NKAI., j Mo.i8cngeis.
LaneriHtt-r, unjeuft -jy, l'iSlft -
ciisti:i, OU.o,
T . O. t) A V I S
I-.SrM ; I I'l J.' V cill ntiotitlon I il cxcelUni.
n-airl infill el iuo (!larny fi'h.'pMt 'J'runKs.
iurj.,-! :;rt,V' 1 1 I.i -I ifk of I turner's comprine-t Silver,
liras-t nml Hbu-N l-Iounll liu-v nnd tlarriio Uftriio.-:
alo, v" iion i,i:-l i'l-.tw tlo.u'.l of whh h ruunot bo fiir
nnsapiVin ih" t-Uy. either In ct-teli, workniunshlpor low
p;oc4. lie ia man n irioiuiiiiK fcitoj), wuero
will be il-.Ko on tihnrl noilec in supi'lor stjlo.
i.aneit!txur,jtineyfi i.va
C. B. CAMP & CO.,
V13 niiiin Mroot, Cincluu(i,
llnvo notva full Stock, nml uro malt lr.fr and receiving
fresh supplies of nil kinds of
Mpii's nml Itoyn' Iilttck, llrown nnilTnu
Color, uuil I'cnvl Kolt lints, Fui and
Wool; Clolli Silk Plush, Clitzert nnd
Pitney Caiis for itZt-n mid finys.
II V P V A 1 rc o jj 1; s ,
t.tDIF.M fancy re sts,
Towlilrli we would call tlm attention of Dealers and
Coi'litry Merchants before tiilrclinslngr. ns we uro nro-
pared to ofler superior iiiducements to cash or prompt
111110 iiiij or.. tj. 11. LA.lir Of UU.
Citiciniili, October 4, laii Suiia
Manufacturers and linporlersof
South West Corner of Main and Fourth Streets,
Clocks, TVatcIias and Jewelry Krpalr
rrt nml Warranted.
Angnst;;s, lf i3ml
r:?r ( ZV' B3 flla Mrceif ...
W?iv WlilTli V CATTA '.'i
H, TCrtiseinoiit, would o'liibrwe lh Qtipohunlty vt to
UiruiHuielrttiMUkfttolntitroiu frtomi aud uc ubl(c
ConerLllj tor thoir very liberal palroiiatro In time past,
aird would wot h tactfully sulMtu It coutinnanco of
the ?:im-', ps (!i e : to OtrTiirinsiicii ta fipnro no etlort to.
mult It both pldaAailt ud prolitnblo to any nd ft 11 per
ons wialiinji lo purehao Hardware o(au5 description
or thorn. ' KciMluff anli'ilod iwth their expo rtonc in the
busluesnaud uiean of koepiup up a Inrgd Mock,-that
Uic-5anolTer it router Induoemeiits to tha pntdir than
ttuu other tit obinnmtni tn rci ty cr rtrmir ., , 1 hey are
well nwnro of tho lieconsity of mnnll t3t:ihlslfmotit4
n;cl;.i:(r up In blowing ami pumtif? what they lark in ma
ny other tuiriirulur, UiQTwinh tiieroioro to avoid nn
tl.iiifrofthul kind, aud are sutUflud after rocoivluz their
entiro now stock, whit h U now nrrivinp daily, thtttn look
throiiffh their extensive Mtnbtishment will satisfy any
one tlpit too Great llardaare Start U tho plnco to find
want they want aud nt low pncoa, Tholratock will coa
islin partaa follows:
riltsl;urff jrunIatuArtiI.,Si.iKri,V Rrarf
ARl'KXTERSnnd rtuItdomwUi plcnw tnko notice
V thut the new firm of WHITE I. atta win
mine but tbobost Jnuhita Kiit. -AU Ktiil sold br u
WiU be warranted. o hhvc no.v oulmud,
5i0 Koara NalW, Sp&caantl firml:,
S.u Hoxo.sKiO, lovpitm,! 1014 CitvOlrm. ,
COO Kp(r Wm. Wood A Co Puie Vhiti Lead.
10narrolxUnicc4 0a. i - .
