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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, December 13, 1855, Image 1

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Morning Dc. 13,131.
. . ' Ijtar &lr ajt it i?rUiV.iIniprsod uh -
. th propristy of preiaijtiaj -to tlie WraoJ
' LoJg, aJ tltranjjU. it to lh Kratornity
S- Qrlly, omef kppropriat lio ticeof 7(h;
iani life and oharnotercf our Uraentsil
- . brother, the lt v M-. Z. Kreide'M. W.;
J'3t Grand Muster,. tad: not . poiiisi's
the miUrUli wbrwith t prepr it, I.
irtt' eoBittaiaed to look (oiarua onavCo', ;
ky hax and intimata .'oqvatntsnof'jrith'
himv UlMUr-aMt tbsn i m jnelf t do Iba
ibjttct j'Mttga.'-, In; ''looking; ,road
injn tlia Brethren of- Oliio, I find no on'
. who, by mtnent aiiaIiSotion'-;'for', tW
iatlc, and by lonj an! -inUmta acquain-'
tanea with the duouased, .is betUr :ulteJ
to tha uuiartitkin tlian yoursulf, My I,
. tharefare, indulge the hope, 'Xhat rbu will
undorlake this fraternal duty, LinggiV-,
rnJ iu ttj porformauoe qntirtfly bjr yyir
'fiwn jttdonttitt? '-U V v.-'. ;v?f
vi il'ij)'; j n to har ; from you pxi4;
' .. y- jjajt.I a n mut rjspeotfully.. '
. a4 frateranlly your. ."
. .u.h .ay,, u, ooDD.i ;
v -. Liaiiaa,(0.,) Ojt, 1 l;h, '55. "j
fair WvKJuifFvt, Bijruaa; "; v. I ; ''". A
1 hare the' noiior "iiV.VcWowTadjfi the
reodipt xryoctr comnnTiibation of Aajjuat
lai, requel:.0i m io furuUU ' you ' witli
aomi appropriate noticj of tlia M uo iie lifj
: a- I obarajier of oic 1U luwn'.jj. M W.
. If. Z. Kreidef. in order to Its prejjrttattoh
to the tnttornity 'or-Ohio; througli the
Ql LJjf fth 3 ato.'';-- - '.
7;! hire doUyed . uolir Ihlslnta period to
da- to, noj biioau thj taak it n jJ a uon gen
ial one: and in . entira . harmony, wkh my
.feelitigsbuttec.tusa.tl9 pliyaidil debility
iaoiddot to my own alvattered health 1ms
been the bindrance, .I.sta aorry,. there
fore, that some one elie. bettor vapacitRt-'
ed, bad not been, leleoted to.exoout the
task.- Under, mor avoyng eircumstan-
' cei, I would Imve coiwi Jerel it to be part
of the du'y ou Uad imposed pon m3j to'
' harer'traced' m hia ' actions IhdprbgeSs
in 1 gradual development of - those form v
'tire principle," whioli wouU iniv'a''uitell
gibl imparted-moclol an I standard loss
on unto olhert, and to have tketohed a
: rapid daguerreotype likenesa. of, him, both
at a man and ft Mftsori.emrei rating! the
'portraiture aome oTHUoso.. beautiful moral
feature! which ; psrtidulai izad hini, ;wlIle
Jiving, and which aaaociate 4iia memory' eo
'pleasantl in all pjir libartt, iow that Le u
:iead..:.'; :-
; ; J can not, therefore, promita . ,tou more
. than a jejune compilation in limpid' form of
a'ome of the hiatonual incidents of his life.
I hre le rne J that he! "( w.ii boVri Id Huh t
in jtonHuntintotf county r,Pjqn.isylynia,
la thi mntUof November, ArD. '133
- an! that owing U a painful fumily diapanr
aation, ho iras, thrown upbri'the wrld,and
hi -own -resouroat, at an early -age In
thii'rou 'h but teating sohool of, diteiplini-'
he doubtless aoquired those habits of' si If
luuuo, ui enargy, patiauau, nun poraoioi -
.'Ttncp Hrhiol --charaeterizod" -him- - tnrdujh
life. I auppose Jhat minj tlpuaa.njssim-:
Jarly oiroumstaaeed haYar liYedc like' hjm,
:to regard uqh early Vrial''V Ine greatest
of 'beuefAbtions.' Bitternriss' in.itlie Bud; is
V neojssArr 16 :eIDort8VTrrinofor the
bloisom, ' and talae'iir thoftui,' ..WHiBn;
oniy niceea.years 01 .agi.-iogdiiiei! - wiiti a
joungar, brother; ha ; orofsad hV than al
rast insurmouatable- Alleghanies, on-foot,
yi'txi sought the botttd.r., fotlif.wHo
, aided in th oounty Of Snoa,-atjd in the
.rieiaity of th pretent .town o--Tiffin,-in
ttlU fliata .......V... ! fct.-. Ai'-tJ A. -.
' At that early poriod, the wliole of north-;
arq i unto was little Detter tjian jrbmir ur
ritry. The cabin of the white'setller was
frequently built in sight of the Indian wig
wam, and without any figure of speech,
the smokes of. their hearth.. tfre 'miy be
aid, as they rose; to,:..hV''.iningla4,'. ihd
nrled into one.' W oat) readily peroei ve
how.amontf such a people, any onaof,pli
tude would quickly team the aooompliali
mints of . temi-oivilized, lifeT,' to - wiajd -an
xeand shoot rifle, and become Dbnio-
ally eduoated for the brave trials' and tir-'l
nog aajrauiutos 01 puaear aocieiy; uu u is
raore difficult to sea how it oould furnish
msterials.far T educated ; and . professional
life. Our - Brother : acknowledged rthe
. strange fasoination existing n the manly
freedom and wild excitements of this man.
ns.r of liring.and its' AdmmaQdihg.rn3ttenc$
rar his feelings, bat ha had vory differ
ant social ends in view.; Eia ulmuatlbg
diii6,:TniJRSi)AY morning; m&$MtitiT
yputhful awbiUon iVas'tV .lecomiTa stici
oasafuHieantiate-of' Mediclrfe. ahdto tha
ettajqmant of bia bbjouj , sbapitd H h(s
affoMs; thiy wroacaniy indeed, ai.bei'ng
ai an proportioned IftHie.aifsirad.enay Ao
eortKhVtoueadstreahd' 'oontrTScted
opinkJoJ thattlua-s'ganeralJy "pro'vanod.ta
wastical orpoHegia'ea(sntldn: wasqta-.
jlM.Vaesry p'rapw:iitioB'fo 'aa'jippfi
eahtta Win idmlsslott' "1rifo ei flier A f tha
JdArnil pioreation jviA Btteheloi-'a Dgre
of "Arts hnd;' first Hi b'eicquire ji ; before
iuay,.wonlla3nefltitarecoi"t rmy n sw
ayiidita frtbai,h,rajV ".This narrow
manner of tllill!iinbln;tliit ttm and
latprpos $ . ' irupassabla. liarrierti , to abm
whose- gnlii and bent of;intna,iia!ght6th-,
erwise oara enrolled litem among - their
V,'htp.irna'! impos
sibl to xetist here apssin glano ' at t1ie
iuscdi)iit'u4ffe'r94ieea"whiuli '.character
we'tba preseat eoitaitionj'; of sooioty, (roin
ili.atp.f jsa. tUal -lf ': a .century, ago; and
n, no .respect i lit ghlned "progress
more'cons'picuWtlyv muuifested than" a
trlica): cstri .jarliiehtii J.)tjti:V opproit.'
aia ytftut of education iiava beeeoin,
p5fJiT ti.TrtjadafCT,' Vtiivhi Veoldiin - teT
'W.as-thff0;'M-tYit- to,; unlac'lj (l)'i
ciosuu up afonuos oi professional knowl
edge.! (Tboyii of the ifflujen) douHaI5ne
4 Iheliikar" -6f 'drjzm 'IhroaMf tho
prepsn(tory sohoUs'.iu TfiHT&, conquerihe
elegant mysteries ot tlie tirbea Articla, aYid
bsoomnaibuUIit'lio bai'uriy f die-:
t'Vp, ..,thi ymmpiric! ,cd.tioy vf Itin
hxamUs. Thay were the privileged as
bir'ant for''aH'profasional, ,i$.troawn'a,
Btfsidcs,thete "seats of venerable leaf nifti?"
were fyw in aumber. and t remote disUn-
i the then far 'dflfAtla'uttc , State s; A
young maa living in "the wilJorntss of iho
West," as UUiousod'.urb called, even i
he'tfouljdoramanj tha'iineans, could 'not
command thaUisure for the waste of pre
oious tiipe. WhichlJlify ' exited..' florae
aiuias wro.. ae, .p vramount , flatwa tuen;
each day was conseortted to its indiipen
tabla'laolviajf jubort; Jyieldsad'.to be
won from ihe prion! forests, Mni both sub
jnjAtod to agrieultuiai uses, -at the abto-
lute reqairemJl!' P , 1U', Tlitre, wti iio
til v table exemption' frem; thete rugged I
ministrations on, "the. ptrt of.. any .-one to
wiiornlj were possible.. . ...,,r
If during the non-working days, and
Jong nights of; winter, some intervals ; for
stu ly were ffordid. tlia opportunities t
mike thein a-iU!;U wr gnsra!Iy mas-
q-er in itlu'ex-.fina.i' Sciaiitilib books were
,uua't:iIriablo luxiirii,auadeniits of instruc-
tipit were imtgi nsry ;, aXisttiiues;" and if a
Stray scliool'Mnattur tisppuned. oocasioaally
to bi oaitgbtaBrotJ, hit stool? of ihtellect
uul wares like his', persona " habiliments,'
was fo'r.tlw m)8t';p.irt.of the'Jc'oarsa'sl "ma-:
tonal, primitively tint; and awkwardly put
ogeTiar,j ,- ,-. ... ,v .
Uu Jar su iVdisiuraing eirtarflStanee,
suf&uwnl to, liava, paralysed' the .efforts ef
most youthful mind,.o,ur: Brotliar tratlisr-.
Led only additional -stimuli to hit trertiont,
and oon,vrta. tiiein nr. tn tiemtnta pr
success. - Aftr a tojourft f- two yaarS'a-
ta jri'tliem.ha bado adieti to his kind oorlb
ern fronds, an; proceeded' to.CtoHimbut,1
Vhara he wmrauuil tha atuJyiofv.msdi
eine', in tho officj itn'd.ndd.cr thjj.tultlon. of
Dr- Samuel Parson; a or on tinman" distin
guished iof bis high professional.; altaiq-
raentsl-- i hose oays ef student life 'wre
baloydn d'aya'ti ' young Kroider.lta 'vas
aaoUslomeXto-piourojlbem with a glowing
pmcilr and! kv heard him narrate 4hir
pliatin incidents .with a graceful aatisftic
tion and delight; in fact, tliey opened up a
ootjtjnei'al: , terra. iftaeyitiUb ti whkili ,-, lay'
atratobadvoui in -beautiful ,luxurianpbe-,
fin him, For". the rst(ti(ne"lnhfs liie, b
w.ts t domesticated, !,amitist , the, pricalstt
r assures of well-assorted libraries," apd.in'
of English atassit-al literature. -"T.he' mas
far, rhinds' (hit rulddoVer tha rdoiaiins xt
poatry ahd tlipuglit became his fatnllintas
ajciatesf whenever tha " gra.ver: and mora
serious labors; jjf professional r lHd n:e
aitaled hours i'or. rlaxtion and . rest.- He
worked haroT during- ihesa 'student days,
anct?) Mwwi aMIgebtffoVfce
reaped ,6 ae, harvest, as tha earnings f
his mental liusbaridrti?; On She' tionfola-.