: 3 narn-lsofl'tith. ' ' " ' '
in nduition to the above woharo a rnry l iro atocli of
...H, uu.i.Bu-f uiscTinuon, wiiuti Mil' bo
oldchcapor than over. ... v UlTZ & L Ai T A , .
Lancaster, A pri! ?,
9jfi 9,f Fl P ifM,do Ilr.mmered Iron, -
1-it.d pounds Cnjl Meet, V lo 5 inch douare. ..
' do
Knellsh Ulister Kle.il.
. Doiiblo Sheiir do
frernian do
Sprlnat . (To
American niiaterdo
Ih store nnd fomiik- utlow nrleo.bv
AlrH2!l,l?5l. WHITE I.ATT.t.
rots C A It I'K rv teiisI
JLAXE Iron,, Chisels. r.d Goiiki, Bnncl Plane.,
B. Mollldillirillld Hl'..l..',!atcti and Tnhto. H .,!.1,...
Hand Axes, liroad & Chopplii" Atcs, llrinvine; Knives
of all kinds. Steel and lion ,Siiiares. Ouutres ami Try
qnares nil sizes. Improved llorolm; Machines, Hand,
1 iinnel.'J oiineiit lllppiiip, Ye!) ami Coinnas baws,
Lroiia Cut nml Mill Suws, for sale bv
Al.rll i::t, 1851. VTI1TE A: I.ATTA.
4 Hor. Fronch Willow Wajroas,
C do Coinaioii do do. ;
S do Glir Ton Cat's
C do Fiiuare and Ifonnd Clot'ttn Haalton, .
10 do Market Basicots, open und eovM
Willow (.'radios, t:e.
lloc'.iinpr IlorLisanil Wheel linrrow,
Jnt Cloths Piusinl Grass Mnlts, by '
A)iril2il,l.".-H, WHITK & I.ATTA .
yt Anvils, wel'tiin" from 100 to 2S5 pounds each '
fjXJ 15 Solid llovtod Vices, ,
IS pairs Blacksmith'. Bellows; '"'.'. '
f'lod;re. llauimsrj, boras, I'-.e. faranlri by . : ,
April CO, ISMi .-; WHITE & IiATTA.
FariuinsT imnlemrtit,,'
AA Uu. Coat Steal Pol'd Hodsv H
ltXJiM do S,:l mid 1 Tlup Steel Fork's 4 , .
: 51) do G rassiiiiil frni1!! S'eriliis,'-' '
0 do Wolujr.l's (.'ruin CraiHua, ,
Sll do Scythe Snatlie..
50 do lley nnd Grain Ktsfcen,
4 do UrauihlQ.Sc.)lIlus.eVe..eue;ipliV '
Al.rllSO.lW I.. . v iJl'i'ii & I.ATTA.
Tfli have now on hand. and -.vhldi bv our arraaeo-
incuts w ith 1 1.9 manufacturers. v.-a can -oiw m
their bill of prices w itii Cm-plll ud.ljd.
I'M) Sets lionl Fellows,
i;n " Spnkos,
1','5 " Ililba,
7 How bent FhafW
lim " Kuzej liows.
AnrilS9,lf;4. WHITE & 1.ATTA
, Ti-lli?tc topjitT, . i rc, ,lc ,
(I ( nxe" 1 c ' v 'rin 1M"io' -
JP Square untllM) I'laU, io
Tin'd .'aji;nT
KhetJtaiKHdBurZiiic, . .
Shoet Iron and Wire,
(.''ppen.i.'l lroit KivH. I'v
April Ji WlilTK A I.ATTA.
BIHINGSntul A-Tt'Ts. );r;iss jind SllVor Kniulti, J-'t'inif
Joint-, nnd Top Pro)s.i'.iiiMirii I'loi t.lJiu Ji nml Can
vus, KnisrntM and Hi t -tit .."s.ther.jll drTlptioiii II ud
I,itiir'.-:s. Moss ai.d .".Ird.jtiM f;oii, t-'.c. A tfrt-va vurk'ty
) i4 hor $ n Hint Inie, i t to lind (-h".r';if nfr.Or'iat
Uarii.rarc S.-urrn, Vi Ul 1 U cvt l-ATTV.
l-rtiicustor, Ajirii 0, U.",l.
CIVIK suhfcribi'M linvn iiiiu (.rot (ludr A'ow riourln
S Mill in full opfrutioii mid ill int n-h.tM nil ttm
tzomi wlifiit thiil limy nn trot, ittid pi:y the iirh .t
'imrri .-t prlc tn cit.h,ut nil r I'm -s . ln-n delivnrnd nt
tliulr i.i. II.- Xf wtiJ tiUo i!,) fiirtimn work r,irt!io fnr
picr? u hn ;:ri ! nf 11' Ik'i'm'Is ttud upwur-!-, imltv
iniMff Iff wow lii i'ivo Tour hi ntc uti.iM. Vi wUh in
dtiulioiuo tnid.' and vi ill deliver Cunr bv tht1 i;.irnl
toovt-rj pnrl 1 llu- city- fr at-'of dr.iurT ! llu Hour
dur iuli8ftctiMi. frMJ-Hi-v T.T :,Mt..
vypiid.v.i'.i tf-'o. i;iii' h v. oi.K'iil adorv.
I.auca'K'r: Ohio, av.n .t St.,
WOOD Z, CO., .
(t u :c i;i Btit'.a ue)
.rr:i-vu;:.'j, i-itA'iT .v wood,
FOE V.'iEDI.G k CH..:JiiSSl!;. 5;E,CliASTS,'
l.K a: irj;s x
. A TUB . , ..
M'lii-t ho'.tsr ' 1 unction ( f fiat! llonti
nml l!oo!;i'n;; Valli y ( Runl.
r O M ERl C H AN T S .
inil arc Ti-patfd t.r. handle , Coeds of nil dcsl-rjp-t
tbiiis at 'the low'est pii.ssiiile rules and with llie
Utiuusl duspalvh, (to.rk Hood earrtof ,j"ri.f, U'ood
Co.." l.nnrtuter, Ohio.") All f,r.nls cnnsiirned tn 11s
slisll receive pl'iMiiptiitteiillon, & t f,r traiiBlilpmoiit
.in i'i'iiii tmmi'u ine u ichcsi aim ny too cheajiesl
posallilo inojle.. Jly strict ntUatios tn business wo
iiopo to receiveand meritthe paironasre of llii public.
1-cl.riuiry ai,JX5j, .. . . JJ .I'WIIK.S, 001) it CO.
I'AHMEItfi lAmii to yoi:r ir.'TFISF.ST.
U aulcil iinultiliiiU ly, 60,:i(l(l bish. Corn,
" .. . S3.0U0 Vluiut.
Vorirhieh wcteifl pay tlie liigheel utarl.ci piiee in rash.
"T A VINO established ourselves In the prodncc'bii
B 1 slness. Farmers can at all times sell us all kinds
ol Grain fertile cash al lnliiN-:el nrlei... A.ii.lt.er nl,.
Ji-Vt. we cn wel(rli j our entire loud at one draught and
unload wlihhulf thu llmuorniiy other VVhareliouscin
I.uiieaster. Asoiirplnn Isemirely new. to all we ln
viteliivostljriill.iii. JliPI'lilliS, WOOD 01 CO.
Umcasler, FeTbrnary SM, 1835 iS . .
vb ahealSo a cets i'oit 'riTi: "
Peacock's Improved Sled Plow.
Wnritntvd 111 all - respects c'luiil nml in
sunm Superior to nny olltcT now in use.
rjIMii factory has boon 111 operation during tho last
S3 years, but for tho last few years their atten
tion has been irlven particularly to Iho improvement
or the h'tecl .Mold-lloarit Plow. Any amount ol'.Med
als, Dip! oiitus .tie., enn bo shown, hut wo rely more on
tlio reports of farmers from dllfcrent I'.'rts nf the
cniintry, w hire Ihey lia 0 been In competition with
other popular I'lnws, Hutu wo do on their being Judg.
"J Bisiiiviuruii itsriiriifc inni 11 u lair.
A tureu assnrtineiltof tliu diffcrelit KizescnnT.tnnl.lv
on hand, which can bo soenatour w arehouse or bv en
iiiry uiour Hook Moro ii Main st., Wlillv'aliluck.