tion of ' bis '( robafiohary' tern; ha, passed
oeivad-liis covetoda'rijo t practice ajed
1ciiie,'uudert'tli 4beB!'tiaUaff. etatutory
enactments of Hie' Staler " He' theVi 'settled
fthe tbwrt of Ryalton1 Filrrfald4 ?buhtyi
Oliio' V6"d Kk s1joira in th : ,rui-
libu-otaoxteosLva s4ractiua., . Sueh, a)4
nloViiiSnVihirtY Years bacli. in anY ntriof
LQJi9-4r4loVftf(l tha-tjma toquira
professionaJ Hterary aoJebrity, or indeed of
obtaining ronnOTR.notoMty titt anyjjna
of its great kadiiur specialities. It is tug
gas live rather4 stars of. waarlsomifatigaa
among siulg and nights 'of steeploss un
rest, wqiob-wero the ordinary" allotments
of such a life. '"Tha mere physical labors
whitfH ft entalUd, V6r 'nothing lis op-:
pre,ssiva .mprt hs'pnySitias( wera .bur
:demojuia.ia.th'jaxtramo. tivTha t' pbyeician
then would ; ftequaiitlf Hid thirty.- forlyj
and fifty milea ft dny.'toooropleta his list
of calls: 'lie was his. own assistant, and ob
UP.d.'lo compound '. s (o .'proscribe
hia medioinest atitd frequently. to iivir asl
'KdlilaUV.b,o'n'd''a.-tt,. was tiviilCrefef
enca to every enrativ Weftsure whohutha
exigencies of his petient required, .wh'elLer
watopucaie a- iimoopen a vein, extract.
tooah,.; sproad a- eataplatum, or dress a
bBto8;'XO'Uo'h a prap'tia'af dally usesj
our Brother devoted soma of the best and
most enefgetio yeara'of - bia!; lifo.-'i lie ob
tainad in tha Richest" 'measara thS eonS.
denco of the publio, and won and retained
tbJ'bMgb life the. aineefa respect and regard
of bie medical ;aseofcUles and tbi'e'is'to
write for him a Vol urn of commendations
in the f .fewest .words.x If any particular
branch of his profcution obtained prer
po.ndoranoe in bis liking over others,'! Was
sttrgery. y IU Was" !,ciaiTieterite4 among
Uiq pro'foisipn 'iCor (lie .nice skill be exhibit
ed in the management &f suoh ' tai, and
for. tha bold) yet delicato tact of his opara.
tions.-;1 histories of aomalbf Xbara' writlea
out by himself .for the press, elioited the
lljiest auldgistid notiuea from the 'leading
aaodical journals of tha Union. y. ; '
Jn ;AX, JU-1 032, he was alec tad a ropre-1
aentatiYe from thi county,' in the Goneral
Assembly of the Stato.and in the following
yea? he Ttcijived the appointment of Clek
of the Court of Common Picas for tha - said
conntyi.when ho removedwith. family
to Lancaster. He held this office for the
constitutional tcripi of seven years J and '
discharged its varfofis duties with dijliffeuc 1
and fidelity, to the anlire satislactioo of'
fnltors.Bttornayt; ant the c'otirr.'.contipu
ing during the same period to answer nil I
fargent professional all thai"1 were ma'dei
upon him. -' lie wa the rocipwnt ot sun
dry times, of various honorary and.idisfjuct
iva noticos from medrcal.and literary jnati.
tutionain. Ohio, ettas'tiug ti' his moral
worth and ' standing; iuid of ,Ui i high" p.
proeialiom with . .which he was regarded 1
professionally and 4 aiiseful public citi'.
n Similar mark of trust were confer
red Upon 'Mm by tha, ovrnmen't.of,tbe
Stato, and its Exeoutivo, "As'he adyaaci.
od in years, and;. bis- judgement matured
and ripened, ho bacama coyiQcdx)f Ue
transcendent reahlies of the Christian faith.
and in Uiyesr,lC42,..lio attached Jiimsslf
to the Methodist hpisoopal Chnrehat Lanr
oastcr, tlin undor the pastoial '.charir of
Iho Uot. Wm. 'Andersoa' ... -s !
Iu the succeeding; Var. lie was eoasti-
tuted a local preacher of that church.'aad
was ordind a deacon by Bishon Janes.
in 1947. ., He attendMdo the ministrations
and -performed the duties ' incident to his
clerical position Whenever, the opportunity
.was prenonieu. - - - ;':
In the midst of sa many demands uDen
his time, be not" only found leisure, by a
judicious economy of it, to onrich his mind
with the accumulative facts of sclontifio
learning, but also for frequent soeial inter
course, of which ha was particularly fond,
and for th enjoyment of which be'wasal
so 'Strikingly oapaoitatod. Those i-wha
knew him will not soou. forget the genial
and mirth-moving companion with whom
they Were ascuslomed lo associate and the
"flashes o( snerrlnienl" with which ha was
habituated to enlivon their" plcassot meet
ing- '.V X ''';:,.";"' ;' " - '
During the latter portion- of his lifo: the
requirements of an xtiimely active busi
ness necessnated him to muoh exposureth
tho open air, and .although' gifted with a
strong physical ednstitulion, if Was- unable
lb bear tho labor with which he' taxed it,
and it beoarne ' by degreei gradually and
seriously impaired, 'lam informed thai
iajlie .month of.Jufy 1853, while, travelr
ing in northern Michigan, be ectited a
strove of the sua (covf,de toleil). i and that
soon thereafter diabotc.wai)maiiifeted.unv
der which ha labored., until- at last he be
gan seriously to.sink jUnder i(s effentt, ;, ;
His Jungs became implicated in March,
1 85,4;7. Wben. be was Attacked with a violent
hemorrhagei' the aymptoms "of which were .
at first. thought fatal... lie rallied, hewav
r,,but!cohtique4'to exhibit, periodical a-,
farming phases of disease,-when about the.
mjddk f Uarcty last'.bmqrrliag 1 "agaia
set in, and from thatf time. room-fast and
bed-fast,', he continuod to linger and "wast
away until his death,, which occurred on
the 20tb of July following.--! . ! v- , .
Soma of our cburoh. foiniuias 'teacTi u.
to-pray for doliyerenoa from "sudden .
death".". "It la diiub.llo'ai a banaVoeaC dis:
pensation ' of Diyina Providence, full Of
morcy,'aii4.eplota wUh' lova that aa op
portunity should be thus afforded to wean!
our .miods from., the exciting cares and
things, c-farth, apd fasjen therxi upsirt' .the
unseen, but supreme verities of-: their spir
ituV;;au.d';futuri bora.3. ,.A.,'siqlt..1bd,
though a painful nd a lingering one, 'may
In, ' tbU ' iuaQneri,becorhe the -proximate
cause and realization qf'pationcohopo and
joy, In believing,!' and finally, of an en
tlra iutory:pver,tho ele,r4ents bf tima and
space:;' Certain it is, that the long and pro
tracted Illness of our .' departed Brother
eliminated; ih vivid 'oharaoWristica suoh
a niauifustation in hnti, .Duringa confine'
ment,qf, several months, thoujjjbe'neoes
sarily experienced much. bodily suffering,
a 'thV earthly, house . iof ' his .'tiberna'ole,.
rafter sfer raftor, was- beinj taken down,
.bo", wis! never kqown.to murmat .or;.cbn
plain, but with pTaVerful and, fiiial confi.
denoa lo nia.marveloUa lo'va who wailiis
Rock and Salvation, hai resigned,; himself
with ; humility, bnt with unshaken .confi
dence; bis hope and joy jnoreasirg a his
material power, become prostrated - and
impaired; and thus', in tl)e m!ds( pf Mov
ing and nffoXionate family, surronnder) by
his bretliren, lijs.. neighbors ahd many
friehdsv fhs taper of his mortal life wenl out.
Ilia iatullectnal capacities continued clear
to . tlia" laV,;.mmet(, .and 'enabled .liint to
takei a manly adieu of his-fumilr and those
who'Were1 about.'him.,'!! am'fpy that he
repeatedwith a lesr-"voiceia stanza pr
two:-of , Alexander. Pope's beautiful hymn
"6f the parting soul.'and that ha pasted a
way with these )ines marmurinir unon his
Una- -' '"" ,
"r, t" v . ,T. J-.U...-..VH.T Vvr- B,,-..V
'Tsndi lthi oht wlner, I I mntratyl Sf ,.r. 'J
Oli GrMa I wharo U thy victory! O M l-whrclt
-tfcvtln;t . ' ' " ." .- .-a ; ,
, There is b one of his acquaintances or
friends- who visited him during bis last
ak:knesrwbo:wM aot thorbaglty conrin
fed. of.tle naffoct nrixy of hi rii-
gious oonfictions. andthe assurance of
bia radianffaiA; 'Vr " ' "..'
I find by i"cfrerieet6'lheVflotd8'of(llie
Maaonio bodies of tlilseity,' that our Bro.
Kreider recuVed the. first llirao Degrees in
Masonry ' in , the. year ,183 1. ,,11 waa my
pmjlvge to preside . oa those, oeai-ions;
also toon fwr.uoofl j;inj the degree of Roy
stand Selcot' Maslor, and fo create him a
KnijrirtiTfrnplaf. with 11m anoonrfahi n,.
ders !:Tb several deVefcs of the Chapter
he received -from thoil. Ei 7ama Gates.J
Ftut. Qrand JJioh, Prieit. ... Ha
Waster of Lancaster Lo dge.Nq.' Ju 1 843,
auu preiaeu in luat capacity one year.
Hie busihiss avocations, were so numerous
and pressing, however, a tfr tender it im
possible for. Jiim satisfactorily, todisckarg
he.dutiesof the .Chair for,.. longer peri
od,' and at the same time give his attention
to the1 requirements exaclod of blip in tha"
management of Lancnstr r' Erieamrmient
Uo was elected Graud Commander of this
body in - December of the same year;
Wbicji dffiee be hold Aip to the time of bis
death, r period' of; -nearlvIiwelVe rtars:'
and I mention its an eyideuoe of, the af
fectiqnato 'regard bis.coropanionsof tlio'
Enea'riipment. onterUined ' for him, that
while' -on-a aiblt bed, arid' withoul at the
im but? ratwual nrotieet of i his. avor
Uaving,tt( tJiey re-oleoted bint their Grand'
L-ommandsr. .
'At the session 6f -tlier Grand Lodife in
ia48, he was aleetcd Senior Grand Ward-:
n,; having prevwusly tilled, the; office of
vrranu urator, and 'bujier also of .Grand
Marshall.' lie eu'ooeeded our highly es
leumsd MostWoriliipful ' ll.-otlier, Wm.