Every Plow sold by itfl is warranted.
I'eb.M, lttfj. ' JKFI'KIEK, , 00D& Co.
X I) V : STARll II yi II IV T
JJrirr JTu(t' Old S:and, Main St.,Laneater, Ohio.
TTJ, ESl'KCTFUM.Y solleiljtho nlteutlonof all who
lib may want Groeorlns to hi, new and larire Stock
on hand, ombracini: in purl, tlio follow inif articlea:
java A?is mo cofi ei;;
Vounr: Hyson. Imp. tllurh anil Giinpoivder TEAS:
New Orleans, Crurhei,, Loaf aud niilvoriaed Stnrar;
Golden und .Sugar House Syrup, N. O. Mnlaaaos:
Hloe, Oranires, bomous. Firs. Kaislns. Fllherls
and Alinoiids;
Kllirar Cured HAMS: Urled Iteef. I!i,l,n-s Sunsn-a
Choose and Pplces:
boaps, iyo hums, t'uiiillei, Tubs and Buckets;
Washboards, Br.-iom.s. Ac. Ac.
ALSO A Unci lot of Chewinir Tol-aceo, Rnioking do
Foreign and Domestic Liiiiors, Notions, dec.
1 feel assured that all who mav favor mo with a call
will untiro away dissatisfied with my prices, ovon If
they should nolbeiniliicud lobuv.
Iu a few days I will have LAKK FIRM of all kinds.
N. 11. COUNTRY PK01)llt'Kliite.illlvcl.ni,irer..r'
Groceries. Lancaster. June 14, lS tf
. SI. TlHJMIS(N..."rIcrPhnnt Tailor,
Has just openoj a beautiful assortment of
Cloth,, Cassimcrcs aud Vesting,,
All of which lias been solecled with great care, nnd
with special reference to tho wnnts a, id taste of this
community, and which ho Ispropured to manufacture
to ordei- and lsprepured to make the best fit. Iu the
latest stylo 11 'AU his work will bo warranted I
Ho IsaUo now iiiaiiufacturiiiir every variety of
which ho will SF.LI, AS LOW as the same quality of
,..,,,,.,,.. ... ... . ... P. ,ui9i,iui any otnerestan-
llshment. Ills Cloihlns; Is iimnufaetureil undor his
own ,iiprvtslo.n,nnU Is conseqiioiilly sunorlor to that
which is brought From other places.
The public are respectfully solicited to call and ex
amine his Stock! anil while thankful for the I i bo ml
patronare ha has enjnyod, he assures his old custo
mers and others, thnt he will labor to give tonernl
satisfaction both in the quality and price of his (roods
and work. n. M. THOMPSON.
Amanda, October 85, IMS. 9
.:' 'I 8AKt8KtiCWV..' , i'
IORdl.oiiMi f Mi lung,, hate m.da rrti.
' bl ,h 1 " oflhe nrm win visit LAMCAS
ill.mi. sdjululng mirui every ion w.e,., fcf.
to,, forUie i.urio.eeftreulltt'h,ouB dl..", ,,ia
..speiullv tfioso f th. 'I hrotTnnd Lut,. air
lem of pruillro In Lniic dtsour. I. it.. i jT.T.
nle as, tu
rj- yiCATBlanii.Tio. Our.,..
1. 11 111 liiUubitbiu i,,i 1. ....... j 1 - n "
lly, vli Ii)- MjStejTto li.nLiTio. Our .v..
i. , i i . , me isrooii.Uiai
Ho.rrlul,lii Londoa.aud B.ed by the most colcbrLu
ri?1 '""'". " inoalprallfsliig result.. I'oBr
llfih, of Ihu eases were eaocewfull) cured. ,
'riiosere.idlin:at dianee by w,iiiile ti,Hi,s.
rately csitltdii(nJelr diaaaae.ru be supplied with 1
the inbuliiiirnparutu,, medicine, and dlrcciioiie suited -to
their st .ant by express. 'o aallsf. th, nubile,
whore patron?, we .olull, that we are honest tn owe
asss-rtluiis and intentions, werefertUeia lathe follows
lair notice, bythoprcs.nl hne, where we are known.'
and to niiinnrouscerlilicnte. lieret.if.ire published! "
Thocortlrloate'oroiieof Dr. Wortnian'spatieiiU ap.
pears In anoiher column. We are assured by a sen
tleiuuii who Is familiar with thoense, that It was a hope
less one upparouilj . but that the succeu of Dr. Wort-,
man bin boon eoiuplote. ll Is but JiMlre tu the Pi
sietan that rocoguitiun of his merit should be made.-?