Bv Thrall, -in the. Grand , AIastrship, in
J 47 and , Iwld ,tbu uWvated office ifor
tbree coaaccalive years.-, die assisted hie
ia tho orgnnisation of ih Grand Encamp
ment o( Knihts Templar for this Statu,
and wss elected its fir.t. Gjiand . Msstoi .
lie alto fillad subordinate, stations in the
Grand Chapter, and in the "Grand Council
of Ohio ' -
j At the period whea' be assumed the
Chair in tho Grand r Lodge, the condition
of Maioury was flourishing in this, anial
to in tho Utr StsUs. It had entirely
overcome the' bliirhtiiiz influence of that
fanatical and 'political exuitcmonf 'which
had beon 'soi injuriously realized in the
shBlting.up of many of , our subordinate
Lodges, and uonsetiueatly. affecting in a
corresponding degree the prosperity and
stability of the Grand Lodge itself. The
dark storm bid been swept away from our
Masonio heavens,, and. the Older bad
awaked up,, ae it were, rejuvenescent in
vital anenrv and orsajnization., . From the
development of , its o.wo intorna foroes, its
career was henceforth onward and prosper
ous, not dependent so much upon any out
ward administration Ot its attairs, as they
became themselvea the reflex of its Subor
dinates throughout the State. ' Henoe the
opportunity was wanting to signalizo t the
goverftmeiit of 'o'urMate' Grand Master with
any prominently conspicuous aetB,'whioh
could become ''mamb'rable 'records in its
Masonic .history. He, carried with him,
however,' to the.ditcharge of th dntiea his
elevated position imposed upon him, an ar
dent lore and respect for the principles of
tho Ordorr aUdeaHc0rre8ponding"witb
an ' enlightened judgement; and perhaps
there are jaoqe who at any time have filled
that Utjair, wo,ertertined a mora" atfect
ionate regard for the welfare of the Broth
erhood in altbeir raried interests than be
did, There f .was '( qn. eubjeot, however,
whicb did, wtU partioulai; emphasis char
acterize, bis , administrative policy,.., aad
which the Lodges, pf, Ohio have uurais
Ukab1y witnessed 7-J allude , to the efforts
he mads to ooireot. the irregularities whioh
bad crept.into the Work,. ., li
n -IILsv initiation into Masonry, had keenly
exoitod.witbin him that ''Uuidablo ouriosi
ty" which M. f.vdiag constituent of every
vveH- informed, mind, (..Delicrhted t with
what be, aw and realized, he. pushed on
ward apd.iipwsrd along the .patb. of light,
via pursuit of, jthawhiob: was lost,'-' until
at last he found tlie spUmni'mighly rave
tory. reposing, in its , heautitude of- beauty
upon the'bosoBB f Ineble,and,IJoiYrsal
IrUtb."1, c,i; v-'i'T VHiJii Tiriulyto rri
n.Th work, of; the Lodge roqm.jta history,
leouites, and symbols, as leadinz step by
step to.t his prqfpuod rcralalion.heoame the
supjocts of his intimate study aud rocai4.lt
having learAd to yenorate there, as tho off
spring of ths riohsst iiitallsqfon. earth, so
be trtated with rational, reprehension and
disoquateanoe everjaiptUirt. interpolation
and aqacji rqnism,, w)iiuh w.qu)d cause thena
to derogate from , . their tancestral dignity.
Against all suoli- peurilities be set his face
hk.ilintrpeaMlIy.4atlH.4ltewe-aMst an
cienttlegreosw. He. knew-tbat, i our aim
bdlised vocabiilajy IE"1 manifestation" of
the iBcan'riFDt, ! but li exhibition of
wisdom, in tba puttiug foril) ef it strenotr,
that 'they constitute a -.Aarmoniona trisd,
a Masonic yri junM'jn ' unp,'p and that
any vandal attempt to dislooate this union,
Would be-' (q Vou Ycrl;eaf:hv wondroas pillar
into oroken ana iragmentary oolumn.
j.'As.bis high office ito4-' bini famijliar 'with
the qonditkn of the Lodges under 'bis su
pervision, he observed . with, pain and ire-.
t.ret,iwibout ot wor.H, dud ho dutermin
ed, as -far . as it was., practicable, -to. intro
4uoe sslem an(t order into hi) Suoh chaot
i material. .'.illis experience taught him.
and preaumlffit bM.'beea jpour",Ifot
Worshipful, as. it has. been, that of others
who i have filled -youn-. high chair, that to
correct - tuch' evils," . by Weeding out this
rank cfllorescenoe-, required not only the
XxerciMof firmnes. with iriminalialf
ct, M Io.ia naioa wUh the, tha W
maailuig voflespoa U iruial .uitMrjiyr
U is, ingulr foi,.bat atwchidw a
true our, that, take onr D:oTctsd liaaoniir
Paqljer' CT: WetBrera as a bojyand, bo
wber eUa wiil, you And a like number of
men aq dogmatiu in thai smtlj oplqivna,
so captious ;if -lit;Io Baimpartaitt thing',
and st BoropacemJy poiMJ iu tUirrowa
self-coni-vit,; Each aiaaroa iuasalf to bo
iniaUtiile.,.; One cVim tbe ataiidard ytth
odpxy because; he ;fs of ,Paol. anotbar '
of Apollos, and ;tbe third vf .Cephas, aad'
toe frequently and eadly, all llirto of ihm
will ditairrea in lLa fundaaental ilitia r,f
instructioojand ppon. cardinal . poinia of '
faith.;. J. oe this. language in l!t.,toUity I
oi us application, wwjiout, intendinjf tli
slightest disrespect or rfloti whataoev-"r-.w't
aigtalwe 'any' individual Brother,
"iv;nz or dead. To a(tmDt lo reaann with
and cdrMfic. u'--h' h for6a; WoulJ b a
Watte of time. JJuinsj ofU n selected f.vr
hi ; capacity of "mernory alone, he blindly
stories up the; progtrathmej if work 'yrbicb
he blinjy rewivts froni some pcripstelic ven
der6f its my6Urie coming in Iiiwalun
broten'Uaditionary'fri'eent from: Solomon
himstlf;in the sarce tlindVspirif, too,! lie
Would teach 4t' ttnti others. ,Throub
such Instrumentalities it came ffeuuentlv
to pass that the" Work would not harmbn-H
uu wiiu izi lecmres, won twin outraged
tho law of auajogy and' tlio "dicUtes of
common sens. 'It was flirt nn1,.t ,,u.
of -our Orani Mastr to instil lnlo'the 'pen-
eral mind of th-Craf a rational 'percent-
ion of lis symbolized eigrjiucsnoB, and of
the broad ..nmnn nses and greet nlilitarun
ends which Masonry is capable of produc
ing; and which he thought it ws original
ly fashioned to Subserve.' lie summoned
to his aid the mot aTailalle taloril in the
Sjftlei and put forth all. the influence of his
high station to effect this rJesiJorutiim. as
his ftniinal niexages and ''their concomi
tant papers of 'learned rescarcE," abundant
ly show. -' " " ' -'
-' 1 have snid that 'he ' entertuined a pro
found regird for 'Masonry, YidWinjj' it a. a
practical Instituliun.co'nducivo lo the high
est 'utilitarian ends', and that conseqvently
it both enlisted. tho nlfectioiis of his heart,
and tailed into reflusiiion the best powers
of Li mind, whether in the subordinate
bodies, or in tho chair of the Grand Lodg.i.
What permit me W ask, and the question
is not an nrrevulent One-i-whiit has sustain
ed it as human organizstion' during the
long cemnries or its exislense, and main
tained it ohanjreUsa and intact in the midst
of universal thanee? Beyond all Derad-
vpnttire, it is the divine pritioiple which
underlie its representative ritnals?' 1 :
Unquestionably thd real mission of Mss-
enry upon the earth baa been to commem
orate the Osi ' only living and true God,
and to vitalize the' sentiment of human
brotherhood; It were ' folly Jb auppose
that the time will ever coma again; when
our members' will be required to beoom
Masons in. the handicraft sense of that
word; Its parentage necessitated its being
written" in the analogical alphabet of the
East, hence it became symbolic: or specula
tive in iU very fnoeption,' and it uttbrly
tails to1 eliminate its grand design, when it
fai Is inest largely to propagate those great
practical truths which- constitute the es
sentiality f its life - When the ' magnifi
oent Temple at Jerusalem was about to be
dedicated the priests brought -the Ark" of
the Covenant of the Lord into the most ho
ly place, under the'; Wrnge- of the goldea
oherubimi,;and. "there wa 'nbthirtg in the
ark sftve the lieo tahles ' whioh '-' Moses put
therein at rloreb Un one of these were
written the supreme'requirements of men,
toward God, and on the other ' his moral
Obligations to" his brothei"man. Thes
qotiatitute'tbe innermost thing of the typ-
icai ceremonial worsnip 1 nnuer" tne old
Theocracy.1 But its type have long since
been merged in their supreme Anti-Type.
The 'unapproachable vail "Which shrouded
the Holy of Holies of that Temple, has been
Hrent in'twara," it shadowy -priesthood
and tneir bloody oblations nave passed a-
way forever, and everf the table of stone
ocSse themselves to be significant, when
the' Almighty impriatat-ihe laWs' of' bis
true worship'upon'lhe haman Understand
ing, and writes tlum in living characters
in the hnman heart We throw away the
rind when the juioerof the orange have
been expressed. ' Men do not now require
nnT traditionaryjcal-ala te 'perpeluale -id
their memories "tAttacred name of Deity.
The natural science have bejun to' be
cfiriitianhid. hni are donionstratin? vpoa
a' thousand altnrs tlw invisible tliinrs of
the unseen ftod.'fiwm' the visible facts of
tlio tnatorM ctcatiun, and the idea of a'tt
niversal brotherhood, r whstis ithe earns
thing,' the perfoct' eqnnliiy : of universal
man, lathe Divine sight, has grown op to
be a tangible and blessed reality It it
-mirrored In every f..ase of our- dominant
ecclesiastidism; it'torma the oaee oi gov
ernmental organizations; it livet in national
constitutions; and is acknowledged in mil
lions of heitrta-as the grandest ofpolitical
facts.- Ji has laaugurated th commence
ment of a long era of superb eonsoqiiences
and the day aaaol fee -far--distant-: when
lijhtntog. messeBgrswill leap tcearry the
majestic, coflostal truth, 'flashing through
the world.'".' Other societies lie ve caught
(liei spitit of ' mi instiiutiot) :.' and jl)ive
grown Up under our- very eye, outstrip
ping aa by Veal vdda in tlie :', cpnijpreb'ea
aive. benitioenoe of ibuir. doing. ? 4 eetd
not pointto- many ucli,- wbichj r msre
alms-giving and donative ' associatiohs.sre
lesr partisan', loss seotarian, and therefore
mbre practical useful in . their operations.