IteuUter. ! .....
irpTlilsmnyci-rlirittiBtthavo been cured tyln,
UaUtlr-n, (as prhctised by Dr. Wormian, of tui.-clw, ot
an atfrn iion of my Thnmt and Lunfta whlb,s tonsil
doredby my frlviiJs,and uiiineruus medical men with,
whom 1 advised as hopelessly Incurable. 1 make this
statement wiituhe hopeof persuading others, who are.
afflicted In like mannorv to 'ire and be healed," be
lievinir aa 1 most Brink do, that the Inhallns; treatment
is the only proper aud offoetual method of treating
disoujos oflho I.uiil's and air passaires, and that by it,'
aourc Is almost certalu lo be effoeted.
, . L. 8. GRISWOLB,, '
- I.atopailovof Wellington Baptist Cburcb.
Bollevusi. July SSth. 1655.
jrVDr. W. L. Wortman, as will be seen by an ad
vertisenionl in anollior column, has effected a mparts
ners iipwlthDr. I. K. Naple, luto or Philadelphia.
centleman possessed of much ability and scientific at
tainments. Webavuhnd the pleasure oflooklnr over'
llie credentials and recoiuuiemlutinns of Dr. Maile.'
ami from the Battering; manner In which he Is spoken
of, cannot hesitate to present him to our cltlrena and
tho surrounding; country, as physician In whom the
utmost confidoiicucan he plaeod..Dr. Wortman la fir-"
lunate In having- inado .this arrangement ono thnt
williulilfreshlaurolstotho'se already Earned by e'Bt'
n hi.A,l.li..i,. ,11 . '
.. .... v.,.w...,u lfTl , ttriman'a aucccss lit
the trontinent of iiffoctlon of the lung's is unquestioned,
as ninny certiflcates of persons w hoso statcmonts coi
luiiiHi upuu,wui provo.-atlrrox. w
Dr. Nucl will bo at the Talmadea House In Lancns'-
tef.oo Wcitncsdayaiia Thitraday, SoptchiDCi'llitli'and
smb. At tho Rational Houso, Clrcleville on Frfd'ay
uud Salurduy-jSeptoiuborSlst andS3ndlnt.
T hoscafllicted with diseases of His Mvae. .
Stomach, Khciiiniitisin, Hoiiralirla., Scrofula. VHm.-
General Debility, Lo- of Appeiifu affitetloria if lh
I'.yo laidKan, Female Coinplalnla, Ulcers, Confirmed1
Gmiiirliu a, are Invited to cull. Ko charge for eonsul
tKllon. Chargus reasonable In nil caseo
Trjr)no orthc firm' will always bo found at the
olllce, Kn.P4 Market Stroet.Sauduakv.
Hepteinliorl),lP55 18 -
t If no n o r rf oiiuT
In&hvger't ffew Bloeh, letueen the Tulltnadi'e Ittuii
tmdSliirtrcr'elletei. Aft just iipenoil a larere and beautiful asiuiru'
uj cither w
pether w llh as cnoieo selection of 0etai', Caoetr
mere tttidfsstihfr. Allof which ha. hnnn .eleciV
od wiih treat tare nml with special reference to tho
wants and tnsts of thisciiiiimuuity.-
His long experience in this branch of buitnea'j, Ir a
s'ire ptrantee llial his slock embraces the .-Inmost diiil'
best variety, r.!id his purchase has boon niscte upon sucrr
tenns tiiulho rauaull tttlho LOWEST POSSIBLE PKl
The imlilif are respectfully reqnoited to cnU ani e'ic'
amine his assoctna ut.' He hut on baud a general aV-"
sortmcntuf '
And Is at all tiin-s prciared to accommodate his old?