But surely onr Leauliful charity . meana
swethiog very. difTareat . frem ' ihit. It
wit) aot dote cramp il wiUiin itka narrow
limits or an feleenioycary definition. That
tcdwarf jt i to bill k A II daman Js a free
r, widor, muclk-anore lofty, range of xia
teneo, because it to in its tfaet eostiit
oeiit of the life of God. 'And lie baa rais
ed it immense dis(anct above snob an io-
teipretaMen, wherein He warn bs' that,
one""msy speak with the tongaeeof mr,
nd wf aneUt may posse all -kaowWdge, i
may understand all mytteri, may 1 btittw.
ali Lit rood t to feed li4 dcUitoui
charity, b nothing :werth.f-- : (
,i-e Baveread of the stagU cent W
wheat exhumed from the wrapping' of a
mammy, after a repose A forty ct-niurtai.
which, when " planted prang' no and ift-'
ereaaed and maltiplted, corer'm wide
Vend laujhingfaelda with i golden tartest.
it will noli tliottgbt fanciful or u-revervnt
in me lo say .that if our anvieet OrUvr
should anywhere fail to discero the day
of its visUatiooif wesupinelypermit oth
ers to monopolize the soil of our rightful
inheritance if we allow them without eur
cooperation, lo tcatler broadcast tO thr
sun and the slower; the preioiis eed
corn committed to our husbandry thai
the time may eome to -u when the innnr
vail of ear temple eltall be "rent in
twaini and wlen intelligent and rational
men will fail to recpgnize - our ceremonial
rituals othffr than as the idlest of frivoli
ties,1 or at- beat,, the time stai Bed biero
glyphieid wrappinga Of collapsed aad
worthless mummy, v I have indulged
in these somewhat desultory observation,
beoause I am aware that - kindred senti
ment were - entertained, by our -departed
Brother, and I feel that it weuld be doing
him inrustieo not to t forth in this com.
mamcaiioii, some of the reaaomi which af
fewtod bie-nnderstandiiig and won for the
Order so large a portion of bis esteem.
For my own part, Lean imagine no valid
reason, why tho split r of its asefnllness
sboald not be oo-exteusive with the sphere
of its universality. ' . ' . .
1 do not say. baoanso I do not actually
know tha -fact, ibat these lofty -viewa of
Masonry first induced onr Brother to re
gard with veneration . art religions truth;
but they have bad tuoh and - inflneace- on
the minds of thousands, and I cannot con
eeive it a detraction to any created intel
lect, to suppose that such atendeney is nut
only possible, but, very probable,, and . it
may, therefore, naturally have led bim to
avouuh bis supreme obedience to God and
love to his neighbor, and. to preach , and
prastics them within the communion and
under the blessed iuQusnce of . visible
Christian. ChorcWi ..io T - . .t...
eannot elose thi eommanication with
out inviting yeur attenliou to one beautiful
trait of tVfcis Masonic charaoter which par
ticularly signalized bis deportment, and
rendered hie intercourse unaffectedlr love
ly and agreeable io al the social .relations
of lu. JNo one can remember single in
stance where he ever indulged in detraction
of Uu mbtent, but many memorable ones to
the contrary. , As an intelligent physician,
he was of necessity required to explore the
ramified physiology of tba physical man.
bat at: the same- time be aeem lo bare
caught a glimpse, if not an insight into th
deeper and more wonderful physiology of
the inner or aniritual man, of it irresista
blo proclivity to hereditary evil, and unless
auperaaturaily assisted, iu certainty lo suc
cumb under the 1 mysterious influences of
temptation.'. lie Jiad learned the profound
meaning of the required at to "put on the
whole armor of God," as iq such eases the
man is called to bottle, not, "against . flesh
and blood, bnt against - pr incipalities, a
gainst powers, against the prince of the
darkness ef . thia world.", and tbe subtle
spiritusl soldiery h invokes to his .assis
tance; and so undoctrinated. he , waa kind,
and gentle; compassionate and ' forgiving;
and became fully imbued with the .ratio
ality and divine wisdom of that high com
mand. "Judge not. that ye bo not judged,"
knowing that wherein be judged bia broth
er, be oondsroned himself, I anppote ivis
only front suoh eourca, . as vrai. ater a
painful self-analysis in the,, light ef inspired
truth,, that any person can arrive at sueU a
caiirsa of aution-, It is ohlv whn - the iu-
dividuai man hi unlearned hi individual-H
ity, when he can come lnto lhe presence of
Jus gi;ear Creator.'.eonfiding' bectiuse be .is
filial, loving and therefore ' Unafcashed, iia
i)t, ii may be, but not eihamed. when he
canrationally discriminate' the fruits of the
treo'of the knowledge of good, and evil, and
eait tit the Iree'o'f life" after he has conquer-
ed that most diKiuUlt or ail human lessons,
that in Aimas'be is,Llutrinsica)Iy nothing.
but thatin .Gbd hlond 'be' most literally
"lives. 'moves bad lias Tils' boiDL'."' thai be
ran be stall prepared to oomnreiianii tlie
depthsof tho"1riGnitd Dm.il Lqva'Yrb'm
i t's ushine and" glowing infl'uihe" be.
comes the fivfn'c'iineye and.fia'nm of 'liis
Maker, aiid i thus lilted .'and quilpd o
consummate in practice the great end of all
moaal teaching, Bndroaia up to ine meat
are of Hie stature' of the fuHesof heaviin.
ly ethics, in "rendering 'Ahie otliers as fie
would have others do uwo mm. .
.That portiou of ourpreseribed "Funeral
Service'5 has 'alwss appeared to me Very
touchin'' and admonitory.where; wben the
Lode i assembled around the coffined re
gains ef deceased member,'the Master,
other interroaatories, is laught lo
inquire of! thetn if his name shall be lost
upon the earth? and they answer-'-We
will treasure il in our memories-i-we will
record it in our heartsit eh all liV in the
ava acis ot . hia Virlna,i If the single
sweet and catholic trait of ouvrdepsrted
i Ja,iS.UiBJ
rw Jii..hMji"i
Grand Master, wbWb I.bave attempted so
jmparfcutly to.Jltoel. liif become
vital i4..lbeir aAioB be wiilSmt have liv
id andfwled among his brethren ia-vain-.
pther . names grace eur ranks, -moreat-trautfve
In tWpablio' gsze, because more
proininen't and dazzling than bis; we count
those in ' our membership, npon whose
touched lips Senates' have bung chained
and t ichan'.eJ. from whose eompcehen
rive counsels movement bare 'been gener
aud, affsctinjr 'tb'' sishilily of Siatesani
t'ie social hsDoin? e'millions.--meD who.
in the broad drama of life, have - played ita
topmost parte with a Continent for their
stage; and 1ta peoples for their audience.