friend.', either with an excellent nrllclo of Ilend lflade'
C'li.thliirr.orlo MANl'FACTUliE TO.OKKER,' rjllf
.lie best niaterlal and by most neinililislieil workmen
any alylnuf jrarniouu, FOB IEJt AND BOYS, In the
hcslaad most fashioiiublo maiinor. He is confident, in1
this respect, thut ho can rve eoiieriil satisfaction
Ills assorlinent cmtiraces u gunurul variety of
Linen Coats, '. Vesting, . Snslionders,'
llrcss do Pantaloons, Hoslorv,
Sack do fravot, Vnders'ulrtiv
Carpet Lr.i-s, topether willi nl! other article, usually
kept in a Gentleman's Furnishing' Store, aud lnuuufae-'
turjd In tlm most fashionable stlo.
It lias been purchdsed of woll-estiibllsheil bouses In
the Eastern cities, and ttttlte trartantetl, M bo reads' of"
0.1.1 material mid in a durable manner.
He respectfully Invites his old customers arid others
In call tt Ids new establishment, whore he w ill at all
ti ines be ready tn w ait upon thoin with ooon uoon, t
hik i.oivjt.iT ratits. -Totest his proiiiises, he ask, am
oxaiiilnntldii of hU stock In trade aud the style ami onul
ily of his miiiitiruciiti'O' , 1 'S.TOKG''
Lancaster, May 5, Icjl. '
JOHN nouK,
..Vai-4tlrre1,xcarluoiiimtitette Tutlmndgt House.
ft t;.li".' lakes pleasure. In ci
M Clii.vivtnerjiiii.d' cmiutry l
flu 'larS'lsl slurk nf 'npp7r,T
culllliar Iho nltontinn nf his-
nierehnnt, ironerally
t h - I !; ui.,..L- ,.r i r.,.r 'ri., ..a i - .
r!i(i!ir,7 ..v'..i-i.r.,.. j',t n, n,u ..,i r.,i,n,
; naliM tn keep onVtanl.y nit hand nrp tarinty of
hiaiicrs liiu.-jclt Una from his lum? oxporionco in tho
lull-; experience In tho
Tin mi 1 fHie.nt-iroii H;t' iness,
'in ivlli !i'.iil.let.iL'!r; ful'l satisfaction trr all who- rUay'
ai or iihu, willi tu el r wu.'k. ffaviiiu practical kuowl
iile of th. liiiitir.rss. Ids 8'--l'i'tioiiir are made with a
view lod tin.. Mtttv, stylo m-.il'chi.hpiioss.
nliitinftjct'trrd to Orttcr.
I. also kopj In his emiloy some of the best Work'
men that can bo secured, and alivaya having on hand
Hie very bast uiiitorluli Is enabled- to manufacture ro
or.l.-r iiiijihinir and over) iiiiiik desirable In his lino,
in as i;ond styla and on as fair terms as can. aaywhern
be had.
All k'nils of Stoves, A-c.
Kever In tlie history of Lancaster was thore an a-slab"
lishiiiei. "bat kept 011 hand a Inrirorand more coitsTSIelo"
insor... -jistoTos.of all klnria and faiiotiosv H I
also irepared with a largo 11 11 111 be r of fire Cfratet, uim
for the accommodation of his customers koeps on baud
lllnrird quantity of M'r. Brirh maiiilfuctUJod exirav
ly with a viaw to pultiiiir up Grates. Ac.
Iu fliie,iiiiycinl everythliiir ueeded iu liisllnecan bef
secured by ri v i nar him a call, and at prices as reason--able
as can bo uiitnlne-l in nny other establishment rrf
tho State. 'Inasmuch as his present atora ta-.s-renll-A
siiieriortohbiforr,iorln quantity, qunllty, variety arid!
ehenimess, he feels confident thut persons Riving- tilm
n call will eo nwn V bichlv dollvlited nnd ntntil v .nllsfleil
rie also Keeps constant! von nana
aliiige. Stock of Steel Flou siy
of Cincinnati and tllrolovltle mini.