1 am not to insane as to attempt to institute
snjr" parallnl ' between bis and suoh brill
iant exliibflions of 'acted life;" the ele
meiiiary difforencss do not admit of it; but
take him in tlie particular sphere in which
ft played so well hit appointed part, carv
ed out by the brave energy of the boy a.
midst'a nost of glnrin and hostile impedi-
mani isae uim ua ike - aeu-maue, aeii-stt-riIciiig,
attive, and uieful man, wiu
ntojj Uoept of friend byhis guilelles nr
lisn'tty and ' sinlunes of heart, byids ao-
rial, "genial, snV humanieiny intereonree
take hun in all the walks' of Lfu in which
he moved and acted, and there are wn of
tb bright names we take - each ' pride in,
which are more ; suggestive of beautiful
models' fot imitation than bis. This is net
vain euTogy, bnt fact, and it ia no treason
against the living to toll the truth of the
daad. As a member of onr orlor, we all
of n knew him and" loved Lim. From
that eventful moment in bis initiate aareer
wben,' as aa , untried Apprentice, he wa
pla:ed in the northeast corner of the Lodge
to receive the signifiennt lesson of its de
grue, UnlH that more eventful period when
he fulfilled in their amplitnde tba intenta
of itstvaohingi as with calm , and loving
confidence he 'yielded up Ms'spirit ' onto
God who gave it, he performed all things
well, and bequeathed to us in lis hoar of
death the rare example, nnmarred aad un-m'-iiilated.
of "a just and upright mason."
' Suuh, M. W. Sir, I uonsoienlionsly be
lieve, wa the tested charaoter of our de
parted ' companion and friend, Mjch.m. Z.
katrDEn.and for record attestation a each,
I most respectfully send you this bumble,
bat inere and aTectiouate tribute of re
gard to bis memory. -.-
I have the honor io be. Most ' "'.
Worshipful Brother, Your obed'tV
faithful servant. -J
; , . . - . WILLIAM. 3. REESE.
Te the M. W. Wm. B. Doods, Grand
. -t Matter of Maeone Ohio.
. .., Bipplactof Faaea, v :
- Th reader it reminded that tha King
oi Prussia is iit an exemplary mtmbtr of
the Hraperanoe society. ' ' .,' '
Tni Kino ' or Pncsau'a Toast ao
SxjiTUiXKTs. Some foolish enthusiast are
publishing the works of the King of Prus
sia. The first part consist ef bis speejabee
and loasts.; Of the latter we are bsppy to
be able to presanl our readers with a few
choice sptoimea: , .- ..."-.'-!'"
Here is to the man, far greater in . hi
way than Harvey, who first discovered the
circulation of the Bottle! - - , .
' The Soul of Drinking! ' May sutha soul
never know the pang of a tingle - heeltap.
May we ne'er want a friend in the Em
peror of ' Russia, nor a bottle ' of . Porte te
give him! ' - '
Here's toKicerva, tha Goddttt of Wis
dom that issued out of Jove's bead the
result ef splitting head!. -' .
There is nothing for ' opsninr a', man's
heart like the Key of the Cellar: '"'
' .May the Glass that we mirror ear eeule
n overnight'.bear withouta blusb the mora
ng' reflection! "'' - :" ' ; '
,RXb9 our Pinu!. May they soon be obag-
ed into four yuarle. . , ,, .
Turkey! . May Russia seoo eat it into the
Pips of Peace and smoke it! .... .-
:i Hare's to that prenioua old 1 fool, Tern-
pua who fill bis glass with sand instead
tJlicyuot Unampagne!
' -WnaRE Ionobivcb is Buss." Spright
ly litfethy, jumping about, loqitMeur.
Ohi vnckt-y,- Uriminyl Aw il aappjT
HeiVe the Dentist oming to-morrow, and
Pa ha proniitiud me sixpence for. every
tooth that I have pulled out ." ;'-
i AarA-verv loquacious lady oace offer
ed to bet her husband fifty dollars that ahe
Would "not svdah a word lor week.: - ' ;
I- JDanelaaid III delighted, Ukm th
moneyt which the lady -immeaiateiy pni
into her pocket, observing very - gravely,
that the would eeeure it until the wager
was'deided.- .' r-a'j-i: -'. -
' ;Whr, madam." eried the husband," I
have wn it a heady.'..- - -" . , -.,
"Yoa are mistakes in ' the time," said
the ldy,?'I mean the week, after I am
uried." - , .- .-. .-t- .'
. XMarriage witbout affection i a will
ful empling of royidencev Letaoena
think ef uh an engagement for a toq-
mtoti r ',''v' 11
, ImpsriinentPage (late from the dining
room), I aj. Coekey aad Suosan, you
make a precious fuse about a fla bow'd
yott like- to t'e where -Black Sea, ailore ia
now?'-, 'i . i.-. : J
- Susan 'Where' that, Imperauce?.'' ,
-r'Tage- 'Why, Master- saya U'a wbere
the Bug aad the Nipper (Dneiper) meet
in one bed!'.-. - . ' ' "-
t. Sensatioa and loud crie. of 'P,h!' - ;

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