LimiaHer, March 8, 1855-44 " "
O'AVE removed UieJrfMolhinjf KHtabllahmtvi
to ttlO Tulhnaili'B Black. Arat it PAmI df
fVhite I.atta Hardware Store, whero they nre opon-
S U M M li li ffOODS, uml nre now tiianufurturlifr ovcry
variety otSprinp ami Summer Wear, which Uiey n ill
sell low a tho siuue quality of (mods nnd word cai
Lu imrihtiMi'd ut any olhor CrilubllBlimont In tho city.
Their tlolhiri is miuuiructurod midcrthoir own snpor
vision, and U (H)iirtetici:tly snporior to Unit which ti
bjurlil from other phices. Tlmy huvo ulso on hand,
benvttful variety of ClvthtCat;imer$9 Vetting) t.r
whlfh they nre prepared lo mannfiictue to order Thay
have Iu Uiotrentpluy the best of workmen and nre nt
oil times pro-pared lo make tho bo.-t fits in the lutevfr
sty Ion.. Jit I their work will be warranted..
The public uro respectfully solicited to cull nnd x
ainino lliulr stork, und while thankful for the liberal
put run. ipe they Imvo cnjtnod. they asnuro their old customer-
mid nil others (lint they wilt labor to jflvo pen
eml flntinfiK tion both iu tho qimMtv aud price of their
goods nnd work. firKIKGER & TROUT,
l.oiieintet , A prll, 154
- D. K. I-IS1IET..
HAVING returned to th city and erected a larg
built! inp In tho rear oflhe brick house, on the'
corner of liroad and Cht'nut Street, e to.ar S.atA
of the Market oiifr, Intends niunufacluring upon a
s. iuik sca.u 11 11 inn VII nous nnieios f
ui of Cabinet l-'iirnltiire, lied slea (Is (f - : ' "i .! .V. :
I rV"u "M's. m bleu be will keep
lalwmson hand, tovethuv wVth a
litra-o ass'irttueiit of Cincinnati manufacture. Ills Ions;
experience In the business will enuble him to have
manufac tured at home and Imported from abroad tha
very host of wortt.and aa ha IuUiuds to employ none
but t!-o most skillful workmen and use the best mate
rials, ho flutters himself thut ho will give general sa
tisfaction to all who may favor him with tliolr custom. '
Tho public are Invited to call and examine the as
sortment. Tho entrance to the rooms Is upon Hroad
Street. V. K. FIKHKL.
N. II. Repairing done on tho shortest notice, and I,
tno neniosi auu most workiuaa 1.0 manner, marge
IsncusterrMny 20..
ISSUED nndcr the sear, sanction and anthorlty or
the University of FKKB MUU1CIKK and Popular
Knowledge. Chartered by the State of Pennsylvania,
April 211. 1P33, with a capital of $100,000 mainly for the
piirposeorarreslitig the evils of KPURIOUH NOS
l'KUM.S, also for supplj Ingtliocommunltj with Tolla
ble remedies wherever a competent physician cannot
or will not bo employed, have purchased from Pr.
JOHN K. HOW AM). ),! celebrated JlowaneVav
Tonic Mixture, known fur twenty-live years as
the only sure and snfe care for FEVER and AGUE.
Ac, and his Inestimable remedy for BOWEL COM
HL1NTS, Hnwaiuls's compound Syrup of Blackberry
Root, which highly approved and pnpnlar Remedies,
together with tho University's Remedy for complaint,
of tho Lungs. Tho University's Remedy for Dyapep
sta orlndig.otlon. The University's Remedy for Cos
tive Bowels. Also the University', Almanac may be
had at tho Branch Dispensary, or 8tore of ,.
' 8. BKKRV, Bremen, Fairfield County, O. "
B. CONNULL, City Rook Store. Lancaster. .
May31,1835 13m3 M. Z. KKKlDER.
sixis.l raaLiae in -
Groceries. Qnoonaware, Ht, Cap,
WOULD reanoctmilylnvtte the attention of every
body to their lergeand well assortod stock of
which have been selected with care, and will be st 14
the loves, eash price. May 3, 1MSM

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